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Colonel Jouaust President of the
Dreyfus Court-Martial,
He Plainly Shows Enmity For Col?
onel Picquart and Prisoner.
lie Apponra Mnro Hopeful Tlinn i?i
Auy Timo Ninitn Iii? 'ffrlnl lti?aiui?
WltncsvrK Itcliito Vory I.liite Tlml
In Kew lo the Public null uro .Maul?
featiy Doirnn? ?i Ptimnuiug <?"?
C'nsc ill Iho Avciinril ? Vllnnny
Ileitinugo Niiccccits in ,ijc?iiiik ?
U'Iium* 10 Hnuo it Umitnitlug *?'?
(Ry Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Renncs, Prance, Aug. 21.?The third
week of the Dreyfua trial began wish
out Incident at CM to-day. The ru?
mor that Maltrc uaborl would re-ap-j
pear to-day PI ivcd untrue.
It is said the court will ; through
with the ninety-odd witnesses by the
beginning of SepU n uer, and it Is prob?
able that the v rdl< t will he delivered
about September Tili.
?enernla Rogi t. de II iisdefro anil Rli
lot were nrCaont mi lie witness scats,
ami Colonel Plcqunri took a place a
coupie of rows behind them. The
Colonel ant alone until M. Bertulus, the
examining magistrate; whoso evidence
?was so favorable t.? Dreyfus, entered
and aat beside Plcciuart, warmly shak
ing him by the hand.
All of the witnesses to-day were hos?
tile to Dreyfua, but as none of the ev?
idente wao fresh, but mostly a reitera?
tion uf the old statemento, the au?
dience followed tiie depositions with
comparatively little interest, a re?
ference by M. Gribelin tu the relations
of Dreyfus with Deml-mondalnes proy
ing the only risque portion of the morn?
ing's proceedings. A subdued titter
went round the court-room when M.
Gribelin even proteased to know the
exact amount Dreyfus apont upon his
various amours.
M. Gribelin gave his testimony with
an honest deinen nor and apparently
sincerity, but be (Md not strike .any
one us being particularly intelligent
Nothing in his nppeariince would con?
tradict Hie contention of the Drcyfus
grds that he was Major Lntlth'S tool ia
the machinations of the general stnfl
ngains! Colonel Plcquart, who listened
to M. Gnlbelln with an air of contemp?
tuous Impatience,
Mnttro Dornango, uf counsel for the
defense, was more successful lhan
usual in cross examining him. nnd vls
ibiy disconcerted .M. Gribelin. Counsel
scored a distinct lilt whi n he got M
Gribelin to ndm.it that he mixed the
Intrigues uf Pnty de Clam and Henry
to shield Esterhnzy, ami when M. Gri?
belin was finally disposed of his , vi
dence had Buffered badly.
THE .ll'D' SES.
Droyfus created a better impression
to-duy. He entered the court-room
with a more confident bearing ami re?
plied to the witnesses in a calm voice
without any theatrical vestures, ami
his remarks were put so lucidly that he
appeared to make an Impression mi the
judges, all <>f whom were reputed to
be bitterly opposed to him.
The session wound up with a scene,
an account of extraordinary conduct of
Colonel Jounust, president of the court,
who permitted himself t., make an un?
warrantable display of partlullty. M.
Bcrtulus had been confronted with the
last witness. Captain Junck, ami Gen?
eral Gonse had defended the latter,
when colonel Plcquart wns asked hi
allowed t,> refute some of Junck's re?
marks, colonel Jouaust mad,. .1 ges?
ture of Impatience and shouted:
"What, again?"
An outburst of booing and hissing
came from the audience at such a dla
play of unfairness from the President.
Judges nnd gendarmes quickly rmp
pref.sed the n'iise, but Colonel Jounust
understood the well-merited rebuke ad?
ministered him; turned red and ad?
journed the court ten minutes later.
F'ollow in? is the evidence in detail:
General Fahre, former Chief of the
Fourth Hu renn of -.he General Staff,
was the first witness to-day. He said
that in hia official capacity he com?
pared the handw riting of the bordi . hi
With the vat ions officers in his bureau,
Including the handwriting of a proba?
tioner, who had been in the bureau dur?
ing the previous year, and who had not
favorably Impressed his comrades.
This probationer. Dreyfus, who was
regarded as untrustworthy, lyas, a -
cording to tin- wltnesa, equally disliked
by his comrades and superiors, was.
Fahre added, constantly endeavoring
by all forts of means to learn the se?
crets of the plan of coneentrnilo/t of the
Eastern railway system. II - official
duties, witness said, placed it in
Dreyfus' p ?wer to discloec the docu?
ments referred to in the bordereau.
When Major Benin showed witness
the bordereau the latter was atruck
with the resemblance at th? aiiimiiDhif.
General Fahre. In conclusion, ddclared
h<' was still as firmly convinced as In
is:ii. that the prisoner was the author
of the bordereau. (Sensation).
After M. Demange had pointed out
the discrepancies In Fabrc's present
statements and those voiced In 1894,
Colonel Jouausl Invited Dreyfus to re?
ply. Tin- prisoner said General Fabrc
?nute correctly described the work on
which he was engaged when a prob i
tioncr, especially emphasizing that he
had to keep dossier relating to the con?
centration centres on the Eastern sys?
tem posted Up. Thin was not a llcti
ttpus task. The prisoner's reply was
made in calm, measured tones, nnd his
frankness seemed to favorubly impress
the judges.
Colonel d'Abovlllo, former deputy
chief of tlie Fourth Bureau, testllled
briefly <>n the likeness ?>f Dreyfus'
handwriting to tin- bordereau.
Greater interest in the prO<.dint;
was muhlfested when tin- name of tic
next witness was announced, Former
?'hi. f of tlie Detective Department Co
chefert, who was present when Drey?
fus underwent tin- dictation test in Du
Paty de Clam's ofllcc.
M. Cocheferi declared lie knew- uhso
lutely nothing of tlie Dreyfus case
when the .Minister of War. General
Mercier, summoned him to confer with
him on the subject of the bordi renu
nnd the suspicions in regard to Drey?
Subsequently, after M. Uertlllon's
report, the arrest of Dreyfus was de?
cided upon.
The witness proceeded to describe
the- arrest and tlie famous scene of
the dictation test, saying that from the
first remark, dropped by Paty de Clam,
tin- prisoner displayed evident uneasi?
ness. At ti:e time of the examination
of Dreyfus witness gained tlie impres?
sion Hi.il he might be guilty and so re?
ported when tlie Minister of War asked
his opinion.
During this formal examination Co?
cheferi nddccl. Dreyfus protested his
Innocence very violently and declared
lie did not know what they wanted or
of what he was accused.
Replying to the court, Cochcfort said
Hint sine.- pis first appearance on the
scene he had had nothing to do with
the Dreyfus affair.
After the remarks of M. Domnngc,
Colonel Jouausl invited Dreyfus to
speak. The prisoner replied:
"No; I will reply when Paty de Clam
is here,"
M. Ollbetln, the principal archivist of
the headquarters staff, was tlie next.
He icstillednylth (treat volubility.
M. Grihelln recapitulated 'he discov?
ery ?>f the leakage at the military head
quarters, tin- arrival of the bordereau,
Colonel Jounust: "When was the
(Continued on Sixth Par;.'.)
A Destructive Fire in a Colorado
tie .tln?l Prominent Unwillen? ll?Mt\
cm, I iicl ml I n: ICoiliva.V Miilcini, .11
Knills? I>y 11 ii 11111 ?? t'ooii in (tied!
rinmei Kmc i'o r l.lle,
(Hv T'lfsistti to ITIreinlan-Pllot.l
Cripple Creek, Col., Aug. 21.?Fire has
entirely destroyed the business portion
of the city of Victor, causing a loss es?
timated ai $2,000,000. Beginning sh irt
ly aller noon, tlie lire raged until night,
consuming everything in its path. II
had its origin, it Is thought, in tie Mer?
chants' fate, ndjoliiing the Dank of
Victor. A strong wind from tie South
fanned the flames, and In a few min?
utes all the surrounding houses vven
a lire.
Help was summoned from Cripple
Creek, but the town had been built
in tlie early days of tlie canm, and was
of pine timber for the most part, which
burned like tinder. Efforts were made
to stop tlie progress of tue rl.lines by
blowing up buildings in their path by
men ltd of 'dynamite, and all the promi?
nent hills have roared with the ex?
plosions, but the effort was; in vain.
The fire burned the Hank of Victor,
t!?e postoftice, the' Victor Banking Com
pany, the Western Union Telegraph
office and tin- office of tlie Colorado
Telephone Company, the Hotel Victor
and the great shaft houses of the Gold
Coin Mining Company, and u.s ore
bins, among the largest in the Cripple
Creek district.
From these the Haines were swept
northward by ihe gale, which was
blowing, and never stopped un;:l they
had taken the Florence and Crippfe
Creek depot and the fine new depot of
the Midland Terminal road. All the
buildings between those are total losses,
with ail their conti nln.
Tlie scenes of tlie great Cripple Creek
lire were duplicated. Hurrying in fore
the roaring llnmes went men. worn n
arid children, carrying with tie m what
they could snatch from tin- names, ra< -
.ttK for their lives. 'I'll.- crash of build?
ings, torn asunder bv dynaimltc, and
Hi.- crackle of the flames as they con?
sumed the dry buildings, hast it.-,I their
lllght, and the pall ..r smok added ter?
ror to the spectacle. A special train
was placed at Ihe command of the city
by tin- Florence and Cripple Creek rnll
I i.i and three comnanles of firemen,
with apparatus, wet.- rushed to the
They work.-,; nil afternoon in a vain
endeavor to stop the rush of tin- Ham. s.
I The residence p rtlon of tin- city lias
suffered comparatively little, but the
business portion i? paralysed, and suf
ferinK Is bound to follow.
It is thought at this time (fi o'clock p.
i m.) thnt the lite can be prevented fr* m
<jpro:irlinrr nny further. The l< ss has
now reached $2,000,n ifi.
The first house was built in Viet r In
lliittkbcj-, 1SS2.
Sixteen Fishermen Drowned in
Swan island, North Carolina,
I (liny Houses mi,I two Cliurcliea
Deaf roj'nil?tsliiuil foveroil witti
Wilier l"or 'llir?'e I>n y?- Sc vrrnl
VeaactN Hndicil mill l.tve* i.u? ?
mi|i|,iim ii Tlmt Homes anil t'mtlo
11 re All. I>i*<iit noil.
(Special lo VlrRlnian-Pllot.l
Washington, N- i'.. Aim 21.?The
Btonmcr Ocracokc, of Iho < >ld li.uuir
ion Lino, was Lite first boat to arrive
and report the condition at OcracokcN.
i ?.. Kineo tli" storm of last week, when
the wind blew sixty to seventy miles
an hum.
Thlrtv houses and two churches
wore destroyed, the hotel piers were
washed away nnd tli" island was cov?
cred with wnter for three dnys.
The Norfolk rind Southern \uv boat
is ashore on Hoys Island, nnd the
steamer Neuse ashore at Mou so Harbor,
The passengers were taken off by the
steamer Tar I liver, of the old Domln
by ?Utting tiwa> tli.-ir boat's mast,
throwing their cargoes overboard and
drifting ashore. They witnessed the
drowning of their companions, but
were i?o\ycrless ;?> aid tin in.
A crew of four meit. who were camp*
Ing on another Island, are missing and
are undoubtedly drowned.
LEAD T< > A RR >T.
(By Telegraph ? Virginian-Pilot.)
Atlanta. Ca.. Aug. 21.?Owing to a
denunciation ol Harry M. Atkinson, for?
merly of Roston. Mtiss . und a lit phew
of Edward S. Atkinson, of thai city, l>y j
\V. s. Thomp? n, Councilman from the
Fourth \\'ard, n meeting of the
General Council this afternoon, the
police reserve whs called out to pre?
serve order and quell what threatened
at oite time to be a i lot.
Several days a-z > a curd was pub?
lished in on- of the newspapers :n tb;s'
city stiDUortlng It petition for fran?
chises which Mr. Atkinson was asking
from the city in ;h.- curd several
members of the C uncll und Board of
Aldermen was said to have collars
around their necks branded with the
mime of the opposing corporation?the
'Atlant;; Railway nnd Power Company,
Mr- Atkinson is a capitalist well
; known in Boston and is secretary of
the Collins Park and B it Rnllroud
i ompatiy.
Councilman Thompson resented what
ho termed an Insult and said of Mr.
Atkinson that after Intimating that the
?latter hud falsified regarding ccrtaJn
statements before a committee: "He
Is tin- meanest of ail creation. Plu?
tarch said 'Lying is the vices of slaves.'
; Men who march to the cannon's mouth
I where blue bellied Yankees were as
: thick tis hops, are hero told by one of
that Ilk that we have si master. P.
State Democratic Comtniltea to De?
cide Who Warwick Chairman Is.'
You lie Wife Tithei l*i?i<?n ttcritiisc
Her lliMbmitl is Fever stricken
Jililge BilhtsWmuil MiiMer Mason*
in Virxlnm, I.?oU1ii? r?r l.mfsv
Itoum in Alcxnuilrin I lie Oxrurtl
County, Si. V.i iiiuitl i :?-.?? Arilin.
(Special to Virginliih-Pll *.l
Richmond, Va.. Abg. The State
I Executive Democratic Committee mecti
.to-morrow night in this city to settle
the question of who is chairman of the
party In Warwick county. The meet?
ing promises t<? he an exceedingly In?
teresting one print Ipnlly ?n account of
the uersonnel of the Executive C m
! mitte.
The members of the committee tire
Hon. William A. Jones, lender of the
atui-M.-irtin forces; Cotohoi It. R. Iloy
i kin. H. M. Smith, Jr.-. Judge W, h.
. Mann. 15. \V. Sounders (who will pro
I babaly !>?? Speaker of the House ol
Tho intense Munition in Rennen is accented by the extraordinary manner of guarding the Lycco, whore tlto Proyfua
court martial i.- being held; the military prison nnd the oUiciala. Troops nnd getidnruics are everywhere. The witneasea
und judges enter the trinl hall between n double line of Infantry, while close ut bund are largo bodies of cavalry ready to
suppress a riot ut ouy moment.
Ion Line, and In ruled at Bel haven Sun?
The schooner L. A. Willis. Captain R.
8. Cr)Hin. of this place, was wrecked
near Oerncoke Inlet, two men being
IomI nnd !"? >ir saved by iht' crew from
the Portsmouth Life-saving Station.
The : i> op lieh n Roxtc, Captain Kelly,
is nshori on tie beach.
A schooner is ashore oh Harbor Is?
land, lief name is unknown.
A ?cho?ner is turned over in the
bight of Royal Shoal. The new is
'i n - Northwest Polnl Lighthouse Is
damaged and one boat and provisions
j lost.
Fourteen fishermen out of a total of
j twenty were drowned on Swan Island.
A new inlet has ohencd oh the north;
! side of Oerncoke with about five feet
! of water In it. It Is surmosed all of
t"ne horses and cattle "ii the island were
drowned. This is the worit storm the
island has ever witnessed.
Charlotte. N. <'.. August 21.?A spe?
cial to the Observer from Beaufort, N.
C, soys:
Sixteen fishermen were camping on
Swan Island, near the month of the
N- u.-e river, during tie- recent storm;
i The island was overflowed, compelling
l them to se.-k the mainland, in the at?
tempt nil of their boats were capsized,
ex- - lit one. drowning fourteen men,
consisting cif font- Smith and four Salt
, r brothers and six others. ,\n were
married and men of largo families
citizens of Piney Point. Cnrterct coun- ,
! ty.
The two survivors saved themselves
? Vellaw i ever tltuuMntt.
? Washington, Aug. 21.?In a tele- ?
* graphic report t i headquarters ?
* hei-e. nr. yiekery, representing 1
; 4 Marine Hospital Servli ?? at llatnp- .
? ton Soldiers' Home, says the yel- ?
JJ low-fover situation continues to *
! J improve. There have been no new ,
. cases of fever ainco the 7th in- ?
: ? staut, arid only about twenty pa- ?
: tlents are now left in the fever J
; hospital. \
mnkcs my Wood boll. The Idea that a
man can come from ihnl seat of learn?
ing and say that we have a master!
<>h. i: makes my blood bull to be n n
glcd out for ;!)?? venom from tills viper
arid then to know what a cur he Is,
beneath the whip of his master?
"And then he thinks he Is the equal
of gentlemen!
"What insult could be greater than
Mr. Atkinson was also denounced by
Aid. rmrin Turner.
After the session adjourned Mr. At?
kinson accosted Colonel Thompson and
before words could pass they started
for each other, when tho reserve of
poll? e inlerferrcd and prevented blows.
< r.y Tel. i;r 11 h to Virgini.m-Pilot.)
Richmond, V.l., Aug. 21.?A special
from VVInchesl r. Vn., says that during
a violent windstorm there this after*
noon the big :< r.t of John Robinson's
<?:!?.us was blown down upon the vast
crowd in it. A general panic ensued
and some forty persons wer.- more
less Injured by being trampled on.
Fred O'Brien, an acrobat, was the most
t rlously injured, Ilia right thigh was
broken, ami he received other Injuries,
While the struggling mass was und.-,
the canvass thieves reaped a harvest.
Decision In Cnnlalu Curler's ? inc.
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Washington, Aug. 21.? A rep irt Is
current to-day. Which, In the absence
of the Attorney-General, cannot be con?
firmed, that a decision in the Carter
! court-martial case will be handed down
shortly after Mr. Origgs returns to the
city, and that he will hot await the
I :? turn of Mr. Wayne McVcagh, Captain
I Carter's counsel, who, it is stated.
I-uM ?-U . ~- -- --..i
Representatives); Carter Glass, Thos.
s Martin, Joseph E. Wlllnrd. Represen?
tative Wm. I'. Ulna ami Lieutenant
Governor Edward Echols.
All "t them arc Martin men except
Jones, Willard. ami. possibly E hols,
who has hot declared himself.
Hon. w. A. Jones, \vh > has b 'en stich
n thorn in Martin's flesh since tili?
campaign began, Is expected to speak
Thursday night in Manchester, anil to
continue Iiis task of showing up Mr.
Martin's record.
Decidedly the forcncls feature f the
campaign in Virginia is tho series "f
Bpceeches Congressman Jones is mak?
ing. Erlends -f Governor Tyler Insist
that tin- opposition has no man of equal
ability as a debater to put tip against
him. and for proof point lo the fact
that since the opening speech of the
Congressman a I ll/aiston, Halifax coun?
ty, when Mr. Clem <'.t.n, who ap?
peared for Mr. Marlin, was. as they say
worsted, tho Martin managers have let
Mr. Jones s> veroly alone.
A distressing suicide occurred al 510
North Sixth street Sunday morning.
The unfortunate persbn was Mrs.
Thom.i?i II. I?. Ki .yd, young, and rather
attractive. Tor the last few months
Mis. Kioyd lias had cii.itge of the l; ?>.
Department at O. H. Berry ,<i Co.'s.
At tho time of Mrs. Floyd's death her
husband was seriously siek with fever,
and after taking the poison ehe retired
in til - sani" lied With him, where the
delirious husband found her uncon?
ge oita about - o'cj ick Sunday morning.
M '. Floyd. beiniT too weak to leavt
his htdi gave the alarm by knocking
on the, window and h. ad of his bed.
which scon brought the people with
(?erimtu Cabinet It role 11?,
* 11 rllri, Ati>.'. 21.? During the aft- T
^ ernoon a cabinet meeting was held ?
. a: the residence of Prince Hohen- ?
? lohe, the Imperial Chancellor, and '.
' the whole cabinet agreed to re- ,
, sigh. The acceptance of the Min- ?
y istir's resignation is uncertain. t
vhoin they boarded. The ambulance
?ii!goons. l>:s. Krank Cunningham ami
Letew, were summoned, and arHved In
pt . nil t time. The doctors found that
Mrs. Floyd had taken live grains Of
morphine, and sfti had gone beyond re
>ntt. They workel ui"'!i h <? m >st faith?
fully, but she noyer i gained con
?clousness, but lingered ia that half
dead state until 11:15 o'clock Sunday
morning, when the end came.
This is the third time within the last
year Mi*. Floyd has attempted t ? take
ii lite. The second waa mad ' in thUi
city only a few niontha since. Mor?
phine was used by het each time.
Mis. Floyd was n daughter of Judge
Henry* from near Ashevtlle, N. C, and
a direct descendant of Patrick Henry,
and War. otherwise highly connected In
that M.\U\ Mrs. Floyd has a slater liv?
ing In Norfolk.
The remains were expressed to her
home in North Carolina, for burial.
Mr. Ployd, who was taken yesterday
to the Iterteat fbr the Sick, epi nl a
good night, and as a result is much Im
ptoved. It is thought ho will soon be
Judge R. T. \Vi Duke. Jr., grand mas?
ter of Masons in Virginia, has made n
personal Inspection of buildings In Alex?
andria, thought lo be suitable tot' a
i dge room for til,- Grand Lodge of
Virginia, which at its next stated eorri
munii htion will assemble in Alexandria
to nay tribute to tlv memory of the
distinguished statesman and Musi 11,
George Washington.
The building llhtvliy selected was the
Opera House, which has been "booked"
for December 13th, mil and 15th, In?
clusive. The Opera House will accom?
modate 900 people on the poor and cai
lerlcs and from 100 to 150 on the stage.
It la admirably adapted in every way
to the purpose.
1'hatrmnn Courtney is daily In receipt
of letters from sis;, r Grand Lodgi a ? n>
closing remlltnnci > ind bl Idlng the Vir?
ginia Grand Lodge God-speed in Iti
The Union Hank of Richmond has 'u
structed its counsel to apply to thi
Supreme Court of the United Stn es foi
a writ of cert?rarl In the case of th<
Hoard of Commissioners of oxford. N"
C>. is. the Union Hank of Richmond
which was decided in favor of till
former III the United States Clrcul
Court Of Appeals oh the llt'.i instant.
The case Involves the validity ol i ill
road aid bonds issued by Oxford. Tie
Circuit Court of Appeals decided thn
failure to record the yeas and nnvs Ol
the second and third readings of the acl
authorizing the bond issue invalidated
There are several other railroad, aid
bond and other important cases on
which the final decision ill have an
Important bearing.
The papers In the case of Thomas W.
Price, of Parinviile, under sentence to
be hanged next month, were sent to tho
Governor at East Had ford to-day.
Price's sentence will probnl/y be com?
A telegram was received at the Goy
ernor's oflleo to-day from Mr. A. P,
Montague. Commissioner of Labor, an
nounclng the death of his brother-ln
law. Prof. Henry Naff, of Brist il, Term.
The death of Prof. Naff will be deep?
ly felt, not only in Bristol, bis homo,
but ali over the South, where he was
Weil and most popularly known. Prof.
Naff has been prominent in educational
circles. Ills lectures on the plays of
Shakespeare have always drawn large
audiences at his home, where he,
though a prophet, had honor.
Prof. Naff has for several years bl >n
recognized as one of the most popu
lar lecturers at Jtlnnl Bogie, 'renn.,
where he spent moat of his summer.
Transvaal Government Declines
Proposition For Commission.
lit i iMisti Official Circles n u lie
Hevea Tlml War Ii Ilm Only Way
la Notite Ilia l'oulr o vcrsy?Knrly
Dcuoncmciii Kspccie '?
(By Telegraph to Vlrglnlan-Pllot.)
Cape Town. Aug. 2i.?The report that
the Transvall Government had hand l
its reply to the British agent at Pre?
toria, to he forwarded to Sir Alfred
M?ner, British High Commissioner for
South Africa ami Governor of Cape
Colony, U confirmed. 1*. ia believed;
however, that the proposition oi Gro tt
Britain for a Joint commission to in?
vestigate tho effect which tho franchise
reform legislation would have on the
Dutlandera has no; been accepted, but
that fresh proposals have beeil ad?
London, Aug. il.?There is no longer
any doubt that President Kruger has
i. fus< il to submit to tho demand of Mr.
Chamberlain for the appointment of
.i Court of Inquiry. Ho may have done
so diplomatically. But, thai his answer
is regarded by the British Government
as tantamount to a. positive refusal, is
now established.
The report that President Kruger has
proposed new terms is, somewhat veri?
fied by the guarded comment of the
Colonial Ottlce ofllclals nnd the Irrlta
displayed there. There la not the
-: frh est doubt that they believe war
now the only way to nettle tho con?
troversy. They would far rather have
hdd a curt, defiant answer than the
temporizing reply which the Boer pres
: I >nt h is sent. With the former (ircat
Brll iln would have plain grounds for
a quick commencement of hostilities.
Under the circumstances ?which, it Is
believed, now exist aggressive action
needs c mslderable explanation to jus?
tify it in tho eyes of tno world and tlu
English minority, who still declare that
war would bo an outrage. However, il
Mr. Chamberlain has his way. ?; is be?
lieved Pre.-id.-ni Kruger'? counter pro?
posals Will moot with scant attention
(Continued uu. iVt-U ya^^'x
Governor Tyler's Recommenda?
tions to the Secretary of War.
Arc Among Ihoio Whoso Nniues
Ilu.ro Been Sen! lo Waatiiuston lor
Appointment an OOlcors in tuo
Volunteer Regiment? to Bo Uc?
crnlleil Fo? Service lo ttio Philip*
I'inev- A ppoininicut? Expected.
(Special to Virginian-Pilot.)
Kant Rad ford. Va., Aug. 21.?To-day
Governor Tyler sent the following cora
munlcatlon to the .Secretary ot War at
"To lion. K?hn Root, . .
Secretary of War,
Washington, D. C:
I "Sir,?Your t legram of August 13th
requesting me to oUbmlt the names of
two officers from each of the regiments
I l. mii this State that were mustered in
I to service during the Spanish-American
war n - ived. I have the honor to sug
, gest iliv following names;
? 11. II. Sheen, lac Captain Company!
iI A. Fourth Virginia Volunteers, Nor
' folk, \'a.
I "P. 10. Yoatman, lite Adjutant Fourth
. Virginia Volunteers, Norfolk, Va.
, "isoliert I.. M.iMir.er. late Captain
?' mtiatiy M. Third Virginia Volun
? I leers, llichtuond.
. "Thomas II. Lane, late First Lieuten-,/.;
ant C iv.p.iny I, Third Virginia Volun
? I teers, Fairfax. ,
j ??George il. ISently. late First Lieu?
tenant Company G. Second Virginia-^
? Volunteers, Itoanoke,
I "Hol, it Kent Spilier. Ja;c First Lieu-.
ten.i.-it i-.>;r.p.itiy I >. Second Virginia
i Volunti rs, Newport News.
"Sidney r. Moore, late Captain Com?
pany 11. Sixth Virginia Volunteers^
"V.. S. Faulkner, late Captain Com?
pany I-:, Sixth Virginia Volunteers,
Lynch burg.
"Th ri otllcer.s haw been selected aft-..J
. - careful investigation and oonsulta- .
tion with their commanding olllcers. I
am sure they will meet the require?
ments as set forth In your message;
They arc men of youth, vigor, inlclll
genee, character, and have dcnion
strated fitness to command. They are
high miii. and will reflect credit upon .
ihc Slate and our country."
II Is ? xi.ted that the appointments
of the gentlemen named will follow"
Illy Ti legraph V:rg niatk-Pilot.)
Paris, Aug. 21.?The papers of this
city, in commenting on the riots which
took place here yesterday, are unani
mous in pronouncing the situation to i
be of the most serious character; The'
Conservative ami Nationalist organs
accuse tin- government of pruveking
yesterday's bloodshed by unjustifiable
arrests. The investment of tin- besieged
anti-Semites In the Rue de Chabrol Is
being closely maintained, and the win?
dow s of tlie house have been closed. A
? i ? tor who visited a sick inmate of the
headquarters reports thist the morale of
ih-- besieged party is excclli nt, but that
th \ arc worn out by the prolonged loss
of sleep.
In consequence of yesterday's events
|u ! ? lal proceedings have been instl
tutcd against Sebastian Faure und f >ur
others for rebellion, acts of violence
ami attempt to murder, and against
? livers persons tor robbing a conse?
crated building and burning its furni?
A Judicial investigation will be had
before Magistrate DavaUes.
A number of the anti-Semite League
saj M. Guerin lias three days more
From to-day all churches will bo
BU .11 by pickets of republican
guards and detachments of infantry
and cavalry will be held in readiness
for eventualities. Tho damage done by
tit.- rioters to tue Church of Saint Jos?
eph is estimated at S.OOi) francs. The
church Is surrounded by a cordon of
p..lie,- and no one is allowed to ap
proai >\ tho building.
11 Is pointed out that most of the
is arrested for rioting arc youths
from 1"> to 1'0 years of age.
Tie- Rue Chabrol is occupied by the
fourth and One 11 und rod and
Thirty-first Infantry, with Hxed bay
vll the approaches are guard?
ed and 11 Is Impossible to traverse th?
Is, vvnli h are everywhere increas?
M due n's cook has been removes
th i ospltal. Ho complains that his
- is due to Iiis privations, ajid
? M. Gucrln has only twelv?
\i 'n him and that Iiis provisions
are neatly exhausted. ?
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