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Handwriting Experts Shatter the;
Measurements of M. Berti?on. ;
In 1804 II? Wim AirntiMl lircj tn?, bin
WmKuir Cnnvlticfd ?I His liin??
eenoo ? Nweurit Knorlinsy Wr?i?
ihn Bordereau ? Ailmlmllon !'<>r
Mojsr Freyataeticr-facta oppos?
ed io liil'crcii<-e? l'iiriiMli?il Hie
Court t?.v Geuorul .Hcrclcr,
(V.y Telegraph lo Vtrglnlnn-Pilot.)
Renne?, Aug. 28.?The balance of. ibe
evidence lo-duy, for u change, was in
favor of Dreyfiii*. Five witness a were
for lilin ami two ufjalnsl liliu. Tin
most Interesting testimony wad thai of
Chief Handwriting Expert Charayay,
who had come to declare he hud
changed entirely his opinion, which, In
jsiil. was against and rioiv is in favor
Dreyfus, whom he to-day atiirincd was
not ill-- author of the bordereau.
Ills candid .f< asidn ?>! ? rrdr wua
received with inurniers ot satisfaction
iu court; which i> caiho dlflcrc ; ap?
plause, in spite "f c >). Jouiiust'i pati hi ,
disapproval when h" soiohmiy added: I
"I declare hi re; oil my ; iuI ami coh
pclenee, thai lite bordereau iwaa written
by Kstciiiasy.
The Important Im dentj however.
Was Col; JiUIUUSt'tJ aeijiil ? -encc I" .Ma?
jor Carriere'iS request tliat a rogatory
cnnithlttee b(i instru teil to take. Col.
l'aty de < 'I nn'- deposit. u.
The initial eaine pur ly fi tin the Gnv
ernmenl commissary, Maitro Labor!
and Dcihnnge having no faith In sileii
ii. measure, because it allows Du I'.tty
do Clnhi to escape eross-exiunlnation,
which Is tin only tliin? Worth havlnn
in the present communications. Du
l'aty tie Clam being a wltnei f??r (lie
prosecution, Major Can e re w. , simply
prepare a list of questions which an ux
om'nlnic magistrate will pul to Uu Paly
ilo Clam at Iii? residence, and no body!
supposes that ihe witness will he very
much embarrassed by the Interroga?
To-day the central figure in ihe
court- ward, which Is ihe meeting jiiac'i I
for all Ihe lending personages of trial!
during the suspension of sessions, ivns
Captain Freyslnetter, who was the
subject of many Haltering remarks I
ui. his manly an.I soldicrly-liki bear?
ing. Indeed, (ho Interest Iii him was.
so great that son... persons waited nil
n Ig lit long outside ihe door ..r the
court in order to obtain standing i aim
in ihe rear pan .f the enuri-room, in
tin- hot,. ,,f s,., ;n^ him at lo-daj -
Hitting, an Impression having gone
nbrond that he might bo recalled,
Ills mod.:-! ai d frank manner in?
spired admiration in ail except tin
Generals and Ihe other military wit?
ness for the prosecution, who rtceined I
h fin Id of him and scowled In his di?
rection from tin- other side of the
court-yard. Captain Freyi tietter; will
no( remain hero until the end of tin
trial, btil will leiivc Renn h in n i- . j
M. DeFreyclnet, former Minister of
War, arrived this evening ami will
testify to-morrow.
M. Parny-Javol, the draughtsman;
called hy the defense Saturday to re?
fute the testimony of M. tiertiili n, Ihe
famous nnthropoineter.resumed It ;? i.
tlmotiy at the opening of , riurt this
morning and with the tissisd ihce of n
black-board, proceeded to show the
fallacy of tl.atculatioh of M. Ber
tlllnn and the inter's Unfairness in hoi
submitting tho hnhdwrltiiig of Ester
hazy to the same iests .i* ihe prisoner.
He d. glared, however, thai even if M.
Rertillon had done so the results would
not have proved anything. The wit?
ness, however. Insisted ihiit M. Hertil?
len had adopted a vicious) method in
old mnklng n partial experiment",
Continuing, M. Piirny-J?vnl i?r.I
?d Io show (hnl (hi geometric i?gu
InrWIes alleged by M. Rertillon did nnl
In reality exist. He pointed ..m n
number .,f Irrcgtilnrltles In the hand?
writing of th.. bordereau and *ai i !
?nnje Irregularities wer<.i ?<?? i y
noticeable In Estorhnssy's cal ?
TT* ahm contendeiT that ihe nlli r >d i
Ulnviiy Of the keyword "Inti .-si" w is
only approximate and proceeded t.i il?
lustrate his arguments oh the bin k
bo.Trd. showing that nl! of M. Hertll
Inn'fs proofs applied as equally ? ,
terliasy as t.> Dreyfus. Finally, M,
Paray-Jnval de Inred that M. licitII
lon'.s measures id Ihe ?word "Interest."
Tihl;rt served ns ihn basis of lite whole
system, was entirely false and there?
for* M. nertillon'fl entire Kystom ?'falls
to ihe ground and no linger exists."
(Grtni sensation.)
T>tis witness, who bad awakened ihr
interest of his h.arers. sti il that the
bordereau could not hnv< lieon traced
nddlng that it was an it11 Iii nossi
bllity. He then proceedi 1 ' llnstrntc
why this ivns the case nnd In prove 'ii>
falseness .-f M. Bcrtillon's de lu ?;' ui-.
in connection M. Pa 'ity Jnval sa d.
nmiii laughter, that ho though) M.
Rertillon was n very int Uli; ini n;
but that his system Was : ;i and I e,
the \vltnes3, was couvint ?! that ehly
self-esteem prevented :?f. Rertillon
fror,) admit;inp his , i: ??
M. Bernard, an Insnea r .he
mines, who took his honors ,:t ihe
polytechnic School, whi f.oM6wcj M.
Parjiy-Javal nl the w'tinosji hnr, -;:l he
appeared to refute a portion of M B< r
tlllqn's evidence, which v,.i< based on
fa'sf enl" illation--.
Witness sa.d he >va> gtcaly cur
prised that M. BerllUon thought ftt to
have recourse to psychologic^'* argu- j
mriiis to prove:
First, that the bordi renu waa fabri?
Second, That the methods which
might have been employed In writing
certain wordo were such as to consti?
tute proof against Dreyfus.
Al. Bernard atea said lier*was aaton
Ished at the fact that Al. Bertilton had
undertaken to account for the shape of
letters and the apace between word*.
There was hot 1.25 millimeter as al?
leged by M. Bertlllun, hut one dot, 1.66.
Moreover, Ihe writing t >r toe bordereau
was natural and rhythmitlc, while iisj
character and also showed it was not;
written by either a short-sighted or a
long-sighted person. The tvltnasa then
proccedc I lo Illustrate photographically
his contention that the bordereau was
not a fabricated document. In con?
nection AI. Bernard exhibited to the
Judges a plati representing a page of
current handwriting uiid said:
"If it is examined by Al. Bertlllon's
system it will show certain peculiarities,
which would not he of tii ' kind found
upon tin- exhibition of fifty million
other documents. Al. Itertlllon would,
inure fore, say it was fabricated, But
In- would In wrong, for l borrowed the
page front n report written by M. Ber
tIIIon himself.
Ill.'l.TII.I." ?N SA T UT?< >N".
AI. Berti!:.in demanded permission to
reply to tlii! witness, and Col; Jouausl
!: "1 i anno: grant your request,
atid l wiP not grant such permission
t-> any of the n experts, except in the
case >>f a personal explanation."
M, Itertlllon: -'l Wish to speak of Hie
manner in which I roconalinicted the
!? ii d. III."
C<il. Joiiaust: "Why. you are dis?
cussing the case. I cannot allow you
to speak except in regard to a personal
f a c t .' * n
Al. Toys nlers followed, lie said he
hd In n d In all r. pects to his report
dated October S??, isiM, In which lie' ex?
pressed th-' opinion that tie- bordereau
was the \ynrM Of tin- writ, r uf the dtKMt
iii' iits s. lst< it at the prisoner's rcsldi in ? .
For purposes of eoiiKiurls ??. Hie wit
ie ss lengthily criticised the bordereau
letter by letter, pointing out rcaem
id neos t?i the prisoner's handwriting.
In conclusion, Al. Teyssonlercs said
In- thought .; Impossible, more than
tangible, i :i< ns that those induced
him to ib.- bill.'- nun he honed the
court would share- (Sensation;) ?
It. ion int.? lh.urt, witness said
in- hnd noticed ihe prisoner's, hand?
writing was illegible, und he had never
.-?ell tlic document ascribed to Dreyfus.
The ropy nf the bordereau made by
Dreyfus was then handed lo Al. Teys?
sonlercs, who declared it had never been
given t.> him for purpose of compari?
son. (Sensation.)
Tin- witness lidded that he would re
?llllre three days to give an opinion on
It. No could n..' conclude his exami?
nation mi the si t. He must have
i line.
Here a member of Hi.- oourtrmnrtlal.
giving tl:.- results >>: his examination
.?! '.be bordereau, remarked:
"The letter T is alway s Isolated, even
at the beginning of words."
To i hi- M Teyssonlercs replied that
this peculiarity was also found in tlii
I rlsoner'a hiindw riling'.
When ho was invited to renly t i lh.
witness, Dreyfus said Al. Teyssoitleres'
ronmrks seemed lo him ciulte Incorrect,
and that in order to reply in'nperly he
Mho prisoner) must have the docu?
ments under bis eye?; As regards the
criticism on the subject of paragraph?
ing. Dreyflia added:
"I in g :o reply Mint otic, does not
make a fresh paragraph except when
!?? Inning a hew Idea. Every time I
begin a new Idea in anything 1 write
I make a phritgraph."
The prisoner. Ill conclusion, asked
I lie PresiUeni of Court to request the
witness, beton- ho retired, to produce
the documents furnished :?? hlin for
. mparison, of which the defense had
no knowledge,
ilonel Jouausl: "('ertninly."
Al. TeysBohieres thereupon ad led that
on referring lo his report of ivn be
found he had concluded the writer had
n item pled lo disguise his handwriting,
but that towards ihe end he hod re?
lapsed into his original handwriting
The witness having begged lenve to
speak of a personal fact, addressing ihe
Judge he Bald: v
"Before veil I am only a witness,
but (turning towards Ho- defense) i
to:.' ihis other tribunal l am, perhaps,
an accused person."
Colonel JotiHiist: "Not ftt all; yo?
ate not itemised."
AI. T yssonlerres: "1 am anxious In
the person."
Here the witness picked up a news?
paper, will Ii he had brought with him,
?tid began to read, whereupon Colonel
j Jounust said:
"You cannot read n newspaper,*'
"i- is a newspaper, it is true." re?
plied M. Tevssenlerres, "but it is also
the report of Al. Bnllol de Roouprlo."
Colonel .Tonnst: "We have no n.i
to consider Ihe reports of the Judge.
The Incident is closed."
After a brief suspension ,.f ihe ses?
sion, the court resumed hearing testi?
mony, and Al. Charavay, the archivist
and expert in ancient mafiuscripls,
was calied to Hie witness bar, Ills
deposition was so inaudible that he had
to be reo tu st. ?! to sp.ak up.
"In ISO!," said Al. Chnrnvay, "l. with
twO eollengues, though a.-ting upon
separate Instructions, were commis?
sioned to ex..mine tin- bordereau and a
number of d >cumonts for comparison,
unsigned, and in different handwrit?
ings. I examined first the Intiter docu?
ments and by (fho process of eliminat?
ing, fixed ut.on one res imbllng the bor?
dereau, i was then furnished with spe?
cimens of the handwriting in question,
lull wan not (old the name of writer. 1
nskeri if the documents could bn re?
garded as genuine and was tol 1 the
place from which it eminated, which
could tint bo mentioned by mo, and
which eonid leave no doubt in regard
to Its value.
"Now. I must Inform the court, thai
in the view of the fact that handwrlt
, Ing which was not produced in ism.
and which is evidently akin to the
; handwriting of the bordereau and the
tC-Jt.untied on Fifth Page.)
Blaze in the Orphans Asylum of
St, Agnes Convent,
Klvo Nerlousljr ?ml Tvreuiyollve
Kllnlilly Injured?Heroism oi ilic
NlBlcra - Mm? Building* llr.triijnl
ami inn 14vp* oI 'Ihren llmidrrd
nut I I weniy*alx: Children Imperil*
led ?Hrnre Act ol intern Vcnr- j
Ul?l Hoy.
(By Telegraph to Vlrglnlan-Pllot.)
Spnrklll, N. Y.. Aus 2S. -Klrc that
br kc out at l o'clock tin:- morn lue <le
Htroycd nine <<f the t n buildings of
Saint Agnes Convcnl and Orphunuge,
ontulling a loss <?f $150,000 and causing
tin- dentil of four persons. The dead
a i e:
Hob n Brow n. up d 0.
Ihmha Mai kin, tig< d 7.
"Jam ." a pcnslom r, aged Tit.
Mary Kate McCarthy, aged 2S.
nes so mi I almost n miracle. She
was cut oft on (lie fourth lli>'?'.\ ninl
elected to Jump from her window rath?
er than plunge Into the furnace that
had onci heen tt ?tlrway. She climbed
out <m the sill und UaJsn, seizing the
shutter, swung out clenr of^tlie build -
lug. Tin n she leased her hold. She
struck tin ground squarely upon her
feet and was uninjured.
The tire reached the girls' dorhiitory
last, hut once it i i ik hoi I of the build?
ing it burn- d Hi reely. Most of tue girl*
w< re "ti the upper lloors, and it was
with the greatest difliculty that ihey
were gotten out. Shortly after the last
ot tiie res i rs '.-ft the second dornil?
tory there wad a . minting ot head - an 1
the discovery was made that two baby
buys were, missing. John Cody, a IS- ]
year-old boy, mado straight for thp
door, paying no heed to the warnings
? >f dim,.!, a manne later Cody came
flushing out of the building, under . i, h
arm carrying one of the missing boys.
dka i'Ms i i:? >m Fiiiairr.
The slsl rs and children we're con?
veyed by teams to the lilaUvelt convent.
As far as known but on,- person actual?
ly perished in the lire itself. That was
''Jane," tin old pensioner, aged 70, who
was asleep in the servants' quarters.
Heleii Hrown and Kninui M i kin died
from convulsions that resulted from
Kale McCarthy was a servant in the
e.mvent, und had organic heart trouble.
She w;>s badly frightened, and died
later in the day. It Is beliovi 1 Thos.
Murphy and ICmhry Ki vn both es?
caped from the the. im: thai tie- former
became demented, and is leading the
other through the woods. There
were 326 children in the orphanage, six?
ty ? >!* whom were girls, ami their ages
ranged fr? tu 2 to Pi years.
Would-Be Suicides ForsakG Laud?
anum For Rough on Rais,
A Young .Vinn ArreHpil in Snll'.ilk tor
Kn lull 11 lit It it'll mo ml I.ml lei - W I lo
Dr?*rlrj Her llnfcbnnil lor dir
Smso ? otigrptumiin June? iro'iii?
Iii vi l nt tun Im M|ienli in [?Inn?'lie* Ii r
-Kev, l?r. Urown I'm Imngcd.
(Special to Virginian-Pilot.)
Ulelimond, Va., Aug. 2S.?The suicide
mania which lias existed in this city
for some week*, which last wool; i >.>k
the method of laudanum, has adopted
poison for it:? conveyancer Uiis week.
The ambulance surgeons yesterday, by
hard w irk, saved Mr. Thotmm Robin?
son from a voluntary dose of rough
oh-rats; and Allan Morris, a colored
stableman, was to-day relieved, with
n pump, of |, ..s ,n supposed to have
been taken with suicidal Intent.
kno'n fte'w^ i"torc8l i? ,ho Dreyfus ease. I. well
ears and other portions of ,??. Vi ninsft an.to. ? ?? , V,' E'.h? w?t,f???*?????"?!?. The arms, Unhands, feet,
eompnniod hv fi ll fare ami profile nhotoeraX Ern? measurements ?re p|?w,| ,?., ,. u eard which is itc
..me .is those of another ?le mi he at n by mean if I he I L"? V" ' !? T?n?T*5!2 ?'hei,,? "rc ?Gerthe
tovrerer, whether M. Uertillou is as creut VC/r\ !," l" 1??"''??? ">?? wnsWernhie doubt,
_ cM>crt Chirograph? as be is iu authropouietric.l records of criminals;
The missing arc:
Theresu Murphy, nged 16.
Mai v Brown, ngi 'l I
The seriously Injured arc: si?ter
Sienna, shock ami collapse; Steter
Marie, burns ami concussion; Sister
Bertrand, concussion of spine and
shock; Sifter Kntheriric, arm broken;
Hannah Shae, leg broken, Twenty-five
Inmates were Injured l>s- falls, jumps
and burns, but none seriously.
That more lives were ji?>r lost was
due to here ism of the Sisters and sohl i
of the older Inmates. When the lire
broke out the ton Inmates of Or- insti?
tution were asleep. M< st of them were
gotton out in alm< st perfect! order, but
a score who risked (heir lives to save
otto rs were finally foi ?? d t i Jimii> from
the upper stories or make desperate
dashes through stairways and corridors
filled with Maine.? and smoke.
The lire was discovered in the lava?
tory nnd soon spreai : i :'!? adjoining
buildings, attacking firs! a lorir.l ?ry
in which 200 of the cllsr boys Slept.
An excellent tire drill enabled them
easily to escape.
By that time the second dormitory,
where the smaller boys slei>:. was
ablaze. The older lad- made a dash foi
the building, and were soon carrying
the smaller on, ? out.
A dozen sisiers were cut off in the
upper stories of (he convent building
They were forced to the windows, and
While some climbed out to the
others knelt at the easements in pray?
er. Engineer Otto placed a long la?
der agninst the outer wall and res >uc l
a half dozen. Six were force I to jump
for their lives and. fortunately, all but
Sister Bertrand escaped without s.vi
ous injury. The escane of Sister An-'
(By Telegraph t? Vlrglnlnn-Pllot.)
char!.Hi.-. X. <'., Aug. - A Bpe la!
to the Observer from Wilson, N. C,
Captain Calvin Barnes, .1 1 unlheht
dtlzen of iliis town, was snot iu the
back about 7::to to-night on the side
>f tin; road .1 half mile from Wilson,
while returning In a huggy from Ins
farm, act.ipanled by t?v.> little grand
Children. The bullet was an old-fash?
ioned one-ounce rninnle boll, evif"#ittly
t<hi?t from ambush. The shot entered
the left shoulder and passed entirely
through the body. At !? o'clock Capt.
Barnes Is sinking. A special train has
been sec?ri d t 1 bring bloodhounds
from Northampton. Crowds on the
street are discussing the crime and
everything will be done to capture the
(lend, who in thought to be a white
(By Telegraph ;.. Virginian-Pilot.)
Chicago, ill., "Aug. 28?Twelve sli 1
arches, each weighing Ihlrty-threc
tons, which were to have supported the
tiperstructure Of the Coliseum build?
ing, in course of erection nn Wnbash
? v.-nue. between Fifteenth and Six
teenth streets, fell t.- (ho ground late
?bis evening. As a result of the aeel
lent nine men are dead, two mis i:g.
( in- fatally injured and ten badly
iiut. All of the twelve arches tyerc
standing, the twelfth and last having
been cotm.k.cd to-day.
Ii. .i. Howard, ?Iiis It. ?I. Downing,
wad in ought hack here this evening
from Suffolk, on tin- charge of swin
II ng i number of ladles In this city
by in -inn of securing their money for
i , !i.hi and teaching tiiem a tailoring
Rystetn. He secured tha pay in ad-1
vance, hm dl I hot < omplo.te the les?
sons of tarnish the charts, ami wan
found opet itlrig In Suffolk In the same
manner under .1 different name.
II' i\v LI ?I lATED.
Howard m a tall, large man. with
light hair and eyes, ami very large
hands, s.x v.ks ago he appeared In
this cltj ml boarded at 701 Bant
M irshall street, and seemed well off. as1
he had plenty ??: money. He claimed
that he was selling cutting and lil?
ting charts, and teaching the ladle*
jailoring system. Ilm charges were $25
for ;iie churt, and the lessons were
free. Hi- secured many pupils.
... h ?all - >y that his chan and methods
exi II nt. He left Richmond Prt.
day n lit, leaving behind him a board
bjll tor one week nt Mrs. A. II. Itodgi n?.
7(J1 K.ist Marshalj street, many charts
i,< be delivered, and lessons to be given.
Ills an Hi was a. uniiillshed by a pe?
culiar ? ii iimstance, Mr. j. r. \Vinecoff
came to lllchniond Saturday from Suf
: ,k und stopped at Mrs. Itodgera'
boarding-house. He heard Mrs.
Hodgers and several young ladies, who
were Howard's pupils, talking about
Howard !?? lug missing and the charts
v. hleh hi; w as selling.
Mr. Wlliecoff sai l th.it lie had seen
a man named Downing, selling the
same charts in Suffolk, and when ho
des rlbetl Downing the ladies at mice
i-.gnlzcd Howard. Mr. Wlnecoff went
With ;hc ladies to the Chief of. Police
hhd swore out n warrant for Howard j
pr Downing, anil the ch ? i unmunl- 1
clvted with Suffolk und shortly after
wards received a notice of hlfi arrest.
Among Howard's pupils is .1 lacjy
who l"st $15 by li * leaving. She an?
swered an advertisement In regard t>
the system, arid Imriiedintely 1 1
a call'from Howard it Offered her a
position to travel with hint a $10 pel
week and expenses j?he asked her
father about the mutter, who was na> '
turally not so favorably Iriipressed.
Howard called and explained the whole
mailer to the father, and said that all ]
the daughter would have to pay was
the price of a chart. The father si i
that he did not have the $25 .1: hand,
and Howard agreed to take the lady
and her friend, who wished to go. it
$15 each, and the arrangements were
completed. The lady's friend paid her
money at once and received the chart.
The other lady did not pay untiT the
Wednesday liefere ho left, but both
;;irls received their lessons regularly
from the day of their agreement;
Il>wurd toltl the young ladles to
make their arrangements to len\
Itichmoiid on last Friday n got : r
Philadelphia via Norfolk, an 1 tn
young Indies did so. shortly before the
hour of departure arrived one lady re
eel veil a note from Ii iwurd, saying that
they would not be able to leuvo until;
Saturday, as all his business had riot
been settled. Since then the young
ladles have not hud eyes on hint, and
did not know wheie ho was until lie
was describi d by Mr. Win.IT.
Howard sold .1 Ind.v of ibis city one
Imlf Interest In the Itichmoiid business
tor $60, and one of the young ladles
Were t, st;l!' witll her While the other
went with him.
Anotli.-r young lady paid $25 and re?
ceived the chart and the lessons as
long ns In- was in town.
A Church Hill la.lv paid him $10 and
only received three lessons.
Howard cave his iiaip.0 to one lady
;? - IV O Downing, hut tft's was the
oniv Instance in which he changed hie
name in Richmond,
mi .vis \ win:.
A ease where a wife left her husband
to go oil the stage has .iust COIHO to
liuht here. The woman, who played in
Richmond this summer with a vaude?
ville troupe, was the wife of Kdwnrd
1.. Wclnner, of Philadelphia, s ?nie
time ago she vanished from home and
her husband did not know w lo re sh
was until he received a letter from tier1
under date of Richmond, Vll, It read
as follows:
"My Dear Husband - I don't Bee nnv
necessity of you und 1 living together
much longer. Although I am wedded
to you I am wedded to the stage, to,,,
und 1 love it far more than I ever loved
.\oii. There Is no use In you follow ing
me tin. as I am well nrovlded for.
"Your Wife! lor I hope not long."
Wclnnor has begun suit for divorce
in Philadelphia.
lion. Win. A. .Ion. ?< w ill speak In !
Manchester Wednesday night. He sol
signified his intention in a communi?
cation to Mr. Augustine Royall this1
morning in reply to a request from that
gent Ionian and a number of other ad?
Air. Jones will cine to Manchester at
great Inconvenience to himself. -Hi
will come directly from Washington.
Friends of both the candidates for
the United States Sen..1 ? are anxious to
hear Mr. Jones, and many expressions
of pleasure have 1.n heard since Air.
Jones has consented to come to Man?
Air. Nathan Kaufman, father of Alt'.
I. II. Kaufman, a leading llierchn .: ?
Richmond, died lids morning at Col?
orado Springs. Col.
Air. Robert I.. Wiley, who was pro?
bably Hie oldest railroad man in Vir?
ginia In point of icrvlce, .c least, died
Sunday at tho Chesapeake and Ohio
railroad hospital, In Clifton Forge, In
the 76th year of his age. Death was
? lue to Infirmities incident to oi.i age.
H<- was actively engaged in his work
until Apt II of this year.
The condition of Rev. Dr.A. C Hrown
remains unchanged, lie still rot nJ 118
considerable strength, but it is not
thought he can live very long.
stopped a wedding
(By Telegraph to Vlrginlan-Pllot.1
Raleigh, N*. ?'. Amr. 23.?A special to
the Newa an I Obs irver from Durham,
N. C, says:
Rufus Si ?gglns arid James Parker,
two young tm n of East Durham, are to
be tried to-morrow a: '.'::'.?) o'clock on
a warrant charging theili with con?
spiracy. The young' men are supposed
t.? be the ones who kidnapped Da Had
Scbggln* while he was en his way from
one i torn of the house t.? another io
be marr ed t > Alattie Creel. The war?
rant:; reads as follows:
"K'lt'tls Hi ogglns, James Parker. COn?
splrai v. did unlawfully,wilfully and fel?
oniously stop a marriage ceremony by
violently snatching the groom, Dallas
Scogglns, from the side of Iiis wOlfld
b< bride. Mat tie Creel, and forcably
carrying him a way, tins being done as
the couple was marching on to'be
united In wedlock."
Sheer I'nbrlcnllun* I xpoieil.
(By Telcgrai h : v rg nian-Pllot.)
Charleston, S. ?', Aug. SS.?James
Sprunt. of Wilmington, N. ?'. writ s to
the Nows arid C lir Or as follows:
"To the Editors of the-News ami Cou?
"Our attention has been directed to
th-> Item in the News and Courier,
taken from the Brooklyn Eagle, with
reference t" an alleged effort on our
part t>> induce a number ./f our negro
. ioi 'ess employes :?> return to Wil
riiington, We have also seen other
statements lo the same effect and we
desire to stale tli.it we wer- no: even
aw.no that Green was in New York or
: anywhere else in the North, and that
' we ha\o never authorized him n r any
one else to indue- any refugees to r<_
turn to Wilmington.
"The res: of the stories told bv the
tto-called refugees are. as it w< II known
her.-, sh.-. r fabrication.
(Sign.ill "JAMES SPRI NT.
1 "President Champion Compress QiW'
He Returns From Unsucessful At?
tempt to Reach North Pole.
Ho Gives hu Acconul ??f IIit Esnlorn*
lions In Friinx JomcI I.nutl-Frn
VislOIIK Left FOr (lie llnrhi; Vitii
mini Mere Found Untouched ?A
Moieinu Compact Kept?A l'rcclpl?
title Itetrent-Wbai Ii o Nnw(
Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot)
Hull, England,Aug. IS.? Walter Well
man. tlio lender ot tho Wellman Polar
I \, dltion, who returned to Trdmaoe,
Norway, August IT. utter hav ing suc?
cessfully completed explorations in
Plan;-. f land, arrived here to-day.
He walks with the aid of crutches, his
t ?h leg, which was seriously injured.
In a fall in the snow-covered crevasse
wlllle In- was leading his party, still
belli); useless. The explorer was ac?
companied by the American members
i : i)e- . \:? .licmi who arc; well. In an
with a representative of the
\-- i i i'. Mr. Wellman said t
( hji: t . k expedition;
"The object of the expedition was
Id the '? ir.pl exploration of
Pinna .1 -? f land, of which the North
and Northeast imrts were previously
unknown, and to r< ai h 11 high latitude,
or . veil the pole it-elf.
"The object was successfully nc
complishuil. The second would have,
!>.?? n 111 hiev? d. at least t>> 11 greater ex?
tent than by previous explorers, but for
tip. nci Uli :i- myself."
The pr visions U ft for Prof. Andree.
ib.. missing urenoaut, were found by
Mr. \\. iin an untouched.
After leaving letters about Ids own
expedition and taking a. collapsible
ii ??> e with him, Mr. Wellman proceed?
ed due east to Cape Teg"thoff. and ar?
rived there .ltd;- so. iS'.is. There the
party landed all the- stores and the
steamer n turned to Norway.
"We established our headquarters In.?
the little house hroiight%froni Ji.ckson's
headiiuarters." continued Mr. Wellman,
"over which Hew '.he Stnrj and
Str? es."
Mr. Wellman dispatched Llcutennnt
::. It Italdwln. of the United States
Wenther Hurenll. with an expedition
North, intending to follow him in a few
? lays. He was unable to proceed, how?
ever, and italdwln. after establishing
an oui'.pnst. named for President Mc?
Kinley, in latitude SI, left it In ohargn.
of two volunteers, Ventzen and RJuer
vig ami returned to Wellman's head?
Mr. Wellniun. FebruarV 1?. 1S91. with 3
three Norwegians, with sledges and
dogs, started North.
Mr. Wellman, continuing, said: ??Feb?
ruary lit:, lv'.i. I arrived at Port Mc
I Klnley. Hjoervig. rille in baud, stood
at the mouth of the snow tunnel. He
wrung my hand and with teats in his
I cy.-s said:
?? 'Poor Ventzen is dead.'
"'Of course, you have buried him,' i
1 said.
" 'No,' Bjoervlz replied, 'he lies there,'
' pointing to tlie hut. 'I kept my prom?
I "The two men ha 1 made a compact
I that in case of the death of cno the
j sttrvlvor should keep tho body till help
I came, in that little hut th? quick and
the (b ad had slept side by side through
two months of arctic darkness.
"BJoerv'lg said he had managed to
keep up his spirits by reciting aloud
lbs. n's poetry.
"The next day we gathered stones,
and under these we buried our dead
comrade. A few tilting words were
spoken as wo stood around in seventy
degree* of frost.
"After a delay of ten days the party.
Including Bjoervlg. pressed North in
sledges, and by March 20th reached S2
degrees ? 1 si of Rudolf island.
"Then a seemingly trivial accident
turned Hi" satisfactory advance into a
precipitate retreat. While struggling
; with the sledged, in rough ice, my right
1 leg Was bruised and sprained by my
falling In: ? a snow-hidden crevasse.
For tw > days I wi nt on and. unless
other accidents had not occurred, i
shmil I h ive pressed onward so far that
I I would never have been able to rtf
turn alive.
"For Iw ? or thrco days T stumbled
ll ins until I feil Thor* was nothing
to do then but get on a sledge and be
dragged by the men and dogs to head?
quarter*. Forced marches by my de?
? ! ? omrndes saved my life.
"Tin nolnt at which we turned back
v *9 twenty-flvo miles northwest of
ilreeileii Islands, where T>r. Nan.ten
hind I in IS03. North :' these Islands
photographed three Islands' and
some large land, unseen either by
Pay, - . N u - n. We nlso found that
Payer's so-call d Dove Glacier doeg
I not exist.
Telemoh News?Paees l, 5 and 6.
i ocal News ?Pages I, 3 inJ 5.
i ditorlal?-Page 4.
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' Mapping?Pige S.
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