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*** 1
There is Much Speculation io
His Hidden Motive.
Nu in <* Jiii 11K Hi 11 IV Hnkn .iviinnl ?.i
Ills M Intal??'* ltX|M'rlN In l'avnr ?I
DrryliiH Ttiey 1'cmll.v Hin I.Mcr?
lia/..v unit M?t ilio Accused \t u>. Iii?
Author nt Hin I'll 111 llurtlvrvnii
? Dentil ?>l 'J'rlnl.
(P.y Tciegrapfi lo Vlrglnlan-Pllot.)
ilcnncs, Auk. at).?The air ot Henries
this ovenihi? Is illled with rumors of
conspiracies: anil predictions of c >UpS
de then Ire, hut mithin? precise caii he
ascertained. General Siereler's attitude
during ili - last fi vv .lays Ins mystified
Iiis followers in the case II. ,s ex
treriioiy clever and tii" general feeling
10 that lie Is preparing sonv . Ih
?x is ten.i which will he reveal .1 In
a f? a dnj s.
I; is n ivv.>pted us r>' yond t|h stloh ;
tli.it there is a serious division of opin?
ion mi tli.' part of lie Generals. While
the case was running smoothly again :
Captain Dreyfus they ail pulled logeth
< r. Inn since tIf lido of evidence began
t.i turn lu iiis favor, as wits notably tl.
i.ise during He- tesliiitony of Captain
Kreystattei and Colonel Cordicr, which
proved uiiieli hiure damaging lo the
General Stuff than the Inter'antlclpat
ed, certain dividing lines havi bee aim .
manifest between tie various cliques.
General Itoget. Mnjor l.aui.i. Captain
Cttlgiiet and M. Itrllielin. the principal
keeper of archives ol the War qillee,
form >>n.; coterie: General Mercier* and
General lioii.se forth another, and Geil-I
rial Billot and General i ii P.olsd ifre- ji
third. According to .me report tie- llrsi
two coteries intend to tin..v.- over Ocri
erai De Bolsdeffre. whom they feel to
be faltering und declare that he Is res?
ponsible for .ill the errors and illegal?
ities oi' tin- courltnartial of Pal. thus
nihklng him the scrip 'goat. According
to another report. General itoget, who
v as not Implicated la i v.M. and w ho
foiight ag-.ilust Dreyfus I.aus. he iti
herlted from Iiis predessnrs the respon?
sibility lor so doing and placed over
conlidelice in she aecounlii ..l th mit?
tel' furnish..! him by (he General Staff
will cut himself louse from Generals
Mercier, Gorise and Do i'.olsd iffre.
a ; i.ai sii:i.i: nvpi?thesis.
This is a plausthb hypothesis, slnei
fl?get has assumed throughout the role
of the defender the army, thus mak?
ing himself popular with the army und
with a large Section ..1' I in nation*, and;
Ii-- probably would not io.?e by sopa
rntliig himself from the wrong-dm i~ ..i
I MM, and .1 in lug iii it his opinion haa
been . hanged by the evidence given
during the present trial.
Yet another story is that tic Generals
nr.- ?"mir to give way on the author?
ship of the bordereau in view of liiC
strung ex perl evidence, and will admil
thai Estorhnzy wrote n. alleging, how?
ever, that Dreyfus furnished the Infor?
mation, not direct to Es!ei hazy, Im: to
a third person, who acted as Interme?
diary without Dreyfus knowing i:.d. r
In tiits connection ? was asserted this
evening thai Madame Haitian, who
was house-keeper for f.d. Siliwartr.
1.Oppen. Hie German military attache in
1301, and who i-. understood to have act
i'd as a En neii spy, has been s>en in
Rcnncs, and will be summoned .is a
witness concerning1 Schwa rzkoppCn's
espionage syst, m.
All these rumors may lie wit hi tit
foundation. Ie.it in any event they are
flynipiomatle of the feeling in Ken lies
that Something is going mi under the
surface, and thai the complexion of
the trial may lie altered by some coup
*U any moment.
In the mater qf evidence to-day was
finite a Dreyfus d iy, only the tleji isitl in
of the last witness. General lie Loye.
being unfavorable. The testimony of
M. Merit< a member of the institute is
little lik. Iy. however, serve the i hus
of the accused materially, if nt all. be?
cause his Ihlrodii itlhii of i: ?!. s fhncldi r,
tho Austrian military attache, :i~ a
champion of Dreyfus, was rather cal?
culated !o arouse resentment and ad?
versely to I nil nonce the judges, ami i:
was followed by Oerierai Rnget's tact?
ful protest against Col. Schneider's un?
complimentary allusions to French" 6111
To-morrow's pro.lings behind
closed doors w ill .) ..ii with the quest! ui
whether Captain Dreyfus was in a po?
sition! to divulge the Information re?
garding tip. urtillery ivhli ii wits prom?
ised in the bordereau,
Th- sesslrin will 1> ? \i ry Important
end is bound U, have a tremend >us In?
fluence up o. ii,,. judges one' way or th"
other, been use they nre a'.; artillery ofll
??? is and will be aid., to apple, late such
evldepce better than the, crytographlc
Intricacies that have been laid hi fore
'? by the handwriting experts.
The Dreyfusards expects thai their
ai i ?? > w ;:.-.. sses. M i.i ..? Hartm .11
a .,< Major Dueros Will effectually sat?
isfy the judg s !h-at Dreyfus was ig
11 ."ant of the matters mentioned In the
bordereau as an artillery officer would
riot luve beert guilty of stating the
errors which it contained.
The local papers publish th,' doubtful
Statement that Charles !>,? Fre> Inei
on leaving :.. i room yejHei.
? r his posltli n. remarked t-> a friend:
"l .;m leaving .111 atmosphere of ac?
Thq Iiis: witness to-day, M. Paul
Meyer. meni.Vcr of Hie1 institute awl
. r .?! the School of Ancient Manu
dvtlnts. described his researches .In
.'oniicction with the Dreyfus cuse.whlcli]
? I t.. his coin luslon ttial the bordereau
vvufc ii "; tiiy in Esterhazy's handwrit?
ing-, luit uns actually written by Ester
hazy. -"l tun coiiviiiced," snld M.
Meyer, ''by a magnifying uiass thai 1 ??? -
1., :.; t ? .111 was written m a free hand
und without hesitation, whereas it la
precisely hesitation in Hie formation "f
llie stroke which reveals the use of a
method of tracing. 1 .an alllrtn that II
is in the writing and in Hie very hand
of, Esterhuzy. That Is perfectly clear
to in.-." i'" iniiuoi uii.?
Prof. Aiimist.. Mulinier, of tin- School
of Ancient Manuscripts, gave slmilai
cvldci. He suid tii a euch fresh
execution of ill- bordereau only served
1.1 further convince him that it was
fho work of Ksterhnzy. Amid deep at?
tention the witness demonstrated how
the < 11 ins...ns ..t the experts who at?
tributed th ? bordereau t" Dreyfus iv^re
mutually destructive, mid dwell ?ui the
defects "t M. Iiorilllori's arBuments.
pointing ..in the striking reseiiiblunci
of Hi. alleged ihictorod linndwi-itlng lo
ICstf i huz.v'rt writing, who. In- lidded, in
everybody's opinion had reinti ins with
Colonel S?!hwart7,knpp n. tie- former
<ionium military attache at 1'aris. and
tin- dissimilarities between Hu writing
of th - border atl and that of the prls
The members of tin- court-martial
were n|>|mrently nut h Interested and
asked h numb r ??:" questions, t?? whirtl
wlllllss r.-pli-.l. upholding his cm lu?
slon thai Esterhazy was th-- writer of
the boi d- r- ail.
Cionern) Merctur requested permission
t.? him ait and . all. d attention t.> tii
lad that in Irs testimony before the
COurt Cassation Prof. Mulinier said
a change was itppar at in Esterhazy's
handwriting after IKM nnd asked thai
the pr?fet soi*'s fi 1 mi r eVldi nr.- lie read.
M. Lab 'i i. I- itdlng ? mnsel f ? ?? tin- dc
-.. 11- >i Inquired i:' Oenetnl Moreler In?
tervened with the object of verifying
Prof. Molini ; evidence. I." Hinsel adtlj
.-.I tli.it it seemed t,. him General Mer
<-i. r Intervened less in tie- character of
1 w.u.. in.in as a representative of
Hi - government . .ilnlssioiicr.
Merclor replied that on this special
point lie desired c infirm the evidence
Of Prof. Milliliter, which, In- said. eor
riiborat tl M. Ucrtillon's statement tlr.it
E-t.rhazy. tin- man of straw, changed
h;.-. handwriting in order !?? r< place
I ?rcyfus. 1
in conclusion; General Morelor said:
"Having emphasised the paint in re?
gard to in- change in Estorhnay's
rmndwrlting in 1S!?T. perhaps before, 1
am satisfied." (Commotion.)
Professor Giry. also of th.- School "f
Ancient Manuscripts, traversed similar
ground to that covered by Prof. Moll
II i - -!-. Ili> -ail ; i, irdercau had only a
HUperilclul likeness t.. Dreyfus' hand?
writing, and iia.scrtcd thtit it was cer
tainl> the work of Esterhazy.
Tii.- witness also .said tin- bordereau
was tvit written with the aid of key
M. 1,,-iborl asked If the witness no?
ticed 1 change in Estei'linjiy's cullgra
phy, and Prof, Giry replied that lie had
studied ihe question bill did not think
there had 1.n any marked change;
l:l Mi l l l.l.i'N AC.AIN S AT UPON.
M. Mcrtillori at this Juncture said that I
lie .1 sired to spoilk. but tie- president
Of the court, Col. .louaust, hastily rose
and paid amid laughter:
I'hi (?ittlng i.s suspended."
Then M. I'.ort Won resin.1 Iii? scat
in high clii.lv- "ti. <in tin- resumption of
tin- sitting M. Georges I'lcotj a mem?
ber of tie Institute, was called for the
defence, Malt re Demange, of counsel
for tin- prisoner, explaining that Plcot
was munitioned beciiuse, on May la.-:,
lie had an interview with a foreign
military attache, in the course of wlii :h
mention \vaa made of tie- d icument In?
serted In tie- dossier by' Generali
Col. Jouausi recommended tin wit?
ness t-> be very cautious In bis state?
After promising to exercise care, M,
Picot (Started with saying that he had
an interview with ihe Aiistro-IIun
garlaii military attache. Cob Joiiau?t
stop|>ed the witness, saying:
"Voii cannot continue like this."
Major 'Carrion?, tue Government com?
missary, also exclaimed, sharply: "I
protest in tile nan. - of the Government
and t!:.- State against the indiscretion
committed by the witness."
M. I'icot then re-comfnencerl htA tw.
tlmonyi saying he had an interview
with " a certain military attache." and
th.:'. tie- conversation turned upon the
Dreyfus case, 'lie attache expressed
surprise at the "incorrect attitude of
French .-Hi rrs" in doubling the word
? >f foreign oflicers.
"My impression," added th,. witness,
"wrtei that he waa anxious to assert
Utility and unequivocally the ab.-- lute
innocenc.? of 1 reyfus. (Sensation).
"Hi gar ling the 1, ihlereau," continued
M. Plcot, "the attache said only three
documents emimeratcd were referred
:?>. the t u t being thai tti. tilhen? were
padding, moan! to .-?-.?. ? ;i the dossier,"
Witness noted that the attache em?
ployed th- expression, "hydraulic
brake," and never "pti umatlc brake."
In regard :?> Estorhazy, tin- attache.
M- I.'.. said, .!-. iai,-d that he consid?
ered b:n a swiiidlcr, the attache also
assorted that Ksicrhhzy had relatl >ns
with C'dl ihul Sc Invar tzk ippeii, who dis?
miss-! hini because Est-rhuby only
brought Information dev dd of interest.
It was then, continued M. Picot, that
Est riiazy tried to enter tin- War Office
and st stfocceded, mid It was then
that ho wrote to colonel Schwnrtzkop
pen the letter since known as the bor?
dereau, in reply t.. the writer of th<!
bordereau, added M. Plcot, Colonel
Schwarlzkoppen wrote tie- telegram <>n
tii - ..i-.l known as tie- Petli bleu, but
nn 1 (lection h crumpled It up and
tint-y it 1:1 the fireplace.
(Continued on Sixth Page.)
The Choice of the Democrats of
Ohio For Governor.
l he Convention Itc-nllii-iu? tin- rill?
cnc? I'lniform lu lt? l.mlreij, i>.
mniMlq His l?r-\?iiiilinteioii of nr)>
on in IODO, ( ?ixiciiiiiH liuporlnllatu
.mil Tril?l>. Fnvor* liKteneiulcncs
lor I'nbu ami I ho l*hlll|i|iliicn ami
Denounce! Political Uoascs.
tBy Telegraph lo Virginian-Fiiol )
Znncsville. ??.. Aug. 30. .lohn It. Mc?
Lean uns nominated for Governor by
the Dcihocralle State Convention on
the iir.-=; ballot. 'i*ho remainder of the
ticket la ;i< follows:
Lleutonant-Govcrnor?A. \V. Patrick,
, -if Tuscnrn\\ as.
Supreme Judge? De Will C Badger,
of Madison.
Attorney Genoral?J. W. P"ie, of
Auditor ? George W. Slgnfo 3, of
in, iiihI m intiiiue t > demand the free
nnd unlimited coimtgo of silver and gold
as equal In primary money at the ritte
of 10 j.. l, Inder ndent of all oilier na?
tions in the world.
The lion. Wm. J. Bryan still retains
? an- entire confidence and we demand
his renomlnntl m In 1900.
Wen Knlzi Hie solemn fact that our
government cunhot be both Republican
and Imperial.
We s. m I n line with Washington.
Jefferson, Jackson. Lincoln. ?Iran; and
all other American patriots, living and
ilea I. In i siring the perpetuity of our
We are radi ally und unalterably op
posi l Imperialism in the United
Stub i f America. When we have
solved some ? the rare problems that
infr in: us at home, then, by exam?
ple, wc can proclaim the blessings that
follow free Institutions and thus pro?
cure "benevolent assimilation without
criminal aggression."
We ni ? npp s< I to entangling alli
an s with ( reign kingdoms and em?
We i >>iiiiiii nd :h?> action of Congress
in declaring thai our war with Spain
was for humanity and not for con- |
We pi ui ity recognize the valor and
glorious a h evements of our gallant
soldiers and s.iil >rs from Hunker Hill'
to tliis very hour as being among tie
most thrilling :u:d glorious In the his-1
lory ->f the world. i,u; we profoundly
regret thai American soldiers are being
unlaw fully u>- d in the name of liber?
ty to crush and destroy growing lo
publi -itnism In the Orient -and we de?
nounce the Secret and vicious alliance
now in evidence between England and
iho Republican administration whereby
this nation may become involved in war
with foreign nations.
We demand that tin Cubans and Phil
Launching of Torpedo Boat to Be
a Great Event,
Ii a veroor '1 y lor, III? sinir nnil Since
Troop* litvllctl lo Nnlloiuil Capital
Detrey Dny i:\rrritM-Delegate to
Irritation CSURNH A |i|>n i it t Fil ?
ItIrliuioikI lo Hnve ? A'vir Morgue
- other New?.
(Special !?> Virginian-Pilot.>
Ki< liniond, v.l. Aug. 30.?The launch
inn of the torpedo-boat Shubrlck here
in October i?* to be made an occasion
somewhat similar to the state Fairs
formerly held here, but which Norfolk
has now secured. A body know it a>
the < >ld Dominion Tournament and Fair
Association has been organized for the
purpose of holding a grand Inter-State
tournament hero on tie- lltit instant,
(oil"Uvd the next day by some excellent
The association has ihade arrange?
ments with the railroads to run ox
Treasurer?James I. Gorman; <<( Law?
Member of Board of Public Works
Ren her I >. Malm, of Lake.
The < onventlon was pn perly repre?
sented iti Its platform, and the keynote
speech ? f Judge Moon v. The name of
Bryan v. as cheered whenever it wn*
mentioned. The convention showed
demonstrations over free sliver, antt
Impertalism and all the Indictments in
the speech of Judge Mooney and In the
In the opening prayer. Very Rev. J.
F. Kearney prayed most earnestly for
the deliverance of the Filipinos from
"the brute for< e" how being inflicted
upon them. The prayer was for Ible
throughout and brought forth rounds
of most vociferous applause.
Judge W. P. m oney, temporary
chairman of tho convention, was tiu-n
Introduced and he was received with a
great ovation. 11e spoke at length.
After the adoption of the renorts of
the committee on credentials, rules and
permanent organization, the committee
oh resolutions reported;
We heartily reatllrm the entire Chi?
cago platform of 1896, and we especial
ly emphasize the financial p:.i..'i-i there?
in Favor ol Jlmlnea,
Capo liaytlch, Haytl, Aug. 30.?
: Advices received from the eitles
: <?! Santiago and Puerto Plata in
: Hanio Domingo, saj that both
: both have-proclaimed in favor of
-. General Juan Isadro Jlmincz, the
: revolutionary aspirant to the
: President <. A provisional gov?
ernment has been established at
l : Santiago, where ihe presence of
: General .limine/ is demanded with
: enthusiasm by the people.
! Ippines n<?t only he permitted, but en?
couraged to establish Independent re
I publics, deriving ail of (heir govern?
mental powers froth tue consent of the
goy. rned.
Wo denounce the Republican party
for Us SS years of abject subservience
! to the shipping Interest of Great Rrl- i
tain and we denounce the Har.ria-Pnyh ?
shipping btli, which, if enacted Into law
iv?uld further sha :klc our interests.
We are in favor main?
taining oitr splendid and efflc i hi navy.
A large standing army in our republic
Is a menace to liberty, We favor the
initiative and referendum, the passajs ?
of the eight-hour lat>-<r Iniw, the more
rig'.J Inspection <>f mines and work?
shops, the prohibition of Sweat-shops,
and the. abolition of the contract sys?
tem of prison labor.
We declare that all unlawful combi?
nations of capital are the legitimate
fruits of a geld standard and pthef
corrupt Republican legislation oh thi
question of the tariff. We demand that
all articles, ;"<" prices of which are con?
trolled by the- trusts, be placed on the
free list, We denounce the Attorney
General of the United States appoint?
ing from the State of New Jersey, the
hot-bed of trusts, for his refusal to en?
force the statutes of tile United States
igainst them, and commend the At?
torney General of < ?hio for his earnest
efforts to etiforco the statutes of Ohio
against sm h Illegal conibb itlons, itndl
pledge tin- nominee of thi- Convcril a
for Attorney General lo the enforce?
ment of tin statutes of the Stau
against them.
!?? ?UTK 'AU H< ?SSES.
I' ; \:1 bosses, .lie to be detested and
are Inimical to this form of n ?V >rn
ment. Bosses represent simply .1 con?
centration of politic.i. power, or n ring.
They live and exist through Jobs and
- themes leaded upon the Taxpayers.
They substitute their rule in the par
(Continued on Third race.)
cursloha from every point within n|
large radius, iind a very large attend?
ant ?' Is hoped for.
I il l.I' (>N ANi ?THEH CHARGK*
II j. Howard, alias It. .1. Downing,
the young white man who was arrest?
ed i!i Suffolk a few days ago on ihe
charge swindling .1 hulnber of young
ladle's here, wa? tried In th-- Police
Court this inornlng ->t. 1 acquitted of
:;. liarge of^ defrauding He was held,
however, on account ?>f .1 board-bill
due nut I th" matter could be de Ided
'Iii.- i rlsoner was confronted with hi*
landlady, .Mis. Annie Hogers, whom he
! hi arrears of board neatly two
weeks, and on this charge he was sep?
arately irl (I. In this case decision was
withhi Id.
Governor Tyler received an Invitation
from the Admiral DeWcy Heceptl in
Committee Washington to-day t^
i .11 il .f it.- in a suitable welcome to Ad?
miral Dewey which the people of the
District ->f Columbia uro arranging to
give him when h<- returns to the Na?
tions,! Capital, about October 2nd. This
will !>?? a national event ami on,, of its
principal features will be the publl ?
presentation by the Secretary of the
?>nlore?t loTakc Iiiiik,
Manila, Aug. 30.?It Is reported :
: thai Aguinaldo, tho Pi 11 pi no lead- :
: er. has ordered his Generals in the :
: province of CaVlte to close in on :
. and .r.t-nip: to take the town of :
limit*, and It Is added that troops :
i ; are concentrating around the :
? : town-from the I^tke country. The :
: n'oels, it is further said, have an
outpost of TuO men on the Marinas
: road, and an equal force in the
: town of Anabo.. The Amerlcaiut
: are entrenching the town, and
: tiit y :> n i fear ot tho result of
i : rthy ivtttck by the rebels.
I :.
Navy of the sword v ted the Admiral
by Congress, at the east front <>f the
Capitol. There will be an Illuminated
night parade In which j large number
of military, naval and civic organiza?
tions will participate.
It has been suggested that the Gov?
ernors of the States, their staffs and
State troops might desire take part
in the exercises und parade, which will
be reviewed by Admiral Dewi y, Presi?
dent McKinley iind members of the
cabinet, and Iho Reception Committee
sincerely hopes that the S:a;e eC Vir?
ginia will be represent* l oh the occa?
Governor Tyl- r has app ?'.at- 1 Dr.
Jas. O'Kcefe, of Tazewell county, >i
gate t>> the National Irrigation Con?
gress, which is to be held in Mlssaula,
Montana the (lest week in September.
The probabilities are that til hmond
will soon have a morgu - a pi u e In
which no man would b ? ushami I to be
Caught dead. The morgue that has
h< en used for many years Is n ::-. ?st d ;
reputable place, and the ?hin-- will
certainly be for tho bet:< r.
Investigating the worm.
Mr. J. I/. Phillips, of lllaeksburg, is
In Henri.?? county to-day, muking an
Investigation as to the nature ? C th
worm whfeh is devastating crops.
(rty Telegraph to VlrcTn!an-P!l9t ?
Raleigh, N. ?\, Aug. 30.? During the
early hours of yesterday morning three
prisoners were lodged In W'uko < ounty
jail here :?> escape mobs in other parts
of ihc State. Sheriff Mnkhan, of Dur?
ham county, hr muht Molvln Parker, a
brutal looking negro convict, who com?
mitted assault upon Eight- Year-Otd
Bessie Hurdlcstone, white, on Monday
last. Parker was a trusty on the load
gang at the time the crime was com?
mitted. Ills guilt Is clear. Th.' Durham
Jail was surrounded by a mob about
midnight, but the Sheriff iind already
started through the country foi
Raleigh, a distance of is miles. lb
reached here at r. o'clock this morning,
The leaden! of tho mob were shown
through th-. Jail, and on their assurance
thill Parker w as not there the mob dis?
persed ami quiet was restored.
With Parker was brought Andy M --
Adams, a neuro boy only 12 years old.
wlp< assaulted a tOUr-ycar-old White
girl named Fuucctte at Haw Rlv< r last
week. II'' hail been sent to Durham
for safe keeping. The other pris uiei
brought here was John Jeffers in, of
Wils in county, who shot and killed
Capt. Calvin i.'.un.s ft >id iimUuitih on
Monday night.
No attempt to take the pris mi ms ft im
this Jail Is expect, d.
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Cleveland, Aug. 30. A combination
car on the Wilson avenue line was
blown up by a powerful explosive be
tween Seovlllo ami Qutricy streets to?
night at 0:30 o'cioc. Th. re were six
passengers oh board; live of w hom su
tajned broken legs. The other pas?
senger and the er, ,v .-?r the car esciip I
vviihoul injury. Wlieii the expl s|oh
came it was with such force tan
lifted the car entirely off the track, de?
stroying the trucks and demolishing
the Unering. The car feil against th
track in tjuch a way as lo Imprison
the injured and now frantic; passengers.
Thene were rescued by the crew of
the car.
The report of the explosion was such
that It was heard on the public square
three miles from the scene. The injur?
ed are:
.1. F. Ingraham, leg hurt, scalp cut
ami internal injurl s.
Mrs. I.. Schnieder, left leg broken at
the knee.
j Miss Ellii Si hr ied r, right tinkle
sprained and bones in the right foot
P.. D. Silbitz, head hurt.
Mrs. E. D. Shnltz, left leg broken.
(By Telegraph to VlrBinlan-Pliot.)
Atlanta, Gil;, Aug. 30. ? A special 'r un
Rome, Gh., says:
I Wm. Gaminon aitd J. L. Camp tiled
charges to-day against ?'. M Dent,
principal of the colored schools, rind I
asked the School Board declare his
Office vacant. It Is -alleged Dchi .- id
ids vote for n large sum of mom y In
the fall election of 1896. It is charged
he made a business >.f buying n< gro i
votes ami speculated upon them, sell?
ing to the highest ^.d ier. They claim
Dent Is a corrupt.onist and unfit ;o hold
Den: Is a prominent politician, h
l.a.ling member of the Repllblti an i'm
gresstonal Committee and Is also eon
i ? ?? I with tiie Legislative Committee
of Georgia. He has been pr< aldent ol
the negro public schools hi re ." years.
The charges against him ereat. d u sen?
(By Telegraph t ? \ irglhlttn-Pilot.)
Pretoria. Aug. 30.?The British dip?
lomatic agent here Mr. Cohyiigham
Green, has handed to the Secretary^ of
State, F. W. iteitz. the reply ?.f the
British Secretary of state for ? Col?
onies, Mr. Chauih rlalrt, to the Trans?
vaal's alternative proposals to the Joint
committee suggested by Great Britain
to inquire to the effect which the pro
? .1 franchise reform meastii sa will
ive up.m th.- otitlunders.
Mr. Greene afterward- had a long
audience of the State officials. The
nature of the dispatch Is not disclosed,
bui was subject :.< the . m ration ot
the Executive this afternoon.
It is understood tiiat an >thi r con?
ference may ac> ur at Cape Town. Tlu
i result is anxiously awaited.
Will Get Three-Fourths of Legisla?
tors Yet to Be Named,
Out of a Tofnl Of 17 .Mrrnilr Nemtoat*
nl II i Until to .Tfnrt'.-j's 37, With
?_? Doubtrnl und -4 Contested?Hold
Ol fy NeunCoc? Riiu Total Up to 08?
tilTlns TjIcp 23, ainrtln 3S, SI*
(Special to Vlrclnum-PllbU
V Radford, Vo., Aug. ifS-^Y&av
: at found Governor Tyler iu
i i r spirits than usual. "While ..a has
y lost Wythe, which was not
unexpected, he (eels that It has been.
re than offset in other sections of
tii.- Suite.
it Is rIv< " out from h's headquarters
what Is believed t.. bo an accurate
statement of the delegates nominated
up ?." th" present time. This shows
that there luive been ten Senators
tti ,i and thirty-seven members of
th-- House of OeleEiites, of whom Mr.
M .? ti has Tyler U, with 2 doubt?
ful and i contested, making a total ot
There are twenty-ono
i hold-over Senators, making a total of
i nuted ami h Id-overs t<> date of
slxi >--olght, <>f whom Tyler has 2;!, Mar
' im :t<. and doubtful C.
In twenty-one out <?f the legislative
din ? :s that have nominated for Mnr
| tin. Tyler's name was not allowed to
go before the people, and It is conceded
thai Mi M irtin has rushed conventions
and noml intlons in every place where
his prospci ;s are most"favorable.
There are seventy-two yet tobe noml?
? I and It should be borne lit mind
th li : tin se sevi nty-two Senators und
Deles ? s, there are 11 in the Ninth
District, S in the Sixth, eight in the
t nth, In the Eighth and 10 in the
Ca st, and that these are Tyler's 6trong-'
holds, from which ho expects to get at,
least three-fourths. He is confidently
counting on nt least forty-five of the
nib rs yot to bo nominated, nnd in?
sists that h ? v ill have not less than
? ) a:'... . a . ntj in.i'.ii;as of the
-?au .is. " I* <r,v:i-^"'
Jones Score? Muri In Agnln.
(Special to ?Mrginian-Pllot.)
Richmond, Vn? Ausr. 30.?Congress
i hi \\. A- Jones spoke to-night ini
M ??. j. jter, having a good sized nudl
ii- again attacked the record of
Scntt or Martin. Bcorlng him heavily;
along the lines followed by him at
South Boston and in other speeches
during his canvass for Governor Tyler.
The st' ii was well received.
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Cap ' >wfi, AUg. 30.? There was a vio?
lent scene in the Cupe 11-misc of As?
sembly to-day when Mr. Cecil Rhades
repeated bis conviction that the Trans?
vaal secret service fund was J-trgely
used during the last Cupe Colons* elec?
tions for the expenses of Afrikander
eahd lates. He said lt.- hoped that in
th- forthcoming Transvaal settlement
'ii. s . ret service payment list would
? U stroyed, as'otherwise many Cape
fa m I lies would reel uncomfortable.
S \ :-.;l ministerialists were after?
wards reproved from the chair for
fiercely r tortlrig a gain's t the st-.tte
nient. The government has refused to
;? vide facilities for woman arid chil?
dren leave Johannesburg. Thi're is
great tlvtty at the Simmons town
tlivk y.i i -i drilling men on shore and
overhauling vessels*. ,
S U F F E f ?! M G IN PONCE.
(By Telegraph to Vlrjrtnian-Ptlot.)
N w V !<. Aug. 30.?The steamer
Ca is, which arrived to-day, brought
' numb r of passenger? from Porto
!: ;:; Ports, one of the passenger*
? "tiie ,| eolation and destruction
can ' it the t.uvn and harbor of
Ponce is appalling. The number of
? I i i-; among the people has not as
yet been ascertained, but will certainly
number 3,000 for the whole island, prob
ably r?.0 0. The destitution Is being rc
lleved as rapidly as possible bv" the
Government otltcials. The lowest elass
? of people, however, are inclined to
troublesome, and a Is feared that
there will be an outbreak among them.
?' I'll-- place has been stricken by
' Is by the will of God.' thev say.
'Complete the work by lire'; and they
threaten to put the town to the torch.
The night before we sailed the gar?
rison of 100 troops were under arms ex?
pecting trouble.
classihix:a tion of ne vvs.
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