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(Special to Vlrglnlan-Pllot.)
;5 l?kst Radford, Vd., Sept. 5.?Governor
Tyler.g?veiul the following interview
' to-day;
:';V;; "Governor. I see the Martin people
vare.'';ciaimlhe that they have virtually
|^'ori''the flghti' In this so?"
' ,?' "No,'It is not;" he replied. "Did they
]?' not clajm-thia .six montiis 1150, before' a
uislngle delegate . had been, nominated;
y'have.they not been claiming it all th*
: time? Did they not titart out on this
?.line-of. assertion and blufJ? Th.s has
:Y,l?een - their, policy. Thjy . rosned oit
: 'ward-meetings and conventions.' and
it In about thirty days utter my cand.dxcy.
?r.Svas' announced they claimed enough
ji'S' o tea 'to show my defeat.
"It'-they believe that the people of
Virginia think such methoca as they
have practiced fair, honorable or Just,
';'.\br'. that they' approve them, either they
.'vbr -I greatly niiv?judge the people of this
v. State. -My letters from every nook and
' corner.of the State show what the peo
. pie .think o? the hasty and unfair plans
v that have been lidopted. This Is not my
Vflght?it is the people's light. They
.-.have called upon me to be their leader,
and I; will not be untrue to those whp
.' have and are reposing confidence in me.
.'.'; .^"Aa I have'teaid before, 'the fight k?
Just beginning." Why. Senator Martin
" claims 82 votes already secured, .when
. the facts are, that only S9 delegates and
Senators, including holdover Senators,
have'been non.lnatbd, or even virtually
- 60. Of. this number Mr. Martin has 5H,
though there are more than a dosen of
. theseswho are willing to be Instructed.
I have, without a doubt, 31, and there
are 5 contested or doubtful. Thia leaves
El yet to be nominated. I expect to get
40 of these.
"I see there is talk of independents.
What of this, Governor?"
"I do not know anything about them;
I understand that there is some talk
?i:and. fear on this line. About the first
independents that came out were those
in Isle of Wight, when Colonel Day.
?i/Mr.?' Martin's father-in-law, bolted his
' own convention and Jumped so far that
rjs; he even demanded a primary. If a dls- j
iperise of this kind breaks out, it will bei
;i; because of the dissatisfaction of the I
people on account of the way they have ]
been treated. When the organization
,VA-,of. the-party has been turned Into a1
?.. machine to rtfn over the people, nobody
v-can wonder at dissatisfaction resulting;
but .thi3 is a trouble that can be eas!l>
' ifcured.
f's'-tV.'"Where the people are clamoring for
the right to express themselves directly
\: between the candidates for the United
States Senate, let the right be given
them, and there will be no complaint,
? no matter what the decision may bs.
:>,:.My,friends have begged In a large num?
ber of cities and counties for a direct
vote, and even where tickets were pro?
vided and candidates voted for, the re
.%?iuest:..has . been denied all but four
. "counties ?Southampton, Northampton.
.'Bedford and Culpeper?and in thorn
: places, I say it reverently, thank God,
;' v tbey have spoken witli no uncertain
.';>.'? j '.'Why could not all counties, cspoc
jju; Jally Wh&re mere is party trouble, Ge~
V;|fallowed to settle their dimcullUf; in this
J, way. It would be a simple, ensy and
tf.-'taAv, way and the party would <wme out
:, of the fight strengthened rather than
?? Weakened. Mr- Martin has said that
V-ih^'would vote for an amendment to the
^/constitution providing for the election
j;..Vof'Senators by a direct vote of the peo
p5 pie; Why not commence it now? If he
i:'V believes enough in the principle to vote
? " for. it hereafter, why not when it will
^strengthen the party? I am satisfied
jftViha^-. the candidates and many of the
HBlfflnmiiteea will see that this is the
widest and sa..'e<u plan to strengthen
y:.-.the-Democratic party and that the plan
s|?$Ml.'Vbe generally udopted, I think that
,?''?';'sowie.'methed cf allowing the people to
j-V-express themx.elves .In - the twenty-one
legin'.ntlve districts where my name was
i^: ;not allowed to g> before the peor>le 01
HBrtae'-glveh for candidates to be put up
^Tgr-trie'ought to be granted.
;-.;?"I have said nothing unla.nd about
Three Isle of Wight Men to Stand
Trial For Murder
Injured by I? Fulling Tree?A Dnj'i
Online? Stndonl* OfTFor < ?llv^r
Blouoy Drmvfr Tapped-Blnrdoror
Hcstor Nllll nt Large.
(Special to Virglnlan-Pllot.)
Suffolk, Va., Sept. C?Three Isle of
Wight men will have to stand trial for
the murder of Patrick McDonald last
April. They are Sam Bealo and James
Brittle, well-known farmers, and Ed?
ward White, colored. A grand Jury
had an adjourned session yesterday and
found the indictments to be true bills.
The men were released on ball.
The crime with which the men are
charged is beating McDonald to death
and then placing the body on a rail?
road track to cover the crime. An ex?
pert witness. Dr. Garvin Rawles, of
Carrsvllle, testified that McDonald had
been dead some hours before the train
struck him- McDonald was a white
The men will be ably defended. They
have friends with Inilucncc and money.
At the preliminary hearing the counsel
were: Judge D- Tucker Brooke, Nor?
folk: B. E. Ii. Watklns, Franklin; W.
S. Holland, S. H. Edwards and W. L.
Hyde, Isle or Wight county.
Mr. Josenh Bo we n, of Suffolk, was
seriously hurt to-day by a falling tree
at Jackson, N. C. A telegram' to his
family here was supplemented by a let?
ter, neither of which gave details. The
lone of the letter imulles that the In?
juries are dangerous- It wan requested
that Mr. Horace Bo wen, one of the In?
jured man's sons, come at once. Mr.
Bowen was still unconscious at 1 o'clock
this afternoon- Two of the sons are In
Baltimore buying slock. Another lives
In Portsmouth.
Colonel Thomas W. Smith, on behalf
of the Mount Pleasant Yacht Club, yes
tcrdny tendered the use of the buildings
and grounds to a party of young und
old people for a day's outing.
Among those present were Misses Mae
Bailey. Allie McGulro, Abble Wllsor.
and Dl Riddlck, Captain Swift, G. S. P.
Holland. J. M. Shepherd, James T.
Shepherd, Granvllle Holland. Joe Holla
day, Janica Twitty and Ashton Apple?
white. The chnperones were W. B.
Ferguson, John M. Shepherd and G. S.
J. Holland:
Lunch Included roasted oysters, fresh
fish, fried chicken, lemonade, cake und
other diFhes. Colonel Smith amused the
party with his jokes. Caotaln Swift
originated the party.
About twenty students from Suffolk
and vicinity left to-day for Elon Col?
lege, N. C. They went over the Atlan?
tic Coast Line In a sncclal car.
James Warrell, a youth, robbed a
merchant's money drawer und got a $5
bill. The loser was J. F. Joyner, who
runs n store nenr Kilby. The boy asked
a man friend to take the hill and get
change for him. The man took the
Piece back to Joyner, who had Warrell
Justice A. B. Eley heard the case to?
day. Warrell was fined $S- Not hav?
ing the price he was given the choice
of a thrashing or Jail sentence- He
chose the former, but changed his mind
when an officer told him to undress.
Miss Jennie Holland gave a card
party at her home, on Brooklyn
Heights, in honor of Miss Wilson, of
Boston. The game was progressive
hearts. After an exciting contest,
Misses Hattle Parker, Emma Jordon
and Eva Gam tied for the ladles' prize.
Miss Parker won. It was n card rase.
H. M. Carter and J. C. Molladny drew
for the men's prize, a silver knife. The
former got It. Refreshments were
served. An adjournment was had at a
late hour.
Jeff Hester, a former soldier, who
killed a colored man In Smiihlleld last
Sunday, had not been caught late this
aftLi'u'otin.?He fled fiuiu lumi, armed"
with an army rifle and plenty of cart?
A false lead was followed at Smllh
fleld yesterday. It was reported that
Hester was fortified near town. Sev?
eral armed' soldiers were sent out to
bring him back. The man found was
not Hester.
A fierce wind storm, with light rain,
pnsscd Suffolk at. <>:lf> o'clock this
evening. Five smoke stacks of the
Suffolk Sawmill Company were blown
down. They were ninety feet high. It
will cost several hundred dollars to put
them back.
Dr. Frank W. Whltehoad returned
to-day from Panacea Springs, N\ C.
Mr. F. W. Cole, commercial agent of
the Plant Railroad System, was in Suf?
folk yesterday.
Air. W. L. McLcod and family have
returned from Macon, N. C, where the
latter had been several weeks.
Advance Agent S. P. Bender, repre?
senting "Mr. Plaster of Paris." wns in
town to-day. The comedy is billed for
Kertemher 1".
Mr. Franklin F. Davis, of Atlanta,
wps in Suffolk to-tfny.
The Randolph Society' h?d a very
nlea?ant meeting nt tlv? Misses Qiiini
by's watermelon hunt last night.
M'ss Helen Wiley, of Gutes county,
N. C. came to-day to visit Miss Lla.-.ie
Rllr of ?rfm V Itotfor'.r.
fSpreial ?0 Vlrz-.nlan-rilot.)
Richmond. Va., Sept. ((.?Governor
Tyler returned to Richmond from East
Iladfnrd lo-night. He seems in the
Rellof in Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and bladdor d!??a?e
reilfvcd 'n six hours by "New (Jre-at
South American Kidney Cure." It 1.? a
grtat fiorprl?fc? on account of it.-; exco?r)!i>ij
promptr.->~33 in relle\lrg in bladder,
kidneys end back. In mate or female, Be?
lieves retention of watrr almost !mins<ll
a-tely. If you want oulek relief and cure
this Is tho remedy. Sold hv Wrlko, Mar?
tin & Gray, druggists, Norfslk, Va.
Do You Know?
No. -You will never know Whnt protec?
tion Is until you lnsuro with
Woodward & Elam, Suffolk, Va,
best of health and spirits and declares
himself well satisfied with the political
outlook. The Governor was asked what
action he would take regarding a bill
for $MG0 due Grimes Battery, of Ports?
mouth, for doing patrol duty during
the yellow fever scare. This bill has
been presented to the ' Auditor and re?
ferred by him to the Attorney General.
It will eventually come to Governor
Tyler for approval. The latter says he
has given the .matter no . thought as
yet, but Is willing to do what is right
about It.
tBy Telegraph to Vlrglnlao-Pilot.)
Williamson, W. Va., Sept. 6.?Seven
persons were killed by a freight train
wreck to-day In Dlngess Tunnel, on
the Norfolk and Western Railway. The
dead are:
PRANK R. ARCHER, brakeman.
CHARLES BOOTH, brakeman.
JOHN OH AFFIN, fireman.
FOUR TRAMPS, names unknown.
Roanoke, Va., Sept. 6.?One of the
most serious accidents in the history
of the Norfolk and Western occurrid
this morning near Narrows, a station
on the Radford division. Two coaches
of an eastbound passenger train Jump?
ed the track and rolled down a thirty
foot embankment. Two persons were
killed and twenty-eight more or less
The dead:
A. B. Luck, a contractor, of Roanoke.
An infant, name unknown, Bluefield,
W. Va.
All the Injured will recover. Their
wounds are mostly cuts and bruises.
They were able to be moved and some
continued on their Journey. A party
of eight were brought to Roanoke to?
night and received the necessary med?
ical attention. I
It Is said the spreading of a rail
cnusetl the accident. A wrecking train
with physicians from Roanoke was sent
to the scene of the wreck this noon.
Traffic was delayed only a few hours on
account of the wreck.
(By Telegraph to Vlrglnlan-Pllot.)
Richmond, Va., Sept. 6.?In the death
of Rev. William Klmbrough Pendla
ton, D. D., LL. D., the Christian Church
Jesses one of Us brightest minds, most
able scholars, and a pioneer in the work
of that influential denomination.
Dr. Pendleton died at Bethany Col?
lege, West Virginia, at a ripe old age,
and leaved behind him many good
works well done, and an example that
must emulate others.
He was born In Louisa county in 181G,
and was a son of Col. Edmund Pendle?
ton. He was graduated from the Uni?
versity of Virginia. He then took up
the chair of chemistry and science at
Bethany College, the pioneer institu?
tion of learning of the Christian de?
When Rev. Dr. Alexander Campbell,
founder of the Christian denomination,
passed away, Dr. Pendleton succeeded
him a<3 leader of the sect, and continued
the publication of the series of papers
entitled VMlllcnnlal Harbinger," which
proved such brilliant beacons In the
progress of the new denomination. Dr.
Pendleton succeeded Dr. Campbell at
Bethany. He married a daughter of
Dr. Campbell.
jCb^. Sal -s." O 'jCf. _LI jS%. ?
Boars t'uo ?? Kind You Hot Always Bough!
I'l l ; iimii in;.
Petersburg, Va., Sent. 6.?When Pe?
tersburg was evacuated by the Con?
federate forces on April 3, 1865, the first
Federal troops to enter the city was
the First Regiment of Michigan sharp?
shooters, commanded by General Geo.
W. Stone, who is now auditor general
of the State of Michigan- General
Stone's regiment placed the first Stars
and Rtrlnes on the Courthouse in Pe?
tersburg and also found In a room in
the Courthouse a flag with the follow?
ing inscription: "Presented to the First
Petersburg- Grays February 22, 1850."
Ever since the close of the war this
flag has been in the military museum
of the State Cnpitol of Michigan. Re?
cently the State Legislature of Michi?
gan, through the efforts of General
Stone, passed a bill, which was signed
by the Governor of the State, per?
mitting the return of the flag to Us
rightful owners. Yesterday a. telegram
was received by Captain J- A. Nichols
from General Stone stuting that he and
a committee of three would arrive in
Petersburg this morning at 9:30 o'clock
with the Grays' flag.
At a meeting of citizens, held last
night, arrangements were made for the
proper entertainment of Cienoral Stone
and those accompanying him, and also
for the reception of the flag.
The party arrived this morning. The
a rid l oss of welcome was made by Mayor
Pleasants and the flag was received by
Dr. .lohn Herbert Clnlbcrne.
The flag Is the property of the old A
Grays of Petersburg, of which there are
only five surviving members, namely.
Major T. H. Bond. G. W. Blick, Charles
Leonard. J. T. McCateb and A. Bond.
Bearsths ^^^V^^^^^^M^L
m; w I'oit'jr m:*.vm.
Newport News, Va.. Sept. 6.?Just
when tiic Keursargo will go out on her
official trial trip ? not known, but it
will he early in October. She will be
sent to the Brooklyn Navy Yard the
latter p. i t of tit's month, there to be
put in the large ary dock In order that
her bottom may he thoroughly cleaned.
The Kentucky is about tour weeks
behind the /.earsurge, and she will be
sent out on her builders' trial trip the
first week in October, If there is no'
hitch. All of the big guns for the m^.iin
battery, four thirteen and four eight
Inch ri?es, have arrived at the ship?
yard, and the work of'mounting them
in the big armored turrets will com?
mence this week. The finishing touches
on this ship are being rushed, and when
the guns are mounted she will be ready
for her trial. As in the case of the
Kearsarge, the guns of the .secondary
battery will probably not be put on
until after the first trial trip, if they
are not on, it will be because the Navy
Department has not shipped.them here.
Mr. White, who was identified with
Point of Pines ;Park. before the yellow
fever scare, stated this afternoon ? that
he has engaged his attorney and will
make application to the court to dis?
solve the co-partnership existing be?
tween himself and Mr. Lyons, and to
place the affairs of the firm In the
hands of a receiver.
fBy Te'iegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Raleigh, N. C-, Sept. C?A general
meeting of the stockholders of the Ra?
leigh and Gaston Railroad Company
was held here this evening In the ofllce
of the company. It was decided to ac?
cept the amendments to the charter
grunted by the last Legislature, author?
izing consolidation of the various
branches of the Seaboard Air Line in
the State. The consolidation of these
roads is preliminary to the formation of
the Seaboard Railway Company, which
will Include the Seaboard Air Line sys?
tem, the Georgia and Alabama Rail?
road Company, Florida Central and
Peninsular Railroad Company.
Consideration of other matters re?
ferred to in the call?terms and condi?
tions of the consolidation and increased
capital stock, together with all ques?
tions growing out of the consolidation
?was postponed until September 27th,
when another meeting will be held here.
A resolution was passed ratifying a
subscription of about $250,000, that had
been previously made to the Chester?
field and Kershaw railroad, and author?
izing further subscriptions to the stock
of this road, not to exceed $1,000,000.
The financial plan was not discussed,
and it is understood that it ha3 not
yet been -definitely determined. The
amount of stock and bonds to be Issued,
It Is certain, will te smaller than any
railroad system In the South. This is a
detail that will be fixed at the meeting
on the 27th Instnnt, as will also the.
scale of value of stock in various roads
to be consolidated. Each stockholder in
any road now owned by the Seaboard
will bo given In exchange for this stock,
sold in the consolidated road, the
amount to be fixed by a 3cale of values
yet to be adopted.
Among the stockholders present nt
the meeting were President John Skel
ton Williams, Richmond: Vice-Presi
dent E. St. John, Portsmouth; J. Wm.
Middendorf, Baltimore; .lohn N. Fhor
wood, Portsmouth; Leegh R. Watts,
Portsmouth; Messrs. McGill and Lea
venworth, Petersburg. They came In on
n special train, arriving here at 3:45.
They left at 6 o'clock for Atlanta,
where a meeting of the stockholder., of
the Georgia, Carolina and Northern
Railroad will be held to-morrow. From
there they will go to Augusta and
thence to Charleston.
(By Telegraph to Vlrglnlan-PUot.)
Baltimore, Md., Sept. 6.?The Mary?
land State Republican Convention met
at the Academy of Music to-day and
nominntcd the following State ticket:
For Governor?Hon. Lloyd Lowndes,
of Alleghany county.
For Comptroller?Philips Lee Golds
borough, of Dorchester county.
For Attorney General?Ex-Congress?
man John V. L. Flndlay, of Baltimore
The nonnlnntlons were all made by
The platform indorses the present
national administration, declares In
favor of the gold standard, in favor of
suppressing the Filipino insurrection,
the disposition of the Philippines to be
made by Congress, and in favor of laws
for the suppression of trusts, which
create monopoly.
(By Telegraph to Virginlan-Pllot.)
Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 6.?The Constitu?
tion to-morrow will say:
The Atlantic Coast Line has secured
half interest in the Georgia railroad
lease. On Tuesday the announcement
was made at the directors meeting of
the Western Railroad of Alabama,
President Harry Walters, of the Coas*
Line, was elected a. director of the
Western railroad. He is one of the
Georgia railroad representatives on the
board. M. H. Smith, president of the
Louisville and Nashville, has two rep?
resentatives on the Western railroad's
board. A few weeks ago It was reported
that the Southern had secured a half
imprest In the lease of the Georgia rail?
road, but it seemed more probable at
that time that the Southern road was
the new owner of the lease.
MB ID ill IIB!
(Continued from first page.)
Ccchefort, the chief detective of the
department, who was present, regarded
the prisoner's agitation as an Indication
of his guilt.
With regard to the dato of the bor?
dereau, Du Paty tie Ciam expressed
the oninlon that it must have been
written between the 15th and ;ui:;i of
August, 1801. Regarding the interview
with Dreyfus. Du Paty do Clam de?
clared that he never sold to Dreyfus:
"The minister knows you are innocent."
Dreyfus said: "Major, 1 know your be?
lief. I have not opposed It; I know you
are an honest man, but I assure you
you have made a mistake. Siek my ac?
complices and what I call ths culprits
and you will find them." The prison?
er's last word to him was, "Seek."
The court-martial adjourned for the
day at 11:50 o'clock.
e Q II I Con'atfp?aon =
= U na^tLmhJr Steh Headaches
= 10 cents and 25 cent j, at all drne stores. =
Hay and Grain,
61? Citizens' Rank Building.
Quick shipment and satisfaction guar?
Mr. G. J. Wtngfleld. of Baltimore, who
has been visit.fig his broineivr- MassrB.
L. MV and K. Hi Wingllelu, hare, left
yesterda'y afternoon' for Richmond.
Mr. Li. M. Wingneld, who .?as been
confined to his home, on Liberty street,
since Sunday, from u stroke ot paraly?
sis in the right side of bis face, was
able to be out yesterday.
Mr. E. B. Thompson, of Washington,
will arrive to-day to visit-, his brother.
Mr. G. L. Thompson, on Berkley ave?
Misses Pearl Jordan and Mary Gar
ber, of Richmond, are visiting Mrs. J.
H. Peas, on Mulby and Washington
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. P?ns. guests ot
their son, of Washington street, wuil
leave to-day for their home, in Rich?
Mr. McDonough, the owner of the
Columbia Building, op OhWCrut street,
wishes to state that hi has not rented
it to the individuals whose names have
been mentioned or any one else.
Miss Bessie Lyone has returned from
"Virginia Beach, where the spent the
Messrs. H. M. and J. XV, Ja cocks, ot
this place, who have been spending the
summer at Montgomery Sulphur
Springs, will leave to-day for Blacks
burg College to resume their stuflles.
Mr. A. H. Martin, clerk of County
Court, and family, who have been
spending the heated term at Green
Brier White Sulphur Springs, will re?
turn to-day.
Mrs. 3. H. Jnoocks and two daugh?
ters. Misses Grizelle and Estellc. will
return from Montgomery Sulphur
Springs to-day.
Last night was another bit for the
South Norfolk Park. A large crowd
was out, despite the threatening storm.
Mr. A. B. Morgan and family have
returned from their vacation in Albc
mnrle county, Va.
Ofllrer Parker arrested Lonnle God?
win at the Cummer Mill on a warrant
by Mr. Kesler, on Liberty street, charg?
ing him with breaking lv!3 store open
Sunday morning at 3 o'clock. Godwin
will have a hearing this morning nt 0
See in Portsmouth advertisements a
handsome residence for rent In Port
Tuesday at the Presbyterian manse,
on Main street. Muss Grace Kirkwood.
the charming and accomplished daugh?
ter of Mr. and Mrs. .Tames Kirkwood,
was united In matrimony to Mr. Melvln
Richardson, a well-known young ma?
chinist. The ceremony was nerformed
by Rev. W. A. Slaymaker at 4:30 p. m.,
and the newly wedded couple left for
points North. On their return they will
reside at Salisbury, N. C, where the
groom Is employed.
The Manetta Mills, of Lando, S. C,
will Increase Us capital stock from
J40.000 to $100.000. Company is now
ope/rating 5,000 spindles.
Acts gently on the
overcomesJ^rrW \
ro? sau by mi oaystiiTi. po>u set rtRoomt.
uro the only positively truarantoed remedy for tbe
Prink Habit, Nervousness and Melaacuoly caused
by strong drink.
wj: guarantee fouj* iioxks
to cure any cans vrlth a posltlTO written ?;u?r
ante? or rotund the money, und to destroy the
sppeilto for Intoxicating liquors.
STROH8 DRINK ?"""irriient^pnn^c^fnt
ot $10.00 we villi mult you four [4] boxen ard post.
Uto written guarniMen to cure or ?iHunjj
Sour money. SUigio Uoxes 53.00.
Walke, Martin & Gray, sole agents
corner Water street and Roonoke avo
nue, Norfolk, Va.
I I TOR'S BOOK, in Berkley. W. W.
SILVESTER. The finder will leave same
at the store of Mr. P. H.'Brouellett, on
Chestnut street. sc-5-3t.
Norfolk and Poriemouto trade eoUcltfri
New Phone No. 1.302.
with even the best
soap which, heeds'.
Hard muscular rub?
bing /to make
things clean. Gold
Dust does all .tliat
soap does and saveB
time, and much
. '.';?? -,:?'V'v . '
Send for free booklet?" Golden Rulti
for Homework."- ?
Cbic-io St.Leuls NewVork Boitoi
Time and Installment Price
Discount $3 00 for cash .
.JjS 00
Wo claim it to bo the best Mower
on the world's market regardless of
price. Staunch, durable and light of
draft. Great numbers are sold here)
annually and thero are more Buck*
eyes In uso In the two counties than
of all other makes comblnad. This
houso has sold the Buckeye exclu?
sively for about twenty years. Old
buyers.are new buycr3. These facts
should Induce you to uso the Buck?
eye. Wo invite examination and will
gladly show Its workings.
Steel Han Rakes
Self Dump and Hand Dump, solid
steel axles, steel wheels, guaranteed
to stand?strong and durable?hoy
can operate cither style?prices down
low?Iron and steel havo advanced In
cost nearly Gu per cent., and Mowers
and linkes will surely bo higher in
nrlce next season. Buy a Buckcy?
tins year and tako no chances.
Implements, Fertilizers aud Poultry Supplies.
McD. L. V/RENN, President. E. C. GUNTHER, Ttewsztt
GEO. B. TODD,.Manager.
Q-O-OO-OO-O o-ooo-o-oo-o-o oooooo OO-O
Virginia Electric Company.
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' A lrutT>-!?\Iiig ant! con?c'..i.ilAVs ?entlehjErff,- known to theatrical mafK
agets and others in Kew York City, relates los si&sfieriee whh Ripans Tabules as fol?
lows : *' Having been troubled with rheumatism for the jpast.ten ye"ars I was advised by.
one of my associates to try Ripaas Tabules. Not ol^hrpt fully appreciating his great!,
faith in the article I paid no. fiwrjrton to whjtt w>'s saifjV.but" after a couple of months Ij
decided to try this medicine, >$?st to see if arrytking we&itcorhe of it. 'f he first months
I had no marked relief, bm after that the rheumatic M^s gradually 16ft foe until now I'
am relieved of every one of those disagreeable sensations that come from rhenmatism,
and I earnestly assert my belief that any one who is troubled with that fearful and dis?
trcssing scourge, which may have cost them thousands of dollars in doctors' fees and pre- j
scriptions, may have relief and cure at an expense so moderate as not to be worth
counting. To those who were troubled as.'I was I say trV Rjpans for a month and vou
will be benefited ; try them for three months and you,Will be ctinst^ This inra bad
suffered from rheumatism for ten years. His age is tT/entVjeight. ?SSsB?ilSS?St^^hy*
, ?-?? ?? -st? *??* w^-Wii.v??&aCS*t. >
' ?W.UrrRD:-*e-jw of had health Uut RTP A'St S?111 nit.fefwefit. . Send ft?/i ?
yyi conti to R'.j>?n? <
Ko. lolpruc* Klre-4, Sew York.for.lO eunpl-j ?jid I ,w t-s?e?obiftU. RTr-ASS, tftfor Je4?l^o*L_
U coli, m?- bo Kvrf of ?11 ilruj-g-Ule who ?ro willig to -ell ft iUad*Td modlMne IVa n-jieWlM jBjMfc .7**1.
b*nie& p?ln ?od prolouj- ltfo. One -IrrereUef. Note"tie word ft i rrA;?;S_on the V*okM. Xotxjpino -utorUV*?.
They' overcome Weak?
ness, irregularity and
omissions, increase vip?
er and banish "pains
of menstruation;" They are "LIFE,SAVERS" to girls at
womanhood,. aiding .dQTOlopincnt of irgana and body. No
known remedy for women'eouals them. Cannot do harm?life
becomes a pleasure. $1.00 PER BOX BY MAIL. Sold
by druggists. DU. tdOTT'S CHEMICAL CO., CleveUu^. Ojii-V
Sold bv BURROW*. MARTIN & CO. sjjtai s-f>V

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