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Virginian-pilot. (Norfolk, Va.) 1898-1911, October 01, 1899, Image 11

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The Jury In the suit of Poynor "V.
Hodges agreed yesterday, rIvIiik Judg?
ment for the former Ui the sum of
I Sl.oOO.
Bettle Ann Slcknmoro gave a new
' hond of S100 tin guardian of John S.cU
niuore. Writ. Wright uml R. (J. I* Puce
being sureties.
Mary 15. Cnttenhead qualified as
guardian of Annie It. and Ellsworth
W., orphans of \v. E. Cattenhcad. John
H. Juhnsou was surety in the sum of
JUdge Pcrtlock h?ard argument In
. the matter of the Elizabeth River nndj
Hampton Heads Ferry Company, for]
the privilege of running a ferry front
Norfolk to Pinner's Point ami West
Norfolk. The privilege asked for wits
Opposed by the West Norfolk I.ami and
Improvement Compuny, nnd Weste n
Branch and Port Norfolk Drawbridge
Company. Judge Fortloclc took the
? ?mutter under advisement.
Yesterday morning Constable Hjiy
bcrt took the escaped convict; Go >rge
Copelnnd, back to the jftenlteiiLIn y
This follow has :t bad record and the
public Is familiar with it through th
columns of the press! Ho has been at
liberty fri'r five years. hnYlng been sent
from Norfolk county for two yents In
ISSt-i. but he only stayed there i\yi
months before ho cscnpi d, Ii? eluding
the ofPccrs until ho was arrested here
by Oftleer Huybcrt Tor tlio tlieft of n
Tlio now ferry steamer "NorC II;
County" w ill soon be ready for service,
end will greurly improve th" fncllit *s
lor handling passengers between Port?;
mouth, Norfolk nnd Berkley. Tim i'Nbr-1
folk County" was formerly usotl in
Boston harbor, and since served as j
a transport during the war. She has
been converted back to n ferry steamer,
and presents a fine uppearancei with
her name in ornamental letters across
her allot house. She has the new sys?
tem of safety gates, which. Instead of
pushing bnek. raise up when the steam?
er Is In the dock. It had been hoped
that the new ferfv steamer would b.'
ready to r.o into service this week, but
It Is hardly probable that site will.
The Portsmouth Gcrrnnh Club met
lost night and re rgnnr.erl for the com
Inrr season by the election of the fol?
lowing officers: George Parrlsh, presi?
dent: Krank Elliott, vice-president: .1.
ii- Porter, secretary and treasurer. The
following gentlemen were selected as
? ho board of managers: Collins Armi
Rtend. Victor H atwrIgilt. Maar c TTtul
criiis. Ned Parrlsh nnd Dr. Joseph Grit: -.
The board did not decide exactly when
they would hold the first gorman, but
it will possibly bo tiio latter part of Oc?
The Rev. Dr. \Y. K. F'shm- will an?
nounce to his church to-night .whether
or not he will accept the call to the
pastorate of the Franklin Baptist
Cbttreh Dr. Fisher pnys the coll Is a
flattering ore. He dee'tnes to rrtaRc
any announcement on tiie snhi??et. tur
tl'er tli-n the statement nbove. that
l>ts eenererrntlnn would bo the lirsl to
hear of his decision.
On the ITtli day of November the day
snl r. >? the execution of Wnltor Colt n
murder of Mr. Charles Wyatt. the 'aw
will ho eorrloil out, and lite death pen
alty Inflicted.
This is said on authority of counsel
for Cotton, who say tlint they d>> no|
Contemplate asklnjr the Court of Ap?
pear for "l new trial for the man.
I m ihm mm im goo i
Ji; M=v ' ::>l r" Is all right if he uses one of our
. ,'.. ;;\ ^^Giiris. This fellow did not
l; Bro:8ii-lQ0fJ.iiig Guns $9.50,
Powclor Sholls S2.0O
Cr lOO.
? - ?? Portsmouth, Va. j
The New York Clothing Company toll
you that active preparations are go ns
on In tlio Transvaal Cor a Mreal selling
They claim- that i\ey have the largest
ami best selected stock of clothing In
the City, and that they want every man.
woman and child to call and seo th to.
and they are confident that the prices
will suit, ns they are made to corre?
spond with llie times. They also have
a large steck of underwear. '?Jic
The Brandt Company Rives notice
that tin- sale Which they Ihriugura'ted
on Monday last will continue tor a f w
days more. The past week's sole wa1
fully un to their expeefhtions; but the
stock was so large- that it could not
he disposed of. censeti'ucritly Ihcy haye
extended the stile for a few days lot gel
In order that the public can secure some
of the bargains offered.
Chief of Police Tynan reports the fob
lowing arrests for the month of Scp
tcmbcr: Disorderly conduct, l">: drunk
ami disorderly. ?>: drunkenness, 21': as
snults. 27; Inrcetfy, r,: felony. ': viola?
tion city ordinance, 1; violation c'ti
tax bill, l; exhibit in-.: obscene ptctufas
I: committing a nuisance, 2; obs'con'
language, l: trespassing! f>: e n roaic'
wen nobs, jj; interfering with oiilcc-rs. I.
Total. 9S
The change of the Atlantic and Dan
vllle railroad from h?re to Pinner's
Point will cause several families to
move soon.
Prospects arc bright now for tin
building of the Inng-talUed-of Iron
foundry here. Baltimore and local
capitalists are Invcstlsntlng with an
eye lo build a lar;;e cotton mill here.
1 wtia shown the pi ns ami specifica?
tions of a large hotel to he bu'lt by a
cbmpsriy on Kr.byer Srjuare; fronting
Enmbert's roint. on the E! mbeth
river, with *a long pier for ail river
boats to land in aort cm: r>f harbor',
Tim hotel will he hrntod throughout
end m?>ie comfortable in Winter, af
well nj Summer, With extensive porch?
es closed in rr'ass. The Kr"U"ds will
lie nicely Inld off In ^'irnrps and adorn?
ed with shrubs and evergreens. The
e'ne'r-k' car line from Port Norfolk no
doubt will soon conn' across the West?
ern Branch and pass by the hotel.
We are very plnd to sec Mr. it. 1..
Bnhy return home frohi o lent! stay in
the mountains, ,muoh improved In
hea'th. He says lv Is feeling god ami
will have all his properly hero painted
nt onee, which will add much to lite
arre.unnec of our town.
The two houses on Jefferson strce.t
being bu'lt f?r Mr. \V. R MoCabo win
soon be flubbed nnd occun'ed.
Our pestm-sfer says the rnn.lls are
Increasing verv much a* hN office,
which In a good stun of prosperity.
Our public school 1?: mure In'rgcly nt
ienflod this season than In f.-rn: r
<>00 <>???><> O"
oo<> o^>-o ?-o--h>o ooo ooo ov * e 0'<!??s? o <>o ?t><5> o <&?<?
flows rrewraiD
60100 '?l
r'?>??,< ??? ?>" ?' -<?' .
nc app
'lid 01 ?
ill blio lidildVuQ *
We've made preparations for a great selling here
to-m?rrow. We want von lb sea our handsome Fall
Slock ? i Men's and Boys'! Clothing, U's by far I lie
best and most complete of any ever shown in Ports?
mouth?and a! prices less than you've ever had such
offered you bei ore. Some of the offeri ngs we mention
below. We would advise you io examine them, even
if vou don'i buy, We'll be pleased lo show you and
then if vou should buy and b.come dissatisfied with
your purchase, we will gladly refund your money.
Rplor.dld showing
Bolts, in the best
f< els, In both slngi*
CO til ylt i ?which w
the c ittal of any
buy elsewhere?we
of Men's
vOnrlnt; Cheviot ef
? n nd dohblc ?hrenst
? .ij't an fa In s i >'lng
$7.50 Suit yen can
in tiits- lino we offer yon a splcnd'd
at lortment of styles and patterns to
select from?they're em in th,- newest
styles arid made as well as mosi Salt?
at twice the price4?you would 1
willing t.i pay 510 for such
Suit, but we only ask, .
Our $10 line can't he beat?the very
Handsomest cheviot.-. Casslnieres and
Worsteds?In tiie season's mos! fash?
ionable effects?doubl? and single
breasted Conts and some of 'em have
double-breasted vests?you'll hardly be?
lieve they can be sold
than $15, yet we oiler then!
for .
Boys'splendidly milde AlBwool Dou?
ble-breasted Snlts-^in nobby Cheviot
effects?all slstes from 3 to 18 years?
also :i number of Blouse and Veatee
styles, handsomely trimmed with siik
braid?Iii sizes from 3 to S years
worth iL'.r.o?w.ll be eff-nod- ? <{; y C)g
A fine assortmcnl of Boys' Vcsteo
nnd Double-breasted Suits, in a seor.
nf goad-wearing patterns?made with
double seals and Ishsoa. clastic waist
hands, etc?sixes from & to IS years?
such Knits are wrll worth
Jj.f.O?our price.
Strong Leaders for Monday Only
gor.nt styles of Men'.,
dcrwear tihirts and Drawers, in d
ribbed and (l.:eec-llili d?t-eat
value for .
made wllh
pr :nr.nntced
value for ..
T..H M..T
heels an.l
Men's 4-ply IJncn Collars. In all I ho
icwest shapes end styles?which aro
old all around town at 15c. *.- < -'
-tor . /-X2C
A handsome lino of Beys' Pi ess
P'.iit.s, in cheviots and Casslnieres, In
plan and fancy effects?perfect in lit
Blid elegantly trimmed?the prints are
nwile with double seats and Knees and
the buttons ar< the "stay there-" kind?
all sixes from ?"? to 17 years?? a
regular Wid? value for .
Men's Derby Ribbed Underw
P't r'.s and Drawer'5 ?In tan nnd
shades?good valuo at $3l'c.?
Big lot Of Toys' Knee Bants. In neat
good-wearing patterns very ivcll made
?In sizes fiiitn 1 to 15 years? -> r .
fer .
a. !
mm i Oll Osubililly OOiypiiy,
214 High Street, Portsmouth, Va.
<>00- OC'-v- -s><>0 '?C O 0<sO"<JvO<?>- <><->0 ??<> <?:<&??<$*<>? <t>00 O"0-> OOO <>O<.
Bolh Boers and English nre Equ'p-!
ping For Ihe Kray.
l?o Reply of tti?" TriMlsvaitl ??? Mr
( Ititiiibcriitlti'.-. l.t.st >?>tt' lias Sol
llCnclie.l l.uml.tun lMi>p? uml
Sii|i|?lics IC.'i.iur t-ta.ulv Coitrciti'tl
(By Telegraph to VlrglnKn-Pilbt.)
London,; Sept. SO.?The Tune; corres?
pondent at Capo Town says he learns
that the Dutch farmers throughout th.
Queenstown district have Transvaal!
Mausern and ammunition.
The s>:np ot Colonial territory from j
which the most dtihger is appriih
,?j Coleaburg; aero.-s to Aliivnl-Nonn, &.?>
it lies along the extreme southern bor-!
der? of tue ?rangt Frt ii tie.
Although the couiury Waat and
souiiiwcsi is mainly Dutch. It gives ttu
tnc Boer reply had not reached the,'
Colonial Office ut noon, much to tlio
astonishment of the officials who re?
mained on duty ail u.lgiu, cxpeouny its
arrival at any moment.
WAR I'itl 'rf.\T! -NS, ACTIVE. I
?if possible, the war pre, tiAtlnns are
more active than ever. At Southamp-i
ton theic was a scene of cdnaicler?ble
excitement, two triinsp ?rw leaving that
port to-day. Further contingenut of ;
troop? ot various a-rms, on n third |
transport, left the Meisey this utur-1
Ktiur liners were chartered at l.iv
erpOol this morning to tall at Naples,;
where each vessel will embark three.
thousand mulct;.
A dispatch received th:.-. evening from j
Johannesburg days the Transvaal gov?
ernment official.* tofday rctiuisltlbntta.
7!,f> h 'iscs, provisions ?nd gen- to! enulp. j
mctit f ir the Burghers, llorses w
even rciiulaltlbhed in the streets and
si aide.-, ami the town was depleted.
The West Hand Command, or six
hundred nun. started for the fron; th',
hiorrilng, add the Johannesburg corph
of ~r,o men Is following.
Active war prupar?ll >ns are being
made throughout country. in the
meantime business '.? stagnant nhd'ex.
odn.- of OuPanders continues, 20(1 leav?
ing Johannesburg on the train to-day.
(By Tele era nh to Virctnlan-Pllot >
London, Sept. "C?The gravest fears
are entertained for the British .steam?
er Lnleham, Captain Geary, from Pen
'?ncola August D for Grimsby, and Pein
brldge, Cnplnlrt Morllemftn! from Sti
vaiirmh August 13 for Hamburg, neither'
of which has booh heard from since
sailing, The are overdue over thr'eeJ
^?ol'?l.\N'-> CREW AR RESTED.
Quebec. Septi SO.^Under drders from
Captain Skyrlmshlre, nil members of
the crew of the Scotsman brought up
to-day by the Grecian have been held
under arrest to bo searched. The Al?
lan Liner Grccinn. with 17 of the pas-'
congers and crew of the lll-tated S t
mnn, arrived In port to-day.
Show hi VI. srlriln.
Knnxvillo. Va? Sept. ?A special 1
from Cote City. Va., says that the lirst j
snow of the seafon hiis fallen ihere.
The city Is in the mounlfi its at a high
altitude. The mercury is nisi reported
lo have been nt 12 degrees above zero
yesterday morning, and It la collier to?
day. _ _ _ ?_
rheumatism, Imnh,
Are Caused by Impure Blood nnd
Cured by !?. B. t?,
Dottle Ocnt Free to Virginian
and Pilot Readers.
b Lhfi "a1 d ob ,- C: ? g f
eilt it'll und ttlioumoi :;., that E. It.
(Botanic Blood Buhn) eure-?, it mutters
not what other, treatments, doctors,
sprays, liniments, nitdicai xl or, blood pu?
rifiers, have frilled <" do, ii. H. U. tlwuya
promptly reaches Hie ttal cause
roots ottt und drives from tin- bones.
Joints. mueouF momlirnne, and entire sys?
tem ilie specific poison In the biut d that
entiites tthoumatlsm cad Catarrh, n, LI.
)'. s the only rotnitiy stronfi enough lo do
this and positively euro to stay cured, so
"In re can never tie a icturn of th-* synip
l?s. Don't Five up liO) ", but try II 1J.
It- Botanic RTood Palm or 8 Rs.t-Largo
bottles 51. six bottles (.full treatment) $5.
It. It. u. is tin honest r incdy Unit' makes
real cures ?f nil Bloc,I l^bteasffl after
everything else fails', livery one says that
).'. lt. B. Is the most wonderful mod eltio '??
of the sue. We have absolute confidence
-tn-Hmnw*- Blond ( aim: hence, so every
render of the Vlrjrlntah-Pilol P,c.y test It
Wi will send a TUIAI, IIOTTLK FREE.
Write to-day and medicine will be sent,
alt charges prepaid 'I b rd are no cbndl
t ons nttncht d to this oft'or.
Personal mcdlcil ndvfeo free.
Address Bl i OD BAI M CO..
SI Mitchell S:., Allan,a. Ca.
1 a blucl: pocketbnok COtltnin.ng s me
sh. liberal reward If left ut tills
i '<?> % (so
! 1
bn tire stock
up-to-date merchant tailoring of the f
wise, of richmond, va
We will offer this we'll selected Slock of Novelties in Woolens made up to date, ai a
MONDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 2?thf at 9 a. m. sharp.
_remember_ iA few Patterns Plaids and Stripe eft'
213 ANn ?m s m (o m st r e~ et,
J "ORTMM( >O'I*I 2, V A;
rm of Brandt &
great sacrifice. Ball slatted
Richmond. Vn.. Sept. 1*:.. *vf-9.
?The partnership heretofore ex'.st
ir.;: n&wcen .Brrint ami W sc, doing
i.-.;<!;:.-s aa merchant tai l o r s
under Bit ?m? name and style of.
Brandt Wise, at No. 6t>l pst
Broad Street, in tlto <-i;v ot Rleh
niOtid, Vit. U this day dissolved ?>y
.Ti eona'nt. The Brandt CV.m
uaiiy assumes all Bablliiles of the
late concern and all parties who are
Indebted to the late drip are nsnt.M
te pay the same to Messrs. William
and Henry ?Flepruthelnier, i t:?r :i^-s a
rt lav.. No. !> North Tenth ? street,
Richmond, Vo. _ . . ?,,?,,
These patterns are exclusive. Every
garment bears our guarantee Fix?
tures for sale, consisting of large Mir?
ror, Desk and two Oak Tables* Strict
orders io sell out this entire stock of
values without reserve. Our reputa?
tion for workmanship, style and lit is
(Irmly established. Mail orders will
not be attended to positively. This
-linn lias been in business less than one
year, so the stock is ^entirely new?
much of it has been lately received.
were $! 8, as
everyone knows--thecheapest we make--nowselling for
Odds and Ends Pants Patterns?all nea
S6, S7 and $8--now going at - ?
Extensive line of Imported Suitings in 31a k and Blue Wor?
steds and Vicunas, Cheviots and Scrges,\vere $2 5,$2 7,5*30
Fancy Vestings, worth $6 and $7.50; about 10 pattern?, our'
price, your selection.
If v>
Terms Positively Cash. Onen Eyenincs <<nl5l 9'oV'rYk. 4
(Continued tryiu First 1' : .)
Peweyweni ?bogt shaking hands' ivUh
pi use
p a,
T Im
hui ...
in Ul?flip .? li
<i.is .ntu itnili* |AllU
plojiuk tor :iie i'C.i
l'o 1..0 tl?lll I'. I.Ii .
?< : ui Aiiniii al I
Willi U ?,. i; ., ih , ( , |
! ? : ... Oil tin i. ,.;??.
<i ?;y, l i ?.. riii ?<
ibe uami tivo'i . . ...
ICr? * Li. D., l_ . Si .
Tll? S, ; (itl'l liiilwV.
reli'c-J ! .< tare or
bel.catli i!i ;i fe'iiaia Y
i ikCllillg i . ... 1
third panel is ?:>.
un,. Ii Is engraved t
the names ot ;!:.? . :
C?hiinlfcfce bVi i .
Tiio eaut of : m s
Vorlt: app n'rs m v.
About Co p?jet lie .
ti rope citjd in ihn
sen wend ; ml other
Thi> cup sis ntii 11
lins a i;?p:i I ' 1 I
tjunrts asd e > ! ?
Major Orroral
Hie p; ny l<:'; ths ? I
rl;-.-.os. Ite?r Adw
' <?; on -h? =ia)'il ? ?
(IUI not arrive In C
(Continued fr.om F .)
ft?o.o?? 10 >? Do ' t ? dVii
Suited In a i , i
od several months nh.d* whtoh 'w p
nidc :1 i v er by i ;? n u'i '. 0 . . i et
mantling In li:-.- To ; T .Iii
Ath'oento of the .-. uri \ ih ? ! de
Thomas F. Barr ml th.- e'dttV? I;
C?'nsh tod of (Mi: r.< !;i ??? . ?.
ATTAINED \YIJ>B ". . .. ??;
RI kt Yi
The case hris atlh is 1 whi vi
notoriety on uroount of thi> ilmin
and se.chii <. ? , c.i im ol ( ; pt.tj.n <
ter. Ivo !:ueh c ; ? ? ? in, .< ? l
such amount of lim? hn's cv (.
given previously In a cmurtmi.jij
on fee. The re.feri'iica lo Iho AH : ??
Oonc-ral in also sotvet.hin? t:
hdt this nr-tle-ii was i. i - I i'.s
to rrlve the < Hirer every ;>
poriiinlly to provi v.- '? . .???????.
The charges ??.??' !? are d1 ? nrfo
Oiro of'r.-'r.ir Jiiipo-J l ?? ,1 !?.??
mils!'..-r itiMiis of river p'ri'd I "
ivbrlts Iii \v hieti I; ? ? ? t) ? ? i Ca;
main eontctitions d ' (he :?. ?,' i <
.Ml: tri'?'! Cl.
f.V.PT.MN CM'.Typ. Mill-" tivD
New V.??: !.?, :-',?:>? .' . . -:. i : l, .
M. Ciirter wrs'"arr^sttul enrlv Lti Ui\
this city by Aiislstan-t A Ijbi t'p.t 1 in
fflmpson, \\ ho cv ? ? on ? o ? , fi
Wash i rr'.oti C ir Iho mvt f.,-'
C'nrter was tikisii ;??><: ?<
nnd liaeded over tn C ptnln It. IT. \t
.Ti.-i. the eon m ? 0 :? - i"> . i*. v .ii
ders t" v.-.? ??:.1 rum pii-'i ''
tain Cai-ev 1- i li ? e >rVin ?? . ?
r;-;.? nnd tpslted per::
Ca i ll r.
After his visit lo '
Kellogg said the l ;
dej 'i '? d, and ?
Cap.tftiH Rdb'erls, In :
nrv ?1. snld:
"It was Iiis hitrdr-si rh
to mo r>s fill o;lli 51" ? ??
Cajiliiin ' 'fi rter \\n<h r i ;
him placed lit ? l< ??? ?
wan ii e'.nss-iivile my
?t< SU"h I :
hers of my f mill
duty and we In
Tin: co NT it/
Washington. K pioi I
mntti-r po! dlnj: th, V
ip thn Carter ? Is th
annul the. coiitniel \vl
for river and liftv.bor \v>
THE '\70'
I o .1 n (i 0
0 ". f) 0 0 i
0 1 o n <i 0 D (I. 0;
0 1 0 0 0 2.0 0 0 0
At PhUrt
Ph!lad*lt 11
New York
AI Pitt?'
Clnclnnn t i
At Raltimorc-f
BhUinipre ,.0 0 2 2 0 1
Brooklyn .0 0 l 0 0 0
At St. L'ouls~
St. L'n'ula .t 0 i C 0 it
Cleyel ind .0 2 0 '. 0 0
At lloston
Bost on .3f- 0 0 0 10 0
Washington .0 0 0 0 1 1 ? 0
At t'hV.'i.W
Chicag'i.0 0 '1 r 0 ft
Louisville .5 0
!"..lt K.
; 7 .i;
n o 4
ft:HiE. i
i;;ii j1
I tl 2
ten to,:
' I 20 i :
: 0 1 t
j s> o
< !) 1 i
R.'Hvta; j
; 11
12 ITj I '
Virginia opened ihrV ?
day ar.d defiMSj'f! .t"-.
of' to:i to n ?? i'" p.
slibii ? d Up r. fv . . ?
of Nbrfoik, . .i.-'.r\.-,
kliig is tbo Line Up: P
tea m i
tfor. U'|
dlov.-- J
li h.;\ Ci"
v . ? ',. m M
.;..>: S.w.. .?:"->:^>^^?^;
Kind "iron HnvQ Always Bought, c
iu uso Jt'ov over ;>(> years", lias borne f
and lins beeil uinrl
/V-x ? sonal supervision
W:..?/v..; ? :\:-'vVi Allow no ouo tod
AU C-ountej teils, Imitations' and "?Jus*.-?
2 Iiis that tritlo with and end ? .icy
. mul C;uV.ireu?Expericueo' nj; *;n^
0".)." f <?> g?^?
? st li ESSa %j
: ?29
C is n harmless substitute fo
gorie, Drops nsid SoothLnjr Syrups, it i
"? ?!? Opium, Morphine' nov
. i,- ;>~e is its guarantee.-'- It
iys ?'. '? : i" '?m ess, JLt cures I
1 . , . < " - r; r!Vrn><;?g Troubles
aiiU l-v i?eucy. It assimilates tho
, t 1 ami Dowels, giving? health;
The i : : ?? en's Panacea?Tho Mothc
C ?: .? -.- (f*> ftf (**^*Br3sa
^7 Scars tho Signati ro <
TI10 T' " Y?o Haie liiafBciiltit '
: y- Over 30 Ye?rsv^^g '
t.Tr-rT, ntw Yonrt Ci**-* ? ^ ? - V- . ? ?
__._:. ?
iritis iKidy of an unknown colored
fviunc) washed upon tho Barnard
Kai'dy home; yea
Ita. .'ay Ketch*!
taffo.rdj who made
the station house.
f>\ M. Korean, coroner, caused ii\e
i.i,' Jury t<> ho summoned!
? \.. \V. BtlvVster, Cleveland
.. . , ;. Arthur McCoy, C. W. Parks;
? . ). Old and Archie Armstrong. Af
.,r- tl'.cy .h.ad viewed the remains they
tendered a verdict that tiio deceased
. .tino i.) his death hy drowning.
.?? .if tit..- unfortuhate was
learned. The bid man's hair and
? l aaa white and ho looUad to bo
7d years old, and \va:: about 5 feet
lies la height and weighed about
muds. He was a typical African.
..> ? a bH fas '1 with buckles. |
wnj .a has were found mi his person.;
idlver and the blhor a galvanized}
? atdh, with a chain, both of xvhich'j
er? of ?? value. A small piece. |
r v ns I '.i:nl in his vest packet.
> . : with load pencil, could notj
road ? ??? ? ,r to the time it had been
In tae water, lie also lmd a small!
r.O'p mi:,Si. He iv-.xs a typical Afri
. v . I on a dark pair of pants
it and a striped calico shirt
< t .1 ?Ith Morgan and \V. J.
na? ????? . d tease on the lower
? i ?? : F1 thlan t'avtlc for, two years.
arpKntcrs will begin work Monday
raiiia : : 11 into a l.-.rite store room, and
i :ii i) ; m -i glass front. It will be.
? ??! ? ?? wiiblfstiln and retail grocery
ojty i<ot; Messrs. Morgan and
. ar.i Berkli young rien and havo
; . . t'iencc in tho hiev.
!,ihtlt? buHip'e.13, and will- ho doubt.'
h'uve success in their now venture. The
: < : firm will Ik- M.tr:-.-m. Hoi.-.i
& Co.
As autumn will necessitate a change
.' tv.i ? i8 apparel hnd winter clothes
m i ' . n :i;:t of clothlng/a hat o?
?-.lit of underwear, you are recommends
.<! to |, > to Dougherty's department
?rbs on Chnstiiut street, where you
to find the above mcntldncd artielea
stock . ; prices which carinot be lg
i- o. Ruit? are made to order and
: to lit at a price that .will
tu*prise you. Iiis dry goods ami nu
:?? ? :.; a novelty for ladies.
The Junior Christian Endeavor So
ty wl 1 itt?tsll their newly elected of?
ficers this'afternoon at the regular
?tie v.-?i??'-;?m a.itor. rectoi?nf St.
Th i;:.i.?' l ; I*i n-.w Church, returned
in >'ork yesterday, where he
.spent about two weeks.
Miss I ibeth Maiming, of Elisabeth
City; M. v.. Iri visiting Mrs. Mary God?
frey, on Moritlatti avenue. |
v' tpt. \v, S. Foster and family have
returned trom^pcean View; whore they
the summer in their handsome
now ? coit-jre,
Miss Laura 'Thomi son having been]
unsm -.?'!?'. .1 in seeuring'a location and
i sutrtf-len: number of scholars for her
kinderg.u n s hbol to Justify an open
Ij -- ddeti to ret ni*to Washing
ton. D. C. where she will continue her
dl a tut Hier year. .Sho ?111 proha
l.\ o: in ? :, spring if suificicnt
InditcerHenis are offered.
Mit-. Liilie lieara ;s i-t Norfolk spend
: ! i ft'.v days with friends on Bousht
fit reel. ? j
"i f .lcn: !c rerry has returned home
a ?h?rt visit-to frleiids in 'i^l:<-.* . '
ss ^rnrEarot^^nii^ncDnLrt1, 6? /HertCr^
N. C.v is vi>ltihsV>iiss :Mrtrfif>?'et
.-.:> Pine strtjdub ? '.
? ry. I'.r.e sinr?i..; ?t.sv-J :??
Mr. Coo. T. TWon>p,^E?n: -'and'
i;ss Laura, \vili}vleayfe"'tK!s' ,r
Miss Laura,' \vilM?jay&--H>:8 morning,
l', r Washington, TX'U. ,i
Mi.-- .'.motto Kiiox, of-CoUTio!!.'Ifcil!\t,';;
!? .. h.-..-. org.utlzrd au : ?Ra.trunjwtal,.
cl-tss in t!io townlan'tV 'Isisfc&Jk'fh'g' . with,>.
Mrs. Hr. B. P. M't-uttt.
?;eon;o. the sevpn-m?nthST?W'iS?n-yot-'
Mr. and Mrs. .Tolin 1. M .?Vrjso.i. ' ruipu .
relay at Ii ml. at their home ii) tit'
.-..ur.ty. 'id-' utmjt'aa wlii o.;' cotu-lur.U'i'
this afternoon at S'oYV:';-.. |r>>??i>i?r?J{
in Magno! i (ianliit-i???>r
roir. 1). n..- p.tstor <-.i tue t'CiirsisttV-.>\te'&k.
mo rial T? rip! ?. No'.voile, '.'will ..t.'riU'ittuV.-t:^
M? s.-.rs. Parlts ?? ;?S ' ^tV^f'A^ip. llffigjf?g
m;., !>,??'.! their lunch counter'^a^A^.dinl?a^fS
room to serve meals 'ftV aH<-ju>urs^ff|wSe
'I'h ? !-!?:.'.. ? rnrgo'.a,*:(oll?^sti^'V?V.#?Mn
? <? : ? It!, and thirds A fb.rc'y?*rSs
Until w-iil be given- by -tbo 'elLi^ju^rot ::;':
town. Mr. \il:^7^'<&0^m3BW^
pt ??:r..-.ter, requests .that-all. wbo'-oxostj-'t";!'
??tUf-r to do so by Mfli^iiy .titnfefe'A'
et.,-: route hoysip^ith?tt?
ng entered ..schotr^>,tto^J^rra^ffirt
tug entered ..schorl; a.?bitovihat -A will
'*? r n -treat favor- l)y;,p;tylng,rqivMekr.
'crs every .?.Sat^tfaaj^fduHng '':th,?
?hool session. : TlVcV/rout^-y.vhave-.'t'p-,
vased to such;, proportion* % ijhtU^f
'<?? ??? eanr.it collect- b'n t4i>y;rr,the'rW.d't
t'f&.-'VH.vTart '
v. it he tu to/-:ng tinip'-.f^rn ^Ch'o^t.^
rcRKLEy ?*DVT?5
?1 iYlV" pi~~ p~T^ a'.''
1. opened what - UtO-.ttWil''hiis so lor -
f? ??d.-d-o handsome': C-"vfe^iid. hro; nre--.^"
r.-.red to servo Hinphe'S' 0rV*'meiils .'.'at-' all vsv
hours, from C a.- -?hi?-'-'t&-.X/,a^iiC-' vv 11 h ?. t b ?
best of everything-:th'e-':nS?fkV^ afXwrds;'.ti,t-.'::<
lite si:ortest notice. Lunch ic'nuuter. below
-M-.-i will fiitrlpptd. . Din!ng^wom''u7^s?tatrf?sS!
t.vi.n'naven Oysters & specialty-. .M^ar"
pa p. ks '? -ETtmttia?i6^v!iGiffl|BH
-;: ft. near ferry,de
S as e-off $251
Berkley, Va;v Bonds.
Scaled bids . will be' recetv?'d,-;'by:\C,>" VU
itocoxder.-oi'- the . towa '"'if; ..rte-'rltify,';4--.
Virginia, until ?lON?A,y,s;tho'Dtlt, day^er ,
October, IK'?, Atji?.i'jri',;"'fpi-,"?alt-qrj^ri'y; *'
vi' jr.,000 li'-e nec^cont^'O.ph.er^^^f
m-nt Ponds of the;Town;of;Rerl<lc: v
.-.l ! bonds to be inXd{m^i^]g$^^
ca-'h. payable 30;years'fr^i^''^51g?^?i|M^..
. , si, on ilia Wbol? atoidbnt 'a?y|ife^r;!
The right Is 'risis^etfirj^'^p^
nil bid-i v- C.\t qi.
sc-.:-ids .- ;.',.' , -:^wi^-^cQr^,
^ ?". 'ml.-.--,- ,e-.<; "?
1 have added t?'Jj?y;'S?WXell^iiff"
stielt of H oyeler-and' S?n.ebri&s
i :... pbopbones?from':fe>rjp? '
oo piece? of, mbi!t}irr,?f&it-.?
Also 3 full lirie.or'ac^ySe'U?
I n--> of linn PQCKOt??.Kqlvcs.'-WJ?.
cveles a spfeetal.tV^SK>.i. :
Comer Berkley ajvcErt^,^nfe

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