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Sutejft'Jatv.es^Ti,!- Allen. stcrc
iM.iu^;.;lJtX/rStef?<c, Jr.; T. \V.
H*J$Bff3P?iS^w><8-: Wilkinson.
2t>tties ;?. A?g'ii,: 1J>; 'j?, Donovan.
iif.'SO BSC Fl IP TIO ,M . R A T E 3 :
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?V^BubwJlbcrH^?y.-Wrtfer??in -Notrout c.-.-j
^VIciair^V'-'-EerUim'o?ln.^'. Berk: .y :??.. if ??:;:.
' West -Norfolk..'- Newport-* News', tor .0
?'v.eepl,'; ?', per : Week - -.'payable to Uiu c-i:r!"!
1 '".B.W.-.|ri'tvil,v 'ta;'...iiiii';'!lilctea In U:u United
;. . 61 fit es.' vo8t?R'e.;ir^e:^._
yi?'.lV|,\',? ??ir .Y/'iii-.:.: - - - >?")?""
SK-^?'?? >'*.nitWiiiiW' '? -> - - :;.i)<>
- K- J']Vv.'.r lUt'reuio.i.?V? - - i.? <>
njefi'^s .'iiL'scrted- at<? the rate of ? e
.'EtiultS*,! -ttrat. InsurtTon; eacl: -?>'??? ?
, tljafcrtlbu W c#bUv <ir HO e.rtr v. ?:?:?. ;a
eortcdSEyery OUi'ers IJay L\>n>: . - r...
r()t allowed t?'lejjce'pel'\belf s or .-.-.!?
?Vertlsn olner ?iti.n tlicir I? gittui.tt? r:i -i
vntss.: c-scffpr ny.'piiy Ittit es-.pc. ;ttn; :?>: u.e
-Readme,?? NoRqiia-'.Invnr'-ably ctn's per
,11'ieitilgst.inaction. ]?;.. ii eul?.-- i;iu-i:l ?::
^aertlon 15 Ycc-nt?.
"?'"No/crifplor?'? or the' V!ir.li!'.at!-!*>;at I'"''
' llihrnp'Uotilpatiy 5a authors.:- ' ? . -.?.:?'.
"6hy,.t.'0'bi;8iitiO.n..tn -the ram.- '?
;pnny.' t>.r, tu >i,alte purchase:-- in !!?? n.um;
''th?isotllfc, ?except ttpeii e>rdei ? . i-s ?'?
tfViffiggi.d.i;,-n>!j>-oi'' iiE ':?->;>iiw
ler to? avoid dein -s on u-, ? v.'i
7 "fiohf.i a . ? . 1 : I. <:
nlc:iMf|)e ' ror/.Tlie VI !: <! i 1 \ ?
? tifcobld aioc he h:h\r- o : . .;??>? r.d 1 ?
edcherJed>vuh the oil's e. 1-r.i : ?!ti.-.>
?l tib -WROINIAN and Pll.OT PI:!
: rjtci.i?yo-eiQrvii-a n y .
A \ s Iii
?''?Vdtl/is' curious that with .??.<> h.moral.'
n record for jvorks of merry a:.d oh. r
Ity. und'vwh'nn the pre at and ?.?uoctu-.in^
liisUtUtlon lias Itself fallen b:-noa;h a
ehoeklns and temporarily d'.-iahlp.iy
-?.?'calamity, ? St. Vincent's l?-..:>!?".al its d:'
? is.'subjected to oar;dnjv orltlcltnn ami
.'?ungenerous remarks. If l:s th;>
?.???the"'.hospital was not a charity, but an
'establishment for fn'in, l.ccause. n...
tiding- a wealthy, nor : n end \v .1
.'.house, It was itself dependent utnm
' ib.o llberhl munillcenc >. of either.-.
? ? Does-that detract from the nolle ser
!%Tce.>bf the Sisters, the nur.ves. the pity
'ttiola-it, the devoted fathers and ml:; -
'jtelraViahdv others who minister to iv.in,
ialciiness'and all the pangs of suffer:n; V
: They are dedicated to a holy oiH.v,
.m'?^t of them r.oor in this wor d',
fgbpbs',;'though rich In grace and ;?.!.??|
)V>v'brks,..'and it is but just that th ..?
ytemp'cjral wants should be i>r-?viiicd
.either by those they serve, or oth-.vs;
'.and-as no one la turned a v. ay !??>,?.; u c
?he".cannot pay, why Is It taicniiui d tin
.charitable that they who en ;>?< y
should contrlbuto their one dollar, or
two dollars, or more fas tlv y can af
i'ovd) toward the ncccscary e\.- tas-r. ,,c
.the great charity <:f which lia-x' ;m
the blessed beneficiaries, and which la
:.'4tsel? the ward of public and pr.va: ?
% Come or the patients have gladly nnd
.gratefully paid St. Vincrnt's lib i il
for the tender and r.killful care he
.Bt?wed upon'them; mr.ny have willing?
ly" paid the little they canld, and many
.",in?ro;> have paid nothing but their
VlVeart'-Celt thanks for the attcnilon tlie;.
jiuve received;?thour.h ..?vf-rynne. of
. degreea, has be n happy t--> lind
happy a haven, v. b.er ' u> die i;i p. u
or, to recover health, sir-'ttir.h ami .i
Nor Is any di.-t'n.ctioii ine' i,- as
religion. The passport to lit. Yin
Hospital has always been dsiv ?
jniffcring, and : !1 ate- treati 1 ac
lnarto their necessity, wiili no .'.
; nation on account : f creed or
'/Arc our cc^irilnti!oi..-j \ > ch
by the consldpiv.llcn litat the in.
?it'lpii.ali?*founded, t-strfbliahed and
*nted. under the ausp'cos of :lie Cai
:er tt
hierarchy? l.ct u>
' th?t w.hatevcr cm:
tie to polntf] of d. t;
'can 118,110 rpicnlion
us C.t'.iiolk: in It:; f
flnnlty end divine j
light nnd ; Jr. No s
: iiatlonr.l Lla.u;,!:! or
or cheek- Die 1: nin
j giver to tilt w !?
.?h'ur.iani'.y. for thrs
Vp do and there !;
.?the -needy., l.ct .
.God have am;!;-, <
/gaged in rctecvh:;:
'pejrisitig cliarity, i,
lacking, aid heave
??; St. Vincent's Ii
..rejoice, is now to .bo >-. bt>!
nnd let us all help In the' de
r.biiity. wlihout r.i vl ???titig <
ties, .nnd char!:'?!:.!?;? -insiiiu
.have just clahr.s upon us.
)f a charity thai is
rope .is human In?
ly?as universal as
iclnrlrtn or den,oml
fceithg should stint
.. Tl)e Fci r.v.-iUc Herald 1ms entered
5 W|)S^ its :e.:-.th year, with J. E. Marl,
^r'ftn up-ie-tlato j-.i.-nt.-.llst, tit' the h.--;?..:
cu".; - . d ri' Hctor. That ho has
?V-vruc.ceetiC-d ijcttel- lilnn sonic of Iii? con
V ti'Virpriavies may bt- conferred from Lb.
folk, ye inj;- Idas :h"T?7s_".a<Miounc<;-fneni:
^'.'iThf ntrt'ggle' ban been an inl-n a
^rTr-^.lM'-t-."Y>'t. ii?Vv-'-iv-ud . ''.hree squaw:'
i'1"!:!:;'!; r.aeh dr.;.-, .dle-catlr.n liu's be n ?
s.-;.;l>c-;.;;ect.' t\c,vt- tslc-yf; ou' an. uverti < ;
>>v^..'fi:?t-:.ht;.u.rt5.a'nlghfp.hij from thin b.^tj i
?S$.lWlJVt:,,c? ;.-pvi vilOijo wc> look "-forward to"
gMf^iP.Petdng future'hopefully and cheer
Q'-.i 'NANT. ?
It Is "well to learn from the enemy;
and as .we regard the Kichmond Timee.
"no tho most abl? and vigilant- of the
oi'guns of the enemy from wliloh the
Democracy of Virginia has most lo fea?
just now, we'w'ateh It closely and .uud>
it seriously. It "complains that we us?
ually dlcsscnt from Us views, to our own
loss; but the Virginian-Pilot concurs
with It occasionally with great Joy, as
it now does when It bays that the pres?
ent revolt from the treaoherous and* uh
falihful Democratic organization ot the
'Virginia D imocratlc party consists of
a very different people from those gold
!te and anti-silver abcrrants who bulled
from the Slate and National Democra?
cy In 1S3G. Says the Timev*. discussing
What It calls "The Democratic Re?
"Nu, no! this revqlt is not the revolt
of USDS. 1*. :s net the revolt of Bold
Democrats, bus L-r Silver Democrats,
who in li'.^J were hurrahing for Bryan
p?h.'i;d?hotinclne the ffoiii Democrats '*?
bolters :ind traitors. ll not a reyo i
it$?S'aln??l 'the National Dentberailc party.
i hut against, the Democratic party of
.Virginia.as now organised."
VTrua. Oh. Kins!" It Is the revolt ot
tits 155,000 Virginia Democrats of IS.10
who were true to Ihe party, to Bryan
and the Chicago platform, and who art
Ktill true lo thorn, yel cannot bear to
have their own organization turn
against them,' nttciupi to mua/.le and
betray them, and working like bravery
for Martin against a free choice by the
people. Nor are they blind to the sus?
picious circum?tnriec that nine out or
ten ot the eoldlte bolters of 1836, If not
ail of them, are in the Martin camp
i with.the machine, us'If tiny not only
expected it to defeat the people and
oleeLMa.-Iln again (ns in J >r.!>, but to
usurp the whole-parly power, to sup
)>r. tiu> will of the people next year
and ecnil a delegation to the .National
bfeniiicratic Convention Instructed to
oppose ?ryah and silver, and renew the
former Cleveland bargain with the
hank-nionbpiily and the money-trust, j
Tliat'.s what's the matter! We honor j
?the Times ail the litorc. that, With all
J this on Ihe cards, and before i:s eye*,
! it dee lines to wildcat a peril.iy sb nion
stroiis, and saytj:
"What are tiie party kaci-. i ; going to
do ab,?itt it? Are th y simply go rig to
malte an effort to cttllo tii ? cry? if
tho do ihey will make a great blunder.
If they.'attempt to stifle that cry they
will simply make it louder und turn
p'roto;l kito lnd.gnat Ion. Xhp.fjftjjy way
that they can quiet these liiiter-day
bolters la by reform?.?g the ways of
the parly management. If we can read
the rilgns of the tithes tho Democratic
m.-vsi.? are determined that bos.* nil*
ocase, mid that bribery nnd jug?
glery in eiotti ins shall be abolished/'
Yet It in ill vain for :lie Times to ap?
peal lo tii ; p'.o?. --! oa Ui.it lino. The>
have hiirncd the. bridged behind them
and aro relying on the ways and mcnhji
and methods that halve brought them
so fnr; and as by org missed bruiq. t ircu
they have borui so sucec?s'ul In ?'.Illing
tho voice of ihe Democracy, they will
recklessly and unscrupulously pursue
that p. lay to the bitter end, where they
are doomed to a catastrophe.
in tin- kindness of its heart, how?
ever, the Times! gives further advice
and warning to like conspirators t"
enmesh tho Democrats of this Siat>
in their net: und rays:
in every department ??? State, couno
and municipal government? Sufipu3i
?a strong opposition party in Virgi'rii'ji
?.hand spring up and nit.ll for a i ?. ??; ?
? onlng With the Di-iiioei-atW udihlnistra
Lion ot affairs throughout the length
and breadth Ot Virginia. In the >?
. prepared to make an exh bit? Would
i it be willing for representatives of su< U
: paiTty to investigate all the affairs ?
government everywhere? Do the party
leaders know that Stats and county
government in Virginia has been hon
1 estly and correctly ant! e.Uu\iently ad?
ministered? Are all our oflleers oi
; government hones;; and capable, tmtl
itre they glying ihe State' and cuuiuie;
tiohes't and cfllclen: ?er'vlce?
For llfteen years and more th.- D m
ocratic party has neon in power In Vir?
ginia and has hud practically, no 6p.
position from .".ay other party. Thi."
!.<? an anomalous conditio'-, ami .
Irary to tiie fun,la menial prinel ??
Republican government! Wo saj thai
a parly which has been so long in
. -.v -'i- and which lias in ver boon
aec.unt f.-i ai t to beeoino earele,--.?.
if no ivm-fo, iuifi w,e tiiinlt Ii i go .:
time for LJie managers of th ? !^
oratio jiarty to rail iheir own niil
to account and make jn.- i B.iieli ail In
voHtlgatlon as would bo inade hy ..?><?
opposition party whli h ?hbu; I
tip at liiii lime and put the l1 at .
our. of power. Wo commend Ihi ^ .--o;;
:? :'!d:is to the Leglnlature.''
Hut these fellows will not heed any
Ih'ng but superior force; they hate
hardened their beans and slift n
?i.ir ne'?Im, "to be cut off withou:
The Virginian-Pilot Is opt nmtrtor
ed to ask liiayc *?! a eontcmporaiy, u
to Inquire l( it be agreeable to it if
(?iijiil dU&grec w.:h what il rays. .
;ont \'d, r.r Criticise, itn prop -lti r . .,
;Uiong, or .'iltitudoH, There Is no ril
? ?f t!io clhica u? journal,si.i i ,,iiiiii
or suggesting such tilings, anil If n ?? >\
sVhlch it differs from others; and e r
tnjijiy It Is the height of Inj donee and!
stupidity to expect iiv.it an oarne-st
journal will suffer attacks upon ii='
dearest principles, or what -t holds to
b'e''llnt>ortaiit'lo the rights i Interests
Of the people, frpq* any diiarter, with?
out repelling tlvm to the best of (t?
in logical argument conclusions are
not 'deiertnlned by considerations of
courtesy, ihid Iii eerlons controversy
one who Is In "pursuit fc>f truth muni
pursue them to the bittir end, If need
'.<?:??'? ,'?^b; i v i :
bo; n Cl In this, no doubt, there may bo
ottori 1'iies no little that Is not agrcea
ble.M^'tiot offensive, to opponents; but
if this Is logical and the true conse?
quence.- of tho facts-and reasons, wo
Know of ho remedy but to surrender
the question and agree with our ad?
versary quickly. But we confess that
that Is not our style, and that we have
a very different style, of which we are
neither afraid nor ashamed of, and for
which we have no apologies to malte.
But if we give in these contests, we
are equally willing to take, so our op?
ponent deals fairly witli the-facts and
the argument; and so doing, let his con?
clusions eonie, hit us as hard as they
may. We do not see what Is to be
saved ar gamed tor truth and right by
the bandying' of compliments, or by an
exchange of showers of rose-water. As
sonicb ay said of the charge of the
light brigade at Balnklava. "It may be
glorlou?': but it Is not war;" so mutual
idin ration may be delightful, but, alas.
It Is not duty?certainly not the duly an
earnest journal feels toward his God,
lib country and Ms people, as we'd as1
to truth and right. And yet the Vir?
gin Ian-Pilot Is eager to cultivate the
ir ' kindly relations with Its contem?
poraries, and feels most kindly toward
o( them, with malice toward none.
Tho Constitution of Virginia pro
vldes that taxation shall be equal and ^
uniform, and In proportion to the as- '
.1 value of the pronenty. It also
rdvlde's that there may he a tax on all
Incomes in excess of SGOO a year. It a
State tax on incomes is just, why Is
:'. ; n Kederul tax on incomes also just? |
There are taxes on lineal and col?
lateral inheritances, by many of the
S'trtit :". end the U. ft. Imposes a grad?
uated tax on nil inheritances, lineal
and collateral, according to the amount
Inherited; and the degree of kin of the
jenelleiary lo the deceased. If lhc3C
are just r.nd constitutional exactions,
how docs an income lax become uncon?
The Federal Constitution say.-. "Rep
rci n ?entntlves and direct laxes shall
he apportioned among the several
pr.es according to their respective
mtmbcr?,"?Article I., Section II.,cl luse
::. and Ihe same Article, Section VI 11.,
ClriUEc 1, says that "Congress shall
have r'owcr to lay nnd collect taxes,
littles, Imposts and excises; " * *
but all duties, Imposts and excises shall
be uniform ... ili'-ou-.-i- iir the United
vtgfapjtr. amply empower the
Federal Government to raise all need?
ed revenue, precisely ha any Indepen?
dent Steje or nation may, subject only
to the provisions stipulated; that all
direct 1 taxes shall be apportioned
among '4he Stales according to num?
bers, and that duties, imposts and ox
clses shall be uniform throughout the
An Income-tax is not a direct t :r.
even though laid on Income derived
from lands, or real estate, beculiss It Is
epuratc and dlotinot therefrom. Is no
nibstanlial part thereof, and is person?
1! property, subject to nil tho laws af
:'< S such property. However, the
ax may be regarded ns a duty. Im?
post, or excise, and as such must be.
"uniform throughout tho U: S."
A limited or graduated tax does not
ase to bo uniform. In tiie sense of tho
constitution, because It varies ncciord
Ing to the nmount 'taxed, or has a
limited nppllcRtll'ori, provided that the
eatlatlons and limits arc equally rco
Ighktoii nnd enforce.I on all persons
.vithln th,- f. S. Thus a graduated tax
nay bo uniform, pp applied to all In?
heritances everywhere in the union,
r. I such a lax, or an Income-tax, lim?
ited (as in Virginia) only to Incomes
sxeeodlng $600 a year, or to any
unount, so thcit it uniformly apply to
II pi .sons and ail Incomes?the mil
ioi aii cq'unHy profiling by the exemp?
tion lo Ihe limit fixed ($600, $ii.O00, or
?vhatcver) with the man whose Income
I s me. exceed the- limit.
Men pay taxrs not only on properly
?fom which they obtain no income',
; which !s an expense In them; and
I Is but fair that they who arc so for
? urato ns to derive an Income from
'.. Ir hctdlngn, or l-o: e-sions, should
: v ?! on that Income, especially at
't can lie inveatcil, or lent on good lii?
erest, wlih uhqucsl'.onablo security,
if ?? iv. ..id government as an
? rprisci or Institution, to pr?'cc't prop?
erty leerely, or chiefly (ns moneyed
a ;i are npl to think and net), It i
II tie more apparent that Income Is
' 11.: proper subject of taxation, the
sing with the income, as innr.
? '?? to bear it, and requiring greatei
.iun, and as duties rise on lux
1, wines, liquors, elje.. It is publh
Hoy to discourage.
Ah r-teeined contemporary calls the
Virgin ill-Pilot mad; and so St. Paul
ealied by Fqstus; but as St. Paul
ild Unto Fostus, so the Virglnlau-I' -
: Rays unto Its Contemporary:
"1 am not mad, c.stremorl contempo?
rary; !,nt .speak forth (he words of
ruth ind soberness. For everyone
: wo li of these things, before whom
;'.- ' I . ;iea!t freely: for I am per-11 ided
hai 11 no of those things are hidden;
' e this thing waa not done in a
N'o! these things against Democracy
and the people were not done In 1
?orner, and all know them aa well as
? I- 'jo. .ind understand them as we dc>,
??: hui, ;like the unjust steward, they
pu ?fcr to make frlcnda-of the .Mammen
if unrighteousness! ev< n though popu?
lar liberty perish!_.
Wo have heard of men who, it .wa.;
iid. caciiflced their friends to their
' The only thin?; to be remarked
mi that Is that a friend lost by a Jc3t
la not worth the jest. A sheer waste.
/ ' '". '
Tho machine, or the "dous ex
mac h In a" of Virginia polities. Is the
official sclf-porpetuntlng organl7.a.tlon
of the Stale'Democratic parly, Includ?
ing not only the State Committee, but
many, If net most, of tho county and
city committees, olTlce-hqld'era and of?
fice-seeker?, together with Martin's
original corporation sponsors and back?
ers lit 1S93. This, in answer to our es?
teemed contemporary, the Petersburg
Index-Appeal, which says:
"if the machine is not the State Com?
mittee, which Is the Democratic party
by representation, and It Is not the
Democratic people, pray who la It? it
Is paying Mr. Martin too high a com
pllfrierVt to say that he alone Is the
whole machine. I.el the shrlokers be
explicit, -and tell us definitely who (the
machine is. and where it Is.','
And this definition of the machine,
the Virginlan-Pilot had repeatedly i
given before our contemporary enun?
ciated ys inquiry. Hut, If our contem?
porary considers our answer tog com?
prehensive, we are quite Willing to con?
fine It to the oillelalliy of the Demo?
cratic party of Virginia, -and even to
admit that some (,f those olllclal mem- ;
hers "are not In it,"?being over-ruled
by certain "bosses," or b<?ing quietly
indifferent to what is* done by their,
committees, perhaps having Implicit
confidence In their older, or more ex
perienced colleagues.
Doesn't our contemporary know liow
a parly organization 'inevitably be?
comes n machine, run by a few com
lnlttec-tnen. who are active, pushing
and presuming and assuming1, and often
by one man, who ''bosses" the job? Ii
first is a clo.se. self-pcrpetunting body,
who prnctleully appoint themselves, nit
nothing is m?re distasteful to the aver?
age good citizen than to meddle in par?
ty politics. Most of the members of
every committee accept their positions.
up"ii the expressed or understood con?
dition that the committee may have
their names, provided that they are
not bothered and that the experts do
the work or tpaustet the business
Sooner or later, as said, this results In
a ruling few, or In a "boss." And it Is
this organization, so developed, or
evolved, that becomes the machine,?
as many notable examples are extant In
American politic?: and to this com?
pletion has th.-- nf'Vlal organization of
the Virginia Democracy come at last.
Under tha "infamous rule," (as our
cohtomporttr'y calls \o of the election
laws of this State. Ami this is the ma?
chine of which Martin and,his cabal
have got control. I
Wlv> is the "boss?" Ah. there we are
a less. It Is rtulte possible that ho
Is hot of dhe official organization, but.
much worse, ah outside agent of the
corporations that furnish tho machine
with tho oil of cash! as was proved
and confessed, to some extent, in ISflX
Enough Is known to discredit this or?
ganization; er machine, nt all events:
and everybody knows that It is for
Martin, as Ih ? city and county com?
mittees, for the most part, have also
shown themselves to be; and It Is cor
tnin that it MUST decide all questions
submitted to it. or ?:" which it assumes
jurisdiction. In which Martin Is con?
cerned. In fit vor of Marlin, unless the
point in dispute can make no material
difference lo him. decitictl cither way.
Hut rays the Iiidii.'c-Api sal further:
"The Itlehmond Dispatch professes : ?
i'ecover in the recent Senatorial cam?
paign in th:s Hintes evidences t>f the
lovelopment <?!' public sentiment vlndi?
sating the action of the May m.r?
meeting. 'At the risk of helhg consid?
ered obtuse we must confess our Ina?
bility l" discern any sign whatever of
?he development mentioned by the Dis?
It Is true that the evidences are not
?i. r ?.!!? .' ?:.?t."ctln.y well might be, it ml
no doubt would he. If they had not bees
lellbfcratc-ly suppressed by the Martln
?tc machine whenever it could d.> so
Primaries to Indicate the choice of the
people for i". s. Senator wore refused
:>y the St nie Committee, ,oh the ground
that th-r i;-.i'." Convention had declined
o nuttier!::.; them; but it was said
'Very local committee, county and city,
?nuld call a primary election If the
people wished, but wherever the Mar
tlnitca bore sway, the poor boon or
?n'cred right (as you choose), was de?
nied thtrpeoplo. ? ? ??
Nevertheless, all the evidence, direct
iml Indirect, that was not suppressed,
t'l went one- why, Iii favor of tho pop?
ular choice of Sena torsi The Dispatch
.; right, is tho Index-Appeal ought tr,
'>now, ii" it has bhserved recent events
u Virginia.
it la said 'in the authority of a high
naval o(lieor on the Asiatic ittatlon, that
Dewey and Oils wore nt dagger's points,
?-.o to speak, about ilie ndmlhlutraitlon of
Filipino affairs before the Admiral re?
al vtal to come home. Otis, f ?r reason*
' st known to himself, directed all lh<
lesed riorts to be ripened to trade; bin
? |hts led to Immense frauds and allied
the so-called Insurgents largely, Dewey
took tho responsibility of ordering his
?hlps and gunboats to disregard nil
len ranees from those ports and direct?
ed that they should be descd. Otis
ttjqulesced; though Governor Qeiicr?l,
.?;< he dnrcd not light tho blunt Admiral,
ivho It 1st raid, denounced his ofllcial rs
|>orts to Washington, t<? his teeth, as
The government' having purchased
hlrlecti SpnnisVi nunbcats. Otis seized
l:em. intiiiiicd them as. h<-> could; and
prop scd to 11315 tho-iii lo put down
imuffgllng. &c., and it i& Bald thai In
?iime conference between h>m and
Dewey at which Dewey denounced hla
reports as "lying," the Admiral put an
etui to OUb' naval operations; by do- j
cluring: f '
"if these glmboats come out of'tho
Paslg river,. manned as you,.prpposc, I
will seize them no a menace to public
safety." The gunboats.we're then saon
distributed among thu vessels of .the
lleet as auxiliaries In blockade duty.
A letter from a naval ofllcer on duty
in the Philippine waters, says (accord- .
ins to the Washington correspondence
of-the N. Y. Tribune):
"Spaniards kept very few ports open, I
nnd trade with others represented per?
sonal emoluments, it was not a qucs- <
tion merely of revenue to tho State.,
Men are mortal even if they are not
Spaniards or 'friendly natives.' and un- j
loss tho mutter Is handled quickly and
sternly and an accounting called for. '
there will be an administration ms.fill d
"out hero which In spots?and large ?
spots?will bo as scandalous as any- :
thing ever known to Spain.
"There are already ominous whispers
of financial Irregularities, but ih<> cen?
sor system is all-pervading. Wash ng
ton should net promptly to prevent ilc
inorallzutloii later.
"Admiral Dewey.Presldent Rchurman,
Denby and Worcester recognized he
full capability of tho Filipino for self
go.vernmcnt In local affairs- Otis dis?
sents. The insurgent control of all the
ordinary domestic hdmitilstratl >n Is
strong nnd perfect. At out-of-the-way
places the postman makes his rounds
ns regularly ns In Manila. They even
have distinctive postage stomps. The
clearances are rubber-stamped, the in
surgent star replacing the Spanish
?rown. This systematic control is due
to the fact that all the subordinate otli
??ials In Spanish times were Filipinos,
and Agulnuldo had a working mnohlno
?amply by promoting the head dorks
and deputies In nil branches of the gov?
ernment hot wholly In the hands of
Judges of tho City of Now York, for
the most part, pay round sums for
their judicial oflli.es. 13efo.ro the Maze I
investigating committee, Justice Pat?
tenion, of the Appelate Division of the
Supreme Court, testified that ho paid
several thousand dollars for his elec?
tion, ho could not recollect exactly how
much. Justice Gildcrsleove paid $-1.000
as election-expenses. Justice Glcgerlch
said that he paid Tammany Had the
sum of $5,000. Justice Scott paid out
?55,0.10 In his election, and It must be
said that his account was put down,
or run up, "mighty flue."
Justice. Bisch?fe paid 510.000 to Tam?
many Hall for his election. ' Weil
might he expressa the opinion that ju?
dicial candidates should be exempt
from such black-mail. They put It lb
him "steep." Justice Mo A dam also
paid $10,000 on his nomination; and
Justice Dugro "had it socked to him"
to the tune of $10,000. He, too, thought
it would be a good thing lo have a law
forbidding such assessments.
Justice Fltzgei'iild paid $10,000, and
lie agreed with Justice Dugro. Justice
Beach paid Dick Croker $i,0G2. Jus?
tice lieckman paid $4,<97; Justice
rrtiax paid $1,500; and only one, Jus?
tice McLean, said it had never been
hinted that he was to pay anything,
oil. Justice!_
The English wits used to make a dcai
of fun of the sturdy Briton's passion
for "respectability." \>"e have largely
nhcritcd this passion; and, although
t often exhibits some ludicrous traits,
t Is a gocd tiling, on the whole, V v
those who have no higher motives nor
Tho evil of it is that, after the eit?
steh has chosen his "respociabib
ly is rare.
One must always consider the w
lings, yet alway? with command,
not surrender.
J\ t> i. t..V A .-. I? ?I. : .\ . i. X -.
(Culpeper Enterprise.)!
The Enterprise has frequently statct
a a.i\ t.f.-i i .- : r, v. i- . e ad . ??
eated the cause oi i h~e people, t..
people demanded that tliey have a di
rcet voice in the neieciicn or election
of U. S.' Senators. Governor Tyle.
acartliy favors the change, ami has
(dodged his liest cft'ortd n> se'cul'o the
reform. Therefore lie became the
champion of the people's cause; D'.k
Beben U\ Leo, With him the cry of
as people is the voice of God. I!;
o tickled on Ids armor and lias don.
oattle for his people. And whether bi
not, he may succeed tho Juultir ti nni
tor, one fact is assured: ho has woo
a groat victory. The principal upon
?vh.ch he stands ?hall triumph. The
.?lection of U; S. Senators by the peii;
-rU>? will?bo liui result <f Hi - ;. ,e, .
.inttle. It little matters who is on.
Senator, Tyler haa won a glorious vie
tory, and one children's children will
ail him !>i iised as they turn back tlu
pages of history and find J. i-iogo Tyle:
leeorded as the leader of Urn people In
.heir gnat struggle for freedom fron:
the politician.
(Danville Dally Bee.)
H the Democrats of Virgin.a will be?
lieve in tin.- Democracy they help
restore in 1S96, in sp.ltn of the Cleveland
treachery; if they are ntill faithful to
the great leafier for whom they so en?
thusiastically shouted and worked in
isjiij, they must now arm.--- again, and
in time lent they, oven 101,000 in this
State, be put to silence- next year, ami
the 2,'.C0 gbldltca of Virginia, wh
ei..od for Palmer and Buckricr, riisi
aver I hem to the front, 'and put up del
gat e-* Opposed to the renomlnation oi
"Eterhnl vigilance Is ihe price of
liberty." and this is most true whe:
fraud and trea& in are Visibly afoot all
around iio, and when our worst ehe- i
mies are found to be members of oiirj
own household. Tiie evil and dangei
tiint threatens us most are in our own
organization, and unless that he re- j
cast and reformed front top to bottoi
we shall be worse betrayed in 1300 than
we were in ISD3, and are likely to be!
again this year.
ICv'ery manly heart in the Demo. ,
oratio ranks ahould rise with tiie peril
of the occasion?a peril that will be!
augmented and emphasized by the re-,
election of Martin lo tii.- Senate. De; j
no Demoefat be deluded farther. Mis-'
placed confidence has brought us ail,
and the party to this servile and hu-:
mil la ting posture at the feet of a cabal.
of traitors. Up, men, nnd at them! j
By everybody who tries . hem*
ADnrr i ed the hones r medi
c1ns of to-day.
Send for our " M/^WCea f ?--?'?T??\jrF?D''
a ueit book hit containing useful information and a ready
reference For every housewife' in America absolutely frei
_,_j t\sk Your Druggist for Sovereign Remedies,
If In doubt as to ll)e nature 6l vour illness, you ciri consult
Classical I if p Mtury St haiil For Boys
will reopen her .?ehool for Hoya' MON?
DAY; October 2d. For further pn'rtlcbla.is
nddress k. r ::t Orange, Va.( care M:.v.
Ketnper, tint 1 September 2*1 arv-r will?.h
llhin ahc ein lie seen at No. 0'.) ?'. ash
ati'eet. Norfolk. oel-suii;wud-frl-irn
R??ynl Acatli my of Mu.sk:, I.ohd n. Eng?
land;?, Dimeter and Instructor in Volet
Cuituie anil the ?'Art of Sine tie" It; all
Iti branches!.
Kor terms nml other Information nd
<!:???-:? or ipply at StUdl j, !iiu i Ic Ten ?
pie,I' 11'.-ma; rm reel, Nerfoili Vti. Pupl't?'
Recitals will bo given dm ins iln? season
at 10-mi /
Leanii3-V/.;J 8B"?~??rui.
Twenty-clsUt'n ?issslcin begins ?etob?!
2nd, S:?;!??. I..- a-i-. .. r.ti. . .n ail de?
partments. Music, Art anil Lanituii?t.-,
specialties, .?? lew tiout\leis wiil bu lake.
Clrculcra at bock Sto'ros;
i. .v morn-R stand Xrd at tip:
I.I.Imjk. |\v .?.???.?;.,;. s . ... d exuet
.bat applktir..:, .Vi r.-imlac:.--;? t t ill KaM
,0i mi Jeted the |.r.-;v.-,nt vy . . ir.-o it.
? > ' ? ? -1 As ,i [lie i: e: .?< ?!..,. -? ti .
i oth us el thy !?;?.'.!. i ut on lhi- ? litKi-ary.
I1. M Mi M it::, v O-O)' I: :V,
tv . ? ro.Ul AND f ti ?;?
Reputable t: ;?? ..,?? riiunt nia.,1 t. ..i th
.'.t'indardp. 'and intelligent' purf-nts mi
uphold l-ie .? ':?!.',.- In 'i.,i; ;r . i, jji>yH :
-<? -M to ?!?.;?.-.!, not : > pasc ? ? -.-ainmi ?
? ?ot I- .., iiiiuil id id enu n< !? r. 'I
ti.'iu.-e to ; |>. feVidt'ilK-O of failure
(lovoiop. w)i ? t ?h mind or iu iibaraci
in ??either easa, every coutidei ?? tloti
common ??u.5u ami iie.ualiiy <; w.i P ti
i!e ley retract Iii? :%ea-- and ?!o What
-!-!- i-?JXo ... tir (1
at d \;
teaching, und r/nly foolish parental nil
ticcej>s dot .i and neplecls the oppoi
ally lo Pi-, iiicnto a noble trdth.
'?'111 OL. The at.i,i who ii ee'.e? a Vat
plCKiniro car, hardly cviirct ;lo sueuoid
|iiisine:>a. Many parent* cxpVcl of in
clt lilren iiO:iie.,liiujj eqttaily ab-;urd. A :
olnl out from 1'ildiy nfteracinii tu
ii'rdky )"?'.'nt often responsible fat Me
say's fnllitri" at.;;chool. Rt| : sited oiiih:
irni repented l ite,t .? itio .-, rt.iilnjri f
iveek c i'..in many ffdlilres ai the t:lt
if I he : ? :? ? ?n.
IV. 'i ii-: DiKCCMi'"'.')'* ftE OK ti
!*I5D/ GOOtC i'l l N K i '.a NV: : ? ? ;
ivlin. by word or ineuili, e::h !? '-= his id
profession, und i. s.-r-vc-i del : 1. T
? ? la' : tlt.ti cannot aland upon its mei
'bould fall.
Mb ..? are V'-'.'-. for whV'i the NO
L. H. iipEHllRST
ivishes to call the attention"of his cus
lijniers and Iho public j:* net ally to the1
act that bl- fall .-lock is very large, new
Forty different stylest lo rhow you.
In Oolf, Plush and Pia In eMoth.
Fiia ?
A very lar^c line to .-'bet from.
In the leadllis styles? libick a no Col?
ored. Kall g Iks in a Urse vat ety.
i lanl.-.K rang-inj; fr>.>m ?!.lt? to j?.0O per
Underwear, In Gents;, Ladies' and CTbil
t! roll's
Klanr.ols. In Wool, Canton, licht and
heavy weight.
T.iil' Dairinsk Doylies, Nankins, Tow.
?Is. &c. All p'old at bottom p:i. .,
Your Inspection of my .stock folleltc i.
Mow Pliono ?B7.
oi.n POINT, VA.
tetO-hn Manacer.
Southern Shorthand nnd
Business University
(Also ;.i:r. . cf (lie Columbia M
IncRS College). Corner Oxanby ntro' t ?.j.l
City Hall avenue. Iridlii 11 al Inrtrtict oh',
.:. l.i KUSF.lku. I'roildent.
'Photic (new) 4i>f.
AIi-r.; t\m nha:n'? $<. 11 .<;;t
removed to colonial avionce;
reopens octoree 2.
Apply after September 27. sOl'S-tr
m.Uif bLl\ U;.'j.. t('.':'. lull I IT. pIUMo
M.wpsnvn anton i-'. rcoju:jjri'".ii \>-n
\Vcuaes;liiy, Sept. 7.'?, 'T-c
iti can row 1- onrol.'e-ll for i
Orv.ni, I.tai-inony. Hir:?r. and W'ttid: j':
mi i t . \ co f !.; ic.ui hm n.
1 ?:;.;:.? Art, ! . lilting In i.l.l. Wat 'r :..
? .<? i. (ier.niau, Fre.a'ti -and ::'n'<n.:
leanih ;n.nr.i.i?l ? 1 v. v.-til h.Cglti
!EC. 2;!, is fa. .\ in di .-em-iso la
partim 1is. ???!,.'?? <?-? ?v .-t'il "t (?>.
iten. Wax r. o:>i:<ir.? re.ec'iv.-d in
riinary department. Apiiiletttlcin?
HARY W?SP3T?N 0GL'i:3!i,
For Young Women and Girls. Thorough'
. ' i coinptcto eotirsV o! ?Utuly. English
Era riches, Ivatigmnsos, Art, Mu.'.'.e. Eu.-tj.
::. n nnd ?! hy.'tc'i! Culture; Beaaun will
i .-tin Si ptenther file Wt'li.
;i j ma'p.ti i:'C .:ma;:at; hat-too lim l.
'?"or other Information a3dr03B rare l'. O.
i. .\ Not folk, '.'a. C o- personal inter
Varw a fur September tho lJt, call at. thil
M irv Washington College, corner oi
(Jraiibv jtrect arid Coll-.-ge Place. Norfolk,
?.o Ordinance
LtC building.
Sec! 1. He it ordained by the Common
a...| Seloel <? an. Iis ot the Cily of Nor
i lit; 't hai no person shall sp'.t upon th'A
sidewalks, or upon ihe Coots of the street
cars or other public conveyances- or upon
th.- h ors of any public building.
See. 2. it shall be tho duty of every
perron fa in ? corporation operating pui>
convejuncos in the (Mty of Norfolk to
i in ? consplclaus place'of each con
This ordinanco? to bo published
v ^ hi. .. i printed copy of this ordinanco
in iv,... i u ly legible from any portion of
thirty (7.0) days In the Ledger, Us
ii >i nnd Landmark, al?
ma ting io as lo bo continuous for this
time in two papors, -. ' .
S< e I Anv violation of this ordinance
shall be puntrhed by a lino of not loss
than (1.03, nor more Hum $5.00. .
Sec ?". Th's ordinance shall ho In forco
from and alter thirty days after its pas
fa go.
Adopted by tho Common Council Sep?
tember 5th, iSf'P. . ? ?
. J. F. EAST.
President Common Council.
Adopted by the Select Council Septem?
ber 12th, liW. ??
Viee-Presider.i Select Council.
Teste:- If. S. HERMAN,
sel?-15t City Treasurir.

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