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? Dewey. who has just return
,^he Philippines, and who had
^?V^portunities Wh?e. there to form
ijtepinlonr?f the character and ability
SSie: Filipinos, states that, they are
^^^ryabl'o than the Cubans to govern
ll&niselves.'Bnd that W^to't
IWtTOe Cubans In all respects. Why is It
iMheh that we fought to free the Cubans
\;Ci?d arV no,? fighting to subjugate the
iV'?'PhUippln'os- ?: ? , - ?
V We began a war In April, 1898, for
theT sak^of Justice. Wo have gradually
^changed base until we have made this
? ? .?.wnr 'of justice a war of oppression.
?fMwe Went into the fray.to put an end
' to Spanish tyranny at our portals-in
; Cuba. We drove tho Spaniards from
&*&that inland, which has a history that
Is written in the blood of her heroes,
who have given up their lives in a
^ Struggle to free themselves from the
v inedlaeval'persecution that Spain had
.'goaded "them nvlth for ages. Now that
-we'have freed them of Spain, why do
we press' ourselves upon them? This In
. Itself is bad?but when it. Is considered
? that we are at this moment practicing
the very same 'tactics in the Philippines
that Spain practiced in Cuba, it makes
one almost weep at our inconsistency
and it puts us?the nation of llbertyj?
before the eyes of other nations as a
/' land of fickle foals and unprincipled
? knaves?"American Pigs," as the Span
iarda;called us.
This nation, that In 1776 declared it
Bolf to be free, that by force of arms
threw off the yoke of Great Britain,
that even now holds up before 'the
.'" world as Immortal heroes those patriots
Who, ill equipped, half clothed and fed,
fought persistently and fiercely for
freedom from oppression, that glories
in the signal success it achieved, Is now
waging an unholy war on a people who
have fought for generations against a
worse oppression than this nation ever
experienced. What right have wo to
war with these people. What have they
to do with Spanish tyranny In Cuba?
The Administration cabled to Com?
modore1 Devvey to proceed from Hong
. King to Manila hay, and capture or de?
stroy the Spanish fleet there, and then
to proceed at once to Honolulu. When
Commodore Dewey cabled to the Wash?
er :ington Administration that ho had de?
stroyed fhe Spanish fleet at Manila, the
, Administration then cabled him to take
and hold Mallna at all hazards, which
orders, with the assistance of OUIt
ALLIES, the Phlllpplnos, were success?
fully executed, and the Spaniards
driven out. One of the wisest things
that Commodore Dewey ever did was
to cut the cable connection with an Ad?
ministration which could change its
mind so quickly and radically. Without
the aid of 'the Phlllpplno land forces
Commodore Dewey would have had a
very difficult task to perform when he
attempted to drive the Spaniards from
Manila and vicinity, but when these na?
tives, who regarded us as a nation that
had come to drive the Spaniards from
their country and establish their Inde?
pendence, joined their forces with ours,
the Spanish sovereignty over the Island,
quickly ceased. Very good, indeed, but
the gentlemen who are at the helm
of state had to do more, and they went
to work and bought from Spain at $2 n
head the very same natives, who had
aided us In abolishing Spanish author?
ity and sovereignty in Luzon.
What right had any man or power to
buy from vanquished Spain a nation
that she no longer owned, by right, that
had been wrested from her by force of
arms before, the American fleet ever
made its gallant dash past the frowning
Spanish guns on Corregidor Island.
Abraham Lincoln, a man whom the
American people honored with the
greatest gift In their power, detested'\y
ranny and oppression. This man said in
one of his addresses: "Our reliance Is
in the Oove of liberty which God has
planted in us. Our defense is in the
spirit which prizes liberty as the her?
itage of ALL men. In ALL LANDS
EVERYWHERE. Those who deny free?
dom to others deserve It not for them?
selves, and under a just God cannot
long retain It."
Did Abiaham Linsoln know what
deep prophecy there was in those
words? Did he know that the nation of
which he was then President, which
.? hod ever regarded liberty as its greatest
bulwark, would In such a short time
? as half a century, he engaged In a war,
the end of which is to deprive a fellow
nation of Its God-given freedom? Most
undoubtedly NO. Nevertheless it is
true, but what is more?will his proph?
ecy prove true. We deny freedom to
others?will we retain It ourselves? Al?
ready we are feeling the effects of this
i maladministration. Trusts are formed
The worklngmen are forced to the wall.
Prices are Increased or decreased at the
will of corporations. What will follow?
Are the masses going to allow them
cv selves to be continually goaded? We?a
nation that a hundred years ago led
.. . the world In most substantial and glor-.
:;:; . J?us reforms, that regarded all men as
! ;equal, are now wielding our mighty I
, . Influence among men and nations in the|
direction of most alarming perils.
Let us be mindful less the wrath of ?.
-.-{?Jugl God overtake us. Let us organlzo
and strike the blow that will destroy1
thlssta^e of affairs. Let our weapon be
that^of tho people?the ballot. Let us
. make this present Administration of
. greed, injustice and roguery personified,
*Btep down and out. Let us start a new
regime of justice and liberty in 1900.
Knvoiitbcr It! <gir.'iii>?.
Wo regret that tho "North Amerl
?'. canReview" and "Outing" did not
reach us In time to bo mentioned In
our.'regular monthly book review which
wo published In last Sunday's paper.
'M'A&fXVi |sv howevcrv we take pleasure
in giving below the tables of contents
of the two magazines. The reader will
, easily see that tthe books differ widely
flin character, one being devoted al
V . most entirely to'papers on the cur
rent uffairs of the world by eminent
'?^people and the other to all pastimes
f&wWch tend to encourage a lovo of
^aborts, for the sake of snort contrl
KJMlted by people well versed in that
Upon which they write. Each Is the
p.ej>re6'entatlve book of Its class.
? /The North American Review con?
joins, among others, the following
'deeply i iin'terestlng paper: "Interna?
tional Arbitration," a Russian view by
F, de Martens, who was a delegate
from Russia to The Hague confer?
ence; ''France, or the Parting of the
V-Ways," by Bernard Lazare; "Tho
v'Open Door' Policy in the Philippines,"
*~^y> Frank'D. Paney; "Is Civil Service
Reforrnrln Peril?" by Prof. Joseph F.
loh'tisoh, University of Pennsylvania,
iod'^'How the Ritualists Harm the
Jhilrch." by the Rt. Hon. Arthur J.
- 'Wished monthly at No. 11 War
9ir>M. New York.: 60c. ?er copy,
:; ','Outlng" hos-'for .Ks chlbf artlolos:
"Walter , Camp's Football Forecast of
the Season;" Golfers' Open. Champlon
ohlp8,'.' by. Charl?3 Turner, and "A
Race 'Round the.Horn," by the author
of ''Tho Windjammers," and In addi?
tion the following interesting stories:
"Tho Buck of Cordwood Hill," "Smok?
ing Out a Grizzly," "A. Glimpse at
Chinese Cities." "Cycling Over an Old
Virginia Pike" and a very interesting
review of sports and pastimes.
Price, 25 cents a copy. Published
at 239. Fifth avenue, New York city.
For Hie lioMpliiiin.
Mr. Marcus Marx proposes to give a
matinee!graphophone concert some day
during the coming week. The entertain?
ment 'will be a benefit performance for
the building funds of St. Vincent's Hos?
pital and the Norfolk Protestant Hos?
pital. The dates will be announced
(By Telegraph to v Irsrlnlan-Pllot.l
London, Nov. 4.?Mrs. Beerbohm Tree
is nightly reciting Rudyard Kipling's
poem, "TlbJe Absent-Minded Beggar" at
the Palace Music Hall, receiving ?100
per week for her services and contrib?
uting this to the soldiers' fund.
Thursday night her plea "Pay-Pay
Pay," met with such a warm response
that she was almost driven from the
stage by the hall of Silver thrown by
the enthusiastic audience.
Xl?o President M ill VoIP.
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Washington, November 4.?The Pres?
ident will go to Ohio to vote. Ho will
leave here on Monday evening, ar?
riving at Canton about noon, and
probably will leave Canton for the re?
turn journey the same evening, reach?
ing Washington Wednesday noon.
A most successful remedy hns been
found for sexual wenkness, such as im
potency. varlcocclo, shrunken organs, ner?
vous debility, lost manhood, night emis?
sions, pcrmaturc dlscliargo and all other
results of self-abuse or excesses. It eure3
any case of the dlfllculty, nover falls to
restoro tho organs to full natural strength
and vigor. The Doctor who mado this
wonderful discovery wants to let every
man know -About It. Ho will, therefore,
send tho receipt, giving tho various In?
gredients to be used, so that all men at
a trilling expense can euro themselves,
lie sonds the receipt free, and all the
readers need do Is to send 'his name and
address to 1* W. Knapp, M. D., 791 Hull
BIdg.. Detrlot, Mich., requesting tho free
receipt as reported In-this paper. It Is a
generous offer, and all men ought to bo
glad to have such un opportunity.
Prevents MMiiy i'ooplo From Trying
a Good Mod Icing,
Stomach troubles are so common and In
most cases so obstinate to euro that peo?
ple are apt to look with suspicion on any
remedy claiming to bb a radical, perma?
nent cure for dyspepsia and Indigestion.
Many such prldo themselves on their
acutoness In novor being humbugged,
espeolally In medicines.
This fear of being humbugged can bo
can-led too for, so far. In fact, that many
peoplo suffer for years with weak diges?
tion rathor than risk a little tlmo and
money In faithfully testing tho claims
-lado of a preparation so reliable and
universally used, as Stuart's Dyspepsia
Now Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are
vastly different In one important respect
from ordinary proprietary medicines for
tho reason that they aro not a secret
patent medicine, no secret Is mado of
their lngrcdionts, but analysis show them
to contain tho natural digestive ferments
puro aseptic pepsin, tho dlgcstivo acids,
Golden Seal, bismuth, hydrnstls and nux.
They aro not cathartic, "neither do thoy
act powerfully on any organ, but thoy
euro indigestion on the common sense
plan of digesting tho food eaton thor?
oughly before It has tlmo to ferment,
?our and cause the mlschior. This is the
only secret of their success,
Cathartic pills never have and never
can euro indigestion and stomach troubles
becauso they act entirely on tho bowels,
whereas tho whole trouble Is really in tho
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets taken after
meals digest the food. That Is all there
is to it. Pood not digested or half di?
gested Is poison as It creates gas,
acidity, headaches, palpitation of the
heart, loss of flesh and appetite and many
other troubles which aro often called by
some other name.
Thoy aro sold by druggists everywhere
at SO cents per package. Address F. A.
Stuart Co., Marshall. Mich., for little
book on stomach diseases, sent free.
That is why the dressy and fastid?
ious man always picks the Monticello
Domestic finish for his Shirts, Collars
and Cliffs.
105 Granby St.
New Phone 874.
These three prices represent
what we term '* the bread and
butter '* of a shoe stock. Judge
a store by its shoes at these
prices. Here's where our great?
est strength lies.
A store that caters correctly
to the wants of the people
should be able to show at these
prices almost the entire gamut
of shoedom.
A visit to our stores will
bring you in touch with the
largest,brightest and most com?
plete stock of shoes for
Men, Women and
in the State, and where your
dollars will go further by from
I-3 to I~2 than at any other
Big de (ihn, to us
The care of their feet, as
well as your purse, comes in
for more than an equal share
of our efforts.
75c. $1.00, $1.25.
for Boys', Girls' and Misses'
Shoes, strong and servicable,
yet dressy, are a few of the
splendid values that arc mak?
ing hosts of friends for our
I 374 Main
y Street.
Near Curch
Necessity Compels You to Change
It was your last excuse?and now that even that
is gone you'll have to change to the heavier-weights.
You cannot ignore the cold weather which has so sud?
denly fastened itself upon us.
If-.yo? are going to buy a new Suit or a new
Overcoot?or both?see what we have to offer you
y before you do so.
Because of the advance in material and labor
You'll have to pay others 40 to 50 per cent, more than we ask
We have not advanced our prices a penny. We
bought our materials long before the rise and our own
tailors made them up under the personal supervision
of one of the firm. For this reason we can unhesitat?
ingly claim and we know it is the truth that
The values we offer to-day on Men's Suits
and Overcoats are not equaled by anybody
?and that they are the greatest aggregation of cloth?
ing values ever set before you at the beginning of the
All-wool Suits $6.98 ?
in a great variety of stylish patterns, in a
all the most popular colorings, mado of a
tho most durable and best wearing A
fabrics, such as Men's Reliable Tricot a
Dawn Suits, Men's Fancy Casslmero X
Suits. Men's Nobby Tweed Suits. Men's y
Very Stylish Cheviot Suits, made in a a
most careful manner, with deep French A
facings and heavy serge linings. In slnglo $
and double breasted sack styles?suits a
that will look well, wear well and give X
tho best satisfaction?special at **
$15 Overcoat $10.
In all tho most desirable colorings?tan,
oxford, blue, black and olive?in the
greatest variety of swell overcoatings over
shown on tho street, such as Men's
Fancy Back Covert Overcoats, Men's Im?
ported Irish FHezo Overcoats, Men's
Popular Washington Kersey Overcoats,
Men' Most Stylish Vicuna Oveocoats,
every garment mode in. that exact man?
ner, with silk velvet collar, raw or
Btltchcd edges and satin yoko or triplo
warp Italian cloth lining, In all styles and
lengths, are being sold at $15.00?our price
Splendid Suits at $10. .
in tho greatest variety of swell
patterns over shown, in stripes,
checks and plaids, also plain- colors.
In all the most dcslrablo fabrics,
such as Men's Black and Colored
Clay Worsted Suits, Men's Most
Stylish Strlpo Worsted Suits, Men's
20-oz. Indigo Blue Sorgo Suits,
Men's Swell India Spring Casslmere
Suits, mado In tho 'height of fash?
ion in all styles and sizes, with
single or double breasted vests,
lined with Skinner's guaranteed
satin, serge or Italian cloth?
every garment In (T* I (\ f\f\
this lnt was mado to I II UU
sell at $15?only . ?4/ ? w.ww
$10 Overcoats, $7.50.
In all?tho correct shades, In?all
sizes, styles and lengths, made of
fabrics which aro known for their
good wearing qualities, such as
Men's Durable Beaver Overcoats,
Men's Handsome Covert Overcoats,
.Men's Everlasting Melton Over?
coats, Men's Popular Kersey Over?
coats, mado in a thorough, reliable
manner, with or without velvet col?
lar, deep French facing, with heavy
sorgo lining and Iron cloth
sleeve lining, plush
lined pockets. worth
$10.00? for .
1' ? 1 ' > ? 1 ? U .MHH1I
Finest Suits at $12,50,
In ail tho swell patterns and col?
orings, in stripes, Oxfords and
plain colors, In slnglo and dnublo
breasted sack and cutaway frock
styles, made from llnest fabrX-s,
both foreign and domestic, such as
Men's CMobo Worsted Strlpo Stilts
Men's Swell Oxford Vicuna Suits!
Men's Imported Itlue Sorgo Suits,
Men's Imported Clay Worsted Suits,
all made, trimmed and lined In n
thorough custom manner, la nil
styles and sizes, with hand-made
buttonholes nml hand-padded shoul?
ders?made in every
woy equal lo a $'.'5.00
custom-mado suit ?
Underwear at a Bargain,
Our big store. In Baltimore has
closed out a factory's surplus stock
of men's underwear and wo get
nearly half of It. Half of a fac?
tory's surplus?think of It. Think
of the selling we shall have to do
to unload It. It'll be easy with
prices?values?such ns these three:
Men's natural camel's hair and
derby ribbed shirts and drawers
in seven different colors; r f\
sell usually at $1.00 ? J) H G
Men's flno all-wool shirts and
drawers?derby ribbed ?tho closo
lltting sort: also natural wool sh'rts
and drawers which n.ro
Kplcndld values at $1.50,
to go for .
Men's lino Australian lamb's wool
shirts and drawers; tho nemo of
perfection . In underwear; in flvo
patterns and full regular
made; Instead of J2.00
to go for .
b's wool
nemo of
in flvo
374 Main Street, ?
<>oO- 0<3>?> <><>?? 0<t^$> ?S>0<> 4?
The Thermometer
Tells the Story
Of how perfectly and evenly your rooms
are heated when you burn our superior
and well-screened coal, and your coal
bills ?111 tell how economical It Is In tise.
For heating or cooking purposes it Is tho
best fuel In use. ns it gives Intense and
prolonged bent, without cllnker.'ng.
Batchelder & Collins,
Phono 10.
U\6 Water St.
Wood! Wood! Wood!
Wo have got it, all kinds.
Glvo us your order before winter sots
in. Special inducements in largo quan?
^S%.? ISUTStateSsTioSXT'
Cabinet Mantels, Tiling and
Grates, Fine Builders'
Paints, Oils and Glass.
WANTED?Experienced Hat and Fur Salesmen.
Having bought out a New York importer's entire stock of
high grade FURS at hardly the price of the skins, will offer
same on sale with the
ilmer Stock
Stock consists of the finest grades of genuine Seal, Mink
and Marten Scarfs, Collarrettes, Muffs, Children's Carriage
Robes, &c,
It is a well known fact Jas.W. Gilmer never allowed a dol?
lar's worth of unfair merchandise to enter his establishment,
and to now buy these and a New York importer's stock of
even better qualities at half prices is an opportunity which
may not occur in years.
A few items to show how prices will be sacrificed :
$2.50 Child's Angora Muff and Col?
larette, $|,25.
S7.50 American Sable Collarettes,
8 tails and 2 heads, $3.75.
Si 5.00 Black Marlen Collarette,
large clusters of tails and two heads,
$3.50 Electric Seal Scarf, six tails
and two heads, $ 1.75.
$7.00 Electric Seal Collarette, chin?
chilla trimmed, $3-00
$2 5.00 and SjO.OO Genuine Seal
Skin Collarettes, latent styles, $12.50,
One-Half Off Regular Prices.
50c. Navy and Red Tarn, |0c.
25c Men's and Boys' Blue and
Fancy Golf Caps, IOC.
50 and 75c. Men's, and Boys' Blue
and Golf Plaids, Silk lined Caps, 25c
$1.00 Blue Tains, gold embroidered
silk lined, 50c.
SI.50 Men's Pearl Alpines and Ko Ko
Hats, 50c.
$2.50 Men's Pearl; wide brim Hats;
the latest style, S | .25.
S3.00 Black and Brown Derbys,
S4.00 Black and Brown Derbys,
These hats are the 1899 Fall styles
and shapes.
304; Main Street.
The problem of
what to get in a Top
Coat or a Suit brings
worry to many.
Anxiety from this
source disappears in
crossing our thresh?
old?every style and
weave and shade is
here, and we vouch
for their "correct?
Of course prices
is a consideration in
your clothes, and of
course you want the
best that can be pio
cined for that price.
That sort is our sort
?(he best in every
way: rWen's~~Suits
from SlO to S25.
Men's Top Coats,
SlO to S35.
On a better time or place to buy
A very toppy and boxy Coat, short cut, in soft Oxford mixed
goods, at SiS is a prime favorite. Anolher is an Oxford Chester?
field, silk lined to the edge, at $20.
If You Fancy a Fancy Vest...,
We've got them to suit every fancy, without the fancy
prices?$2.50 to $7.50.

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