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A North Carolina Town Seeks an
Outlet by Rail,
Tito Cliesnpenko & Ohio to Control
flie Ills Four?Checkmated by the
I'euny?Union to the Philippines
tu lio ItuUod.
The citizens- of Hookertown, N. C,
are moving in the matter of an exten?
sion of railway facilities to their town.
The proposition Is to build a branch
from the Atlantic and North Carolina
road. At a recent public meeting a
strong committee was appointed to
further the interests of the town in
that direction.
It is reported on^ apparent gopd
authority Unit at a meeting to be held
this week by the directors of the Big
'iTour, steps will be taken looking to a
close relationship between that road
and the Chesapeake and Ohio.
Arrangements, however, are now said
to have been perfected whereby the
Chesapeake and Ohio Is to assume the
role of a leading factor, and this is to
take the form of an extension of that
company's service to 1 St. Louis by
means of trackage rights over the Big
Four from Cincinnati. This arrange?
ment insures a through lino for the
Ohcsnpcako end Ohio from the Sea?
board to St. Louis, virtually over Its
own rails, nnil'menns the first step In
the direction of the control of the Big
Four by the Chesapeake and Ohio.
Re-'gnrding the reported retirement of
President Tngnlls from the presidency
of the Big Four, it is said that gentle?
man placed his resignation with the
financial managers of the properly, but
Hint It .was withdrawn at their sug?
It Is understood that the Pennsyl?
vania; 1ms decided on an extension of
the Flltsburg, Virginia and Charles?
ton from West Brownsville to the West
Virginia State lino In order that a big
demand for bituminous coal may be
met und to forestall unnecessary com?
petition suggested by the attempts of
other roads to get into that territory.
It is said that the Pennsylvania Is in?
terested In the projected Monogahcln
and Washington, from Monognhela
Oily tri Ellsworth, a distance of II
miles, although the Ellsworth Coal Co.,
of Chicago, which hns extended Its
possessions In the tetitory penetrated,
has hcen an Important factor in bring?
ing about the construction of the road.
When completed, It Is to be operated,
report says, ns a branch of the Pltts
burg, Virginia and Charleston.
Rates to the Philippines and all other
trnns-Paclllc places will be increased.
The steamship companies demand more
than ?the proportion they now receive
of the 'through rates made by the rail?
roads. To consider this matter, the
general passenger agents of the trans?
continental railroads, so-called, will
moot next Wednesday at St. Paul. As
none of the railroads aro willing to re?
duce their rates, -the only, way In
r which they can meet the demand of
the steamship companies for more
money is to advance the throwrh
rates. Railroad and steamship offi?
cials expect there will be many paa
sengoi-s to the Philippines as soon as
the Insurrection there Is ended.
Colonel C. P. E. Burgwyn, who is
engineer in charge, surveying the route
for the proposed Richmond and Tide?
water railroad, has returned to Rich?
mond. About thirty-live miles of the
route has been surveyed and there re?
mains between forty snul forty-five
miles of the rtfnln line yet to be gone
over. The work Is being pushed rap?
idly and It is expected the surveying
Will be completed by Christmas.
The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
company has decided 'to cslabl-i&h a
new hosi^tal for Its use. This Institu?
tion will be located at Huntington, W.
Vs., and nil arrangements for the
transfer of the properly selected have
been practically completed. It is ex?
pected that the new hospital will be
opened for treatment of patients with?
in the next three months.
The buildings now on the site will
be remodeled.
Traveling passenger agents are In
receipt of bulletins announcing that nil
quarantine restrictions have been with?
drawn and that regular train service
has been resumed on all lines leading
?to l./ouislann, Mississippi, and ?0 all
Florida points, except Key West and
Tnmpa. Only tthose passengers des?
tined to Key West, and Tampa, Fla.,
are required to provide themselves
'with immune certificates.
NOTE.?The People's Forum being
freely open to all parties, clashes, per?
sons, views and capacities, the Vir?
ginian-Pilot is responsible for none
of the statements nor opinions ex?
pressed therein, nor for the style in
which they are Hetjforth. The Ignorant
and uneducated ?f'lall be heard here
equally with the learned.
Concerning Jiorfolk and Her miiclnl?
Norfolk, VaV, Nov. 15, IS39.
Editor Virginian-Pilot:
Dear Sir:?Much has been said re?
cently about the great strides that this
city has taken in the direction of be?
coming the trade metropolis of the
South; about the fine buildings that are
being erected here; about the Improve?
ments lately made, being made or un?
der consideration, by her citizens. But
it yet remains for some one to compli?
ment Norfolk on the spirit of harmony
that prevails within her limits; on the
way her officials nldcd her in suitably
welcoming the heroes of the Ngrth
* ;-?
Atlantic Squadron -when they were
here as otir guests; the Way her prin?
cipal Btreet? tue kept In excellent con?
dition, and paved in th? latest and
most, Improved way, and on the way
that they are having Duke street made
a perfectly lovely crazy-quilt (paved,
respectively, with vitrified brick, oys?
ter shells, cobble stones and belglan
block), and now the officials are con?
sidering whether or not to add asphalt
to the list. Bridge street, the entrance
to our beautiful residential section,
Ghent, is In perfect order, not an un?
even spot on its surface (?).
Our fire department has long since
out-grown the needs of the city, if it
had not, our officials would order more
apparatus, and it Is awful waste of
money to keep so many (^.municipal
lire-boats to protect our shipping.
Norfolk stands pre-eminently alone
on the pinnacle of the Tetnple of Fame
when it comes to water supply. She has
a supply of w'ater that cannot be
equaled even in the Desert of 6-ahara.
There Is more water hero than there
is In Pungo. But our water officials say
that wc must use it very carefully, that
we must keep a tally on all that we
There ought to be a water dispensary
here, and every citizen ought to bo fur?
nished with a certain number of tick?
ets, which would bo good in exchange
at the dispensary for-so much water.
These, tickets should represent the
amount of water'each citizen is allow?
ed to use for one yenr. If a citizen
should use all of his tickets before the
year is out, then he shuld be made to
do without witter for the unexpired
time. There Is. nothing like having a
If the Divine Power had intended
Norfolk to use water) scarcely it would
have deprived her of till the natural
advantages that she has to supply her
with water. She Is situated In a section
where there is plenty of rain, plenty of
lakes and plenty of water. Consequent?
ly, Norfolk citizens should have perfect
right to use all the water they want
to. Opinions of the officials to the con?
trary notwithstanding.
It appears that the officials think
that Norfolk has money to throw away,
that she is a very wealthy city, that
she has little or no debt, and that their
services nrc so valuable to the city.
that their salaries should all be raised.'
II also appears that they Will spend a
largc sum of her money on water
metres. These metres costr-about $7 to
manufacture, but the officials want to
show our sister cities throughout the
country that money Is no object to a
wealthy city like Norfolk, and they are
?going to have Norfolk pay 514, or
thereabouts, each for them.
Norfolk also has a fine park. Tills
park cost her thousands upon thou?
sands of dollars. Jt was made for the
benefit of people, to be a place where
they cotild go and be free from the tur?
moil of the city, where the youngsters
could romp and play In perfect safety.
But the oillclals consider that It would
be better (for Norfolk, of course) if an
electric railway company were granted
a franchise to run trolley cars through
the park. The press and public are kept
in the dark as to the reasons why this
franchise should be granted, because
the committee hold:; its meetings be?
hind closed doors, in secret. The peo?
ple are supposed to know nothing and
to have no right to know anything,
especially concerning the way their
servants uro performing the duties, of
their respective offices. But the people
do know that certain hands have a
grasp on the reps that "pulls," that
those hands are pulling for all they are
worth fof course, ever for the Interest
of Norfolk nnd always against the in?
terests of trusts nnd corpora I Ions).
There is going to be an election In
Norfolk next May. Then the people will
reward their servants who have work?
ed so hard, so diligently, so assiduously
for the Interest of Norfolk, by re-elect?
ing (?) them all.
For a woman to come to that period
known as change of life. It is almost
always a periotl of suffering, and the de?
rangement of mind and tiody ig some
times so great that the family life is ut?
terly marred by the unhappy wife aud
mother. At such a time every woman
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i Pierce'e Favorite Prescription. It works
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ishing them, and cures diseases of the
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" Favorite Prescription" contains no
alcohol, neither opium, cocaine, nor any
other narcotic.
?I have taken four bottles of ' Favorite Pre?
scription ' for lemnle weakness and cliauge of
life," writes Mrs. Lizzie A. Bowman, of New
Matainoras, Washington Co., Ohio. "Before i
began takiii!; it I could not do anything. I had
such pains in my head nnd in the back of my
ucck that I thought I would luse my mind. Now
I can work every day aud do not suffer. I rec?
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liver. Up to List June abo had !>eea treated by a number of phyafotana, one of whom claimed
sho had outarrh of die stomach; auothw stated that tt was ordinary dyspeosta, and stilt
another pronounced It bilUry calmilna. or ga,U stones, for which be treated her sevcial
nionlho without koc*\ reenilto. At times the pnins w*rro so severe that hypodermic in>ecriotui
of morphine were resorted to. The patient weighed lOO pounds; was completely run down,
nnd had very llttlo appctitu. lfarly in Jane a neighbor induced ber to try lUsass Tatales.
Alter using them two wocks the pains r.ud bloating of the rtomac* aad ootfo oeased and
nnusou entirely disappeared. The patient had practically recovered by Septoasber Uth. Bhs
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i45Water SL

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