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Captain Langworthy, of the British
steamship Avala, entertained a few
friends yesterday afternoon aboard his
Mr. Fred M. Simon, of Philadelphia,
is -tho guest of Mr. Moc. Levy.
Mr. T. O. Troy, of Charlottesvlllc,
Va., Is In the city.
Mr. P. D. Walker, of Charlotte, N. C,
is here.
Mr. John Harer, a former Norfolk
ian, now residing in New York, is here
greeting old friends.
Mr. Leroy W. Davis, accompanied by
several friends, left yesterday for
Bagged Island In search of game.
In a week or so ithe public building
will be ready for the rafters and roof.
The streets are daily Infested by
hobos and beggars, all of whom prefer
the price of a meal or lodging 'to the
meal or a place to sleep when one or
both are offered.
The Felice Democratic Club will hold
a meeting at 3 p. m. next Sunday in
Engel's Hall for the election of officers.
Mr. J. C. Sichert has removed his
family ito Richmond, where he has
secured a good position.
Colonel W. A. Boykln, of Baltimore,
was In the city yesterday.
Mi'. II. D. Van Wryck, owner of the
Academy of Music, Is in the'city.
Congressman \V. A. Young Is In the
city, having arrived yesterday from
Miss Lottie Hodges, of this city, was
one of the bridesmaids at the Smith
Gains nuptials In Lynchburg Tuesdny,
an account of which is published else?
where In this issue.
Among the guests at the handsome
home of the late Governor Kemper, in
Orange, on Iho occasion of the mar?
riage of his daughter Tuesday after?
noon, were Miss Sams and Mr. Humph?
reys, of Norfolk.
The following petition, which is self
explanatory and In line with the policy
frequently outlined and advocated In
the Virglnlan-Pilot, was prepared by
Mr. Ralph H. Rlddlebsrger. the attor?
ney, and is being circulated for signa?
"To the Representatives of Virginia, In
Congress Assembled:
"We, the undersigned, representing
the various business Interests of the
city of Not folk, believing that the pro?
posed lighting of the channel will be
of inestimable value to he city, State
and nation, do most respectfully re?
quest our Representatives to use their
Influence, and to malte every endeavor
to secure a provision In the River and
Harbor Appropriation bill of this ses?
sion, which shall appropriate a suffi?
cient sum to establish and maintain
the requisite number of lights from the
city of Norfolk to Hampton Roads, so
that all unnecessary danger shall be
removed from vessels entering the port
during the night. We would respectfuljy
set forth in support of our request,
first, that the work Is not only feasible,
but will require only a comparatively
small expenditure of money; and that
Congress has wisely provided like aids
to ports similarly sltuuted. The enor?
mous development of the business of
this port not only demands that any
obstacles to Its ..entrance at all times
be provided, but the saving of time,
which In no business Is so important as
in shipping. Is demanded by the five
hundred ocean-going steamers which
cull at this port annually for coal, and
which are compelled to lose twelve
hours It they arrive during the night,
owing to the want of necessary lights
to guide them safely to the city. We
desire to impress our Representatives
with the importance of this matter,
and after due investigation as to its
merits, would respectfully request thnt
they use their Influence with the Light?
house Bourd in an effort to secure its
favorable recommendation of the same
to Congress, and -also to do all In their
power to have such a provision ndopt
ed, when the before mentioned bill shall
have been presented for consideration,
to their respective bodies. It is our be?
lief that such an improvement will go
far toward securing for this port that
high place as a commercial center to
which Its great natural-advantages en?
title It."
A copy of the above petition is in the
office of the Virginian-PJpt, where it
may bo Bigned.
Hard Questions for the Justice
Justice A. J. Dalton was yesterday
called upon to decide what was and
what was not a tailor-made gown, and
he was puzzled until several expert wit?
nesses came to his aid. The question
arose in the suit of Mrs. Mott against
Madame Clare, dress-flttler, to recover
$30 which the former had paid the lat?
ter for a gown. The plaintiff claimed
that the broadcloth was not what she
had selected, neither was the gown
tailor made as per agreement. But aft?
er hearing a number of witnesses, some
of whom were styled experts, a verdict
for the defendant was rendered. The
gown in question was in court.
Water Beard Meeting;.
The Board of Water Commissioners
held a meeting last night and Irans
acted business only of a routine na?
Arc you nervous, restless,
pale and easily tired? Per
' haps the scales can tell you
why. If your weight is
below your average, that
explains it.
Scott's Emulsion is a fat
producing food. You soon
begin to gain and you keep
on gaining long after you
stop taking it. For all
wasting diseases, in both
young ,and'old, it is the one
i standard remedy.
ioc. and $1.00, all druggists.
SCOTT*DOWNBTthtmWs, New York.
The first reception of the Anna G?r?
den V was held at the residence of the
Misses Johnakln, No. 823 Tunstall ave?
nue, Tuesday night. The devotional
exercises were conducted by Mr. E. J.
Dyer, who emphasized the Importance
of mission work In the city, after which
th0 following program was rendered:
Vocal Solo?Miss Hattle Way.
Rccitalion?Miss Pearl Addison.
Vocal Solo?Miss Ruth Pulford.
Recitation?Miss Lena Johnakln.
Recitation?Miss Ethel Johnakln.
The delightful evening entertainment
closed with a bountiful distribution of
The Enterprise and Parsonage and
Aid Societies of McKendtee Church
held a Joint meeting yesterday after?
noon and transacted business of much
interest to the church.
The Fifth Ward Democratic Club will
hold Its regular meeting at Its rooms at
8 o'clock to-night.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George W. Northrop, of
New York, are visiting their daughter,
Mrs. Arthur J. Odell, of No. 200 South
Reservoir avenue.
The Ladles' Auxiliary No. 4, of Park
Avenue Baptist Church, will meet at
3:30 o'clock this afternoon at No. 214
Clay avenue.
A full attendance Is desired, as busi?
ness of Importance will be brought be?
fore the meeting.
The Inasmuch Circle of the King's
Daughters will meet at the home of
Mrs. M. Gordon, on Rose avenue, at
4 o'clock this afternoon.
News of the death of Mrs. Williams,
wife of Rev. W. T. Williams, late pas?
tor of LeKies* Memorial M. E. Church,
though not unexpected, was received
yesterday with expressions of (Jeep sor?
row by her many friends in this com?
munity. jJlrs. Williams had been 111 for
weeks at the parsonage on Central ave?
nue, and was removed just before Con?
ference to Petersburg by advice of her
physician, with the hope that the
change would result in her restoration
to health, but after reaching Peters?
burg she continued to sink, and died at
the home of her husband's brother
there Monday night. She was a woman
of exalted Christ'an character and was
universally beloved in the community.
Before her fntel illness she was an ac?
tive worker In the church, and was
ever foremost in advancing its Inter?
ests. The heartfelt sympathy of the en?
tire church here goes out to her sor?
rowing husband and children In their
sad bereavement. Her remains were
laid to rest in Hollywood cemetery, at
Richmond, yesterday.
The Ladies Aid Society of LcKIes Me?
morial M. E. Church, will give a social,
literary and musical entertainment in
the lecture room at 8 o'clock to-night.
A choice program, which includes some
of the best talent In Norfolk, has beert
The Colley Club Is actively engaged
In providing for a proper celebration of
Christmas week. It Is proposed to have
music and recitations each evening and
a bountiful supply of refreshments.
These entertainments will be graced by
the presence of a number of the ladles
of the- ward.
A large congregation attended the
services at LeKies Memorial M. E.
Church last night nnd heard an able
and Instructive sermon by the pastor,
Rev. Graham H. Lambeth.
It Is eald that the committee appoint?
ed to secure a lot for the erection of
an Episcopal Chapel has several 6ltes
In view, which will be submitted to a
meeting of the congregation, which will
make a selection.
The Sunday schools are getting ready
for their usual Christmas entertain?
Stole from Treasurer.
Some person, entered the house of
Shack White, colored. No. 32 Bottlmore
street, yesterday morning, and when
they left the treasurer of the colored
lodge of Odd Fellows nnd one or two
other colored fraternal orders were
$214 poorer, or raTJTCr the lodg^s-^vhose
purse strings he holds had lost that
a mount.
Neither White nor the detectives, Ser?
geant Heppel nnd Officer Snowden,
have nny clue as to who the robber
was. Three rings belonging to White
nnd membei-3 of his family were also
Report of Visiting Nurse.
The monthly report of the visiting
nurse of the King's Daughters shows
125 visits to 23 patients. Of this num?
ber 14 were new cases and 9 old. The
union Is arranging Xmas stockings for
children In this city whose lives have
very little sunshine in them. Any ono
wishing to assist may do so by senel
ing their donations of toys, confectlon
ariee or clothing to the King's Daugh?
ters' Home, No. 251 Fenchurch street,
j before December 20th.
Pino Window Display.
Mr. John Vcrmllllon, under the Atlan?
tic Hotel, has in his show windows a
fine selection of choice family wines,
clarets, bay rum, mineral wnters,
He offers Country Club nnd Club
Friend cigars at ?2 per box of fifty. Call
and sec him.
Sergeant Stevens Won.
Sergeant Stevens, of the Police De?
partment, won the gold watch which
was raffled off at Mr. B. L. Dozler's
?dahles on Cove street last night. A
large crowd was ' present, many of
whom had chances on the watch, which
is a very handsome one.
Prosbytorlan Pastor Killed.
At a meeting of the congregation of
the Second Presbyterian Church last
night Rev. J. Ernest Wadler, or Alex,
andrla, was unanimously called to the
pastorate. He will be communicated
with at once and urged to accept. Mr.
Wadler is said to be a preacher of fine
pulpit abilities and a splendid pastor.
Largo Wrook Sale.
This morning at 12 o'clock all the
damaged cargo from the German ship
OUnda will be sold at nubile auction
by the Morris Auction-house. See ad.
The Busy Corner Converted
Into one Grand Holiday Bazaar.
A rjeep into the Busy Corner tells that the holiday campaign is on. Slowly the
day upon which all hearts are set draws nearer and nearer. Chritsmas shopping ex?
pands more and more as the clock points to the fleeting hours. Are you ready to car?
ry ont your shopping plans now, or will you wait untib the crowds become so great that
it will be a task to do your buying? We would say that the best time to buy is now?
because you* gain nothing by waiting?unless it's a matter of compulsion. In that
event we shall do our best by looking after your interest.
Silk Lined
cut and made on the lines
of the costliest made to order
Meltons and Soft Cheviots, $25.
Elysians, Kerseys and Soft
Cheviots, $30.
Montagnacs and Soft Cheviots,
Carr's Meltons, $40. /
Kerseys and Vicunas, $40.
BATH ROBES, $3 to $10.
DRESSING GOWNS, $5 to $25.
IMPORTED NECKWEAR, 50c. to $2.50
UMBRELLAS, $1 to $10,
HANDKERCHIEFS, 15c. to $2.
HATS, $1 to $5.
The correct fashion-follow?
er finds here, ready to put on,
$10 to $28.
all made with exact tailoring ,
from choice selected goods,
$12 to $45.
models of the finest workman?
ship throughout.
To-day we offer special lots
of Neckwear from. Imported
Silks, in all shapes, AT HALF
Main and
Commerce Sts.
- A Good Suit of Clothes or Over
-coat. A Sensible Christmas Pre3
- You cannot appreciate the val
-ues and appropriateness of our
-assortment of Presents for Gentle?
men unless you see them.
iin i in
\A/e Can
Help You.
Are you still undecided
about what to buy as an Xmas
remembrance for your hus?
band, brother, or?shall we
say, sweetheart?
Give something both at?
tractive and serviceable and it
is sure to be appreciated.
One of the articles men?
tioned below will be sugges?
tive for the occasion:
NOBBY NECKWEAR In all the desir?
able Bhapes, 50c. to S1.00.
KID OEOVES?dressed and undressed,
lined nnd unllned, $1.00. fl.&O and $2.00
per pair.
SUSPENDERS?25o. to $2.50 per pair.
The latest, of course; aro silver mount?
U7UBRE!L.L.AS-$1.00 to $6.00, with the
nobbiest handles ever shown In Norfolk.
?single und double-breasted, $1.00 to $G.O0.
CARDIGAN JACKETS?$1.25 to $1.00.
SWEATERS?$1.00 to $3.00.
Remember we have the flROncy for
Steln-Bloch tallor-mado Clothes for Nor?
folk and vicinity.
is founded upon-wise real estate Investments Is pretty generally conceded, but tho following statements from some of
tho well Known m.llfonalres has Its value as proving that claim, In an address on "Tho Gospol of Wealth," Andrew
Carnegio said: "Fortunes do exist und will continue to be made hereafter by tho lncreaso In tho valuo of real estate more
thun by all other causes combined."
Senator Jones, of Nevada, speaking of the growth of great fortunes, said: There 1? only one sure way to get rich and
that Is to buy what is caljed "outs'dc" real cauuo and hang onto It untl it becomes "Insldo" property. Tho great for?
tunes of tho country have bef-n made In this way. I tell you, young man, no Investment on earth Is so Safe, so sure so
certain to enrich Its owner as undeveloped real estate. 1 always advise my young friends to plant their savings In realty
near a growing city. Purchase a good sized tract and wait for suro und certain returns of the growth of this wonderful
country of ours to make you masters of your own fortunes."
Andrew J. Drexcl says: "I believe that there Is no more certain or rellablo property to bo held than real estate."
Mrs. Hetty Green, the richest woman in America, worth $60,000,000, says that It was exclusively In real estate transac?
tions that all of her immense fortuno was made.
Tho abovo are strong and pointed testimonials from persons who have made their fortunes, but those who read tills
advertisement must use judgment In purchasing. Notice how swiftly Port Norfolk property Is becoming "Insldo prop?
erty." 3G lots of the Port Norfolk Investment Company have been sold tho past week, and some of them will be im?
proved with modern dwellings In tho yery noav future.
In Improving and beautifying its property at Port Norfolk. The Improvements added to the natural oharm of the place
make this tho most desirable suburban, residence section on tho harbor._
Tho prices of lots Is ridiculously cheap, considering tho natural advantages of tho property. Think of It. Improved lots
right In the lino of tho greatest growth on tho harbor at less than $200 per lot on payments of $10 per month. We can
never have a great city on this harbor without placing this properly In close touch with Its business centre. Look on your
map and notice how rapidly the centre of population is moving in the direction of iihls property. This fact speaks vol?
umes In favor of this property and tells in unmlstakablo language that In the coming years this will become tho bus?
iness centro of tho vast population that will multo this tho greatest South Atlantic seaport.
Better tako advantage of the Inevitable and get a sharo of the profit by making a large investment in solid growing
real estato right In the path of improvements.
Port Norfolk and Pinner's Point section has grown from a population of 300 to over 3,000 in five years. What will It
bo five, years hence? If a few years has changed this section to ?no of the busiest railroad sections on the coast, can
it he doubted that ?i few yoars hence we will havo wholesale houses, banks and all that goes to mako a great commerclad.
centre? It Is sure to come, and tho wise wilt not wait until prices arc so advanced as to precluo their purohaslnff.
There has been a large call for lots, and prices will be raised within a short time.
Call for maps and general Information on tho agents of the Company, or on
Office Columbia Building, Norfolk, Va.
An Endless Chain
Of facts tn rerferenco to tho beauty of
our laundry work you can glean from
patrons whom wo have always given em?
inent satisfaction to. Our laundry work
la unoxcelled for its exquisite color and
artistic llnish.
105 Granby St.
New Thono S74.
The Large Throng of Buyers is Evidence Most Assuring of the Genuineness of this Sale.
Why continue to pay big profits when you can buy the
finest qualities of stylish FURS one-half off the regular prices
of the handsomest handles in Pearls, Sterling Silver and Nat?
ural Wood, yi off the Price.
SALM BEHREND, 304 Main Street..
Livery, Boarding and
Transient Stables,
. 61, 63, 65 Cove Stroot.
Everything new and up-to-date.
We have' all kinds In stock, and madi
of best materials.
US Utla itntL

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