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Having Purchased L Jack Oliver's Entire Slock of Hats, Caps ???
??? and Umbrellas, Will Offer Same on Sale at Jas.-W. Bilmers,
COMMENCING TO-DftY. HALF OFF OLIVER'S FORMER PRICES. In order to arrange stock, doors will not open until 10 o'clock. Owing to
short time we have had to prepare this sale it is impossible to quote prices, but we unhesitatingly state that you will have a chance to buy
the greatest bargains you have ever anticipated.
The Hats are of the well known makers of John B. Stetson, Henry Roeloff, Shoebell & Co. and other popular manufacturers. To
buy these goods at one-half off the regular prices is a chance you cannot afford to miss.
? <><S>0 "><><S> <y>0'&- OOO 0<>0 *'J>O*O*?>?O*??'*O?0fl(
<J>00 -0<??0 0<S>-^- ^-^>-<!>?9?<2><S> OOO <X><S>
sale: of furs still going on, open eyenimgs umtil Christmas.
Secretary C. C. Dogan, of the Colored
Y. M. C. A., has been called to Spar
tansburg, S. C, by the death of his
Lieutenant R. O. Blller, formerly of
Norfolk, 'has been ordered to the gun?
boat Vixen at the Norfolk navy yard.
Madame Riant he Taylor gave a musi?
cal recital last night in the colored Ma
vBL-nie Temple.
Mr. S. Behrend, of No. 301 Main
street, lias purchased Mr. A. J. Oliver's
stock of huts, caps, canes, umbrellas,
etc. Mr. Oliver will go with Mr. Beh?
rend as salesman for the present.
Chief of Police Kiz:r yesterday re?
ceived the 'beautiful gold 'badge voted
him at the recent Catholic fair In
Portsmouth. It la surmounted by a. gold
eagle, and is, indeed, a prize to be
proud of..
Mr. C L MacDonald has returned
from a. prospecting trip to Rnltimore
and St. Louis, and a visit to Cleveland,
1 his old home.
Colonel William Limb returned to
the city Sunday from Washington,
B. C. '
Dr. R. A. Wise, of Williamsburg, was
in the city Sunday, having come on
from Washington, where ho had been
looking after Hon. William A, Young's
Congressional slippers.
Percy Johnson and William Green,
suspicious characters. sp.->nt Sunday In
jail and were released yesterday.
Hon. George ID. Bowden, clerk of the
United States Court and National Re?
publican OommlUeeman for Virginia,
returned Sunday from Washington.
Mr. Wttrreri G. Klliott, president of
tho Atlantic Coast Line, and Mrs. Kl?
liott are in the city, guests of tho Mon
The Circle of Love, King's Daugh?
ters, will meet this afternoon at 4
A number of discharged sailors, en
routo home from Cuba, were in our city
Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn Brinhen Walker
nre the guests of Mrs. Cable and Miss
Burnham, in Ghent.
The nuptials of Miss Minnie Hall and
Mr. Jenison J. Alklnc were celebrated
j at the homo of the bride Sunday after?
noon in the presence of Immediate rel?
atives and close friends of the contract?
ing parties.
The bride was tastefully attired In a
tailor-made suit of cadet blue clot !?? and
carried a bououet of white carnations.
The maid of honor was Miss Jessie
Hall, a stater of the bride, and Mr. Sam.
uel White, a close friend of the groom,
was the best. man.
Tho ceremony was performed by Rev.
George W. Cox, of Burrows Memorial
Baptist Church, at tho conclusion at
which the happy couple received the
congratulations of their friend:-. Later
they left via the Chesapeake and Ohio
railroad for an extended bridal tour.
The groom Is foreman of the Bridge?
port Silver Plate Manufacturing Com?
pany, while his bride Is a popular young
lady of the village and a member of the
choir of Burrows Memorial Church.
A horse attached to a buggy, lit which
were two ladies, ran away in Park
Place Sunday, to the Point, and was
fortunately stopped by a gentleman be.
fore the occupants were injured. The
vehicle wa? not damaged.
Workmen arc engaged in blasting
stumps of old trees at Old Dominion
Place and in grading the streets and
laying off parks. Several houses have
been erected in this section recently,
and several more will tsoon be erected,
by the company.
B. &. O. and Soabonrd.
The New York Commercial of Sun?
day says:
"Negotiations nre understood to bo
under wuy for a connection by the
Seaboard Air Line with the Baltimore
and Ohio at Washington, which would
afford the former a shorter route to
New York. If the arrangement |<, made
the. Seaboard will have to build from
Quantleo to Washington, In addition to
running over a part of tho Richmond,
Frcderlckshurg and Potomac. At pres?
ent tho Pennsylvania is used from
Quantlco. the connection 1> li:g over the
Richmond, Frcderlckshurg and Pbto
fliinc. It Is stated that as soon as the
system is perfected permanent arrange?
ments will be made with cither the
Baltimore and Ohio or the Pennsylva?
IM"?"*! I'lium*!
Pianos that last a lifetime highest
possible grade. You will find it in the
"Stleff." Reasonable prices; liberal
4clD-St Montlccllo, Granby St.
Mr. George (Byrum anil Miss Essie
L". Heimes were married at the home
or the bride's .mother, No. 420 Baxter
avenue, at C::i0 o'clock Sunday evening.
j The ceremony was performed by liev.
j George Wesley Jones, pastor of Trinity
M. 13. Church, in the presence or the
immediate relatives and a. few close
i friends of the contracting parties.
atev. \V. C. Yaden. Presiding Elder
of the Portsmouth District, will hold
; his first quarterly conference with
I Trinity iM. 13. church next Friday
? Mr. IT. W. 'Webster has returned
; home from the Baltimore College <>!'
j Dental Surgery to spend Christmas
with his ?arents, Dr. and Mrs. .1. X.
: Webster.
The regular weekly meeting of the
B. Y. P. Ui or Park Avenue Baptist
I Church ?will be held to-night at 7:45
o'clock. It is hoped that a large au?
dience will be present to lienr Mr.
George Williamson speak on the sub?
ject of "Intemperance," and also to
take part in the election of ollieers
and committees lor the ensuing term.
Captain L. A. Batten, of No. 222
Windsor avenue, had his left foot
painfully hurt yesterday afternoon
while KcttiiiR some cars under the car
shed at the Bramblcton station of the
Virginia Beach Railroad.
There will be a pounding at McKeh
tlrec M. E. Church, from 3 to 0 o'clock
p. in., to-day, under the auspices of
the Mercy and Help Committee of the
Kpworth League, for the benefit of
the poor. The committee will be present
to receive any donations that may be
I sent.
Mr. J. .T. Morgan, grocer on Clal
borno avenue, is very ill at his home
on Princess Anne avenue..
The Anna Gordon Y's will meet nt
the residence of Miss Hattle Way, No.
It iByrd Place, this evening at 7:30
. o'clock. All members and friends are
i earnestly rc6.ues.tcd to be present.
The (Brambieton W. C. 1'. U. will
I meet with Mrs. Baylor, at Lambert's
j Point, at :i::H) o'clock this afternoon,
air. Caleb White, after n protracted
illness, was able to be at his place of
business yesterday.
An adjourned meeting of the Kp?
worth League of Trinity M. K. Church
will be held Wednesday night to ar?
range business for the new year, to be
i confirmed by the Quarterly conference
Friday night.
A letter received here yesterday by
a warnt friend from Re.V. Lloyd 'p.
Williams, late pastor of Trlntly M. E.
Church; says thru lie has been most
cordially received by his new charge
j In Lynehburg. A reception was given
i III in and his wife at the church Tues
! day night, which was a most pleasant
affair. Mrs. John W. Childs delivered
Ian address on behalf of the ladles of
! the church; Mr. O. D. Wilson on he
1 half of the Kpworth League, ami Mr.
I J. iL Adams welcomed them on behalf
! of the Board of Stewards. In do g
his letter, Mr. Williams speaks ten
1 denly und lovingly of his old oharge
in Norfolk, saying that he shall al
i ways remember them with warm
i Christian affection.
You would he surprised to know how
cheap fireworks are selling at Turner's,
; corner of Park and Branihleton
avenues, (.'all and get prices. del9-2t
The Junior J5i>WOrt,li League of Lr
j Kies Memorial M. !?'.. Church has elected
I the following officers: Superintendent,
; Captain W. T. Williams; Assistant
; Superintendent, W. H. l: iberlsan;
Chairman Department of Practice, Mrs.
A^nes Griffin; Charity and Help Coni
mitlpe. Miss Mattie Bills: Department
of Instruction. Miss Eula tfrooks;
1'resident of Leugne. Miss Beillah
Bookcrl First VIce-Presldent, Miss
Florence Thornton; Second Vlee-Presl
.! ?nt. Miss II. Taylor; Third Vie,-]':-, si
dent. Miss Laura Norton; Fourth Vice
1 President, Miss Minnie Long; S cro?
tary, Miss L. Bunting: Assistant Sec?
retary, Willie Simpson; Treasurer, Miss
A. Murray; Organist, Mrs. Burroughs;
Assistant Organist, F. Hurst.
The choir Is composed of sixteen well
: trained singers.
IHntin I'll rollti?nr*l
Come and see our inngnlficent stock
, of high-grade piano.-:. Prices lowest in
I Norfolk; quality of goods unsurpassed;
j you get big values for your money,
' dein-.r.t Montlcello, Grnnby St.
All the latest shapes and styles In
: Neckwear. A treat in stoic for Chrlst
I mas buyers, Rudolph! it Wallace,
Main street.
Tin. 1'mi not
You want! One that has stood the tost
uf over half a century: one that can
he bought Jit an honest price, and on
fair terms. Come see the old reliable
del0-5t Montlcello, Grnnby St.
NOTE.?The People's Forum being
freely open to all parties, classes, per?
sons, views and capacities, the Vir?
ginian-Pilot is responsible for none
of tho statements nor opinions ex?
pressed therein, nor for the style In
which they are set forth. The ignorant
and uneducated shall he heard here
equally with the learned.
Ventilation of Publio Halls.
Editor of the VIrglnian-Pllot:
I want to commend your editorial in
to-day's Issue on "Ventilation of Pub?
lic Halls."
This morning I attended services at
the 'Baptist Church in Norfolk. -and
your words came up afresh during the
servites. 1 estimate I the auditorium :,s
containing about 100,000 cub.c feet of
space, and its Beating capacity as 1.0'JO.
Thus each person enjoyed a breathing
space or 100 cubic feet. Scientists tell
us that nn adult person will exhale
suflk'i lit carbonic acid gas at n single
breath to vitiate three cubic feet of a:r.
The vitality will be destroyed in throe
thousand cubic feet of air by a sinvle
nrldlt once every hour. Under this state
of facts short sermons are decidedly
advisable. The masses do not seem to
understand that carbonic acid gas, or
carbon dioxide, is a deadly poison.
In the story of the Bl ick Hole of
Calcutta wo have a frightful illustra?
tion of the deadly character of this
poison. On this occasion 146 English
prisoners were thrust Into a closed
dungeon IS feet square, thus allowing
to each person something more than
twenty cubic feet of air, allowing ten
feet as tin- height of the room. All hut
twenty-three of the prisoners died
from foul air before morning?really
poisoned by Inhaling corbonic acid gas.
But for the vitalizing effects wc get
while in the open air we could not 1 tng
survive the injuries wrought oil our
systt ms through the poisonous air we
breathe In churches, theaters, halls,
crowded cars and Imperfectly ventilat?
ed living apartments.
The well-known church yawn is due
to lack of fresh air. It is part of a
very interesting physiological process.
The blood carries waste matter found
in the body t<? the lungs, where through
the oxygen in the air we breathe; it
is converted into carbonic acid gas and ,
exhaled. Through til- process tbei
lungs cast out twelve ounces of pure|
carbon daily. "When our supply of fresh
air runs short the lungs do not re?
ceive an adequate supply of oxygen.
When the lungs run short of oxygen
tho waste material cannot he burned
ui> and converted Into carbonic acid
gas. The church yawn is not' due to
the effects of a dry sermon, hut to an
cfforl on the part of tho lungs to se?
cure rnoro oxygon. The reason wo c,o
t i sleep in church is that the blood
rapidly fills with waste matter and
systemlc poisoning sets In. because the
lungs nre powerless to carry on the
work of renovation for want of fresh
Washington, D. C.
<r> -?. ?3 -a? o 'j&rS. x ?
Um? t !-.o iIw Kind Yon Haw Always Bough)
An endless variety of Pilk Suspend?
ers, A useful Christmas present. Ku?
rt ilphl & Wallace, Main street.
< lirlii m nn Holiday (tnton.
isimi viu <. ?v ?>. ity. t moo
0:1.50 Itleliinoiiil it ml Itvlnni. Stt BO
Account of Christmas holidays the
Chesapeake and Ohio railway will sell
on December 22d to 25th, Inclusive. I > ?
ecrhber 30th and "Ist und January 1st,
round trip tickets tit greatly reduced
tales, limited for return passage to
January 4:h. 1900.
presenting the proper credentials, re?
duced rate tickets will be sold from De?
cember 1Mb to -1st, inclusive, bearing
final limit of January 4th, IflOo.
12-13 FLUME ST.
Contractors' & Builders' Sapplies
Piro Clay, Chimney Linings, Fancy and
Plain Chimney Tops, SoWer and Well
Pipe, Draiu Tile, etc.
Is founded upon wisp real estate Investments Is pretty generally conceded, hut (ho following statements from some of
t',:o well known millionaires' has Its value .is proving1 that claim, in an address on ?'The ?ospei of Wealth." Andrew
Carnegie said: "Fortunes do exist and will continue to lie made hereafter by the Increase in the valuu of real estate more
than by all other cadscs combined."
Senator Jones, of Nevada, speaking of the growth of ^reat fortunes, said: There Is only one sure way to get rich and
that Is to buy wlh.it. is called "on:., de" r( i! es la to und hang onto It null It becomes "Inside" properly. Tho great for?
tunes of tho country have been made in this nay, 1 tell you, young man, no investment on earth is so safe, so sure, so
certain to enrich Its owner as undeveloped n 11 estate. I always advise my young friends to plant their savings In realty
near a growing city, riui lia.se a good si/., i tract and wait for suio and certain returns of tfio growth of tills wonderful .
country of ours to make you masters of your own fortunes." . _ ? ?
Andrew J. Drcxcl says: "I bcllevo that thr.-e Is no m?rc certain or reliable property to be held than real estate."
Mr?. Hetty Green, the richest woman In A.ncrlca, worth $00,000,000, says that It was exclusively in real estate transac?
tions that all uf her imiftense fortune was made.
Tho n-b?v? are strong and pointed testimonials fr m persons who have made their fortunes, but thoso who rend this
advertisement must use judgment in purchasing. Notice how swiftly Port Norfolk properly is becoming "Inside prop?
erty." oii lots of the Port Norfolk Investment Company have been sold tho past week, and some of them will be im?
proved with modern dwellings In tho very near future.
In Improving and beautifying its property at Port Norfolk. The Improvements added to the natural charm of tho place
make this tho most desirable suburban residence section on tho harbor.
The juices of lots '.a ridiculously cheap, considering the natural advantages of Hie property. Think of it. Improved lots
right in tho line of the urea test growth on the harbor at Ices than $200 per lot on payments of $10 ]>er month. Wo can
never have a great city on t!ii.- harbor without piuclng thl? property In dose touch with itr. business centre. Look on your
ma]) and notice how rapidly the centre of population is moving in the direction of this property. This fact speaks vol?
umes In favor of this property and nils In unmistakable language that in the coining years this will becomo tho bus?
iness centra of the vast population Unit will nvike this the greatest South Atlantic seaport.
Better take advantage of the Inevitable and get a share of the profit by making a large investment In solid growing
real estate right in the path of improvements
Tort Norfolk and Pinner's Point section lias grown from a population or S00 to over 3.CO0 in five years. What will It
l>e live years lo ne. '.' If a few y, :<rs bus changed this section lo one of '.hi' busiest railroad suctions on the co:tst, can
it he doubted that a few years In . ? ? wc will have Win Icsnle houses, banks and all that goes lo make a great commercial
centre? It is sure lo come, and the wise will not wait until prices are so advanced as to precluo their purchasing.
Thcro has been a large call fur lots, and pikes will be raised within a short lime.
Call for maps and general information on tho agents of I lie Company, or on
M. W. MASON, Secretary.
Office Columbia Building, Norfolk, Va.
From Useful or Plea?
sure Giving Articles.
Kodaks and Cameras
furnish life-time pleasure.
Military Hair Brushes, ele?
gant Celluloid Brushes, Eng?
lish Hair Brushes, French Hair
Brushes, American Hair
Brushes, Manicure Toilet Sets,
Bath Brushes.
Sill, 111 IE3
Goods delivered free rv.rtsmouth. Berk?
ley and all parts oi' city.
Remember you !iu.vo only two more
weeks in which to get the advantage
of our rut prices. We will have to
shut down on tin* 29th to move Will
ho oi>cn all day Christmas day.
ato-.rii maim strki:t. V
After January 1st, 2CS-270 Main street,
over Yiekcry's heok stoic.
iio2 tu,th,?U-2nt
The Building
> ?er, lain and Bank Sts.
nr.d the largest slock of DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, SIL?
VERWARE. KTO.. that ever was In Norfolk WILL. BE THROWN ON
THE MARKET and disposed of during this month. Wo have no placo
to store tho stock during the rebuilding, therefore aro compelled to
cell it.
Every Article has been Reduced
From 25 to 50 per cent.
The Live Jewelers.
Cor. Alain and Bank Sts.
Road and be Wise.
Besl Baltimore) Lard.7c
Coed I-i id.Co.
Best Corned I lain .I2e.
Now B?sina .'ii-'. quart.
Black Eyo Peas.r.c. quart.
Now Mixed Nut* .10c. pound.
Seeded Riils'ns and Currants, I0c package
Now Malaga Raisina.12J&C. pound.
Shelled Almonds .?''?"?(?. pound,
^.iit Shelled Almonds.ISc. pound.
Kox Klxer Kutter lb. prints. .Ilue. pound.
Royal Patent Flour .$l.-> barrel.
Wo make special prices on fjoods la
largo quantities. Remomber our special
delivery service Is the best in tho city.
"Tlirtfo wagoria;"_
Virginia Cafe
and Bakery
We Make Prompt Delivery
With First-class Articles.
Down Town Office, 117 Main Street
Both phones 786.

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