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Continued from Pagel.
troops were formed in full regimental
paiade Jsi the presercj of thousands of
Loaning against a tree close beside
me was a white-haired mountatneer,
who looked with intent eyes upon the
movements of the men m uniform. The
regiment bad finished its evolutions;
the commissioned olllcers had lined
themselves to make their regular march
to the front for report and dismissal.
The bugler had sounded the signal; .the
hulyard had been grasped, and the flag
slowly fell, saluting the retiring eun.
Instinctively and apparently uncon?
sciously my tall neighbor by the tree
removed his bat from bis bead and held
it In his band in reverential recognition
until the flag bad been furled and the
last strain of the national anthem bad
been lost In the resonant trnmp of the
troops as they left the Held.
What a picture that was?the man
With his hat in his hand, as he stood
uncovered during that imprcw-lve cere?
mony. I moved Involuntarily toward
him, and impressed with bis reverential
attitude, 1 asked him where he was
from. "I am," said he "from Pickens
county," and in casual conversation it
developed that this raw mountalneer
had come to Atlanta to say farewell to
an only son. who stood in line before
him. The silent exhibition of patriot
Ism and loyalty I had .uisL witnessed
had been prompted by a sou) no rugged,
but as placid as the great blue moun?
tains which gave It birth, and by an
inspiration kindled from the very
bosom of nature Itself. \
Thciv was the connecting link be?
tween Ihc hearthslone and Hie ,Capitol.
There was the citizen who, renVesent
lng the only real, substantial element
of the nation's reserve strength?"tho
citizen standing in the doorway of bis
home, contented on his threshold"?
had answered hi? country's cull?the
man of whom Henry Grndy po elo?
quently sold: "He!shall nnve the Re?
public when the drum top Is futile and
the barracks arc exhausted."
Permit me. Mr. Chairman, to ex?
press my recognition of the fact that
nn occasion like this is neither the
time nor the place for a discussion
which would be, even constructively,
political in Its trend.
What I say lo-nlght will he Ihc
words of nn American citizen who
loves his country. I do not spenk the
creed of any party, neither do I speak
the voice of any section. I shall speak
ithe faith of the man with his hat in
his hand, as I read it in his weather
beaten face that day.
In the Philippines, fii>,000 American
soldiers to-day are standing in the
trenches against the onslaught on our
national authority. It is needless now
to recount the why and the where?
fores of this attack. There is room for
patriotic differences on expansion of
our boundary lines and the subsequent
control of territory acquired. But It
should -be enough for any American
citizen, whatever mny toe his political
opinions, to know that our boys are
being killed, our flag Is being assailed
and our authority is being defied.
Personally I have thought, and still
think, that had wo counled with the
ratification of the peace treaty an as?
surance In the nature of the declaration
made for Cuban Independence there
would have been no serious dlsluvb?nce
in the Philippines, and that we would
now be in the penceful possession of the
archipelago, as wo arc In control of
Cuba. I believe It Is not too late, even
now, to make this broad declaration of
our policy, assuring domestic control of
Internal affairs, combined with the
guarantee of 'independence whenever.
In the opinion of this government, the
Filipinos are able to administer a gov?
ernment which will protect life, secure
property, maintain law and order, and
meet the demands of civilization.
In referring to the marked Industrial
development of the South during the
last few years Mr. Howoll said:
We have us yet but touched the bor?
ders of Asiatic trade, and wllh any?
thing like a fair busls for operation,
giving us a vantage- ground from
where wc can participate-In the fruits
of that newly opening market, we will
look confidently to the day when the
Routh. Inking Its sister States of other
occllon by the hand, will point to her
overflowing apron of riches, and lead
the Joyful chorus that sings the nation's
Mr. Howell made a strong, plea In
favor of the construction of the Nicara?
gua Canal, if the new century com?
mits the government to the under?
taking, ho said, the nation will have
occasion for congratulation at such an
auspicious opening of an era In which
Its' greatest triumphs uro yet to be
achieved. With Hawaii and the Phil?
ippine Islands, the Nicaragua Canal Is
Inevitable; and whatever differences of
opinion may exist as to tho advisa?
bility of our having acquired the two
former. there should be none as to the
In concluding the speaker said:
Much In being said of the dangers of
Imperialism. If that term implies the
creation of a vast standing army which
Shall he interposed between tho people
nod their rights as guaranteed by the
constitution, I would say that wo want
none, of It hero: if it means a cen?
tralized government with one-man
power, with the Staten shorn of their
fuu it. n teed authority, I would say that
he day bus come when the people may
well feel alarm for -their security; If it
?mcann that we arc to exchange an ideal
system* at government for an experi?
ment ln_ the turbulent and oppressive
r.ie'lhods" of other countries, 1 would
pray Ihm God might divert the lm
'/Pending calamity. Rut I hnvo faith In
my country. The compact of the
States, made by them, has been guar?
anteed by succeeding generations, and
' generatioiy* yet unborn will take It in
llVrtli: hearts and defend it with their
Mormons in South Carolinn.
(I3y Telegraph to VIrglhlan-Pllot.)
Charleston, S. C, Dec, 111.?Mormon
r.V.derfi, two nt a time, seven years ago,
b<?gi;0 to visit .the great swamp section
cf Hampton county, near tho seacon.it
of thto Rtmc, and made.many converts
among the-,backwoodsmen near Ttldge
Jnhtl. They have now so large a fol?
lowing that they have established n
church, n't which eight Mormon Elders
were at work several weeks ago. The
delegation -to the State Leglclaturo has
lieen asked by the Orthodox peoplo or
Hampton county to work for a law to
extirpate ihc Elders, and say that
"prompt legislation may save them,
from having the mob violence that some
sister States have lately had in trying
to rid themselves or those disgraceful
(By Telegraph to Virglnlan-Pllot.)
Baton Rouge, La., Dec. 21.?At the
Democratic State convention to-day
Senator Estoplnat, of St. Bernard Pat
Isl^ was nominated for Lieutenant
Governor, and John T. Michel, of Or?
leans, was nominated to succeed him?
self a3 Secretary of State.
The resolutions adopted support the
Chicago platform, denounce trusts,
favor the Federal control of levees and
the building of the Isthmian Cunul und
the deepening of the passes of/' the
mouth of the river, and endorse the
administration of Governor Foster.
The platform concludes:
"We congratulate the people that the
organic laws of the State without un?
due political excitement or upheaval
have been so amended as to Insure the
supremacy of the white race und the
salvation of Caucasian civilization in
Louisiana at the same time that the
best interests of all the people of the
:5t?te, both white and black, have been
carefully protected."
An attempt was made to provide that
future nomination be made by white
primaries throughout the Slate, but It
tailed to get a quarter of the voles in
the convention. The result of the con?
vention Is considered ao an adminis?
tration victory with the single excep?
tion of Judge Guion as Attorney-Gen?
eral, in which the argument that his
opponent was a corporation attorney
was used with telling effect. The re?
sult practically ensures the election of
Governor Murphy J. Foster to the Sen?
ate to succeed Senator Caffery. It had
been conceded that Senator W. V>. Mc
Bnery would be re-qlected and the su?
gar parishes will make a strong fight
for him. but h!?3 attitude In this cam?
paign wan regarded a3 nnli-admlnlstra
llon, and there wns talk of ex-Senator
Binnchurd entering the llsls against
A Burglary Nlpporl.
Policemen Wade and Mnyo, assisted
by Officer Mason, arrested William
Harris and .Tamea Williams, colored,
for breaking Into the store window of
the second-hnnd clothing house on the
east side of Church street just north of
Union. The crash of the broken glass
called the officer's attention, and the
two were'arrested before they had time
to get any plunder. Harris has been
watched for several days past as a sus?
picions character. Williams Is un?
known to the police. Both will be ex?
amined this morning.
Mr. Boutelle III.
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Boston, Mass., Dec. 21.?Congressman
C.'A. Boutelle, of Maine, who ij^at
Young's .Hotel, has been taken seri?
ously 111. The nature of his trouble is
not given out.
is frequently induced by in?
jurious headache powders.
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tissues or organs in effecting
its cure?it is ROYAL Head?
ache Tablets. This remedy is
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formula, and cures quickly,
but cures harmlessly.
Bewaro of substitution?ask for Royal
Headache Tablets?and get them.
i doses 10 cents. Dealers and Druggists
sell Royal Headache Tablets.
Notice to Customers
Wo hereby announce that a REDUC?
for illuminating Gas consumed after Jan?
uary 1st, 1900, of 10 cents per thousand
from the regular rato.
Bills will bo subject to tho usual dis?
count of 20 cents per thousand for
prompt payment by Gth of following
The Company desires to lake this op?
portunity to say that further reductions
nro under contemplation nnd that these
will be put Into effect as soon as practica?
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TM vi'V.* other. AV/W.I(in?rr.?jt:nil?f!fu. V
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Is founded upon wise real estate Investments Is pretty generally conceded, but tbo following statoments from some of
the well known millionaires has Us vnlne as proving that claim. In nn address on "Tho Gospel of Wealth." Androw
Carnegie said: "Fortunes do exist and will continue to be made hereafter by tho Increaro In tho value of real estate more
than by all other causes combined."
Senator .Tones, of Nevada, speaking of the growth of great fortunes, said: There Is only one sure way to get rich and
that Is to buy what is called "outs de" real estate and hang onto It unll It becomes "Inside" property. Tho great for?
tunes of the country have boon muda In this way. I tell you, young man, no Investment on earth la so safe, so sur?, so
certain to enrich Its owner as undeveloped real estate. I always advise my young friends to plant their savings In realty
near a growing city. Purchase a ?ood sized tract and wait for suro and certain returns of the growth of this wondorful
country of ours to mnko you masters of your own fortunes."
Andrew J. Drexcl siys: "I believe that there Is no more certain or reliable property to bo held than real estate."
Mrs. Hetty Green, the richest woman In A.nerlea, worth $60.000,000, says that it was exclusively in real estate transac?
tions that all of her Immense fortune was made.
The abovo aro strong nnd pointed testimonials from persons who have made their fortunes, but those who read this
advertisement must use judgment In purchasing. Notice how swiftly Port Norfolk property Is becoming "inside prop?
erty." S'J lots of tho Port Norfolk Investment Company havo been sold the pust woek, and some of them wUl bo Im?
proved with modern dwellings In tho very near future.
In Improving nnd beautifying Its property at Tort Norfolk. The improvements added to the natural charm of the place
make this the most desirable suburban residence section on the harbor.
The prices of lots Is ridiculously cheap, considering tho natural advantages of the property. Think of it. Improved lots
right In the line of tho greatest growth on the harbor at less than $200 per lot on payments of $10 per month. Wo con
never have a ?rent city on Ihi.i harbor without plac ng this property In close toueh with Its business centre. Look On your
map nnd not'.co how rapidly the centre of population Is moving in the direction of llus property. This fact speaks Vol?
umes In favor of this property and tells In unmistakable language that In the coming years this will become tho bus?
iness centre of tbo vast population that will mike this tho greatest South AHlantlc seaport.
Hotter take advantage of the inevitable nnd get a sharo of the profit by making a largo investment In solid growing
real estate right In the path of Improvements.
Port Norfolk and Pinner's Point section baa crown from a population of S00 to over 3.000 In five years. What wilt It
he. live years hence'.' If a few years has changed this section to one of the busiest rallroud sections on the coast, can
It bo doubted that a few yoirs hence wo will have wholesale houses, banks and all that goes to make a great commercial
centre? It :s sure to come, and tho wiso will not wait until prices, are so advanced as to precluo their purohaslag.
There has been a large call for lots, and prices will be raised within a short time.
Call for maps and gensral information on tho agents of tho Company, or on
Office Columbia Building, Norfolk, Ua.
On December 31st we will move to larger quarters, and for this reason offer our entire
stock of Pianos and Organs at less than manufacturer's cost.
and if you want to get your money's worth don't buy until you have examined our stock.
are the Largest Manufacturers of Pianos and Organs
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Instruments shipped to any part of the State, freight prepaid. Catalogues mailed free.
Old instruments taken in exchange. Call early and secure first choice. ^

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