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Both Houses of the General As?
sembly Pass It.
Senator .tiny mini, of l'orinmoiiib, 01
".?seilt? not Wnntt'U"?Iiiiirad Grab
ber*' Ij>mt Nu?l>on?lcil-A Ulli Re.
commit led-A Oroi-h llnilo n Itlv?>i
by I.cgnl Eimcimml- l<mnl ?nn<-.
AbollMlied-NcI for lldir lii?.
(Special to Virglnlan-PUot.)
Richmond, V?U, Dec. 21.?The bill Im?
posing a tax of 15 cents per ton on fer?
tilizers now only lacks the Governor's:
signature to be a law. After wrestling
?with the bill nearly the whole day it
was passed, wlih some amendments of
an unlmportunt nature.
"When the bill came back from the
committee to which It was referred yes?
terday at the request of the fertilizer
people, there were several amendments
s?gg.sted. to which the S natc prompt?
ly ag. e.d, the most Impor.ant being the
one requiring the Commissioner of Ag?
riculture to give bond In the sum of
$30,000 for the faithful performance of
his duties, and providing that the In?
spectors required shall be chosen from
the several grand divisions of the State,
and that not more than one shall be
up pointed from any one congressional
An amendment olTeied by Mr. Barks
dale was adopted, making the .salary of
Inspectors $75 a month and expenses.
An amendment offered by Senator
Mcliwaine was adopted providing that
any surplus derived by the tonnage tnx
over und above the expenses of? In?
spectors nnd cost of.analysis shall be
used in experimenting in plant produc?
The bill was then passed after a few
more amendments had been offered bv
the following votet
Ayes?Senators Blakey, Bruce, Clay
tor, Cogbill, Dlnwlddle, Donohoe, Eg
gleston, Flood, Glass. Cold, James
-Keezell, Lupton, Mann, Massie, M?y
nard,. Mcliwaine, Morris, Munford
OdIc, Shands, St. Clalr, Steele, T?te
Tyler, Walker, Whltehenl and Wick
(Noes?Senators Barksdnle, Fairfax
Lyle, Sands nnd Wallnce?5.
Senator Jeffries, who was opposed to
the net, .paired -with Senator Harvey
who favored it.
The Senate, besides the fertilizer bill
transacted considerable business to?
Senator Tyler got through, under :
suspension of the rules, House' bill to
Incorporate Newport News Lodge, B.
P. O. E., No. 315.
Senator Mnynard Introduced the fol?
lowing blllt
"That it shall be unlawful for any
agent or solicitor to call ator enter any
agent or solicitor to call at or enter any
a notice posted at or near the front
door or gate "Agents not wanted."
nie bill provides for a fine of "$5 for
a violation of the act.
Senator Eggleston introduced a bill
to repeal an act to define the powers
and limitations or building and loan
associations. The patron spates thnt
the object of the measure Is to take
from the associations the power to
charge .usurious Interest.
A bill was offered by Senator Cogbill
to amend the act In relation to working
and keening In repair roads and
bridges In Gooehlnnd.
Senator Tyler offered a mdnsure to
amend certain sections of the charter
of the city of Newport News. ?
A bill was presented by Senator Eg?
gleston to a'inend the charter of the
town of Chnse City.
Senate bill Introduced by Mr. GJn?s to
suspend for a period of 40 days the op?
eration of the "Land-Grnbbers' " law
came back to the Senate with a Holism
amendment, providing that nothing
contained in the bill should be con?
strued na Interfering with applications
pending at the time the bill 1? passed.
The Senate concurred In the House
The following House bills were
To Incorporate Hampton Lodge of
To amend act incorporating United
Land and Investment Company.
To amend charter of Potts Valley
Railroad and Iron Company.
The bill "to authorize the president or
any mining, manufacturing, or storage
company, or any person nr firm en?
gaged in the mining, manufacturing, or
storage business, with the approval of
the county or corporation courts to ap?
point public agents, who shall bo au?
thorized to net as conservators of the
ponce within certain limits," was. l\>Md
up In the reading by Mr. Folkes. The
patron of the hill. Mr, Patteson, wished
to have It passed by. but Mr. Folkes. In
n two-minute speech, pointed out Hint
the bill. In his opinion, wns one of the
mo:'t Iniquitous ever before the l.etis
lature, in that provision was made for
the Introduction or rinlterton detectives
and for the inauguration of (llfiturb
hnees. ?stich as have occurred at the
Homestead mines In Pennsylvania.
After Mr. Folios' motion the bill wa?
recommitted to the committee for
courts or Justice, nMer the motion to
pnr? by had been voted down.
The House bills passed were ns fol?
To pro?ld? tnr 'be working and k.< p
Ing In >'.???.'-. op nl-v vtpYl d W-oirinn
in-.: th'f pui 11 r a s I h" >' uni
Bl-wnswIrV nn>1 for t!?<- ???i"d " - ? ml
Utefinx In repair ine rii'.*f)sfOs I t'-o
BSxtA '?'/*!!>?'/,
f" u.7""-:>'l t-.rtr) re-enr.O! P""H n "~*
Of th* COfJs of 1SS7. In rolat'on to t ;
H<cvrtm<< x v, bo deposited .with tin
trcaMK?r fry foreign and home Insur?
ance notnp&nies.
To repeal an act entitled an act pro?
viding for the working and. .keeping in
repair the roads in the counties of
Brunswick, Nottuway and Amelia.
To prohibit, the killing ot fish In
Clinch river in the county of Russell
with dynamite or other explosives and
to prescribe a punlshmcn. tiier for.
To amend section 1, chapter 517, Acts
lSii"-"98, to prevent hoj,.* from running
at large In the county of Russell.
To change the mmj of Newport News
creek, locuted in the city ot Newport
News, and to call the same Newport
To create Fa'rm-.unt d st let. In Fnlr
(icld mnglsletlal dlsttlct, In the county
of Itenrico.
To amend and re-enact an act en?
titled an act to regulate killing, cap?
turing, hunting, buying, selling, or of
f< ring for sale partridges (or quail),
wild turkeys, hares, robin red-brea=t.
and a!l native pheasant*, in'the county
t Albemarle, and to p:o Iblt the cateh
?pht of the same In traps, or the destruc?
tion of eggs?of the s-nme In said coun?
ty approved Jununry 25, 1S0S, and to
apply the provisions rf the same to the
c ty of Charlottesyille.
Senate bills were passed as follows:
To enable commissioners In chancery
tu adjourn proceedings before them
from their own county of corporation
to any other county or corporation, and
there continue such proceedings and
take depositions and oth'er evidence and
?nrcful attendance of witnesses.
For the relief of "W. J. B. Duncan, of
The House, after disposing ot the
fertilizer bill, adjourned until January
3d. The Senate, however, took up the
bill to abolish the Register of the Land
Office. It was passed after some fili?
bustering, and the Senate adjourned
until January 3d.
The onponents of the bill to abolish
the Register of Land Office filibustered,
and supporters of the measure were
unable 'to muster a quorum. There
was a call of the Senate. Senators
Glass, Mann and others, who had left
the chamber, were arrested and brought
in. They were excused, but their pre?
sence making a quorum, the bill was
Time has been set for hearing bills
before the House Committee on General
Laws as follows:
January 4th.?By Mr. Parks: To fa?
cilitate the construction of telegraph
lines along and upon the right of way
of railroads In Virginia and to provide
for the condemnation thereof.
January Cth.?By Mr. Folkes: To re?
quire nil electric street railways to
plnce under ground all their trolley-car
January 6th.?By Mr. Folkes: To re?
quire all telegraph, telephone and elec?
tric light companies to remove and
place under frround nil their overhead
wires by the first of January, 1902.
January nth.?By Mr. Whitehcad: In
'?elntion to duties and powers of the
State Bonrd of Health.
January 11th.?By Mr. Gravely: To
prohibit pools, trusts, monopolies and
conspiracies to control business and
prices of nrtlcles: to prevent the for?
mation or operation of pools, trusts,
monopolies and combinations of char
tern of eorporntlons that violate the
icrms of this act, and to authorize the
Institution of prosecutions and suits
January 13th.?By Mr. Bland: To
prohibit the employment of children In
? lie manufacturing establishments of
this State, and to provide for the en
fnrcoment of the same by the Labor
(Special to Vlrglnlan-Pllot.)
Newport News, Va?, Dec. 21.?The
Seaboard Medical Association will be
tendered a banquet at the Warwick on
the evening of January 12th. Consider?
able preparation Is being made by the
committees In charge here for the vis?
There has been a decided change for
the belter since Pollen Justice Brown
punished W. II. Davis so severely on
the charge of shooting into another
man's house In East End under the Im?
pression that It was the home of Rev.
T. J. MacKay.
"I am not bothered any more by
them." snld Mr. MacKay, "and I do not
expect any more trouble."
The minister now walks abroad with?
out a body-punrrl.
The end of the Davis-Powell ease Is
not yet, for a number of citizens In
Enst End have announced (heir Inten?
tion of prosecuting them for felony.
The first proceedings were under mls
? loinennor Ftntutes.
In the meantime, the preacher has
not yet entered suit for slander ncrainst
I those who have been spreading evil re
norts about him. The^o evil reports.
h? says, hnve nhout died down, but
their effnet remains, nnd will remain
until the preneher Is vindicated by the
The Democratic City Exceptive Com?
mittee has endorsed C. C. Mit.-hell for
Ibe nnpointmont of Commonwealth's
Attorney; to fill the vacancy caused by
the death of J. K. M. Newton. It I?
expected Hint tbl.s nppotntpient will no!
bo made until the Legislature plve^ the
city a City Attorney. When this I*
rinne (he Tllrtare of the Corporation
Court win appoint the Commonwealth's
B>1 .QODIIOTj"*!).
Ronnoke, Vn., Pec. 31. ?A special
from New Castle, says: Wednesday
cue of the prisoners, a negro, confined
lit the Flncnstle Jnll broke out nhd
left for the mountains. The sheriff ne
nured n blootllv und and tracked hljn to
this place, where he was quietly ar?
rested In the store of Walker & Cal l-,
The bloodhound entered; the store,
nnrttrfter sniffing at the heels of many
people, lifted hlni*clf up with n speech
Miss Brown Returns to Her Home
in North Carolina.
ClllKPU* Her Pnaiince-Two Hoya
I'utnlittly Injured ? JTIurUer <ano
to II u Triad?Ati Apprunaliln^ Mar?
(Special lo Virglnlan-Pllot.)
Suffolk, Va., Dec. 21.?Miss Annie
Brown left to-day for her home In
Eowdcn, N. C, a much wiser woman,
espcclclly on the subject of elopements.
She was' also sadder and poorer.
Annie Is the young- lady_who was one
of an eloping party that left home
yesterday for Suffolk, where she ex?
pected to wed. Frank Flynn was the
A number of citizens put up enough
money to nay Annie's way home.
Flynn Is caring for the cash that used
to be hers, and also a gold ring and
Captain Hart, the conductor whose
train carried away Flynn from Tunis,
where he abandoned his prospective
bride, says Flynn got off at G-oIdsboro,
N. C. Miss Brown told someone in
Suffolk that Flynn's home was about
300 miles west of Goldsboro. He was
living at Bowden temporarily.
An 8-year-old son of W. C. Simpson,
Wbaleyvllle, begun celebrating Christ?
mas too soon and had his hand nearly
blown off. A large cannon cracker ex?
ploded In that member. Dr. Rlddlck
says It is one of the worst accidents
of the kind he ever saw.
A young son of Superintendent G. B.
Robertson, of Wbaleyvllle, got two of
his fingers caught In the cogs of a
machine. They were painfully crushed.
The little fellow mannged to withdraw
the fingers and get home without let?
ting the mill employes know about It.
The Lotus Club young women had a
pleasant meeting this afternoon with
Miss Jessie Nurney, at 22 Kllby street.
It was a sort of business meeting, and
plans were dlsucssed for the big
Christmas reception. A luncheon of
Charlotte Russe, jelly and cream was
Miss Lillian Rawles. of Lower Parish,
will, on December 27th, be married to
Mr. J. S. Miller, of Portsmouth. She is
a daughter of Mr. George Rawles. The
ceremony will take place December
27th, at Berea Christian Church.
There was a muslcale to-night at
Nansemond Seminary. There were some
very entertaining musical and literary
numbers. A good-sized audience was
Frank M. Pierce to-day llled an in?
strument, aval.lng himself of the home?
stead law. Among the articles enum?
erated as exc-mpt were: Peanuts, J O;
furniture, $175; corn, SCO; farm tools,
$G5: hoRs. $50; gun and watch, $45; bi?
cycle. 540. The whole amount of articles
named in the bill Is J5SS.
A bill of sale was filed from S. A.
Davis to L. W. Caulk, conveying
among other things, a stock of groce?
ries near Pitch Kettle and 135,000 bricks.
Dr. L. Rh Bennett & Bro.'s -vaude?
ville combination will commence a two
nights' engagement at the City Hall
Theater next Monday night. The com?
pany has been enlarged to double its
former size, and carries a splend.d or?
chestra. Two and one-half hours of
continuous laughter. Entire change of
program nightly. A street parade will
take place on Christmas day.
C.iptaln Tom Thompson yesterday
caught a pretty big drum-fish. It
weighed 60 pounds, and If fat would
have been fifteen pounds heavier. Its
bead was as b.g as a peck-rmnsure.
Mr. Will.am N. Camp, of Alb.on, Flo.,
has sent some Florida oranges to the
Baptist Sunday school children In Suf?
The pupils of the East Suffolk Meth?
odist Sunday school will have their
Christmas tree exercises to-morrow
The mnrri-.ige of Dr. George Vander
sl'lce to M.ss Annie Pnt-biia at Pho.bu
yesterday, was attended by several of
the groom's relatives In Suffolk, among
them being Mrs. G. C. and Miss Kate
Vnudcrsllcc and Mrs. Lee Brill. The
bride and gr^om passed through Suf?
folk to-day.
Dr. James Murray, of Hnmpderi Sid?
ney. Va., is being entertained by his
brother. Dr. W. W. Murray, in Suffolk
The visiting minister will preach at the
P/r< sbyterlan Church Sunday morning.
Miss Bessie Cropper, who teacher
school In North Carolina, came home
to-day to visit her parents, Dr. and
Mrs. T. E. Cropper,
Mr. T. J. Whitfield 1s 111 with throat
Itt r. J. F. Love will next Sunday
(ill his postponed preaching engage?
ment at Driver.
The County Supervisors will have
their last meeting of the year next Sat?
Mr. .T. F. Hostetter. of Klnston, N. C.
Is visiting his family In Suffolk.
Miss Verna Hnlslend has gone to see
relatives in No'-folk county,
Mr. R. Paul Jones, of Norfolk, is bo
V_/> NIGHTS, commencing CHRISTMAS
NIGHT. Hr. R. L. Bennett & Bro.'s
Ten people; superb Orchestra; 2y. hours'
continuous Inupiiter.
PRICKS?I*ower floor, 25c.; reserved
Gallery, reserved, S5c. Box Of
Hcd In the Theatre will open at G:30 p.
Sale of reserved scats only on day or per?
formances, de;2-3t
.. 7 the Suffolk Cnndy?Kitchen this time.
:r Homo-Made Mixtures nice ami
? \ Luscious California Fruits. Fine
r.fcrtlons. do2t-:n
t f ? vi'ng been a pi ??InteF "city
i * Ticket Agent for the SOUTHERN
vii.way, 1 can now sell
,i .ill point* on that rondt as well ns to
..II points via Norfolk, ' V? ashlngton and
Kalttinore. See me before you leave.
W. Q. El.A M, Suffolk, Va.,
At Woodward & Elara's Ins, Office.
_-?- i i . ???^?TiiMWiwWr'Bi^a
?Tna^BTOBg??"pwnToward the end of the
j j Civil War papers contain
\\ 9<&is\ ) in8 the Plans of camPaign>
If si fit | whereby Sherman and
^^S^I^^^S ^ Grant were to cooperate,
I jaggg^^^iW^^\ were mysteriously stolen
from the War Department
at Washington, and a trusted member of the
Confederate Secret Service Bureau was deputed
to put them into the hands of Jefferson Davis'
cabinet. This daring attempt and how it failed
?an almost unknown chapter of history, are the
subjects of an intensely interesting short story.
In. the Christmas Number of
Richard Harding Davis $!^?u^ ^\
of the Post a story, La Lettre d'Amour, that will. |s**?f*"Sf;
appeal with equal force to both men and women. It * ll&^y^ yj
is characterized by that distinction of style and ^Mltl ip;
subtle charm which pervade all of Mr. Davis' work. \MTt?p*
THE SATURDAY EVENING POST was established in 1728 by J^>S\^^\^
Denjamin Franklin, and has been regularly published as a weekly paper yt^^JivK^Sj^^.' A^^.
for 171 years. It is an illustrated magazine, published weekly. ^^wj^^^^^/J''^^
To be had of All Newsmen at 5 Cents the Copy, or sent by mall 5 Months, ^4$mjjp
on trial, for $1.00 vS?f
ing entertained by Suffolk friends.
Contractor George L. Barum got back
to-day from Georgetown, S- C. It will
take him till next fall to finish the mill
plant there.
Miss Inez Garrett, who 1s taking a
special vocal course at Suffolk College,
left to-day to pass the holidays with
her parents, in Northampton county.
Miss Kate Lcary. of Edenton, N. C,
has finished a stay with Miss Etta
Barum, on Grace street.
Miss Louise McAnge got back to-day
from a Maryland school, at which she
Is a student.
Assistant consul to Japan, Hunter
Sharpe, Is In Suffolk as Councilman W.
N. McAnge's guest.
Captain H. P. Brooks and family will
leave to-morrow for Baltimore to pass
the holidays.
Mrs. J. 15. Ballarrt Is critically 111.
A prominent Norfolk doctor was called
Chnmbllss Eley and Bobert Webb got
'?>oroo to-night from Hampden-Sldney
(Special to Virginian-Pilot.)
Petersburg, Va., Dec. 21.?Judge J. M.
Mullen, of the Hustings Court, to-day
granted a charter of Incorporation to
W. G. S. Watklns, E. B. Sydnor. John
Gibson, Jr., John R. Jolly, Jr., nnd E.
B. Whit more, under the name of the
Petersburg Dry Goods Company, to do
a general wholesale and retail business
In dry goods, notions, cloaks, hats, caps,
boots, shoes, ladies' and gentlemen's
furnishing goods.
I learned to-day from a gentleman
from Sussex that two Mormon Elders
are holding meetings and nre circu?
lating their literature In the neighbor?
hood of Elm? PostoiTlee, In that coun?
ty. They have made one convert.
Miss Jennie Hood Dlvesay and Mr.
Nathaniel Robert Burrow, both of
Prince George county, the former of
Brandon, and the latter of BurrowB
vllle, were Joined In the holy bonds of
matrimony yesterday morning at 0
o'clock. The ceremony was solemnized
In I'.randon Episcopal Church by the
Rev. E. T. Towson. Mr. Joe Burrow,
brother of the groom, acted as best
man. and Miss Mollle Llveeay, sister
of the bride, was mnld of honor. Tht
bridesmaids were Misses Minnie ,D\ve
say, Annie Moss.' Julia Dnnacntt nnd
Itosn Adams. The I'shers were Messrs,
George Hatch, Collier Laughrldge.
Jonah Harrison and Leonard Bradv
The church was elaborately decorated
in honor of the occasion. The bride Is
a daughter of Mr. Alex. Ulvesay, of
Brandon. The groom Is a popular.cit?
izen of Prince George county. The
bridal presents were numerous and
There wns n pretty marriage yester?
day afternoon at 4 o'clock at Ocrnn
Church, In Dlnwiddle county. The
nnrties to this union were Mr. Jeter
Thomas and Miss Belle Meade. Rev.
Mr. Bay officiated. The ushers w*re
Messrs. John Thomas, brother of the
groom (best man), Berkley Clarke,
Robert Powell and Heath Booth.
Mr. W. B. Thomas, late of Michigan,
has taken charge as director of the
Grey's Band- The band will give an
open air concert on the corner of Syca?
more and Lombard streets tomorrow
night at 7:30 o'clock.
John Carter, a colored butcher of this
city, who was convicted in the Cor?
poration Court of this city of felo?
niously assaulting John Thomas, of
Norfolk, with a beer bottle, and whose
punishment was fixed at one year in.
the penitentiary, and whose sentence
was subsequently commuted by the
Governor to six months' Imprisonment
in the city Jail, was released from jail
this afteraoon, having been pardoned
by the Governor.
Invitations have been Issued for the
marriage of Miss Lillian Louise Gates
and Mr. Robert Lee Bowman, which
will take place Wednesday, ? January
3d next, at 6 p. m., in St. John's Episco?
pal Church, "Wilmington, N. C. The
bride-elect Is u daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. George Gates, of Wilmington,
and the prosittive groom Is a promi?
nent druggist of this city.
Mr. William Crlckton to-day resigned
the olllce of High Constable- This af?
ternoon Judge Mullen appointed Mr.
John A. Mallory to the olllce for the
unexplrod term. Mr. Mallory qualified
this evening by giving bond in the
penalty bf $500
(Special to Virglnian-Pllot.)
Cape Charles, Va., Dec. 21.?"Skid
more Island," which lies a few miles
out in the Atlantic from Brighton, the
latter a small trading post and harbor
at the lower end of the Peninsula, Is
famous as splendid ducking grounds,
and the owner of the l.ttle Island, Cap?
tain Skldmorc, Is generally kept busy
this time of year ca.ing for and enter?
taining sportsmen, not only at home,
but from abroad. So far this season he
h..s extended his hospitality to an un?
usually large number of sportsmen and
this light-hearted class Is constantly
coming and going from his shores a:l
the time. Among those now being en?
tertained by Captain Skldmore> is the
following party of six from Pennsyl?
vania, who for years back have visited
this Island every year: Mr. and Mrs.
H. Wend?ll, Miss Gary, S.. Stuart Wen
dol|, Douglass C. Wendell a.cl' Frank
Wendell. They are hn vl g sp'l ndld suc?
cess and arc as imii<h'. delighted as was
e\er Grover Cleveland, when he'rusti?
cated- op our shores! ; ?
Mr. f? ?vei n B. Travis and wife, or this
place, have arranged - to spend the hol?
idays with friends In Washington.
As some of the pulpits attending th?
school of the Holy Family In this place
ur< desirous of leaving for their homes
to spend Christmas, the entertainment
announced for Wed osday and Thurs?
day next has been changed to Tuesday
and Wednesday evenings.
The two 'newspapers In this place,?
the Pioneer and the Light? will not
print editions next week. The Vlrgin
Inn-Pilot, however, will furnish nil the
news. Get it!
Cnptuln T. J. Mlllignn, or this place,
an experienced oyster and fish man,
repres ntlng the wholesale fish house In
Phlladelph a of F. p. Larkin, took cold
from ixp..-suic on n recent busli.e s trip
to North and .South Carolina, and is,
-In consequence, on the sick list.
Dr. John C. Wysor. surgeon In charge
of the Chcsnp ako and Ohl > ha-ipital In
Clifton Forge, spent several days on
the .Shore this week duck-shooting. He
was with Capialn Harry Merry's party
at Cobb Island.
J. W. Allen, of Pocomoke. and W. T.
Fills, of Porlsm uth, wer.? realst.red at
the Northampton yesterday.
Thomas E. Gay, of Damalscotta,
Maine, rcglsterted a: the St. Charles
Hotel this week, and later went over
to Portsmouth. Ho represents the
Kennebee Natural Ice Company, which
has an extensive trade at Portsmouth
and at this place.
W. Kowvenhover, W. H. and J. M.
Ryder, and a. V. Snydam, of Brooklyn,
N. Y., have returned from a two weeks'
gunning expedition on Skidmore
Mr. James Irwin,'lumber dealer from
Philadelphia, has returned home from
a business visit to Northampton. He
registered at the Cnpe Charles.
Mr. Clement S. Whittlngton, of Cape
Charles, assistant engineer on the New
York,Philadelphia and Norfolk steamer
Old Point, has placed the Cape Charles
correspondent of the Virginian-Pilot
under obligations for courtesies.
Mr. Henderson D. Travl9, proprietor
of the (Northampton Hotel, returned
from the seaside to-day with a large
bunch of ducks. TJfpe gentleman Is an
export shot. -V
Mr. John T. Daniel, of this place, ad?
ministrator of the estate of the late
Frances C. Rolley, will make sale next
week of the personal property of de?
cedent. Thls'will probably be the
largest sale of the kind ever mode on
the Eastern Shore, the appraisement
list covering nhout a thousand Items.
Miss Page 'Nottingham, of EastvlUe,
was on a visit here this week among
friends. IV-., . .
Mr. Warren B. Rutter, of Philadel?
phia, has returned to his home. He
was here In his official capacity as
purchasing agent for the New York.
Philadelphia and Norfolk.
Mrs E Warren, of Cheapslde. Is in*
Falrh?ven, N> X, visiting relatives.
Miss May Paulette. of Farmville. is
in Cape Charles on a visit to her school ,
friend. Miss Ruth Wilson.
Joseph B. Savage, of Franktown
and Thomas I. Kent, of Parksley. have
taken advantage of tile, bankrupt 1-aw.
Master Charlie Vincent was badly
burned by a powder explosion the
0tMrrsd John W. Carroll has returned
home after a pteusant visit among
friends la Maryland. ' " ',
I? '.'i.e.' r>e.V ? *W. r.Vrrt-'-r.*.- J . ..? .?.?.'. -*"!'--'

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