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The Royal Blue.
The October number opens the fourth
volume of the "Book of the Royal
Blues" one of the highest grade and
best known railway publications In the
world. Through Its "Book of the Royal
Blue," the Baltimore and Ohio rail?
road has become famous In all civilized
binds. Interesting articles arc: "A
Model Ticket Office," "Some Fast
Trains of the B. & O. R. R.," "Electro
mobile Service or the B. & O. R. R.,"
"A Little More of Southern Ohio His?
tory." and "The Mammoth Coal Pier
of the B. & O. R. R." This pier, which
Is located at Curtis Bay. Baltimore,
and is one of the largest in the world,
1b illustrated by a fine full-page half?
tone. The feast of good things closes
With a full page of "Stub Ends or
Thought," by Mr. Arthur G. Lewis, of
Norfolk, Southern Passenger Agent of
the Baltimore and Ohio railroad.
Spanish Prison Irons
Detective Chlldress has some queer
prison relics of the Spanish war. They
were given to him by a sailor, who
Baid they wore taken. They are hand?
cuffs and anklets made of the llnest
steel, and attached with steel chains.
The sailor said that they were on a
Cuban officer whom the Spanish had
captured and held as a prisoner till
the Americans rescued him.
<Ey Telegraph to Vlrginlun-PlloU
Washington. D. C, Oct. 15.?The Su?
premo Court of the United States to?
day granted the motion of the govern?
ment to advance the Neely cases, and
assigned them for hearing November
12. The cases came up from the Fede?
ral Court of Now York on the decision
of Judge Wallace denying a writ of
habeas corpus, The government Is
very anxious for n decision which will
nettle the constitutional questions in?
volved. The court also assigned for
the same day the two cases which In?
volve the great question us to whether
the Constitution extends over the now
possessions of the United States.
One is tlie cast; of Goctz, a New York
tobacco Importer, appealing from a de?
cision or the United States District
Court for the Southern District of Now
York affirming the decision of the
Hoard of General Appraisers, making
tobacco dutiable under the Porto Rico
tariff net.
The other comes to the Supreme
Court under the title "Fourteen dia?
mond rings VS. the United States." It
comes up on appeal from the Federal
Court of Illinois. One <'. VV. Poke, a
soldier of a South Dakota regiment,
which served In the Philippines, is the
claimant. When he returned home from
the Philippines he brought with him
the diamonds. They were seized by
the Federal authorities In Chicago and
confiscated as smuggled goods.
Through Peke's agency suit was
brought to recover them on the ground
that as the Philippines were part or
the United States within the meaning
of the Constitution and that no import
duty could be levied, that the diamonds
were not dutiable and. therefore, were
unlawfully seized. The lower court, In
both Instances, sustained the action of
the Federal authorities.
In the case of Daniel Gray Wiley,
plaintiff, In error, vs. Slnklcr and other
election Officers of South Carolina for
refusing to allow the plaintiff to vote
for member of Congress, the court held
that Wiley's right t<> voio for mem?
ber of Congress was undoubted; but
that the plaintiff, having failed to reg?
ister, that defer! was fatal. The Judg?
ment of the lower court was affirmed.
(By Telegraph to Vlrginlan-Pllot.)
Washington, Oct. 15.?The following
(?'lie lal accoun' of the rescue of Cap
lain Shields and his command from the
Filipinos has been received at the War
i a-j artmcnl:
"Manila, -.
"To Adjutant-General, Washington:
"Information from Mnrlnduque Just
received that Captain shields and is
men Company?ft?Twcntyniiilh?regi
tnent, U. s. Volunteer Infantry, two
corporals Company A, Twenty-ninth
regiment; one civilian; American negro,
prisoners in hands of insurgents, have
been turned over to General L. It.
Hare. More particulars soon, giving
names killed and wounded.
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot)
New York, Oct. 15.?Miss Gast com?
pleted her ride of 2,000 miles nt TiO?1,?
this evening. She covered the distance
In 222 hours f>'/: minutes, beating the
record of Will Brown by three hours
and one minute. At the conclusion
of her ride Miss Gast wns examined by
two physicians who pronounced her
in good condition. She said to-night
that if she should bo feeling as well
as she exported in the morning she
would start on another one thousand
mile ride.
Will Import Gold
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
New York, Oct. IS.?It Is announced
that the National City Bank has en?
gaged $2.500,000 gold for import. Offi?
cials of the bank said that the gold
hud been secured in South Africa and
represents the first output or the mines
or that country since the breaking out
or ho Boer war.
Internal Revenue Decision
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot)
Washington, Oct. 15.?The Commis?
sioner of internal Revenue has decided
that certificates or nominations for
public office, stu b as are required by
somo of the States an I all papers or
instruments relating to the exercise of
the elective franchise, are exempt from
stamp tax.
,Come8 to Virginia
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Seattle, Wash., Oct. 15.?John A. Mc
Cook, United States Consul at Dawson,
has arrived- here from the north on his
?way to New York nnd Virginia Hot
Springs, where ho will be treated for
heart trouble. Ho has obtained leave
of absence until March.
[From photographs taken especially (or this paper.]
The upper picture shows two miners with cans of the much discussed powder upon ilieir shoulders When nhoto
K"?jT i th?' ?CrC lTirnW lh^P?w??r to " co'nP?ny Btrike order had been issued The mwe? pKre
Sork of M ?32 ' l?Ullin? m0t0r drUW8 thB COttl CnrS in tbt' ,nit,CS' am' oue mft<*ln? will perform the
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot)
Bridgeton, N. J.. Oc t. in.?The first j
touch of life was Riven the campaign
here by the arrival or Hon. Adlal E.
Stevenson, the Democratic Vice-Presi?
dential cnhdidnle, who arrived here
shortly after noon. Mr. Stevenson deali
with trusts and Imperialism. He pro
nounccd Imperialism us the paramount,
overshadowing Issue r>r the campaign.
Speaking Of trusts, he said:
"The trust evil is the greatest evil of
this country. In three years over COO I
trusts have grown up, with a capital of
$10.000,000.000, competition has been cut
off and there is no chance for small
capital. You have been told there uro
no trusts, or that the trusts were good
trusts. I ant inclined to think the good
trusts, liko the good Indians, are all
dead. When they talk of four more
years of prosperity. 1 am in favor of
four more years of prosperity for the
common people and not the trusts. The
growth of th-'se corporations has been
so alarinln--' tl);it tnuM 1 i Mill
gent laws against them. Into whose
hands will you put the enactment of
these Haws? Under whom have they j
grown? or who is opposed to the trusts
and to whom are the trusts opposed,
the Democratic party? The interests
of your families ami of tin- country
are not Identical with the interests of
the men who have built up those enor?
mous corporations.
Camden. N. J.. Oct. 15.?Adlal E.
Stevenson concluded his tour of south
Jersey to-night by addressing a large
mooting In the Courthouse, B'ive thous?
and persons were unable to obtain ad?
mittance in Camden over night. He
will leave for Now York City early in
the morning.
dkltn Aan E%oTA orhlsti' 77890$. .$$$
(By Telegraph to Virainian-Pllot.)
Milwaukee. WIs., October 15.?Senator )
Hanns, Senator Freye, of Maine, and the
other Republican notables who left
Chicago this morning for a tour of the
Northwest, made their first stop at Ra?
cine Junction, Wisconsin. wh< re ;i large
crowd composed principally of working
men. from nearby shops was in waiting,
"Hello, Mnrk" cried some one. In the
"Hello, bow do yon do, boys." Faid Don?
ator Hanna with a laugh.
Senator Hanna spoke briefly In part as
?? You have heard a great deal about
the different issues in this campaign.
There are only three weeks left ami we
have not time to talk about anything
but the Issue that Interests you and me.
And that Issue Is our condition at pres?
ent and the continuation of it.
"The fall dinner pall is the best argu?
ment I know of?"
A voice "How a hout the coal mines.''
"The coal mines are all - right. The
strike will he settled this week."
A voice "All wind."
"The only thing I know of that has got
a superfluity of wind are Bryan Demb
"I want to ask this audience of work?
ing men what has W. J. Bryan ever done
for the working people of this country?
There is not a man here but who knows
th?t William McKinley has been the best
friend of the working people of any man
this country ever produced.
Return of RoIuroos Postponed.
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
Cape Town. October 15.?Lord Roberts
has ordered that the return of Refugees
to the Transvaal colony be postponed for
the present.
Yesterday brought to a close the Na?
tional League baseball season for WOO.
All the cluhs. with tin; exception Of
Pittsburg and Chicago, complain of
having lost money. As many as 250
people attended a game in Pittsburg
tin- other day, against 12,000 In former
days. It is stated that none of the
cluhs will carry more than fourteen
men next season.
Brooklyn and Plttsburg met yester?
day in the first game of the post-season
scries for the Chronicle-Telegraph C?p,
in Plttsburg, The Champions and the
Pirates arc to play a scries of flvn
games for the pososslon of tint trophy,
which, unlike the Temple Cupj heroines
tii.- permanent property of the club
winning three out of live of flic series.
P.rooUlyn won yesterday's game by a
score of r> to 2. The entire series will
he played in Pittsburg. The gate re?
ceipts will be divided equally among
the playtrs of both teams.
Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. 15.?The post
series of ball games between Brooklyn
and Pittsburg for the world's cham?
pionship and possession of a (500 trophy
cup was begun to-day at Exposition
Park In the presence of 4,000 enthu?
siastic fans.
The first game was won by Brooklyn
with bands down. McGlnnily, the
'?Iron man." had'his opponents com?
pletely at bis mercy up to the ninth
inning, allowing only throe dinky bits
tip to (hat time. In the ninth be hit a
batter, gave a base on balls and two
hjts. saving Pittsburg a shut out.
Score by innings: R.H.E.
Pittsburg .. ..0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2? 2 A
Brooklyn .. ..o n 3 l o l o o o? is l
Batteries: W?ddell and Zimmer; Mc
Ginnlty and McGutre. Time?1:50. Um?
pires?Hurst and Swart wood.
For Ihe Gnlvoston Stifforors
(By Telegraph to Vlrglnlan-Pllot.)
New York. Oct. 15.?The Bazaar tor
the Gnlvoston homeless orphans was
opened to-night in a large ball room of
the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel by General
Nelson A. Miles. There wns a large at?
tendance. General Miles Introduced
Governor Sayers, of Texas, who graphi?
cally described the Gnlvoston disaster.
Mrs. William McKinley, wife of the
President, sent the following telegram:
"Your telegram has been received in?
forming me of the opening of the Char?
ity Bazaar under the auspices of tbo
Women of America for the relief of the
sufferers from the Galvestpn disaster.
Plonsc assure those in ehnrge of this
noblo charity of my deep interest and
my best wishes for Its success."
Following Governor Sayers, General
Wheeler spoke briefly.
Tho English Elections
(By Telegraph to Vlrglnlan-Pllot.) '
London, October 15.?Tho t,.tal number
of members of Parliament elected is W2,
as follows:
Conservatives, 331; Unionists, 68; Lib?
erals nnd LabOtorltCS, 181; Nationalists,
Cures a Cough op Cold at onco.
! Conqucm Croup, Whoopiiig-Coiigli. Bronchitis,
Crirnc and Consumption. Quick, Stire results.
Dr.BuU's Pill* cure Constipation. SOplllslOc
(By Telegraph to Vlrglnlan-Pllot.)
Georgetown, ICy.. Oct. 15.?The trial
of Henry E. Youtsey, charged with
being a principal In the killing of Gov?
ernor Coebel, was resumed to-day. al
though Youtsey was reported in the
same eon.lit inn as last week. His room
door was opened and his bed pulled up
in plain view and hearing of the jury,
and while the witnesses wore being ex?
amined Youtsey could bo heard calling
his wife's name In a hollow moaning
I voice and could be seen to bo setting
1 on Iiis bed.
The feature of the day was the tesll
I mony of Arthur Coebel, brother ot the
1 dead Governor. Me told of going to the
I Jail the day Youtsey was arrested, and
, then said: ?
"l put my left hand on Mr. Youtsey's
; right ,'houi i- and .viid.-SttT Voulsey,
Colonel Campbell has .lust returned and
told mo what you have said to him, and
I have conic over to have you tell me
; what yon have told him?to tell me
whether it is true?and to ask you a
' few oilier questions."1 Mr. Youtsey sold:
'?Yes. Mr. Gocbcl, what I have told
Colonel Campbell Is true.'
"1 then said lo Youtsey: 'Now. 1
would like to have you tell me about
getting the key on Monday morning
from Powers and about Dick Combs,
and about going to see Taylor on Tues?
day morning end where you got the
cartridges.- Youtsey proceeded and!
said: Must as I told Colonel Campbell,
I had a talk v 1th Hick Combs on Mini
day morning and he told me that he
was ready to do the shooting, and I
Went to Caleb Powers for the key to his
ollico and he told me to go to John '
I Powers. I went to John Powers and
I John Powers gave me the key. I went
lo Governor Taylor and told him that
Dick Combs Wil8 ready to do the shoot
lug.' Governor Taylor snld: 'You
ought not to come to sec me about this.
I have been expecting H to be done for
somo time, but 1 object to having a ne?
gro do it. I' Is loo important a piece of
work. Combs may be a spy and he may
betray us. Youtsey hesitated and I
said:" 'Very well, what did you do
'?Youtsey said: 'I left Governor Tay?
lor and on Tuesday morning I went
hack to him and said: The man to do
the shoot in:: i now here.'
"I Interrupted Youtsey there and I
said: 'You have told Colonel Campbell
the name ":' thai man, and that is one
reason why I came over hero to see
you. Now i: you know that much you
can also give me the name of the man;'
and Mr. Y< utsey said:. ?'Well, I told
him Jim Howard was here; that 1
thought he got bete Monday night-'
"[ ask? l 'What else did Taylor
say?" Youtsey said: 'Governor Taylor
walked up ? I down the floor and said:
'Youtsey, >vhat do you think? If Coe?
bel Is kilh tli do you think I could hold
mv He discussed that matter,
talking 1 ? me back and forth, and I
said To hi n > thought If Goehel was
,,llt out of the way that the contest
would bo settled and that he could hold
his ot'."> ?? Filially I said to him. as
Governor Taylor hesitated still: "It is
up to you to decide now finally whether
It is to be done or not.' and after some
more hesitation Youtsey stated that
Taylor euld tlnally: 'Well, tell them to
go ahead. H it is necessary I can send
the men to 'he mountains with a squad
of soldiers." I said: 'Did he say any?
thing about pardoning him?' and Yout
Colored People Will Sue Street
Railroad Company for Damages.
Statement of tin- Grievances <>r Lot owner*
- Wedding ut Uowera' ii.it Blee Ion ?i
Officers Death of a former Resident ?
Robbery Urevities.
The nclt Lino Railroad Company in)
extending Its switch t?> the Union
Stock Yards has cut their road-bed \
thro?gh the colored cemetery. In do-!
ing this tho company hau passed
through about 400 yards of the old 1
cemetery, and In some Instances took ,
an entire lot for the road-bed. The j
colored people w ho owned lots In this ';
cemetery, in Which their dead arc '
buried, claim that in Bevern! iu> A aces
the collins were not removed, but i
graded over, and cross-ties were laid
Within a few inches of the caskets:
hence these lot owners have secured ?
the services of Judge George D. Mark?
er, ami will bring suit against the
company to recover damages. The j
colored people say that Dick Paige,
one of the cemetery trustees, sold the
railroad company n right of way!
through their city of the dead without
even consulting the persons most con-,
eerned. It Is said by some that Paige I
provided a place to whtfh the coillns
were to be re-burled.
Mr. T. V. farter, of this place, and
Miss Annie .1. Cane, of Bower's Hill. J
were married tit the homo of the
bride's brother. Mr. \Y. W. fane. Sun- j
day. October 7th. at o'clock p. m.,
after which the newly wedded couple
left on a Northern tour. They return- '.
ed Sunday and will reside with Mr.
Cane for the time being. Mr. Carter
is making preparations to begin busi?
ness in the town soon.
The Mlssonnry Society of the Berk?
ley'Avenue Rapt 1st Church held a
meeting Sunday afternoon, which war,
largely attended. After the rendition
of the program, which was much en?
joyed, olliccrs were elected for the en?
suing term as follows: Mr. Rernard
Herbert, president; Miss Ruth West,
secretary: Miss Olive Scarborough,
treasurer, and Miss Mamie West or-]
A telegram was It.Ived here yester?
day morning announcing the sad news
Of the death of Miss Iteulah EdWUfds,
a former teacher of the Berkley Co-ed?
ucational institute, at Durham, N. C.
Miss Edwards, while here. hllUgllt art
land Instrumental music, and was also
a tine vocalist.
There was no meeting of the School
Board yesterday afternoon. In view
of much business awaiting the Imme
, din to attention of the board a called
meeting will be held Friday afternoon
at :i o'clock, at Which time several
plans will be submitted by well known
architects for the new school build?
Saturda- night between 12 o'clock
and early morning sonn- unknown per?
son entered the residence of Captain
W. C. Colleld, on Lee Street, and stole
his watch and $1.07 in money. Tho
property was taken from his bed cham?
ber, His trousers and vest were found
Sunday morning near tue side door,
through which the entrance was made.
Mr. Cooflcld, having a clue, turned the
case over to a detective of Norfolk at
once. H was rumored that be lost $71.
He was paiil that amount Saturday
night, but hl I it away. Detectives
HcfTcl and West yesterday recovered
the stolen watch and arrested H. R.
Butts, a negro of Berkley, on susptclon
of having committed the theft.
There Is considerable complaint aris?
ing against the present management of
i he ferries. The ncople say that part
of the time, when they have secured
tickets, the boais do not remain In the
dock long enough for passengers to
got on the boat after those who come
over have gone off. Yesterday morning
the 10 08 o'clock boat left a large num
ber of passengers, only two having
succeeded In getting on board.
Mr. J. T. Bell, of Cmstadter-Myers
Co., of Norfolk, began frescoing the
walls of the new Methodist Church
yesterday. The walls, when completed,
will be of delicate shades of green.
With designs of relief work. It will re?
quire ab.en three weeks to complete
the work.
Master Jesse Cuthereil, who was
painfully hurt by a fall received at the
public school several days ago. Is still
suffering much of pain at the home
of his parents, on Berkley avenue.
Mr. M. A. Roane, of King and Queen
county, is the guest of the family of
Mr. it. \V. Roane, In Montalant.
Mr. Eugene Colvcr, who has been In
disposed at his home, on Main street,
for several days. Is able to be out
aga In.
Mr. George Teure, who was painfully
hurt while engaged In the Norfolk and
Southern shops some time ago, suf?
fered a relapse Sunday, but was much
inu roved yesterday.
Mr. \V. P. Harrcll, of Sunsbury, N.
<'.. is the intest of his daughter, Mrs.
J. T. Edwards, on Chestnut street.
Mr. \V. II. Camp, who has been quite
sick at his home, on Liberty street,
for several days, is much improved.
Three carloads of stock arrived for
the Celt Line 1'nion Stock Yards from
West Virginia and Tennessee Satur?
day and Sunday.
There will be a meeting of the Berk?
ley Bryan, Stevenson and Mayhard
Club Thursday night at their meeting
place, oh Liberty street, between
Twelfth and Thirteenth streets.
See ad. concerning a lost cape In this
Mr. B. Yacks is having a store erect?
ed on Liberty street 20xr.o feet, two
story, and will cost about $2,500.
j Cape, either on Slain or Chestnut
streets. The Under will return to
Drug Storo. It
. now paying and issuing money or?
ders only. Safe way to setul money. J.
A. M'CLori). JR.. P. M. 0C14-3I
?? Prompt returns guaranteed, w, K.
ROACH A CO.. Todd Block oc5-lm
1 COMPANY gives energetic attention
to business and makes prompt returns.
C. f.. OLD. Manager, Office Room 2,
Martin Building. seSO-tf
trade a specialty. Convenient hour3.
Interest on deposits. follrtf
Berfieg SlealTaiif
Now open and solicits your business.
Now machinery. Expert manager.
Prices current. Cash to all. Collars !tc?
etc.. etc., etc.
May our dollar coupon book for 9'V.,
and save 10 per cent. In your laundry
Funeral Director and Embalhw
OfTlco 121J
sey snid: 'Yes, that is so.' Ho said:
'Jf it is necessary l caii pardon him
and he will be safe enough.' Youtsey
then slopped and l asked: What did
you do then? You told Colonel Camp
hell, as he told me, that you let certain '
people i 111 ? > Powers' olllcc.'
"Ybutsoy said, 'Yes,' I then went'
hack and reported. I told Berry How- ,
ai'd and Dick Combs and .Ilm Howard
to iro and be In the hall of the lCxeou
ttlve buildings and I then left, l said.
'What did you do?'
"Youtsey said: ' I went and cot the
cartridges. When i went hack Berry
Howard and Hick Combs and Jim:
Howard were In the hall, and I Ullr
locked the door ami let them in and]
gave them the cartridges.' 1 again In?
terrupted and asked Youtsey as to |
whom ho had given the cartridges, and :
he said: '1 gave them to .Inn Howard, j
lie was the last man who went In the
"I said. 'How many did you give |
him?' and he sail. I pave him the
whole box.' I said. 'Mr. Ynutseyj who '
tired the shot'.'" and he said, 1 Cannot
tell you; 1 did not see him.' 1 said. :
'What did you do when you let them
lh?' He said. 'I stood near the door." I
I said. 'You kuvo Hie cartridges to Jim J
Howard':" 'Yes. sir.' 'Where did you
get the cartridges?'
"He said: 'I got them from Powell
and Clements, on Main street, in Cin?
cinnati. On the 22d or January I wrote,
them and told them ??> send a box ofJ
3S-55 smokeless stool cartridges. Win?
ches tors.'
"1 said: 'Was he sled will] a Win?
chester rille?' He said: 'The cartridges
lit either a Winchester or a Martin."
? '. said: "How much did you send
them ?'
"He said: 'I sent them a postofllco
order for a dollar."
"Mr. Youtsey stopped, and I said to
him: 'Mr. Youtsey, yon have just told
Colonel Campbell and told mo that
Monday morning you wont to Govern?
or Taylor and told him that Dick
Combs was ready to do the shooting,
if Taylor objected, aa l now you tell
me on Tuesday morning you lr>t Dick
Combs into the office. How is that.?'
Youtsey hesitated and then finally
said: '.Woll, those were the throe men
I let In.' I looked at hlni and said:
'They say also that Berry Howard
was in the left-hand lobby of the Leg?
islature, and you sny you let him in
that room.' Youtsey finally said:
'Those are hie three men 1 let in
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Genuine boms iiarr.e HoRSfosn'j oa w?appcr.
(By Telegraph to Virginian-Pilot.)
London ,Oct. 10.?Commenting upon
the activity of the Boers and the state?
ment from Cape Town that Lord Rob?
erts has postponed his home coming,
tho Standard says:
'?There are certain Indications polnt
Ihg to the conclusion that unexpected
difficulties have arisen which Lord
Roberts deems grave enough to de?
mand Iiis presence for some time to
come. All the facts suggest thut it is
impossible yet to denude South Africa,
of any substantial portion of the large
army now engaged In dominating a
sullen and recalcitrant population."
The editorial finally calls for the se?
verest measures against Irreconcilable
Boers: ''Prompt and ruthless punish?
ment for every Insurgent burgher
caught In delicto." The editorial con?
cludes with the statement that "the
imperial government lias the country's
mandate not to be afraid to act vigor?
Democratic Canvass of Maryland'
(Bj Telegraph to Vtrctnlari-Pllot.)
Baltimore. Md.. Oct. IS.?United
States Senator Bacon, of Georgia, was
the principal speaker at a Democratic
muss meeting in Music Hall to-night.
The hall was crowded and the recep?
tion given the Senator was enthusias?
tic. The Senator spoke for nearly an
hour, contlhing his remarks entirely to
a discussion of expansion.
ECZEMA I -\<> ( Till: NO PAY.
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If PAZO OINTMENT fails to euro Ring?
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Fine Front and ornamental
in popular shades, in stoc.<,
1'ccora, Excelsior. ColorLflo. i.-.i.j^
glAlaa in btandara Color*.

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