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The Daily Times.
I I \ > ( u ,
;ed at Li
that ile
? I
th <ounr
N ihili-i. :
sralized ll
In W m L -
aaa I I
tiary for li:
. Lee
. ' .' '
l Ulptor, and -
"i ork to attend the ut
of Libert
prisoners who
aa*. i Poi
?' . in solitary confinement and
? with each Other.
?! A
i dent
tba' ? . ly followed.
???. do!
. ?
'? . sudden rday
'"? i
-hi[> Lupina'
from <
? ?boh
Dominion, wbi
tull St. M
. if the
Mis Wealth.
But intini
alth have
and have traded 00 to
A Cou ? ht.
St. Loris, Mo., October 25. \
from Lillie Rock, Ark. -ay>: United
Deputy-Marshal Faulkenbei
noon train to day from
. whitbi r he went y<
ed with Idling the north
i 0n of iii with spu
old offendt r ai d
don ol a full kit of conn- j
? I
Deserred il.inning.
who, on April 20th, ]
old hov with !'' ???????>
IO murder In tl ?-. *?fe
\11,.? sentenced bira I Ll.-,
with one daj aolitarj confinement
Hi ri I KO* \? i POINTS
i . .' lind
1 .. roi
AS Litton of A.'!.ni--.
W \ ur
! Di-tn
to the i Com
1 Ala
: etc.,
for tin illina
land and
imount to
il ions.
il aid
dal io ll for tl
mil I
,U ol
.. this
dredth of
an in.
Five in "W iu.
;i do/.. ?
Mo- .
ed in \ ii
Len ;
old d .
loon 1m?< pi r, mi t \\ ith a hi
lu in. almost eaten alive by a bi t
little one wa- pl.iv lng In hi i
back j ? 1 climbed over the I
into the var I ol a neighbor, a saloon
is. . per named Kern-, who kept a
chained in the bis hit. The child
ventured too near the brute, which
knocked bi r dow. aud then began de
v ourins I I y * aa horribly mn
tilated before it could be n -< m 1.
A B.d Citl ?
a York, '? >c rge Hart
N bili t a ho L charged with
hat in/ planned an i . iuc
ii scheme to kill the
I rail ?
l min oi, w inch the I Hip?
po ted ?> b nat uraliz L .
a citizen laal week, llartmann'a scheme
becau-e of a chan-" l . .mine
in regard to the I i ur*! journey.
Lreky KsSjllanM
ietkoit, Mien Od
of the col', - 'inlay
j on the l>. i
Milwauk id, by ollie ra of the
: ile ta. t thai tait for the
ie . r of:; train falling asleep
--ii h w ni!.- waiting on tie- aiding
a mu- h -.-.orse disasb r would bave hap?
pened than did Theen I been on
duly ! A<nl\ -seven hour-, ami tl..m. h
hi- order- were to pull out when the
? hound freight had passed h.
.nd fell asleep in the cab w hen told
bj the brakeman th.- Bwitch wa- open for
him. Had h.- jone -mi. la- would have
collided with a passenger train while
both \ser-- in mot mi, instead ol' it running
into tin- train i-it stood on the siding.
All the freight 'rain banda testified t<
day that they were too worn oul
lack of sleep to il.ink of consulting the
time-card, which would have told them
the i r train wa- due. William
n, who thieu the -witch open.
nowledged In- dropp.-d asleep ??(
be t rain
M r e Dlsaati
Lot: i A i-1 ni !.\ -
\ of the pi ched here
kidnighl ami reported I of the
Edward Islan -upe
northwe-iei The
val i. No insuran
Loki Ht i:..- Mn H., Od J
i'iiiicu wa- ls ing picked
up li ? iturday nighl the plop. Uer
with liel
ii the lin. The Tilden
ne ii bein
' lady
shall :
ad Bridget J
drew a k
i h. did I
.'lim.' her band-satch
WOOd. Ile
be road ui i half hour
rhey a
Tho i'.pist iy * on.
In the ES]
i invention to-day the Committee on
d Work reported thal tie y
w.-n- oi that the parish
add be appointed to lind- .
mission work, and profi
Cal CO llOUld keep their
young men likely to be peculiarly quali?
fied for such work. The Convention con?
tinued it- work upon the n vision oi the
Death nu the Rail.
Iltat'i iikii, Pa., <>< toh.-r 85.?At IO
o', lock to ni. iii a regul ir freight train on :
the West Liam h railroad, a short lint
road running to several aaw-mflla in the
wood-, ran down a ??speeder" upon
which were two nun returning home
mun thia city. The freight train
running I, on account of
intense darkie inseec by the mi d
on the " ?| Both men wi
outright, I I to piec sa. I he
entire tram passed over their bodies.
Their nam- - WW ThOfAM Goode mid
.Lune-. Jourdon. I
tum val on niKsmi Bur libretti
iv M.H YORK.
1'!,. ? ! tilted State* < . . ?. I I.-;
< )M Ally -.1 the Rev
. >lul un.
Arrival of Distinguished V
v w Yoi k. i Ictober 25. Thc steamer
bringing the sculptoi \
? Bartholdi and the diatingu
delegates appointed by the French i
ernment to attend the presentation of
thc statue ol Liberty on Bedloe's Island,
arrived too late laat evening to land her
.ml too ] o be mel
by the committee appointed to n
M Bartholdi and his ? ompaniona. The
mer remained at quarantine all night,
M Bartholdi and mat r passen
ing up until a late hour observ
all ot inter. -I thal could be dis
corned on shore in the glare of the < lectric
l ie reception committee < onaiated of
. L Horton, John
Alfred Lefah re,
ph W. Drexel, Henry F. Spaulding,
I'n ; '..it-. Richard M. Butler,
Parke ?lodwin, Jami - w "inchon. I
Condell. Louis De Bebran, Algernon Sul?
livan, Horace While. Whitelaw Led.
Percy Lyne. Cornelius
M Bli -. \\ illiam 8.
Cornelius Vanderbilt, L
ton, Charles Lani
?.. irew Can
. Joseph Pulit
rd L. Hum
" I
. . ? The
. i irmonie
mbled to
delay oi
i. De
the ot lu i
?n to the
! ? v | hotel
i called io
. resp
ion al the
Thc , ty.
ir the
? - dy thc
not I"'
1 .' ; ? ?
willi i
IND >i-c\ lt ll.J
and party will li
lington Wc .
'.,. He w ill rev icu ll
sion iroma -land ai Madison Bquai
early as IO or 10:80 o'clock En the morning.
ll the pr. hall prove to be
P i and bia part)
? before it i's ..vcr, iii order io |
ernment il the fool
I street to down
.? rto Bedloe'i island and be prei
ent at the unveiling of the statue. After
the unveiling the party w ill be tandi d al
:d return to Washington
by tin- first regular train, in order io
a thia city before midnight on Thurs
A 060,000 Blaze.
Si. LOUIS, Mo.. (Ictober 85.?A special
from Versailles, Mo say a: A moat dis
aetrous fire occurred hen- last night. It
originated in the office of Vaughan &
(lark'- livery -table on Newton -treet,
about midnight N<? one was in the
stable at the time, and w In u il was di
? tie entire building wa- in Hames i I
teen bead of hones were burned to death,
'rin wi:;. 1 wa- blowing a gale from the
southwest, and tin* tim i I rapidly
io the business blocks of the city, deal roy
ing the Cit) Hotel, Masonic Hail, several
buainesa houses, and tome smaller build
The loss li $r>o.o<Hj; msnrance $ih,ooo.
I 111. M.VI KINO ol U! ! '. 1RI V
The Standard
Prince Waldemar, of th m I
I be proposed and probably elected to the
' vacant thrum iria
\ '.M!.isu CALAM11
25 Mi Uladatom
laphs from Hawarden thal th'' il aaa]
'thal attacked bim while felling a tree on
(Saturday mendy stung bia eyelids wi i> b
have become so swollen that he ..innot
see; otherwise, the ex Premier says, he ia
feeling quite well.
IPPI || l\< ',- UNB1 : HI Hon ol i
( !ork, lui.i.wn I Ph Bat
?>! Brandon Lord Lieutenant of Cork
county, ha- signed the circular <>f thc
Irish Defence Union appealing for dona
? ion-to continue tin work of ass!
person- who have heen hoya oiled by tile
Iri-h National League and the adherents
of that organization. The circular i \
--?- the belief of the Defence Onion
that boycotting will increase during th?
coming winter
\ BLAKE os i m. oi RAI w WK.
Li\ i- Ki'ooi.. ( htoher 88 Ide i ? m,
-hip Queen, of the National Lim- i
burning at the Alexandria dock here.
Three of the Vessel's hold ? ar BOW Ida/
I. A number of en i ??? playing
on the flames, hut tin of savin::
any of the Cargo or th. vessel an- verv
-lim. She ls gradually settling ami will
in al! probability sin!
. i \..i i o'. -.<?,11 roun mu
? publishea a special dispatch
'? from Sole, t-i .1 i\ iting tbal Ru
had circulated a report al the
t in fri
.. ii iii
n ? I attribute the n
o the Rue
m.i u. roi
unveilin i
fi ?
I lite
? d tin
:! i. ? Ri
Army," and
perm -I the
full enjov ' lure'
cf hi
? nady
ly 11
id be
tis lei ol 'd
., i
i . m Mayor
nd the
? i i ? i .
opie thi
ie Lord
n fund ba ? d
An Isnassrtauat Theo. '? ? Moa.
2 P. M. to-day
ai the ' ? tt< '?<?' l!';,nl ?'f
- ?
. vi!' il!t*
mate: num
tiou concernii of theo
il -locirin rei The
it resl hy tin
in world l?r - pre*
I Judge ' .. a and
Iii ?om
. .oiii
? of the I niversitj Law
School, ??? ir the pr
To . . ntircly upon the
iple-' : i I of
. try the case, and
.un the merit- of the <, li on
All for Lovo. &e.
i -i-. Pa., Octobei N lo tia.**
retta, an Italian, occup I COt at
-???ph- Hoapital, with a dsngerocsi
bullet-hole in bia right !? g near the groin
lt i- claimed thal he waa the victim ii a
duel fought yesterday afternoon. Ile
lived along the Penna) l\ ania railroad with
several Olhis countrymen. They bad a
young ami rosy cheeked Italian girl to do
their cooking. I wo ..t the men fell tn
love with her. They were Jealous of < i I
other,and both demanded that the other
his attention-. Yesterday they
went out into the woods armed with
titles, ami measured oil t wentv live pam h,
faced each other, and at a word tired,
etta dropping to the groaned
The rival and the girl have tlowu
Settled Up.
Monti.k, ALA., < ?< to - ;? | rm
tenden! Herriwesther authorize* the
statement that ad the indebtedneee ol
Manager Stewart to the Western Inion
Telegraph Company in Mobile has been

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