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The Daily Times.
rm: haily ti mks.
;rNP IY, - - - NO\ EMB1
Tuc Timi s t- ,.\ g \ i i \ i i in roi
\ I w sm mi i,
M. M. Myi 1001
Third and I"
- len, . . 816 North Ninth
... 006 i
. . r Main
and theExch
wi \ i in i; Ri POH i
? winds, ahift
.na.local rain
; :? tad street.
M m 6 P. M.
nil i.i: mum -i mm tvRY.
reported on the
. small fire j
.? \\
-till claiming the i
ported in \ ai
North and W ?
that the strike al tin?
and iran
. .... h. Ki ;. killed
ith a billiard ?
y ill.
[nd., bj the i
? killed.
(J Roi erl Vaughan
. the rai!:
?billy ) c
. ts pushed into
Al -ii ol
i-ont-d by
.- attie, wi,
>Ut, i- -till
- ipient of
il at*
? tories
k in the -an.
tied that the Democrats
elected I
d .n Minni -
: publican, will contest the
\ Kinney, Democrat, in the Firsl
? .
? rial, who-hot Surveyor Beattie
bas been handed over to
Wheel al
(150,000 worth of property
No one killed.
etectives are now ti
ink James with the Adams
robl ? *,th.
trial of i. \| Bain, for fraud
a iib the broken Exchangi
Ik, i- dragging ali
.? lt, one of the defeated
"i mk, has
and will be married
At ' - I >hio, a man named Peach
.riv tO deal h. They WSW
? d bf i- unable to peach" on
\* i mark of respect to the Preaident
the Beaton custom-hod ie w ill be i.
noon on Monday.
Thc new building, w hld | S5,000,
and which waa occupied only last Baturday
by the Rutland (Vt.) DaUy Hei dd, wa*
gutted by tire.
A Blight snow fall i* reported at (lin?
ton. Ill. st. Paul, Detroit, Pittsburg, Cin?
cinnati, Buffalo (two Inches), and Water
lerick Pill, a son of a summer reel
dent at Beabright, N..b, accidentally ibo!
hims* if while duck hunting thi* morning.
lb died in a few minul
preaident of Rutgi i I ..... ha*
been appointed chief of the ervice
of the Btate of New Jet
William Taylor, ex-messenger of ii,.'
? rnment of Alexandria, attempted
suicide about IO o'clock yesterday by tak
i ing laudanum. It i* thought he will re
Luther Richards, one of thc founder*
of the Lancaster (Pa.) Examiner-Herald,
? i of will* and one of thc m08t
ainent citizens of Lancaster county,
9 o'clock yesterday mornin/
Stewartaville (Mo.) College waa di-.
cd to bc on tire, ami the building and it*
contents ion in ashes. Loss,
Mrs. Cleveland and Secretary and Mr*.
Endicott left New York yesterday al
on to participate in the
celebration of Harvard College s.-sipii
Mr. Qideon .1. Tucker, of New York,
who was recently appointed by the Fi. *
dent a commissioner to examine a land
: railroad in < Iregon and California.
ha*declined the appointment.
Charles Babin, the Astor House chief
cook who was M inday nighl last in
New York bj < Ml. a waiter, w ho
w ards committed suicide, di. ?
l) in Chambt , hospital.
The will of the late Henrietta M Le
nox was probated in New York yester
Fioperiy valued at over $10,000,000
: $500,000 is left for
table pm po-- will will be
ted by tht heirs.
Christopher Pagan, o'' New Haven,
., who was convicted a few
d' ihe murder of Joseph bib
thal city, and was sentenced to imprison?
ment for life, escaped from the State
? Wetherfield, Conn.
The count in New . the
Democrats a majority oi' one in the
dature on joint ballot, with one dis
in which thc vote is a tic The
Democrats have a majority in the Indiana
die official count shows thal
Mr. Carlisle i* elected.
,\ ishim; ion soi i *.
I Mill Post
il, ha* returned to ihe city.
Among t!ie President's callers \
dav were Senator Vest and Judge Knox,
i ral Benet, Chief of Ordnani
acting a* Secretary of War in thc ab
retary Endicott.
The lack of light on the Bartholdi Statue
i* due io thc exhaustion <d' ihe appropria?
tion. Thc statue it aol even in chai
a custodian, and a military guard ha* ben
placed there temporarily.
The apprentice training squadron, com?
prising the Jamestown, Portsmouth, and
Saratoga, sailed lion, New York j
day ' N Ik, to tit out for the winter
cruise in the West Indie*.
Mr*. <lleveland, accompanied by B<
tary and Mis Endicott, arrived in Nea
Friday evening ai 10:30 o'clock and
were driven to the Fifth Avenue Hotel.
They took the '.? o'clock train yesterday
mon Boston.
It ha- been inaccurately stated that Bl
retary Manning will relinquish the con?
trol of Hie Treasury Department on Cab?
inet dav*. Thc fact i* thal he will per?
form all thc duties ol' Secretary ex. ept
signing the routine warrants ami other
papers, which, foi waul of time, he will
Him over io the Aaaiatant Secretary.
Thc President bas selected Lieutenant
Colonel doini Moore. a**istant medical
purveyor, as Burgeon Oeneral ol the
armv,'ami the appointment will be made
vcrv soon. Colonel Moore is now on
duty at San Francisco. During the war
rved as a medical director in the
Western army, and was for a time colo?
nel of volunteers.
\ Day's I .'??? "i <l ?>t* t lo- ' < ..mt iv V
I nd Oactualities and
1 < o-.?; -ii Clocurrip.
\ RI si \u. OF I.I.I < I ins STEWS.
Returns from ( alifornia mdicate that
the Democrats have the Legislature. If
this i ' ? rge Hears! will be the next
I nited States Senator.
The Democrats have elected the Gov?
ernor In Colorado and the Legislature ii
The \\, :ti;P. (8 Dem
ocratlc by uine on joint ballot.
Thi Indiana and New
If (lalifornia, Indiana and New ,b
elect Democrats to the thal body
will stand after March 4th, 1887, Demo?
crats, 37; Republicans, 37: with Nan
Wyck and Riddleberger unaccounted for.
rried the Legislature of
Nebr.! ist in -j.itt- of the opposition of
leading Repul . an [nd
dent. Riddle ? in tin- la-t
i,now n. Both of these
Sen at frien Hy to thc Admin?
istration, and cannol be counted on by
thc Republican- to BUStain them in all
measures. So there ia gome hope that the
Democrat- will control both hoi] - - ol
the uexl Coi
Thc I i>'mi Quentlon.
Pl : l'\.. Aol .lld.el" C II W a
rumored today thai the employees of the
Cleveland and Pittsburg railroad had pre?
sented a demand for an advance in tin ir
lt bas been know n | time
that the question ws tated.
The] based their claim- on the settlement
of the demand of the employees <>n the
New York, Pennsylvania and ohio road.
It was further stated that the petition
asked thal .1 decision be rendered h
vember 10th. A general official of the
was Intel md admitted thal
such a request had been made by one or
two classes of cm}.! il denied that
the demand wa- general. Whether or
not ti mted the gen
tleman declined to say.
mi wniMv Ci n\ \o\ember 6. There
bas bi settlement of the Bl rike al
the Ext - i< ry. and the operator
ami his fifty miners seem equally de
termii red next wei k will
witne neral -t rike dley,
though the Mount Carmel men nay they
will not go out. ba-t nii:ht tho800miners
ol the ? ameron colliery, by iccrel ballot,
unanimously determined to strike ai 12
o'clock next Monday, unless the Mineral
Mining Company gave the l'? per cent,
adi ant e
-.an ie ?....>-.. a? .
( nu loo, Soy ember 6 \ Washington
d to the A : " Tin- friend- of
rici Attorney Benton, of Missouri,
who was -ii in mari ly removed for \ lolating
the President's order prohibiting office?
holders from making campaign speeches,
are inquiring what is to be dom-with
Postmaster-General Vilas, who did the
-;iinc i bing. Senator Vesl and < 'ockerill
propose to Bubmil to the President
copies of i erst ontaining political
speeches ol Yilas.
Ill I Uti t , N ,,| || ,U?I.
(ni. it o Soi ember 8 I lanie! C. < Ilea
sou, who ran against Prank Lawler for
Congress in the Second district, made
Borne startling assert ion? to a I nit. d l'
ri. -rthi- morning. Mr. Gleason was
in the election commissioners1 rooms
early and said thal before the 'la?
mer he would produce affidavits from
nun Who would -wear that they -aw flee
tion judges in some of the precincts
erase -edited to Gleason and put
in -maller om
Office Nun-hi tn. Han.
Washington, Iv C., November 8.?It
i- semi-officially announced that the Pres
idenl has offered the position of Surgeon
General of the army to Lieutenant-Colo
ne! Moore, now Stationed in San Fran
He ii said to be the only officer of the
Medical Corp- above the grade of major
who has mu presented his application
and also brought Influence to bear upon
the President bi bis behalf
The Brothes* Basis:
Nobfolk, November 5.?The United
State-Circuit Court wa- engaged yester
dav in the trial of George M. Bain, Jr.
It is said the prosecution will prov.- thal
Hain, a- Cashier of tin-broken K Velum ^e
National Bank of this city, misapplied
1451,880.00 Of the funds Of the bank
There are twenty-four indictments against
the officers of the bank. Each contained
fifteen or more counts
si,pp,,,,,| Suicide.
JOLUT, If.i.. November tl.?The barn
of Henry alinga, a rich german farmer
living near kfatteson, twenty mile* i wi
of here, wai discovered to be in flames
erday morning. Hi* son,, awakened
hythe light, hurried lo the scene, and
upon entering the burning buildingfound
the lifeleas body of their father lying
upon the barn floor with his clothing OD
lire. The body was dragged from the
flamea to a place where the burning
clothing could be extinguished. The
members of the family bum discovered
blood on the bosom of the man * clothing,
and that there wa* a gaping wound in the
breast. The len and one arm wera barned
to a crisp, and life wai extinct when he
waa found. The barn and contents were
burned to the ground, and considerable
mystery surrounds the case. The family
state that they consider il a case of *ui
Wholesale Killiiu;.
Cm.i wm*, [nd., November 6.?While
working with a derrick putting in the
frame work for a water-tank the rope
holding the derrick in an upright position
snapped by being caught by the
smoke-stack of the Jeffersonville, Madison
ami Indianapolis train.
Thc derrick and heavy timber fell on
tlc- bead* of five men, killing -lack
..r. of this city, and crushing the
skull of Milt Robinson, of Seymour, nd
!*1\ injuring William Pennison,
William Billot ami Charles Whipper, all
of thi* eily. Robinson Will probably die.
\ Forto mata Accident.
I'm- Claire, Wi-. November ti? A
fal explosion occurred yesterday in
the Valley Lumbet Company'* mill by
the lunsiiii^r of a ponderous fly-wheel
weighing twenty ton*. Thc force of 'jon
employees were thrown into the wildest
confusion bj the fragments flying in
every din-, tion. many piece* weighing
several hundred pound*. Mysteriously
no person was seriously injured, though
ihe engine and house was somewhat
Total losi will reach $50,000.
\ Cm -rion* Heath.
Ki *us hm.. I -. d November 'i -bord
Kennedy. Sgt d twenty dur. killed Ed
Barber, aged twenty-three, with a billiard
cu.-, in Kirk's saloon, last night. Ken
ne.ly came in, walked around th. table
where Barber waa playing, picked up a
cue and struck Farber on the bead with
it, killing him instantly. Kennedy ba*
rn iel.
Sadden Heath.
w i.i i \asm rg, Va., V>\ember 6.
Mr. John R. Coupland, one of our most
nable citizens, died ihi* morning
about half past 11 o'clock from coi
lion of the brain. Hi* sickness a
short duration and very sudden.
Death ??.i Ihe Call.
Ci.i.\ bland, O., No\ember 6. ?Roberl
Vaughan, a larmer, and his adopted son,
while driving across the Cleveland and
Pillsburgrailroad track carly thi* morn
at thc w bite llouse road, in the
southern part of this city, were struck bj
tb.- fast St. bonis expre**. Thc men were
both picked up dead, but w Ithout a bruise.
Thc hoi - terribly mangled, and
thc Wagon wa* reduced to Splint! I*. Thc
engineer tried to stop, but saw tin-tann
cr* loo bile.
\ I DOllatl sui, i.le.
Ni.v, York, November6. Dr. Ralph
Stone, a young physii ian attached to the
Platbush Hospital, at Platbush, L.I.,corn?
ed suicide by shooting himself yes?
terday . He iiad iinie confident e in him?
self and wa* fearful of making a mistake
in hi* work. Hi* bodj was forwarded io
bi* home ai Norristown, Pa., to-day.
ll. ( I, i I.I ..1 I he < ini(c<l< rac \ in New \ ,.i L.
Ni.w Youl,November6. -Mi** Winnie
Davis wa* the cynosure of many eye*
this morning, sh.- waa enjoying ber first
in Un- city al the New York
Hotel. Oeneral Anderson and wife and
Mr. Tom Emery and wife formed a circle
at a table with Mi** Da\ i*.
jKIng Cotton.
Ni.w York, November 6.- The total
visible supph of cotton for the world i*
>,086,126 bales, ot which 1,691,626 bales
.uv American, against 2,105,307 and I,
840,167 bale* respectively last year The
receipts at all interior town.* arc 303,736
bab*; receipt* from plantation*.:;.'
bal.*; crop ta right, 2,035,176 balee.
Hea\> IVach-llliiw *.
Kima, I mho., November 6.- Several un?
known men entered thc house of Richard
Peach last night and beat him over the
head with club* until he waa Insensible.
They then robbed him of $400 and left.
Peach'l injuries are possibly fatal.
Ul I Hts Mutch.
Yors..*iou\, Ohio, November 6.?A
three-year-old son of William Flack, of
Lanaingville, while playing with matches
li*' night set hi* clothes on tire, and was
so badly burned that he died.
The Preaident will leave on the after?
noon train for Boston to day. ami will be
accompanied by Secretaries Hayard, Whit?
ney, Lamar, and Colonel Lamont.
The Terrible Tramp.
A.NNKVIM.k. Cv., November'!? A LT a II ir
of ten desperate tramps, full of liquor, en?
tered the saloon of Peter Bachman Thurs*
dal Dight and msde an assault on the pro?
prietor and a few otlu-r men who wen
there. An alarm summoned fifty deter
mined citizens, who came armed, and a
desperate c inflict ensued. Five men
a- ? seriously cut and otherwise wounded!
\ -st raw berry Story.
Spi'.tM.Kii.i.i), <>., November 8.?The
long spell of Indian summer in Central
Ohio has ripened a second crop of straw?
berries and brought violets and lilacs into
full bloom iu some places?a circum-tauce
never before known here in November,
ddie berries an- of good Savor and sell for
thirty cents per quart.
\ list ria anti Mulgaria.
bi i>\ Ci -ru, November b.?The Em?
peror Francis Joseph in bis address to
tin delegates to-day declared that Aus?
tria was united with thc other signatory
power- to thc treaty of Berlin in an effort
I to localize the Bulgarian disturbances;
that lin- powers would timi a way io re?
establish law and order in Bulgaria, and
that they hoped to iv-torc the legal con?
stitution to tin- Bulgarians soon, making
allowance for the law Cul aspirations of
the Bulgarians consistent with the In
' 9 Ol Au-iria.
\\ i racked <?" Mi?- Coasta
London, November <;. The storm
w hich broke over lhe lake district iii Kil?
ian.! yesterday bas spread throughout
Great Britain,and an immenseamounl of
damage to property and shipping Is al?
ready reported. The steamer janet, from
Dundee, has hc.-n wrecked at ByemOUth
and three persons drowned. A boat ami
wreckage bas been washed ashore on the
Cornwall COSSt. ddie boat had "Steam
ship Swift-Sure" marked upon it. The
Newcastle -teamer bord Jeffrey is over?
due and it is believed that she c lost.
A Kmiiiieniaii Kow.
lb . ii \ni -i. \'..\ember <!. -Dispatches
received lien- from Russian sources allege
that movements similar to that by which
the town of Bourgas was banded over to
Russian rule have taken place in other
towns throughout Roumenia
\ \ .-lint; ami Oeorsjet
Dr. Aveling, the English Socialist, said
rday in < 'hit ago thal Henry George
bad been forced Into Socialism in its
ler sense as the campaign in New
city went on. and that h.- mii-t still
further widen out or he dropped. Thi- is
if i h.- --.ur. es ol danger to the Labor
party. A man i- liable lo start in I mild
. mer and wind up a rantiiiur Socialist
..r Anarchist. \ I i!> '?'. xZth.
I IN W< I Xl..
Rt . ?rted by <'. W. Branch A Uo., ban
and brokers, No. lill Main Bl I
Virginia 'i's, consuls, 57
Virginia 3 1 5 IO Wa, , n
Virginia 3's, new, i.C
lia c< msoJ coupons, old, 64 ?
rmi consol coupons, July,
?II' ?
Richmond 143 11 -
Richmond t 120 l-l
Richill..nd Iul' ?
Riclmi..nd I - ?
I; iilboad Bonds.
C. Air bin.-, li
Char.. Col. and \
C. ki red, W
('an at la Southern.
Lack, and Western, lil} 1*111
1. 1. nu., l-t p?eferred, 71
l. Penn., 2d preferred, .".1
.lunion, I.;'
i Pacific, l? IO
H..eking Valley, IO]
I B. & W.
Lal.. -Shore,
Louisville and Nashville, -?T}
M., K. T .
\\\. preferred, ita
\. a V..ik and New England, 63]
A'..rt h western, -\\~:{ Us
bern Pacific,
N.-w Y-.rk Central, 111; 111}
Pacific Mail,
Ricbni. nd Terminal, i~'i I2j
Richm. nd and Danville, IfiO 100
R, I-'., and P. div. obi 87J
St Paid. ' M|
Union Pacific, GDI
rn Union Tel , Ts*
Nih Vork SNiek M.nk.-l.
Nnw Yann, yovemberO.? instead of being
sellers, ss of late, foreign houses were buyers
of -tocks thia ne 1 ri ii ng to a moder
and prices generally wen- firm, and inclined
t.. advance. The chid' feature was an ex
market in Richmond Terminal sttK-k,
tended somewhat to distract attention from
the rest of the market bank statements
sh..wed a lom in the reserve, hut this had DO
, effect worthy '?(' notice, and, in fact, the best
buying of the day set in shortly after its
! publication. The strength of Bl Paul, and
alsoC*f the Vanderbilt stock.-, bsj heen very
remarkable, and antes*- we are much mis?
taken there ure strang signs of higher pri'-t-s.
Traders-..ld the market off late tn the day,
, hut it quickly recovered and closed generally
I Steady. Money, 6 DST cent.
\ < \1{1?.
Ur. Hryc.'s Keply t.. Air. M 11II.11--AImoat
hii rnn**o?*?aary Notice.
To the Ivbtor of The Tin
Accidentally I have sean I copy ol the
Iii raid ol' November 6th, contain
in Lr qnite B choice denunciation of my?
self by Mr. William II Mullen, a printer
of thi* city. The relations between mv
seif and Mr. Mullen arc hardly Midi ac to
warrant the expressions of familiarity
with which he has seen tit to embellish
his denial of my Statement OB oath. If
Mr. Hullen came up to my estimate of a
gentleman, or if he had any visible prop?
erty. I should notice him In another way.
Inasmuch, however, as the circumstance i
are different, I care nothing for the value
of his statements, either verballv or in
Mr. Mullen'* whole article is a misrepre?
sentation of the facts, ami I am perfectly
willing to real the matter on the question
of veracity between Mr. Mullen and mv
self with the community in which we
In reference to my mental condition, to
which Mr. Mullen alludes. | am amused,
as. to {mt it mildly, it bears falsity on its
face; for the Southern Clinic, i**ued
monthly for the past nine years and
edited solely by myself, and a great deal of
it sci up by Mr. Mullen in type, would
indicate that my mind was sufficiently
dear to furnish .? literary production
subscribed to and supported by the most
accomplished alienists and scientific
members of one of thc learned pro
fessions. Fut, Of COUrse, it would he ex?
pected that a great thal of scientific
matter handed to a common workman
would appear as ide effusion! of a luna?
tic, because to those of contracted in?
tellect many thing! appear iny*terioiis.
If wc were disposed to argue thia ques?
tion, wc could prose thal Mr. Mullen's
"beal friend," Mr Robert Whittet, to
whom be alludes, had from our lip* ihe
substance of OUT affidavit 'wai years BCO,
Mr Mullen hail an opportunity then to
deny these things, or else bis ?? best friend "
kmw that Mr. Mullen wa* being slandered
and failed to repel thc same. To be abused
by such men a* Mr. Mullen it ul minn
'jinn* i* rather more complimentary than
ot hoi w lae. c a Brick, M. D.
A Reception I.. 1;< |.i < *. 1.1.il i\ ?? Ititrltmir.
At the meeting of the Virginia Demo?
cratic Association bcd Friday night in
\\ a*hinLrton, ii was determined to -. .
reception to the Hon. John 8. Barbour,
who is expected to arrive in New York
mi Sunday by steamer from Europe. The
reception will doubtless lab. place on
Monday or Tuesday night, when Mr.
Harbour will arrive in tba' cit! lion, New
York on hi* way home. Tnearrange*
incuts arc in the band- of a conunitl. I
M I. vi' " in the lei ture room of the Clay
Street Methodist Church, bj the ladit ol
the church, beginning next TUESDAY,
the Oth, and continuing each successive
< \ *? 11i11lt oi the week at 7 80 P. M
Twenty-four Young I.adie*, in ail i
tive costumes, will form and execute Um
beautiful CRESCENT, with attractive
tableaux, cain evening.
li ?? cream and cake, B ith refreshment!.
served by the ladies
Admission, Ten ( cut*
no ; li
DI.MIsl s.
!>?:> risrrs.
Main street, Richmond, Ya
no 7-Sn. WWF'im
Y. filmer < antiene A.
I. C. < authorn and ala.
s.nu.i?. ""lill*'*ie. .i ? . > r. i'?. .'.tn - ' .* . ? "i . ^,
weeks in some newspaper published in the
citv ..f Richmond; and such publication
shall be equivalent to personal service of
such notice ..ll the parti. *
v.. .a sn iran's Bi turana,
inn..nd. Ya November 15, 1886.
\ mc is hereby given that I haveiiv.il un
Monday, thc J!?th day ol November, Uatt, at
ll o'clock a M . a* the time, and the
above-named office, aa the place, for taking
the proof of debts directed hythe foregoing
decree. And al! persons having chums against
the estate ol said <> C Frown, diveasen, BIB
requested and warned to present them before
meat the time and phil?? above indicated,
with proper e\[dence t?. sustain the same.
(iiven uiuler my hand a.* commissioner in
ahancary ai the Circuit Court .1 the?minty
of ll enrico this nth dav of November, 1886.
' E. (' MlNoK,
(itv <& Gilham, p. cj. no 7-law4wSu

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