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git r xTBua.
Karon's Oocn —Toere was * further invsatigatior,
yetted .y, of the p.««fa Colontl. W. S. Miller, who
did.il. d Mewra. K-og » d Lambeth, a few -
fbew was nothing now elk.ted, exc'*P‘ I1**1 wbeuMllier
aalletl at the P.yat**l*r’i Oftioe, he wu aoeouipinrod by
a Lieot. Toruer.ot Maryland, who signed MiU-r a name,
oi h • request « tba c-Urn. Toroey is uuder arrest as
•erticrpt .mnri, but protests hi* luncoence of the
chi'gs. Tue case w«» continued until to-day.
J jin Miller waa arraigned on the charge ol feloniously
baring and receiving a ciat, valued a*, f 10 st. l u from
Jeremiah M. Smith, of Hanover. Mil.tr pro ’uoed a re
ceipt for the cow, aigned bv a nan named Jitu.w Tyler,
and the case ws* accor itngiy adj turned until Wedncacay
Ptiilip Krivober, oharred wl’h sswiu'.ticg and healing
Mrs. Mary GrifHu, was uisohai (t.-d, it appearing that tho
comolricant went In'S hia houa\ and "wagged her
to- g e' age lust Mr*. £ Kn ch-i’a couductwa* very ul*
ms.iry, according to Mr.-. CMfio's triie;c■, aid the
Mstor ijfotmed beribaishe could complaia to tbe Grand
Jury, if ahe thought proper to do so, next Monday.
Seecn.1 ehite me.., cbarg-d with druukeucee* in tho
pnbhc streets, etc., and auudry nee row, arrested for pet
ty larcenies, Were upproptiat ly dislt with. Among
thwe css a were the Mlowii.g :
T-.ori.iou, slareof Ja .Co be't, forit.-illig fft" worth
Of clothier f oat Fred. Taytir FI Aged.
Rj. J M.-Rennoti for being dtuik and d.eord.riy,
and dtavlng • huile agsiru-t W. a Lame, end aeny
w* ebmnn Sent cn to the Q »nd Jury.
A ooapUiot against. J. P Main*, to.- silling butter
ahor.cf wiight, was couth, urd until this morning.
tii.ii PaK-KSTOxsTS.'—The Grand Jury, lu tbaCirouit
Court cf tbis ci-y, returned f rescnrnwnta, yeatcrfey,
agiiOSt tbe following nstnrd corporatiora and individu
al, fjr issuing sMt pi ts'tr*, ia »iolx i m of Lw, vi: Wm.
K Jobnaoo, 4 esses; J P. Hill, A S. Lee, A. Arsell Jr ,
A W Rcbsrd-on, H -ran S vine* Bank, 4 ewes; Uni*
ei Savings Bsuk; Richmond, F.-cdericksbu-g, and Poto
tn e Railroad Co , 3 caws; J B Wi ston 4 cse.-f; K.
H ib li 9 c.-cs ; Proplu'a Swing B.uk 4 cars; Gar
lu-er Btk.-r, T M AlfHecd 4 -aw*; Tho*. M I*b.l! S
ea*sa; J tn-* L Port*r, A. I) Willi tin », Truman A P«r
ksr, 3 etas; U D. Mi ohetl. F*rm*r*'3avi c* Hank, 7
caw*; J‘t M Ta*lur 3 oi*w; Lnelen Cl. Wm. O.
Taylor, J ,hQ L St31.*. L wi* H Frva'cr, 3 cmh . N. B.
H I I c ■***; R 8 Vest, Bob . B Lvne, and Sylvester
P Otxke, 4 cassA Toul i umber of p-wet traen'a 49.
It will be cb •erred that the corpora-ions, a* well as tbe
ottser* signlrg the notes, have been pre-emu d Al
thr C.ty Gout at I was not pittented yesterday, it in to ba
b p*d Ihr the Gran I J*ry may perceive the propriety
t>i exe up log that ngnacy ct the community fiom a
pcowe-.'ioo. whiob, so far »s it 1* concerned, mu»t end
to smoke. If tbe Saving Binks had paid for the erec
tioa ol tor.inu.Ujr*, had purchased clotl ipg for thp
R nhmuni rolua err*, ptorid. d forth* families of ro'nn
»ecr*, e-.c., etc., lh-y lu> m'ght ask for an exempUon.
Tan Hona A am list wis di banded, yesterday, by
order ot the Gorernor. Tbe commis-lcna of the Officers
vici'fd, hcJ Ui#J| iufetMf. Wtta tno \ nuuf, re
lara, ;o it* pcccciul walks ct priva't' 1'fs. “ Sic ttnn
sll flora mw-idi *’ As NU F.«*Vd ■ t Is a-lines that
the several fortiilca’.inD* arocv) ibiscity shall beat once
irano. d," the queetico v!»*s wb> shall perform ibis du
».» W il it be the ' Dome G> ar 1 ” ih • “Mimi'e Men."
M (be mil. i t Tb»y hate uo “underetacdirg," so 1*
aa we know, and U i auras, there can be oo br- uob of
MdLln •ftiguu g i lime Mto “o reaper* blc a p «
Aiaiv 'bat •tfcw patno'.io li issue of Eicbinocd, ’ who
have “rO CO'lid n ly looked forth® d.i.ncoot ibilr
bsaotliui ai:y" to tic favor d * Home B.Uakoo," »tic!d
now 6 d that tlrjr rriiicce ha vauiehed into ih o i f.
It is too bad Bui let aa lot despair. The bateries
will tv mam »j. and, whatever ifBcie! mslmutku may
ba trade to the con'trv, ae ucdcrut - to say in behalf
Of th* cif s i a cl h th lor d. (trot already in ii**‘ otn.v,)
that if be feetretiiy arise*. D'r.ety Cl :e in tv -ry hiu
died (includug .he uplod.d Homs At'tlliiy,) will ea
gerly rush to the fortiti a ions, or elsewhere, to e rtke a
blow, indtf .ice cf •■.h ir beautiful city."
Pxu sit —Wo bad 'he pleasing yer'.erdsy of a wlwt
from Elder Weilons, frc'rieior and editor cf lire
•'Cbiia'ian Sun,” published at Bid 'll, Ya. Tbs “Be.n
ki ih# organ or tb- d .tubbing deuuruiditlon who claim
thw tile if ‘Cera woo" to the eiclusonof all other
de :on*i t'lonii n rets; retoiniee Ch'ist aa the in y
heal of the Cbtrcb and ru.k" vita' pr'y tie test of
fellowship, corcedirg to every m n ibe rtjfct to jidga
foe Mma 1. up n lot;r<■ at min s. Tee ->uu .# pullet*. d
yrevaiy at tho rate of it 6*) P'r sanuin.
Bav« You a*l Yiau 7—We cb etvo that theA'inv
8i.g on !n sotrc of the Corf derate States am calling
on 'ho cit'avi • for ill the*mp'y lUli they havet^apaie,
tu^j u.*eJ l.i d..p o-in* medieice* to tho siefc rol 'iira.
I o-d'niry iIum omp'y vials were of mpiratively vslua
leer; but now, when they cannot bj bought, they are
worth ckanairg ai d preserving.
Thiatbk.—To-night the ‘*Cr>sa of Gold,' “Married
iik ."ard “Irish Emlsranl" will be priaeoteii. We
have net tad an cp mrtuni'y nf wirrc«irg the p*r'onn
V cee of the cftrpv'V s nee it has been reinforced.
Targt US' .v| A I*.—A map of theSe.t of War '» t*.e Wrat tas
j^l Jianab I,V) r.rmc- u th a city, which secies to h.vo
h eti a-v *o * th y«ln*, *D * t* 9X9 'tied with much laa e and
Sei.tr It s«.l> a ct t •• V liry ot IN# If iibilp-l, til w the
® utb of wo ttiiwicrl, in'la line the stair I of Las’ll I na, M OJ.
a l td. S 1 »" , .1.1 V *ani .s, w:lh a porti n of Traaa, of the In
a an fertile;. ao4 of ii. ... toeet'-.r with Wret Tonne aso,
fc e.t,» tta -av, 3 o'lt II nola a-il Initiate an t Sooth Mlaiou l
t la a c lore t lithoj a t, • 1 •» ®«to pre»«it .a sceu-ste view
» >U. *h>l ieo oo eTtiraced •) chief« wav. rlrera, to. ds.im
s-all seraph. a •' p Utteal I t.ei I: Is O.rtal'ty the t-ert wap
yet aataat of th - Mutiml,. I V*liey. Ills ar tale by J. W. MAN
IfJUfU, HI Mein str.et -prko t> _
«attiitkt.nr»*kiwviiND*',i'd oyria*, |
Ttaotsu iso Tu»i.-*a» Aiuaoio Oa. »
LycrMiarit,'t , Urt *», t«4l. |
ItAA «UV8» WtSTin -Ibe Al-»lalt and Teases
O' *U i-e ha iout t'otnp.' T wish to Mre, Ibr tbeoeosi 3
y rgr lo work oft ihf r- p % r« of ibolr rvftd, kxul la i^olr t^ept, tho
(sMwowiaf 4nc Ibod ilAffta, vlt:
4 o Lok r»rs
At 0 teenier#
to BWcmnlM and <H.!ken
■ c.l* payable qau ft ly will be *l»ea for tbelr biro.
t H an U lico'l Bap V.
C% er BBU1. Pt'bK C1DIB VINiuAK la Store aol f r «ale. by
£5 ou» _ W. H FLBAtAbTA
aim coh balk!
*■ r\r\ DOJS-N AlifS. of Ylralala caanfactera, onaUlf of
ft()s) t-.:h Noo 1 and 1, w.-'-M:* frbro 10 lo p pocnda totot
Aak-o and of ot:-lifers m, t« <* Ofbe* euto-eVeA
W, U « »>* V 0. DOB*a*.
Ir-.o Proof Woo*. Oara.11 o» it-rat,
M _ ' IWMBWl*.>B»
G~ h n’t PBPPEHi %i rrfall by "SO ■rJJ*-'
o i A. B. eO-iaB, Agrt.1, Cary Street.
1U- »-.* a ,art,.BO *•'&”- A. T PTOBW A Qft
i3^CAT,P A>"U"D’ VrLVs..Ml.
Wv »:• aBl*ni^?d, inf :b*nef ill Fisrlco 1 igtt IVa. ooo,
j. h«r bv ewJ'j that, i*t«r b*lof stall oed In etmp f r tbr«t or
■••t bidMt mvctl fro* iipost't mad chart* of walrr.
with affr- too of tiubitiK h**rf«cb«, pain*. A , fortoreitl
db/» boluHttat l ? •» •*!»-n * to periW«ob»ic*oo«1 I»«
m,o: Baker's j», aaluaa H.U-ra,wLlcb soon r-Meted
oar eoati-l* ole; aad « (’>• «fd^tare her« l» “f “* 'M*.
ua Lae been w tha tier list Unco V> < alao concur in tbc bcBe.
b vueldboone o' iha met ealuabla a>e<llclaai ibal coaid a*
luutsfled to toe tip 10*1 id lin’ of Ibo Confederate Army.
** tetucctfsili’,
• - Z. 3. k'cORtTPCB, OcpL, .
J M (TL't-S. Ural,
J. D. s At liilAH, 'o,
J If RKLO tea. do.
35 core aar-br-e noorjir i* le tor abort oertlflcato.
fo Oapt *. utraa, P "»rleo* »tc;i 1. va._ “d
risost rauuuu ;jf-vf .ono M
TtoTKN OSXABUHO—IW ualca H.eep Oanaburg, ea
I j .laallra tobtUiaw for Ba Inc Vioc, for aelc br
an. ■! Ke.ahlrano, floor. M oba roprBnt
r floor lOObtu Superior Faialy Flour, far aala by HUNT*
jambb. __ _S?..
i.A,p —QDb aee Cartfla Soap, n-a la .tore aad for rale bp
n vr PKTSBSOM a CO , 15* Mala aired Brtt
t KilliF !v cater of -ar il- ai, of toertlebteMd-Hodel
S^Uefio bail, and f -r * MP3C0MP.
nVqi -IMka.-sBap. U-tbSoda,laM reeeitad aad lot aaleb,
JjJ f rtria.Hij ■ • o*».. M*1** •**—* *9Q
1 5 b??tc«o*. prc-i^i *+» U/f« addlUoM to his *ttk of
F^AI tad Sklt-l^ngT/e__^---- —
N^ff*"*** KtMI K_,n oft^AWAcft10
AJ,| r Franklin 3<reol^l.«lj« t^h»-1« Holel
«. .. Fua'ly K ■ H.nltp, Wcod’e brand,
Skbl rfVft'filly «£. B.rr{«rbVod« bryd.
b tbit of 0* W.'od * Ir^ad,
1(X) hbt of frsllj Vlctb-, till ctbocl b# ••rptWtJr
of^pert'r Grad Ounpoady and blank tesi,
Aikw auth-ft >f Ml. oaal, »aek at 3taj. Broaaaiut aad Bblt
jJjjf *
1OJO tala of TlnoCip aad (Jlorar Hap,
'lUO bales o' Oats,
^^Sij^ka" rb'j'.'r»lJ«/, OUtd Wanly and Oba-npapaa
Wines if toe rery h»»t imll'y.
’ foed. a. to. d A. l D4BNBT.
fVsrA.r of B-oad and Tto r'a^i.j.iinHe Thaatta.
-inv KESSFO UTH K AB.Hi.-Jul pabllabad, pnlfrrto
T) andUtaToftoa Ar*». I» U alarperotatoa coni* nine 10
4r * , .... nnl Price 50 by aialUpuee-pald. Bot tale
S*JwtodeMdMtoU^y / w! BAMD0UP4U1 Maini-rad
Om.t:a»ca, Er., Nov. 7 —A fight began at It o’clock
on jastcrduy at Bslmont, opposite to Columbus, and
lasts] until five o’clock in the afternoon. Gen. Pillow,
w.ihTappiu’s,WrighiV,Plcketi'aand RosstH's Regiment',
uumberiog 4 61)0 men, was attacked by 8,000 Federal
troupe under Generals Grant, McClernand and Henfori.
Until one o'clock, there were many alternations of sue
cerara and reverses. Oar foroes were then reinforced by
Walker’*, CureoiV, and Meek’* Regiment, when General
Pillow ordered a flink movemeit, which was made and
cuppoited by Smith’* and Wright’s Regiments, under the
imm.diate command of Gee. Polk. The enemy fled, and
were pursued to their gun-boat*. It was acompl-te
rout. The road* were filled for serrn mile* with the
dead and wounded, with gum, ammunition, knapsack^
A"a., Ac. The gua-boata were attacked by our sharp
»h oters, when thiir cables wire cut, and the Federa'e
mad* a precipitate rmbarkatiou.
Watson's battery is immortil’xsd. It was esp'.ured
after a furiosi defence, and subsequently reuken by our
Our loss is heavy, but much loss than that of the Fede
crais We have 90 prisoners. Toe enemy's loas Is trim
400 to 600.
Gen, Grant Is reported killed.
We reesptured nearly all our meu who had b:eu taken
ITbe “W*fc.on Battery’’ spoken of so handsomely in
tbeabov) d'spatch was mention! d in the New Otleais
Bee, at th) tin.o of it* organisuion, as fo’bws: —
Mr. A. C. Wstson, a plautsr of the parish of Tensas
whose disin tercets i patriotism a-d liberality ein nerer be
orgofeu by our peopi-*, determined to raise and equip a
company of flying artillery not to be excelled by any in
tbit country, and gloriously has he succeeded thus f«r
Tho battery, consieurg of four iifl-d six-pouuders anJ
iwo twelr j-pounder 1 owituis, all splendid brotx * pieces,
witli carriages, eiitsons and appointments complete, was
made to order by Mr. Edmund J. Irens in the most su
perior style and elegantly fi Uhed, without regard '.o
sw* a._l:L..!.aMJa Ltkl. miv in as
a.’st possible manasr, and Mr. Wu’eou baa collected the
liaeat torses suited to tho work to bo fonud in ihc Sta'e
riq'iipmntr atd every thing dc. dd to make the cor pi
ai well furnished as any other in the world havo a'd
oeen obtained by Mr. Wi.taoa, at his private expense,
a that we wire not sqtpneed to learn, on gool author!
ty, (bat be Las expended nearly fifty thousand dollars
His pxltio to cff.ru have been s-e ruded ss h y dcser. •
• d 10 be by the prompt rerp >r sa of ninety gallant epir
s, all young gentlcijf-u of the lire! s.anuiny in our city,
cud representing the very fiower of our chivalrous
Jreole population. The roll of tin coup any will ba
lound puollshed on tho French side of our paper. M»j
U.I ihooner, formerly of the United States army, lab 1/
idj itant to M .j rr-Qeneral Twiggg, ard Major of the
r .rst Ragiment Louisian* ^.r illery, has resigned hi*
nigh command to take tho oaplaiucy of this picked body
of artillerist*. Tb : First Lit utenant, L. A. Burslev. i« e
West Point graduate; a gflutlepap highly qualified fir
he portion. T.e second Ursteuant, Mr. A C. Cage,
is a thorough soldier, who diatlngoised himself in tbe
tto m rg ot Monterey. The Second Lieutenant Junior
h M Ernes: A. Toledano, a member of tho Washington
artillery, wbo served with honor ia thr actions of the
IS h and Ml at nil. Ur. Watson himself bxa entered the
racks, desiring no office, do honor, nothing but the eat
irfactira if tteei-g tbe corps be bas created do (fflctetil
tcrvicj In the cause of the South.]
PavaKsaB, Nov. S, F. M —The steamer Sampson bat
irrived here from Port Koyal with the wounded. Tbs
eigagement on yesterday, was between Fort Walks
and Bay Point Bitterie*, against tbe fifteen vessr.li in
side and several gutairje.
Two hundred man were at Fort Walker, aud thirteen
hu tdred outside oo Hilton Hr ad.
Tae steamship M nnesotx was tho first vessel to enter,
and was followed rapidly by oth rs. The attack was
from three tides, and altar tbe second round from the
ileet, the principal gun in onr battery was dismounted.
The engagement lasted fira hoars, and all the guns qn
the fort w«-e dismounted, caoept two. As tbe form were
ao longer te able, the two rerunning gnus were dis
mounted and tho magazine arranged to bs blown up
when the enemy entered. The total loss of tbe Gonfcd •
rate] wtg about 100 Sirgeant y. Ihtrkrrson and private
Haim, ol the Refry Infantry, Wepe Slightly wounded. In
the Georgia Foresters company, two are missing. In the
Toma*’Count j Volunteers, J. W Fontaine Is tn:ee'ng.
In the Serrntetnth Patdot*, private Amo* Thompson Is
miasieg; and a'so one of Ctpl Radc'ifTe’s C'-mpatty.
Gen. D ayton's aid war shot fiom hi* horse, and Gen.
Drayton war slightly wounded.
Dispat :hcs to t' e Charleston papers say that our bat
teris worked bqily, wM« tae I'eieyil firing was excel
Cha(L(stos, Nov. 9., P. M.—Tto S'.ejuicr Aid ou ye»
tcrdav, appioicli.d lb# blockaJsrB, atid afur firing a few
aboil, retired.
SavamiAii, Nor. 8sV—Forte Walker tDd Bay Point
batterlee were abndored on yesterday tfternoou aftty
a terrible cQulest, h which ** lpct twelve killed And (orty
wt ended, dor troops retreated sfler eahaustlng all oar
ammuoiiion. We lost no prinonere. All of oar gun*
were lost on the fori?, and the Fedir.il flag la now flying
ot< r rnr fnst*
Jilt IHdaN KiBUOi STORB.-WrwU. op.n in
n a tew Jays, at th« stud now eseupled by Adsmt Eiprem Coa
piny, one sty tare ubove the p-iet*offlce, on IS sin il-id, a wholw
,alr and isull T.nsC Pl.lRr, ah, re we will keep conttactly
nn ha.id. (tom our pnn anj other foot rlrt, an > porl-ien 1 ol To
bacon, of ill stylos and prvlcs, at ftefOM ,«IOB.aniTTc*p-ctfultj
9uK.lt a cad from alt wlsM-ik to purr ha.*. All orders from the
country p'omp'lv W ed, and rouslgnmer U solicited. Among our
stock may be fuiw" the feLoulng w«U kn wo favjrlbs brands:
Palmetto Twist Madeira Twist
I>o halt pounds Carnation, hilf-pcundt
Pride of Va, ins, bard pressed Dewberry, poopda
Da do tort-prassod lupwlai do
Budora, do uo Wo«tbln*,*’s
Ft g. ess, halt poorid# Alone, b's, Ac., Ac.,
In packages weighing from ID to 1.5 pounds, and ranging la prto*
from 15 to 75 cl* per Ih _ ..
We Will also keep on hand Ih* best Segar* and tasking Tobao
co to h# lonnd In the market. To- mt cash. __
Mors Vo. Ml Mala street; Factory on 7tb streo , below Oary.
ocg-ddm ____
BACON.-1,900 lb* prims Mountain Bacon
8 tierce* Wow Bice, just received and for sale
Ml] _15th Direct
ltl Main street, has for sal* a neat Southern edition of lL|
New testament, Mr tha pocket. Fries M cents as *5 canto by
ASPIC lit, NOTICE.-Wo, tie uouers'gncd, t-sra bow
oo hud a lot of AUlgwtor skint, Jj't rsoslvsd from Ihs Boath,
althwhkh w# ars p opirsd to furntob hoots and shoe* to our
fri nds and rustomen, and the pobtte gtn .rails. A call It tun**.
for* most ssrosoUy solicited A. HIU. A OO., No. 117 Ma n street
R chmond, Va. _"cl
IIOP*, HOPS, Hups, Hops, Hups - A supply af
FT fresh Hops, Jost re cel red and Mr t -le by
Who caale and Retail,
aa)l Corner of Proa' and 7th Ptrcct*.
peri >r to any polisher, or bursuhtr »t,r yet discovered for
elsamlng, brig telling or burnishing ell In shed *urf* so, such at
rol l gijTsr, brsas and tier ware, Mahigan-, M!rr-n and Window
RISM, lor sa* by W rrrtihOV A CO, Dr.ggtts, IDS Mala
Sir sat___!»?•_
FfVNOtl BRtN'PY — A pars artlola, for sale by W. PITIR
DON A OO., Drugglitg. "cle
SR AN OF.-9u Cess# Pure Oataaby Brandy, for modlclna|
purpose*, for oala by W FRTRB80B, AO’, hrbsrtota
HAVANA »I »AR* lo store and for salt by BKLDCN A MIL
LB a, o-irnor l«th and Cary itrsals. o*»0
^AMfgVretD.-JbMii.-^Hh, NT|1^
BnnmniM o» no.tu — ow viboinia
THI holder. ol tit. following certificate. of deh*. toned by th"
Mote of V'-ginl *, under an “Art to prorlde ler the romdruc.
Uuoof a Tn'D; Ike rwad f'om Ptauulon to Par/anbury, pa>.ed
1«U> March. 1SW, •• amended by the 3d eecll in ol an act to pro
• Hater-ailing teane to certain railroad r-.mpanlw aad for other
wunxMca, tawed lllat Pan In 19»;" will take notlrelhat the Com
aa'wlonera of the sinking lunl will procetd, oa tire Mat day ol
Eeo'r 1661. to redeem the laid certificate! (except a> muchlbrre
of aa nr appear to be held by citltera of toe united Ptnteeli at the
Treasury ol the Commonwealth the holder, cl call eertlBoatee
ere requireend one Id Out December, 1861, to aurrender the
aano el the office ol the P-cond audita'; whe.her surrendered or
not. ths Intereet will mae on that dai : ,,
VM9, Jan. 3. to, Jo.cph 8ml h, of Augiuta.™
Ap'l 1». 116. W right -outhgate, of ncriolk anti 00
Mijr I, 1 »nu»> r. FailUm,ofBlchmwJ-... g® JJj
June 11 1W. Jt.f-ph •wlih of 4avast*. . ■ ®®
July 11, 170, Iiaitp WliiUos.Jr. of Hl&eheiMi. JJ J®
Oct. *>. 9H4, Vn. .dory W. • abttl. .••••••• ‘*V0J
*• fc* 2.9 Jetinrc “aikins, cotnmMttt cf Jono
Mkln *.. 1,0
- *8 Ml, Churchill L Olbwn. «J|J
Hoy. 16,8M, Robertitoaiay, of Amherat. . l.«J« ®*
Dec 17,918, Joa.phemlth.or Ao.Mta . «®
17 979. Mary ttewart, of Htitlmore.. JJf
1948. Joil 8o' VS8, tlialnton IllMO^ of OhettoiftoM. 00
May 9,8 4, Joseph Smith, of Aofonta.
June 1,810, HobeitHatley,of Amhetft. J®*®®
Auy. if, 8i\ Johanna Schaer, of Oermany. Jdd J*"
j ^ jw featDr .... **'*' Ol*
18U. Mar 6.87t', Norman tie wart, of Rldhmond .... 1 O']
lsdt Pet.. PI gln'on aneock.of Ch-U- teld. 4o0 00
ln4d Mar. 1807, Jamt. W. Morgan, taeeulor of W.
1 Morgan,In Unit for William Mor
•ku'a g and child an .. 9,000 09
id.; May 99 i'0, lit leloo \V. T.aewell, of Norfolk... 1 9SJ 00
* Noy. 80, 414, Robert B. OuniJnghtra and Ann a.
hl> Wife .-. lhO 00
416, A C. Rowan and Mary 8 Ida wife... ISO 00
4IT, Charlee B. Poor and Maine k hla
wile .. *-* 00
1M4. Jan. 8. 429, Nichole. «ll!e ol Richmond. bO 00
***’ 4 4*4, Mm. Brand* Tcdd liail)oqr, ol
Orange.........—• 180 00
it, 48O, Ab«rt B Cunningham and Ann H.
his wife. «•*“
98,481, Ailu-na Mc*i?e»h. J"® ®®
April JO, 488, Wa blngtnn College. .,... J®
HO, ko. 9J. «t« Ihllpht G-orge lob:. ...
18C0 Jan. 4, 4*0, Mtw uery Bragg. of tttanton.... 400 00
' Nor 8 485, Jnr* Btuart, John L Hifon and 'ibo.
* H > II s, tiuatewa, Ac., lor the relief
of the widow, and orphan! of de
tailed c ergyaec, Ac. 700 0*'
486, Batne -. ®0® ®®
lhM M.r, 19,491, Robert K Outer, U * haty.l.'OO W
Hept. 97, MU, T oiu B Salle, t f Oolpeper . ootly 9,000 00
lii3 Rob 8 6i9. DaeURfpence eaecntor of ayland
’ . Pnbert- for the bem Bt of John M
lpb.rU' - —. 7,000 00
Peb. 8 518, Paine, ter benefit cf WO acbette l.Uv 00
Joly 19,’teO, J>nn T l Pre.Hr, trerie: of Mr*.
Paean Pearring'en 8e.,Ae. 9W Oil
Sept. 14.M8, (Ivy and Knaibeth V .i,of»rtd«.
rickiMrg. ®®® "®
Kept. SV, 58«, Mr. aery B McOr.rry, ol Norfolk 9,000 00
Jrt. 14, t40, J. M. Ruakel. JoO
641, O. K. Trail. 6o0 ®®
549, J H Btuenl, TrvMerer ef the t om
monwealth, In trust ter the Monti
cello "ark. *U «0
Noe. 8, 648, Jaot-t R. Habard, of horfolk. tout.'
D-c »!n8. K l tbeth A PltigerJ I. 8«o 00
1884, Jan. I,5(», Btetheth Ife hard, qf Pr.1e.ieki- ^ ^
Jan. 7,530, irrTftoney, of BtaBord . 80.'00
Jan. 91.558, John B. Young, ccusmtwloner, In
•b1^ of Lory (Jirtllcn, Jc.. .... 00
Feb W, fM, Wal er A Oh%mber» . 00
Ai.l 1J.9T.I, TreMuremf the Cit«m^.»wealtb, In
1 t„1«tfrtPi*1p Rn.k of liock.ah.1.u» 1W 0*»
Apt it. a*. 8»»* ..
Xpl. 19,568. lUme....,. JJJCO
ApL 21. .VI*. Bano... . 100 OO
Jane 8, 01 i, Arthur K. »s l.»on.. 800 00
Jaly J. 576, Treat srer of the Ccromon.ealth, In
trust for the Bank of Pcollevllle.. 498 00
Oct. 9, JT9, Richard li. Manic, guardian of A.
U. L. Monica .. BOOM
Oft. 18, t>«, AtrafcaB hi jh . 0»
Iran, Mar. 1,0*4, John K Adams, nt thuli!i#ald ...... 20u 00
1-dA, Mar. Jl.fW, Jehu M Bvland, of King end <2ueen BOO##
ApL 18, faM, N. C Read, u .rdlan of her cbldren 400 00
July 8, isW, Ard-tw Johnat-n, «s center of a. H.
Johuaoa. 1,000 00
Aug. ft, cot, Jno Kutter'oord, guardian of lboa.
R. Euyiereolil, A*. 400 0*
" “ 6,0. Jno Rtt'ke.-fVrd, guardian of Mary
laaba la Ruth rford.. 800 DO
“ 81,811, Samuel V. «iltcfce:l and Andrew
Juhniton, ereruton cf tVUH.B
Mltc.-.rl, Jr., deceas'd. 1,400 00
r.9. Cams. J.*0» tj
•16, Same . 760 00
814, Same . MB 00
« i, hum* . *00 40
Sic! Same. W»«0
8 7, Bame. 4B» <0
Sept, 91,618. Wra. U. Klnsie. of Po.ha an .... Ooo «0
1804, Mar. 7,894, William k. Jackaon, «U8 of the iur
Tiring dlldrtr, of Wta. M. »r.J
U.ryJacl.rn, . -... jOu 00
Ap’l K, 6W, Trifdeei of the Protestant Bplaoepal
Thronglcal Btmlnary and H;gh
Sell ol la Virginia . l,00o 00
July l, (SI, Samuel P MltcheB, trsjslee for V>»
i in.'jc'.arir*under vne *111» Mar
gervt Maul, siev'd, ac. 100 00
1851, Pe’j. 18. *40, Treasurer of the Coosmo i.ielth la
trust for the Bank of f oeklsrldys.. 875 00
May 11. '49, Bam*. 100 00
• 19,651, Da, d W. B it. n and Mhere,'n treat
for she relief of da hied clergymen
ol th ProUatant Ip'ieopd rhttlih
of Virginia, An BOO 00
June 8, 650, Po-hatan u. Starke, t ustee, Ac., In
the c ue of king vi. Ring. lfO.M)
July 10, 529, SLtfhrth M. Ha rt on, the Intercut
• ’ tb be paid to her during her
Ilfs, with remainder, Ac , If , *o. 600 *>
1858, Jam 91,471 Jntcpb W. Monica . «•
Ap'l 5, .-'J, J P.Tailor 4» M
G*v, I .. .
fcgl, »4Uif. 60.) W
IsM, »w 6-». o)lrX F. I lor, eire.itAr of Jams*
»j L'n***/, Ae. 1*0 00
M«v M, t'^t Odtuuib»lsnr » of the ftaklif Fund H' Oi
Jane 9, GSM, 8a nc . . 00
July 19.69*. C WaMroa#, t u«tec far Du wald
ros<.... ^
Deo. », 701, The Presid.nt, Muter', Ac ,of Wil
liam and Mary Oetlcge ot V-rgln a 1,800 00
1899, Jan. 15, 707, Sarah T Bragg. In’) 00
Mar. 4, 7 9, Sarah Penn Brown. 910 no
Mar h, 714, O J Terrill, of HaneTfr,. . 100 00
Ap'l 15, 716, fcary A a: Leath. to rev rive interest
duilng h r widowhood, Ac., under
order of Court of A sue la.. ..... suO ta)
Ap'l 90,718, R t. it K Lee an 1 »'n 1 Wickham,
ttj .Mcs sor W U f Lr, and (leorf*
lai i,. hie wife..:... 80n mi
Ap’l SO, 719, Same......:. M0 00
Jana b. 72*. Treasurer of the Common.eal h. Ii
trust for tbs Bank of Old Dominion
for Erancn at l’earlab' rg .. 80 00
July 7, 721, Jo eph W RsUsd .. Id *81
ls60 Mar. 10, 729, Tie aa 8 Clatke and lie, M ClatIc
Intgn a......... ... . 896«0
May 8. 781, J bn 6 B:*tt n, gu rdlaa of John
McO land Mf Catty.. 100 40
July 11 785, Lodi IS Jonot, admlnialratir »f hal
ly o Itgiaaf, deveafud. k»i oo
Ock 88,799, Jcnn I Btaek.ell.. 180 00
1841, Jan. 98, id1), leea*1 June*. 900 00
Ap'l 80, 741, J L WEBama, t.natee. . 118'tO
July 6,748, Bame. . 900 00
140,618 96
Auditor of Public Account*. , „
8TA»r0RB H. PARKRP 1 ^7hr
Vl'i’f'A,®1 «*• L*°4 091I Sinking run I.
acfikttE W MilatoRD.
fo'rt-urj of the Commonwealtti. J
00& —9 awJm_ 1
Altff Edition oMheTroope-V Manual for light Dragoon
and Mounted Riflemen, 1 Tot, 8<mc; price flit
Among tho many nrodaettnr! in the pay of Binary tactic*,
which thy emergen, y rf tKe" timed haa t> ought forth, we know
of non* more dyat .'i.ng t|iu£ "The Trooper’* Mroual," compiled
by Col J.Indus l)ar a, the ascomplUted caralry officer, Just
published by A Mortis, of tbla city.
We particularly Invite the attention of tlu.ee latetct* 1 to (one
of tha distinguishing frataroa of thla Worg, whlph *;* a*g sure will
Obtain for It a place la tha hands 0> ese.y can acrklng Informa
tion on thy tahiocL
pceldos the oite.ry drill proper Is contains tbe regular drill of
Ibe United Rate* mounted rlNti, as antaoriied by a board of offi
cer* of (jolted Halt* Army; I’m reyolrer manual of Capt. Boll. U.
(LA., nererbaforr paM'shnd In any book of tartlcr, the appllca
Uon of tbe regular drill ta •’agio rank f.irmaUona: alao manaal
and directions for handling th: breocb-loai or, and other Improved
^Suoh a combination hag neTcr before been publlrhed, we be
llero; and In tbe abaenco of tbe oava’ry uetlca, publlrhed and
gold heretofore, nose of which aro to be bad, a* we learn, H will,
BO dcuV, cuss, ll.e entUe edition rapidly to disappear,
duet published by £ fcyjsRUh
aujs Richmond, va.
iu7vornriikv n auai.
and drill book.
1 Vol. 18*210., 878 pp-{ price >1.50,
COVPIhID from the teat and Kteet aulhorltlen forth* Volin
teen and Militia, of the Oeufedirito Hates, by Lieut Col
Wm H. Rtcbscdaon, graduatearj4 formerly ttuUunl iutroalor of
Taotlc*. Ya Military Initllu-a.
Tt.;« v.iuahle book U a liberal shdfgoraed of Har'ee’i Taetlos,
laelB ling the School of the Battalion, and Inttruotlona for Bklrm
The Balance Step, and the Manual of Arms for the Musket, be
ing Introduced from GUham’a Man sal. Alio, tha forma of Parade
IbrBeviewi, tn,pc'U n. Dreaa Panic, Guard Mounting, Duties
•f Guards dutle of Captain In Camp and Garrison, Marcher,
Camps, Ac., Ac., together with Soldler’a Ration*, and mode of
cooking them, and a few Important tan tary ngyctlon, to *ol
disc. A. MORRIS, Publisher.
jeSg #T Main Street, Richmond, Vi.
l/>r. -A.. Y. P Harriott,
HAYING remoreA hi* r cl deuce fr„n Washington, D. 0..tc
lUahmond, w’ll hereafter pursue lb* practice of his profM
ilon In this city and «.Unity.
Omou-Main Street, urrr P. H Taylor*!—next doc: to Mead*
A Bakor’s Drag Store.____mailt—dsn
0. W. I rarru. a Co f
THI hlxbct marVcl pilce raid f..r Odd and direr. Mock,
bought sod arid on Ccmmliilon.
ockd -tf_0 WaJVKOm- * oo.
HKTP SXED.-l bbl.f or sale by
cc80 __BITE A CO.
C1HANIDADND WINK, bet brand, and Ualawba Bran
) dy, for sale by A E MOORE, Agent. _
RYft AND WlIKRT.f-rseed, for sale by A I MGO»V,
Agent, Oar/street, ncor Columbian Hotelcell
GLTTS, GLUE.—A tuperlor arid* for Pilnlrn. Bladen and
Oublaavmakatt use forsale by J. W. PETEE8 >N AOO-,
Drsirba oalA
COT rO~ OZ v A RB A CIS.—130 bale Oanaborgi for tale
H KURIN . N —W . d'* Pa-ully itoe Herrin..*, In store and
for sal, by SEuDE.N A Ml .LCi, corner 14th and Carr
sires a ,___ o»8»
HFtlAHS.—IbOOu Began, rtoe'r'ng and forea'e, at price*
from |lfO to tbd per thouMBd, A, t. ITOKE« A 00
PURR IT t HAIR BAI.AD OIL, for Uhls oss, J oat re
eslf ed *1 MEiDd A BAUM Drag Ron, 1M Mala Hreet,
neper abwwe V. £ •*"
I—I—ILL—JJ-i—lUi-HU i 11*" ii-1J
irt'u ns Minin««....y n- hiwitt
This evening HoTcmlwr nth,
Bcottleh Dance. ..MIm Matt PertUgma
<7ii and c oncert
tv TWK
Por th« ».eckflt of Wire* ftnd Children of the iiebuun J Voluul««ra.
To Ubr* i>l*c« at
(former y Trinity Church,)
On Tuetdur Evening, November llglb (ill.
”41T i.MT.
1. nyeiture. Orcbeatra.
*. uiw . Beet*"— -horn* Male Volf*,... .Werner.
.1. Duetto- •OuardaOhe Blncre l.un>,".Camptna.
Med. Silvan end Min Lnry.
4. Mynheer Van tlanck. blehop.
Polo at d chorue, Ma e Yoloei.
B. Aria, .. Ocoeooe.
Madame Katvan
t, Ohorua from Horma—Male Volo«a. Bellini.
r*rr aionen.
1. Overtun. Oreheetrn.
g •' II Purltim ' —}n!o tor Flute,. trUnL
Mr. Wild'.
», I. “Sc Vnol Bill tie." II “La VeudctU fr.m
F garro'e Wedding... ... Mcftrt.
air B.Unou.
4 •< Hare Above Ca Cho.-ua,Male Votcte.KrtbUer.
B “ Hnnlet'a ,'cng,". KuckeO.
luetic -Made. Kalian at4 Mlu Licy.
a. “FouUcrn AaJ»im"-*olo and Chorur,--.0. A. Brtoaeuo.
0. A. Kaioacnx,-'”.Conductor.
Tlckcta Id cte. for aaie al the principal Book Korea and at the
Door, on the night of the Concert.
Doore open at IX o'clo.k t M. Per'onauocae to ccmiuenoe et
s P M , pre -lacly.
If The Plano to be used an thle orcnalon hie been kindly tut
elehed by Mmere 1. Woodhoute A Oo. _ It
QUAlfO Wjj, |
roa TRi
him ir i r
or TBB
irfnry land Voluulce r»,
African Church,
Thurailay Evening, Nov. 11.
aiGNOa UtORiK,
Aeelat.d by hla d.ugttef
eta.lr.me A. B BdNAVlTA,
And oil ar eminent prufaaeore, will glee one Greed Vocal aod In*
at.aoeuiel Cot. -rt al the African Church, In tbla oily, Thurtday
rive.I"* Nor .gib, on which orcealon will be inng with a fall
end eiR Ic.i choral lb • new nr. I populareorg Jr Healed to Prea*
Iduot liavl', emit ed 1 The Ova'edc ate Flag.'*
pg*u..-i. opeu at I. Oo«oeii lo commence at a o'clock.
*v~ fir pkrtfeoliri ee • programme t.oT—U
V e eeK (ioV«UNI)B OK V1RCJ1NIA rl
PJlOl'I.A NATION.—Inlormatlnu hsvlog been received by
Ibe Rxe.'uUve that sav<n colored convicts, who had heap senlerc
ed la lha Penlitn-lary aod lo labo' oo Ibe vubllr Wrtki and who
were Muploytd In working rn the Richnor.il d’feo-ei hare neap
id from the caslody of Uulr keepers aod are now gobu at large;
ihcrtfore I do l.rr»l,y offer a reward of three hundred and 4fty
dollar] to any person who eh tit nr. ret the aafd convlcla and d.liv.
ar them Ir (o be Pm Item let/, or 4 ly dollere for ellbtr of them;
an I I do mo cover injure ill offb-cn of Hie Commonwealth, d.ll
aod military, end a>|or I the people (serially to wee tbdr beet
ever Ions lo ptoenrn th'tr art wf, Ural isey may he brought ta Jib
i — i Given under my han aa Gornuor, and Birder the In'
LI .seal of th- Commonwealth. at Richmond, this Ath day of
) __ I .N.ivcmher, lo the y. ar 18(1. JuHN LETCH bR.
By tbe Oorer io.-:
Gaoaua W. Mrvroan,
RooreUrt or Ihe Commonwealth.
T* a f Hewing Is a list of lha f ee negroes, conv idt and trans
ports who made th: escape from lha forutlcetlona near Manchester
on Hatorday night, the SClh October, 1841, vli.
Sri Lee, * roiraced byeourrof clly at Richmond, for life, on
i el Ar-1.1-’- upo r h'i third eff-ner, was born In Richm-nd
city, la h last, 10.1* lnoLs4hlg*>; la Hi or &8 years old, eelor eiaok;
rial, and eyes biso*; a tcr.aH tc*.r o£ e g.', wvlsl; matted with
■m .11 pos in the fa e; ye y thick'Hire, which itend open and
show Hi • ft 5 (tretb, ibe left rid: of lire mouth a '.Ittle higher t an
the right, art wh-n steal', 'he lir'd Ir.'l.nea « Utile ta lha left; a
lilt c humpbacked, his lest 1 l>p Inc'es lotg etch.
J,m,n AVon/.life,-set • pterc d b; th* Coon ol fee,lerlckeburg
this-y..in b r* grant larceny and received Jan ;ary lltb, 1846;
being a cond r ffmee 4v • years In ad Jill on pot on him Aprl Kiel
lb 8 He a at horn 'n 8o. tsyivanla, is 8« years old, i feet, Jfc In
,-h-a 1 Igh. Mack color, hair and eyes black A sear ;n n< ee
fror.i- Fit - a colored, rcealved June *lb, 1**», from Rocking
ham coo'niy, unde- sent nco for ee Jen rear* four n oatha two da) •
for fcl n ous huro'og. weaho-n In Rceklngham e maty,1s four fee.
Ilk In; v s high 19 years old, g r.ger bread e lor, blsr ■ and
at-, 'i wo small scars oo the right arm relow tbe elbow; and
scar on Itft arm tb 'ee elbow, n small dark mol* ou epper pa t of
b eel!; a >.ar on Lfi ankle; and a atn*11 sea' rn ion of fill*.! fool.
J/orrf,. n Ir trepor .recclv d March i*Ji,l J.S. trio LynJLbory,
y. low complcafor, bl*ck h- Jr aod e4<a, 4 te.t, JR' Irobra h'gb;
80years ol. * seut rf'd to be hung by e nil of ty no- burg for
cU'slug an-ba-co 'ictory, and Seuleoee Canute! to sale and
tran-porisifoa by Civtt lla
//nrry, l unapbrt, re'elved Tth Decembir, 1hS8 by O-u-t
of Halifax county, where he was born, la a mulattr; blark hair
and e,c>; 4 feat, 4 Inches high; fS years old; aod ema‘1 soar on
th* rlghi tide of the fo-etatad; ooe small tear on the left cheek,
and also one imaliecar on the hand jut above Vf i»Rl if
the diu > b Urge-.
ne.r l wal rot.vcJ as.y ilia, 1from Glouerater
coanty, whe-t b; unuon-d to tale and transportation for
murder la the ie.-md deyrer, la tinner bread e«lo , halt black,
eyea hr wo; 6 ( et J inches high; SI years o r'; has a scar oo ont
sl.l- of right thigh, and on ev ta alda of Wit knee.
Fott was rece’.v d Be t-inber *, lSfi». from Cempbell county,
where ehewae horn, sentenced for murder; Is copper colored balr
and eyta black, Sh rears old, 6 feel i Inches high, ore erOwli'acsr
on h: rhumb of the Irfi hand; also one or, the am finger of the
same hand
Taken from record,. __P",—-R
*>r,AA LUX, While anj Broxn Zinc f’nlnt, In oil, toy
nUOO it” by Wk. Birr PR A CO .
bo;; ti Rale ttrout,
Ru iiy jD, V» , Nov. bib, 1VH. I
IN Oinvsyunct of tbe Isrgc amount of traniportmlon. whleh Is
helng performed by this c mpaay for the G.,eornment, the
Clerki Id the frelsbt depxrtairnt, have no time »v Oolleat hills oot
edv of the depot. Be ere. tb.crrfceo, compelled to requ re U.at
all codjI* eee of grod re -Meed over thla road thall pay the whjle
stn.ioot d»o o« tne eaxe before they are delivered.
; V1 (hit ru.r will be enforced b all cai'.e.
_T H.WVNNK, 8u| t.
•ri—>, iiAki K s i>i(i nn n hit
TERR, aanu’aeturedby Mr K. Bsx.a of th'a rlry, for
Hu lail lltieen yearn, and S] Mgltly recommended ry procla nt
rhrdrlaoe in Vlrgleli,liae gained a rapuutl,.n In 'be Oonladerate
Army, f rlhe rare of ague And Vr vr;, ,ad 4:o»ral deblkty. We
eta eafe.y lay they sea , -va'waa!, medimoa for r sooseJ soldi:ri
—try the~
To oe Mid of all l>roggtata la Ur'.s d y, or of the Proprietor, en
Colon Hill, Blcbmvnd, Ta.noS
PAINT.—Meladle nre Prof Paint, taof OU and colon if
every deieripUon, for sale l>»
an simat a rw
(MlAMOlb' SKIN* AND KMUiaea, tor (Ale by
J oo: _ WM. BATTLM a 00
ALARoB aaeottiuentrt auperlor Paint Bruelti-ii, Duai-re
aod w h;t. vaab Bruebra, (or able by
no? _WM, g(TTLER A CO
IINflED OIL—We wltb to purrAeee trem 1 li MOO ye lone of
J rare Oil, fjr whlij we «ra w Lina to p >y a I beral price. Ad
dicas, WM. 8U ILA* A 0 I.,
Southern Paint and Gliet Depot,
no; _ 1(2 Main atreeb
THR proprleK r offer* tor tale, ono bhoneand or twelee hun
dred acrea of line Cane aod Gum Lao I, aa w II adapto 1 to
the prodeciloo of Coro aod Cotton, at anr land In the St .to of
tCarla Ippl ’ibleland la atloated on the Ssothern bcuodary i-f
Sunflower County, on a teautlfa! Labe, three ultra Sr' u th.t Ta
aoo Hirer, Into »h cb It rmrthe; affordln* a flea amnabaat uael
y». Ion u tithe rlrer. Upon tulc land l» <1 redoing flee yeara old
wh'ch le mieeptlhlo of tprMwt a art crop ihr flrat rtar
Tertrmnf tbtrd uath. tha balance In two annual‘nalalmenU;
ono-aalf eftha aame will be taken In negro property If de«lred.
Adlrraa, R W. RANDLE.
(hla landing) Yaaoo Elver, eare of Lb - aw Drop,
oogf>-tf ___Vlckahurg, Mlaa.
great Porlflar of tha Blood and Regenerator of Ota wtola
ha.-ian tyrtom, for aala by PBTRMOS-k 00.,
ipVi __ _urntram*
PB aala by A. MORRIS,
Publisher an I Bookirtlae, Richmond, va.
By OoL J. Lnctna Daele, to which la annextd the BklrmWter'i
Drill, for Mounted Riflemen, by Captain Maaiy, lata of tha U. A
Army; 1 aoL »lmo.-, 1.45.
Deary Ari'Uery Inetructiena, for hcary ArtiUwy, prepared by
a boerd of offleera for tha nae of tha amy of the U. A; 1 toL Umo;
12 50.
The Yolcutaara' Hand Book, by Oaob Jamee R. Lea, Prat to
glment of Yl.-gtnm Volunteer*-, pe'.co 600.
Knrdeo'a Rifle and Light Infantry Tnotice, now edition, oom
pi etc with pUtee: » role. »fmo.; 4 *5.
Hardee'a Tactloe. In 1 toL -mo, paper, lift.
Tacit. 1 for r.Berra of Infantry, Cavalry nod Artillery, by L T.
Backholtn, The
Infantry and Camp Duty, Plaid PortlflcaUoa and Coaat Defeneo,
by L. V. Backholla, Me
li, Pram and will beapeedlly publlahed, Tha Volunteer1* Manual
aai Drill Book, a complete Manual anJ Drill Book, for the nae of
all Volunteer,. Ml:nla and Horn.- Guaid, compiled from tha lauot
allhortUca and alapted to the JlaclpUne and drill of rolan.eaea
and aoldtrra; by OoL Wm. H. Richard icn, Jr.
Tlila work atoold bo In tho hand! of (Tory ona of the MlPlla, aa
wall aa In the hand, of every Voluuterr and Oltlaoa In the 8 j a th
em Confederacy.
It la loot what all member* of CTery company, either lu atAlec
ttrTice or In the if otic Guard, require, at retry lUrg In It le
aroughl up to the army reqolronrr.te ef the praaeot uan
Or Jcra ehoold be addreaaed to the publlaher.
A. MORUU, Bookeelter and Pukflabee.
i(C Richmond, Va.
P° «tw-~* iMt »r‘lT,J- BOV, A CO.
QWLVER HI* for tala by ppyg A Oo,
O' BERRY PECTORAL, Fnlph. Ibher, Q Inina, Hyd Pctaah. Cblo
r- fern, thlor.te Potaeh aad bit It .ear, far amlwbw
or»U._IK, V* A VA>. .
MATOaRJ.-iD' groaa Maichoa, aad 40 gram Maann'a Blacking
for aala by DQVR A (1)._ 0'*’
1 _
__ MTJTCHUB days,
r^bLtRGK iilD “
The ct-pnrtoenhlp sow exlallng between Iht ondceelioed till
SM** 2 "-**“»■, wltb ,h.ar."um'n« -
£ i!'rh?," “ll,mrn xn 11>* detenrlncl a. t. time,
i. ““"Me Ancllon, elllmi rterrre, cn Tuesday in.h
hceeiuiber, lo be continued from dey to dig, lo oor'gtore
Etrout. Mo. 1641. Mala street, KtohmonJ, Vi, the noma of <ur
i»'g. aniT*;nabU atorg of seasonable staple nod Vann
vry (<ooa«i coo'itiiag la pit: ct
-batiri ft 4 7 S iiid I 4 »>y*t Fh ut:v,t
-Bale* blown »tiu« ond Oonxecoui, end Oorrm Ina.e.
a fall line of bleached Bure nxus
bleach nanxo ond Jk*»s
WWie lef. Bine, an i inty Futnnt
8-4, 74, oaj 4-4 HHlIih oed American Peis m
Bond block Kogileh Paurri
Black ood Ool rred Kog.lah Cauaaire
WIB4c, tiray^Blns ond Green, Kogtteh, Army, ond Bed
Oroy aad BlM Military fe-rw ood OAuuaoaa
B-4 Gray Virglrlo Caesixroo,
8 4 8rt / and bran Remit rs
d 4 Grae Cnonw, (Crtn-hsv make I
block. Bice, and UrarptT srrru
Baccy Oa-eiaaae, and ' ic„a,
White Goods U g-eat r.rlety
BUek ond Oo.orcd Cotton Va-.raro
fancy ond Uoorolng bee., Goons
•Go Oe or, 6 and bite, Wiias *1
Martel Inea and Uni g hm
Partners’ gattmt, earl ct grades
Black Alp icc i, Bonitseloea, Ac.
Boor eotpender Bettoi-t
Meta! oed Military Buttons
Blact Tkreadt
Bo t e'p.ol Cotton
i In k ood Colored Bewlrg I llgt
Glor*•, Mealery, dilt'e, and other Small W ares lo great
fhawlt; pt»r.o aad TableOoTere
Me-dr.o Mil Ij ond Drawers
Lo ttes’ Under Wear
Irtsh Llnene, Da-eoike
T wellngi. Napklat, Sheel'ryi
P liuw-Oate Uneoe, Table UMhe
A line of Velvet and 8ruas«t|
( I the eelioroitd make of J, Cruoelty A dote I
Three-ply and itg aln Oorp<u. oftte Hanford on.t Until nose
8 4 7 4. and 4-4 Manage ami Blair do
Uocllngt Ptoor Clo ha. Rags. Matt, Ac Ac.
A Urge lot of ftirtliln scoria, rmhrn.log Comoek and
Pracoirlle Lace and Ho tils tioltlaa, Ac.
Mating been largely roeaged lo npp ylng Clnthlrg ond eqtln
mene for the army, me rhtota and milter, oflerea will tod tt-’a
tale enineu'Jy wottSy rf their ottentl.n the great bulk of our
•lock hrlng In Ibat rlort rf Q«iU m-w to irqcb In demand.
KGoode pocked ond drllrerrd ti seuu1.
i—Go*h (to hotl^ali.e food,) on del* tr— y
n< r—td,___WATtUVB A PH KLBW.
Iiur. UKimriiL pahm ok i*.-, truet,
. pit tire Meadow Mrlttge Hotyd, hull niter
Kuitnraolol Klrbiaaouel, fur nelei olAurtl >u —
At the r, qaedtef Mr Albert A Morris, (s buee t««>W b-ailidon
not parmllhla perauDloUcotlon to Lq’tnw.i wr aha I ini, atpuv
lie ouc l o, on tha premiers, uo » lieeraduy, the ll'-h Noe ,
14(1 at ib u’etCyk.H, l( fair. If not, Gall.it fair day;’ t- rest.er, tt e
valo*sG ieria'.neat-d ue enrer, new oenrl end oeespto-I ny Vlr
H* rile. The tree! eioltloa 183 acres, at-lch her Sees iuh he dml
Inly nine smaller trac e, rune ne frAu. 4 t, k-ift acre,, secr et ..
tnapiat amlturvey to be lee-atour offlc!. the ntuuln i t,nj*c
trtct, bn. 1, ecutlm IS rent, and her on It a rood dwelling, uni
the luual out bull leg. On lot Nn. t there I* a Urge and ci >t ■ x
edleut barn On l .1 No 5 there li a large n-w U . huntr, »i h an
Ice pond adjninlr g It The land for Ue wrt! p rt lay* * I , a..d
le at fertile a* any »ih*y body of land rocilguau to B'chmeiu' -
There la >a ea^r *<11 » hard-one bonding gttr, eomtnandlag a
heaatl <51 vl*w • f ibe c'ly tud *urToe-*".rg county.
TI.epa-tL-.Urilttlln of Ihe public Is r .'led toth'siale, at.
Mill iuOile parcel Of land, a« e intlyuons Ic the rtty,(bilni In
an air line alibis one mile and a quarter sf the flat. Capital) hat
seldom b*en offer* d for tale.
Tama* One fnnrth cash. balance al G, It and !< months for ue
gotlsbl noise,Into e.t added, secured hr a trust deed
no*—Id nop run * kPPKKfON. Am-s.
P. A - Mr. Morrta will take piaster* iu ehowlne the land to th-ee
wlsh-ng to Ttew the late tJJf .O. A A
Xxumuao, Va., Jane 1», 1MI. I
Tub ditties devolved in it i vi.viNG
the troop* In the Held with Small Area, field Artillery, and
Ammunition thereof, requiring a dtrrWc* of lahur, the following
order is issued.
The Colonel rj Udhaase of Tlrglnla will continue in attend t*
iheljeco cf area*, both Art)1 lery and Small Arms, belonging te
this State, and to the manufacture of field Carriage* and Okie
The making up of all klndi of ammunition, Inclndlsg the mono
factor* of Percueloo Cap* and the lacing of the Menu, will be at
'ended toby the Ur inane: Department oftbc Southern Oonfeiera
cy, for which parpoc* m much of i.h, Ammunition ai I* now oc
band at :h- Armory, aad IV 5 pe.eent accommodation for fur the*
aqsj'aelere of ArrUuurilnn ale now app-i prvated for that pur
»i be tpii bealo, he tarned orer to the Confederate author Op
ng'the enntlsaanoe nf the war.
Tli* Oolonel of Ordnance of Virginia will make tho aeeooear;
arrangement* to carry ont 111 foregoing order
WANTED—for Wa1 turpoeee, a oonpany of a hnndiec
men, v,bo a*e uct capab'e if pci fore lug eerrleeln t'eflek!.
ret ar. ab c t > perform doty In the city. N.ns need ep ly who art
capable of tell ferric*, and good reierence* will be require! ■< w
character. Apply al the oflic*. eernur of Bread and vth street*.
net—tf__ JtiO. K. El Nil KB. Bf'g. teen.
OKAY WOOLKN TARN for Poldtere'Sockt
oelT Wat KINS k flCKLXN.
WHSAT — Wty White Arabia* Seed Wheat,-!** tele by A. A
Miluek. A rent, Cary Street.ocld
HritiBN VIROI'IA KALT.-ISQ Seek* frime
Virginia Balt, on consignment, by A. Y. ATOaflh k CO., one
oer 15th And Gary atreeta. _ __eel*
IMP rove You rTye sight
nuiKiii k co.,
Ota MR* ftiSfl* R* tapvovwd
let preserving and restoringtha Impaired vIMoa te H* prim* rtger
AIM, a vary large toortmtitof
Of the beat quality, at FEANELIW A CO.’S,
,, Ho. 148 Main Street, Echmnnd, Vk
A gfO.-Juet received a full supply of genuine Anchor Rolling
Cloth He. fl. te ll| lfor) pair Brae* tithtery Spurs; MO pair* Ha
ted. Tin d. and Steel eptr. AIM. Walker1*, Rice's, C«sa,aad O
DPcrcuotoo Cap*. IUGDES, WILSON A HLNT, No. iePiarl
IODIDE POTARMITE-U0 lb*. Iodide PoUminm, lot
bf °°V|1 *
lt4 _fVtao t*.
M annul of Military fnrg*ry, f r the nir of th* Su'/eota In the
COnieOe-aie '(r---' — —
o'theMedlral tlepa intent or theConfeder.te *m>y byJ.Jollrn
i.hlrholm, M. 0 , Pro'essnr of Surgery In the Medical College of the
State of South Ca:olli»—$" SC
IKetraet from a notice of r.lrholm's Military Surgery by Prof. J.B.
McCaw, Fdl'or Virginia Medical Journalj
"Altar a c ireful esamlnaUot. cl thla work, and haring cor pared
It w th Otheri of J he charart.r, wecan oay, without beilu Ion that
it li folly tqaal to fie be«t cf IU F.eeeh or Kngllih ro.eapr.rarlw
hoe! points superior to »h* recent proauclUia l»r. Hun
titan, cf Not Vora, which we ut.denlar.d to hr low In general
uee In the Uneolu «iu>y It ceshktsthe teat advantage of »e
leg compac, yery free cf IcchnlcaUtloi, aid cintalnic* onch ral
uibie hyglemo lnformat'on, wh.lat ae a ermlcrii d sketch of the
•urgery of the camp or Held, It le b. tier than anything jet publlrh
ed in thla country '
Ri.hwcxd, Va , October, l-dl.
To JFreeze ITcf <t jaaeten. Fulj/Witn:
Dr j jj| no Oliitha.ni l.aeconfer-ed a real hcneBt upon hlaeonn
hymen lo the leeoe w tch beam tbe above title
it c .mbluer all Untie valuable I • th- French, hoglleh and «'*•
man worke of a ml ar character; earpl'ea the wa t to greaily tell
by onr eclacteer medical e-rpa, and demos s'rstrJ, b-yood cati.
that the ik nth, when the ciiootea, ran rxe.l In bank making a*
" We*tSperUlly cimraeod the cheptrra on fond, clothing and h>
gtentc p dice lo the n lice of military command.ra If U.e •»««•
lioul therein conlaintd »re enforced,T
Frofereor Anatomy. Med. Co'.trg; of Va
WEST * J.JHVSTOV, Pu'. lthtrs,
B0| H5 Halo street,Mahmoud, IB.
LOfll-IASA DEPOT. Rlrliliiontl, Fi.-Tir nn
derilgned having been eialtoned la It rhmord, MrtM' F“*
pore tl weiring all geode eent from U.e Hate o Lout ’'*“*• *f ? j
Troop. In Virginia, and hatlcg, alao. beer, appoint'd bv the BeUef
Committee o' ft,w Orlean-, their agent, to ttcelve all
thr og . th. m, has taken the F-rm Room .ft e boneeoe *pl«d by
Hector Davit, on Franklin elect, and can bA •« t£5J“
there, by ptrsone h.vlrg buslnres with h'ra JS'>. H. Ml Kkv
7.IF., Q. M. and Forwarding Ag-nt for Louisiana Troope^ln^l
glnla.___- ---
HliRIVISO PUJID.-l" hble Burning Fla d f.r ea> by
W Fi.TKK»)N A on., Drogypic._ ____
C401 TOM TARSI - >-W lbi Cotton Tarns, asiorl-.d
> num ers, on ccnslgnmrat, tor sale by g jgvBL
v%THFH.-l«t ‘Ides itusasit Lsalher, »> jHos B'a k
Upper Lealhs:; 10-td.s K'p .-atom, III aid -sgT.och Ca.f ik nr,
consignment, acd for sale bygriST B JAMFB
1.011 IS.—Fam'ly Fl-er, of super or quuflty, for sole taqecc
1 tides te lull by DOVLOP, MORCTER h CO. uoh-.w
EXTRA aku hoppbfimc FLOOR, of sun-ri-q quAllty, lor sale
lit ouutillM to %o!i, by linNU)P, M«»ICCIII A On/
po^iw_ _ __ _ ..._
rty oudjrjlfrcod huv« fora.d % oo-por tvr »h« purp**«
of rtPOfwvif th* v*ia# ol ili?« t**eu *aJ iropcrt/
da&trcytd. by thu *o«ay lu Busieta VlrulnU. tti*; till *»*♦
oroapt «ucat!oato *11 csam entnuUd lo ih<!r eur-. for Uni,
oc. *puly to OoL CHA1 K. MaI IiOBY. *t Yorkl^wn, or lo BO.
L. MOBTAnDI, *1 J*u*aO*b MlddleMi coucvy. HU It* Wa of
■cveabar, and after that U»e at *^SLC| K MiLLOAT,
M1(_4f R1). f. MOitAUCH__
IkJK Traveller# g 'log South wlU Ots. tie that ihe afi,"
boob tr.l i for Petwtbarg, leaves this tWg *■ vbbss I. X, InsAeaB
■ T. U. TTRRX Fmpt
| ..1...
rr path, prows a o~
, C A II WBOM.-W1 tlU uiJ tint anra:w,M IJtf o'ofvn
f)v Flity likely II1TO. OAVIfi,DxrP24* Boo
j jyu CJJ follow*'Sal, tor, Ifyo 13d rra_hlt» its
■? K H. KOBE*. ia<Vr.
| O C MteileUL-l vjiiseti TbiS mdathlhO, at tl •‘atom
{ fit) ttntyiTi Uktly Kagrock.
*. M. cTOBSS, Aactt,
‘ _Pian kilo, a I door belowwab sweat.
»r PPL1XAM A 00. Aaotc. ~
NBGlMHaa—W» *1)1 Itu IS Likely HwmmpllJ, at It
eVsek. POLUAil I OoTa.^.
„ , _ _ Odd Pei w. Hail.
».sL-..®'i—**»»aata, Osaka, Warner* ant beears tor sat*
prlrauly,_ _^ _^yii
Thk » XEiiciPKN «r rim in. a. allkn’S
touooi. will couwiu.oe «.n th iuurr or ootosu—
At tar rtt'-'nce, on lat gtraet, batwrcn CUy act Marshall,
rap t—tf
atCRMOVO. VlatrlSIA.
riXHU Institution all! a* opened agata on tte tat day af (Lav
I ter. lbdl, f:r th. reception belli of Boarder* and Day date
art. P.rparticular!, apply to
■•■fr-tfHCikKT p, ijptjyail.
liiclinoxu FEMALE bsTITI Tr.
fixur ne\l£t*U. n of this foalltoMon will bgn October latJlMl,
X and la eip—led to correspond In all respect* to tbo** of for
;a*r years
The lama [aenlty will remain.
Tre lerma will be as heretofore, and the same liberal patronage
from Ode section and th ? tenth la hoped lor
«rn baa been decided to glreio the daughters of aulnaUeos
la tho lender of the Confederate I-lain, tol ton In ILa k-yttab
branches ran or caaaos
Catalogue# nay be found at all th* Bc .ktton*.
Por further InfonnaUoo apply to
eeS—tf CUAJh X WI58T0H, Pnatdem
\ir*Mkb Immediately,! 80Barin-Tii»r i'!*^’Jr7l»r *dlt^
"r * liberal compensation arttl be given. a Jonas Bowooefc k
Bjcwn.lTtij streei, south of Cary. 00b—dt.
ov mi ‘ b
txo THE PniLlC (.EN EBA LLT.
TUB undersigned c«rr tor tale, by poors e or otherwlao, a Ana
assortment of A 1 vara ai,.i .71 tin ir fact ureal Tv
bat eo( of the m at approved brant i.
We are the Bole Agent* for rerrr | of the la e-eat Maanfactoron
la UitBtate of Virginia, and ~r • • ta d»v rr ‘rlag a general
lortrarU o' all kinds of Toi.ui« u, rani'in• fiom if is Tt cents
per potto I Al*\ all klndi hmoktug Tub tact o.
^Teiir* cash. C AB. 1S4TRK A CO,
Under Bpo*AwooJ lio-cl, eichmend, Vm
P. S.—ftpeotal attention paid P. orders from balien and Mer*
chant* who are supplying!11 any. au2o—tm
jr^TO Tff KSiCR A % D AIaL H IIO
rCCL*5 IbTl’RMT IN THIW-! w> bow r.i**
factoring the B»«*t e>fnf*!ete %rMc# for the relief of ‘-hi i'.iK ar*«t
oare .leree cftheta who oortr l'*<rm.that wi* «v«r ictia’rx ll
*• <*iT*4 :he •4Mee‘i«»leml ^ortlujr l»ira|r,” atid vu >ot- ot<4 oni
paUntrJ by Dr *. D. Wgwhiru*, Of It -.ncttoc. V% T1. • approval
of till Be’, or Mata*, hy all who have »*■«• *t, by 1a
men if Dr. Btrihttag, of the Vm« n oovlc Asylum. Dr Pant u,
of Hal later *, nod Cingtil). of WaaMnftoo Co"t?».D
poo* or •» gr* lomy. ■’be*. * nuemer ; tv* a.g.. u
wtIucj t-**1o oi la’s (f U.e'r \* of it* va'ue over toy c fc••»
improut. u* cf tr kind. Iq addition to th'W, the "Max Ur. 4
\(rchar!ca’ lutUtete'* present'd i* t Iryeotcr with a 0cA4 ftlcdai
We -‘••Iok* ecmbtaea every teqwltltt for adding to Use mmfc, l
of thrsick Wiln it the patient *»n bf ren»*vr<J fiom on* ted t»
a:- •*■ r, p’n *»t over the stv l. the brad .-Vvatcd and ‘be feet low
ered tc > eftlira r tftton Indeed, t e lelplra* csl be p'»ot Id
*3/ poedirn d—dr .Me, and by Hvlrg the km ng u gentle a I *o
*o usd fro invalid* ean receive tne m«ot refrrh g t arrets* with
-ut an abort or. their part A SI this ran he done by a ae-e i l I'd
of ten er twelve years; deing more by thla aocd-f^iJ laract;„u
bsn the moet evperieru'd narsr can ar*«m 1 a otbeiwiee. 1 til
■or n ling an order or the Act eg S rccuis Urac il of ;te C>n*
■ •derate fttsu* of Au« 'tca, and woatd \-rlc* tr»e pnblte to c%’i %a
ny vu.r<ar«t satisfy thems*lv«« lot agar! (>«!»*«UUty • nd vain*
jt this most humane L r* u*»oa. I am anth*r!ie4 by tbe lxtTtotnc
•o contract far and cake »b- Mrohan'e I Nu aing rwing t j order
i rad a!e«» la'oriu those iu need of a iu|»t>!y that I bare a rarirty
of Camp Cota rod •dial's, of tie meet c »rr*ole-t »nd Ia proven
stela.-1.0 UOWf,Wc«eriM*r atrert rnd t*th R.<>mo'd. \a
rpANNKfttft* OlIc.^^btHsToT eul. u> nntTe
1 <m*i a. r. nrKta 4 oa
SKiKfVtL PIOTir«.'-Wtf baft jaet rrceteed a large tot
of Oarpet Bags and InJia lubber La«*r<na, aoiiable for misiw
ry purpose*, wbl't. mere purchased by the • nior partner. and
which will be aoid at the lowest price for caaL, by A Lx X BILL *
00.. lto 1 FT main stre-t, Richmond, »s _ aal
tjHIH BfcNT.—1Pit •‘.organ Uih, bw*.weeo Wain and n'j
drre*«, well know at a Grocer? fan I. Pc »«eartoo siren
medlnkaiv. Apply to WAlLaCtft'WP,
D*ii or tut Pt»H and Cary at rcete.
CLABt.T WINK.-i<M f'ete o* Ctoret Wine, In tt to
and for aa'e br ALVftV k LIFftlO^II
Mrv'- 4g rases ^irtliots, quarter bexr*,Juat rtC'if
ed and for axis by ALV»T k I IB'CHIB
Ci L 4 HF.TA. —Jc** r.etlrcd BO cai*« OLsrH of dffcntf
/ brand*. 0 CRANE, Wo fltethsnge Hoik, laibatfl._
'IIOILKISOAP In treat ?a irtf, eaibraclng BrjW» Wtot
1. sor, P. n in*. PUIOlic'. Omtlbaa %*i4 Hoo*y ,n j«pe. for *aia
by W. P*TR«0 KA Cu . Ufi Wain e»f*et_•«#>__
A7 4 If E. liMKI F v — ft* T !egrapbllai«*ne.
If I fi*eal«bv W. Pa» A CO .If-S Main tueet.^ ow
\ar^.^*|*liiu— \ aork on Court Mait’.si A ay P vtog
If tuc> a work hr t% r. ecu or»f-:fi a eery iioerai prte for t: •
•aiisr, by nppljing o JAMky fti^LOWALD, Ee«|., at tr*a ^b a f*
(Ice.__**** _
InniLV FLt>fTB.--*awlandsXXrjmiry M u •. P bnel
* to Bran I; a fresh tirp'y. irc-un I from • •e or.r< rop, while
Wheat, lea; reertrfd anJ fer sale by hf.ib&S m dLlka, c*»roar
U*b sn«i Cary *1 >t;__
or/lOK va. umeAwribiAKiNrni.f »o, »
Iiliiw; y»», Mo? 4 h, 1441 f
DlVIfftf Mil NOTICE?.-Tr - l'®ard ef tl »<urs ef «hh
Compam, on the 1ft lt*t , drsd<*»ed a l»cnl aceoal dlr^
lend of *«n p»* c«Lt, payable L> the stockholders or U.t^r legal re
jr.aent .lives «»o the IMh iui , until •bleb Cm* lb, Uacsfta
Wit WIIMS, JlyUSf.
DVienPCK'HEt.-Jo« rrc'wl t»4 b »R», asp.^.4
D.W P«ch«. to, .air, a. to.
No. 18 r-arktln ttn*'. n-»r lrt «4./kcc.
ipri, kpiitiAL s«ritc.-ni »<.f
p. y. . h.cU of Rlrlunood are h«rrhy »o08 -<1 IhtA. oa »!.4
.ftorUil. ikUr.tlt firljl.t *Bd rharyc* doe r i .1 foo-a. *- r t
tad oier h«adUe tereltcd It «fce Dep't of Uilf e-1.pony fir locoa*
joclin,’ Kolroadi will U r*qo'red t--, be paid tufon. oelteery froo
d>« Eepct By erdef of the enpertat«•'« n*^Mp#0N
g(or?— it® 8to yidjill Afoot 11P. 11
Sttfoot. BOl*KS FOii lOl'tH
8 REN hEH.iOUt.—A. JSORK1B, Pai.ltot.or. Rlcl.Boud Va ,i»
>pe'-*fttlly lnwiwo the .Uentloaof V.iylcU T<»tUr. lo the . ic-1
leal -eeie. of 8< nool Read r. prepared by Noe;. BaUer, A. K., of
l^at-ellle-Keniiieky, n rapriilae: . ■ ___
I The y no K-bool Reader, i* pp. l«me., profanly Uaulraied,
"'ll' Th* Ke-ond Retool Reader. 17« pp. Ufflo, ptofoaely llloa r.
^iiMThr'TIttrd School Reader, Jli pp, l*mo, profaiely UUntrie
f iorthfehool Reader, ii* pp, 12«o, piofaaJj IRiutro
l*v’^rh7»?f h heheot Reader, 8W pp. J2nio, pro'aioly Uliuwaied,
prri* Th. sj\;h dehool Reairr, rnS pp, Itoo, aiOl rbotorual toe
*°TV.cie’ a:** *he b«it books, an*i when ihr execution and
jf thr as te* ar* Uken into coasldoroticn, tbcy ot« tbs cbuptot
Crc* t’s hi ol Ar,tJin'»t*c, pMr 8*e.
Cro-et’i First Lessons la Arit!««t c, price 9A
Tb- abov.? base r~-cirH the Mpht^t roc m ums fr a Jit a e»
JUtiaru^el t^srhers, as tdff U • beat treaties on th? ec*r3. e rvf
nambtre exlact beta tdu^ted upon tU p tnrlp es m Mj *itb
m the abor* ariha otic, *11! be found tetter urquaiuUd with U.
reaecnlou urlctpite of the «e enee than by any i >h.r method,
jy Hip itbote hooka are pu'.'Uthed, and wholly owned la tho
Krai 'ulton parted at tbe fLu'ltern Cotamordal ConrenUca, at
Itt Kea.lio !l eavmcub, Dee.,Wtl. •
r. solved 1h*« the eoeo«ra*a«»en'. f t tbe Poat-ti rn pubU J due,
and abeat't be ylren to n of pubiliheir of eeboot uooaa erno. f ae,
.bo hare atreide Iwuied, or bare lo r. arec ot Pu‘iU :aU ,o, ant,*
of a hoo> bo aa. a l»pte,l to the »auti cf • er y'>»tb.
Pketob-o of Celt'd rlatee HUtory, arraryd lo farm HQatWaa
and A newer, by Is. K Cerrcll, 1 » I: petee^ibc._ocii
~~ »K. L.I. B.”
KM/astry DUBS.
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A BY number of *00! ArerolU will b* rretired let: thj a
A Corr. oertnlrsfcn barter tern rbumO I'* loorxaie It fl
.TSe^TTroopIrte bouallon Tb* Bee. orea.laah.'^tbo H
l erica c-tr lo aerrlre la Weetern Vlrglal:, under ae demand Jfc
•r£C: 2T^JlTirM^ r^r^uirr'
and L recruit »U be accepted for a let* period,0f
Ai<i>ly to Oaitoin Uozjmond Duecn. L+jum ?0 * **
ICth. Elch»©o 1, tetween the boon* of 9 A aJ and 6 PM.
Nooe nee*l apply bat am of paod character and evbuM
h Horary member# of the Blue, and other ft Unde ifiroofho* At
eoontry are recoded lo oa*lil aa.
Dnlto™ and ca.r neo-ary eloal^ftrnt.^ ^
Pure Virginia Apple Brandy, Oraa jearaold, Inure and tor
“£;b7 Al.TKr i LI PROP tB
GBIVN AhD BLiCK TE Ah! •“ Mndeira
Wine lo botll'e t eliolc* old III* hleky. »ad mo oaa* e
ry-aton. r^ady. lor rale by A « MOM. Aaeat,_««»_
An we bare bea’d that th# floyernaent haa re’a eo to Urce
c"nlr»ru to ary peri.0 oe pei.ot,. who ewyh-y Boot end
tthoe-Makert, who have beto hereto'ote tanned ‘® ““*.** “*■
ftfire boaee and other wcik vf tic ,fctr«kind, we alll***•.**?*£
melt t? workmen cf hah brute el. thut *
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HiriMAi J cncnoy, Jute Kth, 1MI. (
aneern^ Order* 1
On endafier the Butt i»eUiit, no pereen nheHeetee, mill at
with, at paaacort, ticept from Ua *B Oopa;ta«it. will ho ft>
mined to anlir tte Been oocypled by the ortaj'of o/Volonnc,
vtvh tetwilca to pnu V eac or thrreaftar lata the CnPad ftcataa,
lav a a AirvmwL


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