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II -———■
trom ika Barfalk Day Book ef jaWaniay
W* have in our posaesaon the New York Herald of
the SB b. W* g ve such a summary and extract! as our
limited time aad space will permit, and ahall oontinuo
mo.e extensively to-morrow. . •
• tu aiTCaiiOH.
There is oo’hmg of iiupartauoe to report from the
army o! the Potomao to-day. Such portions cf the
troop* a* are designated to remain in winder quarters
uel- Washington are actively empioved in erecting
wooden shed* and hut* for their protection agaUst the
inciemercv of the coming season.
* Some important arrest! were rn.-.de in Mary lard by
the naval expedition which weut dawn the lower Po c
mao a fow days ago, under direction of a Government de
tec'ive, and returned to Washington yesterday. TU* ar
n-s'ed par.ie« (*ix in mimbecj pi ore to have belonged to
a eecre. orgailt iuon io St. Mary’s county, for the pur
Tosd of oonvryirg m-n and arma to the rebels in Vir
gioi.. A rebel -pv, recently re.urned from Richmond,
. with a large atmb-r of letters aad papers in hi! passes
lion, was slso Taken, together with a quantity of cor
rerpoadecoo f lUTid in the d ff-rent post iffiies in lower
Mi yltnd. T its captor' has developed the aouicc from
which the reb-l.* have been obtaining Northern papers
and other valuable information.
T i« A»i» bnug* worn* very 1 itsres’iug new* from Lu
rop? rslatiTi- to the iffur* of ih’* country Our Knglirh
III « CO ’f*m tull r, part* of the speeches delivered by Mr.
Ad tn* U ‘ted S'-nes Minister, and Lerd Palmeratw,
at the L*rd Ma'Or’s bouquet in Guild* all, London, on
n *l.h ir.st, wi ich we place before our readers to-day.
The Loudon Time* seem* to tbink that Mr. Adams’ ad
dress lacked iha' p-. iat and tone which thi occaaiou de
manded Au thor p*|>or tell* us that ' His Excellrucy,
th* American llin'S'er wow a d*rk blue suit richly
trimm d with gold lace, rreeiublibg the Windsor uniform,
and was londlr cheered.” Lard Palmerston's remarks
we— cautiously ex.*re*sed and of a non committal IV port.
Wl a t -,e*e gentlemen were bo’diu? forth in Guildhall,
Vid L Taucey and Dudly Mvnu—the rebel agents in
Keglind—weru b»iog entertained a' dinner by the
•‘Princ* Warden ai d member1* of the Honorable the Sc*
ciety cf Eiihmongtra" in their hall near by. Yanccv
m do *u af’er dinuer orati >n, in wnich he express'd bis
pleasure at the a.ti ude main* lined bv E gla.d, France
and Spain, toward! the * hgll-gsrents” of the South.
The idea ot ooemug one or mare cottou ports in the
South, as wej! as of budding up a point lor government
oco.-atlocg on t e reb-l coast by meats of the great
Union naval expedition*, tvetn* to have produced a very
exsefieot effect on the publi -mind in England, ai evi
de c:d from au article tu the London T.rnee, giren else
The allied expedition to Mexico was fairly on the
move. The British war ships Co queror, San-fared and
Don eg*! siiloal on the IS h instant for the Gul , with a
w.-ll appointed force of marines and fom? heavy Ann
strongmans oa board. Napoiean had ordered hi* coa
ling -of to leave from whatever porta the vessel* designa
ted were sla'ic-vd, while Spain waj hurtling with in1 pi
t^o'e for tb# in mfot of peti n. Th** Se*-*iuu of t e j
her *p «v , r-f'n jn th > mo>t Undatorr strain <o the r<
cent sue e-se* o her diplomats and *roops in V ntznela
and San Domingo, R-d is quite hopeful ul her prospects
in Mex coe
Th" Ktns, from Liverpool the 13.h and Q teenstown
•he U h inrtaut, ar ived *! this port yesterday evening.
Her news is four days later than that brought out by tie
The Liverpool cotton market remained firm to the
Is1 vat mrs.ent, with prices boding still up«ard, albr
buying exoerieucedt.au advv cs in some disctiotio s,
mostly in Bmats Breadsti U wore quet. The K-glisb
funds maintained th ir reoei.i improvement. There wis
a -’Icht incr.»se in the spnlica'ions for discount in Lon
doi, but ibe general mult t ri m lined easy at 2 •'>•8 p- r
re ■ itousals r .tid ou the 14 a instant, at mou, at
9i 7-1H.
Poland and Hungary remai-ed it'll disturbed. A
■Ugh. mod ticalioo of th > French Cabinet bad uke^i
The Kina reports the death of lour die:ioguislied men
—The Krug of Portugal, Sir Howard Don Us, GecfiVry
S'iit Hil ■ re and Major Von Arnim, one of the Oldest
efflorrs in the Prussian army. Biographical -k tcV
the thre* first named are given in the P -o
•lav. M jor V-n Aruim was a knight of . rhssiau
Ouler o! cue Irou (Jros* of 'be ftr-t e t ..i'ch diatiuc
t.o , be won as leader of a squadro i 0> Prince Wil i*m
Drigoo'Sa the ba de of iVa'erloo, whvie he d stfc
gui-tied h;ro*elt in t e pursuit of the Freueh, and bv an
impetuous d :* op urea a comp'eia battery ot arti lery
from N poison.
A letter has been received in Baltimore, from an ctli
ces in t'i French army, which s a'ss that the French
Hiuivrl. at a rrcent ui •• t r*g, voted uraminoualy lot to
re '"guise the indepeud DCS ot the Bogus Southern Con
At the election in Alexandria, VI., on the 20 h lost.,
o ly one Hundred end for-v-one votes were cast. Me
K 'til'e. Union, was viee'ed Muvor.
Th* cotton market was firm ou Saturdsv, wilh islet
of 1.700 bales, closirg on the basiit of 24 S-4s. a 253.
for middliug uplands', with little to be had under the Ut
ter price. •
carmx cr omens and hen.
• Baitiuorn. Nov. 24 —Very gratifying despatches
w-re r-ceivsd to-day by Grcerai Dx from Eti'eru
V rgtnit They aaoounc • the captureVf th’ee Cnnfcd.
er .to effirors, ( i Captain and two Lieu enants,) at<d
aDo the cs ure of seven cannon—all entirely new and
in good oru.r.
The di patch-'i stat" that ail traces of disloyalty seem
to have disappeared from both cuuntics. Deputations oi
the people coma in daily to get copies of the proclaim
ticn of Getxral Dix. aad to ask for the protection which
it promises them. They are evidently anxious to renew
to >ir allegiance to the Federal Guvornm-nt. Ccuvy
meetings will beheld in both counties to-morrow, to take
measures to this end, and hive Northampton joined to
M ryUnd; the people wdl probably adopt the State Gov
er- ment cl W.wern Virginia as a temporary meaerre,
aud then look to legislation by the State of Maiylaud for
«t!f final settlement of their political condition.
The Governin'i t has promptly responded to thea»sur
an -e* in Genera! Dta’* proclima'ioa. The Reere ary of
the Treasury has given orders to restore the light at
Cipe Cha-lre; and the lYstmoater General has rent a
special agent te reuew postal connections with both
oouutiea. •
shilling or a atBiL uattiby.
Foams.* Mob box, Nov 2Srd, via Baltiuori, Nov.
21 — Li« evening ilia U. S. Gnnboa'a, Cambridge and
H"n*l, from the fl et at Newport’s New*, proceeded up
th» York Riv r some diet* ce, and at htlf ptst ten
oVock opened a hot fire ot shells upon a rebel camp at
Warwick. The atuck was apparently unexpected, as
scarcely any re istsno* was undo Between forty and
fifty shells, fifteen and twenty-coond fuses were fired
from the gu« » of our vessel*. The rebel comp waa en
tirely demolished, ard the supposition is that a large
number of rebels must have been killed.
T.iis much l learn from • he signals from Newport’s
Nows, but full, particulars I nave beau unable to
learn. ...
The firirg was, plainly heard at this point, and
the exeiteiren* occA-uotied thereby has been immerse
General Poelpe has b*cn relieved nf his post at New
S port News and Brigadier-G' nsral Joseph R. F. Mans
field ordered *0 assume con-in ind instead.
Oil Mu W-ber, of the h regiment New York
V 11 veers, has been appointed commander of Camp
Boston, Not. 24.
TheS’n Jacinto arrived early this morning, and a'
terlmdin; Mas >t\ C1 d ll and suite at Fort Warren,
ca ns up to the city to 1 anchored cfT the Ntvy-Yard.
A committee of this city, goveruuieut will call on Com
modore Wilkes to-mo»row and tender suoh civilities on
the part of the city as ho may be willing to accept.
St. Lefts, Nov. 24.
Grucrsl Halleck has femed leBg'hv general order*,
m <kiug the entire affa'rs of this department conform
rrictly with the army regulations, aad reducing every
thing to complete system.
Tipton, Nov. 24.
The homing of the prlncips! part of the town of War
saw isgprfirmsd by a gen 'eraen who arrived from thsre
this evening T'.’« main Ouaiuetw portion of tbs town,
consisting of one largo black and seveisl smaller ones,
were in firms* «h»o the geo'icroati l*!t. The town Ire
lug Mattered, it is probable that uearly all of the dwel
lin'** escaped
The following late Intelligence cornea bv way of 3e
Tbe town was fired about 6 P. M Tuesday. All the
business p rtioc is in Vsbes.
* The troops who were s'auoned thsre left about eight
o'clock In the cveoiog and are now here. A portion of
the commtoary stores, for which we had not the trans
portation. were burned by erdrr of the commanding
officer. It is thought that the town was fired by the
ci'ixrns, as a man d eased in oilmen clothing, was seen
c .in ng from the building In which the (Ire originated.
Tbe trausrort vesreU containing the van of General
Butler’s division sailed ou Saturday for their destina
tion. They con-iced of the steamers Conritij ion and
Turret! City. Tbe former vsestl was fonnd to be too
•mall to accommodate tbe whole force; therefore the
. latter wee chartered to carry the Maine troops, and
I •
tilled tome boon alter the Coustitutioo bod left Port
J. «1 IL ■ Mt-roam. anl Ji»nh Os»»l», Aaawaora, for the dto
Ulet ahoTo, embracing 1419 to 4th Btroeta, for the purpos j 0( ob
Ulnioflkic Uk*bH property therein, ecrxtrdlnjf t« an art oruon*
crcti. Tbc A'Miiori wU eo<lr»vor U> leave vHh the ie«pect!vc
partial, or at vfcetr realdrufca, duplicate forma of property taaa
ble urtar said act, to be returned fl-led op. upd -mealb. do cr be
fare the dlb day ol Dec, mhur uatt. at my oil!-e. on Hath rtreet,
lecaod too wort of ltth etreel. All part ca owning prop»Ur, ot
lh« reproaen'-at!.-- .t oth.es runng to malt- au !i icluru.wre liable
to botaxtd doulde la conform.ly with the law.
W. 0. 1 ATtOt.
nbJS—At Collector of the Confederate Ha.
dll barrels ako ol. 13 Karras Neutral Spirit! 81! Bsreli Reek
01: all trail L n<*«t Or, 2 ' Bt'Tela Eoelu Oil, 19 Hsrrela 8|.irlta
Turpent'oe, 10 Ba rale • hi'# tiraaae, 46 Keg, enb. Garb IP da, 19
Barrel. Copp raa 103 doa Medlrm.l ltrandy, 100 hoxe, 8il0 and
Mali (il.aa.ts i Ibt Spanish Whiting, lUtl Box-suhrwiag Tobacoc,
3'JO batei haul it; < Tb-cco. 73 doa. 8>eat ull, 1 Barrel Ooro 01.
for Lamps, (a new article,) juat res ell id,tad lor talc by u >vt A
INgXNJH BRANDT —A pure article, for tale by W. PATER,
r WON A03 . Druggists, odd
Hooks and nrATioNHHT.—J w. randdi.ph,
by rrcen: purchaser, has mada large addition, to hia atoi k of
Book, aod Stationery. _Mr 98
SCHNAPPS.—30 Itta Wo'l'g celebrated Schiedam Bchnappi,
for «i.!e by W PtTERSON A C0„ Umnriau._oc»
THE holder, of the following certificate! of debt, issued by the
Btste of Vpgtnla, under an ''Art to prorlda lcr the canstrur
Uou of a Tumuike road from Staunton to Partereburg, pa'sad
ltth Parch, 1S88, as amende.' by the M eeetlsn of an act to pro
elda for raking loans to certain railroad c .rap side, and for othe'
purpoae., pane l 9lrt Btarch. 193P,” will uke notice that the Cent
mltsionera of the Binning Run! will proceed, on the ."lit day of
Dec'r, tdfil, to redeem the laid certificate, (except an much there
of aa my appear to be held by cltlteca of t-it edited Slulea) a' the
Treaaurr of the Onmraonweal'-h Ihe holders ol sai l certificate,
are require', and ons.l t Dial D-cember, 1S«1, to aurren.ler the
sane .1 the offleo of the S-cond auditor, whether Hurrenderod or
not, the lutereal will ceeae on th(h dar:
Is 19, Jan. 3, *8, J.weph ntnl h, of Augusta .fl.NO on
Ap'l IS, UC, Wright ‘onthgate, of Norfolk Otstl (to
-a—seat.. 7,138, amucl T. Pulliam,of Rlehinjnd.... 83d'HI
JurWll 189, Joa-pb smith of \uguata. 1,(88) (M
July 11,171, Philip WPlIama, J . of Wlnchestei Nat iki
Get. 9n, 881, Mr«. Ear/ W. . abell . 330 00
“ 82,9.9, Jamaa Vlaaklna, oommlttee of John
f ask!ns... 130 03
“29,241, Churchill I.Gibsou ... . BOO 10
•• “ 849, Same. 21B 00
Not. 10 2M, Robert Tinsley, of Amherst. I.OMO 00
Dec 17,979, Joseph Smith, of August , . 630 00
' ec. 17,879, Wary etewart, of Haltimore. . 1,099 00
1843, Jan. BO,89', Higgioson Hancock, of Cheeterfleld. 900 Oi
»la,v 9,3 4, Joseph Smith, of Augusta 800 00
June 1, 81*.', Rot ail Tinsley, of Amberat. Sou 00
Ang. 10. apt, Johanna rehear, of Germany. 800 00
(ret >7,830, bame.. *"#00
1C44 May b,' 77, Norman ctewart, of Richmond.1,32 i is
!44i, Peb. 19,083, rfl.g'.n-oa -.anccck.of Cn.-sterfleld 430 00
1>16[ Mar. 7,89,, Jam.s W. Morgan, executor of W.
Morgan,In truat for William Mor
gan's g and cfiihlrra . *,000 (81
1947, May 29,410, 1 It.leUn W. T.a. wch, of Norfolk... 1 S*3J 18)
Not. bu, 414, Robert B. Cunningham and Anti 11
his wife. IN' 00
413, H. C. R.wan and alary 0 h'l wife .. 130 00
417. Charleu >1. Poor and Mattie L. his
wife. 130 Ot)
131$, Jac. 6,422, Mchoia* will* o* Richmond . ww
6,424, Mrs. Franc!! Todd Barbour, of
orange . 130 00
93, 430, Robert u Ounnirgham and Sun U.
hit wile. 476 00.
ML 9*1. Ar'anna McdTrwh. 6*>» Oh
April *», 4*3, W%. hlngtoa College.. 164 09
1«49, Fob. *5,4»6# FhlUp S»» O-orge Amble.*. 1,(00 00
.>>*, Jan. 4, 4*>9, Mlm Mary Bragg, of eUuntou. 403 00
Nor* 8,403, Jno Stuart, John 1. Bacon and ThoiT
M Fll •, tmaters, Ac , for the relief
of tVe widows and otphani of de
ceased rergyc*-. Ac. 700 CO
466, Same. t60 00
13K, Ha*. 19,491, Robert »i Carter, U H Nary. 1**00 *0
* pt. 97, 3U5, 1 oma* B Nallo, (f Culpeper roouty 9,009 90
1333, Feb. 3, 319, Da rid k©pence executor ©I tty land
Robert.', for thb btn» ft: of John M
Robert* . . 7,000 00
Feb. 3,318, Bauie, for benefit if W O itobci t->.. 1,11X1 00
July 19,529, John T L Preat^o, treate.- of ktra.
Hatan P f arrlug '.n Ac , Ac. 240 00
Srpt. 14,099, Mary and KtMabeth V. •«, of Frede
ricksburg . 309 00
Sept. 90,89«, Mr* Mary U McOreery, of Norfolk. 2^00 00
OcU 14,340, J. M. Knnaei. . t»* w
341, a E-Trail. 300 00
342, J. U. Storal, Trcaaurcr of the Com
monwiali-', In trust for the Monti
cello Rank. 214 00
Nor. 9, MS, Jamee R. llebard, of Norfolk. 2»a» oo
Dec. 9,349, KUaabeth A Fltsgeral I. SuO 00
ls34 Jan. 7.W9. SUtabHh Be narJ, of Frederick!
j.u’fp . -.- S.00O 00
.in. I, as#, k lit t Honey, of btalord.# 890 0)
Jaa.ll.55il, Joh»l! Young, commlaaloncr, In
•uilof Lacy guardian, Ac. 80# #U
Ycb 5S!, 655, Wal cr A. Ch.uibers . 2^)0# UO
.IpL 111, 561, Trcaaorcrof 150 Commonwealth, In
trual for the Bank of Rockingham 1S6 00
Apl 12,565, Same. »]0'•
Apt Ik, 666, Dame. b*0 **
Apt. ki .vw, e**«. . luo 0#
June 8, 57J, Arthur K. wtlo-n. S»W 00
July 7,576, Treasurer of lb. U.mraonwealth, In
tru.t for tb« Bank of X«o44ovlUo . 42s U)
Oct. 2.872. Richard <». Vforrlae, guardian of A.
•H. L. Mortis*... MW«0
Oct. 16, 5—, Abraham HI «h. STB##
loss. Mar 1,5*4, John fc Adamx, of 8mlth*eld. 2## "«
K4, Mar.21,80*, John M Hyland, of Kln< and goon MW 00
ApL kSbwr, N. 0 Read, .uxrdtan o'her ch'i Iren 400 06
July 8,606, Andrew Joho.ton, executor of O. N.
Juhuxon. 1,000 00
Aug. 26, 609, Jr. > ttuther'oord, cuardtan of 7 hoe.
8. Ru'.herfoord, At.. 4000*
•• •* 610, Jno Rntherfoord, guardian of - ary
Isabella Rutherford.. 300 00
“ 21,611, Samu.l P. witched an 1 Andrew
Johnston, executors of William
Mitchell, Jr., deceased . 1,400 00
612, Same . l,»Or 00
. *13, Same. 780 00
614, Same... *25 00
615, Same. ##0 00
616, Same. 1.8*5 Do
617, Same. 4W l #
Sept. 21,618, Wm U. Hinkle, of Poaha an- 600 00
1*55, Mar. 7,696, William Y. Jackson, one of the sur
vlvtug children of Wm. M. and
MaryJarks.n,. 800 0#
Apl 25, 602, Trvoteei of the ProterUnt Fpiscopal
Theological Setnlaaiy and High
School in Virginia . l,0#O 0#
July 1,6S1, Samuel P Mitchell, trustee for the ,
I enefidarles under the will 0’ Mar
garet Maul, dec'd, ac. 100 00
lit Feb. IS, 640, Treasurer of the Commonwealth In
trust for the Bank of Rockbridge.. 575 00
May 11. #42, Same . 100 00
•• 19, 661, David W. B rtvn and a'hers. In Iron
for the relief cfd'.v bled clergymen
of the Protestant * nlxcopal church
- „ . _;.. a. hnn on
Jane S, «M, Po*h»t»n h Starke, trustee, Ac., in
the c ue of sing v*. King. 160 Off
- Jaly 10, (-'•9, EU.belli M Hatrl on, the Intercut
to be odd to her during her
* lift, w\m reminder, Ac , Ac., Ac. 600 00
ISM, J»o. *1,6*4 Jotepb W. Merrier.. SiS W
Ap'l 5, 6oh, J.P. Taylor. J1*
6S0, ame . 8o6 W
681, .Same... 600 00
ue 10. 688. Alex F. Taylor, executor of Jam##
Linlixy, Ac. 140 00
May 56. a«». CimmlHlmen of the Sinking Fund sn 08
June *,6*1. Sara#.. ••••••• ■ ■ • • • • *» w
aly 1-, G'.'i, 0 Wsliross, trotfe* for fl is Wul4«
rou..... 00
July *0,6*4, Jeeue WUkl-iron. *0|' W
Anc. 5,6*6, W •< Conway. WO 00
Deo. *. 704, The Freiid-nt, Vartir-, Ac ,of Wll
Uum »nd Mary Col.egc of Vlrglnlx 1,100 00
1M6, Jun. 15,707, Surah T Brxgg. jW 00
Mar 4,7 8, Sarah Penn Brown.... *il> 00
Mar. 8,714, O J Terrill, of Han-Ter. 10« (m
Ap’l 15,716, Vary A E Loath, to reo-',Te Intereet
d irlng h r widowhood, Ac., under
order of Court of Ame la—. 740 00
Ap’l 80,715, R b rt K lure an' Wm Y Wickham,
tru ,te*« for W H F Lee and Georg
lanna lb wife. 800 00
Ap’l gO, 71*. Same .. W0 00
June 6,788, Treasurer of the Commonwealth, In
sruet for the Bank of Old Dominion
for Branch at I’carlab rg .!. 60 00
July 7, 7!l, Joteph W Watson. 114 00
1560 Mar. 16, 7 J9, Tho at T Clarke and Gro M Clarks,
Infin s ,„,... 8*6 00
May *, 781, John B 1'ratt- n, gu rdlan of John
MofTel ind McCarty. 100 n0
July 11. 7*5, Lo.ls D Jones, administrator of Bal
ly O Legraud, deceaerd. 400 00
Ocl. 88, T*3, John I Blackwell. VO 00
1661, Jan. W 710, Lewie «* ,'ooee. *00 W
Ap'l 80, 741, J L Williams, truatee.. 118 00
July 6,748, name. 800 00
160,614 86
Auditor of Public Account!. ] Oommletlnrer#
R-gtah-r of the Land Offloo. , g,nkJn. fund.
Secretary of the Commonwealth. j
oc8 -»*w8iu^_ ___
DOT'S AXES, of Flrglnla manufacture, oue-half of
t>UU oach. No*. 1 and *, weighing from 70 to 71 pound, to tho
doaeu, and made of JAjsuJeraess, B'M. -A lAr.’o l—t on* Mom.
®°r “ 8““uu~ 10 ,Btt V G. DONNAN.
Iron Front Block, Ooseroor rfcret.
jjgj Richmond, va.
TlUlt sBilenlKneJ offe»fer •»!« TtAOT OF L4ND caDrl
•‘Bloomsbury,” In Gulps psr county, • *out thnru mliss from
Brandy Station, containing aeren Hundred At*. It adjoin, the
farm Lately sold by Wm. M. Raua to Meuere. Wlae ard Kennedy, and
IbeTandaolo'o. Beckham, Dr. J 0. Thom and Wm. J. Fife.
Tide Farm i* dtualed la a oighborboed remarkably aJapieA to
u,, growth of wheal and gram The Building# are rather old, but
■sib moderate repair* wilt be ewacleot for ihe comfortable aecs ■
mo latloo of a family. Orreoua dcotrou* of purahualni or* lnyt’ed
" e^mne the place lor IhcmeelTce. W# will merely remark Dal
It ha* ahwaye been oonaldcred one of th# beat farm* la this neigh
borhood, especially for wheat.
5jTfiSi«°*lutfo*r^!^,narP'y >* '»»8*
*££2?*"" °W‘,‘"** ’imZtwtSSS,
'a^g6-—otf HILL 0. BRADFORD.
CLONES bs\#“diedta[tofmcIlM**lieuT* »wJe"f!•
0..H. af KUh—6
e-rsier al Franklin aad IMh eWame.
a»l*—s**W--- -
TAKEN dlc-cily fr m th* min* nelf Raleigh, thoroughly
- ■ r'-x ..A prepared for Faint, for lubricating
* 4 hearlrr# < f ,yery tlod to preTrnt hlctlon, for crucible#,
iSol“.nrindrymen, and fur allothaf u*»W w£lchthl. miner
^^b^rol, and half berre*. I.
"U-alm KhW«fc.».a
III ' BBBgggggBgggB
CoxntniRi.ii Btatss Court —la this Court, tbe atgu
menu were closed on Monday, belwoen tbe District A',
torney, P. H. AykU., Fi-q., »nd John H. Gilmer, E«q.
Yfc team tbai various and highly iulcroVing qa.stioni
wer-» presented and discussed by Mr. Gilmer, arling on
his petition sgainsf the action ot the Confederate States,
in the suit «.*. the Mi mi a. Pcrccll, to e queftrate J15,
0()0, doe by them to Aehmcad and others, of the city and
coupty of Philadelphia.
The law points, as prrseatfd by Mr. Gilmer, arising on
the pleadings, are of general and public iuterest, and
w:re nearly at follow*:
The Messrs. Purcell purchased o^tbc Aahmeads and
Lisles, homo lime since, “ Lisle's Bow, iu this city, sod
executed five bonds, payable in 1,2, If, 4 and 5 years af
ter date, givirg a deed ot trust on the properly, to »c
curo the pa-moot, Mr. Gilmer- being the legal adviser
of the tr.dor*. On the t^th of last April, tbe obligees
rrgularly nariqned all these bonds 10 Mr. Gilmer, execut
ing a peifret legal iraneter of tbe bonds to Mr. (turner,
in bis own individual right. Immediately after tbe pau*
jge < f ;) • Sequestration Ant.Mr.litJnicr addrrsred s letter
•o the Secretary of Stale, Hon. B M T Hunter, fating
the fact*, and furnishing a copy of the assignment, and
r questing the opinion of the Attorney General as to the
lsgil stain* of the oase. In this communication, Mr. 0,1.
mer ranreused the opinion that as tbe bonds, on their
face, were his property, and were assigned for c<Etsfdrr
avoi, on tbe 2vt t dav ot April, b'fore Virginia seceded,
tba he wa* now entitled, even uuder the 8 qasstration
Ac', to dispuee of them tor the benefi'. of :he sjtig-or* ,
-ilno stating that If the Secretary of S-a'e and Attorney
General difT-r-d from him, he should take the proper
g rp* ta btigntt the matter.
The Attorney Gem ral turnsd the letter of Mr. Gilmer
over to the Di-triot Attorney without retutnirg any an
swer to Mr. Gilmer. Mr. G liner imtm diateiy informed
th* R>oe>er o' ihe fact, and claimed i is rigot fo cl<iin
or rtetrre the bonds, and a so that ho had assigned Meat
to a gentlemen who had hid a lugo amount of stock* in
Philadelphia and New Yotk sequestrated by the llnOoln
government, and that this n signment wi* mtde for the
benefit of the Asbineads, A ur.der the S q testsa'ion
Act; and that be should litigate the matter 11 that form.
Subsequently, this assignment failed, by the failure of
Mr Ghmer’s assignee to perfect the arrangement. Then
Mr Gilmer, as the assignee of the obligees, commenced
this litigation.
On these facts, tbe following questions of liw were
presented: The assignment was on the 2'.* h day of
Aoril. The Sequestration Aot, in i‘s reuoaoiive legi.la
tion. only dated back to the 2l*t M ty.
Tbe ordiuanoe of Seoessio was passed i»y the Vir
gin! i 0 invention, on the 24 h April. The Provisioral
Oonoitution wa* adopted on the 20’Jt April, aud the
contact between the Oommi-ro it rs of Virginia ami
Mr. Stephen* was ratified on the 25 h April. And ibis
com a t was sanctioned and adopted by tbe Provisional
Congress on the 7th May.
The Act of 8ece-udon’of Virginia wn* not known tin
11 some time m jut—nog aiur in* mw'gunieui 01 iw
29th April On these tacts, Mr. Gilm-r co itended thi t
the aa-ignm'nt v< atcd in him such au interest in rath
and all o' the bonds as a-signe", that there was no
oower to take them from him. He corco'ed the ob
igsion, on his part to pay o'er to the Receiver the
emou< t collected on rich bor d, nf <r deducting hit feet
andommUtioni. But nntil the money wa* pni to him,
for mid on account of the tutignort, The t gbt ol the
Goofed- rat’ 8'ate Government was contingent and con
ilitional, aidjCJuM not be en'orccd. And should piaj8(
be made, or the 8<q.eelralion Act abrogated, hi' right
to the bonds not penal was .complete, and could not be
divested. Should onir one of those bonds he collected
before the existing difficuitiee were dually srttisd, hi*
right to hold or ooli'C'. the other three bonis for the
he.eStof the ass’gilors was clear. Ht had collected
one of the bonds e irly in M.y, with 'accrued interest,
ind remitted the prooeet!* to the assignees, before the
Act of Reoeesion was perfected, which Mr. Gilmer con
tended was not perfected until the 24 th day of M ty, by
tbo act of the people at the polls.
Such, we uad. rs'.»'d, were the facts and points re
viewed and di-i ua-ed in this case. They are of general
interest, and we give them to the public. The lerrned
Judge will deo'de the case in a short time, when we will
advise the pub io of the decision.
Tint MiLtTii.—T e (rdinanc.' re-organiaingthe militia
has nn| yet been act'd upon by the Convention. If it is
mportaut to adopt the ordinance at all, it should be adop
t d at ouoe. No one knows whata day mav bring for b.
Tbs Opi don gains ground that a battlo will soon take
phre near Kuir'ax. Of th" result of that content wien
it does ts cur we entertain no daUN , but still it would
be prope- to put the miliary reserves of the State on the
tv,.' fon-ing po« ble. so that wc <-»n be prepared for any
cm -rgency. If the propose 1 odiuance will improve the
preseut system, let it be adopted.
Mayor's Court—Yesterday Mat E'*n war arraigned
o an-wer the corafound charge of bjiug drunk, abu
-iug the tflicers ia the ‘,CRge,” ard assaulting thepria
o e sconfined there. He was adju<ged guil’y, and was
d ed $10, and required to gira aicurity for bis good be
havior, in the sum of $200.
John Shocker was bned $5 for opening his bar-room,
on Pc i Jav LsL
Daniel, a slave, charged with eteeling a watch from
Henry, a slave, was di-charge 1. 1
Stark:no ArrAtft.-1—Yesterday, about 1 o’clcck, a mrn
□amed Haskell, a resident of Manchester, was stabbed
by Ii.nnett Hill, an employee at the 4 Laboratory." near
the Potcrtburg Depot. Haskell undertook to cowhide
Hill, for charging, or insinuating, aa we hear, that his
ais er, Mits U» hell, who was employed at the ‘'Labora
tory," bad appropriated oertaiu materials to hfr own
use Htll fu rat tiered himself to the police, and will be
brought b lore the Mayor this morning. We learn that
Ha'kell's wound ia not considered dangerous.
What a Crowd!—The Congress and Convention are
now in ses-ion. The l.egldature will assemble next
Monday. It is expected that the Convention will ad
journ on Saturday, but it will scarcely be able to com
plete its labors for a wpA beyond that day. With this
multitude oi ccuni-euora iu our mwi >unc ouou.u ot.
tainlv be much wisdom, if cot an abundance of tbe nr
oeesaries of life. What a splendid ciiance for a “gav^
-eason’ there would be but/cr the horrible wer.
Tin Lhhislaitri will meet on Monday next. About
twenty counties iu tbe Northwest will be unrepresented,
unites the Convention will “take the responsibility" of
L*i li.'g the vacancies occasioned by the base disloyalty <,f
1 those membeis who have east their fortuiuw with the bo
gus government This will probably be done to-day —
Wm. K. Gordon E-q , Cle k of the House of Delegates,
nas reach, d the city, aud a number of tbs members have
already arrived.__
Ikupxst.—Alderman Saaxny held an inquest, yester
day, over the body of Dr. T. C. Workman, who died at
the police station, in Jeff.-rson Ward, yesterday morn
ing. He whs found, Tuesday evt ngig, lying on the side
walk ol Bread street, in au insensible condition, and was
removed to tbe cage. Tne verdict of the jury was, “died
from iatempe-ance ard exposure.” It is supposed that
the deceased came to this city from Louisiana.
Christmas is now less than four weeks “off." The
festival occurs on Wednesday this year. Th9 prospect*
are that Santa Clans will not be so generous, at the en
suing Christmas eve, as he has bf’en iu limes past. The
“little folk" will receive fewer presents, and probably
will eat lees confections.
Thxatks —The new drama, emitled “ The Scouts; or
the Plaits of Mananas” will bo again presented at tl c
Thsafre to night The proceeds will be appropriated to
the Hxniptop soldiers. We learn that- Miss Ida Vernon
will make her first appearance, this season, on Monday
Central Railioad Oojjfa.st,—The ainntl mret'ng
of the Stockholders of this Company will take pi. ce
this afternoon at 6 o’olcck, tl Franklin Hall, adjoining
the Exchange Haul
B I. At Ik IV It Fit AM — 11 j bags superior Black Eye
Pea», In store and lor sale by
C**"“■«»“-_ Vp.CEf.ER.
I am jaat Iu reeelpt of a prims lot of
Cranberries aud
Flrklr s.
Both of which I will rell >ow. Oucamben only If per barrel.
Call soon, at No 90 Main street.
Bogs. _I- J, BOIhSIECX.
For sale by ths subscriber, at
Furniture Biers, Governor Street, KhhmociL
Also, caws* Pu-nlsliinc»tn general.
noM-tf _o. W. WHITES 00.
nfc. 1~y. TEIS, ciacu'acturedby Mr K. BiRea. ofth'.s eliy, for
the fail Sheen yean, and to highly recommended by prominent
Phv'ldant In Virginia, bargained a reputation to lb* Confederate
Array, f rtho care of Agae and Fever, aud gmoral dsblllty. W<
can safe r aag thsy an a valuaklu nsdlrlae tor exposed soldi, n
to bs bad of aU Druggists la Ibis ei y, cr of tbs Froprlstor, oi
Catos Mill, Richmond, Va. M*
Baron Rocos, La , Nov. 26 —Iu ths Senate to-day, •
j<Vt resolution was introduced bj Mr. Moore, approving
of the Governors recommeodilioa to tbe Banks to so*
perd npecio payment", end to hue%s OenlederVe
State.* Treeeury notes in the piece of their bank metes.
Tbe resolution al"o provide# for the vtibniiasio.i of the
question to tbs vote of the people of Louisiana.
Mr. Moore also introduced a bill anthoruiog the police
juris* of the several parishes to levy taxrs for parMt
A revolution wasofiered to inquire into the expediency
of the aaeumptioo, by tbe State, of the collection ami
payment of the Confederate War tax.
fn the Bouse, Mr. Tappan offered a resolution to ad
journ*the Legislature to New Orleans. After consider
able dieooaeion, the resolution waa made the special or
der for to-morrow.
A joint resolution waa offered by Mr. Duinguitnd, and
reported, for tbe election of Confederate States Senators,
to take place on Thursday.
An important bill was introduced by Mr. Estler, in re
lttion to executory processes, and another by Mr. Solo
mon, in relation to the registry of voters in New Orleans.
A joint resolution was introduced by Hr. Mscauly to
go at once iuto the election of Stale Printer. It will
artfd ou to-morrow.
The Governor’s Message was sent iuto both Houses of
the Legislature to day, si 12 o’clock.
Savakrah, Nov. 27.— Commodore Tatusll, with three
■nnaU steamer* and one gun-best, attacked the Federal
ile't in Cockspur road* ou yesterday. The engagement
listed an hour, and from forty to fifty shout were cx
ohanged. No person was injured on our side. The ef
f ct of the ti iag on the enemy is nr.kcown. Fating to
draw the fleet under the guns of Fort Puluki, COrnrno
dare Tstnsli withdrew. Tnere are uow six large vowel*
iusidu of the bar, and ono large frigate was towed ovor
yesterday afternoon. The enemy has pickets all tfeund
Tybee Isiiit d, at far iu* King’s Landing.
It is reported that the Yankees hive taken possession
of Wa*saw, and that they are preparing to attack Fort
Nafhy.m.i, Not. 26.— Movements in Louisville and
elsewhere in Keutucky s fiord iudicatfons of early iiiov/.
mente by the Federal*. Large numbers of them, for the
pm ten days, nave arrived and departed ur their re
spective rendezvous. Three regiments have arrived at
Lsuiavillc daily, and been sent forward towards Bow
ing Green. General NVson’s command has been wlth
d awn from Preatonsburg to the mouth of the Sand
from which point they were seat to Louisville, Wild Cat,
and Camp D:ck Robiuaon. Troops seem to bo concen
trating at Danville and Crab Orchard.
XasuviLUt, Nov. 27-—The Louisville Courier of yes
terday learns that a aqnad of twelve men were sent to
Fnu.kiiu, Ky., on Monday last, to arrest some I.mcotr.
i us who were committing depredations in that neigh
borhood. The Lincolnites had collected to the number
of twelve ter fifteen at the house of one of their num
ber. Tbs owner of the bouso defied our squad and
fired upon our men, killing one and wounding one or
two others. Our men charged upon the house, set fire
to it, and burnt up all the uieu in it, except two, who
escaped. A detach mint of twenty-five cavalry arrived
at Frankliu last nighuo arrest the partus implicated.
Navr York, Nov. 20.—The Port Royal correspondent
of the Times, of this city, lays that the Federal flset is
to be divided, and transports to oonvey G,<s 10 troops are
to open another port. The transports are oow taking in
a supply of water for fifteen days. There is ■ sufficient
cotton here and on Pope Island un-ginned to make
The steamships Delaware, Boston and Cosmoplitan
have been chartered by the Fcdetal Goverment for three
months, and will depart immediately for Port Royal.
The Atlantic is now cosling and will take provisions to
Port Royal, and also carry troops.
Washington, Nov. ly.—Despatches received to-day st
the War Department from General Rosccrans states
that General Floyd, wi’h bis entire force, has abandoned
his position near Gauley Bridge and has gone towards
R chvilie, where it is understood he intends to make a
stand. Rosecrans is still at Gauiey Bridge with his
wliple command. It is contemplated to make a forward
movement as soon as the necessary arrangements can
be made.
WiLLRuaxt ills, Ga., Nov. "7 —His Excellency Joeeph
R. Brown has appointed Henry R. Jackson, Major Gen
eral, and Wm. H. T. Walker, Brigadier General of the
Georgia Army, and both have accepted.
An cfticial dispatch received n'ght before last frern Geo.
Biaeg, says that everything is i| list about Pcnracola,
aod that the Federal fleet keep at safe distance from hil
guns. He is fully preoarel for a renewal of the figl t.
PnOCLAMiT.O V —Whereas, a vaanry baa occurred. In
Ih* rerresrau l„u of ihta Oomai'nreallh, In ih« General Aiscm
by, by the rrtlgaaU n of Javas Q. Paxrox, the Senator for u.e
District compeerd cf the ccunUe' of bath. Highland and Rock
br.dge; therefore, I, John L*t her, Gove'S r of the Com non
wealth of Virginia, do hereby rrq lire the rh.r'ffaol the tald crua
l-re to told flections In their respective oounUee, on the l»h day
of December neat, for a Henat >r to til the vacancy aforesaid,
i --— i Given under my hand ae (lover or, and under the leal
c L. Jk -Seal of the Oommonweallh, at Ri *hmnnd, this ISth day of
( | November, A. D., ISA;, and In the SAah year cf tec C.m
iuodvcaI h.
By (he OoYFrnor:
Gtoiflr W. Mraroan,
ternary of the Commonwealth
L^xnjrton paprrm ropy._r.olE—
RICHMOND, Nor 14, ISll.
STU I take thlamethod of returning m»ny thanks to my nume
rous cai’ome • and friends, for their vary liberal pitronare
and many put fay »ra, ar.d mprcifti ly aollclt a continuance of the
itoie. Hut, under exiting clrc unman <es, ‘having to pay r**h for
pU goida l buy,) l goal! In fiture te compelled to collect ah bills
•l iraal once per mm h, until further uollct.
Respectfully, * A R * A BN IT,
Grocer and Commission Me*chant.
noj4_Qorner Hroad and 7t* »ta. ftlchmond. Va.
I,V, H NCK on BN«L»NDi Brown, Shipley » Co’a
J accrn'aacee, past due. Alsn-Ci) day bUlJ ou London, fir (ale
D-T MOW’a »* VIEW f>*r fkisber and Kov
VJlbor. 18C1.-A. MO IRIS,having made arrange ster.ia
for the rule of the above all. I ng werk to long and favirah y
knouu for Ita high Hoed character, and aa the exponent of Bt uth
rrn la'ereeta, reepeotfaly eollc'le sahtc.lp'loos for U.e t»m
p ice $5 a year, lo advance ) lugi- Dumber f»> ct» each. n*>!H
lNDn SALE.-50 bhds N. 0. Boyar; 25 Mill No. 1 Cofee fu
ft ,,,. >,1 t*blw Scrap, Crushed aud Powdered Hugof; Rice.
Nulls. Ac 150 bblx pure Mountain Whisky; yreuch Brandy and
win,, J 1HWB.1N. VODNGVR A OTEV. 18 Pearl etre.t. ocH
■----1 --” "
N«TI<’P.-Wf will take the note* of the Metropolitan Sav
luee Bank, either for poodi sold, or In payment of debtl in..
01,4 Ke SON A 00 ■ No 1M Ma n qtccs.<*'U
as A IN PbPPKH, at rei.ll by
“ ‘ A. A KODRI, Agent. Cary street.
a a KNN BHOdtANN.—li'OO prs. Mesa Brog ns, for salary
jjJ AI.KX HI hi. A 00., HI Main Htreel, Rich-pond, Va. s«>B
BACON.—LBtW Ihe prime Mountain llacou
B llerrea New Rice, just received and for sale
y„ll __l»th Bice*.
IMtlcO. IMMI1U.-A supply of ruperlor Indigo, a w in
store end for ea> by W. PRIRR-ioN A CO , 13B Main etreel.
eeW_ _
K~~TBCIAL NOI »CE.-t*ehare Jurt received a talgelsl
of Carpet Haprv and India Rubbers Legglna, auhablo for Will la
rr purpose., which were rurohaned by the eenlor partnev, and
wfdeh will be eold at the loweet price for cash, by ALRX. HILL A
00., No. HI Main etreet, Richmond, Va_01-1 _
BOOR. 1 TOL, H me, 812 PP- PrlcelUW
*OompU|tfi from the latest authorities, FORTH* CBI 0F> OLj
KrrtriNand MILITIA of the confederate Ptatee.byUeotenanl
Ool \7m. H. Richardson, graduate, aud formally AaaUUnt Iu
xtructor of Taetlos Virginia MUitary Inetlwte. . _
Thl* vulueble book lo a liberal abridgment of Hardys Tt.
dra," Including tka Boh ool for Iho Batuliom and Instructions for
^Tha ’"Balance tup” and Manual of Arms for the Mnakat. be
mjtntrodaoed from ‘Ollhao’e Mspnal;" aMo.Jbe fory of Ha
rade for Reviews, Inspection, Drone Parades, Guards Mounting,
Duties of Guards, Duties of 0»*t4lni In Camp and Gairtaona
dot EmKIUKw a *—1 “—
F»bMMr m nwni*.
(Grand Vocal and Instrumental
Ici tit tfittl of ib*
0*041 nut UlAkClIOK or
rnor. dk count, of this city,
A»*i*trU by
MAf»XT.i: ALS05I DI TltlK*. of Vm Orleaur
OoKLined with the belt ttlcst cf tbe tlty, on ^
THIKBDIT NfXr.NlV. 28, 1861.
gr ricket* OMK DOLLAR.
r.-Ofreraise._ _n rtT—2t
| >1(11 <1 <>> It Til LATBC.
LjrvKJf AID UtMAr.tit .J. u. Ill WITT
Tib tnalt* Nvirmbt r 291b,
Bnowlta’ treat flay cf
Tin wirx,
er a talc «f
La P—IIc ..Mb* Mary Partlngicn
Orertare, gtraittllt. Orchtiira
yrat «pp»»r»ncc ofMrr B. Lock
tru» programme.
fllBE next Oeetlon of this Insdtuttor. wi'i begin October lst^lbBl
X and l* expected to correspond In all respects lo L ose of for
cm years.
The same faculty will remain. ^
. The u rn*s will be as heretofore, and th«* eamc ll^NaJ patrooaf
from this se t'on and th * booth is hoped fur.
£JF~t< has beeu decided to gfvalo ihu daughter* of voiantotn
.fn the serrlco of the Confederate blatea, tuition iu the Engllal
brant: • % rase or oa tao l
C.V4*Ugues may be found at all the Bookstores.
For further Information apply to
•*6—tf CH Ad. F. WDttTOK, President.
ipif? dpr’.ng Session of this Institution will begin the 9th of Jan
X u*ry next.
IU»»rd can be had at $10 per month, at tht Boarding Hall, or
at $11, er nor th, in private families
Tbo^e -xpecUng t » alien I axe requested to notify the undertlgr
cd lmmrd. it< iy Ou other coarges are
Tatlon.firhao thj.$!&to2Anf
lad and ch -rg* fj- Jsnltor.iM
rontlngent Fee ..& 00
$'$?"/• L pay .bl<* In advance.
inner Inform tliun can he bad by addressing,
K. K. WiLVY, Prft’L
noli—t!f> Feb_Eigory P. Q., Ya.
At her rviHence, cn 1st Street, between Clay aad Martin!..
TULS iostHutlon will be opened train rn the 1ft day of Odc^
ber. 1S€1, f r the reception both of Boarder* and Jay Schol
ars. K r i articulart, apply to
-±*Lz:HrgfBTT. leftii vir.
mWENTY DOLLAR# EK war ) will be paid for the delivery at
L our ffice. - r at cur Mill, In Manchester, of oar sbftr.»n1r<i
i!*re, Uieli llryai>( Dirk it about ') feet8 inche«hlgh. light
ctB^er bread color, an*i about lPyeirs old Dick had ud wbe
tie left a brown Deck coat, dark puntalo^ns, and black Ruvsi*
r|1ANNUJi8« OIL.—90 bbls for tale to arrive.
I oet9_ _U HTOKE# A CO.
|)I QIIbM MADE TO Fifl*. NKTAN8-It is ie
spectrally roqacwved that the Hhysir'aas of Richmond vr.ll re
port at the office, oornrr Broad and Ninth sirt-rts, aurh offi -era and
soldiers nnder their charge, as are quartered In private f.ix Ilea,
hole is and boarding house#, stating their condition. wh**rt quar
trred, and, as far as !>r*cric*bif. the regiment ana company to
which they belong. This Information will greatly promotetVe put*
He service. .
Ail office*? and t'ldiers quartered In private fami'toa, hott-li and
boardlcg houses who hate been sick but arc tot attended by any
physician, will report them*‘Ives ss above, stating their condition,
location, company and regiment.
cclft-dtf_JNO. H. WINDER, Brlz. Gen.
1*1011 KENT Oil LEAVE.—The tenement on Main
1 street, between fth and 10U. streets, rroenUy occupied bj
| liagerty A Starke, and now temporarily In possession of the
BoutVrn Express Company.
F./r terms, apply to G*CO. R. PKAKI or to the owners. Pot«ea
slon gr. _cod—4f
C?A L’T»OM.—No one Is authorised to collect Virginia arm
) In tKi# city, or elsewnere in this State, unless they show writ
ten authority from me
This notice Is not of coarse to Interfere with the authority of th»
Adjutant Oearral of the 8t»te, In any order he my have issued oi
may issue hereafer upon this subject, but is given to prevent !m
posttiuns by those having no authority and who make oo .-*■ turns
to this office. 0. DIM MOC K.
3(i| t« Col. of Ordnance of Vlry*n»a
Xh'u.rraitwv*i^wwwvwMMssegff’gf,?: j
packs*., with marklny-lnk. the iwim n/ the p'tt (y /o' <chcm> v i
tend'd, the RejimentUt which he belonj*, an- the p ace of dee-. |
nation, rare of tli. Qo-irtermaatcr, at lU<hmand, to whom l*
usual railroad receipt ehould be forwarded by the shipper,
II. Maoy packajre* >mn at Wo Depot* of the Lallrcad* It
Blehnuod, wUh pmptr nark* rubbed *ff. Of count ttflr de*tiaa
Uoucanoot hekiiown by lheQo»rtcrm**ter; other* aieloperfeet
ly marked, and cannot be Identified. __ .
IU. All titlele* depoeited at t-li- QuarUrmaTcr i OBce In Elth
tuoud, for ihlp.ion , mu-t oc left there before 3 o’clock, P. M., U
•““*Ul‘lr ,tlpn,tI“on lh“ wm. k. wmw.
,nj* Oaot. and ini 4. M.
Rio*»o*p, Vt„ June ll.lbdi. f
The m i nis devolved in iiJPPLvm
the tr op* In the field with llraall Arm*, field Artlll-ry, ar.
Ammunition thereof, requiring a dlvlsloa of labor, th. followlrr
order I* l*m.ed.
The Colonel of Ordnai.ea of Virginia will contlnu* loaned t
the luuc of armr, both Artillery and Small Arm*, belonging t,
ttle KUto, Ami to Iho manufacture of field Oarrlafiea anu Oak
*°Thc rnakiac up of all kind* of ammunition, lncl«dlo( th* mas*
faeture of Percueilon Oar* »od th* Uenin* of «h« earn', will bo at
•.ended toby U.e Ordnance Department of the Southern Oo»ftder»
cy, for which purpoee to much of the Ammunition aa le now or
hand at the Armor., and the preeenl accommodation for fartke
manufacture of Auinunlilon a* le now appropriated for U M pur
pc** by thle State, be turned over to thu Oonfcdorat* aut'innttr
lerdnjt 'he continuance of tho war.
The Oolooel of Ordnance of Virginia will make lb* n< ooeaarj
arranjrenv. at* to carry cut the foregoing order. _
je 19— ta ccmr. onva an.
Rirmiovs, Va., Nov. 6tb, 196!. 1
IN eon«< qnnce of the large amount of tramportatlou whl :h l»
being pir'ormed by thla company for the Government tb.
Clerk. In the frel*ht department, haw no Ume t-i collect bill! ou’
able of the depot, w a are. llierefore, compelled to requ.re tba’
all con.lg-ieea of goodgecelred over this road eh 11 pay the ■ hob
amount doe on the urn before they are de'lrered.
CMP-rhis rule will bi enforoed In all caeee.
nc6—lmT n wr.NNK, 9-lW
BU ANDY.-fk'Ouee Pure Catiuby Rrai.dy. for mcclosa
purpose., for .ale by W PgTtRPOM, A Cl., Druggists
HAVANA 91-AR9. in aicre and ’or eale by BIDDEN AMIl
LEA, corner 14th and Cary atreete._°c>J
Mu.arena Jcsorus, Jane 1Mb, 1661. f
Denrrr Orders t
No. at. f . ...
On and after toe 9-th to atari, no peraon whataoever. with o
without panpert. egeept from the War Department, • II be poi
mltted to enter We line, occupied hy the army of the Poioma
with Intsuloc to paeaiher. a or thereafter Into tbe Ur lied Btate
or the Usee of the enemy.
By order of Brig. G»n. RiaeMOian,
JSIT A A, A ljX General
00VP iNV —Peiaona deslroua nf promoting thla 1 AWl
b.anch of our National ltefence ag-ulnet onr encrr.ee, ean yet fl:
a few aharai of the Block to jubacrlbc for, at the ,gtce No. 14 Pear
-ilreet. Brat floor, where all information can be 9 .ad.
Shares $100 ; each In A No. 1 Bhlp, __Iflk If
or TBA
THE undersigned dller for eale. by package or otherwiae, sflr
aeeortanert of Clgara and fflttl lUIOctHred To
bacco, ef the moat approved brands.
We are the Bole Agents foraeveviloflhe 'argaet Macsfactsger.
In the Btate of Virginia, and are thla day r eeelvln* a general u
aortmrnt of all klndl of Tobacco, rang ng from II to 15 cenj
per pound Alai, all klnde NmoklnR ' fobnc' O.
OTTermi cash. C.-AB, BATNK A OD.
Under Bpotgwcod Hotel, Richmond, Vs
P. ft, -Special attention paid 10 °ri,n 8uilera aaJ N"
chant, who are euj t.lrlng the army.__ anEO—S» __
F11MK ITALIAN S4LAU OIL, for table oae.juatre
cilred at SK*D( A BAR SR A Drsg iftnre, 19* Main hired,
comer above P O. _ "*'”1
TAN YARD F0% 9ALE Ok LEtNE.- /The underelgned baa t
Tam cry which he wishes V, »ell cr le.ee for a term of year.
The Ba>k ehe la, ahbp bo.Icing and Bark Will are In a pretty good
ita'e of repair The Vata, Ac , will reooTo a good deal of repair
-Ihli yard U altuateil near tba town of Bucbaonun.Uoletm.it Co ,
Vlrrlalr., lmiaedia ely on the Mcadam cad,and within ISO yard,
of the Jam, i River, haa a constant a’ad ample supply of .prlsg
water width never her ire Hi We co deal weather. Bark can b.
halln abuedance y.ir furtl.er Info-matloo apply to tba eubic.-H
t, r, at Buehsaiiou, Botetourt county, Va., or to Wm. W. Bojd,
Virginia Convention, tfl.-l.ir.nnd
add.-c*. a. D Boyd, Patton,burg, Botetourt countv Va.
not.’—lm A' DREW f, BOVD.
*• uT i,7T. ii.”
each RicRrrr interb active brxticr bo boon as in
AMT number of rood Recrnlte will be rsoelved Into thla *
Corps, permlealcn having been cbtalosd tc Increase the ■
same to a complete befallen. The Blues ara attached to the pi
Legion now la service In Wcetera Virginia, wu> Jer the command Ja
of Brigadier Peservl Hiruy A. Wise.
The Blues are enliitcd for the eafira va tlnuanaa q/tX* war
and no recruit wld be accepted for a laea ye rtod pf enltvtmenL
Apply to Captain Hammond Dugan, W ,u Lepton QJIca, ove
p, a Taylor's Moalo Rora. No 1W, Mala itraet, between fth an,
luth, Richmond, betwasn the hours of $ a M and 6 P M.
Nona nasd apply bat man -nf good charaetar and rsbsw
Honorary raambenof the Bines naRM har Maada throughout lh<
essntry are reoairnad to aaaUt ss.
sH I Ac* OapSsla R.ULH.
or %
i * BA PATH, D1CTW * 00.
! fifl IJJWMH.-W* Ft.lVoJI i,.« u IM ■
''v PlAy Hb«1j ilavea. DA * ft, DBlTntf B 400.,
_Odd FflBowt* Ha.i, oor. May4 aa4 Traukdi He.
bv *. Ti rroBM. a.-i f.
I O!5* ?K<l»OkK.-IwiU M'.iTUIB MOAIUtlO.M 11 t'oloU
SI >J TwrVj-ty, U»,)T fifnn.
I „ t H. Arons. Am.-fr,
*P‘T FrAakHa. H Ape: hS«w w.l' flnw*.
_ar rnuit'AM a oo. i«u
•A c: l*BOK»ai—W« WUI M.I V> Uk.tj *■ ac«!i,l«-<i;, »> II
£tO A-oU* FCLUAB A 00.,Amu.,
' _ _ . . „ ^ _ 0-14 tAewi Bill.
, B. B.-Bo»f<! !i™n O.0»l, Vutiri 1st ir„,IT lor itli
| |ct1t«»4F__aTl|_
AATl^DAY, PiTKMBIU 14, 16tt.
BY virtue of a Decretai Otlttal the < onfedtrai; FiaUa Dt»tr« «
Court, a».the Movenber Tern. IB!. du**ge '••ha W I r« cl
tano oog'a pr«*. ;l*»g, 1 will prccc d to fell, on Inturduy, ' »
14th, lot:, at pabtir auction, at it* Kallroad Daj ot, la Vttuthes
ter, Ya , rca casir, the f II Twin*, to wit
HI u<.<»!**.d* an t t*r*e bbls l»«tf To" aceo
» Boats of M* jf»ctu**d Tcbic'o
• Ha a ol liter Sk ns sod Furs; and
IS Hslss of Hep Hair, ueel; pttpared for the L’pl..*li
iff’* Off.
I wt.l #efl, al#>. al the sane Mae and place %
7 rew 1 treating Marines, with Horse Power aMichi.w.i4,
md a goaotity Castings «nd • xtras belonging u> the •am*
f3T6ale to teg! a at 10o'clock, a. u , end wr. • cash
T.f FAr.NTUROY, Jt., . *
Receiver J M
Enquirer c©rj. no*6—td
1 ota and Tenenirnta, an F»f> Hill, at the
Coru« r of a ill and Maker Mrecta .%• tnuiee In a
I red of trust f \ m Ha. vJD vtdo'.baoa a©d srlvei, bcailof date,
Ml. cf June ’ 4 . duly tree '^cd >n Ulc* mo d Hoa lnal C' urt, a d
of rrqarwt t f ctediors thmlu aacu eu, I shall tell at pubhe auc
• on, »u the p e.ui.ea, t n .tloistf sjr, the 2d Deceabar 1*C , a*
S o clues, r*. M , If fair. If not. the £'»t fair day therea/.cr, that
i«ost ocactifal let In th.-planef Navy HIM laving a frnt.tr.f7I
eel, on Hi? w*»t line of ?*Ui E e* t, ran: log bare on the rocU|
Side of Biker Street, i J fert u> an alley in common 16 feet
adj tnii.ii let thete live recently been erected three very
a'.daom • ftaned tcaeaeuls, each coulaining five rcoes, besides
ntcher, Ac.
laau- -One* fourth caih.balenoe at 6, !l and 16 months for n*.
gottahl ■ note*, Inte*e»t added, srrurtd by a lien on the property,
rh • War Ta« to hs paid by the porch** er.
ws?f-t<i>_K. K. HOWIBON, Trustee
a i’tTloN N* LB OP Fl II.TV« Iff H*!IOV*H
\ • ottiily, on mo VlrRinlia t enlist I httilro*d,
I ? .Hdrs I runt II.r 4 •!> «»l Kxlim ud, 4outa u
Ati«c from I 00«i to l.hOO tries, together w tla
4 I toe Ferisiiabls C re-perty llieieon, CunaiaO
,ng of u Laigr Yarhijr. »i the reduces • f jan.esT. bat*
n. . l«n., w- -o-u svil, at ptb lc nictlcn • n the pre<rlart»,on
WaDNL-DaY, the lp’.r. day of lttcemi cr, 1*41. at 11 o’ckck. A.
d , If fair, if not. the first fa!* day the* carter, the large and va’ua
ota fatm located a* above, ailed •••» unt Picaaan', * on wh'ch M*
•ut on hat long rralded. Tba tract contact t om l,tt>j to l,?vJ
*«•) n. of a hlch kb ti* 400ac.es arc In w rds. ard the rimhlnorr
>p»n Unci cd a portion of wh ch ICO bashci* of wheal have been
itcdci Tub bu'.ldlxgson the t»lvc* are am le f<-r ths accomoo
J u!f q of a larg- Ua Hr A plat and aut \ y of tiie land will br
nade In t itr lor tb- Bale and the same all L« rob divided l. to
•uch ax.iliar trar sai mav be deem'd tro t Judlci oa. Ina.dl
op to the L.ttai ba!*» Inga, there 1* a Grist Mill attached to the
, lacr Ma 1 in gteat #r uc ann Is on ’.he Pu.d ao that It* i«
irovrment Is road, y at hand. h*» place b very healthy, and the
iflghborhood escsUent. Ihe VtrgtrU Centtal Railroad runs
hroujrh the estate, aad the <1 pot at tianever Court Heuse la one
After the sale cf the land, ail the personal and perishable «•
»te,(txcrpittance,) will be oil. Among the personal property
here •• • lout l.tiOO tarrels Co'tt, 20 m¥) t ounds F dder.SOhead
if Cattle, TO Sheep 11 Mules, ;• Horace, Sft Hogi, together with all
ne F«rnirg Implements, liouathild Furr Itare, Ac Mr. eutton,
ending on the estate, w II tike pleasure in stowing U to W'ddurs.
Taking into consideration the healthiness of the place. Hs convew
er.< eto nuket. it cffe.n prea !»r advartasM t« persons real dim;
o K'f'hmi nd to possess th*-ma«!tes of s Farm (within oce hour’s
r.U- y ra! road ) where they enn spend the*summers with Uietr
«m lira
Igan? - For Cielsnd one fourth lah, balance st 1, 2, and 8
seirs. or bends oaartog Interest, the same payable half yearly,
ecurel by a trust deed. For the pe s >nai estate, all sums under
Hj) cash, over tnat amount 4 aootLs cra.lt, for approved endow
ed negotiai>le paper.
ni2t-tds GODDIN k APPEB80N, Aucts.
rHE Ki.urli -Piilli Annual 3l»»llii|{ of Ibu
Mockhitd. r. of tt.« & . I.wond end DoorUle rwnroad will
r 1 i lait.ikiitr on Vi'tvi u»r, IMh Dectabe- nut,
noU-td Til Ob W. BiUOAlMJnOCGH, .-erfy
ri’W or radar.
Know All Wen l>jr t tic we P-nmM, Thai ttie
inacrslg' • d-d- hereby c* usdtutc and ap^Act atfornyy
• for aLd au name, i > vote on a I qneations that
|g i mcrt*-?of lha atr-iboMtrtof the Rich
uond Shi Danville II* !road tempi:.y, to b« ht.l at on
the d*y of or at any adjourned meeting
hereof, hen bv ratify!c g all the ac's of said att- rtty In the
retail*, j, aa fully as If were present and voting in peraoo.
Jn'IeaUaony wi.ercof, have hereunto a&aed hand
hie_d ay of___ OOlB—td
ttUlC undersigned have forms d a co-partnership foe the purpose
of tacover'.ng the Value of ilives taka* aid oihar property
•utroyed, by ths enemy to Esslera Virginia. They will give
• ronpt at’ration to all eases entretted to their car*. For terr**,
c . appiy t' Col. CHA8. K. M ■»! LORY, at Yorktown, or to RO.
.. MoNTAGGR, at Jamaica, Mirtdleac* county, t»U the ihth of
"ember, and a.'\cr that lime at Richmond
ocl*~ • RO. L. MO. TAQCl,
ini9 t9T ooe Ihousand ortweirehon
^ 721?} rJf.V\P* and Ona L.nd,,aa «.il ad.ru. 4 t.
D« prodaclioo of eo« X, c„lloo u land 1® in. Bute of
.ts.ia.lppl , hi. land , OIJ ,tlC bjulhem l>. undory of
-untlower Ooanty, on a I'.unra. •,tr u,« ni.n In n th. y..
.00 1 Iver, into wheh ii eapr,.; .eordtrlj a Bo, ,1. am boat
■alien uta (he ri»cr. Cpon u>. land U .>4.ioig, five ..... .1,
vhlch b .ufcvptible cf m . .31 s c.-oy i. firtt year *
Tc-in. one ilrird ca.h, tlr balance la twk aneaal IngtalmeEl.
■ft hUt cl the aame will be taken In i.«yro lkp«rty If dcirtd ’
Add r.«r, * V HAND Ml
(!‘b landlny) Y»too River, cv* »\o,w Drop
ncKA—tf _ _-^ory, Misu
JlBkriTHTK \V*MTBD.-n« advertU. wh<)
^ compelled to retire,temporarily, ft^ts service. 0I> *v>ant at
npaared bevlth, wishes to e0fag- a yWhsUtula for ths
our months, to »erve In a Cavalry fltmpauy. Clothlog,
neats, etc., furnished® For further pagirulsrs Itqulre at v. F
wee.__ p*\%
|_J AI NT. — Metallic Fire Prcf Pal*, Rocf OU and colors i
‘-.cl ^ CWCT,ptt0Q- fBr "*e h* MM. EiTTLRR * Cg.._
A B! LH. Pcrlland ETRUP j , .
*U W bbia. prune N. 0. M JI.AM^-lj ktor^.nd^for^vle By
WtMaD itrmediaUdy, a BCBBTITOT* for tba annj, for wt.ich
a liberal compensation will to |rtreo. Address Boweook A
5fown. 12th stresf, scnih of Cary._ oc* —
JUNnKIW.-Copper Wire. Gertetn Mauhes, Oct oo P ow
9 Lues. Woo. Cards, Wend Stlr.opL Hand few flie*. Port*
tpi, Brass fpo *. Wood Haws, PocM kn ?*•, Port Cltt*, " *
Utcf.es, Boiv.s and folks, Knzors^hkr'r* Boies, Irco »p>o©cs.
'•tor S rets Shayfc* Bushes. fsndlk **t cks. In slo e sod for
%le by Cf AHKrON A Co . Ho 1(6 a Jryit-c*_noir. _
WP. A t>. l’cB»40,rr'rfcrst:eUielo*!owiQf desirable food*.
. Jo t reeHrrd. 6.V dc ? able Oo l*j. low pric'd; tA dc*
iut Ivors Table and !>*•• *rt Knifes, only; * nos flue If r«r Tab.#
<t« Is; ion pairs c*rr Oft Knives *nd Berks; Kidd©z pocket KcWeS,
itio'led patterns; 6'-l d z ItulcAet’iO f. Taper flier, 18 d s flat
• retard Iltes, 12, M std 14 ladles. 8*Ac* Mil Baw fuJiMoU
rher, lit* MuD Pere .won Cspr, Mfi Wahst’s 'AjlWidad©;
■U ,-tcv u nod y. r.*,, aa,M: 230 p rVt 111 aid T. rf*. *1' d 7U0
tie Carl and »3«rn bo*f; C d«t Mpple Hmei.ti; NdM«
’alnt'd IbirkeU: fm* He* and Hurdle. Hull
KUIltFUlCBS it BcewviUe, Pulaikt cou-ty, Vl-ytnla now
Tj. opeolrXi on C»ry rtreet, O'c door abcTetbe Buck of Hi' t.
,md. Sb.ll rr-tlte Horn cue Manufactory. werk'y tuppUtr tull
d to the winter trade. , WM. M. BULLARD u CO.
Ilooma fur Rent, on Cury Street, #»*r new Shoe Ftcr* of
•'«. n. Brujuii 4Cr>. Apply atthrlr Hire, Hi door .boee buck
.f B'chmocd. B,,1,~,*
Bj. I 3 |SH LI'S Tit K uud Store Po Lb. or eule by
MEAJIA BAHEH'i Dia*Biorr 184 Main Mreoc, eor. ab".e
V O___
RI OT.—o.d Grenada Rum, » reel y rhoto* arte'*. lBJ£r"
end for ule by eCLDAN A MILLER, c >in«r 1**h mdOkn
treats _—
ritmui k co.,
jlaleiM (kUi EMt ikptiTti
,'TM«rrlux usd noit-lnf Us* Impaired Time* M lu pda* flfer
Aloft, ■ rtry lurye unortrer tof
OMk.BftWwuav.1 nuwruwAoaa
bT _We. 1AA Mein Street. Rlchnoad.
LOII»'Ih NA DEl’OT. Bit limuitd, Vm.-Tbe uo
derr4Uor*f f»Aflnit been stationed la R'cbmord, tor *A© par*
,x»e cf rrorira* uU X wdi lent from ibe Hale of UntfjRR* “ *
Troop i In Virginia, and Uvtny, alro, been oppoModby**»'•
Commltve of New Orleun., U.flr a*- °t, to n!*.L.
gint*. ____ i
-SXOWM«A« »J»—«™Vl
mC, hUh«t market price rmd for Gold and ellrer. ktocU
«fd Kl<l ” Ce°”°U* **• Q W. PPBCBU. A 00.
..n irdl-Ior local purp-iee, ft company of ft kmndrtd
WISo ar. pot eapapto of performln, »«rTlo.la to. tMd,
yet »re able to perform dutu In Ui* city. **■■“ „ w
capa-'lr of flellierTtf.,a?/gool rtfmeooee w
iSracter. Apply fttth. c«o^ ^
HWaaas potbaoo.

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