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0kkiMheen B ad eaten where ertdence U Ukea ew Ihe depeWt tX •
BBeel* <Be hw OWe* eoaBltt»* ronep.
MklMm%. il*UnB)orleB,«eeln»erUaM...~~~..~.—— JJ
Iweh eddlMenel InevMoa ■ ■...„ JJ
Relet B 2 I!....."*."!.»®
*«e l|H B. t’l Bon Bn...JJ
«u await*,.
fa'll* ......ekkl—rW W>
s^» *e tiiSlararit * be ecatfdsad by the . oath ar feat
It m s setts* on the KUawacrtj*. m prtslji*y agreed apon be
!*.•«> the partis.
Aa advc tSseme nt aoi sarhad aa the spy toe a speeided
b%- of laaartio-a will be ooettnutd mnttl erdertd ami, and payast
aaacWil woe . ‘-e'y.
jf laaoiAt A. rwsMUwm.—te erold any Ble«»dwB«»dto*
•idtr parte' lb«* Annual Advertisers, It la propirV)•ti'i(nPe*u»
tla: Weir prlr* ejres only emtenda to thalr immediate bmines.
^tate, Left. and all other Advrrtlaeoenta eeal by them to aa as
»j jfn1 L‘T “•* ~~ ^ . . .
0T Sea! Kat.'e and General Aynta’ A lrertleeJienB lot«e ke
•verted by the year, but to be ehargod at the usual rats subject
• *ech dkao<>aata as shall be agreed upoo.
%MT PcokaeiUrs end yearly ad v or Uses, yen orallyeng tfing or a
«r core ipeare*, wUh the privilege of chans, shall 0B J
pwvly iiway. In my me week. Inert more then the am-oil
M wed upon aa the standing rule unierthe contract, and all sics'l
7? »uch amount to be charged at the usual ralej.
Advertisements Inserted la the Soal-Weehly Whig at 1 f oeal
per square of 10 lias or lees for the 3rat insertion, and iO cents
per square for each c^ntlouanoe, or If weekly. 7ft »*ents. _
liW OaKDS.
A B. UBuOt. *• “■ W1Um'
». •.—Prompt ittcntlon *o Collection end Land C ilme.
Iifnp. ■[> -ttkiaati M. Garland, Amherst 0. H., taj John
fhoapeou, Jr., Ac ent C. H-. V a; Garland a OkrBttk*. Lrn<*
k*r,, Va; Motley A Speed, do.; Jad«e H. M. Surtjrd, DMBa
Tw, Hon. M H Pe-nell. do._mMO-dkcly
PIACTIOB In Ml the Coert* of the eeanMee of HeBen tad
Amkereu He wii. nUead to any lav teeletee BkrtWi I to
iniouei j*- «• ' — . _ _
5JP A Urate Tf• hirer War-honea P. 0., NtMaa Oa., w*
attorney at law.
Hlrh;aon<1 till, ffc
npi.l. practice !a all the CoorU halj la th« Cttp of llehmaid,
AT andthe mantle*of Ch..t«iReid, ttmirleo aad Powhatan.
dace on the eoraer of ldat, or Pearl and Hala dtroeta, otu the
■tiro of Noah Wa'ae- h 0 >. <«»—»
r J. Tltmrw.1 BBUWN,
Win, practice in the C-iurB of th* citiee of Rldmoal and Pe
lerab and the coontle* of Hrnrioo and (RuwtorttJd.
i«r. In Be'Tln’e dlock,l«h atreel. n»ar flat* R H. aaW—If
wm PRAtmSl in the Conrta of Qllea, Hercu. Boar**,
AT Maawoiaei j and Pauli, and will oaUoat aad remtt pane
ls njj for al! el alma placed In hi* baa*.
Wwt •WBea. Ma Qoort Roneo. Ta.»■*
JOllM W. UREE.1,
nrm. PRA0T1M ta Cm Oonrl* of the aij of Rlchaoa* aad
AT Oonnty of Henrico. Strict attention will ba given to all ba
g)oMi minuted to hie. (XT Oflee, for thi prwut, with hi* (w
u«r. WaGreen, wath weot oor Main and Tth iU. je«T—dip
R. C. <St B. C. BOULDIN,
Co«rta.-Charlotte, Prise* Idward, ippomitVoa, Maetloa
bam and Laneabam___*P‘*~*P
a «. DO reins, f. 6R1G0IT, fa,
Rjlctl’a, King Wm. Old Chareh, BuiW.
ltnil attend all tha Court, of Kina William aad Haaaew. ft
AT ft DOUGLAS will alao attend the OearB ef King A Oaten
aad Caroline.__fel»—Ip
attorneys at law,
la all the cearti of Lve etty oAllchwoad iMra^l ••
Msxrtoo. Mr. Johnson will practice In 01^ ectarfalC
jgy-Qgce, W^if Baildiig, on ProatUn iUwet._f*
HL. bM r«u«d till prwlieif UV la IM
• city of Mchraond.
OZctiz BtlTia'i aew biflJlaf, ta lfltt.fr Mi v|
m irr i r powDCRs.-i. w. gaa
JB. LICK, Richmond, Va., maoufftctaret “Bewyle’e In Al
ible IWe.aj Powder.” Hie Is the oalj factory of the kind In thi
•oath, and he le prepared to furnish the entire trade o* u rwior
•Mi terse u Northern mane fa*; lor era. knpb% Pow4w li iw
(tala prepara: on, apt r *«d by Ail who ueed A—JBioAawsJ Wtey.
otanaiiie »>*. _
O pobcs jtos yo« oooliwo wirr*.
We hare on hand a »uppl) of the above Jena which we are oelb
laa cheap; and aa we hare oo lee every farad/ ehoold have the^
Call at KEZbBI * rill'll fottary,
)y* Corner of 1*h aad Cory eirema
NO. m'SIB.-te hfcde, loir to prime qaalite, foe eale by
, pr~iw_dcnIof. wow cum • ca
1IHOJU9 H P«im * r«..ken|*>|e«4
X few Grey Cl' the
Drey CaeeltatrW
Bine Twee* ^
25.34 T intrjfi
Plaid Oatatatr* fcr Shirt* S&lrti&g, PrUt* #4^ 4%. fc*
4I*o,oa hand, a!«nr? s-oo*
Irtff ' '-tn*, Un«n Dacha,
ToweU J'.ieckod Uo«ctt
Galloo4«. b. each*4 Cotton*
Bleach?*! dheeUnp, Bro Drill*
Colored Laoru. Bar**** and otott Drw
Thtj latomd to *eJ totlr (wok, boagfct Wort th* Tar, at •*<»*
old rat**, bat Uyton tucb *-*ou* a* the/ hare had t* bag vaetnllp,
Bit/ ran*l plact an adnact^i ih«j ham to pa/ a hcaTj addftUr*
“jUtT » B rUCBAOO.
Tin bet leave to call l‘e atteatloa of tho eo'dlere to oar Cam,
W Bodelea.1 which w.-h oh, U tuperl.f to ailvthlay la the
sattet it hat the unqcallded commeodaBoa of *0M oWcrea
who have eeod it, Cnoic and aoo It, aadyow will bo eatkdod of ho
perfect atUt>l »Uuo to t.‘.e want of tho toldler. _ ___ „
V# have alto on bond and art daily mantfOtlWtng totato
and Otar G^erfi, of wiioi tty to* aad pvtota
OaU * t* f*aa«. Waatt* of ^ , wim
j, n—dte_Q»r. MMaadMnwtBn^.
W,"BOW “bVr^aob Window OB.
80 do American da
U ken redo cl Saltpetre, la more aad for (ale by
Jtj w W. WOOLnBXDGB. 15th (Ire*.
"u. by 100 40 ~
,5« r _ Itohhlr—♦
I.19LJBE Tttiurc AT ROTE!
(OfrtCd OOBJII* Of MAI* A*D BLiytlfTM (Til.l.)
IWDII etlM peroone b> BM on far a laa af yaaia, aad *ta
tor o. or more (not eaeeedlD* tear) yewia ....
driftWlAOsHla and Kndowmeolo on the mom^eqaltable teeaa
The faikee
every pra-leal maa.l
p.*ucy and lucre at boa
Booh* ouniainlaf th.t
oMuflteOwaa,. , ,
J. 10AIB FLBA1A**! I
u.m Bawwnu. M. Dl, Medical ktamlaee.
i y mbr, M. D, Ocualttaf Pbyriidom
y. Hun, Loyal Adrioer **B_
LSifHRB.-ii) tide# Barnett Leather. W B4ee Black
I Owner Leather; 10 riie. Blp Sail* 10 B4*«na* OalfMln,
ujo5g-n«.Md far ul. by BCWT * JAMM.
C‘SlAKt.TSfl^tacS^rSwok, MM MB “•
HOST. L. Dli'KHIiOil,
gwcruoor M
all .pin ul la Mon, • fall had see. pi Me rtooA af
aed ruw BOOM,
jt Ml. Intern and moM fashionable stylos, which will ho sold hi
• holnalo ond retail, on the most favorable terms.
Tho attention of merchants lo moot rsapeotfullp solicited to call
and oaamln. for themes Ivon.
•ado to order at the shortest ootloo.
CASH POKCHAHIU will And It to their Interest to call and on
amine mp otoch hoforo parchaotng._
a| T aMortmoat of HAT* aad CAPS far tho Spring trade lo bow
Jl complete, ombr.rlag all the now otpleo and colon of ioft
HaW, also. Moleskin, Alla and Ousimore Hats, aad a great vmrletp
»f new etpta of Oapa. Leghorn aad straw Hat. In great variety.—
ALso, a general aaaartmeat of gentlemen’. furnishing good., Um
antln, Walking Oano>, Ac., An, all or anp or which wlllbe sold
on a. good terms as at anp other establishment In tbs dtp. I moM
■np.ctrau, Invito a call ham P~*~~0HJ| no|(no|||
ahM Mo. 1 Ballard Hones.
1861. 1861.
Hats, Caps and Straw Goods>
Bo. 1*1 Sam *taait, (oppooiti Batw.aaa buj
MUkmooU, l a..
Have readp and are now offering to the MerchanW of Virginia,
forth Carolina and TsnneMee, at prtcM to salt tho times, o com
plete stoek of Spring and Sommer Ovode, which tor vartetp end
•pit cannot be nctUed. Bupen wtll do well to give as n call bo
’ore purchasing elsewhere. __ ______
Bljgg ILLITT A VglMfltl.
41THOR18BV CAFITAL *>«*,»«•
TUI PLANTERS IA VINOS BANK, having an ample Oaob Cap
ttel and Chaiforcd bp the LegWIatare of Virginia, will rocein
Doped too of TI re l*wlliira and upwards, oa which latv.ost
wtL bo paid at tho rate of Bla per centum per annum if remaining
•In months, or Plv. per ccntam per annum If lots than da months.
IntereM parable VmoI-A urn uni Ip, If desired.
Depositee received ot thdr o *ce, at tho More of Mmore. Dihe «
lalihWTI. Bo. *» Mein Str.st.
J. j. WOBOB, Pmldent.
A. A. Imu. Troanrw. mall—ly
Weald rwpootfallp sail aWWoa la IhMr are otptoa at
Fall and Winter »ooa*.
OBDNA.NOB oiucb, i
Jm l«. 18*1. f
All «cc*mMwnAMKi)i!i^Mirn
Jcllr.rod to the Or latnae Detriment of lh« *uu of Vbralau
will, from u< tftrr lha dale, ka lamed lato the Ordaaaoe Ware
O «. at the farmer 1iMR aad Cary etreWa.
1}—if OoL of Ordaaact af Tlrglala.
Me. IS Ptart Mreal,
dAN mat raaelrtd a fall and complete aseortmeat ad
. lag tad aa lha preaant season, end, la audllieu to their large eat
eell-aaanrtad ttork of Bagtera goods, hkre the tou turner far
a exlenelre Factory at Staunton, Va„ which U turning oat
type mat qualities of work equal to aay IB the country.
O-aatry m.rchantt are r.qa«e*.J to oail aad examine for them*
■tat_m No 1ft Peail etreeA
aaaawa aarwaaoa aas aataxtia enaem,
Klirt eoalUntlp ea hand, a large aad carted eeeertment of
Imported espreealp for thla market,
tlaa, Ike heat Old Bye WUItEV and Apple and Peach BBAN
DY, dlatllled la the mountain! of thla State.
All Liquors mod Oraoarlea tali ty him are warraatad pare and
good, or ao sale.
P. g.—Part.cular attention paid to patting ap aad ehlpptuf
goods for eScen and eoldiers etailaaad at aad away from Blah
■on A
COMMISSION BUSIN BIS.—Will make liberal adraseea ea To
baaeo. Wheat, Flour, Oora und other minor products of the coun
try, each ae Bacon, Lard, Poultry, Bgg*. Batter, Dried Prulta,
Leather, Hides, Potatoes, Baaoe, Peas, Bo., Ac
PTAfU-AamaUlatjaat tec.lrad.
oc<*______ DOV* B OO.
/'COD L YBB OIL, tor tale bp
L ociWDOVE 1 00.
CHBBBY PCCTOBAI,ga!ph. IVier, 0 Inina H.d to tub, Chla
rotorni. Chlorate Potaah and »H Surer, f r talebr
oc80___l» VE d CO.
\| AT JktA - Hi"' groee Watcher, aad 8o groea Maaon'e Blacking
ifl for tale by DOrgBCO._QchO
MADI1BA wink.—1 half-plpae rery -h ueand o d , purejulet
•aret Malaga Wlor; Champagne Wlno, half pin i; hlierry
Wine, e*tra ftoe qutUiy, our own Importation—In store tad for
eale by > (LAIN 1 MLLLEB, eorner Fearl and Cary Wa cod
riOV I.ITBl rBB LTil.—s cienuii hand, for eale by
L nod _ POVB B 00.
WE hare on hand n largo itocA of Fail and W.nter ClotAlng,
consisting of Ane Cam H-isIneee Coate, Ane A.aver Over
Coale, Ala'A Cloth FrocAe, of all qealltiea. Alao, a large elece of
fine aad ceaemoa Alec A Com. Fanis.
noA Corner Halo and 144h itreete.
BtoHMONU, Bor. 14, »*>«*.
“ row cwioeat I mad frieade, Ihv thrtr vjry Uneral petronage
mud many part fovore, aad raaptctfu Jy aollctt a conilanattee of tho
moi. is*,, u,.a.r olrtlng drcnmrtancca, ihavlag to pay oaah for
aM |oo la I any.) I a all la fatnrv be compelled to collect all bllle
at leaat oaca per mn ih, until furtotr nolle*.
Beaptctfally, A A I bllVIT,
Mrocer aad Coatale.lou Merchant,
as]4—ar Owner broad aail Tti ate, Blchmond, Va.
ettra ■ N«B M ■!»«!. AM»t Brown, Shipley A 0o *a
•*. acc plane.*. part dae. Alao. «0 day olila oa London, for aala
a, IDMOaiB. PAVBNPdttT A 01._aoB—lm
* " — innawMB amd babeibg imcsw i
C. W. Pcacau. a Oo I
rlB hlabaat martrt price paid for Gold aad atlrar. cloche
houfit aad mold on Ooeomlaaloa.
Jjju 0 W. PC BO ILL > CO,
ttfAVTBB' ft' local parp «ea, a ocmpa .y of a nnndrod
\V *,a wha are not capab le of performing aorricalntht Bald,
•et are able to perform daty la the d*. M-ue need .pply who are
rapa le of AeUdtrvloe, aad pool raferencw wiU be repaired aa la
•hnrerter Apply withe nBoo, oornar of Broad aad but atreeu.
irTw ^ _ JBO. A. wiituti. brig Ora. _
«.**» fB» (AU> ” 7
rl martator otrra for aalo, oaa thouaaad er twelr# hna
lUTelnm* flat Can. and Oum Land, aa wall adapted to
the junction of Cora aad Cotton, aa ana land la the male of
mt.dwl.aL thla lead Mattaatedoa the Soatherw bemad ary of
£££.« Bounty, oo a beentlf.l Lab., thrw .lion from tko fa
•ao altar, la to wb.ch It eiapUre, nBbrMng a Bar eleaaboal Diet
Iwl„a into tb. river Cpoa thla laid la deadnlng Bva yeara old,
Ahlch M aataaptibla of making a fl*. erop thr dirt year
T.rma one third caah, Ue balaaee lb two annul lartalmente;
oaa half of tho eama will bo tab on In nogvo proper IV If d wired.
Ald/fOO. * W.
(hb landing) Tum Elver, care of Li. ‘*tw Drop,
^ g 1 _ ▼k>a»aur>. Him.
TILS, manafactaredby Mr K. Bel w, of thla dty, for
ih: lad fifteen yean, aad ao highly recommended ty prominent
rbvddaaa In Vlrglolt, haa gained a reputationla the Oonled.rale
Em?, for the car**’of ague and Ferer, and general deblH'-j. We
CMi n| they are a ralaable aedlciae for txpeeed ecIdler#
T* be had of aB I>reg|Ma In thla d w of Ih* Prcprlator, oa
Onion Hill, Blchmond, V*__n<>B
8— illllllg-30 uawa SaHlaaa, wbolo half aad quarterBoa
*Owt rweivod aad lar aala by ABLDBB A MILLBB,
m9 f Oorvar 14th aad (lar?
CLAN Er l' • —350 CUM Claret WUa, )«* roeetred
eod for eale by ALTBT ALIWOOMt _ oogtl
IP Mat'B«T BAM I B PBIIM'IAhl -It la re
K apSdllHy Teqnmtnd that the Phartdnan of Blchmond will re
port at the e«ee, tarwer Broad and ai.lh ftreeta, each oMoen aid
aaldlan aadar their charge, aa are qaarteied la pel vat* fain lie*,
hotel! aad bow flag haaaat, atallog their condition, where quar
tered. and. w tar w practicable, the regiment aad company it
which thaw beta* t* Information will greatly promote th* pnb
Mid »-IBi~ qaarterd la private fnmIHen, hotela aad
kowrtpa hawaa aha have been tick hut are not tMaoded by nay
.tjAilia. wgiUBUMi i wabwre,walla, their aendltlen,
a* wglmeat. J>Q , wl>pg. Mg. flea.
,M1BA-Im a* hand, eaaaignai tram Beg Orleaaa, a
t1~l iifm .-y—frcn:h Braady, Invoiced at
W. - JOBWtO.H, TuCWGga A OTtT.
1* Be.rl rtreeL
(,w*_Maaetrti mafity IndMe.newla awe* amd tor eaie
||Jf HW. * __W
RkDtnrnoN or *6o,ei4 »c o» ;v»eiKu
»1X ril OIMT DkBT.
T9B holder* of the following certificates of debt, lined by th*
Stole of VlrgtnU, under no ''Act to prorld* lor the construc
tion of n Turnpike rood from Buunlon to Puriereburg, pase.-d
IMA March, 1838, aa amended by the 8d ecetlon of an aot to pro
Tide lor raising loam to certain railroad companies sad for other
purposes, paasol 91st March. 1SJ0;" will take notice that the Com
tnlnloaenof the Kinking fund will proceed, on the 81st day of
CaeV, 1141, to redeem the said certlOcstee (rgeept so much there
of as my appear to be held by cltlssns of tne halted biotas) at the
Treasury of the Oommonwealth The h-ldert of said certificates
are require I, sod on s*lu flat December, 1861, to surrender the
tame at the office of the Second auditor-, whether surrendered or
not, the Interest will cease on that da:
lo49, Jan. 8, 6S, Joseph rmlth, of AuguaU.|1,<M0 00
Ap'118,116, Wright Southgate, of Norfolk. 800 It)
May I, 188, * amu-l T. Palllam, of Blehmond.... 960 00
June 111811, Joseph dmilh, of Auguste. 1,000 00
July 11,170, Fhlllp Williams, Jr. of Wlnchestei .. 800 00
Oct. 90. 934, Mrs. a ary W. cabell. b40 00
“ 99, 209. James Unsklnt, committee of John
■ ssktns ..'. 180 00
“ 98, 941, Churchill 1. i 'boon. 600 bO
“ •• 949, Same. 200 00
Bor. 10,981, Bobert Tinsley, of Amherst.. 1,OjO 00
Dec 17,978, Joseph Bmlth, of Augusts . : 630 00
Pee. IT, 270, Msry Stewart, of Baltimore. . 1,080 00
1843, Jan. 30, 288, Higglin' n Hancock, of Ohsetc.field, boo 00
• May 9, 8 4, Joseph Bmlth, of AuguaU. . 900 00
Juna 1, 310, Bibert Tinsley, of Arnhem. 900 00
Ang. 16,3m, Johanna . chaer, of Uermany. 900 00
Och 27,889, lame. 900 00
1844, May 6,877, Norman blew art, of Richmond. 1,490 OO
IMS, Feb. 19,803 Hl.gluioo - anoock.of Cl.ealerfleld. 48* 00
I860, Mar. 7,397, James W. Morgan, eaaentor bf W.
Morgan, In trust for William Mor
gan’s grand children .. 9,000 00
1947, May 29,410, Ltlilelun W. T.isWeU, of Norfolk... 1.930 00
. Mot. KU, 414, Bobart II. Oolialngham aid Ana M.
his wife. 180 00
416, B.C. Buwan and Msry B his wife... 180 00
417, Charles H. Poor and Mattie L. Lis
wile.. 180 00
1S48, Jsn. 6.422, Nicholas Mills ol Bichmond. 90 00
6.494, Mr*. Francis Todd Barbour, ol
Orange. 1*0 00
98.480, B l.ett B Cnnnlngbam and Ann H.
hla wife... 476 00
20,481. Arlnnua Moll reah. 40J OO
April 20, 4.18, Washington College.. 16100
18*9, Fab. 98,446, Fhlllp 81 George ambler.... 1,000 00
1880, Jan. 4,439, Mlaa atary Bragg, of tlannlon. 400 00
Mot. 8 4b. , Jno Btuart, John L Bacon and Tboa
H til s, trustees, Ac., for the relief
of the widows and orphans of de
ceased olergyman, Ac. 700 to
444, Same .. 800 00
1942, Mar. 19,491, Bobert B Carter, C 8 Mary. V 00 011
dept. 97, 60S, Tuomas B Nalls, r f Onlpeprr. ounty 9,uoo 00
le86, Feb. 3,312, Dartd BBpcnce eiecator of Byland
Bobertr, for the benefit of JobD M
Boberta . 3,00» OO
-ns Feb. 8,818, Same, for benefit of W O BobetU 1,000 00
July 1*. 6-9, John 1 L Pi eatun, trustee of lira.
Busan P Carringtcn Ac , Ac. 240 00
Sept. 14,534, Mary and BUsabsth V. ss, of Prode-_
rlcksbnrg.. ..'. 800 00
Sept. 90, 58°, Mrs wary B McOreery, of Norfolk 3,000 00
Oct. 14,841, J. M. Bunkel. 800 00
041, 0. B. Trail. . 600 0CI
649, J. B. Btoval, Treasurer of the Com
monwealth, In tract fur the Montl
eellu Bank. 914 00
Not. *, 643, James B. iluberd, of Norfolk.. 900 0«
Dec. 9,846, Elisabeth A MUgereld. 800 00
1964, fjan. 7,549, Blliilirlh Bernard, of Fredericks- f ^ ^
• _ m .... Uslff,.r,l 'mitil O l
Ju*. gl, 558, John B. Young, commissioner, In
eul: of Lacy, guardian, Ac. . SflO 0
M 99, KB, Waber A. Chamber* .2.0U0 4«
ApL 19,564, Treasurer of the Commonwealth, In
trust for the Bank of Booking ham 155 00
Apl II, 5*5, lame. . MO 00
Apl. II, 56*, Mas.. J50 00
Api. 91,544, Bnme. 100(H)
June 8, 579, Ar.hur A sellaon. 600 00
Jaly 7,370, Treasurer of the Uommaiwealth, In
Inset for the Bank of Kcoltavllle.. 418 00
OoA 1.879, Richard <1. Married, guardian of A.
H. L. Morris*. . 600 00
Oct. 1*, 8**, Abraham HI eh.. 670 0(1
1855, Mar 1,6)4, John B At:*mt, of HmlthBeld. 900 00
1654, Mae. 91,609, John M. Byland, of Kin* and Voeen 500 0)
Apl. >6,609, N. O. Read eujdlan o'her chudren 400 04
July a. ft-' drtw JohniOoc, executor eg ft. W.
eltusoa. 1.000 ou
Bag. 1C A Hnlherloord, eutfillan of Rho*.
A Rutherfoord, Ac...j. 44# "0
“ “ 610, Jno Rutherfoord, guardian of, Mary
Isabella Rutherlord. . 840 00
« 91 611, Bannr 41 P. a Itched and Aadrew
Johnston, eaeoutore ot Minium
Mlsotel , Jr., deceased ,...t. 1,400 00
419, Hume . ),•) ««
#18, Hume . 750 (ei
#14, Dame .. »#5 00
615, Dame. 500 U)
616, Heme . 1,585 00
#17, Bame. 495 10
Hept 91,616, »». H. Blnkie. of Powha an. It*) (Hi
in# Mar. 7, #94, William B. Jackaon, one of the sur
viving children of Wm. M. and
Mary Juekson,. 900 00
Apl IB, 419, Tru .leei of the Protot*nt Iptec.yai
TkeoJogleal Hemlnary and High
Sch ,ol In Virginia .. 1,000 00
July 1, 481, Bamu*; P. Mitchell, trustee for the
1 enellclarlct under the will o- Mar
garet Maul, dec'd, ac.. 100 CO
1S57 Feb. 19.640. Treasurer of the Commonwealth la
trust for the Bank of kockbrldg*.. 575 (A
■ay It. 649, Bame... 1W 00
•• jo 401, David W. B ru n and athen. In trail
for the relief of disabled clergymen
of the Protestant Episcopal church
of VlrglniA Be. 600 00
June 8, 659, Poahalan B. Btarkc, trustee, Ac, In
the cue of king vs. Blu#. ISO 00
Jaly 10, 659, Kllaabcth M. Harrison, the Intercut
to be paid to her during her
life with remainder, Ac. Ac., Ac <00 00
1959. Jan. 29, #74 Joseph W. Merries. 290 00
Apl 8, •*. J. P. Taj lor. AVI 00
#81, Miss . *00 '#
1459. sr 11 6-s, Alex. F. saylor, exeoutor of James
* 1 ' Ida May, Ac... HO 00
May 96, 669, Commlmlonere ol the Sinking Fund. 80 09
Jane 1,690, Bame . 880 09
ale 12 099. C B alorose, l utlee for FI ta Wald
1 roe*. . W0»
July 26, 6*4, Jets* Wtlklnton. M*i 00
Aug. 5, 696, W r Conway. 500 00
Dec. 1.704, The Presid.nt, Meetrr), Ac ,of Wil
liam and Mary College of Virginia 1,800 00
1M0 Jan. 15, 707, Sarah T Bragg. 100 00
Mar. 4,7 9, Harsh Penn brown. . 910 00
Mar. 6,714, 0 J Terrill, of Hanover. 100 00
Ap'l 15, 716, Mary A 8 Leath, to receive Interest
during h-.r widowhood, Ac, under
order of Court of Ant la. 740 00
Ap'l 90,718, Robert E Lee an) Wm F Wickham,
tru.tere for W H F Lee and Georg
lanna hlo wife..'... 800 00
Af'1 29, 711, Sam*. 600 00
Jau* 8,718, TreaearrrortheCommonweaUh.il
truat for the Hank of Old Domlaton
fer Branch at Pearleh.rg. 80 0#
Jaly 7, 794, Joicph W Wataon. 184 00
1910 Mar. 18, 791,. Ttio - as F Clarke and Geo M Clarke,
talks'. 8#5 o#
May 1.781, John 4 Brail' n. guardian of John
McOleland MoCarty. 100 (10
Jaly 11, 788, Louis D Jones, administrator of Bal
ly O L,gran 1, deceased. 4*0 00
Oct.. Si, 719, JohnW Blu*well. 880 00
1941. Jam 98, 740, Lewlaltjane*.WO 00
Ap'l 80, 741, J L Williams, trustee.. 118 00
July 4, 748, taiar..900 00
|*i,S14 M
Auditor of Public Account*. Oommlmlc acre
• Stafford n. parrir, l w
Rrgirter of the Land OWce. r «„n.- pUDd
saoaei w. monford,
Secretary of the Commonwealth. J
oca -RaaSia
n/liu Depoalta will be reeeteed, on which an In ter eat ef Ml
TT per cent, will be paid an all mini remaining on depeW eU
month* ar longer, and Ire per eent. for n charter period.
Thk IneUtJen hoe keen In eitetane* for TMrty-Oan yeaen; ha*
Loaned erer Tan Million* o' Do 11 are; ha* a* onapeaded debt; hat
mw km ana daUar, or tolled to nay any OertUcate when dar.
JAR. IL GARDNER, Pimid***.
* WB. H. CHRISTIAN, OaMtltr.
nol-alw HUSH » t»T. Aaamcar*
JONES haw* nnlted la the practice ef the law at Rlahmand, ta
ta* Federal OoarU aad Ooart of Appaak.
■a. Joasn will atm praeile* la the (Iron* OmtH af Mrhment
MM aad Hr-.rta*.
Ik oAte k at lha eorwm ef Fraahfln aid 1MMA.
anlt—*AdW _
mil nndereigned oCere for enl* the TRACT OF LAND called
• 1 •Rloomebury,” la Oalpeper county, about three mile* from
Vrandy Station, containing raven Handred Acre*. It adjoint the
lira lately told by Wan if Root to Neeere. Vice and Kennedy, and
the lasde of a a Beckham, Dr. J C. Thom knd Wm. J. Fife.
Tbk Farm I* aHaated la a neighborhood remarkably adapted t*
Ik* growth of wheat aad grace. The Balldingi are rather old, ton)
with moderate repair* will ha eaRcient for the comfortable accom
modation af a family, retro ee detlrone of narchaetng art lari tod
to enalne the place for Iheaeelrcc. We will merely remark that
R ha* alwayv keen eoakdered one of the bam farm* la Ihk neigh
borheod, eepeotaUr for wheat.
Term* will be nutd* aooomoodatlng.
For farther Information, apply to John Raaghter, near Way.
taadeburg. Oalpeper eonaty, or te J. a A J. W. Green at Oalpopar
Capital. M O.OOO.
MONRT reodred on depodt In earn* of Ire dollar* aad npwardt
ta which Interact win be paid at the rate of Mi per etatas
pm ----- ter came remaining tlr month* or loafer, for ahortet
perloda Intend at the rate of Ire per centum per annum. The
whale Joint head iwjpanMblator depoalta, Depoalta raceived, aad
>B S* l#_60 hhde R. O. Rugur, 96 hkli Ra. I OoFvTia
,ar. M kbit By rap; Oraebad aad Fewdcrtd nagar; Rio*.
RMk. a* . 110 hhknan Houalalu W1 take; French Brandy and
Wlaan JOHRROW. TOPNBTR A 0TET.T9 Pearl Mrwt. ccM
kJOKNAVTA—hb doaen WoUV edekreled IrMedam loheagwo,
i B for ml* hg W FRTBRBOR d 00., Prufftata. art
The undersigned offbri *>r »le, priraUljr, the remaining per
tlon of the Estate of the lata 0. a tutluferro, dec d. It contain!
about 899 acres, nearly 90# of which I* open land, the rest In wood.
It li situated la a heaatllul ealley, ahost one mile from the Aapl
,| >nn gtatloa. Orange and Alexandria Ball road. Persons wishing
to par chase a small farm, lu a healthy and delightful neighbor
hood, are Lnriled to examine it. Ths tract will be dljdded, lf do
drag. L. H. TAUAPEBBO,
arts—w« Bapldaun Station. Onlpepor On., Ps.
rno PHYIICIAM.-A Physician, In full practice, who re
X sides near oas of the Watering Places ol Western Vn, and la
desirous of removing to the South, will sell his property with ths
good will of his posMcm. His properly, whloh he propoiee to sell,
consists of a large aod comfortable Dwelling with all neoeseary
out houses, sublet end negro houses, and about 80 acres of good
land About one-half of the land Is well timbered, and Ihe balance
1s meadow and pasture laud, and furnishes IBs proprietor abun
dantly with bis trewood, hay and pasture Ills pramlcs has been
worth ts hiss, for many years, from *9,800 to gS.OdO per annum,
and consists. In part, of practice among ths visitors at ths borings
during bummer season, aad throughout the neighborhood during
the year,
Ht will remain and praotloo with the purchaser until Utc text
fall, end introduce him, ae far ae he can, Into his practise. He
will exhibit hlabooks to a Physician dash log to purchase.
HU prloe lor this property, with the good will of his practice, Is
gt>«, payable as follows*9,000 In hand, and the balance In 1
end 9 years with lota set.
Applications addressed to Nassau. Harman A Bsll, Attorneys at
Law. Staunton. Va- will receive prompt asunuoe, epd— wtf
ylRClinlA. At Bnies held ln t .e Clerk ■ oRce of the ir
cull Court of the d*y of Richmond, the grst Monday Is De
cember, 1801, (being the Id day of the moith,)
Horse; L. Keat. Wl.ltem If. Palos, and Robert A. Paine, pert ten
under ths style of Beni, Paine k Co., Plaintiffs,
Henry » aupp, Defendant.
Jn t’j—and upon an Attarhmnnt falurntd ffreoiSsrf
Ths ofjeet of this suit s o recover of ihs defendant Twelve
Hundred sad Bins Dollars and dsventy three Cents damsgri, with
Interest thereon to be computed after ihs rate of all per ceniam
per annum, from the l#.h day of October, 1>*1, UU payment
Iheauachm.-Vl Irsued lo mis cause Laving been relumed exe
cuted the said defendant Is required to S| peer, within onemurth
after dot publication hereof, and do what is nsceassry lo protect
bis interest ln this suit.
A Copy—Teste:
ded—wdwJ AS. ft.LETT, Clerk.
VIKUINIA.—At Buies held lu the Olerk's office of «i.
county Court of the county of Charlotte, the 9ddsy of June,
Mat'hew W Jackson, Was. B HUUnmson and Pamella V. his wife,
Pla ntlfa,
P. H^fickaol. Henry M. Jackson, Molly P. Jackson, Virginia 0.
Jackf >n, th« Imi two nAioed UfAnu, by Wm. A bmlib, Ibcti
gua.dlu, ad litem, Julia A. Harvey, Ann f. Quince, John T.
Roberta P overt H. Aodrews, and the unknown heirs of rrs
Mart Roberts, deceased, and Mrs. Patrick Pord, deceased, and
Mrs Robert Audrewe, d ceased, who were paternal Aunts ol
John W. Whits, dsc.a~d, D.f.ndanU.
The ohjekt of this suit l« lo construe the will sf John W. White,
dt cessed,*nd to ulvlde his estate _ _.
It appearing by affidavit that the defendants, Ann P. Oain.a,
folia T. Roberta and Robert H. Andrews, ere non-residents of this
•Ule, aad that the Mrs of Bra Mery Roberts, deceased, Mrs
Pa*rick Pord, daoeassd, a.d Mrs. Bobs.t Andrews, de jessed, sthir
Ran the said John T. Rob. ris, and Robert M. Audrsue, are an
Oa mnioa of tho rialnUBt by coartU, It lo ordered that Urn *a!d
It fendaat* do appear,allbln nne month oflrr one publication bore
>f, oed do ahat It nrr-mry lo protect tbolr lotoreot, and that a
;„i y „f th t ordrr be p chit rod, once a week fer fuor ticcooalr.
■ r at. In the hichmood Whig, o otatpoper printed In the city o
ltlohmood,nnd that onollor copy b* pottoo at the from door of the
Joarthou*. of tint canty, no the Urol day of Uo nent coooti
dt6A afl> WINSLOW kOhlFSOT H»rh.
NOTICK.-I. for teat who art goading ciothin* and ouppue,
to troapa la the laid, are reqanted to mart dloalacUy oa tho
,llt. otth marklni In*. Mo nttrtm <f Mo party ybr whom (a
Kfimmtxo which ho belong*, oa th.ip actof doth
toMtm, oar* of lb* tiaartoimaMor, at MlnWak, to whom the
moot ra.lro*d reeolpt ahoald b* forwarded by tho ohlppar.
II. Many paohagt* tmn at tha Depot* of th* Salixoado It
Itohmond, wuh paper mark* rabbod ol OX aonra* their doount
Job oannot bo know* by th* Quart*rmaotec; othert art Imporfocl
/ ararRod, aad aaaaot b* Ideutldod.
ia all article, dopen!tod at th. Qtartormaotort Met In Mob
aond, for ohlpmoat, awl DO Ml more before * o’cloca, f. M., W
th* *!*»•« - MM do,. n t WAIIW,
.... _Oapk aad Atat. Q. M.
makkiko offici or via. s. Isaacs a oo., i
Uornw Main and 14th Stream, hlcbm.nd, It j
II* conte Sion with Miair Soaking butnoM, the nndortlgnod will
git* prompt and Mthful otiontioa to tho Afjurtment a-d Ool
rciToo of Oi* mt a*Riott the C. nf.derote Ooreram nt
They will iitcclttt with thorn com otont legal taloat whonoy*.
I miy b# lonud neceetury to do ao. „
The r chargea will be moderate, allhar tpeclal or eoaUngest at
ihelr patron, may doalra. Wtt. k. U A add a OO.
ka aa, av rtaarnti— to Ool Goo. W. MunforJ, Secretary Slat.
>f V Irg nla; Col Jno. a Caltort. iTaatarer Slate of Wrgtni., L’ol
I M n-nn.lt, lit Auditor atate of Virginia; Jomc* Cattle, toq ,
'ret Mont Hank of Vlrgliil*; fa f Toylor, *bq , Ooehier Hoot o
Crgl-.lt; Hector Dora, krq Preoldeot Trodoro Bank; d. kaa
lolph Tucker, toq , Attorney General Mate of Virginia,
nr-ula mi tent tout for aljnouadat or oollcc'ion ahoald. In all
aact be accompanlod by thtpropM c nt.-acu aad touch .rt, an
ip.clil pow.r of attorney to ropraaont aad tlgt th# name of the
»aiIf I» any papers or documents necessary la tfie premise*.
d«& -tf _ __
JUVAHiRD AX BS.-'i hblt beat Croahodlugor
3 in dot booty Axeo
On ccoclgnmcnt and for ml. by ^ MTWr g on
niHK CSAC^Ml -F«0 boaet fir. Orackor, lor oal. bj
MinUtAL tL'fAklNlhSUasi'* orriCI, I
Viantau tan Taaataaaa Eauaoid Oi , V
Lynchburg, Va .Oct. Sd, lbdl. )
m AA ILAVd WAifTKM -Tho Vlrglnlo end Tenoe.
l)UU oe# kallroad Company wlah to biro, for th* totalng
jear to work 0* tha repair* of thtlr road, aad la tbolr (hop*, the
following daoctlbed otaroa, rlo:
MO Laborer*
M) Train land*
fcj Corpoator*
SO BlocUmlth* aad Milker*.
•emit payable quortorly will b* glron for tbolr biro.
oc*C—Mm A H. GILL, OonT lop L
»« -U by th* onbocribw. ai ^ .g.woCDW
Paroltoro More, Oortrnor Mroet, Klchmoad.
u '"•'a w. WHITI• 00.
TWFfEVA BBANI.- 80 0 poandt Tonqt* koaoo, beat
I qa.ITty tf Anguilla*. on etcoliont tubolltat* for Liccr.ct, lor
inluby gjMOWP, UAVEfPOkTA 00.4^6
OAfITlOIf.—No on# lo nolhorlood to collect Virginia nrmr
In tbit otty, or tloewhtro In Ihli Mate, unlmt they abow writ
oa aathori.y from me. , , , .
Thl* notice It not of coaroe to laterfor* with the aathority of the
tdlotant .tenoral of the Stole, In any order he my boro looaed or
nty Ima* hereafter upon thlt anbjoct; bat lo glron to proront lm
mMUono b* thooe haring no aathority and who moke no relorai
o thte office. «• ■, *!
0,14-1, _ OoL of Ordnance of Virginia.
MIllTABT ATTBNTIOlf —The andert'gnrd h\ae
on head, and art maiiefe.- urlng >rau primed le.tora, Or oil
Isbret, Croiscannoas, At, f * Military Cap-, and wlao to caU ths
ittr n*.lon c t the mllAary to the fset.
Orders promptly atA nd d to. .
All litters of tnsalry must contain stamp to pay return poitacs
Brands of all stas. an \ dwl«n. made to order Also, small .ten
•lls for marking c othing made tj order. LBWIf A KATfON,
Brand Outtsri, 1»U. betuesn Main and Gary streets,
address, by mall, Lewi. A K*ytoa, Bob 99\ Blrhmnw.l. la
flAlftUfl . M.i
hr prmerrlng aad remeriag Bn Impair*. XXaa la IM prim* Moat
Ala*, a TITJ large amortmealcf
Mtheb-qaa*,.- IBANELIB A 00. t,
a, No. 148 Main Street, Blchmond, ?«.
WIUOH’8 DAKDIU05 COPTIC.—ThU U a daidoui u veil
aa an economical b aerate, and le ilM to be equal to the
not Jaea Tor aale by W PKTCiflON A 00.. Drunglota. _da6
Miumu Jnor**, JnaeMth, 1M1. |
Uamarml OrUrra ^
Oa and alter the 80th tnXant, ao pereoa whataoerer, vMh •>
atthaat pamport, eacept from tha War Department, will he per
■Itted to enter the Hnea oeeapied by the army of (he Potomac
XU. InttnUoa to pam theaoe or thereafter Into the United Hntea
it the One* af the enemy.
By order ef Brig. Own. laicaaeiia,
|«BT_A. A. Adit- flenernL
DB Mewtll HIVIBW far October ihd Rev'
ewthhr, 1B.1.-A, MOCIUI, haring made arrangement,
or the talc of the ebo,e Xlilng week, to leaf aad faratnbly
mono for Its high tonsd character, and as ths ssponsal of South
ra ta'ermla, rewpeetfe’ly neCrlte enaeclpllone to.- Uie eamr.—
f, ice 84 a year, la advance. tingle number 6) cteeneh. aoia
30LB fcBATHBB.—m«*dee hole Leather, Jmt recetrrd
S end tor »'• by (ALOE* A M1LLII. wore«r 14th aad Oary
8AI.T. 8AlT.-.M«to^'r^ ,
malS Oar. 14th aad oary Ma.
mSEa "““{ansar*
Ml Oar. Th. gad Oary gtoXt
I 96 bbls M|«h. Oil
10 do Lins, do
90 do ftoalB Co
90 do fpU Tu’pentlne
10 do Vvhlte (tress*
7ft kgs Cup. Carb. Boia
13 I bis f opiirris
100 dot Medicinal Brandy
loo bxs b by 10 and 10 by 19 Glass
6000 Iba f punish Whiting
100 bxi t braing Tobacco
lft 0 Lynchbutg docking Tobacco
73 baskets Ohve Oil
1 bbl Corn Oil (a new artlcl •) for lamps
For sale by oOVi A CO ,
dell_ Wholesale Diogyl ta.
I want it distinctly undeisio <d that 1 am manufacturing
brats Le.tera for military cape at 6 cents per letter. Elver
latter* ^ade to order.
a so, Metal Brands of all discretions, vis : door, tobacoo, grain
bags, machinery, tents, 1c , at the lowest reaso .aole prl es.
Small stencils, for marking clothiLg wiJ» indelible Ink cat In
the neatest style.
Th.te In want of either of the abive articles will do will t> cat
and examine ipedmens before purchasing elsewhere. Call on o<
address a. K. Cl tad AM, Brand Cutter, (B>x 401) next doer to th
Columblan Hotel, Richmond, Va. _dell
J3 j. W. RtNDoLPH,
191 Male street,
Hae made large additions to his stock, by recent purchases —
3000 Military Wjrks by the beet authors; 600 stand* rd an 1 mis
cellaaeous novels, In cbesp and Library binding; Travels, Bi^gi u
pty, and history; 900 B'bles, larbe and small, common and f n-j 1
oinking; lOUO Mew Testaments; 8 0 Hymn Book#; 9tu Prayef ,
B©< ks; 10 u Popular School Bocks; 100,000 Manilla, oluff ftiu
snl Hhitj Fare ope ; 930 Reams Note, I.etur, Cap, undY.ih
P».si Paper, 16QB Blank looks, sueh as Ledgers, Journals, uash,
lavoJ.ie, Day ft ok, Ac.; 90,‘WU psges of Music, \lobn. Banjo
Fifes, Flutes, Violin firings, Ac. kOO Gold Pens, with atd wnhou
handies; 7ut0 parks Playing Cards, common and first quality,
SOMHRKHO ii LA NO.-30u tons Bsesbrero Guam
ground and In the Rock, for sale by
WE. ALE X 4NDE 7 HILL A 00 ,have Issued sotesto the amour
of ti teen thousand doiars, in twent/-five and A ty ce t b Hi
for our own accommodal on and for that tf the jubilc; and I
Alexander Hill, have made a deed, dawn op by one of the firs*
lawyers In the city, and reoerdet In the Hustings Court, of i ro, er
ty without Incumbrance, double the amount i (notes of our istut
•or the r redemption, as specified, uxn prcsentatljd.
I have also made one of our leading merchants tu/ tiu teetoie
that the provisions o'the deed are executed,
P. 8.—1 do this In pr Terence to pty log 15 or 90 per cent foripe
cie, which would have to be added to the c st of my stock the pil
ce* b lrg sufficiently high already, my customers thereby s*v«
his amount.
defl__ALEX HT1L.
PURSUANT to an ordinance passed 11th January, lh36,1 wll
attend at the Collector's Office, In the City Hall, from t .
13th to the 81st of December, Incmsive, to recaive the remainin'
half of taxes from such persons as are entitled to a detection o
M per cent, b* having prevlo> sly paid the first half la June list
In accordance wltn said ordinance.
JCLIC8 A. H0B40N, 0. 0. R.
'inlrrd to ait-nd at the office from tho 18th to Hit of the aontl
to receive urn remand: g due from June laat. Before th* Jarv
ary term of the Ilnallngi Coart, he It repaired by ordinance to ea
rertlae de liqarnt rial estate to lieiold for nonpayment of taie>
''eranoa «ho have not dooe so, will eve the necessity of callin'
and paying their Uaea aa it will he Impoealbl* for the IsUertr.
10 call on them before he adverllace.
noy—IniJ. A, H„ 0, 0, B.
WI have Joel received a large alock of Tobacco And Begirt r
every description and quality.
Alto, on hand.
Champaign Wine* In qt. tad pit.. of approved brand*.
AUo, Bool* and ihoea, Ac., all of which I* offered for (ale at lot
price* CMAB. BAVkB B C’O ,
not'dUnder ffpotrwood Hotel,
rHB nndoretgned oSer ter tale, by package or otherwise, a It
aeeortaent ol Cigars amd flaaiflulired To
bare*, of the meet approved brand*.
We are the Bole Ageote for Mferal off the largeet Maauteoterc
n the Btat* of Virginia, and are thie day receiving a general a
ortment of all kind* of Tobacco. rmnaU* from Id to U mo
J*r pownd Alan, all kind* kmtkliff Twbaecw.
BBTTerraj each. O AM BATNE A 00 .
Uader flpolewood Hotel, Blchtaond, V*
P. B.-Special attention paid to order* bom Bailer* eat Me
them* wbo are eapplylng the army.a*3i Bm
VAT ANTED Immediately, a 1CBBTITCTB for I he army, far whir
TV a liberal compenaatlon will be glvam Addreoe Bovcock
B.-ewn, 12th (tract. Math of Cary._o«A—4tf
Will), .lonaao, o/Tir tor aale tht following datlrah't good
• Jo.t reedvrd, ton doa i able Oailery, low priced; 24 d.
toe Ivory Table aod Desert Knifes, only; 3 doa Bn* Irjry Tab
1te la; Uhl pair* Oarvlng daivea and Pork*; BOO do* pocket Knife
taeortrd pattern*; 60 do* Bn'.chtr'a Q, fl. Taper lie*; 18 dot PI
'takard flirt, 11, 13 aod 14 Inch**; 83 dot Mi l flaw flirt, 10 to 1
inch**; 100 M. U D Perc :i*lon Capa; 60 do Walkar'a tngll.h do d
AVI gro. Wood Screw*, aaa'd; 280 pra * hotel and longi, act'd; 1'
ivtie Cart aod Wagon boaet; 6 doa Nipple Wrtncnat; 80 di *•
Fainted Ba*Aoll, 800 Heh and Handler. no*
M'AILB.-tOOO Ibt Nall* (lightly damtgtd, tor (alt by B. /
Is B. DABB’V. enr. Bread and Tth mraott.nnTV
UA.CEilUt.lt 1861. DECEMBER 1861.
JOHN T. SEAT, 14T Main etree>, Blehmend, fa, ha* In 'tor.
and offer* for tala, at marktt rates, tor can only, the tot:#*
ng gooda:
Indigo, itrictly price qnalUy
Madd r, good Ombro
Hum Oplnm
Powd. Opium
flnlph. Morphia
Blue .Mart
Mercurial Ointment
Chloroform, Apia. Nitre
Adhealve Plaater
Tartaric Acid, flap. Oarb. Fod*
iU k Pepper, alltplce, Ologer
Nultra, i. Mac*. 0 ovet and Clraf OB
8*lad Oil, Oli Lemon, par*
Usatilr toap
Powd. Khnoaib B. J.
Preach Kuitard, Cocoa
Herman Matcher, Bo., Ba
Ala*, a vtriety of Patent cr family me liaises,
aoflJO JW W. 61AT, DregM*.
ilt* NALtC.-Prom TO to BO larwamla, la famllUa,
r raised In Western Vuginla Por partleslart app’y to
AOS ro'hi Me 1NBBBW.1, SO
If ANCf AOTCIkkh of, and ageete for the aale ef Tobacco, Cl
iin pniaijne mmm rwwi, UUI i'|e»re hum H»r ee#
Mflce, oare on hen 1 the largatt nock of to snufact or »d aad AmoAloi
r, bacco to be foondln thedonthern 3cuoiry, and ared ally recall
n* addlUotu to their etock, which they offer for eale whrireale ao
retail, low for real, aid ruptctfaliy reqacsl all with ngeo per
'baaa to e.ll and examine for intmeelTei, bafo-a porch ulna alee
•here Ordan rrem the country promptly attended to. Aironi
our yrewent etock mar be fr uad the following brende, of Vw.
Cwleta, Ac., In pnekageo weighing from IS la 1*1 fee, doth daibaae
• Pride of Virginia," “ Palmetto."
•ladora.” “Frogreee,”
•• Uhamallon,” “ Cernettow,"
“Lonlax nelto," "Dewberry,”
" Colorado," " GJden Leaf,"
• Apru ot," "Oar Own,"
‘ Mmnrmonee," “Philo,"
• Ulghlandor'e Solace," “ Oronoko,"
“ Oonquletidor." “ Pearl,"
“ Pride of Bethel,” Ac , Ac.
noil Pootbem Toteerco Stora
GINGKR. M boxea ground Ganger, for onto by W PhTMBOt
A 00 , Drugg ell.act
rflAN YABD FOR SALK OR hkaSB.—The aaderalgnrd hra
I. Tannery which he wlehre to tell or Icaaa for a term of yean
The Hath eheda, chop bullring and Bark Mill are In a pretty too
eta'a of repair Tba Vale, Ac , wUI r, qalre a gated deal of rep al'
1 hi e yard la eltuatel near the Iowa of Bachaonow, Botetoart Oo
Virginia, Unmrdla ely on the Me A Jam road, an 1 within 130 yard
of tha Jamre giver . hie a r,.natant and ample ripply of iprin,
water, which never f re race In the oo'daet wealfeae. Barb can b
bad In abundance Fo’farther Information apply to the anbec
b r, at BnchnnnoD, Botetourt county, Va., or to Wm. W. RojC
Virginia Convention, Richmond
Addraaa A. U Boyd, FaUon burg, lotetoart county Va
reollt— tew AXPBffW L BOYD.
“K. la. a. II.”
A MT number of noA BccrulU wlU be received Into thM ,
\ Corpa, permlealoo bavin* been obtained to In create the f
tame to a eo mulct- battalion. Hie Bloat we attached to tba A
Legion now In aervU-e in Western Virginia, uudei tha command A
of Briga tier General Henry A. Win.
The tone* are enlisted for tho anpea oonUmuamn t/Ik* sau
and no re craft alri be aoeeptad for a laaa period of eulWoenL
Apply to Oaptaln Hammond Dugan. WIm Aapunt t^Roa. ove
P, H Taylor's Mnatc tors. Ho 1$S, Main ftrtct, between nth an
10th, RlchutunJ, betwere the boon of » A M and 4 PM.
Hone need apply bat men af goad character and rwbae
Honorary mambrra of the Blaaa Aad other Mrnto thraugbaat U>
oanntry are requreted to aaalal na.
Ualforme and other neceaaarjr ctuthla* fnrnlahaA.
0. JltmiNGA WISK,
aat» AAatfOtfftaf UU
BlCANe-l^ih Ibt prime Mountain Bacon
CUercaaBtw Kir e, Inal received aad kraal
by V. V. WuOLDUMB,
tailI Mb fcwaf.
SHOKA. —We have to day received by expraaa, ICOeeeeac
•boat, aaaorteS; on conalgtuaent, te srhlah wa levtu barge to
Win a, to bottlva ; choice old Bye Wbkky, aaA me aw* abet
ry-Btona Brandy, Atreato by A ■ MOOKM, Agawa.<kI1_
••ar"" BMMiMia
J ttZL AN bTUUT IN THIN -I am Bow mvru
foctaiing the most complete Article for the relief of the «Uk had
convenience of those who nurse t era, that was ever Invented. It
It c tiled tho "Mechanical ► urvtog Being," and was ISTiinf and
patented hr Dr A D. Hopkins, af flaunt- n, Va Tha approval
of IMa Bod, or Bwieg, by a l who havt seen it, especially by such
nteu as Dr. Strlbl.ng, cf the Western otiallc Asylum, Dr. Dunbar,
of Bel Imore, And Profttror Campbell, of WaaMegton College, la
proof of lu trreatsooo lorlty. These g Blismcn kaea all glean
written t atiteoi.lals of the>r ceUmrte of lu valae over any other
Improvement of the kind, la addition to these, the "Hart land
Mechanics' Institute" presented the Inventor with a Sold Medal.
Thle "Swing” combines every icqulstu for adding >o the oomfott
of the tick. W.th it the patient caa be removed from one bed to
another, plated over the ato-.l. the bead elevated and the feed low
ered to a sitting noaltloo. Indeed, the hetpleee ean be placed la
aay poelti ia desirable, and by giving the Dwtag a gentle motion
to aad fro lavelide can receive the must refreahti g nerds* with
out an effor. on their part Ail IhU can bo done by a mere child
of ten t r twelve years; doing mote by thle wonderfel invention
hen the moot experienced [curve can accomplish otherwise. I cm
low 1 lag sn order tor the Anting 8 irgeoo lira era! of the Con
federate Mated af America, and would Invite the public to call al
tay store and satUfy themselves lo regard to the utility and value
if this most humane Invention. 1 am authorised by ths Inventor
to contract for anti make the Mechaa'cal Nu-elog Iwtng la order.
I w to d also inform those la need of a tupply .that I have a variety
of Camp OoU sod chairs, of ths most convenient sad Improved
style A C HOWB, Oovernor street end Hth Rlcnmood, Va.
fare Virginia Apple Brandy, three yrarv old, ta store aad foe
•ale by
11/ANTED—Brandy aad WUaky bottled, for vWoh I will
VT pay a good prion 0. GRAVE,
ly* Bo. < Bsehaoee Blech.
D KB. R»C*’,- M tee prime Now Bice, ea aaaelgumenl, by
IA A V «TQg ■» A (b»_».1e
Testament for it c«"Ts.-j. w. eanbolph,
ill Mein street, hat for eaie a oeat Boothera edition of tho
tee testament, for the pocket. Price lb eeou er M ceoU by
O ShOtlOrercosU for Privates
230 do do officer!
kOoo prt Drawers, Drill aad Canton flannel
1000 Caavlmere, aad other kiacs of OverehlrU
9>tu it uler Proof Orerconu made of Enameled doth
100 011 CUPh BlankeU,
And various other arttclev •ol.able for military purpose*, for
<ele at fair prices, for cash only. WM. I BA SMITH,
sal1M Main Erect.
JUNIIMIKS -Cop er Wire, German Matches, Col'on Plow
> J L nee. Wool Carde, Wrod Mlrrupe, Hand haw Files, Peeve
vpv, I rate Opart, Wood 8ive, Poeke ko'vee, Port Blue, W a
dutches, Knivrv and Porks, Assort, Shaving Boses, Iron Spoors.
Uso- 8 reps shsvlog Bn thee. Candle Stirks la sto * sad hr
ale by CLARKeON A OO . No lot a-In »t-ee«_ao'.b
Jl BNIiri TE WANTED -Ike advertiser who U
r compelled to retire, temporarily, from Service, oa aeooaat of
npatred health, w'thes to engage a vu'stllate for tho term of
our months, to rerve In o Cavaliy Oompoay. Clothing, eqolp
neotg, etc., furnished. For further partlralars Inquire at this of.
Ice. Bo 1 A—If
MABNOH BRANDT-A pore article, for SAlo by W.FCTEL
r »ON A CO., Druggists. __exit
look! ud Stationery. ' ocM
Ur. A. V. P Gharaett,
9ATING removed hia realdenee from WeeMaytcm, D. 0.. I*
Blchmond, will hereafter pnreaa the practice ef Me profee
'on In thla city and rldnity.
Oman—Main Street, orer P. H. Taylor1*— next door to Mead*
i Baker'* Dray Star*.__malB—dpi
qvmcb or m. u. mmjby * co.
Virglele State Sli't, ref etere-l; Virginia Conpon Bondi; T*n
icanen Coupon Bondi; North Carolina Coupon Bonda; Confederate
ttatoe Bind. and reyiitered Stock, for tale at market rate*.
■TWANTED—Oold and SUrer Coin. E. H. MALAY A 00 .
■Oder ht. Charlee Hotel ocl4
LATP41N *1 Ml* LKh — We here jut received an ae
lort-newt of Palrhank't celebrated Platform feeler, weighing
JO, ago, 1400,16o0. ilt«» end Ufa*) I be, lor mle by W. H. A 0.DON
AN, Iron front Building, Boremnr Atreet._eef
A LOT Of VBBY f INI WUITEB OATS in Store nnd for (el., by
t|OMrHIA.-100 oae, Salph. Morphia; 1W do Salph. tout
vj. nine, jmt recrived by
nolt 11. P. DtTPAL.
fNMA CWOLATOfai.—Thla nnflalilof remedy for feeer and
1 Aene, and other I,intone dlteure, may be had at the Dray
taro af W. PtTEAAOM AfO . Iff Malneueet._deS
AMKDOW OltfS AND POTTY —A lari* aopply of Window
VV Olna* nod fairy, now on hand and for aalo by W. P.TiE
QH A co , )»s Ma'n atr.et, deA
8 ( It PI INC If la (JIB.—A euperlor article of Burnley flnld
now on hand, and fur tala by W. P1TEBA0N A 00., Drwg
:I*U__ drfr
,"SOX’S SPARKLING GELATINE, and Cooper’, rtdned (bred
Lf lalnelaaa, f r Blanc Man;e and labia jalllaa,for aale by W.
Ef*EfON A 00.,Iff Mtlnalceet,dad
JYE ANI> WIN I BH Oils—In etora a euperlor lot
7* of Bye nnd ' Inter Otic, for iced. Thoee wan liny a euperlor
rBele had better coll coon. GfOEOI WATT A 00. eel6_
rOILKT BOAS* In great variety, embraclny Brown Wind
•or, Ponloe. Ml Lfljer. Omnibu nnd Honey Soape, for enln
-fW. PBTIB80N A 00., ISA Mali, etrret ocSO
.ITINr. boxen Claret Wine; 4 quarter nukl pale (berry
TV Wme, of Sne quality, for aale by
r Blackberry Brae Ay
Pearl Barley
Corn Starch
Ban pit** TaaM Powder, at
■BADB A BASSE'S Drny (torn,
aali ■lhd Main Bt. eor. abere P. 0.
100,000 peat or SEAeONED HEAaT LDMBBB, to arrive.
Cni.aLtiny of the foUowln|:
by 14 Inchei, from 14 to S3 feet In lenyth,
t “ “ 16 SO “
III " * 11 » " “
Veatherboer Jlr.y from If tv SO feet In length,
erden RaIIa, t by 4, If fett In length,
,ch B a,da and eetra flooring Plank, for mle by
If AT Cit STatchrw --nee inn Telegraph Matchee,
.H. formic by W, PETERSON A CO , ISO Main itcret, orgu
L1AWIS Y r SOU*.-Rowland. IX Pamlly fl nr. Pelmet
r to Brand; n freah .apply, iroand from Woatorrr Crop, WblM
heal, jut recelred and for .ale by hBLDEN A MILLIE, earner
Ith and Cary ctrreH.__acSo
If ILL ffTONU.-*! Inn for tale, a pair French Barr
U Mill gloom,« feet, and a pair Reop at MUl-Btonea, *0 Inch at.
ecd _ Mo Iff Main etreet,
a Laki. k a-aortmeot if eeperior Pallet ■riehre, Dutleri
M. ood Whitewash Bnuhet, lor tale by
'IBUBHBD LOAM Bid AH, In Blow Oc». 93d.
J 15bbla Lorerlom and N. Y Steam rorar Reining Company,
>r tale hr We. WAI.Lt 01 SONS, norner Peart and Cary da
rUMl HKCUYIB, and lor anie nt
HOllll' Bookriore,
ISAgrcei Pitying Oordb; 540 do Cedar PrncU; 1004 di Heal
‘eoe; libs' do Pen Hold* •; 151 doiea Port Monalae, Back Pu-tew
. idP ck Pooke; 50i doten Park and Hilo Mimor. Booki. lo
• -iher with a large auor.mcnt of Stationery._orM
Havana CIOAVS.—a lot ot ftaalot Hat to A Clfare,
very One, for »lc by W. PhTERdoN A 00., Ud Mato
r|NTe—EE lbi Patent Uni, far tble h/ J. P. DUVAL, Ooratr
J Ma'n an HU> «u. ___no*
fllST H t-TMl VfftD.-5 hhde Sugar, 10 bbli Orathed Sc
g »r, 10 bble Powdered Png or, to bbie 0 yellow gaftr, 10 bop
cfee: 0 bble of Old Peeeh B-aodj. 5 bble old Apple Brandy, 14
ole Baperler Old wkltky; *4 balf bble No. 1 PAMI 11/ Bee Herrin»i;
1 bble No. 1 fern ly Shad; 10 bble Ne. 1 N. a Oat Herrlnp ; *>
oiee Adamantine Candlee. for tale at low Oi the ■artel wtil tr
eed for the each. RAMPBON J JNB«. Agent, Corner of Mali end
(A ebneta._»«**
J»4iAII«.-HAM)'U Began, recetrlnf and forta'e,at pr1.ee
Y from I'M to R«l per thoueand. A. Y. RToKRt A O '. ocK
N hoe |net opened a lot of new Made, pabllthed at tho Booth —
data War Song, elan of Oar Baoaer, Confederate Hr and March,
oathern Manelllalte, Bonnie Blee flag, Oar Pint PraMdent’e
Ijlkttep Braaregard Manoeeae Qqlckitep, Acor*
jraWNNDAKDUM.1 €*»»BB.-thleL a dr
VV Hcloar berertge, and a Aorerrlgn remedy for DyapapeU,
ttlloot kffert.cm, tl dUcAoet af the Liver, and Irritable condition
f the etoasech and borate. for tala by V. IRIilOb A 00.,
wngfteM, lift Main Mreet,_Nl»
unmo.-1 hare (till In (fort very Bat Sherrie* and Modet
YY me, meet of them b agbt from three to Are yean tfx vary
aperlor Pori, bottled la Oporto. Alto, n few caoki of old Bran
lot nnd tercrtl coeei of very ran Hock Vlnra, and Chat Y quern,
il of which 1 offer at leaeonobla prlcre. 0. CKAbZ, Mo. 1 fa
hanre Hick, _oclb
A HHt AWH NAT*.-Utter. on Haytry, fnm the Old
&. World, by J. Williams, late 0. A Minuter la Tarkey, R)
The S idthern Ronjuer, 15c
U erdte’e Tartlet, new pocket ejltfoa la one Tel, 11.14
> wed the Army and Nary oflhefl. Stele*. 1.13
( ctober and More*her Mae of DeRoe'l Rrwlew, |1
Bor ember Ne S Literary Mtwenger, 96c
Man of the 9o»lb Carolina Ron Ode*. 75e
aoSd for eat* by J. V. RANDOLPM, 111 Mall »t.
,>P IMA PC El OLDAI YINBMAff In Mare ul for late by "
£9 ortt W. PLIARABW
to teat* amd for eale by ewd AT. IW A MO.
sooo «&**“•"* •"-KnawhSeT'"
ba7 ldff MMb Mnc4
40 ti sr- ~2H. mm"

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