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to the • LTt 0 f a * Ab 3Ut! A Jertlwra, It t» proper to lUte !UUnc*!;.
12*; ih ; *tv 'egeeonly extends to their Immediate business. Real
•state, ice tl and *11 other Advertisements sent.by them t* be ar
, I irsa and no nrtauox
,jr- Seat tjtatc and Oen ra! Agents’ (VdeettUements not to hs
at rtsd by Use ) •*r, but to he charged at the alaul rate*, subject
a such dlac ant* as shall be agreed apox
smr" ii.>o, era tnJ yearly -Jrertljere, generally, engaging «S
K ,ore ipuaree with the privilege of change, ahall not, on thou
vsulyave:* in »ny -ne week, Insert more than the amennt
ag-Kd s-,' > .1 'he etandlng rule under the coutraet, and all txaoe,
Alar sceb aaon'sS to be charged at the osual ratex
Advertisements inserted lathe geol-Weekly Whig St 75 cent
asr sucxre of 10 .'nee or less for the drst Insertion, and 50 oenti
5«rspa-.re*"- ■ et'ntitnee, or If weekly 75re’ita.
x s..r\7 t.XW*UJX
nai.i.tg, TEXAS.
■g. B. Trompt attenUon to Celle tloa and Land dalmx
iifUAiv'V^- SuibO M. Got ;ad, Amhrrvt 0. II , ft! Johr
fh jaspeon. Jr„ Amherst C- H . v*. Oariand A Christian, LytsoS
ta.*g V* U , j A Speed, do.; Judge .7. M. Burford, Dallas
UtMj Max H. U. Daniel % So._mhSO d*elv_
OAVID ». U. i tBELL,
attorney at law.
TbRAOTICEBka all the Couru of the counties of Nelson and
A imherot. ai uim » uj at
torn In the I'tutiat conation _ „ . _ _
fgf- Ad lr ■•», Tye Riser Warehouse?. 0., Nelson Co.. Va.
Kl< lim.uU CUy. Va.
KAriLLpracSlesIn all the Courts held In the City of Richmond.
W and .he counties f Ob-.terdeid, Henrico and Powhatan.
UflueoaUi .o.n.: I Ulh,or Pearl and Main BUeeis, oyer thi
iini-.'.'h a* her. C _Je»—’t
. ItioWN,
WILL i>r% i: . i \i ■ Cr-irts uf the clues of Richmond and Po
lerthur*. *nJ the .>ocrrscf Uenrlco End Cbcstcrttld.
Oflee in *. win itrwt, Roar jUitH M. aaST—tf
Wm. PRACrtf In the Courle of Giles, Mercer. Monroe,
Monlgu nery aoJ Pulaski; and will collect and remit pune
tu » y for all claim-. plaoeU la toa handn
p^t ne«a, ill-. Court HoaQt, Va JfD—
WILL PRACTfSk In the Coarta of the City of Richmond and
County of Henrioo. St..el attention will be gleen to all hn
tluww .--trusted to ‘dm. IV* OSce, for the present, with hlo fa
In--. Wan Green, w>ulh west «• r. Main and 7th dtp, JetT—dly
R. O. 6c B. O. HOlTLL)IN.
Court#.—Charlotte, Prince tdward, Appomattox, Mocklon
ba-f and Lunenbcrx.__W|'*~lf
M. ». DOUQLAfi. f. GRAGORT, Jn,
AyleSt’., Kin* Wm. Old Church, Haaoyor.
WILL atic i l all tha Gcorto of King William and Hanoeer. A.
A. DOLGLtA will alao attend the Ooarta of King A Dumb
and Carolina ___felt—It
anamnn II xuuoa. aux. a uuiaoa.
PracHoo la all the court! of the city or Richmond and county •!
Suarluo. Mr. Johnses will practice la Cheoterlltld.
*aroac«.Whfr Battling, an K»»BhBa8tro1._If!
Hb. Blt'KlK P. has rMamed tho prastloo of LAW la the
. dly of Richmond.
OSoclL Bs.yta'oaow bull ding, oa 11th, froollng Bunk ivrouV
la**—tf _
A ^ LICK, Richmond, Va, manufacture* “Semple's Inlhl
iblo Baking Pewdr." Ula Is ihe only factory of the kind In the
Booth, and be Is prepared to furnish the entire trade on aa reason
able terms aa Northern waaufactnr era Semple's Powder ta a Vir
ginia preparer- a, appror .-d by all who used 1C—AuAsaowd whip.
Por sale by : irngclate sod Orocwrs generally._fee—tf
Sonkthing new.
Wo haTe on har.1 a so;.ply of the ahoye Jugs which we art tell
ing Cheap aa I as wo h.o* an lee .eery family should have them.
Call at KhlutCK A PORK'S Pottery,
jyt Corner of lith and Cary streota
N. V-1!-4-' ^dot^opTSSSSiaAca>>
.11 LI I»TH, llSIe
rilUU.n.kN K. PRICK A t o., ba»* just opened
M PeR Hrtjr doth*
Oroy CAiilnem
Bitt* Tweed*
b uo ULJoy*
Piatd Owlc-r« r >r gr.lrte, Hhirtta*, frlnts, go.,go,, tor BoldUn.
4Do,t>tt bund, slsrfwsUKfc
Irish Uuc or, LI a on Ducks,
ToVeHloif, Check ed Lloeofl
OillMci. KI«ucKet| Cottons
B!».t hml Bro. DnUs
a, I >r*i Uvut, B*r««ee IBt other Thtm Ooo<n.
They tnuai to Sv-.l th 'u stock, bought before the war, at about
•Id n’t*, bat si>flti sue* (*xhU u th**y hare had lo bay rteenUy,
they BMt yiaee au aJvan they have to pay a heavy addttfco
*£12*' T. R. FRICIAOO.
A. Arc Jut t --teed a full tupply of gtoutc* Anchor tolling
Ot*ci No. B, Vt 11 ’.SUM pair draw Mtl.Ury bpurr, BOO pair. Ho
tel, Tin’ll, and Keel spurt. Aten. Woiker’k, klry'i, Oji j. Md G
D p—-iH-*" Cepi RTiODKS, WI LOOM A BUNT, No. W Pearl
Kraal ___*,1>
Wg ho* leave lo call Iho alt -olton of theeoxller* lo oar Camp
Bedstead which, we>h ak.le toporlor to anything In the
mack.I It ha* the un iuallfled commendation of Ntoee offleere
who ha>o aaed ll CoorV and Mo tt, and yon will bo eatUfl.d of III
- porfed ad apt, don lo the .anil of the to idler.
are have a Mo on hand and ara daily manufacturing Camp Stool*
and Camp C-eeie, of varl-a* etylea and prleou
Call a. lb. rnmltac. * a .room, of , pogfgj
jy U_dU Oor. ISth and Franklin lit.
lY So hoars French Window Glam
80 do American da
ll) k V. refined Saltoelre, In store and for lale by
u, W W WOOLDRIDGE IMh etreel
“l ) 1100)11, dc,-IW) doe Buctela and Broom*
1) 100 do Matchee
100 da Bed Cordi and line*, la alors and
IM ,»i. br w. W. WOOLDRIDGE.
7 15th Street
FL'IIR. do bbl* Kaira Bl.anna Floor. 800 bkU &tp<e«n.
Hour, iOO 6bu Superior Famny Floor, (or sale by HUNT A
jam**. __ _ _ *■!_
SOAP—80 hOnee Oaitile Soap, nnw la klore and forea’rby
W. HtTEBJiON A CO , ISS Main It reel_WW
tad (or eaio by _ „
mT Onr of 14th and OarF
m tlL«r SOtpa (n great rerlety, of English, French an I Am*"
g leaa manefaclote, far aal* by W. parBRSON A 00 , Drug
8 A PtiTV W|i«tKlnatur« and her sale by CLARKSON A|C.)
No. MBMota *tr»*t_o«l«
MILL STON KM.—W* htra fee tala, a pair Prench Bon
MW-Konoa, 4 tael, and a pair lUopu MUMUooe*, TO loch**.
M* _No 104 Main etreel.
15LOCB. Rami y PI tar of tup' lor quality, for aal* laauaa
1 title* lo rail DUNLOP, MOMCURIA 00. 4A
PROCI.A VA TIGS. — "heroes, the Contention of this Oom
moivealdi o * the 5th day of December, IW1, adopted a Constitu
tion far the' *tats of Vi.-glulm, t® which la preft ted a Derivation of
B ahts, and on the sixth day of the aaoio mouth a Bhedule, which
la annexed thereto, and in said Schedule the Governor :a required
to arnojcce th*> rent, aod popish the same: Nov. therefore, I,
JOHN LKlMHki Governor of the Oouimooweatth of Virginia, do
hertbj pr >oial a the following to be a tree copy of the *ald De< la*
ration uf Rights Constitution and BheJule, to be submitted to the
qasdlfled vot r» for ratification or rejection, as presc.i >ei thereto.
I - i Given under my hand as Governor, and under the
< U1 '•Seal of the Commonwealth, at Richmond, this 19th day of
f ) December, A. D., 1961, and In the S6th year of the Com
By the Governor:
Quotas W. Mrwroao,
R-cr alary of the OommooWealth
fWPuidisb In the Inquirer, IM patch, Whig, a Richmond ; pa
pers at Lynchburg. Danvble. Norfo k, Petersburg, CharUt*. Seville,
at Culpeper Court House Warrentou, WyihevUle, Abingdon, !«•
lugion. Btauntou,!ewIsburK.llarri onbuig, Winchester, Berry rill*,
Romney. Portsmouth, FreJenctabort, Taeeweil Court Mouse Pins
ville, Leesbarg, Charlrstowu, (Jefferson coun.y,) Martlusbnrg,
twice a week for one month.
A D«-«lnration of Ri«lil<>
Mode hy the Kepretrntatirf* •/the yoo*l peoido of Yiacixi >, a»:
muhied <» full IIfui fTtr Lbnomtw* tcKu'h right* do per
tain to tAtm and their po*'er,ty os the Ixui* *tndfoundation
i j govern inetU.
1. fUat all ui n are by nature equally free and la dependent, snJ
have certain Inherent rights, of which, when they enter Into a
stale of society, they cannot, by any compact, dep lve or dl rest
their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with
means of acquiring Aud possessing property, and pursuing and cb
ui ilng happiness and safety
i. 1 hat all power Is vested In. and consequently derived from,
the people; that magidra.r* are their trustees aad servants, and
at aa times amenable to them.
Th,t goverame »t is, or osgSt to be, bntltutHi for the com
mon '■ jneflt, proiect'on aad security o* the people, nation or eew
muolty; of all the various modes and farms of government, that Is
best which la capable of producing the greatest degr e ef harpt
n ss and safety, aud ;s most cifwtu .lly secured • gainst the dan
ger of msl-adminlstratlon; and that, when any gove nm-nl»ha’l
be to and Inadequate or contrary t these purposes, a majority of
tl.e community hath an In dub liable, uoal enaaie aud Itd.-'saslUe
rg it to reform, alter or abok-h It. in such manner aa shall bejudg
.a most conducive to the public weak
4. ihat no man, or e«t of m -a are entitle*! to exriuslve or sept
rats em-lumen'ior privileges Gem the c immunity butlnconiM
crallon of p .bdc scrvl.es which, net bring descendable, noNhtr
04 htthe offices of magistrate, legislator or judge to be beret
o That the legislative, and executive powers <»Ali Sftff* should
be fepa-ate and dlstiuet from tU Judiciary : an J that the mem
bers ofth% two fU%tmay be reet:a.ned from oppression, hy reeling
and par-lrtpaung the burihensof the people, they sh »uld, at
fixed per.od» bs reduced to a private station, ictura latoGat
body from which the/ were orlgl ally taken, and the tacancirs bt
«upp led by frtqaent, cirtala and rc<ul»r elections, in which all,
or any part of the former members to be again ellgfb.c or ineligi
ble, as the laws shad direct.
•i. That a 1 elections of members to serve as repreuntatlvcs of
the people in .4«*e»< *dy ought t > be ftrte, and that * II men h sv»ng
sufficient evidence of permanent common lote*e»t with, ami at
tachment to, ihr community, have a right of suffrage, and cannot
00 taxed or deprived of tbetr property for public uses, without
their owe consent, or that of t dr representatives so elided nor
pound by any law to which they have not In like manner assented,
for the public good
T That a 1 power of suspmdlbg laws, or the execution of laws,
by any authority, without consent of the representatives of the
t tuple, U Ujurious lo tneir rigoxs, ana uugni no* to oe rxercmsu.
s Thalia ail capital >.r criminal prosecution*, a man hath a
right to demand the cause an! n dure of hh accusstlou, t • be
c ntonted with the accusers and witnesses, to call for evtdrnce id
h s favor, and to a speedy trial by an impartial jury of his r'.cin
with out w*cse unanimous consent he oaiiimt be found guilt*;
nor i tn he be Compe M t" give eviden *e against himself; that no
tn «n b* deprived of his llbe.ty, except by the law of the land or
the ju lgmeot of bis peers.
1*. That excessive ball ought not to b j required, nor excessive
fines Imposed, nor cruel an > unusual punishment lulHcted.
1»». That general warrants, whereby an officer or messmg-r
v i>« cam maud ed to search • aspect *d j.Uees w.thxo* evidtn :e
»f a fact committed, or lo se se aoy perton or persons nrt n *ui *d,
■ r wh se < il nc • Is not par’.tcu'arly described and supported by
-vldence, are grievous and oppressive, and ought n ,t to be grant
11. TTiat In controversies refl ecting property, and In «uits be.
term man and man, the ancient trial t*j jury • prcfcrab.c to auy
other, and • ught to be held sacred.
It, that the f eedum of the press Is one of the crest bulwarks
o 'berty, aad can never be retrained but by 4e polio govern
IX tt*at a w.*II regulated militia, compose 1 of the b-'dyofthe
proplw, trained t^aems, ♦* the p <q> r. natural and safe r'rne
of » ft**Mate, tbalsundag armies, in nut* of peace sboulJ by
avoi'td a* dangerous t • liberty; and that Id all caiet ti e tn'.llta
cf aht<uld be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the
civil power.
14 Hist the reople hwe aright to uniform government; and
ther fare, that ni government separate from, or Indepen Jtnt o',
he gocomoed of Virginia, ought to be erected or established
silhlu the Pouts Uureof.
13. Thai no free gsvernmeol or the blessing i of liberty, can be
.*reser***d to aoy pr^p’e but by a fl tn adherence to justice, mode
ratioq. tetuiM'aoce, frujail y aud virtue, and by a frequent tecu*
rea e to fuadameital principle .
\i. That r» l g *n, or th* iu < wh ch we owe to our Creator, an I
•h- mauaer vf discharging It, r *n he directed onlv by reason an I
•onvb tion. cot by Imps or vi |m r, an 1 t>-.ero#i'»- all men are
equa l* entitled t • the fr.*e ex *rct»e of religion, a*ordlng to th*
di-tat a of conscience, aud the*. It Is t e mutual duty of all to
"•’actHe Oulstian forbearance, lo/e aud charity towardj each
coremmoN or Virginia.
Whereas the delegates aud rep-essnUtives of the gool people
of Virginia, tn Conveniion assembled, on Us twsntj-uinth day of
in ie. In the year of our Lord «oe thousand awe3 hunlrel a*d
leveoty *1*—reciting end declaring, that whereas Georgs the
Third, King of Great Britain aud Ireland, and Elector of II mover,
before that time entrusted with the exercise of the kingly office In
. iverataeut of Virgin’s, had endeavored to prrvert th.« same
Into a deteitable and Insupportable tyrauny, by putting Ms reca
ll vr on law* the most whole«ome and necessary for the public
good . by denying bis governors permission to pass laws of Im
mediate and pressing Importance, unless suspended In their ope
rati >n for his assent, and when so suspended, neglecting to attend
to them for many years ; by refusing to pass certain other laws,
unless the persons beuefitted by them would relinquish Die Inesti
mable right of representation la the Legislature; by dlsw.lvlog
legsUllve ■•iemblies repeatedly and continually, for opposing
with manly firmness his Invasions of the rights of the people; when
dissolved, by refusing to call others/or a long space of t me, there
by leaving the pol tical system without any legislative head ; > y
endeavonig lo prevent the population of our country, and for that
purpose . b»t acting th* laws for the nat wallsvtion of foreigners
dj keeping among us, lu time of peace, s’-arullng armies and ship
of war; by affecting to render the military Independent of and
superior to the civil power ; bv comMn'n* *rith others to subject
u« *o a forelvu jurisdiction, giving his assent to their protemlel
icts of legislation, for quartering large bodies of arm*! troops
among us, for cutting off nor tradi with all parts cf the world. *or
benefits of the trial by j try, for transporting us beyond so s 19 bj
t led for pretrn 1*hI offer ea, for suspending our own Legislatures,
aud declaring thewselves lavevtrd with power to legls.ate for us
in all cases whatsoever, by plundering our seas, ravaging our
oast*, burning our towns, and destroying the lives of our people
by Inciting Insurrections of oar fellow tubj-cts with the allure
ments of forfeiture and confiscation; by prompting our negr es
to rise In arnu among us—those very negroes, whom, by an In
human use of his negative, he had refuser u* permission to exclude
t.y law; bv endeavoring to bring <>n the inhabitants of onr fro .lie's
the merciless Indlaa savsges, whose kniwn rule of watfare Is an
undistinguished 1 struct Ion of all ares, asxes and coudttfo is of
-xtoteare ; by transper log hither a lance army of f .reign mer
•entries lo complete the work of deslh, desolation and t) rainv,
then air. ady b *guu. wUt circumstances of cruelty end perfld un
worthy the head of a civUlxod nation ; by answering our repeated
petition* fur redrew with a repetition of lnja*l •* ; and finally, by
abandoning the helm of government, and declartog us out of hla
alleg unce aud protection; by whLh several act* of ml*rule, the
government of thli cxuutry, as brfore tx-rrlssd under the crowu
of Great Brlts'n, was lo'tlly dissolved—did, therefore, having ma
turely eunailered the premise, and viewing w th g eat cooce*n
the deplorable » indt'lon to which this on e ha*.py country wou d
be re locet, uolusssome regu ar. virquat* mode of Hvll polity
should be speedily adopted, and Incompliance with the recom
mendation of the gen-ral Congress, ordain and declare a form of
go eminent of Vlrg nla
fi. And whereas, a convention, Ag’.f on the firtt Mon Jxy In Octo
ber lu the year one thousa d eight hundred aud twenty-tine, did
propose to the prop’s cf the comm'MVaaHh an amen led roust!'.u
tiua or firm of government, which was ratifle I by them:
.» i. i - - K.l * mi (hr flrki dav nf Snvtist
JSM, dill propose w the people of Ike Commonwealth an ao eude-1
OonoHtot!..n, which was ratified bjr them :
4 And whereas, the Oene.-sl Assembly of Virginia, bjr an act
passed Janoary I tlh, lMil, old provide for U.e election hy the pro
pie of delegal e u> meet In general convention to consider the
propriety, among other Ul gs, < f changing tho organic law of the
Mato ami of submitting the same to the people for ratification
OF rcjlk'UQO !
S. We Hi -refers, the delegatee of the good people of Virginia,
elected and In eonvcollon assembled, In pursuance of said act, do
propose to tbs p.ople the following coostliutlon form of govern
ment for this Commonwealth:
mu. or an.sr-'.
Tho declaration of rights as amended nrd prefixed ta this Con
stitation shall bars ths sums relation thereto as It had tolhefjrm
er Ooaslitatlcn. AincL1 ^
oiviMos or rowans.
Ths legislative, sxseouve and judiciary departme its shall be
separate and distinct, ao thst neither usrclse ths powers proper
Is belonging to either of the others; nor shall any pemon rxer
clas ths powers of mors than ooe of them at thr same Urns, except
that -ostlers of the peaoo shall be sllglbla to either Home of As
qt-iL-r.ciiTi.nl or vorans.
1. Ivory white mole oilmen of the Commonwealth, o' the age of
twenty one years, who has Seen a res deni if the State for two
ysare, and of tha county, city or towa whore hr offer* to v -te, for
iwotvo m-nths next preceding an election, and no other peiso.i
shill be ooallfie 1 to vote for members of tho Geners! Assembly
and nil offleeri .leried hy ths psupls ; hot no person In the mili
tary, navai or marine service of the Confederate Staid shall be
deemed areslde-.t of thj State by reson of being stall mod there
Id; and no psroon ihainave ths risht to vote who It of nnsonn I
mind, or a pauper, or a ncn-eommlssloBsd officer, sold or, seaman
or marine In the regular amy and navy of the OoVederste llairs
or who has been oonvlclsd of bribery In an slsetlon^r of any in
famous ol'oee.
I. The General Aseenb'y.allte first srsslsaHfler the adoplon ol
thin OoaatltaUon, and afterwards tsacoarlonmay require, shal
,-auM every city or town, -he white population of which exceeds
five tho isand, lobe la'd off into convenient wtrdt, and a separate
place of voting to bo establish »d In ttch, and thereafter no Inhab
t tnl o' saoh oltv or town shall bo allowed to vote oxcopl In th -
ward In which ho rigidea.
5 Ho votsr.dnrios ths'lose for hold ng any eloetlon ot which h ■
is oo Wad to vote, shall bo c >mpell*d to pe-'o-n m.U ary tervlee
oxesat la lias of war vr public dtagrr ; to work apoo the public
toads or to attend any coarl os siitor, Jaror or wltaess; and no
vot-r shsli 00 osrifiset to arroot nn ler oay olvll proems daring h i
altosliaaso at aloctlona, o • In g > ng to or re urnlng frim to m.
4 In «U -Aackoas sotts shall be g veaopea v or s-c. t.**. end
k„ Silsi; kat ite-tb ptm IBS eollt ed te suffrage may sole by
tsit»t.4Ttvi DtriXTSsrr.
1 The Lerislatars sh til ho formed of two dmlne' branches,ahlct
together sha I be o complete Legislature, and shall be called th.
General Asermbly of Virginia
Bo use Djlsgafs*
1 One of theie shill bs nailed ths HoueeOf Delegalil, aid .Lai
consist of one hundred and Afty two member#, to be chosen anna
a Ijr, fer aod by the several counties, cities ao«l towns of the Corn
rajQweftltb, the dfstr t»a on and apportionment whereof shall »•
main as now provided by l*w anvil a re app'ril nment of Uti
ssrne shall be made by the General Auemby, as hereinafter pro
3 The General Assetub y shall have power, upon ap; Ik a’lonc f s
majority of the v„t**s of the oountycf Oa «pb 11, to provide that
Instead of tv* 'wo del< giloa to be elec'td by said county, the
town of Lyn -hborg rha l elect o ie dele rate, and the teridoe o!
the county of Campbell shall ele *t one delegate An 1 the said Gen
eral Assembly shall have I ke power 0*1 the application cf a ni
Jorlty rf the raters of the c »oity of Norfolk, to pnvlde that In
stead of two -r legal* to hs t-leeted by said oonnty, the city of
Portsmouth shall elect eoe delegate and the realdae of the eoanty
of Norfolk shill elect one delegste.
4. The other shall be ©sled the He sate, and coisltt cf Afly
members, for the elec’l in of w o n, the e aunties, cities and tewr ■
shall be divided Into tfty district*. Mach county, city and town
of the r -soec'lftf dAtrlcl. al the time of the first elecllon of dele*
y tire under this -Vsnstltntlm, shall vwe for one Senator, and the
ohtrifTi or olh :r officers h j ding the election for each county, city
and town, within fire days after the election, shaft meet at she
Const hou-eof the cjun'y, city or town A-«t • amedln the d:strk:,
and from the polls so taken In th-lr respective counties, cities and
Inwna* return as Senator the person who has received tne greatest
number cf vo*es in the whole district. To keep up this Atsembiv
by ro'atlnn, the dtstrfeta shall he divided into four classes, aod
numbor-d by ot Th- first c ass shall oensiat of twelve, the second
j of thirteen, the third of tw *lve, aod the fonrih of tkbteen. The
j s«ate of the Senators of the Amt claw, shall be vacated at the ex
pi ration of lb- firnt year after ike commencement cf the tana of
I ofil-e; of tba «*cond class, at the expiration of the second year;
I of th- thl-d die, at the expiration of tho third year; and of the
I fourth cla*a, at th* expiration of the fourth year, go that one
' elusi tear b-choaen every year, and *he vacancies thereby oc*
: rationed shall be sup lied from such cia* by new election in the
manner afore aid. This rotation shall be applied to each class
accorfang to Its number, and cont’ro'd In due ordsr annually.
5. Ijpr .he election of Renatom the district* shall remain as now
arranged ontil repr*entai!on la the two Hou et shall be reap
portioned '.n the manner provided In this Oonatltulloa.
Apjmiionnu-tt of Rtpr**entatinn.
C. Italian be the da y of the General As rmb'.y, in the year one
' thousand eight hundred and sixty Avs, aod Is every t*nth year
i thereafter. In cue It cafi axree upon * principle of representation,
j tj rexoportion-cprr*-ntaVlo i In lb* Senate aod Huus* of l>ele
* gates In accordance therewith ; and In the event the General As
sembly, at the A st or aay r ubeeqa-nt period of reapp^rtlonmeiit,
h aft fallt>agree u »^n \ principle of representation aod to re
xpport on rep-*sentatlou in acordance therewith, t-ach House
j shall separately pr^pos- a scheme of rep‘dentation, containing
, a prlae'ple or ru<e forth# House of Relegates, la connection wl h
a p Inciple or rale for the ienate. Audit ih*ll he the duty of ths
Genera’ Atsembiv, at the aa&e teuton to certify to the Governor
the principles or rul s cf represeatat'on which th* respective
Ho isetmivs-p irately propose, to be app’led In roaklAgreapp r
tioumeols in the Renats aid la the Home of Drirgites; and the
Gov-rnor shall as soon thereafter as may be. by proclamation,
1 mahe known the propositions of the respeH've Houses and re
quire the voters of th* omro on wealth to assemb'e at sue' tim
es he shall apnolnt, at their Iswfu places of voting, and decide by
their votes betwee'i the p“oposltloLsthuj presented In the eve-t
the Genera! 4«semvy shall fa l. In the year one thousand t!ght
hundr-J and s'x y-ftve or In any tenth year thereafter, to make
saeh reanportlonm-.-nt or c rilflsatc, *ht Governor »ha!i, Immedf
»*el.v after the adjournment of the General Assembly, br procla
mati >o, require t e v Hers of the R mrooowealth to assemble, at
•urh time m he s al; annn'nt. at their llW.nl places of TOtlnx and
, to declare t»jr th Ir vote*:
First. wh-ther rep*«• eolation iu the **n'te and H”nte of Dele
gates shall be aj»p' rtlon-d on th- *‘8utT age Basisthat Is, ac
| cor llng to thenember o' vot-s In the sevec-1 c untie*, cities,
towns, and senator! a' district of the Common wealth
• Or, second, whether representation in both Houses shall he at*
portioned on the ‘ Mixed Karts that Is, a'cor.ilnx to the nomber
of white Inhsb tants cu't lined, and the • mount of all State taxes
paid, lathe s-veral countie*, dies and torn* of the Common
wealth, deducting thercrom all taxe* paid on lie rose and law pro
cess, and any capitation tax on free neg o s allowing one dele*
ga't for ev-*ry sevr nty-s'x h part of said Inhabitants, an 1 one dele
ga*« for every scveoty-«lxth part of said taxes, and distributing
the senators la like manner ;
Or, third, whethe- representation shall he sppoHloned In the
8cn»te on taxation; that l«, aeeordl g to the amount of all 8tnte
I taxes pa'd In th*» several counties, c't’-s and towns of the G0rn
monwealth, d dueling therefrom all taxes paid on license and law
! p'cceat, and anv i-aMtatioa tax on frv * negroes and in the House
of Deteg.it-s on the“duT age Harts," af •rrsa’d .
Or, fourth, whether representation shall be apportioned In the
i Senile on th'* ‘Mixed Hurts." as a'ore* rtd, and in the Home of
i Delegates on the “Suffrage B sale,” as af '-esald, and each voter
shail cast tit vote n favor of one of said schemes of appertlon
! tu-ni and n » more.
T. It sha'I be t a * duty of the aberiffi and other ofllrers taking
| said prtls t a keep the same open for a p-rlod of thrrr davs, and
I within five day* eft-rxt t-v are clcs-d. to rertlfv true c-ples t »ere*>f
tolhsG v-mor, who s'all. as earlv as inxyhe. ascertain the re
, salt of said vote, rn j make proclamation thereof; and In case It
Is asceil line 1 that a inai nil/ of all tic votes cast is In 'avor or
1 e th-r of the principles of re,»re«en*stlo , referred, as afor-sa’d,
♦o the cho re of the voters, th- Governor atiall co-nmunlctt? the
. result of suJt tots to the General *ss*mhl» at lit first regular
xesxlon thereafter ;b ut In rase It Is ascertained that a majority of
1 all %> e ro es cast is -ot In f»vn- of either » f the principles of rep
resentation referred as a'n-esald to thechol*e of the voters, It
It shaH be the du*y of theOov?rno% a* soon as mar he after as
certaining the fa-, t. In like manner to eaus- Ut- vole s to decide
between th- two nrtnclp ** of representation which shall at s ich
prfv out voting have received th- prea'est number of votes ; and
he shall atceri aln and make « roda- a lon of th* reult of the said
last vote, and communicate th •same to the General Assembly at
Its n-xt r.-gul »r s srion; and, In elthe- case, the General Assem*
: at the regular ae*alcn th*-*o', whl'h shall be h*l«l nrxt after the
taking of the vot-, the r suit of whirls shall have been so commu
nlcat-d tsltbr th-Governor, shall re-spportion representation
•n th- two Houses respe«ilv ly, In accord nee with the prinelp e
of representation In each, for wh‘ch a tuaj aeity of Uie votes cast
we*e given ; and I*, shall b* tiie duty of the General Assemhly. In
every tenth year thtreaitto reltp Ttlna and dlrtrbutethi
number of Senators and Delegates .In aecordance with the same
Qucdifi ation t/Senator* and btltjute*.
S. Any pen in may be e’ected senator, who, at the time of e'ec
lion, has a'tnine J the a?e of twenty five y»ar*, and U actually u
I resident withli the district, ard qurilfl-d to vote for mcin>ersof
the General Atsexbly, according to this Constitution, aud any
person may be rleeled a member of the House of Delega***, woo,
at the time of election, h s attained the age of twentj-ane year ,
and Is acta a ly * r-*’.d s it within the county, city, tawn, or elec
t on dlv. let, qsaUll d to v te for members of th- Gtn-ral Assem
bly ac orilng to hks Cm Glutton; but nc ps sos hold ng a lucra
tlve office, no mini-ter o't'egosoel cr prleitof any religions de
n-m'nxtlon, no • a’ario 1 officer of a^y banking cirporailon or com
pany, shall be capable of being elect td a me nber of either houie
of Assemble The"removal of any person elected to either bran *h
of the Gene al A*se-"bi y from the c'uutv city, town or district for
which he was elected, shall vacate his office.
Power* aw/ On tie* </ the General A **tuthly,
9. The General •siemldy shall meet one* In e.*t-ry year, and
not oftearr, unl-w conv-ned by the Governor in the manner pre
scribed the Oonsrilu Ion. he tier house, daring »he s-sslon or
the Gen-ral Assemblv shall, w.thou the consent of the otheh, ad
jruro for more than three days, nor o any other place than that
in which the two h u es shill b • s Ulng. A majority of each house
shall onstit.il*a quorum to do business ; but a smaller numh#
may adiouro from day to dsy, and shall be authorised to compel
the attendsnee of abjent members in such manner and und-r such
penalties as each house may provide
10 The House of Delegate!* shall choose Its own «p* ake.*, aud In
the absence o’ the Lieutenant Oovernor or when he shall exercise
th-oflWe of Gov«"onr,the Senate shall choose from their own
body a Pre.l leu*. jtrot mpore : and each houi j sha'I a point Its
own officers, settle I s own rules of proceeding, and direr*, wri ■ of
el-ction for *u.>p’vlng Inlerm-d'atc vacaoc'es; but If vacanc’es
shall occur during th* re-«*ss of the General tssemhly, such writ*
may be Issued h» th- Governor under such regulailons as may be
preicr bed by law Itach h ius * «hal judge of the election, qunltft
cation an 1 re«ii-n« of It* member*, may pun’ih them for disorder
\f b*havlor, an I with the c ncurrence of two^hlril* exptl a msm
t*er, but not a second litre for the same offence.
11 Tn* me obers of the Oeocral Assembly shall rece’ve for
thrlr serrle-s a compensation, to be aace.talned by law, and paid
out of thepub Ic treasary ; but no act Increasing such compensa
tlon sha'I take effect until aVr the eud cf the term for which the
members < f tie House or Delegates v niog there-n were elected ;
aid no senator or delegate, daring th? term for which he shall
b ivc brea elee’ed. shall be appointed to a ay civil ofll :e of profl:
under the Comraonwealt i whtoh has been creat-d, or the • molu
meets of which have l eeu increased, -liring *uoh ter*, except of
Ac • bile J bv e’eet ons liy the people.
18. nil's and resol it ons may originate In either of the t*o
house* of the General As*e vbly, to be approved or rejecte J by the
other, an 1 may be amended by cither house, with the oooi.nl of
Lh« other.
IX Each home of the (I*n »ral Asietnhly shall kevp a loarnal
ol Its proceedings, which shall be published from time to time, and
theytaiand uayoofthe members of either loose, on any qrte»
tlon, shall, at «he des're of one fifth of those prt sent, be entered
nu the j jr nal. No bill ah 1 be our a Isw until It has been read
on three dlffi-en* dave of ‘he ■ ts no In the house In wh'ch It ortg
lnate.1, antes' two thlr * 01 the members elected to that house
shall otherwise de*ermine.
14. Th* whole nnmher of members to w'leh the State may at
any U-ee be ent't el In the House of Repres ntaUres of tie Oon
ft lerate States, sh Ul he apport oned ss nearly as may be amoaest
the several etwatte* eitls and towns of the Bute, ao«or<lng to
t elr rc'pect Tc numbers . wh’ch shall be determined br ad ling to
the wh“le number of free persons. Including thnse b und to service
or a term of years, and exc nliog Indians not taxed, three fifth a
of all othe* persona.
16 In the apportioning*, the State ahall be divided Into die
’.riots, correspon I'g in number w th the representatives to which
It may bs ent ted In the House of Representatives of the Oongrtst
of the Oonrelerate States, which shall be for eel respectively of
oonttfu'us counties, cities, and towns, be compact, and In lade,
as nearly as mav be. an eqisl number of the population upon
which Is hued representation In the House of Representatives of
the Confederate btatee
II. The priv lege of the writ of h .foie eyrpu* shall not In any
rase be suspended The G«n*ral •seeuiMy sh *H not past any bill
of a tilnder • or any eu* futo Uw ; or any !sw Impairing the
obl'gathn of control ; or snv Uw whs eby private pr pe-tv
shall be Ukeo for publ’c uses w thuut just eovpersstlon ; or any
law ab-ldging the freedom of speeek or of th * press No man shill
be comp-1 e«t to frequent or suiport any rei'g ocs worth p, place,
or mluldjy what'o jver ; tnr shill any mai br ento-ced, restra'n
ed, molested or burthened In h't bodr or g^ods, or otto wit*suf
fer on ac.'ount o'his reila out opinions or belief; but ah men shell
be free to pro'ess, and byfe*gument to ma'ntalo their opinions in
matters of re Igloo, and the same she 1 In nowise affect, d mln'sh
or oalarge their civil c*pidt'ee; and the General Aaiembly shall
not prrecrlbe any religious teet whatever; or con's* * ny peculiar
Civ leges or advantages cn any s*»t or denomination or pass a ay
w requiring or anhorlsln? rellgl us soeiety, or iha people of
any dlstilct wit' In ttU Commonwealth, to leyy f n Ihetnielvrs or
others an / *ax for th* e*ec hn or repair of any house for poblle
worship cr for the ear port of any church or ministry ; bjt It shall
bs 1 ft fres to ev**y person to eeleot bis religious Uotrurtor. and
to make fir his support sucb p.Irate c*ntraet as he shall please
17. Every law, o* reflation having the force of law, shall re
la’e to bat ene subject, which shall be express d In the tills.
Ih. The General Assemble may provide that no persno oha’l
be oepable of holding, or being elected to. any poet of prrfit, trust
or e n >lumen*, o rtl or military, l.'fti'allve, ex tcuilve or Judicial.
and*»r the government ofAh'i Commonwea th, srho shall hereafter
light * duui, or send or socepl a da leng s to fight a duel, the prob
able 1 sue of wiilch may be the d*ath of the eca’lenxer or ch*l
leng**4, or who ■ hall be second to either party, or sha'l In any
man er aid or assist In §u*h duel, or shUl be know ngly the bear
er o'suih challenge or acceptance ; but no person shall be so dls
qaalMed by reason of his laving heretofore foa<bt sash duel, or
sent or accepted such chal'e jge, cr bee i sesond In eu J> cnel, oi
bearer of etch challenge or acceptance.
19. The Governor, Ueutenant Governor, Judges and si otheri
off to Hag sgslost the B*u»*, by mal-admlnbtration, c irrupt lo
neglect of duly, or other high crime or b:I (demeanor, shall be tm
peadiabl* by the Hou o of Delegates, i.nd be prose uted listen
I the Benate, wl Ich sha'l have the sole power to try Impeachment i
Whoa sluing tor that purpooe they shall bo on oath or affirmation
aid no prton •ha’J be con»bUd wl'.hont tie c**carr«nc€ *ttwo
tllrdi ofthi ■•■ben pr»«eat. Julguem, In ca*« of Hip ach
meat. «>all not fertltr Uua lo removal from rill ae, *»ni
dl»qa».location to hili or erjay any offlca of hen w, tnut cf pr Ot
aider tlo Oo»«on«re»lli: ba*. tha party con.l:ied eh all nerer
the'en be inbject to lailctmen», trial, Jadrmeot and peats «<nt
according to la*. Tie 8*na’« may ■» dortng the reecss of the
Ge*er«l Anembly for th« trial of Imp‘acrunenU and tht conttd
trillion r/ Aeecutlrt bmdnttt.
Sltivtt amt Arte Ktyroti.
SO. 8la?ee hereafter emancipated ah all forfeit their freedom by
res lining In flu Commouwealth m’r* than t *«lv. montha after
thev heeorae actually Irs*. nnd it thrill hr Ur i/u»V ofthi Gtntra
Amnnhly bpmcrltiipnptr rr/tlMotuftr rtdwaUv swot »«■
urotr So etorery
It. Ths General Assembly mar jiroJiibil UuJoUu t unOnnpa
tin ./stores. Impose iu It rut Ictloa and cin-ltfons ai tha/ mail
dec® proper on tlio row«r of slave owneri lo emsnmpaU their
davit; and mav pan lava for the relief or Ihe C hit.nun wealth
fro® the free negro population. by removal or otherwU'.
■it. TbeOsnsrol Assembly shall no; entaoc pet! any (lave, or
the descendant of any (lave,either before or after tha birth of
■noli descendant.
TiWitirm and /Vinner
S3. Tuition (hall be eqnal and an! »em th-ougluut thsCv
monwealth, and all property shall be taxed In proportion to Its
vth-s, woich Slsail be aeetrtalnod 11 inch manner ss may be pre
scribed by lew; bat aey property may be exempted from taxation
by the voterfa msjo 'tf of she whole numbsr of members elected
to each Hast of the General Assembly.
St. A caplUt'.on tax. equal to the Ux assessed on lent of the
value of two hundred d Here. tboM be levied eu every WHe cals
Inhabitant who has otulned the age of twenty-one yean: bet noth
ing herein root Plied shall prevent exempt one of taxable polli In
cases of bodily Infirmity. •
fh The General Assembly may levy a Ux on loo-met, ta'a-les
and Hcenves; but no tasjhail be levied on property from which any
Inc ime so Uxvd '.s derived, or on the capital In -reted In lit: trade
or bntlnees In reaped to which the license so t.xtd Is Issued.
SO. No money shs'l be d-avn from the treasury bot In parsu
a see of appropriations made by law; and a statemeir of the re
ceipts dlshn -srmeols, epproprletl.ns and loans shad be publsh
ed after the odjou nmentofe.cn seulon of the General Assembly,
srlth the acts and resnluUone the eof.
37 t n ihe poseug" of every act which Imposes, continues or re
vive! a tsx, er creates a debtor charge, or m.keu, continues or
revives auy appropriation of public or trust raonay or property,
or relearnt, discharge, or eimmu’di any cla mo- demand, r the
8 ate, the vote ehall he determined bv yeai and nays, and the
names of the prraons voting for and against the same aha'I be rn
terei on the Journals of the reepretlve Hoa*ct, and a m-jorlty of
all she members elected to each Houle shill be necessary to give
It the force of a lav.
ki The nobility lo the Mat# of tnv Incorporate! ermpany or
Institution, tv icdeem toe principal and pay the interest of any
loan heretofore made, or which may heresifler be nude by Ihe
HI sis to an oh company or iostliutloo, shall not he released; and
the General A nimbly shall not pledge the filth of the date, or
bind It lo ar y f ,rm, for the debts, or ohllgat uns of any company
or ccrporallcii.
it. There sha’I beset apart annually, foe the accruing reve
nues, a lul l squal to seven per cent of the Htatc debt ex allig on
the Best day of d inuary. In the year one thouiand eight hundred
an I fifty tw*. The fond thus set apart shal be cilled GieMnkltig
Fund, aril shall be app lei to the payment of he In’erret of the
Piste debt, sod the principal of such pa-tas may bv relevmablr.
Ifaoparthe redeemable, then the residue of the risking Fund,
after the payment of such Interest, shah be Invested lu the bonds
or c rrt'tlo.stee of debt of this Commonwealth, or of the Confeder
ate Males, or of some of the Mates of thli con'rderacy, and ap
pl.cl to the piymtnt of the Mate debt, as It shall beoome redeem
.!,■» Wh n.v.p .ft., tl.a .mill tir.1 dsv of JsDasrv. a debt rhiltl
Kit* beett or shall be contracted by the Gomoi row?* th, there
■hall be >et apart In I k ? manner, annaally, f r thirty four wan,
a tr.m exceeding bv one per cent the xggrega’e amount of the an
nual Intel ett agreed ta be pai l thereon at the time of its contrac
tion; whl ;h aunt shall be part of the Sinking Fond, and shall be
applied In the m inner be*un direct* 1. The Genc-al Auembiy
■hall not otherwise appropriate any part of the Sinking Fuad or
its accruing Interest, except in time of war, InsurrecJon or Inva
Srt. The General Assembly may, at any time, direct a axle of
the atorkH heldbjr the Commonwia th In Internal Improvement
and other companies; hat the proceeds of loch sale, If made be
fore the payment of the pob.b debt, shall constitute a part of the
Sinking Fund, an I be appl'ed In like manner.
HI. The General Assembly shall nrt contract bans or cause to
be Issued certiflcates cf debt «r bonds of the Stale, Irredeemable
Tor a period greater than thl/t*-f;ur years.
<i enemal f'rorbtion*. ,
33. The General Assembly shall not grant it charter of Incorpo
ration Vo any church or religious denornlnaMon, but may secure
the ti Is to church property to au extent to be Imlte I by law.
3H. No lotte-y shall hereafter be authorised by law; and the
buying, sell ug or transferring of Uriels or chances In any lottery
n' i now authorised by a law of this Mate shall be prohibited
;;t No new county shall b$ formed with an area les« than six
hundred iqjare mil t; nor shall ’he county or count e» from whhh
ills formed be reduce i leiow that area, n^r rha!l any c .unty,
having a white r»o u'atlon leas than fire thousand, be deprived of
more th»n one-flfth of such population ; nor shall a coun’y havlag
a larger white popalati.o-i be redu-ed below four thouaind.
:’,y Toe General Assemble shall confer on the courts the power
to grant divorces, change ihe names of persons, and d reel the sale
of estates helming to Infants and other pen ins under legal dis
abilities. but shall not, by special legalatlon, grant relief In such
cases, or In any other case of which tue courts or other triban sis
n»r have Juriidlctlon.
36 T re General Assembly shall prov'de for the pjriodVal regie
tPa'Ioa in tie several counties, dtltf and towns of ihe voters the. e
In ; and fnr the annual registration of the births, ratrrla .es and
desttis la the while population, and of the births and deaths In the
colored population of the same, dlttlcgatxhlcg between the num
ber of the free colored ie*sons and slaves.
The manocr of onriuctl'g and maxing retires of elections,
of dete mlnlry contested elections, ard «f ft ling vac tides In of
lief, In cases not specially provided for by this OocsUtutlon, shall
oe prescribed by law. And the General Asstnihly may declare the
cases In which auv office nail be deemed vacant, where no provi
sion li made for that purpose In this Constitution.
8S It shall be the dutr of the General Assembly to provide by
Uw adequate prot-i tirn against a'l lnfractions of the rights guar
anteed t> the cltls*rs of this Commonwealth by Ue seventh,
eighth and tenth sections of the R 11 of Rights of Virginia, and
by the f >ur:eenth, fifteenth, slx.eenth and seventeenth clauses of
the nlmh aeetdon of the first anlcle of the CoLstilutlon of the Con
federate States. [This Is a ntw section.]
axaccnva DirAuxar.
\. The qb’ef executive power of ,tMs Commonwealth shall be
v*sted In a Governor. He shall hold the office for a term of four
y ear , to commence on th e first da j of January neat sucreedlag Ids
election, and be ineligible to the same office for the term rext sue
oredini that for which he was elected, and to any ether c fit :e dur
ing his term of service.
1 Tie Governor shall ho elected by th* voter*, a*, the times
and places of chcosi u members of the Oen ral Assemb’y. Returns
of the e cc'lon shall be tranrroltted, un ier seal, by the proper
officers to the Secretary of the Cammoi wealth, who sha l de Ivkt
thrm to the speaker of the *3ouse of Del -gates on the first dsy of
the next season of the General Assembly. Th r Bpe.- k-jr of be
H use of Deleg at si hall, within one week th; etfter, lo the pres
ence of a majority of the Senate and House of Delegates open
the said returns, and the volts sha'l th n be counted ihe person
having the highest number of v-dee shall be declared «Deled , </
mi'h number be anuyoity oj th* yWe number of .«*/<**
and if no o/r»on hare mmX majority, tien from n* per cm* Kar
mg the high eel numb* • of to **, m4 exceeding three, tk* time
r'll A»***bly •KaU by a joint r<4i of the too tfoniss elect th*
Governor, oontested tlectlooi for Governor shall be decided by
a like vale, and the mode of proceeding b» s«-h caees shall be pre
scrib'd bv Uw.
3 No pjreoi) shall be eligible to the office of Governor unlees he ,
his attan-d the age of thirty years. Is a native ettisen of one of
the Confederate States, an 1 has been acilien of Virginia for five I
years next preceokg the election
4. The Governor shall ros.de at the seat of Government; sha'l
receive five theusar d dot bars for each year of hie service, and,
while In office, shall receive no other emolument from this or any
oilier government,
b lie shad tase care that the lawi be falthfally executed, com
municate to the Oeneral A.nemb y at every session the • ondttion
of th; Commonwealth; rennmmend to their consideration such
measures at he may deem expedient; and convene th* General
Assemb'y on application of a majority of the members of both
Homes thereof,or when la hls opinion the inlcreil of the Com
in mwea th may require It. lie aha 1 be Commander in-Uhlef of
the land and naval form of the Stair, have power to embody the
uU'.ti* to rentl In vail n. suppress 1 narrectlon, aid enforce ihe
execution or the laws; conduct, either in person or In suen other
manner as sha'l be preserved by law, all Intercourse with other
and foreign ." ates, and during be recess of the General Assembly
III ,pro Umjtjre, all vacancle la those offices fur which the Con
urh vacaccbs shall be by cormlsilmit to expire a*, the end ot
thirty days afi«r the oosimmcement of the next --siloa of the
General Assembly. He shall have power to remit fines and pea
•Kiel In s .eh rases and under such rules and regulations as may
be prescribed by law; aa 1 except when the prosecution has been
carried on by the .ous j of Delegate*, or the law aha 1 otherwise
particularly direct, to grant reprieves and pardons afl r cotvlc*
Uon, aLd to commute capital pun'ahfuent; but he shah ommunl*
cate to the General Assembly, at each aeaaioa, the particulars or
every cats of floe or paoalty rem tied, of reprieve or pardon
gran ed, and of pun shne-t ccminu’ted, with hla reasons for remit
ting, granting, or comma)Ing th* ivne.
0. tie may cqutre information in writing from the officers In
the ex. cu ive depar meni upon any subject relating to the dutle.
of their respectlvj dRic:f; and may a so require the oplnloa In
writing of the Attorney General up*n any question of law con
Di eted w.lh hhfffielal duties
7. Oommls«io:s and grants shall run In the natns of Common
wealii of V.rglnla, and he attested by th.* Governor, with the
seal of the Commonwealth annexed.
Lieutenant Isorimcr.
8. A Lieutenant Governor shall be eUcted at tbs same time, and
for the same »erm as the Governor, and his qualification and the
manner of his election In all reapers shall be the tarn*.
•* In case of the removal of the Governor from offi:e, or of his
death, failure to qualify, resignation, rem >val from the Bute, or
inability to discharge the powers and duilee of the office, h i aid
offlc%w|-.h Its compensation, shall devolve up>a the L.euteoant
Governor, and the General Atscml* y shall provide by law for
the discharge of the < x ecu live functions In other necessary cases
10 The Lieutenant Governor ahall be President of the Benale,
but shall havu oo vote, and, wa i • actio* as such, shall receive a
compensation equal to that allowed to the Speaker of the House
of Delegates.
Secretary (/the Onmuw*maHV% T-eoaurer, nail Auditor.
11. A Secretary of tlie Commonwealth, Treasurer, and an Au
dltor of Public Accounts, ahall be elsctei by the i Int vote of the
two Houses of the General Assembly, and contltue in office for
the term of two years, unless sooner removed.
)•» The Secretary shall keep a reoord of the offlc'al acts of the
Governor, which shad be signed by the Governor and attested b
the Secretary; and. when riq1 red. he thall lay th ; same and any
papers, minutes, and vouchers, pertaining to hla efflje, before
tltherHuuse of ths General Aasembly; aod aha I perform such
other dul'es as may be prescribed br aw.
18 The powers and duties of the Treasurer and Auditor shall be
sue o as now art, or may te, hereafter, prescribed by law.
£mtrd of PulMc Work*,
14. Th* (fentral A***Mbly ahall organic* a Board of Public
Work«, to continue to long a* may b* n*ternary, and uith tuck
jHttcera a* iMty be tunftrred by late.
1. V The manner of appointing militia offlr.*v* shall be presented
by law.
A&T10L1 VL
1. Toe iadicial power shal !»-• ves ed la th* (XutUof Appeal.
In the Circuit Courts, end the jo ’g *s thereof. In the raunty and
eoi po ration courts, lo.the Justice* of the pease, and In the magla
irate* »ho u *y belong to corporate bodies. The General Assembly
may also constitute special courts of appeal, to eonals*. of not les«
than three nor more than five judges, constituted of the judge* of
the courts of appeal an 1 of the ebvult courts, or aay of them, to
trj toy casts that may bs on ibt docket of tlthsr of tbo courts of
appeal, la respect to which a maiorti/of the Judges of th it o jo i
may he so situated ui to make It Improper f-.r t«em to eg on fl <
hear! g thereof, and also to '*y any ease* on the salt docket whlci
cannot otherwise be disposed of elth roavrdrnt * iepat h.
I. The jurisdiction of theee tnhanam, of tbe Judy*4 »&d cat cr
thereof, wad of the magistrates of toe corporate bodies, ah *11 to*
regulate 1 by law; except that the roams of appeal shall hare ftp
p< Hate jurisdiction only, uniews in *. .sea of kale *i ezrpug mJ*
damuA ind prohibitions. They shall n .t ha-e Jurisdiction larMi
cases a here the matter In c;ritrfesy, axrlo Iv# of cons, la 1* 1
than on-hundred dollus, itrept In •'oatruV'vaics concert 1 a ’hr
title or boundaries of land, the probat of a wil., lit# sp;n,nta>’Ot
or qu dl float! on of a personal representative, gear'll an, rommttl**
cr curator ; or oo&rern'cf a mill, road, way, ferny nr landl ig. ®*
the lUcht of a corporation, r r of • roan v to levy tcl»s and fate*,
o' In rues lnvulvtag freedom cr the roo%uut|r na!.ty of a |\w.
■\ 7Vrg*\aU bo tic - Court* of Appr.iK to e'trglt tj flvee
J’Hi-.e* eichta9.y front 1 rrh* u, mitt* a 7 ..rum ; on/*,
V./ttr okaU bo a court of equity, lb4 ctt.ue a * *»mr1 of litr.
4 T< e Stale shall be divided *nt> not lots turn we ty-ooe jo
! d.cUl circuits, whl:h shall icnaaln as now e tab Isbel tn llalteird
by the G.heral Aka mbl/. V r ea b stdnH a J »dge shah bu ap
I p dote 1, who. dui log ole co-. tin uanc»:n office, a^a I r side nine
c-rcu t 0'which I e is Jodf e, and bold a eoe»t at least talc • ay#a*
| la erry cou.tv and carp r*t.on thereof where n a circuit «<m»t
Is established, b i* a Judge of one circa] mar hold a e art la auy
Othsr dr-all. TV nunJ./r t.f.irruLn «hall not bo ini too*, d un
it** bu th/ mnrurrmt c U t.f ,1 HUif.rity tf nil Ut num'-e *
el/c’td to /n A Mon** t.f LU iftn/rul Amemt/y ; and tilth the
nmcurromeoofti mti)o» Uy of th% m fsAen ol/ct/.t to r ich U>ni*r,
prvvtMUm may bo rtmdi for tn/ro than on 4 j <id*jo in a < Uy nr
A. The Jed tea of the C ur4! of Annex’ and of the Clrru t O ort*
I shall be apjtoint/d by joint rot/ of the tiro /fouOfO of tho G/nOrnl
1Ao*emb!y% rt.mtniAMi.inod by thr ooeornor, mui Jtull knUt tuir
njfteo* duriuy yooi bth trior, cr until they all tin he uff4 of *er
enty ymr*, or tin Hi r/moret! in the. vui..n/r prooc.rhvl in ihi*
1 on*Mutton ; and ihali, j t the same t me, holu n) oth r office,
j appointment, or t ubl'.c trust; ard the acceptance there ofhy el
thrro them shall vacate Id* Jodi ialothca.
0. Ihejadrev shall receive fixed «l 1 adrqiale salaries,whfrh
I shall not be dim's Ithrd during thtir cr>ntlnu«ncs in c. fit sc. The
saUrUs of I've judges of the Courts of A ppcsi shall n t b«* loelhso
1 three thoos sad dcllars each and that ft a jsrge • t th t Ut*c it
Court not has than two (trussed collars p r a now worpt 'hr
1 salary of th* Judge ef the fl th eit cult wfcuh sfa'l ret be less than
i hll-en hundred dollars per annum ; and each •call have a resaon
| at le allowance for nr •«*ssa y travel
7 The judges may be removed f om office by a • oocurrect vote
of both house4 <>f he Geteal assembly, but a majority of all tr.e
iiietnbe s elected to each house must concur In such sole; and the
fs jbc of removal shall he eotrred on the journal o 1 each hou»
"no Ju tge ugalnst whom the General Assembly mar he afoot *».
proce d. shall receive nolle** thereof, in truth »r..»*•«*»• c* wt.'y t *
pre*>rit*/1 by bur, accompanied by a cory of the caus- ■ al'wgtd
for his removal, at least twenty dtyv before the ds> oi which
either heuse of the Oru ral Asseoihl.v »h«U art therc'isct: •
Taere shall be a county coart In ea*h coun'y «»f Uie Comm -r
wealth, which shall be held monthly by thro/Juoin'ft, texsep'. wh* 0
the Uw shall require the prrseo* •* of « grra e number.
9 Kach county sha’I bs 1.1 * oir Into ulst IctJ a* iki't e«iua’. as
may be In terrlio’j and |HipuUtn»n. lu ea<.h dlslr cl tour J sdr a
of the pear? shall b<; cfcosea by the quailed ynteri thereof, who
shall be cotmulsdoned by the (rovernor. r« shl < la ’heir reap**, tlvc
di triots, and be at the time 1 f th * r elect...n quadtled \ oters n| ihe
Cotrmor.wealth, and hoid th**lr otllcse for theteim cf l*e \ *ye%it
(At tnetlr»t c urt »f:e* f e tlert Ml »: ! qaattflMflnlfPtttjsdPet
under t» Is Coastliullon, or ss u n h -rt.ift r as may i.e they "ball
be divided Into foar rlssiei cars clam ?• corsiat f >>ae juetlrr
from rach district, to be numl'e ed by !«»*. The term of servlr. . t
the ft st cUss sh-ll expire at the end of threw years . cf befe?*td
ciass at ine euu u via year* ; ui me uurn . •*>* ai ir e ena 01 i ice
years; aud of the fourth c'a«i at the tod of tare v« y»* *; and this
titerna’i >n shall be cotlnurd, »o ih*i one*f«unh of the ju«ttrr«
raxy he chosen every third year. Vacancies •> currtur In tfce c f
nee of justice* af.er the first e ectiou sh II oe fit ed t.y he jush es
of the county, they having been A;-', taoito nod f..i that pu |*o§e,
and a tu.j jrlty ofth .Je present shall h_* nce-sory to make aaeier*
Ion ; he term of tne justice S'4 elected sh ill rspire at the end rf
the term fo: which bis predecessir was e e^ted.) The JtaUcvsor
eaeh coonty >h a*l stirrt one of their own body to be the j> • »uu g
justice of the county court of thrir ouniy ; t> cae duty u shad I e
to attend each term of the aald cou t. The oth*r just.cea fhall be
c atstfled by law for the perfonname of their dut ** in c .art. Tie
words In paren'hesej above coneli'.ute an amen, merit »o the prts*
enl Constitution |
IU. The justices «.ay receive for their >ervlc**« la cart a per
diem to® pens ton, to he ascertained i.y law, and p*iJ «*ut of she
county treasury ; i.ut they shad not rec Jve any lee or cm.lament
for o Jisr judicial service*.
11. The powe* sni juris Mellon of Justices of the pr*ct wfthlf
tlielr respective counties shall be preariihtd by law.
1H, The officers of the Courts c f Appeal, snd of the r*pe lal Oou 1*
of Appes!, sbsli be aj point d tythe said courta respe.t valjr, or
by the u lg s ther* o’, fa vacatl.n, aad their duties, to iperuut loo
and t. uure of office shall be pr^macd by law.
M CUrts and at or .»v* f r the Co nm u wealth, for the circuit
courts, shall be iippoinbd l- / Me i It ait cow/. or ly tut ,*<) ,**
fit> •' >/t t */•$• Hrr/y, and ole: ks »ul»Urr.,n f»r »he<! mni-u
weallh for the count s court* shall be uppuluhd by *.<•/< . - e,*
r spect'rveh, for the tir-n of six > .-sri, tnd h« r uut!.» aud c m
pensstfon shall be prescribed by law They shall be run * - *
from ofti ;e by Ihtlr res|»ectlve rouits. but lit wen case f removal
the cause thereof shall be entered of ret or d n tne rout i by wb *
the removal was made. Vacancies la s id offices shall tie fillet;
by the *ot*ra respective'\ In which they or i r.
14 'he A t rnry Grn*ral shall be apprlut-1 by f dnt rob’ot
tks tmhommtfm*(rt*4ral .Uitmh/y, a dasoaudsMtl thf
Gov« rcor and shall ht> d bis t ffi x darn ,* the y easura of tbc.Ges
era Assembly.
17* hht r fit shall bewo) fna/rdhy thf ri»p*’Ur$ runnty t >u ts
and when app duted by tha GoViroor shah be comm mioBrt 1 y
him and fold ih-lr cfiL-es for two years, tut ro person o< u«»?a
sloo *d as sher fffor one term sh dl I*.- nominated fer another t:ir,
unless, np or to such nomination, he shill have ihd} act.ousted f. r
all public uueithat may nave corns loto bis bflptff
16. cbrowAre, nsstri^M, »urrtyor*% comtni**iout rs of thf nr
enu* am! overseers of IK* ,*•<?», s/< ill hr apinrinlnl by w r>*uly
court*, and thr hems of thtir ojfiot* skull he jirtscrilttd by Cu
Gtntral A**i-bln.
17. J~iUcatof the peace, aVrlA, attorneys lor thefouur«Q
wealth c tree of c«or.«, aril ail r.»her county officer*, shall
be subject t> iidlcUaen’. for maifsasan ;e, misfeasance or
neg'eot of official uu'y; aud, upon o&vlctior; thereof, t.er offic s
•ha l Vaco ne vaesnt. •
lk The General Assembly shall profile for the comp-nsa*
tlon of jaro's; nut apprcj.V ns (ortktt pny.»se shall not be
made 'rum the Mate Treanui y, «a« spt tn |»r>ec.>uUon« for fcb.n'.es
or nlidameanore
IV. The ca<es rentalalny In the d stilct courts when this Const4
• 'n li adopted shall be removed for trial Into th j Courts of Ap
to. Judge* and all other office*!, except the mminles’oners of the
Board of Pub io shall continue t • dlrcSarge the duties o*
their respective office*, aft-r theterirs of thrir set vice have expir
ed, until tluir aurc-saor* sre qusi'lied 1 he e*n>iu »«lon*r* ol U»»
Board of Public Works shall continue In office until otherwise pro
vl 4ed by tve General A s.-mb y
HI. Wiita shall run In i]ie name of the Commonweal'!* of Vlrgl
ula, and b* attested by the clerks of the »everal cour s. Indl t
menta shall conclude ** against th- peace and dignity of th^ Cow
Oor^tomtion Court* and Officers.
21. The General assembly may vest such jirisd ctloo as «h\l>
be denue 1 proper In corporation courts and fu the rasgbtrater
who may be ong to the corporate body The mayor, or oli.er
chief niigtstrate, the a d-rmia In cities an.t towns haviny H.-«
t.n/s v'ourt*. and members of the Couu*li, or other i-gisiat w.
i»*djr of cities an<l loco porated ton ns shall be elected by thr
qualifier voter* th:reof. Attorn eve for h 4 Commonwealth, ciorfc*
sergeants, and oonstab’es shall be appointed by the corporal1- c
e.urls, Sheriffs, If thrj act a« the offierrs of thr eorporail >r
-• Mirts, shall be nominated by such courts, otherwise they ahall u
nominated by Uie Circuit Court of tooedy ortown lu which they act,
and shaH Iq siihe- cas > be contmUsiuaril by the ‘lovcrmr Ab
other officers shall becho-eo »»f*be Co and or Leglelaiive body.
'.'lerksand Attorneys for he Commonwealth if Nf
•hall.hold effi e respect vely for U*e lem of »lx year*, and ehsl
he removable from offiee by th*-ir resp-ctive couti*, but lu ever*
•ase of removal, the cause thereof shall be eatered of record lr
the court by wlileh the removal was oiadr
EUbfcttT L. MONT AG i 'E,
President of ihe Oonventlon.
John L. Ft ba^k,
Secretary of tbs Convention.
1. It shall be the duty of the Preeldeot of this Oonventlon, im
mediately cn 1 ■ adjournment, to c rilfy b> the Governor, a copj
o' the Bid of Rights and OonetiVutloo adopted, together wlta U.Lt .
V ITnnn the recc'ut of such cerllfled conv. the Iiorernor aha !
forthwith announce the fir, by p'oclam tthn, to b* published l
such newspapers of the State aa m*y l«;d irm-J requisite for gen
e al Information, and shall annex t» bit proeiamathn, a copy t ‘
the HIU of Rignt* and Oonitltul on togsthvr with I’m schedule
which proclamation, Hill of Rights, Constitution anl Schedule
shall be published In the manner indicated, fer tie period of cn<
month, and twenty printed ciplei thereof HaO, by tin Secretary
of the Oodmonwealth, be imuiediatwly IrtnamlPcd by mat), to tfcr
Hera of each county and < rpcratloa comt 11 Ihe Commonwealth,
to be by Mich clerk, submitted to the examination of am person
dealring the same.
S. Tne offi.-era authorized by existing lira to oonduct general
election*, shad, al the plaret appointed foe hr 1 Jin* tbs tame,' pea
a poll book on Ihe second Thursday in March, 1 -02, to be heade«
tha“Constitution aa Amended and Schedule. ' and to contain tss
le.arate columns, the flr.t e-1 iron to oe headed • for ratify me '
•he other to be headed "for rejecting/' And such cHears keeping
•aid polls open for the space of three days, shall then and liter
rece ve and reccri In said poll hork, the votes for and *galns>
this Oonstitotlin and Schedule, of all persons quaHhed, under th«
-xls.lng Oor« itutljn, to exerc ae the right af luffrvye. 11m tab
officers shall at the sauie tine open ano;hc* poll book, hesdet
• the tight of suff.'age," col tain ng two columns, cne headed ••fci
:he payment of the rerenae, county and corporation lei lea am
poor rates, useaeJ within the preceding year, as a qaallti .atioi
l j vote the other headed “for tne right of suflr gr. without th«
payment r f the revenue, county snd coipo’ati in levies, and poo
rales, aileased within the preceding year, as a q salification ir
vote." T. Is poll book shall, li like manner, be kept open f r th*
•pace of three daj.s, and the votew of a!i pern ni qualified t > wot
.or the adoption or rejection of lfcl« amended C’o-siltuqon ihall bt
-e ‘.rived and recorded for or a*a not said qu«iino*tlon
4 The commissioners conduct i.g the election at tfcr sewera'
precincts of each county and corporation, shah a.-ce. tain the nun.
ber of votes given for each proposition, and renl y Ihe *«11 p •.
books, and forthwith return the same to the clerks of their reap* t
ve county and corporal on courts, aid wlthla ten days there I
te-, the commissioners saperibtetidlng the e««*ti"U,at U»e<© v
house of each county or sorpiration, stall make out two retarn*
lo the Mowing form : “ We, A. A Ac , i umrolsslonera for holdii g
* an election for the adoption or rtjectlon o! the amended (h ast!
4 ution for the eounty (Of corpora Jt n,; of , d<
“ hereby certify that an elect! n was held ou tbs da;
*» 0( , fwr the sa*d county (of curp..ration,;
14 parsoant to law, and that the following !< a it .urn. id of U* v tr
44 as exh b ted by the poll books, wix h<n V.e aifoftvtu oi the J
'amsod d Constitutl n votes. and././r Ms r#fe. |
44 turn o/tAf C1 mnituUoH vtle» : fur the q«*l hoot 11> ]
44 of the right of eoff age rates ; and against the qaa'.lfl 1
44 cation of the light of suffrage votes. Given unde
44 our hands this the day of , in the yeai {
4 ''—which returns, written in words and not In v <iu.es
*h«U bs signed by the comm'isle new. One of the said tctitmi
xhallbs fll d In the olerk’s office of the eounty or corp<»r*tior, i
an 1 th* ots«r shall be seal to the Governor «.f the Common wealth
under seal,
0. rn« Governor shall, without delay, make proclamation of
the result. • ating therein the egg egate vote \-r and agalnit the
amended Constitution and Bcheuuie, and for and again*! th.- qua!
dilation of ths right o' suffrage, to be published in such nr»epa
pen In the Rtale as may be drear.1 requisite foi general Informs
lien , aud li a majority of said votes i»r ca«t In fa* or of the quanfi
cation of tho right of suffrage, than the 1st section of tbs ~d article
•ha 1 read as follows :
44 i/ualificatton of Vyt*r*."
1. Cvery ahtte male eltlsen of the Oommoawca'Ui, of the ege
of twarty-one years who Las been a reside, t of U-a "Oti for two
years, and of the county, elty or town wberr he off-re to vote, for
twelve months next preceding an election, and wb*». If aSMte* d la
itch count}, city or loro, with port of the revenuo cf tbs C«*
Imoc.wtAtlU'COtiQiy carper. lo Utica wpoo iaim,fortke/o «
n K prvetd ng, • .* . . ». » tuaby p~«i <he ii l , .co a other
per. oo, ahai' He«. *lfl • **••• *or •• •*■*•••• of the G* teeal '
rouij and all officer * elect*1 *»v th* prop'*; b t» o p*ra n >e U»e
o* It r , uuul~« service of ite Oouf d r tetl tea. bo*J
b • i mad a r» il eu • tk a . Ufa by r. .* - of trtr y sfat'oat 5
• hare! . *cd to »e:eor. ah ah tare he »'g% 11 * v *e who la r -
« uo i uito J, or a parp*r,or * nei mmlaaM&ed cffi *or, aoldl/r,
••mt - »*n«inih e<r* «r arm? or n«v j of tbeOoofe ./rate
Bute* or *t*o hat ne«o c* Btlct u o. briery mao •lection,or #f
| aov ini** v« Hirer.
C. The qin'/tfird Tot r* of t*e UjiDCH/ift ilth, may la la
t^a nlQlarv g#r«Ue of ’ha J*»a’r, or «»f U e CoQj-d.raie hat ,
may vote fir th* rsttflcrl in or r> jrction M tve aw ended C* n-tt
lit'on ao 1 f . bedale, end tor and ay Inat t e qua' rt *Mo: a 11 tb«
rlyht of *nff ay, at each place nr pit e« w.ih a tht Irene lepweal
or poor, a* tha commander at au. h enraupaot nr p~*t all tied*
naia, war her me «aid meant mm t or poet aha u be » »M i tX
I Unite cf tht* B ate or out Rut If, oo the ia U day of alec ton, the
I condition cf an* reg'.me-t made un la wtcle «Ha p*rl cf peraons
i M«a I fled to ?r te la aald election, efa«|i Lr aarh M to render It im
! p ail l« f r aa'd I era vea to vole «4 .In tbe pc** or encampment
to which au-h irgimiitt may te oog. such *leeU< a, ao far ■ id
regiment la c crerred, iD*y b*he d . o tn> liter day. to b?fii*-l
I by th* c reman *er of laeh pool cr en airpre t. an taat tha *a -e
I be cot rrore than ten dajf af ee aald dav of election. For each
. place of voting hi ilull appoint a seperintaudent. three cornu a
• one tain mar y cl*rM a* thill *• nects**ry, who, after having
been flr t duly *w >ro by hi®, •‘lad perform the dalle* required •*,
• and be Uab.e to the yo aihra tmpr^ed Of on. mkH officer* under
I the elect uo lawa of tUo Mate. The qualified retell cf the Coat*
monv«<i'h, not In the tm i aiy aorvlce may be abeaoa froaa
, the c on-1 for rorpor»iU»M cf thw r readme*, by reaoon of the
1 preeer.ee of the pnbdc enemy mar *Me la any amn.j oreorpoi a
tlun in w) Irb they may be oa the day o.* air ^ion.
I. U.e • S'era coouu-tlug the raid ce tInBahalI.ua the dar
after U.e tVetlon. mi *o*n tlierca t .r a* may he <vtjeer the pal
\ hooka I • their eali! rcmuuaid**r. aha »hall forthwith f.rwa*d the
its-, t.. the Governor of th'« Common *»-;i!th, who shall coant it
. Hid v. let lb a* -rtainieg tin reeultof the aald election ia the
1 hUt 5
8. Tbe BeeraUr? of the Oontmnnwealth aX all ranae te he Mu' to
th*- c’eikj of each cooaty anti euiporation cost ,aad to the mil
>ar/ i*omiran<t»ra i.bove rcVned to. the pul! n«>ok« a *d f.'tui* u ■
j (wfiry lo the eiertlo i hereiu (Kofidni Tor—tran08lf*dfng fbe aaic «•,
: wtra a.'oeaaary, by yptcUl mreacngcra Tlie oapenaev 1*, uiTr-1
la t rovid og asl I poll b oka ann o:re#, and t .mamiiUnr ti e aau* *,
and iij p trail y aiiura u» enirrth** nam*a >,l thv vetera their*.
ahali be drf ev ed as Jn tht cate of the election of meube a to U.e
General A>s u.My
1* 1 he .lutiea lo be pcrfjnued by the of.tccia conducting the
el c'lon, tbe prlv lege i f the vetera and the pcnalfoi for Bl.-rot
■ dart, on tie par* «*f any ners^n, aball te the aemv lo all reape.te
: .♦» Are preacribnl by law in the rate of o'h r electijm
l»* Ah person* who *hall b* la tiffir* when this amended O* u
| a*, tatlon la adopted, alt ill eoi/.iaur lo oflhre uoi I the es !*n Ua •*/
I their reapac Ire fe ioo of lervl. e, and unt.l 'heir aocrctao** are
qatl bed uolni sooner rriutvtd purtaeat tn law n. opt that
•eoator* cl U.e aecrind elan, according to bo ciaeaiiWtlon u»a >
under the prearat uonat toMno, »ha l he pUecd In 'be flret and
, end • la *e« o the riaaa.oration to be made under the p uvt
! lima of th'a OomMiatlon \ grand* a ocrnrrii g In the offirr <>'
i , rnffiM of tiie pgnM kiter the ad ptlan of IMB MlNflai. Bl I
i.-foraa'. election u j iailre* .« heid uoder It. aha't be Med u
tbe *ame mao *r u i therein pi jvlded for r.ltlog va. aoolea .•
runlng In aald office after the nr t elretpb.
II the Bwpreeae Co.«rt u appevla abaJl eon’lcoe fo exer iae’i*
pr went u la«t! UoQ uOt‘1 t.'.e vwurt# of Sppesl. *»t*n i*be<l by Lb*
>on*t’.mtiou, shall be orgaolxed. and the indues hereof who rosy
»e In office at thr *rt session oftl.e Omtr«l AseBnMy unCertb «
Constlt ’tlon mar h# aaa>r.ed to the duties of zither o'Uie CViu/j
of Appeal, act irAlau to ti.e pleasure of the l.etierai A me mb I-.
AU laws In far*.* »b* o this Conatita ion l« adopted, and cot In x<
♦••tent therewith and all rights. prote.-uLons. ac*!uu«, cJalra ar.d
oofia ir, shad reu.s n and • onti^ue an It this Con (lin'd n wss not *
j a tuple.!. . . *
! 12 ihr U.u. u serf,. e fyr fte del* valet drat elected lo 0 *
t htzfll assembly uadai this CouiltaMun shall row tor nee r( to*
j *od o the term ef fintc* cf tie doleeaiea now elected Jhe tlf* *
reaernl election <f 4etep«l*a lo the General A<»«mblt Nailer titts *
JonstUutlon -ball be h»Ll oo the fourth ThirsAsy in May. IMS, an
I fin herwUe p.wv.d d.Ly la*.
lK>ne in ^or vrntton, lb ctiy ..f Rl ••hmoad. on the* sixth daj
, of December. In the jgae of or r Lord,‘one t hot #1ad eight I an Jrnl
snd slit;-one, and In'll* gaftnp #i«ft fe.r of Iho Ceannonwealih
; »f Virginia. , • .
l .rliUnt Of tkr (Vi»n<M' /.
Oe 'Vttarg of thA Content*) t. ds!7- «'l «n ,
ir^KtKEU’S fKcniu.il BIT
CVtP TtR.*, rcaou'ecturcri by Mr Y. Bak*x, ofthle dty, for*
he la*; Cfteca y'.irs, and oo highly recotr.er.-oded by proodueol
y»l \n in vr • nit, haa ksIul i a rtf-aiaUou in the Cmr-federat#
I l.my, f *rtfce earo.i/f tya^sod P<ver, an I general dcbtltiy. VAv
%q se.Vv say they are 4 valuable fficdicjnn for expoled soldiers
-try tbtui %
To b- had nf all Pro/rtsls lo this cl y, or of fto Proprietor, oa
Union HIM, Richmond, la. nob
—Our booU md kccccnia wiJ
be found at our former p'aco of business, No. \tt
Main .-*»reel, where all perrons indebted io ue will please all
' nJ tnsko payment wl-noui de!a>; and those havlog c.altue
**la»t K4 will present them there for scMeaent.
del- if _ WAT* .Ns A TICK LEW
I PURSUANT to an o.dinar c passed lift January. 1<*6. I wl»l
atlzud at ih* Collector's Office, 1*1 Uie City Hall, from tb*
1 5th i > the <11*1 of D»* ember, Inclusive, to receive the remain! a*
! a:fof tree* frw §i»rh persons as are entitled to a deJc* tlon of
wper cent, nr ha\tig p't-vioasly paid the Aral half In Junslast,
! a accordance wan laid ordinance.
N. B.—I. will Me fen from the above that the Coll ret'tr la re
i lutred to attend at the office from the loth to oltt of the month,
n receive taxes rema.nlog doe from Juu« last. Before the Janu
ary term of the Hustings Court, he ia required by ordinance U ad
'erMsede ltf|uent real estate to be iold for non-payment of taaee.
'creon* who have not done so, will see the becstsUy of enlUn^
%n«l psyine th. ir taxes as it will be Impossible for the Celle*
o cadi on them before he advertiser
Be* lin J. A. F., T. 0. A
A TK2M rt ft- Botrd o» Commlszlouers, uoder the "Ait
\. for IheFe^uesus'ioo of thr Ketate*. Property and
f A'lrn Enctu cs, and for the indemnity of ciiltso- of the Oonfrd
-rate States and perioss aiding the same, In the (\.!itnf ws
/.ft the United State#,** approved, Avyiat -Oft, A. D , Wl, wVt
>t held at the room of the CommitUre an PateoU, below Ur
-toaa of fte Post Office Department, in the city of Richmond, si
ooi, on the second Monday In J »n j*rv, A. D , 1-fl *.
Vie Rules of the Board will then he anm-uaced.
«t* P HO A wBL'RQH, j
W H400KE, -OobskVii
dels—t.lTHOS. 0. BIVNfii,T>p.)
if U.\ % WAV* KlfTY DJLLAK0 RKNARJ wll be paid far
CV tr.c drhrcry at nur office, or at cur Mill .u Mane ester, of ou
'■,K-)nJ-l lUr. Dick Hrymut D ck I* about 5 feet » Inch.•
dgh light giueer-bread color, and about lb yean old. l)Vi h».t
a when he left a biown frock xoat, Cara pactalouna, and ti»A
del4—101 DUNLOP. MONCI RC A rp
1AUTION.- .V) one Is authorised to collect Vlrgtala arms
In this city, or e««rwherc in this State, uniees ihvy show well
* en authority from mu. •
This ootIce it not of course f.» Interfere wIDi fte authority uf the
vdjataut «eD«*ral of the State, in any order he my h*vo Issued oi
lay Issue here Uier upoi\ this subject, bell# given to prevent ia
ojiuuos by those having tu< authority and who make no retail
.> ftl* office. ft IHMMOOK.
orU - to <Vtl. of Orrinaoe* of Tlrtlnla.
\M I klTAKV ATTENTION -The anders-gBed barb
JJL on h» nd, and are manafa*. wring Braes premed letters. Ores#
nitron. Cross cannons, Ac , l a Military Cape, and wian lo call U e
Aten'.lon < f the miliiary to the fact.
Urdcn ptompUjr Attend* d to.
All 1 rtters of Irqat.y matt c-muin stamp to pay return poster A
Bran is of all siaei an t design* made to order. Ales, small stea
ls ror marking e oftlog made to order. LEWIS A KaYION,
trend Oatters, tSth between Main and Cary streets
AJdr.M. hy mail, ' ewis A RsytaB, Box 'ZP9, Richmond. Va
JPIRhk.- torajerit Bphi»e, for sale ry
\j Main an Huh at* neK
J TINE; Sice In bagi anil Utreea; aplrlu TnrpenUon, In bbla
>r aaie by
l/LOCH ’ l®“ bhu family Tire Ittra (uptiflae Flour, for
v tali se coHirnsaol, ly A. Y. tlTOKM 110. aelt
LMiANDV.—NiCajoa Pur* Cataaby Brandy, for medldnal
*» porpoee*. for he W PtTnHRnN. A m. Drnrrl.i.
f t ISGP8.-V.I bnxea (round Glngee, foraale by W PITTAS'>N
UP A 00 , Drury 111._nr*
fVir RECEIVED, and for rale at
I M0BR1I’ Booktioie,
250 /roe* Playing Card.; 500 do Cedar Pencil*, 1000 J i Pi-el
rne; HUM do Pen Hnlde-a; 15t doten Port Mooalee, Bock Pwki
od Perk Conk*, 500 doeri ruck and Pldu Mrmor. Book*, I <
ether with a large aaa i-.ment of Stationery oet».
TOM GlfTRA TED LI E.—H no on hand, for ul* by
k_/ not DOT P A Oo
ITS ABIBIl'.- VI bale* Gam Arable olio 0)0 Ice ea<b
Of for tale by Dot n A oo. _ _del 0
."a I'AN'O ;o toot DrHeni P oephalte Giianc,, for tale by
TRIISHBD LOAF SCO AH, In atom Or 12 3d. , ' .
V ) 1h bMe Lovertnn and S. T. (team »wrar Refining Company,
or aaie by Wn. W 41X40* RONS, eorier Peart and flier e
: Aflrt LH «. Whlta and Brown 7.1 n> H i 1 ill, In all. for
>UUU eater./ VM. PATT'-PRaCO,
no, 1 at Halo ttree’.
HAVANA CIOARS.—A M of geonlne Havana Clgan,
y*iy nae, far aaie b> W PETIAHON A OO., 1M Il*lu
•tree!_ _ dec
JIB AND WINTER OAT*.—In ‘lore n anpartor bit
■ A of Bye and » later 0al>, tar ared. Tboac wanting a la petto.
.rtlele had belle? .-all toon GEOKI ( WATT A OO. aa!5
BACON. UHlb. prime MauWl Banna
t flereaa Nnr EKr, jy*t reaalyed and tor tale
■all 16th (tee.'
J HOIS.—We hate W> day race red by expr*M, Kdcaweat
j nhoea. aaiorfed; on coaelgamaot, to wm«> at laaWa bargelo. ,
oo >S -Sw ____A T. BBOWIB.
Ur win*. In bott'ce; choice al I By* Thirty, and ana eaak rt..
y-Stone Brandy. Aceale by A 1MOOBH. A*eok. «et»
(XTIN P.-5* l.liraa OtarnA Wine; 4 qnnrtar caaka p«Ja (berry
VV wine, nf too SrtEygEf DAT Ql PORT * 00.
geg*mjg«c -2 bat -round r-.pptr, a lu oar lor aiUale, hr
aaie hr «. prraRRON A 00 , Pruggtida, 155 Mall etrtet.
Clean, from New Ortaane bad Chnrtaaton; the Inert brand*
if On. Whig and Smoking Tobacco, foraale, wholtaal* and retail
ay UCADE A BAKER, Uruitg'iU, Ini Main (tract, corner ah-**
PJI_ aerti
/'1<P9IIH*—Dreartn*. Plan Towth and Packet OotlOa, an ll*J
i U gent amort* ant,foranlt by DOTE A 00., Wkoleaal* flirt
llKU. «•>?

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