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164'. •
Daily paper, 18 par aarim; ?icJ Weekly, IS! WeeU», 91,41
•ayVta adrac.** "remand. may be *»d» »* *•
Pnblteh.-r» Id all cam where evidence It taken ob tto depoolt of a
lotterla the Foot OSoo containing money.
dee Met, tlO Unoo) or leoo. oao lyertloa--—— J*
lao. ad •.ItloaallBoertlcs .... ~
Oao aconeh wtttiBttl,'ratloa.•• *
Theoo do do ...».
T»i" do do .*SJJ
P9o *,aaroo, Three icontke......„ £
Hi .S £
• -*r- ».
«n; a ., edfled »c tto Mkaaacdpt, or pirei-aoiy a*reod npon be
klMfl tf* ■’ pyUM.
a-j . !v iCier ■ n hot aerr-1 on the ropy for nepoedJod nna
be,- .. in.cell « »PI be ooetlnnrd nndl eedered rot, and payment
MB' -To avoid any nleiiedentaadlcy
no • e-mltci t! t aai ual Ad < er* j —t, It l» proper to etate “te**"*-*.,
ta. ’-Mr per iegeeouijr at.i !e to tiietr Immediate boelrraa. Ktal
«*t.W, ’. -Ml »n l *!1 other AdV.-rtleencnU lent by them to bo nr
• ,] lU'.jaa! IBd &n wrlkUAD. _
. y nelj tgta’.c a^d Qea«r*l Atent®’ AJrwlUstaool* ool lo *•
B>«rl*d by the y«ar, bul to b« charged at lh® u»a»l rale®, lobjtct
A % g . 4UOODU*I 4® ihlll b® A£T* -d UBOB.
mr ^bond yearly «Uv«(n>g®BeraHy, m(ragtag oa®
tor* innarr • /Ith the j ilvll-ge of Oherre. •••‘I1 «**. •“ ,h^
yo j .iVe-tgi, n any «no week, loaort morn than the am*not
L J ;.o. jthmand1ngr«|.-nn' rthf contract, and all nxoc.,
By aneb vaeaei to be chart tf’l at tho nanat rat re
Al.-ertla--itttU inverted la . Bt-tl Wer»!r WNj at 74 eebt
per • I<sar« o.f 1 ■:» liner or l.ae I r th* Bret Ur««U«B, ar.d 50 ceeU
p r #■; iar- t r-r"1 eonSIntz, -■•». orTf erectly, T 5 erota.
LA CAltDvS._
pamr^T 1 **•,MUt.
4 ALLA-3, Texas
>. B. -Prompt attempt to Collection and land Calrae.
Barnaefcfc.— Simuel M. Garland, Ar.heiot 0. H., Yn; John
rtomi eon. Jr., A.uberal C. C , Ya; Garland * Chrtitian, Lynch
karv%Ya Motky 4 Pperd. do.; Jnd?« X. M. Borfhrd, DeUa.
Toaae; Hon. N d r-.-oeil, do__mh»0—44tty
■MVIII ei. ti. ('tiKEi.L
PBACTICKS la ail the Cot of the eoualie* of Neleon ant
A alien!, Ue will attend to an/law tnalneee entructcd If
him In the adja-entnocatle*. _ ' „
l lire**, Tye Bleer WarthonaeP. O., Nolaon Co., Va,
attorney at law.
HltUmonduUi Va.
WILL practice In all the Onarti held In tie City of Kkhmocd
an lthe coutllceof Cheetirtei L Uearleo end Pi.wli.Vm.
OAcc on the ccrue- of 1 *1h, or fee.*; end Mein Street*. oeer the
nt. .. o’ No*.' !■ %l**r A Ct _do**— '/
mOUidONtJ, VA ,
W'U piMllcl tu the Court* of the el'ec of Richmond aoJ Pc
Urebary, end the c notlet of Hcnric tad UheeterfloM.
CMor 1.1 !!> Via** Block, liVirtreet, near r<Utu C. H. trtl-lt
WILL PHtCTIn* In the Oonrt* of Ollee, Mercer. Monroe,
. Moauc.i-.rry and TuUobi; and will collect and remit pane
%** if ft* ad calcic placed In bit band*.
PeanOS-* «HnyO-ori H- ate. Va. __IT' ■—
WILL p&ACVtSB In the Oeurt* of the City of Blihaioad ant
Ooanty of Uenrloo. 81. lot alienUoo will be (fleca to ad bn
Mecca entreated to bin. fT t>«ce, for the prec-al, with hU fa
Iher. fa Orom, vii.f w-yi oor Mein eodlthBU. JeW—dip
attorneys at I.AW,
««■«*».—GhartotU, Prince I-'w.rd, AppOraettoc, Mecklea
btrf and Ldi.einark.__mylt—If
■, d. BOcaiAP, P- eaioosT, Ja.,
Ayle>t«, King fa. OM Acreh, Htaoter.
WILL attend all th» Oonrta of Slay William and Hanoerr. 1
b. HCCtiLAK will alco attead the Coarta of Kin* A Queer
t ' •• _ W«-'v'
■aaaiorrc.icViaoa. ~ atm. ■. csibOM.
attorneys AT I.AW,
ucumond, VA.
Praetleela all toe court i of the city of klehmend and reoaty cl
Searico. Mr. Jchuoa *111 practice la ChtetcrfleliL
^T“Oflcr, t U Bniidlak. oa PranAIla Mtreet- iyt
HI.. BIViOKh ttna rotaaei the practice cf LAW la the
a city of ilchmvsd.
4 OBoelt! Be’ rla'cncw halldl-!,. OB '.tth, frotdias Baakttroot,
urn u
LICK, tUcrimoud, Ye, eiEaufEctarca “fit'ogle'sIntni
Ibie Powder." HU b the oniy fECtory of the kind In the
Sour , tad be is prepared u» fttraush the entire trude on as rr usoa
able Unos ej Northern meaaf%ctarert. Seo'ple's Powder Is e VH
ftaic preparation, approv- 1 by all who used it.—JBLbsWirf
P*»r be!* hr !i'c/r*u end Procure c«nrru^ —U
We have oo hand e aupply o' the above Ju*s which we ore iel)
Inv oh ad , *aJ es we hEV.- no W every family should have then*.
OeII eI KKKSIB k PAIR'S Pottery,
Jyf Corner oflith an > Cary slreete
NO. «rCJ%H.-&>hbde, fair t •* prime qodtv, for sale by
. jytt iw nrNLOP. MONCLRK A CO.
' “ _ JUIeY 15TII, I SOI.
rilUudlAf it. PHIUK A CO., hare Jnut opened
A few Urey Cloifc*
Grey Canimerec .
blue Tweed!
Blue LituKjri
Pin'd Oacelmere for Shirt*, -Mrtlny, Print*. Be.,Ba.. for Soldier*.
Irtih Llac'u, L!n *n I)acU,
TowelUa£, Checked l.‘nen*
Oif1e*>*». U’cAchcd Option*
BIcashed Sheeting, Bro. Drill*
C i. e f Lwwn*, BA'?<e* Dad other T>re** Good*.
T^ej ialcAtl to a •/» tlMtr •*. ek, l»an(h% before th* *%r, At abi at
• ■
% AD«y moat pi*■; • mu *W *ac*. u vnej bar* Vo pay a he ary addition
“yds*" T. R. PRICE A CO.
A K('fl03 Bnvrjliu CLOTH, BK I.StipUHS
l\. trc. Juti r*e !**d a full auppiy of grouL • Anchor Lltlng
Ojnili No. 0, li It; 1W0 pair Bran Military Spur*; B#Q | air* Pla
te! Tln'J. and Sard »pur». Aka. Walker’*, hlcy’*, Cat’*, and Q
D P-rceettoa Oapl. RHODES, WILSON A HC.NT, No. tl I’.ayl
(•red. ___ "**»
E\« Ci.hlOlt f AMI* BEDSTKAO.
, irri beglMTOto coll the oit-oUt* of theao dtei" to our Camp
Yf Beddce-i vhl«h vethnk, l< ruprrjor to anything In the
Market It h.u the ucqiallflcJ comoicnOatl-io of iho..- -Alcere
•ha ha* - Did ft Come aa J •** It, ami yon *”! be raUaSed of k*
perfect adaptation to the want, ef the •oldler.
«P* hatc alio or hand and are -ta'ljr mansfactwrlaf Camp Stock
•a 1 Camp Chf*t*. of earl ct ftrlee and price*.
Call at U,* Eurnitur* Worercom* of
jy 11—It* C ■■ 13th end Franklin ita.
Window hlaw
30 bole* French Window file**
30 do American do
Id kegj rcfl’.rd Fal'.. e*.re, in ttore and for gelt by
44, W W. WQ.IUlMim.E 13th dree*.
B~ HOt)ns, AC,-'«a) dm But ten and Broom*
loo do Match**
100 do Bed Cord* and Mrea, In (tore and
for aale k< W. W. WOO LORI DC. E.
* t!Hh Rtraet
FL'MJR.-*> bbto Eatia 11 ranna Floor; 500 bbl» Sop»r«ne
El..ur, 101 bbla Superior family flour, for *ale by HCNT A
JAkas _■«»
SO IP imCaMl* Imp, now !a More and for >* j
W. PETERSON A CO , 1L& Muio ttrrrt._°
aa J he aal toy _
a, «a Oar of 14th and Oar*
ThlLEr SOAPS In great rarlety, of fu„- ah, Pranoh aa i Am* -
lean nanafc-Ure, for tale hr W. Put EASON A CO , Drug
gift*._ dt3
HAKaTV Ft-kKlA*tnr, aodfor.alaby CLA5KB0N AJC >
No to* Main .treat_ nett
MILL STUN K.N.—W* hare for taio, a pa'r Trench Durr
WU-Btcnef, 4 feet, and a pair Eopu* M P Stonn, 1-1 Inrbe*.
h4Wn log Male *tr—t.
LALICH. —fatal y fttuTof lap* lor quality, for tale loqutu
t UUai to «*. DCNl^P, M0NC0RIA 00. «.k
XV tpTctfclIy requeue I that the Phyalc'atn of R'cbmond wlU ro
u rt u Ute oBee, our tier Droid r.ud Moth ttreeti, each oBeera and
Ml Jim wader tbelr eh* gf, ee ere quartered la pr irate ran llee,
batele and Oo*. drag hotsiea, tUllag tbelr con lltlon. where quar
to,,,,. and, a* far ae iMotl.ablr, the reglioaot and rompany to
which they eetoag. Thla Information will greatly promeia the pub
^AUMUere asd noldlwra quartered lo private famlllaa, hotela and
OoarUua hoove* *he have beta tick, but are not attended by any
phralrlaa, »'* ray art sba-n.-c vee -* above, etatlog their oosdllioa,
location, and rep st.nl.
or lt>—dtf JNO. H. WINDED, Brig. Gen,
XTriNTSD— »or local parpeeee, a company or a hundred
AT are, who arc wot capable of performing eervteelntheflell,
yet are able lo perform duty In the city. N-ne need apply who are
eapa'le of 8ellierriee,aud good referencee will be reatured ee to
oha.-act u. Apply at the office, corner of Broad and Sth streets.
oe4—If JNC. M. WINDER, Brig. Gen. I
" TO Tin: IllTLliKli
. or tea
rflHE onderelgnod offer for tale, by package or otherwise, a fine
X assortment of clear* and naonfttclarwd To
1 batreo, of the mptt approved brand*.
We are the Bole Agee's fur acveral of the largest Mannfaotoren
In the State or Virginia, end are this day receiving a general **
tortmenl o' all kind* of To hater O, ranging from IS to 79 cent*
per posad Alto, all kind* NaaioklnR Tobueeo.
BfETcnm cash. AH, BAYNE A OO.,
Under Bpotewood Hotel, Richmond, Ya.
P. 8.—Special attention paid to order! from Bwtlcre and Mer
chant* who are awpplytng th« army._ aeWV- f n
TH08 B. PRICE A C>. have !n»*oek—many lust ree* vei—
Heavy Bed Blanket*, Orer Army BlankeU, 10-4 and l»-4
Hleanhed and Draw* kkretiagsV-aoh-d mu. n. Brown Colton,
Oanaburgt, lrlah Linen, D.-aask 1 willing*, AO. Mcginl supply
Black Cloth Cloakt and flai quea, B’.-k Beaver and Prsneli Cl" hr.
Rich, Black and 0 > o-ed F lkt, E egaiit Poplin* and OUomani. A.'
w inter, jut openesl. Spo 1 Col'ou. Lamb's Wool Shirt* and Draw
era Hosiery, Collar* sleeves and lac a, Ac , Ae. Any portion of
the ild t'oek o i hand.lhey vrill continue to tell at former prl.ea,
regardless of the j rrton: Increat'd van', at they dt termini <1 to
do when the war br ke Out. lined* n-o'otly lo'ght and tech at
they a eu w bu; tog arc, of ciurac.subj ;Cled to the b.i»vy advarte.
Thvlr atock la kept up. ____
delT THOMAS K. PB10E * CO.
PI I*RS.-Brier Kt P.tsetxa Urge and'beautiful lot, fer'ale.
by DOVr'A 00., Wholeaali Drugelat*_i «H
ed their office, ooroer Cary endjlllh Street I, ep stnlra dtld
FLul’it.- Paa'ly Plour, of tuperlor quality, for aale In q tsn
tity to rail, by DUNLOP, MONCCH* A OO. _ ilelS- lw
OAX OINI S.- .H caeca Sardines, In »tore and for til- ty
n ALVEY A I.tEBC iM«._dels
U'lllSKl —IbObbla Whisky, of Virginia Mountain from
TT one ts Iweleeyeara ol 1, the largest and One* Hock In thla
city to select from, lor aale by Wd WALLACE HON I,
. Jelti Corner of Pearl and t’ary M-erta._
,)nilA LKN ( HIP LOGWOOD, j„*l received »r.d
aUUU for talc by VV. PETERSON A GO_del* «
CtKTOn OIL.—fust received, one . ask Patt India taaur
rII, lor tala by W. PETERS iS A OO , 199 Main at. delfi
1 Blackberry Brandy
rearl Barley
Cora Star oh
Semple's Toast Powder, at
• MCADC A BAKER'S Drug Store,
aoll 1*6 Main nt-, cor. above P. 0.
fOU» Of ercoats for Privates
850 do do officers
$»>u prs Drawers, Drill and Canton Flannel
1UUU Cassimere, and other kin us of ovarsMitt
?' <) Water Proof Overcoats mads of Cnameled Cloth
L1UO OH Oo'h UUoaets,
Aid various other articles sul abls for military purpose*, for
•ale at fair prices, for cash only. W M. I RA SMITH,
ar t 114 Main Street,
^ITlf UKIKM —Cop er Wire, German Matches, Cotton P.ow
^ Lines, Woo* Cards. Wood ftlrrupa. Hand Saw Piles, borsr
*«rpt, Brass Hpurs, Wood 8 aWS, Pocxe kn'v-s, Port Bits«, W x
Matches, Ko'.ves and forks, RaxDrt, Shaving Box-*, Iron F.*oons
Rasor 4 ropn Fhavtnyr Brushes. Candle Stick*, In store and for
sale by QI.AKExt* A CO . No 106 Main street. not5
WlfDDW GL\*H AND POTTY —A W'ge rupply of Wind jw
Gists and Putty, uaw on hand and fjr sale by W. PITsH
•ON A 00, H& Msis atrtsi.
NAIbf. N4U lbs Walls slightly damaged, for sale by M. A.
K DAli>>Y,c.»r t road snJ TthstreeU. _
No. It Pearl Street, .
Mscaitojfv, ra„
HATS lot! rvevlvvd . fan »od complete ku«rtm«Bt ol
t JtpM to tho pr< mo> wuoa, and, la additloo to thalr lug. and
•.U-aooorwJ Hock of A»ul rn goodiJbar. the eeLi laeeor tor
«:• exteodvc Ea.--.ovy ut Bt.union, V.., which l> taming oat
ikjlvw and qualltiM ot work ojonl to u; In the ooonirv.
O' ncirv kerchante are rwioMkJ to call and «i.mln, for them.
nhST—1» No IB Pearl elre.t.
i ibiiri: von it un: at hum »::
(ornoi corner or main and eleventh btrkctb.)
| NFT’RR white persons for life or for a tsrm of yean, and ilafn
1 for one or more (not exceeding four) years
Grants Annuity's and Kndnwmehls ou the most equitable Lruis.
The Yankee companies having nia<«e known thotr Intention to
•epudlaie the policies of our fehow-cltisen* who msy be kPled in
lefence of their h o me j, either by taking up arms, or by sympa
thising wllh.or by leading aid and comfort to Fouthern Kebcis,
every prudent man. Insured by them, ought at once to cancel his
policy and Insure at hom j
B >oki conta'nlag the accessary Information arc furnished at the
office of the Company. _5X
J. A DAiR PLKA8ANT8, becrelxry.
Blau BrxwsiL., If. D., Me<llcal Examiner.
J. B IfoCsw, M. D., Conscitjng P&jftetan.
Rosa s B. Hsath, Legal Adviser. _ • J/s
Cltl.fllsN. — Pocset m»l Pressing Combs, at wholesale an re
; tail, by MKADt A x^AKKit, Druggist*. lMJMaln blieet, cort.f
ab v P. 0._
I OH* T. GRaY, 147 Ms.a street, Richmond, Va , has In tore,
and oilers /or sal j, at market rates, Ibr cash only, the follow
ing goods:
I n*l go, strictly prime quality
Ma id r, good Ombro
'm Alum
Gum Op'utn
Powd. Opium
Fulph. Morphia
Blue Mass
Mercuric Mntrueit
l hloro'o - /p*t Nitre
Adhesive Piaster
Tarlane Arid, Fut*. Garb, foda
Blatk Pepper. AINpler, Ganger
Salad OIL Oil Lemon, pure
Oastlle Soap
Pcwd RhuOsib E. J.
Preach Mustard, C >roa
German Matches, 40., Ac.
Also, a variety of Patent cr family medicines.
nc6 __JOHN T. GBAV. Dnnrglrt.
MANUFACTU RkKb t.f, and Agents for the sale of Tobacco, 01
gars, Ac, No Ml Main Street, on# iquaie above the Po t
OMce,nav<-an han I the largest stock of miuufactured an 1 Btnollrg
T baccn to be found In the fcsfceni Country, and ared illy rscalv
mg auditions to their stock, u Idea they.uffcr for sals wholesale aod
retail, low for rash, and rca*»s> fu ly request all wlab’ng'o pur
chase to c»ll and evaoilne fur tnrmsslves. before purclisslrg el-e
wbere Orders ftsm the eonuiry promptly attended to Among
our present stock msv be handths fullawtng brsnds.nl Bo. \ tr s.
Twisu. Ac , In pas.kagas weighing from 16 to Wo 2>a, sloth dark and
“ Pride of Virginia," “Palmetto."
•• Kudora." “ Progrsrss," .
“ Uha-nelion,” “ Carnailm,"
“ Louisa Pells," “ Dewberry
“Jolcrado," “Grdden Ie*af,"
“Apr'.ot,” “Our Own,”
“ Mlnn-tnooee," “ Sh'lo,"
“ Highlander's Solace," “ Oroioko,"
“ Conquistador.” “ Pearl,"
" Prld? of Bethel," A.\, Ar.
noil Southern Tobacco Store.
11T1 have Just received a large stock of Tobacco anti Bcgars of
V Y rverv d. erlptlgn and qu silty.
Alto, oomand.
Champaign Wines In qt. and pit., of snproved brands.
Also, Boots and sheet, Ac., all of which Is offers I for tale at low
prices Clfas. BAYNE A t’O ,
nnfl_' Under Sputswood Hotel.
WsNTt.D Immediately,# SCdRTITLIE for the army, for which
a liberal compensation will be given. Address Bowcue* A
I Brows. 16th street, south of Cary, ocA—itf
WINK1.-I have etlll In store very line ShcrHei and Madei
ra#, most of them b ught from thres to live years agj; very
•nperlnr Port, bottled In Oporto. Alan, a few casks of ola Bran
dies and several cases of very rare Hock Winn. and Chat Yqneoi,
sll of which I offer at itaeoaable prices. 0. UEANZ, No. 1 kg
ehange Hock. ocl#
111 Mai i street.
Has nfade large additions to hts stock, by reoent purchases —
y-00Military W-rkt by thi best authors; CU) s andrrd aaln.lt
eeflanecns n ivsls. In ehesp and Library binding; Travels. Blngra
pry, and hist >ry; YOO B hies, isr.e and sm'dl, ctmuoi acd ftney 1
blauirg; 10>O New Testsmer w; A 0 Hymn Books; 9i0 Pi aver
Bos kt; IB 0 Popular 8 :Vol Books, lOsl.ihW llaadla. bluff Blue,
ant tt'tuiu knve ope ; 860 Beans No'.e, Letter, Cap, end Folio
P. it Paper; 1000 Blank Bnolct such as ledgers, J .u-nala, Cash,
Invol c. Day B ok. At; Mt-,000 pvgas of Music; Viol to Ranjoe,
' Fifes. Plates, Violin htr nee, Ar .00 Gold Pens, w.lh end without
handles; JUM) packs Playing Cards, common and first quality.
yIHUIVlA APPLE HUAND¥.-4U hble pure Vlr
^alaupp'e Dandy,Hr (alaby
To f As Kditnr of tkt Wkig:
An Alabama gent'eman, who tskss ear* (o let ua
know that he waa io Congress one-, undertakes, through
the columns of the “Whig," to instruct the Virgiiia
people *8 to their duties in reference to the senatorial
election. I think, as Alabama has already elected two
Senators, her o'd politicians might permit Virginia to
hsve two without their interference. But what are the
potent conedaratbns which this rx-Corg essman presses
upon tho Virginia public? 1st. That Mr. IJuiter wield
*J immense power and influence in the CjucciU of the
old Government. Concede this, and it strengthens the
argument ot those a ho oppose Mr. Hunter’s transfer
from present national position, where kit counsels
can be impressively oommuuuated to the whole Con
federacy, to ooe where they oan, iu the weaker branob
of the Confederate Congress, be but feebly enforced
It is precisely because, ui Premier of the Ad minis' ration
he cau be mom influential than in any other position
that some of Mr. Hunter’s warmeat admirers earnestly
protest against the iufl sauce of tho * who, tor some un
explained reason, ate trying to reduce him to the lee*
controlling position of Confederate State feet a or. I
confess, however, that I cm one of thcsi who have
been skeptical about the vast abilities aud influence of
Mr. Hunter. The course which a little hand of his fol
lower* are now endeavoring to make him pursue would
more than conti-m all tho doubts which I bavo filter
tain^d on th’s point. No in in of really great abilities,
aud of that true ambition which great abilities inspire,
could be induced to exchange the pUce which Mr.
Hunter now holds in the Esecuiive Department of the
Government, during Its first Administration, for a seal
in the Senate. The fact that he cousen's to such a conr,o
is conclusive that he i« defective in high intellect, or in
that strong nerve, without which high intellect Is of no
value The allegation that Mr. Ranter exercised any
contrclling itfluence in the old Government, is easy to
nuke, but, hard to prove. Afurr fifteen oi twenty years
servi;e in the old Congress, wfcat great measure, promot:
ing the interest oi his country, do we owe to Mr Hunt
er? His Land Bill was the measure upon which he
stakid most—aud his friends never feel pleasant when
that is named. Wherein has the old Commonwealth of
Virgiuia, or oven Alabama, derived tnaterisl bemfit from
the power and icfiuence of Mr. Hunter? Pshaw! M .
Hunter ha* shown a good deal of shrewdness, not as a
statesman, but ss a politician. Ha,.end his little set, are
•'ways very kind and liberal to bis political opponents
when elections impend. The suspiciors of their own
friends, which they then incur, are always removed by
the etrict and rigid fidelity wi h-which they obey far'y
rule after they eccomplish their purports. Virgin inns
have memory, if ex Congressmen from Alabama have
none. ,
21. The nrxt point which our quondtm Congressman
from Aikbima presents to the Virginians is, that Hr
Hunter basso much chancier and ir. 11 lence throughout
the South, that hi* absence from the 8“nate would be t
national calamity. This would be a good Ard if it had
uot been so often played. ,:pon this cry tho Virginia
d-mucracy wire carried iu the Presidential contest for.
Hunter, ever Wise. When brought to the lest in the
Charleston Convention, I do not rc member that Sou hern
admiration for Mr. Itunler bb.-d T ry freely. Opm
this assuror ce, Virginia was pnv died upon to present
Hr. Hunter as in r car.d.da'e for the I’resideory. The
Southern support of Mr. Huoter was so small that the
pride of etery Virginian wa« stone at tho exhibition —
Now this old song I* again on tho placard.
lid. Tho “ Secretaryship of State" is a sinecure! one
in which Mr. Hunter's abilities cannot find play. Is our
now Government (hns to be pronounced,in our own pub
lic sctlon, a uullity v Is the Virgiuia I.egislaturethus to
declare its expe la ion thjat the Southern Confederacy is
to couti. u> to o:eut>y solnsiguificaut a pl*ce Iu the great
family of naiiose, that Mr. Hunter is belittle! by con
tinuing any farther connection with our foreign affiirs?
What more glaring declaration of distrust of our strength
and permanent nationality, could l>e made, than wiil be
nude by the Virginia Legislature, when ip elects Mr.
Hunter to the Senate on this reasoning g The fact that
hi* friei d i venture to press him upon this ground, is a
cot elusive argument again*! his election. We have to
f*ith in ourptsiiion as a t ation, and hence Mr. Hunter
must he taken from the .State Department. This is wirre
than a weak argument. It is a’ the origin of a naiidn,'
its first outset in life, th&t i'B foreign relation* require
the ablest management. Thomis J fTurson was Secre
tary of Siate, when the FjJer.il Government was in its
infancy. If Mr. Hunter underrates the value of the pc
sitiou which ho now bolds, he baa the consclitiou to
know that his distrust is shared by a gentleman from
Alabama, who sat in Congreis for four years. But tbs
gentleman and Mr. Uuuter have the misfortune to d (Ter
in their estimate of the important of such position)
from some of the first men whom America has produced.
As I said Thomis Jefferson was Secretary of State, when
the Fud-ral Government waa^u its infancy. Iu the e^
ly days of the Federal Republic, thn plaos was fi'lod
successively by such Virginians as Edmond Randolph
Jjhti Marshall, Jaiues Madison, and James Monroe, in
later days it was tided by John g. Adams, Henry Clar,
Louis MiLaue, Daniel Wobs er, and John 0. Calhoun,
if the position could employ such abilities m tbore, it is
curious tbat it should be too small for Mr. K M. T.
Hunter. Lst gentlemen who urge Mr. Hunter for the
Senate,.foi bear to do so upon grounds which are *o oh
noxicui to just crithism as this. Wh. tbcr Mr. Hunter
wante to get out of the illustrious p'see, which he now
fills, is bis own matter. Hut tbat he should use the
moral power of Virginia, ss_ as io inti ct*. blow on the
public confdjcoe, in tbe a ah lily of our Government, is
the matter of tbe people.
If Mr. Hunter seeks to jump from tile preainl fc’gli
place into tbe Senate, simply to (xoinds some one «bo
is not cf his cl'que, that, too, ii a movement which t\.
people w II forbid, in loses not to be misunderstood, i
th nk 1 see a bnJy or young, talented and vigorous mru
naw assuming control in this State, who will not p.r- ‘
mil professional politicians around Mr. Hunter to rtilid
th^m. The hand wiiiicg is on the wall. The engine
m ties swiftly, aud the Fogies had better k.ep clV the
a viRni.«itav who w mvrit cotroRKss.
To I hi Kiitor cf hi Whig:
You will confer a favor ou me by correcting an errer
into which I wot inadvertently betrayed, by net having
before me either tbe U. a Constiiu ioa or the 0. 8. Con
stitution, when I prepared the article entitled " Tn aaon
a State, and not a Federal, off'uc*." A distinguished
friend has kindly brought to my notice the ertor I com
mitted, and I 1 a>teu to oorrect it The mistake, to
wbiuh I tefer, consisted iu my sta'in; that both tie
Federal and tbe Confederate Constitutions authoriz' d
Cougrrai to diflne Treason, whereas, In fac»/theoffenie
is (ipr.fslj d. fined in each of these Instruments, while
“ the laws of Congress il J but provide for qarrying out
tbe provision of the fundamental U*.
I am happy, however, in believing that the mislnke
was no*, a vital one, and does not at all affect the valid
ity of the argument, which was intended to show tbat
sovereignty resided ia the Sutei, as the prineipium it
font of all political power, and that treason consisted in
the denial aud usurpation of sovereign power by overt
acta of vioIeDoe, and could not be committed against a
mare agency, call it by wbat name you choose.
I pres lino the error I committed arose from the fact
that bath the Constitutions authorize Congress to dec'aic
the punishment of treaaco, while I was under the ire*
preesion thatfpi'.hority was given to define the c fierce.
' •* Camp ni*r Yo»ktww», }
December lb, 1801. j"
To Iht K lit or of th» M'fiig:
Being an humble private in tbe ranks of the Ccnfed
trite army, and, as such, being as much entitled to the
benefit And protec ion cf law and justice as tbe higVet
officer in the land, whether c'vil, judicial o* military, lb:
writer respectfully requests a small space in the columns
of your valuable juurosl, as his only means of bringing
to the notice of our present Legialiture, an egregious
blunder, which he, in common with every one of our
gallant volunteers with whom he has conversed, Lone.-tly
believes tbe 8'a‘s Convention in its last section coimrlt
te1, io its ordinance concerning the reorganization oi the
militia of the State. Among the alterations propoet d
in said Convention, wc observe that all men cepiule of
bearing arms between the ages of twenty-ona and thir
ty-one years, are put in the active class, eubj :ct to te
oalled first into service, whilst those between the ages
of eighteen aid %enty-one, and thir'y-one and fjrty
tive, have been put in tbe reserved class—tolu'ly ignor
ing the claims to bs put in the reserved clefs, of these
volunteers who were the first to enlLt, whose ages may
be tft-twecu twenty one and thirty-one, aud whose term
i rf service wdi expira at the end of the twelve mouths
(or which they enlisted. It is a fact generally admitted,
that most of our present volunteers are between the ages
oi tweuty-on^aud thirty-one years, and that their pre
sent term of enlistment will t apire some Time daring
next spring; but why there shot 1 i have been this dif
c; imit ation made by our Oonvenlion, against a certain
class of,cur citizens, and in favor of another doss, of a
curtain ege, whtn il. have an tqial interest in the suc
cess of a common cause, which is that of our country,
the same ability to wield the s* ord in ifa defence, the
nf iKu damn td«* and lost thmnrh not least the
Mine tax re to pay, it t^ll is the comprehension of most
meu to coi j teture.
We think it nothing more than right and fair towards
ihh community, to let eveyy man capable of br&rijg
arms between the ages of eighteen and forty-fire, who
has not prerinosly been in service daring the war, tak ■
sn equal chance to be drafted or not drafted into ser
vice, provided that method should bare to be resorted
to, in order to keep an efficient army In the field.
It is, moreover, uuderetood that a bill u about to he
iutrodneed Into the Legislature for the purpose of
farcing into service sgain those volunteers whose term
o' s.rvico will expire at the end of twelve months,-ur
l.ss they re-enlist immcdiiUly. Whan Lincoln issued
hie notorious p,-- e’.amatiou of April last, tbrextening to
sulj igate the South, and we eaw the immioeut dargsr
with which our country was threatened, and, with a pj
iriotic fire and xifl, rushed forward tb its defenc*, and
endured all the hardships and privations, thtx djngtri
and exposures cf the prMent campaign, lulls did ve
imagine that, because we were the firat to obey our
country's call in -the timo of lie greatest need, it would
subject us to the ban of bsieg immediately pressed iu'o
aervioe at the expiration of our present term of enlist
ment. As a consideration for the oobli chivalry of
t ipse who were the liist to obey the call of duty and
pitrintism in volunteering their services and ex nosing
their lives in defence of their country, we think it noth
ing more than just, that those vcluntoers whose term of
eilistment expires at the end of twelve months should
bs pat in the "reserved clies," without respect to age,
with the privilege of remaining in the reserved class, nr
of reorganising themselves into cotfpauie-s, battalions or
r -gimeti's, alter being mustered out of service, arid (n -
listing again as they may elect.* If left to the free will
of the volunteers, there is but litrie doubt that the most
of them will readily re-et list immediately at the expira
tion of their present term, should their services bn
net dad; but they bate an invincible horror of any
measures being taken to coerce them into service again,
whilst so Urge a portion of onreitix -ns bare remained ail
-the time at their quiet homes, attending to their buaimea
mattrrs, never having expended their first dollar in t! c
cause of the Southern Onnf.-deracv, with their horn s
and tffjcU protected from invasion and spoliation by
the enemy, by the bravery and self saciificing spirit of
those volunteers who have left home, tfleets, business
matters, and f iends that were near and dear to them,
to mott tfle mercenary foe, and turn back the tide of
invasion from our soil. It is to be hoped that our pres
ent Legislature will take this matter iu hand, end divest
it of iis most obnoxious features; otherwise there will
be a vast deal of d ssatisfactiou, if not commo.ion and
insubordination, in acme of our triopj at the expiration
tiou of their term of service. Moping that this appet I
may fi id a place in your valuable and intl-iential newspa
per, I am, Ac., A SOLDIER.
To thi Klitor of the Whig:
In the present ei'gency of public effiirs, it is mot
important to the future interests and prosperity ol V r
ginia, as it is due to her: lauding among her sister State?,
that she should lie represented in t nuncils of tl o
Confederacy by her ablest and mos. sperienccd sods.—
The fire: Congress, by its legslation, will have a power*
ful and endnritig it finance in shaping the permaiert
policy of thi Confederacy, and of materially srt' cJrg,
'tr we.1 or woe, the interests of Virginia. T.i grapple
successfully with the important quettious which will »<
oessarily come before tixat body fer consideration atd
det»rmii ation, ar.d to encounter in debate the this* n
champions of adverse views and interests, will require
the ripest statesmanship and abilities of the highest or
der. The mive tyro in politici, or the popular declaim
er at the hostings, would be out ® place iu such an aa
simblage, and would figure only as cyp'ictsin the deter
mination of issues vitally affecting the prosperity of the
With this impression of the necessities of the occasion,
I oinfers to a surprise at tho indications of opposition
and hostility 10 the eiectiou of Ur. Qunter tn lie Seua'e
of the Confederate Stairs, la my opinion they savor
aimuch or folly as it jostle}. For a quarter of seen
tury he has represented the priucipl a and interest* of
Virginia in the Gongna* of the Uuited States, and tb >
record can be feirleesiy appealed to for the fid 1 ty an 1
ability with which h} discharged his trust, A Sta'enuau
in the Urges’ cense of the term, he has held himself
aloof from the petty tq tabbies and degrading atrifes of
personal politics, and ho* devoted his bril'isnt talent* to
the great questions, domestic and international, which
have interested and agitated the country. Never mine
ceasarly thiu-ting bimrelf into debate, bis irtrrances
were always regarded with profound atgantion, and, where
they fall id ol producing conviction, cotntianded respect
(Xrcum reel and j idielntis in council, pnmptand dec. Jed
ia ration, courteous to friend and conciliatory to tfppo
nent, his manner and habit of theugbt ara eminently
Senate rial, and in no other position can be s.rve his
> tite with i> much advantage to her, aud honor to him
Virginia cur not afford to diipacai with lha aervioaa of
eusb a man In the prevent emergency. Nor should she
be regardless of their Tnlu» and importance to the C■r
fedsracy at large. Many of the distinguished Sta!esn“«
•elected by her aitt'r* of the Confederacy, (o r parent
them in their First Senate, have for many yean been as
sociatfd with him in the councils of the old Government,
and bare regarded him with respect and admlratl'c; st.d
it worfd he to them a matter of surprise and regret wer"
he not cf them, and among them Our glorious <11
Commonwealth, tho Mother of S’ates end S'e'iati-e,
ehould t.0‘, by ostracising her distinguished for, j >opard
the proud pre-eminence which has been to readily ae
-eordid to her by brr Southern Maters, for by to one
within the bounds of her broad demaia ctu it bo mere
flrmly secured and perpcuitei tbinby Rt M. T Hun'e
Irr Dzror, Due. 26, lbtil.
7'<* tin Kditor of th* Whigi
1 hope it will meet with your approbation (at (be
proper lime, to aopgeut the names ot Lou tenant M .urv
and Judge Broketbrough ae our Senators from Viigii ia.
T.etu two men have h^d nothing to do with Yankee
dondiedum, and are the men fur the times.
• Yours Iruly,
• [Frvu t!i«* l»n !oi Her* .1.]
The I ties news from America informs that Ms Lin
coln bat acdveJ at last t)ue politiosl stioetsi Hsjti<«
converted Maryland, and that Stale, undt r ti e
ti>n of twenty fire thou anl bayorets. "voles the l> l> •
ticketth:-t is to say. gives a tii jo-i y in the vsHn-.s
dcclotdul disfric's in Livor or the Federalist cinciiUI- i
lor too State L»gi iattiro and ctfl rial eUua'ijna. *
We ceittinly think that little weight wru'd be attach el
to voiis girsn under aeoh conditiou* in any K-irrpe.n
country. Maryland is uu^er martiil U» Her L>tri<*
Hire lias be»n dispersed by ann*>d violence, tho mij ui
ty of both Ilona s are in Fed-rat prisons, under the war.
rant of llib Secretary of 8 ate—in direct defiance <•( tl e
laws as laid down by tho Supreme Court of the LVit-.l
by set of Oongrexr. Her journal* hare been srix .1
suspended, ruined ; the presses brokeu, the editots »i t
to jtol. She id held down forcibly by au army otH -
cupation. Bah] to number 23,000 men, amid a popuiaiio
of little over 700,000, au artnvbacked by Sir * iho troo-a
within a few hour*' march of Baltimore. The Gere I
command og that army has given or l»r* for the a>r ••
of a 1 voters suipected of sympathy with the Cooff!'
ratc States—that is, of every one ! k»ly to vote again •
the “ITo'on ticket* The election’s are to be mad • efts •
the arrest of every leading mao of th# opposition rr
moderate parties, under the bayonets of Federal troops,
who have eltcwhere shown that murder i,i cold blood i
at bast as much to their tastes as tlgh'iog, while i is a
good deal less dangers in the present state of di-ci -
line, and in the toul absence of til legal protection for
life, liberty, or property. Tnere are a certs in numb'r of
mm in MtryUnd, as elsewhere, sufficiently drgrtdtd or
sdficirn'ly bitter in th“ir partisanship to vote under such
circums'crces. and from tb*»e only wili there come a t
approval of Mr. Lincoln1* police—an approval given a«
by the rerp’cublity and intelligence rf t'e State—tb t
is to be sought in Tort McH/tiry, or iu homes tun ed int
prisons, or at bes’ In digusted sbitinerco from a vot
wh ch has b-come a mockery—but by every element th *
Udargrrou* to society and hrs tic to liberty. From bl
own proclamations and this# of bis generals—(run bis
vio! ations of I iw, hi* outr ige - on the j rdgee, h:s violet ce
to tbs L-gislaturc, hU careful r?p'e»,to:i rf ail free op: •
•on—rot from votes given in th* prasenas ofill-dleeialin
ed militia with loaded rill s—Tint Mr. Lb crlu’r p-nliim
towards fbevlf* Its of M.-ryland, and lism’r f.c logs to
wards him be judg ’d. 3’ ch cn’ragee as have been cot:,
mitted lo that State by his authority*were never yet p\r
alleled ntiJer the most lawless of British Govern mei.tr ;
nei her by Cromwell, or William of Drang# in Ireland,
uor by Charles If. in Scotland; they luv# been cq-islicd
only h reckless defimee of constitutional right snd dts
regard rf sol smn oaths by one other Republican ui»gis
irate—too man who imprifoued for a few days more then
half th* L'glslativo Assembly of Franco But the imlf «
tor of Louis Napoleon should rent ni'rcr that there is on
’ly ore absolution for such crime—mccrs». Beaten 11
war, Mr. Lincoln will find as little mercy as he desem-s
for the tyranny ho baa exercised at home.
One thing at l-tatt hja hitherto been suppos'd to di<
tiftguish the treatment of pol ticsl prisoners by civil * I
governmen's. We may find it necessary to ioiprsc t
them t»transport them, perhaps to hang them; but we do
not ill uw them. We ru‘ject them to no annoyarce.degr c
d.ition, or »'fieri: g not emential to their position au(J t.
the d ie « icecution of the law. $i!vio Peldeo and Ft lit e
Orsini inlorm ns that even th# ei'crated Austrian alines
to hi-* state nriaonets th# d-v'r.c'ea and ogpifurt* of a ca -
•ivc lifo. Naplc* uni Anierica afSgrd t!:n only esc-')
tione. The gentle men sent to Forts McHenry and l.
ravefte, were among the best born and hrej in Mxrjlar >i
—politically the equals, socially by far the superiors ■ f
Mr. Howard and M-. Lineolr. They hive been trra' '
Et gland does not treat her (clots We mutt aprd -
gise for the insertion of the foilowirg details, but we ti •
sire to give the President his due
From Fust Lafayette—the Am'rt’can B utile—one ec -
tieman writes to his wife seerollv, rot being permitted
to do so bv.the gaolers : “ We are clostlr confined in -
strong p-imn, denied ail intercourse with any hcm>
being out-ide ; are not permitted to write, or to r#c»i» •
newsnapere, and are under s'riot prison discipl u-,
guarded bt night and day by sddiers. and treated ex
actly as felons in the pat herniary.except tba’we are m t
y<t rsqtired to work. Our prison is a missive, gloom >
building, forming a hollow ;qlitre, and covers th# whrl
island on which it is built. SiV#n of ui are confined : t
one casemate, and sleep upon straw bedt. without ri'
lows, ard with but one blanket. W« drink wretched
cofiie, which is composed of parched beans, and sen e
O'hcr vile ingredient, from tin caps. Four ounces of
bread at each mea', and me tattcat pom, wnicn we can
not ti^neh, ard some prtttid beef, are served np. Our
money was sll taken from us immediately on f.nr ariiv'
and we were very coldly told that we onnid only have it
mi our goalers choee to allow it to us. We are not prr
mitted to keep p°n, ink or piper, for f. a- our wrettboi
situation shorfd bo mnd» known to our friend* ”
In Fort McHenry the diet of the prisoners is: “ Bresl
feat—‘at p ok. no lean; fou. ouqc*’h of bread, and t*n
cu(|of dirk liquor called ccffse. Dinner — four curie* *
o' bread, one rup of puk soup, three ounces' over-boik <,
lean, indigestible be* f, and as itu-h tepiS water as r
choose." It must bo remembered that these geatlcin *
have committed no crime,arc accused rf nous, have h*i
no tr:al, and beard no charge against them. Toey a ••
suspee'ed of “secessionist sympathiesin the phrase *:
the French R**rgn of Terror, they are «ew/»»»nr» f* i •
suspects. Their imprisonment i» a violation of ail lie,
Plato ami Federal, for which Mr. I/ocoln is consiitmk i •
ally liable to i opcacbment, and for which, whm order i
vstorsd, he and his agenU any—and if cutyht withi
the jtrMdlotion of Maryland aiU—be severely and i'l.-tw
punished If the following b* true, which we very much
diubt, thev may not imp obably incur o’ber tl.au leg, I
chastisement when the season of rrckoniog arrives -
"In the very d:strict consecrated to freedom, in
a;ght of the mfinished monument to the memory it
i s spnstle, women aivuuouicd to the rebutments ar,.l
the hixuiiee of life have been kept cijS) priVMH'i*-i o
one, however near to their afl -ctionv, periled to up.
proioh them; no femtlc attcid*nt alloMW, watch'd
centinnouslv by ruflloily men who uever ftft theta fer •
momen*, and at the snggestio ; of malice or c irios’ty,!.
diet hue beer completelv »tri| ped and Narcbmi iu tie J
pwer co of these sons of! bertv.
ft roust not he forgotVe’i •!'»' English meueud wnm.u , (
equally wi h Amtricms.ue’iable to such treatment 11 tl c |
ples«ure of Mr. Sewird.orony of his civil or mil tiry euf
ordinates. Itbccomrs t ques'ioo ofmiiius iu intent phat
F.nglard will do under such circutn«ts*cev. What the
rnuroe of the present Government whl tie in the mie of
Mr. Korwood, or in auy inch worse outrage as may ait.
dsy be off 'red to a British (ubject, we cannot pretend to
gurus. Of this we are certain, that aubmUs on to th
wrong would cost I,ltd Russr'l bltnott as dearly as i'e
perprtrition will cost tho Ametican Govern met. t. We
slncere’y trust that the people, if r ot the Cabinet of th*
North, will bs wise and just iu tim-, and will not compel
us to mingle in a Strife which we at,her.
IjtfUK nniRi ;yo T«r» %rn; «m.i»n* w»va,»
Cigars, tro . Nrw Orlrsns at.I Otia'Uat >, Hie ifaet*. bran.li
ofO irwtne ^ Sin .ktoe Tub icm, fjr tale, «bjl«s*le anffeUli
by MIA1>> a UaKaR, D.uyyty^, 1 r** Main Street, corner abets
P. O.____e V*
C.niB«.- Dreadoy. I'm Teeth aid Pocket ) nti. an tie
gant aaawtaaal* re. aalv by DjVt t 00.. Waa.aselt On y
fist*. 4<H
Never tin the lere'.i y of do pelr (minted In mere eub
j limrl/ di«m.: ro'o af'.au In t1,* M oeieg poem wLcb
! ipprand fl-tt rbtu; fix yea's •?". sad il still, we hi*’
! »ve, without au kr ow lodged author .
We met ’neath tbe ectndlog rafter
Ar.d tbe wells sroor.d are hire,
Aa tt.ry about to our peals ol laughter
it f e ms that the d- id are llere.
B it rtaod to ycu* ?'*•**. shady.
We drink to our romred’s eyte,
Q iafT a cup to the dead already ; ’ •
And hurra! lot the uext that due.
Nat here are the goblets glowing; ( •
Not here is tbe rjntsge sweet;
Tie cold, as our hearts are growirg,
And da. it, as the doom we meat.
Bat etaud to your glieses, steady !
And scon eha.l cur pulsas rise—
A cup to tbe dead already ; * •
Hurra! for the uixt itiaidial.
Not a s’ph for the lot that dxi Her;
N H a tesr far tbe friends that aiuV;
We’il lal!, ’midst the wine cup’s spa klrs,
As mute as the wine we diick.
So stand 10 your glaves, stead; !
Tut this that the respite buys.
One cup to the dead already;
Huirat! for tbe at it that die*.
Time was when we frowned at others;
We chough! we wire wiser thei;
Hs ’ ha ! let 'Asm tbii k rtf thru mother*,
Wno hops to see them agaii !
Mo ' stand to your gl twee, sleet’«’
Tne thoughtless are here the wise;
A rup to the dead already,
Hurra ’ for the next that dire,
There’s many a band that's shaking;
There's mac; a cheek that’s suck;
But soon, though our hea'ta are breaking,
They’il burn with the wine we're drunk.
Hu stand to your gUsses, stead; '
Tie here the rerival lies,
IA i up to tbe dead ahead};
Hurra ' for the beat that dire. ■.
There's * mist on the glass Congealing ;
Tis the borr'i’me’s riety bresth ; .
Ail thus doer the warmth ot feeling •
Toro ice in the grasp of death.
U i1 star'd to jour gla res, ateadj,
Kor t moment the vapor liiss ;
A cup to the dead already ;
Hurra f for the next tbst die*.

Whs drredt to the duat returning ?
Who ebrioks from the table el ore ?
Where tbe high and haughty ye; ruing »'
Of tbe soul shall Ming do more.
No! stand to your plaseer, steady,
Tbe world i* a world of lie*;
A rup to >be d>ad alrecdy ;
Hurra! for the next that die*.
Out efi' from tbe laud that bore ui,
B-tier’d by tbe tend we bad,
Where tbe brignest bare gone oeforc u<,
And tb" dullest remain behind.
SUaa! stand to your glasses. steady !
Ti* ail we have left to pt is ;
A i up to the dead already ;
And birrs 1 lor the text that dies. .
From the Naihvttla ITn'an and A ter. lean.
itrxrrt. hi it tore Union and American —It was to b*
| licpidthel bua.uag ko'-a trout the old Governra ot at
Waahiogtou, aod establishing a new oca at BtcbmocJ,
we would In re let. Oeiitnd the great mass of oorrop:iO(i,
arid insolem*' of offie 1 holders abo.it the various depirt
meu's, but we fear tb it .o Jj-iraUe a result has not b. ca
at’wined. Every one familiar with mattera wod thing*
about the old Capitol wdl Recollect the very disgusting
supercillo linear of the dtpp’r little underlings in lasting
tbe “Maible Hells” of the aavr ril departments of tbe Gov
ernment bold ng various degree! of clerkships and charg
ed with the execution of certain public duties, for which
they were hvndtom ly paid. Nothing could exceed tb*
grandeur of theirsirs in theirti’ment of geoilrmcn who
called at th«lr desks in the prosecution of any business.
Like valets r f a British Lord, tbry were dreared it finitely
monr tobly than lU-ir betters ir higher positioo«, and at
LcLd a demeanor the moel pi.roiil'Ug toward, country
genii men who were compelled to came ' betwixt the
wi d and their nobility."
Being c’o *n a'. Richmond, recrntly, and havir^ busi
ness with s ve al of tbe D-par-mems, I was pained to
obwuve to*’, our uew government bad a supply of Gen- t
try of this character.. It seemed as though W**htagtd&
had er pt ed rself upon Richmond. How mtry tnero
were who bad been fattened upon the •• tl-shpota" at tbe
od Capitol, wecruldcot say certaiulv,but most of them
bore tbe u .mist k- able mar t. They hag tbe same »u
pored our look and action, '.he suite high stand and mag
o:fircnt sweep, and appeared to have tb* furl hang of
making tfemselves s* odious is possible io the eves Of
every one who wee thrown with them, and looking down
with cm temp’ upon ev.-rv one, eivn g and excepting
their “ master,” towards who®, cf course, their bearing
partook rt'.her the h'gh bred independence f ?; of the
Spaniel, thin of jj.iitl-mm of spirit 1 1
We wonder, sometime*, if ths heaus of Department*
from wbom they get “the;r hr -ad and butter" are aware
how high their employee? carry their heat's before the
“people?" WAtuerv not, in charitv or tbeir disks might
soon be vacated for barter mm. But it is a mailer wor
thy of ’bcir serious atten'ion, for no littli of tbe popu
larity, to say nothing of the»rti ;iescy, of a “government"
thperde upon the good manner of tbe subordinate (di
I am cot *Ioi*e, Messrs E iitors, in the above visws,
r.ft hundreds —esay ba thousands—can testify who have
had occ-tiou to become rcipiaiotcd with the clerk “gen
livitg illustrations of tlioso the great dramatist detiu. a *
M m.rkr.l bjr—“ tha iwoVnen of tfti*-." B.
11ftY: Bee tabayi and tierce*, Spirit* Tmrpantita, la bbl*
for »le by
•■( IOMOND. DAVtllPORT k 00
PAIkUR - 1W» hbiw family Pne Rrtra Superfine flour, (or
• ale 03 fsaiijremenl by A. V rrTOKEffilO. «ei«
BRA ItDV•—M CO’j fare Oatawby BraoJy, for ■edldual
psrrowee. for isle Re w rrr» iomin. a 00 . Dmniei
Ginger, so lu.aeo around Gioyrr, fur aale by W PATIJODN
k 00 , Drury III__or*
ruir HKI'K(Vhl), and for ealo at
MORRIS' BookHorr,
IS.) yrnae Playing Card*; SOI du Cedar Pend a; 1000 d> Hrel
Pen-; lOftQ do Pen 'folde r 1ft» dozen Port Moualer, Buck Pu.re*
aLdP-eL books; ftoo dozen luck and Pldit Muvrr. buukz.lv
gether with a 1 »rge aez .r.meot of stationery reft
CIOM SNTKATED L\ E.-S .aaeaun hand,fir rale by
; irj « D0\ R k GO
Gi n A R A 51 It .-SU bale! U«ci Arable SB; to 4nd l.a u.f.
fur aalt by Irova a o«. _ _ __u*14
GHASiO.—'u luvzUrltri, P uaphatle iruaao, lur zalr by
riHCSUEl) LOAF RDOAM, In atom Oct 21A.
"j VS bble Lorerlngi and N. V Steam Rayar H-An lag Oompaay,
far aaia by Wu WA Ll.acE SONS, turner Pearl and Pare er
RAAA LMk, While auJBiowa Pint Pitlm, In U!. lor
Ov/UV aale by WM SATfuf K A Co .
bui __141 Main zlrref.
U IVtSA 0(0AttS.—A lot of yeoalo* Havana Olyarr,
tvj do-, fur tala by W. pmdSO.V A 00., ISA M il
Street , deh
H1IAND ffl.1IK|AOAttr-ll rvort a twpwrlor let
of Ryt and c Inter Oat*. 1m a* i d. Tkiet war-cog * reperlvr
arJt.ef.il belle- cellaopu. OtOdfiP WATT A CO. aelt
BACON.-l.fr» J.-e prime Mouctaln Baeco
S tier oca New Alow, j oat recarvtd and for tv *
by RT. w. Wooldridge,
•etl » 1RU. Bzrue*. m
SHOV* —We hbee to-day rceatved by tiprau, MDcaeea of
ntoee. anorttd; ca cohltgamenl, lu which wr lorUt barg. iu.
, no V—3w AT VTORrS.
Gillaft AND MlAfK IBAI) Sue »‘d Madeli*
Wine, Id bottle*; choice ol l R/t Wblaky, tad on* that ebrr
ry-Stote Brandy, for aale by A » MOCHA A|r*h oell _
WINT.—ftOboita Claret WUr; 4 quart.r cazke pal* Bherry
Win*, tf da* ouallly.fov tale by
P— KPPAt -Bft bzz rroon.l Pepper, a eu .eilor mticl*. Mr
aa’e'.y w. PWPHItO* A 00 . Oray/leM, t.A Main Metal
\TlAHfiit ATrRNTIOR —not oim^m b.*w
,U oa hiod, aaJ are macnlac-urlitf Sra-z per-aed I*. I fra, urv i
Bah re, Crew* cannons, A •, fer Mllta.y C»pi, bad wish w eaU the
aleroloa *1 Ibe mrhtary •« <k* fact.
Crdcra pibmptl.r mica l. J to. v
AU I aZAri of inquiry oruzt coi.Ula itamp to pay retain pa Rack.
Bran la vf III zlaej an r Jatlyni made To oler Alai, zlhal, .t.ii
r'lz rr.r markteg coding made l> order. LEWIS a tiaVTC.1,
Brand Oattrn, I it I between Mala and Cary alrevta
An dr M.hy malt, Lew!* k K .jtoa, Bc( Pb\ Rtabmvad. Va
Srimi**.-Wrought bpikaate aal* by ’ "

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