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I -
If' Nxw Yxaas D*t—Yeeterday waa almo« a “gaUday’’
K ia thia city, Tn# weather waa debghtfal, reminding
B u» of th* ethereal mildnee* of Spring No one^remem
^ beiwd a more auspicious beginning of a jeer, » far *»
tie weather waa concerned, and all united in the hep* thi I
ihi in nhiir hilwv i:r iq4 rraiii •••pifiMirt wen
£b£-utf gl*d»L * the f^w. The weutlmr aod
ikt wfiiiiw irdjc#4 » iwnerei iDKfTiaci •» *• ■!
\ a holiday. Th* mdewalci were cocseqatntfy thronged
with p’o'plr teekiog -rj lyateat or extreme. U some cl
the streets th* crowd* of negro*# w titiog to he hired oat
lor the year, aweU*d th* geoeral tun out of th* popula
tion. . , _
Th* 1 radio c event o' th# day waa th* ■rMpUOO at
the Presidential waieioo, lasting from 11 M. to . r. w.
liun-irede ol cit'seos and voj. ornera, including ;ouu
m-rahl* ladiea, paid thtir re»u*cta 10 the Pretideoi,
who ebook hand* with each oue, and exshanged tie
"eompliaicata of the season” with that grace and siuvity
nf manner which distinguish him. The Armies Baud
waa atauoued in (-out ot the inmsiou, from 1 unit 2,
and enlivened the ecasion by some to* mus c.
Between 2 aud 3 o clock, the Governor’* mansion was
viaiud bv a largo Burner of gsntie-Aeu, «ho Called
up tn hit Excellency ‘o with him a "Happy Ne* Year. ’
They w«r» not permitted to letve nuul they had par
tikm of hit hospitably, which waa uipeuaed on this oc
can-on in the ahaos o a big bowl ot app e-toddy, to
which the visitor* were welcomed »y the Governor and
hi* aids. The Armory B.od also perlormed here du
ring thia conviviaii.y. Krerybody aremed SO he in fin#
spirit* vesierda-, aud it oniy wanted the newt of eome
I important ditcomfltar* of tho Taakeen to render the ju
' btlatioo cxcewive.
Kama's Cot ar.—J H. Pailiips, Caroline Phillips, and
Ann Overby, were before th* Mayor, y.wterday, Charged
with viomutir aaaaultiug Mrs. Maria S. Tuiptu. The
complainant rents a mom in Phillip* noose, aud »ome
miwraderetatidbig eri iuu in r yard te the breaking of s
4 >jv, frou “mgh w xds" the pari:-a gx to blows, and
i ha r pulling Tn- Mtvi-r remanded tn* accused for at
dic iu-c' by tbe G.-at d Jur».
a Per doe, charg- d w sssa .Jtirg Wm. Johnson,
w* rtonire1' to f*vn -ecartiy in the sum of 5140, to
I ke*p be peace
S moo Greenbe-ry, uhirged with a as*.'dug ' unutti t
b L Tay or. in the >1.. Ba-xc:, was hned(*li».
I\M The ewe ot G.-o. V oke, uuargad wiin assaulting Ann
Carter, wav t-oouuoed.
As StrrxarxistSi dtiXSTiD —Trough uoeoree time than
the p:event could be aelected tor th* comm.-nceeieut of
h new paper, we are disposed to brlieve that if som? en
te-pu»mg man would start a daily journal at or near
Uaonasta Junction, the enterprise would prove success
ful. Tn* sheet tired not be a very arc* one, and, if
coccusieii with spirit, would had ready oalo not only in
Um ci -s, but in tb« noighouroaod tom pa. L real uci
J.*atp . 'amp life, obituary records, and various oth. r
ms-! *r .ot deriv'd Irour other sources of information,
would MUX a Wide c rculauon for such a journal.
rinat Btu —AUrge company oi lirtttun residen s,
orjorvd ..emeelvcs, at JfonucrUj Hall, Tuesday night,
hr a this ba’L The done og was tept op until an
ey'j hoi r yesterday morning, when the party dispvnn .1
1 »<|i plea.ed »i'h ths tight'* experieo**.
Ta* CstutiiKi Fin*.—Com piny 0, ot the Fir* Bii
g .da of this city Hr. Wm. Clem mil, comxauder have,
oontrihuted the >mu oi *ui) to the lued for lb* relit I ot
the Charleston eutf.rera.
j,)* DWtlh -a negro maa named, t. Ibcrl, a** b>
*7M*) teaen iv as N* yeir.-bto colir r b ar*. «h *k»r.
|1„ aider rko c ul, is .bool six (re. nigh, black kali; tua clot- ■
It* a able a eoa’. anl plaid vu-mer 0*0'a 1 k"-gftt rim In
Ok-t him i di I'r a>rn s ro*w,!«.‘ Tuesday. He *u sr-ujlll
y hereby t walknu named Or Tiumaa fi. Heal. of BanAud to ,
Mnet . Canliav—ef. af pre>».».* oa Saturday afteraros, ke
looeo two mad three u c ock.
I * 11 mre th- aauve reward (or him If aecar, 1 In *ny J dl »#
Aa* I ran e I hja da. MYKeS.
d.So -1m <i* Mala .treat. Wchmond.
V W ORIK IM W*M. KMS8S.-Id t»hto H O. Mato*
. v MI. ] r recalled, tor ul: '•/
jat-i'. OHaY T. WQkTHAM A 0«
CAA’tLK'OlP ’c pare Cull e foa ■, Wreceul in.
aonai.cn. ja irec.ived. ofij la .. re. Is- aale hy
dear_baCvN a st-KcatlLL
NINO THI it rr* SI IS.
fWWQK toav.inor he.gather!.:v» kill l J. Parol I and William
1 Y. Surer 1 U t »f hat he w dge««lee tor taelee iroDtha, a
ulmser ofcbmpa-i 'V Uki *»n - • a r almeoi tor lh. tyre -1 por
j m of maroll* :he Satie. Ice la uaa aioutd the arty il Uic
cowearie* fcrala* la A* oily n cooaiy, tor A • rprchtl
irjvlca, aid npp y tend. • db —
_ taj rrfi.u u>baiU> r cousij dr Orou* to eol at la comps
lR ay ' A." apply, »f *•*»•' o» la uerv o. oi
A J PANSita.’SOouatlr* loom.
W Shockr* VirdOJu, cr
WM. P. BCAWaU i Law 0*te.
Jtl-lf »*r>‘ *'rrt
■ " NOTICE. ~
nidi ease ru •» Xmwl’l MU Pries A fo.( Is dlmolvod
A Am dec hy . ml otlou The audoi><«ced wli root no Ae
hae acoe a* oeretefaie. an ise in • same of 'arn’l W. Prlre A
s*oumin« all Ae Hah'. tea of, ecd.rUllnj.il debudto,
the late ■ aeers.
KNHLI»H pilot t‘CO r Mr-One cm*, dark Ho*
heavy Knjtlah fdcl C.oA, la .tore and Kr »a.e toy
irti nacow A PartKYiymx
II* eraser;aewee cfea- hilar tv pay eaaa hi a.urlato mod A
jirhua,*., ue are compelled ’o ad pted the can', lyltr ■ la
acoa*evP.t*n, and nrtle a tut Pmwv. Cari na., Ae., moat bo as
rvmDueled slth. he mean.to en.a.e Heir excrolno.
Oj»4 fl*ii W.TT A CO.
u led la ibebodv and thr ng' ool the Cape, . ul A Ac regular
m l iory *oti . 4 i»u*. *1 Or a mtlHarr .niton or them,
p.rt.aulh vout Old Lid It to tie r luir set A c.lL
,*1 WM. UUPM1TM. JU Maa Aroo<.
WlPD.tW OCl*P AMO pem -*Ai* *# <uyplp €d Wlod.w
Qiuw and Pu iv, u.o aa Land tti fee »aie oy W. PBftl
MX A CO , If ’ Mtiojunv t._M
IU'ST BYCEtYKU.-'.hbde Snif c- Id onto Crooned »a
el If Inabto Pnwjirr i Ptrw, III hba C Yrllnw Sugar. 1# bu**
nsu.e- J k»u jf cl] P uchSeYolv. 5 bbto aid apple Uraady. lu
hog saperlorOid Wh .ry-. 't4 half bhto X* I **a.Uy L« Bento,
,ubbto Mo. 1 Pssi Vy Shot, 10 bh e Me. , S. C. Cut Herrins. . >»■
tot the emO. bAMBSON JO tit-. A*aul, Owner at Mala tad
* k rtrvrdh***7
SOLE LBktHKH. AvsaeMe Leather, joat receleed
ulhru<Mtu.')kM VILLI*, renter ltth eaJ Carp
* M mM>
tor hk.
IVL kl.UkXDI: R1LL t CO..haie lamed rot to to th* amoern
yy afateco thomaad to'la e, lo tecatp lira aad tt tp ee t bill*,
fee oar two irnaT *■■• — aad tor that tf the public; aad 1,
a..loader Hill, hare cade a deed, d-ewa op bp oac of toe am
kawcoto la Ur ektr. aad rwe-r lei la toe 3a<tlo«aCourt of i roper
tp Without la:cabruee. * able ibu eaMani of no I to of oar itotto
lor Idetr rt letopLca, aa ipeeidc-J, aoca pretoeuilnn.
| bee* tbi male out of war I.a'tax toerriaouinp I rotter to ice
that Ibu p celeiotot a’ toe deed arc oaoeatH,
P 1 -1 at .toe la or fervor* l.pipln*',.’ or »per root, tor tpe
Ialc wbiab win d bare to be ad Jed to the r ot of tap ttack the pri
me b Id* ewBu rally hi*n tlr*ad», top c-a^omeri tbatbp rare
•"•r** d«x him.
»*»> I'Ug kALK.
•,,A KtZkh AXk.n. of V'rrlaia muncfaelaro, oro-balf of
*>UU oeOS Una. J aa! 3, u,«iua« from 30 lo T3 poonde to tbs
dril l, as! aadc of Siodurwu, 8*»<. <d th.’c &o«; coedoteeL
Poe aato la *aaaat-leo to tar purchaser*, bp
Ir.u front b.cck, (Joecraor afreet,
pm__BLAmeod, ▼«.
,)A MHI.f. alcohol
toll v obko Week. k. U
- 1
£> d» Pp-* fvpuhkIM
Iw Or »blt* »»*»•
Id k • tup k'arb bo la
It Me Capprf I*
lot die Med -.nil Aran-lr
III# bee S bp id aa 1 lb bp li (i.tea
b Ibo rptoulrb Whittle
tntbai tdcwlnj Tiberoo
» " Lpachbere e« bln* Tmanro
35 batkett UWre O-l
I kM Caro OU |a atw anl-l ) f..r leap*
for ee'e bp DovJdCO,
dr i Wl, .Ireal- ftroeolo’i.
WVRTXD : r toodlakele, a *r K3TITCTR tor the ■ r«p, tor whleI
a Bnera' icapcneail < »JI be (itec. AAirase buucook d
Brava. 1*h are**. truth at Care___ oef—IU
to MriNtL- I bi*e Mill In riure r-rru Bur Merritt aad Model
tf me, Boa; (thcto b n*r.< fna three t* Be* rear* a**; re.-p
superior rork, a • Jdud loape- a Atw, a few caste of old Brea
dMoeu'lec .**; atoOtfeerp rare H,. k Wlnee. and Chat Tipuem
, ;eat: 1 utrer aa ieao>aeb'.e price,. O. CRAM, No. X Be
rbetofu Berk. __ __««H
Pare Vtrftou Apple Braadp. tore* peore old, lo sn.r, and tor
XlTNffTMIB.- h ran dp aad Wblaap nottiet, tor Hjehl wIL
W pap a cued pr.ev _ ? 0a^?Z>k
IP* <t«. B laeianre W-*k.
4 / A BULB. Port aad BTtCT_ , ^ .
IB bbth pi Lae BdO. MOLdddf*- a oioru aad tor tale bp
moxqcib MAHX-MA Ponndt Toot** Beane, beat
I anWtp tf Aagashoe. an useeUapi taae’.iloke tor Uccr.ce.lor
tala bp ■ -MONO, BtTBtfOWd R>_ded
SON pee, heaTT out needs Paata
«M da Red "UeeJuare TaoU, iwltahle tor Artlllerp Otto
IBB poo. bearp ttrep Tweed Pauli.
BOAR VALind00..
ya0 OuraeradMafa and 14th or Pmrl BtreAi
*"HBF*OaP8 In great rartto*^ of fc*Beh. Preach aad Aaer
MoaJaoOaro, tor sale bp V. MtUSOM dOO, Divi
S-■U-L-Uig1 ■■■. «■——
transits or prisokirs.
Colomiia.H. C., Jan. lM.—AU the Yankee priaoncrs
fram ChtariMton, including OoL Corcoran, mired here
thia afternoon in a special train. They ware met at tbe
depot by the rebel guard ol this city and conducted to
omet riohmosd a rmuiuio a i<x>., l
Si.uaoiU, Vs., Dtc. IS, IS41. )
THI Board of Dtrsoton hare declared e t*ml anaual dlrUrod
of tie per coat spue the Capital Buck of this Company, pay
ail* t < th* stockholder* - a *ad a.tar the 81 it Inet
The Transfer Book* will h* cloaal from 10* *31 but, to th: lit
of Jmiiaty litln,
dais -lit M- W VARR1.N0T0M, Treasurer.
P)K ItKN T —Th* Warehouse, la th* r*ar or oar atorr, re
e«aUy *e*erd ey a*, for a clothla* mao factory. It tl »d
miracle adapted for a rari*ty of maniifaciurtoc paipoaaa
Ja*h_lm HUNT. PA.Na a OO
|)AAA LBN CHIP LOGWOOD, jut reedyed and
gUUU fe**4l* ay W. PETBkBON A 00._delt
Cantor OIL-—fad r«eelT*d, on* raak Hast India Oarer
Oil, far aala by W. PETERS jN A CO . 155 Mato >c dels
VIRGINIA APPLB B KANDY'.—*# bbl* par* Vlr
fbdaApp1* Brandy, tar sail by _
ui* ry f ALTTT Autsoomb
TBE ho Ida** of th* follrwtn* e art! Scale* af deb', lined by the
Bute of Virginia, coder aa ' Act to prottdeler the construc
tion of a Tutn.dk* read from Btauotoo to Par. erskurg, patted
’,8th March. IMfcs a* ameodeu ny to* Sd eeetiso of an act to pro
ride for ralsiay loaaa to certain railroad c mpaslm and for other
purposes, passed Stal Kerch IsJO;’’ will trk i notice that the Com
mtmioaeri of the Niklny ruoJ will proceed, on the Slit day of
Baa**, lsdl.to redeem to*rani certiicale* (escBptao much tier*
of aa my appear to be held by dtlkeos of to* tiniteo States) at th*
Tr>* fry of th* Commoneeatth the holitor* of add certllcat**
arc rouairaJ, and ou *-U 8.at December, 1S8I, to aorrender th*
•am* at th* office ofth:S*cou l xullto'; whe.her surrendered or
not, th t loterer. will ceaae on t‘.at da« :
1 StS, Jan. S, 8S, Joaeph Bral h, of AngnsU.$1,N« no
Apt 18,118, Wriicht couthyate, of (eorfol* S0t« tel
May 7, IAS, Samuel T. Pnlllam, of Klchmtad.... *38 00
JuoeU. 1*3, Joaeph Smith, of Aaguaia. 1,W «#
Jalp It, Ud, Philip of Wiaoheatm . M 00
Oct. 1H, *U. Mr*. Nary W. cabell . 880 (hi
“ «, 9h9, Jamea tiaakioa, eeinlnre of John
Haskins. 180 00
« SS, **<, Churchill I. Gibson . 600 W)
- “ *t*. Same. *00 00
Boy. 10,**t, Robert Tinsley, of Amherst.. l.tWO 00
D*e 37,*T% Joseph Smith, of Auyusta . 030 U0
V«e. IT, *79, Mary Stewart, of Baltimore- . 1.09B 00
ISAS, Jan. 90, Sv>, Hiyyloeon Uancuck, of CherterCeliL st*l 00
May 9, s *, Joaeph Smith, of Augusts. *00 O0
June 1,810, Robert Tlnaley, of Amherat . *tH 00
An*. 18,3*8, Johanna tchacr, of Oermany. 900 no
Oct. *7, 169, game. Meat Uu
3 >44 May 8, <77, Norman Stewart, of Richmond .... 3.8SO o
l -4b, feb. 19, Ssj, Blajcuttoa r-aneock, of Chesterfleid. 480 06
Mar. 7, 897, Jauie* W. Maryan, executor of W.
Morgan,In trust for William Mor
gan'* grand chlldreu . 1,000 00
1847, May *0,410, Littleton W. Tasewell, of Norfolk... 1,93d 00.
Bor. So, 414, Robert A Cunningham and Ana R.
hi* wtta . ISO Iki
418, A l. Rowan and Mary B hi* wife .. 180 8t>
41 f, Charles H Poor and Matue L. Ids
wife . ISO 80
IMS, Jan. •, OH, HtcholaaWlIu o' BlchmonJ . SO th)
4, tit, Mr*. Francis Todd Barbour, ol *
Orange. ISO 00
Si, 4)0, Robert B Cunning hum und Ann H.
hi* wife. 474 no
SO,ail, A’lanna MoKtresb . 400 Ml
April 433, 'Vsshlugion College. . 104 00
1S4B, Fs*. At, 444, Philip Si Ororg* Amble.-. 1,W» uu
1950, Jan. 4,430, Mia Mary Bregg. of btaonton. 400 00
Hot. S, 443, Joo Bluart, John L Btcon and The*
H til >, trustees, Ac., for Uie relief ‘
at the widows and orphan! at da- .«
ceased c ergyaea, Ac. TOO 00
444. Bane.... . Sou 00.
ISM. Mar. 14,401, Robert B Carter, U 8 Na»y. 1,'OU Oo
Bep4 07, SK3, T ornas B Haile, of Culpeper <«anty 8,000 00,
luhd, Feb. 8,310, Daeld B Spence executor »f RyUnd
Roberts, lor the benefit of Jottn M
Roberts .1. 7.000 00
P-h. 3,314, flame, for beneBt of W O Huberts 1,400 00
July 14.8», Jofia T L Preeton, trustee of Mr*.
SutHn P Oarrlngron Ac., Ac. *40 00,
Sept. 14.3*4, Mary and Rllaabelh V.ut, of Praia- i.»t
Hckaharg.. 300 oo
Sept. i*. 333, Mra Mary B McOreery, of Norfolk. »,i»3) 0O*
Oct. 14,840, J. M. Runt el.ev. 800.00,
Ml, tt tL Trail .t. 800 00.
844, J. R. Storal, Treasurer of tbu Com- • ,<
monweaith, la trust for the Mon-J
culto Rank.*14 0 t
Hot. », M3, Jams* R. Uubard, of Norfolk. . Srs»>'.
Dec. *,M4, hitabelh A Ftugerald ..*. SOO.00
lsSA (Jan. 7.340. Klusbetn Be nsrJ, of Fredericks . •'•>{
burg.1. 1,000.00;
Jxn. 7, 380, lln. ttottey. of StaSord.. .SW 0*
Jan. »1. 33S, John B. Tcacg. comejm oner. In
stilt of L*cjf gaardiaa; Ac.-.-8*0. 0,
Feb. Si, 838, 3Pal et A Chambers .S.0UO Ay.
Atd. IB, 3(4, Treasurer of the Commonwealth, la -.
trust fat the Bona u Rockingham * 148 i«‘
Aid 1* tilt Same..t.,-310,00,
UliiiiM: ..
Apbxi. «f. Sam. —..A..... ....e . 100„0o,
June 3, 374, Arthur K. Wilson.s'.W0.04.
July 7. 374. Treasurer of the Coaatunweulih, In - -
trust for the Bank ol BcottavtU*.. ,- 4*i 00,
Out. 4,37*, Richard O. Harrlat, auardlan of A.,- .
B. h. Morrliu. 800 00
Oct. 14,3**, Abraham Birth . 470 00,
1434, Mar I, 3W4, Joha fi A is.ns, of mall h Raid..—Jhkl 00
la34, Mar. 41, 304, Joha M. Ryland, of ftlng and tiueeu '6O0 00
ApL 19, dot, N. C Read.... rdUaV her ebn *r*v '40fl W
July 3,406, Andrew J elusion, eiecutor of Q. M.
Johosoa .*.e....1,01)0.00
Aug. 46, 404, Jao Ratharfoord, euardiaa of ihoa.
R Rathertoord, Ac .. 400 04
« “ 410, Jno Ralhertrord, guardian of Mary. ■ .
Isabella Ruthcriord. .. . .800 00
M n. 411. Sat! set P. sshchetl and Andrew
* * esecutora of William. .
.. 1,400.0)
. l.WJ or)
...... - *80 rsl
. 443 00
.fao t o
Baate ..7 4*3 10'
Sept. *1,419,' »U 14. Rlnele. ol Fowl,* .. '4uU 0U
1801, Mar. 7,616, Wfyamt. Jacpson, cue sf Ore ear- ■.
virdfer c'-lirr. of Was M. and » .
MaTf. Jao*. -t. ..•••> 14*0 00
A- 1 *5. lam Trurtawl i the Protestant Kplacopal -
* Theological Seminary and High "... 4 :
Sch wd la Virginia .. .
Jalr 1,4*1. Samuel P. Mitchell; trustee for th* ,
t encAclurlrs under the will a< Mar
garut Maui, dec'd, ar.,.. , 100 00
1-87, p#y. B 140. Trea.urer of the Commonwealth la ..el
trust for the Bank of Rockbridge.« - .875-far
May II. MS, Batne..100 00
» ta.gfd, DaetdW. B rtau and Hhers, la trust •? J
lor the relief of it*.bled chrgyt*eB • . .< •
of th* PrtUeataol lipiaeopa- c3ulch \ -
ofVlry:int*,Ac .. -.800.00
Jaae ,, 882, Powhatan M P arke, Puttee, It', In
the can tf Rlcg w R rt< . ITWItMi
July » 430, Blirxbeta M. l^arrlaoo. the luts-renl--;
ia br urW to ber diiriuif tiei*
Uft, wllb rcQMhfi Jcr. Ac , Ac., Ac* Axi ft?
ISS1, Jan. SB, 47* Joaepk W. Murrtm . ...WJ'W
Ap'l fc,4M, A P.Tailor:..•jg.vjfyj
Cd*, am*. ..*. Ob*'«0
4»l! Bam*..' «W m»
1859, ay 1*. 4-\ Ale*. ». Taylor, euaculor of Jame* t.V tr
lun,,say. he....1*0 tu>
May 44, <U», Oommlmlowaei of th* Sinking »w td.. 30.04:.
Jane »,*»#. Pam# .. .. .SW 00.
IW....V.. **.*>»
Jaiy M, CM, Jan*UkMoa . ;*»•'«»;
Aag. 3. »r«, WrOonwey ...... ... BUO.tht
Dec. a,*!*, Tb. Promdeat, tuirn, Ac..or Wlh o ». ..s
11m.. aad Mary College of Virginia J.iDO.lH), ;
lud.llaa. 13,7«:, RorahTRregg. j*M£, !
Mar. AarAh H««a Uroaro...•"««,«. I
Mar. h.714, C J Terrill, of Han rear .. J0< (Ki
Ap'l 13,71*, Mary A A heath. to rcjrire Inlerert
during her wldowho d, Ac., under * .. t
order of Oca t cf ome^a*. At.. .V 7*5 IV
Apt SO, 719, 1 »• t fci tnl Win iWcdthAtk'. ’
....eeu i*r W H SlexW Oeorg
jnftiokjatfa....•••". j*0*,**. :
Apl AlU Salt*. A,.e....,..
Jan* a, ;id, Treararer of the Commonwealth, U. .......
trtMt tMlhr Ban** of Old Doiuiaipn
for BftacQ at 1‘ctrUb rg.....W OO.
July ?, *11, Jo»*n>h W **Uon ,....V.....
1 Wo, Mar. 1*. ,:r. The . a* P ClarkeandUea MClarke,
lafail I.. .•ioee'e«e>e<*'**v vO
May i, 731, John 8 Walton, ga.rdlan of John
McC'elMtdU -C.rty a...-A.,f . V%!P:
Jaly 11. 735, Louie DJoaaa adm!nl'.Ta'.A--J V. *.
ly C Legre d at-JeU:,.<.",.... ..AH -.M.
Oct. M.7W. JrLitllAOkOjO#..!'.....
y41 fa ®L 74J. L«w * n «0b4r?..«..« ....But) M0;
’ £!n S;7|C rvu
July 6, 7ri, Sami.,i.,i.|„.r,..i.* % nRy U>.
J. M. BCHNITT, ■■ ■ . 1 • ■ .1 -*•
A adit or of Public AecoatU. ^ Oomutireloncre ■
8TAFrOU H. TAKER, , l of
Ueglater of the LAnd (Mice, f a'.~,la. road. •
GWROt W. MCSVORD, ". | ,
Secretary of the C.mmonweellh. J : ^ _
nauisslonaWi.. rj.
141b iTRurr, RICHu. ;
Would roupaolfally oall a neatly Id!** AMityl** 1
Fall and Winter Ghoods.
*" SPiil.SU TRADE. 1861.
Snccmeor to j ,j . .
ricrmcwd, yd." j '' . .V.•t
fTAB apea and la etora, a fall and ooapleM Mook of
a »at4, ; T • • , . .
and fnkw eoooa,
1 At lotoot and moot faahlonakla etykiwRlchwUl bo eold at
holaaalo and retell, an tho moat fneorailo tgrom. I I \ -
The attention of merchant* it moot rmpectfully eoUdted to call
nd eiamln* for themeelree. ...... ....
<ad* to order at the thorteet aolle*. . ! ' '■ I „- ■
CASH PORCH A81R8 will And H to tka'r Intereet to ooll and *«
I mine iy otoek before pnrchaetnel : j ■■ I-.'■** 1 I
^AAT. .AI,T.-1^ eaek* AOO, ■ /
maid Cor. >A>A and Cary St*., •
,4 _*, .Oof Ya. and Care etreete
’ JHRU tc.-l caa*~D*Uac, for bale 90*1 i CO. » brim
3 eaie Deoggtata. «■$
. . : 1 ":;•
1-JK-LS '-I'-——
DECEMBER 1861. .*.,. . | DECEMBER 1861<':y
JOHN T. GRlT, 147. Main ^ssrootyilehmone, Vk-', hasia.'tcro,
aad olsn for sale, at market ratoa,1 tor can* only, th» fcltow
“* *"* Miia,MrleVr prime, quality. " '•
Maddrr, good Ombro • ; . ,
•AUM- v-vr;‘.->'. t ' •• •< » V ■ ••• - •■..-•
Um Opiaa . '•'••• 1 •' •• ’ • .• '
• Powd.’UptM. ; • • ••
rolph.' Morphiai ,• •• ‘‘
Calomel.''.'.' :' ' • % . • :.v
'Blue Maas •• • ' •'■■■'. • • J;'‘ • "■
. Merg'arlal Ointment-, t .. , .. . . .- tie ; • ...".a
Uilorofarm, tp’a.'lIHro ■• ••.
■ Adhesive Platter.;. y d i... ;• •••'-»
Tartar'e ArUl,’' Pap. Oarb. Pod* l '• -I ;
V BaiklPtp'per. AlltpIca.GIlyer , . '
'• . Notine't. Maoe'O'oreo.aadClaaamoa :
. . Salad'6ll,'0ii Lein-jn,' pure'" ". '“l • f t • < ,t
. Uo.lila ho.p ,
• .* Powd? lthooerbB. J.;'. . • ?' •'- ..,
■*.'Rreaoa'Murta>d; Ooroa'. - -#
-German'Mat diet, Ac.; da.-■ * .-•••; ■ ’
Abo, a variety if Patent cf family .‘medlelnro.^ ■S-’:.- '
noS • ,-i ’ ‘ il>mt T. ORtV..Draeeltt. ..
"v TO tll.l L ASKS'AN©"ftItUUa ' ■'
■\lTE haye JCst/ooaiyedjalkrfe Back Of. Tobacco' aad began af
TV* erery'd .tcrlpttbn and qu Oily.
Alto, on band, ?. •’»
. Champaign.Wlars >n qU.ard ptt, of.apptored.branda, ..
Abo, Bo ate'and tbc ee, Ac., all of which It nfferr d. for tale at low:
price#! .; ... ; • ;> ■ OihAS.',BAYnlfi, A.'CO.,
F nbi>, '■ ■. ’ ■'. Under Ppottwood BoteL .
TiiG5Su, ■■ ;i. ::*,£&■■■■■
— ■ - . Publish:r and Bookteller,. . .. • ,
, * y r;v , ' y » ' ■ Riel mond/Ta.,-:
y PnbUeboo and off/n *br sale, It qn»aUUa^—-V:.. -. V ;; •
j bpeta-n’t nlititr of Virginia— t uliloty rf, Vlrflitl.'.-.fr.^m lie,
dlt •oTery'an‘t'ss\Una*nt'br't>a t peane lo.r.e p.etrai,t;me,by
Robert R Hoerl«'n>Rsq‘;;* Vo's bro.'.Volume bBe/.eorta'iu.lhe.
Hlet'rybf treOalooy to'the'Pr'ace .'of Part,'-In,lit*. VolameS
eoulalut IttBli ory.'nf the'.Ool'myand'oftne State, fro a llM to
th«Ret'ocemlon‘,ofAr..\,Bdria;in1S-tTl88rt. \ .
The pres.* tmib xa Uviibjo Its p*6i*f* of,this w©rlt_of ■f»i™***
•Ison; »o'I ills' o jir juU/ couki lered the l»est exienit-J HUlory of
th« State poblUBwl: Vf 1
. A Htfo-y ol the Va’ley of Virginia, be Samnel Kercbcval, 1 T0L
Bro .hbep 8ee)ndV<1iUon'.«»rsed. ,v
DelUast’.Hiatb;V,'aadl)ollao Wart.of.Weotem Vlrg'nla—A Hit
tore of iho Rail/ -HetUimont.-ad Indian WaesJu'Wostern ytiplala,*
embracing ani'nec.iunt of, iheWtrlcui-Kapedulonailn tho' Woel,
prarioui to .1 al-oyBtjjr aphi'-ai'Stoleh» •qf, Ool.') Bbeneaer
ian- .Major .I’duKol*, Le«G >yr(i*l, l»,-aeral'D»nirI.Jlf0*.<lhe*di
Meu. Andrew:UvK'OtpUdpmne^Hrady. CoL WiilUm.OT.awtoed,;
A ndrew Pm, nod other du mg.ihbod Acton, lapnr Hoi dor.» ar»,r
bao'ioomrle Illorirofad;*br:,Vt.dlsDo'.HaM , *.f0.i -..‘>..dit.>
nl'lbO ANB.1 PL.tbTB |biaalpnlatod;'.Snan>»
lx Sombrero '•nario';Rlch?'oc'd. Ground "Plat lefj for,sale bp
kOdOSD. r>A\ESPCaT'A qq, .. ... , , ren
IVOK MA t,, .—JutirocolTe.1 and lor «a e./luttojl.s aoeowti;
r VISO li t Oonotry SaapT* bbxro'starcb; 1. box Brown Soap;
bob Tyro Vxtra Pione: .rllCWT a JAMICw. , a. C . . Idrd
YttAX SESD/Peathers, Home SOA|*,
Jr a lot of Country Jcana," abdaeytnl bin Par: In Bora con
e gned for tale. ~ - JO.-.HSON, VafN|lEt a.OTCT,
no*), ‘ j• .1)13th Pearl Btioet
,\ir AM'KD.- A work on Court Martial. . Any person haying
! IT ufeh a wotlc forVaTc', can'cblilu" a rrty liberal price -for the
haute, by applying te . JAMES' MCDONALD. Esq.j-at tne'.Whtg Cf
Bee. ' ‘ ' ~ •.. . ' ' ncV*
. , .HERdJNOn" j . - ... .A''.-i; •
I SO ball bbWl of NiOc family Roe Herrlnp, WMd'i brand,
I ap bbla. of N. O. Pam[ly Groes Herrluge, WpodVbrand,
l ' a b6b.'of M. O.' Family Oat Ueirtn«., .Woqd,'i.brand,’ .
I -100bbbof family Hoar, that cannot.beoorpaasod,v•>c
1 30 chests of iiporiorGraca,’Goopowdor and.blaok Teas, . .
itoOUObuabob it■ Mill Odal,'snob as'Bran, BrownBaf aad Stdp
! l.bou balm of Timothy and OUrer Hay,- . ; a. m. . •■ «> ;J
• : 100 Valeo.'of.OaU,
!,’°0^14N»»niw«rBWhUkyt Ward Brandy and Ohampafie
! i', V.Wlomidf.the Tory beet quality,
dor tale oa tha mootraaaeaabl# Urou hy.
• ' BOUT. A.E DAB14IT, •
! anlf of Broad and 7th o>a..om>«iltoTl ealro. .1
'iYREs's KOW T7IK 1K.R1.—Joa^publlihed, Cal'cri.
VJ and Hfe.iof the Ana'. U.ta.a Ia>(. volume C’nialnlnit 16
jdaleo. with enlaaiti-raa. Pflce »4.brn|ail, poai-pat.l.-,; Bor Ml*,
aiwholmfiloaod retail by d. W. EkNPOLPU.l.'MIalo afreet ;
MAHCPACTCBID by W. A B. BCT1Hrit far vale by ..
- - . CtlHKnOBrA OJi,.
} ocSS - ■' •' ’ 1 ■' Ko. l(6 Main olreit.
• > it :• DISSOLUTION. . i t >|‘j
THBooncrnof JCHMON'VPOdti/la th’a day dine lead by
mutual COatcM. tlr -v‘ . . ■ ' - . ’
, The Bceki atr lath* ban da of.Wra R. Path /or leiilement; whs.
will et'e the han't of the rdsCr'n'JncUa'tit'otlj;''
. Ue may be found atl.’i o«cc, on' Uioehoe Iilp, neil dcorto.
the entrance’O'TcbaccO Bichanft... '
■ Per»oc*iiid:btedwU'p»y aiproiBjfy/aa p.»i'.bl<; aad’-thoee.
liaTin’K dvoianda afalnit the'cshci'rd will preedit torn to Mm for.
■eltlenieat'. < cf»f*-f ■ * - v11 • o-i' .i.*u. "■ *t
. .. ..-f, .. .TH5.Snsi»t,PT JOHNdOH,
ij.l-cle .. ar 7 - -'WB.-B PUGH. . _*A«
! Thatubacclber wtlt cshtlnapfotrnetatt a ComelMlon Bnainrre,
aiUirtl* el t'Crut f coupled by Johcoa A Pdih,:frool bulid
Ire Jhoelora Warrheuee) >rie r'etun.a h<« nut rrtte ul thank, to
the patren.cf tha lata concern, for thelr^ lloerat pi roswc, and
tollclU .TCm IV-n a coudunaccc of'their palrm-re, and all Ibeie
who maybe diafOtedto’palroolij Mwu‘|. ■». • —■ ^ -l- >■:
j . 1 ' , . .. i i, ,THCAIINctkT,J0HN80N,
’■i ■’ ’• ■ *, .."X v
; The esVtciIbrr will continqetievOomint.ipa .Burlnfii, aao;
andhaatabno an ulhce ou » bock*. clip, r.atdiorte.theeolraoce
'oTobacei*ichiua»,aad av.i:ln*,hteuelf of Ihsp.rjeentccear
jfon.bertoy tender* hll-tha-ikaJor, th j l-bura’ po', v baft* oil*nded
lo tjecldconciro, anTbop-e bruntleU"! atw.lionlo bualneaa
to merit and receive a liberal ahare of patr-nwjer ~ - _ *' _ 2
.1;,’—Jaw ” •... • - •••• Wit. R.PCQH..I
1> rXOCL.iy.1 T.£| V—Wh,Tiaa, Icf.st rakik.n hu'bem.ie.
CetYed by the PyecitiYe that J\ilfJf W. BARK, wbs wei cihflncd
l( fho'Jallof iriocc. Wlillani-cuaety.' ehafa.’d with larotoy”, and
JOH.N WODD. confined on the oharye uf mardor,'hrf ke.tha.aald
fait and eacapod, in'lhe nl«ht of the idth Inti.,1 and a-e tow,*i.!oy.
*1 latte; therefore, I uihetebe en.-r.aireward bf.Pjfir.Dol'ari lo
ahy peradn whViahA'larfeot tbq aald Jol h. el. P>lk.»L.u. del.r,r
him Into the 'ill I f the aald ccunty.Cffr.nce Will'air;, and a re
ward rf Ooe liucdted ImUuo. for.aoch arffyland'ocrrssdttcf
J.haWcu.1. AndXdo.mdreovtf, nualre aHo!TM*ipf,lb!a.Com.
in .nwcalih, dwd aod-mlilltry, and refecai the’ peop e^Bentrally
lo me their bM. etuill'ni o;procn*e the a. reel of Vie aald. John
W, Pant and John WofiJ^lhali.lhsy may bebri>cc‘ilio Joitict
j J i.TYtn an’der.uy hand, at Utinetnbr, and under the Seal
<7..f Vof thkCummobwealth, at Rictmnnd.'thls.dd.h diyof.be*
| —a — I ceuiberTdii’ilbe year.lcdl, '< ■ .**«" i. -. .-t
: # , • . JOHN LhTfJBXB.
• By ihe.Ojmcor": ’ ' . ’ •.. ■ : j i*.h.i' '' • If
, Gmaoa W. Mcarofh,: ... ,;., ij w
j . 'beicretatyoi' theOcanpWBeaAh,.• ,i
• PABKla dniribeiLaV about B»e fi;S. Un Wuiiea.]hi*\ raihrr
Utk corepleidcu.'abjattwenty-^Tqor bWfaty*p!|M J«an of aj,
aadatarder pecaoiu ' ' - ' Z ; .... ; .a-.t-.i, •*
, WOJ')> Aoout;fire.;ken,'meheB.h'fh, Yery-aurally made,
datk.c().T-plr*f*nq'aodarouttw'e.tty*llTe yearaofjige. V .1 •. I
. Bw'b cftlwna are ptvaliahtka anay of Uie' Coaled, rale Btal*a
■diS.t'—cl#; .... I.';.. . n «a,..:
hlld'Uib, . ' ;>.r<A,,V; .• .*•
• .■«> ■ * OrrtCK OP'THRTbft PiMNI I.ANP 00., I ;
• , .... - ,Aeil Point; Dec. td.lhdtif
ITAkth''* Hated the, Capjtal. jb«l of thla cornua ,y with the
IX. A orator of Ihi'wafta*. Jhr’tha.'cbojtyofK'-H .William,,
tkcrof 'tel tv.e aloclholdert tf IM« company nredliot Jhd Iheir,
alock In l',li'conipVuy foPtkaatljo, . , Jp 11N POUilRU,,.
'Jedl—elm Treiaurer of lhek'oq.paSA.
A J.A0V, -who haa had • tperlcofeJo'larcMoi. .sw’rea.to obtain
fX aolU’atlcn !a a. phuafo'family.''t^B teachre the Bnrllah..
hr inch,,, Yrench; andkliiilc, on the P. X ‘JoV further pattlca
lira, afdreai,1' •* • . . ." ' V. Mi .
Idell—<1« , ■ ■. Pino Omoa Milli, Powhatan coqrty. aa.
OTIOE. -A mbedor uf-ihe. BlockhoMc? uf.tho White Bull
h Blcbmqn i Cityl We Shed iv, the I Mb J,,o.Ue*j..i$«J,al. which
tit BtMfchOlrftth vul be t> r Meat eltW |4vrl«'>n:dr.by proJ v. “
; ,letO-Jf4w ' : VlC.'d.fMKRTU-greet
Tirt7nd,Ti‘ra»d“u U gW e lhetrio.nl eum.ldo'lota. Woe ten.
.llon of cl,!»%,»*'« tljo. Acte of ,th$ Confederate.Oou.rees;
fo? tnee'ei'fnv*V-i4l.by thi'acli of tie mcnr, '.Mr. Lewie will ul».
lied In'a tnc'uee-fr, Wtaunoreland, eu'd, lUctimind'countlee.to,
the poraeiuetljn cl evidence In .cate>f (lav.e abducted or.'bar
t eted. Mr Varye will be unclabdVlti JchriB, TackerIiip«o*\
ceutlnf ill asch claim! In the Ue urte or before the Ue'j>U(<Ba>fa|ol
the Confederate WoreroBent.*'...• " }■■ ' «>.; ■ ..'•* .
'. Addrcee,. " ' ' , qSOEGB % wfcWIA
; ’ V •.. '*• • \ ■.0»b’J«o.e*cW-*'mor«l»»A,t
: • yuL.mvYE.iJf. .
- 'deM-tlia . . -, . ...' : Eteditloaeburg.. •
i«. a.'J. itBt-v ' * "7'7 * *««•»'*»b.'twb* '.
'■ > .7 NiaBO HIEING 1M*. \
TtJC III oMrkbcn Vave eoUred Into c.-^arlnereblp for ibo pdr.
p:»0 ot o-fnlucilng In t e.c'ty of R'chniond a General';geocy,
bntlntii,'embracing hlitrg MU'aetroee, rinlkgful.hctuci, oili.
!c*'rf»' and prreonel ctat'. co it.dng rig! mi, Ac\ and from tl.e.
ot peeler ee'wlwrh Ve hare ,had,'D el crouraclvee lhat ent Vj aatla
laitloc will > I Iren lo-.ali bueineelVntrnitfd toodr care, and'io
M«lt a'rihllhuiEcco: Htat Itbrfalvttronkvg.aMcb.for miicy jreaii
hike been eiiei-.led loeach'of tu.'pjomtilr'g tojipare.,ho ell-rt to.
obtain food t. jxi l.aBd.falr. prlc. • dbf ill negroee'enlrirtefl t> uv
C'ur.personal aitcclloa.utll b e'glr enl n at I «aeiof, il ckn.«i. • Ae-f
rangemeoB bate hden made.to'.haireoegrcee veil ewed- .er Ml
htretouL Pcrso'e*’lniendliig.ro ifcdui fiegrbei !c* hlrt-wHI do'
well by tending thorn by la Janunrjyto lecereYoyd VeDoe
\ -r.. . * ’• • • LA1. J 'OLOPT0N. •
dcc.'lT—Ytljin' r-. EGBERrU LYNK
' HHiiN<uuiiitihb. :
' ' AND'XSNbBAL.'A'pil.VOY. j ...
THE oabocrihe^ »tll eontlene Ihe Negro Hiring and General
-Afi'onySiilaeai,' fcrthe'.kbntJftr god, wUfbgJpUaeeddo
have. 'Li wotrina'ge'ol tkclrfilchda'aod lh« puMle'gene allri •
* i . ‘.i P. M YaBK k,8nR.
< JcJ3-clw ‘I' ‘ ' 1 Under Ihe.Pjirhangeiroteb.
THrTrriimCVTop unuon i’okjk «T
EE.' On PaTCRDtY, the lit day.of March neaV, V,ihaB eel).
Mi Ihe'prenitoci, atpublls apethn, a tract,cl land, oa York Hirer.
Il’Vbrk coon’v, VpglnU dla dt fio hillea' troB^llilaBObU'g,
folti e-!r called'.‘Eipon Hall," and now known «e"Blg>t,'e f! -
.ntle'laodVal.nooroil.tb mg in treat. P> •••urgjhepaym.nl
of ccrtalh'mo'oey'mtntioned Lg-tbe died, by. James. Bigler and
wife tVnand'.ow of tkp df.U of Hew.Ycrk, by deetfre^urde t in.
To^fc cooatylCo jrt« th« y4d day of June, 13.
tract contain' about clW.acree; lhero;le tipon It, 6U tlie fiver a
,d». a lanre .etead .aw mllLVAIi'e, many ham’.ome regldencee.
ai.1 <ddMT buUdiigi'iltuaieB on-.tbe river. 1 here are lour cr S,ve
bd'.drcd ecrei of cleared lanf a wbejf <itendctl a channel ot 1#
'•el water; • •', \ -‘[.2 < I i - - !_•' ■;
Ihe lltle libel avid to b. ur -i leitlnnablo. b«' I lhalt eg traitor,
convey'to th’» pnichteer rucb.tiile e» !i »eutad;m Bf.i;’. i.j .
gbou1. iv, t ibuaend di lliri wlll;]ke i, ^olrr J In ’caab; ee.tolhe
tomaloderilit I'-me wbl le'mair anowo.on the daj'ot eale.
Por lufdrniaUoo, odd/eit. •> WlUlettit iirg,,t'Y..'., ' _ ... • 1
dell-cla ' ■ Ml.' BAUNPERB, Truetee
1 ■ : ;—’■ r.er *-r»-7 7 . : . f 1 1 1 , ■*.
! HOTICB. i . . ii .; '
a IHlLkO MEVTtNO'nf tbe R .'Ckholdori o' tboElvanna Nav
A iga'ieu -dvpanv will be held.Id rh'.Court sllqjae'at Ohar
1 itieevlil ■, on We-diiereilay, the 1 otli January, JBGl,
A frill'rarruouB'.arioii.lodeeireui''; V ''-'; ' :
*, order bf .he B*«d V DM«n . ■■ .
, i leoty. Lie. jiar.Ccmpaey. ;
CberlolletTfllr Pec. Hi liWl._7__.' . . I ( I dcl.I-fclm ,
O . ^QW)GTeroyi«*'»'WT»,*, '■ I ’ !
\ J9.lv . da doj 'officcro ..., i ,i , , ...; I . ;
pro frrawenjnrurknd Cnnton PJomoI
jiba* Caari Bo-oj ahi otber ktam of Oyenl|lgt» I
SO., erater Proof Orefooate made of Enameled Cloth
VlOd dH'CSo’h.BWnliel^". .. I f. I '|.i . ■ i
And rerioui other articles'luliablo for Military pornccea, lor
■ale at fair prioea,’ for oeah only. WE. IUA SMITH;
W r ’ U« EUiaHroot.
" v..|.;-!T:;;i
:v> .;^k I
P» ^ TIBS, menu fact cr»d by Mr, E Baras, ofthla d.y, for
thelatf Iftcu you*, and *o highly rweommewdad:by pro :inent
yhvMdans In Virginia, hu gtlned a reputation In'the Oonllderate
Army, forth* oure'cf agn*'and fever, and general dahUlfy. We
can, lafelv aay they arc a valuable medicine for ;tx?oerd eoldUre
—try' there •, .V.--.C:./•. i-i u. o . l
. To he bad of :ah Drurrliti in this cl y; or of the Prcprletor, on
Union BUI,' Richmond, Ta.: •,' . .. • i - ■ .i• , ,1. no5 i
Our books au tjscconn'a will
he found at oorformer p ace'orbuslceia,". No_ 159
Main street,''where'all pirjone indebted to.aewillplease call';
.and.'mtke paymVnt' without '.delay! end .these basing!'Calms'
areloct’o* wih preeent them there for settlement. «.-• |'-..s
. delicti ■' .iWATKISd A PICKLEf. ,
BURNING FltlD.^-'A'aopevlo'r'artleleVf Buroi|g'r«!d
1'now on banJ, and fur tain by W. PgTXRSON A 00., Drag
IgjtO*'*. .-M! deft-,
Vb/k'HH UN.whlteclailfled.'agsr... >
'JilV/ ,-r fO_k<g* mountain La d.c • .4 ..
!*•-, tfOuib* Virginia Bacon ' •
i j*i * - 1**bi’aOol4n*>-yj'?U> * •-.
I . I! b(de* oboe Thread . '[■ , .. | ... .
; ,• i .yappew,.AU»plot, Mace , . ;
j ’ , Instore'anil furtale by-, 1 y ' '**e. c ( '..... n
j dc*> tuna T. WORTHkM j 00.
| D WISTtK*Ulotiii vte.
Wfk here on hasd; a large etooi of Pal! and W,nter,Clothing,
M caoidatlng - of. fine Case. Butlne* ‘,'oate, Sue'B-aver Ovet
.Ooate, Black Cloth frocks, of a^'qualiilae. -Alto, a'large stock’of
fine andcommcm Blacklists. Pants.-*'-—*■ -— ' ■ -'*•
I /?„• • .* ; - . :KOAH WALKIKAOO. . V '
not Corner bfals and idth etreeta.
UK AC HEM.—tn ban dned Peaches, In’storeand lor avlai
'.Jr fetH . y. - WM -.g, PCtABAhTt.
rnillTitH . LlalUB uiJ Stove Polsh.-. or ;eaj<-,,by.
'D, MEADE* BAAKR’s Drug Bto:.-, 146 Main Street, cer. above
p;.o. .;*•*■ g1, ' u nnit
} ;>.■> > ; • .“’-'SweSr.■" '
. • • ' 'Richmond And'danvit,ik R.R.OO.. K,.
| . , ( ">s‘|. y,._ '• December lOih, 1661. (
i A .T a meeting of. the Board of Director*, held-this' lay,-* dlvl-"
t\ (ieiM if tnree per cent wee . declared, payable tu.tbe 1st day'
orJaLuary. W)..: . .-■>' ‘ .... M ' • • -•
1 .Tbe traniler books will be closed from 15th met., to the let day.
of J»nu*ry.lMlh; V ‘iS >.*:;•! *./ ••• •
I dell—lm THOfl. W. BROCKEN8&0CQ11, Aodltov.,.;
! Ris'il POT At0BdJ-BtlTTKR[AN l) 1. ARD,—Wc hiiee cqaelgned,
'JL'fb.'eale,115!)bbla.1 “ wrlie'i J celebrated Bn'ow, Ball andjPIna,
Kvc Potato**, from U>* Peake o( Oiler; also, a le.l.of eoprr.or Bat
'trr and.LqVd.. JOHllPO.'li YluCNGiR A OTaT,' .. »
. ,-.,|ry.^r>" ■ . earl Btraat,-,.;
\\fANl'ED.—The; un'Jereljotd wiehee , to' hire' good .'woo,!
Ty “enttere aodcharcbal biroerf, tVwork a ehort dletdbee from,
the city.. Peiauue having bands of this deacrlpUon wllpleiue a'p
Uyttf - ... THUS. H. WYJQfff, •
I delt—tf ' • . T-;- _at R. and P. R, If- QUlce.
■ • i'y .NOTICB.' i
i -,.4; -..r-' .-■•■■■ 1. ' .V.-AOT.-J-.
i a TKRMrflbe Board .of.Ccmmla'lcners, under the “Act
A • for'thelteqnrstral(dn of the. Ret alee,'Property . and* Effects
of A'ie'n'Enem'.c'i, and'for thelhdemnity.of dtlsene of thaCoufed ,
Wratehtitee' and'persons ’ 'aiding' the same. In' 'the "exfitlnfWn:
with the United State!," approved, Alguet iOJt,-;A.* 1)','I MU, will
he held at the roora'afilne Oomm ttee an''Patents, bei.iw tin
rooms hi the Poet Office .Department, In thh.clty.bf,Richmond,'ll
'no02, oa the second Monday in January,'A. Dy lSM.. I .
, The Rale* of the Board will tl.er. he ... ' •
' . ■ W BTOOKE,' '...VCoinmls’cn.
delt—lid ', - llTBOS, C. RkV'WOLDS. f'
t/^A N A R V SEC D.—A'emill lot fr»*S Oanarv Seed,'jut U
V> hand,'and f'retl.hy W.11‘trRHgQN ABO., Drasefete - ’
U AII L *'.»" I IIIIA».-rDNU W; WCIUIW, .•(■Mmjp I
3 Padlcra AwD; Idgr TocDj-llogle. Creeaer*;.elraInlnir.korka;
'PlAlnr WheetaVRlm Kbondera;'P.liking Teeth, for.>a1e by . t
dr*l • . OLARaeQN * CO.; He 1M Mala meet .
S'uua"—lOO kegThuiirCerfllo li, joi'- recetred and for tale by
W, PhThKAON A 00.. 188 Main a.reel, ,, __ _ 0c30
’ ;• ' c. W.'PrkiuxA'Co. f
THI hlchcet market price paid for Gold and nllrer. .etocki
Podgfit and aoldou Oommlialou. - . f
ucdtbMf , j. , , . 0. W. PURCILL A CO. •
FOU BAT.K^tlU.i'O1 CcnVterlte Stale* S per cut Bondi •.
10,000 Virgln'a mate 6 per ctut Bind* .,
■ de». " It, H. MAL'RV ACO. .
E1TABLK8 FOR TUB AR3IV.-1CII doae'n frfib
Pcachea In cant; a onalgLmecVtcruleby •’V' •
"i deiov • v 1 • * i* “ * * DO.VK A 00.
rtOK THE .1HSIV.—MOllt* Dried-PsAcbta;'* ccni’go.
X mcnt, fer ule by DOVE A 00._ di-80-;
SA.LTPBiBB.-A •maUmpplyby.. . - - ■>. -
d*80 . • ;.. ■■ . DOVE A 00..:
WILBGK'B.DANPFtlON.OOFPR.R,—Thta la,a da'lclnc* ae'we'’
ua RD'egbDpmlcAlbteerage, and la *ald to .be tquad l"* ibt
beet Jink. For'ule by'W.'PETERSON A OO..Prui»l«t«. '- deb
INDIGO, INDIGO.—A'awrply'"f aurierlur Indigo,-now ft
•Vire and for able by W. FRTERaON A 00., 158 Main atreei
l !.»' ... ' ■ ' : " ' ' ' •' ' •
klTINDOW .OLAIWr, . 1, o. ”
ITT". ■ fdbokeo Preach,Window Olaaa
I 80 do AmortcaB >-•.. •• <At' , .'
»_•1 >.-••• lOkcea retaed faltbetre.lnatnre »nd for ule bj,
1 aa# , • • . W. W. WOOLDRIDGE; 18th auect. :
1 IKOOHS. tC.-llb do* Bocteta and Brooma
ri« ■••»rv • » lOO do'Malchea -
100 do Bod Oordi and l.lnea, In atore'ain!
•orabloby- i W,W. WOOLPRIPOR, ..
• I a«# , • ■' v ‘ ._ ' . ' lBUi.Slraat *
iCILOL'B.—AObbla litr'a'RlTaani Floor, 800 bhla Poperlm.
•X.-' Floor- HU bbla 8aper1or Fnmily.Fldor, lor aole’by 'HUNT A’
J am tot; 1 • ■' - • • ;i-- • ' “ • •••' a«W •1
*vi-tad forule by ■.*■ v »y «.;:•«.! •>. **•
mr «° v _• Per. oflAtb anti OarT >;
t" VRUlfAND !WKT ARROW ROOT. , .... i ■> '
' BlackberryBurly i
-OhAloUlo \ 1 •.*
• ' *"* *~ PrliMs ; . ■" . ;
# _ Cocoa ,*•* v; ■ I. I .* V1' ■! *.i. •
Pearl Barley 1 '• - «•;*■'
' ; .; Ook» Storeb . - .».•••'. •
• ."■kjeotlno ' • • i,'", £
} *.7 ’•*•>. * CAWOH7, M • ■" -J -Ml.ee.—a- .
ftemi'.iU Yawl 'Powder, at ■
- t . ME All R A JARIR’S Prog Store,
anil . -r % ■ . ISlt Malb 8t.. eer. abo»e P, 0,
i. • • ' ‘ \ AKO ;VOK H A L K« \tm\] ' ,/ ? ’j
TUt#MO>rV«Ur offer* for itTe/on# ihJ>uttnd or lwe\v« hun*
’ drad >or«« Cf Cile Ctne tad G^ui LtuJ, tt, * «L’ J.!o;
tl.e rr6<»Kcaan'of Oorn sad Ci tW. u id; Itml.la
MInlittpi>t lhMltnd Is •'»ai»ed,oa Urn .^jullifro ,boundt^y cf
Sunflower C<*unllr; otCt. b^tntlfnl L'tkrt|ihr#^ »nllp. from ILe ft;
iiuO*htnrt Jnto'whSch )t «?apUes; iffordlntf• t ft##, MrtabotCs##ft*
tt'.l&n Jnld lk< rtfer. .Upon this TtaiTli Oetdnlag fty# yetri old,
which.b sa*Ctf|»Ubf« of asking-t flft« Crop. the.ftr#t >##f. J .}.
! Terns ooe'lhtrd Cteh; the bsTthc* In two tnnatl JosttlmrnU;
one-htlf of the uax wUl be ItkeaU nefro‘prob#rty, If desired. >
. Add rest. •' > .#•** t *’ *; If.'RAHDLK; **
. (l»li ltndlng) Ttine Elrer. ctre of Lt. «>ewDrcrp,'“ *
! oc-to-tf , ' • r ■ . Vlckaburi, Mlee.
I want K'ltlitactly bndetaiood that' A am mkobfactorlng.
Braai .Lelten brmilitary cape, at'8 ctoU pet' letter.'Slier
Jetteri .w'odeW.order. • '•. . •- ■ ...
t A'an. Metal, Branda of oil dlaeilpllona, via: flour, lobsceo, grain
baeviiichincry,leolc,Ac,o!theloweatreoaonbbleprl.ea. * ■£;
! ^aJ.plebclls, foe mairkloii clblhing'wltL indelible Ink,rut In.
theBraleai.ltyle, o . .
1 Thole In want r.f either of 'he above artlcVi will do will 1o call
and exatuloettwcintene befeci poruhoalov"' deewherr. Oall onor.
tddirab A. R.dtdAMAM, Hr aid Culler, (Bie AO!) nekt door to the'
Oolumbton Hotel, Richmond, Vo. • 11 dell ;
I.GFFKR Joraole my planiaunnln Modlaou county, Miat. There
la l*ui acngilo cold • oil bo, which la. nil UMo load except
about Atio acree uf floe craekfboltom. • There la oolhe place aBeo.
dwelling houae, roomy and comioodloue, with the yard 8nely.'aet'
l a Variety ofahrebbery; a new Gin houee; Bne framed qanrtera."
" , l-._-0-l._l._Tt,. nlentetlnn te'well•
•rt wilt, the fl oe«t raw htd?* In Hit SUU. for tht: plantation ).
WttUUkt |30 ptr tort* in tii o^ttl ptjmtnU ' withfroo
dtui.• a. •• •.* R. F. dorfkt; •••
j , ▼■coon. IfndUon **qply. M*.« *
(j JllNM Uc united U U)< pracUoe of the Uw nt ■lehjuad.U
tbeFedmwl.pourte emdOourtol Appeals. ! •’ . • t T t
. Us. J new* win Also .practice la the Circuit Ccarte al llabmenf
Olty aad Henrtaa.--m ' 1 V ' :
Tua eBcs'i at the career af Franklin and 11th etraalf. r .
| util*—«AdH •1 ■ • * ' ; *■•* | •,* ’. » .
, JL ••Blbomjbart,": tB Culpeper cavity, ibojt three.ml:ei,front'
Bran'IyBlatlnnl donla!nlttg‘eet«-a Hundred Acrra. It adjolnilhtj
farm Utely’eold by Wn>. B. Reau> .Mean. WUband Kennedy,and
Utelaok'of C.'C, ReeEfciun,’ I>r. J. 0.'Thom add ITm. J.'Flfe. . .’1
>■ AThleFarm 1,'aitnaJteJ bt a' nelphh' iriteo I remarkably adapted to
Ate gTotrth'of wh'.-aA and venae. SbcBolldlagi arerati er.old, but'
with moderate t inlru wdll be'eufietenl>> the comfortable aceom-,
modatlon of Vfciiy. ’Parent* <fCairo oi'of.eurch usingareInvited,
to examine thi'aiaoe for thentsel+es.' Wa wflf merely remark tlrt
It hu rje-^r*>?tn oofttidrrf 4 one cf Iht'bttl tirna I* thlj ntigh
:bbrh»«i,'eapecUlly.forwhenl.,.'! v. ' T . ' ,
Tawsae will be made accoramodaUng.’’
: Far, fnrthar informatics,' apply to Joha Baoghter, near Wny.
landeburg. Culpeper county, or to J. O. A J. W. Green, at palpepct
Omrthoaea. , * . JOHN 8LAIHIHTKR^.
auef^otr .. - , ;. ‘‘ •• >, Hn.1,0, UBADFOBD. a
Real AND FItdONAL r>rAt E rut BILE -Ou Wednesday,
Abe Sth day of Jatminr'uaXli H fair, If.^o* Jhe tl it fair d«y
therealter; I>lll (ffetfhr.Mp.Mbbcly.on th»J premlaes.the tract
o')and, CWarciat&u»ual»l eiJamteKlrc.ln FlntaaniCounty.'
aUty-four miles above tfehmoijd, **«**•> .and delightful,
.’neighborhood. Tb; tract i ntalsi ubcul Six Hundred Atree, the
cbhal pa'ttiag thrbaeh It divide! tdullret bottom of .One Him tired
and.Crvlmrn Acres from thl uplW, cf whlcfi aa et|uel portion
In nrlgUal brbwlfaot the beet quVUty, and U>e open land In excel
lent etate of improvement! * On g Hundred and’Slyly bbshris of
wh«atV leeded ofi the jifid. ,Tb* UfiiQilf U •** ^11* large
aad’exoeUcnl Wheal and Tobacco Bams, Naera CuMne.au chother
o’oi hbuaet. The ronveult nee to aitrtel and the productiveness"
of thle farm rendrra It onbof.thaiiaoet. ileilrable that.h’>. been’
effevd’fbr sale In thee moty for feviralyeerl. Persons who wish"
to view'the' laud kefort kka’day of tale din db ko' by cAUlngr bn the,
.overseer, Mr. Co’ly. mho here on lha p’ate ‘. ’• ■ •;
i Atao; bn the satko day, t will. tali all of the crops. (e»y <00 bar-_
rele Corn,*I.U«i pounde Tobaecl, I trvw. Fodder, Hay. ap,) teve
raVhead Meier, Uorite, f ven, Cox ,, S.-e» Hogu forty atx Fat
llon’aR the plantvtlee U>olt and ItriplemeuU. . . . ,, ’ . ’
| On the.day fdIMtrina, at.tiie Red Ilbaie plantation, in pooklng
ham Conhty, wiB be told Ihe cron of Tohaero. and one half ' if the
crop of Corn and proveodtr of. every d.tcilpuon. iever.1 head of
vfulee, Horere, Oxen, Cowl, Stock Hogt nit t Fxt Hogo, Certo, W t.f
one, o gr«a»'!wa'lott of V'ontitloa UteailU, tw. Wheal Reapers,
Set Blaek rnlth'a Toole, CvpeaUf's Tools, hlid m.ut> uatful aril
nice of.heuiekrspfna. I ' t ■ . ■
ITtRlaS OF.SALE .—For U.e real ea’ate, one third rath will be
required,'and the balase* of the purohaee money in runal'lnetal
mente’of brio anilwob'ssti. , , ,
• , For the personal property, all lumi of twenty debars and under
rich, aboes that ani'ast a credit of .four ta5c.ua Will, b’a fdven,
piaeeaassrwiscuilog bond aUh app raced eecurlty before the pro
perty Is de leered, 1 1
- | . JOHN P. WOODSON,’ !
Executor »f William WooJaoa, deceased,
dev IT—euwtd | , | !1, j,’ i! j ’ / I ■
TKTHIKK DutoeHi wUI be recttrsA, on which an Interest of Ox
W peT’ceaL wUlbe paid on all same remdlalng on dspoilt tlx
aonthe oe langeg, knd dre poe oent. for a shorter perloi ;j ■
.TtUf Institution hat been la existence Tblny-Oai yean; kai
! 'maned oner Ton MUUons ef Dollar, f has so raspaaOsd debt; bag
never lag! one dollar, at tailed to ’ pay any Card louts wheadue.
; JAB. H. 0ARDUML;Prooldent. ,i
WH. H. OamsTIAN, Cashier,
401-iiy HUGH V. PIT, IsanUry. '
1 y?':y yr •. . - V
j^icsnin THBATCS.
Lain an ttiaaoea....... _{.... .....J. H.' HIWITT
Tbli Iteataif, Itiury 1<<
fourth nigh: ofthoWwNational Dramaif tht ■
’toe fOkT, • .*•■’•.•'•!.•
i o* woman's hiboibm.
Oreitcrefra Diarola,'.....V.Orcheatra J
'. La'Polka...Mae Vary Partington :
t" ■ And the two Act Comedy^f - ; ••••;. • • • • ’
.ifZiaftjjLy '
; 0P~lee ptottrimce. •'».*_• 1
• :Fo»ll'.T«*!ylb* Latai Nlfcht. — '
• / v, ■THDMOAY;«V®!t*(J, Ji. SADISM. t •*.«
One sight more, and potlUrei/the feet of thg ' . /
, •.-.and;"j '././'y palmitto band,
of Cbarieefon, B.O.. '.
. Tbe<la*htag Parfe,'en»!tl*d •. '- • '• > j
• THijiiTiMY row. j
; To he followed l>y' a variety of • ■> \
i ; •’•'inroufo asp tancino. . . V \
Alia, String tod i’raea Moalc ty.the < 1
j Prate rp.n at T'o’riacVi Ferfcinunaea to cocmisei '»t'T)d
Vcl"cSIP. M <A.‘al»»ios fOcta b»l>*y g!t eta. ‘ •
. BF*rtrictorderwHW-rl^Idlyenforced. ~ ' ■ *.tJafl - . '
»1 • ftf ihe’ Unifci,«liy of'Vlrjf'olA/aiAil l»te frofeiicr of ~juth»
matte* W propose*'to. opwri, In tbUV,t/,’i'
Reboot; ptepkn^ry to’Abe CLlvdrpi y.cr tajr.of ovr..Coll<gei
r.'c /or fur. far wtrUculsrs addrtst me At Norf- Ik.
i ded—Ira '• .*• •. O.iM'lP.RIB, M A.
1 . ;• Bia»*0.\i, DccF.IWl.
i Mr. Cmclrinalni Mori* It .a Muter rf Artt of th> TMve.alty ol
ITirglnla. r e la a srtcdtchdlar;» md »l character lawttaosi ir
tproach; he la a diligent add f ilidfurteaehcr.'-.l'caa.aAfely recon..
huon'd hint to the pUionage of tide or an/.other community ai an
lnatructorofynnin. y '. f , ’" A. T. BLE.eO*.
I heartily Conor- In thf'abdre.'havbif Jkoown'llr. Mo{,- « at a
.tudent at the On e -rel.y of VlrglnTs'sndfttherqctiitly ai a teach*
rr for icVt-: al years.'. * I *'**•' I 'iflf w'a'r.tl fJf.HKi. M. A., *
t drib—Ira . • ■ . ;, ■ Prof Wm and .Vary Cvlrire
... WAdHlNQTON c6., VA.,' . ^ .
■ TtlfF B| ring Zeeeloa of till*. Institution will begin (be 9th of das
• i-.uary beat. . '• ..... .... ..
Board can he bad-st $10,per month, at the*Boardlsg.Hall,or'
fat tit VirmosOi, }b priv*M At^*i<*;' •: . tl'. '*.•:
I .Thole Vxpectlng to attend r.,e rtH'icelcd to notify Ihe order. Igu
jd.imm'tdiauly.' Ou..other.charg^a artl:- • *.'. i • •
V ! To lion. f:r S monlhi . .J. t.j.U in lit.
: PdeTasd charge for Janitor.... ...... . C. V‘ l
1 Oontlnresl Fee'.!......'....'.o 00 I
I |iV7AU'payaU<. in advance. . .,-,* ' ,
Other' information can be ).ad by addretalny, - / ’ *
• .. -. '••■*•• E. Jt. WlLKY; Tree*!.
j noli—H4 Teh f ,' ■ f ., • >j»PT'y F. 0., Va.
i .' . • ; i \ : KlCHMOHlij VtHGlHIA.
' pniB 1natitatlon.wIU le opened again bn the. Jet day .of Octo
L beT. 3S61,'for tbereoejtlon both T>f'Boarders and day Bchol
.re. • For particulars, apply to - ‘ . .f
• ec5-*tf• ,, ' - UGBK.1T P. LErEBVRE.
\t her rsal'leDee, ca 111 Suiel, between Clijr and Marshall* *
! up Mf J, b • • "
18«i KO IOLK1NG* *’ 1802
|VIK uodeniiraeel iflrjr«.h*i wet vice* lt> titi Mend* and thejxub
1 liu frC3i.*a’Iya to: blxlnjf out ^*vroti# the tniuing leAion—ar.d.
ihtnk'ul for >.A*i favor*, »*ala loltclu a ih»re Of *»be:r patronage.
\ Office or Cary, between 11 anilS.h itrctti. ’.
• dv20~:c\ ALrKtl) L WOIXADAY;
.NOTK K. *.! • V: ■ '.
Crftce.-ur-mx Kichxosd A Dlxviu.a.K-R. Co , I
•• •' •_• ••' \ Richmond, lice. ildJMl. I
THIR Cemp.ny will par the war taa on tie capital etOeV, there*
hr rellevlnriheFiockhtWen.fi"* the payment of tie came
St... kb riders, therefore. need cot llatthc. lioik of the Ccmprny
for ta cation. **' t . '. " * • * * ** ,* "*
diro-ict THci* w. BROPKl*tmrifjtr. <udlfr. ■
U’TFA.'TI.lieLL. Flljet HAIsK-I.'pper cut of the Deck,*
™ FoulnBlde. IthtjW YuffdfrP.'iettr»nd,Corn. audlewell
.dip el for a Fla!i icy M II ' Engine not much teed. and it from •
14 to id horfebower. Ike loratton la ‘he licit la.the city. The
■artryor drayagu !• an Imr Or tank Item ”•
• Terms liberal. 'tied • ED dQffD.I>AVrNPiTRT A CD.
ltd.. un l-riU-rt Ihare formed a co-partnei-eMii fortheparpw
■I. cf recovering the value of ihiee taken.' and ether proper!}
Jettroyed, by the, enemy,In Eaelern Yirjrlcla. 'They wilt glee
prompt attention to all Cases entruele'.t to their care. Fcrtcrmr,
ie i apply.to’Ool. Olf A“. 5. M aLL’.'RT. at Yorkfown, or to RO.
U MONTAGUE, at: Jamaica,-. Middlesex county, till tha Itthol.
f orrmber;;aod afire that Kmt at klchmood.' — ' “ .*
j «»18—If I ■ •.RO.’L, MONTAGUE. * •- ''
\\TAHTKV,—M'c »l*h to emp'oy a young man-«ho hn
|vf tome knowledge of the rrtail Dray Pui'ntss. * -, *
• BaUsfactory rtforence repaired. ■ .•' ‘.’.*■'
KXADK A BAHVR. U< Main Street,
I 1*17 • ■ ■ ■ • OoT.»rabove Po*tflftlee.-'*
x . O.sici: RicuxocD A )>inas»BC«o liiLvotn Cui, I
• -i ••. . • . -RlCaxoaP,Vi.,De08-hl 1S6L. [ '
rnihC-.. r-kty wPI pay the W.rl ix ct lit OirllalEfock,there
by rellokliig'leBUCkhtldereof the payment of toe same. Ju*
Jlrlduia U.-.-rclore ae»jnot llat-tht stxcof thli Ccmptny for
awl.cn. f: •...;*••. 1 ■ M. W. TAERlNGlfi*,
1 ,dr 4—TiH - - • . ' Treasurer
IIOH.MDND, Kor. 14, JW. '
SIRI take tUe method o! -eton'.tnx many thaake to ray nllme•,
rou / caetcmvA'.and.frleodt, for tuair very liberal p>tron»ete
>od mr.i.y pi,( f»yurt, and Isep.cI/uUy ao Iclt acoothioaoceof '.he
jam'ei. pot,undrr cxletlngelreumUanoea, (batingto p»ycaahfor
aUgl-l la I buy,) I.ehait 1:1 flturc be compelled la.collect all bill.
.t leapt once per menth, urtllfurih.r notice. '• .
. , Eeipectfuliv, . A A X D ABM ICY,
j —r — — -*;H>roeef AtlCommUtlcnMerchant,, .
n»T4*-t' . > "• Corner br.eJ and Ith »l», Richmond, la, '.
18(B1. ..•**'?«***»* .; 1861.
j • Jfli.Vli FiCTUKC RS ,1.Vd Wfl0 LE SAIK D it A I.E RS IH
Hats, G^ps .and, Straw, .Q-oods*
Ho. 1 «T MATA Svitaor, (orroerra EiOHAaoa BAaaJ
.1 1 ‘ •- s* A'foArnond, Ya.\ ‘T
*• 'Haivereailv and irt'Haw bfftring ta the Merchanta of, VlrglnU.'
dorth Carol.na and .T.enEraiCf.y, pricee to lolt ttj tlmee a com.
plete flock of 3priat,'.and.,Bumaet.Oocda, vkk-h for variety anf
ityle cannot be excelled. Buy eta will do welt to give ua a call be
Icre purehaaing elaewbare. *'•' • T_i_ ' '
athiii • mm a RiiHBit
FINK WiVkj* AND BttANDllA-WheakfU Held;
a'ckCVampa'ga.^ior*; 10batkeie Hdmm’i Tefgan.y C'b,
Inet.JohS half plot- Oi'i deo iwe.y-Br.ndy; M Caare nsICR’a Bet*
• aeae M *,a.| «' I *rK T Vil U •>. . T I*?!1 bf WMt W A L f. A C -fo A0P*P,
Corner Ftfcrl aod Cary frrtrls «t ■ . • • . ?yV *
I )£**.—■■» bii'. bla.-k'F.jdJ Peas, la nlorr, and for iale^'
J. daSt • ■ ■ .•. '• * . WM.lt. PLKASANTR.
Dll,,--80 Qallt Castor Oil-;• "• •' . ’
. SIX), lb* Potaata
! :, .. Ooacen’-rated Lye, Jwt .*«• rived by ‘ -• ‘
i daM. • V ".* b* •' .<•» JA«.P. 7" VAL,
t ",*•• ranking OfFtor oV.wm.h.isaacb a.oo:, l'«
; r,.| ,, corner Maln'and l«th' Street*','Richmond, Va. j
IN eonncollon with ihelr.iuoVluy bastoeat, the undersigned will
gl** prompt and f*!ihful,atteniloo lo the'Afjiutraenl aid Col
',,••♦1 ;i of Claims »"»'.niVtheOcn(eder»te (to’feri.mrnt./.. " ■
They will «*eJcliH‘.w!lh'tlirnt eo&rrtent legal talent wbeneeat*
: U may be joWi.nr cerajry tf> do so', ... . .
X Their chsrglswfll be mcdarate, either,special or tpoUngenl u
their'patrnt.a may dealref I .* '. .B. liAACd A CO. ■,
| Raraa. ip PBBBtBtUi .e, .T. C-'. Q*i?.-W# Mnnfcrd.' Secretary State*
0( Alrgnls, C«l Juo. b Cal'e. M ret >urei* State'of >V,“ginla;'Col
J. M.be'nnell.Uil Anl'toretal* M{Virginia; Janie* Oaekle; Isq ,
Ptcaldenl Bank of Vlrglols; WmlF.'Taylor. IsqTvqaihierNaok ol:
V'irslt Is;'Hector loans, ,11-q‘i President* Tra'dere'-Bar.k; J; Ran*
dolph Turker, tsq , Alto ner lienrrai State'orVlrglnlA. . ,*•
■ gyola mr sent to at for a jjui'tneet or collection ahould. In all
cases'i>e'accompanied hy'lheproper ciutracti .acd’epnrhfri, sud
special powrr if* atlothtj to rrpiesant, and' ilga'the.nania ol th«
partr'tt any paper* or documents'nacesaaryIn the premia**. .
de.V-lf ' “■•I' " y .... ,
nonBb.-Pocketand ,Dre*elng Comb*;' at wholesalr an re
\J tall; br SWAbi: A »AKKR, DnigFl*t's' ISdMaln Street,‘comer
abebe P.fi. ■*■ ; '*; ' *' *" 1 . > ' ,■ ' '•*, Sail; ‘
SILL NT ON ltsi.—W* haw lor eale. • a * pair. Freoeh • Burr
Mil'Alone*; 4 teel, and a pair l..opa*'NlllHl'.une*,.SO lor be*.
, .. ,;* .’. . . • •• CLARKSON.A;Cn.*,.- .
. •* .* . -No 1« Main etreet.
NTAILN.—S«U0 lb* Naila slightly.damaged,'for*aisle by T. A.
I A «, PABNS.V, e'Jr.' Brqad and 7th »lreels._m'ln
w* 11) W'lBTH,oy’B«OKkloril5.c ■ ;
O-l'aS c '. ..J. W, H*Nl>i)U’il,*lSI Mn.nStreet,
i Will sell for.RS (Iraant by Rxp.-est'or Eillp ad,Ih'a,freight will
Se Bb eta et* |V nr * rr) I'l'readk ilnwob-of.'No*'*!«,*' P,l‘*grfcnhy', HG
tor/, Footer nr.Tbeb’ogrfth’■ oaaT'prtcebf *fb|cb‘e** SIS ' ',.teatl
xjslNn' MOOk.Vl.FOiC I’ ttlSNI >1A N — Mr'Stict of Bur
r It'dKh.ns'of lanry and Standard Books., Illur'-rated and boons
Is.oraauisDurstyUa, lo.-i tefotn. Is .larWthan' urual' • Tnlja
assortment pf .ibaafsoaan.Portfolio*:; Writing Dsats, Wo*k.B>*M
'andtnsuy other new fancy* goo1 la.rjoet'received,"■ at J. w. BAN
OWIPH S, MnlBI s»alnstr«»*. ■ ■ ■' ■ ■■• )1»M
I 'Wstl.IlOIL.—We wish ktr purchase,.ficm 1 to BoOO Jt'lonef
J pure Oil, for which we ere willing to p ./ a liberal ptee. Ad
dieag - • . 'J W»l, SAhtrLSR, A'C-l,
. , .' Sonlhern Paint and Glass Depot, ,
no7 r. - i li'VIlalh stree*.
St It. BALT.-'W*Rack/fide:Urcrpoo|,Ball;'BOo Racks
Groundjlloin Rsh.- Al-Y. bTQKsfl. A.OO. /{ *, ) \ ..OH
QT»KB OP B. H. HUlgt * CO;
VirrtnlA Siaka Sljes.-.reglst^cdr-'.VIr/lnlA^Conpoq Rond*; Ttn
tsettee Coupon Boadt;* North'CaroUna Ooupun Bonds; Confederate
States Bonds.And register*jptoek, far eale.** market rale*.
pr-WANTIDdhGol'd and uUrer' Coin.. R. H. MAURY A 00.,
under SI, Charles Hotel I • . ■./ .. , • ' ‘ .'1.* ' l **14_
MW CAMP . . -
■ • i. i !• • ■ >.' 7T.
Wish • • •*'• 1 |
For sale by the subrcrltar, at ' m
. !; 1. R. WI, HARWOOD1*
furniture Store, Governor Strwet; lliihmoid. |
A Mo, fajuf VurulaUlBK* la ««"•>*_ „
anSS—tf i, aW. WailBAOO.
! -jini I.., i!•. v : ..**•• "
■ 1 !■ 1. ... i , ;* ■«'.. I • r' *
- ■ I j - I 1
. Action aus.
•: i~'• r•) j; Thimt. _
IT80DTITA irrcitao", an, T*
V. emu r BRiADaiRAi-,tru 10 nifa *ti**T, ifi*
ULIji r.aRf T.ON.—,«ni hi » Id al auction, Ihil eeflar
uooa,'at 4 o'clock ea the piealen that .alaab » Iraewewi lo
.ted^'abbee;now lathe ceeataney t f Me Jo* o" Doetll nge*
i h : In tai l frost H f® , fen. at I a depth al 90-, feat, to the
■tgh. cf aa al'ry'of 3 fee., exte.dtag - at to tnh oteteL
/it II property li located la 1 atm lot proving port af BrotJ
lt»Cft, " • " 1 .
Itakit .> Bofcunh cut; lioliare at 4.U at 1- mooiLa, far »e
f;tl.'b'< toV-, l T+a t edd-d terurec by a tnett deed
• Ihrlaaia for lsd2 to ba paid b the pu ch«i-*.
J»*rli;, UiDD.N a APPeAS M. Aorta
/; ,■•AUtllUfl k)AliJCi*X
, IXlCITOUbiltlK.
WJM, be Mill at pahllc nurfoo, os lha pritn'eai, oa WIDNi'l
•I f) eTilic if I Jivuary, lhdt, the far* r.Uad Chalk Loeal
n thai cuaity, of •'Ca, ollae, am thr property * the lata * II.
A crib am,'a. plat aad to. Try of nhleh wll. be i ehklted at the
!ae df •» e;e drain'i* abjot tW) ie»en hundred acne, aad
il;hld ii)t»o n'lil at ChaUlfl.lu pipot.cn 'be hlrbattad, Fred
•clclabdrg tbdrprtomac Kelt.ad, aad w"b a ibcat two b* art
Idailorn a>l mood Th» f.rm la In a good atatt af raklTatUb,
111 about lrtjbuihetari abeat Mcu>d Afur the tale of the 'arm
J. thr’peiKDai t to ■ r.y * It te Mid, rath aa h,i».rt coat, •alii,
in aj Ac:, and about- barr-11 of core
Tern.1 r f f a tie Bid be t-r the r al etta'e or.e Ibti fed; b I
tact at 1 attd'f yeeri, tor bcada, be. rll (t Inlerea , *ea-*d by a
■uit dnd. ..lur.tbr pen, net prop'ry. tb euma tiller ltd, reel
i/er iket aoKunt ilx moitba eiedlt, f>r oouOe bear if lain ml
el.h good pentnil lecnrlt*.
A 0. WOITBIM, iBxeeutoreaf
•• ' bo*,!* wotTHAtf. 'if.W rtham
Jii—ld« _CHAP T. WU2TUAM,) dec reled_
UAV.NO.drte m'ned to ebeeoar toAlneee, for the pteoeat. Be
thill offer for rate, at oar Want oast, on
' Tue dey, 1-ltb January at xl,
Osr entire it'Oh of bl.pl* end Fancy doc da, Btthoet f*na. far
rue oa pat n ear, ana conlltue the ial«, mill the whole la acid.
'•he itock compiiera auoy eery daelrwll > elnplt 8* de, la ea
c-Hint order, aad will b found worthy tbw attecUoa af largo bay
m.’.' .. .
Doling the ialeweet.all<ff r;
!Aj be I and 4 4 Pro": Cottcm
■ , ioO pi Arg. ea bleached gblnlafe
to balee r cprrtor brewa Drilliege
bo.' |>e Whit* Soo^e—Cam erica, Jncsnete
Pel* wuellre br'l tent*, ac.
100 pi lich Fancy Dreae M ka
you do 'a I ten anil Fr-ach Gligtame
fam do » Had Jecoreta
, ... y.’*i d > Fancy Prime, ftprtnfftybi
bo do Hack ' nd Colored Alpat aa
! f»do Iridlih and Fn nch hr-'ncea
150 dona ulnen Caxtrlc Udkie
i . • Colored Camhr'n, linen D'.nuekl
I • heptlu , Crinolln I, Gloete and Uoelery
To, rel a*, Vretlogr. bpool I > tit oa
bbiali,Cloth and Vclv.t float•
" Cfllllcl, Batep-ea, Hr.tied lewte
Jeron t i •luloe aid bile F.obce
lmbroidnlee, a large aitcrtmint, Aa., Ac.
. . • al'o,
Tliaba'arce of our loot of do* Cl.tbar, perfectly froth and
faihUi.sblc cr.trprt.lcg,
, . •&<! H a k Drcu aod Bclon’i Coat*
*: Care mere, Velvet and 8 lk Vteli
Black Boetkic and V> ucy Caa Imerc Fanil
..t. Ihack alpaca and Itall-D Oicih Coala
> • ; 00«t Brian au Fanry L.nen do
.5 l dot Hickory, Gin,baa and Cut u fltdrta
VI Itb a large stock of superior r umnwr Clothing.
1 large •it'r.actrt of Dee'racle Good*, coua'gard ue froa tba
Foilh, such >a l»t. aliea ValiBdaa, Iroebr Fbawlt, Sid Ularta,
Ill-con*, farpetlcgr, Taira**, Balmoral Bklrtg, Meek Tlta, Lace
and Love Vcl a, Ac., Ac.
80 j a Ilcgai t 811k and Wnralad Iroeatalle* and Printed
Curtain f> oeda
• 8 fplencld plate Glaea, allver mounted Iboa Oaaea
I . • 11 arge and 8u trior *r„o Safe
Mirror,. Stool’, Deake, Ac.
, And armall. Pul des-rah ecorn of Dry Geode, from aboaae
Seilio'n* buainev, with which the aal* will commence, roaprIcing
tom* very rlih and chelce geode,
i . ALBO,
' :<) Caere Mena', Women*', Boya' and Mlaeee' Bcoie and floea,
soudillng of Fine Dtcaa Boole, Bmgar,, Beavy Boole aad Bro
(ana, lt,1 at t,1 ant Congreat Ualteri, V, u.ha' p Ip and Ooal Bro
cant, Wfmrne Kid md Congrcra Gaitrra, Ac , Ac , lo b* eold la
k'.e or'glnal package*.
doll—ft*_KKMT, FAP1 A CO.
LAwira, AAi k ok PakldHf BLK fki'ATF, conelatlrg of Rniae*
KUlra. rattle, Bh,ip, Fogs, Ootn, Fodder, kbacta, Wkaal
straw, famine Jmplrmei tt. Ho.iehold rropTy, Ac. Mr. J am re
t holloa, hea r, having t Heeled a a. la of h a Farm ca ltd “ Mouai
Hr,gaol,1*on 'he Vlrg o a C-nPal lailroad, n*Fr lo Baaover
Cjur. Hou'c, will loll, at puk 1c auction, at Ibe raid fata oa Tue*
' *r, the ith January, ls«8 at to o'clock; A M , If fair If not, tea
r.rat fair cay ’her. aft-r, all the ptrfaliahle eeialr thereon, rotslat
■ag of a'grrat iarie> , embracing In pari, three Hence 10 Mule',
’J Cn*a and «.xes.tO 8h*ep,(vrry floe ) abcat 4J grp ku,000 Be
Fodder. 1,1 "0 bif ,le Corn, a large quintit* of 81 ueke, Wheat
straw Fa tnlcg Implcmenta, Household FtirrUare, dc,
; To rue, all >ima under |f>0 i esh, over lhat aaoual four aoulha
iredll, for approved endotied negotiable caper.
I • fte'J. Auctioneers.
Malitar3r Cloths at Rich’d, Va.,
j "j ; Wruiinilay, Sib January, ISOS.
rfj August last w* i n’t red ordna In advac 0* far all the gosda
we rai rrteu lo manufacture ih a year, and Mere cluatog lb*
'IdeVbock, have had a greal many app Icaileue Mr ear gweda,
: ni p opoaale I > ,n'«r orders, all uf wbieb w* b.va had lo de
Inf. but promised the *,vliconU to Inform thru, whan we »*•*
p epared lo Bake fu-ther aalet. Being now about M complete
o* dellve , ,f cur last cor li acta, w> have determined lo e»U ai
'ubkr ,ucr uu.oo Uri’hkdoAT, ih» b’h January cell, at car
.lore Houee. on the Mein Bark, at II c'cock, II., ell o'the goode
we have then on hand, andai the time lime to let tuyere eater
:hrld order* lor future dedrery.
, TBe alienllou of Volunteer Companies, Cullen, und lb* Trad*
;en4ral|y la Invited to’ha superior qaallly cf our guide, which
url given umveieal •uiUfartlcn. and to Ibe fact mat ear bray
.no Hue Cloth and Caeelm, r." helop exdua v,ly of Indigo Uyc.Je
lot Change color. CitKMkUAW • tifh. Agent,
• rtifw- dCrenshaw Woolen On.
!f\,fft g-nernl maet'ng of Ibe Blues bold pi of the BANK OF TIB
,L (ilNlA, util he h Id it 'heir hanklsg H> la lb* illy *f
•.kl'mond, tn AOlfi AY.thetttlicf Janua y, ltJK.
; Theft* p art'w ih*' nr tlBar or Dlrrdor of the Bask abtll
iy.-t a, the pr.xv or a hlockho der In any el ,t on «f Dlreetora ar
jinnera of tna Bank,-or shall any prti b* raid which skull
lure he*n ex. ruled ilxly Osya before the ima cf • lection
de!4—StaWd WM F. TAVLOK, Oaahler,
*|1HK Aonuat Mret'ng ol to USocahoUler* of the Farmer* Bank
!L lof Virginia, will he hid at Ihrlr racking Howe*, la tb'aally,
•u Wed.radar, Ilia l.’xh day of January, ■'«, at 18 o'U ck
i Pel*—ream J. A. AfflTH, Oaehlrr.
i|IHK fsrruifr nirnab r a of the Liglai Battery,
1. .Jea'ri'g ti'gafnl at, h I, apply to ih* unuorjlgoed, It iheul
Jcebr .he Vt se Legion
Comfortable quaneii l ure bem prorldrd
i W r. MILttTT, Lt. W. L.,
) ' TUUA. A. UKAKDBt. ItlOtb
' drX0-4l* teg. Va. Vol*.
jVriiilthTK n'sNT«V.-lke adrardaer wba la
“ poupelied to retire, it nporarliy, from aerrtew, on aeconaf of
npalreu health, wlihet to engage a juketilete for ihe Urm of
-arm, nu.l. 10 acre. w mini; vkxuib|. fquip
aenis, etc., furnluhed. Par farther particular. Inquire at ihie af
Ice.noil— tf
bkEIM'H teKUNDY.—# qnerter cuke reiy tuperlor
r qu.lily, forfeit hr DUNLOP, MOXCUEE * 00. he*!—IN
i.mim KENT.—Two lerge Were Houiet, fronting en Dock
C : and Carv itreela. Apply to
dlex __ GKO, k PALM EE
Mots and shoes.
No. If Pearl Street,
fTAV* Juet reedred a full end complete (eeortmeat «t
idapted to the preeent iea.cn, and, In addition to thdr large aad
rtd-aeeo-1. d etoch of Eastern goods, hare the aOLa aosaor for
e jcitcnaire factory at btaanton, Va., which M teralag eel
tgle. end qoelltlee of work equal to any In the Co entry.
Oouotry Merchants are requested to call and .. act Inc Mr them*
oihau.ta Ho IS Pearl street.
(oryiCE ooekxe or main and eleventh bthehm.)
[NhCRt white penone for life or for a term ofyeuiu, had duvee
for one or more (not exceeding four) yean.
Grant. Aannltir. and Endowments on the mod equitable terms.
The Yankee companies haring made known thdr latntloa to
rpudla c the policies of our fellow-dtixeas who may he killed m
lefcnec of thdr hornet, dther by taking ep arms, er byaympa
nlelng with, er by leading aid and comfort Is lowthtra heheh,
-Ttry prudent man, Ineurtd by them, ought at aoca to causal his
rolicy end Insure at home
Bcoka containing the necetsary Informatloe art farnkhed d the
'Ece of the Company.
HAMPEL J. HAEXiaoif, Fred deal.
i. ADAH PLEASAm, ■ nr clary.
Bun Rcawxu., M. D., Medical Examiner.
J. B MoCaw, M. D., Consulting Physician.
Eneooa B. Haarn, Legal Adrlacr. )yg
JAPKTY PI KE In alert aad for .ale by OLAEKBOH A*»»
9 No. lOd Main street. odd
^OOruiHD KYHLP.-HTI. Window*! S-o-hlug Syrap,
9 and Kadway*. Ready Belltf, for lalt by W. PETXMON a Or.,
V» Main tlreet. dais
(jILODB,—IB begs faull'- and eaperSnc Poor, la dor. tad Mr
r ..'..by WM, H, FLBASAHTH.deth
FRANKLIN ft CO., _.*
CSV f All
at pi aadTlug sad radaelag tha Impekad rldsa Is Hi prims flue
AMs, t wry large imertmeatof
If the bed q tatty, at
a? Ha. MS Mata Street. ttrhmaad, Va.
i . l

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