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I I Mivoi * Cocrr —John Higan, or “ Hagan's John,"
ft f made hi* appearance before the Mayor, yesterday, to an
swer the charge of threatening to aeeault Mr Edward A.
| Pollirj, one of the editors of the kxamintr. Mr. Pol
I Urd has recently been ventilating an op-ration of Ha
gvn’s by which a free aegro barker was exempted from
aerrice on the batteri*. by paying the sum of $40. Io
B c uc vq'i—es of this publication. Haga i c illed at *he Kx
W trnimxr office, and had an interview with Mr. Po.lard,
ft which rrau! cd in hie ejection from tbe premises, with a
■ bl >ody head. Hagan then made certain threats, in view
I of Which Mr Retard ¥ Walker, of the i’twiwr,
B ceu^d his arrest, and arraignment before the Mavor,
m yesterday. Ti \1 n or r-qu.rtd Hagan to give $SQQ se
curity to k-ep the peace
John Fianev appear* J to answer the charge of annoy
ing, and threatenirr to assault Mias Bettv K rkmeyer,
Mho occupier an apirtmeut in his house. The complain
ant m id- out quite a a roue -*-e, but the defendant in
troduced wif e -c* who testified tocircnmstarces, which,
it true, are >a*her d t>ea'or? to Miss Betty's character.
The M ivur ac. ordit - y continued the case until Friday,
and directed that other witnese -s shot!J be summoned.
Tne ; artiee wer- then dismissed.
Edward W. K - ly, orrrseer -or Dr. Williams, who was
charged with dva* ’ a pis*cl on Mrs. Kasabel Oatogni
an f ; x'or'im? $12 from her,was remanded for indictment
by th-.- tirand Jury.
Aud ew H.-djr, <-b .rred with trespissirg on Oapt A
' Wslkiaion, »c* Uncharged, bu- John Softer, who re
a s s rated against the arrest in violent terms, and ad
. dr *- d obacene language to Lirot. Crone, was commit
ted to j viL
Albs rt, slave of P. H. Russe l, charged with stealing
f i.lJ from B:l!v, slave of Dr. Merritt, wks ordered “ 9
and HO."
Frank Gallagher, cha-g-d with retailing ardent spirits
wi.hout a license, was fined *10.
Tut BatrxKKS—As lb) « .apprehension prevails
» th .t person* who may volunteer to man the fortifications
neir this city, ro w, after b-:ng mustered into the service
of the Oon federate S’sts, b' -rdered to the scat of war,
* or elsewhere, w- publish th first and second sections of
tbe a -t of I'ongresa, (No. 229.1 etilitled “ An act to pio
ITida f.>r 1-Cil d fere- and sp-cwl'aervice
L That the Pr. -i lent be, and he is berebv authorised,
to toe-pt the services of volun'eer* of such kind and in
stca proportion as h- may deem expedient, to serve for
ai> h rime as he i »" • - rc.-ib*, tor the def.-noe of ex
pos'd plao-s or tocali'.iee, or such special service as be
uiav dev* expedient
2 A d «uch force* shall be mustered into the service
of the Conf-dera'e S-»u < for the local d-fme* or special
service aforesaid, .A* wna*tor-roll retting forth DlsriRCTLT
th *ee»»c-« to he pcrf nrmrd. and tbe said volunteer*
- s’ii 1 uot n>t b • cot.sij- - -d ii actual service untilabere
untvs: e .ally ordered by the Prt-deut. And they shall
be entitle i to p*v or suhifslai ce o. ly for such time as
thev miv b» oti duty under the criers ol the Preelden-,
f or by bis direction.
. Asothxr Cosi Xrt.—IVe are pleased to learn that we
are to have, t ax’ we-k, eae more of those del ghlf.l
c i :ce-!.*. giver ur for c.ie direction of Mr. Lefrbvre, re
cently, at tL" d Pr -bvier.vi Ghutch. The heauti
ful v d cCfnmoJ: >u« chAcli at the corner cf Main and
fi h street-, ! he ben d Bipisf.) has been kindly effervd
»« • wv I- a V' - ’ p »uv “ “"lOTr'
T ii cot osr: pr•" i*• * to Ur excel any that has ytt
h n givi n. ’ d will 'w for the tv eti. of the Kentucky
Viiki;.U’«r* I trttm *tal music will be add’d to tte
a paction* of " * t’C*.*e i t' ’ co w *rts, and we amici
pate a sio*' d ’ g "ful eterias:. We I *am that only a
■i n ted - m'-er ot tt k *t» ar-> to be sold, and, perhaps,
n tie a- the d or, »h oh » l! malt > it nece«*arv to pro
ere itteat br th-* dor'ivm nt, which, we presume, will
apyear in the p tv in iue lime. The church will no'
seat mure th-.u about el-'Vtjn hundred pe so a *tid for
the comf >rt of those who attend, it will be aell that
tick *u wit; not he so! J exovdi. g that number.
l Aursiatsrs —Th* popular drama of • Ireland As It
I*" wdl be pr.’v* t d a’ the V a:i• i«s t>night, with au
ettieien' case Tue drama does not “Jraw" a: this place
a* it did at the T’ 'at-e, though the samo iheatr cansr*n
d-r the para. We presume that after a while Manager
Hewitt ttar induce the attendance of p -r*ona whose re
M lignins scrap! •» would no: allow th*m to visit the late
‘Temp!* 01 the Muse* ”
At Metropolitan Hall, Weils A Oo. are catering to the
arouvu-i; of those w-o deligtt in extravrgat za and
" fun. Th'V have rec*n’ly intro inoed twj French ladi'S
»wb we hicnly «wcoee*fol bur e»tp le of Madatnr Strakorcb,
is ballad staging, and of Lula Hornet, in the etecution
* of a pxt *«« ', n gh Iy elicit rap urous app'.au*e troru the
“•’•'•vwatire anliem* _____
t Bai easui.—Wit* H. Hurlburt, who has been imprir
• * ooed us the city jail revere! nontfcs, ou suspicion of bi
ing a fpv, wui relea- d, ye»tcrdiy, by order of Governcr
L- ch«*r. H • was formed* conn ctec with th«* editorial
jp iw ' sent of th” Sew York T me*— a villainous sheet
_and had ro itn' itvd anti slavery article* to one of the
B’i* h R views. H>* W*s arre-ted ear1* last summer
wh.ist • ravel) g southward, attd was brought to 'his
ci’v, since * .icn ::i»e, though eti iorsed by the Sew Yoik
X as a man of Southern sympathies, he has remain
ei ia dur*si. We have not ’’card the term* upon which
1 }, • * a rrl’ised, if »:.y w- rv made, nor been infurmeB
i kale captive
Tm Cusv t<ia ■'tsar*.—The Set ate o' the Con
fcd.’ra'e S:at j *;i. u« iccotantt* ale 1 with au apartment
in the north* .’ cm corner of the Can tnl. The room
Ja* preesut occupied ivy *he A j t’.a’.t Ge ieral and an ad
j> i::g room, heretofore used a* a'‘committee room."
b- thrown into ot-**, v”i fitted up ia becoming style
fjr the “Senate Ctianiber.*
Wukat asD Tonacco.—Dur : g the moo'h of D com
ber, HI 75# bushel* ot whea aal :>l’-7 bog*heads cf to
bacco were bto.itht to the ci v by canal, railroad , aid
. river.
COP1KI > » IP ♦ ’ll I* SOflCK.
||U have thadar au* a - I wAti at. Mr. IMrr Ip Inan,
Vjr aa a par or , ."u-bnij a* hr trie of Me flru, frow
ih| Ut. * . & it«‘ r», l*«slndcit r d (’a
rn\ y -• > -b l '.-1 •... * «r . a, «Ul pi AKf ill id 1 ici.ie
lh«r •c.owr. i a ra y j.
ieHmno^iio 1,1' «• *_ ji4 »<Ut4i
m <-oer%! I B\NKOFTX*
I kHNIA, %»J »• h . » » * r vj.lr* li tt*« la mt tU/ of
L:. ra .\UNc>AY,U»* i of Jiucarj, 1>A*
!► i« j» n*| r* th%* ; cr :r ct* r of I'tBuk l^kO
v y »t yr r a ' In »ny ci ct.©n «*f Diro?*.or* or
4) t •# o '-f "or *h%.i adjt y: * b« y% td wMch >b«li
hjk#t* b • b **i c uitU*jr ’ay b«f *X9 the *1®* • * • locii *c.
rrVII A-naol Eo't'r* of th- wov»ti ‘ ler* of tho Partner. Honk
X of Vire n!., el . t e ed kiihrlr raakm boot*, la Ui'Oo ly,
on Wedn-ttey. the 19 h Juy of January, ^1, at >»<*,iUe».
j.14_9i*o J J a taPH, Cuhlff
>11 HK 0**1 ’ION ■: LHI *>H VIKfJINIA. TO
I ok ntic city oppyrMisi ta aNDTO
i .i *u**i»ro»ru c cnty or pm AO* u*o»oe.Uk«AT
1 Vae -u. a TV»CT ►»> oeea'ed 1i the .Vnato. eccaslnned by
the re.lyno ioa of J <N H CLA M BAR, tho 8eoal>r Irom the
Ik«r eoa ■ :«*«l id the C iy f Pucr-buri > 4 Oi« C- onty <1
P noaGe r*« I.tu-ii". Wien fu> n «»«rll elected,time
, , «*„ f. . ja be D»c' it ib C tomooeeait’, to rt<|iiro joi
I e'v* Oiy .! k d* bell le year and 0 ty ood Connie na
% • u*i«y. *»•<• t I • la 4.«y »•*«• yreeeal u-onlb,
t. ..id i* to d the t* on . V react I
l • et -I , y e V • teej J i ei' P JOHNdON, Prefl '-•*,
I l.y d Joniior/, A. D., I'M,
’ . i ta k.1 eighty •lx: y • kt ol ihc l
* 1 JAM** t i 'UNION
Rraliln'. pro t*m el the Mean’a.
B/th* PeoH-at pnU * ef the oat-*:
Tc#: 4 C. DAVI*, Clerk of donate,
ju^-'ilUrt'l* ___ .
riini *a'i««m>ere w! " eoi ria* lb« Ne. ro Ulr nr end General
1 k.ei-t hat.net'. for IK- oeft .ear and enll be planned tc
A ere' he natron*, o of their ftleuda aod *b< l‘Obit ■ yeae ally.
A»»e nop* »• p M T,BB *9,)(j.
deS-elw _r[ dec to. t « > »:ire UtU».
vr».» i.M' II If* ’I kLK ACAUbJII.
,ri1dP«*cr •«»"»■' l-.r tail o wtll be returned n Monday
* 1 J»nu»-»i'T 1't.J it. I r he Jir-ctlon of Mr Klward *
* bac'.ori'el ec ..'■■( Tl'altU Mr U. baa had aee.ro
wean ytart eto«*rt -ae* In WMklnA *** 1 onder Mo
he ro 9 teaiiy 1 eii v«e the A -t-l'iny will fttily BtflntAin tta »t nln
*TS, H'ard n: ''epaf-n-rt » 11 b* coo ducted he T. P. Ooartnty
ra<4. ohu bia Riled tho poet f r tome lime ef'r
Tull oa to bty lah bnrebeo do *
do Ctaoi « » d N 1.’ mile* do *1
8rh ol Boom kap.aa.a do 1
P-yabtw half m •Jtio*'*
T!,e » .ATiffmo « w ii *l*v b« t*o*ht when .leeired
w p.ooo«vnv.
• o*)«lrtrr piekw rotJ _ __
f ■> H I kir**.’* >>Ua' »»F L^M» Yuuk Ml*
1 p.IL On £ TmDiY.t. * !*t.!ny «f M»rch on*. I iflbll Oci)
on ihi* p*pwi n, 4! pc* ll • inctl a, i •rc«,t * f land, oa Y‘ rk Werr
|%To;k c-a i ' V.r4me dllUM IW»* mwee frva 10il.lennbarf
for^i v t|A|"ip :* rt *h, ’ ■ d new Canwn •‘f’e’*
*h!t tail w*a or e* n me in iron, tr uft iheptjmrn
©f r iUln m my w>€v o I la th- *!• *•■!» by J a rare Myltr one
wife IVn A . i now •• *V *Ha*« nf **nW T r«. by deed re «rdeo 1
Vo-» eoaa y Co .’i. .n i ,»* ►X *•« tlkofM 4ajr of Jane. 1%3*. Th<
trirt ron’a i «* u‘. i »»> icrw; ih re le aiw»n I*, on the rloer i
rj<r, • l*rt' • \ *4 ir.’ll A’en, n»*uy ban »’Of ieo»*iencei
*11 i oth*ebu • • • ;« . n I e liter. 1 h-re ere-car rr Bv<
Hu drrj *eree of ,U*—*! «a .* wh*rf . «wn«lo %* • channel of U
»he i n* Ub'bee. 1 to b« aa^o«otlon«blo. h«% I ehall •» *cue*.e«
eoae»y to th? parchteer -urh itilo u h f «w ed In ■ \
At 4 iw '■ muni 4 i( ii will be reijulrrd In ceob; m to lh<
r«a«is4<r the te ae «H m m**l* known oa the day of tale,
for t~fonn*Uoa, oddreoo, at W lttawu'i Vn..
dell—cUo lalAtSOIW, Tnulet.
Najhvilli, Jax 7, (vi* New Orleans, Jan. 8.)— A
gen'lemau has arrived here direct from Louisville, who
• •'•t that the Federal army between Louisville and
Bowling Green, numbers about 100,000 and that about
25,000 of this number are unfit for military duty, mcsUy
caused hr sil liness.
The Fe lerale are pu’hlng forward tho work on the
Creau Kirer bridge, wihch was expected to be completed
iu a few days, af.er which lime it was probable a Fede
ral ot-war 1 mtvjmeut will be mutlj towards Bowling
Another gentleman, who has just reached here from
Paducah, saye it was n ported there that the Federate iu
ten 1 to concentrate a forcJ of 10o,oo0 at that piece.
It was currently reported here (Nashville,) this eve
ning, th it t e Federate were crossing Green Kiver in
core derable foce.
SPICK#.—Pi'Pfer; PI sen4', Ginger, tor i lie by
< KOMJ.SU. OavtcesoRT A 00.,
jab Corner Cary anil llllh Stic t up rtalrx.
A lhe8io.ee! JOHN GRAM#, oo 12th *tre*t Apply nt the
cure._J ii —S»t
1 AA It BJTTLI8, Immediately. A good price ail be
jabb Otnrr Main ami ttli 8t rete
10 ALL WduM IT MiY lOMkKV, liREETIflti.
An Awicnt'd Stock of Clothing,
faOM i'HAR .I8T0N, A C
r|13E8obi-!ib r would call th* a tenilo* of d a’nt In Beady
l Made Hoy's and Men's Cldhlng, to one if Ihemotl eelect »»
sir.m at* if Ctoth'ng, now la the Confidents Hat-* of America,
an 1 at price* w.thoat the war tariff Totn ler* and Urge pu tha
•er*, great Inducement* are now offered to reptenlih thel etocss,
• -he g-ode mu.1 ee ,-loeed out ai'.hln the next mxty day* Call
and look, no triable to show goods, at
j*ni-Xw 1I>1 Main Street, M door belnw 1«'k etreeh
HPNT A JAMES hare remove! from the Corner of Virginia
and Cary Street two doore above, to the house recently oc
c or pled hy Xcnrt.' J hn»on, Trnehet-t A Vaughan.
They have In *lore for •*!* a large and varied alock of manubtr
tareil lobar o of nearly all gra Ire.io whick coir* aut addition* arc
being -lade from aaou acturrn 11 thl* Stale and North Carolina.
Tin y »U> haveo hand a giod stock of floor of all irade*. ill,,
Dried Apple* and Peaches, butter. Ac ■ Ac._J*I
or THB
f pUl underelgneU offer for tale, by package or otherw 3e, a fine
1 ajaoruncai of ( tgara and TIauufiu tured To*
bat co% of if;# most approved brands.
We are uk* Bole Agent* for eeveral of the largest Manufacturers
U the SkAle of Virginia, and are this day receiving a general as
sortment of a*: kind* ofToban o. ranging from 1ft to TS cent*
per o.Hind Ale", all kinds Smoking Tobacco.
pTTcrni cash. C.iA.3, BAYNE A CO ,
Under BpoMwood Hotel, Elchmond, Va
P. 8.—Bpeclal attention paid to orders from Sutler# *nd Mer
chant* who are supplying Ut> army._auk*—Am
Mamae*** Jc»ctiq», Jane Ifith, I80X. |
No. 37. f
On and after the 80lh Instant, no person whaUoever, with ot
w.thont passport, except from the War Department, will be per
ml'te.l to enter the lines occupied bj the army of the Pctomac.
with intention to pass thence or thereafter Into the colled Slates
or the Une* bf the eneasT.
By order of Brig. Sea. Bascarotab,
j«gl A. A- Adj't. General.
Cl Bl'TlON.— Noons It eothortaed to collect Virginia arms
) In this city, or elsewhere In this cute, unless they show writ
ten authority from me
TV's notice la not of course to Interfere with the authority of the
A (jaunt General of the State, In any order he my hsre ieeor 1 or
may latoe hereafter upon thle eobjeot, but It glrcn lo prerent 1m
nnaitlane by those busing lo authority and who make no returns
iothia offl/s. C. DIMMOOK,
0^14-lx CoL of Ordnance of Virginia.
JrkS 14,1-41. f
!\ ■!. eer.J to the Dr inane- Department of the mate of Virginia
will, flam and after thle Jatr, be turned Into the Ordnance Ware
se, at the corner of 18th and Cary streets
IS—U CoL of Ordnance of Virginia.
STEANI NULL POR StLK-fjpper ml or the Dork,
root- side. It has seen used f r Plaster snd,Ctm. and le wel
»Up el for a Plaining Mill I.nglue not much used, and ts frun
ghtoSnhorwpowrr. the location le the best la Ida city. The
a ring of dray.ee te an Irarortant Item
T. me liberal. de« _IP «OND. DAVNNPORT A 00.
NO line Proses and stltrr Itsia dsiAa-, stnsl un
til further notice, our wttla-a tail! be exclu
sively lor cawti.
Tnoee Indebted to ne for purcheaee during the pest year wtl
please sett V th.-lr sccgunts ss soon si pos.l le.
j.l-olw*0lw JOHN N. GO IDO N A BON.
~ ............ -- -
AN.,tj n , owpany will be he.d lo the Court Ho— si i»*r
I .ties aide, ou il ediiewJay, Abe 1 St Is January, 1 SGI.
t full ret rtsenmtlon Is desired.
By order of the Board of Directors. p p B4(J0W
- Becty. Ala. Mae. C'tnpsny.
Charlottes Tills, Dec. 11,1841. dell-clm
BLAIR A CM t NIBKKLAVNB hare for ealc
10hh • \ as gar
til pi Rice ,
lmibhls Mercer and reach Blow ’» Potatoes
1 hi bus Black eye Peas
So bhls Cut, Loaf and Coffee Pagers
A hue assoriment of rea.lv prims fam"y Pickles and
hanesa. ...
AWo. a Pa rh-oo o' aery eld and eanealor Ram. ial—cgw
orrici Of THK WK.iT POINT LAND 00, I
Wed Point, Dec. 8P.1MH. I
HAVING Tiled the Capital Stick of this ompany wt h ih
Asxeaior of tha war tas. for the county o' K rg WUUum,
t erefo e, the .-ockholdrre of this romps-y need not ta! theIr
sto k to this company for taaatlon. J--IIN POLLARD,
TrfAiartr o' th* ConpABfr
M-CTION or CO PARTSKR-tHIP-Ihe cu pdrvn^at.if
hereto • >** ettsUo* under the »tf!< M l flra of PfcYfTO.’< A
AR H* R, toMe Jay diMolftd by tcuraal cjtseot Tl.f oinei'
th# Ann will be us *d only by eltucr pan nur lo sctUtXif op the bus
*— •* “>• CO“<*-'a- THOMAt G. PEYTON.
Richmond, JanuaryJst, li«8.
The snbeoTi'srlntside continuing the C0MMIdlI'*N BC*1NI8».
and reupectfUUy soli 111 c ns gome leaf ell hi dscforoou e trrm
the patrons of the late c ncern, as we I as frog) ihe puhl e gctur
«l y, a d h' p.s by d- a jtltu big uodlrld. 1 mention to II erec Ipt
and sale of produce cooalgn-«l lo him, to merit aeontlnntnce of
the ;-a ronsgeheretoforeso 111..rally bast,wed m Hie l.t. concern
Rlchacti J. January 1st, IMIS
Cam* »*a« WurrmtTiLLE, [
l?*c««nbi?r WJ, i
1 take pleasure tn iffomra*a In* my late partner, W- P. J. aR
CHICR. to a;1 thy Mends and Ut* patrons. 1 am content t rr
oaa make no b*-t e tetMa. is ao»o as the war, in ah'chlhaYe
be.3 enf ts? 1 gt.ee the be* nnlog. ceaiut, 1 ihall resume the c:m
mln.cn bnsn «■ -7 own aceo.nL ^ ^ PKYTidM,
jani—elm _ M jor IMh Va R-g'l.
NOTICE —a meeting of the Btockhollerx of the White But
phu Bpilngs Company wll be he'd at the E*ch»n;e Hold,
la Richmond City. Welne.daj. the 15th January l'*f. .t which
Ail «>iae« WIU oe praNBl water to ymtw u v> as. »■• •
delB-«4w a. HH«PHK»V« l»r-t
fflHK unJtrr coe-1 will *!*• thetr JuiBt Alien* 03 to Hu pit tecu
1. tlon of ci I s «& er the Acte of the CuafederAte 0* n*r«m
•or l « e* »u» A'nc I by the Act# of c eu-my. Hr Lew’s will ml
t* n«l lo Ita* Aieo'f«*. Writm^relAo AnJ Rlehra ind counties to
t‘,e perpetaAli u of evidence la c •* tf &1**eS Abdweted or hsr
*,«r#d. Hr Maree will be SMOflU^ed-w H Jchn K. Tucker I «proe
ccaUof All such 'Alai* In the Ocurts cr before the De,> Art meals of
the Confederate Uotrcramcnt,
Address, OIOR'II W LICWfS.
OskGtove, Westmoreland,
JNO. L. M\ TL Jr,
THB ooaera of JOHNSON k FUG II, Is this day dlssclrsd by
mutoAl content. _ . _ . .
The B?ok« Are In the hands of Wm R Pu:h for lettleeient, who
will use the natar of the ro-c«rn In •*! 'Slot ocly.
He may be found at hie < on Bhcckoe Hip, ne*t door to
the eatraoce’oT bacco kxihaate
Per ot>» lml bled rll p\j as prompt’* a* possible; and those
har’nir demands a** u*l the cjucern will present them to him lor
j it—c4w WM. R PCGH.
1b, aubaerll.er will continue to transact a Coiu-rlasloo Busied,
at lh. «ia -I rMenl v occupied by Johoson A Pugh, front bill >1
tr.g, KinkM Warct-ous'. Ho returns hit lust grateful thank) to
lb« pulruns of tho isle con.-cra, lor their ll’-e-Al |.i ronage, and
•ottciu from them a c milo lance of their pair mage, and all Ihcsr
who may be disputed to patronise h‘m. _
. A CiRD.
Tha inbucrlber will Conti ok me OommUs on fniln-te. »'eo,
an I ha* taken an offl.-eon t hocko. Slip, nr it door to the tnlrai.ee
I., Tobacc i Eachange, and availing himielf of tha prnen‘c-cut.
iioo,kerehy lender* hl« thanki for the liberal patronage exlCDatd
to the old cone ro, an.l hope, by undid led att« .t on to basin *«i
in merit and receive a liberal share of patronage
j.l—o4w WM. R. PCtill.
I rfihe Unlverallj of Virginia, an.l late Pr--f«n,..r of klalhe.
matlea In Alleghsry 'College, proposes to open, In this c ty, a
Se O.JI n..norat. ry to the AJnlveralty or any of our College*
T^ lu- jTu .ngnt will he the Latin fWk O.rwan, Sr.nrh
and Spanish k.nguagcu. and MattaematlJX kngluh Grammar and
Co-npoa.t'oa will also receive due attention.
The reboot will comm -nee ea the Mb January. l'«J, and c.ose
U'roi"i.m” MR^O e°lialf to be paid In advance, and the remainder
OB Hie let W A well ,
5“ aarres me at Horttt v
Iijowond, Dec. If, IWi.
Mr Olndnnetui Morris Is • M liter of Arte of the University ol
Virginia He la a good • eholai, hla mo al character Is without re
proach; be l< a diligent and faithful teacher I can lately recom
mend Mm to t ie ptt.-ouage of thia or Any other com mu ally as an
Instructor of youth. A. T. liLx -o a.
I heartily concur lu the above having known M- Me. r a aa a
undent at« e University of Vlrgli.Uandsubacquentl, a- a teach
. er *or ceve a! years. EDWARHB -lOVNso at. A.,
drib—1,a P.of Wm an-l Ma y C'di-ac
' UPIBIT1 TBRFRmiNS **« laMkrtejUuN
8 UU, last raeolvud and Ibr wit hf J. r.DVVAL,
i|| ■Alb SwHl.
FOB ULIi-*10,000 Confederate Plotae I par cant Baade
10,0 Jtl Virginia stale 4 par cent Bondi
g. H, MAURY* 00.
INDIGO. INDI6D.—Aaopply of enparior Indigo, now In
•tor* and for aaie by W. PKTkKoON A CO., 194 Main atreat.
,>/v,w\ Lilt CHIP LOGWOOD, Jut received and
ZUlfU f r a.le by W. PKTERaOH A 00._del*
VIUGl.Mi APPLE BKANDY.—40 bbl* pore Vlr
\ gtula app'e Brandy, for aaie by
IN ejoaequrnee of ear having ti pay cuh for material* nted In
on.- oce nr", we are oompelicd lo ad ptvd the cuh ayvlrm la
It* proa,cud >u, aid order* or Flow*. Oaat’nge, Ac., uui be ae
comoanlei with the money,'o eniare t .elr eve uPon.
j„aj _OKI) WATT A CO.
THE l'ria'drnt and Dlrec n of the Farmera’ Bank of V.rylnla,
have declarer a dividend or three and three q tartan per
e:t, i ut of the profit* cl the lnatliutl n, for the la«t alt muhthe,
deducting tbcreTcm «n-<| latter ntr i act bonoa to the State, leav
ing dhi her ce.t u.t, payable to the atock’midera.
Jat-lOi __J A SMITH, Cuh'er,
hat jua; puldlahed The Aagel of prayer, with a re.ecllon of
bcvctl n* fo-CI.ri.t 111 Publ a led with the approba'lm of the
Rt. £ev J Mela 11:, Blah, p of Richmond. Price «9 eta, or 89 cent*
by mall___J*7
ARDKr. rO.nPl.ltTB, *1,50-J W. RAN
DOLPH, III Main -treet, haa pubUah,d a handanme pocket
edition, c opiate. In one volume, of HarJae'e Rifle an 1 Inramry
Tartlca; price only 41 W. Will be ready lO.h Jannaiy, tie aame
Book, alth all therlatea; price^l._1*7
Anneal met eg of the Stock o dere of the Midlothian
Coat Mining Coin- any, wld tale i lace, at Ihc'r • fflee, on 13 h
atr.et, between Wain and Car., rn Wcdtutday, the 14th lut,at
13 o'clock.
jv7_td_JNO 0, STtNADD, Beefy,
I VII 4 S9 t'llK HltY PKCTBIiAL; VVielar’a
Balaiim ail Wil t Cherry, at MEaDt A BAKER'S
Drag ». ie. 1-6 Mtl.t fire-1, comer aboveP. O._j«7
1MM1LA8S PLASTER au I Bei tolc Acid, at MEADE A BAKERY
Drug Store. " Jt7
THE Prretdent and Director* of the Lank of the Commonwealth,
have thla day doc'ared a divld-nd of S’* per cent ont of the
proflo of the I ait ill month*, payable rn appllra Ion; three per
cent «f which will be paid to ih -ct ckhold -re, and one-qaarterof
one per cent rrae v*d for bonua to tna l tat -.
t*F“The Bank will pay the war tti
j\T Bt _y B. MORTON, Oaahlar.
j guat • celved Elegant It.a, k and Ool -red around Stella Shaat.
1-vlra fl-.e.) Rich Bro-h Lona an I Siuare Bhawla, (real India.)
Kith I'.atd P.ipKIna, Rl-h Iriah Poplalnr, Rich Dark MIV», fl.n.ed
and plain, Velvet >nt S Ik Robe*. New Iraoroldert**, Black Bcm
b tinea, Bla L thawla, Ccttoi a, Maprra, B anketa, Oltomana, Ac.,
Ac All of which w II be aoid, aa far aa poaatbls, at old ra'ea
janfl THOM as R. bltlO- A CO.
^EOAEt.CnERIVf) ANOTMCKINO TrilkOOa—We have on
o hand, cooa g el from N-w Or.eana, a large a’airtrd atock of
Sega a, a rc, -uperiur aa 1 lew gralea of Lynchbu g Chawing and
S-toklrg Tubacc >. lorn* of 'he h.gheat gradee of each pal sp In
thoSoatharn Cenfo ,<r.o
del 8—8 18 Pea-1 Street,
Ah’ Rctma Ruled Paper, Jut received by A. MORRIS, 97
Main Street. *k91
FilRKNOH BRANDY —A pure artlc‘«, *®r aaie by W. PRTRR
r SON A 00.. Uruggiau _ool4
PAINT.—Metallic Fire Pref Paint, Roof OU and colure cf
every decerlptlon, for aaie by
no! WM. BATTLRR A 00.,
T. W. M ACM All ?M.
Th * great su *cest r f thl» remarkably hr lllant work 'a without
pi-a!l»l Ir the hit*, ry of H other > publication. I* appeared on
rnrlitoat eve. anJ »e bav- ahead r ao!d over Mr#* thousand cop
•as (/if, whit* the demand lslvg« If on the increase. Those who
hare r -ad *t, i.lgh si* 1 I w, are loud and or«(aal!fi •» In their pral
•r*s of It. Whotv r wiahee to ptruae n deV.tfbl book, cha*icier
Ite I by K'bIm and beanty, ah on .4 procure < tustanJ i\mtrtut.
R-ad wl.at the ne aspap »r pre«a * ays 11 li
From tSe £tj<*«n*r.
“ The philosophical derign of tins work and Its fine literary ex
-cation not only r*ooma en 1 It to the tavor of th* many re.de i
w U ! tie . ae**r , b .t |> onv ft li a pi*re In »he standard
die a u-e of the 8 *uth The author t’eat* altthesa»jee a groalng
oat o' the»It very ut pate w tb a *ntfne s of atialjr tsar.dagrace
o'style I at give a won Jeff I fea'in'tato su'jecta whlrh have
■>een b *cu»«|ed > oi *r *r»i-r», and r ns produce 1 in the whole
a pryular acd graoefu; exposition of frosthe.n political phliis*
Ft ** ths Richmond Whig:
"The an hor lays * u foundation* drop andbroa!—flying a rap
tJand U Id h''story of slave y, as 1*. ex Med fr.tn very remote &g<s
10 thepree.-rt Ime a owing that It constituted an Ictegrel element
In the v u: w»>’'l grea’rres of the icoat rcmark-bie *• vernments
lhalever iX S ed dHhl»tA#y*f t***-* and compir.son oi t Mfr
apacuy for progress *ud empire, wir *lrlke every tnteiitsent
resd-r as be ng as aide In dedoc I is as 111 rema kable In r»*
*esr< h m •! va.ie 1 learning He eoc/eys In a ■•nail e impaes. <he
nak-s ap ar a* use .« - -- • - j %nj.
.•♦ec him a .1 the white r-an : forev-r preventing the equal’ y of.
t r tec raert - th- n-gr^ doomed to '»le lortty t voa. hoot aM M.f'r
as \ reaeut, and future
"Tbr author's Style *« ease and g-a-efd*. omblnltg many beau
ties of c rmp-wlifon, sod relit s vigorous an t au®xea.iv cou
-re I In th )t:, author* present more t<» pit are. and lees
bn sl<>us to » j u -r*Uc ns We »!•* from the rnusai of Ms
•>o* k with a mcreeolchtoctd, a warmer sad more genial love for
>ar >outbern br fhers »hdr I appy homts. their sunny c.lme, and
their wise li stitet on*.’’
From Me fit pitch*
' We have real with rm' pleasure th « able and brilliant vin
dication of th< 8. n'htrn < ma A' ■ ough the object I as r -en of*
t- <t „a» cd, the antho ,**t)le an 1 mode of treatment give it
new attractions. TV : «*• .rica' sUt-meotln the* ncludlng page*,
of the coc-ra-t of th- No Ur. a»uce th; beglm 13g rf the a-cti n*.
t.-cablet a 1 «i c Ity of the federal Adnata**™*1**. towards
*.h* Sou h, I# tn *te ly It li a slrrp e reco d of facts and let** r
r.at- th^n *nv oth r part of the pub 1-arim : both- must be a man
f lc» whes- bloo I tl at unvarnishrd st<»ry docs not cause to boll In
every vein" „ , _
From fie Rrl»r»hurg Ftrj rts*.
"To defend the *n t’-ut rnof ll.v. ry npou all the points on whbh
j. ),*, te-n assail; I; to shoe the phy lologlcal acd Intelieetcal In
f*ro l #of (he r.-rroti he Cau:*ssUn race, and the etsvitlrg
nriue «• u,on tlte former of a aute i f servitude; to tsp* •? U.e
r . au * tMp and nature of the war t* to wh’eh t »e two ■- tlors
ft* r late Ur.l »r h • e be»n plarg d, and thrs ay t'ie fo inda'.lon
I the w it by By tM vsy sfmristiiMf Is iMR b*
as prrf« -me’ h!s labors, rend red rn'uahle servloe r»4only to
•*te CiU*r of 8c i hc*n ll e ature bu to the cau*e ' f t ulh and ju«
t ce Jis sta'emeM* a-e 11 11 - hi* I »glc ro less v’gorous than ac*
a Ate t.. reflevtiunsildlil )us, an 1 hx style pleasing ■
PRICE, |1.
Tlir Rotilliprn hpr,—! *l,er* on th« Policy and lnangu
ratlan ol'be Line ll w»r wrlieo »-i"uymou»lv In Wathlngton
in I rl«ewli-rc, ny E.I.ard A. Pola.-d, of Virginia, author of
"Black IHstoon L"
t. Letter t •> Prddent l.ln-o’n written »! Wathlnrton.
2. Lett r t - President Llni > a, wil en *1 W * ingun.
H Le ter to Prctldoet I Ine .la, w IPen >t Wa,h ng»on.
4. lei rr to Prei de-t L nc 11, writ ea n tkr t .e tloTirtunont.
h. MArtol e Etll or of-, W.ltt-nln Maryland.
6. LePe- ta Ke. rcury P«w»rd, wri ten In M»ry1and.
2. Le t.rto Pr etlerit Un oin.wr.l’en nM.ryland,
v. I.r-rtofr. r Tiny, written In BaIjIbh re.
t>. Le'ter lo Oen-r.18 . it, wrltt nln MCy end.
10. Lettir to Mr. Ever, tt written In M teyUnd.
I'rle-c SU reule.
-neeeh de lrer.d by Hon Bum r Tooiee, of Virginia, In 'he
noathe n Co ventloa, be d »t .vwihrile, Teon , April ilth; 19*'.—
Price 25 e nte. •
Pen >n» remitting the price of either of the »hoee nerael llooke,
w<!| hare t nn aent to aoy | art of tf.e Eoutbein Cjnf«der.cy free
ol poetage
The trad* a'lo-e l a liberal d rccunt.
Add ce* order, to
WEST A JOHNSTON, Pabllrhm and Bookeellere,
Jas*— 2t lit Main Bl-ee*, Richmond, V*.
JO'fU* hase united In the practice of lb* law at Rlohmond,la
t t Federal Court* nnd Court of Appeals. *
Ida. .T un will alto practice In tuV Circuit Court* cf Richmond
Olt* and Herlc*.
His o*re Is at the eoroer of Frank.m and lith itrss«#.
anlR—oAdtf _
rnilK undersigned offer* frr sale the TRACT OF LAND eiUtd
1 ‘Bloomsbury,” in Culpeper county, about three mile* from
rtrandy FuUon, containing oeten Huudred Acrei. Il adjoins the
'■..wen utoij loli by Wm. U Ross to M-ssrs. Wise and Kennedy, and
the lands of C. C. Bc-kham, Dr. J C. T oa and Wm J. Fife.
This Farm l« situated In a neighborhood remarkably adapted to
the growth of wheat and ernes. The Buildings are rather old, I Bt
•ilh moderate repair, will be eafflelent for the eomforU»le vteom
oodaUoo of a family. Pere..et destrone of pcrehaelng are IntrlUd
to eiem'nethe glare for th*mselvee. We will merely remark tint
it haa alwayt buen canaMerod one of the beet farms la this naifr*
borhood, especially for wheat
Terms will be made accommodating.
Por further information, apply to John BUaghter, near Way.
Tl.e und -relmed oifer, for sale, privately, the fema'ntng por
tlon of th« Estate of the late 0. C Taliaferro, dec'd. It contain!
abml IB* acres, nearly 2"0 of which is open land, the rai n wood.
U Is situated in a beautiful ralley, about one mile frotn the Rapt
dann Station, Orange and Aleiandria Railroad. Person* wl*hln|
to purchase a 1.0all farm, In a healthy and deBghltaJ neighbor
hand, arc Invited to eiamlue It The tv*«» 1 *
gtre,j_ la. H. TALIAFI KI'U,
_w\r Vttpldann Ptatlnn. (lolpei-w Co., Ts.
IBM PHTIK • *%*.. \ ,-i. In Tu:: practice, who re
1 aides near one of the Watering PlacMt,; Western t a .and ll
desirous of removlr.g to the |V*ulh, will sell his property with IA<
good will of hl.i posltUn. ills property, which he proposes to •••11
consists of n isrye and rn^tortthlr pwrllln»r with nil DfrniAri
« ut houses, at tbit a and negro bcus^.^nd about 80 acres of gon
land. Ab-.ui one b\lf of the ’.and Is i^l timbered, and the balanci
Is neadow and pasture land, and furnishes the proprietor abuo
lantly with bis flrrwood, hay snd pasture. Ills practice has beei
worth to him, for many year*, from #4,600 to #8,0<i0 per annum
ar<d -onsl ts, lo part, of practice *mnog the rUltors at the Spring
•luring hummer season, and throughout the neighborhood durlni
^ tfe’wtii remain snd practice with the purchaser until the nex
fail, and introduce him, as far as h* can. Into his practice. H
will rxhltdt hlsb oks to a Physician desiring to purchase.
Hit price for this property, with the good will of his practice, !i
|8,5K), payabl-* as follows -#1.000 in hand, and the balance in
snd I year* with interest. , _ ti
Applications addressed to Miswi. Barman A Bell, Attorneys a
Law Buuntoo, Va., will receive prompt attention. ap#^-wt|
j^ichhomO t * Rirnc*.
Thli Ertnlng, Janury 9U»v
The poaching Drama, Id three act of
Grand Pas 8eul.... ..Elu Mary Parting*./n
Overture from TnncredL.,.Oreheetra
And the laughable petit Comedy,
EWBee programme
TKkB, mannfsctatedby Mr E. Baiai, of this city, for
the last fifteen year*, and to highly recommended by proit loeat
Physicians In S IrgUte, hoe gained a reputation In the Confederate
Army, f-ir the core .of ague an.l Ferer, an 1 general debility. We
can safely say they are a valuable medicine lor eipored roldlen
—try them
To be bad of all Druggists In thla d y, or of the Proprietor, on
Union U11L Richmond, Vo. not
yr^aHOriCE—Oor book* ami accounts will
t e found at oar former p'aee of bnilnete. No. ISP
Main street, where all p<rsoai indebted to at wlU please call
and make payment wl-hout delay; and these haring c'alms
• gainst as win present them there for settlement.
de i—orwatkins a picklen.
HAVING returned the A ui lluo wad Coninslkwton bu
lneis, s» are prepared tv receive eons g unents of general
merchandise, for aa e at aacllov or privately, and mke II era!
cash advaaeea. Weshvll retain for the preienL oar largi and
com nndlou warehouse whsrs goods con be so ely stored and fair
ly exhl lted.
C n-gumeoU wUl receive oar prompt attention
r/w\ LBS CONCENTRATED P0TAH3, or utk ng Soap, In
• HJVy lib , filbs., and 18lbs. cans. Jut received and for tale
by DOV < A Oil.,
JsnSWfoiesale Druggls’a.
OFFICE OF R. H. .11A li H V A CO.
BONDS, Ao »OR 8A1.E.
Confederate 8 ales Bonds—IS million loan.
Ntrt. Oar.tins btate bites.
fF" GOLD COIN—for whlsh the best market rate will be pa'S.
WINE*.—I have still In store very floe Bherrlrs and Model
ru, most of them b ught from three to See years sg *. very
superior Port, bottled In Oporto. Also, a few cuks of old Bran
dice and several cue# of rery u. e Hock Wlnee. and Choi Yquem,
all of which I offer at reasonable prices. O. GRAfiZ, No. 9 Ex
change Block. oclO
Pare Virginia Apple Brandy, three years old. In stare and for
tale by
VT7ANTBD.—Brandy and Whisky bottles, for which I will
W pay a good pries 0. CIIANZ,
|*q No. 9 Rxrhane* Btnrk,
/"IKIIKIII-P RCJGAKS.-Havcmycr, Townsend A Co,
\J sad Uowlaii I A Molltr't Crushed Sugars, In slore and for sale
by KENT, PAINE A Oft,_ _JsB_
CAN • I LE SOAP.-UO bit pore Outllr B< an, of recent !m
partition, jait see Jved, and In store, for sale by
THR proprietor offer* for talc, one thousand or twelve hun
dred acres of fins Gone and Gam Land, as well adapted to
the prcdertloD of Corn and Cotton, at any land In the Btate of
Mississippi. Ihtsland Is sltnsled on the Southern boundary uf
Sujfiower County, on a braatlfal Lake, three allee from the Ya
ae > River, Into which It empties; affording a fine steamboat navi
gallon Into the river Upon this land Is dsadnlng five years eld.
which la sasoepUble of making a fine crop the first j sir
Terms one third cash; the balance In two annual Instalment*;
one-half of the net WUl be taken In negro property If desired.
Address, R. W. RANDLE,
(his landing) Voaoo River, care of Lu Dew Drop,
ooDO—tf Vicksburg, Miss.
THE undersigned have formed a co-partnership for the purpose
of recovering tbs rohse of olivet taken and other property
destroyed, by the enemy In lastern Virginia. They will give
prompt attention to all casts entrusted to their care, for terms,
AC , apply W> uoi. vuao. a. an; i.jai, ai «onu*D,or 10
L. MONTAGUE, at Jamaica, Middlesex county, till the 16th of
November, and after that time at Richmond
FRAflkUI k CO.,
Olortethe pakBi thofr ImproYtd
l«r prwervfng and motoring tho .mpaired ytalcn to Ita pillar rig*'
Aiao, a Tory largo aiaoria.tt of
Of tho boat quality, at
»RAN RUN k 00%
oT IKS. 14* Main Street. Richmond. V«.
C. ft. A KYIV KKI.I LtllllVh
■Jl AUTHORITY—J. W. K NOJLPII’21 M .In 8 rert, will
l) pulil ih, ot the 10th of Janaary by authority of he Beerrta
ry ot War, under the snpcrrisloo of an offleerof tha Adjutant
Geoe al*a Off re. the Ural part (wldcb contain. >1 the matter to
f cn3ptatc,"wili b« ready'f,'iTeRroaiyri"'l,,lT<'' °* lht C * Arm'
MILITAIIV ATTENTION -Tire undero'yned h.»«
on haaA, anJ are rntnufacorla* 8rua p:»t*ed leilria, or on
a,Lie., Oro.a cannon., Ac , tor Mtlita y Cap., and wlah to call tha
attention of the military to the fact,
order, promptly attended to. "
All letten of Inquiry mnat contain ttamp to pay return portage
Bran la of all ilac. an t detign. made to order. *>•->, omall aten
ell* ‘or marklra eodtlng made in order. LIWIH A RAfTCN,
Breed Cutler*, 18lh between Main and Oary .trerU
Addrr*.. by mall, bewti A K ,vton. n> a 998. Richmond. V a._
CtLtH'H.- Pant’ly Hour, o'.uperlor quality, for oale In quan
r Tty tn.ult, by DUNLOP, MUSCl ItR a OO. deld—lw
SVurtIN! ft.- -1 caaco Sardines, In atom and for aale ly
a LVIV A I.1PBO Ha._del 6
■ t I'NDUf KN.—Potari; Bal B .da; Oonceatraltd Lyr. Glue.
^ Copperas, Quinine; Neatsfovt OH; Ext Logwo td; B|>u. Tur
nentlne; Opium; Mace; Nul- eg.; Allspice, 4c.. for talc by
0,-nt JA*. P DUVaL. cor. Main and tIV.h eta
Fink u inks and bii andijs -m b*.keu Held
iVk Champitgu Wine*, 8tl ba'.-ta Mumm's Vcrg-nsy C.b
Inrt do, 9 ball pipe* Old Henne.wy Braady; ho caaoa BaLcr’i Bit
le .; hi caa a r tlret Wine, for .aleby WH. WALLACE BONS,
Ooroer Pearl and Oary Btrecta. deld
I ii'.g,—SCO bar. Black Syed Poaa. la store. and for .ale
1 ilcib WM. H. PLRaHANTH.
Oil,. ;tr) Gallt Castor Oil
9 )0 lbs Pttaah
Concentrated Lye, juat received by
13EPPKK-—We h»»« Oils day received 13 bate Black Pep
1 per on cont'gnmeit, In sture and for sale b; a. T. STOKES
Lined la the body and throughout the Cape, cut In th • regular
m iliary style, nil and long, with a military button on them.
Pert rain want will fled It to their Interest to e-ll.
jet WM. IRA hMlTH, 114 stain street.
('ll AKETN-—Just received SJO cases Olaret of different
I brsn.l, <1 CKAN7.. No 9 Kvehsnee Wools. 14lh sta no9
ooaiaa uovxaxe* no miuii eraairra,
jnr UPS oonrtartly on hand, a large and varied asaortment of
Imported erpreealy for this market.
Alan, the beet Old Rye WIIURV end Apple and Peach BRAN
DT, d stilled in the mountains of this Bute.
All Liquors and Groceries sold by blm are warranted pore and
good, or no tale .. .
P Particular attention paid to patting up and (hipping
(node for officers and enldlcn stationed at and away from Rich
“COMMISSION R08INIS8.—Will make liberal advances cn To
banco. Wheat, flour, Corn and other minor Products of the coun
try, such as llacon. Lard, Poultry, Eggi, Butter, Dried frulu,
Leather, Dldee, Potatoes, Beaus, Peas, Ac., Ac
I OFFER for sale my planutloo In Madison oonoty, Mils. Thert
la lSOO acre* In culUeaUun. which U all Uble land eacepi
about 400 acree of flue creek b' t om. There 1* an the place a new
dwelling house, roomy and commodious, with the yard finely sei
n a vari-ty of shrubbery; a new Gin house; fine framed quarter*,
and every thing to make on# comfortable. The planUUon Is wel
set sril'. the finest rose hedge In the Bute. For the plantation I
will .take »80 per acre, in ill equal payments with Interest (row
•utcl *4- W. DURFET,
Vernon. Madison eounty. Miss_
VIKII1MA—At Soles held In the Clerk'a office, of Alb -
msr;e eounty Court, In December, 1SC1:
John B. Kothwe'l, Plaintiff
Manama*lil'Rolhwell, Jo*eph U. Rathwell, Grorge W. Rothwell,
Oyert.u W. Carr, George W. Carr, Jsmee Sntr,-Pnrger
and Nanev hie wife, late Nancy Carr, Oliver C levs land and
Baiah hie wife, late Sarah Carr,- Mm re and Boeaa hie
w.fe, late fuiauC'rr, Mary Jane Carr, I ecdleton Carr, Overlot
t ajr' John Carr, Lucian Carr, O.ctr Carr, Naney Carr and Via
I'oda Carr, the sail Pendleton, Oveiton, John, Lucian, Oscar,
liNarcy and M linda, being Infant! under the agetf II years,
Theodore H Roihweil, Fd»a:d lllcke and Mar ha Ann Hleks,
_Button and Bu-an his w fe -Mastle, ai Infant un
' dertheage of SI years, John Fastln, and Boardcoan Eaatln,
Mallnda Defoe, Susan Defoe, Will am Defoe, and the four oth- r
childr n of John Defoe tnd Matilda D«f,e, late Matilda Roth
Tr,I whose nines are unknown, and tone of whom are proba
bly Infants under the ace of *1 years, Defendants.
The object of this suit Is to obtain a decree for the s ale ft about
lUoaer s of land. In Albemarle county, hieing the dower land of
the late Bu isn Roihweil In the real eaute of ■ er deceased hus
band, John Rothwell and a aliUlbutloa of the proceeds among
the ua tire entitled therein.
The uitlLtiff basing til'd his bill and made affidavit that the de
fendan e, J-eeph II Roihweil, (Iroric M Roihweil,-Moore
andruianh's wl'e, Edward Hicks, -(lapton and Susan h i
wife -Maaete, Jol,u East In, Board nan Eas'ln, Mallna Defne,
Nuaa'n Defoe and Will am Defoe are not Inhabitant* of this Bute,
and those mentioned ai unknown are to him unknown • It li or
dered thsl the said non-resident defendants and unknoen parties,
do appear here, within one m- n h after due pulhosth n of thl r r
r der aul answer the plaintiffs bill, or do what '• n-enure to
protect their In'ereet; and that a c py of this order bw published
I one • a week, ftir four luccee-le- weeka. In the ftb-hra-nd (country)
Whig snd another copy be p »ted at the fr-nt door of the Court
House, of AB>ema--le v >unfy, on the firstdey of the neat county
I °°deIA -wAw T^'r IRA GA1RETT, C.O.
SOAP-—IB boxes Outlie Soap, nowln store and for sals by
W, PETERSON A 00 , IN Main Mreet. 9c«0
Id c naequtnceif the intcndvd removal from the d J rf the
owner, we will eel ,on Saturday afio iu on. Jan. I 1 ih,
1 N (iJ , upon the premiere, comm ueng el ie'ci nk the . aooeome
cottage residence located as above. The .ot fouls «MI feet the
Bocth side i f Olay »treet, by lfb ! -el de-p. la • > out* cootalus T
ro ms beside* kitchen, servants rooms - large stab e ard other
out h.o»ee. the f out ya*dh h indaomely krratged, w'.tubade
tieeaaod rare anc cho'ce flowers. The p cp«r y can be eiamin
ed at any t oe, and may I e per .hated at private a le P ssres
•on can be given h« the IS h Inst, Ih* hon ehold a d kltch-r. fur
nl tare will bes^Um Mtiiday the !8 h J ate ary, at II o'clo*k,
▲. M u
Tutus- f r the real estate, or e-ih'rd cash, b lance In Ihrc e pa-,
m n a, respectively In March > od Septemb-r, 1;M, acd March,
lS6o,f>r nrg-*t abt-* notea, .ofarcs*, aid d, i.cured by treat de«d.
Tne lasts for IbW the purenas r to pty.
Ivj*-G >1? Ih A APEElflON, Aoc't.
Vr.t LtkBLk PAUilHANDF.AltmiMi LASH 8
Al*OTl jN
At the requmt of Mr. Chat. H Bhodee, we ihali eeT at pnbU >
aactlon. on the premia*!, on Tucedwy, tb«* Elat Janua
ry, 1H6E at llo'elock, A •• , If fa r, If uot, thr flr.t .s i day
thereafter, the very valaab;* HEAL f8TaTE*d wh!c i Mr Hn< d-s
now resides. The entire trite coot»lta shout II I acres ht'ln*
fronts on he turnpike end on bot?. aides of ths IvsrroaJ The land
has been r/tcBlly »nrveyed, and has been sub-divided ln*o several
smaller tracts, ranging f *om & to Id » acre* *acb, accor log tolls
pros!wlty to Manchester. The pltn and aunty c«nli e«.eo at
oar office In a few days.
To tue mtnsl *n h usj tract thers Is attached akoat 100 • —
On this t-act, there Is every 1 ull Inf Hut can be d sired f r the
gen eel acecmwcdat on of a la ge f»oiiiy. l;edw I 1 gli built of
•olid 1 ewn granite, snd Is in the moil pe fact ord r having b rn
recently thoroughly tepalrtd and painted The o ill* a lid lugs ar#
all No. 1.
This pi tee Is so well and favorably known, that a more general
desc lptlon Is deemed unnecessary.
The other lands are I'aitlcuiurfy valuable* » y reason uf thwlr
nearness to Richmond. Upon each lot th*re will b? foun 1 a hand*
some building site, snd ue til. e try cne It w«L wat* el; snl ru
some cf them there are *alaab.’e grault: t,u »rri»s and Ic j p"kds -
The gran.te eanbe delivered by the Lanv il«i%L’rja«l (which past
is ‘hr ngr. the land ) at a chrap rate.
Be tides the main dwelt'nr, sc., there is cn the fan 1 rear*«t u>
MaDcKe ,ter, a c >mfo table d wrll og. Ac , on the i Uce cal cd "Fro*
Level." 1 his place will be subdivided Into lots cf from & t > vb
aerts each, so a« to suit fit subu ban residences or market gar
Attoge her, this is the most valnabie body rf land that has be* n
offervdln market, s> near Btehm>nd, for some yc«re p* si.
Ta* Me—All sums unle- one-fourth ca h. balance at •, 156,
and Ih months; over (SboO, i ne th?rd . a*h. t aline* a*, one and
two years—In tlther case fjr negoj.blc n;tcs, In eresl added, sc
cored by a t-us'. d**ed.
Tf.e Uses f »r 1*^4 to be paiJ by the purchaser.
Jjps • GOD.Fit A APt»«RV)N, Auc’ra
rnni gprior Se»lon of thle InailiutUn will b«fln the (th ofj.a
Bovd^an b. had at (10 per month, at th. Boarding Hall, or
at |lt per month, In private hml.lea
Those expecting to alien 1 a. e requested to notlly the under. ign*
ed Immediately. Ou* other charges are :
To tlon, for 6 months . I16 £
Fuel and charge Jor Janitor.
OonUngent Fee .
fpr AU payable in advance
Other information can be had by addressing,
E E. WiLET, Preet,
Bolt—OB Feb _Emory F. Q.,Vn
*1111111 lnatltntlon will be opened again on th. lit day of Goto
A ber, lBfl, for the reception bath of Bcardanr and Day.Bohot
irl. For particular., apply to
The vxekcibbb vf mbs .n. a. allkvb
tt her rwldeace, oa lit itreet, b.iweea Clay and ManhalL
1862 NBGHO HIKING. 1862
milt undersigned < ffirs hi* service* to hU f.-rend* and the pub
X III reoerally, for hlrln* 001 Neyrora, tho rnau.uy aeaaun-aod
thank'ul for put favor*, ayaia lollelia a rh ro of ihrtr patrtnayr.
Office on Cary, between 11 and lJ:h ttreeta.
deXO— lm Ai.fBMi 1, "01,LADA V.
A TERM rf the Board cf Ooomlaalon* », under the “Art
\ for the Sequeotratlos of the Kataloe, Property and f Sect*
of Allen Rn m e* and for the Indemnity of dllsen. of the Ooofed
-rate Btalea and persona ei lint: the aame. In tbs lalst’ne war
with Ike United States,'’ appidtei, Aogott iOJi, A. D , Ihdl, will
■is held at ths room of the Committee en Patents, below the
-senna cf the Post office Department, ’a the city of Richmond, at
anon, on the aee md Monday In Jannacv. A. D , Ivor
The Rule* of the Board will then be announced.
» RvOOKL. Oommla'era.
drl9—td _THOffi C. REYNOLDS. |_
| TOK KENT —The Warehouse. In tbs roar of our store, re
r ceotir seeded by ui, for a cloihlnx maeufaiMiry ft is ad
mleably adapted for a rarlsty of manufacturing pnrpnses
dfgS-im_KJtWT, PAHS* A 00
d*ah » REWARD.—A nerro mac named, GULrrt, age b*
e^^e) tween A I and far years-hla coir is hick wb sktrs
yrai under tbs chin; It about six fee- r.’*h, black hal ; b a elntt
lay |y * bil k coat, and plaid aurrmer ran i f to yht 'lm In
<hckloaoa A Hill'* Auction room, l.st Tuesday He was broo hi
hereby a gentleman named Dr Thomas Cv Neat, of Hartford Co .
" I v I 'glve ftf.'abStrftJ,I.'F,‘-* oa Saturday af.srncoc.be
tbat I an r.t him. *? * "*•’*>
ddU—'m*_66 Mala street, Wchmcnd
DUOLUTION.—The eo partnership of W.tTS INR A PICK LAN
expires thladav by llmlta'ion. Bltheroftheeab* rlbrra may
use the name of the Arm. In l'.|a'’atloo. Our boo a aol acccuo a
.III be f.undN ou- i lll-e, on the ss-ond il .or of our Isis store
hr are if 9 Main Mrret, whe-e all peraons Indebted lo us wll pleats
ca'I and mike lucre lists p.yment. and tbcas bavin* claims
tfaloa'. us w.ll pr.aent them there for ss-tl.m pt WA-Rlvg
Richmond, January 1st. 1MH,_J »>
DIHp i| UT10N.—'ms CJ partner.hip Of VAN LEW, TAYLOR A
CO , la ltd* day d eaolved.
Har'ngpurchasdtte Intern, t of 0. M. Plraaania, 'ho aurvlv
to* ptitn r, JOHN N. VA t LAW will hereafter conouet the bual
neat in h f own nami All psrrona Indt bled to the old concern,
wll! please call and fettle with the un<le.«Tr»d ^ yAS J tw
Richmond, January Is*, ta6h I’h*
VITHCIIASKR for a stock of Dro*. and Medl inee, btlonglo*
In a Brm lu R'chcnonJ, w ahln* to close. Ap ly to us at Bhi o
‘U“jsoi-*w WILLIAM? A 0ARRIX3T0N.
, I\,\ NEGROES W ANTED.—Want lo hire Wile
yri.es (free oralatei.t as Lab rers, Mechacies cr Team
,ten for service on the Peninsula. Por terms tud c ndltlcns, ao
ply at the office of Hector Uavla, on Praoklm alreet re-r W all
•■reet, between the hours of 111 o clock, A^ E.^anil^P^M.
isn.1—tl* Qr. Master n. of the Penlr.tuU.
D4M roil PtHKKK.
I f A VINO return* I to tie C ty lor the winter, will re one tr e
i 1 practise of Medio ne. Ofice In Lew Billdlng. corner of
i ra-ikl.o and l i h it rest*._j hit dlw
December I0;h, 1M1. f
A T a meet’ng of tbe Board of Erector*, thla day, a <Tel
\ deed oft ree per cent wa* declare!, pay alle on tbe lal day
VhVuanafer hooka will be cloaad from lftth inat, to tha lat day
0,d‘nU"m THOS W ByrKENBROrOH Auditor.
WAIkTKD.—The nnd»re!gsed wtehee to hire good wood
cutter* end charcoal bornrr*, ti work a abort dl.unoo from
the city Pereona hiring hendiof thle ‘•'•'r1PUo™ •'1'Siri'c **>‘
delS-tf at R end P. H a. Cfflce.
THE concern of Snn.’l 1W. Price * Pe., le dlwolved
thle d.y by llmlletlun The undei»'gntd will c"ntnue the
bue ntei u heretofore, ueder the name of Nam I B-l , A
( Miumlcg »ll the lleb'.l Wee of, end ertUIng ell dcb.i duo,
the let. concern. . gyM'L V PRICK,
FlOU SAI.K.-Piom 70 to 80 8prv.nU, In femUbl,
r.'eed In Wcetcrn Vi-rnle for particular! ecp y M
,1.8- Km_IIECT -H DAVIS.
EM.UOI pilot <X«ITH.—Pne cue. Jerk Une,
J~'> *»«u*h >*,u“ 0 olh'10 “^"n aV.«V.vili k
JODA ! *Of»A !-» Keg. Pure Bl-C.rbnn.te foJe. jn.l re
o cclvcl In itoic foreelc A. Y ATOKKl A CD.
jatiS- -i* Pome* 1ft h and Cary gtre»<a
COTP All —Thi undenigned, ag*.i\ti of the Un'ou Coaaoll*
dated C pper Mice of Te orwee, hare J at retired a tup
i ly of pare Ingot Csper, which theyifler fo sale In uta to toll
pujchuere. BACON A BASK 5RVILL
THE Governor h>. aothorUed M.*« • J. Pennl I end Wllllem
P Burwell to teyihet he will receive fur twelve ixnnthe, >
number nfcompenli. to mg.n'r ■ e r glmenl for the epeeUI pur
j.oae of mannlcg th** BatteiUa In and would the city t f bleb*
" toy co-er.nuci formli s f"r th'e ipedil etrelco In the city rr
conn lire In which Ihe m I lie h*e bun orde e^ to held Iteelr In
reedlnee*, will epp’y forthwith. .
Any oereone In the diy cr ccnnlv. d< *!rone to eel tl In eompe
ny ‘•A.” cen apply, by letter or In r er, n, et
' ' r 1 PANNlbi. AOcuntlrg Ko-m,
Shock >e W erehou.e, cr
WM P. BCRWkLL’i law Office,
J,1_if_Bank Btreet.
/ \fflCB OV «. M. M4UKV * CO.
STOORS and bonds. _ , _
Y ryl-ile Bt*te Pie*, rcgletertd: Vlrglnle Ooupon Bond* Ten
neeeee Coupon Bnnt«; Noreh Carolina Coupon Bondi; Onfe lerele
Htaice B n.l* and regieieret Block, for eele et market ret*.
fW'VANfED-G .1.1 end Blivet Coin. K. H. MAURY A 00.,
under St Churl* Hr.I el__°***
1861. s*B,N‘i:rRADB- 1861.
Hats, Caps and Straw Goods*
No. Ill Mam Smart, (oryoeiri Rxcvaaoa Ba»s*1
Richmond, Va^
Have ready and we naw offering to the Merchant# of Virginia,
Borth Carolina and Tenoeaaea, at prtcea to wit the U“*J* * °*®:
ptele Shock of Bprln* and Bummer Goods, wWoh for variety,acd
style cannot be excelled. Boyers will de wall to give a oall be
hr^jnrchutaf eleewher* uxm 4 WHINU.
THU BA f. »
-■ a
adjO.nl g Taaasinla, c Uit k.isar •( kal. aal WaUMrttM, '
Ter a* • at aw I ca •
Will b« told al ••c’Jor.ae it e pres.', «. n Tli uraday, 8lh *
January, 1M04 il lloil m U that-aall, «aJiab. |rmn
It* from etnre, k>eaa*d aa abort, r ca 1. u.t p airaalor ai k ft
W. P an an I (Ik ra. V ia pr. f-triy beau *b-«t f 1 f at, aod
rasab.ck •. Wa I atoatt about 4u art I et-a-coal'e, a por
lion ef the p e.ie-e I- no* rncaot, ,it Ibr parta *b cb ara arte
pied rent for ab ut II 6 <* par aai.ua, ana bj I r ax pet Itarr af
a »stall inoi the p cm'jka c.a be Bade to prodoc a r>al of Ik ■
ISu Is It 5.0 par atnoaa *e Idea tr.e dpo'he at7 (tore la treat,
Uicra are eeeeitl obxr it ir. a ro Hii< to *>i (treat 9 be lee* 1
t.co o( the *btTe proper.p U »«rr d -t'rable, tr.d be p cperlp I •
a.l iei-e'.<7 naa dr.t ai mrirg the B»t ra o Me In tie eltj*
le-ne :—'*»(■ • I'h ».h, *» anre at A ljl, lt,Nai* tlimaa* a,
for (left .tiahl n tea, Inaee'at add-o, arc fr.* > a l tel deed
The Iaxia and liauram c for ',*ti w be pal 1 b/ the pa'cane*
Jtt«__ir l>jtM a aF,»». ba)>.«*e ia
\mrielf r f If tale at * e lor,
Y) Tft* llall Y YOUM1 ktOkOM,
kaa anJ hop a, vomin atd rlrl ,
EICdlMBOM 4 HIL\ Xonksaaia.
Ian) Corner Frbakl.n and Wall Blraeda
acuiuri v
flltTB* DAYS.
ST JA8. M. »ATLr E A FCF, «P^Ti *
bur o Factory, on the North * Ido of Si»ta.
between *2Gib and 27th Mrevl* at Anctlou »•
will r«U. tp >r the pr inhe . on Mu.MaY, hw lltL da) of Jan'a
r/, Co mmclag at 4 o'c ock, F. M lh« valuable three *t ry To
baeco Ftcto-y, uo iht North sida cf Ma n btlaeep 8dth • rdtTth
*(rei a, row In thsossupiocy of lit c®iif«<i*ra% tUia. ba
ft ore rrcco Ijr by *. W AiStisoa, Lq. I. f<»nu to UAln
*0 feet, and runs berk I.V» f et
r»aw* One*fourth e.fch; i!t baltroe At d, II And II omth*.
for negotiable Lent, wl n Lteresl Added, and leeortd by Ui*t
Js» -Its_ __AAcUoueow
» Y yPMN A APPKBAO?, At7fT|^
Most vall a m i: heal iitats i.nthf
City of Ml« hnion<t« on the North a»de of
C*ry. between Otis and 10th Strerta. togiihrr
Wit It a large f|to4*H of NInchla**ry Meant Fa
Cine, Tool* «»id Fixture*, all In conflate or* I
« er —Tb* co aaruenh p of J W CARD AfLL A p bavin#
rtpl »*d by limitation, wr sha I In eoo/traUy wHS otr Artie r* of
A«r' •‘Lent, pro** id (c »c I on Tu« ■<»•),1 e 28th insum At
11 o’c o> k, A tl, on U e p’t xbM w.e fa< «ory and o'her WwHdiawe
row occupied by u», to* »*) rr a 1th al lie tor!*, oicMnri sod #
filin'.* now lo a***, ao.i comprVng tktli ft ibre*story Wrick
»nd Un balldin*. £0 by 40 fee*, w th a wfng 7 ) by 10 fr*t, both
thrta storirn fclfh; a f un lry <0 b/ 40, Blacksmith • Bbop, w.th ali
the fiAtarc* coz p el*, Ac.
Af 8), l
T e entir* lot of m«c! loory for wood And Iron work, tf eon *
j»l*te working - rd r. cut* «Uag In pnrt of a sup* lor
18 Done pow* r Fn Ine ALd boiler
8 superior l*oo r.de La thru
8 do Iron add wood Lath*s
1 tplrndid lrcn pltno * .
7 «uprri-)f wood p Ane*
8 Drill PrriflM A;.d d.lllA, 9
1 lArge Bvlt RTAchln* % #
8 pr Iron 0hea'*
8 «Ir tlAr*kwt And frim-s
8 Torltg 5'Ach‘» *s
* •Tennant ar d Mortlelrg ditto
FortAhl* Forge; Crane*
Blowing fan.
Benches and Vice* bloc’ • and dl'«, CrlEddoc**, Bh.a*Ung rnd
Pnlhes, BUctkmlU. s root*; P * andbarlroo, ilailod eak.ssh,
and other Gmh«r; Corn Birll* i, Wood Fltsk*, Bora* Fowor*, #
Threshing Mschlne*, Bu*k fyt Acs pen. Wh;At Fats, Flow*, Aa,
rmbrscl g, Altcgetber. th# no*t dwlrab’e »tock of oa'htntry,
fixtnrn, acd mat rials to bofotn4 for to’* In »k* ac«ib*rn Cm
fe eracy. The whol* t h* c'osrd wltboo* retetv#
Tran*— For tbs machinery a d all : eno^al prrptrty, rash, to
hankabl* fonds For tbe tca! (stale, o: e third casd, halan. r la 1
and 2 yetrt, Interci* added, seenred bv deed on ibe pr t • ty.
The foragolcg R- *! rotate ran be rerotlated for prlvatclruo II
the day of tale, bat all the stock. mxhawrj and fixtures, will M
■old at auction to the highest blddtr, os He day adrer Led.
jaS -Ids_OfWlJTV A aPPKiflt N, Aucia.
..▼I flcvenih, Math Leigh dines aoo *'•© Is the Town of Md
uey, for tale at auMlon.
W |i he sold a* asa.cn, on premises, on Friday* tfts»
101b Junuary, 1*62* at 13 oVIki M .In the order adrer
: eel, the follow up , va-u*b e oil pr jvtd real e taie vis -
1st, fh«t very **lu ble real estate on • i.Bouth side of U la be
tween Vvl ard 3 I streets, pp »L« Jad.« Robertson's,. frr cling 180
fcsLrumlug back 13'feet, loan ailev, 18 feet w d*. 'IhUAtoUl AtL*
be ulvided to.salt h. virus of bidders .
2d, IbM tala b e lot on the Weal Une cf lih, between Mein aoi
Cary sire., tr, on wh eh Mr. i ewte I. Barns has a Blecasm th shop,
fr »tti• g 4 feet, running back 90 feet a* an alley iO Idea w.da
81 Th vel.able ha f-*'r* lot. Nr. 421 on the E at ride #f 9.b,
let ween B r J and Ar h street#, • ilh two 'rarnd tent rare.uMtere
•'O, b )ondi I cu trePoAtb'y Mr L W. 01# c br« oa • Tsttci.?
Factor*, front eg 16* fee , runnin* back 8-' fa. t .
4 b A* ti e eam« pie e will b rold a valuable lot on the North
e’cecf Ulgh a real, b tween Jo lah itroe aod Brook Avenue,
fron login fr t, lunn'ng back 124 feet, to an ailry.
(Vh, At the same piece, ten lota In fcldnry ea« h bavlrg a Loot
of 40 feet by 123 feet i
These I u are n arly • ppoatt# Yr L. H. Dance's wbedr gh’skop,
and In rear of Mr »born a* Suter’s mac I eihrp. #
The f )regoin< real estate, f r the moe part, la jO*tly regarded
»s smoag the most valuable unlmp.cTcd r aJ esta.e now In mar
ket ^ S
Terms — One-fourth cash, balance at 6. II and mottha, fer • I
aeMoLatIf Lotei, ln’ere«t a d-d,seenr«.d by Wtstdeed.
Tavee fo* lb4J to bs paid by the t>orcha»cr«.
laefi PIPPIN A ArPttBO*. Auc»ts.
tpHimkA1* * ALB of beaalfol farm of 18* acre*,
ri il/Y»K IgsrllU Turn 1st, 4 m e< ea«t of Richmond,
inter sled, we shall eel1 at i ubllc auction, oo \fit prrBTVV*Mb
Uadu sday,t|ie 15tli January, 1 82. at 2 o'cioak t. M.,
U lair, If not toe fir. t air a. y thereafter the very • aaatlful farm,
located «s ahete, now In the < rca at cy < f Mr Chat i t Osnooo,
cor t lining 73* acres, adjoin ngthe lands of lfra. Joelth D. Bmlih,
the laid A M iiraston, ai d cth re •
Tr»e dwe ling, or mcd.rn build, cootalrs four largs moms,throe
small onto, besides a passage and hah, with store ro^m and cioe
as kit h-n v th lervant# . ocommodailons. Ptablu g fo> 4 boras
i d 4 cows. Barn—eice lent corn h**iea, mrr age holt*, etc -
4b ut K4) Lull trree,* acre In ftrauberries and ae par gut bed«,
raspberries; »jcd.y g rd >|rogs o water; abott Hi aensa. •
far d lard ; a part of th \j» laud h • b>ec set la grass ; •» the
high I D1 V gelabl a for spring have been planted, via; cn’ooj
and ra beet.
1 kb**—Poe-fourth caah, balance at 4,12 »nd 18 months, for bo
gotl.bte tote*. I t »e t add a leoureo by a trust Jred
Th* taies for l'S&.to be paid by the pu.chaser. 1 •
WILL be sold a* poo lie auction, m the premised, on WEPHE9 ^
P %T, the 22 i January, Hi, the farm r*ii#d Chalk Lev al
n the rojLty of 4/aroline, and the pro: erty o the late ft. C.
Wo'tham, » plat and m.vtj of which wll be »th.bUed at the
tl*. r o * aaie, con ain't** about l7'W) seven bundrol acrm.aad
al bin *2) t• o units o* Che»t*ifirld L«pot,on ’he i Irbaond, Fred*
erlckebwrg aod P' tomac Railroad, aud w th n shoot two bears
rile from A cl.mond The f.roUlot good avals of cultlvitlea,
ht#abou< 1**0 bushels cl eh«at seeded Af;. r the sale of the funs
il the personal pro «r*.y w Ute aold, snch at hot as, cowa, mules,
osto, Ac., and absnt- hair* li of corn
Terms r f t» e •» I- wid be Ut the r al estate me third c*sb| bsl
«nc« at 1 and 2 J«sr», lor bends, beerli g Intsres , secu-ed by a
Pu deed, for the personal prope#»y. all soma under fOO.eaat'
orrr that amouot »l\ me>i tbs o*edit, f.r beuds bear ng IntareM
wl.h good peisonsl ftiurUy. ... •
A G. WOETiltM, . tiffoUirs of
KPNiN uoaTHAM. -B.C.W rtha*
jn3—t la 0HA8. T. WiiRTiiAlf, i deceaaed.__
HAY NO dete mlnod to el<-a* oor mtlata# for tkffpreoect, wo*
(hall offer for gale, at oor Warohouao, oo
*1110 00), Hll» Juuunry
r»ur retire «t ca of staple . n.l fane/ ocd>. ottho .1 rrarrra. for
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During the eelewe ib*ll 'Her,
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2<iQ p> T g. el. Bleached Rhlr.lnge
•ill balr* roprrlcr Briwn Drilling!
SOU pi Wth; Gooi’e—Cambriee, Jaoocala
Balia Mnallni Bril lent*. At.
Idi) pi B!ch fancy Dreia St lie
pu data I ton and French Gleghama
Sir to B fled Jr cor eta
*.*n 1 • fancy Print*, Spring Stjlra
60 do Slack>ndColored Alpaca* A
hi) do Irg.lah and freneb Merlnoe# f •
260 dosen Linen Cambric Hdki*
Ci lore I Camhrca, Urea Dimtikf
Napkin', Crlnollnn, Glorea aod Boalery
Cm-rel as, V..ili.gr,Spool Crttona
Hue li. Cloth ami Vein* rloakt
Cl.alllea, Bafegea, Pr.r ted I.awn
Jaron t l el.eloe at d Bill Bobae
tmbroldeilef, a larra aracrtmrnt, Be., Aa.
The ba'aneeo’onr e'ook of fine CUthlag, perfectly freah aa*
faahlonablr ernprl.lng,
2fu B a k Diet* and Bealn*>e Cotta , ,
. lOto Cat*.mere, Velre* ard 8 Ik Veal# ,
Black Boeglln end * ncy Caa-lmere Pant*
R ack AIpac* and Itall.nOioth tool*
6rn Brown ard fancy Linen do
6 u doe Hickory, Uin*kaa and Cotton Shirt* (
With a largo ttock of aoperior rummer Clothing. ' .
A large aaarrtmrot of Deelrtl le Goode, coni'go *4 u from Wit
South, icrh ae De \i:e*. Valencia*, troche Rhawti, Bid Gloria, _
Ri .bem, Carjieilrgr, Talma*, Balmoral Bklrta, Neck Ika, La w
and Lore Vella, Ao., ae.
20 pt Hr gar i Silk and Wc riled FrocaWlU* and Printed
Curtain < oodi
2 fplen Jd plat* Qliie, aflrer mounted Blow Caaea
1 I *-gr acd Be trier iron afo t ••
Mlrrore, Btorl*, Dcekl, Ac. \
And a iman. hut deelrab e, a ock of Dry Geode, from a bouse
decline* bnalntt.. with which ihr taie trill cemmcnca, oompilaing
tome Tiry ri.h and chalet geode.
. ALSO, *
M Cairo M*ni\ Wtmeni’, Bcyg* and Mlaaea* B'ofi acd Shoe*,
to elating of fine Dreei bootr, Dr.-gene, Feary B.ore ard Bro
gme iftcnr ral an I Coogreoi Gallon, Ycuthe* > Ip end Gcal fro
«, n.. WiTorni Kid r od Cocgr.ee ballert, Ae . Ao., lo be told In
the or'glotl packigt*. „
MAt'HINK OIL.—tnbhlepoe» MeeM-eOlt Inevreaed
lr,r gole by A. Y. *T0KIS A CO., corn.t 16th an* Cary
j itrclr ___I*4^
PL'KK ITlLUNBU/DOlL, fwUblimi, Jaelra
cetT -d at *K*D* A BAKBB’S Drug Stora, Ih* Main street,
corner abnee P O.___ ****
HAViNA CI44AIKA.—A lot rory cce, foraale by
_rvOTI * nri.. ^>r.r»teV
T4NJH.41S’ OIL -We are reo lain* a very top-rior lot of
TanocVOII. • artlra re* t'ring Tanner* n I woo’d Sad K
I -a their alreni*.* to giro age * call b.fer* ■Altai their pur
j chjTt. _A T BTO iVb ♦ frV
C W. Scacwll a CA. I
fflttg higheit market price pail hr Gold and aUrwr. Hull
JL bought a>d aold »a OfaWei
[ o«»-i» o. w. * o*

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