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Daily Richmond Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1861-1862, January 15, 1862, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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Hl-yF-rjr, *» ft ...ta, 'ei:'W«a4.!},f*; W*Uy, *J, bi
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» *» r-.nlht_. .......SO DC
JT~~ -B »bc *:0B»>l W jetT
•a'_ - • \iacr ac v.'t of i>r*»loB,iy a»-re*d B^an »B
l i,mi on tve oery for tlyNlM ncn
>ij * (X .1. •ritrryd »«l, aid iisywna*
, .an.-war*. -To »T'M any -. '•andsrfUr.dlo*
.. 1 j Hu ;aoparla>ulc Jidi-uxl-,
T 1 . fir tstacdU'.o botlattf. 2r»l
f mr Ad* T'-cieo* ««n* by «h»o » b» in
. in J as U14.
■' ' - 1 ,,'ou’ A ' v*rtHf*tnU not to br
, '•vrcd BAUM ami nt«B, intyMt
V C&‘! be tl’T*’ .'*' UT*OQ.
• .r « nr- r*..*eoer*]lj\ ••*•*!»# aa« I
t >:*r. of chM(v, shall ant. 00 their {
• - ,ov w • m* were than the aa^unl
; . <• a . i •* the route act, Bad all eicco,
• - -hw.» 1 *t ths avoal rate*. *
• 1. . i * Jere‘W*»»klT WW* ai T5 cent
i . r tne 5nt laser*' ''O, ad4 50 cecH
T»» v-»iy. 75 real*
* i* t SlDS-J
4TTlik.,4iA i. i* ioi)^>t!.i9kS ii LiW,
If Jyox : . utv; i tj wx.»f Uuij *&£ Land C'a-aa.
v .
r : *• nC i., t»Ar:B3d A Chr * 1-RB, Lynch*
h«r . V* V Jt ' S. it. barfrrj, wtA',
tn. j - > * • i. in .ahSO—flAgiJ
infifl a. c. C.’.BELL,
%.nse r' »:t of th? covntfet of tfc'atB »2
s. j .w ui3kM catm^ed to
h. . Vi « 3--Lee
N -V tiourrP. 0.. SrUoa Co.,Ya.
N '• 11 LAW.
.;< * tin, Va.
* V\rtLf : • it- . 4 la U( City of SJohmonl,
V# , .“ »• u».
>- - v ■» . . • . .-.“car »»4 Halo ow ib«
(h _■!«**-’r |
ii”.' it UKnB’N.
UOIk lNP, VA .
'I : - ... j. . i'*'. • of RtehaoaJ and Pe
a •* •
v.,’.tA Qi'%r MwW C H. kctT-4f
r > i.ushoi,
4 ' ST iaW.
W, »** t «*«una of 60*1, Mcrctsr. Monraxs,
a. r u .. y * r*n t»* , » oJx eoUeol *c : remit inxic
. iw
- - - i ^_1>XT
ojyi! a t ..lOT'. * r iv i <-tanf I*- City of W .s.»oad ini
. .-.tt ' I - .urbk^fi «t l te^voa%o *.1
• «i •'n».**•! ♦ . T **, f -‘he f-r^eal, witii b»* fl
it' lr • aVf .r Mate L'.dTtlfU. jf-T—J'.Jt
rT< .v B. CL BOmiDW,
oaa x lott i ooosi 4»ni. visa in i a. j
4 ■ jrta. 4 ~ Mi't fchir.';. Appmattoi, M^al.a
»• . - _ ■yit~!y_
• i. oaaootY.Ja,
*,1. ■ a *. 014 Otar*\ P«a *,r.
' M *
»v • » t~ t>* C * U of Rla.* 4 Q--er
i *■ SC TWt %. A.fS. ■. aCAM. (
JOi1>S N its G7JIGON
AX fi it lit w AT LAW,
riCUM ■:.[>, t*.
• ... ■»-r Krtrtoo.l as4 laaaly 0 i
H,- . la C ■ it..3.14.
*.r■ » • iiai.ayrra Xr4 1
UL. 1» ' K V it* TMttJ.J th« , ro.tloo Hi LAW la Ult
• * I I
•- ■, - a.,? . ■ t ziil.ni, oa !«Ut, !.-*skat Baal itt.1
MfORl 1 |
X • o / ! *». I*M *iad lift
H * • ,i ‘ |i* . . *.n : i». i 1 y+oi »i. P. ta Cotl a,
%' If k \ .* Tw !* .T, A- » »QJ* If
*». k x • • t- o I . ,!'•»* UflierM lfol'lltVlt,
, P • . ■ « »IM, < ■
. .w
rf| U,4 « • -* *4 Oi l A 3, *1 , 4C. AB« VHl-ioa <f
t it*. « ”* ^ ••. » *»V -1 I • to «-! £t f : u-r pft ***.
• -jcf-oi^ vttf, M iVr lift"nb*«llo
. ^
. t TA-aw*: Ar», *f eottrt*.Ml|Ml«4 iiu:c«.
1 ■'*!; Tirv»t3« a. p»ic* t co._
an* mmbt a avdkhnon, tu«
M*. • .
I X HAM A ft tl F *«
r- k* . Q < ' • - i.'t •• :r • : I' J .■‘mx.-'ir
t bvcc u» t»v. : Ui. I »*. • • un-ry. nad a»«4 i Yfftcrlft
• t * ,!•«.. .*T . 'V»U- tth !<-ftftlftftI*«t
I w *w 4* . « ( r • ‘fa • * •)! n< t<> pur
• I
Jr*. . * . * II * • •» . b A. •»,«»* ff*«4 M^k
T- . .1 . v»rcftW<H lain l .» £•%., : »tfa AAifc *A>I
•» t.t i o* Yl-^ uU,** “ P*i~.
*1 • M *
* «J ^ u* .i •>,** 44 O.irvft'b.a,'*
44 . uA4»ciU%“ 44 rie-b^rry,’*
• >»*oftK> ** uO I'ien
••Apr «V *«‘n PO*"
ft «. %{inn » ii***.4* •* > •
44 IlifUAJ^AC * n vf," 44 0--i®ok*'/*
" 44 P-nri **
M IV Jo of Bet *1 14 Xi\. %*.
Cu***tV t c*r»Tp*o*ff
• noli fihrrn MftrA
WBIaKV * *' »•<* -f v*r- * H'.utWo tr «
IT •»»•*• ... 1 ♦, J.*.r Iat.*-'? ilu*! fine* iiK-k iu Ihu
r f V* :n tr -a. o , *. * b* -*4 *aI.HC* f****.
r r - f P • -r‘ \.i i 4>t >-\r*»i4
J J W. R4N1XH.P0,
1£l 'l4lsi.r«l,
*! i ^14 I v*e A-Hlt’^ t.. *• 1 % - k. by recent pnrebAtAi—4
ft- i >1 ■ ■ rf if i, brtb* b»« MUtirt; »4k) e.irH:.rJ nnl Ha
cr.Ui u.c . .. -A|» *. . Ubf% y rmcrig olnirri*
., v A • * * .r ; •*. v * «-n til, roiBBIAA And tmtkcf
. t.‘ -.c. ’■ -• n- f i llr»a ’*>•>». ‘JV*. Pmy.-r
lj Ji •• A- ' • : H ■ xi; l"*VoO Hl*ff Bin-,
AB %h - •»' * • H*a ■■* \«» r, l. -U#*\ C*p, aB*! *• Bo
t .■ I. ' m !«'!■ m. J .unftl», .
• !>%• ft 4 • * j. r- - t Volt*
; 09 ir>ii P« i, w tb A*4 A
• . . (4-i .a. •» if.i <* . >. na»l fl.fci
•\! _^_
, -t N . I llall tr1 HARM Jcatift
t v . i ttAU^Qt vnnoas ^rx-ieft, U>? mie«.n ac
>n» -.Nflnc lv.-rr.i4
|«1 * >o 1. Va, Haft In -torft,
4 . -% 4'. qi i-t r*i •, .‘or C4«u oaiy, tb«
ic , . -t. : .f prl te
M%.!! r, g . iJ Urjhia
fit* Q.:tt)
Fo» 1 «», t.1(n
*• “p i. 3U --rj ^ift
c»: tici
kmc i in
* - --U1 Oin* aent %
« b\ <. ►p-A. Nl4re
AjtVf P.Attcr
Tt- tr'J, f'op. C\rh *'0 lA
HH AUn^.tiMP
£<»• Av.:- 0 or-i 4» l v—AASBAk
P iK I #m, i>n L."o .a, *>arc
Uft l- 30^
• p-«uVf.pbK.J.
|Ml«R ft-tvi, 9'Mt
0 rjivn '.4’.c.i»4, a Ac.
5 v»«A,»Y4r.ety ufPuent f»afty bipP !a#r.
JQH>4 ▼. aiAV. l>n>^i<.
.<#%CC.NrM%r«£D Ik^.-icun'oQLi.'/ r.,.. by
. • aa4 DOVI4 09.
_ 1
I want It Ulstlne* v under »t>«l that 1 am manufacturing
brass Ls ters fur military caps at & canto per totter. Oliver
letters ••ade U> order
A too, M-’al Brands of all •liscrlptlons, rls: flour, tobacco, grain
bags, machinery, icu«s,Ac , at Wie lowest reasouaole prl ea.
Small ctenells, for marking clothing with indelible ink, cat la
the Dittost styK
Th.sc lu want of either of the above art cl« ■ *H1 do well to end
and examine rpecimeus before parch til ig elsewhere Calcs or
addremi a. K G4a» AM. Br< n J Cutler, i Bon 4J1 > next d>or to the
Columbian Hotel, Richmond, Ya. Jail
tllNB CTCAKN AND TOBACCO; Genuln* Havana
Clears, from New Orleans and Cha’lestcn; the finest brands
of C* cwing and Sm-king Tobacco, for sals, wholesale and retail
by M«ADE A BaKCK, Druggists, 1*» Main Street, corner above
r. Q.___or *3
C».tl Dressing. Flos Tooth and Pocket Oorabs, an • le
gent assortment, for eato by D JYE A CO., Who:sa*lc Dreg
gists _ _ del3
WE have just received a I »f|* ttoek of lubaoeo and BegArs of
svsty inscription and quality.
Also, on hand.
Champaign Wines In qt. and pis., of approved bran da.
Also, Boots and shoes, Ac., all of which is offer foe sale at low
price* CM AS. MaYNK A CO.,
ucSB Uu-er bpotowood llotcL
CT I'.I'O AND PL ANTIC .—Manipulated Guana;
W Bcmb.ero Guuno ; Richmond Ground Plaster ; for sale by
ED.doND, ^AVENPOkT A 00 __oc‘J4
SAL'.—Just received and for solo, 1*fu iba Beeswax;
r 130 lb* Owen try Boai>, 3 bex-s 1 larch; 1 box Brown Soap, C*j
bole Tyw Extra Flouv Hl>TaJAMK^ ____ de4
Corner Main and 14th Str»e:a, Elc mend, Va. f
IN <*->nnee*ioo wph their Banking business, the undersigned will
I give prompt and Utibtal att rollon to the Aiju«tn:cnt a. d Col
lection of ilia ms against UicOuufideral: Oorerwm nt
I'htj vU tuxl»te with them com etebt legal larent whenever
It may be found ueceiaxry to do so.
The r charges will be moderate, either special or contingent as
their patron* may desire. to M. B. IoAaOB . 0*>.
Ra/tut, sv raaMUsios, to Osl. Gso. W. Muaford, Secretary Btatc
of llrg ul*. Col Juo. © Calvert, treasurer Aisle of Mrginls; Col
J. M. P-nn.U, 1st Auditor elute of Virginia; James Castov, Esq.,
Pr udent H»nk Of > rgiula; Win. V Taylor. E»q , Oruhter ban* «d
Y»rgi :ia; Hector D«tvts, Esq , Presldeut Traders Hank; J. Ri’i
dolph T.ckvr, Alt »rney General Stale of Virginia.
A^fOla msseut to us for a ljus-menI or collection should, In n’l
ruwi be accompany J by the proper ciiit-acls and vouch -rs, an<t
*P< •«* a> p«*vr for attorney to reprrveu* and sign the name of the
party to any papers or documents necessary in the t retuisss.
»> gr BHhri. PCEK CIDER VlNEoAR In Store an l for sale, by
^e> oc*S W. H. PMCaBAnTK.
PI PKM.—Brier Rt Plpev, a large and. besutifai lot, for sis
by DoVK A Otk, Wn irsai- DruggUie_de-0
Cl t’A'O.— 0 tons DeBerg Puxphatlc Guise, for sale by
I EDM N i>, DAIg WPG • A oO
a LARGE assortm *at c f superior Paint tlr u «liDusters
and whitewash Brushes. for sale by
U «>*»*, UfOI*M% Hop*, Hops, Hops Gups -A
supply of fresi il p«, ju<t received and for sale.
i Save *4*o for sAic, Oui Butugardnsr, and Old Claret llrandy.
ill DaBNuY,
W‘ olcsale *n 1 Ket-dl,
sell Corner of B*oa4 and Tvh streets.
p I a.-96 bbts J. Trull A Co’• pure N. K. Kum, high proof,
I to |or sale by
Vn.N HU A R.—10" bbis purs elder Vinegar, from the oount.es
of Born and ls.e of Wight
10 bbia. £>up erase Floor
In itor* and for *A.a by W. If. PLEASANTS,
jlU iMf «trr»t
D*tK*S FOB TMK X ttn * nibitoh^a, I t.:, rr.
and me** oflhe Arrnv It Is aUrgevclwme 0 ntalnl&f 1ft
mate*, with erilacatlont. Pricr |4 by mill, p WpaW tor sale
•1 « rmlcealo aud retail by J W. SANDOLPri. I*: M tin sawt
O 1M*‘ overcoats .'or IV. rate*
ZS) do dO vtflcrl*
|.m Drawer*. Dnd and Canton Flannel
l»«k) CasaiBicre, and oibor kin^s of overall.rts
iv ater hy--f overt jaia mad* of ICtfameled Cloth
LlMU OtlO!o«h Ml »nke*s,
And various other artire, suhablt ior military parpoee*. lor
•air aFfalr prices, Jcr cash only. WM. • .A "Ml 111.
ge.i 114 Vista Street.
^OLK LX A I U KK. iMu Midi-* l*le Uaiii.r just rtcc.v d
^ and for «a'e by Mu. HM A kliLLICA. c'.'BSr 14ih and Car)
•t'oefts. __
Sft t*»* vtam. Oil
lo do tans, do
At do »;. da du
A* do ?\ is Tu pcntlBO
III to White Great*
i.i Sup. Card Mo la
1ft • bis Cipfim
lm»d> i Mrilxitil Brandy
1«*i bn *• oy lo and to Ly 12 Glass
fton" lbs ypaoUh 4 bit luff
Iwu Ua« chewing Tuuacco
li- u t.ynchburg Smoking Tobacco
7" * *»kct. vuv - U||
1 i*bl Com CM in nsw article for lamp*
For sals by D0V1AC0,
dell Vboktth HfU.vlKi.
or hath and caps* l *
\M V aasortaieot of HATH and CAPS for lbs Sprang trade It new
.vl v cipletc, eaibra i:»g ail the new sly ire »n.| ■ ol >r* of Sot*
Hat* aleo. M •*»tt., Mi t tMlCasaii rrr flats,a».u a fficat variety
.f new style of caps, l.e^hcrn and Straw H *t« to great variety —
Am, affeot ral as-oilmen* uf /nitlemet** furbishing r**ds, I'm
brst.M, WaAiag CajrA»\, A*\, all. • any ©r which will be sold
*Q aJ good tern* as at a.’;y U vi e*iabl!«riu.a(iiln the city. I most
rpLi ectfnlly lavHs a call from purchaser*.
n‘ ~ Ballard Uflsw.
JHMKl -10MIM* .Hrgam, rceciv ng and .for sale, at prt
O * run $.*• l>i $i per thcnaati.l. k. V kToKfi A _■<“/»
\ C *l»*1Rk W1NK.-1 helf pipes very «• h Ice and o. J ; purejuir
*?X t*M Mala, a Wine; Champ *ghe Wine, half pins; ©berry
\\ us, -xtra liar quality, oar own tmpur.au<m io.*tore aud U t
x By >CLDffN A SlUtH. corse Pe vr, an 1 Cary sts
HAVANA CI«iaKs.-a loteerf nice, for sale by
now a no. T*iirr*«ts
riURNUKS* OIL —We a*e rec-lvlag a very superior .»• o<
1 Tamers'(hi. Faril** reqait utf Twnntrf 0.1, wtuM ft id It
•u uhc.i advantage to give Wi*. a call before maiiDg their pur
j*g. ,v A T ATOIW 4 00.
C. W. Pmcm a Co. l
r|lfl* hlchret market pstoe T aid for G >U and obver. . lock*
JL boug t aud sold on w^ion-lailoa.
oc«4 -if Q W PCRCtLL A Ci>
HCNT k JAVK1 h.ve rem-vel It 'Oi the timer of TI j'bI.
.-ill C.r, -ttr -f t I.u dn.r» ai> iTc. Vo the HUH recently oc
icoped by M’Wii J hnson, Tiuche* l *t 'aup’an.
lacphave la s^ors for s*l» a iwf • and varlel 0 ovJK of minute
tntd 1 >l>ac o of nenrl? *li gtm les.to wh ch COC0 ant a Wit.on are
m*de ffv?u m t u t U'-ri m til l and Nott*» Card! a
TV. v .It hav- <*' hand a * *0 I s’.oriof Flour of alt grades. *l»o,
» r. Ac. Ac. _ j*T
Vyilvs' CHKHBl PVCTOIKAl; Vink >
HnNh iu of WH a Ch« rry, at *«Al*C aBaK*>
rw* 1*0 Unuhlr* -t. roraer O. J ♦
IMNifLAiN PLAbTKR and B* usolc Acid, atUKaULA BAh»hV
. in ug b ••rf. ___Jaf
iUl BlNT ■> tC VV f;0«4F«.-T. R »»K! r A CO h r
j just r.cslvel KlegaDt R ack ii«l ^©1 red »r»uu«l Miclla Hhaal*
V \tra rt e,) Rich Bro~h Lon< and bicar- bhawls. (real Indi. )
. UP k. i R'ch Ir sh Pupl«l«‘, Rich uark Ml 0, ft-ami
ati*i p;ain, Vc ret *n! 8 Ik ?•>•'«*, New Kmbroldirns, B.srk II tu
t» ilnws, Hla k *hawl«, 0<t*.© • i la^rf. B snkeli, Ottomans,!.,
Ac. *11 of wh ch will be sold, *0 far *• possible, at «l*1 »a es.
j*r.O lUOUill R. I RIO* t
on ’i'OJ, and are taajtafscnri&g Braispre aed k-ttrts, Lroig
■isbrn, Cr «« rannoas A •, f r tfillta y Caps, and wlat< to call th«
ottenMon ..f the taURary to in* ficl.
urdari promptly it*, ude J to.
All IsHers of n<|bir/ mast rm’aln stamp t© pay retarn postage
Bran w ©f all slaei an 1 design* made to ord<-r. Atu, •mill sten
rds fir marking c o.Ma? made t> order. LKWlS A Ktf 10N
Brand Cuu* rs, loth between Mato and Oary atrwcU
Atidr-ta. hy mall, '.rirts A K iyUic. H x W&, Richmond. Va.
MA< ItlXh OlL.-rti bl>.0 pur..- slacMnt oil m store a^d
for sale by A Y. rfrOKfe* A OO., corner lfAh and Cary
PTUK ITALIAN SU.AIl OIL, for Ublouie, just n
reived at «(Falla A HAKlR*b Drugstore. 1MI Main Mrer’,
o.»r»«*r above P. O. __ *e*t
VIri!STKD.undersigned wishes t© hire g«fd wm>d
ft c at* era * 11 ch* coal burut rs, t» work a short More fro rj
t*«e city Persons ha nag hands of this description wi I |>l-*&.« *i>
p)v to TUma. II. WYNNC,
dwli—If st L and P R k Oflw.
A PC&CUaIRR for a stork of lira** and MedHnrs, belonging
tj 1 fl as In Richmond, w shtng to close. a p >ty to as at hhoc
, bONFHof th. CoofaJorat. aiatuPm at loan. Wan-ad by
J> j,a- . mCQW 4
WAN'VIJ, . »ood U.id o-o »h« '» bonoyt »nd ctpoblr.
j.ald Apply «* IX)VK « (X).
C. N. Ill'll RKia'LlllOXA.
Ur AOTIOKIPY -J A' K XOJI.PH. >»l M.in Slrtot, will
publnh 00 . loth ol J.ooiry by ta'hnrity of ho rr TrU
ry 01 w*.-, uad.-r tb« • ip-ryi*i >n of .0 oScnr of t‘10 Adjut.rt
U«qo ill uttco, h- Srtt p»-t (w.'ilch coouici .1 the n.Urr ti
tbo Qo.rt-r Mu tr’i »>1 P»f Dcp.rtnicBl luc o»iv«,) oftlieC.
8 Army SoyBiB'lru. Hrtc* »i £H • y mBll, pot: paM. Tlie wuolo
vjtfB.o*'a p!«.«, will k. r.»dy la fobro»»y, >od loldtt ih. »»rr«
yp eo BEll___iBB'O
S.'N *i 1*1.H I*' LOT <’l (lTH.-1'nt c to. dork blot,
fj l.uil SobUbB Pilot 0 olfi. Id .tor.- tn. fi r •»> by
*d.81 _IIACvi.M A ImoKIKTILU:
P:iAS.—Wt) bin. Black Cyril P«»i, 1b for-, ui. for tajo
a.?:. _IVII M PokAkaNTM.
Om IL - »• Skill Caitor Oil
) « lb. P itaah
OoactBtrBltd Lyt, Jolt rt«t1y«d by
a«u jis.r, duval,
• * *• I
. i- ...^ ...... I ■
We have jurt received u pamphlet copy of the K -port
o( the Postmaster General, dated ,-Po« Oflbs Depart
meat R'jhmond, Nov. 27 h, 1861.” Ia length precludes
the insertion of the report in full, but wo make room fer
the subjoined attracts, which will not only p-oee inter
eating tv the public, bu; indicate the comprehensive
uses and ability of the report:
ui cains ami axcKMJtTi Kis.
The total coat of the moil service iu the eleven S'ate»,
which new compose the ll.iufed-rttn States, for the fis
cal year, etidiug June, 30.b, I860, under the Uoveri.
nm of the Uahed States, wat tour million-, two hun
dred aud iiiuetjHiii thousand, two hiinrirei and forty six
dollars and seventy- eight Ceuta, ($4 296,246 78 ) Tiki
total receipts Lorn the posts! aortioo tor the same year
were one uiiUior, five Hundred aud seventeen thousand,
live bundled aud loriy dollars and ti 'iy five coats, ($1,
517,640 55) Tbo txoes. ci expenditures over the re
ceipts, tor the saute lime, was two tu itions, seven hun
dred aud seventy-wight thousiud. seven hundred and six
dellursaud twenty-three cents, ($2,778,706 23.)
The report ct the Auditor of toe Tieosury lor the Poet
Office D.pai tuieut, of tfto rocuip a aud expr: dilui - - for
the 'raclional q utter, of one month, eud.og the doth,
of June Us , (tbs r> turns lur the subsequent quarter,
ending September sow, no; being xciUomutly complete
tv euu hi - t.nn to rrp r; for that quarter,) show a total of
cipend t -re of two ficudrcd tOCUMimJ, Line hundred at.tl
.hirt)-seven dgiUisahd ninety 6cvcn cents, (200,937 97.)
aud a total ot receipts cl ninety-two thou and, thr.v
!• ndred and eigt.ty-?>-veu dJiur-i and sixty seven cents,
(92,387 67 ;) leaving an cxcesi of expendimres over re
:e>p * of o.iu hn-dred and eight t! ou-ut il, live hut tired
ana titty-three dollars and thirty cents, (L'8,6.VI 3".)'
The-! ti.urrs, lor the mot.th ot June, are made up of
13 mesgre.a id imperlecl material, as shown hy the le
por; ct the AU-iitor, ou ucoodutoT tho abaeuee ot relun s
trout a portion of the Postmasters, and from the fact
hat the service ot many contractors has not yc'. been
recoguized aud rtuuins uupaid, for rca tous which will
apjwar in SU3S-.quujt pirtioi.s oi this report, a- to give
in r.liabl data tor determining. or estimating the re
ceipts eud txpeuditures of the D-partrce.it tor the rt
matnder of the current focal year.
Among the raarv d fficulnus which the ,Dcpir'.m«ut
nas touch at at id in ns t ftbrts to secure t fiicii.nl postal
ervice, tbs I ilio»bg must prominent cames nuy be
enumerated, T z; la const qu sue-.- ot the loiluro ot the
'o.'igreuU of the United omits to tuukj the U-U..1 appro
•rialioss for the pratal serrieu frr the-year ending’
JuneSdth, I860, akd f"r the deficiency in the appio
oriations and revenues ni ihe preced -ig ye r, ura' yc up
ract rs were uupritS for a pzriod of more ti.au six
-nou'.h-, and bail completely exhausted :h -ir credit for
obtaining supplies uece «»ry for th.eir stock ai.d iu pro
-rurirg coach, s un i d-ivers. and were compelled ti L -r
to abtpdon their route- or perform imprrftc t.nd partial
service thereon Duiini; the per mi whlc.1 intervened
between the secession of the seviral States and tho as
UUip.ie v. iu, u».. » .v. •»
,.o*ul til it*, lie Hitite nervine became demoral z dan J
aartiady hr. ken tip, at ooutraotora found iio certain
provuiou made lot die piytuei.: o( th-. :r servie ■* during
t.ai p.i.oi; andtbere wa*, to a gre >t extant, an ate
ti.ee of a aeu.e of reeponsibilry m tb* p.-rft rinauc- ol
the duties o! both contractor* a'.d poiian*'*.*, a* tiny
lid not recognise Ibo author.!/ of the United States
love in mem and 'he Coufeleme (iovennntm had no
coutrel ol the nerrici* piior to the 1st of‘Jane. *
After the 1 *oo of Cif fr,H- aiuation prnpoieg to con
tinue alt contiacor- iu the serv t>- of the ' 1o.it> d- rat.
troeerti.'iient, many of-them s.emoj to be anxious to be
r girded at conlr-oiors, without executing new ouii
met* wi’.u tlio Confederate (iovemraeiit, reserving 10
iieinaelre.a tho r gut to abandon tho ser*ico at their
■leisure, b it de.Handing pay, and, in numerou* im-tau
increased pay fur tho service |«rfortm-d.
UtQer* claimed the right to p '.lo-m inferior service
■ ustead ol iht- higher grade ol novice which they bid
contract'd wilii the United S ate* (lover: ne«t to pet
,Vn., and demand. d mo pay d t ■ (or the login r grade
i *-trice. The triad over many of the siage routr.*
eaa greatly Intirfered aiili by tae condition of the
•outitry, and th»*s rou’rs eoiwd lobe profitable, »nd
uany contractor* &'a led (hem wife* of ttla' opporiutdlv
•arearutod, by tho ft c. that without cxeculiug near con
tracts they were free from liability, end abard tiled
their route* entirely; and a* lli -s- mu-os generally
conati-uted tru- k Iio”*, which supplied the inferior rouv*
tbrniignout th- i-ontilry with their r.;ii! nut or, of court-o
great anJ wide-spread en b irr.i*-tn -nt v at p.-odnceil and
a DUnm d until new serve • ©Othd i»s pr. c ir.'d, by atlvrr
tiring Of bv |i--c al contractu I t “(me . i . .idverlis
tu:iii« I'r prop-wnl* have met with no response, or, it re
sponded to, ir a .at by hid* ao cxinvegin. and unreason
able as p> prv t-lelh r arceptancc. It i.ja-'ou* In
s.anct-a contrtmora, i llueuced by a spirit ol patnoii
devotion to tho common oi’.*o conn-cied thruia Ivt*
eilli th army (although bv iav clump: from nulilarv
x-rviee, where ilu-y di i argisl thoir duties i i p-reon,)
did left the perfornianc'o( their acrrlc* as cn-riera ol
tne mrila in ibohai d* ot car I .- or iocompeiaat agents,
' nid. even if lhe •• r> ice iJ continued, great delay is ex
perienced in obtaining contracts to ensure its failhlti
pen orn a ice, by reason ol llicir ah -cnco. *
iu r.uujeroos inet’.n-■»> the il.-partineut ha» not been
ipprlxid of the ab-miocmcnt of rou-s, uuil long al
ter it had occurre-l, au<1 thru pot by iio proper agent*,
but bysom* oi'iiten or n > piper coituicaioiting tho In
liuiaiiju ,o the U.-nir'-re it; and n-nen investigation
an* been had, it ha* irrq jjiiily b -on f mud that the con
irjo'.oi* and porouuter* weie iu t .e aimv.
Ic some c i- * o' abt; dentil >Lt cf service, the pn»t
n»*-er and cit r. vis have ob' unit ni -oiarr service by
-.h# 'utrio i - us a of th ir p: vile mean*, without notice
tot e DeDirtnxeir, aid the acr.lw, not being wj c. to
luevntrel, i* Irregular and impelled.
Hut the ft.lures an-1 d>-'& * m the receiptcf letter*and
__ _ _ ....... — .. .1__ 1. . I .1_
“ * - -J J- —- n- -— - -a-™
us o: toe n .par: cent uu l it* ggeniA I is the prac
ice of the u; rrv cfei-ire ti -wspaper offices in th > Urge
cot tu v to d r. c, '. • ir pwkagi.s to the oilier*. • f
delivery,bo'. lLsj o b.g tb m in pouch. ■> supplied t.y the
Department, and label the bigs to tho several route
igen’s upon tie i ff-m t railr.ns***.
A tvper; recently made to the I) ptrimc it by tw > of
in Hjiecm! apenw who had bei r direct d m vii it *• vcrul
ol the rnmt important l ewpijcr clliccs a id nlr,*in t’ o
•arnsent of th < editor* to rx mi ne and reri’O liicir * n ai *
r g books,” ' tea t *t thee ho'ki wero very impirec*
aod in oo.iv q'lenc* thereof. Sicks of rie-v-pier* w. re
rii| remlr *011*. to a ronto ug "H on one line of railro d
arnuh **ould U.v' beer u*u: ti a either ngeot On a road
traversing in entirely different sec ion ol conii rv, but
connecting u a.iuie reiuo"1 punt; thtirpr duci g gres'
delay and irregu arity in their d'Hrery. Rrute ugenle
uve frequently tepi rted to the d ‘pirtmi nt that the pi
per* in these «acia are in numerous i .-tunc a . 0 illegibly
1 ree'id that i Is impossible to a ;ort ui d di lircr tuim,
and iu otlu ra they are entire v wi.h’jut direction
In regard to letter* many of them fail to reach their
iesii lation in consequence ef misdirection or illegible
and earelrs* uirec'ion ; and « vast nutnbsr of letters, ad
dressed to pern mg in the arm v,are not delivered because
toe writ*r* thereof fail to state, in the direction, the
name ot the company and regiment to which ihe pirty
addressed b. l egs ; and, in the rarinas tied rapid
nhaiier* ot oomnam.■ and regiment* from on* 1 oii.l to
ar.orh r, there being nettling in tho supi rvcnptinQ to ud
the peg master Iu d rteraiitiiiig towh.it rt*s; olliu • the Ir'
tern should be forwarded, h > is obliged to retain them
the u>u»l period and thou Bend them to the “dot J lettet"
Other prniifie sorr-ei of nail irregularity are present
ed in eonnectiou with the
* * Thero arc nhi ty ono niiroid* and b'arch
tools in the Coat, derate S-ttca; of t* 1* numb r, fifteen
Only have enterej into 01r.trics. 11 .nv of the compa
nies Lave »a v id the propn ii toco, trict, forth* p'es nt,
O.u oue or at.o'iief ground. ttinyot them d. elitie to
accept tluj cU -.bcA'.imi ,nd compca ation assigned to
their roads, atid it g in .1 ito-t that runny ol them intend,
if they 1:111, to ava.d l ab.liiy and the legiCiaat* omtr I
of th.: D'partruj't, by refuairg to o.i'<-r into ooritrAC’.*,
while, at the »»m t in , ib-y tignify a willingness to,
p rform the gervie •, hut utidi r *.uu* prolc-t, and gener
ally that they must have higbyr pty. ' •
la order to tan I an J overcome the obj lotion to en
tirieg into conirAOia »i.b tiie D. notm nt, I hwc direct
el that do pvyinent shad be nude to the eorupinies re
lusirg to eoniraot, f.r any time alter the end of the
noir.ti of June, until they voter iu'o contracts, urd 1
shall contim: to act no ibis determination. And ii it
be found that such cuopauiea p-'rsist i.i rriusing to con
tr.ict, I shall, Kttof all rraeon.tfde r.nt proper iffirts
hire been 11.misled, withhold the miii* f:om their cto
trol and contract for carrying them ia the next best
manner waish may be found available. The Uw for
bid* payment until contract* are made. The De
part turn. ia held responsible to the public judgment for
tt e regularity of the in ail 1. and for their speedy and
prompt delivery. Companies who rmuae to ooctracf, co
so, it is believed, for the purpoee of kosping it out of
the power of the Department to control their schedules
Of arrivals and departures, and their runuing titae. And
they main 'in their hat d. the power to contrcl or dr
faat proper set oiules of service both on their roans and
otheia connected with them.
' To to'erate such a course, is to invito p*rp'tual con'u
st’an, misionnccuocs, drliys atid fsilurts ot the mails,
and to pi .co it in the power of a s:ngle company to in
jure tho public aud all other cooipiniea whose interests
d“p ud, in any dtgrcc, on its action. When they are
cfl'.-red a reseinablc compensation at d refuse to a.xept
i’ and to contract, as we have no legil mean# of compell
ing them to a just, lioeral a- d patr.otiu course, I sco do
remedy nut to"refuse to deliver the muds to them and
let an it j ured public litid the means, if it can, of com
pel:! g tnem to a teisouable course of conduct. It is
propt r in tbis connec ion to say, that, even at the reduc
ed rate of compensation ‘allow: d to the railroads, ot this
country under the recent act ot Congress, they receijc a
higner ratool comprusalioc than the railroads of any
other country fcr similar aervico, except the railroads ol
too United States.
* * Tue r.diror.d service was designed to be tjsily,
and it was hoped, with proper schedules aDd speed, iLia
would unswer the public wants. But the Department
bis encountered innumerable d (Hculties in try it g to go
proper schedules adopted, aud has found it as d fh ttilt to >
gat them conformed to, alter being adopted, as to get |
(teui udop.ed in the hist instance.
lu the meantime, IDe railroads have been, necessarily,
much occupied in transporting soldiers, and supplies, at d
munitions ol war, which has maternity interfered with
the regularity of the mails. And the War Department
au.l army olticer* have frequently directed military sern d
e oi to tat ruu by the roads, in conflict with the schedules
ot the Department.
Ti use thing#, with the ordinary catts's of delay and
loss of connections, such as running t.ff the track, break
ing ol bridges, Ac., Si's, have renJerad the mails so ir
1 regular, as to tn«kt* it an accident, now, invtead of the
| rute, to have regular connections ’.rntweeu any distant
| aud impcriaut points.
I Tue D putmeut his been visited with much esnsure
J on account of these irregularities, notwithstanding it !
I has do: o everything in its power to avoid them, and is,
I ia uo jus; sous , re-pousiolo for ibttn And the Oompt
] -:its uav • been pretty generally tiotifi d tint the Depart
l meat will do all it «at» by »ay if tines and deductiors
' tor failure*, in order to compel regularity in t& service. I
! T io t.nlurc of the railroid companies to enter, mote :
1 gautrailt, into contracts, places it out ot the power of j
I tie D | at tment, at this li no, to form any reliable e#ti- ;
j mito of the reduction of the current cos; of the railroad
MSP i.itrrxat.
I The number ef dead letters received and oprnid,
up 'o this dite, i» 88,682. Tbs number of drop 1-itor-,
i 8 612. The Dumber ot le'ters held lor postage, 7,881
| S‘ri7 dead tetters coutaicel in munev, $5,751 80, and
[ 1811 contained drills, bills, of exe'-mge, r.otea aud
| o.her valuable papers, amounting to £1,288,61:1 67
A largo amount oi tho loregoing oeiougs 10 parsons
uot :es.dents o: tho Cotileuera'o S ate*, and will be pine- !
d in iho bauds ol 'he prop-r judicial efliesrs, to bo dit
po-d of under tin Sequestration Act.
Tin foreign lottme, . xcop; t' ose (or the French Gov
ernment and the Unied Btntes haTe b-eu uuoptLed.—
In compliance with tic i? quart of tbe French Ooueul, I
h»v: ha 1 the lottcrs from K ance opened, and thorn
»• i h toniaiLod money and valuable papers delivered
1 to him.
Th English letters have been delivered to the English
H x hundred and ninety four .letd letters, containing
uourv to th’ amouut <>! $1 593 30, lute been returned
*o the writers thereof. Fifty ecven Utters, containing
#352 05, having been s nt to the offices at which they
were ui tiled to Its delivered to the p riper per-oii* by
the pot masters, ard have been ugaiu returned to tie
Dpirmmt unclaimed. On- hundred and litty-two let
ter* arc no’ ye' sent out for delivery to their writers.—
Th •» contain $141 45. Suiy-four letter', containing
bt long ng to uou-rcsidcnts of tba Oinfcderato
fj tao* siirrs.
T tc first delivery o' postage stamp? hy the contract
ors was made on the 15:h Oc.oher last, and since that
date only 1,430,7W) stamp# have been received, a l of
wi i U have been leenod bv thi> Ibir. au to p..u office*
near which big" bodies nl troops have been situated, |
.wild a v cw to their special accomntt) Iation.
Toe difli rnltiea which lavj been encountered by tho
Department iu its endeavors to procure postage stamps ’
and stimped envelop, s, producing groat d lays in pi >■
curing them in such <|>i tuir i s a? u> meet Pic dent .mi?
nl the public, have caused iiiuch impatience to be mani
fest <1 on that acenunt, wl ic't induces mo to s'ate, at
seme length, tho various i Ubris made by the Dspart
nier.t to procuro them, as will for tho information of
» t'ongrc-ii os for the viodic itioti of the Orpartmeul agxiuit
tharg- a of neglect of duty iu that re-peot.
i'he manifest advantage ol having camps aud s'amp d
envelopes lor the paynv'ti' ol postag) Ims been Ironi the
first fuliy real:* nl by tho Department, aril immediately
uticr toy apxsn'mont, and bcloro t'.o Department was
organis'd, oorrerpoudoilCQ was commenced v'iili such
plilies a« were known to bo able to manufacture them,
lor the purpose of procuring them a*, the c»rli--si day pos
sible. i’r'pomtions were submitted early in M ire i last,
fro® patlh a no', residing in the Oonledcratc Elate*, to i
supply them, and th» Department wa« led to b.l "ve they 1
uitgnt b obtained by the time it could be orgamxed a it I
prep red to take canlrolof tbo servioc. But the pon'i
c*l vfii>OK«e then goiueoa so rapid y, and the iuereasirg !
probabilities of hrstililica between the t ow and the old i
l■J^ermllau^s, sojti rendered tbo fulfilment ol the li st j
proposition to lurtiisit stamps aud sittnped envelopes im
* "In Juiv, a cor.fi i initial agent w.js < mployed
by tLe Prpxnmini to procure the miltiuc of the requir
ed steel ui s and plat •* lor postage gte.m|S, n end our I
territory, .mi to lurmsn mm to tnu ■ > -parttneijta* son -
ii* they c'liild be prepared, an 1 also, it toutid prae -cab e, I
to have the *uni[-a made and furnished romy for u.-e
Alt r receiving soma encouragement and at.-r the i
wetk oi m'ittng meal ai-s hid b -an commenced, ci-cum |
siaoc-a rendered the discontinuation or the wwk by ihe j
me. uiacturor necessary. And our agent then made an j
elfjrl, at anotli r [joint, to procure i.thogranbrd stampi j
ot a tupcrior style, and alter some d lay it biC't'ne me- i
eisiry to abandon that ifl'jrt to supply llio D pinmaut. I'
This brought us to September. And in the m.n.iiiuie mi
extensive corrcepa. d ice was kept up by the Depart•
incut, arid has been steadily pots vere I iu up to this \
t me, with person* in various cities i:i tho Cor.fjderat- I
.tauter, and indeed with every person who was npresen'
e! to the I) psrimeut a* nn engraver, who might cx .-- |
cute tb-i work desired. Digrd by the wants of ihe pub- |
lic,lbo Departuisrt was induced,**» leinporaiv exp-dient,
t i uuk ■ uraugementH with u lithographic c-isblishrmir. I
in this cltv for the manufacture of lithographed rtanip*. j
Unexpected dr-lay, however, occurred in the.preparation |
of them ; and after the completion of the plane. the sup- i
plies furnished to >he Drpar mer.t were t o iut-uftiriem to
n.eel the demand for them and the prices chsrgtd so ix
or utant, ua compared with ihe •• o*t cf the sup rior str el
plate impressions iu use iu the United States and other
envemrucr ts, that a special agent was disp dched on the
‘J7th October to Chariot tin, S C, and Savannah, <ii,
f jr the pur-pos- of ascertaining the praclibdity of having
-lamps pilot’d hem on more fsvorablo terms, and iu
qut ti'ns rq mI to the public deiuaud. Toil agent re
turned to t':< D -parlmunr, November the 4 ,b, and rep irt
ed t at ihe engravers and lithographers of tho-e citivs
w uM submit estimates to the D-pirttu-ni go soon ns
! they could fssnrtiin the cost of miobi-.ery.and piper
| 1 Uavj just receive ! a letter from 0 larlaston submit tug
i a propae J tor furnishing stamps, but statin; that it
sould is q lire at least ninety days for tbs prepa-ation ol
! the • eoc-asry machinery and pla'es
T'i a engraver propo.es to lu n ah thestampg ;m ;d,
b uot p. iioraud. at a coat of one dollar per t musaod.
-.he paper to Ijj furnished by the Department, whereat
t.ha united States Government paid bat eights <o cents
j jot thousand staiupt, gummed, perforated, and nut up |
j in tin and pap rr boxes and envelopes, without extra
I charge f.-.r piper, and b; i -s, and enviiopea.
Tn» engraver, in Stvxnutb, under date of 21i! No
I vember, elates that it will n quire sixty days to p epare i ,
| the plates lor printing each denomination, and the de- ,
livery ol 400 Ooo stamp-, and that with his present force 1
he >ai> only lurniah 80.000 sumps daily. The e9titnt'ed
l numbjf r-qnired tor daily use is about 260,000. In the j
motitime, on the tirft day of October, t ccnBien ial j
i agent was provided with aaipl- means and dispatched to
i kiurope to procure the mauufacturs of re.-ldies and \
\ p.atc* for printing sumps of the several drnoraiasUoce
I provided by law, and for procuring for use, as toon as
; pncticable, iilteeu millions of stamps, and to forward ;
i the diet, plates and stamps to this city. Tho until sup-1
plica now being receive! from ih» contractors in thii
city will ouly servo to increase the public discontent, a
they are insufficient to meet the demands of even th<
principal cities.
The Government bae been vested with crrtaiu func
lions which it was believed cculd be d:a .hsrged with
greater bent lit to tbe public by it than by private enter
Among these was tbe establishment and manrgemeu!
of our system of postal communicition, which is so ne
eeiiury in conducting the civ.l administration of the
Government, and in military anl naval affiira, and of so
itiorlcul »ble importance to tbe public as a means of con
veying intoli gence. Our theory is that tbe Government
must provide the machinery of this Department and
conduct its operatin'!.*, but at tborxpruse of those who
make use of its laciiitics. That i*. that this Drpirtmeo1
shall be self-sustaining. To m»ki it eo, and to make Its
revenues secure, and their accrual steady aud reliable,
we declare Utters, sealed packages, newspapers, period,
cals, pamphlets, Ac., to bs mailable matter, aud ask
their tracstnissiou along the poet-roads otherwise tha
through the mails unlawful. The Government having
been charged with the heavy exp use of affording
postal facilities to the conntrv, it (ally justified hr
reason and necessity in adopting this means o'
makiug itself tbe cxeludvo carrier of certai •
clashes of matter at fixed and revocable rat.s
cf c jrupeusation, to reimburse lint expense. And it
the governmentshrul i be nquired to carry tbe u»w.pe
per and periodical mail in the spars-’ly settled pOrliors
of the country, where the matter to be carried is too Itmi
ted to justify express or other private companies in do
ing it, and where it can only he done by tbe Department
at a loss of its revenues, and if, at the same time, it shal
allow this ilsss of mail matter to be carrhd by exptees
or other private companies along the railroads aud otbei
great thoroughfares, where its amount would menus
the rev-nues of the Department, it is difficult to undi r
Stand why we shal not also allow tbo express and othu
companies to carry the letter mail on the la’lroodH am
ott er crest thoroughfares, where it is prcfi'ab'.e, and a)
low the Government to be the exclusive carrier of all
class 's of master on such routes only as pass throng!
spats- ly settled portions of the ebuutry which afford but
little revenue.
To do this would end in breaking down the Dtps l
inert, or io keepiug it in operation at tbe expen.e cf th,
general Treasury. Toe policy of allowing mail matte:
to he carried as lrtight, wherever it may be prefi table t>
private ciniert, creates rivals who are invited by th»i
detents to contend with the Department ter its revr
cues on all the most important lines of pcstal comtnuot
Ci'ion ; those which are most expensive to the Depart
mentand most difficult to control. Such a policy wonl<
be both unwise and disastrous, and I (Minot too atrongl'
ren.turn *c<! tbe continuance ol the policy o' refusing ti
allow newipapers aud periodica!', to be carried over tin
post-road* « freight, and of requiring the payment o'
postage ou them as on all other mail matter.
J'JHN H. ItEAGAN, Postmaster General.
To tbe Prx‘!dknt.
oobiib oovikxoi abu miiui Hum,
KZT.T? constantly on hand, a large ami varied assortment o;
Imported expressly fcr this market.
A!•*, the beet Oi l P.ye WHIJRY and Apple and Peaoh ItAAN
DY, distilled in the mountains of this bta'.e.
All Uquors and Groceries soU by tia are warranted pore an
fco-t, or no sale
P. th — Particular attention paid to potting up ac t shlj.plu,
roods for officers and soldiers stationed at and away from Mich
COMMISSION BU3lS»ca8.-Wl'l make liberal sdvancescnTo
!>aeco, Wheat, /lour, Corn and other minor products cf the cour.
I:/, each m Baron, Lard, Poultry, Eggs, Butler, Dried fruit*
Leather, *L Idea, Potatoes, Beans, Peas, Ac., Ac.
Oil, jus* received and for sals bv J. P DUVAL,
i<4 _
1 v. /FkR fur sate mjr plantation 1 j Madison county, Miss. Tber
1 b .20" acres J:i culLvat! on, which is ali table laud exrep
ibout 4<*»* a res of flue creek bottom. There Is on the place a ne
dwelling house, rooLiy an 1 commodious, with the* v \rd finely •<
n a varl.-ty of shrubbery; a new (Hu home; line framed quart-;
xl 1 ev-ry triing to make one comfortable. The plantation la w«
MtwU! the . <* la the tela for the plantation
s' I .take $£o i er ar e, in six equal payments with interest froi
lairtf R. w. DCRVKT,
%p«»Hf Tcrnou. Ms.Use a **nw?»t» Ml**
MHLOort'«litJifti»’ roll a<asut*.
rilUi: undt raiK.i' • * * for «aie tlie TRACT OV LAND raiL
Jf ‘Bloomsbury," In Culpeper county, about three mile* fic
Brandy(Ration, **oui^l it g >-vee Hundred Arret. It adjoins If
farm lately told by Wm. H. Koeu to 'drear*. Wise and Kniuedy.an
the Uud» of C. C. Beckham, Dr. J C. Thom and Win. J. fife.
Tills farm t« *'■«listed In s neighborhood remarkably adapted U
;kr growth of wheat and 'rats The Buildings are raU.rr old, bu
settli irodersle repairs will hi sufficient forth* comfortable accttt
nod&tlon of a family. Psrsoes desirous of purchasing are Invite
examine tho pi.**« lor themselves. Wr will merely remark th»
. has always Bren c nsHcred one of the best farm! In this neigh
aorhood, especially for W cat
Torov will h-.* triad* ac . 'xtnodatlng.
for fn.-tiier information, apply to John Slaughter, near Way
landshurr. Culpeper county, or to J. C. A J. W. Green st Cutpepr
augi—elf , HI LLO. READfORD.
Vrmr.lMA TO W(T At Rules hell In the Cl-rk’s Oflle
or t*ieCircuit Ourt of l.*nca*-’-r Couutjr, on alonday,thc nil
lav of January, 'MJJ.
0,1*1* to C. Carrel.. .Fli'ntlff.I
se. j
- KIMtr and Jsnrs R ItsyH*, partners IN CHANCERY.
In the limber butlne, Hugh ii. Miaw and i
Rvshtgh *. iLoirri .. Defendants J
lb. oh cl f f th'.s su‘t !j to recover from the absent Defendin'
ihc piles o. a lot of timber sold them ly the C< mplti-at>t. an*
C«> L.e au^cut ot an op n acc uv which the CvtnpKi .a*ft hi
watnd them, * ud to attsen «h»-le «rT*ct. lu the hands of the Lo o
Jcfendsnt* and oo th- p-omls s cf the t«. mj Islnanl so Dial the
nay « e forthcoming abide the decree cf th>- Court
And It k|M*ca t.• z br aai*«fai‘.ory evidence that th? defrnd*rit
- Kiidrr and Juices E. Hay's* at* aon-refl *euu of th**Hi*
)! Ylig ;:ia <" n a. t. >o of the plaintiff, by counsel >t s ordered
h vt t- • .• * Io d ‘findanti do ap *• »r f cre w!thl i Che rv nth after do*
uolicatlon c f this at der, and do what Is uecevs%»y to protect th<
ntv- «in; *nd that a copy cf till* order be published one# a week
'or four successive w-*xs .in the iilihro.nd WAig, a newep-pt
:she I In 'hr City of Richmond, and that aaou.er :cpy th*rer
|ds;» l atth frontdoor of th? Oou-t tic use cf laid County, ot
he fi st day cf Uiu next County Court.
A Copy -Trvte
&«■**] urcSBini,r. Q. j%" — we*
VJ IIVGIN I A : - At Rules he>d u (He Ue tic's O.TjCcuI iu c.
cult 4?oart of the f’lly of K'fhmn.u, the first Moudayin Jan
m y. lNi‘J, thelcg the 6th ay of ih** mou*h).
I he i;lcliaioti«L Krcdertctsburg and Potuiuac Ra Iroad CompOS)
Plain UTs.
Koncu.e K .rlnma .Defend tnt.
The object of IhU suit 1st j recover of tn* Defendant hlxty Theu
«nJK x tlsnjnd »nl elx jr-eight Dolla r an i Fifty* ne Cents
run six per rent interest »h reon, to be computed ;n m the 291
tar of b' * mi m '-i 11 pays ..t.
The atta :hmc *t l*soe J la ti.ls t au»e having been returned ex.
ru e l, th«. s ild defends it's repaired 4. *;i e»r, wtih'n one mootl
tfler due pub lcUlta hereof, ual dj what la ne. t-ury to protei
lia latsieu la uus sJi.
A Cop/—Test
Jslfi-wtv_JAM AN IILLET*. Cl»rk.
VIRGINIA —At Rules hill telhf Clerk’s o«te, U albl
m*r;e e«ULty Court, In December, 16C1:
fobs B. doth well. Plaintiff,
flaliada B. Rotbwell, Joseph H. Rothwell, George W. Rothwell
Uv-rt n W. t;arr, Weorgc W. Carr, James Carr,-Burge
and Nancy his wife, late Maocy Carr, Oliver Cleveland «n
ha. ah hli wife. Isle daran Carr,—- Moore and saean Mr
Wife, late Buian Carr, Mary Jans Carr, f eadleton Carr, Uvcrto
t.arr, John Carr, Lac*an Carr, Oscar tarr, Nancy Carr and Ma
Duds Carr, the sai.l Pendleton, Overton, John, Lucian, Uses
u'.'a cy sci Mtl'ndt, being lnftnt- under the age uf’Jl years
1 neo-lore U Ko.bwell, kd^acd lucks and Martha Ann rtlcfcr
-tsupton and £u-an hU w fa. —Manic, an Infant un
der the a** of 2; years. John v astln, aud Boar-lman 4at’ n,
Mal.n 11 Difos, Susan Dvfur, Will an Defoe, and ihe four other
child.- n of John Defoe and Matl.i. DeMe, late Matilda Itctl *
well. w;i»ae uvner are unknown, *ad some of whoa are proas
bly lnfautsunaer the a/e of VI years. Defend.nU.
The ^1 jeet of this »r It Is toe bta'n a decree for the iris tf abou
2-i acr a of Ian), l-i Aloea trie county, ‘oelng the dower land c
h* late riuisn Rothweil. IL the teal estate of her deceased has
uu i, John Rothwei., aud a uUtrlbotloa of the proceeds anion*
hr pa-Ues entitled tn»feto.
rue plat - tiff hating hi d his bill and made affidavit tvat the d*
mian s, J seph II Ruth we* I, uso.'.c m Rothwell, — Moor -
md rui.n hi* wl'e, Reward .-ticks,-Gup to a and husan Mi
tlfe,-Hassle, J >hQ xaaUn, Board nan Eaitln, Mallna Defoe
losaa Defoe and Will am Defoe are not Inkubl’.anU of thit Sta*e
md those mentioned at unknown are to him unknown : At Is • r
lered thti the said non-residea*. defendant! and unkuoan patilet.
io appear here, within < ne mr u b After due publ.cslton of thl« or
lor. and anewer tl.»pls!n'!ff'■ fttff.sr do wnat •* n.-cfsaryt
trolect »h.\r ln*ercst, an>? that a opy of this order be pub I. the
.nee a week, fer roar fuc.-«w«lve tree ns, In tn« Richmond tcoanti)
Vb..-, su l anoth r copy be posted at the front door of the Coer
fous*, of Albemarle county, oB the first d.y wf the nex. count)
Soul i Teste:
de*4-*4w_iw* oaiRVT*
MAI**.—fiU.UMU Uu .a
L 10,040 Virginia Mats 6 per cent Bonds
<j#9 R. If. jCAl RVA CO
[ND1GO. INDIGO-—A supply of superior iadl4w. n-w ta
store and for sale by W. PKHlRhON A CO., 150 Mala street
I/DIA LB!I. CHIP LOGWOOD, lost received and
iU"v Mr sale by VV. PkTKRhOM A 00._de!6
glLia tpp'c Praady, for sale by
THI undersigned offer for a*)*, by pa ►ag’ or otherwise, A fine
M«oruuDt of t Igare and Rliauunac lur*«l To
ba< ( o, of the moet approved brands.
We are the Hole Agents for several of the largest Manufacturers
in the Htste of Virginia, and are thM day receiving a general as
sortment o' alt kinds of Tobacco, raar-og from i« to U cats •
per pound Also, all kinds ftnsokMttf TobHCcn
iMtarTc. ms cash. BAYNE A M’kUUAV,
Under Bpriavood Hotel, SichmouU, Va.
P. 8.-Special attention paid to orders from tfetUrs aod Mer
chant* wb- *r« sonrlvjoe the anne eoio—4m
^ I’NDttlAUl.— IM*» lbs CoUou upe,ae«rt-J
S V'H d 1 U«m,> Twin- do
)U0 Co Pat Liu n 1 bread
*ift dot fine Ft ••am Os If Aklcs
10 do do do M or*ero do
ft) do kngl'sh Sheep Mill •, extra
‘.'ft do Col d *~uiog < tint
lft *»des I* i htiaoieled Leather, as’d rolan
BOB pr. LrnY Hbo- La-is
yiu 4oe nsardC Ulien do
fiO t dot Alexander‘a t pool Cottoa
lid p»t Plus a mo ted
1Wpr. trace Unatna
;«»• ft th an t Tongne Chiint
l*hi Mm » ud X Cut Baw.
50 C’.rraUr raon, asa'd 4 to 54 In.
10 ras -* genu tie Oaelih- Aoap
•b*> If, 0 D and KngtUh Per. oa| •
In itore an 1 f r sale by * HODEB, W»IJtON A HfllT,
Eoc.tisui to amiih, Rhode* A Co.
jail _Ti Peai I t*reet.
TUX concern knniM RI. l*rir« A €’•„ la dissolved
this day byl ml’atlon The undeTs’gted will contuu- the
I bn n-i< u n r. t fwre. or der th* name of vamM Itl.Prhe A
| 4 o., aasuuilrg all the liabilities of, and Settling all debts due,
I the late coacern. _ _
RKW t gD —A negro man Darned, Gilbert, age h -
1 tween 40 and 50 years-1 Is rol r b biack. wh'sktrs
4i4v under the «,Mc; b ili iut sis fee . high, black hair; hla rlotf -
iDf la a blaek coat, and plaid summer pan s I bo /tit Mm lit
Oicktbson A Hill's Auction reon*, l««t Tuesday, lie was brought
here by a gentleman named Dr Thomas U. Real, of Hanford Co ,
North Carolina-'ef. icy premises on Saturday afternoon, be
tween two and three o clerk.
1 w II give the above reward for him If secured In any jell to
that I can r«t him. M A. MY Kbit,
dt^h—'1»* Cfi Mala itr.-et, JUcbmond.^
JOUA ! H<>DA f-Sft Kegs Pur* bl-G*rt>onet* Hoda.jo.t re
reived In store For sale. A. Y STOKKd A CO.
jan?—w Corner jft h and Cary Btre*l*
11H b‘ Pns'dent and Directory of the Fanarre' Bank of Virginia,
have d dared a dividend of‘tore* and three quarters per
eat, out of th* profit* of the Institution, for th** last tlx moot) a,
lc«lu. linp tf • refrrra one-quarter per r*ot bonus to Die Mate, leav
ing H VC per cect net, payable to the stock*older*,
jal- lot _J A HMITH, Casb'rr •
TIIK President and Dir- 'tors of th- Bank of Virginia have de
claiv i a dividend of three and thre-quarters per ceol. for
is lasts* monibs, subject to a defection of one quarter por
cent bonus to the riiai-, leaving three and one-hah per cent,
.•ay «ble to the Btockr.o!ders, (or 12.4ft per share )
jaS—10._WM. P. TAYLOR. Oaahl-r. _
'EIRE rre Id-st and Dtr** -tors cf th* Kxehangt IUok tf Virginia
I have A slated a icml-snnual dlvid-ad, offer —and tnr*» quar
ters per ecu cal per cent, bonus—p%vaV* on the 14th Ins ant.
janlO-'iw W. P. rTki THRU. Cafelev.
NO * 14 E
n AVISO resumed the Auction and Com ml anion bus
. fee*s, we are prepare! to rccelv* eon* guments of general
uerchand se. for sa> *« xoctlo*' or privately, aud mas* II'eral
-ash advances. We thvll retain for the preient, our Urge and
;om n odious warehouse where goods • au be sa eiy stored aud rair
f exht itel.
C n 'gumeats will receive our prompt attention.
DlMOnOi! —The co-partnership of WaTE INH A Pic K LKN
expiree tills dav by limitation. H'herofthesaba fibers may
iseth? name tf the firm, to liquidation. Our b»o»a ani acciants
etll l»e f iund U <>u- offlse, on the se*on«t d)or vf oar late store
i use ii'J Main Street, whe e all persons indebted to us wil plea*#
till en>l make Immediate ptyment. and those having claim*
if xinst us w.ii present them there (or teilit m* nt.
Richmond, January 1st, 18CL__ J p*_
Dffts | I TION —m# «o partaerehip of VAN LKW, TAYLOR A
CO. Is tf Is dav deselect.
Having purchas'd t4 e interest of 0. M. PiraiAnls, the icrvlv
og p»rtn r, JOHN N. VAN L-W will her-afl^r conduct the boat
•esi in n's owq oam« All persons indebted to the old cooc#ra,
nil please wall and settle wuh the node signed
Richmond. Janoarr 1st, 1*A8. lank_
'O.tr, --two hod* s ah, just rec«lVcd by
1 iall _DO E A 00 , *b Jetals Ptmglsf
• AM I SAY oh
# ST
T. w. VSf'M AH
TVi* great success rf thli remarkably hrlllltrt work *l without
**rall« I lo the hist »ry of Eruthern publication*. It appeared on
tirlstmai eve, and we have alread f sold ojtrUru tkou-tnd <v/*
mi of it, while th- Jemaod Islargrlf <*n the increase. Thuoe who
ave read It, nlfrh an I low, are load and unquailhei In th«dr prat
1 of It. Whoever wlahe# to pi rose * de'drntfol boo*, rha*a< tor
zed by genlas and beaaty, ih^u d procure <7ru«# and • onlrttM.
Rea l what the L'*a»pap *r press -ays cf it
From i\t Examinn\
44 The phllwmMctl design of this work snd It* fine literary cm
vutlon uot naly recommend It to the 'avor of th* many re«deis
srUI dual tie** seccre, tut p’oml ts It a pl«ce In the stand«rd
iterator# ..f the f» >uth The author treat* alHhesaljec • growing
.at o# the »U> ery dl pule w.th sn a-utene s of analy is and a grsi e
• 'Style that give a wonlerf I fr« shnrss to suLjects wh'ch have
cen hacsoeyed by ot ,»r writer*, and has p'oduced In the whole
i popular aud graceful exposition of fottb-ftn political philcao
(Ar Richmond Whig:
44 The author lay* his focodation* deep and broad--giving a rap
1 and lucid history of slavery, as it existed fr< m very remote ages
j the presert lme •* *owin/ that it constituted au lotegrel element
i the piogeeee and greatness of the re«>at remarkable gr vercmects
hat ever • \ Ved ’ it is hl*tory of rac*s and cos pariaon or toelr
aparlty f< r progress snd emUre, will strike every intcUlsrot
*n!*r as be og is able In dedur'l >cs as it I• remarkable In re
.e*r*h and va.ld lear tng lie conveys in a small compass, ibe
e.-ul ar tra.’s of trie regro race phtrical, moeal, and menial, and
sake* apparent the >n a»s*i»Ie rulf wMeh (J"d has pl*crd ts
e en h'm a?u the white mao : forev-r pet venting the equ»l4<y »f
e two rac -s -the negro doomed to inferiority inrcu^hott all agn
■tit, preient, aud fuiorg.
44 The author’s style Is easy and graceful, cos Lining oiaoy bsau
ies of c rnp'tlUon, snd yetlt s vigorous and softi.nea.ly cow
tensed ; In short, ft*- authors pre*ent mure to please, and lr«t
bn itou* Ic a jus criticism. We rl#e from the pnusal of his
• ook with a raoreenlVhteoed, a warmer and raor-genial love for
ar routhem br tners «Udr happy hoars, their tunny . time, and
heir wise IlsIIUI on*.’*
• We have read wlthgrea* pleasure this able and brilliant vln- 1
'Ira'loa of the Boa*hern cause. Al hough the obiert has Seen of
e « dlacuj'ed, the aa'hu#’* stjle end nude of treatment give It
i w attract ion*. The h!*t irieul stateneot in the c m lading pages,
the coudact of th* No th, since the beglnt log cf the Berth.a*. *
ouMei and espec ally of the general ariiutnsstralloa. towards
h * Boa'h, Is rassterly It It a »lsp e record cf facta and leas or •
u- than any other part of the pubiira*'on : but he mutt be a man
•flee whose blood that uc varnish »d story does act cans# tojboitln
very vein " 4
From tSt yVfereAwrg Fsj>rtm.
•'To defend the mttUct on of *1 . v» r y upou all the points on vl let.
has been assailed ; to show the phy dologlcal and Intel eetaal in*
rr ority of ihe negro to he Cau: ssslan race and lh« elevatir r
nfluence uron the former of a state of servitude ; to*xp< «e ihr
eal authorship sod nature of the war Into whrh the two sectlotf
'the iau- Union hate been plurged, and thes lay thefoandatlon
or III eorr rt h'et*ry -theee are the objects of the pubtlest on be*
>re us and tSie writer has by the vw*y clev* r manner la which he
me performed his labors, rendered valuable service not only to .
ae cause of Southern tl'erature. bu to the cans# of t*uth and jae*
ce Ills rtatementa are la I!—hla logic no leas vigorous that ac*
•u ate—his reflectionsJudlelouj, an! his style pleasing.1
PRICK, |1.
Tlir ftoufltcrn ttpy,—Letters on the Policy an<l;lQSugu
itlon of the Line* I \ W«r: written anonymocelv '■%. Wsft.'ogt* n
nd elsewhere, by Edward A. Pol.ard, of Virginia, author of
•Black DtamonJ.” j
comxn: i
1. Letter to PresMen*. Lincoln written at Washington.
E. Lift r to President Unco n, wr1.ien at W.sMngton.
а. Le ter to Pres;deal Mncoln. written et Wash ngton.
t. Letter to President L'ncrio, writ ea near the Government.
б, I etker to the Editor of-.written in Maryland.
6. Letter f> Secretary Seward, wri ten la Maryland.
7. Lrtsr to PrvgldeatUnroln. wr.Men’n Maryland.
S. LeU»r to Doc r: Tvng, written Id Haldacre
0. Letter lo General 8 soil, written In Maryland.
10. Letter to Mr. f cerett written In Maryland.
Price 50 t-euls,
peeoh de Iverrd by Hon. Bat aai r Tucsaa, of Virginia, In the
owLheta Ootventloo, held at NashvJlc, Tean , April sSU; 185**.—
rics JB cent*.
Persona remitting the pricu of cither of the above natn»J Books,
dM have t‘.em sent to any part of tte Concern C jofederacy free
•f postage
The trade allowed a liberal discount.
Add; eis orders to
WEST A JOHN8TOV, Pabilahtrg and Pookiellert.
ja&5—tt 115 Main Strati, Rlchacnd, Va.
L'BENCH BRANDY —A pure artlo*. *•* sale by W. PETER*
r HON A 00.. Druggists.oeld
PAINT.—Metallic Eire Prof Paint, Kocf OU and colors of
every description, for sale by
1 c Dos, ■••utter’. Blu -r*. |u.i rrt.nl b;
10 jiu uOTi ^<w., pioax*4,

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