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| JellfPeptr, |S|W mu; darn: Week'.y, $*: Weakly. 0*. al
•art la advance, Raraittaacec may ke mala at the rlak al the
fee at.-ta la tU cajei where evidence u taken ca U.a JmpudM of a
I latter la the Teal O'doe roautrdaj nosey.
i naaaiima
Oat Inure, (W Unaa) or i-we, one in.trtloa---— t*
•ac: efdfttona LtaarUon .. *
One aaath wlttcstmltr.euoa.... V* 88
T-ree do do ..»»<*
Mi do a* ..»00
i Twelve do do .»»
r»» • .oarea, TVv* ic ode....18 w>
Mi -oaathat. . * ‘®
Tw :va anclhfc... . . .80 00
O* St adtartJaomaot to ba coaaldeted by the -math or yv*k
11W rpedSed on the Maaoecrt, I, or ptuvloaiiy ..Teed .poo be
iwean t-.e pattNa. .. .
As ii<'.thn.al nottn.-kai oath* copy h>r a tp«Ue« aa»
k bars’ 01. rtl • wtC be cost;; oej until ordered sal, mad payment
• . _
JT {aor-t! AssabTjiaiorb.—To avoid any - i o-derataaJlny
nstV. part i the Annual Advertloen, It la proper to etaw«ia*Mwo!»y,
»ha«tP.-tr p.-(T-Jemeai'Oly i-Atitdato thrl. lame Uat. buatceaa. R.o.
total.', Letal and all (her Advert.,entente aeat by there to ba ah
Ad itov tal choree, mod no rertmuon.
rtf“ Rea, Emtmte as! Oea -ral A<ema Advarttaaoienta act to be
at.*n«d by the year, bat to be charged at the uaual ratca, anhlect
a i art liacom.li aa .Sail bo nit eed <ipo t.
tMT* tooka-’lera mad yearly i ltertUe a, eeneeally, «n«a*lnj oaa
at wore epumret. wl’ii toa prlrlleie of chance, ehell not, on their
ye.rly m\etmy.- In may *ae week, later more than the ea-nol
a. eed epoc aa the ttaodlna role an ierthe oontraek, and all eietn
aft. each emmet to ba charaed al the cecal ralea.
11 rarttM-nla fatvrted In the beat! Weekly WM« al TS east
per toaare t* 10 1 aae nr . -ea tor lh" SrUlnevd'n. and SO eeata
|i - eoamr • r... . ;.en .■ ce. or l* weekly, d 5 rente.
«.a.k*r.ov. ta wttiM.
kllRroOT * W ALLER,
». a. -frnr.pt attention Pi ConvcCos aaJ Land Cl alma.
AaPtsat. M. -ttamce. 'J tear lit1, Arnhem 0. If . v a | John
r.. - .on. Jr. Atahe-V C. X, V ,, tiariaad A Chr.tt.Aa, Lynch
r ,-«7w. u.tley m eed, lot; Jnd*a ft. U. Barford, Dm.lam.
1J1a0T!0‘- - . I - Cctrle vf ’he coontlee o: NrleoO aad
AaS«*. Ho wdi out id to a-/law tulsna enlrancd le
tl-l !r lh« adiacecl e loiLe*.
.IT" *ddr.«,Yye Si'-wr WarchoaeeP. O., MeMoa Co., 'a.
m< aia«aJ City, *».
WULpr*-’ s ... ilbtClif if McBocnd,
a... C.e -;ir.i’eeof C* •!, rfle. I, Hearlco aad P wl.laa.
vfl aa toe Pear! aad Mein Arrau, nver to*
» .-■ :»Wia!.'Vila—* Oa._ da*- If
~j. Tdaiirxn iiHiiwa,
• kiOUMn.NO, fa,
air LLL ,.r».- tow :n to. Cou • J to* ;a» af *lcBatoad aad Pw
If . rabarx. aad to* eea-.t m at i"can -o and ChnUrlaid.
>n HeM i Block, IS*.* *c**t. -.war PsaV 0. II. aaiT —tf
WJT1U. PkACTlSI la tow Court* of BUex, Mercer. Moaraa,
I Vf Moatcoacry aad Palafkl, and wlh call* 01 aad roaut pane
I to . y *o- all c alnr place) ia lux head*.
A Pool * VB_
■ i»rifL PItcrjI te toe Coc-u at to* City cf * . hmood aa J
'» Oca. 1 " 11 >. eiu.:t aMaollo i wi be <ti*n to all a*
1 pa cMnaui-.o'di. IF" .See. for too c. nwoi, w«» hto fa
r to - (a .'.reca, . wto weal orr Me: and Tto »u. e*I—Jlp
jv. Q 4b BL CL LOLL DIN,
(•t i io’ti oenr hod**, tuquu,
Iiurla. C* ar.cux. Prd: ew Idwari, Ajponallcx, Mosxloa
li-i *ad Lee*, -ant.___fW~!t
i,a IKJCGLAd, f. IdUtiOkY, U,
I Ay.cii’i. Elat Wa. Old anarch. Haaowwr.
tTTTU. »u«a ! .11 u* Oocrto of Wax WUllaa aad Hanoi**. k.
*1 as X'C.LA3 wC. aiau attend toe Oearta of Ehi* * Qo**s
and OAroltae. _HAm—YS
liMuam/onsoE ^
UClillOKD, ta.
Vaotleela *)! too eoerto of too clip of Klchaaad aad ooasty •
k*n.too- Mr. John*, n wt*‘ practice la CVfter*al«i.
ar " a P to*._)yd
Eb. Bk'MfK 11 bu r leaned toe peaoko* tf LAW ta IM
. aty of ttciiBoad
W-- i Aalvtn**aew Bel. flag, ol 1 tto, fraaka* kxax Itrewb
p|* (V. A P-t'ClC A CA have .a itoc. -icaay iw« raewwad
l rt-iry #.1 B'an.ria, <deoy \rsy Rl.nk.-U, 1" l and 14 *
IB-1 v e ...a I Oov.o.B «- f-e- ...
uioi or,, lrt»*i lii-w, Dean, T o, a»*. k—aaat eopply
H a 11' ■ l CV-i*. and da*.|M*, War* h-iwer aad I’rei,-h Cto'hi,
keh Mac* an t Go oead toiai, H'cyaui I'-.pllaa aad Oiotaiu*. /<.e
a,, ,pe,-d i Waal .- i , and i»r*w.
w -r r i re, aad lac • e- any puilon of
the bil » e ha-. I. fie* will • n.aoc to aril a* lertoer petoaa,
reta-lre- •' to. p.rfcii Nto-aae-d irae-.totorv deteraiordta
. . . '1. rev-ollr eoorht aad each u
*s-w« - - whayi far*, dwwarwe.saAyweaadaAekarfxdfkMa
nmm r. p»icr a co.
1| :k- .* * i ' n. 'ivoftoU cv.O
.»I /vv » \ J* A it.wt. -a- "iu*r* 4*. »«• Ih Hwt
k» r i a * » t. . iv; 1 ■ * *'»
1*1 * . • • ' s,u*v t t - t '»»' " '•«<
-»».t . * » * • -■ ■• . - * :•«!«* *5 >!••**> t'*'*
ret*' . »*>w for ro* « I r •>*«?** i i rt.«u *<t o/l wish t*x •*> par
to - A. 4Tl -e*-: r ' . ivtavliv. refer* pur** tfin* el«e
wfcer- UrJdf* fr«»a th- **oanlr? pr *a»|-f.jr atteaJetl m A"v»af
oar p*-oer* «t <*k r». / fa*-’ th * fnil-ving bra* J*, »f f«. ,V S'*
fw v. 4 , .n * a . w*-« e -v uj 'r 'u 15 t i lit* II-*., J Ah U*rt ac ■
| •* of ▼*rf*ni*,M “HkMM
•* tf* lor* " ** frarr*,"
| •• 0 aval) it,” ** Oa^a-ia*,**
•• ’ mi* 4 «••**#,•* *• D«4l»<pry,’#
M(>tu * ’ •» *• O . L A',"
Ipr.vOt/* ** <*** twr*("
-H e/•
•■torhiasder'e Holite," **Or noka,**
ibM lar * ** ***rt H
** M4« of ” 4-* . Aa»
a,!l Mouther* YnK*r«-» Mare.
Tp iilsli \ M * * ay. f Vtr**M* ItoMtuitP *»
*Y • i . t* r •■ a' • <>1 !, the larv-«t *.-i i flu A Hock Su Chi*
, i„* t >•. cl tr j, by *w * AI-L4C* HUSH,
i4 Corner of P*4rl and Care street*
HBK9 . : * • I i i < * n• . - »
J W. *4N(*>t*«,
Ha *%•• .4 f- 4 1 1 t: « •-/> h'» »• .*!. he recet.* p«r.-\**-o —
V«J M tire W • o v • - • author*. '*4i mi ml*
ceilt «• i •*-' *t * 4-i I..hr4*e b •- It a*. Trw,*. Uln^r *
U.J.4 1 r At ire .-• Bti tr4-- tn ! •mall, eom&ci 4' 1 f*n y
^uit 1/ *•*■» New TrAtvTie*'e • «» Hymn H-.0*e *<m Prm/er
IV> a >, • ■; Pop : \r * ■ cl U »>*<•; 1»W,0urt Manilla. BluJ, W »*,
I0|Wi ;•« i*> ‘Ira-t N.»>, Letter, Cap, anl Ycl'o
|* .»t Paper, *n. L >• v »u*h a L->!(-r«. J i tul*. Corf,
l»»ol * :*ae K u, l i- . P it*» of - Ytol.n. Ba*jo«,
pt'.4 e . .t Vi ». i .- v*a. « " t Pen*. «.th and without
a*-. J.es . *•• ^vtA Pli. « tr U, ic doq and fl..1- ‘vaaUly.
a.i^ _ ___
II a |«, .% l Xo I UtlUrJ Haute -Jiul.t
\| r ; .1 1»«I» ». * 4**j >1 llats, of ear aa tr±S**, ror ial« ..a ac
*,n<D' tatlno ureit
~ bCCF.VBKft iswi. UECKmilSe U61.
iikim, ni itn iUA *«-.
T HIA t '.HiV, k; 'i « -11, fi. b« In <<or*
tn<l it?r» ter *»*«. »■ ni»r«« run, ter c*u only, Uw (ollnn
m <<*■-*•
lu *lno, «u*ctiT (Onllty
~ <« .) i r, {t 1 jati:.
I bum Oylam
few I Oolwn
Malpb. M -rvMn
. Cntearl
oi MU' N»<
* ■rtrurlti Oln'.mwi
Cklor i jrn, Nitrn
A'lh-d»« H.'<'
Tv-tlr o Ai d, l*up Cmrb r . >,
* . * c P.W'**.. AH«plo», Qlfif *r
t bji»«n, »*»C' 0 o»r» Ud v. utaoi
i.ivl Cl, 0,. l»» a, pa.-*
OaOll- Ho»p
Pu« I A^a.Wb K J.
fr»a b ea-iv I, Cocoa
(ioau M4!cb«, 4:.,
J - , »T ,n:t/ oll'ataal tr family
J 1 JOUIIT OlAV, Drtrylrt.
j -
1 want U dlsUnc v ua derat jod that 1 an. manufacturing
_a Le ten for military cap* at ft cent* par letter Bll*ur
l*it<n made to order.
A‘to, Matal Brandt of all dlacripUooa, rts : door, tobacco, grain
bag< maclun-ry, unit, Ac , At the lowest reatouable prl ea.
Small Stencil*, fur marking clothing with indelible ink, out in
theuralcat atyle
Tt ae in Want *f either of the above art do will do well to caII
and Cianuno ipeotmooa before paichtai ig »:«*wh*ii-. Ca I un or
address A. X Gaa AM, Brand Cstur, i Box 4Ji) next door to the
Ootmnolan Hotel, Richmond, Va. __dell
INI N K 4lL.AU 4 AND TOBACCO; Oeoulni Havana
A Clear*, from Nee Orleana and Oha*lestou; the flneet brxuda
of Cbvwtag and Smoking Tobacco, for salt, wholesale and retail
by MxAifki A HARSH, Druggists, loft Main Itreel, corner above
P. 0. oc'AS
Ce.tlBN. -U.-eeelng, Pine Tooth and Pocket Oornbe, an el*
gant assortment, for aut* by DJVk A 00., Wholesale ldrug
flat* deli;
Wr. have jua* received a large stick of Tobacco and S' gars of
every d icrl.itiou and quality.
Also, on hand.
Champaign Wine* In qt and pta, of approvad brand*
Alao, Boo La and theca, Ac., all of which la offered fur aale at low
prloee CHAS BaYNK A CO.,
neflb Coder bpolawood UoteL
GUANO AND PUVSTB .—Manipulated Guano,
Sombrero Guano; Richmond Ground Plaster , tor ante by
KdMuND. r>*VKNPOur A CO_ocY4
tqtt NJU t, . juit received and for aale, lino iba Beeswax;
ifto Ibt Oout try Soap; t boxes starch; 1 box Brows boxp, C'J
oola Tyro kxtra Ploar HfTfIT a JAMK.-v de4
Uorner Main and 14th Strieu, Ale'.mend, Va. (
I N connection with their Banking business, the undersigned will
II glee ;>. orapi and faithful aUenilon to the ACjmlmrul a. d Gol
., ctiuu of C a m: against tl.e Confederate Goeervmrut
rhsy wl I a*, retake w.lh them comieteul legal talent whenever
A may br loand necessary to do to.
Tt. -charge* will be moderate, either ipeclal «r contingent ai
their patrons map desire. Wot. B. ISAACS * CO.
Ranm, XT VdauiawuB, to CoL Geo. W. Munford, Secretary State
ol Virg in*. C»i duo. s Calvert, Iraaaurer State of Virginia; Col
J. M. beua tt, let Auditor elate of Vlrg i.ia; James Oaaaic, Keq.,
Pres lent bank of Virginia; Win. P Taylor. Kaq , Cashier Han* ol
Ytrg.eU, Hector li*v.a, Kaq , President Traiera Bank; J. Ran
Idolpb Talker, kaq , Attorney Gentral Stale of Virginia.
fwr’ou ms sent w ua for a'jueimeot or eolicciion should, In a I
eases be accompanied by the proper contracts and vouch,?*, an J
special pou. r uf attorney to represent and sign the name of the
pa. ty te any papers or document* neceeiary in the premia ea.
j iho-if__
,) r BBLi. PORK CIDIR VINUAR In Store and for sale, by
FI PEN.—Brier It. Pip**, a large and beautifa- 'ot, tor >rl*
irOovICA Cid., Wb>lassie Druggist*_del6
GU ANO.— ill tons lie Berg 1‘notphailc Guano, for aale by
ALARGg aaarrtmantrf superior Palul Brushes, Duatcri
and Uhitcwaan Brushes. for aale by
IIUPN HUPS, Hups, Hops, Hop# llaipA —A
II acpply o: fresh ti ps, jo»i received and for aale.
1 nave also for aale. Old ttiungardaer, and Old Claret Brandy,
R. A. k UABNaY,
W'cleaale and Retail,
, tell Corner of Broad and Tth atreuka.
U1 St.-H bbla J. Trull A Co.'i pare N. K. Rum, high proof,
for sale by
V’lMtll lH.~ 1W1 bbla pur* cider Vinegar, from the eoaaCea
of Barry and tale of W Ighk
IS bbla. Bupertae Ptoar
| In flora and for •*!* by W. M. PLEAIAHW,
DNK** K<»ft Tilt AKMI. -J«t« pubUrtt'i, Colfcrm
»!.J D.e.* o( lh« Arm* II 1» a lar(« yoloiu. c nUltiln* lb
i4*U*, althca UaaUuna. I*ricy *« by mail, I »or t»l.
ai a.'iolnalr and retail by J W. HASIKtLPH. HI Hale ylivrt.
^uiwtKit* w i > ri:m tlvthi.iu,
O Overcoats for Privates
do do officers
»■*» pn Drawers, DriU and Canton flannel
Has* 1 'aseimer*. and other Bln* is of overall.rta
? » Water Pr-'vi/OvcrcoaU made of Anauieled Cloth
kith* Ot. Ck>*t Blankets,
had varkuA Jtaer article* sui.ablo lor military purpose*, for
taie U fair price*. for rash -uiy. WM. l«A SMITH,
mH 114 Man Street.
COLCillIHRH. k*» MaI*s Bole Leather, jo* recdvtd
9 and for sa e by haltDEN A MILLER. cstasr 14Ul a&J Ctr?
strata tab1
Biav tUUNUk
-U Jh DM4 Msck.ua
lO Jo L.ua do
W J ’ R -teln do
*> do Bpt* Turpentine
l'» do total* Grease
».* in 0up. Carb. doJa
15 r t»l« Copperas
luud's M de nal ftraa-ly
l**u bn * hj 1*» and lb t*y 1*! (Lass
No* tn* rpanbh Whiting
IU»* bs« i hewing Tobaccw
lu* u Lf r hburg tacking Tobacco
15 b««t*t. Jnv* Oil
1 bbl Cora Oil i* new article) for lamp*
For tale by W»TDACO,CB
dell Wholesale DrugvDU.
{ if V assortment of HATS and CAPS for the Spring trade Is now
.VI ompltft*. embracing all the new sty I** and col rs of Soft
dau also, Mnleealc, riLa and Caselracre LaU, and a great variety
: »/ new style of Caps, Leghorn and Straw Hats 'B great variety. -
| Aiso, a general assortment of gentlemen's furnishing goods. Urn
rotiaa, Waling Canes, A?., Ac., all or any of which will be sold
io ns good terms «s at auy other etlabiianacm ta th c city. 1 most
-e» LeetfUUy invU* a call from purchaser*.
No. 1 UallarJ H as*.
J PkAKti.- MU Mi >e,rar*, receiving and for sale, at prlc- »
“ from to | *' per thousand. A. Y. dToKl* A 0-P
MADKIRA WINR.-1 half pipe* very choice and o'd, parejuxe
%w**t Wu.a.s Win . Champagne Win*, half pin is . M5errj
i Wlue, eslra tale <*ur own Importation—ie i«->r- and tot
*a!e by eD.DsN t WtLLkK. comer P.*arl aud Oar* su on*
KAVANA 1'IU.IIU—A lot yery nlc«, for »lr by
mI IWTVf A no. Itarf.'.
r|HJIV*’RV OIL — W, ar» r«rlylii* » y«ry»ap»rt.i-loi n
1 TanueVOU I artiee rqa'or Tanner* Oil. woul 1 A »d l»
; u- their ilvicia/ to give us« s call befjr* making fhe*r par
c. w. Pi son a a Co. 1
fTNHI Ughsot market pHoo paid for Gold and Oliver. Mocks
i A. h*#ugr x *a-i sold on Cons Imloa.
HOST a JAMK* hive reraortJ trim the Comer of Vlrflnia
nd Cory Sired tw.. door* almye, lo the houae reoeatly oe
I leap ed ty Mr«*-» J faeon, Tmehetrt AIim'iii.
loer tore la . ore lor *al* a lorn ®td »aried vtock of mknufa
I tarr I i Ibar o of oe«rly all prolei.'o wtuca coot ant adJu.no* are
, oein* made from m» .1 actarcrtla th'v rule and Norl 1 Cartlita
i Th' . all j haven • hand a rtod storin' roar of iU|OJh. »ho.
■ • • * I
HoUnni cl Wild (lurry, ai MKali* *!!**«*•»
| omr - . Mi -»■ -1, .'ataw a»o*eP. O._i ■
ISINGLASS P-A3rtK an lleoaolr Add, al MKAlIK A UaRkli'r
Drue more._<«*
I*l*K(.l AMT NEW *.OI»i»W-T. R. PRIOR A CO. have
J J .c received V'cyaot B ack aodOol.redfrnaod SisRaShawl
] (ekf'a flue ) Rid liro-h L >r.c aad S|oare Shawm, (real India!
4 eh Piald Poplaln*, Rl'h Inh Popl tin*. Rich Dark elUe, flrure I
a I plain, \clrvt 1 n l .VIA Rnhee, Ne® tmbroldertea. Brack Bom
! a aloe®, Iliad. Sl.cwlv, Cello a, Diaper*, Blanket*, Ottoman*, Ac ,
c* Ail of whish »1U b« .old. .1 far aa pomlblc, ai "H rVea
laa« ThOMAS R. PKICf A 00.
\flllTAHV ITrEYTIIM -Th* uodaMyned hin
| ^11. oo haad, and are uiaoufa urlng kraaa preieod leitrva. Cron
in . Cruaa canooiaa, Ac , lor sfllttary Cap®, aad wlah V) call tl®
alien' on of the mil tary W th® f d.
Older* prompt v aUeod.d to.
All 1 -Her® of laau.ry 10net contain itamp to pay return poAar*
Bran la of all alar* ant drolgn* made to order 41® >, email Urn
*tb Icr markleic c o-htnR made t> order. LRW1S A KaYTON
Braod Cattera, lllli brtem Mala aad Gary atreeta
Ad.trme. by mall, tewt® * Kaytno, Boa yp.h, Richmond, V®._
MA( illlht. bbla par® 'Machineoil In vtore and
for aale by A. Y. »Ti>Kl!» A 00., comer 16th and Cary
| alreiU._ J*4
PIKE IT t MAN SALAD OIL, for Uhl. «.*, Jut re*
cdvcl al dK.aUa A BARRA'S I>mf Store, ISA Main Street,
ft.rner aboe.. P It. _ n,*&
\\f \STKD.-Tile uadertliiied wishes to hire Rood wood
1Y -alter* aid cha'csal barurri, t. work a ahort dlHanee from
the city Persona i.aetag hand! ®f thU dmcripUoo wl I pie am ap
nil to THW. H. WlN>S
;;3_tf it R. f. R R OflW
\PURCH4«I« for a •Ux* of bra** and ModMne*. belondm
1o a !lr« In R’**f»«onil, « ah tag to clooo. Apply to as at ihoc»
I io< Bl'p,
jaad—Aw WILLIAM* A OA*R!Nr>TON._
BONDS 01 the G*»f*dt>ale State*Pm ne® L *o. Wait®'* hr
WAS 'Kl> a y «d Audi . r, .>»•• wh 1 I hop. it ami capable.
Jail* Apply I* DOYIAOO.
Hr ACTRORI fY — J. W. R WDJL-'M, lil Main sired, will
puMIvh, na I** |Cth ol Jatiaary hr aathoflty of the Secreta
ry O' War, and r fir aapcrtrlalna of ai r#c®r of th® Adjutant
Bene al*» OMre, ih® Sral part (Which err.taint al' the matter l i
thr Ruartar-Mev ®r'a a id Pay Drpartmcat Inc ektre,) of the C.
8 Army ReRalati n> Price SI Ml by mall, pod paid. Thr whole
w ,rk.ro cplete, wi 1 Ae ready la Pcbruary, and told al the aatce
| prim *®*nd. __ i»nl°
ENfiLKH I*A LOT OLOTH.-Cne oa»e. dark Alar,
heavy Rok'Uah Pilot Cloth, In dort nnd for vale by.
I)E AM.—6 JO baa. Black tyed Paaa, In -lore, and for *ale
I d,95____“7 “
* a|L.—*0Ball' Cinor Oil
i| L
(if ACn»ai!TT) '
A(T" OV rOFOKIM«l OF T»f»* <0«FtDE
(N*. MSI.)
Tie Got sreea of the Conftde ate Bute* of America do enact.
That the P*rj debt be, ana I *U hereby, au.bonatdto appo'nt the
!.*!• airg i ffl:c:a of the Navy, in add Mon :o thore bernofore an
tfior.fed, t> *!i t*o cap airs; fl«e command*'ri . fl-ty llrutct
urti; teu assistant pawn x*t;r«; *nd thirty avutaotsu e-^ns . aa d
ro ntttieaiato be made iroather»er/ aod from civ.1 li e, a* the
President may ee fit, *n t tj terminate at tbs vodol the bar.
App.oved, Dee. fit, l>t»l.
(No. 4*2.) I
bsema 1 Tnt Cj"gr«ai of the Confederate States of America,
do eLact Tf at the f ,i..> *lng sum* ho, an t the same are, hereby,
appropi '.ate j -or th«?o»j**ts her* f er exorcssed, for the y«ar end
Irg the clg^teeath <t F<.Ofu*ry. dfltsen hundred and slity-two.
L"tilpL.\TiVL :
For compensation an-l mileage if members of Congress, seven
ty-two thousand dollars.
For compensation « f private *e«retary and Messcrger of the
Prcaldett, tvohauilte i and th’rty do Krt.
For c»V)HU-aLion of life b* ere Jtry tf Mat**, Assistant Recretarv
ofBate, Cicrat, anti MtMcoge-, e ght hunured and eighteen dol
lars anu icrty-iour cen.s.
lor cotnp-n* V. n of th«*Recre;ary of the Trer «ury, Ass stsnt
Secretary, Comp roller. Arthurs, Treasurer and Eee.sier, and
• Irxksaad Leo.Lgerj in the Treasury Depir'.ment, twenty thou
sand dollar*.
Forlnei tett.vl an 1 crnt*n»reat«xpenssa of the Tr«*asu*y Depart
Btot, Hire* tli. u»and dutiei*.
K rom.'snsail >n of cne additional laborer fir the Treasury De
n*-inert, "i« hllid e i 1 SlM,
For comp -n«a ion o Secretary of War,Chief of Bureau.a-'d Clerks
ana *. s-engtr* In iho War t/er»r tnent, *l.\ thoesand dollars.
For Inc'deiitsi an>t cou’ingent expenses of the W ar Dc-pa. Intent,
ten t oustum dollars.
for oontp r sxtijn cf Secretary a' the Navy, and Gltrks and
M «KCgt r. In his«iU*e, <>ne •hounnd and seventy-five dollars.
luci Jc'itai an i comlngri.t cxd< usesof the Navy Department,
tin e thou*an •* five hundred dollars.
Fcr la *:d-Lt »l aaJ contingent t wen** of the Post Office De
tunin'at, one t ousanl dollars.
For : ran-1 sat o i if the AUnrar.v General, AisVant AtUrnev
• *en«ra!, 0»rk* and Messenger In the t'epurvmeut of Justice, four
hundred aa«J thirtv-’oar dol ers.
S o.- salary of be KupermW-adeot of PabUc PriaUng, flvehuodred
For ptlMlnc f >r the several uivs Departments cf the Gov
ernment. Lhlri.-scv.*u thousand dollars.
I*cr ralarle* of Ju.'gw, Attorns?*, and Marshall, and Incidental
and cotu-gent expenses of Ourts, f rty-feur ibonsand dollarv.
For romper iatU>a of Agents, and fo~co*t*of materials, and con- .
< • e* ng, r • sir: ay *&u opcraUig te cgrapl. l.nei, twenty five |
thonsiu dollars.
Far -avw ent of Inter cat on tbs Public Debt, three hundred thou I
sand Uillart.
For the p».y o* offljen *od pr vatas o' tht array, volunteers and ,
•uiliMa. In »*.i aervioe of theO ufederate JBatc.,forif-'a*terr»a*t
er a * pplies c'a l kinds, trars oitallon, and other nsceaia y ex J
penes, fj.-vy s x mil Tom thirty-two thonsind one hundred and |
nlre’y nlne depart.
For the pc vase of subsistence, stores, and commirsary prop
erty, nine mll<.-'us one h-adrt d arid St.y tnousand eight hanJred
»u i seven d».H •**.
Fj the cr inanreierv.cf, la all Ha hr inches, two m Uion thrtc
hurdrtd snJ l« r.y t'o„sa: d del are.
For tie ■ jgloe* service, one uo-rcJ and thirty-five thoasard
dolls r*.
For Hurglca> and V dlcal supplies of the Army, two hundred and
Sfty thouian i doUars.
For oad.ir-a •« f the A: xv.lhlrty-fi'dr thccsaid dollars.
Vjr eontijgeoi #\,oi the Arj .tant non inspect ruen»r
i*» tfli t, !: ' u i d < 11 c failure, stationary. priolei *dank« for
hers • ofth-army p ait*e, U ertpMc <1».atchse, sud fo f jrth,
i ,«1 id forth, tit.l icr*n hundred dolls i.
hrproil<ls’,i. rh'thr and -eminrcaries la th* Paymaster's i
•>»*prr m-nt, fl.t' t'ousand diUar*
For c nfir>|t ui « en meraed, to »'.ty '.hoaiand dVla’t.
K r n he I tfep .lie* atl euricein’e nccexsailot, ten ihonsi nd ;
loilais. v
fir equipment* and r pair of veajtls of ihe Navy, fifty thnusan
l 'W-rs
■or Ordnance an I Ordnance Ptorca, five hundred an 1 fifty theta
tied dollars.
F„r pur.-base anl bo dingof Btesme-t and Ganhnats fur eoar.
J,f—ire* cf the Co f d rutc mtn, tvs m lllons cf d »!| »?s
lor repairing and f. ting the s'.eaosr Iferrimac as an Iroo-cl id
th’p, t«r u'.y th ttlaod dollar
Fa-1 )atlau def-u: « for the AC'Asiarippt, firs hundred th .asan I
lotlars. a
For Iran nod co; * • for th* u«®( the Navy, fife haadrelanl
thirty fivotfcoaaatd jd-*daia [ ^
For con fo.- »« sc: # fire .andre-1 th* usand d.-liars.
For par n* f[\Trt tad . ih*rit a, lore J at the Navy Yard, at
Ho-t ik VI fix's, futy-fir»ih«n«aad doilanh
Apptor.it Oes. u4. leu*#
(No «U.)
(A- OF • R i‘ A l kY N Itrs. AND TO PaOVIDK a WAR
• • . .JT Oo.i.res* «>f the Oonfe larale States of Aiasrl *1
, - v. I to tls .pa etury Of IlM
>exsc-y toi«o* T. e**ury Not * by the Ac*: to Ruth r^s .* the l«*uf.
• Trcttuiy N -ia.and.Mp .vide a W*r Ta* foe their redemption,
\pp- 1 Accost i ir n h. eg? t *n ho-iired -nd ilsty-one, be,
tilth-no' Ifh r'f eti-ried and enlarged, so mU> aofhvrlse
r,r Mieoian nr .1 I :<a ik cn’ of fi'ty millions of T tsau'V
N.tco «f the sstae <har« e'er ar d w? jset ta the same provisions,
jt •►e Notes aa.hor i-J i y the *ul Act.
pM- ? T • • ,«e* ••ixT' UrTeasa-T, W.th the •ppeorsl of th*
• -**«»d* n*, id ad I' *o-i tot e Hun ft; h > lad to be l«aoe4 t*y the
•con J scstiau ..f t »xiJ Aci. appr i *J AagUft nineteenth. elg i
-ej hi i • I i f 11 v v one, t rhln this It »iippl-nientarv *s
toroNj ao’ho-i eanood %» any oafttHw
ui amotT t of »'detr mill' us of «t Hxrs. payable not m-irs than
irntr inn if triltVt an 1 «ohear an Ivy*-e|t not to exceed sir
>er ceaturn pe snngir.'n *« t payable aeail a ic unity; ’u*e«\
chanced ij Tr- 14 N.t-a laued under authority of tale Act, o
»r in - a .* in*.' -• 'Ms m •it>plc-nca:xry; and sn d Hoidsmay. *t
he onilon *f «h h>ld« -, * e re o>arert*d lat Trism yS trs. un
l#r lUl rslti 1 d re. «to:saa*he 8e-retary of the Tre.sutr
Itf O’lM urj Mt*! aether »r:i ||
this Ac*.* h • »ah ret *n .h *\^*1 • p-'.t.-iaus, la n!l respects, net
contrary : tie r^oniloos ft Is am M th»- toaoa and T eaficry
N’o'rx ac* »• ued hy the Ae|of ihi lnetiet h Au.ust.
cig itoer iur : cl and to wl»Vh this Is tupple.-aeaUry
Appro/td Dee
(Mo. R.'4)
wiiru ossrAiN Indian tuph*
T)»- 0»rtf*ee«rf h** 'tt «*i*raln Rtst-s of America do enact
That the LI .oirg-Mui-.hr I dt .-Sin-are h r *h>, appropriated
iot 0/-mr c- tey :n U - * wire, u *t otherwise appropriate!,
for th o*-i* ct»h»r after e*t>r'«*ed
cants taw asm.
Fo- perpetual ammlileslur th-yrar rlfhteeohan.fr* I and sltty
one, (under ar . ie dfty-oo • »f the treitjr ma le with U.e Ctrrk',
• ult t-nt . elfh • u hundred and sltty-oae.) toeaty-four theu
sai. t fir*- hnndre I doll »rj.
For In** i ••* ’or th.* j '*r eifftitoau hnad-«*<! anl •'.■tv-one, (undrr
artt c fo*tv ..* R.l'l treatv.» *nl aireararcsrf »amc *.n
1 <1 im o'twu hsmred 11*04 1*1 J d d!ar», »• the • rexrnry of the
CJnlte * Wat s, and or ! h •hotj’dhave h-ea Invested lor elncatloo
F»r aanu
I -la dvxiy ir, (an Wrnr.ick f».:> on* or said treaty,) seven
thousand rlo’. as
f<»r annual ;n tUVr., artlel* forty one of *1x1*1 treaty,)
far vx/>n makc-s.s nl’h* and icdth »hop«, 1 01 a* d Bteel. and *g
-tcnlturah’i* k»cnr*, the year • H-h'«n vnJf d and slit**ou»*
,r | “<rai ;<c* "| s*ci«, • U vea tl u*t .d fjur huodred and a‘xty
foi c itnpeniaC. n .f I egatef. who negot’ited lb* 're*ty (on
der article lorlF*acve«ol t •• same.) seven hand ed and fl*ty dol
For the pur ht«<? of uniform, ixbre. Mai srl Ml*, andamxu
nit Ion for p InstpdChWf (at I *r a reiet article of aalJ treaty,) taro
hondr d aad lal) do‘ a a.
• u tiiw atoriurcafaw tamax.-t.
V r p*-*man • b - 1 r im unta i*\i rnr-><■ and al
towancea ue Jn'v a\ - <hteeo hundred and aUty «»u-, t« t*«e
(Jj|.*cuw« (aad r article fl ly three of treat* mad- with the Lhoc
:aw4 an 1 Chtck*»aw« Ju y t veUta. eighteen hundred andalit>
jn*-,)»-*nth< mul five handle I and tw-my d »lara
For l •.t'*",*at d to titlf ft-*t. eight* n hun Jred and sixty -on*, on
the tuu of five hun ‘rod th maud d l ar*,<03de» rame artlil e of
.»! I u»,-it r.) h-H In trait f» ttn CiocUvs by the United Piste*,
mdert rate -»f Jua-tw nt/-s**ond, eight•*!» hundred and aitj*
dr«, twontFllvo Iht uaand dollra A .
For amount o’advance greed to he mad* to the Choctaw*,
article alttv one cf lai) Ueaty.) Bfty thousand dol arc.
thousand Jollart.
naMtnoLB ivDiafBb
Fo-arrea-ugsi die T> cj mb r tin tletn. olahteen hundred ard
ii*iv. of anno i! pnr.*!on fo the aupp» t otpthnolj (under artl
cl j t.ntrty-otgnt of ireaty male whh ihe Srtfmolr*, Amn-t nr*t,
al ihtern bund td an l *! <*y oae)«h • t:cn th«rand dollars.
Kjr arraart<«* due December thlrt o n. dfh «en hundred and
•l*-*.of an u*l j.-ivIMon for aerieittara'assistance(underarticle
h rty-eUMof a*ld irea y.) iw »thouianl dollar* ... .
F r arrearage * die D-’Cstabtr tftlrt *th. •'U‘1*mi hun*.reu and
tlxt*, for t ie sup ion of smiths and amlth-ihop*. (under artlo.e
th'rty-elgh* of avid treatr) t wj Ihoosiadtwo hundre 1 dollars
For pinaaoen* annuity, payable, Ue;otnbo thirtieth. eiehtoen
hard ed nn.t * \ty-o »e, (and.*r article t iLty-e gU of »aiitrea*y)
tw-at -Are thousand dcliar
For ants' proviso*! fo* ths support nf school i. ptyab.e De*
combFrfnlriletb, « /-.:•*» hun l el aid ?lxt/*one, (under aatne ar*
of eftld «roaty ) three th3u*%id .! *IUr«.
F r s’.aui' p'otliloxior «m tis aid smith ahop% rayahle De
etn)t t.r ihlttle'h. elghtcei hun red andalxly-st i\ (urd-r satnear*
te e o’ tarn* treaty,) two thoesaod *wj bu dreu dollars
Koranr.utl provMoa fo* a-Hrutira rsaU ea payable De*
cemv rlhiri eth. e'ghtao® Itnndtx I and *txt, ons, (under sama ar
ar'lcle of ail It rati,I two Mi nsand dollar*.
Fo- imnn-.t t • be expended nth* eroctlo ' of •ehool-hoasej,
(tMdar saae ail de o »*td treatr.) one thousand dollars.
For amount to be. unld to the he r*of eahy Fa jtor^ dsoMeod,
For I f se -r t sht-en ba^drrd and >I»'F one, p4T»
b> J»o.»rr BM, .Uhl.- n ‘ u id •• I end eli-y tw •, ton ler »r<lcle
f'irtT-BTe if 'r-.trmAde with *11# OHrr.reee, .eTrn-.h,
efctit. ol-lon tret *-d s «t; on • i end »rre»r»:ei of eani.oii pet
men nt y i.. „l fund of tt,e ohor.'k.ee. aa In.tetrd by He
ITstuJ 5!»t.e, f .rly-ihrre fh mend, three ho aired sod le.eoly
tw ’ dollar, led Utltly eU Cecil.
Fat lotertii for Ute yew eighteen honJr.4 »:J elity jBC, PhfB'
bleJarrastr elghtren hundred and sixty-tv.', (aider article
forty flw? «f arid treity,) and a teiragaso' same on pe.manrl
orpha *'fuid o 'the Ch.nukew, as, In nsrt, lnrw«t*rt and lop^t,
M3lnvestcd,».y the Dull d fitit ■, four thin‘and five handled do.*
For Int-rew for the year a ihteen hnndr d and slx-y-ons, pay •
ble January first, eighteen hund ed aud »lxty two, i and.r sune *r.
tie e f aid treaty > and arr aracet of »ame on per - an n ichi d
find of th • vjlwr ke ■, m nresUd by he United dial* i,sevetteeo
thousand sesrtfc huod*ed and seventy t to dill*'*
far advancesgre.J t > be made to the Che-ocars, on account of
the’r lauds between th- -U es if MUsoari atd *-n«a*. (unde
article fortyelgU of said treaty,> one hundred and fifty ihju.aod
dr I era
For ninrys dor the Oherckce mt‘on, under th- treaty of eWb
teeahuudrtd and fir y-s’x, as ascertained by article forty-nine of
■aid treaty cf el ,h’eon hundred and sixty one, »wel#e thousand
F t moneys doe the tieaty P**<y of the Obwrokee nation, or
the r ’egal reir»*se-titleei, P oaided for by ths elxlh ar'He of the
te ty • f l ighteeo hiaulred and firte sla as ascertained by article
foity nl.ie of the suA treaty cf e'ghteen (malted atd sixty one,
t-n thousai.u th ee huadrei dollar*.
m*aqk nc: mi.
For two mntths and ttro arsi»:aiiu, (under article twenty-three of
tieatr mad-with the Qaafes. October ee o *d, eighteen hund ed
and slat ■ oe.) f>r three m-jntineodl.g February »• git. enth, e'gh
tetn bundle I and sixty two, at seventeen hundred and ten Hol
la's per annum, bur hundred aod twenty seven dodsrs and fi \j
For house *, shops and tools for tame, (under aitide twenty thr.-e
of said treaty t flh en hundred doi art
For ieven hundred and fifty pounds of Iron, • nd elgVy-fiv*
pcuidaof sleek. and coal, for the year e fhtwen hundred aod
s.sty-twe, v aider article ttenty thrte of said treaty, tone hundred
and Af.y dinars.
Fcr the hire of on* wagon-maker for three months ending Feb
ruary eigl.teenh, •• ghteen bun Ired atd •lx*.y-two,ltunder article
twentv-threa of s» «Ttreaty. - at six huadred dollar* per annum,
one hundred and fifty d'llare.
For hou* * -nd sh. p f.r’ame, i under art’cli twenty-three cf
•a d treaty.) fire hundred dollars.
Fo* oarer.ase of medicine* iunda* artle’e twenty fo«r of tall
i f-r the year eight-en b-ndred and sixty two, two hundred
and fifty dollars.
ecr salary r.f phralclan or three months, endlsg February
eighteenth eight *en hundred and sixty two. at seven hundred and
fifty dollars, i under artlcielwe».t> -fou*0fta!d treaty, • one hundred
an 1 e-ghty seven do’Ursand fifty c ute.
F*>r porch te « f gun* nnd ammunition. t> be distribute 1 to the
Osjgcmurder article tLirty five of said treaty »twenty fit* hat
dr'ddolara- .
F.ir annual addition toecboM fund f>r the Osage*, parable Ja^
u *ry first, « ItHtten hundred and il\‘.y-two, (under artlcie foity cf
sal t treaty. > flvs t* ousand dollars
For annual pu»chase of clothing and other articles, to be dl*
ithairl i •» the Ossgrs during tie year -Ir^tccn hundred ant
st'.tv-two, t jeder article thirty nine of said trea y,» ten thouiand
For inna Interest for the yesr eighteen haudred and six y
08*-. rn <otm-r school fund, payable January fl-e», eighteen hun
<1 ed a:«l * xty-on»\ t and.-• article f»ily of said treaty > )nc thou
s»n 1 nine hundred aud three dollar* and forty-four een.s.
Qtrav aw txctaxa, sto.
For the purchase of guns and ammrri l >n, to he distributed to
the im;».w . (under article thtr*v o* t eaty made willi the Qua
p*.ws, < ctobtr .our*h. l»fi. • soo thoueand CoPa’s
For the norchaBe of ve-edlcloes for the ijiupavr, Fere as Prno
c%« and W»awnee§ for the year eighteen hundred and g’xty two,
.aider article tilrty on* of ni l treaty,) two hundred and fifty
For compensation of phylclan for the <)aapaw*. 8ene^v«
Penfas and ehawaews,. under article <hlrtv-r>ne rf said treaty,i
fir three mouths ending February eighteenth. eight en hundrc.i
and *l\ty-two, at seven r undred and fifty dollars per annum, one
ten rr l and e’gtit .-sev n dollft'S and Of.v o-u**.
g «r ann *al nroyi*inn for the purchase of c'othlng and other ar
tides for the Quapa**. f >r the yea* eighteen ’ undred and * xtv
two, under artlc e thirty two uf said treaty, two ihiuaand dol
For hire of on* smith and one assistant, i under article thirty
thieeof tat I treaty • for three months, ending February .-lihtee^ih,
-Ightren hundred and sixty-two. at ele-t hundred and flftv
dollars p r annum, two hsndrcd and twelve dollars aud fifty
For louse, shop and tools for smith, (under article thirty-thres
of »al<t treat* ' iev*u hand red and fifty dollars.
for hire o' ooewaton maker for tfiapxws under au!c*e th’rty.
four o' tald reaty * Mr three month* end lop: February eighteenth,
eighteen hundred end *!xt« »wo, at ala r undred dollar* i er ax
ntini, one huodfe i ar .1 rt t» dftllun.
F.^r house, shop, tools and mat*ri*l* for ■*m*. under art cle
thirty four of atii treat* > aeyen hundre I and fifty d »lay*.
V rporchaaerf fou* w *g« *. four tots of h-rnee# fo* each ten
rn*e of o- en. nod ten *-ta of hnrse g ar complete,iunder irt cle
t IrlT-a't Of f» I If M• thonaand doHar
For ant uni orox *lcn '> r ptrpo*** of oiinea'lxn for Qu*p%w«.
«*n • Ja» n »r» ttr*t riiVeei. hundred and aixty-two, (aa«1«r ankle
thirty *jv *u of *ald treaty »twenty five bnod-ed dell* r«.
For » nnuU ralar! a of ttrei and second rhl »f* of Qu*oaw*. lue
January flrst, ei/htetn hundred and sixte-two, (under artic.e
thirty-eight of aald treaty,) two hundred dollars.
tmri Aai'BBA^iRKianisaa.
For annual loterret riu# January first, e'thteen hundred and
» xij two, to the Beneea trlhe, on money* due hy tbe TJi>l*ed
taut (u di r a ti.-le tlidy of ireaiv **n§t with the t • n *c**, 4s.,
(Vin' r’’ fr urth eighteen hundred au4 «lity<M,) tw, Ue hundred
and fifty d >!!ara.
F^rthe annua! lnte*e*t due January fl^st, rigVssa bundrel and
«fatf4wo, to the M«*ue»•* and ►haeroM. on monets dae *»? the
1* »iu 1 etatoe. (under a tide ihirtyof aa I treat*.) one thou land
nph: ho- drod ar.*! nlDify-two debar - and n’»»*te cents
Fy | t re ldu« fVre«»eeatrl»*o,an«it*erayu|iaAamonsthePen
aeai nad *h*wnr.-a, •imon«-y*d'iMhe-n by T’ --Sitcn'N. F .to wit:
one thousand .*ne bundled and fort* *ix d-dtara. du* Jrly flra .
. Ig it*-cn bundr.*.! and *.xty one. and cn«s t ooaaud ouehitidrd
andflfly-atx dollar*, da* >’nuary tint, right *cn hundred ant
•Ixty two. (un4er article thirty o«eof said treaty) two thousand
Iwa h andred an 1 ninety Ufa dollars.
fnr the ••** rai • of two aehocl houses 'or tV Pexect*. and 'he
ietifaa andHuvnret. (under artlcl; tjirty thrre of said treaty, i
tao hundred and Ally dollar*
For annual a*nuuat t.> »>e expended for the pur*hase of . lot lAg
and uthrr ar.ldes, fu genera*, uni g.-nwns and Bbawrtees, forth*
year rich? ex hundred anlidx * two, (under article thirty-two of
.«*•<! treaty.) two t ousaud f >nrhn id rA dollar*.
For tala y of male an I fern ale* .ackers, and norchaaeof station
ery and bock* for eenera*. an.l k. BflOM and ghaw-te*, for thr. e
m«'nt *, end!nr Fev r -ary el ditsenth, riglroen hundred and a'xi •
ty.two, at two t outan I dull am p r annum, (.under arMcle thirty •
of laid treaty.) tt «e t.u"dr»* I dollar*.
K»- hire of two .rain* and t • <» »** *ta**ts, Hr three month*, end
tnr Fehrutry eighteenth, right en h rodred and sltty-two. at n
ih"o*and ie»en »nndre-4 an 11 *u dollar* ion 1er article tli rt -*lx
o» sal.) treaty | four ttuodreJ and twenty »rren dollar* and fi'tv
F<»r porchise of coal, tw !r* handled pound* of Iron, and »wi
buadrtd poendi of e.. forth# y»ar c g>t*en hundred an 1 *lxty
twA (u* de* artl. IsWl*t t six of saM t ert* 11 «o hen lred dollar*.
For blre of two wagon mak-re for SA i.-a*. and fexe a* and
fihawn *e*. for three in. nth*, ending K. *ruary e ghUeuth. eight • i
hundred acd »!xty two. at of.e t ooatnd two haodred dollar*, .ri
der artlele thirty ssven of ia d treaty three hundre I dollar*
For bous*t, *ho|>*. to* It a jd material* . mder art < !c thlity ter
ent one thousand dollara.
For the purrha*” of rsut and ammnnithn iinder article th'rty*
nireoftadtr at* Hob.* rtl*trlhutef tx t*e eurcas, ana Btn-ra*
and Mhawneeg, oneU».*oland two hundred dollar*.
Ko* r* dir ices .’or the year rig te^n haodred *nd iltty*ons i rn
de - sr.lcle thirty live of said treaty i two hundred aid flly d. II art.
taxKa*s ixOiawr.
For four hiodrrd and one thouanod five hundred rail >n* of pro
yialuo* th»* *%me being daily rati it* to two thou** »d iwj hu-died
Inciau*. .It six een ce ,uper rat ©o—Urals*rdasd to b»ftarals « d
th- Wachl’a, and other keienre Indians, by C«arl«* B Joh» »oa,
ecn'.ra.' r. from Augu't *»*t- *rth, elgt le-i» hundred and alx y«
our.to February fifue-ith,eighteen hundred and slxt) wo. tao >
article fourth of treaty made with eaeiee Indian*. August twelfth
eighteen r.uudr.-d ands xty-onr. > slat* four toosauJtwo liaLdrt.l
and forty dollar*. . t. . .
F»r porrhase of oxeo, wagons. p*«*w* and o*h«; tmplecu Lt*.
vand ?r oitlcle f urieen of *a‘d *r* » y.iten thourand dollar/.
For the preteo'. purebase of . aly.s, axd other stock an‘
mats, to be distrihuted l oiu time to time, by aceni, \ under article
I»»ur»rni ui ...... ----• —
t jt hire of ■ tilth, n» * -taut and wag n-tna.er, nr three montlts,
i Feb sin • • ■ • |M* ■ hundred x . I - Kty tw< .
•et**tier') huodrrd and and teu dol.art per a~num, van Je* artel
•ix. % en .»f laid treaty f ur h/iidrrd aud twt-.il/ itua didlarj a <d
fif.v cent*
y0- shop* fjremth aa I wagan Taker, Iron, tie el, tools anl
mat vial i, (under article sixteen of a u real/, > jou. ihousaod dol
K r p«* chase cf medldoei for the ye»relgMe*n hundred and
sixty-two, i anJer arti :le si* eea cf *alJ treaty i foerhundrtU do:
1 lor corapentofliii of physiol an of R«srrre Indiana, for three
mentis, eo< mg February eighteenth eighteen hand ed and slxty
teo, at seven hundred and fifty dollar* pe «nnu *, vender article
al - teen of said treaty 1 Ml hauireJ and eighty-seven dj liars aud
flOv vent .
Fir pay of ten f truer*, for three unMhe, ending Feb uarv
e'ghteenth, dgbtctB tundred and alry-two, at five hundred dol
l%is ner annum, each, v mder artlc e *ixler:i of said treaty ) one
th~uiand two hun Ire" and fifty do Isri.
For hire of twenty laborers, fnr three rrooths, end in/ Fthtuary
elshteenth, c ghteen hundred and sixty tw... a* fifteen dol.ass pe
month.cach, < and/r articles*, vent tea of said treaty I u'nenund.-d
doll are ... - .
Fo-subrisUnoe of ten farmer* and twenty laborers, for three
montua, end ng February eighteenth. e'ghteen hundred and sixty*
two, funder article sixteen and sevitiU.tr of said treaty.* one thou
sand dol».i*s.
F r purchase of mater.sis, A? , for the ert- tloo of hours fir
fa mers. Interpreters an 1 lo Jlaus. < aider article scveoWca of said
treaty,» five hundred dollar*.
For three hundred and twenty-one thousand rations of proviv
loos-lheiane bdog dally rations to three thousand Indian*, at
s‘x evn cent* per ration—funds.ed, ani lobe furniahef, the 0«
msu> hr . by Charles B. Johnson, contractor, from November flrtt,
eighteen hand** d and sixty -one, tc February fifteenth, eignt*. i
hundred aud tlxty-tw * gander art cle fifteen of treaty mujewlth
the Oa * a aches, Anguit tw.-lflh eighteen hundrei and sixty <«r.)
fifty oae Unuiaad three nundr d aud sixty dolUra
For purchase ef oxen, w.vgom, carta, plow*, and other Imp!*
meits, to be rflstrltuted to the Cimanchts i under article fifteen o*
laid tr sty * fir* thousand dollars.
For pfei nt purchase of cows, ca ves, and other stock tnlmils,
to be dj*trlbat*d, fro n time to time, by the agent t under arttclc
Bf . of s*l 1 tr atj * twanty-flve hun-red doll rs.
For Mrs of smith, »-t lker and wagon maker, for three months,
ending February eightemih d/hteen hundred and slxty-two, at
seventeen bundr.'d and ten dollars per annum v *n >r article se/
enirea o sa J treaty) four handrel xnd twenty-seven debars aid
flftv cents.
F *r »(.cp«, tools Iron steel, coal and materials for smith an l
wsgon maser t unde article seventeen of said t eaty * one thousand
For purchase of medicines of Camaachrs for year eighteen hun
dred and • xty-two fonder article seventeen of said treaty) four
hundred dollars.
Fnr compensation of physldan far three months, ending Febn
a-y eight e.ith, e ghteen Innd ed and slxty-two, st seven hundred
aod fif.y dollars p.-r annum finds.* article seventeen of saldtr a
t> * one hundred and • ihty-*even iaitft and fifty cents.
For paying lud vldual Seminole* for ho ses stolen by Catnanchex,
(under aitlcie twenty-three aud schedule B. cf said treaty » three
thousand fo r hundred and eighty st-v# t dollar'.
For pure! ase of traterlala, ac . for taeerection of houses tender
article lighten* of sail t e»iv,l five hundred (tolar*.
Sacriox i. And * • it fnrJu.* enacted, Thni the i»n cf three
thousand five hundred dol'ats be, aud the *ame It hereby, appro
priate i out ofsny money In the Treasury, not thenrke app opr
ate *, tv provide for the e >ntlng nclea of office, office rent, a of
the euperlatendenr 'Of Inllan affilrt, and the root: npent exp.-«
se , repairs, Ac., of the several Indian agenda*, f.*r nine mouths,
c «Hng February eighteenth, eighteen hundred and s'.xlj-tvo
^FaT'-M'! And be H farther enacted, That of the ag»rccsfe
a > oant apnropiiate«l 1 y this act, the sum of two honored a..d . x
^ five thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven dollars, and tw«n
ty fir? cent*—bring the whole atrnont of arearaifee, annual pay •
1 m- ota, and Inter «t du*lhr sail several Indian trib-i, aod to b»
I due by th* thlitiet day cf December, of the p rsen. je.r. one
i K.i.uaani ei/ht hundred and alxty-oiia— may be p«td to cell,If
the We I leut ahall so direct And ‘he sum of s'xt f t outaa « d*t
la*a la hereby appropriated for the purchase cf coin, if so much i»c
I nee-•«ary.
Bstt os 4. And be It further c lasted. That the appropriations
he-rby made as*, at tie dl**te bn of ihe PretiJeat. be f rthwlth
r aid into the han '• of the proper office: a or agentf of tne Govern
meat r.nd irat»sm ft *»l, iu ord-r tha they in iy be promptly paid
o.ertotbe said tribes o' TnaUf**, under the ud treaties, when
the amendments ra vie by this Government ahall have been rut.fi d
as » arts o' said several trestle* by the r .tpcctlve tribes.
Approved, Dec. 24, 1*41.
(No 8tt.)
The Ovugrcss of the Confederate Rules of America do enaci,
Tliat th- returns of th* votes tor President and Vice President
by the K .-ttors « t the several Plates, shall be delivered, for the
time be nr, to the Vice Presided of the Prcv.r onal «toveroment
of the Confederate 8t vies, who sbal deliver the sameto the frnl
t e t /»/.. fav ** >• of the feua e ef th-i Confederate Siatei on Die
| eighteenth da • ef F •h'-i*ry, eight jen hundred and sixty-two.
Approved Dee. 81,1961.
• No. 846.)
The Congress of the Confederate Plates of America d> enact
That the Previderi be, and he 1# hereby authorised to aopolnt of
ficer* of ■'’nginee-s in the Provisional Armv,to a number not ea*
1 creding fifty, and of rack not high -r than Ca-taln. whose pay and
i -raoljm*oti shsll.be the same aa those alkwtd / r oSicergof a
i H<e grade to the permanent Army of he Confederacy, see* whose
apoolnimenrs shaM exp1** at the end of the fending war.
Apprcvt'd Deo. 41,1:61.
(No. 387.)
.«e t»on i. I •• it enacted by the (hug e«* of tbc Ctnfrderat *
.°t«ieJof America, That the ahote ecu led Act be si amended
that, In addition to th* power thtren granted, the President cf
«he Conf d rat • Plate* be. and he la h*- bv authcrlt-d to »*orf*r
tempora**/ rank and commend upon (Bice'S of t*e Confederate
Armv on dots In th* teveral Bureius * f the Adjutant aid II
epector Gecrral, Chief of Indnecis and Chief cf Ordnance, to
cease a* the • d of tie war; the same to be held without preju
dice to the ncsiUo sin said army.
Approved Dec. 81,1961.
No. Ml*.
I Section 1. The Cong-^s of the C »nf»derate Htatesof America •!'
enter. That the proper Histtermi s'.er In the Military Department
of Indian Territory be *u»hrriseJt»pavlhrcf?i e i sad men oftto*
xmpany cf Creek m ut ed Volunteers, raised In the month of
Anvui , elgh'e »n hundred and sixty one, bv authority of the Coir
mission' r • f the Ccnf-dcrate Ptatra, for local purposes, a*, the
vf rth K*»rk tillage In th • freek riuntry; and of theCb*roke* lie
1 c’ms’.ta o'Ool nell Stand Vatican i Jobn Drew and r f the Choc
! iawa**d h'ckassw W giine-t of f olonrl Doug as H. Coope*, aiu
cf the Creek "nrimei.t at Color-1 Da le’ M. Mclnt«sh, and * f the
I nMnnsnles if Femlnolts rail* I t y t* e Chief, bv authority of the
sate. Osmmltriorer, and of the oth *■ t oop«, ca'led ioto the«»*r
v'ce bv Color'd Douglas H Cooper, to aid In sapr • ifing tti Iv
snrrectlvn or * pari ».* the Cr* < u and of any ca’le i into i* nr re
hyt-. Cre<*k Asen* for (►*• sar.e j. trpose bydreetbn of the
Comrnl talker, for the t * **a dorr- which all of said t roc pa wece
In 1b** s-rvl-e xft*r \ ring org^rlied ar l b*for- b« ng mn.rie ed
Into the service. In th« sam* manner hs If ;hey had tees muat* red
In at th* rest eetlve timet when they we*e ‘rgan'red and recctv d
hv th Commi4ilonrr ir rithr- cf said cfllcew; which payments
•htVI bS 1 i | *v r Us for i at psrtviir / f
said o«c*ri ant mtn M shall kave st^r- be-* or may he muster- 1
i ‘nto lh»- n-nrle• a-d that bob-* thall oaid who diverted
or Is untied whvit rerm’fslnn, or havetakeu sides with the
i la*urrr-t|o*.t*ti auoni the C e- ks
See *. And a It furtv*r -meted, That hs accountt of the
voting Commissaries aod Quart rm-Mc * of a'l said! oops aha
he settle I ar. I pa! 1 "» t» • v«n • mar.net as If the troops with »r
f r wl.l *h thev a ted had he n regular > m sirred Inl>tb«*serf1ce
vt th • time when Uev were o’faaUxrd an I received ; »ad that the
I debt* Incurred or mon**a adv need by the®, h- pall h7 Ihe Br g
a le Quartern s**r of th* RHeade eomtaar.d d hy Brigadier Urn
-rtl Alher* I* k- / -*r#V/<7 T.'.at sa d arcoun s s*al he
a'i*o anprsve I by the aid Hr|ga»t‘vr »*neral, and tea; the piles
piHbyt* m b» found Hjr h!n not toh»rj been excess‘ Tr cr ct
or l;aot and the debt* to hav • beta contracted in good faith, and
I th#moneys actnl'v •*»vmeed.
Approved Dec. di, lvdl.
(No >40.)
birr nos 1. The fioiigree# of the Confederate States of America do
enact. That In add! on to the approptlat! »rw heretofore made by
law, th* fo'low'ng sums h* and the mute are tiarebi appropriated
U> par t teeipe sea of the Pub lc Printing u » t' the eighteenth
lay rf F-lintary. Anoo Domini, e ghtren hundred and sixty-two,
t>» wi* Y r th.* War Deparimrnt twenty tbooaand dol.a-t; for
•hefts’ rHi -e Deptr'mp-* alf-een thousand dollar*; for the
rtvtforr f'eoixtm#nt,fivo hundred dollars ; For the Dipartmeut
ofS**»e, five undrid dollar*; ni.king. In all. the euto of thir:»
seven thsutacJ d< Uurs, *o I, - paid out of any tu n»y in Ihe Treas
orv no' sUiarwIae a.»omi ria‘eJ.
Approved, Dec 81,1861.
i<n Hi,)
T i l v\\ n*Cl\ ILL* IN v -1!M *
or<Ti>v1 T Congress of th* Onnfe ler-tte States of America
do enact. Tha*. tt'**'-l wing additional Pint Ron'e he, and th*
•are Is hereby, r atnhPsbed, nam*!r: f.-vui Hick’* Ford, In the
'•untv r f Green vfih* t LawreucevtQe, .n tk« county of Bruts
wlcr In 'he!* at* - f V rginla.
iu ii> g g A>d be .1 fo*Ui-r enacted, That the Poatmts'er Oer
• ut. . r. v - • I to take IB# i.rgw couiract f -» «*ar-y1og
tN* e-a t n* r »a'd route vlthoutt .• n* • sltv of adv rrUtlog for
bld« f .r said co-tract as r quirid bv exis'lng Uws.
gre i.n * Th • ac» shall tak : effect from and after He passage.
Approved, Jan. !f, ’•‘•*.2. ;ul4—-«4w
JXHF under.lined n|T.-r» 'or sale the TRACT OF LAND called
1 ••Blik iusbury," In Culpeper court?, about three mile# from
Brandy Station, cor.talalr.g '<>cn Hundred Acres. It adjoins the
turn U*o!y sold by Wi . It. Res# to Me hi re. \7i»e and Kennedy, and
i;ci lan D of C. C. Beckham, Dr. J. C. Them and Wax. J. Fife.
Ti Is Farm i* sites'<*«. In a neighborhood remarkably adapted to
t^e erowdi of wheat and gran The Buildings are rather c ld, but
vHh n idcrtie repairs will be sufficient fer the comfortable accom
modal cn of a faml'y. Foraota# dvoDoo* of nurcVasing are Invited
to e*a*n(re the plv >• f r themaelvii. We wlM merely retrark lhat
it h*s :slwT«ys been c .nsldcr-u one of tne boat farms In this natgh
horhoo l,c»i>e«Mally for wheat
Terms w !1 be mad- a-*cntnmod*t!ng.
For furCicr lufonnuilon, apply to John Slaughter, near Way*
’an ’jhnrj .Ocipspet < junt/, or to J. C. A J. V. Green at Oulpeptr
uueS-.rtf HIM.fi. BRADFORD.
F OFFER foi sale u* plactaUoD lc MaJUoj county, Mias. There
I Is l?tk) acr**i in ctutlvatlon, which U ali table land except
vbout 4<sn arrti of flu- reck bottom There t* on the place a new
Iwelliug house, ro.'O) and commodious, with the yard fluely «el
n a v.»n-ty .>f shrubUr/; a c-w f»tn house; flue framed quarters,
*tu! every thing to mV a one comfortable. The plantation Is wel’
vet with the finest rot< hedge in the S*ate. For the plantation 1
#11! .late $3o per acru, m six equal payments with Interest from
1st,* R. W. DURFKY,
vi- — -tf v^rpin. Madison county, kflat.
\J IBG1PIIA s It Bala UMh u PlattOflMtf the® •
cu't Court d the City t.f 1 Ichuna-*, tr.e first Monday in Jan
n »*y (being th • fith *v of the r.on’h).
Mui . .• K klnsoa .Drf^odant.
Th»* object of thla «u t tat*n»:oT-rof th* De'cn^tntSUty Thau
*att 1 Six Hmiir#«l *ui m y elyht Doll*!* aoJ Kif y ue C«ota,
wrlOig!x per »-eui int»Tc*t lliffc.-D, to be computed rn»® Uie!f9t0
-lay of Mov«mbcr l~Sl till pa , mcnt
The *tt» •hmrit l«»neJ tn thl* t nuie havlnj be*n returned ex^
cu *■ 1. the ««!«! *|r»v>n.laAt •» rpq.i 'rod x* *poe»r artthln one month
after «lu»* pub t- ailou hereof, and d> what l* necfnary to protect
Ml* late.eat in U.n aelh.
A Cvpjr -Teat
Jal0-w4v JAMM EI.LkTr, Oler*
IlOK S\fjK.--From 70 to 80 Servants, In famliita
ral**d In Wextern VryiaU For particular* anuiy to
deft am HF.CT5R DAVIS
C/W i LU I POTAHU, or ratk n
• )V/VJ 1 lb., Gib*., aul l'ilu*. ran*. Jutt reo'ved an J for a* I*
by DOVi A UU.,
jxof Whole**]# Druyffsta.
C11TRATF OF M A9NK8IA haa !onif been known *a oue of thr
J beat Puryatlvt* aae; but tc the naual form of aFoiutloD or
Uqat 1 Preparauon ft la too bulky for the traxeller. We have now
the tame tn aouUD FORM-one bottle belay * qulvalent tothre*
or foar of the liquid prrpartlon, and far preferable to Kpaotn Salta
deldllU Powder* or the u*ual Aperient* and Cathartic*. Every
soldier or Traveller ahauld have a botUe with him at thla aeaten of
the year.
For a ale at MFADK k BAKER’S Dray Store,
j j t \b6 Mala ev. comer above P. 0.
ooun oovuio, us ninui trasirrs,
KIEPH constantly on hand, a largs and varied Aiscrimtnt of
oh nice
rAill/.r GROCERIES and fin* LIQUORS and CIGARS,
Ire ported erg real/ for thle market.
Alan, the beet Old Eye WUIXKY and Apple and Peach BEAN
DV, distilled n the mountains of thli Cate.
All Lhinori a3d OrocerlM told by him are warranted pure and
good, or no eat
p. H.—Particular attention raid to patting up and ihlpplng
goods for oil sen ana tot,lien a'.atloned at and away from Bleb
i mond.
COMMISSION BCHTNEHH. —WlU make liberal advaneca on To
bacco, Wheal, flour, Oorn and other minor product# of the coun
try, each >< Bacon, l ard. Poultry, Eggs, Hatter, Dried frulte,
j Leather, tildes, Potatoes, Beane, Peas, Ac., Ac
JPIHrr* TUUFBNBTINE and Lwbrlcatlug
— Oil. juet reouivoil and for tale hy 1. f. DtJVAL,
t.« Mala At-.**
I JDK HALE.-eJOgDOO Confederate Halts S per rent Hoads
10,0 a, Virginia (state 6 per tent Hoads
de* R. H. MAC JV a CO,
IMtltlO, ItvDIUO. t *-ipw>-ol .upertor ludigv. o»w us
store and for sale by W. PE UltSON A CO., ISA Main meet.
I seV8 ______
rlltl .SHF.n *cnABH.-IIavetnyer, Towotend A Oo.,
/ and Howl ill I A Holler’. Orueb.4 dug .re. In store and for eal.
| by KENT, PAINE A (V)._Je-’l
I eJ«AK—50 hexes C«*tUe “nap, now lu Hare aud lor sale by
j ft w. PETKBhON A UV, -M Mala ttrtsl. ac*t>
TOt undersigned offer for »«le, by pack lye or otherwise, affnt
amo,unrat of Ctgaura «n«i ItlanufkailmrM To
bacco, of the matt approved brands.
We are the (ole Agents for levsral of the large* Manefeetarort
la th* dtate of UrgCila, and art thii day reoelvUif a geocral as
sortment o' all kinds of Tobacco. ranging from .« to IB foot*
per poond Alan, all hind* Smoking l0bm«C».
HMP*Ternu cash. BAVNBA M kLUAl.
Under Spotgwood Hotel, Richmond, V*
f. B.--Special attonUoo pale, to order* from Batlen and Mer
chant, wh. tre ,*-.p|ylrg th» arms_ ~**° _
8UNDH IE#.—1MW It* lolton obo.auorlnl
Ji»l do Htnip Twin* do
luo do Pat. Lin n 1 bread
SB dot line Frenca Oelfltk'r.t
10 dn do do Moroero do
.VI do fr.gl'th kl.eepkklLo, oatr*
kB do Ool d tint g ekmr
IS aides I’ t. Kirtmeled Leather, as'd color*
300 pr. Mrn'aBhne Uu
vi 0 Worn ns anil 01 lldren do
Bo • dos Alexander's r pool Cotton
ISO pis Plus, aseo ted
lino pr. rra-e Unolr.e
:soo ierg, ft th an i Tongue Cb.lns
I op Min tod X Cut Base
BO Cdcoltr Pans, eas'd 4lo 64 In.
10 oaars genu n i Onttile Boap
n w M,ll U tod dnell b Pei. nape
In atcre anil f.r sale by 11100121, WtlAOM A HURT,
Bucceasors to an.III., Itbodaa A Co.
jjj t it Peai I M reel.
Tint eonceru of flatu'l SI. Prlc# 4c f*.» 1* dlesolesd
this day l.y limitation The uoderggled trill ooatinue the
but n J a* neret .fore, aodee the name of aan>)| SI.PrlrcA
t .r., uturoh y *11 the llabUIUe* of, andaiUltugall dib.a«ae,
j the lata cooosra. BAMX M. PUCK,
1 jgt_JACK TtMPnE
IIWABO.—A negro man named, tjllbcrl, age *>'•
tseeo4.l and W year*—his color Is b ack. ab sbrrs
non • he chic; It abnol six feet high, black hali, h a cloth
L(lia hlei co*’, and plaid lo-iner pan's I bought I Im In
'Aokisacn A aid's Auction room, list Tue.dsr Ho was brought
i her* by s gentleman named Dr Thomas G. Neal, of Hartford Co ,
North Cotoll nit— el. my premt.ee oa (nturday afternoon, be
tween .ro and three o'clock.
I I w I. rive im above reward for him If second In any Jail to
that I can ml him M A. MYRffH,
diSU—im* 06 Main street, Richmond
SODA I ffllDAI-ST Ken Pare Bt Osrti .note Bod*,joxl re
eelved In store For ealij. A V h TOUCH 4 CO.
janJ— l» Corner IBth and Gary Btraets
r|THR Prra'deot and D'reetora of the Farmers' Bank of V ry'nla,
JL have d foiarod a dividend of fires and three qiarter, per
ert, out of thr profits of the Instliu'Joo, for the last .lx mouths,
deducting therefrom eneq'iarter pir rent boons to the btate, leer
Inr Big per cost net, payable to the stockholders.
j*T—18" _J A hMITK, Caeh'er.
THR President ond Dire Hots of the Bank of Virginia bar* de
elate t a JlrliVid of thie* and three qaartera per tent, for
ftp lasts.. moL.i.t, subject to a demotion of oue quarter por
cent boom to U e But . leovlnc three mod one hall per coot,
pay.hie to the Block) older*, (or 4146 per lhare )
JaS -10t _WM, f. TaVLOB, Cashier.
rliar • . I.lmwff tod nir.ofcr* rtf ft'* Y t "h RflDM lUnk if VlralniR
1. have «J*.cUi*-l » r.-ml-anoualdlVidt-nd, of «»••*■ aod fever qsar*
i te.a prr re »t Irss *4 per cent, tonus— p«vab *• on fee life Ins aut.
janlo -*iw W P, sr*<»THKR. Cashlar.
NO 9 K B.
U4V1N0 returned the Aut'llou and <0111101 Ml on boa
Ire s, w- are preparen t-* receive c^ns guiuetiU of feperal
mcrcband a*, for s« *• at iuciIoi or privately, and mate liberal
•■ash advances We shall retail for fee present, our large aod
om n odious warehouse where g >ods » sto.ed aud fall
*/ eihl* Itcd.
C n* gnnenis will resetvw owrpn
jar)*; J * * W
D~ lauumoi! -the BtIUM
expires felt dav by lluj^*
u*elhe name o. fee firm Ind
will be fouod I* on- oUlceTB
h use iW Main street, wbe 1
■ail and make immediate p«)|
against us WUJ pnseot them thei
Richmond, January 1*1, U82._
DIH* »LUTION.—Tht co partner J
CO., b this day d asolved.
Having pc*chaa*d fe interest of 0.
\2 ptrturr, JOHN N. VAN Ltw will her-after fond
rfB In h’s own (tarn • All nerSwU* indeb rd to fee \
will plcaae call snd settle erlfe the unde, signed
Richmond. Jaresre 1st, 1*»82 ______ lltl
^tl% f»t—ipifm goda . sh.ju t r»-:eived by
9 jslt l»o K A OO . A h Irsale Dtugg.sta
.)n/|A I«H1. CHIP LOHWOOD. jaat received aad
iUUU for a tie by W. PKTKRBOM A CO. deli _
kflHttitlU APPLE lilt AN Ik ¥•—40 bbla pnrt Vlr*
V dniaapp'e Brandy, for taiehf
jylf Al.VlWA IPhnOMR J
MNVKLOPEh AND PAP«B.-»hi,(W Envelopes;
I j *2*si K-rams Ruled Paper, just received by A. HOERIB, 91
1m 10 Street._ sett _
t.lAKNCci BRANDY —A pur* artlc*«, •»* aale by W. PITER*
1 HON A OO.. _____ocll
PAINT.—Metallic Plre Prof Paint, Roof Oil and colors of
every description, for sale by
noT_WM. BATTLER A 00.,
Ir DOE, HoateUer,s Blttcra, Just received by
• I jail ./OV*: a OO., WN.des* e Drugelstr
QPPICB or M. H. M ACHY a col
Virginia Ptalc Sixes, registered. Vlrrrtla Coupon Boo dr, Ttw
'.atSee Coupon Ronds; North Carina Coupon Bonds; Confederate
-late* B nds and registered Stock, for «ale at market ratea.
|ir-WANTED—Oold and Silver Cola. R. If. MAURY A 00.,
indcr St. Cl.aHe* lintel eel4
18617 1861.
tints, Caps and Straw Goods*
Mo. Iff! Mm Brian, (owroain Excision IsiiJ
Biekmtrtd, Va.,
Barr m lt and are now offering to the Merchant! ef Tlrglnll,
lorth Carolina and Tenneaaee, at prteaa to anlt the tinea, a com
.late tto. li of Bering and Bonner Goode, which for eirtetj and
tjle connot bo etcefled. Ba/era will do wall to fire u a call kw
ire purchasing eliewh.r*. _
h*i just published *n«»* Ante) of pr*ver, with a fdrctiot of
I ►evotlnn* ro* Christibd* Publ S'led with the approbation of the
it. B*e J. ftfrUill, Bishop of Blchmood. Price to cts, or HS emu
I y null.___.’*«
Hards*, tomplats, spi9^o —j. w. baa
DOLPH. 1 • l Main Mreel, hi* pubiUht*! a htodsoroe poeket
t likoo, cnulet*, in or* volume, of liar re’s Rifle and lafamry
actios; price only $1 Will be ready 10th Janaaiy, the aarue
, W!‘h all thr plates, pries •*._Jal
0OPFSR.—The undersigned, agents of the Oaloo Ooas<>lt
dstedG pper Mine, of Teinesoee, ..ave jjst reielved • sup
l.v of pare Ingot Geyptr, which they ofler for sal# la lota to silt
.lurcbasors. .
. *. pm, u. mnm
,r rrn-rT'cg aid rotortaf iht Impaired TtWea to M Bilal MfOf
Alio, a very largo MHrtaiil of
)f the boot quality, at
nxnwuM a 00.1,
at Ho. 1«S Main Street. Blchmood, To.
Majumu Jeaonoa, JiaiWth, Itfl. I
Ganarmi Orders I
Wo. ST. 1 . .
Oa and after IIj, |(Hh .aviant. ao ponon whatever, Kit or
etthont paooport, exoepl fro* tho War Doportuar.t, will be fOr
niuod to ontor if t llnco oeeopled by ike army V «k# T-Umo,
•Hh intension to pern ibonoo or ikaroelter lato U» United Slates,
or tb. Dote - te. «-£ ^ ^
jotr _*• *• *»■«■*•
opnnsG it rriAMn ti* mi,
Bock Mlk Mtntloo, neweoioiyla tad fiMara.
Bcootirol HereenoBhawlo.
rule Shewli, o rare arUele.
Hogan I Walking Salto.
Splendid Hernaneo—o further npply.
Moot boaidful Orgaadloo—very cheap,
french Joconeta, In groat variety—Tory ofeatf.
Mourning Goode In variety—among which 00*000 Mat.
Boregeo. Grenadine Baregoo, Ohalllet, Ac
apt_ _BAMT. M. FSIOT . QMl
e l ■vtctv. Mill,Orou Out, Maad, Pannol aad Tenoa lawa
of alchaond, maoafactere. BrtMaaala Tea and Table Bpoiko,
for vale kf CLABUOM « CO ,
- _ Mb, US Bala Swept

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