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\\ 1.,|". i 1 . . Halt,of .4:0.41 <r»iirt, fur «al* on »r
»omot.0«R«-t»».ata JOH* THOMPSON.
K 'I VBB& I *Bkll IHI.
DKI <•>, HEBlcnK**: *' •
JOH^T ORtT.HT Man I." . *»- JonJ* V\* 'V',?'!'
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fr#m tl Sill Ur 1, Ci.OA
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Alan.nr. « r fanly nvflelira.
aeS JOttfk t. PRAY, PtRBl*
pOM'KVTII A t'KD A Vr-.—Acn««o*b
To the Editor of the W'At'j:
Tae nomination of Judge Thompson, of Staunton, fr,
Senator, commends itself at once to all who hare tb<
opportunity to know of his intrinsic qualifications, si
peculiarly prtper. A high-toned Virginia genii-man o
tho old eehool, acccmpliehed in mind and manners,
trained at the feet of the Gamaliels of Virginia states
meu, hi* selection as one of our first Confederate Sena
tors would give assurance that Virginians still bought
talent and learning and chivalrous inbgrity as indl-prn
sahle characteristi c in her public representatives,
i 11 the deba'ee of the Convention of 18tiy- :0, Judge
Thompson—then perhaps the youngest man ot that cele
brated.body—maintained a most enviaUe stand. 11 is
-t-eccfcis evince a reniai kabie appreciation of tho practi
cal issues involved, an acumen and depth of though-,
and elegance of diction—ad b 'tokening qualities of the
highest ordi-r. An F.tsteru man by birth, his sincere
and able advocacy of the political rights of the West
•on tor him iu that section a reputation and regard
•hi. b le-rnlt d iu his -election at an uauruallr early agi
to the jjdgeshipof in most important circuit, which
uow tor thirty years has been his adopted home.
H.s eminence as a jurist is conferred, yet his chival
rous character and popu ar sympathies would perhaps
have indicated the political forum as his forte : hence,
utrhapa it is, that with the most unremitting study in
his profession, he has, in his taste for general reading,
apt “posted'' to a remarkable extent on all the politic pi
topics ot the limes.
A! hough attached to tho Uuion as our father* made
it, ar.d i-'aloua for its preservation as such, his instinctive
aversion to Lie mere idea of subjugation by Mich a crea
ture as Lincoln sufficed of itself to make him an earnest
tdveoate of secession. ffaving never been a politic iai^
a the ordinary .euse of that Urn), be nan Imte “no
frit ads to reward, and no enemies to punish.” T -e Old
loinmonwealdi will honor herself by always selecting
such meu for her natioua! representatives
Asorum YiatliluK.
To the Kit far of the Il’A g :
Fermit me to acknowledge,tlrough your col nuns, the
lellowiag contributions to the soldiers and army hospi
tals iu Nuuhwcstcrn Virginia.
From the Smyrna Ladies’ Aid Society, King A Queer—
14 pairs socks, tl shirts, 1“ pairs drawers, - pillows ai d
i> pound* soap.
From the Bruiogtnn ladies' Aid Society, King A
•J wen—31 pairs sock*, ‘id shirts, 4 pairs drawers, 4 blan
letd and 6 poenda soap.
From the Upptr kin g Willi ira I.-.die.' Aid Society—
.1. uomfurU, :> blanket*, ;•'» pillows, V pairs shifts, VI
tl burl and • cottoj shirts, 1# pairs drawers, lit! to»eis
I 'T pair- - inks, 4 barrels prsmoor.s, consist! g of swo t
i .J 1 i*h potatoes, bread, cleats, butter, t g»s, rake,
rackets, dried fruit, eta'; also, soap, caudles, sajs at.d
aiuuoti ta.low, I keg pickles.
From Mrs K C. Thomas' faiu ly and other* of Rah
uond—14 pillows, 3 cut com'orts, 1.3 pairs sheets, 1<>
taodkeri List*. .' sear!*, lb shirts, at patta drawers, I
ia.r g ores, V pairs shoes, 114 pairs -ocks, tobacco. A;.
From the 1. adits* Aid Society, Bethlehem, Charlotte
o.iuty—1 box, containing comiorl*, couuterpat.cs,
.hects, blanket*, p Hows, etc; also, delicti i.s for the
. ak I regret that the number of thrse last caum t be
epcc.ti ‘J : but it is sufficient to say that the box was one
it the most liberal sent by any society.
I,?t all these kit d co lors be a-surod that they l.arc
chored much eiitt rmg by their timely gift*. Mar they
ong be spared to iaber as societies and individuals iu
.his patriotic manner for uccdy soldier*.
C. if. Rvbasn.
January lith, 1 M2.
yruut tin H im ArsIrr AVpsAf'r.lw of thr Si
(ccrtin BY RkobSST.)
Wc have no dupje.uon iu eater upau any disrn**ion
of the respective merits of the two geutlemeu whose
names hare been sugg ‘*t*d to the I. •gUla'urJ as com
ueti'.ors from ib. Ka stern section of the State tor the
uigh post of Confederate Senator. Nor can it bts nice*
wrr tor us to do so. as pub ic sentiment so clearly and
i"in.stakibly paint* out it less*, one of tho two S ••utters
o he chosen, that it wou d be a redaction upon the iul'l
igence, not to say integrity, of the I. •gtalature tu atp
,o*e that they can ior a moment hesitate as to their du*
r. Mr James Ba-bour, ef Culpeper, doubtless te.da
ighly campl uisnted iu having his narni mentioned in
•uni . c'.ion with aa high and honorable a position, but it
ie i* the as.uU) and shrewd po'ituiau be is reputed to he
we iptse'iou whether be will not be con'ent with .that
• oaiphmeot, and at the eleventh hour escajie
rum the deadly rmbr.ej ot his frionds. Bet
r this, than seek bis political annihilation by suffering
us over xiabus admirers to placr him in opp JsiLuo
o, not oi.l? Virginia’s favorite soil, but one of the
.... j. ..... „iid iliitineuLsIied stati-Hiuen ia the Cnu>
• deracy. Without intending any disrespect to Mr.
•firbour, we must sty we coocur with an overwhelming
„,j irity of the peopie of the State in rep irdiug the at
empt to *et asij- the Hon. R. M. T. H inter for Mr.
James Barbour as preposterously absurd and supremely
tdteulous. tor years Mr. Hunter has been regarded a“
be crest stat—m »n ot the South, all p I'tica c< n tiding
via eommand rg a -ili'ies, and tc^ig justly proud ol ha*
vriliiau'. intellee , winoh shed a I in re upi i th" American
ante. But mo>e than this : bis cbiralrous bearing and
ugh-toocd intevri'y. which ha* ever characterized h;s
editictl course, ba* wou the confidence, respect and ad
niratioo of the people. No lew chicanery, no narrow
ostein ot vicious pyh'ies, no excited contral tor politi
si asceudency, ever sunk him to the vulgar level ol a
,ure politician. Bat at ali time* he ha* been tho same
guifi J.uiaorrapinle pit note *u'e<m.an.
1* each a min to be cast aside at such a time r.s this !
Unnuxin sees* lorhids it, love for the holy cau-e in
vh.ch wc are engaged forbids it. The State and eouu
.ry draiaud h:« a rviees in the Senate Will the Legis
s urw dare refuse them ? We think uo'. I’', however,
hat body desires to give fre«h hope to the Northern
mode, let them do to ; if they desire to di:i earteu our
toulhern ttliti'U by the withdraw vl of our ablest states
,eu Iroru tha Uiulc I of ihe Nation, at this eritlcsl p -
•iod, let them do so; if all S ate pride is lost. >aud there
a uo ambi'iou left ot haviug our beloved old Common
wealth represented by men who would nti-ot cedi',
ot ouiy upon the State, but upou this or any other un
ion, l*t them do ea; if they desire to demonstrate their
own entire uch'-uens lor the positions they bold, and <u
real with perfect coutemp' what every iitelhgent man
amongst them must know to be the wishes of uln—
miiu ol itu. people ot the Sia e, let th-m do so. K -
.ahv, if they arc anxious to Ssciiice theiueehreg and Mr.
-tamour, let them attempt it. If they covet ui rrtyr
lorn, in order to attest their dvotioo to that gonth
uau! let the interests of the State and country be
uc'ifieed to th ir pr.judicn), caprice, or prodilections,
rod their wishes will toon be raalir. -d, lor so gro'n
oi abuse of public caclideuce will not b> lolcra
■ d, ai.d the placed which uow know them, will soon
mow them no moia forever. Throe genii-men afl'icl
'real abborreuce for the proceedings of the late “odtons
tub) Convention." Let them take car*; or they miy
•ovot their populaiity. Ao to the absurd excuse given
iv those striving to si euro Mr Hunter's defeat, that “hi*
•rv'evo can’t be dispensed within the State Department,”
h a is »H gammon, a device of the eneiuy It will hr
une for these s alesmen to legislate for the nation when
hev are sent to Co igress At pres ml, it wooid be Hr
well for them to oo. hue themselves to the duties on true
d to them, aud legislate for the best interests of thi
dute. This, we thick, they wd find a ta-k Icily c ini
oiensurate with their abilities. Tho kuowledge of tin
tact ttiat uo other min can fill the position of Secretarj
if State Will) so. h d;*ung»iehml ability a* Mr. Hunter
out adds to th- ir criminality il 'hey reum to place hin
io v pueiiiou whxrecio more rfiic eutly verve bis Stab
and country. Th- post of Secretary of Slate U uow, am
wil be to the close of the war, but little more than i
' mu-cure one. 8* he* hot fettle to do, aave to aot a* ad
vi*ory friend to the Pc sidcnt. This Mr. Hunter would
assuredly b*. it in the Senate, where his field of useful
net* would be extended, sod where bis long experience
as oba'rraan of tbe Finance Committee would be invnlu
able. We have said more than we intended, but not
more, perhaps, than the occasion justifies. Oar object
has do: been to till -c: upon Mr II ubour, hut to cab at
tent on to the great outrage sougut to be pci p itrated up
on the people.
FIgliting at Long llangt.
The immense amount of firing from both camion and
small arms, at lo g distaticis, whi rs ihu bills can do no
execution, is attracting the atteiuiou of tbe Yankee pt b
1 c. Much of it seems to he only playing at war, and of
uora*,except to waste piwder aud brII. The New
York Tr.hui e, in an el ibor&tc article on fire arms, iuakeM
tbe following teuaiks:
Military meu find uo d tficnUy in accouotiug for Ibe
small iflVct produced by the expenditure of such vast
amounts of auimuuitioii. (rovernme its have sought le
discover the cuuir, as well as to lessen expenses in the
supply of the aminun.uuu itself, as in the business of
rausporting it from place to place. It consist in rapid
firing, erroneous estimate of distant-*, long ranges ui’d
inefficient target practice All these indispensable ele-.
munis are taught to each K iropean recruit in schools of
practic* eilahlirhed lor the pit png) of making infantiv
fire «lY c.ivc As lo lapidiiy ot firing, it is held (hat the
word rapid, in that couuectiou, ought to be expunged
from the soldur's vocabulary, With proper aim and de
l.beiation, four or fire rounds mrv be fir. d in two
So lar from urging meu to fir • rapidly, they should be
urgently oauii -oej against it It i* t'lis ex n-stive haste
which caus** mueh of the utelees exp nditure of chi
triditts. Ool. Wi cu. ofthett S. A, ears that the
waul of accuracy of tire ha* ever been a it proach to in*
Untry !!■• itci ed m . y laujes as eonspin g to render
it ineffective—i xc «cve rapidity, the exoitemeut incident
•o the strife, the difficulty of aiming properly in on-e
yuenee ol the dual tin t tmoke, the ueceestty of firing bv
uusaiuvud, the unsteadiness rt-aultiog from the preseure
t-l files to the light or left, or in Ir.mt and rear. To
this he adds firing beyond ice t ft dive range of the mus
In this country w-t hare no schonls for rfl t practics
bu* the tercets and lb.t prairies. It ii there our m.iik-tnien
are c • avd; and of tlie various regiment* of eharpslioot
era is e •utly fermed, a in re Iraciinu of their in tubers
I we (teen taken f.-oiu any other fi Id. The.ie men it
would be the rxtreniu ol folly lo arm with any other I
than ihe most ili ct.te weapon. Tney uudi round di** I
lauucs to a t icoly, and fire bv rules whien -,’i« n uiau has
hari.td for him*-If. The Fteuch, at 100 yards, aim at
the hreu- ; from that to IVl yards, at the shoulder; from
that lo Ifn, a ilia head, aud from that to 21.1, at the
ton of tlie cap; lor the schools have taught them that
Ihe it u-ketbil! Mis six inches in III) first hundred list ,
yards, and six inch * more for c-acli of tlie succeeding I
distances stated shove, until, at a tange of 815 yards, '
the fall itet-imes tl I Inc os. We hear ol celebrated riff is '
kdlitg at msi and l .non yards, but these must, of nee 's* !
ally, be chance tot", showing tl e power ol the weapon
u . v, :.u, me Mu.i ui iup vcuiei. u* c m , at ipan* yarns
Jinuiir, ■ loan ol ordinary eta'urc p. ••* ut* i mark laid**
more if au the twelti! . ! .*• i eh ,t ight, and **t v»»,
ill oi ly a tenth of Hi. Ik;' . Eliei v • li h j; at inaik
ot this destr ]I .on |j thr wing a if itminuuriou.
Fraac tht V.*lii Mvert)*- »n.l It f !kt-r
SKIP Irl.iM), KrO.
That the enemy r i.jy . . scon Will lave, a
heavy force of thirty ' i \ ..m ni.-u1 at Ship |s
Itnd, ret be scs-p.* Tfal this ntuncrsni j
armv is not pi* ll..-* ki. g-in*..u (nip la'aml, I
■ •« are ■ • . .. lu j’. u. we t .
untar.lv at.u I .n. I .' me*
The con. ' .
l-iauil merely iu»L*a it :*.. ittM- of op.*: a ion* on liio
intin It'id. To w.at end «.li thesy op.- atinaii be coii
ducted v ll!e» jug the em:uy *11 credit fur stupidity.
«.» (Ut.'l In I se that l.c will alls mpt au attac k o.i New
1 Oilea s, -o » ll *l"le.ide*i and naiura’ly aliro t itntrog
1 nahle ol a; p.o c!i with 11 ss force than a hi lidrc I thou
-a .d men or npaa-is, with intti.c pr. pirat e: » in pro
portion—au ei.i.rj r uj which hi1 could i.ut orgiuixj lor
ue ion at Slip 1.1 uni in rnut.y months.
T i-o, we may chirlnle, the enemy m*i*t design eps
rating* of a aiua'ler calibre, ess: o! New (hie ins, ac, in
deed, we have almort pori ivc information Many par
son* believe that the is piriug soul ol General H itler ail!
be content with no lew* ubjo'. of ambition thaa tho con
•I je*t of this very c tj ol Mobile, and the ancient re
i . n—“Picayune Hauer's coming, comi g; l’ictyunc
Butler'* coming to town"—*i* rcsirrd in the mu*g'
I nation ot same of the “wetker ucrl.'' Bat esn
i Pu-tytme, w o like the bench King that marchid
' up the hill a d then inarched down a :ain, r»i*e “forty
•honssud" in n to coni.* to M jb;!c ? Even cne who has
any military knowledge, or a* y ialornu'iou an to (be to
pography of • bn country brtwecu Mobile and the coast,
I tug:** at tte idea of the Mas-achu?etts corn(talk Ge..e
ral a’temp'ikg the perloimaoce while an army holdi the
I road, lucked by the tsterij pinpo-e cf our citix.-rs to
| conquer or d.c iu def *t c * of thsir homes.
II mty heauppo* J that whoa Butler** epics advised
him ol the p-nls ot attempting a march from tho coast
to Mobile, he will give it up, d h» ever entertained it,
j .nisi will not think ol ohda; gerieg the lustre of his Hut
I isrus lsurcla by undertaking to overcome the natural ob
stacY- . ind utnh, which wffl oov
p* I h’S troops to asivanc" altuo-t in *i;-gl • fils, sxpos'd
at evs ry and ulter di advantage to the atuck* of nu
merous and brave eucmice. It he had a huudrel thou
saud men it wnull he impnesiolo lor him to use them 10
better ad van • age llitu he could ten thou-i:*d.
He could not bring them in'o action in ihe narrow
pusstig * bv which he inns' advance, and which ourtrosips
hold—and -hia is me "nurd rotsl lo trav.d" which he must
t.k, I h.. . IV./ . ..J .... MnhiU
We have & groat idea of i’.ctyure’s shrewdness, hr
being t'l the sharp Msvfiiwc* tuck, and canuot dou't
but that he will proler to wi'i new laurels dog-cheap
ruber Uan per:! those whicu already twine tho ill n
trious brows of this In ru o! tho cotton shirting town ol
lesac I. We doubt much it he hu.s any i.'ca of mulling
| risks iu pursuit o: the j iek - -'I Uilt rn Istue cf capiuriug
M ibil Tuck is vasi-f guns to hi' htmls, which, iu*
deed, will eat a large tigure iu the l.uil-ii is rent back to
th* gluttons city of "Busting " tV. fa-cy that the limit
of his auibi o i is to fiytir • as the tapto' of tho "lehri
ei'it-s” ol Pascugoulr, Biloxi,' Mississippi City, Shields
borough, Pass (,hiri«:ian— ci ns ol the very State ol that
"arch-reb 1" Jill'. Divm These achievements wi.l yield
him a lug-r h.rv.8’ of h.uie'n of mililt'v g'ory tbau
,'iy leiioehi <» -neral bis yet reaped, and eff snl him cap
ital for a triumphant '.rogr--*.* through the ecstatic
North, far exceeding tuc ova iou which greeted him on
bis return iioin IIat iris.
Tire gotl* of ambition are in tfght of him from his
stronghel I at .Ship I-land, ami he is no daub picturing
'O hilu Sell how (I IV after day ho will send ctl' dispatch
st Miner after dispatch etc iun r, each o -a b-ari ig thu bill*
t |..!in of a captured city, Iclieu betnre the iuvim-ible arms
of Brier, ol M.;svtchuK it*. T. i haps he may be disup
pointed evea iu this, li" may land more Mi-u-issippiaiis
along tiie coast tnaii he can man ge. But it set-ms en
tirely probable that he wilt try the easier game of a
taoki ,g them in prif.-rit e • to certain defeat iu at'ankle g
Mobile, lie will rely i p in hi* lleut of light draught gun
boats, already sail <1 from Port Rival, it is undeiBOOtl,
to enable him to cover bis landings by bombardment of
the sex< l meufs.
Tuoug i it - -emu improbable that the attack of Mobile
will bi att'n p ed, y. t it is menaced by tho fact of the ^
preaeno - of toe enemy, and it is every nun’s duty to he
ready for service wlicli called ou. A p-jwrrful hostile
lorce in very near Ship Island is sixty ui lea Iroin Mo
nde, as the crow li! s; Ec I* isepgoula is twenty two
mil s from the Id.md; Grim's ibi-s forty five miles;
Bi oxi lm' eleven ur twelve u;iIo*, and other settlements
ou the cuts: nut mcoh lurlLvr. Kroni .he nature ot the
countiy, any expedition against Mobile tncs. land at or
east of Kist Ibisoago ils, and therefore must encounter*
all t io ill-up.-ratlin ditli miiii * of approach to llob.le to
which we have above referred.
Pr- fu’th • N.-» Yori Po,t
Wcnilnll PMtillips «n (lie War (ten. Fremont.
Mr. Wendell Piiill.ps deliversd his lecture on the war
Isst night, st tfoopc-r Imnitutc. The I al1 was crowded,
md theie wib » large p .lie • lor e., in a tMnlmce, but no
disturbance occurred. M. I’..illipi decl rred that slave
ry Was the cause ol this war, and expressed his belief
that the North would never be so craven ai to put it
bsck where it formerlr was.
The best answer to K gland (*aid Mr. Phillip*) is the
Surs and Stripes tl liting over Obarlejthn and New (>r
h-aiH, aid lb j itinerant c blunt at if c iiioud picking up
to move back to Montgomery. U >ly one tiling John
i U ill respecio, and Dut Is surii-ess. Mr. i’uiliips proceed
ed to dlacuna the (juoatiou ariiiug out of th« war with
his usual ehquenco and spirit, and was frequently Intel
rupte i by applau-.e.
A fsw moments after the lecture had commenced
Qen. Fremont sod his wife enter, d the hall, and quiet!;
took neats on the rear-most bench. Fremont wore i
blue military cloak, and was speedily recogn'zsd by tha-i
near by. He looks older and more care-worn than be
'ore he went to the wa-. Although every mention of hi.
name by Mr. Phillips elicited tbo heartiest deers—no
one tenib of whom knew be was present, his counte
nanc" betrayed no emotion at these tokens of popular!
ty. At the close of the address Mr. and Mrs. Fremon
It ft the ball as quietly as they had entered, thus ercap
ing a epo&taueoiit popular oration.
the wau nsnr of the Yankees—can thi
sinews of wau he raisedr—skoretaki
(From the London Timet, Dee. 211)
Everything in America is on u m.igaiticent veil*. Shi
lia« mammoth river*, her water-falls are tumbling floods
her mountains tower head and shoulders aliote the pigioi
altitudes of Europe. Shi is a continent of very market
feature*. Hut lucre is nothing iu her physioil pie
uoiuena which cc tate* our astonishon-nt as the mora
iminei-hiiies she lias lately di veloped. We have net brer
used to the thunders of Niagara, and the troraoiidom
distanoeio! the Miss's dppi, and the high shooting p ak
ot iIih Andes; bu< wo arc not altogether incapable o #
now sjn*t inn. We stand aghast when we have for the
tirrit time di closed 10 us the tremendous vegetation ol
her national deb: and llii in igaificient tealo o! her do
^Tl.e Ameiiusn now? we publish today ia chiefly re
m irkitbfe lor the wouil'ml bu incial statement of Mr.
! (! ias«, the Secretory of the Treasury. In other revpoots
•t is s'ill but an uncertain sound. The populace of
Now York was yet bugging the food delusion that tin
seizure of the Trent would be passed over wiiLout re.
snnu-ut. Thu organs which as.ume to represent the
policy ol Mr. Seward, and the opinion of the inhabitant
ol New Yoik. were still keeping up their spirits by b-g
vords; still boas'ing thu England bad ton many inter
rats a; a>l;i to risk aqurtl with the United .Stales,and
comforting thomsi-lvcs with the brsgr«rt 1.0 iuu that
• Canada is witbln tsro days’ railway journey oi half a
million of torm-'d men, and has a Ironner that can olf-r
r o resistance to an invading force.” The news has only
jut r -ach'd them that Entlsud had hear I of tb**xpIol"
of Commodore Wilkes. It will be remembered that 11
me first moment it w ji r.civad with some asioniabrnn t
but with great cilmnosj The p'im ary impnls-- oer- was,
not to bluster, bu' to inquire. Toe pecpV of New York,
ju Igiug toj touch by tb> ir own habits, are delighted to
find us so i aim, and telrgnanbed »i once that “(ho elf-ct
of tlm news in Kng-and is not so unfavorab.c as was ex
peeled.” 11 this tool’s par'.disc they had yet tu be d s
turbed. Tncy had yet to learn that tbc more calmly and
J l.b rztalv a sensible nation ex imiues the ground i. pio
posed to take up, the more retoluie it will b • iu main
taining tbit ground. We arc as far as ever from bt-i-’g
abb* to judge iu what mood onr demand of reparation
may Ifn i them ; but if there should havo been any datibt
upti. me raiud of the Federal leader*, or any
Lord Lyon* nude Ida communication, that wuguifi -ent
a id stupendous deficit ol lorty-ibreo millions sterling
remaining a* the end of a year, during which the borrow.
ir.g power of the Federal 8 ales were taxed to their ut
most. e ight to aid lii-se people to see thflr position,
dr Chase, as a pru.l'in, or rather as a xraloui Secre
tary o! ihe Tre i»ury, doe not go out of hit way to im n
ti 1:1 d.sigrccabie (acts lie dcs not tell us how much
ol ti.. expenditure ot Isfil was 'aised by loans, and how
niue t l.y lairs; nor does no men lion tli- present amount
at the nnal/.bjrn national deb', of his nation. W' th
>ut it. 1*‘' tit igoto t,.sosir, As I Ultra guilt tnouft to
- ijti't u”ti wan (i/ituain to islet koto long tlr.t vtr
of tj h run /ait, un4 mka: tkt pro'takiliiitt art of
1 >.*«/ anfhtr 1 nr «« addition to it. He says that
fr.nn I iiv, lull, to July, long, the war expenses will tic
Vvf^^v.-Tclr^ i:.V^:?igHUaS,3uT¥ftiif{i-.
hopes u, get the rest hy pup.T money, m ire loans, ana
taxation :o the amount of about ti 1,500 UOO. It hecan g-.-t
1 e loa: .4, and if the people win take his ptper money,
md if tbey will also pay taxes, be will rhea bo able 10
make both ends meet u? to Julv, 18i'i2. llut if ihe
South should not be subjugated by that early date, he
tails hi» countrymen plainly that he shall want seventy
six millions Blerliug for tin- service of the next year,
and that the end of June, 18iia, the nations' debt of the
Fo feral S a'.es will be nine hundred millions of dollar .
Tidt is p.-etty well for a three years’ war. V’et If we
were 10 ■ ximiu': M . Ohass’s figures very clos-lv, »e
should find the esdmatc of (ipmditUM, aod mill more
tho .-siimatc of the amo tut of debt, very much under
stated. 11 .never, let that pusa Two hundred million;
in throe yiars form not a bad nucleus to a respec able
uational debt. It wi:l bi obr-rved that there is uo ipies
tioa iure as to where the leaders arc to come from who
arc to supply all th. money. Tucre can be no doubt, of
course, that they wdl tu>!i from all parti of the earth to
fd' up tho vacuum iu the Fcdcal Treasury. I.is, we pre
sum.-, consistent gith all the exocrieuco of American fi
nanciers that the more pressing tho need of borrowe .
the grca'or becomes the x ul of Icndanr to assist hi®,and
the more U.cply tho security becomes deteriorated b»
tnorlg tgc the more ready the capitalist is to double I is
advance*. For the first time, Secretary Onaso gives uta
g i upsc as to what this security is. 0. course national
security means the national patienoe of taxation. M,
Chase is about to make the great exporimeut whetne
any ruch eesturities tx'sl iu the Federal States. 11c pro
poses to raise by an income tax the mod. rate sum ol
£2 IN HI 'Bin It la but a filth ot what we raise b» the
*nue tax; b it whet Mr. tins • has obtained his t'2,0H0,
ii.Ni, we shall have a faith iu hia security which we have
no: now. Ho hopes Iso to get auother lour million from
other d rrct tax s Tlieet six millions, when he gels
them, will not go 1 ir.as he must admit; but 1 lieu be has a
complete so' of excise machinery ready to get iuto gear,
lie Is atiout to lax stills aud spirits, and rugar, and tea,
and eifl'tr, and tobacc.; be has ail impost prepirod lor
bank nofsts, legacies aid ca'ti'bgtt; aud—oh, Mr. John
Wight, bow can your credit with the North have filleu
so low I—he off rs as a nart security for this mouutuiu
of .1 .hi a .Intv un. 111 nslrt'i !
If nil this only "go forward,” as m"rc.v'.tile p'opic
any, *c Khali congia'idnu the kVdural States upon twins
*s well tax'd a community as \ r mpoc ablr, old lam
ioscd kingdom of th" Old VVo»M. Wbc:iirr rudi young
tax-piysr.s wiil bear ruth a weight all at tines* must bo a
matter ui oxp limcut. Boston used not to like tia dn
tie .and even under the present popular and enlightened
government of the F.-detal States shine timorous min
might have objections to taka the appointment of Iucuun
Tix CVnmis inner in tine oi th) Western blue*. W.
do not find any is imite of the ccs; of tt.s* e dilution ol
these nixes or of the new machinery of ex h -c. **••
p-isani" tint patriotism «ill mpply all the t>stly expe
diern.s of Knr.ipe, and that nil these imposts will be vol
untar.lv paid into the t xehequer. II this should he so,
Mr Phaso will get some fourteen millions towards hi* ex
p -nditure ef seventy six millions. And y .*t it is stiU du
bious whctlfcr to this expenditure is not 10 be added tin
tr II.ng contingency of a w.ir with Kigland.
cjlirK I'.oUI-nt and D r-wlors of Ihi t'armrrx' Bank of V.relnlt,
I. have d .•elare t a dlvidoml of hin and lure* qaartera prr
e-t. out (>r ths i-roflts fths laitltuiln*),’ for lbs laat ,U moniha,
drSu.-tlnKth* efrom tar-<|ii*rler per r.ot bonus to the blstv, Ivav
ln« ;:.s wr ceai net, pay able to the stockholders.
J Si-If l_J A hMfT't. rttshVr
fflilF rrciMe'it sntl Dlr**itora of the bank of Virginia have J**
l cU?« I a dlvI Vld of th eo and thre* quarters per cent, for
t*«; last six aosthl, subK*"' t a «> Ion nu of one quarter per
ctf.it b**nu» to U. - iut , leaving thrss and one hat« per cent,
nny^bl *»v> Ui* MvscMbolderf, (or per share )
j4ij -IQ* _ W«. v T* VIsOR, Q««M. ».
g j % r K • * - ideal and Dire.-tors of ihe Kx?h%pge llinx »f Virginia
| lave cfecUie I n ••mt-*nnual dlvldeo I, o1 t it*-a .d tr*- q iar
la s per ft- *« lest \ pt*r c«tt. b mus-'ptyah • on the Ulh ins ant.
j4nl«- ‘-'w W P. SP«tnTtT4-t! Hm» »-r
HAVING resumed the A IK-ttou HU(1 torn till salon bus
I », ve- art prupai tint elv • •• Dl iMlttl ol pIMfll
n«r:h»tit! if.foriic at -xuriloi or prlvau l/, and a t»e 11 er4l
oath advances Weshtll retai a for the present, unr largo aou
corn n »tl »uj warehouse where g »ods can besa cl/ stored and lai*
ly rilll1 Ited.
C rn gurnrriU will receive our promp*. attr nti. n.
J4nt KK*ir, PADflC A CO.
Dl OU’riON Hi* x^parlneraMpuf WaT«1~N» A * ii KLKN
riplre« th r da? by llmitatl >o. Cither of Uidsobs rlbtrs u» j
u«e th j cimi* ntih • firm. In llquUa'ina. Oorbooia aoJ aernan ►
will bt* f •nod \+ *h*“ * IM -e, on t».e second II mr cf our lat»* stt*re
)i uie if-!* Mala Kirrcl, wbe e all pen on* indebted to a* wil' plea e
oa'l an ! mike ItnueaU’O pvva»*nt. amt tl»o/»e having claims
4g % ns. ui w'll present them the-.e for leitlriu- nt ‘
J. It. WAtKIWe.
JAB. B MCKt.rff.
Richmond, January lit. _I«n2
DIs*m I ITIOv.—Th© c* portjersblp of VAN i.k\> , l a i i..»u a
CO , U this iKv d aiulved.
Hav ugpu'Chwl be later* *t of 0 M. Pira*ant«, the sarvlv
In/p-rtu i, Jt>l(N N. V AN IjS.W will hawiiflar coouun the l>ost
lie*t In h * own uam*. All perstiiis Indebted to Ute old concern
will please call and settle with the unde.signed
JOHN N. VAN l.Ktr.
Richmond, January 1st, IS62, jank
• ( RT AUtllOBirr )
A CT» l(V<ml l iiovs OP T"K CON
’ ] SIS i'll 8R.vtlON.
(No. 3^ l
8»c 1 The Oj'*rcMnf thr ConlcdtroiiSUIc* ol AmcrlfA go
enact, That a b m ty of y.fty Dollars be, acd the fame If herehv,
grauied lo all Pi I rates, Most,"ant, and Non C -:r missioned Cffi
cat in the Proviiinnai A ray, who shall sorts conllnuouily l«r
fuse yesn, or for the war, lo he paid it the following t'mes. to
wt To al1 now ia ths seiv.ee fjrtse.vr mont£s, to be paid at the
time of volunteering or en'lstirg'or tie next two ensji gjesrs
subsequent to the explratl-m of ibHr present term of »erv.« •• To
all now In ti.e service f*»‘ lbr#« y-a’fl, o* for «ht war, to be paid at
t’.e exnirat on of their first)ear's s rv.ee To all who may h-re*
af er volunteer or tniut for ili.ee years or for the aar, 10 be pa*«l
at the ti :i»-of entry Ir.tj service.
f*»o i. Anu b- i» further enae’ed, That f«il«urhs, not exceed
Itg* x y I'ljrr, w!*n Ir •■upirtatlon home and bacV, tball be grant*
eit to ail teeUe m»ntt *. iucq now In s r*lce wl os mil, prior to the
r t plrstlou of their present ts* m of sirvlre, volunteer :r ei.l'ft or
tv.f near. twi easui * .wars tuo* *|u-o' loth* • \ dratlon of tf.e'r
pres n- term of snv.ee, or ’or three yca-f, orU.e wsr; nid *ur
lojgti* to be in u. d at sjch iliac j and to sj h cumu«-n r.s the hec*
retsry nr W »r may ce.-n n-ul eompxt'.b«e with t;»e public inter eft,
Ihc Ung t of each furl ugh h**ln* rrgwlnted with 'e.Vrence to » .
(listir.ee of • a-h Volants from (lift m:. P.otld -d. Tfctt.lo He.
of a fti -lough, the f mmutatlr.n rdut In money,* f the * ran (pert*
allo i herein «t overeat d tLsli t». paid t each .r^vaie, mosbliuj
oy eor.-c vnmlsni *, *d fticer, » ho m ./ t leet to re< «*w.-it, ;»*. luci.
*Uu- %« the fu -Iongh Itself sr nld rt •—»is* be granted
Pk* '« This an shall apply to a 1 troops wh j have volunteered
dV Sr.lleied mr a t-rn of tve ve months or rurtln ths sendee of
any Mate, w o arc now In the service of ths said Mate, and wh**
may her.after vrluit*er, or *nllft, In ties nice oflheOon'eJ
e.'at - Pt it s, un ler (he pro/isloru o th- pr»pent -cl
S»c 4 And be It 'urtier enac ed. That* It troops re*vrlontrer*
trg.ur-e enl ff ng, ihsil, at the «xplr\Ujnof their present t-»m
of service hare the pjwer to re-ov*n!xe ih-nuelvrs Into romps
nltfau l elacilhfrfr oomr aty officers, and s*ld companies fha'I
have the p wer to x*ganixe t'lemeelv s into baltaliors or rcgl
(ten's, and e e* : th *lr tic u cfli :♦ rs, and atter die fl*vt cl-.ctioo. a*i
v«*iinrlee shall be fitted by p melon roa the c mpanv, LaUai*
O’l or rt nl neut hi W0*c0 Si- h vsrtrrics ml/ ccc.ur. I* ov*d d.
That whebeve a vacancy shall e»-cur. whether by pro mot oo tr
otherwise in the lowest k futw of c • • nil sl nod o metre of a com
pany. sa'd rtetecy shall alw*%s »•* lined by el«ctl>n. And, tio
ViJ- I fo'Oier, That In th* ca eof tioofi which h ve been repu'ar
larly eiKstel into Uisfeivi e ..f any pi t!c.la* Sia’e, prior to the
fomai -tior the Qoiiteferae*, ond which have, by »u h ' la e,
oe. a tri »d ov. r to he Cocf.diraie Oivernoict, hd cfb:e:s
stall not be fVoted, bat ij point-d and promote 1 In t»ie fsnic man
u *r, and by iha tain* auLWtt/ aa the/ ha.* Lcrd.fart been ap*
point • J «u • pcomf ted.
Approved, D.c 11, i?fi|.
tNo. S’O)
1 he C ui/ress of the O-iDfeds ate Matcf cf America do enact,
' That mileage, a*, t^ie rile of te-i r»ri* t mile and a’rht dollars \ rr
• 'I'em, t» be computed o- he uuu.ber ofUa/s ac’.aall / retfuired l*y
I Uie nrdlnarv ronl*s of t. a cel t«» %*id f*cm th; espials of tbe rr
j soectlveMates to theeapt a oftlie on'edcraev,be.&sd arele e
l»jr, ai o» d to the car. ins of the electoral votes lo the s.at of
Approved, Dec. IS, 1 >31
AN ACT TO } 'Ml; 1 r T i k«om which THK COM
Mi M y.ii OK Cl *.TaIX r.-.IK orvicm < all TAKi KK
r*4?Ti**t 1. T *• O ng* fir'iV COiifedrra'e States of Ama Ira
•Ineim • , v xt nil c 1'geoar, Asi itant liir-oo', iff (rprvnuten,
Owr#i 'Uriel an I as uuot il'i ills.mutrri ab«1 i *.malssi.les,f>
pah* •. v-I "i- at A/i y, and who may
nv.- run t< *• 1 tl»*ir ie*v.ce b, 'ore r •celvirc i **ir canmiss.o.is.
•.ha 11 •• entitled t.. tike rank an I rec;ivr nay from the date when
ih-y act*i\t|y »• inm-n ej to perform Lhar ro pecuve uuut-f, with
! ;ro p-sm tlies rvlce of the Confederacy.
j Approves.1, Dec. 14,1MH. janlS—It
. i No :|ll)
AN \*.TKrRTl!Kr.s: i’-IA ;>.NTA AfTO AN ».CrTO ‘I TBOV
JZ < r.'K lAA'ir O. TKKA-U1AV ANli To fit jVIUk A
W A K TAX F.JK TllK K MKiik-WriO J.
J’bt.i < 1 V - C ogr'»< of »!«e 0 u' i.rate fHatrs of Emeries
.1. kO »ft. That the S^creU y uf the • rear.ury a hereby ..ulhinxed
th**(jrovrrameht,In uud *lpvb*a of thebsu* of Tmiu^jr Note. %
soffioieht %m< un’t not * uv-ding ten rei Inns of dollars. f.ir the
jirln * p*l, of ir*** ury N> '.•* t. pay tbe prior.pal and in. irest dse
ip u itie » J.1 adrat. •*, according to the m/ag cat eats made vu
ri< rii>a 9. The lime flvedhy the tali act, ti which this art Is |
'a’thcr su^p! MJcDl*r<t, f >r making it*.- ?s.Tents,Is hereby exte'.Jed
ti 'he first day cf la -nary i.rxi; an ! the lime fort.lt completion
4ii*l del v tv of ill • l!*t i '■* -xu*nde 1 to iht firat day of February
ue\t an.1 the i me for ihe rciu'n oi the s».l i lists to the thief o©l
lector U extern* d othefl.st day ®' u»rck next; and In eases
wh***e the Pule thus find ahlll be found i-nt,tl - Her*etary
-[ rff^y,-v Xpali ifiy** inwrr tu SXAke arbenti* n *■
Hat Ti«ca»h cic f * iJ, oron deposit In bank, or, elaewUire,
irentlv.ed In the .Vurth aectl nof said art, la hereby declared to
bs aut j ;?l t * asseas 'ieat ami taxa'ion; aMthe money at lnle*eat,
by itUeldo tat of Kill, nous, and
tVr asCttritlei for nnaey, stall be derated to Include se
owrilUs or money belong.ng to noa*rc*ld«-nu, andanch accuritt*a
shad b* returned an 1 th«* l «x thert-oa pal.I by any agent or trua
tee h A'inf the sarar In p^steAiloa or under ) \* c^mrol. the teitn
oir rchat.d s * shall or rinstraed to lnclud j Mercian is- belonging
*o aijr noq-rtJldeat, and lie prop riy shall be relumed, and tb»
lax p&ld hr any person luvity the *am»m possession as ag-n*,
at'oro»y, or consignee Provided, List thew^rda -men y at In*
t iei.”if r.aed l. tic actio wh.ch this ac; i« au aui*.-Ldaw t
•ha'lbss ode nil netea, or other evldaooos wf
debt, betting Inter wU! ->Dt reference t • In *ont. iera*lon of
the same jfle exception slbee I oy tie «w«:t leth sectLn for ay
tlcil'nrsl produce snail b«* t ouMrurd to embrace su h product* !
only when In the bait s of the producer, or held for h's scecu-t
Hit no tax sh vl b** assessed o .evkd jn any m ,»nrj a» Interest
-hon tic o ne. b r.d, hid or oth* r secorliy t iken fir Ha piyr ent
nadtt worthies! frehi ihc ias* lv«: cy an 1 toulliab 11 y to pa>
•ft*. • psyor or o *Ugor, or p rsua liable to iaas«-au.h Payment
Kid all se< urlti**» for in nty tax* hie under this act abail he I'lfss
-d acOA.’d ng to their vnue, a* U the saeMor shall have the same
powtr tv »«rtr: ala the value ofsu-h set untie* as the law confers
apan i. n sritli raspeat to othrr \ papaity.
,'k. .i n 4. rhat *n amoantof muo«jr. not txreciiwgtwenty flve
thousand do lira, bIimII be, and the tain .* hereby, approbat'd,
■jut of any tr.oacy lu t .eTreaau-v »it othtrw.se appr prta ed.iobe
to tbe Chb f Siat-s Tst Oohe. ior#, icr such t \prnirj as shall be ac*
tua'ly 1 *urred for salaries of c.ersa, «>rt*c** hire, stationery an ♦
laciut-nul charge; brithe iT*oka and pr.n'iCgrcqilrtd a -Ul he at
»he exprnie of lue l)ejuLH<u i: , and *u' tact w» Its approval.
£% Ti x o The ii ?n fur the Ux sIia.1 uttakh frum the date of the
aS9s«*cient, and shaii fellow the s.kX- into evciy Hut-* of thii Coc
eierLcy. and In coae any persen shall attempt t . rem re a y
prcpeil? whirl, may i e liable U u\, t.ejrond the jurisdiction uf
the 4ta •, in which lh. Ux i» payah.e, wghout paymeutof thetax,
lie Collector of tlie District may distrala upon aud sell the same,
tie same loaoorraatr provided incases whered« auu Is malt »u
the pijm •:»t of the 1/ u
h*. r.**x 0. u »the report of any Chief Colleclor, that any coun*
ty, town >>r d.atrlct, Os *ny par» thereoi. 1* occupl-i bv tie pub be
. ne ny, or has b* *o so occupied as to occasion <ie»tru'*Uon cf cro-s
ir pn pcitj, tM dtJltt .ry cf the Tr**a <i*y irny w.sj.jnu the col
irciioii .>f the i .* ,n such r*g>oa units the uni can be reported to
Coiigrteiv a'. d its action n*d wit re on.
.vs> nov 7. In can* any of lh • Con! '••s’ • fltatei »h» I uni* -
tage to pay Ike tax to n collect** I wi h n lu llm Is, before t e time
at wh e ti.e Dk»trUt f.< ;iecu»r shall ectrr ui»*m Uie dlsrha'ge o(
iirl.* on it*s, the Otcr* lary of the srexsary may susi en«l the aj»
pol jtiuent *»f sa *’i co.in tora, and tnay dir.cl the Chief Collector
o apporot awesurv, 'd t< laae proper measures h r »h« making
and perfecting Uie retorns aasrasmeti^ and iUii r^qu red by lab;
kti i the 'eiuri.a,a>ichA uet.»a and lists so uiad«* sl.ail navathoxame
i »e p ovim u • of tin* n n i-i which this «:ct l* supplementary.
(•anno* > IU«i tax U*f» alien.1/ g ven, varying *r>m u e pi<*
rUoui ui (Mu-l.iUi! 1c iurreci.-<l *•> as to cuoform * icrtl i.
Approved U« j. *V, litJl.
i No. air.)
uNAI. aRwY OY TUK Cj.H rlPhRaTs. M'AlU
K .710)11. The Cong'-wi of ti- Confederal* Cut -i . f America
lo c n»t, 1 h-t t »o ccc . Ury of wir be, and h-1» ti reby, ant tor
s.-.l to auopt a* marts for recrailing and enlisting men lor coa
paii-s iii . < nrtcc A» taw war, or t r. e r«ui, wrd h, by tne
•ambits of tie servrre, have b«**n redan- I ny death and dis
M i s¥ And he ti further e-»v?>.l, Thai ic Peorrlary cf War
>f, tHl.fls air liy, authorized In deli I the nropsny r;maa|ji
•lorn* I office;* f »r tr«. above cuty, in such nun; In r« «wd at su< h
tunes at, in h»sopiator, wtl* best comp it with t r public service,
ho o(A<*.*r« thus appointed t3 enlist and recruit loriitii i.*pe:tlvc
Approve! Dec lit, 1 -Cl.
«N AC? IN nrf ATTON T(. TiXKfto* PROPtRTf WilfOfl HA8
BKKN oK WHICH l» MAUL*. TO UK .'kijUKril'/RCi) AM fttK
PUOPkurY OP Al.u N k;»K dlt8
The rou »rtSi of the Confederate Slat's a? Am.T'.ca do enact at
0md>u 1. Thatllasoold belli* dn*y of th • Receivers,un Itrthe
Sequestration 4ci,l)>v*y a*l fixes upon property of alien enr
mlcs, which Is l »hl- the efur, within tntlr respective dtswic’s, out
uf any fuocs in th*lr wands as Receivers, said payment to he
jLarged to .1* accouu of the property upon which tie tix has
tie ti paid; provided, t. aevc., if |i appear t> any Receiver taat
urh pro;) rty 'n anv case. Is n t wo.th more lhsn the tans for
which It Is liable, he shall r» port the fact lo the Secretary of the
fe»«u*y, wh s dily It .hall be to lost u lithe Receiver whether
ho •*•%;! pay that lies or all.w the property to be sold for the
2 That the Redwri be as ho;iz.nl to se'l by order of
h»«.r..an.l to such manner, aod uj»?a <• ch ter-**, as the Court
may prescribe, ar.y yrtperty wttl&a their respective dlitilcte,
which h.ts been s»«| lestf.i* t, orwl ich '* Ie therel ’, fir the j u.
pose of r«*Ulrg meufj lor the pay tu t;t of tile tax's aforesaid.
Pro n lha whenever a Receiver has not funds lo hand, over
au i above what »• nc.osary, to- other expec l'.uiei. sufficient U>
pay sil l tAXes, *\d ca net obtain the »>.i ie tv »» e *1 slPdl d,
within the time hxe i o tue pay net*: oi salil Ux -s, he is hereby
authorised to give, to the tax collector charge a with be collec
U*n oftae sx.i, * oeititle *te of lh* enuun due, and he shall
vpec:(y thetet the prc| urty upo i which tn« same i« du •; and t it
Secretary of *li * Tream y shad piy ihe ancuut sj ce ti \kC t .. t»«
doe, acuhah ctustth- saice to oe charged to toe Biq j*strati »n
f.ind. but the^ivinv • I »h certiflcsttiliall l»?*uhjeev- the s*m
eondition pr**:«* tect ai provlJed tu regard to payiccB ia the Rru
scdlon of U.ii Act.
Mkc, 4 That tl •• tocrtlvy of the Treasury he authoiii-d to make
sgrvtatots wl:h thr sev-ral State , counties, c,t es ar«l town* for
U» postponc meut of the <• loctiou of tax«?» lo. wuchlhe property
of atl«*u ei . tales n-quui • eil, orUablc lo L«, and ISCUc .nyoL.*
or more of Inc htat**s, c'.i ut ts,cltlcior towns c iriseot to th'same,
he is hereby ei ipoweicd to l.noe certiftcatew fur t ie Mount dt**, j
hearing tot .-rest it the rated six per* cot per annum, wh rh shs<
bind lie Gov* rn*a-.*nt to p ty tin aatue, an J wide i, when paid, shall
qc cnarg.-d Vj the Mr.qvcitrai.on fua*t.
Hx. A i lia: whene* • tt-. pr petty of an alien enctnv scqaci
tcre*l or habl< theret*., hu i>**on or shall tier cAfter !>•* io;d for
taxes, t i* if*-.-rotary o the T.cisaryli hsreby aut'o-tsed, with
the ass.-tt cf th.- rtste in wl* * ii t* r property hs* I * e^ s Id. to re
dmu the •%•* • by the parra * t of t »*• so o or sum* req’ lrr-1 to be
paid by eit ssns in s*»c cas«-», ur b *1 • r av of c« rtlftoal s th re
for, Batyr n befoie pfevid* bou'd h .!• uitadvksab islii
all such css**. u:h prt j •- ty shad n • into ti** funds of tiie Ro*
celverfoy W •• .tl trlct in which f •• j»*ne •< sitoat.-, acri It-1 *11 and
aec -Uiged f..r m U »• •wine uiaao*-.* as otherseqaeilere I p ope.ty;
provided lb.- amount of t e i*-4<-"option shall bv cha'a* d lo the Me
• .U*-*tr .lien uiul.
Approved iso. ICd, 19C1.
i V* 84 U
1 IN ♦ DfVi. CI*i.
Man si. Bt*i enacted by In Coe great of the Ooaf*d*rete
Mta re of iQcr.ft, That the rom of oa« million of doll am be, and
th- i .me It hereby appropriated f*r !•« 1 g de eneee for it*
We«t to Elvers. to be exposed, at Ihertlecrsttoo of the President,
1 by the Be-reiaxy of War, or beerclary of the Navy, as bo rta I di
tec .
Approved, Jan. 9,I Ml.
• to. 143 •
Fia<*r II Ived by the Cong e«e of the Or r federate Btatre of
An *rl a. That the tftanks o' C>o<r«se a c due. a d are hereby
trader* d, t<>0<i **•*-« PM war.! Johnson, and to th« * ft ere an • wen
•oderhla rommiod, f *r ga’laat an I medtorioui •orvlees at the
summit of A dr haj, M untain. 11 tire tin, on t e (Mrircoih day
of Decowuer. oishteoa bo*dr#d and s xty r-ae, when f> r a re tl-an
• x h MV*, they, with r«mtrka'*lr o«o»are an* «• n-taue#, eosialerU
no aeeamt iao-up >n L»ei. iioetil n hr f.o fo*<| Wrl* number, eml
flat! y dr.ve the er.» at/ In disorder, and with heavy Ices, from the
lirl .
Pa own T lat the furegoln* reeo'it.oo be romm no ea el t * eatd
e >mru«n«t, by ths Pecreiary of War, and be made k.owa in geaer
a! orders
Approved, Jan. 10, Iffifi.
(No. S44)
Ssotios 1 The Cong ees of the Ooofe**«-rate 8* a’re of Amertra
mn, That ail iomi of money. Nonce, or stcrn-luetf any kind,
huk ntlo/to any Indian tribe or tribe*, with whom Uratieo bars
i* en, or may be, ma'c by the Crnf-dcretv Btatre, ar d of wtilea
•a d *r rs of in »oey bonds. end outer s« -wiidts, the ()overeaten!
of «fe C )n federate H it*« le, or may h*reafter urcom-, the • ual<
aian. a* the tnts'ee nf such tribe or tribes, shall be depot.! d la
the Tr* aio»y of the Conf* 'orate Plates.
e» . ‘i And be It farther enailed, That 'he Pee*«tary of War
be, and *l hereby autho lard tj d aw hie reqeleia^n fore rb
a* 1 »l sur ii o money de call* I In the Treasury, as aforesaid, in
favrofeald n* an', * r any of them, to whom such money may
be otig, or »ho uay b* an bor'anl o race r# it.
Approved, Jan. >0, lbt’J.
(No. S4T )
Ttie Ooavtevs of the Oonfrd -rate P«*teo of America do enact
That the tarn of one hundred and fifteen thousand tlx hundred and
term dop«*e be, end la he rby, appn printed for tie pay of oft*
cer«of the Navy, on andetf datv to the first dey of April, eghfeen
bund i-1 %nd «>xty twe; and that the further turn of one hundred
and e ti! t thousand itoita*s be and is ho eby, appropriated ter the
pay .of waraut and pe*iv oflr-rs, suimo, ordinary seamen, sol*
dl rs an i b iye and Enloe* •* Department, to tt*: same t’me.ae per
rstlmates of the Secretary of tie Navy of the tweaty-elxth Decern*
her, c'.ghven tuntred and sixty two.
Approved Jam ll, 1861.
No. 84**.)
f/rrio* t. Tf c Cong < <c of the Oohfede-ate Stabs of America
to 1‘ixi:, That tfies 11 of fourtern m'Idons four bund/ed Utousa d
oUare or, ar.d Is rrrtby appropriated, for «he psy of bounty and
.'an'port avion, or icmmutavm thereof,* f.r onr hundred and fifty
ih .traafi dfVdb.lc: the Act providing for rc-onllatment of twelve
a.mi» s /N o.
Mu i Thatth< luaof fou'hmdred «nJ fifty thousand dollars
h«, and ts hsr*by a pn reprinted, for exp •rues under the Act for re*
cruillng’cc*m f pes*ed.
»: 1 that the »un of e*.yV| hundred dollars be, and Is hereby
app* printed, f tr the sa ary of the Assistant Perretaiy of War, to
tb * Anil day of April, wigM< •- hundred ai d alxtyUwo, as ter re*
l»er eighteen bunded und • it)-one.
i, •• * Jm r., '.i jai--wtw
ftkiuosn, 24th. CctcHgr, 1*41. |
m8K following regu’itloni ire prescribed under "Ari act to pro
i vide .1 b odeof authenticating claim, for n; nev agslns* *h»
Confederate But«s not otherwise provided for," approved f IKh
Amrcftt. I SGI. j
1 a state nt ut of the claim or dems* d, with the date of i-rrual,
tens'. i*esw i i U by the person hav ing the claim or Seouod ifl.vloe;
unless he be able t front his residence In the service of the 11. B ,
r je p riserin the hards of the enemy, and then by an agent, t r
» >w« number o' his amlly; or unless he be under legal disabili
ty, .*n: then 1 y his Committee, or Ouanllan, or some mtmber of
is 'amlly : And if the perteu be dead, then the affidavit may be
ivde by Ml Kx» cutor, or Administrator, or any member of Lie
»1. U.eeffi.iti I citiaenshlp of the original claim
ant, and if »>MI ^n such or final claimant, D mu it
-relation of the person mak
rlglnal claimant be dead,
and dUtens'iIp of the psi -
^ ^ i, by descent or dteUibu
Cnmmbsio trict Court or before aoy
t<ersin aot nfederale States u admit.
liter oa hs .
IV The o davit shall ba mads, ahall
administer t ■ offered in support of th«
-Itlaordeu us suiwers to the following
intetrpgator msy be proposed in behalf
the clalret i tded in writing or piloting,
iod the officers I to be written, the aoswets
made thereto, nsd by tha witness making
V The officer shall certify that he Is such an officer aa these
eirulatlocs authorlsr to act in the premises, and that ths affida
vit and answers were sworn to befora him. and shall further state
in the certificate, Ms opinion of the justness of the claim or d«
nano; and .1 he shall believe It to I* s adjust, In whole or In pad,
• r shall >'at- his reason therefor, aod h» may send to this depart
ment any x.'fi lavit or affidavits, lending to show su h uojo«.ue«
V! The affidavits, the Interrogatories ard answers t ervto. and
inch documentary -vtdenct as may hs off ted, and the certificate
f the officer before whom the pr«ccedlng shall have been had,
shall b- by Mm aesied and transmitted to this Department, within
t rty d a> a after the examination of the w uo rases shall ha vs bean
con cl a led.
1 Do you Vnnw, or tlld you knjw the said i name of origins1
claimin' If >ca, state h*w long, aod the plac« or plaees of his
t*Td<no, and the dat'itb rreof, ilncv he was known to you*
i. Hiatt- whether or net, he w*«. or la a cilia* n of the Confedera
rat • Hi vies, and ln» facta upon which you base yo-ir opinion' If
ie be dead, slate who are cntili-d by dasrett or distribution to the
:la!m on demand, and their plac«* of residence.
3. Has he, or If dead, have th- persons next by dteccat or dis
tributin'. been friendly rr unfrl-ndly to the Confederate RtaWs
« nee the dth of May, 1>GI ? If yea, state every fact and circam
stance wiuiln you* knowledge, of sueh unfriendly character and
h* date cf Its occurrence
i Hut- fu'ly all that you know in regard to life-origin and #
tmiunl of tfis claim cr demand, and everything tending to show
Kijas nest or nominees, In wh< le cr In part.
b xate whether or not you have any claim against the rlalm
ant. If living, or against his e«U--e, If he be dead, whether or not
, ou are related to him, by blood or marriagr. and whether or not
/ou expect any benefit from th- success of tne claim or demand*
The fore/sing rules am nst intend* d to p-eclude any other er.»
•ence which may oc pertinent, or which a party may diem mats
The feminine pronoun or the nlurai shall, of enartt*, be •ubrt.tu
ted whenever the facts re«|u‘re It.
«tn»* is ari vti'M to • li ma cr Tea Lira farticr ATTonvarf, mar
TI v (ate MavabsU of the I nited Hutes having '- alms for taking
' * •• i-W
rthe: I ! i* at* - for •*iii-io't**r th-'r par; in al, « st.ti"K
.|.rn ©%in, whether they haverceclt «l any pay tl crtfor, and if* >,
«rh*t amount
J*jcb Marshak vdl al*> cerlif* to tl*la Department tv*-am our. t
'u* t any AteUlADt f:*r taaipKlFie 0*M>!i, ai provided l.y the lav
.r :hr Co ted Hates, and each v»a ♦tat*' Marshal moat make an
tindavit or furni h other sttlifnc'ory evidence, *• Pi the auouQi.
' ai.y paid to rim ar.d vhclhrril.e same vaflu part, or in fud, of
' i« cjslai alien paid.
Ua eertifi.v.tr of the amount dor to any Marsh «l or Assistant
daeahal w u given i>y the (JuVrrnmeM of the United Itatei It bu«1
•e filed.
Varvha'i, Pi»tri«*t Attorneys, Comiuiraionrra or 0*eikfof Ws
riri or Circuit Oou*t* of tt .• United HIate*, haviog • ialias lor sala*
i « or ft • - a«ala**t the Untied Ht«t*e will slate the same. vend'd,
a ail r aa» «, • y affi twit. and have them auhnjllled to and approv*
•1 by the judges of the !>»»t k: Uoori* of tne Confederate ©tales,
•i the a a tne ra*nner aa they were re,, tired to do, by lav, prior U>
i at No vernier, 1 And li ail such enact, every Marshal or
tiier officer »r.U be required ’o state whether he had any monef
i i ia hands brlrtigirg to the Uni ed Htales alien he ceased to act
j h:s said office, and If ao, what amouri. and ah si dlapoait.on haa
e**n made of the tame.
j air* tiAvlm THOM BIAOO, Attorney QtawtL
or TBl
'MHB undenlgned offer for sslr, by parks.. or olkorvtw, I
L uMrtmrnt of Cigar, aud H.UBDuliro*
baron, of Ui* moat spproYed brand*.
We art Uir Bolt Agents for several of tbo larrnct Haa
i Die Plata of Virginia, and art this day recanting a i
r.rtmrot o' all klnda of Tobacco, ranging boa Id la
>«r pound Aim. all Uadi Kmoklng Tobacco. 1
jBB'-Termj oath. BATNK A I
Caier Bpotiwood llotal, I
P. 8.—Special aUantlon paid to order! from f
baoia wh," are aupplYlng the army.
IAOUNALb.'.m 70 to 80 bortri
raised la Western Virginia Par partleal
V , a, a Lt 8 COHCKffTBATBO P0T.8H,
•H/U tin., 6lba, and l»lba. cans. Joat
ITRATl OP MA'4NK81A ha* long been
beat Purgation lr. ore; but In the oji
Uqul 1 Preparation it I* loo balky for the i
tne ram? In aBOLID /ORH—one bottle I
or four of the liquid proportion, and far pi
Beidllls Powder* or the usual Aperient*
Midler or Trareller ahoold hare a bottle'
l6roV.‘ue at MB ADI A BA
|yt184 Halm
’ C. 8. AK.WV
t~*v ADT ioRirr.-J. w.
iy of War, under the aaperYtslon or an
•lean al’a Oder, the first part (which coi
tie Quarter-Master’* and Pay Drpartm
8 Army Brgulallona Price ILMby ml
work,complete, will he ready In Pabruar]
price boood
hr.Yy Kogllth Pilot Cloth, In (tore ■
deg IBAC

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