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I have no wiab to aay any more. I am confidant—nay
Mr I kuow, tbit the resolutions before us, will be passed
without a dissenting voice.
Mr. OoLLiaa, of Pe-ersburg, said : Mr. President, al
though the youngest member of this body, I cannot de
ny myself the privilege of mingling my voice of sorrow
with those who speak eulogies on the lllostriocs dead —
It is ind ed art! ctioa to my feelings, that on thil the Bret
day of uiy advent into the publie councils, 1 am confront
ed by the sad event on wbicb we mingle oar gri< fs. It
is because of my intimate acquaintance, and occuoonal
correspondence, from ijjneh 1 derived great pleasure and
profi , with the drceased. during thirty live years, from
my early manhood to his death, that I am impelled to
speak of his services and virtues. The resolutions sent
up from the House give so full a narrative of bis valua
ble public services, that I will forbear to briug them in
review in detail it was bis ortuue, and the pride of
bis friends, to carry the old Union through the trial of
the experiment it encountered of being administered by
tie Vww President. It was oue of the stormiest periods
o its existence which war a tittle lor.geivhan it Ought to
bare been, under the intermeddling policy its con luctors
al a late period adopted. He had, at that stormy period,
to contend with the most powerful oppo iton this coun
try has witnessed. He hsd to run the gauntlet, as it
wree.of embittered political foes—:h>'tu-tlves toes com
ix ned against him. Yd such was his domestic policy,
nt d such his diplomacv with other uatious, that be gate
Htutdaetion at home and abroad, aud rignal x-d the ex
p-riment be was tailed to make with ample succe*>, ano
give to bistort the pro -e of hisuame that he conducted
the afmiaistra'ton with the skill of a statesman, and (the
energy of a hero. Indeed, recorded honors gathered
about him iu all bis public walk, and in the domestic and
social deles his gcoial virtues won for him a nobler
name. 1 forb ar to comment on his great and useful la
bora in oar recent troubles, with which we are all famil
iar. When we cease to revere the memory of such a
own, w« shall not deserve the liberty for which we are
now struggling against a powtr of which I will uct
speak on this occasion.
I second the motion to concur in the resolutions that
have been sent to us from the Hu use.
Mr. Dickimson, of Pfiuee Klward, said: Mr. Presi
. dent, 1 tud not iuteaded to b%v« utter*! oi e word 011 thin!
. ruouro/ui ooo v*ijo; 1 hid cot etea known of tho ill
* LtHoof ttr. Tvlor ; and like the Senator from Richmond
* o'tv, bed, (while on bit wit to thn ebambwr 1 bet* u
ika aaJ a an.M. .^maul wfci.-i. filltf.l In a* Wit KB
sorrow sad surprise Deeply sympathizing io tbe just
tribute to his metnorv whi h these resolu'ious so appro
piiatelT propose, I should be untrue to the promptings
of my own hearv and unfaithful in reflecting the high
appreciation in which he was held by those whom I te
present in this Door, If I failed to unite in expressing
my own grief and theirs. I
r.ilik > the venerable Senators who have preceded me,®
1 «m too young to have Um admitted to the relations
ol personal intimacy wi .h the distinguished and Utneuled
lie. J which tbev ctjoved.
And vet, troinjeafty boyhood it was my privilege to
kuow and regard him as t triend. As a public man, I
Dave been accustomed to l«ok to his piiuc.plcs with mure
than ordinary re*p>ct.
I am untaught, sir, in the language of eulogy. Mt
heart is too full to attempt it ou this sad occasion, nor
is it neceaearv that I should. Our illustrious trieud. bv
a l - g life of usefulness m the public service oi'et dig
through a period of I a!f ac'Otury—to every dignified po
st ion, from a sat in this Assembly to the I'retudeotial
o'iilr—bet wriiteu his own euldgv in hia country's his
By hie talen'8 and attainments, his unyitlliug devo
ti m to principle, his loft* and ardent patriotism, hap
p I* b en Its! witn all those high quilitits of public and
personal purity which dignified and adorned his char
acter, he has erec ed in the hearts of a grateful people
• a monument which will tong be cherished as a national
. treasure Identified with the history of the country
thrmcb a long and eventful life, mingling as he had
don- in all the tormy scenes of partv strife, it was hia
hippiuess to nave outlived all the animosities which they
engendered, and he was univeniftlty regai d d, in the
calm eve of life, as a patriot itilnwan.
Thus favo*ed, he has gone to bis las' account. A pa
tiio: has fallen was lorwd, wt< honored, and a cation
mturus his lo'S. These tilings will thrill with painful
interest throughout this young Republic, in whoso ser
wtc t he has fallen at the post ol doty. He fell, where he
ever stood, furem st in the ranks, battling for the b-«t
iate rests of the country, which he loved with the a flec
tion of a pious eoc.
But, sir. thera is another—a ntrrower and a hoi er—
circle within which this xdt clivo sir. ke will tall with pe
culiar heaviness; where those gentle and endearing
traits of private virtue, which so eminently adorned hi*
character, shone with unusual lustre. I would not ut
lrnde too soon upoc the sanctity of domestic grief to
ming'e my tears with them; yet I cannot fa 1 to remem
ber that their grief, though more poignant than ours,
is yet common to us ail. With them we, too, will cher
ish his WM.uory with aii that warm atiectiou which ins
life inspired.
I trust and feel ensured that these resoluliooe will
command the universal assent of thr Senate.
Mr I ssiLi., of J< if arson, said Mr. President, when
a great and good nttu falls in our midst, it is well for us
to gather around his bier and learn from tbe lesson ol
his life, the secret ol his greatu-ss and goodness. Kew,
if any, of the illustrious characters in American history
furnish a more beautiful blending of private virtues and
public services than those which adorned the life nf the
Accomplished gentleman—the pure Patriot, and able
Statesxau, whose death we all so deeply d-plore. Vir C
gicta weeps over the leas cf one of her most cflerishedB
eons, and invokes ail her children to imitate his ex stupe V
-in sx i.nple illustrated by tbe swsetest chanties of ourl
UAtare, and ennobled by the '.oiliest impulses of patriot-!?
ton. I
After the lapse of nearly kail' a century in the most I
S inspicuous and responsible pos'tione it tie services ofl
his country, Johu Tyler his been gathered to his fatheral
lux* of year* ar.d full of honors.
They who study his charae'er, will Bid no dilB'ult* ir.K
d *covering the ciuses which crowned his life with eui n
brilliant vucc -as. A rigid adherence to truth, j tetioe andl
du'v w*s th» bt is nf t'.st beau’iftil uha'ac'er whichev 2
er delighted to indnlge In ward# kindly spoken i'redi If
ci'iog hie life unoo the iim be •# ot t pure morality, and*
throwing around it the charms of a winning courts i.y I
he coni 1 not 'ai to afrtot the attention and s cure ih B
eat -cm of the pate and rs fined, while the breadth audB
d .-pth of his sympathies attached to him troops ot frieni al
ia all eL->s. s ot society. if
FasAaaehorcd to certain fundamental ptincipisa of eo f
sti utional law, he ea-tly and promptly invited <#n! hisfl
cnir^-amidst embarra-smeot ot the most trying oharao B
t T, and marched straight on in the p«a!h of d ity. Siucer-B
ity and honesty were the foundation# on which be butlJd
an his public renown. 1’- is for us to remetnner thrJ*J
such rewards will be socu’e to all who succ-ssfully imijf
ta e the life nf this pore-minded patriot. Young me i K
and old, should surround hi# tomb and learn the wisdom fl
. which nia history impart#. E
• Among the statesmen who hare appeared on the the B
litre of A meric m aflfaits, none have succeeded better in*
ft.*adcslnirtr-.'ion cf goTcmmrnt than l(r. Tyler. Ci» k
uni diplomatic triumphs marked hi#career as President
o< the United Slates. A new and vast Su e, ireorpo
inted into the tbeu Federal U..iou, now unfurl# her
standards on the sut. ■ field# with lb - con^ terieg ban
c-rs of the Confederate State#, and will erer rein tin a-j
i*pcr shtlsie moauateut of hi# #-ateininship. No more
bri.Uuit pages are written in the history ol the couutiy
than those which bear record of bis administrative
achievements I honor his m-mory with filial rever
ence, and hastily, but tearfully, place this poor ottering
on his tomb.
Tue resolutions were then unanimously couourrtd iu,
where anon.
Tee PaiKiDidT appointed the folio wire Committee 00
the part of the Smite ; Ne-wrs. Branch, Ksbertaon, Col |1
tier, Tshe’l, Newman, Johns in and Wiley I
O 1 motion of Mr. lias sen, the Senat» adj turned.•
[During the d I v ry wf the eulogies, the galleries, and
eveu the aisle#, wr re crow led With auditors |
The following i# an extract from the minuted of Satui
jt being announced to the Court by B. T Dtuiel, A' »
turner f.r the 0*uinsu. wealth, that the II n. Jubu Ty-fl
I r, K posshtiliis of this D d riel in the Uougre-d of ifieB
•1 u.fedmte r*la e.s, has depart, d lilts life, the Court dc-K
ureu to give emlttaug expreasion to their d-ep regret for ■
the |>we ol a fell >w e 11 -o a# disingulshed for I jug and £
tn eot public #0. vices, as fjr the virtu is that a ioruedx
his private life. *
Hftlffl, hat the synpathy sod condolence of Ibejj
m in' ers Ol the Court, and it# *-<8 rers, are leotlered t'jS
the family of the ds eeae- d, iu l&iditU c’ing evi nt. B
Am of r«f, Tha'th«»e pncecliog# be entered of record,*
and pch.i '.ed in the city papers, and the Court do now*
aej 1 urn ^
T:ie Court then aljfurne] until the next term. “
The body of the deceaMnl was laid out iu the room op Jr
po it* the Ltdistn' Parlor of the Ballard Honor, and wasfl
viewed 3uod.iv morning by a uuuiher of Ur. Tyler's!
friends, who desired to look for the last time at the fuel
ol the iliugrious statesman. The countenauco retained*
a natural expr-saior, and bat for tba pallor, it would*
bare seem'd that he was enjoying repose rather lhanfl
sleeping in the embraceof Death. U
Mrs. Tyler proceeded on Saturday to Williamsburg,*
for the purpose of imparting the distressing tidings of*
their father’d death to her children, and bringing them*
Vo tbie city. She wiU retaru this morning. d
Yesterday afternoon, between 3 and 4 o’clock, tb«
body was removed from the Ballard House to Congress
Hall, in tbs Capitol, eacorted by the Public Guard, Lieut.
Gay commanding, with the Armory Band and a civic es
sscort, consisting of the Governor, Lieut. Governor,
members of Congress, and member* of the joint commi'
te • of* the L -gislature. A guard of honor was detailed
from the or titary to guard the corpse during the night
Eulogies of the deceased will be pronounced in Con
gress to day. The funeral will take place to-morrow,
the arrangements for which will be completed upin the
adjournment, of Cougr-sj. Tho reutaiua will be buried at
Hollywood Oemeterv, near the tomb of James Monroe,
iu a -cordance with the resolution adopted by the Gene
ral Assembly, Mr. Tyler's family having assented to the
epulture at that place.
Patnav, Jan. 17, 1862.
The House met at 12 o clock, M. Mr. Collur, of Pe
tersburg. In the Chair. Prayer by Bav. Dr. Moore.
The House agreed to the Senate’s amendment to the
bill constituting New River a lawful fence; also to the
joint resolutions passed by the Senate relative to the de
fence of Western Virginia, and avowing tbo d.-tormiua
lion ol the Commonwealth to retain its jurisdiction ovei
that section.
A bill for the relief of John Otis, late jailor of Jeffer
son county, was reported from the Committee on
Mr ANDERSUN, of Botetourt, from the Committee
on Military Affair, reported the following bil':
“An act to amend and re-enact an ordmauce to pro
vide for the enrollment and employment of free negroci
iu the public service, passed by the Convention, July I,
Mr. BARBOUR, from the Committee on Finance, re
ported a bill to author z > the transfer of certain bondr
of the 8tat»- held iu trust by the Government of the Uni
ted Stites for certain Indiau tribes, and providing for tin
payment of interest thereon.
Also, an adverse report as to the expediency of re
funding to Rudd and Gresham, of Chesterfield county,
■» license tax.
A’so, an adverse report as to the expediency of re
tordirg d Hinges paid by sureties of R. W. Gill, sher d
Of Chcreih Id
Mr. Nkwtos’s joint resolution, eulogiz'ng the Vir M
ginia volunteers and inviting them to re-enlist for link,
war (having been sligh'ly mod fled) were read by th>B
j O i motion ot Mr. BUKOKD, the bill proviJiog Tor the
Keoiwlruoiioo ol a railroad connection between the Ur
auge and Alexandria and Manias as Gap railroads anil
the Uchmond, Kreilericksburg, aud I’otouiac railroad,
was taken up.
Meeers Bl!KURD and I.YNN strongly urged the pas
sigeot the bill as a means for properly dt feuding ou
military lines on the Potomac. It was then passed with
out opposition.
The lollowiug resolutions of inquiry were referred to
tbe appropriate eo mol it teas :
Bv Mr. RAKKR-Uf so amending the rrimiual lawr
of the Commonwealth as to provide lor the punishment
ul slaves aud free uegroen for offences which, if com
milled by a white person, would be trem-ou, or ol »
treasonable and disloyal character.
By Mr WARD—Of so amending the existing law ns
to provide that fiduciaries shall uot forfeit their eomtnis
sions for failure to settle their accounts within the time
now required by law.
Bv Mr.SHKfKEY—Of amending the hi.I, .Mid and Mlb
•section.! of chapter til of the Code of 1 Stitt,
j One o'clock iiaviug arrived, tbe House t iok up the or
Ider of the day, which was the bill paoviding for filling
the vacancies in the Senate from the kSth and 50th dis
tricts. t
The bill underwent several amendments.
Un motion of Mr. BASKCRYILLK, the bill, with pend
ing amendment*, was laid on tbe table.
Mr. BkSKERYII.LK then moved to take up the reo
lu’ious (laid oo the table some days ago.) providing lot
the House to proceed to tbe filling of vacancies in its
own body, ciused hy tbe occupation of a part of the
‘ton uionwealth by tbe public enemy, which was carried
Alter tbe Uerk bad read the resolutions. Mr HAKRI
SOS movrd that they be postponed ind finitely.
| A long discussion ensued, Mr. RCTUKRfUURI) argued
jthat tbe late Convention had tbe right to provide for
nhe filling of vaoauciee in the House. He was of th<
jopinion, however, that no exigency had vet arrived to
Ij-ratify the House to avail iteef of the privilege. He wa
followed by Meaetx Gaarraa, Srapr, Dinar, and Kivss
h opposition to the p oposed action of the legislature,
and Messrs. Aaoiasoa of Botetourt, Rica a mis >a, ana
3t ag. in favor if filling the vacancies; from Wester!
Without'.king a vote the House, ou motion of Mr
fUSKKKVIl.I.K. adjourned. f
Vt OI »r LltTI'Bn w'U lx K veo lu IMiCItt
during the r«r rot acaaan -omm enclcy on Tliura la>
ft. v. ax, next, |P.e 131 mu and to t>a co Hoard -a sec
-■■edl-ig bindsi a, I v the following genUrnea, ac 1 lu the order
Id which thel* nania art vine
Itv T V woo ft I, D U
Rrv JOHN 0 M JAHR, D. D.
Nod J UN Ct’RRV, of Alabama
Hr ilso W rausT, Id t .r o’UicfteDthern Literary Mraaengvr.
Ur. A SNOW IKN PIUOnT ot War.land
»r. M. IDG. WORTH 1 AAARL'A of -s.ii.th Oar Ulna.
itto. * r BLros t.
Ttw opci lag l ecture of th* Courts will Be given on Than lay
h.culu aaai.fheT.lt imt, ; j th-ba.-wcot ot lev or Dancac'i
Church, com* r broad ao 1 10thJ)trvelr by the
f la-tev—" Ao-reuftow .1 rsoap the />i. tn »arl.»'*
Th Subj rn o' the asrceedioa Lrciurn will be 1-.aowaeeti here
>Trr, a veialdaya tu advance of the aventuya rnoecllrely.
Th- proceede o' three Lectures wilt be devuted to t-e t.-oeflt ol
l .e Xo.uateeri ol Virginia, aud other Stat-■ cov lu the fled.
Tt-«rtt f r tbe C«u ir of Ten i.ectur-e, five dotlarv, admitting a
get. leaian and ledy aingl- t ctet. Iby ccnta . to beha.l at the
B i*t1 r* . . *S t ■ a H a-r'v at ■ T It I line . a, Frabhl.u
•lust a thrvareui Holela, usd at the doer on lh> eveilnn of
tl e Lectarre janTO-tdlati
■aaa aavanwaa i ovvt a an n
SAW OIL YOCN3ER 4 OO.,.Pioprl.torv 0]
fctVv IB** I era and Ten Nrrrhailt, B
MSLOM and after the 1st fthruary int, atd luring the block I
I % !»*, a fl at am and beorfi. isl substitute for t-c.ffev wl. h«*B a
rovlded f r the tr.-ul- sod stabile la one and two pound pack -.ft*
I t«i|| far mi He' w.: bt pylta 1b 9
pound iirh, and upwards to suit purchasers Tfc» ret* I price atfl
t i» it >re* w 1> be . t« p«r p uud marked on the lal • Is H,
ffWCo rzer of -Mbaud Mala streets, opposite the SpotawoodH^
Howl ■
Coffee r >a*tej *or the trad* in quantities not less than 1"U lbs D
HABIB'N PBBMII W BirriMR.ilir be 4 known
for Dysprpeia. for tale In all quart tie* at MEADE .t H%
KU <* Pm# iHoir, l‘ C Main street, cor. obsvr 9. Q js<0
WK have -0*1 received a largestooA of fbbar. o and Brgara of
every d«v'rlpUon and quality.
! Also, on hand,
Champaign Wines In qt. and pt#., of approved brand*
Ano, Ho.14 and short, Ac., all of which la offer*! for talc at 1<>«
prlc-s CRAB BAYNE A CO ,
noTJ . Undor ffpotHrood Hotel
I Ml It N % |« A*. - Jqsl received and for sale, IlhH) lbs Beeswax
IN) lb« Country Hoap B boxes Starch; 1 box Mrowu Moap; til
l>6la Tyro Extra # «- UUATAjAMBl _ I
BAglmq ovtHi u» WM. b. lOOIAiXL *
Corner Main and Ulh Streets, MIC mood, Vs. I
IN 'onnection with thnlr Htnkin# bust news, the undersigned wll
give prompt and faithful attetilloo to the A«<juttment aid C«>i
le. li »u of Ola was acaluat the 0*>nfed*rat j Oovei am nt
Thr-y wl'l asaccla* With them com *t*-nt legal talcot wheneve
it may be found neceaatry to du to.
flie r charges will be ssoderale, either special «»r rootingrnt a*
their patrons may dewire. WM. B. ISAACS a CO
Karia, »v raawHiUua, tm 0*1 Geo. W. Munford, Hecretary Slat*
of Vlrg ola. 0*1 Joo. " Calvert,Treavurer Atat*- uf Virginia, Col
J M. HenneU, 1st Auditor Alai* of Virginia, Jam w Castle, Evq
Hre«ld#bt Hunt of Virginia, Wut- 9 Taylor, fclsq , Cashier Hank o
Vlrgi^l*, Hector Davis, Raq , President Traders Bank; J. Ran
dolph Tvker, Es.j , Attornef General BUM of Virginia.
I'T^di ms sent t.» n« for a TJu.ment or collectlou should. In all
ra*e* ).e aroorwpanled by the proper contracts and vouch rs, an«*
special power of attorney in repicssnt and siga the nauis of lh.
pail# ti auy papers or dotauienl* nscessary In the premises.
I 4-5 tf_
WANTKB. Hj- iigteilpad wl.hr, to hire yool won.I H
••»Uer» J charcoal burner,, l. work , .hurt .lUuaec frn*
I n- .-lly Per«uqc harloy handauf thli Ira. rtptlon wt I plca.c ap
pl> «0 Til OH U WVNNr,
I atl-r _at B. an* P. B. B. OIBr..
HONiaHol the CoofaJti ,u- tti.tr, P, n ’no, L*>,n. Want, t by
I * INDk Kit WiNTKD.
W ANTICr>, , yood Uard •o -who la bonrat an.I capable.
J »n]#_Apply n_DOVS * OO
(Hill LI VI H OIL.-* Jot- Baker • Pur. Col l.',e. Oil
J f..r aalr bf J P DUVAL,
j ,„1» _Co a r Mata an.1 lulh Btr.rli.
IKTTKH AN It CAP rAfKB.-l amah lot, fr.al.
j i.y mm;«uo, r>ru«i:u._ Jati
SO* I* !*AK KNB.--K*** lb* Soda Aah.jaat naBnlkf
j,|« l>OVK B OO.. Dr.i»itlat;
Fit KWH Cl TBITK NAONKTU and Mdll'; Tow
Irra. pr parr* act aolJ by NIADB B BAKU, PLkrmao.u
Ua'a, 1M> Main H eel, corner abore P. O._I*1*
rl.iM" i k*FD. foraala.JS ocnla per pound, at MKADI
I A IMKKKNI l)r«A Sl.re. cor aboref 0.__
CBATON Ol L. —Juh raeel.ad, one eaak tart India Cai'or
Ml. far aala by W TKTBBBOIf A Cd , lfiA Wain at_de!C
Gt n AN* MU’.—dl kaloOam Arabic aojumolbi each
•ar aale by rto va A OO. deln
CAVNNNN MPPKS. Powd.,,4 Oar-one Pepprr,
Oroar-d lla^k Prppe of Ibe bca* qnal ly, fo* aalr at MKADr
A SAHIB’S Dray Mora, *S6 Main alrect, dor. abote P O. JalC
1 bblUmw.d ill
l do Alcohol
On c.iubiaaeal and lor aale by
)•!« f. a. PVlABAkTd, KAh alter,.
Rxosirra l* Dxckmbi*—The following it a statement
of the aggregate receipts of produce at Richmond during
i ie month of Deoember, by canal and railroads, (except
'K.i T. R):
| Apples, 658 bblf; 24 hbdi and 39 950 lbs bacon, 80..
76V iba butter, 16,838 bus corn, 4310.11 com meal, 496
|b*l' a cotton, 10 676 bbls. 3 >ur, 24,027 lbj dried fruit,
'2334 bales hav, 611 tons pig iron. 116 cat le, alx calves
2,687 bog*. 5i horses, 60 ah*, p, 3,265 kegs nails, 2,750
[bus oats, 218 hbds stuns, 887 hbds tcbioco, 2.619 pkj>
mid do , 156,491 buswheat, 856 bbls whisky, 1830 cord
wood, 1918 lb-, wool, 80 502 lbs lard, 764 pkea and 7687
|lbs hraibar, 670 bus potatoes. 61 pkga eggs, 43 pVgs tnr
and skins, 21,605 !b< tallow, 506 bus peas and beans, 383
pkgs buckwheat-meal, 744 bus rye, 500 I us seeds, 461
Inlet domestics. 2690 lbs domestic soap, 1662 Ibt choose,
4o bb's lime, 70ihhde sugar, 105 bbls aiol.s-sM, 530 bags
pemu’s, 52 mils rosin, 23 lbs turpentine, 278 bags rug-,
1532 mis pipe-, 86 bales cotton-waste, 81 do. waste, 38
bbls cranbt rries, 475 empty bbls, 37,Oooft lumber, 387
hdls broom-corn, 42,000 staves, 24 racks salt, 235 bar.
iron, etc.
Th« Powxr or Sonii —A rather touching incident
took place at th< Richmond “Varieties" on Friday uighi
as', which is worthy of heiug related, as showing tin
ntluence of music over the human soul. If m'lie Bo'sverl
was sieging the touching song cf “Home, sweet home,’
when the attention of a portion of the audience was at
tracted by tbe frequent sobs of a Mississippi volunteer
as fine a specimen of manhood as one would wish
to gtzi tt,on. The soldier was thinking of bis homt
and loved ones a thou.and milts away, and became en
tirely oblivious of the kindreds gtxing upon him. At
the conclusion cf the pong, he vociferously called out
or aa encore, offering fi re do'ltrs if tbe lady would ring
it ov<r again. The prttiy cantatrice came forward and
stng in its place ths “Marsel.ies," with her usual lire.
The Mississippian, with a yell of triumph, rai.s id himprlt
to his full height, exclaiming, “I was a child just now
but now I am a man—Hurrah tor Jeff. Davis and the
Southen Conftdsracy I" That mau had a noble heart
uuder the rough exterior.
Tux Ijatk Oio K. SahLxa —In the Hustings Court,
Saturday, the following preamble and resolutions a err
Wh-reae, since the 1 ist monthly term of this Court, it
his been the will of D vmo Providence to remove (rota
our midst our'late associate justice, Oeorge E Sadler,
whose estmable qualities, kindness of brii't, and usolul
utsa as a cittern, had endsared him to all who knew him;
be it lhrr< Ur.
Kttolvtil, That the members of this Court deeplv de
[lore their loss, and tender to the alii cted family oi tin
unity they have .-us'ained.
hUtulvt l, Tnal the Clerk of (his Court transmit a copy!
C these proceedings 10 the family of the deceased, ami
-titer the same of record.
If iron's Court—Oo Saturday, John Ragan appear-l
*J to answer tin charge of “rxtortion, aud unlawfully oh I
taiuing money from James Evans, a free negro.” 11., P
examination was continued to It! o'clock, on the lllatl
oat., and the accused It tiled in the sum of $.'it)0.
Toe charge agniutt Hagau of threateuiug to aaaaul I
and k II Kf ward A. Pollard, was di-pot d of by reijuinual
the accused to give security to keep the peace, in mil
iitut of $7<a).
Janies Burns, charged with unlawfully and violently!
tsettul ing ana beating Geo. W. Manning, with a sling
ihot, was remanded for indic'ment.
Ooscrrt To-nkjht.—The concert which waa postponed
tst week, “ou account of the weather," will take place
vutyAf at the Second Uiptist Church. The u.tractions
ire 11 the highest order, ard as the proceeds are to bt
ippliod for the benefit of the Kentucky volunteers, we
tope that every ticket cIf.'red for sale will fiud a pur
Thos. Doiiautai), Esy , has been elected Sipe-intecd
•at of the Vttgiuia aid Tennessee ra lroul, in fill tie
'acancy occasioned by the ret gnatlon of M*jor E. H.
till. Mr Dodantead has had much experience in thr
luties of Superintendent, having filled ttal position for
. number of years ou ll e R cbuiond and Petersburg
a'lroad, and alio on the Vitginia Cett'ral.
Promoted—Col GJhtni having resigned the con -I
stud or the 81st Virginia regiment, to resume hii pr< r
vs local duties a’ the Military Institute, Lieut. Cob Joht
f. Pattou has been promoted to the position.
i K LB (V H A t ll / U.
Wilmukitok, N. C , Jxn. IS—Nooo.—A letter hat
>een received here from a reliable source in Newtern,
>. C , dated ou the 17th iust, which statca that a steam
r hail ju.-l reached there from Pamlico Sound, with thi
uUlligecce that there were forty three federal verssl< ai
latteras. It waa believed that the destination of tie
easels was either Roanoke Island or Beaufort.
[seionp pasrarcii. |
Wilmington, Jxu. is, P. M—Further cfli-ial inlel’i
it ce derived from passengers from Portsmouth, N. C.,
t yesterday, state that 4s - earners aud three sail ves
da are at llatterae. Vita majority of them, ho*ever,
ave been tlicre for a week past. No further uews from
hat quirter to-day.
The above dispatch waa received here from Gcldebo
o' this afternoon*
There is no dell tits* news here shout the fleet. The
rcather is mild this evenit g.
Wil¥1»oton, J»p. 1 v.—Th«* following <ie«|.vh wafl
t'ce'.el fr m ficlJ-toio’ !a*t iiiRht:
On i(,.* 1 ib in*'., there were tM rmall «lo»mer« ai:<J P
rt Biilin; rjveU inaide and aereu lar^e meamera 011
id. of ll'ittera* bar. Mire are n pjrie I to !>e in Pamlico
Tbi afore niir be relied upon, aa it comei fiom an
fli -*r in Urde conutT.
i V I LIT AHV .«ril;NIION -lit uu.Ifi «yn-d ham
* 1 on hvud, and are manufacturing Brass pressed letters, tros
a' 0r<<»« cannons, A * , f >r Military Capa, and with to rail th
UrntloD of the utlLbary to Ihe fact,
Crdvrs promptly atl-nd’d to.
All letters of ln<|ulry mast contain stamp to pay return postage
Brand* of all sines ant dc*lgu« made to order. Also, amatl stt n
l»» for marklrg c othloe made la order. LRWIH A KAYToN
Irsnd Cutter*, l *»b between Main and Cary street*
Address, by mall, tewls A Ray ton, ttr.s 9Jf>, Richmond, Va.
J IMlNlkV - l-Oilb*~Ktu>n *ohr, »*«,rU d
7 Y)Dth> Htmp Twine do
1««’ do Ps*. Uii n Thread
Yf* dosfln** French OtlfHklnv
lU do do do Morocco do
fio do FngUsh rheepf'kics, extra
Vft do Ccl'd l.ltilog eklti*
lft Hides P t. Fnameled leather, as d color
! pr. Mi i.'f 8ho*- La*U
V 0 tfon»M anil 0: U.lren do
fdiMor Alexander's r pool Cotton
IN) pks Fliut, inn ted
ldMipr. fra*'* Chain*
JtuO l^>g, FI th ai I Tongue CMIni
llto Mill sn I X Cut Baas
ftn Circular raws, a«s'd 4tu M Id.
It) ease** k«*uu tie Castile Foap
'Hkl M, Q D and KriglUh Per. t ap*
In store and for sal* by R1I0DK8, WilJtoN A HURT.
Puccesiort to Mmlth, Rhodes A Co.
jal 1 Yfl Peai 1 Atreet
rHI concern of ftnsm*l IE. Pri«*A A CoM Is dissolved
this day by limitation The uoderslgoed will rontiuuo the
ui n. »i as h»ret fire, und*i the name of ftAm’l IE. Price A
asaumlug all the liabilities of, and •titling all dr bis due,
i* late concern.
I I UNT A J.AMKd have retn*ve! fr ua the Comer of Virginia
I I and Cary Htre*t two d »or* above, to (be house recently Ac*
i Aided by Messrs. J t.n»«*w, Trachea t A Vaughan.
They have In s’orc lor sal» a larg and varied s ock of mamifac
a*»d tobvc o of nearly all grs I* a,«o whirls cons an* additions ai e
elng made from ns u arturers In this Plate and North Care.II-is
They alto have u i hand a g rod stock of Flour of all grades Alto,
irlrd Apples amt P •aches. Butter, Ac . *e^_|<7
\YI(FV ( HF.HIIY Pi t lOMH; WMsr’s
H.lai.n of W ild t k. rrj, at MFADC A BAKtCU’il
rug Sijie, 1 ''Si Main Hreet, comer above P 0. j»T
181 NO LAW lM.ASrKK and Bvntolc Acid, at IIRADR A BAR KhV
l Dm* 8i<»re. __ jsT
lURiaNT NEW f)OOI»«.-T. K. TRIOK .1 CO. have
I A just received Klegant It.ack and Col -red ground Stella Hhawb
‘lira fine.) Rtc i Bro h Loot an 1 F pare 8h awls, (real India.)
ilch Plaid Poplalns, Rich IrNh Popl tin*, Rich Dark Hlks, figure 1
nd plain, Velvet »nd 8 Ik lobes, New fcm broideries, Black Bern
sloe*, Hla k Hi* wit, Cottors, Diapers, Blankets, Ottomans, Ac ,
c. All of which will be sold, a* far as poialhle, at nl 1 ta ts.
I \ UTIOM Th* oo*partner*Mp of WATR1N8 > FICRLEN
[/ cap re* this day by limitation. Ether nftne subs fibers m»y
•e the naotv of the Arm. in liquidation. Our boots and accounts
dll b* f and U on- cftlce, on th* second lloor ef our lat* •tore
use if.) Mala Hr art, whe e all persons Indebtsd to us will pleas*
all *n1 u»*ke ImmciUw pvyarnt. and th s* having claiai*
gainst us w:U prestot them there for se.U«m*nl
RlchmonJ, January 1st. ISCi. j ni
rvTHM >LUrit)4.—The eo partaershltTof VAN LktV, TAYLOR A
LF CO., Is Ihto day d ssolve I.
ilav ng p*"cha*»d tl • lntere*t of 0. M. Pleasant*, the sarvle
ig p .rtn-r, Jv'HN N. VAN LtW will h«r>iIUr onJuct the host
es« lu h s owu oam v All persons Indrbtrd to th* old concern,
’ill pleas* call and settle vkh the unde.•!«nrd
Richmond, Jaauar/ 1st, 1&U» JaaB
^iCMtNB Tiiirriin.
Tkla Brealaff, Jaaaarr 30th/
the great three act Drama of
Oount de Orclaey.B. B. Dalton
Duct....Min Vary rartlagtoa |
Popular Bong...Had Bolrert
And the Aral night if the
rtf Bee programme.
r^ainoric ■J —Our book* aUti nccouui* vil £
be found at our former place of business, No. 159/
V&ln street, where all persona indebted to na will pleat* call
and make paym> ul without delay; and three having r.alma
against ua win present them thers for arUlement.
Jw» I —tf_WATRlNd A nOIUW,
r^h BAkCK^ IMKi:nir i| BIT
B'-aia TEKH, manufat tore J by Mr R. lUtmi, of this city, for
ne last fifteen years, and so highly rtcomiscn led by prominent^
Ayslclan* lu Virginia, has gained a reputation in the Confederate]
Army, for the cure'of Ague and fever, and geueral debility. We.’
can safely aaj they are a valuable medicine for exposed soldiers^
try them j
To be had of all Druggists In this cly, or of tbe Froprietor, cn
Union Hill, Richmond, Va. nofi
Exchange on London koii sale.
Tile lOKrOLk DAY IMH)k.
The very Latent Northern and European,
liilHIlgi'iit r t
DAILY, One Yevr. $.1 i (T
“ His Months . 8 00j
" One Month. 1 0)1
WEEKLY, One Year. 1 00j
The DAY BOOK has now became tub newspaper of the South.
The ve»y Ut-st Northern and European News appears la lto ccl
umns one, two, and three days In advance of all other paper* In
the Confederacy.
We submit the following extracts from what others have to say
nf us
D T. Hubik Esq., who has lately returned from Eurrpe, with
important r ispsichts to the Confederate fctale Government, ssys
In a rroeot letter:
* While In London and Pa*l*,I saw several quotations frrm the
Sorfb k Jiag Bud and slnee my return 1 have alio nolle d sx
i-acts from toe same sprightly j mrnal In ths aewspajx.s of New
York, OhaUmtoo, and othtr cities M
Tne 8njf ll (Va ) ChrhUtm Sun says :
The Nor/jUt Ihty littok, wh oh la so fast gaining popululty
hmughoui Ui- Hoothero Confederacy, comes to ui g^eaUy enlarged ]
anil Improved, and g ves us Northern and foreign News In advance
of any of uur oUer exchanges, and la, therefore, perused with
avidity “
Tte H7 tn nytonili 0 ) Jdilg J nmol says:
“The Norfolk Mi// Bt <‘t has become the most valu side exchange*
caper we r celve as't roaUlos'he very latest news from the Kumpl
Government as well as foreign New< “
TK. )V..Or.'. 1 . V. . //.r ./Jaaua
'The Sorfjk Jhiy Hook cm tains the latest new* from th*l
Norlli, i'.d >u editorial* arc a'way* of an Interesting rha aner."|
hui. orlhers tj tlie Ihty JLt.k may r»l/ upon having their papetal
rot promptly by ma'.l A
Add rf «, with amount < f hhI> »crijt l<m mclotfd. D
John u Hathaway, n
jalS—4t Editor and Propri tor. I
flAI«Yf,-12,ooO II s p>ltue Leaf Lard
1W) bole* Tallow Candice
10 tea Rice
«n hi-.la N O. Bngtr
50 bbls 8/1 up.
40 b«.iei TolKt Poap
50 case* Sardines
]5tLb'*reallv One Irish PoUtoei
VO bbl* Orutb :d Sugar
75 bble Powered do |
3ihi ga's Rye Whisky. 6 year* old
75 bbti pure Corn WbUk/ [1
Apple Hranty L
J50,«m-o Seg iff, some very flue
7>" box-s Linc.iburg Manufacture! Tobacco
ftu cisee M. Moore'* Smoking do
(<•) keys Old Dominion N'slls, at
jal AJH1M >N. YOnNORR A OTEVB, 13 »etrl at. L
<110 HEW A HD
WILL be paid, and no <j leatloua asked, for the return of tn*R
P H-krt ca*eof Hurg cat Instrument*, w Ich were stolen fronil
my offic t on 9Ui street, next door to Monument Hotel. f
* c Tenaculum and Aneurlrm Needle ate mlseiog In the case.—I
II con'alns, h ’wever, among other Instrument*, a very floe MlverK
- *Di ter, of Dire* plec.s, 1 staff, and one point ea-h fbr male ao<*M
fema'e, and 1 silver Receiver f.r fused Nitrate Sliver. ID*oB
Biased rom.mv ll u ary, som? months ago, the 1st volume cf/,
;h u|*cy's and Qualn'e Anatomy, for which I will pay a liberal rc- “
»_T. PLAT Mtnnu.v, M. n.
|. ACl>N.—330) Ibi Currjr cured Timlly Hn-oo, comUllo* of
I ) Hams. Bides and Shoulders; 80 bids W! son's pure Cider Vlo I
>• IT, "n c •nslgu.nen , and for rale be rT
Uls _ W. M. PLIAPANTS, 18'«h street. |
OIL VI THIOL*—A few Carboys for salefby
jits D »VK A 00., DrnrgWts. *
having claims against th? K.Ute of Wm. Irvicg Scott, dec o.
«id present them prrperl / aulhentlraled to me, and al persons In
l»bt-d to said K*ute, wl 1 j lease make Immediate paymeot t) me,
in trder to the seltement of Die Rotate
1*1 > -4t _of WM IRVIN SCOTT, IW'd
Rkmmoxd, 24th, October. 1881 )
f |VIE fo'lowlng regulations are pieecnbed under 'An Ed to pro
1 vide a node of authentic sting claim, for money agalnr th*
Confederate Males col otherwise provided for," approved 80th
I a statement of the claim nr d-mand, with tSe date of accrual Hi
nus hesw ru toby the person hating the claim or demand If living L*
unless he be abse t from his residence In the service of tbe C. t B
r a prlso' - - In the hard* of the enemy, and then by an agent, ntfl
•ome member of his amily; or unless he be under MgAl dlsabill M
ty, an a Dien by hie Committee, or Huardlan, or tome member oi
its family: And If the per** n be dead, then the affidavit may h*B
nade by hi* Executor, or Administrator, or any member of hlsH
amliy. K
tl. lb* affidavit must slat* the eitltenthlp of the original claiT fl
ml, and If made by any other than such orglna1 claimant. It muilfl
tUo slate wbv U is so mad • and the relation of the peison msk-H
-.git, as agent, wife, Ac If tbe orglnsl <l«loi«nl be dtal.B
th? aTdavil must also state the names ard r|tls?n» dp of Die petlT
«uns Interest* .1 in Die claim or demand, by descent or diatribe ft
loo. w.
Ill The affidavit may be made before a 0 B. Dlstrl. t Judge, orft
'■•mmbslriier, or Clerk of a C 8. D''strict 0 urt. or bswrean>K
o rson author sed by any one of the Oonfi-Jerale Stales to admin gf
iter Mill W
IV The officer before whom the afll lavlt shall be made, thallQ
idraiolster to the witness or witnesses offered in support of thrB
lain or demand, an raDi, to make true au*wers to the Mtowlm B
interrogatories, and t • such others as may be prep heed In behalfS
if the claims whl« h shall be propound' d In writing nr prlLtinr.ft
and the offl -er shall write, or cause to be written, Die answer fl
naff* thereto, and have them signed by the wltuaea tnaki- vjp
them. Q
V The officer shall certify that lig Is tu*h an officer as thesiB
Til and answers wire sworn to before him, ai d shall further stalljy
in the certiorate, bis opinion of the jounci of the claim or de R
uan i; and if he shall believe U to lx* unjust. In whole or In pa l,R
h • shall Mat*1 his reason therefor, sad he may send l > ltd < depart W
t.-ut any afii lav.t ..i iBdtt tg, lllBll| (• flMff Si h ui.j atucu. K
VI Ti e affld «vlU, th>'Interrogatories ard answ< rs l erelo, eu<tfl
inch documentary evidence as may be • (filed, and the rettidcauK!
(ihe oOicrr befare whom the proceeding shall have been h id 0H
♦ball b- by hire sealed and iranftui te l to IhUi Department, wtbi.st
|| irty day* after the t xaoiinalion of the witneinea tball have bert.lF
1 Doy*u know, or did you kn .w the BAld < name of origti a’K
claimant 1* If yea, stale how long, and the place or pi sees of h.gjj
rctld*nr- , and the dati thereof, hoc. he wae known to you' . £
- »• iM be was. wr Is a OltlM ■ Ol IlM OsBhdtn ■
. <*t.- .t. v Ol I the (sets mpm which you base yo..r opiol * I
te he dea l, state who are entitled by descent or dlalrlbuitao to th« R
claim on d’-mand, rod their plact A of residence.
‘i Hash*, or If d *ad, La»e the persons neat by d**'rnt or dlsH
•rlhutl.*", been friendly or unfriendly to the Con fr dor ate* Htat* • K
i ncelbewth of May, 1>4IT If yea, state every fact and c ircum K
e'aneowi bln you' knowledge, of such unfilendly character an. R
lh* date c f'ls occurrence
t Htat * f.iMy all that you know In regard to the origin and if
amount of ths claim or demand, and < very tiling lending to ah tfl
its jus nit nr t^uitnraa. In wh< \e or In part H
:> -state whether or nol you have any dal n against the claim R
ant. If living, or aywlGSt his estate. If he be dead, whether i r nntfj
/.V. HI. fill Hit 111 Im, byhlroJor Btfriaft; and whdlur or uoR
you expect any benefit pent the su'cesa of the claim or demand'^
The foregoing mil are not Intends d to preclude any o'Jterev - ^
drr.ee whi. h may be pertinent, or which a patty may d«eu male Rj
The feminine pionout or the plural shall, of course, be snbftltu MF
Mi *1.< urvertbe fads rcpi If lib
I HtU, asms till V. >uu SrtlONB’S, AU4IN*r TIB I N.T*1> WT4Ta*
Tkr late Marshals of the United M.alea having r aims for taking
Lite Census, will pre>r them mdrr the tulrt prescribed by the law
if Ihe Unite 1 A atrt fnr obt-lnlng tlxHr pay; In alt cum stailrg
jpou oatn, whetner they have received any pay therefor, and lisa
what amount.
Such Marshals will also certify to lids Department t' e amount
du« to any Asslstait for taking the Oeosu-t, as provided by the law
of the United 8tales, and ea< h Assistant Maiahai must make an
afti 1 * vlt or Danish Other satin ..lory tvidoMr, AS t" t*ie sin unt
if any. paid to I tin. and whether the same was In part, or In fu'i, ol
lib claim when paid.
Ifa certificate of the amount due to any Marshal or Assistant
v arshsl was given by the Government of the United Blati It mud J
»e filed. i
Marshals, District Attorneys, Commissioners ov Ole ksofDIa A
Lr'ct or Circuit pmi-ts of the United Mtstea, h*al**g claims for • ala I
lies or fgj s against the United Mtstes. will state the same, vrrlfl. d “
t) all curs, by a(M 'avlt. and hav.* them *ubmlit«*d to and approv }
I l by the judges < f the District Oturt» of the Confederate mate* I
n the same manner at they were le.jilred t> do, by law, pi lor U I
fi at Noven ber, IbCU. Aid la all such cases, every Marshal o X
..ther clfic* r will br required to stale whether he had any money *
n 1 Is hands belongl-g to the United Btatet when he ceased to sct||
n his said office, and If to, what amoon and what dlsposlton ha»R
been made of the same.
JalS dlwlm_THO’d DRACIO, Attorney O* n -rsl. U
A T i mee'lne of tbe Bunks of lids city, held at the Fanners LJ
Cm Hank of Virginia, on Thu s lay, the IC h li.stan*, It was unt' m
Imnusly resolved that ihe notes of the Bank of Pittsylvania sl.wuidM
be received a~d pal 1 out by then
I _ J. P. MAC MUR DO, jerUr. P
TO Carboyi MuriaUio Acid, for isle byl
ja19_A V. STOKES A 00._ H
\| A< II INK OIL,-iiU»ki pure MachlnOil In store and!
ifl for sale by A. Y. •TuBE.s A 00., corner lfith and CaryH
kraals. Jat R
Pl> U K IT * LI A N ft A L A D 01 L, for Ml. a.«, Jo.i r«.f
cel.cd *t MKADI A IUKH’8 Dr«j Store. 184 UainMr.et.H
oorner above F. O. orfcl ■
J PIH1TA TUItPKNBTlNC aud UbrleitlniQ
\^j Oil, just rteelvsd and far sale by J. P. DUVAL, ■
fwA _Main W4R
I .OH IALI.—IM.uou Confcil.r»t« 8U.« Spn c«l Uond. 3
10,0j« Ttr^nU «Ute ( ptr e.nt Bnnil. p
d«l_L____ X-H. MAPATAOO. j
IN»(GO, INBIUO.—A .wtx ot iWntorlB«(«.
■tor. and tor •*!• b. W. PCTCmOH A 00., 1U Mala ilrwt
C1RUSHKU lliniBL-Uivmrn, TovnMBd A Oc ,
) and llnvlan I A Nullw’a Oroaliad dair.r., in .ter. and for .ala
•.y K .IN f, PA INK A CO._JO.
alOAP.-BObriM 0.MU. Soap, now In .Mr. lad (WMl'b;
N *. rnsuoa a co, iu Mtu »n«v *cso
BY J48. M TAYI.Ol * 8QM, iCJTi.
Broad aad Fou.tiec xtrivtn, al * lu lloii. - We
Vt:l ie 1 upon me pr«n,l.t«, oh Wir.ei.aY, »*. 2,:h '.ay of J to
ary, o mmeoclng a* 4 o clock, P. M., Bye very ile.li.ble faml y
redlenct., on BraaJ anl Fooelte* al rraia.
r Ihrte ol llie above le^en.-rle, iwo si orl k <nd Ike o.h»' Irairr
front, on Troad elrert, 3* fevt ewh. and runolrg back lit' feei h
an a.l.y, aud are occapei! rr pe. lively by Meore. ttrarg Binh,
and . rk n. The h ue.• eonuin ab ul tla iooui. each,« t>. ilteh
env end ail rec-eary cut bul'.il *». vwvth.r with lyJrarU I
leach yard. Tbeptoperly la In gutd r pal a, and ia cmniandln.
good ream
, Aim two framed tcoemrnt* on Foushee strr*t, ImaedUte’j it.
r *»r o{Grace slieet baptist Char*h, occupied by good tenants a<
1 fair re Is. Tb** Ivla ore of the usual R *«*.
S 1h ■ p.epo.ty t* adapted f w i.nsiwsi itands r.r iJwclHrr, *
' Is vo thy the file tloo of th »e desiring to Invest ia real s ate.
L Tkkm • - Pne founh catf.; balance at C, 1- n J I- m >otr s, for o
gottab.e notes, with latere t added, and In each case sr. ursd l j
a trust died „ . . _
Tb - purchasers to pay the lave* and Insurance for 1^2
jaiV-—ids___JaB. M. TaVLOB t W)W
At U.« requ st of Mr. Cha*. H Rhodes, we shall fed at pubU
auction, oq tne premises, on Iui-mIh) , (lit 2lsl Jwiiiiw
ry, 1 SG2 at 11 o'cl >ck, A is., if fa r, If not, the hr,t (air da;
thereafter, the very valuable ItKAL fFTAlK- n whin Mr Jthcd.*:
now resides. The entire tract contains about 70<> acres, hatln,
frou*f omhetu nplke and on both s.dtsuf the .Ivor road. The lain
.has been r«CinUy surveyed, and has bvea sub divided Into severs
Truailer tracts, ranging from Mo 10* acre* tach, accor log toll
prosimlty to Manchester. The plan and »nr\ey c*nbe seen a
>ur vfllos in a few days.
| To the mtnsl »n house tract there Is attached about 100 acres -
‘On ibis t act, there is ere**; bull Ing that can he d sired for th
Pgen eel acc .oir odation of a la ge family. Theda, i lg Is t all o
• S *! d tii*n granite, and is In the ■oil pe fee* ord r. having b ei
I’ recently thoroughly repaired and painted The outbuildings ar
all No. 1.
This place Is so well and favorably known, that a more genera
description Is deemed unnecessary.
The other lands are particularly saleable !y reason of the.
nearness to Richmond. Upon each lot there will bs found a hand
Ksome building site, and ne»*l/ every ons is w«U wale ei; end ci
(some -Tthero there are »slush r granite jutirh s and 1c: poeds
|Yh- gran.i- ran be dedvercJ by <he i anv lie railroad (which past
I- s ‘hr.<ugh the land,) at a cheap ra*c.
I Re tides the main dwelling, 4c., there is on the land r rarest t
■Marche.ter, a comfo table d willing, Ac , on the place cal.cd “Fro
[Level” This place will be subdivided Into lots cf from t to 2
fse h each, so as to sal; for tuba, ban residences or marktt gar
altogether, this Is the most valuable body cf land that has be#i
t tiered In market, so near Richmond, fur *ome yrsrs pt si.
't Tesus—All sums an *er |f*,MjO, one-four.h ca b. bilance at d, 12
■and lb mouths; over (5,(14). cne third cash, I alance at ocean
ytwi years—in tllher case for negotisble notes. Interest added, it
Feared by a t * us d-ej.
J The taxes for lstt to be paid by the purchaser,
g J.n*» _O I » A APPVR3QN, AucVs
b t vl fit* of Hi*li inoiid. on the Norlli .Mile o
!rury, l>«'Uiren fills and lOtli StrcrlM,
UltliM large m»« h ol Timliiii*ry Minsiii Kn
Tirol* an.1 Fixture*, all in i-oinplfie or
filer —The co-port*.errk p of J. W. CaHImVII I. * O').. hav n,
••xpl e I by limitation, we aha I in conformity with oUr article* c
Sawn <-a*ent, proved to rc'l on Tuesday, U v 281 h Instant, a
I o'o m k, A M , on ti e p-» oU»-i Hi factory anu other tolMtas
!*now occupied by us, together with all the tools, mechlneiyan
lit tares now In u»e, and comprising t e large three story brier
sod Un building, to by 4d fee', witn a wing 7) by 90 feet, boU
; three stories high; a foundry 40 by 40, Blacksmith's Shop, with ai
the flxtarca cotLplete, Ac.
T. s entire lot of machinery for wood and Iron work, In com
ptete working order, cone sUng In part of a superior
11 horse powrr Engine and bolk-r
J. superior Iron side Lathee
8 do Iron and wood Lathes
1 splendid iron plan*
2 sopeior wood planet
:> Drill Presses and drills*
1 large Bolt machine
9 pr Iron fehears
2 circular ns ws and frames
2 Boring Machines
I Tennant and Mortlclr.e ditto
Portable forge; Cranes
Blowing fan.
^Benches and Vlcrs, Storks and dlss, Grindstones, Shafting sn
Pullies, Blacksmith's Tools; P g and bar iroo, seasoned oak, as!
and olner timber, Corn ^tellers, Wood flasks, horse Power?
KTnrrshlng Machines, Buck Eye Reapers. Wheat fans, Plows, Ac
Imkrtd g, altogether, the most daslrab'e stock *»’ mmMmq
iCxtures, and matt rials to be loon I for sale lo the Southern Cor
feederscy. The whole t-» be closed without reserve
4 Tki*u»— for the machinery a^d all personal properly, eash, h
.’bankable foods. For the real estate, «*ce third casn, balance In
!&nd 2 years. Interest added, secured by deed on the pr pc ty.
The foregoing Real Kstate *an be negotiated for privately un’
khe day of sale, but all the stock, machinery and fixtures, will b
sold at auction to t'.e highest bid Dr, rn lie day advertised.
Jab-Ids GOLDIN A aPPKkf N, Aucts.
KtK< BToll'S MILK OF Nt.tlftiOlS.
WK will sell on Tliuratla), tbtr ‘23d lust., at luo'clock
at our auction room,
o ns'.»ting of mi-n, boys, wr men, and g t», and fac.ll cs, belorgit.
t> the eita’e of « W. Li klnson, deceased.
By order of the Executor.
JanlO-ldi DICKINSON A HILL, Auc’rs.
WILL be sold a* public auction, on the premises, on WEDNE
DAT.tne 991 January, lsii, the farm called Chalk levr
• n the county of Caroline, and the property of the late R ‘
Wortham, a plat and su. vey of which will be exhibited at th
tin •• or sale, con'atnlug about (7<m) seven hundred acres, an
•I Mn (2) two ndlrs of Chester firld Depot,on the Bh hmond, Ytf
rl.-kfsburg and Potomac Railroad, and within about two hou*
•id-; irora H chmnnd Thu farm Is In a good state of cuttiv^tloi
has about loo bushels of wheat seeded. After the sale of the fa
tli the personal pro.urty will be sold, such as horses, cows, mult
isrn, A;., and abvut- bam If of corn.
Terms of thr sale will be for tin rral estate nne-yilrd cash; btl
»nce at 1 and 2 years, for bonds, bearirg Inlerue , eecor-d by
trust deed, for the personal property, all sums under (60, cast
iver thtU amount ti\ months credit, f>*r bonds hear.ng Interra
with good personal security.
A G. WORTHSM, J Rveeubirt of
RDWIN WORTH AM, r. B. C.W? rlbaa
j%2—t<1* CUES T. WORTHAM, ( deceased.
WK have this d ty associate I w.th us. Mr. Peter Pp Iman
as a partoer lo our bualn ss The style of the firm, froe
•hi" day, will be He ra, P«»lud**ilrr A 4 0.
All p.*r»oQs lr drht.il u# the old firm, will please • all and ret I*
• i ' »rly aa possible.
j Richmond, .Ian. 1,188*2. ja-1—Ht*w4v
I TWCNTY-KIVb wnN».I.WUi<illT*,t« wo'k I t i-« Army o
tie I*, tomar it or near Mauaseas Elation, blfcr al wegrj paid f.
0 I w >i I AlK4l.D«f lAkiOvI
Oh r9 Qaattermastsr Potomac I l tricl.
• Obxtmwii.i *, Jau. 1cf5/. jilt)—. >lm
[^jikP REWARD. A negro nan named, f.llir«rt, ag- h H
: *r iv under the chin; la shout a!x fee* high, Ma K hall, Ida clitJ
ry la a hla*k roaf, and plaid a.iroui'-r ran'* U,b" yht Ida I
»’ -lipaon A If Ill's Au> tlou room, iaat Tu. t lay. lie *a* broavl
it-re by agMilleinan named Dr Tnoinaa (» Neal, of Hartford Cr>
forth Carolina-'eft n*y premia* on Saluru.iy Afternoon, l»«
vtca t*o ia4Ihrai k.
I w II yttaihe above reward for Mm If feeurtd in ftnjjilla.
that I ran yet him. M A. MV Mi A,
i in* AC Main kin < t, Richmond.
^Oi» %! RODA ! MlapH»aBMMrfc—Hi to w
^ edved In atore. V vaal-. A V STORK* A CO,
I jaii'i— dw Oorner If Ah arid Cary Street*
»)UUU TRRA, for Bab* ry K. A. K. DABNlY,
jatl Corner of 7th an I Broad ktr. ela
I 'lilt lftR>T| I.uDGiNO ROtkM* FOR <A.NT ^K'i.ovr
I the Store of JOHN GKAkMK, on 1‘Jthatreit. Apply at th
Store. _J ataH— dtf
f|YO an a. .'fptalde ti nant a famished Uouae. wi h nine roome
I a offered for rent; It is a'tu at ed In a qu'et part of the «ity
• III In a pleaunt n IgUbo.bo d, c«nv« nett to the ehurcle* Th
•onslruetlnn of the house, with i*s parlor*, chttnhera. Ac., tnak
t «.vtahle for the occupancy o' two farall • a.
Pom a bn ran »*• | W*n 1st February.
Address, box 217, Rkhnond. _ja14 • >w
ff WISH to employ aoma ft *t ratff*Lithoyraphle Printers, t
I whom the beu and constant employuiant will he given
t good Utter Ergraver, either upon ateel or atone would he em
ill 1 ed Ih , H LAN VON DUNCAN
Enquire at Dlapeteh office. JalC—1"t
RicduoMn January 9th, ls|l. (
Nprrlial Ordera, *
No T. j
III • • • ALL IKRKHM In Government c-nploy, !n t%*
,>ubl!c workshops, or r’a^whe-e, are •• t jr*pUd fr»n* mliula dit,
By command of Hit Pecrrttry of War,
JalO—9w AMlilar t A 'j atari t Grce-aL
\NKW NATIONS I, HON I-.—The C.ufe.la*ate Flag
word* l.y Mia. C. D. HI let, of New Orb--an.', mualc by Hlf. G
Qu rre, of Norfolk, Va , price V*c
Vonaateiy Bela . ... R*
Citla’i Land... •*»«
iOMV RIMS*.. . . «
The Oottyye lit the i**a ..
Onr Flrit rreal tent'* Quick Step, by Rivanac .Vic.
t» n. Itr (trend March, blvanse, 3fa
(•••n. Beauregard'* Grand Mar. h 2ic.
Nobody Hurt, Grand March, by Hermann I*. Frhrc’ner, 3.V.
Received by A. MORRl4*
j*10 _97 Main Str« et.
SF1CK».-P.pp«r; llmenm; Otnicr. f.,r .al-by
K9M0N0. l>*»K.PORT*CO., j
J»g Corner O.r* «nd l.itb Ptreet up »Ulra. J
1B17E Oorrercor h»» anthorl.rd Mi., . 1. Pannlil »n I Willi.in|
P. Harwell to aayibll be wlil ifcrlye. for t*el»e mnalht, »■
a-ruber of compaalea to orp.o-io u r ylmenl f.)r Ihe .pccl.l pur
pot. ofiuuaali K Ike Battarlca la and arouad tlie city of Blc .
I Any nomiaaie. fonala, for tbl. »pec!al ••f.vlft In fh.Hlyrt
loounil.. In »M -fi th* m lltlu bu b«n ordered to bold Itself tr
rea llnc.r, will apply fo.ttiwlth.
Any p.r»«na la in* city or county, dc.irou. to cnllct In couipa r
uy “A." can apply, by letter or la per. n, at
J. PANNILL'PCountlnp Room,
Phockoe Warchou.e, or
WM. P. BCRWALL’d Law Office,
,1— if Hank At-e-t.
PIf in « IB RW K1CB.—Race'etaa and far «we by £
HORTKTT H'N RIT I KHN —I A Ooi.nj34t rec, Irodf
and for .ale by _[j. 7] DOVK A Co , Unuf i", t
UUD1I BO I* A 1 I -50 Ret. Bupertcr Carbonate Poda fori
O aaiaay__ l J.Pil_A. Y bTOrtli* A QO, |
(DrlNHI' It *1 <;Alt - 30 Bbla fate Oro.be 1 Safar to j
J olo.c a conflyameni._[j«i7| 1, 7. fToKHICO B
Pr.PFKH! eirriKR 1T-10®yvfcr*';Lr.m 9
JaU A. Y kTOKKB A 00. i
-■—*- ■■ -
»r 60PL1N a app'vo*. <roTt.
I.;?***1 Lnl» * 4Joiulact * kkarktta
Mill \ efriaklr .flarmi, and lr«»ntmg on t«tar
bkrl Avruur, far ulc ii Am il n. »U. N ►•id %i
Ml*ru«n . n •tc|y„ln..it00 MU*D*Y, Ibr A*'. Janaary, '«**,
’ cWiea, P, k.. th« i»o if*Rrl.’k Tni«arrU totted m .Mr.
Gr,0r •*•*•<** tfc* ritito- u huttip. %ia«I U.« «-lhrf by A. il««
Bufr Alto. *6 u ft of I ii 11 n U.e (• nth, ana o*-ar to Mt* U»U
■ ’rfi.rtiu.ljf imn 66f«e% Th a t«r4 »i;i •># i»i *<«1 lal* t«a
H<o ior $• IJ •• i «lio|p, u nia* l< . pornl *1 *ti -• * mar at it r
*•* f* rra*1 ** rr-) '*iata n b>o*tr<j u % p«/i ,.f in,. e*ty ar* ara
ij.v»ro|«n ty .» ar.til* ... J. u ni. I, mi.i a, .» itr. . a»lo*r >u y*1 •, aw l
rtbcrcfore pait.ci.Itr all* ftll.n it to Oa .t-a
R wrwl.
Jj *it»a4— f ne-f.i.rih cad., baling air. li *0t l*» L.ontht tar at
n.’otl-Me nc.lra,lu tr-«t utliW, aecaml by a trjit »>#j tl* u>n
Dior to be §>#»»•! by the |Hir« l.a«a«o
B jali -t *a_A AlHCkH.'N A acta.
10 Ni (.kom .iTAi ra io.N,
sj VV *1 * r fwr A uc .loo,
H’dra an« boyt, wcmrn and yfrl#.
DlCk INPoN A Him AanUaeeia,
B UiA’i Corner frank I u ao«l Wall Mraeta.
B T NOR I H 01PP OP BrtOAP.bhTNkKN »*P ANO MU arum,
I At the requeetoi Mr. bllea Tania, wa (hall Ml) •. pabHr ana
■ loa.on thep emliea,oa 1 bu radar. ‘ASM Jmmmerjr,. tt*,
I.. 4 o'clock P. M , Jie Tory tx> elrol brick v mb..at Lca'ad aa
l.b.ve, lo mer.y (reaped by tald Turpla and do* lathe oreupan
I y »f Ur J -u. Tbehouae tel.. yo*d o dvr, baa cat la It, aad «
1 uttljtent for the accomm. datl a of a ranted family. Ucaldae the
I l«a.l ag, there la aa ticellanl brick lltcbtn, and eub e aad Cal -
I tag houe-on the |rt
I Ttaaa -one-th if each,balance at ( aad It montha, far nrgat'a
I >1 • notra, tnle. eat ad.lca, e»CBred by tract daed.
g The inearancr and Uiae for l'tt to be paid by the parchaerr.
j JaulS _OOP IN A APPy.aaoN, Aar're.
laLB AT tOCT10N._Wlh beeoldat auction, on the premleen,
u IHUkVDtY, Bid Jicuary, 1*2 et It o'cicek M., (If lair, If
el, the fl’at fair day tl.-rrafter ) tha I.eauU'ul country t..L to*
ated ae thorn. ronU nlng IS terra. It will be eub dlv'.l,d lrt >
our pe t , ra h containing about 1". acrae. having fronte aa w.ll
u the lurnilk a >n the toed lead.ng by iha New Rplr firoaade.
n emit of the lao Iota frnnlng on the tu n Ike there ta a grove
f h.»n taom- oak tre.a The f regotny real .elate adjaoa ou the
»e t the reild.ncc of Mr. C J. Merraether, and la Jaatly reya d
•d aa .moo* 'hr moat deatrable loc.tlone on the tuburbe t. r
yit'agu rcaldercre
Trad.- One-’ourt h each ; balance at g, Hand montha, for
iicct able ro'.a, tatercat added, in ured by a tract died. Tbe
.try for 1to b, p dd by the pare), .a. ra,
jt! l-tde OODDIN a APPBB'ON, Auct'a
•'flu HALF.
It CotfaCtmtcBln'ea anJ Vlr*‘.n!a B at: feu:, da.
lie).mend City Stock.
Odd ami Silver.
ja.18_R. H MAUSV t 00.
viriN ItN.-I have Mill In More very Sue Wirnlrt and llal.l
VT ru moitof tlu-m b.iijtit from three to Bre yeara aiu, rr.y
operlor Port, bottled la Oporto. Alan a few caaka of old Brnn
ira and arv-ral r aaca of eery rare Book Wioea, and Chat Vtiaem,
II of which t offer at reaeooable price.. 0. CRA:-Z, No. 4 hi
hanye Block. ocl*
PliaB VIHUINIA A rl'LK KHA.KDV. ti bbla
Pure Virginia Apple Brandy, three yeara old, In atore and for
tie by
I )BPPKR.-We hare thla day received IB ban Black Pat>
L per on cona (nmanl, la More and for aala by A. Y. BTJK BH
100._, |nd
An Aoiitfiiftl Nlofk of Clothing,
rSK Subscribe r would call the attention of dea’er* la Ready
Made Boy’s and Men's 01 >thlof, to one of th* most stleet u
rinwnts cf Clothing, now lo the Confederate I tat s of Amerlea,
ad at price* without the war tariff. To tu Jen and large purcha*
-re, great Inducements are now offered to replenish their stocks,
s the g-ods mu»t ee - loeed rut within the neat sixty days. OaU
ad l>ok, no trouble to show goods, at
j*n4-2w H‘l Main Street, 2d door below 14th Street.
V We offer for sale private'/, me Lon prop* rt/, known as the
taller Iroa W< rks, aitustou 11 the county cf Rocking! am, near
ort Be ubllc, Vlrgl.i a, 1C miles distant from the Virginia Oeatral
illrosd. Th.a pr-v|»e ty eon alnc about 20,uuo acresl« f land, a
i-ge n >11100 of i covered with Hath i, suitable for coating purpo*
s. Tbs Fa»nace Is of the beet conetiu* tloa, with ||otf> water
•ower And a find-rat? engine attached. The ore baaki, be.teved
o be Inexhaustible, are convvnieatto the Purnae*, and contain a
uxtity rf ore suitable for making tbe mtst valuable Iroi. The
* rft, stitiata 1 ou the South Mlver, Las one of Ihe beet waterpow*
rsln Virginia, cnpwble of making any desired quantity of (roe.
*3 the pr m'.ses there is a food Grist and haw MU , comforts tie
>wil leg lionise, all nec.asary On; Housrs, all coavenleat and In
ood repair. The pr»ge.tj h«s been leased fur a time, and ibe
seiees ire now patting Ihe workf la operation. But anxloosly as*
.riig to does our b isiness, we are anxious to sell, and can make
.a ana-igement with the lessees to turn over to a purchaser the
ant s, stock, Ac , that l ave been hired an i purchased, on reason
bit irrn s, s - that a purchsaer will have the advantage of at once
sa’ sing the present advanced price of Iroo. To a business mao,
Mth some means, we know ef no better opportunity of making
Terms most reasonable and aceomodatlog. For Information ad*
ir h ii.Tjsmln Crawford, fetauotoo, Va., or John F. Lewis, Fort
tepublic, Virginia.
jand—2m_JOBKPH HMITH._
11HE Fr>* blent and Directors of the Exchange bank af Virginia
. have declared a i emPsnnual dividend, of three and U»r> • quar*
wrs per r. it it*ai V per cent, bonue— payab e on the 14th los«aat.
janlo—2w_W P. prtCTHIR, Cashier,
T. W. ¥ ACM AH ON.
The grea* au'icets of Dili remarkably brilliant work Is without
uailrl In the hist ry of houlheM publications It appeared vo
nrlitma* eve, and »e have already sold over thru Uu>u«ind tap'
pa i j it, wl.ile the demand Is largely on Ihe inorease. Those who
ate regd ,t. righ end low, are loud and unqualified In their pral*
eg o' it. Whoever wishes U> peruse a delightful book, character*
serf by genius aud beauty, ah.tu.tf procure t\n»H <1 nd t ’owirust.
Rtf-. I what the i. aepap-r preee uaya of It •
F/wh tie Kr<imim*r.
“ The plllosopltiaml design of this work and Its fin* N’erwry ei
hAi ..ikl« r.rnmrrm i It to Lite *avor of th« manr rnsdeis
Will doubt I* • sect rr, hut p'ombrt Ha pl*ee In Ifce standard
•e ature of *h« fl«uth The author Ural* all thr su jreta growing
ut o'the ala very dispute With an a ati ee** of analy.l* aod a grace
./ style tl at give * wonderful fn •Imres Ui sutjeiUi which have
een hackneyed by other writers, aod has produced In Ihe whole
v popular and graceful evposition of Southern political philoso
AV.nu Lfce Rlritnumil Wkig:
"The au'hor lay* his fouodallon* deep and broad giving a rep
d and lucid history of slavery, as it nieted from very remote ages
o the presold Ime mowing that it i instituted an Integrel el enrol
y the pio/ era and greatness of U e most remarkable gr vernmeota
hat ever « x a'ed ’ ifis bUtory of races and comparison of tbrlr
apaclly forpngrea* and enijlre, will strike every Intelt1|rut
••adcr aa he ng as able In deduc'i as It It remaikatle fn rs*
earrh an I vs, led learning He conveys In a small compass, ibo
•eeul ar traits of the tegro race physical, moral, and mental, and
nakes apparent the »m .assable golf wMoh God has pitted b#
w.en him aod the white «ean. forev.r preventing the equally of
he two races- the negro docmcd to Inferiority inroaf holt all age#
ait, r resent, and fitters.
"The author’s style * easy and g a-efnl, cot bitingmany lean
rlea of c imposition, xml >etli s visorous and ssfTidoatly eoa
lensed; In short, ft w suthors prrarnt mors *» please, and Ira*
clinoaii.ua to a jes criticism. W« rise from the perusal of hit
•ook with a moreen!', hteced, a warmer and more genial love for
or routhern brother* their happy bomta, their tunoy clime, and
heir wise ir atltut r
From thr M/x/fr'A,
*• We have read with great pleasure Oils able and hrMlant vin
tlea'lon of the 8< u*hern cause. Al hough llie object has Seen of
ct discussed, the aotho-'s eljle and mods of treatment give It
lew attractions. The historical statement In the concluding pages.
,1 the conduct of the No>th, since tits beginning of the sectional
outdes and espre ally of the federal Administratis*, towards
h- >u h, la masterly. It Is a simp e record of facte aod lees r r.
talc Hi an any altier part of the pub (cation ; but he must be a man
flea whose blood that unvarnished story do«s not cases to boll In
•VU> vein M
From the I'tUrthurg F*i>rt4».
•‘To defend the liwtitut on of #1. very upon all the points on wM« h
t has keen assailed , to show the phi - lologtral and Intellectual In
-rloillynf ihe ne/rotu the Caucasian race, aod the elevating
influence upon the former of a state of servitude; to exp* a* ti.u
exi act! o*sMp and nature of the war Into which the two s «tioou
of the late ’lulon have been plurged, and thus lay the foiudattoo
or Its cor t h'at' ry - thc*e are thr objects of the publication be
ore us, s the writer has by the vory el*vrr manure la wtdeh ho
\ns per.Vrme'L h!s labors, rendered valuable srrvioe not only to
the cause of 8 rr* hern llie ature bu*. to the cause ef truth aodjue
tire His statements are la Id* - hie logic no Ices vigorous than ac
■•urate—hi* reflections Judicious, and ha style pleasing."
tillGB, $1.
Thr Bon them Spy,-Letter* on the Policy and Inaugu
ration of the Lincilo War: written anonymously to Waeh'ngtou
arid elsewhere, by Kdward A. Pollard, of Virginia, author of
"Black Diamond.”
1. Letter to President Lincoln, written at Washington.
2. Lett r to President Llr.ro n, wrl ten at WisMjgtoa. •
S Le ter to President llncolo, writ’en at Washington.
4. Letter to Prei'dect Lincoln, writ’ea n ar the Government.
8. Uisr to the fdi’or of-, written in Maryland.
L Letter to Secretary Feward, wri ten In Maryland.
7. Lt-tcr to President Llncolo. written a Maryland.
5. Letter to toefer Tvng, written In Baltimore.
2. Letter u< General Scott, written In Maryland. ;
Id. Letter to Mr. ■vtrett written In Maryland.
Price 50 rents*
lepeech de’lver'd by Hon Fevsaiv Toci**, of V'rg'nla, In 'he
(South** n Co venttoo, held at Naahv.Ue, Tuan , April iflth; 1IS60. —
! Price flh cen?s.
Persons remitting the pries of either of the above named Bocks,
will have them seht to any part of the foathtm Confederacy Irsu
i of postage.
!The trade allowed a liberal dlsctunt.
Address orders to
• W IRT A JOHW8TON. Publishers aid Books# lere.
jaelR—2t 145 Main U rn*. Uchmood. Va.
[ WAIfTBD. "
|| A AAA BTITLPI, Immediately. A good price wi 1 In
llUuUUUpald. 8AMPS0H J0M18 kg’t
1 Jahb garter Main aad ttAK sett,
■• i

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