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io disc .** ice pmprieyy of breaking the blockade of the
Burhero eosst within the eexl lotir month* The lan
guage of the moot icti lertixl of Lbcdon purnals end the
kanwn animus cf a majority of !fce Q ie*«’s ministers
randrr* it evidential: i: in the duty of the United Rutes
Oove-nwent to be prepared for snob a contingency." ft
•its that France is •‘u-gently instigating Great Britain to
rseegw r» the ud>p»ndence of the Southern Coofedera
Of, an i bt.ak 'he blockade." The “H-rald" go"* on t >
tell o' the terrible war the United State* will wsge
agtirt. those cnuutrieeif ib-▼ i are to t.keany »uch*t»p
—b r. inch threats, in the light ol the late abject surren
der. wM* only I’tvAte a smk.
In t\0 W Mhi3g?<m fvnati 03 221 re«oIutio-i
fo th • expulsion of Senator Bright, cf Indiana, betr g
under consideration, Garrett Daria, ol K-ntticky, spoke
ia 'ay or of it. Ue .-aid that any man who »n opposed
t, the foc'rme of coercion *u ulBi to ho a Senator.—
Taa wote was no- reached.
Frou the Ba t-mcre ‘•Sun" of the Hid, we extract a*
uuugsr raisOKtas raou roar »uui.
Liens. Dulaney A For real, ot Virginia. Cu bjrne, of
L >ai end W hart jo. of Tennessee, all I tie ot the
U S- S try. were reieaai d from Fort Warren on T iuni
0 iy Li t and arrived m B iltluitvie on the cvcui: g ot the
aiT. -dar, eioppirtg at Btrnum’s Ho eL They were ex
p,,- -1 to leave for O'd F i '‘o:i Wedne-day afternoon,
and proceed 10 Sorfo k t»y dig of trace.
-dk .Li»>. cirrcwnr vtMinta.
The Lrttdju cjrrespondent of the Now York "Com
ic* vial * eay* t
■ I >ras Dotitied yeeterd iv at Messrs Biring Brea.,
tn it they had received no ord -r-i to pty the dividend
ou lb • » ecl.cg coupons ot tne Virginia five per cents,
which fjli du<- on the In lost. This intimation was ol
1 jurao cslcnlst-d to dam % < the reju alion of the State,
and cf Uie 1 to 'ed ratcca-.aa generally, but it hat just
transpired that the Hinaa ha* brought the required remit
tucee, and it is utiderrto-'d that the payment will be
adrertised the Jar aftir to-morrow (Monday) in tbe
n urn wav. L >ok ig at th" manner in which the eilun
i.ios ol t c civil war fall upon Virginia, even your rerd
er» sill give the o d St » e cred t for ’he effort she bus
p us nude, end whic • bum ba»e inrolred great eacrili
„ \ to maintain h.r n croal honor. Doubtless when
the war hot-r the North will thus lar do her justice,
and reos.l tbe ac' wi h sxiisf.ie'ion.
From Ai k rf Ik Day B J cl yielerUay.
From the Baltimore South of the ditb, ws clip tbe
etltPCk ST .8* lift OT StW TOkX—ORIAt SktTAiy,
Pend.og the ar.ivil of the E iropa there w-a a fee. ag
Ohgna. -iup- sc ia K.tgluid. but the lands were hid
t moor ri v depressed Souk-journal-1 argue than deb
n w aii-w. r wa* no- to b‘» xp vti-d by the Europe, and
t'uak the,c inse o' pence lopes nothing by delay. Oibcts
anosirus*the <ie\y unfarorib'y Tae Morning Fc.t
thinks it dicni ... the hope of peace, aad that the
W.ibirgtun Govor: meat ail propose e cotnproousc,
bn' wh ch will : ot for a momem be eni rt lined
Th ■ Times a ks why the deci.-ioa should be drlated If
y*ror-b’“ for p'ace. and says that the immediate surren
der «t if isou at d Slidell would have boeu a greater blow
to .h- Co federate* than a Victory on the i’oioma--, asd
worth mlllioLS to the Ft dural exoleq-er.
T .e daily Sew* says nothing but p-aoe.
A” tne^ urr.ais jab.'sh the scutstdtctal account*limn
Tne (i MOiur : had received an account of the pro
C -di 'g* of Lo:dL»o a, up loth- idrS of Bavab-r,
• a-a ne pr*.eafcd the form* dtmaad of the British flav
or intent.
Aa xn-w,r was or -ed or by the steamer ATenca, oue
m , : , a:,j pie i abiaet had bora summoned
to m -t la Cjureil et> the Id h imt.
D* Rt .e1!, ia hi. corre-po d-te-r to the London Time*,
pr. du-*-fa’the 0«r>' a Washington ■:!! refute to
turren *vr up M sars. M ,-o . ».d Slidell. H. a**o says
»aa‘ a v.c orv over t'.e t J ‘.'derate Araiy bar'becocs' a
p> ,'ctl ne. - y, an I '.A »•* U'ral ccOtel.an ia bemg
lire -ed rj an s <J> a >c make a forward movement.
- Ta* auvi,- - per the liur p» a d c.used an upward lec
j* of in t‘» war r-k-a* IJ.'vds.
The Pari. Pitrie aad Pay* say that the Government at
Wasai gtoo offered w reel are M-s-ia. Karoo and S.id rai
oooonUuoa ta*: K gU-ad would not recogone the
Sot hem Coa'ed. racy.
Toe L iDi'O'i K.tui g Herald hivs that if ihe Karon
and Shis'l atf.ir is ee'tied. K giatii sod France have an
iLdrcemec*, ou commeevial erom d*, to recof iie the
w II earned iadepsnderce jt the Ce-tedcr** S-*:es, and
that u lee. t j. s *p i» :u*ofu ly taken by the K.u *t«rs at
oi,-e, it U oerin.a to br laaen by Farliamenl on its as
grmbiutg ,
ta. Daily Jievr say. tra‘ any recognition of tb« ton
fed ti:«S ,* i tooabhorrent to bugliab prineipls lobe
mail* a eobj-«» far apprehension.
Addition Ibattenceo: aruliery were under orders to
. . . , .
Toe London T-m » show, that by the beginning of
fill nuv the *.,14 Iron of Admiral Milne will mi»b»r
(even Irneof batt.e-., r-, tairlv-thxeo fngaiee, twenty
Bea carve'tee and sloops of war, and .peculate* on wbat
i# cOa do therewith.
Tne ah pweat* of aminu.itioo to the Atlantic squad
ron con’foue u aba ei.
The privateer Sumter on arriving ctf Cadia with the
oifiuers and crews of the Federal merchant ves-rei*. *o
liaitei permi sion to eater the port. The American
0o_*' l d. mandvd that the request »hou.d be refu* 4.
but waa grv let on condi ion tha‘ the pr.*oaer.
^cuHbepr dude.- tie protection ofpp.j-, and
then k.-r ihaaenter ith»p>rt withoot being sainted,
it wm rumored its Lie A aerie* i Consul would leave
on aeci u-.t of tne resolution of Spain
T a British Pariamant i* summon* d to meet on the 6th
o' re: u >, ou. it ct- be c -lied earlier if tbe engvnciee
of the c<ee d<m*nd it
Thr I- it of th- A'i ’ivc deeoo'ch ta tho Government
Washing™, on tie Trent alar, has been puoli-hid.
I uUv -mb * tac actio:! cf K gland, a d «*y» tbat the
W-*hu goa Govt-ram-r. can com pi t with ih# demand,
ct HuA-aui without the least sacn&ce of dignity.
.rus tatasr iaon n sort.
?r. Jo*vs N F. J m. di.—The latest intelligence by
W.rgtapJ Via Vi leoco u.u, m IV
Livxarot. its. *.—Tree earn.- ip Cits of Washington
fro n New York, am*-"l out on the i h, and -he steamer
*.-i v . r - stine day. They
bro.g*a*. out toe au:.ou.c» neuto! lie a loal!..er.t of the
T i*!ie a^fur, whica w*« rt*cwtvcd %* U lti6 grmbMt MtH
f * i.m Coovolt imn -di*tely ni«incsd from 1 a 1 M
u *r orat.
Tne readiooa of Muon and Siiiell to the custody of
i. „ j Lyo i e w >e rec ivei with tae gref.Mi evtisfac’ion.
but aom- jjornal* cumpain of tb* ungracious mannei in
which :bc Woihingtori Canine: proceefed. C.bera ac
cord credit to the an, and tbe grace.nl manner with
wjich the eett!«»-al w « conducted. Cuneoli immedi
ately awtumid a but.) ant tone, aud advanced ever one
per oent
Tbe Kmg of Prussia is 'II
Tae tinted ti .tre guabowl Tvf'rora liad arrived at
So; bimptot to watch the Nas'ivJ;e, which was thaw
ii.il ie»dy tut »c-v
Tb* ve»tc.e d-etrcv.*d hr :ha p-tte ?uni‘cr were the
*Vj> Vigilant, B.-que ko.-n Dcdge and acbooher Ar
Tbe COodnon’a) news * o’.iropicten’.
T -e Phi* Bvur-e *... ti m and n.gber, and ji twi br ■
iog <juo"ed aih7' w ’C.
i a a im. iCl.'T r as iHfal?l of ras ICaJtt a aw I.
Tue W U DVUi(E i. onal)ca r epondent of the N. Y.
Ktpntm e»y«
Y Hir rwadc a may -’t their mind* at reet about any
aavanc- tsicv b0'- of th-* armv of tbe Potomac OtS
me ami fkhi rtHtnir *A iyiHiliiiiiiii
to he in raalii v n I..OV ■ at a moment's notee. Qeo.
hi Lilian's twiutv-foir r,vega;o wag»n», including at
ranremewta fur e'a at ai d ee ptag, with wtl matched
b got buys ®*v *u g°Od Tinning trim, hut an ad
tiicj movement of Ihe emy t-T ihi* Potomac a: preeei.t
a t fur ninety d»ve to cutuc. .a out of the question.—
T e winter of this reg»n h*« j .at commenetd, and the
j. 1- are frigh to!, k pi«» > .rd ground upOU«htch
U eta g me an urr-.a o ti -JO men can •oartelj be
found oevwee ; V *a a: d K ciiJund. Tula e'-ate 0. eflairs,
ii U ftirfd, aitj prifM*.; it »hfre the Knai'i
army has »o au-p.c.c lv commenced active operations
ra w Miw-'CU.
Pattis Mo., Jan. kS.
T*C oompaauH of eivalry, Ui.iler ff.jir L. Halder
man.ef the Is’ Kimi rog m s left L-x.ugtou on a
rTroaa i'.’*i ? it;viti.ii on ihe ti ght of the ldth,
wi.iah recoiled .a iur airea’ ol . 'apt Whiling, J »c3 icily
uui teverai oth-r ootunoae S'Nel deepirado-r, and the
Cipuroof a larje lot ot aorucs, mu s, wvgun\ oox«
k .*a*y store* A ’then fr in Ool. Mcll.gatis ocm
rnand, and a oouali'-ri’il- <; ta a l.ty of boot a aud sheer
a ii other articled taken fr-m tha ►t-anitr burg ins t y
ths Confederate, icme lime »1 re. »l of which were
tamed over to th* fejanl troopa at L.X' g on.
Cuh b ti’ ir, of it Cia ia 1st r gim nt. in commaed
cL x gvun, imi i’i;. e. by a gecaral order, that »a Con
fe^raus lurk in amn.ah and fi e ’ipon eoldiirs, he has,
therefoie, ordtrei o be arret'“d a ia’gc Lumb-r of
wea’thy and i fli ntoal a- ces-iOLia a, who give aid and
comfort to Pne '» auny, whom he wiil held ie-pou»ible
for th* good b'havior oi their rirtlinvf; and the asaata:
sadoo of one u u cf his comir. cd la t'.k manner will
be fo lowed by th* (hooting or haaging of five of thtie
wealthy Confederate a.
race uiseorat.
Cuiao Jan. IS.
Cage Wilted, of ihe Chieago Light Artillery, arrived
I to-day from OjUoway, alt miles from Fort Henry. Ha
; ie ports that that plaoa la garrisoned by 6,000 Or 7,000
, Confederate*, with several heavy gnnr.
TneNvtole of Geo. Smith's command started across tbe
country for Paducah this morulug.
naval rsrrsLLiasiica.
New York, Jan. 24.
The 17. 3. gunboat Iroquois, was at 8t. Thomas on
th,- 4-h inst, coaling. The steamer Q taker City tailed
on the- 4th inat.. on a cruise.
The telegraph e -rreapondent of the Herald writing
ruder date of tbe 23d, rays;
The plan of action decided upon by tbe Secretary ol
tbe Treasure and the rrp-aeen at vee from tbe Boards ol
Trade an! Buka of New York, Boston and Philadelphia
ao far aa it coutrmpla'ed the free receipt and payment cf
Cored States notea, is considered as defeated by tbe re
fusal of the benksof Boston and some of the New York
b inks to carry it our. The S. ererary, therefore, feels
himse'f obliged b v the nece silics of the public creditors
to concur in the plan for baaing and funding of an addi
tional hundred mi Ikon of dollars in U united Status
nous, and making (hem until funded a legal tender.
To- :av tbe President sen- tbe name* of John Tucker df
Pli sulpha, and Peter H. Watson, ol ibis city, assistant
S'cie'arieB of war. aTh- names were referred to tbe mili
tary committee
imiMso or tbs unicaB fioflb.
The Meiican Minister, Sonor Erti.i* R >mro, is quite
cheerful over the tew* received frem Mex c* The upris
ing of the Met can people to repot the Spanish, French,
and British invaders was expected. Private adv c -s from
Mexico show that the pro ale have laid aaide ail tbeir old
pobihal quarrel* and agreed to units in this present cri
sis. The opinion is exp rased that a form of Govern,
mint wiU now be or-amxad, and will be supported by
the whole people, adversity bringing to the ration what
tbe people themselves, when they were at peace with all
the world could not produce.
Nothing of importance was done in Congress.
Tiere was no uew* from ths various camp*. Seve
ral scoundrels had been arrested for selling composite n
and galvanic watches to soldiers Several perions, who
were endeavoriig to cross the Polemic, had been arres -
ed in G,n. Hocp.-i’.a Division
Kory one u vil appointments were confirmed by Ihe
Serais on the 23 d
Tbe Deraid demands that war vessels be sent to the
Medileranesu to stop the career of such piratical cruisers
1 as tbe Sumter and Nashville. This is enutaiued in coal
men's upon the fsc; that the Sumter has recently captur
ed three American vessel*, burned oue, and taken tbe
remaining two in’o the part of Cadiz This was doue
over rhs protest of the U. S. Consul, the Spanish autho
ritics allowing her to enter upon condition that her pris
oners be delivered into the eu-tody of Spain. This was
accordingly done. It was reported that the U. S. Consul
would demand bis passport.
tu rn the Kjoxv Ut letter of tie SA:lL
A few additional detail* have reached us of tbe battle
of f -,hing Creek No astimaie ol our lose can be form
ed kv our owu etc -r*. Our dead being all left on the
a Id of battle, the Yankees, in the d ash of tbeir victory,
perhaps overestimated them, anil tbeir acconntsayi 273.
An iuulligeot ofiicwr who was in tbo battle thinks (hat
half that number is a fair estimate.
Col. 3am. rowel', who with pu-t ot bis regiment was
m the warmest ol th* *igbt, and was seiiou-iy wounded
in the arm, reached Knoxville yesterday morning. A
mir>ke> bal', graxiug his left breast, s-attered his left arm
near the shou dir. He repor's that Col. Balt'e's Suth
Tet ntsace regiment. Col Stathain'. 15th Mi-sir-ippl, and
Co'. Cumming's lflth Tennessee regiment, be re the brunt
ot the battle- The engagement lasted over two hours,
when the troops were thrown icto disorder by the death
of General t >Uic< tier, which occurred early in the
action, and retreated Generals Crittenden aad Car
roll occupied a position on a bill overlooking the
held. Colonel Powell was not aware of b.ing woun
ded until some time after, when, ou attempting
to draw his pistol, ha found his arm banging power
less at bis side. But for me untimely tail ot 7.ol'ic.lfcr,
or bad another officer commanding the sime confid nee
of his men been in the held to take bis place, he is con
blent the Vaskees would have been whipped. Colonel
Powell is an sccomplis »d gentleman, and has proved
himself a brave and cool sol j.e». We trust that bis ear
ly n-storatiea umy again lend his country tbs service ot
his arms, nerved to renewed strength br the recollcotim
of Vishing C'-eek, and the memory of bis gallant brother,
kseut. K b -rt Powell, whose blooid was th* tirst that be
Vwed our cause in the advance ou Barbcu-ville. Col.
Powell thicks about ten ol hit men were killed, and ten
wounded, acme of them severely.
Cols. Wsl'ha'l, S auatou, and Murray were each
wounded in the right arm.
Among the deed luent.otied, the Nashville Patrio'
hears the Dames of the following Cap: I> dson. ot the
Hermitage Guard*. L'eut. Peyton, of the Hickotv Guards,
Sergeant Gray, ot the Sewauee R flea, and Lieut. Col.
M-jw Fogg, aid to Gsn. Zni'icofler, who was severely
wo-, drd in me hip bas bsee taken to McMinnville.
Oar later advices from Gen. Crittenden is, that be
has rallied his forces and is falling back on Carthage,
Sniih Co, on the Cumberland mer. Tbs number of
troops reported to be oa tho route to Knoxville, wai
eithereiigger.l d or th* * have become ashamed of their
pat.in, a- u hare turned back '0 join their regiments.—
Thev will yet wipe out the stiguia of Fishing Creek, or
we are no prophet
The Piston and American c imments severely upon the
detest concluding a. follows :
The disaster at Fishing Creek is now supposed to re
sult from criminal ignorance of ths force of the enemy.
Hu* a Generalota hive ven urel upon such an assault,
without a thorough reconnoiaauce, it the mystery at
present, and rent*ins to be explained. The War Depar.
rnent will not do its duty, nor meet the imperative re
quirement* ot the public without thoronghly iuvestiga
urg the facts and !oarles*iy bringing to judgment 'die
author of the xrievoue wrong.
The .'earner Currituck arrived here, yrstsrday, from
Roanoke I-lxnd. which place she left on Friday last. We
l„m hw hep that a recounoi-ianre was -act toward* Hat
tens Intel, which retained on Tnurfday last. It report
ed that there were 21 ves*ele inside the bar, and that
on ihat day the Federate were busy endiavo’uig to
lighten the Pawnee over the bar, to get her into the
Sound, and for lhi« purpose they were putting her guns
and heavy arictes on hoard of tighter*. St* was bard
and fast aground on the bv wnen the storm it; in
with ruch fury on that day,.and the nonnnoitwing
steamer had to make her way back to th* harbor at
Roanoke Island, to escape its violence.—.Vjrfulk Day
Bi -k of 27 k iwst.
office o tv (ui w« ns-,
Kithujid, Jib tush, ls*l. i
N'OTIft |—Cwtn* to the'iearcr.y of 6*i and tbo wet t of roe
t« I at to sit tip'll, the *»• •! 1 b* toroed (IT ts .slick tu
the ru ral i . ardturseloa at half paetd o'clock In tbe eeenlmy
f.oa thla date.
Jt_jS-3t _RupenatendeBt
OSUNtjCLST cotuumen of On*. In Monroe Ward are hereby
not bed If.st 1/ they fall to pay ta.lr i u bt'li be tire bo b or
o: I oMr.ck, P. M-.P-Jay they will be dealt with aceor.liny i» tbs
,eq-. emebia the toilowtny «t act Irom tbo trlnanco c .ncotn
iny the Gas Worki „ „ „ .... ,,
B> an ord cooe name 1 hy tin C' noc.l. May kb, loVr. If obf
B i letna'n ni.pe d Til navi nett after that oa whko It It prineot
,ja'.e auditor ihaii notify th - id, e Intendeo', who lb at Hop th*
t t boo Mm MoJ «i tbr yt-n j «. au-t If notpold w tMo i iticb
oats, fire per cent ail b « nd led td the ortMcal osieoel of the b ll,
and Iteba I be placed ta the bands of thi City Ooliretor
I. a. harrisoh, tot
jann-u_m. l. graarrj-, auditor
IOC oani-ii prtmr Lear Lard.
ISt a-fCS assorted Nalls.
SO da sou Painted booklets. lor lals by
agttll, coipei, SPlLl, ke.
S U hbdi New Or.eanaeuyor.
IS bbla Cruibed cuyer.
i hays t -tf.-e.
V bey Penyor, Pimento and Otnri'. Ioeto-e for ills by
)aa»—!w_nt'NLtiP. none OKI 4 CO.
6 V rstll lark pal - Brand,, luplllor qua'I'V.
I'easel st Jallan and Mary.urs Diaret. In rtore. L-rmj by
*_I'i sisip. moncom 4>v
| a H.Hk Or > IIB Pfi.MNM L4
On and all*f SATURDAY, February 1st, ISC*. Ibe It aloe ovcl
;He n.t l wl'l run ae follqwi
The P . e*rire and Ma I train! wii leafs Rtrbmood dally at i
A *t. v-topp'ey only a", r-yular itatlooa) an-l arrive at We^ Point
»• 3 A M., coooee !o< witl, the rtesmer loyan tor lllouteetor
Potrt sod Yorlto-o. ant ni*-rr:*d are Isndtosi.
R turnloywl I leers W.-»t Point at 5 P. M..onir Ire]of ite*m«
Loyon from GUoceotor Pj!o» anJ Yorctowo, and arr.re at Rich
at T P. M.
rxtront nans
Will leas itch-nan! t»'r I ricept Sunday*) rt« P M.aoau
rive at Wait P ‘at at 7 M5, P d Lean Weal Polut at . A- *»•
and arrive at Rlohaviod at 1K.S4, P. M.
Nofrelsbl reeel fed ef-er Add, P. sa.
by order of the P*m.dtai. ^ # DAINGRRPTKLD.
jail -dim_<«nl
Manasaar Jrwonoa, Jana ©to, ISC. f
Owner*' Oril. ro j
Oa ami afwwthi *Oth Uitant, no ponoa whaMosver, wt» ni
without passport, isoopt from the War Dtfvartaaal, WlUM per
allied to aster the lines oocoplsd by thi armyof the'
wtth inteatton to pass thenoa as tharooftoi Into tbo Onltod Matos
•f ||it KiM tf Hit taraj.
Jy ord* of in* Go. Baacsnoann,
mi A A Adl’n Beaorai.
01T1 IT H If 8.
terday, about 11 o’eleck, M., an explosion cocurrad at
tbe Cunfcdera.e Laboratory, on Byrd Iflind, which oc
casioned great excitement for tbe while is the vicinity.
The particulars as far an we could aacarlaii: them are as
follows: Might persons, worthy youths, were employed
ia one corner of the 1 xrer story ol the building, nearset
the Petersburg railroad bridge, In tilling fuass for ab-IIs.
Th-' department iu wb'ob 'hey were thus engaged ia
styled the 4‘3ca coast Auiai'iuition Room.” The fca:a
are mido of aliff paper, and filled with an exploeiTe con.*
position, driven iuti ihe paper eves by meats of a mal
let and punch- One of the employ, ea, named Peter
■renders, waa ccoopied In fi ling a fu*. whan the coin
position exploded, »ud ooDinuoicited fire to two or thr*t
hundred fio shed fuses, near by, producing an eip’osion
which seriously injured #c?er*l of the operative# whote
nam*s are Jihn FPiparrick, Cbirle* 9hopa, John Bar
man, Robert Roberisou and Michael Bryan. Three oth
er pernors present, P.-ter Braiders, R .bart Coleman and
William K Smith, eacaped with but cimparatively slight
Irjurirs. As sooo as the eip'osioii occurred the opera
lives rushed out of Ihe building, several of them with
tbeir clothes afire Ouo or two ran into the river, and
tx inguished ihe fire, o.ihers ran into the vacant space
north of the building, whare persons went to their re
lief and stripped them of their burning garments. Two
or three, whose names v* ciuld rot learn, were so dis
figured and burnt by the explosion, ns to be uirccogni
x»ble at tbe time, and it is bsliaved that at least one of
the number must have lost bis eyesight, but vi tound it
impo-eible to ascertain the facte, as tho sufferer* were
immediately conveyed home, or elsewhere.
The report of the explosion alarmed th* women and
girls—several huadre 1 iu number—employed in the ad
joining building in making cartridges, and they fi d
from the premises iu will dismay and confusion. It is
fortunate, iudeed, that none of them were crippled by
ths suddeu rxidus. The building iu which the explo
sion occurred was but slightly damaged—a few pane* ol
glass briten being the ex oat of the iejiry.
The bells promptly sounded tbe alarm of fire, aud tbe
brigade arrived iu good title at tue locality, but fortu
nately their services wers not required.
Onaanx or FoRuxtr.—Luke McKenna appeared before
the Mayor, yesterdiy 10 answer the charge of forging
the name of B. W. Tony to a paper; of which the follow
ing ia a copy
CosrxDiHATE States or America, Q. D. )
Ri. imesu Va. Nor. *2let lsol. )
Luke McKrnna promisnto make for J. V. Whit
field, Captain and A. 11 M-, any quantile of graiu
sacks he iniy require irom ten to fifty thousand,
the clrth aud thieid to be furnished by said J
F. Whitfield. The tacks to be, fay one yard in lei gth,
l-‘ss tbs hem, a big to be returned for eich two yards
o' doth received, or in other words,evcry 2b,00(1 yards of
cloth to make lii.oOO bags to be furn:ahcdat the rate of
not leu than fi»e thous tad per week. Tho bags to be
strong and well made at three cent* per bag. Settle
meat io be made whenever 10.000 are completed and de
livered. Lima McCen.va
I guarantee that Luke Me Menu* will fulfill the above
roai.-act, and I will be responsible for Ihe same.
James J. WisoriEi.u.
B W. Tom.
Mr John A. MeMinu, employed in Captain Whitfidd’s
depirtui 't.t, testified to the circumstances which led to
the arrest of the accused, snowing that he had delivered
the contract as above.
Mr. Totty testified that Pe signature, purporting to be
hi*, was rot written by him or for him, with his know
ledge and consent—in other words, that it was a forgerv.
Mr UntehiosoD, at Mayo's warehouse, and Mr. M. L.
Sir.it'o t test rt ?d to the good character heretofore borne
by McKenna. Th* Msyor itnnoncced that be would re
mind hiui for examination, whtreupon John S. Cafkie,
Kiq., counsel for the pr saner, made an earnest applica
tion for bail, which th* Miyor kindly, but firmly refused,
on the ground that it was not in bis province to bail per
sons charged with teloay.
Sicrit Rtmtoss—The House of Delegates, aa also the
Senate, wa» in secret session ou Riturday last and yester
day. This be.ng »n unusual mode of legislation, especially
in the House o< Delegatee, we made at mtinquiries with a
view to ascertain the uaturu of the punlic exigencies re
quirutg the proceedings of the latter body to be kept
temporalily from the public eye. As there is no impro
priety in giving to nur readers the information we ob
tained, we will merely state that, while the mili ary bills
are painting through the d fared stvges of amendments
and mod.tics tiors, It has been deemed expedient to con
duct tbs prt ceediegs in sacret session to prevent erro
neous impressions being made on the pub'ic mind by
the publication of bills and reports whioh when matured
for the vo'e o( the House or Senate may be, and doubt
leu oi l be, altogether dilf-ient from the same bill* and
reports aa originally prosented.
In this connection, we d«*ent it but an act of juatice to
M»j H W. Thomas, of Fairfax, to Hate, that the milllarv
bill presented by that gentleman in the Sauate, a few
day* since, was forwarded to him by a diitinpuiabed offi
oer, in active service, with a request to bring it before
that body. The authorship r>f ice bill has been erro
neously ascribed to M j ir Thomas, who his had no
other connection with it than that above stated.
IUrr Cnasc* vcr a Goon Far* —We Invite the at
tention of those desirous ot m iking a profitable invest
ment a d securing a most ralmbl ■ farm, to the adver
t *,in'nt in another column, oflM'sers. Norment offering
lor * lie, as executors of the late Joseph Normeut, the
estate in nsnover OooDty, known aa “Plain Dealing."—
This farm lies wiihin two miles ot the depot at Tsylort
ville, on the K F. and P Railroad and is iuterrected by
the Central Railroad, and isouebf one of theoM at and
best in tbo country. It is easy of access to Richmond
ind, is in every way, worthy the attention of those who
wi-h to purchase a Hoe estate, oa terms suitable to the
The sale takes place on the 29 ;h instant.
Tus limn Bunos_A bill has passed both Hausesof
the General Assembly, authorising a change on the line
of the sonth s de railroad, an as to avoid the “High
B idgw" K-»r Farmv !1>, tho altitude o( which has de
ternd m ny persons from trarvlling over tho road Timid
pa-sengen who have paused over this lofiy bridge, in a
train of oars, have involuntarily c'osed th» ir eyet, and
.........tia^t il.^inaelrea In ihs rare nl Providence. The
railroad company will promote thwir interests, and re
lieve the travelling onmmunlty, by proceeding forthwith
to make the coutcmplatcd change in the line of the
Snor.TiNO irrtia —4 man nantJ Jnhn Green waa
before the Mayor, yesterday, charged with ‘hooting an
other, named Win. Jlnkine. The oiamiratiou was post
poned until to morrow. We di l not learn auy of the
circumstance* ol the rfftir. The partita are both tol
dieru Jinkins’ left thigh wts broken by the ehot, and
be waa conveyed to the I.nuieiata Hospital, where ha
now lie* ui djr tro-itmaut, with no prospect of getting
out under four weeks
B tecum to Taw.—Johu Curty, charg'd with light
ing, anJ John Fiun, cbtrged with firing pop crackers in
the Second Merkr', hat Chru:mts, were brought befote
the Mayor yesterday, to anawer. Finn stated that ha
bad to go to Hanover Court House to appear against a
"gtullntin" who bad stolen a “beep, and at hia instance
the elam uitu n waa pt»s'pon*d until Thursday.
4r IxvaTKRytx Rood —4 negro boy named Jo, waa
cpnv cted betore the Mavor, yesterday, of petty larceny,
at th* Carlton House, Saturday night, and was sent down
to be floggtd. Tni‘ rival U corrected, on an average,
about once a week for l iroouy, and his received several
hundred I iihee wiihio the past it month* Tne oommu
uity should be rid of such a pest. _ ,
Dtauiastb.—James Webster aud Benj. Sean mads
their appearance before the Mayor, yesterday, to answer
the charge of threatening to is»ult Mary H. Lingdo: ,
hut a* the complainant failed to appear, aud imformea
t‘ c (ffijer who gammoned hrr that she would come when
it was convenient, the Mayor di«mia*ed the oaee.
We call attention to the change tu the acb< tula of the
R'chmocd and York River Railroad lo be found In an
Other column of tala paper, by which It will be seen that
purcDgm can go through to Yotktowo aud return the
sam* diy.
Gg-.n AHrtt.lLTrn.-MH>f,tw isle by
jetr cOVtt a UJ-, Draj|t«u.
W’K are manaficurlrf from Pea. uts a superior quality_nf La
b-lce-loa It li Aeo well ad.tilad >or burning. will bi
•eld in quantities to ault. T. 0 A B. G. WORTH,
I.TT-gi* _WIla'Bg'iu, ti 0,
90 boxes Gunpowder Tea
Lost, Out Lost, Oa :ktxJ, Oeff.e an* Brawn gogar
gu -trior F.-e.ct. brandy,1, qt. and ball Pipes
Bi prrtor herrr and Midairs Wines
10 bbla vary flna Ol I Waist y
1 pa-ebaon - Id Jim -1 ■ 4 gum
Hoi bar Inee, in ball bbla
Black Eye Peas
Alan, a am all lot of Booton Ala, tar s-la by
A LABG1 aaanrtaant rf aapartor Palal Wmabra, Duatar
A sad Wbttawaeb Broahae, tar sale by
Nashvilli, Jan. 25.—Tbe Fort Hsr.ry correapondent
af the Union and American says that federal gui-hoats
oamo np near to that post on the 22 :d inat. pnd fired
four aho a from behind Point Island. One of me abet
passed through tin oliinaneye of tbs stetwer Linn Boyd,
which waa lying at the Fort; one fell in front of her bow,
and oca eight Inch mortar ahell burat and full on the
fort. "Nobody was hurt."
The pickets which returned on the night of the 32id
i i»t., report that the enemy are encamped at Callaway,
18 miles below the fort, and on the opposite aide of the
river. Tae foroe is variously estimated from five to twen
ty five thousand. It it thought they are erecting foitifi
cstions t iers. Ills very well understood that ih.ais the
11roe that was st Murray.
Stragglers from Fishing Creek bring v’ry cso'r ditto
ry reports, but generally concur that the enemy lost
more than the Oonfed rates in that engagsm-ut. The
lo ■■ on our side Is oat stated, butfo-mer reports, of from
two to three hundred, continue to be eu'taiced.
Gen. Z dliccffer’s horse and servant reached Cere th s
A special dirpatoh from Kuoxville elites that Col. Rut
lidge and all ef his command are safe.
Acucsra, Jan. 27.—The Savannah Morning A’isi, cf
the morning eaya that 13 federal vessels, aevsn of which
number were steamers, were reported to be off Skldda
way Island on yesterday. Fifteen were also seen from
Fort I’ulaaki, bound northward.
The Confederate steamer Savannah went dow* to if
eonnokre Wall’s Outsnd fount the enemy trying to re
move the obstructions placed in that locality. The Con
federates discharged muskets at the Yankees who quick
ded, leaving their provisions, bedding blankets Ac. Ac.
Tae printing office of the Southern Republican at
Atnerious, Ga. has been destroyed by fire.
The New Orleans Cretcent savsthat the steamer Ca'
bouu entered a Louisiana port on Thursday right when
she accidentally burst a boiler and became unmanageable.
Tne Captain, fearing a capture, burnt the vessel. The
cargo was vary valuable.
Mobil*, Jan. 16.—The Tribum states that there have
been nine federal bodies picked up ou the beach, killed
by our men iu tbe taking of the schooner Wilder.end ex
p-eeeea the opinion that at leut thirty of tbe enemy
were killed on thet occ v>'ou.
| OK COlMwREKM.—It i« preeumed
R, y. there will Hr noOonyenll n I., nominate a candidate
i> represent th e Detrlrt In the Oongremof IheCon eicrete Aratee,
and who that repreaeolatlee will be, m-e'. be decided by the pe-o
lle fer thenuvlvee at De polli. We therefore hereby nominate to
the votc-s of Ihia, the Third Dirt.let, the Hon. ALEXANDRAS.
It'iLI.* DAY, of Henrico, the distinguished President of the Bosrd
of Public Worn, ae ore eminently qoallBe.t, by Ms aldlltlsi sod
leflslailee experience In the old dortreet, to represent the Dlstilct
so Intel' represented l>y tie latrented Tyler Mr. tiolladay wi.l,
on the day of election, receive the cprdinl support of
^ Oor rouniv being Ih: flrsl to nonu n .te, without any
c n> eiii-e whatever with Ihe late laotu »d and succestful caodl
date for thu Coug eealonal Dl*t let, now d emt II but Jolt to Ihe
oex' most popular ranlldate, ae thowo I y Die election returns, to
nominate tr.at gentl.mxn. ae one In everr w»y deeerv ng the con
11.lence of the people In theee event ul times , therefore, we tahe
the liberty lo prefect, wl hoot any conference,Ihe r.ame or the
Hon *M H MAOPARLANia, to epresent thin District In the
next Confederate Congress, and he will he eupported by Ms nu
merottf leadj In NRW af-KT OoCNTY.
_j anil__ ______
the rue un hag becoruc prevalent lo mate nomlnstlcol for elective
oficM of three raegt c mperent. to 111 high pceiilom with credit to
ihe !>tjt'ct and honor to themsrlves. In th g conneetlon we pro*
puts the name of WM. M MAC JARbANO, ae a suitable candidate
to the people of I It district, for thel' support, who, without in
tending nuy disparagement of other*, haa * pre eminent claim on
us, for hi* able ani dietingu'shed tervlce. to the Mat- Coav-n
tooaid Provlaloual OunereM. during the list twelve eventful
rSkRicnnuiD, jai. aj«i, i*«a.
JAMRA I.YONd Eeq -Dear Air A vacancy having
occurred in the representation of this District, by the death
of oor 1 tie distinguished represents! ve John Tyler, we reqoegt
yen to announce yourself aa a candidate to Ad It.
Very respect tally,
Tour obedient serranU,
And mercy others.
St. gsego, Jstnary Y2.1S41
To Messrs. Wllllnm G. Oretuhnw, Ttiomas \Y. D t»e.l, * T.
Winston, Wllllsm Taylor, John Ahetn,C. gi hblna, Joseph Doer
ttluger and others.
Gentlemen - Yofcr note of this da’e. requesting nre to nnnoon-e
myself siacsn-Udste for Oongreeehas h-ea received, and In ocm
pllance with yonr request, with many thanU for your Undress, I
now announce myself a candidate.
Moat respectfully yours,
pleu, -Mi »J U, aMITfl
1Y PROCLAMATION.— Whereas, a vacancy hat occurred In
Iht r-f reeeota’lon f ort this Cum n .nwca’.Pi In i .e C.)u,”ertof the
Cjoio er.te (Hates, by the death of j dm Ty r a n.e ; l-er of he
f.cuse of Repre-ettUUvee for the D.e riel orao-s- I -f l-e C * or
Rl hra-ntl, Uenil-o, Hanover, Char ~s U ty, Ne» Kent, ► llisneth
City, Ware ct, Jamee CHv, Wimamab.tr r afid Y It l-fc w, ther
fort. T. JOHN LRiCUER, Gore ocr oi the said Comm n»ea th. t
have thought proper te direct tf-e She - fa uni Scr.tinf* of *t-i 1
conntlee and cltlretohold aa el-ctlon to eupply *«'I v.c u y ■
the Huh day of February nest; and I do fa. th r r-q-. e the cf!P
o#r* ronductlcf ihe Rlei-liou, whoa* duty U Is lo m-» • rtiuruR • f
the election, to men or that purpcee et the piace picsoribed ty
law. oo Ihe Aftee -th d*y of toe earns mouth
a I Hlv.n under mr hand aa Governor, and under ihe
< L.4. ySeal of th* Qomn*ouweel4h, on th* xila day or January,
( _v_ l is*1!, an<l in the • fhty exth yoar a(j^y^ ''*ja J r] ^
By lh< Governor:
Gauaoa W. Min roan,
j*9S-.-td* iacrelary of th* Oomiwoowealth.
TUI Beoourt Lecture of the couraa, for the heotBl of the Volun
terra lu the Held, will be deUrered.ru
Tbnradity BfyrnlnR next, 30lll luat.,
at B o'clock, In the Lecture Room of the Broad itreet Molhodla.
Church, corotr broad and 10th ttree'*,by toe
Hey, John C, JleLubi', D. D.
Fcaiai -“Popular Prtachlntf, Pop dir Pruachm and rirar
at/a //-Mirera"
TicteU f rtheOou *s,admitting a lady and yen'leman. Her
do larr single ticket i flny cent*, ' »« had at the Book-tnsee,
at Meade k B kcr'e, at t. T. Red..ion'*, and at tba doer on
to* eveuings of th* Lectors!._ ^ __Jxki —4t
BllftK SALK.
Bank svkruno ixohanor, io bituof «oo.
Confederate State* and Vnglulad an Honda.
Richmond CUy Stock.
Gold and 811 rer.
jnnlB _*_H MAPRY k 00.
WINK*.—I hare «UI Instore *ery Bne Sherrie* and Madei
ra*, mort of them bought from three to Bee yean ago; v-rj
•upertoi Port, bottled la Oporto. Alan, a few casks of old Bian
dlee and eeveral cases of Tory rare Hock Wines, and Chat. Yquesn,
all of which I offer at raaacaahle prices. 0. ORA /, No. 9 A'i
change Block. ncl9
ijtlNBt WINKS AN1» BltANDIt* ~h' baakel* Held
R; aick Champaign Wlnea, f.o basket* Mamma Vergenay Csb
Inet do, 9 hall pipea Old Henneaaey Brandy; 5u caaee Baker'* Bll
le •; 6i5 oa*-* i laret Wine, for aaloby WM. WALLAO* BON8,
Corner Pearl and Oary Street*. _ delo
Ci*JI BR, —Oreaatng, Yin* Tooth and Pocket Oombe, an ele
gent aaaortoicnt, for aaU by UJVK A 00., Wholeaale Drug
girt* ___
ff AVABA ITIIAHI—A lot very nice, for aale by
I] ,,j nnvR A nr* rtragylse*
I IN VKLOFBA A N B PA V Mk.-lhO.UUU Anvelopr.
i 900 Ream* Baled Paper, Jut received bp A. M0RR1!*. 9,
Main Street,_ •**'
aNRRNOH BRANDY —A pur* artle far **1* by W. PRKR
r SON A 00.. Dragytrt*._°«1*
BANK no i b PAP • «,-J. w. Randolph h*.ferula
lu,t>-UB'erta of Bank Not* nr Bond Papor Price I toper
1000 sheet* ____Jar”1
Vivgltie State Sixes, revlatared. Virginia Coupon Bond*. Too
naasre Coupon Bond*; North Carolina Coupon Bondi; Oo .lateral*
as ate* B nds and regirtered Slock, for aalo at market rata*,
gvWANTED— Oold and SUver (Join. RH. MAURY A 00.,
d«r 8t. Cbarlca Hotel _ _
UOPH, HOPS, Hop*, llopu, Hop* If op*-—A
supply of free* Hoi*», Juat received and for rmp.
i hiva alio for OiJ BvDKirdorr, Anti Old Claret Brandj*
R. A. * DAB* »Y,
Wroleule and ReUil,
Mil Ocrner of Broad and Tih
N r DO A. Hoalattar** Bitter*, lust reeelrod^T
un.K A OO . Wholes* e Heueylef
g"YOPPACB.—The undartIgneT, agent* of th# Un'on Uouaus',
\j dated U pper Mina, of Teoueesee, have J ,*‘“^1
ply of pur# 'ngol Cepptr, which they tier for •*!* In *«<• 10 "*•*
PIPBR.-Brier Rl rip**, a large aad kaauUfal lot, to*' **1*
by DOYR * 00., Wholeuale Drugglet*.
This Rrtllif, ImiWT tltk
pint night of the prul ramaiy
eat ercopf to coNcni*
Dine? . .Mm J**»y PaeMagtot
Popular tong....Kit Bolrot
mHB cone*-« of JOHNSON A PCGH, !i vh'J iay d'.Kirsd h>
J. mutual con ft*.
The .looks are hi ihe l and* of l*m R Pa h for settlesurnt, wh
will «:e !' ■ !!#*> of the ro-cern In elae'n t only.
He cay be found ai Me effice, on khickoe flip, cent doortr
the entra-ce o Tobacco Exehan.e.
P»r,ou» ind.kted w 11 piy ai prompt'y u pontble; and those
hae.ug J.-mandj again*-. the concern will preeem them to him tot
Jel-cdw WH R. PCBH.
The eoheortbor will continue to tra ia-t a Pern- Inloa Business,
at tb- sia d reren. > oceuydf 1 by Jt.brfon A Path, front kul d
log. rhockoe Warehouse. Heretorni hi moot rrate'ul thankj to
the pate* . uf the lu'.r r.i!]-L-ni, ffrthe'r hoerai t* i runage, and
soLc, e from t >»•* a continuance of their pelronege, eudaU thoe.
who may be disposed to patron le him.
The lobicrlher adit contlmethe Commits on rmine*,, i!iu
and bs* fa ■- on otHreos : hiofcoe Slip, real diorto the ettraner
to T int' Exchange, and availing h -nieif of the pr.tent occ.
•lon,bereOj tender* hit loathe for ibi 1 bera> patronage extender
lo the old c. nc.rn, and hupee by cn'let led arte lion to husoes
to mtrlt and re.eiee a liberal ihare of patr: nage
jet—edw__tk R PFI.W
VJorirK Prom and iinrrloledalr.uud uu
.T til further notice, our an Mm will be waclu*
ai * wly Tor cmb.
T uie I i l.btrd tu nx f rpurebtsee during the put year wll
pi are teltle thetr account, ae eoou i, possl I.e.
Jal—dlwAed* John w riounov w now
DIBd'U.CPlON Of CO-PARTNERSHIP —'Ihe co p.rtnenn.i
• ereto'u-e existing under the ityle and Arm of PIVTON A
A tc'HKK, iCtbii day dissolved by icnuial consent The name o
the firm will be us*d on y by either partnrr la settling up the bus
loess cf the late concern. _
Richest ad, January 1st, 1m>4.
Ths suheirl.er intend! contlna’ng the COMMISSION Bl’SINEW
and respectfully eoUclti c'negnments of all klcds uf prod nee free
the palrunt of the late coma, as wed ss from the public gen*i
ally, aid h- p«s by dt v >Ung hie undivided attention lo tbe rec Ip
and sale of produce consigned to him, to merit a continuance o
tbe patronage heretofore so liberally bMtowsd on the latccotKrru
Richmond, January 1st, Ibdf
Oam» *t»* CnsTatTiu.*, I
December Sgd, lhdl. )
I take pleasure In teeoramen-'lng my late partner. Hr P. J. AI
OHKK, to ad my friend, and Isle patrooj. 1 am conttlent thej
can make no brt'erseteeiloo. As mon as the war, In a! Ich 1 bar
bero engaged since the beginning, ceases, 1 shall resume the com
mission bustneM on my own account.
Jan'J—elmM'I'r i.Vh t a w»..*t
Wert Point, Dec. H1.1SH1. f
HAVING listedthe Oapltal Stock of this company with lh>
AssesO.r Of the war tax. lor the ooaDty of K'ng WllUau.
therefore, the stockholders of this compare need not list rhel
. ..W <- r.i__ for tasaUvn. JullN POI.LARD.
deftl— olio Treaeirer of the Company.
rilQK aubeerlher ul>n bit terrlc*. to purchsae Tobacco ou Brck
4 .rare- hla long riffle re la the trade will enable him to te
lect jadln nna'y, -ptalillet suitable for tb'pplng, manufactuilrg or
re lilt Pa.roaayr respectfully aoUeited.
jaotl—id ___ JNQ JOKES.
f |Y0 the Commandants of Military Em ampments of Virginia 'n
l the Confederate Btatta icrrlce. The hscretare of the
C mmouwealHt la renotred to lu-olsh Poll Kv-kt anJ forma fir
the vote t r be taaen for Kallfrlny u* Rrie.-U-jr the CaniUittllon < I
\ir,lola Oih e-aof enramparute will please make re in sltlnrs
fart-tat Hooka and Forma, staling the lumber of rot s likely't
be polled at each, and tne poet ofhrr to w..lch they should be di
Alldress Wm. F. Ritchie, Public Printer.
JlJI—c4w ieorr’iry of the Counnonweallb.
lrn: hare this day assoc ated with us. Mr. Peter FpOaao
IF as a partner la our busin-aa The aide of the firm, fko-r
this da*. will be Hoerw, PoIndrAltT A
All p maoos ladeblrd to the ulJ drm, will please call and setili
their arcoun's ae early aa posatble.
Richmond, Jan. 1,1862._j>4—3taw4w
1 TWENTY KIVr. WHhri.WRiCHTJ.to work f r the Anar o
ta» I' titnae at or near Manuaaa btatlan. Uberal wag. s pal-1 fOt
gout worantea. AlEREDsf BARBOUR
Chief QiarterruAU-r Potomac DMrlel
Omunu t. JamUM. _ JalO—eolm
THIS B0C§E, now open to rtiitort, win ecntUntly keep at th
dlsp sal of customers, the best Wines and L!<|uorr In in
ooontry, and the choice of the market will always be itcnrtd tu
found there tor cBerlng to caetomere Prlrnte partlse can s nt
be aoermmodaud with prtrats Dlnluf Rooms. Ja'J3-lBl•
Kt H. ,
OPPKMhls aerilj-ito the public, for the tele of Leaf an
Wanafae ared Tol it. Corn and FI—r. JuWl
DriON.—The copartnership of WATKINS A PICKLI.
eip'res this -Ur by tlralta-loo. KM.ee ofthesubs rlbert mat
u«ethe name- fine flrin.'n IhulJhtlon. Our boors and acconot
will be f'••od la on- t Tt-e, oo the te ond floor cf our Isle skore
house sW Main Street, whe eall pettoct indebted to us wilt pleas
rail ami utsY* lutwrllnt* payment. *•:' th-as haring olelm
agalusl us will pressnt them there foe ISItltn-cl
tlehmo-.d, Janonry lrt. !CW.__1 »d
C. W SPICER A CO . Proptlel r*.
0. B I-vi,Hnperi-ttende t.
P K. Ura.ii-a and n. B. Trial. Clerk a.
jai.'-’m _N. W, HAEKid.
rnrR fua'rcd d T. it., bepall t n r*sh, or coney Invested
£* Ir, i-., many dm ... t — s.e are the Pits* r Sr. Sreond I lei
ten uty In an Alt.I.try or Cavalry Company. In for'hr War, o
j-e In Si h a company, rcmmls Ions Lt th
adt il.t . and hit f.l nd
... f re reictucg-.dahd cfcma loatlocs couilde-ed oicfidec
to" Addeatfl BOX «IS,
. * S • • Rlrb.m-.na, P. 0.
ETTAKT K3 to hire a la: notnbrr of Taamttors ard Laborer*
Vt for atrvlca on t-.e Peninsular. Twenty D Tara per moult
for Teimtlers, and lift er* ituUarr per nur. th t -r LAborer*. will h
pal-1, with tri.j i. c.-ntTr-able-iea-trra, and medical alien deni*
Celia' ibcifl U :wr Davie on Franklin etrert, near Wall
H. BLOOtoFIal.D,
jiiS-tf Q-. Mat General of IV Army of the Pcotnr.ler.
Having dlepoked of Ihe Ulltary Orer Coale priraleip, our
• alcofO'n* 'or. ethrert'eed « r Wcdoredar ceit U|0rtpc_
ed io taleof DryGo.do-w li Utepltcea*adeertlaad, ocThun
da« the 8*rh I net., commencing al 10 ./clock
laU—tde K«NT, PAINR 4 O , Audi.
IAOH KB T, a Brick Houte, eerier Clap and 'lh alrrcte
' TW« hou. • >u built for a .1,'bool llonae bnt lalcp cccuplid
m a hoep lal K’oulreof KICRSgY A UAV18
We bare eight 11, He of large |l>u 49 bp 81, and 86* bp 49 hi
chee whlih we alii toil low,
J.i84- lw_ _ _______K* * p
SO 4 H TIAKIJBS. loOiiibi Boda aih.juet reeelre i bp
J4l« ttO> It a O ' . Prnrgl»'».
HOfl K fflADK fl rAKCH-JUt artlale far rale bp
n01 A. L MOOBk. Agent.
iXirg, Ittirah 14*’^ and 16t\ ItreeU,
Portable .nd Htat'.jnery bTlf AM ENGINiU of mup renu'red power
with either L*ioonic"re, Flue'or Op Under Boiler.
lonroia, tar it »n 1 rt-iiairto RiCtusr*
and all Hull of
The tobeeriber war awarded bp the L' 8. Agricultural Bocletp
heldtn Richmond, Va , Oc ober, 188s Ihee.KAND COLE
flKttCL OP liONClI for fAc SmI Hortabl* SlMm Knjtn
for farm tree.
He Raraaa, by ptrmlt'lon, to Gorernor Henry A- Wire, Meerre
Waiwick 4 Barkidtle, Dnnlop, Moncnie 4 Go., and HataU, Orrn
eh aw A Co.
In t u-euanee of the will of Philtn Rahm, dcc'J.. Ihe forepolni
hui'new will be carried on as formerly, under ^hePopcTlnteadacc.
of Mr. Prank Kehl. an.I ail otoere w II be ftllbfallp andpromptlj
eaciutriL [|a»l-ta] APOLPHP.* J RAHM, »» r.
MUST AMY*—40 doaen, In tlna, hr rale by
j*,?*’ _____ _ DOVE * GO ■ DruggieiA.
|,1(IK YAIK.-L'« 70 to SO SwrvwmM, lu farulUe.
«• w"'" ‘ r,r
■ kI* it MlhlN l .-Thf W4re*hott«f4, m the re4r jf our :t re, rr
r c-oUy err* led by of. for 4 clothing rn non factory. It U art
mlrabir adapUJ for a rarietp of manufacturing purpoee^ ^
Marten. Mill, Croia-Cct, Sand, rannel and Tenon Eaui
“na,*rtar*- nrW^“ cl'a;^^”0'
erf * _ __Wo. 104 Main Street
CAS * ILK SOAP—143 baa pare OatUlc Bear, of recent In
Dortalien Ju*» reo Jped, and lo ilore, lor eale by
dc8l _ Itaotiw A BA8KPRMLI.
S_ Tb'ATI 71 ILL FOB SALK-Ppper end of Die Dock
South Side. It ha» V-en need f r Pleat* r and;Cora, and U we
adap t 1 for a Pltlnlog Mill l£ng<nc not much »t*d, and b Dot
SB to 80 horte power. The location li tbe beet la the city. Thi
raring or drapage le an Imr ertant Item.___ „
Terroe liberal den f DMONI), DA> IN PORT 4 04,
Ho A P.-WuO Boda Aah, Juit recetred by
)"n _ >0*14 GO- Wholesale Dtugglete
84 A P.—Rr’trn Wluleor Boap-t lotfef Uw*t leaalae RcglW
Brown Wlndeor Snap. Iue« receive* an* for Wit by J. f. DO
i VAL, ooruar Mala bad Ilh eta. J*4
.U niyof »» f**»T»fc W« •(
r.irjr, bilKrca Din •"< IWk ■!■ «U. Ufrlktr
Will.■ mr|r m«"i ui 'imklii rj. ►•••• k»
<IU(, ruuliaul TlX'urra, ID **■*"•***"
ivr —The co*»*mer.lt ,• ul . k OlEDflUt • OO., Drw
di'liel by Mnluuoa. »• I la MaknlW »Hh oar ait»« o»
it tr exeat, prr fj in e I or. ’E Ut aOay, i> t 4 KID laaUM, a*
.1 o'clock, a M , u tLe p»e cLes ctie fac*04 f aau other ball dings
now cccai-Ud bylog«:l e' ultb iJ il.« tc*in, »aohlug»y and
Gttsrei Dow la o*-e, at 1 ccmpr ting I e ta f• trr*cdc^ bm*
ted tin budding, fO ty 4J foe w.tn a wing U by W> »eet, both
•bre* ftor r* I Igh; a 1 .aadry *0 by 49, Bla. ksoU b*» Bbcp, w»U all
die flxlafM CwB-piCtC, SC.
Tf a eatirt lot of uuchlne-v f *r wood anJ l/on work, la asm
plate working ordtr, eoua «ttog la pt't of nauperiw*
1* horse powtr kojo* »«.d boiler
a ear crior if or tide l at’ es
I do Imn nod wood Lai bee
1 splendid Iron plant
i superior wood p4M
M Drill Presses and drills
1 large Bolt machlao
9 pr Iron bheara
X ilr*cUraaws and frames
9 Poring Machines
Tennant and MorUdrg dltu
Portable forge; Oransa
Blowing fan.
Rleoehea and Vic»s, Wools and dl*a, Oricdatonaa. Shaftfe* sod
Idas, Blacksmith's too'*, Pig and bar lroa, seat ned oak, tab,
tad otiar timber; Cora 8..*iiers, Wood fl«sna, l.o*ae Powers,
fareahlng MacLlnos, Bark lye drapers. Wheal fana.Plwwa, Be,
•mbreel g, ait< getf.er, the coat desirable slock of maaklnwy,
5xtore-, and mat rials to be fono« for sals In *ho oatharn Dan
ledereey. The whole l> be dosed • linos* rsasift
Tina »—for the machinery a d all nervooal prepwriy, cash, in
bankable fund* For d e -e*I relate, oae third caax*, balance la 1
sad 9 yean. Interest added, secured by dead u0 »h# P* Ir;*r
J. W. CAE1)WILL k (X)
The foregoing Veal fstata can be t egotlatad for privately an- II
ha day of tala, but all the stock, machinery and Gitorea, will be
told at auction to tte highest bidder, *»n 0 e day advertised,
j tS -tda _GOUDIW A afPBUhW, Aaota.
llw, Hriueen Ulhand 14tie ElmU. nlAlf
At the request of the Trustees of Trlnlle Chatch, we will #e l, tp
Si ins pretu.se*. on TMc-wdasy Hie B8tlft Bwj sflninn*
«*y . cunmenHi g at 19 oV.otk, W , He very va anb a preperty
;n««,D a* 'fibit) Cban h. located oa tie Ninth side af Vrankhn,
iriwcrn lo h sod 14 h Bretts, and a*’j talc g tne Vsehaage Houi
ts loea Ion for any me. < anMi- bualnass la as dsair *blc as any psop
iffy new 11 the ma*vcl, end,aith a modern! * ouLay, r»n aas ly
e converted into bus ness *uu.ds. It Is bol t In the very best
tanner, ao*l la In s*>«*d repair.
The lot fren's 7*» feet, and run* taek 110feat, to an al*ey.
Trsws—o e-four h cash,balance at 6. 14 and lb months, foe nc
(O’ able notes, interest at dtd, and s*cured by trust dead.
Th» norrhas r to pay the tav-s for 1 **11.
jan ’** J Ah ftl. TAV»01 B >08. A art’a.
\lrff.Brr for sale at Asetlos,
dec aad boys, women and girls.
DICE 18808 A BILL. Auctlonreis.
Itiif* Corner fraaklln and Wall BtreeU.
‘ riTIKI OATS. _
\ , Bird i.tsl al the- Corurr of Kramkllm a»4
fetteraonftlrcrla, lisr Nalrat Ant-lion.
Will beao'd at auction, ©o the premie**,"® .Woidaf.lhc
Jit |fch. 18G2« at 4 o'clock P. M.,th*.t molt b-nutt.al and
laiblr lot local**d M above, frenting VI f*«toB tte North I'dtof
HrBBklm itrtftt, ronniLg bact on tho W«t list if Jefferson atrool
1M) feet, to an alley. Thl* It the noet buaa'lfUl halloing lot BOW
t rankeU
T runs—one »*ou th ca*h, ba’anee at 4, 8 aod If month*, »oc Be
jot able uotee. Interaai added, aeccrrd by a trait deed.
Tbc tsxea for 1'4! to be paid oy the porchaaer.
U’ v*_GODWIN A_APfrKRS01l,^luc*ra.
Ftayo, nenr to Hoan ftlretl, for file it Ate*
.llh' told •• aoctl n, cn th* premia e, on TaaaUay, Ik*
lib Ki-b , 1 S Vi. at I o'clock, P. •*., the eaccknl tr.c« Tea
.-meat -d Moto etreet, near to noei rtreel, now o.culled by Hr,
• u-er Wocdoon. The hoots hao It rooms end tha ueualcut
• tiding*.
Tina4 -One-fourth caeh ; balance at 6,11 aod IS month*, tor
*401 aldt outeo, lntereot added, eccared by a tratt dead. Tha
iirebeaer to p»y the tie*. and Iniuranc* hsr IKST.
I.ln-ldi _ftODDIN a APPEREON, A acta
,%T 4IM,'TIOS.
ay* ihal- tell, it auctlun, a large a'eortmcnl of teaeaeaU*
VV Dry doe *. to clot* eu-dry r;n*lgomcot*. cocdating of
lcthe Cai> mar.-, Vi*tin,e. Lr-Mingo, Cam rice, Illuloo hekoo,
'ariaton .IPto, Kmhrotaered fwbsdlt o, elegant bilk Kotea. Ledlea
amtrn wool, Oltoo and Silk Hoae, Ladle! Merino aod Lamb,
root Veto aod Drawn*, Black Moire Antlqot, eplendld Figured
F». and Boom, Rid Colo-d Silk Vcleme and >e#Ur-g, Maicm
oca ratln-i and Popline. Kmbroiderlee, l ace*. Osaka, Bhaalo,
larpebee.Cll Clot ha, Hearth Huge, Wonted Bargn, I pool Oo*
ons, Ac, Ac.
Will be added to th* aboee, a large laeoleo of frgeh goodo, joit
-eoelved, coraprtelog In part—
Nai pat ke Pica, allotted
300 Ibe ball Octtoa
Item winter and Sprtog Shawl*
Tint pe P.ncy Print*
Irteh Unene. ear*
Super Colton boo* tod Half Hoot
Jnh dee Grey, Whitt aod Red llauatl ttdrlo and
low pe blaca Wonted Sorgea
With many other dref able gooda
The whet* to be eloeed without reatree.
jaai id.__KtNT, PAINE A 00.. Aucta
Corner 01 Kra it k 1111 and 7tk ■tltala, at ABC*
.Ion. —W - will Mil, on r4m the ft-b day of Peb
.*ry, con ineocing it 4 oMjck, P M , the r»-rj valuable reulee
ite, locus eJ fct the turth cut Inte *-ction of Krank la tod 7ih
trreti, and a joining the rertlencBof Ilchnrd ‘Whlifl Id, Eiq
• he property front* on r**aklm Street I8u leot, and run* back ilu
cat in » paved alley, 1S> fert wide.
It will be divided If to five loti of twenty ill feil eacK
Till* property la de<id ;d!y the moil dr*lrabl* for ft mily reel
i-ncea now U ibe market, being locoteJ aluual lu the heart of the
irsa*—One-founh i*a*h; the remainder at 1, f and 8 yean for
Ufotlaile note*,with Inter it added, and Mcoxed by a troat dead.
1 be purchaacr to pay the tax re for 1S42.
jafT-td* _JAM M TATL01A SOW. Audi.
Variant Lots In Haw Town of fldatf< wt A ac
tion.—W'e w I *rlt «pon il e premise*, on TaUtSDAY, the StlL
' ay of January, commencing at 4 o'clock, P. M., la tha order a4
/eJlt^4 Brick Tenementi, ou tha weal side af Cherry street, Scu'h
>f the Waatham P ark Road.
^nd-8 Brick Teiemenie cn Cumba.land atmt. nearly adjoining
he above.
MJ U) feet cf racant ground cn Ouaberlaad atraai.
loft do d» do do do
Thetenementx are all occupied by good tenants, aod command*
og good rent*
V* Invite particular Attention cf persona of Ua itod mean* to
h** tale. . .. .
Ti-u- Occ thin! C.eh: Use balance at 0 and 11 » ontbo, fur na
■eliibie cel, • with tntereit added, aod ..cured In eacbcaa* by a
-rust deed.
The pu-ehawro to pay ibe taste* and leeortnee for 1«R
j,SV td. Jah M. TAYLOR A SON, Anna.
■■TAT .
gN accordance with Ihe wist ct Je*epn Normeol, (decoaoad.l w*
1 WUI, on «<-4n< >4II y, lk<‘ ltd ot Jaaaary, lEGi,
t fair. It not, the net !.lr day there»fter, at II o'esocb, oa II a
jEAl-ING,” containing 1,M»£ acr-s, of which about •jOO acres U
ira I: land. ritu»trd m Ihe coaLtjr of Hanover, within two dUm
»f the Depot, at • ajloravUle, on the R t. and P Railroad ; the
Ocntrai Kallmvl passing through a portion of ths farm. Prom its
j.i oli kr locality, imiceil ate<y In toe fork of tbs North and • oath
tranches of >he Psiuucky, both of wb ch are lawful fences, U Is ao
;'osed with let* fsnre, perhaps, than any other farm of the same
•lae in the surroandtug country The farm Is well supplied wHh
•ut-buildings of every description The dwtling Is a plain bat
o ufortabie one, with four rocc.s and a parsag* on tbs first floor ‘
tine spple aod Peach rchard* . the neighborhood is Ictelilgent and
efloed The crop* of wheat, under the four field system, vary
from ¥.000 to #,<*•» husbe i, can 000 to 1000 barre s Two ban
Ired and ninety bushe s of wheat have been seeded on the fans,
tb- present yea:, which ths purchaser can take by paying for th*
sheat and the *abor of seeding Sock an opport«n»ty for a safe
and profitable investment is seldom tfcrsd. Tbs situation Is a
besltby ous. .. .. .. .
Immediately af er the sals of the land, we will sail all of ths pel
shable estate m H ..sehoM and fcucbrn furnltarw, a large stoca
>f mutes aui L .r*«*, aftern in r.umber, most of Utwm young, large
sod In flue order, •'ell a anted to war purposes Also, soms fin*
cs'Ue, ah ep snd hogs, slot o' one salted pork, about it* barrets
*>orn, blade fo<ld*r, corn shucks, wheat strww, We., all farming la*
plem-nts generally used ou such a farm, wheel drill, buggy and
*TKR%IS — for Ike Kart, ona-thlrd cufi, and tb. balance In three
.qunl lr.*volra.ote, p J»We In I,». .nd « }<■»'«, with lnt.r*»t from
I,tc ..cared r r appro..*! perton.l oecurlty and b drod of tru.v
oa trl. Und. A. to lb. porWub'. e.t»*.. all .am. of tw.nl. dm
to-, and under, curb ; abor. tbat .act, vK raonlh. croalt, with 04.
orot <d ..curtly, to he.r lot.rc.1 tr-m (kit. 11 not punctually pal 1.
Any p.won within* to rt.w the f.rav be ore t'» day of MM, will
b. .bown It by J. W. Norm.nt, now Urtofon tb. far®.
■olr to b. coadactrd by W. W M.lloat, E..t Auction.or.
" HAMX y. MO.MEHT, I - ■_
JonA-cdt* D. W NOUBT, (“’“*•
nTTI cal. of tb. AlcjTC land J pottpom-d to WtDWDAV,
it r ¥Ft*l Inst _
KB.—On BATUBDt Y, tb. Mt doyof March noil, I .ball oeU
00 tb. pr.mlfrt, at public asctl in, a trart of Mod, on York M.n,
la York couuv, VVitnU dittaot Be. adlM fro* lTlliMo.bn.,,
form.-K callod-BIpoo Hall," asd now known at '•«,» or'. "
ThU land wo. CODT..OI to me Ij troot, to .ocaro tpeuaymeu
of .-.nolo money mentioned In the died, by la Boo n,l«r aod
alf., then aod now ot tb. Wat. of M«w York, by Cod r. ordod *
York eoonty Court, and dated < 0 lb. Md day of Juno, 1M». Yfcn
tract contain, .bout llbhO itra tbrro U upon It, on tbo rlra 0
0d*f, a Ivy. •»» mill Alto, many han 'Muv. realJaooao
aod other bulldiry* .Itua'ort on tb. rl.»r. 1 h... are four o> Boa
hundred acrco of .Icar.d land, a wharf irtrnA to a choanal of Mr
fort water. ...
Th. till. M b.l .vod 10 b* ur tJMtlonablf. but I .ball, oa truaU.,
aou.ey to th. purchoter *ucb title ao I. rooted M bo.
About two thousand d< liar. will b. i.<iulr»d la cAih; at to th.
remainder th. ter®. will v- made known to th. day of mM.
For Information, art lr-a«, at WIUIa®«hur* Y’a, _
rtHI—ntd«_««• BALHDBRA Trotten .
n 17, or Torlouton a®d .»» to Mail road, la Ik.
Coauly of All*ictiaoy, akool 1 wo JSIIaa ikor.
Ik. H, ildenc of € ol. Crow,—WlL BE FOL J, AT
! At SiCrONS BlXTIEK AYD fl.YIKTEBN Af th* Oortnitu,
1 and Ohio B llroad, lb. fPlowlnf proper y. conrryrd to a.
by Bun B. Crrr,tool* Or. n a-y n.w IKOIKI—ooot. wh«
D.o.tlOXi; a Mr...lock of SHOVEL* an < PICK*; .boot Tfllf •
BAlLBO kD CABS. Foor in SMITH TOOL*, ones! Thirty CARTS,
H A a K KB *, MACHITKaY, RAILROAD TOOLS. Hoa ooold and
Kltek-n FCRKITCkl between SOM and I0.OM ba o IRON,
h-t -on Two atd Thrto Tb' a. vad P and. of BTUL, tin HALF
, OF OONTRAOT on old BooUobA, which Boetloo* tnclndo a hat k
known » lb-H)»h Br dy. or Bl* T L
it Il-c6.* BOtlBB A LAHICi.

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