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Daily Richmond Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1861-1862, February 08, 1862, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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f^;'u .tiaia a;, wa »aa.-a a»Ma«ao l» UkaaM Wa dapoalaofa
l«H.n-i tie K«kO*-*»oat*'A< aen;.
«.»,a»rt..'J.:«t!' wha^oaauJ - "
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a< ■. -rr Ka . oa to. *oa«* ■«. or a.«!f a«Tofd OfOta a.
- «i vitf .iRrtita
An , ’v - nl co»»a/*od on vhe eopy fcw a.peeked mb>
M- • » •vf Vf roatla—rl u 4) . rderoU -at, an»t pajaeal
W —To a?©!*! any mlyundervuadlflf
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*oa5»**«tenJf t»- W rirlant-llve UMW4 **fcl
.*. -r Aderr .-oarnu *cnl by Ihea kw be »a
anJI a* wUlton. . .. v
^ <t.*n*ral \*erW AdeltttoeraeeiU >1 U> be
,wi la br .• J 4t the C«U4l T*l *, .wt|p<l
*« abvl **e %i’tv 1 up°-.
,. i ■■■».*• •■.leral'.y, ragafia^ oo«
w <• f ehaage, ••‘ all oa their
ac? «: •?» -•%! B«>" Ih-vo the am«4aI
t • 4 • u Vrthe < ur «ra*t, andail ttM\
!o» 1W. » a» »he aeual r»ua
■ ' i •. h ,fciv Whig at 16 oeal
. !- 4i» i i • a- ' -rVloo, and 60 oeotJ
a •’ If we»Wjy. TS fenU,
' ^ ' _
" i. o. »• «■ **““■
iff, Kikv.' and cm’-vskums at uw,
lAll.AS, visas.
e ■ ?r . r« otc .:• s to C 'r vii* aaJ Load C'altrr
• » VI li.’kn* Ar*'i.-r^ C. II Hi W»
fa, a, . A , V .. U V -A-l 4 ChrWb.au. lafixch
' l; . .4 ^ i,% «. mh>u- liAalf
OIVID •>■ !•• CA BMlii
FKACtlCadle • C. .rta of »“«■ roualiM •' !*.l»o aaJ
a . ».i . t aaj tea i uIoom w
M_! la h» o-.jae, it -Hi:*? __ _ _
I4~ v i ,vn, • / v.*** anuiota.. 0., Ssbpd Cm, Ta.
* __________
HI, kwxuO ritj, V«.
Will Iinnk> -I Air •; • C 'lr-J ht.i :a tl« CLlf of tk-lmv ai,
uIlhitMMIxol C\Hr -'Id, Hon-l^o and Pi *h»t*n.
ijj t ,n in. cornot Ain, .. Poon and Main KarooU, o»ar ihe
m,. . s- a' w A,..* a •' d«2ia- ip
*.» » f '.l i. 4*1 MMb
ATT< . SJ. Y at I .AW.
\wrIL.T, PEAOT’ * It C' -• G !<•«, Woirop.
W Me c c-ry \i i ?ci.-j4 , 4uJ »uj oolircl nJ ri^U i*aac
» * ' %. o'-a* s«l .a U **4 *4®.
.to;?* w. 4aKi:i:.v
41 r< NKV at L4W,
Urn:. ?R>cr v-Cr lof ilto City of SI h—< aa4
j . . * •: -i . . otofiaaOB wt.: b# p*W«-n to ail *•
vw,a ... t t %,W“ «», #* r *** j.r«Tv«tt, wUb Mato
. 9
, B.Cl BOUL.1 *IN.
I rrOKUll *» AT LAW,
on, ii i ’> «r Boesa, *1441414.
,arla C:....,- *'Pr1 •• t ivard, Ah’-haii-.■, Mocalon
#. ttattloET, Ja,
1. . T - J ,1 C‘ 1, UoaoMr.
Vir »• » * a i • f Xla« WuJaa and Haaaaar. >
i ■ . w a.a -• cad I-. »f Bin* 4 ilaooc
a _ ^a—i*
um . ALA*, a. ociooa.
JOHNSON <te 0*U-<*ON
«ICBM >M0, VA.
* - jfe nc^i as4 commit, 4
H . .M.Jc 4ii v!B ^rtcO< f !q OhAtoliM.
UL* * 2U IMIM4UM •• Milo# Of LAW It to*
« H| *f RV-bwoad.
4WS*wiQ **? B‘iM« to &oi to IW- Toatt if laal airato.
Mi If
•ISOCCNG 0T#l>?K OP •Y*' b !M\>* H), I
0 ,-t ! % *.. ii:, ' r- K \ a. )
IX o*oa«* «lato with *-.*> * «**ak u. bo-in a«, tti- m.Jrr»lgn. 4 *Wi
/i#- prvfi.,i' » i h i ill v 'O’ - u* A *j aUotul 4 J Ool
U*« fC a. • 4f a ■ ■ *' • i 4.* • * - **r%M t»«
t , « w,. « •* - ..l U>/tl ulral »b#nc»r
U khv b. rofinJat. aai.-f t . ! .»
j • r r,4i . «... u> j,, ,i- • t sv'Vlil ••* roolla4*tjt a*

I *«•**. a. pm ..tilt. * MdiLriA fr«Urjf!laii
Of • - ' no 0.1 J A a. .-a . ' ' kii* • f U*. Owl
» V« •* ldtl.lt ^ -* -iA. J - Li* CA4ti*. P*H-.
p. Vli • iito'-v ,U •« 'Til- - ^ , .Oaahfi Hoat »l
r • || j I « «, f -4 , f. - • Tf4 \ . Hi.*, J ftoo
I T o ', . \s‘. - f •• 4. * -ft fc,0Ua
i ■ «• -’i. !* a I
* a. j ••* a** • > u oai- . • i« pi *>• r c v icia 4a«f T•A»€^ ‘r*. \a*l
. - I » i * , . * . ‘V U0*-4* t f U»*
; -K.*ao"’i» 4. .ry to • * ftatoWto.
• »l l,JO T««K. br Mir -r ». A *. DA»•■«*».
ik# 0»c.i-i o* l%t »»l fnml
1 HP |\L .Ml lit K i » IHK If M fMK I'
^ f i i A I *m ui. afutoriiw
L« »-r* r • I f .• -« %1 *-eti ;*-r !eU»r. SSIwat
M '* hi H i)4 <>f « ••*. t'a 1 »&r. *raio
I.« BMAta-vy, Vn^.l . a*ts-» -< »’ reo aaV« pH -a.
* '4.x. b.for hi»*« ..♦ « i 1a.a1 t»bt« In4 rut in
l*»*< «tjr ' •*
••; « . • ' - ' • V • B -lo W- II » •» call
ti li>ai A K u%< 'A4 h-xBil Ca> •* i I'.m-vi -I tfl-tiir
•' I •
V - • P
. » - . . •• t lo Pr »-o4 IB* Ihffl-, lull AU
. • ' ■•• ‘ - ra h * MTVt.
• l J. *\ -ill. (in I ir.
a i » c \ \ Lt". F • 7«l u SO H«rvanii, In
I* V •% f .[..cii.a1 • 4c-i» y t-»
J! lull H Mi " - * ibr r«*f I.f ft«c IA I % f.
■* , ^-..r i bj ,' rA-l- '•/ m* uf*rtor*. It to a J
. %* * % |-p» » %. f n*p )'»" BT IWTJMPt
K» Hr. P4 A <V* ^
tA|t MAloN £> 1 hall; liNM ».N at r^ac
\ . m. . -» • *»•-* ..».*! *o.» TrnoaraB*
,.f **.. i o«'j « t ••» ••uni T*% an I Ti)!- tpnic*,
r *v a* CL %***»>* A (S> *
. * H«;. ’IN! Nth
A r PI llUK'H Htlti n» of th* l>- «*i.
^ {A- ; It v •« f r .«•. r vil.Ora, anJ a »»»i
a '»(. - f .r h Fla ». V k . .*o4 ui-i f» u*r 1, in.; to »n*»
... * • ft •% .t U (hi* b .1 ta tb.* «it|. Vh#
»r‘ .( of aJ.* i • v >i 40 a;.-1 vxut *t«ja
X (It - !»•%. t ; . I
O iall ;*•> > » »*» »h I-»at^ Ttnnif»ta
A • A*. r »u F .• r'.a % ... ..* I- w » tf-OutD* Kt d l*h
^ K .o <• ,v . . 1 Ul f..r itlr- ay J. P i»U
VtL,^.mf %r».t • >. «*4 _ 1*4
H«»4 . 1UIIM. ttot It *.u« . i air by
4 r a A*
* / toil LI % #* OIL I Jot tia< .*« Pu .• Cot I. t.tO'1.
I &:s Co n r Mais *n.| M|h hti#*t«.
I |AA CSBAI 1111 I
1 I 1 I 1 O v j
t. 1 . Iv 11 - ' t r • i* C*po, tut io ih rc^alai
Bi . 4ty if *, ^Ul - ;•! I >-g, *r»4h a ^itltary nation on them.
Cut in «4at '•a' ft tJ tt l. U*'r falrr jBt lo etU.
W4 * M *Mlf.I PI 4»»n "*r'«t
/»%*-% t to' t» » f.i« p4C poool. at tllAOll
( y » t'il pf iv torn. Mt %»*..r» P «»
|M H. H ball J. Trull k C*v*a pom N. P Ham, MyN proof,
( i fct Mir *»y
tor AI.VPT 4 f.^PJCIWfc
a t il v t MUHiti P^t Ft»ML; tFintirM
Hal« 4 •»• «»l %%' i| i ( Itrrr), *4 M*.4i»a a baKI 'V
briir S lilis *»». rnfiirr • ** 0 j*I
I 4ito»|f.\S4 PLATT* K . I »-:><*!. A na, At \UAi»b 4 HAKak'O
i l>ru< .i-a-._ _ _ l*I ^
# | * A CON — H4'*•*>« "a *r cn-l F *:al'T I* »coo, nn-u L.< of
|> HtJ*, "I'Uj ib I H,. it fa i. hi bbU Wi *M*'« parB QfeLr Via*
mat, A>##)Q04/nni«o , anJ for .% *bt
jbI** « H PLIAIAMTtl, lAlAtlxMt.
(OXV1.0SKATB «T«T'Xa OF \nBillCj
illi-wuonii, 8431. Oct'.bir, IS41 l
r|'l3C following ro,ul*toai are p oaunbed under 'An act to pro
X rule • irodiol aufh. ill.' ttltt* claim. Io» rnitrt ^tl.-f -h«
C«ufcdrral« btatoa tut otherwise (.rotlJsd 1or," appro red With
Aaimt, ls£l.
1. * ttaMmeol of tie claim or demaod, with th« da'.* of accrual,
mua, b«t* rn tooy « ic pera lahariiijt the claim orcemanJ lfllvlup;
Uto he be able I trum hie reeldeuce !u the aervlcc of the O. 8 ,
or a prioore lo toe baedi of the enemy, an! tleo by an apxt. or
turn, member of hi* tamlly, or ouleea he be uud r le/al dietoul
ty one then be hi* Ocmmluee, or iiaardlan, or nn« number of
hu iunlly . Ani if the per* u be dead, then the alii lavll oi*y be
mtdebyhi* Sxccntor, or Admlntatralor, or any member of hi*
,*0.,J1be affldavlt maal it*to the dU*«n»hlp of the origlool cfolat
ont, *nd If made be any other than »uch ordinal c!a rcaat. It muit
al,o <Ute .he h li *o made ani the relation of the poteon m.b
loc I . a* jg-.Dt, wife, Ac If the ur yinl cl,lm.nl be dead,
the a lb dart: munt al*o *late the name* and dtiient Ip of the per
,„oj Icteieakd m die claim or demand, cy descent or iU*lribu
UI The affidavit may b* made b«#ore a 0. 8. District Judge, or
Commb•loner, or Clerk of a 0. 8 Bmirlcl Court, or before ar.v
pen n aathor i,-d by any one of Ihe Confederate 8taie* to admin
tivr oa tu.
IV t he •» fleer before whom the affidavit ahall bo made, shall
adznlnlsl* r to Uf* witness or witnesses offered in support of the
ci uj» or demand, au taih, to mak* true answers to the f dlowln*
Interrogatories. and tj such others as may be propped In behalf
of ih»* claims which shall li« propounded In wrUing cr priLtiug,
and the officer shall write, or tausetu be written, the answer>
made thereto, and have them signed bj the wltnaaa maim*
V The officer shall certify that he U such an officer ai these
reyulaUons authorise to act In the premises, aud that the affida
vit and answers were sworn lo before him, and than farther slate
In the ewftJAcate, fcb opinion of the ju%luesa of the Hahn or de
inau I; and .f heshall believe It to be unjust. In who)# or in pa*t,
he *hall statr Ms reason therefo r, and he may send lu tf>l< depa'
ment acv affi lav.t or affidavit*, tending to r »*w sn h unjostorvs.
VI The affidavits, the interr-'gatvIrs and answer* t rret.\ and
sue! J .--umentary evidence u may be off ied, and the cetUtic%te
of the officer before whom the proceeding ahall have been had.
shall b- by him »e*!^ nil transiui.ied to this DepF'tiuent, w U.ln
taUrty days aflei Uie e&amtoaiion of the wliuesses afialt have been
1ST KBS UAT 1*112*.
1. Do you kuow, or did you know the said vname of orient
claimant j If yea, state how long, and the place or pi sees of tus
reald.-uer, and tlie dal.s thereof, since he was known to you?
j. Htatr whether ur net, be wa«. or Is a ciuitu of the Cobftdcra
rate States, and tie facta upon which you bvc your op.nioi. If
he be dead, state who are eutillrd by descent or 0*stil;U l >a to the
claim on demand, and their places uf residence.
Hish-, or If dsad,have the persons nex.by d< s *cnt or dls
lutiutlo . t*een frierdU or ttBtriendty to the Confederate i*UUi
s*ece hr Cth of May, l>dl ? If yea, at*«« every fact and draws- I
stance w>Jtiu you.* knowledge, of such unfriendly chtractei and
the date ct Us occurrence . . . .
4 Utalc fu'ly all that yuu ko«w In r«gaid tc the origin and
amount of th- claim or ueiuand, aud every iMng tending to th »w
lu jua ntts or rr^uitneas, in whole or In part.
I {Sate whether or not you have any claim kfalnst the claim
ant. If living, or against hi# eeU-e, If he hr dead, w «ther it not
you are related to him, by blc«*J or maxua^r. and whether or uot
you eapectany bwarfti from the auceuaa of u.e claim or lem%oc'
• Nor*.
The foregoing roles are not in'ended tu preclad • any olher rv |
de#c# which may be pertlaent, or which a party may Item mate
The fmnlnlne pronoun or the plural ahall, of cotftae, be subsUtu
tad whemver the facts requ re It.
wriBH t# sabs no* loatm or tea lats arrmsiT*. was
Ttu law Marshal* of P e C Anted .Mates havlr g alma f <r Uttnif
the Cra.ua, will prtdbrthrm u >d*r the :ul-f (Nrwcr M bf ihr laws
of the t LUr I 8 ate* fur -t»a • ttain* ihelr par ; In a? rno at i • *
upon oulu, whetner they have received any pay therefor, and If»
what amount
>och Marshals will alao cwrtlff to thin Department the amount
«lo« to any AuistaM far lakirr th« Oecaai, aa provided by the It*
of .the Laded Mate*, and ea* h A«dUni Maishlt moat make an
affidavit or furnish other a«tla-'ac.ory * udeac*, t-» la# amcttflt
•4 any. paid U> i km and whether the i&me watlo p ut, or in fu i, of
hi* eiaim when paid.
If a c-rtiO •%.« of the amount dae to any MyiUl or Aastf’-io*
War*! al *u given t * y the Hot eminent of the Cntted tlat*. It aue
be dk*L
Kulttl. l Attorney*. CottiroUolonere or OlotlnofMA
trie. Of Circuit Oou to of the Dotted SUleA, hstlcit cisliur I n • iU
ric or f«r» Uiloo Ihr UoUr l St.t « wtil »!»tr li.r OAIOV, treritl I
lu oil cAre*. i*y *fA Avit, %nd h\vc them .ul.iit. l jd to Ai d i|»|nov
cd by the lu lyr. cl the D.»t lei Ooctt* or Hie Oottejer.te -HI-I
in the caui m.nner u they were rri|tired to Jo, i>r Iaw, |*iiot it
fl.t Moicttinr, !««■< And to Ail rich .«»«, r»rry <i.oi»l "
other o#eer will be ryqnifnd to -Isle wh-thcr h- t.1i \iijr wtHiey
In f u hAnJr belonyioy Vi the Dotted Stutc niieti Le c-oeo.i to Act
la h.« ui I o9ee ad I if no, ohii octouti. acJ a hot Ju|>OMtiou ho.
i.eeo n. le o' th* Annie.
,*|« .1 a vim TIIOHRAGG. Atwtuey il.hrrAl.
u an mu.
, /-w A, k H'ITTLJrl, ioiul-JlAicle. A S-Kvl I" “ »' I be
lU.UOU |.i nvtipv .MjON.h
O.rtter MaIa An tMi R* cei.
Mi lit bin mimfiiow The underainu.'U U*»a
. on hand, and are aaaufac urin* Braa pre aed latteia, Orua
Ct.-m . anuoov Be , fur Military Capa, anJ wlan to call th
aU< tilioii of the aulAary to the fed.
Order* p aiu, lit %*l«ol<dia. ,
A'l letter* of inquiry mu.* foutalo stamp to pay return porta?*
hran ta *df ail ala*** an J 4i»Ut;« .nvleio oi Irr. A leu. • mall ate n
c|t« for naitlif oMhlaf na>b u> order. LKW18 A KaYTOh
Brand Cult* ra. l*th hetaeer Main and 0%ry ilrHl
AJIrtas, by mall, * ear.# A R *yUm, 'k a W.**, Blrhweod, 1 4.
ii Hf^h 1
Yv **ue tj lw-lee yea»* old, the laryedt and fln* e vtoek thi*
Htv to »ele«*t from, for eale by w M. WAl*l.AOB HON8,
, Cnrner of Pear) and Cary Mi
C10N4 KNTH %TKD 1- % —* cast* on ha for sal* he
/ nnA D.AYB A 4h>
P»I I ’I k lhU KI4 WL I
. *
POlt H % L»*.
Hank m*UNG ixohamuiu* ‘ liiaof
Co:.fe *a rale Mate? and Yi fintah at* Boada.
Blchm mi Cl'y l took.
Cold and 011 car.
• junlS_K Ft lUITtY k 00j_
WINtt. -I bars atlll la at. re eery ftae Hhrrrle* and Madct
tar. :aoatof them b uyht from three to fire \ ran at *; W>
auperlur furl, bottlod lo Opartr-. Also, * few casks of aid Brae
dio-e an.1 .n. ral a aa- i of «eit rare « Wiun. aud Chat Yutetu
All of atilr.fl I Clrr Bl rrn*>B.l*le prke*. O ** liA.** No. I ■*
ebiut;. R:ik-i. ___ _Ovik
r «ii*k fr.T > &»•«*»« Vr you 0.1*
*0*1 do. t li*lf pipi-5 OU Hr n’1 *.*ry Ht asdi. SB rM ■ H..**r*a NR
te I V* ru ■« * lore! Wlor, lof y%le by 1AM. H 1LI.ACA 8..N0,
Ooer.ee Peort m l (Nff *tr—U S>U
n AVA!U CI«AXII.-A to»yery - .. by
,.* IMVI A *'** rv.ivyliM
(lOITJCM fit uadeeBi/ -d, »,*uu of lb* Co ou t’os»* 1,
J dole! C- p.'er Mlae of Te DMKI, h»*e J ■! *»• el«ed»IU|
ply or pure in^ul CeTPAf, wtdui lliey * Her fo.* *»lo In loti to yult
r d«01 I* A * '* S 1 -A-K * .A!'.!..
,» - I.HI.A Mid.: OIUIK VlNReAR In Mar - in : ? . ».l . ly
l) acts W. H. PIS ASA NTS.
}»|IM>. Brief Rt Pipe., I l.ryc Bn I beta* ful :>••, for «»lr
iivvumrw isw i'apkx.
Td •A'll ’lcB*nr Ruled Paper, juai trcelryj by A. Mogul.-. »!
MaIb Street __**il
VNRBNOU BRANDY. — A pure »rtlc e»le by W TBTYB
r BOM BOO.. Dmottota
U* .VuShe*U *.f Hauk Note or Bond Pa; er Pricy 175 per
libel itieelA ___jA**l^_
MT aas^rtneM of HATS and CAPS for the tyring trade la now
rompleic. embracing a!) tb* new at) lea and col.rs »>f fof1
Bats, ibo, M-d-akln, BUi andOose!rir-e Hite, and a great variuy
or new style of Capa, Leghorn and Straw kali !a ar« *t tarielr
Alt... a general assortment of geMiemen** fur:;l> **g go da, l’e.
brel.as VS aik.r.g Cones, Mr., Me., all or any .»f ukic’ ulllbr sold
ao aa gt.o 1 Urui aa at any other nlab: abmeittlu the city. I moat
p^ti.e.-lAilty In rile a call ft win put L »*«•»•.
No. I Ballard licna*.
I IT AW.- MW but. Black Byrd Peas, lu atorr, arJ for *»!*
| WM. H PL1 A«4NT .
A LABOK assortment of superior Paint Itrualn «, Dusters
a\ and While ••ao Urusliew, fnraale by
no! WMStrTI.K«BOO_*
(TbfJI —Dressing. Tina Tooth and Pocket 0« inks, an ek»
f gec.i RRMtitaiBOt, foi ante by t> >Vg A OU., Whnraale l)my
llvlb __ dell
I OH Ol L. 4 tfgator
VV Ot . for aalr by W PKTJCni* »N A <V> , INI Main *« dr'fi
Gin Alt % Hid'_*• bales (lam AraW ^M In NN» Ita ea.b
* :>•>> r A OO. dels
ClAYMNNK PPPPB.lt. Towderol Cay. non Pipi^r,
/ ((round i 1% k Prpfe . of the h.»! (UaUtr, fo «l* at If r A Ilf
I HAKKK S Drug Wjr«, ISt Main atre- , cor. abuse I* O. |«',C
a *n t Li i.or ok l im iuai oPpkk.
.\ 1 bt.l I lnt.-d t il
1 do Alcohol
On rdB.i4un«i>l and for uldky
• •
niisi liTT msiiirrrai ll%wJaRm»lHl
,„* foraule by (JbITJ PDVf A On. Oruryl.i.
HONilB of the Cor.f.dyrA*. Baa'.oj P*oJnce I“.n. W »n*.e * tr
Kit itM . BABKBRflU*
lb M AN AO, fur IStt, * ubll.hr J and for »«le At t' l*rr pro.., or
|1 per *!.•*■>.
ji21 Publish tr and H^ota-Ber.
|lv«‘, lo- ufbklr-g Boots and Phoea soft and Ju ai.le, and
w*ter pros f, for aale by J. P DUVAL, corner of Mala andlO.h
| atresia.__J»»*
| lHKtpj|MBINbi*J W HANlRiLPH.ITI Main street,
a / kwa rereral thousand v lum*i of n«*w and seen d t-m-l H OKS
j lu oeary ail d pi it ner.u of literature which are rlTcfad at half
! p >oa. $1U an rib of readable volumes will be ae* I i aheti fC^w«rd
| t d by exp r«i, or railroad, the freight wi I ie fWn. or |l m »rr,> fer
' 14._4_IMttl _
IN o3ni*qoan«e of oar having t > pay caah fbr auttriaU us* I la
ourbastossa, w# are cnmptlle l 10 ail pled thocas* ayaleta lu
lio proueeulkm, and orders fbr Plows, Cast n#t, Mr., moat is ao
comnauled with 'be aaooev. V> auiart P.elr ex.« uLou
this Ute~our sales will bo for cask saela
•tvrly, until furthsr aotks.
RI3HM0ND, 1 mo.5ii.
C. W. SFIOVR A CO., Froprtrt r*.
41.11 I.CCK, boprrlut indent.
h. If klilB. B. Tr. U. Olerl ■
a W. gFICK*,
_14. W. H \RRU*.
S£U>;<«ION (’LI B R008IS.
mUH FOUfK, new open to visitors, will ecn» tartly keep at the
1 dup • *.! of the b«wt Wln*w and L'quors in the
c ua’ y, and the o o.e of the market will always be rccured and
foin! there 'er .fTerlnr to c-stoners Private partita can a'ways
be aco'mmodattd wl h private Dining Room*. JafS—la*
K. II 1>I Ult1?LL*
OFFFRg h!* strvlee* to the public, for the »nl<* of Leaf and
M;.m fu-tur-d T •baeco, Whest, Corn and F’-ur. j*M—lm
iflAi l(lN»hY OIL.
II7I ire manufactorlng f:om Prar.cta a superlcr quality of Lu
ff brtcaan* O l. It l» a »o well aJ. |*ted »or burnlt g. WUI b«
told in quantities to suit. * T. 0. 1 B. G. WORTH,
l*V7 3»* _WU^.bKkn, 1LC._
mnEHprlng Section of th> IaaUtnUon will begin the 9th of Jan*
X uary next.
li »trd can be had at $lo per month, at the Boarding Hall, or
at flf per (north, In private fam.des
T’ o** c \j8-alni.* tv atten 1 ate requested to notify the underlin
ed ic»nK«lrit4ly. On-other charges are;
Tu lion. f.*r 5 month*.$15 to 15 0
Fuel Mi l charge for Janitor.....C.&0
fent 1 -.gent Fee...*•••••••.5tM
All payable In advance
Other Information can be had by addressing,
K. K. WlLFY, Presl.
nolf - t!5 Feb Emory P. 0., Va.
mm. LJBFRBi ai§ acriooiu
flldlS 1r«<»tutlon will be opo-r • J again on the 1st day of Oct©
X be-. 1861, for the rwc*i Uos both of boarder* and Day Boboh
are. P r part cuius, apply to
T\IH>LITT10V. IT» e co-partnership of W ATE INH A PICK LBN
I / iip re* lb* dav by limit Mon. Other of thsiubs'ribers msy
use the Mine fth.- fim.in liquidation. Onr boots anJ account*
U Mors
house if y Mato Mrect, whe e ail person* indebted to us will plea**
call and mate Immediate payment, and (hot* having claims
aga-nst os will present them (here for settlert
Rl.-hrrrn I, XmHSBIJP left, KB, _i nt_
ft IMIlLUMiAUM, fi
(bey.Msws 14ft und 1.VA ifrirb,
8i wi i .u i i iii:k of
PorUMr kn.1 Rtulor uj rTKAM KMilNW. f.nj rtqalrod pewrr,
wilh rit'irr Locoruotirr, Flu.- or C-yliDfler Boilrn;
M'GAl: Mias, lill AH - UA MILL'. ISSSBffM IEH
T1CAI.RAW M 11.1.1, GRIST 1111.1.8. DRAINING UAkUlNO),
-li KGlAi, LIT 5 Ml>! rkklklktl MklM.kS-'.
M..I .11 Vlvll Ol
C.W/Kti*JS W<'.i 9*U MUSS.
Tt^wjl •‘•rlf.. i «.-> .wkroc.l By tl.-T n. A.rlcuitar.l Rod—y,
HPu U. OP ltOVOK for fAe bat* PvTlSbUs$*am Fnyiut
ll« ►. by per. .»don, te i.<wernof Henry A W's , Meiss.
Wiiwr v A biukadale, Dunl p, Mon-me A Co , and lisvall, Git-u
ihr« a Co.
* In li. »u%ner of the wnt of Pi iitp Rahra. drc’J., the forego'ny
f Mr Frank K»M. a*. ' all nrj. rs w.ll lie f«tihfully anj j romt»tl>
eie.uted. (tail—Aai] AlOIPIHhiJ RAIIM, h'r.
| v-i .. ..> ;• of VAH L*W, TATLOftA
J F J.’v.moIrM
M*»n*pi .has*d tie Inleretof 0 M Pic Hauls, * hr survlr
log p.r.n r, JillIN N. V AN L*W will bersafl-r c« o »u«i the boat
n-a< la h . own oa>.. Aii psr*»*as ;nd»M«d to the old concern,
will |.Uur cat! •- : • Ulc wbh the u: .i. • l/md
RU btnnild. Janwarv let, 1"M Ittf
If Maker*, fu *»l* at MK A HK A It k K f a d Crag tfb i e laAMt'n
street, .■»!•'.*• I* O. _ _jaiitl
>—tl Hon.
f |NIT V Arm f Wamble A Cla't orne Is this day absolved by mulu
I alrwwsnt
Ciher party will I/O the name tf ihe frw la U«ju. iailon.
Richmond, Fe*. 1,1161. JNO. H CLAINUANK.
Tb.* anJer«l|fD*l w*ll c mt.nee the0-'Wm’iil»n Pu»in.n at the
«t .1 ! tr • U, v 'u; U J I v WoOible A Claiborne, No. II P«aH it.
M -vw _J*t) R WOMbUL
N'.'lltf I ts MH !STK1 A| kk< || % \ I %» and
otl.rr• » »vhs. H«kei*a I’.rinkum pottles. —I will pay 50 cent#
j. • (| . r IU. delivered in k • ..notol, at Mrears Mratle A
»!a% ,l»ru.. n-r above the Pc*1 OfBee, and at R W Pow
rr'i New I'm/ Urn* . r? »r ab r.- At Charles lln el, or at u»>
I ban <ralary, on Venable Mr eel, l mon NUI.
jV.H E. MAKER, Proprietor.
aoi Hu»« of the Amp. H ts a large volume e ntalnlng 15
id w.th e*i lanatlona. Price |4 ly mail, post paid, for sale
' h M
t.s.AWn\ KKI.I Ltl IONN.
KY AlT ORirV J. W. R NihjLPH.Iltl Malu Street, will
pub'. »b. •• i t‘.e 1 t>th r.f January by authority iftbe feTcta
ry o' War,w*»4 r the * i;»ervision of an udicer of the Adjutant
Irene alN ;be first pad (which rontaios al the maU^r to
the Quarter Mm era rwi 1 Pav Department Incentive,) of the C
x Army Regulation#. Price $:..**» i y null, poal paid. The whole
w<*rk,r rpMe, will be ready In Krh. nary, tnd |. Id at ll.e sam*
Inn 10
rilH^ r .r lei. r ntltrs for sale, one thousand or twelve han
1 died acres f fins Cat A and dura Land, as well adapted 14
the pvrd«i- tiou r Cam and Cotton, at an? land In the .dials of
M < Ip, '•l.'.iand la j»tua,*"l on the Nonthr-n boundary of
.-ut»r »er 0*'unty, on a teauiifoi Lake, litre* mile* from the Ya
I 1.. River, lnt wh ch It c-nptlrt; afterdiug a Hue steamboat navi
I >.1.. tS» - ' vsi fJj.ou tills land i» dmdnlng live years old,
whli * b •useey.dble of aaklrg a fine crop the first year
Term* ot.e third ca*. ; the balance In two annual Instalments;
I out bait sf Mis .atrc war be taken tu uegro property If desired.
hi* landing) Ynioo Hirer, care of Lt. Drop,
Vicksburg, Miss
i^LI <a\T HRW tAOOIMI.—T. L PRIOR A 00. hare
* j ji r r- vi i Kivgti t Hack 4! «l Colored ground Pieila fihawD
(r\\ a .1 • ) k. Drn*b L nr tnd rl|i*are Shawls, (real loilla,)
K*ch P t J P pi* * , Rich lt«h Po,d*!nr, Rich Dark Mils, figured
mil j a«o, YisNrt nd .4 K.iM, New F*nbrui«ieri*s, Black Boro
l> ain*F, ilia *V kUrU.Oott3:i, Liapm, Blankets, dUomaut, Ac.,
ar • 11 of which will Ik* a dd, at far u possible, at «M ra’sr.
IWIttlf »o ec.plav TWENTY PIV* BLACKSMITH* and
TWI.NTY RIVa WttliRLWRifHTd.lo work frr ths Army of
1 tv. r : >na<- M r near Mananas fetation. Lifer.al wages paid for
Okie, gsait* roast r Potomac Dl trict.
OaBtsMiuv, Jan. WftL JilO-»fjla
I |KFM K OK R. H. MAI ltk A < O.
I » * Virginia 0 ayan Hon Is; Ten
nets *r t .iupon Rood-, N«>*Ji Carcfina Coupon H*‘«» Is, Oon*edornU
1 Mates il udt and relate fad 'tteck, for sal* at market rates.
M#-WAtfTEI>—4Md and Ptlver Coin. R. il MAURY A 00.,
il __—I*
M0VT A JAVM har. remaeeJ fi Hp the Corner of Virginia
1 C*ry Street two doors a bo re, to the bcuiic recently oc
I Mup.«1 br Messrs. J hnson,Trurhea l k Vaughan.
7r 1 hare la store lor eat*• a Ur. and varied iVk of nianufat -
lob of nearly alt paii wMAMMitlMtUoman
being made from ma u a~«urert tn this *4ate and North Carolina.
Tb« > air* hare »«* hard a g»*o I "to/** of Flour of all grades. Also,
j Dried Apfdrs and P-n* hen. Hutl-r, he , Ac. _ Ja7
\ i tual rr cHv •*•! nnJ far sale
*< | UK lit par Ream; liw
Ke*in« Utt r P*per, » «»m |*» to $H»; «:» Kearns Dinted Medium,
Assorted Colors at |lh; l«0 Restut Hr. * I 0a«» Atso te.l P.per at
I-. TfO Reams M stills Wrapping PapeiifiU) lbs Hemp Twine—
luge am) amatl.
auo n« Ait R;
Flirlw .Y Oombs, Inula Mnbber long Coroba, Wend Pnrk't
1 Combs Fllvcrrd 11. o ■ and E>^ French TollM foaps, Colgate
To! * Rom, Pocket Ho- k , Pori Monnslea, Hack Purses, Inkst »uds.
It e. Pent, Cetlar P. nr h, *e ,l.ng W At, Wale s, Copying Bool a.
hi 4‘ * H ems,
An Ralevlf*H. <k ■ f Onp, Deni? sol MidUm Record Books.
iIst A «c urn P oks In grsnl Tnrletjr A MOKil ,
fe4 Baonadtr.
BtTR u r
Ri mo vo January 27th, l^LI. I
n no. ti. 1
Fill. UeuteiSnt Tel mel GK*»RGR DFtS, JasMUol Adja
tanl (iersrnl. in aasigied to dutv In the Adjutant nod lorprcP r
Genet ate office, and will take chsrg-»f th general riMrwItlngtfr*
vlccoftVi army. All oommuika*. oas psrtslu ng to the recruP*
tny serr' e will be tna*k*d u t e uj*p-* rigid hauJ aide of (b« sa*
»i ope wM*d» carer th**u,MRaca rr \u J«4.Ttcg **
B> c tunand of the .Secretary of Mar.
jan2* 4e _ Asst A/y*t. Pen
eAM 1.1 to CONCENTRATED POfAHH, 01 in k ng Soap, In
Dili' 1 lb , bibs., an 1 121 os cans, just recelrcd and for sale
by BOV < k 00 ,
JanC W oi> ale Drup^>t**
\ir wnT li. ^ wo or three laoN * u. w or i.oond
» h.sd A!. , M.ohlo. Urltln. We > .re . tin. I lot ofthoe
T. 1,‘1,1 urt.tr K.-IOWI.BH A WaLIORP,
t> 4 1 At! tt tin Mre.t,
(.toii HALF. ! BM. Prim. IUU.
r M lU NT A JAM18.
M|IIIT,t dot,id, III Uni, frrt.Ubjr
j.init IO% K » OP-, l*fiittot*.
D o.l.ed .0,1 for i.le by J, P. DUVAL, corner of lloln 0.4
l«th Mo. MO
To (hi A'Jitor rf (hi Whig. .
The three great powers of Europe are England, France
and Russia. They are rivals io manufacture" and com
merce, and mutually jealous of tach other. The tradi
tionary policy of Russia hat besn to obta'n popscfiion of
the Daidantlles, as a means of extending her foreign
commerce, and competing with England for the trade of
India. It was jealousy of the progress of Russia that
caused Protestant England aud Catholic Fr taco to undo
in the Crimean war, in defence of the unbelieving Turk.
It was the same jealousy which made them nil,re In tin
war upon Chiua, for, shut out from the Mediterranean by
the treaty of Parfc, Rus-ia made her approach to China
aud the Pacific, by way it the Ainoor river. It was
eeon by England and France that, if permitted to mo
nopolue the trade with the redundant population of
Chiua, that trade wouid soon so in creese her wealth sud
resources, as to give Russia a preponderating influence,
and, therefore, England aud France nnited in the war
upon China, and compelled China not only to open her
ports to trade with England and France, but also to per
mit them to take from China laborers to be employed as
•laves iu Australia and Algeria.
Tho purpose of England and France being to increu e
the consumption of manufactures, the products of their
machinery, the command of the trade with China is with
each a matter of primary importance. The use of rail
ways across the American continent, is to the European
trade with China, what the discovery ot the cotton gin,
tho spimriog jenny aud the power loom have beeu to
manufacture of textile fabric* ; aud the British posset
pious, < landing front the mouth of the S’, Lawrence to
Puget's Sound, and the latge investment o( British capi
tal in railroads in Canada and in the Northwestern
States, have created an interest iu England in favor of
extending that line of railways to tho Pacific, of such
weight and influence, as, it is to bn feared, will control
tho measures and policy of KuglauJ, so as to prevent
any act of that government wl.ith may eudanger the
control which Englaud seeks to i burin over the trade of
China aud the Pscifio, by raratis of her control over the
raitrnnl cAmiunriioAtinn linlwmn Canada and the i'a
la addition to tlii-*, a desire (o stimulate the growth ot
eotloo in Iudia, iu Airier, Australia and South America,
baa become a ruliog idea with an influential political and
commercialnntmst in England. Has tbo 8outh any snf
fleieut giounds to justify a hope for British inti rpoaitioi
inlhsir behalf ? I think not.
Fiance, on the contrary, has everyth!: g to gain by
prompt and derisive action iu our behalf, France is th*
rival as well as the ally ot England. She desires a navy,
a steam navy. Fiance and the Confederate States, unit
ed, can and would contrd the commercial and political
destinies of the world. Would F.ngland tako l**r‘
the Vcden I Sutes, if FraueS) were 10 take part with lb«
Confederate Stater • Woul'J Bright and Oobden aban
don the peace party, w hen the tfljct would be to com
pel the South to consume Ysukee manufactures. and to
pay high duties on British goods? Wcn’d not England
rather exert her it fluecce to induce Ohio, Iudiana, Illi
nois aud the Northwest U> secede and form a separab
Confederacy, leaving Pennsylvania, New Yotk and New
England the old government and the na» debt? E g
land wi uld thus secure lier northern rail route to the
Pac fic; s'16 would, iu a great measure, monopolize the
carrying trade ot the Northwest and the Psc-fi *, and
would compete with France for the friendship and con -
ounce of the Confederate States.
There is ato'her aspect of tliia question. It is this:
It uiay l»e that neither France nor F.ngland will a d u°o—
How can we meet such a contingency ? Of this In my
next. ____N<
Jo the Editor of Iht 1 n>g
Having noticed, with much pleasure, a commnnica
tioo of ours in one of your Into issues, upon this si b
ject, we would ask the privilege of again inserting a rim
liar communication, beiuj^ tiow, as then, entirely ad
verse to impugning the good niotites and enn-cientic:*-■
■cruplts of tuy iudividntl or sot of individittls; tu
when we see decisions, rueb as have been mado by tl.oei
who now constitute tbo Army Me-lical Board, so pal
pably wjHtt as tiiey ar> and in themselves *o errant w
and yiriial,me feel Called upoo once more, iu bchaf
of those unfortuuate 'nutlrncn, who, though meiito
rious and beret* lure ie. • cted and admin d for their mud
cal ability, to lav what we think, aid, with Macbeth
*' Damn'd be he who first cries, told, enough !
We had hoped that the abolition of this vert/ import
•tit item iu the pood tnanagenent and proper organ i'.
lion of the OoDftdsrate Aimy would long si ce hav
been < fleeted; but we have hoped iu vaiu. Like thi
w toden nttharg ,and title JutItatnt of the Vaokoe, thi
(overt ment has, as yet. traced no "line e) demat it
lion," aud, exercising that well lm»« rredttUlv pcculia
a'ways to the Soul , still allows it “/ > pan mutter"—
I 1 Ollier worm, u <i..iira useu wuu u uuajDUg ami ui
imposition, so long is tbero is no serious iuterferenc
with its own 8uccf»<lul operations.
Iu this, howi ver, it is mistaken. 1.10k back upon on
forces when they fint went upon the ‘‘tented Held.’ ii
proud defiance of Northern deepotism, to maiutain tbei
rights, aud protect their homes—when, like uohle mar
l) rs if a coble cause, they took their stand to live or di.
in deteucc of Southern liberty, and Southern safety.—
I<ook at them now ' Not panic-stricken by the enemy—
unt i objects of (suiiuo and want—not killed by Vat kei
bullets—they have died miserable donths, through ig
norsuce and pretension on the part of the Medical Stal
of the Confederate Stiles.
Wa do not asy but that there are acme good pbysi
clans connected with the army—men who «ro eminent!
skilled iu their profession, and consclentiona and dill
gent in the p°rformatice ol their duties; but we reite
rue wbat we have said above, that there are a good'
number of quacks, whose pills and p'aiters have pro
duced au alarming fatality, not equalled by the unite,
hoata of McClellan, Scott and K.s-icrans; and who, fo
Iho privilege of stir king "M. 8" on their hats, and altri
wards killing a man eeeundem ar'em, would pty fhrir mos
devout homage to this tutembloge of learned d rtor«
and conaider thier position an ampin comp* oration. W
know of such cases, e!-e we should cot speak ul them
Thus, wo charge it upon the Army Medical Buarti
that a great portion of the scfl,Tings, misery and deat
aiiataii.ed by our forces, is due to its decisions, iotluence
as it is bv the wealth and lineage of the candidate bin
se'f, n»d by their own politic >1 preferment. 8nch
oursv is too well knowu to tho public, to need fnrthe
co nmeot. We, therefore, would say in conclutiin, the
hereafter, let your motto b>, ptlmtim <jai meruit fera
and "all w.ll be well that ends well.''
Jo the Editor of the Whig:
A few words on the ponding election for Congreia i
this district may not ba amiss. Several competitors at
oontes log for the position, acd, amoug them, the pr*
sent worthy incumbent, Mr. Masfsrland. It is rot n<
cseeary to say anything of his fitness lor the place or <
tbs devotion with which, if eieoted, he would discharg
bis trust As • man of ability and a faithful represent!
live, he is known to «H the voters of the dittrich It i»
to another fact that 1 would call attention. So far In tit
election of members of Congress, it has »o happened that
but few cld Whigs has been returned Whether by ao
cidcat or dci’gu this disagreeable result bal oeoerrod,
and that it should continually cc.nr is not the way to har
monise fasi feudj and exorcise party spirit. The R ch
moud dmirio', viewed from the stand point of old haute,
•a largely Whig, and it w-mld look but fair and j ist that
ft gentleman connected with that ancient party ateoria
fiou should hi elected to Congross, esp cially, when u
th> candidate is presented a union of h) many admirable
points as in the case of Mr. Mtcfarlaud. The way to
obliterate old parti'g is to show a willii guess to trim:
the good men of all. Mi. MiciaiUnd has proved an able,
capable and faithful representative, at ail his CJtmaiie
on the floor of Ccngrcas will attest. Then, it is but
right that be should be retaiiuj it hit ylart.
The writer of this is, or used to be, an old-line-Der.o
oral, who never gave, iu bis life, an “opposition vote,”
nor, to his knowledge, ever supported on on post o
man for public office. Bit’, he b-.lieves the only way to
consummate our revolu.ion, successfully, is to bury old
party feuds and uoi e io one common brotherhood in iu
sistance to the foe ; aud the only practical manner to do
this is, to give sub initial evidence that it is done by
elevating gdbd men to office, without reference to p k
party affiliations.
Carie*pdod«Dci»or If f Liolirtlc Couii;r.
Fill Account or th« Battle r r Fianimi Cnmk, with
tui Kvinis Patrtxmsii and r llowinu it—Tin Pi -
sitionstaken hv Ukn. ZoLLieovrEa at Beech Grove
—Localitt cr the Battle Fiklo— Scarcity cr For
aui anii PRonaioNS—DirncuLTiis or ocr Pcuition
—Reasons or Gen. CtiTTiNniN roa Attai einu the
Enemy—Gin 7.iLLicorria in rAVoaomiE uovtur>'
—CnuM'iL cr War—The March—Tiie Batti k Hi:
oin—Formation or the Ground—Grai-iiiu Aitouv.
oi tiis rniBT—Gkn. /iLLtcorrca’s Fall—Gallantry
anu Unay iry cr General CkiTrisniN—Tue Hetruit
—Tin Kili.ru and Wodndid—Bccci'srui. Kvacm
tion or our Entrenchments—A Masterly Retri.at.
Ac., Ac.
LivisnaTON, Oterton Co., Tens., }
January go, IHiia. J
KJUvrt I.AtUtUle <'jurier :
As everything concerning the contest in Kentucky is
of peculiar interest to you and the readers of your papti
I propose giving you some account of the battle of Fish
iug Creek, fought in Wayne county, on the Upper Cum ^
b jr-and, ou Sunday, the lit.h day of the tnoutb.
I: will be renumbered ibaUorwo two months sgr.
Brigadier General 7.olheoflVr moved with a portion o,
tdi eomniYiid to Mill Springs, on the Southern bank o'
the Cumberland river, aud soon after advaum-d a-roe
lo Camp UeccbGrove ou the opposite bank, fortilvinr
li*o reeiuieuts ol iula"*". wi or twelve p eees ol artilb -
.y anO several linmiiet) cavalry, and at Mill Spring, !<•
bad two regiments ol infantry aod several bun ired cat
a ry. About the lot of Jauuary, M*j. Gen. Crittct»d« i
arrived and took the connuind. The enemy in front
• occupied Somerset with several regiments, and Cjlumb.n
with so equal force.
About ih®eeor.J week of this month two more repi
meats ariived frotu Kuoxville on artillery company will
lour guu>\ anj Brig Gen. W. II. lUrroll.
Somerset is North-Kiat of Bercb Grove, and Golumbi.
North-west. A road connects Somerset aud Columbia
From Beech Grove the road runs North-Eaitcrly toward
Somerset for li v« miVs, when it forks--the lower for!
crossing Fishing Creek, at what is know, at the lower J
crossing, which is da ait seven miles from Beech Grov., |
nod twflvr tidies Irom Somerset; the upper fork, rut.
ning five miles into the road ..out Columbia to Semen e , I
ami from that petal along wi h It two miles, to the n- - I
ner crossing ol Fitting Creak, which is distant it mile ]
from Somerset. Kur.uiug Irom North to South l.ctwic j
Sinteract and Beech Grore !s Fishing Crctk, wi;h higi. .
precipitous banks, end emptying iuto the Cumberland
Kiver above Beech Grove.
Oa the 17th of January it was ascertained that alar?, j
Federal fotce was moving on the ro d from Columbia t.. j
Somerset, aud on the < vetting of that day was camped at j
the point where the Beech Grove road runt into the Co
lumbia and So in tree road, distant from Beech Grove In
mdea. It waa alto ascertained on the same day that t» e
Federal (orces Item Somerset had moved to the lown
croesinp aud were camped On the Sjuieiset .-ide of FislF
ing Creek. If w -s also ascertained that other reinforce
meets were movii g from the direction of Columi ia and
that the junction of all w.s intended for an attack o
Camp Beech Grove On the 17th and l.s.h it rained s
much that Fishing Cre"k could not he e t sued ard so the
lores from Columbia before tho 20.K
From the face of the country iu front of Camp Reec'
Grove there was verv bad rargefor artillery and itcou'd
not be of very material beucG against an attacking iu
fantiy fnioe ; and fruu the nM! ol the front line ami
the numliJT of woks to be defended, there was wilhit
the camp an insollieisi.t force. At tho same time, f<n
avveral weeks, bare existence in the camp was very pr.
carious from want ol provGoua ard forage. Regimeum
frequently subsisted on one third tatious and this ver>
frequently of bread alone. Wayne couuty, which w«*
atone productive in this region of Kentucky had b et
eilaisled, and the neighboring couutus of Teowsvio
1 con d furnish nothing to the support of the a-my. TV
eocditiou of the roads and the poverty of the inter vi
' uiug section rendered it impossible to Irausport from
Kjoxvil'.e, a dismncsof inn miles. The ruemy Iron
• ] Columbia commanded the Cumberland tiver. and only
, I one boxt could corns up with supplies from Nashville.—
With the channel ol comn.uuication t los.d tbe position
1 I became unUuablo without attack. Only corn could br
Obtained tor the hut see ami mules ai:J this it such small
■ : quantities that often cavalry companies were sent on*, o:
, uuahod horses which hid eaten uotbiug lor two data.—
The roads in every cilrcciion were cx retuely bad, and
f on ti e landirg up either bank to the camp it was dilli
t u t to employ w ifons; and in addi ion to this Ibectos
i lag of the river was bad in tbe small ferry-bi ats used for
that put pose. Description would fail iu portraying tli-dif
ficultiea ol this position to one who has not seen and ant
By extraordinary t xertiona for several days, protis
ions enough had boeu gathered to ration the aruiv with
I bread, meat, coffee and sugar lor two dsya—tho 18.b
and 20th.
Ot the afternoou of dio 13th, two cavalry com panic*,
which had been sent out bv tlt*ncral Ciittendcn, reittrn
> ed, reporting the position of the enemy unchanged, ai d
Fishing Creek so lull that it could not lie pissed on tic
lieth. Iu view of thii s a'o of things, it seems General
Crittenden determined to purch out aud attack the force
at the junction of the roads, before the Somerset br gidi
ct-uld unite with it, *nd if possible before it could bo
I joined bv the rssene (rom Columbia. Du the aftcinocn
of the 18-h, Gen. Ril itrfftr remark d lo the writer tha
the susme might to As attack <1, and on that evening G"lt
Crittenden exiled a cour.c I at his quarters, wirb Genius]-*
L dlicofler auJ Carroll aud the Oolouels of icgimeiits and
: Captains of artillery and I.ionl. Oolouels of cavalry ba*
' | ta ions, and it was theie i.'ni* iwn.M’y at,riid tc> Make the
attack !
\ In perfect ailonce, at no loigbt the march bogau. In
, | front moved the briga-l* of Con. 7. dliectfer, consisting
1 ! of the 15th Miasiasirp' regiment, commanded ly Idem
i j Ool. Wwlthell, in advance, and the Tentnaeoc regimen's
of Colonels Ourorom^. B l Is and S anton, with f iu is,
comraandsd by Cap:. Ru ledge Then moved tho bti
1 gade of Geu. Gan-dl, cor.siating of the Tennessee regi
r menu of Colonels Newman, Mnirxy and Dowell, with 2
t gnn«, commanded br Capi McGlttug. Then aiavi d the
16:h AUhtmi regime, t, Ool Wood, as a riserve, ard
> Branuer’s and McClellan's battalion* ol cavalrv. In ad
vanoa of the column tnived the icdopctJmt cavalry
! companies of Capts. Bl'dsoe and Sanndere.
Ia the gtav dawn, atmut 0 o'clock, two miles Irom
their camp, the pickets of the enemy fired Upon our ad
va'ced civalry aud wounded oue in the arm.
Then two coispinies of lie Mis'ir* ppi Regiment were
3 deployed on th * righ* and left of the road as eki nuts hers,
e and advanc'd parallel with the road. Ou the left iu an
, op:*u Add was a house near tho ro d, and nenr by and
behind thii bouse was a skirt of woods While the skir
" mishers were advancing towarda this, the enemy io Ute
f houas and wood were firiug at the heal of the cdiimn
» where Generals Crittenden aud /.ollicofler sal upou theii
i. hot see ebout t\t gundred yerds diet ant. When the skir
tnieher* a|pr j*c' ed wi bin one bout red yard* el L*
boose 'be ei euy ote*. d to tire upon 'be e.lumn and di
rected it upon tin in, t ut upon its q-.ict i-tuin aud se a
rsl rounds, retreated ir.u* the wbuo* The M'taueippl
Keg ni-nt tleo in line ot battle was air*’ oed, and tie
bead of tbe column advanced ntat to the bouse. Fiom
t da house ti e road runs s ra'gbt for about half a nil-,
on--third of thia dhtance up a bill, one-'lord down
and one thud to the cr *: of another hill. —
O i the r'ght ei 'e of the nal, op aud down tbe Brat
lull,wss an open It Id, then a uairow srip ot wueds ted
again an o'd uneven li id up to the ctesl t‘n the 1. tt
side of the r af, up 'he fi-st hill, was woods, and down
it optn fi.Id and up tbe m x‘. to h- erust a thick wood*.
tTp the fi-st bill a^d down It on both sidrs of tbe road
• he enemy was driven b«<'k bi f >re tbe impetuous charge
of ih-- BHgide of fi n Znlicoff. t ; and aln-ar y be was
ascending the last bill to tbs crest, w' en the heaviest
firing told where the battle raged, lie sent for rein
forcements and the Brigade of Gun. Cairo I w.i oi dried
up. Wh' u, i i another moment, it was announced that
ns was killed, a aodd.u gloom cenaJsd tbe field and
d pre-esd the artcy. Us bad fallen on the crest of tbe
htll—the stronghold of the enemy, wl ich be had almost
driven them from, and which once gain- d tbe day was
ours. It wss said that the sn<my in trout of l itu in tha
woods, after a few momen'a cessation of firing and some
movement, * as taken by him to be a tegiment of bis
own comm md, aud that be rods up to give them a com -
niand a hen he was coolly shot down, pierced by several
1 nmodia'e'y on the announcement of bis death Gere
ral Cri tei.d' n iu person redo up to the hoot of tbe fight
aud diiectud tbe movement of the dsy with perfect ooel
new. in the vary uddstof ihe tire ol lie <nemy. end
w ore several weie killed anmud him. His friei dt is
inonstraud against this reck lessnesp, and sotrested him
ti iccupy a lesseipoeid pusiiior, but he woqld not leave
die Iron', and sat on hi* horse unmoved, except when a
regiment wou'd fall back under tbe heavy lire of supeii- ,
or number*, wheu he would in person, under fits, spsak
to, aud r illy tbe men.
To gaiu this hiil the fight rtged for two hours.—
0 targe alter charge was made, ngimnnt after regiment
advanced, but w« could not drive bvk the heavy foros
01 tho enemy with our few gallant men. Atlas', when
we con'd nut drive then-, aud our charges were uneuc
co -fill time and agti”, and they H inked us, our little ar
my began to retire, ni d chi cking pursuit by seveial
s ands they could not break, motrd back lo our et
ir-mchincuts, at Camp Bcrch tirtfte. Iu the return oua
gun broke down and was left to tbe enemy. Upon ll •
n -Id we left about three hundred killed and wounded,
aud the* got pet bar* one hundred prisoners. Their lo-*
tu killed and wounded is thought by; those In the battle,
aud U reported to us by then - afterwards in their camr,
to bo about otu ihuHin.J'. We lost a brave and utble
General, whose place cannot be easily filled. Lieot. lie
I s Peyton, ol Btitle’s K giment, was killsd, and L'eul.
Ool. Carter and Setgt. Mi j. Otville F.wing, of same Regl
meu', were wounded aud taken prisoners, and Adjutant
Battle was wouudt d in the shoulder. Col. Btanlon was
wounded iu tbo arm while hading bis Regiment in a
cttargo, a;.u so was uoi reweii. rnc rasa me aw«
a'pp. Regiment was heaviest. To tbit Regiment ia uni
versally accorded the praise of ihe best lighting aud
most distinguished gallautry. Col. Battle's Regiment
also covered itself with honor. While it ia individioua
to make ec[ arale lueuiion ol Regiment/, the notice of
th-se l»o at least will meet with general «***'>—**>•“ •“
this army. „ _ ... _ ,, . _
m»j. fogg, Aid to (ten. ZolucoHer, ann f.ieut. Kvan »
Shields were dangerously wouuded. They behaved in
the *011011 with approved gallantry.
Thus with lour thousand men we bravely attack)d
twenty about aud, aud alter a coLtiict of three hours ard
a half, inTahlc to Jrive the in from their position, retired
without a hot pursuit to our campfl, which we reach, d
It in o’clock, P. M. A< » o’clock the enemy came and
invested the place, and fired from two batteries into our
Then arose the question whether to defend or evacu
ate the place. Suppoee we could have held it against
the superior force tttackiug I In a few days we would
have been slarvr.l out; aud if, with their battery which
commanded the Ituding, thev had iijured the boat, es
cape would hate been impo stble and surrender insviu
tde. Ar.nr, bv taking Mill Spring in our rear, retreat at
any time wt.u'd hav.* been cut ofr; it would have been
vain to think of cutting a way in ftont, because without
.a lots the army would have beeu precupatated into a
barren countiy, unable to rfl ird auy subsistence what
ever. To prevent th.se strut's an immediate crossing of
the river during the night w»s utc< n-ary, and as time
permitted only to crots the roer, baggage, camp equi
page, wagnus, hor/tsand artill. ry had to be left—a
great racrifice, but not to be cmiinat. d in the balanue
with saving the army. Tins bold and n astetly move
ment was accomplished on this night, and the next morn
ing mw our army ou the Sou'h of the Cumberland, and
the enemy in Camp B *ech Grove.
The crossing w«s effected during Ihe u ght by the aid
Of the seimboat “XMe Kllii," which had before ascen
ded the liver wiiVaupplits, aud which was efficiently
commanded ou thie occasion by Capt. Spider ol the cav
The riv-r crosseiL it was mc-ssary to move seme
where iu semh of^roviaiona aud forsge. If tio enemy •
had appeared the quitting of this portion of Kentucky
had been gravely considered aud almost delt trained up
on and in a few days would have been compelled. It
w„.« impossible to move further ioto Kentucky from the
barrenness of the mountains be'wceu that point and the j
Blue Grass , and t II the counties on the Uft aod right ai d
the norlhetu couu i-s of East Tenrt*e»ce wire too poor
to support tt.e array oue dev. With a vastly tuperior
force attacking, the movement to the Cumbeilaod Riv-r
at Gatnsboro.’ a point of supply, was pr. clpitated—ai d
to this Oenctal Crittenden is moving with ehort day*’
marches. From ibis point if the en' my should advance
Into K 1st Tennessee, an attick cuultbe mads on hie
Hank and rear while put sir g through the hilly and barren
regiou from Kentucky towards Knoxtille aod the Rail
I have thus brittle sketched our array movements for
the last le« dtyi. Victory does not gleam upon our
b iuu> is, and we may not receive the load plaudits which
ll bring.; ku\ in vi-w of an overwhcliuirg fotce of the
tuorar, aud the absi 1 ite waut of army (appli**, and the
distressing poverty cf the country, it must be corced d
to Gen. Crittenden, that in the bold aud gallant at'a k
ard mast, rly retreat b- has displayed the highest quali
ties of the urlitary ccmmat J.r, and he dtaeivea the ad
miration ot the country to which he has giveu bis ser
ves, and in whose chi me, at Fishing Cicek, he so cool
tv cXBoe.‘d bis life. Giviu a command most ixpoeed
and p*r:l juvoo tn« nortkeru bat U ol me ouinDer.anu
river, he has coved it from the ablest Gci.era's and an
overwhelming srmv of f!ie enemy. Wtiilo tbejr were
cjnfident of *• begging ” this litlio »rmy, it is reedy yet
to e»»e Reel Truaeeeee, end tn 11 beg ” any force ven
tareeouio enough to invade. \ OLtiTtir,
\mi’ARLR IltOV PMOPKKTY fl»H Rttl.
He offer f or sale privately, the Irou prop* rty, known as Ila
M Her Iron Wcrkf, stisatsd lo the roJgt/ • f Uo« klagt am, Otar
poit ttet ohMe, Vlrglo.a, U miles distant IVom the Vlr»lnl* Ovual
railroad Th s prope-ty contains *b.ul 99/NM acres if land, a
ia*ge trtion of It covered with tixb r, suit .ble fur rutliof purpe
« S The ffcriace If of t0« besa cotul'u«*tlon, with boil wat-r
power »n 1 a flr t rsts entlne al'arhed »h« ore tanks, be Irved
to be Inevhanstlble, are eoov electlo the Fo>naoe, audon air •
. utl.ly < i ore suit v>|« for making t e iocs', aaluable iro . Th
¥ rye, situate J on h • Hoot i klvrr, h *■ one • f *he brs* water on
ers to Virginia, capable of tnakI s my dealrsd «j**oliy »f Iro^.
oo the pr inlsas Ijerr Is a - oo I Art. t .u1 Haw Mil, « omf *ta* Is
Dw l ing 1 knurs, aU ^ec s.arr Ou. Hous s, all rto a d In
I good re, air. The pro^i ty h s been 1 I el f.| l 'I m. s»«d the
1ea«ee» trr now putting .hs w..rlts lo opera Un. I ut aw>l'«ual/us
I s i ff to close our hndnest, vrs ar» ana - r Pj sel., and ran make
ao ar a*.(tmeot will, ths Ut.ce» lo turn oftr U> a purchaser •». i
ham's,flock,#c ,lU.haf. oren h r* ao • pare ha ed, on reason •
able teres, s . that a parch s r wil- h «vs th i advaL'a* e of at oace
leal tldf the Dreamt idvai f# I p'l !»«■• To ai*u-lne*s mao,
wl h som- mean*, we know #f no bins* opportuulay of making
mTerms most re-s .table snd a:ousaoda'tog. for lof j«at on ad
<lr* ss H *i j amln OrawTefJ, HlaualoO, V ar J^ha ¥. hctls, Puft
I Rvyubi c. Vir*lnl». BfNJAMIN CRAWFORD.
I ___jomfs RSira.
T‘ HR nOSd*l t.o»« Crowd A ao-portomhlp tor U* porno..
i-oo- .-In* -.a. v»lo« of 811W UR.a ood olhor prop, ly
.iMMJTkF m* •»*-» ■—» r«
i.romi l»• o-ntioo i. .11 ro.« rnlrwWd lo UiSr ear*. For lomi,
SrVupIlC CiUOHA*. » MAtLDir.ol Vortlown, or to HJ.
1 MrUfrADl R .1 J.aolr., Mlddlm. cooslr. UU Uj. .Mb «f
! No.-mbor ,-jJ »«. r Ih.l U». ol RiotuuonJ
_____ BO- C MONTaQCB _
-,W-VA PjUNU* RTKIILINIJ.- F r •> I. Id torn, to
| l)< Mr .At. OH A A T WjKTRAM A OO.
MA - f-l_'
ST*» HD SCOTCH MUFF Union* Uao*.n*, HI vi
»V, d.nill. Wlol Bo 41. Co. k *, Tooth b uotit., conoiy >• J,
Print r‘. ond mnaof'. Wine, Prri a..! n «ot»tno For.ol.by
. W. PA1 R.ROJ * OA , Droo*1.K
<,bfl _1W Coin otr»oR
6. Y HcM.—If >m«n of in. lew quodiy, for ooi, oy
Jortl D..VR A 00. nr»nkn
rjOPM, HOP*, Hop., Hopo. Hop. ..opw--A
Cl npply of fttek llrpo, juvt rnvtvad ood ter ool».
I hovr oloo tor ul., Old hoiufordo.r, ood^Old ClorjiBnody.
Wrotooote ood BoiJI,
Mil Ow*w of Broad tod Ilk iUo^o.

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