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Daily Richmond Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1861-1862, March 13, 1862, Image 1

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Dally P.p«, $8 par aaaa*, SacaDWaakly, f •WMk>7’
■ayTli adraac* say bt Bale at ttt Ak ». Ut
Put uteri la all CUM ahara aatdeoeal* takaa oa *i»a iapoalt of a
IsUe:lotto feat OSes eoctalctej acnay.
ipyaaraad. r
Oeaoooitattt'etaltaraUoa.ff ®
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rvi'vs .w '*
Ijp- to b» oouiideieJ by lh« uoaC. Of jetl
M'coi ipedltd Ml ibo or pmt Ml*°a *•
Mfttrkol oath* wp/te taptflM na*
lir »? • : b* ooailaool oaUl ordarti »®t* w<i piyieM
93*vw- n*;n tA A nsTMMRi.-Vo avoid aay ciurudtr*4aadl:i^
sat* , portif iho Aanmal \dvorthora,tt t> propertovtatr ^i
KXa* tts-lr orl* .ie^va ..Jy et%*L ** to tM laoedlAi* beam ** **
£cervl aad all other Advcrtkoarirta teat by Wi3 to ar
*1 l.j.’ i charet, tod ar rarlatl'.ii.
gyial lilac «nd liaaerel A genta Ad ctTOtcnuia cot h bf
u.-tc< by Its yew.’at to be charge J at the aaail ratal, sabjeot
a each Ylaooas* u »hall be agreed upoa.
gy I’.ooWeUeraiaJ yearly adyenUera, geo ar Illy, eakadlr-d" a
ar imora ipaaraa. wttfo tha prlrll -y ot cV.are, •h»u cot, on thar
He, »»crage. is any «a *eeb, lot : acre 'haa thaaseasl
tasted ap-'a a ike juudirg rale aa ler ike coatraci, and all aaeee,
t< ,>e(1 vcoest to be ckargad at ihe mail rate#.
Ad"-Jers— ic aerie J la the Vi!-»« y Whig at« •*«»
at- care 10 "art or 'eja far the tortlaaerttoa, aad SO aeuta
Tz. .*■ - * - i’UnnAtjev. or If *e«b*y 75 coati.
-X C I'■ ' V' ' Sb
attorney at law.
•SJVtCTK'RB ta ell of te* Coorta of tela City, State and Oca ,
Parlour atteoUrc paid to > Re proa* cut on of atotoaoftoda* 1
ally tefore te* Camn-btloner if C ala*_ ■** *P
a. at aaap- iTT. v* k venta*
irrU-ukCfS AM> COl.lSkLLOkS AT UW,
H 8.—Prompt attention te Collection aod Laal Claim*
e, j E- —teasel b Ranui, 4mMnt 0. H-, Pa; John ,
ttw .-n, Jr, Amherat (X B-, V*; Qar^aml * OrtaUar, Lyneb
bore.'.e. boa.ey A »paad, A; -lady* N. S* tbur.Ji.Do.lu,
III,,, lie* ». a. HereaU, do. _ **’*“-**' _ |
irro«NKY at law.
PaaCTTOB to all tea ocarta ef tea eosn)<aa of Nelson ami
insert;. Ue *.!! ettaad to aay la* Daaneet eairootadto ,
hie, in tee rnaceol eoantte* _ _ ,
aST tddreae. Tye Rltar Werafcoaa* P. 0-, Nejca 0*, '*
idk34—»y |
rk batond City, Ta.
WILL pracuaa te etl the Ccsrte Held IS tee City of Rlehmoad, i
and te* toaatlee of nueeterbe 1. Hsnrteo and PosHeta* 1
ujlc* ea te* eornar of 14th, or Pear; and Ma'n Street. ores tea i
•teV '• N-ah be err A Co.___AaW— ly j
’ pSTACE 8IIH80*.
WfuL PRiCT'SR ta tee OouJ of <J!l*a, Mercer, tloaroa, ]
U.atyomrry and Pale** , and wtl; collact *ai remit pane
ta. r aw »J eialmipiaoadia UaSaod*
Pitt Oteoa, QflaaCoart Hoasa, V*_IT’- }
WILL PRACTW1 la tea Ooarta of tea City of Richmond an 1 ,
Coastr of Hacrloo. 8t.-l.ri ettantloa will ha *i*r= to all bn
tt-.cee eetraaeed to Mm. W OMce. for tec -rcaent, site Vb fa
lbWm. Green, , -ate s at car, M.i‘.n er i Iteitt* )«tT- dly |
attorxevk at law,
Courts.—Charlotte, Pnsea Rdsard, *rpon»*e-,«. M♦««'*- ,
Sa t aad lobtabar*__j
a a uotOLAR, P- ORRGrfST, J*.
Aylett i, Bias Wa- H*"-ayar.
UOl Ol.\* A IlKBtiOftlV
W^LL %u«aJ bo’. Cyar%i of Klc* coJ AA*£0#<f. j
S. DdCBLAit will alec alter 1 tea Coorta of RtayAdaoa- |
^ vmzri__
joa»oa. *****»»mvmcn.
Practise ta all tie soon* if in* city of Aithr.oaJ aad easily
IriA Mr. Jc’'3i',n » t‘»Aa»d<..'.s C*.'•icfSeid.
y^,- 0*i«, W.'ig Wiling.:» Prtakli**•>-<*. If*
UL. flttfrOKK 'u ruasrd *h* r *ct<> .1 LAW la UtE
. dll of Alehmcnd.
.„A**ia ta.Tta'iaav Wdh*. on IMA.flensing Juii mL
l »*•—*•
II . Kb vns I4DV g«C lin.-ti ‘•>*«» on bad
Jf e*.. »* t, «• nr Jr. < gmi* barge i n id i'n ta r( orrr
Cue e to.haec \ lot ef oh .Ur,, >11.Mary ‘.ver i o.tte,
10.- vA.«a Oil Pri.aWa, to oh.Ob ». ■■*.. » t, .t >rt .o ben* lie
boincottl lULHWfS A -• luLIbWd,
f j lid nn-11IR, Mtln >t-e*a.
scpttisri iDtiXi-A o»r;o*. i
a.« p. a fcoimoxD, y
fd.'wj till, Irii |
T i 4|c claim* mmd tMhttra.-No.lcf A hereby si*eu
ha. Uw ilch aoad a-.d Peteri rrg aal roi l Ccin,>any alii
a t be rcepcotlbl. for tho rate* of eh-trcee, delay*, or dadMfW
«„ Throne- a ode or hr' jM tpM e her well ruao!u< a c- Be.
tne »t...4l, but «iit contlaae to collect chargee oo each go»l» or
Height *« here to (pi e. E *} ,}|LL.
le 19—la - _ Pen, rapt,
A 10K.4I4,
A , Pahdeher and Buokeeiler,
Biehmond, V*.,
Pabltehet and cPee* (Or tale—
Ht eta ,i'« MM try of Vrctnla—A Uldtory of Virytrde, "rora lie
die ueery and rubnnl by aarup -ant to the preerot time, by
Ej rrt A Hoateon. Ago . Imt ten. VohmM one content tho
■ ib-ryoftroCoi-ny I ' to P.».♦ of Parte In IMS. Volume j
contain* the HUtnry of the Coi 'ey and oft Slate, front libs to
p il t-nr rail n of A!> t en'trta.ln IHT, A frit
Ike ».-•*» hu* i.een la..* in J* y-.'eeant .Ml VC-* of Mr. H, w
bon, and 11 e nan Jattif coudderrd the beat n'.fodeu Hletory of
;J State uu'itehel
4 M eu. y (the »a!!*y of Virgin!*, be Samuel Rcreh*vel, 1 eoi
Ay- d-ey oec >nd edition re»l*>d $1 .10
0 - dwe' die. .ry aad a Uan War* Weetora Vlrg u a—A hla
bo y of tbe gall Mttleineal n I Indian Wan it* Weetern ' IryiL'a,
•a bracing an aee.tiolof the v »r1. u I |tp*ii>tbtt Inthe'tcat,
a eeoo* to nvfr »i.o, Bi-g-aphtcal Sketch** of «>l. Kbeoeter
Zen , vlaj ir n 'ultoch, Lewie WelleL General Dtnl -I tl.0a.iVad,
Pen. %a»r-w L-wlt, C»pt samael BraJy. CnL william <>a»!o-<l,
An r e Poe, and other Ua'.ingul*’el Adore In our Beider "'an,
h an num rly !’.! nlra ed, by Will* De 9a »e . I MO. AAI
BI fllMOXD, Vian.aia.
0. W SPICAB A OO . Proprietor*.
C. B Lr t, eaperlateadent
A I. Henmua aad 8. B True Clerk*.
je»—*m M. W. BtRBld.
Bins stpausp t.x.iftxtta,in bid* of £.■-•*».
Oonf.-.'erate ttate* an I Vi ginlaS atr Binds.
Mchmokd City Stork.
• > IB MAl'KT A 00.
♦ f " fij \,4 JoA'4 old »ai 4 b«> t > t*>« cur .% •«» < f Old
M teiA i W.ilvw*. »j tAotUei li’h» ca*«* 5) ftrretof liar
Sr *«j** ft «Ab.i U»* •’ I o*htr bracidt of Wh‘*»y% very old tail
U« 1 0 ft ’*** vl Ad AB fil Off OahiI*; luu h- tr ol Tallov
Ci . 1 «• Md b>»*i of t*jo* co |iX» ft *let • Ilfcr and li >othy
H a* ftai m1 JaU M llUffal, ft««d0a**l. H«ach ftrau If, Uo>cj, Add i
a • » J AMurlLt i J faaUy groea loa ii tc?« aid . r s*l« of
ftQftfUT A ft 1>%LNKV.
k4 Ck»* oar o( ftr^ad ft 14 .• re-jlg fti haoaJ.Va.
Tlm- «*oa<rr» Smm'i Prir* ft. €o.. It dlwAolved
t-« I ai by I'.cjlta lon Tht asd«rt gne 1 wftl coAl'oat th«
> bo* * M b>-r»*. .f.ire, ar.dfr Iho aA*na *1* *l.Prl«,ft
to * Attau*la« ail vh>f Uao ilUtg of, auJ cHulog ali utbta Uat, ,
Ift« UK coaotro.
W* U ^*ftI>OJI, |
jal JACK TftKV..ft
ra ST tin's aal B>ok [aft, b gftaaUUea
a *41 .pareb4*«r«. ntu ifa*:loro-1 aai for *al« by
tmn v a n.V, IM Mah at
TO i>|i | ift rft. - 13 Carboy* Mahatuc Acid, for aal* by
,aH A T jrTOftW A00.
BiNTBfrr ■’» ■ITTAUIB—-li <*oaeaja*t rereleed
aad fareal* by [JalTJ 00V* A Oo , DruggUta.
C. ft. OK AWKRIOI, )
Rjusoso, March 8, l>fi. )
13 151b tlit) of April next. f>r the Mowing OKD
Na* t.h %nd JRDNAN t. .Mi E.Mb for tho Confederate Hates
8<it) mu to:.* charcoal cold blast Pig Iron,
5t»i»iO ron. f H o ms, (efcxrcoal,)
to tM-ti *o-.s Wrong t Iron Bars, cf various s’ses,
1*0 ItKnoh oiumhudi,
11).) * In h Gol.tm.Ud*.
lid it i .eh . lege an 1 tUrrVn Mortars,
!»i> 18 l»eh -ea-c s* Morta* s,
hit) iupennlT Iron Bow.tsrrs,
5 *0 i ; oa- er Ir.*n F eld (dual,
U •?* may he made for any qu%: t ty of Iron over hundred tons,
•id fo' any number o gn« r ver t.n.
i*raw g* o' he gum wilt be fa n shed cnly to parties whose
aid# are acC jW
bidders will »t*ie ibe points of dellv. ry, aid the date at which
not ; «s ii.au one huadrrit. na * f hoc may be expected to be far*
I hey most also s'ltc t e rims require J to furnish the whole cf
tbe<r b d.
Bid 1 s f >r att'ir wM s'at t .e date of the fl st delivery, and the
tlm required t > supply 'he whole ncmbcr.
Payments wl l be made on del! ery of not Ices than fifty tors of
iron, and the lg t to pay ore ha f la Confederate bends is re*
H d« must bs ee.leJ ar.d cnc need and eidors> d enthe envelope
“ IVopctuAS 'er lex n,” or ** Ft pugat for Gaos ” at the case uiay
J. OOROA8, UraUsanl-Ool ioel,
mi/—»Ari<» Chief i rdnance.
pT ' hr f dlowl^g p«prr« w II pUase Insert li e above aiver
t s-ta n t I UHh Apr!., an « rend JupUcUe vith c py of paper to
Ordni rfffl- f- •e,'leminjt: The Rchmnni Kniul er, Whig
and P;»patrt ; >uchturg Rrpub dear; Mauo<on Bpcctal ; Abing
di*. VI gtnitr.. P- i»b g txpr is haelgh (N. C ) Regs er; Ull
mlngtun iN U)Joarn%l; hvrlot.v** 0 j Bu lelisq hi hs on (!».
0 > Vvrcu-y andC« urtei. Cclumb'a (8 C.)$ uth Cer I nlan, Aa*
, usia t *a )Cocslliiti n t:s*; eawannah (tta > »epob lean. Cf lu n
bn v a > fine . Atlanta ilia » Confederacy; ll'ine (va) one pa
pr . .»iUh«stee <:la • Fi rtdlai; MunUvl U (4Ub»nia.) one pa
p.*i; Mens. i>*jjfs»y (41 .cama) Aive liter and Mail; M Me(tia
Pki u) it .In , fm-al vmA *,)o epaper;Kn< X'lUe i coma
9 e ) eyider. M *tai h s(Tenn ) Appea'; New c,ileans (L ) Bulle
tin. Fto*« nse, "fl*a Be undLv see. t; Jarkrvn (Mbs.) Mtasladp*
id a ; Coiinth, 11 •! ) one pape ; Utt '•Arc* (till ) Uaa tie; Ana
1 c (ie*a.) asettt, aalvutoft (fex.s i Uerald.
^ l Tt. U >\ I. XK A M , Burch 2511* ISC2, far
ihv de l very at R* hdO d of
4d Ucapl a’ Tents .4 1>> 15 f.et, 11 fret high, 4,y foot wail, cam
pi te w th U j»o es a d pin*
4 0 m Be! Tunis, 5 fe.t S laches ridge, 8 feet opwrlatit, comp ete
la evary raspect.
I • IH) Wail Tents 8 by 9, 4 foot wall, complete with flits, poles
and i ns.
Bldu nxy be made for any number of Tents (f«r oaMhomand.
gjsrt vo Tenie m iHsk Oontrnev*r most confirm, -aw be seen
at ih s O Bee Bidden will state the tlms; required to furni h the
wh le o' l lr Lids
Fay menu wl 1 La •aade on delivery of ea h !>> Tonis, an 1 the
r\m it oav one*fi'urth in Ocn e*i» rate b n slireee v*d Bids to
be * *‘e 1 tne'.oacd and eaJoreed “Proposals I*»r Teoti.
MU* a:: also lavi>d f r ma~.ufacta c of su*h cloth a* he (lot
•’Dtieat nop <*v*nr.*. nto 11 •pltal, He.I, end WU Tenti, th»
a n rack « to fu u»»h po’e •, rftt, r >pe, 4c , and tj g ve salla
'aci'sy tcurt y fcr ixr'emaree o' contract. tp9 Ibib Ttnta
t i , c Seal d to which the work mwat oabra, eiBbetiei al
thi* * t. r*di to b iea’e J ar*U inq'rted '‘t'topoaai* for Manu
factoring Tent
if 0. der u oartermoiier Oruer%;, 0. < A.
c'* ~t4 il«j. and A M M.
I AM author!* d by the Governor of Virginia, to ralie a Paltal
loc o five a>r p*L.es at .tael *uch c .tnpaules numbering at
l m*. ne l.undr d men, to b- maikrei lato the aervlot jf the
Confederate bu m ,'or two ye.rv, If needed a • to* ■
Thla battalion is for .ooal dtfets c and ape. la’ strvicr la the city
of Hi hnoad. a d not t be oHtred away fro® the ci.y of R ch
moaJ. TM» tervlce 1* needed o l *©uld not b* accepted. Tt»u»
aa oppo»tunity U cffced to those, the c alma of whose fam.liei
and ©the c o*t lera Ion* woo'd r*n. er '.t exit- me'jr 'nconvenlent
t he ordered ma> f.cm i ichn td,11 serve lhair country, alih
at being *ubj • ted to th's Inc'nv: nine* T> a\ they will b
ralie 1 Into acrvice in tome capacity, and that right ioup, no on<
l^ot*. '
rrscca de tr^ui It enttet can do ro by i* mj at my elpce, for
thep KBt.Ni l f,clvia*« k/ca. t Lai;cat
C ie*s-M« Beta ion be r&H a d or. a-tired at enoe.theop
t> rtur'ty of aecaring the adv*ntage ab've mertioned may b*:
* e ; aa wll’ alio flal list! In the hands cf the -ficcra cf the IDtl
R*etmtn't »h ch they can sign wllho .1 c rnli.g lr my tftee.
T O! J. KVaft",
fe’V-tf _Col lPth Reglr cb*-.
bKOK(.h SI. V1.1TKN, Mole Ag ’ll.
New* Ink, 5>«fti V lb ; Ked lak, 5 > eta to #id y lb
bo k Jf.k 7i do .-o ’ Ca n» ne Ink, ft flo a
C*r! In* fi d”* hi , kic l .k, »8 rlA hp ►*
Oop er P' t Ink. f ’ M do I Pdrp ! Ink, 7h J da
Aa grath'-! k 5 do | rtrovn Ink. |l V y &
0T The An «gr tphl loi • Gmsl .k, ) do
a U h. jr.phi- In., w Jch can I Ve i f Ink, | M «•'
ait be phot ph d or c as«d Van.lah.... t3 eta 'ft 5>
gy any cii-nucai p*ce u. » Chdd ittar... .$1 do
d.ae irk, *o cis to y lb. I tf.vsa.i. 75 eta la 1.50 ^ r*
Tt.eee Inks arw of a #u;^rlor quality m srnfac’ured la New at
!e%-«, by a pra. t:c»l che.-r.st, are warranted equal to the be t
North n m*kc, aad are now in genera! use by the New Orleans
AM orde.e addreeieJ to GbO. H VINTTN,
ay ,»c . aadry and Printer’* arcl.ou***,
N •. Itw Pv ydraa stree . N w t»r»eani,
will be promptly attended tn. fgl# -i!A»gta
Vwy.i lt». OTii I > 1 HR NIllalT A ii \
i Want it <i: t.2>' y ncdcrat d that 1 am manufacturing
Brat ueikrv for mUtarr cape ttlrer «*tere maJ* V/ order
.% e\ He’d Bian ia of all .script!» *, %:i: flour, tobacco grain
at the Lw.at real ’
BmaJISten- s. fer siarki^j wi’4» loJeUble Ink, cot is
<hea<sir«t atyi*.
Tb *etn want of either .fthe above art dee *IU do well In ea’l
* . . -«• 14 I i d or
id iress A. E Ua'iAM. Br ni Cutler, (H a 4A’.) neat d'or to tl»«
OilvmcUo Hvtti Richmond fa. dell
E A ti L | 9| A C u I B E H' 0 U K 3,
tu> M. *4» t|/A »»<< lftt Alraafg,
1C IM08D *».
^1 m I l< TI KKR OF
Portable and 4 *.lor ary ©Tt AM ENGINES of any :rqu,rtd power
w:»h either Loc*n»Mire, flue or Cylinder Boilers;
” \ r B
TIC-IL Ra vti.T *|UdIhV MilXS flRtl IN » MACHINES,
satsnais. lat r an 1 flaw** MAv'unta.
TOItU'iO I \CTOKl i ivti re.*
ur I .11 kl d. of
CAST/S*. /.V /*•'».. n—t 8*48*
Tie suhccrib'r w*| %» vrivi by the U R. kqrtcuttwrsl Society,
hei 1 Ri i.ia na, Va, <:.•«»•?, l*H. the 4-KIND GOLD
tIHUAL kfK HONOIR fjr lAe SoilPortilbSUam JTn.yine
/br Firm uv.
He uno by permia*ion, to Governor Henry A. WU-, Nm a
Wa. w: •* A oarudale, Dunlop, Moncuik A Co., UAd Hal all, Oreo
ih.ti Co.
In |u tJ»nc<o* toe vuu. of Philh) Kahm, dec'd . the forefoln^
!».** n-* will be rutted »• . is formerly, uoder the Superintendin'^
' Mr. Prank i,iM, ar I ail orjert wU be fiilhfuily *n l promptly
ei'.voted. fJaai-e^L _ ADOLI*HU,r J. BAUM. Pa r.
fVSHt proprietor olftrs for sale, rae thousand or twelve hau
M Jrcd acres »f fine Cane and Gum Lari, a« well adapted to
the production of Corn usd Cotton, as any laud In the Suts j
M’aaistippl lblcluud tf s*tou»ed on the S^nthera b*ur. lary o?
hunfiower Canty, on a beautiful Lake, three ml.es from t‘.- Ta
so., diver. Into wh'ch U empties; uflbrdiny a fine reamboat navi
baiiv:i 'nto t*»? river Upon this land Is dcadulnj 5?e years old
which is «u«r*t»tible of making a t’.nv aiop the first »sir
Terms one third .'alii the hu'un-e In t»o ar nu J instalments
me half of tLo s^n:,- wu be ywn in Dtgro property If desired.
AMr-cj, A*. W. RANDLE,
hSk »\c !in/) Vauoo River, care of 1 i*up,
ootD—tf siuksbur*, Miss
lil t. k>), • (to...I (mJi.r, o..« who la booeat and eif »ble.
YY j* 10 Apply to IMVK , oo.
VV % IN ik i*.
a BOTTIiMI, Imm Itji-J A ,kji| prltewlil b*
Jana 0 met Main uni. »th 9k .tO.
nONI«(.r the Coafgdtiate btatgj PoJoce Lean. Wanted by
PKHK'k 10
W A NTH)—.’>,000,000 Hal. >, Vacooa »nd Mb<krat Hktni,
for wMch ;.ig tu* . i n,a:het,nlee w.U be paid.
WANTI(0.-V( wliblo buy ou* t'.ouaand b.ahe'a Pltl
iie-d. fo- «I| ch the I I. t-at earket prt e *,U be p ild.
fcbS A V. BT )K>9 A 00.
Ltuad In i‘ afcj.l • awu .aroagNoui the Cape, cul '.o tb ) rigulai
salary rtyft, ful And loag, grtih a military button on tnent
P.rt.ea In want will IUJ It to tha r IskarMk to call.
j,l Wkt. 1KA 'Ml f tl. III da'n itr X_
CANARY kRt.D. for"iJv« crnla ner poanl, at MIIAUf
A tUKKa'P l>nu etnre. ear aborc t O___
It KO> -AVi :b« Hury cure.i y B .eon, cunauung of
> Hama, HiJea and «h^ j lerg; 90 bbli Wt g.io'r pore Older Via
utr, on eooaignmeoi, and for tale by
”“,v IV pt.BkS^Nya, Int^an<t_
^Iti ri,Kb,-i)M oaag Bnatiiea, of mperior -iualily, on
^^eyMBaJatABd hr lala by K,NT. PMNK A ijO
p>BlALB-U>a Mat Llaaetd # JAM1A
Ml STAHD.-ddi»i.«ta,laUna,‘ro,kaleby
jaa»l DOVk. A CO., Draagltta.
eelvgd and for gale by J. P. DCVAL, eorner of Main and
• oth ata. _
STA'IH’N St'OrriI 8AI1FP Mugitne Unement, Ol'.T
Oil, 0 toil, a lei Ibiiue l*ork>. Tooth Hraabea, oaai-y *« d,
Paiaier'i an i Uadar'g Okaa, Paccu.at a daxlica for aal i by
W. PIT f .f ON A CO.Drugidlta,
r,bS W Main rr a»,
SeiHIT* 11 IIPKNKTINI: aad LaBrlcailMg
Oil. lugk rgcdvll and for talo tf i. P. DTJTAL,
«S SC »I ft •* raal
4UU of h. boat qaallty,far tale by W. PITIMON A CO ,
1M Mala abogk. _«kT
Fxtcuriv* DxraKTiixMT. >
March II, 1832 j
To the Speaker of the H"tut of Rep’-eeenta'ires :
I trao-mit herewith copies of ruch t(filial reports ta
have been received at the War Depirtmdot of the do- i
fence and f JI cf Pert Danel*ou.
They >vili be fouod incomplete a: d unsatisfactory— f
lustra ions bar.* b > n given to furniab further in'orma- [
lio'i upija tbe -evrrai po-nte not n;a o iuteliigi* le by the j
repor-s. It is net stated that reinforcements were at
«i y time ark d far; n^r in it demonstrated to hav bon I
impossible to have rav- d tbe aimy by evacuating the I
position; nor is it knoan by what means it was found I
practicable 'o withdraw a part of the garrison, leaving I
the remainder to surreud -r; nor upon what authority or j
prit cipal cf action the senior G uerals abandoned res- j
not^uomiy by transferring tbe eo<cmand to a junior of
1- r.
In a former communication to Congress, I presented
the propiie y of a su-p-i sian of j idg-oent in relation to
the disaster at Fort Doneison, tttitii < ftijial reports oauld
be rrccived. I regret that the information n jw furnish
• d is so defective. Ii the meantime, hopeful that satis
Mctcry explanation may be made, I have directed, upon
the exhibition of the esse as presented by the two se
nior Generals, that tin y should be relieved from cora
msod, to await fur'hcr orders, when-.v. r a reliable judg
incut can be rendered on tbe merits ol tbe case
JiirsRSo* Davis.
Caur naar Mvirittcnmo’,)
FebrUAry 27, 1SC2. f
(Jewral A. S. Jthnet <n:
Fts: — Yjur ord-r ol the 12‘.h of this mouth, trans
mitted to mo t y telegraph from Bawling (l.een to Cum
berii'.d Ci'y, reached uie the siuie sveuiug It directed
nte to repair at once, with what force I could command,
to the support of th - garrison ut Fort Dan -lean. I ttn
mediately prej arrd for my d- pvttjre, and iff cted ft in
lime to rearb Fart ltaoe'sou tie next merging, 13 h,
before daylight. M asures had alroady been taken by
BrigadirrU neral Piilow, then ia command, to reud’r
our ss's ancc to ihe i ttaok of tho euimv as rflf.-c ivc af
po-su-lc He had, with aotivity and industry, pu<hed
‘orward the di fei sive works towards rOTipl t'on. These
iefcLCes co: silted in au earlliwoik iu Fort Doaelacn, in
which were mounted gnus of d:^ rent Ve, to the
ni ftthpr nf -a Ia »lti mO l. ffir fhft in
fa.nt.y a ipp 1 j, acd cois ructed immediatily b?hicd the
Wattirv ai d upon the fumm t of the hill iu rear —
See* ping away Iroiu this h* Id work eastward, to the < x
tent of neatly two toil* it lu its w nding", wis a line o(
entrenchments, defended on lie oalrido at tome pain's
with obaus. The e eutrcnchuiuita were ceumiei |
by the troop* already there, a: a by lire ndli'ioo
ot those whi''h uai-s t,pau the field with me. Trte
po*i.ioo oi the t'ior,” which wts ca ablisbcd by
the Tennessee authorities, was by ro meins com
mandii g, nor w>i ti e less', military B iguificauco
attached to the position. The enreuebmenf, if.
trrwarde hastily m.dein tnu*y plans, wore ii jnd cioii*
ly constructed b cause ot tho dts's’ise tl,e., were placed
rrotn the brownt the hUI, sutj c'irg the m-'ii to a heavy
d e l:cm tns enemy's r sip xhoot rs oppesite, at they
itvarcrd to or retir.d f>. oi ib' e . |r* ujume ts. Boo:
af *t uiy arriv *!, the ei.retict.nen * were fully o enpi'd
Tom or.c end to the other, a d jo**’ »e ihe sin roie tt c
cannonade ton* ooo of theen mv’sgq. boa t atioonuced
;fce op* g ot tbe c>r fl.;t, whi.h was de.iij.i to coo
three for tbr* e d»ye au i -ight'* la a very eh .p tjore th*
firs b*Came sencral s'r;.;2 Cur >hi,le finis, aid t e
- .. in*, wbo bad avcad/ pU.uid batteries a .. v.ial
• ir.ta arou 1 the whole «wr u '. of ebr en rcichm nts,
a shown by a diagram herewith soul, pp»n<d a gen* r I
imI nt'v 1-e from a|l (.ms u. on oar l.-ipah s, which
■th t.d uiitd darkniSfS pu »j end to the cotflet —
T> • y c'.anoed wi.h uuc.ipaion spirit »t aevrrjl potrt
.1 g on tbe I :*■, l)*il r:o t pirticul.rly ai a point uud'*
nd dbv cn r* Lchmcnl , down a Lo I »w m fi>h sopor
ii J the ,'i^hi wing under ii.igadicr ti tteral Bickn.r
ram the tigut o( ihe oeutre, command* d by Ool. Lli.nsn.
rt u charg. was pros-ca . d wl.h u .cominou v:g*»r, but
wAt met wi ll a drwtminid spirit ot resistance, a can),
1 liberate ecu age, both by 'r. ■ :»o»ps of Big-Gen. r I
Br.kner at J Cm. Bi nau, wbfe i drove the enemy, d |
• ::.L'.ed and Cjyl to Veer , b^c'a upon ilia "C-Slica be
e id asruni' 1 in tbe irorcicg. T.,a i..gw pials cant o
v • b si .fed ^<yi Ui haiwry of Oapiaiu P rler for e r
r; o'pa* ion iu the rout of the enemy iu this assault —
Hy position »a ituti lately in Iront of the p .jut of a'
> k, and 1 was thus enabled to witness wore ditUDctly
th* iicidet tj pi It.
Tin; am my (KUlnued their fire upon d IT rent p»ris
oi our c tieLchmvbbi throughout tbenigb', which de*
• *'ived our men of every opportunity of sleep We lav
fat nignt up.*., cur arms in the trenches. We cot.fi
lenlly * xpreted, at the dawn of day, a more vigorous
ittack than ever. But in t;;;j wo were enilrely mista
<rn. Th i’tiy *d*«nee a; d no preparation s emrd o
bo making tbr a general onset. Bat an cx'.rem ly in
iiovine tire was la. u; no f.om t i© enentv'a s ai u ihnatoi**
throughout the whole length of the eotm chments,
from Uivir lot g raugo r II «. Whilst thuj igoJo of at
tack was not at'* tided with -wy soii'ijcrable loss, i.
u veril cl as coi ^itt tl the men to their trooches and pri
ce ted their taking their uauaJ real. Bo stood the af
Uirg oi the 8 d uutii 3 o'clock, 1' M., when the fl.et ol
gunboats, io full loice, advarcid upon tbe fort and
opeued tire. Tney advanced la the shape oi a crtsuen,
• ni kepi up k coui.ant ad i c.-esqm ore for oue hoir
tad a half, which was replied to with tr common spirit
iud vigor bv the “fort" Dace the boate r.ached a
poiut wtiUui a few hundred yards of the “fort,"
it which lime it was that three of their boats tu -
uined runout i j tries from our balterns. and wire
•tcuipelled to tall back. The hue was bro
ken, and the roomy discomfit'd ou the water, t
jivitg tip the fight euiireiy, which he never at
xr wards renewed, I was sititid, from the
un items oi the last two days, that the enemy
did not intend ugain to give u- battle in our trenches.—
rhry had been I airly repul-td with very heavy si.mer
er, upon every ifiort to norm our position ; and it was 1
lair to infer that they would not again renew the un
availiog attempt at our di-lodgment, when certain
means to ell' ct the same end without teas were p ifectly
at ilt ir command. Wo Vfcre aware of the (act that ,
extremely heavy reinforce merits lad bt-tu contiuuady
a riviug day -en l night, tor three days and uights, and 1 ,
had no dot bt whatever that their whole available rotce
on tbe western astern ooulJ, and wculd, be eouoentia
id bun it it was dn-med urc asuy to rodace cur po
-.lion. I had already seen llirj niposetbdiiy of holding out
t.r any length ol time with our inadequate number and
mdefen-ible position There was no place within cur
entr- ochiucuw hut could b re cited by the enemy’s ar
tiller/ Irom their boats, or their batteries. It was but
•air to inKr that, while they k’pt up a silfioieiii fl.v up
o.i our entrenchments to keen cur iucn trout sleep and
prevci t rips e, their o! j et was merely to give time to
pi a column above .;j o > , tc riv. t, both on tbe right
snd HU wanks, end thus to cat < If « 1 cnr commuuica
tious and to prevent the possibility of egress. I thus
aw clearly that but one course wi s left by which
a rational hope could be euter.a*tied, ol saving
■ he gairisoit, or a part (if it That was to
d -lo ce the enemy tiom his position on our
bit, aud thus to pass our people into the open coun
try lying southward towards Nashville I tilled for s
ci' value ion Ol the oflioers of d.visions aud brigades, to
take place alter d rk, when thi- plan was laid b f rre
them, approved and adopted, aud at w. ich it wai deter
mined to move irom the trenches at an early hoir on the
a xt morning and attack tbe enemy in hi) fruition. it
was agreed that tbe attack ehoujl commence on our rx
• it me Hit, an 1 this tlqty was u-atgued Brigadier-General
Pi luw, aasi-ted by Brigadtn-Goueral Johnsjn, hiving
tl-o under hi) command commanders ol brigades, Ool
Baida in, commanding Mississippi and Tennis ice troops,
and Ool. Wharton and C>l. MetisUiHnd, commanding
V'igiuiars. To Brigadier umcral Buchner was afs g .ed
the duty of making thu at'rok from near the cent e t(
our lines up >n the enemy’s forejs, upon the Wynn’s
Ferry road. The atta k on the left was delayed longer
than I eiptcUd, and consequently the enemy was found
to position wbo.t our troops adranetd The attack, how
ever, on our part wasextremily spirited, and although
ih« teeistance ct the enemy was obstinate, and their
ctnbtrs far eiceedsd ours, our p-oplc eurceded in
living them diacoo 8 • d arid terribly cut to pi-c?s front
th i entire I ft. The Kentucky trocp’, under Brigaditr
fleneral BncVrcr, a Ivinccd from 'h- Ir positi u b.-hind
tBe ei.ttctc'- met ts upon ho WyottV Kerr/ toid, but not
until the cteuty had been dr'veo i t a gnu measure
fron the*position ho occupied in 'bn morning.
1 h'd ord red on tbe night before the two regiments
■Wtioned in F rt 0 melaon, to cc.upy the treCchee va
cated by Brig -Geu. Bucknoi’s forets, which, together
with the men whom be detached to assla. iu thia pur
pose, I thought sufficient t« hold them.
id/ intention was to hold, with Brig Geo. Buckner's
command, the W/nn’s Fir y roal, aud thus to prevent
the enemy, during the eight, from occupying the posi
tion ouou- 1 .-ft, which bs occupied in the morning. I
gave hue orders upon the field to that tff.vt. L a ring
him in position, I s’a-ted for the right o' our comma:.d
to see that all was secure tbero, my intention being, if
thing* could be held iu the coudi'iou they then were, to
move tho whole at my, if pos iole, to tho open c uuty
lying southward beyond the Randolph Forgis During
tny absence, and from s >m« m sspprcheneiori, I pre*orn-*,
oi t o previtu* order given, B ig. Gm. Pnlow order
ed Bri.tadicr-G -neral B tekner to Icavo hia position
ou the Wynn’s F rry road, aud to resume his place in
I is trenches on the right. Thia movement was nea’ ly
'-secured before I was aware of is. As the enemy was
presaing upon the trenches, I deemed that the execution 1
of P is last order was all that was left to be done. The
enemy, iu faot, 6U weeded in occupying an angle of the |
trench s on the extremo right of Brig idicr-Gfneral
Buckner’’ command; and a«. the fresh forces of the ene
my had begun alsundy to move towards cur left to
occupy th* position they held in the morning, aud as we
hid no force edequate to oppose their progrees, we hid
to submit to ihc mortification of seeing the ground whit h
we had won by suolt a severe coil! ct iu tho morning
re-occupicd by the enemy before midnight The tnemy
bed b-en laudt'g rein/orcemeuts throughout the day.
His numbers had been augmented to eighty-three reg •
Our troops were completely exhausted by four days
aud niehts cf continued coili ct To renew it with any
hope of succit-ful result was obviously vain, and such I
cede-too l to b- the unanimous opinion of all the offi
cers present at the eounoil called to ooneidrr what w s
beat to be done 1 thought, and so announced, that a
d .-per,ue onset upon P c right of the enemy's force* on
the ground where we had at acked them in the morning,
might result iu the extrication of a cot sidenbte propor
tion of it command Irani the position we were iu, at d
this opinion I urdeisootj to be cootorrcd in by all w) o
were prrs ct. But it w.s likewise agreed, with the s ne
qjiuijtqiiy, that L would r tu!. in the slaughter of nearly
all who did not succeed in iff cling their escape. Ttie
quest o i then ara o, whether, in point of humanity, and
a sound military po'icy, a course should ba adopted from
whloh the probii'iiiti's were that too larger portion of
the command would ba cut to plrc e in an uravailirg
light ugiinat overwhelm tig numbers. 1 uud r stood
he general sentiment to t>c adverse to the propositi’u.
I felt that iu this contingency, whilst it might be quit*
tinned wh.-lher I abend, a* commander of the at my,
I ad it to cer a n deiltuc ion in an unavailing fight, jet
i had a right iudividuai'y to determine that 1 wou;d net
turvivo a surretd r thtre. To Satiety both p.opoaLiocr,
i agreed to hand over the command to 3 igaUter Geni
inak* au ”fTo*t lor my ow i < locution by any and every
incan» mat align', pr< a n*. th m elves to me.
I therefore directed Ool Forres', a darirg aud deter
mined t tlioer, at tb? head ol an efficient i.-giui'ntcl
cavalry, to be pre-itut for the purpose of accompuuyig
no iu Kbit I supposed to be an effort to pars through
:hu cuemy’e Laos. I announced the loot upon turning
ihe oonnnand over to B.igidt3r-Quner.il Buckner that 1
would bring away with u,u, by any means I could, my
>wu pMi„t,lvr bjyai', the pnpiisty of which was ao
]uiesc d in oa ail bauds. Tnid, by various modi a. 1
uoiredrd in accomplishing !o a great extent, and wotl-i
iaru brought t (I my iri ol t command in one w sy or at.
v her if 1 .ad had the a-sistmoc of the held tBlcers,
who werr absent Irom a vir.tl of the rcgiauu’s. The
■o ciua-id w*a (u-n*d over to flrigodwr Uineral Bu.k
ier, who st o 'cc opened ncgatiatioBi with tbe em n.y,
vhich rc;u’,!cu in the “urrenkr ol the place, T ub
•1 ded tho cord ct runnii-g through four days and four
'!g H; n l.rgo po.tioy oi which time it »a* iiu u aiu u
*i,h the g .alas- a rou. s u d 1 b-.inrey, in width we.
*ih« • net exceeding 13.000. (1 1 trgo portlou ol
thorn were i|!y r rmed ) succeeded in rrM*tiog one.
1 vittg it.uk with deermbtu e iiu army of more than
10 000 mru. I havo 110 wean* of accurately estima
■ H tbs |oaa cf the enemy. From w a'. 1 >i> upon
be bit I-flsid, from wnat I witne'-ed throng -
>Ul the whols p riod of the tv d ct, I u.n
t I was utils to Inara from aouioes of iuforma; ou
lecffi d by me tkorthy of oredit, I have no doubt
•hat tho cuimja 1,-aa in k.tled aid wounded rtrc’i h
lumber beyond (5,(H)oj /fs» <A u«an</. Our own ki
ss aero eziruma y heavy, but lor want of c x ct
r.tyrya l am unable to atat-- precise numbers, I th nk
hry »ilt not be far from 1 BuO kdltd and wounded —
S’ .-thing c.Uid exceed the cedin '** a id d.i oru.ini d rp rit
>f re* stance which animated tho men in ; is l ing and
VrociotH cci.Bi ■-; nothing could exceed ihe detirmli 0
murage which characterised them throughout tUU tenI
'4 s tuggl’, and uotbi-ig c.nld '03 more tdniitublo tea
;h a isdfnc- which Hey exhibited un<il na'ure in-elf
vas exhausted in vhet they kniw to be a desperate tight
•giiost a foo very many times their superior in num
x rs. I oirnot particularise in this report to you the
vtmherles* Instv c-s*of h»ro.’edaring perfoim.d by both
jlhcera and men, but must content myself lor Ihe pr> -
1 >i t by t-aying in my judgment, they a 1 deserve well cf
he country.
1 have the houor to bo, very respectfully, your obeii
>m vet'ant,
[Sigued,] Jons B. From,
Brigadier-General Commanding.
ORi iai:—Jons WiTHies, A. A. Genital,
A. A I Q O., Va-ch M, 1862.
I)Lw\lK PLOU'1, PLOtV4.-U%TlD( purchased ol
Mftsrs J. W. Car dwell A Co., fie p it.eroi cf all the rises of
liuhs’s Iron Itsiiu Plow We are now prepared to -apply orders
br Prows and Castings for that, as well as for our own, WUcy’s, Pai
ne-Y 11vlii, sion, and other Plows Terms c»ih.
felS GAO. WATT A 00,
Jmtl \UM MKH'N Tint AL, l voL, l'no., 872
. Page*. pno.- ftl a»».
C.jnp.lr-i from tl».* belt an l lalts'. authorlt el, forthj Volunteer*
Ad hslitti a f the Ooafedna e Hlates, by Ueutenan C In ml WU
lam II K| hardioi g aiua'e, and formerly assistant lumuetor
»r TtcUos, Virginia MWfary Ini Itt\ e.
This valuable nook h g Ibrrul ahrl 'gem nt of Hardee's Tactl *s,
^eluding the dchool of Uc Baual on and InsLruetlon for Hklrm
The P«un-e,#e4i and t! e Minas’ of Arms for the Musket, be
ng Introduced from Gllhsa s Manual.
I i . . ' . K-vlewa. Ies ecllnn, Dress Pa
id <, Guard Mounting, dalles of Guards, duties of Capta ss In
lamp and Carlson, March s. Camps, Ac., Ac ., together wl'hhol
Her*' R itlooi abdmxke <f cooking the j», and a few tmpor.aul
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fiUUMOH BRANDY7-A pore ortio sole»y W. WTII
r 80N 100., Dr.gfUu. «.U
HEkD^l AuTEis D'PAkT 4 ANT OF bR4R’C>. I
RiOiV.SD, Vi., March 4th, If62. J
No. 8 f
I. Py virtue of the authority conferred by General 0'dsra No.
9. A-jatanl and Inipec or General** ^Bc*, March fat, M2, Gapl
a. a 'to Jw n 1 appointed Pro vest Marshal of tha Ci y of t 1 h
uond, and the adjoining an liurr and ng country fjr the distance
of ten milts.
II. The i'asiport Office Is continued at its pretint location, un
der charg* of the Prnvoat Marshal.
Ill Th* dsillathnail dii'iloul'.on o' vino.i, s irttuoos in 1
malt 1 qu <ra, or othe- intxlcat!ng be/era. rt Is a soltle y p o
Mnl'eJ Th!i order will be sir rtlv tn o*eed by the 1 rovost Mar*
sh .1 »gtir>« . all pe sons 'ound d s I lig, stl .ng, giving away, o*
In any tnsan-. rclsuoslng of such beverage*.
*V. All persons of eve y de tree, except those la the serrl e of
the At % •, o» Uoi f l« rate r ta'rs, hsving ams In their pocsr»s.tn
will del Ter th* s sate to hejrd ia-.ee I>-par ni<B , on or before
the hth »farch tfiil Oth :rwit* they w II hs §•*!* *J and taken p •
»c.slon o* by th* t* ovo»t MorshsL Arms belong eg to tbe state
of Virginia, wi.tb.» de lvered t» Ool. Liam ci, at the fitate arsen
al In tVscliy The w rd >aua tut ra as w. htn Us mean! g
swords ba onetf r.fl -a, double barreled shot guns, and plat j s of
sa hst*>s ntsy be useful In th j field. C^mp*es*tl-n will bt
ta * 1 • to privaiu arms <\r I fereJ up or taken lcto pubir css. and
Government arms o t in the public s< nice will be receipted for.
By order of Brig.-Gen. Jap. H. Wixdxb, C)m’d< Ac.
mhft-tf Ass . AtJ’i. Gen.
Eicttuoxu, Va (March 7th, 1662. f
No. ft. f
I 0 1 J.hnO Potter Is appointed Provost Marshal of the
city of Richmond, and C*pto!ui A. 0. Godwin and J* C. Maynard
are appt Int-d A*«!»Unt Provost Marshals.
All communications. verbal or written, concerning pssipor sot
t e locat.on of Guards, mist be ma e to the Pto of. Marshal.
II The city of Richmond If divided Into two Mllltarv Dis
trict*, by a In: commencing at Mayo s HriJg.*, and tanalog ur
14 h sir eel to Vain street thence up Mail attest to Governor o>
I3ta street to 12 h street, thence rp i2lh street to the llm.it of th
>1.e Dbtrlct ess* of su'd line of d’v'slon *• unde* commend d
Oip .aiu A.C. Go Iwtn; and the DU'rtet wt*iof sal J line is undti
the c mmanl cl Oa: tVn J. G. Maynard.
111. Fatauel Ma. cu' inn !s appointed (JM*.* of P« I ee
By order of ii.ig. Gen. Jn<> It. Wt>i>xa.
L. R. P »GE,
mh9 AssV. AdJX General.
RiCHaoxn, Va , March 6th 1S42. (
OenerHl Order*, I
No. 4. f
1. Th-Prop letor* of Hot-ls and Board'ng Houses will forth
v th report to the Provost Marsha, the caaes of all guest* »t
their houte t, and the names of ail persona in their employment
A I s*. of arrlvaLi mill alio be furnl he I to the Provost Marshal
twice every day bt th.* hours of 10 A. M. and b P M.
IT 1 irery S.afcle K -epera and owners of Hacks, and ether put
lie Vehl-lei, will report to the Provost Marahsl, the location '
their Mtahies, > n ’ the ncra *er of the r H iscs, Hacks Ac. The.
wll alas tna’e dallr rrporti cf p*rsont from the sarroandln*
c.uUry pu t ng o ses or t'a rlag.-s In tb#*r Flsblea.
til No nerson is pe il t d to pass beyoid’.lc ccrporate I*. It
of the c.ty In a h vex or other v blele, or on hirsebacc without >
taking ptiicag.rs at any point, within the ten relit* of count y
u d r martin law, e W c t ricspitt t* eui Into tbei (ty, cr to di>
taut places, auth p.aois have purports.
Hy order of Frlg.-Oec. J\ > 11. WOKD1B. Co* Mg Ac
L k. P*.GE,
mlS—tf A. A. Gene'll
bitiixuxo, March 7, litfi. >’
No. 10. f
General Order No 0. !»aued March 1st, proclaiming the *tupen
iloo of all civil j madiclion. with the exception of that of the kfa ft i
r>f the rltjr of Kl bra on I, within the ('tf, a*»d the surround in
o miry to ihcdlalanteof ten mi csls hereby »o moilAed *1 *o ptr
ii It the oaris l tan cog lx n e ofthe prcb*teo# will ,the ad
lolnlst at on of the eat t * of deceased persona, and the qr*I Art
Uoa cf guanlans, lo inter d.c.tcs and trd rs lor tne pa t tlor
in I tale f t property. to m ike orders c ncern ng ro dsand h Idgea
to ais ss CJtu'.y le\lt*>ud order tht payn eul of equity d.e*.
by Command of the Secretary tf * a?,
(Higaed) 8. COOP1R,
m’S—!w A ljt and Inapr tfeaeral.
IS, Mari Ii Rh, f
iJPEdll oi:i»mus«(
No.i i 1
V Tlic rrguUtlo » ounce ni g substitutes lo t'.e Army, dated
Jrt.»ber20, l*C-, arc hereby revoked,
Uy c maraud cf Lht .Hecretary of War.
mhS—lw As»t. Ad/ t. Gen.
March l,1Sf» f
^ f A LED propos tli will he re-eleeJ at this (fh^e anill 1* o*cl c
u AM, M.-.rch »3.h, l.iii, fur building and delivering la Alch
• i —
2AX) Fit id Or I tges io pdr. gun acd li p Jr. Uow.taerj
CtArona do do do do
.V baiter* Wag'd*
MTr ye ling Forg.s.
Rids will he • te-til • . for a p rtlon or the whole 'f ihe above
P.opo«a s roust r it r how rainy of the card i/ s will be d» I ver
rd weekly, atd ttt 1" .v ornpar.lt-i by sa’. tfactory cvldene*
;hat the bi.ldrr can and will comp y with hla ccn.ract
f !/ht to r«je t all bids riser v«d
Commit) lead n car ad Ire » d to me, at th’.i Arsenal, an«
an to.ncd “Pr pose s f r Gun Carriages.'*
by Older of LL Col CORO**,
Chi fofOa'iaace.
nlfl • flwDt Lieut srtIMerv Corr.*g,
rl^nr death of my hr ther, M-. O-cr.e W. Docn .n, In re:eo
t ber last, t-las lees the Arm 'f W M AG. Dicnan this cay —
ary prrsoni haying cltirat aiai^st the fi m «111 pleas? pr^s di
IV m atonre for payn.** d; and ihose Indtbtei a e ea.net y re
guided toe tne forward and mike set’ leuent, as l desire to eloir
Lh* busict-sj wAn as little delay as possible
R , n u.r.h lit 1USO H.ITW Viri* P.rl . r
Having pirrhaicd the iotere it of my late partner In the atock ©’
ware, Cutlery. 4c.,belong gtothetl m of w. t*. 4 0. Donnao
lh. bulj si will to falarc b» cojductei at the iame stand, in m.
iw Dane H*\ In* recently made c > sldarable nddiioLS loth*
9,rck, ard Intending to us : every effort to keep o a hand a fu.
«*i| ply of all the articles In the Hardware line, re pectfu.ly sollci'
a ru tlsuaoce of the faTori beatoved for so many years on m>
i.redecrtiora. WM H. DJNNAN,
Iron Bulldinws, Governor street.
F i iia m», Va., March 1st, 1*61. _ml * lv*
CcxranuaATK statr* or Awasica j
Alteraxt i^r a*t*x*a«t«* Gsmuclh « him
K chmond. Va., March 7th, \
'IAO facirtat.1 the transfer cf Recruit i from R«*c:u tlJg fita'I n
A. to their Regiment*, till of Rail-oa 1 comp nu** are t-»tlflr>
'hat the Aecrn:tinr ofh'c •lie aathoHx-d to g ve orders ef tr.Hi
lortadoa for tleir recruit*, and such older* or c nificat* < of tract
l*jrut o i, given by ihe pin nt In chary* of the rvcrcite, will In
acknos led red a. luflic cut vouchers for pa) in nf.
t: I _LARKIN feMITrf, Ac, Qr. Gen.
tji/UU TERB, for sale by K. A E. DABNaY,
jai) Corner of 7th and Broa«l streets.
WOOD FlFIWT^Wood. Olay,and ta&cy Hctiamn **ipet
for salo by l«h7] W. Pgi KiiHON A CO., PruggUu.
JOt V OLAKKHN.—*OdU lb#Soda ash, just receive a by
^ jaU T>OVlt A OO.. Dratrjrfsta.
FIDLlT/. .tlTx rCJftK—ldo lb*. Mixture for sale by
W. PaTEK&JN A CJ, 16ft Mala street._m 7
SBG tKN A.vD TOIIAU O.-V"00- ce*arswell aai r
ed; *^00 boxes Mtnuf*ctored Tobacco, froa comm n t> 0r.
rrai'es. and aome of the best brands of Hm'kteg, alt conHg ed fo*
fsT 18 Pear’ street
|)l UK \ IKf.'lM A A 1*1* L K RKANDY. bbb
X Pure Yli g Inla Apple Braudy, three years old. In store and fo*
ial< by
n%Cf»N.-23C*ilhe Fmithne.d Bar », II. Ruing, In • or.- nod
for ail- by W. H. PHABAHTS, IM> Street._leU
mdVJ 2.’. bbU Mach. Oil
10 Jo Lins. .lo
YU Jo Rosin J.
in Jo Bpte. Turpentine
10 Jo V> bite Grease
IS kn Sup. Caib. Soda
13 > M« Ooppera*
100 ill I Mr J.rlnAi Brandy
100 bxa 0 by 10 and lo by 12 Oita.
Start tbs Spanish Whiting
10O 1 xl Ihewlng Tobacco
101O Lynchburg Smoking Tobacco
73 basket. OUre Oil
1 bbl Corn Oil (a new artlel.-) for lamp.
For sale by DOVE A CO,
doll Wholesale Druggist!.
V Ctgara, from New Orleana anJ Oha-letkou; tl.e Sne»t brands
of Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, for sale, wholesale and retail
by MCADK A BAKER, Druggista, lot Main Street, corner abort
F. O.__ocS3
K_ It'll IHOaON’S tint.INI A AND N. C. A L>
M.NAO, for ISM, pabllsbed and for aale at It per grace, or
|I per doteo. A MORRIS,
Jail_Publisher and BcokiiUcr.
CHEROKEE SEMEOV.Jnst .retired and Her tale by
felSJ P. DUVA^cor. Ma n ae.llOlh »'.
1r DO SB, Hosteller’. Hitters, just received by
1 1*11_DOVE A 00.. wholes, e Druggists.
HUDA t SODA ! 1-50 Ergs Superior Carbonate Beds for
sale ty _yalTI_A Y KTOhE* A 00.
banks Standard, capacity A.utM, nt. and ta toaplat. order.
Also a QneB.o rk of Outlery co Land and artlrloa
CIO I HR, CltlAKt.s sup»r*.or|ot of D .mealc and Ha
vana Cigars no t In store and ter sale by W. l*CTERAt»w A
CO., Druggists, ifb Main street.__»E7
PrKIHClTHATI HI AON *tl 1A ond Balding PoW
dan, prepared and fold by MEADE A BAKER, PbAr»«eeu
tun, 1st Mam Street, errner above P. O. _tel*
IBEMUoT INDIOO.—A supply ol superior Indigo, now in
Ke i and ter tele by W. PETERSON A 00,136 Main street,
CUBA OOPPBB.—100bap Cube Oudee, rtee.ring and ter
WR are authorised U> raise a Company for V • d v.ix
at Uie y for the War, and ve sv «U t » u «< I ^ ^ g
Merds »td to oc later In the coot ry scd tlscw'.rr, to
aid us In rn l.tlrg m n forth spur, os.* Pe n■:» - c Irlng tm*cm
•o join cur Company will report to ua *t on t in alchr-.oad acd t
Ool i. hat. P. Ur, PlaLUi’s Warsi uie, L nc due. or 2. Krrm y
Wall s a, P. lar '"Us. Amherst, who are autboi aed to
e ll elm i.ts for the Company. . ....
The Legijlatare on vetterday. parsed a eio u'lon f>r l A
any more Lew companies lo *e fnroedfor St- «r t* *» •*) r*~
i service, botsjl JfCtlrg tba rrhl it to an Im ablated ** row U
the lime tj escspe that draft
C othir.g of h- heal qu .At# wlU La fu.n.LcJ a* <1 yeinneot
friers, aud Fifty Dj.l.n Bhcn'.y p lid as aoon as Muttered 1 t >
vi re.
lief" Ad lress us at Lynchburg or Rlehrocrd.
mhA-tf W A Tf U ti 1 I rtPtSf. ^
jja/ A!tTBO-CTtesu rUt ld t avalr) 30 Hr* »uils
Vy w t he received lu tr l* compan, The ic ru'L> wi:l be «-•
tilled to pay, traisportetloo, and sobaUtenov t . tu the haw aad
plac «ff. U taunt, together with the sum c f $30 b« un»y.
apply at the Kroruttloj Offlee, Cary afreet, nr at door to the
tt ra of A K Moore W. B. WOOLiiRWil 0*1,
mhh— lm feenil i 'g r ff.e• r
Hi- Qca CacrcariKUi Birr a or or Light Aaiai.tav, i
Biihaaod, IfrA 4 h. iwii. (
HAVING ceased t receive lubitltulei In till battery, we are
d slrootof er listing 30 Intel!!.ent a» d refptr’.able young
«r niltiu *a to till cur ranks. None but such is wl.l answer the
♦ bove descrlptlr u will b? received.
Ik i ■ t slready In will rsport themselves allha
rend xvwus, ci.rovr of llih end Oary sireelv Iff mediately, other
wise ihcy will be dealt with, as 4ei< rura, a* or dine to law.
htaplato ' oiutohfikui,
tf 01140. A WORT UAH.
iVANlMu, lift Til DIATELY,
Tf BR0BU118.
W »n*ed, immediately, three hundred (80C) rwsprrta* le anJ able
odlsd rvn, to form an Artillery Battalion, to set vs for two ysats,
during the war.
I shall, In a few days, open a recruiting offlee In the city of
lchmcnd, under the iupert:.tccdence of her grant L 0. McOru
Oomloriahle quarers will be provid <1. Board free.
Hen wlU be paid from t e date of their cnl s menu
It la the earneet «lah of the undersigned robe r ad y vrith the
*cw organ* .t.on before the term t his pr> sent company expire*.
•* therefore mduUei the h pe that those not cow in the service
III not be slo v In cn isling; for, fl ht we mus , and conquer, too.
aid, to do so, we must be well drilled and prepared tor our eoe
Any commurleatlcns addressed to me at Fredericksburg, wUl
a et with prompt attention. B. L W aLKES,
fc4—tfOapt Com’dg Furcell Artillery.
IUIE undersigned propose t> i else a company of Light %. i#
2. a-til!cry, to be rnlikted for the war We ate happy
• w to ten unce that we have procured he guns, which
Metres y 1 *r ts, t )reth**r with all equipments, aa soon RRRB
4 our c inpnn;/ Is .neater* J Into service
o th si wh • wou'd like to g ' a'ong with ua, sod shire wl A us
e'citalics of this war we earn ally appeal to come forwarJ
o i and j« In us tierce, rtesldei the bounty of $30, urlfor-i s,
oard and .edgings will be furnish'd free Application may be
;* ->j at <-ur lec u ting ufflee on Msln, between 7ih and Slh sta.,
r at the .'tore if Johnston M Brana/o.d
I JStflONS whbing to Join a CAVALRY CORPS In v a
1 which thr h.ure off du y may be spent In agre able
op nlonih'p.a »• nviul to tnlUl in this cne Twrt.ty
ecrui will t e revived if lmmedale application b-- * TE
ilc at No. H9, P« whatan Fo.te, or at Camp Ifererr, Frwd«- I ks
• g. Noue out men i f uarxeep lonab'e cl a*actrr and bab.te
r»i apply. [xhn-6.#) B It. DOUGLAS, Captain.
SJ.'Tenty-flva Hermits, for the Governor's Mounted
sard, vn • n company i« now q urtcred at M’tnuiaa. ftrt boun
t llj'.hlogajd aubl’sUncc will be fu re label Apply at the
er !tl*g Rendravous, on Ban* street, near the corner of Utb.
f .'T -lo apt, P. W. )gAMBERLATMi»
I MIC subscriber viebee to employ a number of SobstltaUo to
i r c milt • I •• pn * nt war.
» such onl/ as ar* r*.t so jeetto military duty a liberal pr^eo
• i t>: pj>id down when accepted by the proper authorities Call
OBaj. MttlBT,
hl§-»1n __Shockoe Slip.
A s :aki>
I AVISO reedved authority from the Heeretary rf War to raise
I 1 a company o' lofaatry, those who may lies re tv Jolo it win
tie ret ort tl.c.-isrlvcs at my office. In the Law Hjfh log. be
■■•o t?-c hoar* cf 10 and 1., A M Mustering* will be l e d at
vacua place; also, on ea:h Wedneiday at *1 baturday nighty,
i he company tha'l haft bean fully o g.i; lied,
i b- uu'y of f .*> will be pil 1 ti each recruit when he enrolls hU
tat; also lubeib'enc.* and clothing.
fS-tfW%t. W. PARKEW, M. P.
UR. HENRY KATTOS, OPTICUS, formerly of Petersburg,
has I rated hita elf at No 21 Main s»re t, where he will be
ue I i se h whose bight need improving. Here U what a
etcff? ov pipeniyi:
W-, the ur. :«:»! e I, take pleasure In reecrttseot lng Mr. Heniy
t ii t<> i| ■ rl lie so »cte-sv ors and »urrc undl’g country, *s
O tic an • f c rd'eraMeratm We h*tr«ti|.d him and foand
tb soli I ei villifyte’adci belk ha v. >• t aid haws tone
i yelve» And. at t c sight <f mankind t« a very mpO'tant mat
« , an I to r ut a H it i requ res a g rat lies' r.1 koowledge and
n.ni h *« in h .1 ca 1/ oe leva M*. KayUn p Meases. w.
mreforc. chr.r.'u it i.commcnd hits.
r«5-if r v John karr.
i'.o BAH HI’S.—A lot ol Ctrbon. Ammr.aU JJ»t It t »rd,
*n-i for >M. by _bOI'R A 00
M/U so A**—lu cYery Ytr.ety of a y«ty b.*oll
. for aaUby W. P.TK LfuN A CO .
... Drutfiriala.
(jt j»g; rovr A U'\, Pratt1. a.
l»ACON AND LAUD, *'» prime country cured
IJ B.con and Lard, for eale on c .mltnmeot, ' y
febft _A V. SlOKIfl k 00
U1LITAKY J 1CKKTS.-A .opplv of heavy Grey
Military JaceeU, at lie Iron front Cl thing Warei-oute of
•ULDWIN * WiL1 UMS. 1t« and lie Malar. _M
LKTTBU ANUI’AI* PA PKH.- A la.l lot, frr .ale
by P >VK A CO , Pru.tirl.tj._!>'*
1,’LOllt -’Obgititra family PI or, on cjD.lgi,ineol,ar d for
tale by W II fCKASANTS. 15th airaet.
11ILLOU' —Wanted 10INU Ibd food Tallo*. fir which we
will pay ctab. A. V ITi lib 1 00.,
D>hS Onr. IMh and Cary at*.
11HI onderalrned hare formed a eo-partnerehlp fbr the psrpoaa
of recovering the valne of atavea taken and other properly
Jett royal, by the enumy In taalern Virginia They will glee
prompt attention to all eaeee enirotted to thetr care, for terae,
tc , apply to Ool. OH AS. K. M at'.ORV, at Vorktown, or to 10.
L. MONTAGUS, at Jamaica, Mlddleaei coanty, till the IMh of
November, and after that time at Blehmond
USt.tKagt HBANBY.-A irw half pipe, of llennae
ecy B rrdv—Vintage, of lS54,lnJI k IMS, Imported bv my
■ell, «UU on heed and for eale by. 0. URAN7.,
fag No. g, K.change Hotel Block, 14th tt.
HAVANA CIO ABB.—A lot very nice, for eale by
eat ftftvg a OO.. Progglatt.
CilPPnll. P e onderalgned, agenta of tl,e Union Ooneoll,
dated Copper Mine, of Teunneee, have J itt rerelvrd a tup
ply or pare Ingot C , per, which U.ey ..Her for tale In Iota to tult
purr haaere.
deal _lUnONji BAMtlHmLL_
,) BBLS. PUBIC 01UBR VINBo AB In Store and frr tale, by
PIPKN.— Brier Bt Plpee, a large and beanllfttl lot, for rale
by DOVK k OO., Wholcoale Drugglfta de b
11 live, for aaklig Doota and flhoe* a^fl and <lu;able, aod
v iirr*|iroof, for aal< by J P. DUVAL, corcrr of Main and Hhh
Rlrhmond, Va., February 14, 1*48. (
ON and after TVondajr, th* 17 III toat,thaM%H Train rn .
ihia road will leave Ricotunod at a quarter before five, A. M,
nv ead of fife, A. M., aa heretofore. R. H. GiLL,
frlft _Ouppral gap*.
r ’NKINH SnOKINU TOH4tm-4 final lot
Turkish fo> )klogTobteco just recelv«d( also, a auser'or brand
>f Chewing T.bieco for sale by W. P£TR*JON A OO.
a*,; 1M Main sUetl.
11HR BPH4K HIHKK Ik MtVrtieJ by the Secretary of
War, to ra'ee a reriment of Infantry to »arva for the w.r
All pe iini d-eiiO.i of ml log w ti b m. la ihl. anterprlae, are
-equestod to call at the eace of Ool ,P J Arche-, Comm'.u.oo
Merchant, nckt w time- o Cary Aod li'bktreU.
fell—kw _Major Virgin!■ ycroaa.
NO * M R.
HAVING retomed the Auction ead forum iaalon baa
loeif, we are prepare I to receive ceni gomeate of general
ntr.haodlie, forte e .1 nctlot or privately, and make libelal
cuti alienee. We .hall retain for the preaent, oar large and
eommoSoo. warehooie where good, can be ea'ely eto.-cd and fair
ly e.tu Had.
0 nil, nmenta will receive onr prompt aUentlcn.
)ant__REST, PA NR * Of*.
PAINT.—Metallic Tire Prof Paint, Beef OU and colora a
every deacripUcn, far tale by
no WM. A TI.BR k 00..
RICK, H,CR.-fcTlercca Nice, for ..la by
f b6A V STQRI- * 00.
DtSKLCTIOW—Tbe eopartoarehlp of TAB LEW, TATLOS k
00 ,1. thli day dtaaolved.
Haviag pnrrhaaed the Inter,.-.t of 0. IS Plaaaanla, the eorvie
log partner, JOHN N. VAN LtW will hereafter conduct the boat
nee. In hi. own name. All per.one Indtbted to the old eoneern,
wU. piece call and eetlle with the underelgn.d
Richmond, January let, 1*«._ __lang
GLUB.-t bole of Blue suitable for Printer! and Oabtret
Maker*, lor tale ai MBADB B BABBE'S Deaf Start, It* Ma n
ttract, ear, .bare P. 0. " J*S*

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