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Trexday hobning, m.ybch is, is«i.
\ .-- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ^
I Bflnliiimtut in Vlrglula.
The following letter from tbe Secretary cf War, re
^B tti iv« a misconception in respect to .be re-eniistme t of
volunteer# and the organisation of new companU#.
IToe letter ie dated at the War Department, 12 h i-,
and ii addressed to OwL 1. C. Rebiaean, 64 Jt K-.gt. Va
Militia, Norfolk, Va
SirYoor letter of the 10th March Is wired.
1. Companies alreadr organised in Virgin:', and tei *
dared a* each to this Daparyneut, will still be accept
and an'horitv already granted to raise eompau.a# w 1.
not be revoked But under the wot ProeUuu i « ot
tbe Governor of Virginia, calling the milHu into «n ce
no addition U eo list meats of pei*>us liabla to m: i a
duty can bi ree ived in Virginia, unti after the mill j'
hts been regularly mastered into tbe service cf tbe Con*
f'derate 3ut»a After that time pernors in 'he mill i ,
•So volunteer into . s iting eoBiiaowe, or into o tn a*
ki-e already autvwr|d to bo fai pd for the » ir, willb
accented, and will bo dissharged fruw, tbe mm ia to r.o'
as tbe company in which they volur er is fuU and rv d>*
to t>«| mistered; bu ro nee ooropaiV* will be an h t
it d until the ouote of tbe 8u;e bat b u empLud.
In the m an'itu# persons already en i*u d .ad tuu tr-t:
Into tbe service of tbe Oonltii tile nt*"^ -J s(? *1
pi th;e D-'partmenf, ate not Us ie to any othr ttrv ve.
s 1 bare uo power tp wtiebo’d from Virginian’, new
In tbe err vice of th? Oo fed r i:e 0 . . a d V ■■ • d • •
to r»-enlist into the same, auy cf tbe p-iril -ges con'ai: • d
In tbe aet of Co-igrees and RguUilo a. A copy of
■ ii ob tiicneral Order, S<x 1.) I ben with enclose. You
w'd a >d beiein answers to ad your reniai'ing qaes.io *
A'l twelve Booths’ Tolnrteem who desire to re-mint
under the*wet and regeiaUaii-, wfll have tbe privilege t
Aeiug so. By these regult'ienr, aompiul’s n'ey ohv>' •
Sheir irm of service with the COM.St Ct tbi#Dep.irtm«: r*,
•id voiunteera may re euLa into c. mpaurea other than
* tAtir own, Hi, Jt , as therein explained.
J r. Bsajiwtw.
peetevuy «4 War.
H The ?avanaeh K p»hl ran of tbv 14 h, ffate# thai
r pit seas of Jacksonville b came I’d g. »a* atlh" p c
a Ian, mu of the Mayor eDUug on ihec t »M j to »ake
fl yV. On tbe 11 th the soMi-rs b tug art e
againr. a Mr B-ning on, a comniwioi mere' a t, «u
a native of tbe N >rtb, ler ultertnc.' ot tr»a'..n*b •
ttm-n''. shit him dead oo th; iM'l T»0‘t r 1
k'e tesMmtt were tried wails attempting io t». p
^ from ths pi.00 i_ fcca''.
Tat Occtrv ov Bccuasas —T e Pctarah :rg Esprt*
•tigress tiiat abe county ot "B cbi tP,” ! ■ *8 it • r -
a lau its aims, b i. tha . tie L _ o >•
f jo rjila t’.at i. is in hororof Kra i! a B : . , t’
to oi N 'apir ’» N •», *ud i*a >e» ihem r I -
gtral eaottm.'-.t by whiih it was svocc ■» .r
Bautaian. Thia woj o s* twa. -fii i, .*
“OOLOXK . BCLiKoki hkl "
To tk> Kiit r of iAc W'Aifl :
t(r a*:^a .*on has be* 1 r*nth drawn t a comnj: !•
cu o" iq your p.p T UJ-i.r ' ■ * abort) caoJ i ; ". I . I
th.u;h OoL SoUk>»iki would b) th- H- itivopi k
af- pe «*,..»[ griefjncce before tic pir ic it is, ■ re.
tacit j*. toe du.y of bis trie dj, ia hie aboccoe, o re... I
ai y ittebtuatioeo to hie pr jadire, coma ftotn * ■ q r
l*r they may.
Your corr**oor.d<'at evidently had s d .... i. pur.
|a view—hie O'j >c' being to or: S re ’. » C-. « t n
\ aatnutg ■.a • 8’.Owt vbit in’ atha of uo-o o: d i.itiil*
o»b»i to, »rd *t a- *am«ti >e t> vniiovo' t *■•(>
q iOtuunablo appoin taenk W> b 'hr i.'it queth n,
bowtv'r, the w.ivr presa neonot o uv fare, ba. c itti
p »;? s*;on to oY r a f « rcu.i »* . jai ;il •. .3 . o 0.'.
condict, bri g fu'.'y eoSi. «t t of ' * r. 'v
lives, vni .be film s ec u.trg h s o-.u v. Pr: j,'
bo is be'ter informed on. the W j ■ llhtt.jure
rfl>peni«nt, * Kr»," wit >, aitboagh pco.csdi; c t at
Yaotr ad;t* of he he's of tie cJ.e," kttoas tetily v.ry
11 it ohoat the wafer
Coi. da'.akonrei wte i.i cojtoca. il of a larre R'Im V,
and an rxtrnrive dlstri-t of the Pc >s- •, ten r d at
tbs t»ms t-ras with ths full co.;8 let or of ‘ L conmard
In; l»raer&! j and having been n. no* Vi ty i j cr.
both in rank atd oc mutant, he Ai: ill. , i - J in a
what had aiways b*e-, since enter*-* ho vie*, if
greatest dread, rj ; being plse-d n-d.r th' cc n:a d
of a pafiliriait, at J not a Mid.-er.
To a aoiiiar he wou! I to. Laro d acmd, not cv **i to
a jaoior tfiocr, if theivrvie* w s o'.ateh. es.fi ai
thereby; for he nnkri Co . Rt: Vcl, b, rf >cs pr u.v
t.oa be dors not coaitlain—aot i. mj.t b< r aim V r d
that OoL SuUkow*ki wte raised iu a dJ. . . ... .—
i where poiiti'ia is da cot prcriii bT >-c. i a-, ni., h t
where, cu the contrary, a mn toenra g «ich taknts as
his, 8:1a dj* appreciation, and promotion f -ilost as a
mat er ofcour-e. Sevcrihetese, C'clv-fl Si! kt_*• L —
»'' ou?h ambitious as every soldier wot’hr of ;h' r>i* r
,ba Id be—was not to "eager" fur prJIBOU.r: &s v u
C -treepoufet.'. avers; hu. cja.cnt to b..V hi* tim —•< n*
iientut himself—yat too paroliitoo> io hro*k i |i* :.c
Ue therefore preferred the esorth :e of hta interest rather
than bie honor.
Taia was not all, howerar, for, from th* fl-wi, C ist.fl
Sulakowaki hsa had to contend egti at BjreaucraUt; i:
8 ireee, yet, in sp'tc of ■'ro.-g oppce'tion on the port cf
the Laciaiact aj.i.ori.i.s, and u d 1 • 1 by KOTvrtin. u',
ha organ iz d a Brigade in 1 as tun j lr. i. to.k ot.ieta
with all ki ids of Sute itd lence ia tb. ir favsr, c iai«c c.
rcg meat. Whea eighieeu compiaic* had bum cmsi*
ted, he wae ordered iff w Virginia, with one re , iuicui,
• letting the remainder .a command ot » mua: uier.toriout
oScw', whoee arrita., in K enmord »s* the rig 1 for b!a
auperoeaeion, in apile of Ool Sokaoeek.’d rumor:: t u e \
and, without an; reference what ter,being made o Li'
aa to the d epoeiuon of the battalion—in fac‘, totailp ig
noring hie Internet in it.
After ell thuee aiighta, then corner th * Iwt a?: to cap
thr olimat, in tiew of which noeai li I - i c mil cl •
him for retiri front a w»k» an u iOi * ul of a i
war dietehirti.l and 'Vent*. Aa r*":rd« tlio oon
% doetnf (Awe/far u At t f- i. I.,
petent to judge fa- tbenar.v a, aa eac1' n>i i- *up :«■ >1
to bo the beet cuetodUn of hir own o .cr, vnd - i I :
an tkep are content* 1 no me kae a »!gbt to -
U. m Kwae not tie senlotitp tha: Oo "I Si k »
•li cm landed for, but the prin.-lpe - • » t- . . ,u
p (luau—mas the bw. g urn.’; a 1 <r> i ■ .g,L‘
U be coped, the Soith.ru pc, pie * 1 »ji-w ’kt : • r
•br a. • i
ferent eo iu-e. or tkeir p.cap cia et eu.-tt- , . .. c <
a ruggie will be aiicht iid rd. With a few jj h tu "i t •
lead aa Suiacoeaki, t te Sm t might d*fy the » ri,l iu
a bm; who, poeen'iqf ad lh i -.-c ■ t -* J‘ va'.i. i j
in roar comepondenta’ protege, c »a' i • * t,; it of rant
ttrp experience, a*q I'fed a: dr a.mu o. the er -
European liaJera. It >t tbie remiodr in ths La u n
a “£*• re o| u e hid;' p rhijr -Air gr >te-t cr e
the epoa of poor correspondent, who.* - nllii on th r J
i* anything but “granftJ hot, wa- Ae not 6g q I
Ate home and Air fire iie a'ac : swHfl, bring, wAr.v hi
Ate eeer i»»u 1 end, on the s> i. cf Lioer y, H :e, then,
i« tke eld inarm ticking tut. Lit bu’ pwur ct» riipon
deot'e principle* peer il, and wbtt t«corn-- of y n
army? O.' what U ii nuiuiy eompaaeu? D mi
for-ign element, a d puur farcer will deuiulu ;«• c
as alieo; »j a-.
Y.ur corre-ootden.'t IcninuaUrin, in rtiiiien c
per od choren for Col Su'akuwritt’a r J'gtia i ’E, > \
o .!; “ nn/artWHote,’’ but ** inal apiupo*,'' arid ■
dare impugn hie tuoiiT-9 Utd ‘lie 1 a of il ; . . p
di ar'er* been carimed by ihw ff Kowi .g d*p't r<poi*
he would Have remained in tbo rarer* o’ the Co did -
rat* Slater ; for be le not the man to ehrink rotu a r •
eponribiHiy, and a drooping cauae would al»a'* C d r
him a mote ardent enpporter. Cnfcrru ’.ate!;, V • cr •,
inheequent accounie were much med 9 d the - t rat <1
* ocr defeat, and thue the generous imp.lie of L a natur
waa checked.
| --—
eiamp'e by ptrting the right man In the right place,
and by .ti-mr.ling all circum'jtn.ion and red lapo-iun
f.-om thfir cou. mb, then the scrVioe would not hire to
deplore the low wf eo brilHeoea Juabiurr. - Loci
[h'rrw the Ptttr*>>wrv A’rjrre>», nf JWrterdey j
We hid, 4 lopg coBWreatlon yre'rriay with Mr.
Oliai i - O. White, iliDa.r.'r of the,Confederate IL'iutrcF,
whe w 1 by Tr, ccmtraoicd a battery near N.wb-ru
n thi rte. it b ;. her. W. had tbirg- of Union Point
B.iu-ry, the reared fjr -fied port to Newborn, but die
■*-ji frera th<» orei air.-i.ct d fortifications of the Col
f. 1 rates four mile*. Ho is, tl fT.fbrc, finable to giveus
,-d bn' r. Ves many iuo itjj s gad particular*,
whtcb «ili be toutd inter * i g.
T enemy’< u. brvs fist appeared in sight, cn
W -l e -I y .t • p ml auown os Sluoutn’e
/'itk, nil cm - e'iiug tbe woods in every di
r otic a o t ' .fairy, Cap’ato fcyan*, com
maud-r. ita toncit .. .► , » •*, wire forced to retire.
T *o of bi men s1 r< a - ' il—jdo in the heel.
Tbu-tda- the fi t id ai.-td aa far as Fort Dilie, a
ttur heavy gurs, dis’ant
f.-on. N »b rn ab- u fi> milts. Tub fort *a*S’.trrouud
gnnl Mb sben i lor three er
f ut b t|rs -!ari-g V.t* ..ft. me or, or tbe aotmy’a gun
d i r4 dark, wheu the tee
my’» B e ce>*-d.
A ni|<bt It »J* diecortred that the eaoir.y were laud
tog iu ae-rv fo e*. O ..«■ -sumv.o is, that they aert
‘a“or- (0,600 i f.ntr , and ; i frot rf ctr.l-v, at u
S'l plser-ot noiJ *r il -■ v j> »aa deem- 4 tinpo .ib « to
h Id this pcs’ against s.o’ a fa'i?, **d.d by tbe gun
kowm. so ibe gu-.s weio .-;pk»<| and 'bo p- s tiou abae
0 l
F .Jay morVnrtbe fi.ht'.tig was commerced at early
do n, "t : ‘ 10, when eor forces,
bri 1 eo t completely -u-ri.ui.dr J by an a:my uuinum
te i g t *>ni *t ka*t tire • ’o .>n*, splendidly anted, ate
y ,, . ,j lipjM.I a J I’irtred, »'.r« comp-lied to rc
re i . T’i >c ear, w.-1 ear wna well oo-tcuoid at tmt
a d i i go- d erd r, but fi ul'y became a rout, the men
i r. - ■,- away thtir ants ai 4 orerytbLig ilet that could
p j tnp do t cir p-og'f's.
F t -mj>-oa eras the most formid-.blo fortification,
o a- r It w«s lot-r m le* trem N>-wbe*u, auo
m anted 1» licaay gar J, two u thiia iiB-tl ai pcund.ii
y . s.'.. »i rr. u i't* f-em Newborn, mounr-d eicbt
„ I* . . in it t il by Cap’ .in El du's
! , „ . * it, r t v..-ltud R tlucal. Fi-citg Pit
t , , r|o ti , • - n-d ill. n, Osptain E order, d
. 0 , b- ;u n ited, (\i- v g uo «. key,) atd tltr}
■ •' b*.». - -a ’. e ■ baukinent.
, - t mil— l cm New
» •. t p it , k,u il * t> iag I is lire fr to
gob. the g a Rc wi. kill.-d by the ax
l c;t I’ i i Pa cry, c: c n • f-em Newbero, men t
. , 1, 1 - . uiau cd t.y l a Co .fid rate U r*
rbatX Wh te, ltana*
c , •; t . • t. It I i take, a d tbrn with hut
• | - ■■ »t' • bolt g of it rtitge. Tl.rce cl
i : t_I.. .L. . ..i.l...
P out T : u. a »r. piv-a cats Prof. leu.. la,
.1 • . Wit' an-iPr. ni Hein, ma .
d Li a C‘oi H ivw.icd, th« !»• er of
r k o*u ‘.a i it ■ be.-u kid Tbs ! -s .n
. . . Ted to be tn.nl , but ,t is
t , y > :i 11 s ; u ..b t were tak U | ru,<rc a
i, - /. L V . i •• -0! ' vitjO *• c ircu a arc said
i ■ . . us . t. u i: c-.l biav.'T, Wj.tr.* a baitery Ot
. v .- * * t the pole ei ».•- oeyon. , b t it wad ilttf*
,, ; t-.v, -‘1 - th- Y * abo bud b ea much
1 r • t r>» :.. v . .inlc.iiiu n
,1, y van 1 el aud : earlv atl Ha me
fx •; . • i', . ...r; ... . r. C p». L i-rapm’,
, , .- .cry u . i £una wue aLo lor, aud
y • who CCX!■»tided. ( !v,«
I . f. 1 Cl» O’B. U a i Wa* I > c 111
I . U . •■■■■ 0 (t. .a! B. aaa . ih, n.ii t a:
in :.i" I . !».d -P ' L H I:
t . .u u i th laid and at the batte
Cl.;.- - . id. >u a-.J and J liwOLtra, it is
t- -I'", » I o *vc*ei I
a- . • N * live-, w tnotbnrrt
j * r . -a' . .1 iro ••<!,« X3-. pi. In vae aho-e
J a if.c -VI,' cu. cfi -7 tbr Yankee a Tie
in rlu ‘.iv'- i ! . b i an “I.- v. I ctruotnre
• - i •. r i *•«. bant I ■. -
j r. .j v -i , ..j 2.MLvr*it awtrta of t«rpM»
| h . t.,n J.- e l . Ino t *rch » . apjd.id, tbs
j 11( , ■ , i ! * an.- a Uy a o tb*
I f , bi. » Jcicce ly fabric wn wrapped in
icrouth r.v. r »a* ai-o burnt by
on.- forces.
T Gi- a II - . t! .• Waabit-^ton ITofel, tnvr.y
' . I|V*g • - r p n ii o. IT.* low., i* i-' a ', t.
1 i who I V 1: ch , an J riu.c.ed Pete-? barn yea
j - - til -. Y» ' - i were hit- iv e* J igt J
; . , , -r : • ,--i., a 1 ; p • -a of it y i>o«a, ac.i
, ( . f . - .n et >. uiiilw t.rel. >1
j , , o ... . e .1.1 e. u. na v.. nave invaded
the .1 v >.
A I . ool'fl!, about b.d c.ariy 13 o far
r-i ■ )i . > .- as 1 urjnnu . , b isi- a naval liiui, wore
d;.* rcj. ••
■' Ti . r.\ r -id, < o p' l d**tru-lior. Mere
I., Y . - -■ Jisred a* -'* P o* {to:... -wi rt w 1*'.
hi ! I >• .ii r d • • re o n • ai.ju'.C'urf pi on r.de e
ijj ? .‘rn-. P ■■ H y » - Or- -oyed by tae Oenfode
,!• ;, bni Ih • A:-. 1 ’. , «i.b a ec lOdo.f in too, loudeJ
„ 1- .. j -iwiyai.it, w*.a i.k u by the guuboita ol
I -» 1 t: Bur . ’0 - .’.in aco.ileol iffljero,
... . * 1 , t! ir, 10 d ia 1 (he pcopb that tb< ;
1 ; o' »• ii ■' ated, t r w. u d th. ir p Ofa 1 y ba i -
1 i» 1 ■"» .■ a.-tiid, l.i waver, tbit all ouldiera
. a 1 u: u wisa arcs* in tbeir ban la noulo
1, e.|
:k . I'^jtxx, od* . til'a into the har.da of the
•• ca T, <»U 't •' »*; *id.O» . Hr rearingteo, had thrown
, • .1 p - 11, p.t.d S3 disabled the prets that It
c<■' 1 ' r J ne U*er.
-. v,i. ir lit. N «bm fot Goidrbo-<’’ JVu'ay
» > ; • . • v,4 obed In■
i ’ f -y’a p'. .'O. a 1U1 w. bn. 23 feet ol the l.k.
.1 • a I - Vc". OtI
1 ... k i v --> --
! hu j, ») >icci .. u.e town. Women and
i i r c w t • ' . n by the -nice mauy mile* r it.
i >. • ...ir, ... i.i i\L.' » <f ftaufka.l, and tn ny
I i. iv T* anhbif fcwix.- p’'tn< »ay they
,r f ^ at , ' j Jii . a* 11 N- *i<* lii k' ■ t.l
I 8 ta b* trim Newbor a men Ur of ib X* it Sortli
a \named **. M Rnctcr, «u f-«»od it
1 ^ o , ho trail, w..h« porl ocof I i* htaJ blown cfl
'an ixolrd-:.? .-'•ti. h* bad walked lbaidi.ia.c-,
j ,1,., !_<» ff»i r n: low* cf blocd Ho >il Uken up, bu
I 1. n • ’i fficMnc ti >i -bar©* ^ ^
k >i ir eo.Cicr, who .-Ii.rrdo tbrrogb the bead
, T r l< 1 » * : • b u *5-ililsbiti? F.idjy
b.. Lion- s :« m.ir Itor.i both aijw, in
... * i - ti.i.ao. lie Ciuipiaiu.d list littlr. an1
1 , -y , b. 1 . < a p'aced in N‘u« rltri
! . Yt».k * lo “it oync* w atercr Toe hid
,o. t r -;.l 1 tKe rhiniiil with a* mud.
j ,i.ar o-u b'f*.
V..: >ia—'TsoNo foli J>H 'l
I 0. . .1 . - y :
. v» • „. u ii n a* large Rtia re-ertly c>*
, 1... b c i 'ac in i pt*
* i . I. hr <m i *>H.l rh •*
: »• -h ‘lb. Tb>'rhot i* l<*ie tint
. r with r iwc A -a mo: i
i b r r • in froj» Newport'
j \:»<, ■ v.r • of i .• mo ' o.Ttld b'c bit'orii* il
, a rlj, in . d’.rlo'i 'o l or bci. g perfectly shot arc
J i's i! pr o
iV, wo ui !'_ ‘o s‘» > ear a <1 -frription o
i tY* new gnti ... : '.o , bu • a- w v- aim •>>- rtdo
I uio.'c 'lia * ■ , -V ■>. I I t»t ' Clfd o
«• - U ' I-1»- O >. for
V ■ . II ' »■ • Ol* u
Vx tjr x-ow- a. Man;k a 1 i »»orkt ii with.raeul.es
0 r ' ! > APprg-QN, Audi
. v I V VRIOI iJ \ \ »: I
I I'r-.^Ji V TIM' I r.i cr M ,ii (t h-»'
vt-iiN Clnit -xU I.- .. it p. L'cly 11 (tippll

, ,,A • i.'i ‘I farth r no I e, at a a art-r *
k • - Ui «
* , j, u’,1 1.1:. 11 eCtfiar. n lath* el It a r! i
! :«l a Till aali iirfUMi-In bemee! <i '"HJ-i U
f \IIg i. i o'-'- i'U It ■ 'I .. r* tarn Un hr- fo.
1 i . i ,rr ’.Vi IT r.T«» il • 1« nam
1 1.1 krtr •.** - ' M -•‘Fi" 1 'V,'1
i , i., - a. tt o"» .1 lac ti. - ait! C*e c nl ii c-dlie
a> 4P
Ti ii! It I it *• FK'igLK'a.
IV Tiff.
• Tt. «•••••■ il-.w "i i'll'!... »i i'i a of the fnu of Froi
. • , w Usi" .•■)« t • * i ta .. ir a '* » b»
I. in i'.|r' I 'I (I ... .1 1 » ll.'Ut IsU'I.Ut Oil -
T ctT* .tail a III » - e . » U f rj.
l.«'l’.S Fit i*L C *.
. i« -t < 1 I,, hra f F ■" i II a K 1VA ^
j ^-i|,i o t in Can tor, - r» n.l 8o|..ibi!«*", ii h rua Cl
I »■ h. v »o . *.xa i or, \ I ifl b an a 0 on 1 »».la /nur a
a i| Ntfrhor Pr.ir »*, fii-aao cipy «l*hk time* etch, a a •«
h 1 u Uii* it* « f,ith«t i
* JB!JLl!i!L|iLLI!.W.Iinn w
U . . 17 gifs.
| Tfil jUusu CosBiuuitOK.—Tho resuitj&f tho veto
In the 21 and Si WiiTd*, of this city, on tho Amended
Orniftltmton, and tha limitation of tho light of fBlT.Bgc,
a aa^Toftows: * ; J“ ' *“
Jfa-iiton IKo-.l—for r»|ifj:'’^Ct)s?tj''>jin;i : JEr,r
. rfj cirg 7. 6a tho suff.-sgo question, for limitit £ 255;
Bga'net it.
it nr, 4 It ur<f~J\)t ra’iffiMt. Gras'i utin.n JUti; i r
ti'j climb, lor liuii'ing suffago to tan psytrs 147,
ogo;fw'. 2. * .....
Tho poll book r f Jetf iraon Ward, for soxo mac. oun -
nbio rea-an was no* returned •« the 8 -rerani't t1Soe,nr
'o yesterday stvrno n. The total veto lit the 1 * at ’’
2i Ward* wo* 412. The total *0 0 in Una rl’ a- lit*
4*t-. idotui il * h e ion b# Novemb'r last'w** 4 X22!
if the Governor’* Proclamation, aicoutcig tbo te
Hui Jdf the vj'o in the State, should not aPP ;M j^'Vr.
to the ft-s' Wedtiraday of April, («» ot!' g #b t toe bis
Jwity is in f.Afrrrrf*i.r':fl!!J’#*ied CtjraU'f ion,) the v<
terB of Richmond w II o: a ui'ifP have W.*h f t,all :»r
tnunii ip 1 r fHc're 1 is oof I kA v that all the return.*
will bs received before th# fir*#. W. ’-r ■ d y ia Aprii.
' Qattnr Maciktht.—Tn s poputar eum-dian *r#d vo
cab's, will remain, daring thfe presort wetik, in Rck
no">ud, snd continue his diverting cs'.crUmmants *!■ M r
ropohan Hall. Mr. M. hig received tho ylau Ins of cu
most dwpr&iiaaiug and appreciative cibnir, by i#is e»#
c-llent tendering of pitriotic songs. Hi* attitudes it d
cevurps g ve an # fl'c‘. to the song which mera s icr
• li • v-cali*ia W 'uld rrvrr produce. W# nr * f th
opinion t’at II b# »oull snuou;cv for one tigs: »! j
may be term# d “a drawing room entertainment,” di
et; ) rg the barlctq :e ptraouw.lu «, r.-pfeislty “the tig
g *r,” and making up hie programme cb'ofljr of souii
in n'*l and patriotic to >g», be wotjl draw out a Ur;
i- at ro. uls’loa tho uavo heretofore no general!.,
d his concerts.
Lira IvscKtMjA—Tae up-ritious of tho Fxroplirg
Boari will pror* of gteat U.ilrty to the Life Iu#u#*»cci
Otmptmrs. Too ofticet* of tfccss ins itu ions will, cl
c >ui*e, cb ain 1 s s of all persons # 4 front uni -
tary s« rvice, Ml arrOui.: or phytic.i i' tiraii y, and *i I
also wc sut‘po#e, rcler to thsir b>cks to s*e -fiiin, if n#,v,
to whim thry havo irsu d polit ies on 'hofiithof pl vsc I
•out Jo's*, have s-idd.iuly become 111 3 ed w.th c' nn\
ailments. The fear, hower# r, is tliat 1 i this matter 1
ra c$ gtttd too rigidly, the fcurlnrss of the Li.o lusu
r a cc otU is will undergo diiuum lop.
f.ivt u a Consult ftoss —T> e corner stotnof th*
ue* T .litre «r< 't',#l ou S.'uiiby It r, b i g f'au#d in
the North ea* corn# t of the proposed bu I "i#g, end li#.
cavity big til <-d with various article*, i# chi '•■>: a fVn*
: errate A'-maiiac. co# .s, ncv.pippi##, j w hy, rccfrrt
of tbs bum 1 g of tl:- <11 rtiuc u#>, Lt.b.c md 01)1
n -oks. The building will bi r ady tor occupancy by
L:csTiHOl Cccar, JuUti /.you yr. > u'#»v—fesfetd y
#a yculh u-a: d T Biw.ll Cirr, c’ «#ir#.l w t': steuiinw a
, .J cVsin from J nnos H. Ltue, so uo DKii.bt ag > was
rieu and aiu’lit td.
Tf.r o: Cumoi\h v? II irvi-y W all, was comicucd
uatil :h-' nex term.
ArroiiTMlxT—t?api. Go. W. Afeiaii i»r, tl» rcm
pinio i of Col. ZtiTCno T omrs io hit itemo atls >i
]1 !•«, has t>< n appo'uud Aas stoat PioyoSt M .i.-hjl iu
this city.
IHIDJiVl A or TJ1M win.
A r or respondent of the Lyutbburg P. ■, uUieiB.writirg
from Solom, 1ft i ?nst., glee? the following particulars cf
a . nootisu areata.
The militia of Ko I' -Ito mu >, i.J.tCo! T.irtH, r
-e-a'ile- hero rrrp m o’* to 1 onrg tor M > . S'li*. 11
ir.he u .iii’ut war dlsmltar', . t' o*t: D. i raa-itr
y.u to ri:* imitJrV I. principle' rni’ u: i • p tpU, fot
« :.-ihr»i!l aoe'e i r y -ji :e a ' i t S lots.—
t.ie diiwn-at'a »00‘ became a-iiinn, » ■ r (*■ p‘. A J
O-yr! , o bad ju-t i r ited fr 'm ti ■ i J>eV'r.’a co.~i
Callto reotui or ii;S 0->uipA’i ’ . t|i* y PAft :
by aaei-,) bat “he woul 1 as I’.t ft: • a.i • •. * (it !o e
- »br. i ” kUrtn respoadid i. •: r im .. t’i. -r i.:
u l!»t !. . A trai.orf Cap ai:: I) v.\ -.1 w r.d ii.-»' t.
tl‘<l I/O! in ::: It pcfflOiMllj, but l- ay • iu wl:o w; i> c
pplM *. !* f! W* I ft It .. . 0H» •
l*:t; au mated remark*, Uu.n mad- 11 i : I > ’ I
arln d- w a | Ist-'l a d eho? Ivci, o:n l«. i ' ••• •: "■■■■. I
• Utlt. r . nd u-othcr tLt l. A is .1. .... . I
rob b ( tc mor al. A cumber o' Uj sj.up»i.. x
bavc beta arrested state thfl occurrence.
r Atnxr. r.-vxY.
The Groenayiile Bat.ue: t iatr* a funny I: c: l<Dt of tl c
aj.H'ir’i ’•aptered hit 1' i o.o cl the h. . .cr cou. its
o: To i-••see, a fuilosr :
Ac ci party of m> thirty or t •>• l* •bo m-tt were
rtf j io Lii».' t :«..r cp: to K- .it. hy, '0 join the
Northern army ; they i mton m • ...li they wrr*
i a.p II i to waie. Set ni-U.- to % i clrciot -.s
we’ » A. I t l »jf all to th’ir ahir . f ‘ w. i c I- ills co. •
.or, ’ er «•«> mr’ri V br u ’v. i.f J It u c .r
,:.y t,j e, who icii iu l ot fnr- • “f ter. It. I
• ■ bte . J, lb ■ .1 in doable q
, “.r •.»’AA.ri ;«•!" up t il ..til d . . hill, I: vineth n
olotbiug iu the |if“"i#Jli of ou- boys who, of l Otu-a,
took u-ive-tioi' a d appripri m,i t “nine. b. h •
e»>:ie i t *Vc torler, we rr. u i it.: >3 «n> ; buf r-.*’ cr - p*
poec lory iro iu a p *ot c »udition jor tl.u «,h! weuthcr.
Moth axnie cotrrxxs.
A otrr «poj<Vit cf a tUorgia i per ariiirir f-rm
Y r»b Mill, on *be P’nb.ai!. relates th • {• ilow g
wf e.i petba.S, haa a / cil i..terr*t:
\V.> were *e y much d the n h,'r day <vi heeria •
the following loci tout which or. u red ia a ueiglbir :g
re: miui. Thefts i Lteu’.cciutof Y-nto- io vrfao i n
...J »i w at Pair tf d.m»a iotts, c.lebrsted for his , ood
nature. Ti:.- roauter-ign “Ocape for the oipht Ii3 -
pc:-3 1 to Uj Ou , aud h Laving oc: cloti for it ccq lr-.l
what it waa “Co ape’'*.''re-yon J'd Uafrioids. tiir.
i c a meat douh ful fork he up' ed, “0, yn u>t bo
.Aol:ug." The gentlenii.i mu ' him for :o: on the m.
ux n bi’ bat !e, or ; rjbal ly our G -ritan tlieul had n t
lose acq :.iut.d with i .
The 3u vernal Evening <Ws» etya :
From ill •« leira Irotn p r on? lately arrired, tbe af
tii.N o' Firrida sre In a 1 i nc h table cnuJiMon, owing >u
tie i efficiency of the officsra iu con.inin f Wi h tbe
• *o*p'i>u ol Ocloi.e! Dowd, of tbu 11. »i -.pp R g.iiv n'.
a-,no of tbe c flicer.t were worthy of the'r poei ion. Th
„i. n wiror g.i for fish', bu'. were held b'ck by tkel
comma, d .re. Gen. T.«pur Dae met a itb lie condom la
lion of iVvij men, wctnsn, a'd child, in Florida and bas
been booiei at al) ig toe route be travelled.
I d , ite of th**e adverse elrcumst dm, a brdfltn*
i i »as performed br acnmpaoy of Orlonrl Dtrit's
r .iiacst, 1 't FloriU C*v,-1 v. Th * company, c ». •
,,1. led by O’ptaia Wm Cl-rke, took position oi abl tt
i ihr* 3 Mail’s river, a d waited th • rp .roioh of a
Federal gi .boa Ai th-y approietel, wuuurth*
a«te d tapping C.ark.'r cm ativ, c:i-d pit: “if. re
aro he dumniid rebel*." ‘•Vi's" said Cl ft ke ‘here we
’ With that be railed ■ i. t fl *d the 1 > k ..
drooped dead on tbo d ck fio a li* lofty porch I t k ’*
•: eu lie' fiTWthre* e e. r», Pr Ut> I y s' d taeit >■
lire or tltr.y cf h; F d , la wt ki !-d and -.on i. d —
T o giiehoat not befug al l to eovor.d wi'b <• r men
■ Kps advaut geouftly »o led, re lied ei*coj)8 red.
T • > vicu.ticn of Fetor. Via wt* oondno'ed very
billy, an f much wsa lea' owns** to'*'* buffih:cv cf the
Oolor.el io o mun d. Ea i a r r 1 u'ee, V .t
ire Florid* rai’ro-d, wra aati 'ii ' . I •!! ' v
t‘e f r, p tty t f the ri t i. . H w.sa th lut tni >
,.,v F '• ttidina aud was oa th* trs. n li t waa fire .
lie e cip'dbv grta' • fl rte, *>■' p -j cted *n tt; r ‘ •
(u Mot ca» t'gpttobiiup «fl' i. train that 1 ' Up
1 fL which wt u!d bsie hean enirdr tu . rs Ini h ic
the R ilroad br J . i he* **’. on D i be o d ’ ol Cii -*
|| j K lie, in ecu rraml, j'li' er ’ • tan 9 ihc.l i A 1
th* Florida troopa nctn to e-ittito .iic.tir h a wort v
CO nil's «■ r
HAF Fill) «'.» T fib St'AIsK Foil fci ■:
. *•» ... HUadarJ,« »(.*ott. 4 U-H »w4 is . eaipMle onkr.
Ate i a floe. doe. 0! Cutlery iu tail .ft • IvliK
• « OI,Ac.KiO A 00.
/'tta RSlifURs A r . , r II II.-'• V d •'*
VV ri:* Clears no . ins *'ie sret .'rr sale oy W. *vir s A
. C'sJ , !>rjjrd!hV‘ft lb Mwia•ircci. _ _ _ n»»».
r' nt v.iiii inii ru itc. T .» ni *•* i S rww
r • * r._, ‘I
• I, fir*.;, r row* P <X K *•_
■ * ui . . c.
J itcre abU for sale by W. PWES? iS A CO..U-! K ilfc tUeeb
• I _ _ __
ft 'ClTU \ tft.ire-L.^ —losb.ci Cue. ••• • r, rs:s n; •. M r
5 k < •„ lab»l Ill.'.A caiMi.1.1' 'I
ft tl.li.s - V., on AV? rOi V lr,-,I«|T.(. • I'or. . r
1 '.•!>« 'w M N'l.O •. M' ‘. I III I It I.
j J fiA iitiXi SRHDttiR FksiNP • r<Hier
I Sl> * 1* -Iu ev#ry VAr.rty » k. nnp » rv S- nut!*
. ftlft .Wii'eby W. 4 ()•> ,
f«»;o _ _ l.rurK^w
i flO ICR.
1 J AVINU r^iar. 1 the %u< imil <’omjiim«Ii>:» l
|| I lie**, w* *.*• ^re|Vd f* t dive c it. Xii..uii ol (r?orr>il
. hsf! * •?, f *r •+ e *t actio- »»r | l i x 11'•• tl
c h n v%a *• VkCih.U n'«hf r u.cp . -ui, tur l r** -aJ
• cd-ttuac1iwa« wxreh- u*e whore gaoJi c»a b»» •» ely ito.H w.id f^.r
1/ exh: Uc \
I C n EnnecrU will recuift omrprsn^l xtUcUf.B.
. j4aJ MM*, PAIR I 4 CO.
1 'nRAPXto.
WiLmsuron, N.C., llarch 17.b, 18SJ.—FuDer details
of tbs bafl* a' Newbern have been received. The re
,}£irls vary very c'aent’iliy -trio tl» particulars of the
ifitifi. Apparently «.t reiubfo assert that f ur^
fireti Mjijid coexisted of lice tit dr ton regiments of
j:/*,,'r.v. * oew>^fli«>« rfai i'Utt and a kaUalioiw
wbich c-ms npan the icoticof action in time to help
,'cerrnr retr n*? -TAo'-wreiry was SM.00O strong, pro
wid*3 wf.i f md-sblo gunboats on the flank, and To*
mid able fi Id b« riM in fror t, with a heavy reserve.
Our in i .'o is prebubiy overuauaUid at 6,«0u, yet
oh y I ei; th- ir ground in the face of -be great odd* lor
i's i fire i phis. Tim miiitia gave way .first, and retreat
• b* <Su; lo.s in t i i J ar.d * Clicked, Is estimst»d to ic
. ,c o a.d «.s. b’cedred and ti ty. The
F-’di r* 1 l|s ■ is Ca.il 4 ly, stated a: flout SOO lo IfWf.—
f If O' j troops . t gaged on out s'de were North Caroli
nians. Ool. A . ray and'S! j jr fluke were both killed —
do'. II a word * s ..ot kit rd as at first reported. A
• down, and is expected to re
tar so i, ‘ i it a ia ! and cor.eat list of the casual.its
a It bn obtained.
Ciuki.es m, S. ., .‘Uto i 17 —Lt. Oolo i«l Bsauctt, of
h.- &1 !’• riraniu R-glu: nf, L'rut Rilty, of tbr
17tN- w Y ik ki-t d. H. Whir, Federal Government
Ag-t.. .i-.o t il.uiter, w rj captured by our pick
s on is i. o I ! : J u S»'..i.day, nod brought horn te
ll- nap: o <■ i of war. They were ridlug in a btigty
r-ej i-apiur;-'.
Acocjt*, U . Mirst! 17,—A sp-cisl despatch to the
at.iui. i tt i i. 1 Icon, from Mm phi-, dated March IS,
. .1 .. S'e • > a :r:d w.ts tvacu.t d by the Confedcr
te fortes, o Tii i day night last. Ail our Email arun
v 1 •m r.ui i ion we e saved, but the ar.illeiy was abxn
d JLOi.
. o if a it ji o i a. h
Onrius -r in Biohiioso tVma, Starch IT, 1S4J
• rc IrTS F F ’.E’OaT,
Ri R ■ ?. A* /■ c - ill/* .- IV M:»rf .Vn/<■/*, inciutir/
",o% - L . . a i nfS . ,.r til -I o.l« ii I h a n*is, ,MI
\ i.i I t . c ,' . t, ii ■ .i tTu i* -r, 81 Uo ir, ‘J 'hilab.iu.i,
\ , 1 h a*. • r..t le, ii one. Ualt, ft
.<l f l. I »» ii l> i -. ■ I b ap pss, 18 ULd, t.ba.co,
:oi, , , i, • 8 o; .• l.» 1 a , If- h 1.1 o ator-.
i ./ ■ , ,r i li It V.i-o* I'!'.-int|l.b«r->r> 46’i
ill - • ; I i . i n.
i-i i v i . nbo.ai its Mi » wnbty, Xo»r ladi Ii ate.si.
In iu ; »
A .. rj • r. i• v ■ • irpn d soods »a - sold In Charier
lus a •li-i . 'V , a from t i.Chxfir, of that city,»
I t or sown o'tht tutaei oblal .sd:
«•• til «» c nti p r i i-in I, a1 rr rl" It eva 19 psr sails',
; , i . ji , j ii i. i u: i a t ♦' Si • er pouaj, ra-omrl
*.n , i? -if.' • |> • i nunJ, orrmii tartar
. I*:. • . r j> i* i . • 1 l.i ! • u il 7 to N't * rnt| per
r v . • j e . «• •• pot- d pan h til s ft p r p -and.
dial .“ecu* p r uj u i, hops
i ’ u . * • it« er p v»nd pn>r #»i nrr p u d,
. . a O *1 ftO 1 • ♦'» |»f r fA’lo'»,
^ • t*» I « n 1 t»ro.*4i« 113 per d te ■, b'u
.-i ; l , d . n Id c. flat tin d N- 4, $7*0 p rpom,
: . • g - a- IMMM MM l"i rn #5 8
(■ • ■ I i hrh tnr Une *0 re t. per y id. prnted
' 1 i. t yaid, »h U C'-tt *u ho e o$4:fc
j 11 t h b.1 it t “ :**.r doiaa. table J--u.uk I 4
.... I Ifam
' t ail. hith-r III por ose .prnte U iu
; , - . , II («renelt at) m p. nd,
C0 nnti s r p »tn«i
- mmIi b X.»
in: pmvid. I j uuJcp»
. -i < pm
, .. .. I,* r * J.’» per rrH-n 41 ic m% com
1 -1 OMM la
1 , r aut, l uff -nwlopej *10 per theu*
- '■
,, ,t til Mild*.
1* —
Yhl» Svcnlnx, nar. h lHlh.
» rljV. r| lb-Mil! .cy Iratna of
.Ml.. I'.uliA Clyda
(• . u . .MU. Mary Part ..ton
yroyrawma. ___
T> n-.»n» .. t-M.ee
■ .re ac. lco»y of Xu.'i . .<1 fctu**iiru, New Orleans.)
! ^-engagement
01 l V * Araar* »• CjrnintJlaf, Author and Voca iet,
marry maoartnr,
Jo- 5 .X nl.bta only, commencing on
^XoitiTay Kvruijiff, Murch 17*
Wh\ai Ui.- »»>
V «. T'-TTl* E3TILLI,
v. jVv* < t cr rr.lcj of hit lulataUa Personation Concert*
>4 lt«.V .
Jtr r. 30 ce«;U; reiorTjJ m&U 75 eti; children an!
*t-x i»it»!.« t p.'te.
.». i * •ccorsdattbe Bos office, fem t a, till6 r. m.
n i; 8 f.KE Ma‘. OUT, Acting Manager.
, CUE At* I *i?>: &AVCE.—Herrinrt
• ' c P ' r x'\i l ranch nor. for th.
i C I.mil .1 i»Aay peart. Boitnefl ecu
. - •• i u. ih.n. Wr la/c a good leinrlacaUa
»i- __ 1»0 Mala rtreot,
i. .aMi It the requci of bo ecron.
L it 'V. t; CA »KlvHTOf, t*. rco i H»d t aaoruoee
lac ' it.,: .1 ; . v. n 'v la iha Ho IM of I'd it IM,
i MM BMttVB. fc.
.'I I. A <i
t r( a n nf rhe (>nseat war, llroL Ca-In.toti
v v I' * . I I r ' It - "ii Ml ucian »«.r
If . i- ; r f >s. . f L’ *. . ttU ro i it; but n«* a oaf d 4 «r*
r .1 l » * ra to r x l tii foul la ad r« < f bar an I, than
* *» „• hi ar«i ud rai.vd to tie fl id tj find cate ter
ad'll i. i dl Vie 1 by etpo*or# In -he c top, after a ferric
4 - and n <* oofr c*m
el »* nr n .• I-. »!i ixt ?. h-cane* ha ha th la $j much la.*
t j - •? t a e r»’i' r- h » • o 11 *y in tie r. m .
I . i \n v n 'ri • v hi fteri Infsrmatl-n
. | ■ •' f th- 0 m
iii? i it. h . a eat a • I f r t f a a *!d wh c *r are cm
. r.atts . us i. hat ur I it-r %:» ia the Genera! Alien*
v;- .tv b« > t «*) i oDiltii ta ih mi t.
w U *r» . the V a ( hs ounty to turn on*. »nd ral
ly ■ •*. ni wit i U a ac *• la* 'and p t ijL
h u ty !.f ’ 11 M ad i>, Wth lfatc\ 1*CJ.
i -
! VSj ' o i jo* ' <> -.imru'.o U >HKKi £.
| Pi)TT 1 •* % Oi n ltd* e for ,h> JndftHp IB th*
| 11 ii -. .1 . .t bl t ,e i Mill of Uie Li 0* *- bo W,
! i • ra' o-ld
j E) ;|-t**j* v t I 1| lll'ITK!l* •« well knoen
j . b 1 .. • ‘ I f» ; mloentD.-«g{!« »lnu>e ety
* 1 i .,fi> . . ■ .1 i -i »l|i be pel l for ■<! my
. r A Bad rt W riiwww.
,, li.rj (.* Meier’ Mil -ir» n ouptljr filed
E BAK4it, iJop'r.
R rb oo !, V*.
' I l .V HI li, C —. L'ollerr ' , ,fel|
y.r- l*i * nil*,' ey »nd It ue Ve1«, ill yotlen op!n
, i ' ■ i. !»«,.: Ifire 0 • rt*M price*,by
BA-l!WiN A >ILUk»'.g,
lid «r. Ill* *'" ■<
\ i » 1**4 Uni
Bf Kill AS? O' Bl
P ( lr it «,) wr offer them r.t con, »'■
> . , - o . ;o .. f t Hi.4 • In «ial to IBP ply ll.eauelrei
* t.l. e O' i. lie U. 1' t lo»i.»i price*
r,; If, i-.dMS Vain Wr.et.
- , \ » * O 'III b.uji !b . pr me coumry enred
; i > c n Itfjowat, y
. V • • K A A 00.
• - , be»yy (Irej
li ,4 i • I .... »• out C, tolar •1'irtftouir Ol
j . Pi 4 W I ■ 111- - dll* 1 lo» ■ [I
- f { ■ - i‘ g» I Hr, it .-A MBbU let, for Ml.
Li : • » , fu,: .U. l»'4
. « y |, x « fir-l I*' ur,on QiBk'glinnStord f, l
; l . 41*. f* -f
i . . • . , f». ■'.,iTby
-i tfle •
' 7l 'Ik 1 11 III -A •« hi,' p'pre of Umcee
. r-t f . L, .SO, A ,c' , i p.'led o» my
5 (MdbX,
v i ’ Mrhnntr Wfi-r, et
^ ; # •*.!<'*•* uc? n kies srll be for ca*h eicl
\ v . u 4| iaffA.-#« Ui -\m.
n.kv» k nn
, I AppiTe,- - IBdfrr | le.
\ xx 01 n PLI AFANT.4.
:t i f. • Auaf >):' m l colon
I I c. , ' 1 r ,x • If _
n, » m a n.*a a on..
|> , . it <1. * 1 . rr, 1 K ee^f r «> le t'5
I K im a o or ke a oa
. , ■, nil DF.Joil eel el 111 fit Mb bl
, I P. DliVA or. Kn n »• -l mth
Ip It t/.. lloxl.jler'a flltt r«, imt reoeii, 1 by
OKA on, Wl.olMB e iiranlill
httA llToiJA 11 SO Sep BBpetl-r CmboneU |od» f.
itlo J [JALTI A. T. btOSEI A Oft
AlHJTlOX sales.
»PTI)E« data.
»t gopnia a Arpagfloa. APoq._
J meal on Ike earner of N»o and Roto
•IreelB, for Ante A( ANrtfon.—RilPi* -<*« n Ay<-t'«n
im t:» yr.rl.Bt aa Wednow. ay, t!„ If U»«eka*fi,u*
•'BI'I .II..! t T»lu.b!e kilrk Te rmril I c. r.l u al>.ye, cor la
1 rtieeerrjfwi-y <f Nr. lemijor Weoko... 1k* hoar. I> amp «*
w.ngb to- Ike Br os-d«Uo > at » lar.a U cl y, and w. ■ o.LIib '»
remarkukV we I tulb. r . tt .V » j
icaio Oak. Ike purchaser to fay tf e '»»e< an' tnnir.nre
OODklM A A“P**SO*, •
mlln ' ~~ Auefoeeen.
VAIiCABLK BU.r .tcnF.no. 141. AT Tint
» cotvK* or riANK in and m* mx y with
Will b« w'd |U ur'.1' ii n *. Ihl pramllfa inTU''adnv,ih-*Mh
•<archj«a, a o’cTTcYrT" FT . IT. A be.u U K..I i .t.t . |o
c Ue4> . »•>'«, Hue of Nie Friaaett. I. oerrid d ky Mr. DbbUI
.R. M.m, ih othe-by klr C*a-e Ha! .In Th-lllaa - fort of
leal on ike Boril . rUnf tr .nil a etrea*. tnlar.p'h of 1A&
l«A Hie foui > iror.i-nfu-uil.-, a.ilt e lot la aroonr il c nuai
k tu | n ok Church hi 1.
Tmitm: -a ‘reiki <1 Ctah; b.ltact a' I an I 11 n oaths, for Be
totlolc no ... I .le-M- add. , aictrid by i»ra.t died
r a taiek Bad I. aurauca lor lsdt to hr t aid ky Ike purchaaai*.
fflk * GOODIN A aP.'BUON, Aici’a,
Tu'u .Me lot and Pehool Booe on Broad, between ..th wad lath
foTfJ°*n« wM b* told a ta ruble lot on
thaNc-th it e of ruJatre », f 0ii n r 94 eet.rv nl i back lw)
feet to *o illty, tuvacg thereon a framed School iicucc
Te tin kg «b vc.
ra 1I-W O A A , Anita.
• n Ip'optrlrcut '-eaald arm, co. i'tl n of l.oraoa. mulea. eitil.
^ »f| 4 Alai all the farming lmp'.cm o a *
“t*. »&■ C . ; . „r that amount . month.
1 re it "f a •; r o vcO 9~ior*.il 11 *j <• iH« ) ap r
®btT- td_CO PIN a a PERSON, Auric.
Vr(;;T V|L imu HKbF ath* i,ot Na.
*▼1.533 at luc Corine of Rroad and nth Hrced,
lar ^alcat Aue Idii for • cii Vd r«. 1 all leas*
at paU c aucton, on lb j.r.- i . a Fr da , the Slat % t.
at 1 o'clock, m.. f..r let «ar* from 1*t May, *» * that va uah
half acre )> o .%{f, o ate «v above l-'en pnya > r quaite 'y.
and the li*a«*o to p*y the t *•» and in tr* oe dur i.g th? on Inti
nuoe -f tli • ie e. SOeh Hull |?g m may be ere l««m the I t to
be» «|d for ;*i the e d of the I a »• » y the > for, at the r. font tr.
of two 1 or. pc tent per* u\ cr at Li* pt on te lea* to he ctntiuu
> d. Ihu :* .he mot «a uab e nnimprov d re* I estate on i road
«uh IT G001HN A AI*l*EESO». Alctf.
r C\ vY, Ni A K T -4T « .S *.MT. KoR hA* E Af / UlTION -
Wit tea)d at iocti no. the p crl.n, on Matnrdfiy, t e
Hi i fe-'ur h, S"‘J it »A4 ’tl ik P. M.t he . ice Iml f r e »tor>
rlc« T nein n loc t nl aa «bor-, 1 ow owned m d cc. p * - by (i
4 te.,h« *»heti use ‘u 0;o nn btiida. a~pl; aervaou
<o m*. *ou l« l j t* e ros. pe fret older.
Txam— .ef ur h e«*j. h ;!a:ire r t 6 ar.d lfi irorthf, fer r.f*
(t hi 1 *»•*•, lotereai a :d.d, aecored by a tr«ut deed, cr till# r*
t Imd I’M la t cote it p 11.
1 be **xta and inau aucc for 1^6i to he paid by the purchaser,
m .IS O >1) IN A AITK ISON, &uota.
.) li'IVfK T'.'MutlttNT-t IN Till? NOHTU
S .IDS OF «AC8«*L!.t ItKr*K<N OICcFR ANi» OI <b« N
• KA» UUwHANA^V (4, KOK f'Al.A AT 4ITCTI0*J —Will
b.-aold* tu ton.onth pretc ***, on %♦ ett neitlay, the HI
. ■ M • * a d , t . h; •> io< •• • ui.tii
The T«o l r ck Tcno m 11 t oeat rd ri nhore, adjo n ng th® u v
Hot 1 .* (( Hi »whl t vr«c‘e 11 y t e I>*fcUI s K c . T»-u me dh 1
i rcomt, nr«i ics ' uener., a* u u wen id p.*n nr en an tam > !
4 t r h eh w 1 he ■ i’di o • !n Or* a»n 1P1 , -*ne fr n rg W»
fee <n he Fa*-. I ns f u lurin tre*:, iunn ng ba*k 2-0. f,# t
coL i ig • ’* lot AruV. at lie enra*r of a-* gh A liac-i.car.
tree1 , fr ^nr n 45‘ect,»u Irg hack 92 f«:t to »r a'- ty
I »KUf<: «ke- b d »!.* h h\i»i ce at 6 an • '2 m *r.w.*f f r nr
a raft d ed. The tax ■
and l turance or isii to t e pat t hy l e j urchm.
luh 1 IN * A PKRSO*, Auc*'s.
P nKoudiiy. tli • 24th March. IStil, all of Mrs. 0te>'a
*o **he’d Pa a.;u e wll hero at ..uc ton.
I' r cu us la a Tutors alveitUemcat.
mh!7 -td G. A A., Aucts.
AU’T ON —Wi l be sal J at >action on the praxis s, < n Pat*
tird yf the Xlnd •urob, IFB9 a‘t o'eo;k.P V. thrlage, w I
m.I «, ar d onrei len \y arriufol hr! k t-*c.et**nc, u:*ted As
* or* not h t ie«» o p .n f of * r. k H. Skink «r r'lilirc* 1> a
tl t<la« r Peace li eve y rwp.it. The loc tloa U am ng the
heat in Uie cl y.
Taxva cash.
nr pur haser to pay thc*taxes and Insurance fer lsdf.
mil—td (H DDIN A APPIBSW, Aarts
/ mi h. a Heal fcafatie, knoll n an tin Lx
niRiiue Mahl' t,1’ on tin* North Side* of Fruult*
lilt Strut, b iw^'-it I lih anti Iftili Btrset.-A«
i .mm i* "iirr* apt olun-d by a de ret: of the Bu.liug Court oft c
City of Richmond, prououuc d on the Mh day • f March, 1*G2.
in tin cat*- styled **1> vie v*. i itlch top • «dnr. and uU, * »« will
>clL U|M>ii the pr. mb*. *, on Moil uy Uie Jlth of March (if fair.
Il not fiir next f ir day thereafter) cunuueoiin^ at li o'clock, M .
|!ic Very valuable real ••tale, known as the ‘‘Exchange Stable*,"
l >ca • «>nOn- North Side of Franklin, between 14th and lothst*
for a number of year* occupied by J.tuic* t ardeu, and more re
iBT leek, i
which run* back about ‘iWl feet.
in addition to the above. will he sold the Mouse and lot on tbe
ctd *ide of Mayo, north of Franklin street. being tbe late retl encr
,,f A H utrheson, decease T e It u*e iecotufoitably arranged
and wel adapted for tbe accommodation «f a medium • xed family
The lot rout* a27Jffeet and run* hack about Mftfett
It i« <h -nu I nner«-*eary tn *ay anything further iu favor ofthi*
property, a.* it i* « well known.
Person* desiring to invest In tint ina.l valuable real estate now
In the market, would do well • * tend this ale.
Teem'—One-third 0*t h the remainder at 6 aud 19 month*. f*»r
negotiate i 1 note*, with In ercst added, and tin. title retained until
f... t tv d. r by the Com t.
The taxes aud Insurance for 1<ttt to be paid by tbe purcha*er.
JO NA. ht’TCtihli.N, lr
JOUS M. Ii*. IS, fCommn.
Immediately after the «•!«• of tbe Real Estate, will be *o!d all th
p rehab * property of the late Arm of DavU a Butchcsou, cwosbl
[ng la part of, vlx:
- ,
* :r!i ;i9 ehelled and .heafoatv
B valuable Milan.
Tga«s—For the slaves, cash will b« required; for the rmia'nder
all sum* of ♦!">» and under <*4*b* over that amount 4 uiontlw credit,
(or approved negotiable note* with Interest added.
Surviving Partner.
Tie entt-e HoufehoM *nl KJ oh-n Fu nltare belong ng to ike
Ivc 4 ». Hut h *on, dee# *ed c n*ls*!ng rf tletsu* variety—1
P.rno, togrhvr wnh an excel en. hor**, ra-ritge, 9 cews, Ac.
lerm sr. a o e J^li> a HUTObKON, Admr .
tnhl2- td of Alex. B. Huurht eon, dec*d.
\rAirABLF, FUl d IN ( HtfTF.ItFIRLl)
County, eoitllcnoua to ttai: City ol' Hie.*
ns,mil, at »*u tiara.—We wlifsell, noon the pre-.lae* rn
l aUrt^ AY, the 2 tn day of •‘arch. ccnxn*K.<.irg at 2oMocV.
M., th* valuable i«\l r*latc rn whl h Yr 0. il. Bbrdee, lately
M *
tne r ver road The land has b»en rece .tly iu veytd, arid wi •
nr lobl In trie's t *u t purcl asere To the maos.on h u*e trac
il.ere '* a*U h ' ab>ot UW acr s, up*a wM h there Is e ery <t.
venbnee f r the accommodation of a la'ge family. 'Iht* dwell n»
l* i u’.it o* grantte and le »a perfect order. Tne oat b.l dlagi ar«
The other I nd* are va utble ow'og to the'r e^otlgn tr t» B-'cl.
t.u Wing site, aud • #triy every one of vb ch Is well w.tere I, an.
on so c of'him'h*re sre val able grard cq« rrl-a and Ire pon4*
dr idea the main dee'll y t'rre n < n tie lmi,flil ei leg kV<l
n rtheait to Maocftes e , acoofoitrle dwelling. Ihetrse’ w’ltb.
ub-divided in o tracts suitable for lubttraa residences or ma k
T«him—One Vo th cash, tve balance at fl. 12 and IS trer.t ■ f
nrg/tlah e note*, with Inlflfcstaddef, an 1 ser-redbv at u«t de^d
ihrtiaeaand Inaurasoe for IW2, to be pal ‘ b the pn:chaser*
m* 5 -id JaS. M TAYLOS A 8 N, A acts.
fit II I KTKK’h SAt.fi »F L\Nh ON Y«FK
1 siVKit.—O Sntu d *y, the tat day of Harcti
next. I aboil sell on the premises, it puoli: au ton, a true: *»
1 .and.un York » ive-. m York caantv, Y y nit, di tint five mil *
rom Willla- ah ary, to merly cal ed “IJpun Hall,'* and now knovn
is “Blrl ir’a."
This Und was convey<d Isme'ntruS to secure the payment
of eert In m'n»y n» n lonei in Ue d*ed. by J’tues H *l**r and
vrife, the i an t now In the Pt*tt o New York, br deed reeoidet J.
V *rk Count / CoiM, and dated «»nt e 'iil d y «f J ne, lshl. Th*.
r\ei c .rUlc about 1 0 0 acres There I* op>o it, r n the river’»
edge a a certrxm raw Hi! A.'s9,ra*ny handsome re tdmccs ann
• her tu'ld ny. kltuatcd on th* live*. Trere are feu o*flrehti
.(red aru-sor shared I nd. A wh.rf extends to a channel of Un
feat wa*e
The till * Is believed ti be nnqnestl *n\ble, but I the 1, i s trust, e
convey t > the purchaser «rh Utl* as l< veate in me
Ab two thoa«eT d rt-llari el 1 v« required In cash ; totl.e
r«* < winder, ’lie terns »H b • made known on to* day of sale.
F<> I fo matlon, tddiea , at v* il'Urml.urg V*
a BO a r n DUB Traster.
The sile advertl *d above Is posipom d oi 11 'fl uesduy, . et
dRy of April* when t will t he place on the prexiact, ai a*
v • t.ged. [m 1 ctds) I 8.
of/ o i i f thb ernr >yi ob baf k. <
ftcitVOXD M rsh a, 1 si®, f
a T s meeting of th.* d recto s, he d this day, the f lo*l fre*
«lut*on wee fit| p‘ed %L*d o d«rcd o h^pobbbe ' vs.
K-tuJrrd T* it, Inc naeqnes • o' the Ineh tty «f th • liar k '«
ukefh:fu d« now m d p aL. the Proald •».* be, and he la h« Teh*
lr**c e t to : lie not'ce by b u I n In t e a lous news ape»»
of hi cl y, t» In* ! jm's cr« I tieln*t u I *n that, f um anj aft i
t ts <tat*. all c rlftoi.es 11 be paid o.* demmd
Rtk red, />t t\*r. T lap n »«ll o-r .ft :stes cf *e*i th%t ot«
thcuj.nl dolts's br ln»erc t will cease on th 1st«f April, art
up u It g-r utu« on h * Ji n of that mon h 0 p>st. ts Wi.
heref? e pie* • i»r sent thslr c^Nooau a and ee!»e M.re t.
HOk AOK L. KkN i* P e tdmt
N. Atmuar, Cashier. mhlO dlfim
lUl'OKT VMT \oricc.
»10 li. .kit, I!)''. Ma di, I Mi. |
V OV.VI citato r» Mine M nt tl. • :inc -l »vi- R IWwt *»«i.
gj l i I r.ii.no I I r sixty (Ujby eft • f a « rt flJXIc fro c tl.
Frr> de t. Trek urc or .sup it ten cut of tTi t o pmy
ail* J-iw t. Vt. MAuMUR >*•. Traaaurer
f|lH« VIU4.IM \ IU1TFItV.-TI.il Conpiry b
1. been r/ce*v**d by the ♦» *»e nrr of d'^tc, and « Ifatu r
• I s'x p ■ r it n Light A til iy a < urrd. It «s the i hj-ct of tin •
ah • are alieidf ti.cmbc s ti icake id c nio;rmet.t iflv m n, n <
19 ad 1 t none hot y rtle n»n w.o would h- p easat.'. a/soclat
under a y rlre-J * s • cai We have al . alv a na b«r f om ik
UrlVTsIt 0 >mpany wh’chser/^t u dir Orn. Wise In Wester
Vlry nl , and ora *l.n w< eat the (7n! e st / dad y tlie pa
•r.« I :», b t * ho promptly t»f. the e era d c mfo i o' tha* lot1
tut l «, after o.r re:ect rtvers* . to share Un fa»* of 'hHr fw*o<
c f *n> n attrm-ti y »o arh’tve coo'.her i I idet e-jd. n •« Tt
• th r • t inhere f th • C m^any, we are st fell si. I f, wl I sec p
n oiher fharsete Stic• bat th*se of fwoilctn«fi »»o c»r l*t
invite ary who •'•y w sh t» a * te t‘eiuidvei w th s ct a co pa**
to repo t t nTOodlat Ijr toeltbir of the ifBe.ra in Char oilosvi 1*
wl er th pr • er au norltlw allow th mtoremaia anti! they ar
ihornuih!) oig nix id and uni o m J.
The cfllcers are : _
fan*i In i * lflrB Yc*) OA»1INOTON,
8i it. JOHN B. TiMBtilA^B,
r 8J it. a. B.0C0 RAN.
...... . . rartctT.
XXf ■ cffrr tor tale at AccMoa.
Mas uA baya, »e bcb ar.A .Ida. ....
LltJBHhu.t A I ILL, AaclUtecn,
Corner rnck'lU aid Wal BlreeiA.
THt BANT flUK 4.F ABt> rtlW.lh ULiT A LITOH
.-TBBJC1S AT A l’’?11 ON—Wa w] I aeP apou the pretr'a.*, oa
•«*•*••. ■tielkJxlay ot aa<on=r t| g a- AM o’ekAk
B •* , Ik- Try ealaakl- p.Wxti* i* Metre oc U r eaat ride of * d
aaiveea Clay .nd M Icfi »lsreia
Tkaboue ortiaila-jr «a< 17 rr ei. el k (r- p * a*J
all Ike no cm Urprr»e>r mt-, mb ;t< w.it a 4 ba-i- kou
» o’.laa^a a lar<e »:kk Bt tk» a tidairy « nrH.iri r an*,
ran**, (Take uroi• an J el. r ib r acc • aij .o h lid »•
T e eo I e proper./ » 0 .1 -.1 r*i ord.r, La»t. th-niko-rr1*
ly ovifbautrd aid r p<tfi 4. w.llji. m p.a, l« o . < at a Theca,h*
horhoed U »: drdraMe u any In .b rtty
Thaloi n st 94 cel and r\a back Id. f r .
dralrtry, t. aoca.-e a >ea ly *t table pleat; ral.'.nee
n a trtl ad nr |V. trho - d, w.all do •• It 4 . Uend th • aa e af iLU
r p ny.
T.aoa. -f n- fou.-h Caaf; tbs ha tore at A. If, aod II b ntba
of r«*o’lUIo note* oltb 1 tereri added, eel acoead by a trial
deed. Tna pnrohaaa' to pay th • taxes n Iran atce f r ISA*
m'.s JAP M. TtTta B A BIN. A acta
VI ills Mli;c» bV ORuLK OF Til 12
9101 M2 OF DELt iiATk,
0^ *fPiiliLOttt AND JULY LiqC Ji 6 -f sk»a. Kaics !♦,
Be t e acted by the Gi-ntr il lM«ub y, Tin' l hall nor be Uw
ul fur a y person hereafter to msk , or esu e to to be m4«, »u>
wiiLk> or other spirituous or u»a 11 q ort, o t of auy cor , nh-nt,
rye. r other g nl , mi l auy person so f ending sh»ll be deemed *
guilty of » ni sdenieanor, sim! upo. tonrkUou the eof shall bo
i»ie i for a \t y offence not Ic s lbs too tuidrcd dollars ur uu.ro
.h n '.Tf a.ot,MO(l ‘lolls s an i be subjec. to li pri o ue t in th i
e*-» >*r Jail not exceed off two ve months, at the dieuret un of the
i. lie It for h r ess ted, Ihst every »*sr erh eh sn. d stllle j A»r
*;t/ other machine, !ui| lex cut or -tru-lure, fur the utsauf cture of
»p rlt *lis I. in el l s Io of the oregulng s ction i>e In opera lo«i,
til b<- > sV m snd held to be s separate off nee witiiing l .e mean
leg of this net.
i. ie i f rther e sc ed, Th*\ ’n sddl Ion to be pe-al jr pre
bci Ibetl b f ike first se t n of lb • sc;, f r n Tie si or. of he | fort*
si in the d stHlerr or other meefcUc nnd liuplcmcnts used there
rib forte urptsi-cftna ng liquor lu e o St. n si th f t„* , shsll
be'or ci c 'oU.e.uiu outrcsl h , sn I shell b * the duty of re
• r, n pron nring JuJgu em tvmj siy rouvicti. n indr this
a-i o sdd Hie Jud tu n; uf or e-ure, nud to r er »I.e shrriff to
ske s al o su r Ui . 11 - y or o.lier mu M e and I n emen s, bj
»uch exe kliui a* -*am it-s f«» thti ovn nnreslt*i It • »her cas«s
. «| it shsU be She d tv of t r slier ff l. y a . the p oc se< S o * a b
ile’nlo'lie reasu > of te C*.rnu.o tvealth. after deJUktiiig to
■ tinsel * Are per e I. onnn sslo.i.
4 • e l ur er e. s ud, h t ss s:os u ai; person n\%j be
resQ t td cr ndlcteu f >r any .lo'itl n of the pro* n l» <s. f thUs t,
•• ecu t o i n cl uuly - r corpc r l o i In vh ch set J pf o« eeiHngs s
a ,s*» 1 In m dlate .f lu.e &a o»d»r to Lie le gi >-.oiihrffof
« ch cojQ'y re p »stlo dr t In/ htm, ucl is nlih'n ten dj/s
er s ter sa d defend* t shv-lcbur I to b id b| i «u(B cn*. se
ar ty, n 1 be |»ej . ty fo r huii.nl dnl ,r»# c nd t n d to *v
%<0 r t*i-r iudg i m of be cut, anJnls>tj fsv-f..rh oml g,
hen reqtn td by * y I*sr, a j p o ert *l!rg«j to bs fo f .ted
i Jer th s * i, then si o. c. to a is • s ad tske poisession of the
•p r t us o in .1 Iqu re, rsm di tl.llag m er ine, add o her im
I,- iu.i.1 dorr po ed n uskagi.q or In ».|.io of this
si. sn i s • g 11 ii. h dis HI ug of shicli Is hereby p chlblted, and
o.i'H. -a j. lubject to th; judgmen. if ssia cm. t as Herein ,
pro sided.
o. a*.. . be It tor her eusc e I. That a 1 car3, vhra’, er other >
/•ai . puic ased * r o rained fir tut manuia tur r of lq#o , io
vlo ail nof t « pr vl lunarf ite fl;;ls ct oatf t-.l- sc sh*d to
faif ,.Udto th* luioau w-aih anditihsil e htiiuty of * I shrr
cfv.e owm nw a'.th, tout cellos t tq ry In at v.oi*ti ui
.< tn ■ n ■« an t icp«rt the ►: me prup tiy to he at lot n y of tiia
Oonmen*salt t, or any ,u*Uc« i f ihe p-acj ib me county
u wnkli the olT i Cc mn be tommll.id If any offic-r -1 all
»110 per orm u c ou.ea r--qi red v! him ly th a ic , ha aha I bo
n d a i-a dccrlion «t lh« Jiiiy o #»€• «•* art i fa-Lre nut
•4 than ten i o nureth n fi .e bundled do in
g. Ando It fur»h r SLBCte *, At*i u h *rn u tuea\»» a l hart
e nm* e If IQ« daf n an ah iUld coutio-ie l j op^*t<? h a ai.iU
y, it halt ba It s dbtr of th-*l er.fl r c m - • li.n r it ac t* and
tkepoaid n f th p'*io d'flttil y and llqu ra, uu ••• he at. all
iter into h nd In th- p al y of • ne t* ouaau 1 co la ra With tha
err ufthacodft Inin olilch *a d pre antaent ta dcp<*u .1 g, rou -
in n *. that t a will cease Ue t-U Hi. t on o' corn, wb«at, rya or
th r gr, In. AM |> o orations an c lha a t shall ba triad anha
i t te m«r th> «* nr. lu ahch h*j may be ircst&Ud, unlua
uoi ctu-eh* ah w.f ia-ooina» ca
r la act»htll ha in force ait la tend ys from and after It p*a*
tage, aud cun inu- In opcr*t ou daiiug the p^RiUt war.*
A copy from the B» l*a - lealr:
Wd. f tiOttiO*. 3% ,
nhlT—dcIlt_O. H D. a d b. of »
Eitaxosu, M.rcli 14, ltd (
No. 1ft. f
L The following ProelxmAllsa li puMxhed for 111. lifarma
tlon of All ooncerned:
“By virtu* of the power vetted In me ly law. to Joe ire thttaa
penatou of Ibe prlvllegtl of tbo writ of Habett Corpwr.
• •j jedersou 1 art., Irealdent t the Confederate Stitei of
kmerloa, do proeUlm tbit Martial Law liloriby exte.ded orm
c Countlrr of K lx* .tth G:t.. York, '»arai-k, Ml uce.lri. a.J
iftthe*. ; a-d I do pro < lalmth- fot.en.lo. if .Iicl7ll| n diction
17 to the except on of that gnabl nx th' Court* -o take cog atnee
f the probate of» I •, the aialurt-atlon ■ f the eat. <• of i*«.
,u d pail .a., th.-qua'Ccal.ar - (tru ir. Inn . to enter d.cre-e
,3d ord-.a forti.po .tltlo i ao **> f p ' t fit/, t' make o o ri
.BCTtdng rokd. ndbn'gri to . 1 Count/ le lee. a-d to or
ler the payment, f < oanty u e ) .no Ute . .petal, a of the pi.el
,.,e of th* writ of Hnbek. Oorpu., .1 the Couo let rforrweld
1 In faith where f I have hereunto lyned my name aed
'LB./ eel my eeal th • fourtie-.th dx> of March, .re la aland
f j eight hundred .nd.lxljtwu
II Malor Oiu.-r*' Mi,ruder, commanding the Army of iho
P-uiuiuh., le cl a'g-d wttn the dee exeeull n tf 'he foregoing
•roclvmatnn U- will f.rthwih e.tabl to an rfflelent ml.ltary
,a lea, »:d wll e-.f .rce tie fol owing oidera :
All 4l.lllieri«e t f .pirltuoui llqi on le p • Ure'y prohibited, tad
he dlatlliarlet will forthwith b cloaed. The ta e of eplritacae It
.oan cf any kind It aho prohibit, d, and ex tat I thmtny for th*
t.l* thereof will br dot 11.
111. Alt pe-ton. Inf In,lug th* abort prohibition wll to dor
r jeh ponlehroent, tt tnt II b" orderei by the .rnteree of a Court
'l.rtltl, Ptomao that no i ntone* tr nard I bor for more Uttn
) e rr.ontli, ■! a I betnBleled by tho tenter fee of a reilmental Court
lartirl an nlrceted t.y the CTth arVc.e rf War.
Br Command of Iho Secretary ef War ,
(Signed) S. COOPEB,
nhlt—lw Adjl and laapr nanaral.
RE’OLTEDhy the Qer,er.l ita.m-l' of VVrgrli, TtatlheOor
emnr he antliorltcd xo-i r.qui-ed to ei mpt T on the cprrt
I ,n of I • Pm-latEAtlon of tl c Huh I iat.. All p rt< rt wl * may t*
e tlSed lo h m by the W ar or Nary Dei a moot to b. r et •••ary
.ihewoik of the Goerr m*n of the oa'tre'ate ttklei, pr*»l
d however, t at nr ru l. p non trail thereby ho >i.m(t 10m
f und r the act or E b u* y loth, 'MB, or tny othar draf. lo
I I up any f.tire r-qaldtlaa. o .h.lth reby lea* hit pnrl.ge
. eolua'eer la th- flat • or Confederate stale# terete*.
A Copy Iron the Roll*
Teat: WM P 01RD0T JR.,
mlilh—31_C M ll.iK ofE-_
I' bank’-Pit firm Hrtlet, BO o the -o- e.l. bv
■tvh ft lw BPVTAMM—.CA-ySreaC
1rct.« g-IPAS .5 feet8% Inch Iron I Ip>,for able by
nhlS-lw I CNTA JaMgr, UerryStr.it
. v ... aril ptiArUKI. rn brifrlrtl Pen li t. for Ml* by
1 } iah!4 _fcUATAJAM .1,Corps ret
i|OP« AND IMHLKV .WALT for Ml*-*!
A 1 line » tin oil 1st of prime Hope,for eel ol oeeesAb:* fete*,
ileo.aip j. I r Dei Ivy Mot, • Itoble lor boitri uie
a.b 1 8.* _ _f. fttADKA A CO.
11 F. Fern on which I relie. limited on the Puruik'p Rieer,
In ti e lot or cod of iionove- county, having the ednn.'ge
bo!" biter end Aillmod tronip ro Ion to mork't, o'eope lor
ill nlr**dp M hlr i-nrich'd hp the ui of the btot morl if oord
go 1 the prem eot; olelont from the bid . horeh V. O. obont 8*
iiilleo; couienlen-1 cierehei, ef eeveval denomination*, to oew
•lRip-rlor mi uficta lag m lie: ond la the mid t ef wbotla
oAlpe nelde edgood eoelete The tro't co.UIm.bp ejonl
•urt'p, Jgt »erei, *f0 of which ore letel River boitom, eolioblp
t nvUd w\ h per»ntl*1 lire*®#, lh« remainder, bl.b Uodif
rood clipey choroeter, ond well eapp I d with timber for fed And
file Improvement'con*lit of A neot, relf-bollt. And ecnvoalent
It Arranged dweillir. wl.h eli roome, cloeete ki, on o I f p elt»,
nth n reoutfal lAn'cope, ond alt the moil o't-boam of n farm,
clndTg alt ge and convenient p eltnated leehoce*, good gar
en, orchard. »0 Thte troel li neuilly ernltd-red on* if the
beet of tto lire In the nelghbo hoo-1; and thin dollar* hoe be ■
pcat'dly refilled for It. That price woo d now be token for H.
rhe health i f the reelde-ce coiu-pnied in the ne’g borhiod,
»1« doc or’e bill hardly overegl-g *1# f 'r oeeeolMn peon poet,
for fo ther lafirmitloa ipely ti the e.be -r ber opo. the pro
itTh. Tf- If, £00 I'OKlfk OK OAK K •*>*
yy Rlcl.m II I T.u .e p. on Hro k l venue, for wlleh 1 will pop
■ pe cord, olio forCh n <• ord Sponlihotk, ood |« f .• 1 «>od
•lock O, Hiving pm -hexed the enu.e mleieet n the eho e
raone-p I eholl eontmne the builnre nm oh evet nlmp
own name per* nt hiidrg Bo k or Hide' for eele wl I le*oe
e n 01 the To-mvp. or idCv « me bp e ,11. itoilng he quantity
-d quU t of e*ch t wt 1 pip the high t o ke piloe fir
HU • r bv n«, elthe" green or dr/. 1 r Ipeclfuly refer to J W.
ADJUTANT AND IMSr OlfHeAl-S orrici, 1
Hiomoao, IAor:h :8lh, lndi. |
ho- 14. (
Genera Pun'.li le ooolg 'ed to dn'p at the Seal if Go*
ertimrat; n l ua<?er 1h« dlretlioi -f I • P ■ *h*rf d
• Ithth cemuc: of military operation* In the oimleocf the t'oo
By order of f e Secretory of W»i, ___
Pltnel, KOOGPiB,
a,y-4—lw_AdJ and Inept Pec oral.
V I'DL'Cfc* **ii.CIC — WM e itn l • •rA toa««» “f,1***
iA teuPite • r*. K«e i »H Ch4i'b#»«
%od • Te.p*i». • Or«»r: ». *c.-c. ti w»oh>• U« jA
' r«*l »!■ a ..Dera %vor ntnt of comtoa OU#avar*, M|,
■ r ct..”*n^r,T?ea:.' • v.;:, «*.
or. requited to g ». u, . eilf, u •■«•<»’”<!
nhlO— ft__t» P.orim «<
rfll connect the Norh OiroRno and the BcAmond and Den
!_ Tile tfollntdi b.tw eo Green-bo-n. and pn-Tlloos
n riu g-onied to ui fp the Charter of the Plcdm-nt R llr<od,
I aboil >.nen bo- ki of tibecrlptlo to the mid Ro'l oid, alike As
Itor’e < IS -e of the klrkmo d ond DootIUo Railroad Comp' np,
10 Betnriiop tho 14th Mo en neil ruboeribon wt I pop flee Dol
an per •.me, at he t'rae • I »uh*er bine.
P LRWlS ». HAoVlR, l
A T ■ mil*. vOemr'a.
feM-lf Til ) w R R-)0; RViaOCG 9 \
C\T l»T 0.—Two er throe I80B HIM, no or roooad
W bond Al*', Moohlp* Bolting W# boeo • ewthI <M of efcoo
Ttrood or Ml*. BBGVLM A WALfOBB,
f*M 100*0 0A *

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