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Daily Richmond Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1861-1862, March 31, 1862, Image 1

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BaBj fi-w, y *bbm; hersi-W oekly, »C i WjlMy.M«,£
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FcbUto-tj u » c. >. tonrt crid ’hcs Is takaa 98 to* depcrit of 9
latlsrts to* Pc** 1 & f* eoatotaiaj £:«recy.
fa* >;wi.' 19 Uae«; »f Km, at* tofcrttom.-.- JJ
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% Onm ■mu mtowAtMwnBn.-.R *
Thaw da do ..“£
It* ■ ,aarai,7br»* n«dk...*• ®
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Tnin a«albA..8® ®*
3«T Na aJnrtaament to k* c«aridei*d *7 to* WMdk *r yaar
£ba ,p«oU. i os toe llaaaerrtpt, ** prarioaaty ayteed apea kr
I*'*? toe pirvei •_
As adv«rts*e£>*o» so* aa-it* oa to* aojy f*» * tpeetiod aaa
kar of latent, r* toll oe mfflnaed actil ordered eat, al payment
-—~ *rold aay ntieaad nitonit»j
ta to* part of to. Jutaaal a dr ertoer*. I* te prop** to elate 4 top.
toa.to-ir prieRagee o»Jy extendi to Ihdr InaedlaSe baelneu. Real
p.. . i^p,; uj ti other Adrartleameeti teal by them to be aa
ad-hli%0.: shares, ard so rartab-'A ..-. ^
rjp“ Sea: feme an-l Seoeral *r*o«* Ade*rtl*e«*n»*-nol to be
aameed by toe year, eat to be sharped ak toe aaoal rale*, eahleel
* eac.b dSaeoaate ae ebaB be aereed apon. •
VT BaotoeHere aad yearly .deertSaerks*a*r»Dy, en«&|1ll*cr*
«r bore rpaare*. toto to# pel rile** ef rhaaye, *haB aa*, aa theft
m:i in-to', la any *•* wea*.!aiert more thas to# aatetto*
•are. 1 poo u to • ,'-so Jin* rale aoder the eontraet, and all a*e*e[
(toe eoeft uncart to be charycd at to* aeaai rate*.
dleertleo-.est* taeerted la toe death Weekly Whir at TC **a'
per iao. -of 10’Ireeoe Itoe Ibr tha Brri'neerttoa. and CO era *
irb • 'r'Jnsaoce. ar If weekly, TC eeato.
attorney at law,
TyttCTlCtS la all o' to* Coarta of thl* City, Rtoto and Ooa I
Part £' stteaOro paid to the prooeeutloo of claim afladea
ally before the Qmn.l*»wa«r ef Claim*._,e~
A A eaaeoow. *• *
P. w.--rr*mr* wwcoijo mu ot » ■ ' . _ .
UmaoP-liKl Mr Ov al Amiiw* a H., fp: John
Tfec-atooc. Jr., A®:< ,-r* a 3., Vv; U*rUn.t A Chriedac, Lpncb
A Sfiad, A; J«>*« ». M. fcrtbjt .M-i
T»vm- Ban. M. 9. nsraell. At__ ■v^-JAel*_
'DKACT1CU1 la all the Oecrto of U» eoaatlee of Neleoa Bad
x • uheftL He *hl tUead to aajr la» (xuls-n c a.: rated la
Ur. «'lie adi«e. at ooaa'iae. _ _
ftT Addrrea, TT» iuw Aar-dlcMe P. O, »eU>o Co., Ta.
Plrtacad Clip, Ta.
mm. ILL praotloe is ad the Cet.-vi leid ta the Clip af ■tetiDoad,
T7 ocoaUu »: Caeef.'r'ield, Heaileo and Poohalea.
OfSoe .a tta ecnw- »f !4tS. or Peon and Mein Street*, aver ihe
feof* of tioah ■ tu A Cl_*_1^** V
til cr Aiii; ti 1 u»o\,
WILL PSAf'Tfd* la the Coar'j of tit ea, Merro*. Mraroe.
Mocwor a-p r.i-S P-teM ; and »ili oalleal aad retail puae
tmadp forth eiaiae rice-i la Me heads
poet'■'Srs. SU.sComrt 3.'ie*,JV_!>■'—
mmrSL’. TMACTrtSI* fa the Ooorli of th* fStp af PJehetood aad
>7 Oooat/ of Ktnrloo. PW«4 tUeadoa will he eireo to al! ha
Mrtnr -r reeled to h_ea. KT“ OSee. for the pr a-at, with Me fa
tt*r. 4® Oma. «n*ita-»e*» ear. Mats aad >th Sea. ledl—dip
rTc & b. c. bouluin,
milOTfl 09UKT 10111, TIK9INIA.
fourth —th t-'W, PMaoa Bdoard. AppdmtaUoa. St>!«
Mt and 1 vmte» uyl*—>P
B. a soroLAs. " » p. Giieoat. ju,
Splits',, (Tr* Mu. Old Otar oh, Htaorar.
WXL a'-teas al.' «h# Coart* of K.“l MU3»a aad .Heaewr. A
it IV ITGLa* will air- ti'.sad the Ooarta of KM* 4 Qaaes
•n • fvntttf. _ _
1a«tinn» .ca^eJ. ALX*. «» MMM
attorney* at law,
fractteelm iiltheooarte of the eiipof WoBomsd aad eemaep •
■tsrteo. Mr. Johrt a wfii practice la Obcete.-Held.
\y- : ^alCiap, t FracWIn ntrsej._ge
nL. RH'hfKIt uiftnaMlSe pemsMaaaf LAM la tte
« Ota if *.•■•* laoai.
jd.rcMds'isn Wiftj.cj w,n»«u|
iMmila IN *¥811 C#m-H IK ••■»•« b
rod l,o'#. Scrtag |* 'UWlilllfl oil Idoie of tree*
.>,A. viU.. ,t >f obrts'#t]r<} sanitary CverCaata,
kJm crs osJ Sr-roiet, to wh'ch we tall oUootioa » heist the
114 on-I lib, MOf» «--L
FcbllMtcr hod Bootaelhw,
Kichaoad, 7a,
>r» hr 04.’*—
r UritAio—4 Htatory of Tirtial., fr*a "j
• at ><r lleijilfr to tho proctor line, by
JS ; * Tl » too. Vtlaae ote coalA ae too
»- jo tho t< t o o/ ro-o, to ITU Vol.une t
i, „ ..... .. of tiro Oclray oad of too Mom, from ITU M
_ rweuloa f ..ImadHoJn iS*7, SdW. „
Cie poo* *a» - a l»*t*u Idii p r.M of thio wort of Mr. litw
• w so r juvly c -jeia.T.-U too boot eaten led HLtory of
pBs,o»* -
Ita y ,l '.View of 7!r ;'3fe. b» Saaael K or chert!, 1 toL
So hen oecoaJ edistn rerleed |IJO
3]\pr' Hiito-T and rh'lion Wore of Weoters Ttryir,o—A Bio
Vwy »*Mte ISA It Aculoaiedt *»•! ladioo WoroU Waoters 'lrtUle,
ii |m J| - or o-c 'tot of tho rutooe oopoJ'.fioac lathe w ret,
v^*T to 1» rl*>, Bioirophieol Bletoh* of Ool. Bboeooor
■at >, Al t SVat L.-o.i Wefmel, (ie-ierol Doal*l Uroodheod,
l>» halrow L-W r,C«L Se*a-l urody.OoL WlnieaOrtwford,
A hire* Boo, «td ototr .-eoi,-Uetel A tore LidV harder eon,
htoMworn lUtotrood; h> W.I’oDo Hooe ,$!.»: *e<l j
Bt JBMOND, Titanic
C. W. iWICVR A 00 , Troprlatoa.
C. S L"\"o. ooveOileodenV
B. B hcomroo oaf 8. B. Tr.ao. Orri.
a W g»IC«,
B. w. pfHM
I wont it It.Uac. y ond-ret-tid toot t ro ■nopuf totorio|
Bro t LoAen for ml'itory eoyt SI I r or o'ton .-nd-to older
t», Moral droodo or oil -Lcrlptliue. rle : Bier, loOoco •, yrolo
Ivtiofi'irr, tent A he , ol the lowed roooouoble prf re.
_Jjoit otoaeih, for elWhln« with led-tibie loir, out In
to- r:.^.‘i*if either of tho olmre Ait dre «ill do well «" Mil
pi. t - «t,. moot be'oro pnrohMl "t e’eewhere. Co l on or
-J— . . y AM, Br.sl Oottor, tB-« Ail) »e*t <B*>r tothe
OWFilon Motto, Blchmoad. t a_dell
(ilUS N A tH I 3 IS IV 0 K k 6,
lUi-w, f.«ae*o rn nod I Mo dti eet,,
n \irr u T('KKK of
for'-ohlo os 1 B otl-sory BTnAhi BMil.tltdof oaj rerttlred powr"
with either Loo* metre#, Floe or Cylinder Boiler#;
8tUK»i;S, HUVUJbAW MILL'’, lltJSo 7tfU Viti.
TiCtLoAW HIMB, ti&ldT HTIX*, BiAlniWO MAOHUilh, I
BBioom, lot a nadruiiix atcanxt,
cr BTstr DhtcB itidB,
•ad to hi >di of
CASriMi* ik IKVa mJ MtASA
Ta loboeritir ou rojjeol tf ’Ac U BL Ayr. olloreJ Society,
3 to. in Bl-'ianvuJ, Vo, Oc ober.-lUrt. iheooMAINU COL.lt
OB' tSO.Mtolt lor oho toot!WOoddeJteuo. AM^lo*
^Me wpwa. by poraialoo, to Ooooraar Wrarf A. •lao,Uear«s
Wo> wA A doohoj too, imalep. Brow o A too, oad HaaoB, Ovoa
laia-Monio of lAo wba of PWis Bo ha, Aoe'd., the htowatay
b«Mno will ho cr oilooto by aa *
I boo* rac#«0d lAeaorotcoo Of Mr. fnetlrH lb* B.O. r ho
B wtetoadyB of tho waoan. tOOLFtUd J. thUM, u r
NBlICB, -Bros tide duo as aatoo wBl ha for ooeh oaoM>
Mooff, .MU Mttaoo ooeoro. ^„aao
|4U 8fTi488.
*0. 104 P0TD1AS gT-iNKr,.. v.*rw ORI.IA.Nd
■ewe Ink. 3J cU > t> Hed Ink, 60 Ola to $10 ft t>
ho t Ink, 73 Jo do On mine Ink, $1.5" V cu
Our I Ink. $1 d > Ji -IK Ink, 74 "te V o«
Cop or FI .1 • Ink. *J 59 (t Purple Ink, 75 d- de
Au'ograp.Vc Ilk. . 5 do <r, wu Ink, fl-50 |? *>
BfThe Au ogriphic Ink !» Green Ink, #1.50 do
• Uthrgripkie Ink, wMch can Te low Ink, $1.40 do
not bo phot gr phed or e ased Varnish.7 6 c IS gi B
by any chemical p.-oceea. Gold Site.... $ 1 do
Blue ink, 40 cu to $1.4 > $1 tt>. Sioss *.14 e!a to 1.44 )I oa
Theas Inks are ol a enpe-loc quality anna factored la New Or*
leans, by a prvlical chemist, an warranWd t.|ual lo tbs bail
Northers saake, and are now in general use by the Now Orleans
‘"gUardasu addressed to 0*0. H. PINT**,
Type Poaadry and Prlnter'a tfarehcraae,
No. 104 Poydraa stree. New Orleans, *
will be promptly attended to. _Iclt—dawdq
Rkamond, V*, March U.h, 164$. f
Ho. «. f
• • o
IL kallroad Ooscpaalea, acd tht Jams* lire- and Kanawha
Canal Cacpaiif, are lorbtd-ioo l * trarepurt Into th e ci y or oat
of It, spirituuue l.qa .re, O’ other Inoaratu* bev-rages
ill ruperinle-denU of Kal.ro.ids and el the s Id Canal,
are requested ti report da If, 4»the Provost Scribal, the saw
her cf pa-eerger pseeing ofer thtlr roads and Canal, oat ol the
alky ol Kic mond
• • •
By order of Brig. Sea. Jno. 11 W.nder, Com., he.,
L a PAG*.
mhl3—tf _Aet. t in. Pen
UcHuo.au, Vi., Mar oh 4 th, l>6i. f
Ho. g. [
I. By virtue of the authority conferred by General 0-de»i No.
K Adjutant and lup-c or Ocneial'e 'Sc*. March 1st, 1*61, OapV
A. IX leoderin l> appointed Provost lardul of Ibo Ci y ol nth
mond. and the adjoining andeamond ag country for the distance
of ten Blits.
n. the Fusport OSes Is continued at Ua prea-bt '.. radon, un
der charg* of the free.at Marshal.
U1 f he ic'Jllitlon aid dtc rl.-utlol af rinoea. trirtUoai tnd
maiitqa.'re. or pi be loi xl eating brynrajie* M a calcic ) p e
hlore l TMs order will be mr.city to orced by the I'roroet Ker
ch a 1 .gains all p* to J cool d t I1 log, id lag, giving awey, o.
la any manner dis.'calng ol such brferegee.
IP. All pereoacor e»i y degree, ravpt thesa lo Ihs serrire ol
the dt .1., or Cot fed-rato runs, haring arms lo tht.r poosaes on,
will del far tha same to be Jidoance Ihptr asst, ou or before
the 4ih March. sdA Oth.-rwlictaey w II he vised and lacen p*e
,e-elon ol by ih • P cvoeS v arehcL time baling eg to the Stale
of Virginia. Wlirbe de ifered to Got l law ce. at the State a rern
al la thWcl-y Itre.r l iawe ,mira.ee w. Mo Ita iceaul g
ewu.de ba onole ridee, doable bvtelcd ebet guns, and plctr » »f
.. k... .„.e H. In tb , C*JJ (lotl-M *tl 11 Wtllbe
•nal-vo private era. delivered up or tahva I no pub.h lie. and
Government a: r.« n t In the pnUBc »' vie; wt I be receipt el for.
By orJer of Brig. Uen. JSe. H. Wisusa. Cim'ilt Ac.
mJ3—If Ant. Aaj'h tea.
Ricuxoen, V»., Karth 7th, UR& f
No. 3. f
I 0 LJ.hoO Frio b apodal cl Prtroel M.rebel of the
elly of Richmond, end Cap! .las A. 0. Godwin and J. U Maynard
are appr luted AsjaI sal Pr->Tvei Marshal*.
Al' cnra.auhU-s'toue rvrhsl or wtltie , concerning puvpor'i or
the k>ea»«'B i f AesKa cirri be ma o tr the Pro on Marshal
II The city of RleJ.mv.Bd If divided into two MlUtare Ole
Irtote. by a dot conuaveciag at Mayoe Bring), and isncley up
14 b etrewt to Main etreel thence up Men stieet to Governor or
Idli street to lHh ilte', t wo e op i*th street to the Rmitt of the
fee DLtrict ere', cf and See of d.v elon le under cjmmacJ of
Orp sin A.O. Go lw.r>; and the 1 !e rkt wtet of eel I Hoc !s order
the c-mmanl-.f Capt. a J. O V%Vn*r L
ilL Iscissl Maecu but !i -ip,» .Ittvd Chief of P. 1 no.
By uider of B ig Gob. ;«o. si. »!.«**.
L. S. P.GR,
mbd Aisl. Mjt Genet si.
b hsaiq:ait«iw i>il?ap.tm7Nt cp hknbioo, i
* Sicmoso, V*., March 4tb ISd*. f
General Ortltra, I *
* O. 4m J
I. The Proprietors of liot'ls and Boarding Homes will firth
wtth report to Ute Pro rest Marsha, ih* "«c.ei of ell gnm'e st
their Bouvet, and tf.. nsTes of all pertoi In their employment
A 1 et uf arrlrsLi s Ui air ‘ bcfn.T.LAei to the Provon k-ai.Ukl,
twi-e every nay -t :h• hourecf ;•* A M. and b P M.
11 Uvvy Siable K vpore and ownarmf Macks, andefS.rt pub
lic Tehl let, wl.l report to the P ovovl MaraU.l, l» loea'I.n rf
UivlcStth.ee. sn'thr ctmaer of tbo r H tees. Hacks Ac. They
all. ale. make da Ir repoit. of p rxns fion the eorroandlng
c uat.-y putting o ecr or Ca riagee In the r At tblca.
ill No pereon ‘s pe tr.l ted to jsves heyoudif.o eorserate le He
of ihv e.ty in e h vm or other e hide, vw on hi-rsebeps with, at a
pat pert Dilrerj of Stag-* eacbee sre p.-clal y r-irbldden ton.
tab ug Pwevcg.is al any t'Oli*, wiUi*n the I-n cpllcs tf mutt y
a-. It .Osrli»: lew c't- e t transport t em lnt\the ■ Ity, tr to uls
tant Pisces, ocl-st ,o.-h p - sort hare r»i'P*rtr
By order of irig.-t.eo. Jxu. U. Wisp;*. CO'-’dg Ac
m g. tf A. A« qettwsl.
KtnllAtsiiry flattery, Heavy Artillery.
IIAtT J HATUI.V NORTON of the N.val Be tery,
J during the pas*, yes-, harl g b in duly antho ard f
y hr *.cr Ugr-of War, wit i tepp ohsilon a d at'
e . m .any of 1*3umb, lee me lo-AIOu nNarel liaise*
ry. It r b. ogvis -so ponuoliy io heathy, able- oled,our
ig ons * eto enttet la the ia» i>f tit.tr country, and 1b one of
Th s Celebra ed 8jttc*y 1. now e® upi-e 1, and t' e prospect of
ai t.dy al-a et of thsecauy to. t b punt a- the oprnir* of
lit tp In* Campaign, r nlcr* I n ccsiary Ihrt’hac'iu a y
should ae nllcd u • at as early a day a> p*.» Ifcle snd s ouij also
be aa indue m tl »o all those h v t* hstr e mntrg's I tereet at
l «i-t; to I,a ten to he- aid nrd to b* lornd at a p. al whe-e Urey
cats tec«l sr he th most effic «nl sriTl e.
as • o u as the ea g Ml s of the c SI trill pe'niU, furl tight to
al! re roil t d men will b • «ra to r.yul »-lr «nd a cratals Bum
b«r ma> be absanl f. out the o so any at si ited tint a
a*v iy tu LI TOT. is-taTO-,
it Dural's Dr.-g -tore, Richmond,
tuMg—lit* or St tr.e Naea Unitary, Yo-atotrn.
fatal proprietor offen for ease, oae thousand or twetee hnn
JL died acres of Hu Cano ah.I Gant Laud, as Wei adapted to
the ustldaathia Of Com and Cottin, as any land In the Slate of .
Hits ssippl this laud Is situated oo the Southern b nodary of
duouower Oousty, on a bessUful Lake, three tall-s Irom the Ta
ton iglver, lab. which It empties; aflordlr.; a doe st-ambt at nati
gallon let© the rts«r Cpoo this land Is dsadolng dee years old,
which U saioepttbls of aaaing a doe crop the drat year
Tertoaooo third cash , Iba balance la two annual Inotalmaata;
OBC half of tho same will be taken la negro property If derlred.
agdreat, L w. RitiDLt,
hit lading) Time Hirer, ears of Id. How Dsop,
ttigp n . Ylekshur,*, tfma.
l- i U P ET ( A l. IW1BIIS C E.
CAPITAL ...i...»i*W»i.'
OVtffCB -fflalu .direct, In A«srh*i Betel.
TUia Company iakra,Ur addition Is the ordinary fire and Ma
rin* risks.PSsPSYOAL Iniursrre on bifid! no. rndrethls
pe»ey eaapsymeul secures the propony POB IV* against loss
by djrt.
0 f liaua. ftps
Wm. H. Mbefarlaad, Pu l fsmitt' Rack.
WslKogtoa Godd'c.lsss «f Boddta A Append,
T. W. MeCauee, dm of Dnolop, Moomre k C .
u. A. Barksdala. drat of Warwl-A A Harks lain,
das. H. Bract, T .baooo Mauafacluror.
John f. Racist, Cm of Baooa A Itasksrstl’s.
a. 8. Kazan, drm of if as all, Crenshaw A 0-.
John cerrit, Jr. Ship Own-r.
Wb. B. Warwick, item ef W-.rwiek A Barksdale,
Jas. Alfred Jones, Attorney at law.
G C. Ill«4i. Ballatr*
W. W. Crump. Atro-ucj at Law.
Jaa Itatnlon. A-st St Dun'on. %1-e-wr- A Bo fold
OiiAA bn. U’l OL 0.1 flOUflflTWraW,
aJlM "W J sirest.il and for sale he
mhJ© KK.VR, Pa'db A H-L
H AVISO resumed the Ant tlu < end t'oiuiill talon hnt
luess, sit ar * pro; ares to reoairo coin g.ioissti of general
Btrchnod »s, for s» e at uctlon ot prlrmtly, nail mate II etal
ca-h adean ca We ah .11 retain fur tho present, ear large and
corn s idiots warehouse wnere goods tan be ta'cly stored and fair
ly -uhl Kod.
0 aolgnmocW will roselse oar prompt attention.
jan* _'RVNi-. PArt»K s nr
DIRS ’LL'PIOS.—The e© pvtnrishlp of VaR LRW, T..VLO* A .
Cl*. Is this day uiBolend.
Haring BU-eh-s-d l» s loten-t of 0. M. Pteasarti, the enrrle
tagparsu.-r, JOMbt S. V A - L’ W will hereafter conduct the bull
nso'In hit own nr.ot- All persons 'ndrlP.d to the o'd eoneern,
wU: please call and settle Wish lie: uJr*^M ^ VkU
Riehmond, Jastnarv Is1. IRQ. t*n*_
l>. -60 bs Rhe, Thread. ;ira.lU.t cn
con“F*T,r'l>rtt "~t *fqt wn c<zu*ux^’
FKm°?|H~^***** ‘“WM. M.VlkI1anTA
ATTKflTlo:*, .niLlTAHV,
Wl off* for s si at ,*-y losrpri -et Brey Mi it'ry fiTer-,'oaU,
lioe.l thsou hau-, an I rm e I wl'li earl • bultoBs ; Brey l.w
Iasit.7 Uoau »ud Pan a; Brey Art lie -y Jadscta auil ban s; Real
India Rubber C nth ry the ia-.l f -r Ktinser; Heavy W olea and
■Town Joans Hraeera; Haiulsof. I.l.f-. wape ,t*s a, Rocis, *s
BALUWlda W.L lab8,
mbit . jig tl|< *r in free
BACON ANN LARD, I.W tm. prime Cstniry cared
Baooa and Lard, fat sai© oa opaiignment, T
fofcj) A V. * 0,1
} . .4 » * r
[Tb* fcl'owiag lines were wri t -n on Qen. Beauregard’i
appeal to ibe prop's to contribute their bcllr, that they
may bo melted into carnott.]
Melt the bell?, tneie the bell?; .
Still the tinkling on the plain,
And transmute the evening chime*
Into war’d resounding rhitnra,
That the invader may be (lain
By the b. lie.
Melt the be'h, milt ihe bells.
That for year* hare called to prayer,
And instead the cinnoc'i roar
Bhall reaound tho va’doys c\r,
That tbo foe may catch despair
From the beila.
Melt the boll*, melt the belle,
Though it coat a tear (o part
With the uiu.de they have made
Where' the ones we loved trj laid,
With pale eht>< k and riloot heart,
’Neith lh« bell*. »
Me t the bells, melt the bells.
Into cannon, vast aid (rim,
And the foe shall feel the ire
From its heaving lung of fir.v,
- And we’ll put our trust in 11 m
Aod the belle.
Melt tho be 1>, melt tho b 11s,
And when foes are driven ba.k,
And the lightning-cloud of war
0 hall r-Jl lb under l<ai and tar,
Wo »ill m;-lt the cannon back
Into beila
Milt the bj’l1, melt (he balls,
And the-vTI p al a sweeter chime, .
And reiiti’d ,f a'l the brave
Who have -u-jk *o glory’s grave,
And w.ll deep thro’ oemmg time,
’Neath the belle.
Mi am ib Tags , March 13, 1861 F. T. R.
[Foa tub Whig ]
Mr Fpit-'* —The q lestion of recalling our Comm!*
» oners from Europe. atich now agitates Congrers, the
Pr-ss, and the public mind, is o ic of ruch gravity tbit I
trust you will pudoo one who ba? jut returned from a
long ciilo in Europe, for nuking a few suggestions on
the mbj ret.
In common with other Seu herners abroad, the writer
of this letter was strongly mo red with indignation by
the icy ino fT.-rence and callous se G hurst of the Grgr.t
Powers of Europe in view of a struggle as patrio io and
se just as fit ter the Greek, the Po'iab nr the Hungtrian
tights for fret d im, on which they h?d formerly lavished
their sympathies. Under th« impulse of tUaindig: atioo
vo*e the thought that all < (T >rt to secure fortigu rrcog
i it en or cooper*tlotv*hould hs abandoned, and that, rc
1/ ng on the stcui hcertwand strong arms of hrr oWu
eons, the South should withdraw her foreign agents,
abandon tho tortuous paths of d plonuoy, aud cut her
way to foro’gn recognition Ly-lho swarJ alocc—leaving
Europe toepurt her aPiiucs atler she s ood iu no need
cf countenance or aid, moral or materia*.
Such was tic opinion of the majority of our Reprrstr
•a*iv, a abroad, ofbrid and uut Qi. ial, as late as the first cf
Ju-usry last—for from the b -ginning of this airuggls
the South has b;eo provided abroad with some, though
cot so many, ^clintctr aids," as she has had Hi the
field at home, seme cf »h >m are doing gallant though
a ao :co» leiged serriee so l.
From the Dellr'g stsUcicnts of his renuiks at New
O Lane, it would re m :hat the senior Cumuilseo < r, the
c.cqueut, f.a’less and patriotic Yti.ooy, bai brought
buk with Urn the sanu cnuviction ; a cuntiction
wrongly enurtaioed by tbo writer also, uttil the Its*.
K-glhh mail arrived.
The developments which that later Ir.teliigeoce have
made ate of -t nature to edict the earnest i tentioo of al|
who love their country tetter than their opinions, and
• '-n th » r- iii*I retirees to ruiU the etiftken orv ut
‘‘incontiMcncy’'—because they would vary their lice of
0 >i duct with varyicg circumstances. Welt and Wisely
84 d Jehu 0 Cxthoon, when twitted for cSaDgi-g hit
t pinions, “kcoar-liteccj is a change of opinion without
any sufficient reasau* to j ratify it."
L-t us see if such si !ti riant reasons for retaining nor
Ccmm^aioccrs abr* ad, at 't<ul a littU lungtr, be present
ed by the latest luteilig-Jl ce from that qutner subse
quent to the date of Kr. Yancey's drpirture upon hie
perilous voyace he mo. The latest English ai vices *i.
teud to tie li b instint, when American tffiir* wereen
groeviog tbe attention of the Bri.ish Pailiaracn', and the
v.trran Ex Lard Chance.ior, Lyudburst, the proioundest
of Etqlwh jurbte, was cauclbing E*rl Russell upon
the in* ffloitocy of the blockade of the Ainrrlcxn ports.
Rost lign'ficnt is this ill*cu$<-ion even in the mesgre abr
•met giveu by the Yvokeep.ess, as follow;:
In th- H u e of Lards, Lord 0 tray hell o-lied stiention
to the intffi.-i-nty ct the American blocked* of Confid
ent! perm, and moved for the [ublic.tljn of onrrespon
dcr.cu on th* su* j o’. L ird R-ssell replied iu proof
acaiust the ehvrg'S advanced by Lord Campbell of iuef
Sci.ncy iu 'he block tde, a- d rcoouated the «0\>rti made
by the North to tmd.r it i firctiv*. lie considered lhat
the want of cotton in the English market wit the beet
t4t that tbe tktka-ie was uot au empty one.
H-, howevtr, added, that a reoswrl of the old feeling
h-r wreo the North and the South was impo wlbte, and
hoped that th- North would coca-nt to a peso ful sepa
ration of the Southern S ate*. Ho I rusted that within
three mouths the w*r w nil cleat, believing that i-tnac
o'p’t.on might poe-ubly besff cid ‘ y gradual and peso
lu! means, lie said that no f jrmal commuuination had
b%.en mtde by the K'C.uh Cover .incut iu relation to tbe
int ffiu.ency of the tlockade.
‘As L'rd Ccn pbetl did some time elites, this must
ef r to Lord Lyndhar9t, Ex Chancellor also. Now,
wbotr Jbe age, standing and pnlHcal position of Lord
Lyndhu’st are considered, his inter,'(tirion in cor be
h if, shows the'trinei.fc stride our caUM has made in
the British Parliamtt-t, for hitherto Us adrotioy had
bee) left to the young, r and lers iillicntial member*;
and our tra* friend, the el qnsnt and carnet’. Gregory,
er.nl i no* wen s cure a heiriu* when he sou >h: to put
} in w plea in extenoa'ion far r.s, a few month* since.
Still mare rig! ifieaot is L-»rd Rtueeli’s reply, which
li -tokens his spproacLkg ubaiidunment of the cause of
| bis Northern friends, for whom he hat cjtnpromlsed
both his political condsteocy and the dr;gs or rt[Uaiion
which it creasing imbe :iii y has l*ft bitr, H* pu‘9 o'p a
pitecu* pl*a for a little nioro lime. Tbe Hau:o is intoi
v -,.t, he admit*; the old busine-k never cvi be r«*umed
b* ween the til p trtnen; l>ut then a stay of ttisWy ii««
would bo h-c'j a relief ta them, and then e-u.uo.p -lion
mich. b . • if cwd “uT grsdu. 1 and p utce'ul in-in* "
1 Live the Su. rpion, tho sting of ibis Hunver is iu the
I ail. I would t-ceui to cat li m ti o suspicion created by
.bn late ex’raordinary mit.il-eto of Li.ic.ln, mat the
last .bid made to ward ifT Bilt'sh Intervention, to array
FMti.h fana’icism sgai iHt Britiab in tart at and interna
licDal law, vti lbs promise cf cm;.noipation, la imitation
oftbeWeet Indian cipciiment.
Bnt tbe British Government have evidentlr driven •
ba d b-rg.iu with tbe falling Cabinet at Washington —
Plainly dittrtruing bath tbe will and the po ter of Lin
ed! to fulfil tuoi- a prom**, they hive given him but
(ba ahtrt term of ninety dtys to ^-eu'e k—have
1 g.rdwd tire ueb»f.py criminal a respitn, net t ptrgna
From the thunder of the ••Ttmvw” to the lawilfhilt
treble of Earl Humrit, aweS «he vetae 'hf K,f
kad. Tnejfbavs driven a hard btrgxin with Lioeoln—
an I one lhat hs cannot keap-for tj»m»ndj of arm*<
• ■ /
men, tesclirc and ready, stand between bim and tbe
fu'fillment of bi* promise. Tbe border EttUa brittle
with the bayonet*, and shako beneath tbe tmnp of the
Southern host rising from the soil for tha defence of
life, fortune and sacred honor.
The statement made by Eirl Runs ell, that France had
never proto ted forma ly against the tfBoienrr of the
blockade, may be true in form, but it is falsi• ‘ v*'.
It is well known to tbe writer, as well a? to I * I.
rope, that France has tent repeat '
England on the subjtot, and that th. tsmpuor iM u.. ■
very impatient under ihe toitoiee policy ofEsri Rusreil
—tbai whom the old Washington Government never
produced o more thorough "Old Fogy.”
Why Frauoe hat not moved ef me is eae ly explained.
At the commencement of tbe trouM ’i in America, the
Emperor sent to England M. Fould (now Minister of Ft
canor) to arrange with the Ergliah Government for joint
action ou the whole affair.
By a verbal agree meat, M. Fould bound hie maaUr
uot to eat until England waa also ready, (orobilly ex
ceediog hie Instructions,) and all tbe ifforta of the Em
peror hitherto have not availed to untie his hands thus
bound. •
Whether be will not cat the gordian knot if tempted
to do o by the apathy of England, and by inducements
that mrik'be offered him from I hit lids, is another ques
From Lyons, Moulhonse, Roaen, Marseilles, and other
great manufacturing cities in Fronceehave arisen loud
cries and expostulations to tbe Emperor to disregard
this paper blreksdr, and free Fret oh commerce from the
fet'ers nt justly imposed upon It by Yankee cupidity,
and the Fret ch are not so patient or long rufferirg a
people aa tbe English, and will be listened to when tbry
cry aloud.
Iu time of profound peso-*, 80,000 soldiers are deemed
n'ceetary to keep the polioe of Lyoot alone. Marseille*
hae ever retained tbe roco lections of Its terribl i etrug
gle, and a fer Republicanism —and the “ bonnet roug, ’>
omen of terror may again appear when breed is wantirg
The French Government cannot rely ou the ptlienco
of itt people; and Napoleon would prefer a war with
the fragment of tbe old Uoion to trouble at home. It
would take the French ft el about threo wet k* to sweep
Lkcol»V from the sea, and Frarce pant* for distinctiou
on the same element as England.
Public opinion, too, io E trope, has undergono a
migh y rev* 111 an within the put (en'tnontbs. Tie f eat
eaf l > of tbe NoVb, then eu object of admiration and
terror, baa been shorn of hie plumage, and ia r. eogni*. d
now aa a rapacious, cruel and cowardly vullurt; while
tbe Sou.hero Croe* baa slowly but steadily risen before
their eye* until it ehice* as a cous>llalion in the heavet s.
the South baa risen, at (be tone of tbe foreign preen and
of foreign society now abundantly iodiostes.
Wo have many warm and davot d f.-ieid i among tfce
! edue4U.J clasecs of EjgUnd aud F.ande, who distemi
n*to their opiuio ii through the p.-c»», the clubs, and the
Purliam> nw. as auy one who reads the journals most ac
knowledge ; aad onr latest ally It that territl > satirist
Thtckeray.who writ Us hid scuurgu over thsn'-ked back of
Yankcedcm with his usual vigor in the February number
of the (Jornhill Magaxao.
Sven the Abolitionists of Enter Hall are repudiating
their Yankee brethren as Pharisaical hype elites, and Mr
Adams preaches to deaf ears in tbe Couvent'cles. *
The State papers which have emanated from our Pres
ident and statesmen, so full ofctlm courage, dignity and
political truth, contrasted with tbs rhetoric il insinceri
ties of Sewat J and the ttogramniatiC.il rhapsodies of Lin
coln, have inspired foreigners with a respect for us and
contempt for enr adversaries.
The monsirotp falsehoods, too, in which the Northern
press and politicians have indulgid, Lave.io stamped
Hum with ou.-dici y, t'n’. now they are not believed a
bread whet; accidentally f p; ah in; the truth.
Wc'aru r» girded abroad as a nation of gentlemen,
they as a ties cf bullies and brat girts, as cowardly as
they .are c;u-l. Thai public opinion creates a sentiment
which is fast ripscing into a sympathy.
Then why are we not recogn:x*J! may be asked.
The at-swer is no*, easy. A political necessity is some
times stoutly resisted by an uowilling convert—euoh is
Kill Russell—and small pretexts sometimes suffice to
postpoue a great movement. It is not pleasing to out
pride that onr Commissioners should be compelled to
knock at hick doors for aulienees when the Yan
kee Ambassador can mirch in at the front. B.siles,
we have been kno.king for a long time, aud by the law
of Nations, should have been admitted lorg ago.
lira nidi all thia. but then tbe counter Question miv
bo *6krd—
Lot* trar d’jnity or our inltrert demand
at* withdrawal of our Commiuioncrr
ii not both pclitie and propsr, Amur. . :uo ». -
wait yti a little longer f
I: must be remembered that Berjamij Franklin Lad
to waii a very long time iu Paris Llelore he secured a re
cognition of the re»oludColomt». Wero our forefath
er* wauiing in proper pride taut they tolerated th; de
Uy * -
It should b> rcm:mhs«d also, that afier Liuis Nspo.
leoj, in 18it», had by hit c inqueih g arms secured Ital
iin iad poudeioc, two ycar* elapsed bofore he forms ly
recoguix d the Ita'ian Kingdom; and Nichols*, of Rutw ,
tn il tbe day of bis doitb, uevor formally ai knowledge
tho Emperor Napoleon.’
The tamo rule* of p'rgoual punctilio which regulate
the intcrc'urso of individual*, cannot eafr’y b; applied
to the iutercocrao of natiotf; and a young and strug
gling Confederacy like cure must ' either ask nor < Xp. ot
magnanimity from foreign Governments. The withdrawal
of our RepresentaJvc* might he resented at an ict of
petulance on our part, and throw d fficullies in the way
of recognition, wtro there no author i*d agaut at hand
to receive it if ptuffortd. Even were this not the care,
when the moment of recognition approaches, should we
have no agent* iu Europo, a delay of two or mirt mm It*
taut*, iuevi'ibiy be oucas.cncd ; end p.tiding that inter
Til, ar nta might occur iu which the golden opportunity
might b» l ist. Common pruden'e, ther. fare, would die.
tate to us not to i>.cr;aeo tbe d ffl fullie* under which we
already labor by our own set, but to pracdo) “ patience
pir force," outil forbcaranco cease* to be a virtu j.
Besides which, having ju»t sent out two fresh Cum
in's ionits, cccttesy to them r q tires at least the recep
tion of their report ot ibpir tri -rlou before any ft sal etep
i* taken.
If tho view (akin in this communicatinn^be correct,
ant K gland baa givru the North a term of nin< -y diva
only b-foru acknowledging the Southern Conftd.racv,
the first of May would put an cod to tho eatp u;.’. Mr.
Yascty, at N w Orleans, aotic:pitcd Ibat date, am! filed
the firat of April A< tho t-rm when the rtoi-ttitin of Eng
liih oommorco would o mipil tho breaking of tho block'
ad>, w'sloh we ears far more torn formal reoigniiloa.
A border war with tho eei opvo tn u* a* well aa to our
armies would be but a diversion to u* The later news
proves that Mr. Yanoey's sagacity was not much at fault,
aa Earl Rust'll extend* the term bat 3.) days, and Lord
John B instil’* trumpet, tbe Timae, thug souDd* tbe re
treat for tbe North.
To wotak tbe aparnocl) ooatrrc Ions of 8;w*rd’» vul.
pine conutenauce wh Is reading that editorial, would bo
worth a month ef Fort Warn n.
(F 0 1 thsloadoi Ttfa •, Maioil.)
"Thia war mutt be settled eomobow.” Tbe werld ha,
been vaiung to hoar tboe voids. The present moot: t
is, perhaps, rsthtr earlier than ary one expee'ed, b< t
already we cstch ths expee'ed phrase, borne in c >i fi
den’.ial whisper* across ths Atlantic. It has fr-und birth
in Wail etrret, ir stirs gemly in i's cradle and it is swa
thed in uncontrovertible rtg*. No one yet darts to own
it openly. The tbousiuds of volturts who are livii g op
on their prey would terrain horribly and attack with
beaks tr.d (l.ws any one who should, witbootadequate
d:v.t, interfere with their banquet; bat still the phrase
> d it is growing into more potent voiot—1 Ia
. way or other this war must bo settled "
v> - - while; wait just ninety days, and the r. bcll.cn
| wi I oe mushed,'' is still the cry; as It has bt ea for thiica
uinrty days. The m.rchants and bankets and trading
oUssts have waited, and wbat do they see ? They ste
the warehouses eppfy, tie larger dwelling-houses untc
nanted, property Taintless, and fnde dying. They see
a wasteful and corrupt expenditure of half a million
sterling crery day, and no resume except an aootleraud
psec towards national tost lreoty and general ruin. Hull
they are told to wait another niuety days, and ail will be
The very jay aod exultation which the 'Vucearars” of
the last few weeks have caused in the North stew how
11 lo the promoters of this war really expect that
sb'olWx coi quest which they promise. A humlrtd tuck
•ictoriu and tuck inroadt as then t>ItHothing t< wtrdt
the eonyueti tf a dun try half a* luge as Europe, if
that country be really earned in its own defence. At
tbe'rate at which the war i« now p'ooeecing it will taka
nut ninety diys, but n;m ty yeart "to cruth this rebel
lion;" aod the respective grandsons of General McCUl
Ian and Geueral Beauregard may at least fight out the
battle f;r Manners u
Another influ. n'ial commercial journal Wilmer It
Smith’s "European Timet" urea this laogui^s :
Whether these gigantic efforts will be crowned with
sncocs or end io failure, a short time must determine.
Tan itrjgfcle is about to begin io earnest, and must
terCticate between Morch aud May. We enter this day
ou the first of tbesu montbr, aud the ntx’. lew weeks
will be the most important in the history of the United
states, that have occurred store the Suits wiested their
indepcrdrnce trim the gia p of George the Third.—
Warhirgton’s great rxpviimci.t, wtich ha* worked such
extraordinary results durieg thu last three-quarters of a
oentury, will have lo pa** in the mxl ninety day I
through ihe severest erdeal jp which it ho* ever been
■■objected. If the North cannot subjugate tbe South io
this brief lithe, »A rA it very vnl'htly, it it almoet mo
roily certain that the Ennp:an Fatten will ttip in ami
pepott l-rmt, and in nutty to all par'.itt—to the fam
ithtng operatin'! of England and France, ot m l at to
the comhatanti ihemeclvet, the act mill hi re il humanity.
Thus it woulJ teem evii. n; that a farther crace of VO
diys only hid been aocordedto Yankeedom by England.
Should Kugland howsver fa'sify this implied promise cf
acton, the influence of the continent mVht be invoked
to coerce hei into so.ion, under dread of hoeing advents
gts accorded to others. Asig clous stateemaci hip
could readily arouse thoso j (aloes es ever doiment and
easily awakened, and under that pressure eveu she could
not bo quiescent. Much has already,boon anoomplitbed,
bu*. much more yet remains to bs done on the broad
theatre of European Ihbilic). Without making entan; *
I'l g all uccfB King uotlon with in) loaeg 1'rinces Bee
and Tobacco, c unbir.ed with that potentate Free Trade,
could woik wonderi abroad, and cause our Confederacy
to bo viewed with eyes of favor if not of ■■ If ction, put
tlcg bretd in the mouths of tho gaunt operative] who
now midit>te revolutions in a!l the uianufroturiug t iwua
of Kuphnd and the continent.
£jThese views and opinions may not be popular, for
priJc ai.d pas'ion solbrtimes will transport a geoerors
and impuleivo people like ours beyond tbe bounds of
prudence and calm reason.
But iu a (Taira of State, where tbo welfare and tbe fate
of unborn millions depend on tbe wisdom of the mea
sures tdop.cd, tbo troth should be elicited by full end tree
interchange of opinion—since every cititio of the Con
federate Slates now stands on tbo same footing, and,
unless ready to bo a craven traitor, must lake his share
of tho common peril and tbo common sacrifices which
attend the marib of even tbe most successful Revolu
tion. X.
R'cbmiod, March 28‘h, 1862.
Kicswoto, March 86, USA J
Na 69 f
* • •
VII. The VI l>a-g Dcnar.cent o' IleaAeo, under tbe ettae
ui >nd < r Hr gadler Gen r>) J. U tv tiler, le eitenael tj Include
U.c c'tjr of Pulerjoa-f and tbe adjoin! ag and tarTounllag couuiey,
to he dlatance of ten ic! es,
e e e
r jr comniauJo: thjBeerrtarg of War,
mhTT—tw Alt'. A4jt Gen.
C'.IHU.INATE AftinnMA (HHrlalit»rn.)-75 lb.
J Carr. Ammonia hi) il>* -li Peppermint, ‘ib l.a chloroform. t
ce.v.dthjvdag, or t tie by DO) E A Co,_ mh]I
f 61 ) connect the North Oarollna ard the Richmond and Den*
2 ,i.ie Valll-oadt bitw.-ea Grccn.bo-o, and Ditvlhe—Bf an
tborltg granted to ui t jr the Charter of tho Piedmont S’llr. ad,
we rk all npet* bntfct of ••.Ueo. Iptlo i to the raid Ra'I. oad, at the Ac
;c.f’e diet of the Richmond and Danville Railroad Comptng,
• at ,he t'raenf aabeer tine. •
LKtVis K. HA .VIE, 1 *
A. V STORK* vOomr’i.
HV CLOTHING,—Grey Uniform Cotta,Gray
itR. Saota, Sky JJIae t iota, Drey tad Bar Ve-te, t!l gotten up is
re niaUon aw a, of kart malit'.al, At .for a ite -t right prices, by
fchs It* and 118 Main at.-i.et
Notice to natHmioRt in the savinoi
1 .srtru ION OF KldHMOdD.—1"1 c.naaqirn cote lot
bill.} ti u-- the fa da cf Dep.,11 ra. Tj .■ boa d of Dire t ra of
til! K»V not laa'dtn 1 >0 of t-lcnn-.n I, rcqued til p mu bolding
, O-Iflrorao' Dep nil, to pre i m tt-eai fur paymco oo or befoie
t.clhh prlla-xt. A. al, Iatcreal will cc s on that day.
Maudi 11, 1.L2. JAi, U. GAISD.dtK,
BihlS—dlfwAole^__ P eilcent,
Vicnanxo, M.reh s, lrdR, |
A' T a meeting of the director#, bold tula day, ibe f .Hoeing res
olution we-ead pled and ordered -o bepabllehet. we.
Rttototd Tnat, Ine oewisen.eof the laebi Ity o' the Bark to
Sir the funds now on d p jell, tie Praetdiot be, and he 1* hereby,
directed to fire r.nl'ec by , uh I a I n In the va-lose news apere
or ihli cl.y, l Mho depot .era I ,th aln.l'.u iin t!.at,*oo and after
this dat-, ad eertldeuet arili h* paid oa de aiod
Aeen escf, fo'tUr, T.r« a^n all orctt* .alee or lode them oo«
Ui , mnd dollars th • Inters t will eerie oo th i let c? April, and
upon it gor rami on the 15Jk of that mou h D-p-itw-ra will
thereto.# pina.e present their eertllcai-t and ecetre payment.
1 HORACE L KENT. Pee 11. nf
H. Auoosr, Caehi ir. mhlo -dlflm
I IM\ fprtng Oeercoale, adapted t> the approaehiog season,for
I! M j tale by BthDW.id A WlhlUKC,
milg •111 A lib M#ln ec-. et.
THE copa leers Ip cf APPHaBON A DliPCV was d stored oo
• ha i» Janua v 11CE.
A I person* I neb el re reqoeatel to make Immediate pir
me I, au ft at bar -g cla ms aga'ntt t .e Arm are reques.edto
prraont the a for aottleiuent,
r R. W. a p PRISON,
r. e. dupuv.
The a-der.lgned haring pirehae-d the lntere t ef R. W. Ap
p nio i, 'n t e lair lonicro ef Appe ton A Depoy, hopra, by
p.raoial all-ntlm anl comp-denl a, at iti t>m r.l the . orm i
patron g j vf fielwnt and .be pia !e ,rn rally/
FjWuaTa* R OU?CT,
mhll—dim f. Gradual# In Pharmacy.
Ct,>r*PdU -Tli-* nodcr-liaed, ag.nlt of .he Union Oontoll,
y dated C r cr Mine, of Tannceace, hate Jtul renolrod a e.p
ply or pure legal Cefper, whleh they Oder for tale InloUtoacIt
rpHE I au-anee Cimpaor of llio Valley of Vl-g nla hai reaiorei
1 to Farmallle, > r uti tdwarl county, Va.
,. II r m nun alien < on budneai with (he laid company Boat be
al'refd to tli iBccrefaiy, at that p lit
nihJb- i v _ Wkf. L, BEN f, Fe- a'try,
WILT a II fid-entire atock of DRV GOODS, (umbrae ng many
a II l.a now In grj t de ea*d), w thoot re-err-, ai Am t oo,
on Ttimrailmy, fa.cn Wan, last. uooda will bj amd u ,iuan
loe oaul porchaiA
1 trma. aa.. _mhlh-di
11AC0*.-I5 Hogahaade Vlrgtn'.a Onred Iacon|rieetr.d ard ler
JO-T RECEIVE 7 AND FoVsMJ *» Bdiilm Mcop »•«». on.
Jieb wldo-alao Hama and tides Beo«- , jiWs.
, .. —,.„i of a lot of Bey R”' *»'*• 03 WEE* '•
I t «*fwT> left oid' n with m>"•»« •**< <-et er re
, ew th an If they HU. want, p 4 Wfv0D^
UcjMPd. Earth X*. * lm “d <*•»»
THt orgtn'eaUsn of Mr company Is now nearly eompiet
We have the guni ee ured and al. equipment rtady Id
ae we are mastered trio ee* v*c «. Three who do ret loocJt
t luatcer, wll be obliged to go tat* t r mlLtla service. Ibv •
of RabeLtutloa h sbttn eboad'oed by Ihr Government. •
all alio are bound f r sortie* matt now rev teeat lhamet
person ThTe ■* announce a?on authority. Welhautaini
rtkethose wha a*e *1111 g to thtre wl fa as the forfaaia oft*
whs soald rather eppear volar tvlljr upon toe (eld, la de
th Ire uctry, than ee the relarttat *. Ulerecf c.er. Ion
forward now.- Ihlt^ay, and enlist Ihtlr naa.ee ad a rah
a grant and gtorl ui caoM
Appfy at on.-oMce la the Whig Building.
Phil—tf_V. J OLPTTdE__
Wl are anthortaed la raise a Company far field v, it
Af Ule-j for the Wir, and *• appeal It oar aid
friends and areocintej la tha country tad eltewhera, to
aid oe la enisling tarn forth e parpooe Pv eons dedrlng ■■■
lo Join our Company will report to ue at oneo In Rtebaoad ana to
Ool Che* P. Lee, Pino let's Warehouse, Lynchburg, or L Beret y
Worthaai, Pe l ar Villi, Amherst, who are aothemed la rewrite
eol timed* for the Company.
The Legislature on yeilerday, passed a insolation forbidding
any more new c. it pastes to be fortaed for Slate or Coo'odrrate
service, but sutiectlng the mlltiU ta an Immediate draft. Pew la
the time to escape that draft.
Clothing of <b i beat qutkiy wll) be furor bed at Osterumenl
yrlece, and Fifty Doll .ra Bounty p tld as soon as mastered Into **»•
If Address as at Lynchbwry ar BltBmaod.
mhd—tfWAtTRB 8. TURPIN.
WANTKD- Cl.rot. rBrld tavalry- CO Brrralli
w II be received 10 this company. The recralu will be ee
titled to poy, trarisportaUon, and ubeteeas* Lorn lb* time end
pine.- ef e. i.atment, toy ether with the earn of 130 bonny.
apply at the Rrcroltiag Olee, Cary street, neat door la tha
•b re ef A. B Moore W. B. WOOLDRIDGE, Cart,
mhft—ImBoorwIRes faieer,
Hd. Qci Caurosnaui Barra, r no lucur AariLLaar, I
Rlcbmecd, Match th, Ibdd. |
HAVING ceaeeJt I receive eubsUtniaa In till battery, w* are
d.elroaiof enlisting 30 Inledienl ard rtwecUble yoang
g utl'men to Oil oar renkA None bat nek to will answer the
above descilpUcn will be received.
Puhetiutes not already In t amp will report thrwielreeVl tha
rend.arona, corner of 11th aad Cat y si rents Le mediately, other*
wUe they will be dealt aith, as dat. r.era, according to law.
■TAPLrrcet cRUTokPiiLD,
. mhft—tf , CH»g. L WORTHAM
MU. HINBV EATTON, OPTICIAN, fomorty of PManbarg,
hoe l.catod him. elf ot No kl Mala sire. t. where k* will bo
p ease I to ten those wboso light ooed Improving. Bora Is what a
Peters! urg paper fsye:
We, the ondertis’ ed, take pleasure In reocmmeadlng Mr HMry
Rayl u to the cl.lfcnr o Petersburg and lairosndlrg coantry, ef
aa OAie'an tf e< nelderatl* merit. We hart tried him aad found
that hr suitcil at withfpeclaclet baiter thaa wa coaid bar* dean
ca salve 1 And. as the sight of manklollj a very Important mtL
le , and to te.ect a g nil requires a g<eat deal of knowledge and
an. Witch sc tmphat caily eeilrre Mr. Bayton p.seises*. Wa
therefore, ehcerfajy recommend him.
- Bar. U. B. COWLRP,
f«T3—If Ber JOHN RRBB.
WANTED *190,000.
h{OA AAA WANTED for one \ ear. eecatel by mortgage
•100,000 wiDlcd lor Art ytnre or ai'i, iccorcd by Bong ago on
T» ictble real cilalc lo tb« Mot* of LoaUaaa.
For parti ule.i apply M
mhl E. H. MACBT A 00.
I TOR KBMT.-A loo etory brick balldtog on Tib aired,
JL t*r«ri .ley and Manhill. ll h\i a large yard attacked, r
i* admirably lulled for lodging :cuma for y uog aim.
Enquire at HIM Hi) A kORTBE'g
mbd—tfOablaot War crop mg, cor. ISA and Frock, fa.
CVAN ARY IIKU.-d Bbll. Canary Bead In atora and
J aalc by[MJ OH Alt. T, WOETHAM A 00
I let I ION IVAItFg.-Bopannr While taarpa, unUud. i
VJ a fa* bale* Colored and alrad Warpa, In flora and for up
A WOOD for *>lc by mhlt_WM nan LLR A
■or aale by____rah 9 WM. diTTLkt A l
rlMTAHNU Nig* A ft, Ac. CO Bbla. Oraabad Bagar
yj Old Hama 10 Boar* d.ieoratoe. Alao an Inaotaa of I
Grccrlee from one of Utc Virginia Sploga : for aal* by
mb*_ EUMOSlr, D t YEN PdaT A 0<
Dm* Star*. _Ja
f|I3Eacder«i(toed buve on hand aad era manafactarlng Br
A. Prcue 1 to;* era, Oroaa 0>nn a*, Ac., for mlll’.aay cape, i
I .vita Hunt amP n of theirllltary to the face Alao, Virginia T
I utkiua, p'aln Virginia bultoni and Confederate lafaatry aad
Uliary Bu.lcna. tndsta preaipily attecJed o.
Lr.Wl* A kFYrON, Brand Oof era,
tuhS_lbth,be ween Main aad ;.*, / at
('ll.ARY.TN.—Juat received Mil caret Claret of uiffe
I kc**da fl 09IV7. tfn 9 Baehinoe Atcek, Htb ala n
KKHO.nIN .• OiL.—A amall lot Joel lo hani aad for
by W Ptl Resow A OP., Prngglata._t
11 to UA It Si. 8.—A lot of Carbon. Ammonia Jaat lo L.
I and tar atla by DOVE A 0c
111 ALLOW—Wanted 10 004 lb* good Tallow, for vklck <
1 will pay caah. A. V BT> K m A 00.,
r. ha Cor. lUh ard Gary ata.
fjitJFMAHia Bit Hit mm. '
Canton Flannel Draws
Hcilr.o a-.lils and Draws
French Flan el Over Bhlrtj
P*ncy Ci •»I mere do
Linen Velrtecn ard Btar.r tegglcs ,
Long Bi. irg Lrsgtna, (water proorj
Flannel Do*.c ihlrta and Dravcrs
Keck 11re, 8ca: f» aad Comfur ■
O ey aud Fancy Wo«*l Helmet*
Fine WaWr-Prcof BUrct's .
Call at 109 Main Ptree: for anything In the shore list.
DIBOLUTIO*.—The co-partnershlD of WATV1N8 A PICK I
esplree this day by limitation. M'hrr of the tabs. HI .era ;
aAcths name of the flnc.tu liquidation. Oar books and acco
a lit be found la oa* office, on the se. oed floor of oar late r
oau and median ptyr.;ent, and tha* ha.leg qUI&j
against us wll^rcaenl them there for sotUcmr nt.
J. B. WAT11NB.
JAB. 1. non LIN.
Richmond, January 1st, 1SH._)snt
ntYNBA mmuiiRArf,
HAVE on h»ud, and are receiving, the folk wing articles to
wh'ch the* Invite the attention of the dealers—
Ratios In whole and half boxes. Grain and Ground Fepper,
Ground Glager, Peppvr Nance, Mck.es in bbla, English do, Nat*
megs, flalaralu*, ftUt« he.*, Sardines, Adamantine candles. Cham
pagne Wines, \arloos brands, Oh sir pa ns Older, Brandy In bot
ties, Green and HJack Teas, fire Crackers, Dried Apples, Dried
Peaches, together unto a large assortment of Tobacco, Cigars, As.,
Ac „ JaW
vm m. «t. MuiS¥ a oil
▼ mfnla Bui. Nxta, rerfMaxed; VlrilaU Ooapoo Beadr (to
QM.ec Ooupoo Bond.: North Carottaa Ooupoo Bond*; OaMnN
'U'M B nd. had regliiered Block, for Mic at Market imlee.
itf* WtNTyn—Gold aad Niter Ooia. 1. H. MAURT A 00,
der SA Charier Hotel_ PC 14
rHIB Inatltatlon wUI.be opened anin oa the 1* day of ONw
ber, 1S»I, lor the rte.pilon both of Boar Can aad Day lef*
.n. f t ii.rUculoi., apply to
e.S-lf HnmRT F. Limit RA
I JiVUK: •' VT1 PliKTB, |I,(0-J. V. RAN
I I DCLbU.'ll Hi'j lreel, ha. publlahcd a handeome pocked
lliioa, c- ep’eis In in. rotume, of NlarJr.'. Rile aad Infantry
raiiice; price nnj 11 M. Will be reedy 10th January, the ua.
ilri'.k, wlih all the Hale.; price (0. )aT
PBVl’BU.-* ■ Have Ihl. day received IS hag. black P.p
L per on cone xome .t, In dare aad lav ante by A. T. FTG1RS
l CO. lad
ilHI andertlcncd hate form id a co-partaerxhip for the parpoao
of recoecriof the value of cUvm taken, and other property %
>rlr'j,cl by Uie eoemy lu Ractoru Vlretola iMy wOI ftve
prompt aticnitoato all cued entrailed to their care. For lenaa,
to, apply I' Col OH An. I. HtUORT, al Vorktcwu, or la RO.
U MUNTAGCE, at Jamaica, lilddlaaax eoaaty, IIU the IMh al
• ovember, and after that time at Richmond.
e.18—If *RO. L. MANTAOm.
r-tASNCU RRANDT —A para ante tale hy w. rkrjt*
f aON hOih. nritrliu _—H
W“d» Vl>T fp it*. - Wood Olay, aad Fnaey Itaman Ftou
f■ r la . uv |eU.T] W, PW8lt»»N A aO., Drettlcta.
OU«P.1lkK tut*.—tMd.lbe BodnAch, JaMteealeej by
j,|4 - QQ»li OO.. Drarxtata
aMULirx nizi'(inm*im »» <*“*;,*
n W. P.LghJN A UJ, I8» M.loJtee.A_mLt
D~ Hiru »»itACIItoM.-*« h^rted F.a.h-e, focal, by
mr.ip _IlfThTA JAMih.Oarv h real
J cal. [mhdl liAOGN A RAURkTIU
FN ooncra.^ «g. W.»« iy.^jr.^^aki_wud U *
I cur osftoMi, ws are oowpsiisn is •*~r’** **• ia
Jjn___pro watt a oo •
A. mM»_WM. gdlTl.RR A 00.
.) ~ BBLRFCU CIDER TTN1QAR In Mora andjhc uia>y
PI PEN. -Brier Rt Ftyoa, a latfo and haaakfhJ M, fer rato
hy DOVE A UP., Whitmaie PraRiftctc_de’d
[1 lilTUTT RHI BFTTMU-—I ( *V.a«a Jact received
11 and for aala by |)alfl f>Q«R A O- IKocrH.
|) ICR. Klfg.-t-t Tlcrca. RXw, foe tat, by ~~
LV f hh -» r a^RX A CO.
11 "ft iiriUA'I Hi-M Iba, tor aala by
or >aK AVTR*tfU,DM«A«to •

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