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■MmM aim* at Dm aoemy loot (ally half It* m, by
tu*<uptiag to dii!o<l|t i rtfinnt of Q^O- J- i
Mated by a moo* fence. . Whan bight cam* oa, General
J tckaoo retired, with the great body of bio army, in or
der, caving all his wagonu and horse*, and everyth™*
• except t»o or three fl aid-piece*, the home# of which had
b -on dieabVd, and two ambulance*. Thia battle w»* a
decided victory to our arms, and r> d -ota the bigbaat
credit on tho 1 title Confederate army, that Mood op ee
g Jlaot y for two or three hoore agaioet aaore than three
Uit their Dumber.
■OHBif nOBtlNa( lUIBCB *1. IMS*
Flow Hoars Caacuaa.—The North Carolina papers
a v. ounce, with indent aatiefacMon, that Geo. Theopilae
U Holme* baa bean a«r goed to tba command of the
Cooicderate fores* in that State. The Fayette Obttntr
• say*:
‘ Oar rsat v ow Gen. Holmes well, at leaat by repu
tation, »« on be moat ex^ricrc-d, judicious and
bm~? lEeei »i< army, a thorough North Oarc
I ntau, agt) v. vud a Christian. Nobody need fear
that A* will it wUJe a battle i* being lougbt, or
that ho wi' .0 ; his t>etterie* and hia troops as to
give the e^ee r ry advent ige.”
The eitxeos J Beaufort and Pitt ooontiea, finding It
impoaeibla to remove their cotton and navi 1 Mona be
yond tho rtacb of the enemy, have committed them to
the dames. We understand that P. A. Atkinaon, cf
Pitt, recently with hia own band*, rat fir* to and burned
hi* wbola crop of cotton, amounting to eight hundred
bales, rather than sea it fall into the band* of the enetn.’.
M\ Atkinson's example, w* hop* and believe, will b*
u livatsa' y fo.lovrid by *11 owner* of cotton or other
valuable products in tbe Stale, when there is danger i f
their leisure by the enemy.
Fxoa tin Potomac.—Tbe Fredericksburg /fare 4
le tra* thx; on Tuoraday night, fifteen thousand of the
ea*my wore a mile and a half this aid* ot the Warrenton
J i.etio!', on tho Alexatdia and (large Kill road. Gun.
3 atrt’s cavalry captured ten of the anemy, who rvpot -
ad tlat fitty thouaanJ men were to advance upon Trad
er*: tab .rg from Citlett’s Station—bad authority.
near Boyd's Hole oo Turelay, and fca.'nl tb» bone U
Harry Fttabogh, K*q. Hie family were luckily a went.
A geoUrmaa ftom tbe Potoatc report! ibat tbe Yankee#
bar* b an carrying a great totabsr o' troop* from Waal •
iagton do«a tbe nrer, piobably to Newport Neva. In
twi days upward! of a kindred tugs and traieporii bn
wily ladar, have b-en teas tw pa** d»v".
Heavy tirin' was t Bird all day Thotcdiy alj-jg the Pc
tomac from Boya’e Hole, and aeeme to axtatiii ae far -a
Washing 09, and bring wae alas beard T uraday teen ng
lor about an hour in the direction ef Warrentoo.
CosoEtsriciiak —Tbe 8 note, on Saturday, die dad a
question of conaiiurioual construe iav i: that a Preei
deo can only be (head by the people for tbe rag'd r
term of eii years, and that if tbe tffiue bcccaas 'scant
during tbk arm, lb* function# thereof must b» exercised
by an tffi.ar designated by law, unt.l tbu e a; I ration of
tbe Ura.
Aa anima'ed debate aroee upon tb# cocalitalionali y
and cipedicccy of tb* eonserip.iou >c:em* rvenmaei d
*1 by tbe President, in hi* late message. A sketch of
tbe debate is girca by our reporter.
Tbe H^u* o Kvpreuetitativra was chitdy ooenpiedin
direureii g a joint teeolution to provide for carrying into
pe.ot.cul < pirition tbe eyetea of ecn-cription tec n
aettded by the President.
Tim Liutatit- ta.—Tte teuaion ^of tbe Lagielatura
terminates to-day, by cot j itufiocal liaituioa, but an
car* see# ou will be convened by Ibe Governor, in cot ?
formi y with tbe txpreawd will of a ni'j rity of tie
members of both lie. sea.
Tbe Senate pa red a bill, on Saturday, examp iag ftra
military duty certain manufacturers of ag.icuitnrul a
piemen te.
In tbe Hen#* of Delegate#, tbe email note bill f’Oa
tbe Senate was amended so xe to authors* all tbe cou' •
tie# a- d ’own* in tbe State to issue ear II note*. Tt at’*
a brinkt idea 1 Tbe bd. Via bua'ly passed.
MoviMxar* or rax lama— Gen. Humphrey 'Mar
(ball, whose b.-xdq'iaxters are now at Lebanon, Rum'll
poonty, V*-, ha# called oat tbe ailnia of Rusll, Wash
ington, Scsft, V .»« and Lee, to drive baok tb* enemy
sow threatening to advance upoh u* by say of Putted
W ■ acdei#tird thxt tbe Amber#: militia, to tbe nun
ber oi two nun area aaa any, navs gone uio canp as
tbe Const Uk«, and will leave, •• soon as transport*
tiou ©-a bo ob.aior <1, fo the seat of war. Old Axh. rst
has done h r piri atbly.
Gastsauii.—Tbe detail* of the first sittirg of tbe
6'oera! Assembly P.ovidemento at Gcoo* have beta
poblmbsd. Gsribaidi was enthusiastically received, la
a *p>ech” he strongly favored the idea of the Oeutral
Committee fomi. g ore *>xiety treat ail lilsr»l Italian
societies. Tbe a-sembly rose and loudly appliuded this
sentiment He hoped the Italians would also bold out
tb'ir band* to alt scsUved nations. Tte Govern a sot
bad warned tbs Frovidemunto Committee at yproca to
ag*cze a wortsin tone, otherwise it woold be compelled
to dissol ) «cciation.
Carr-a* erf Taarr.'a —Tb* Kaoivlll* R-gis
ter o tbe * ,t or j a rumor, which ia vouched
for as ret* ... the notorioo* Cept. Pry, bridge
bum.-r at It . of G-een# ccunty, was captured in
L-e erar.ty, V . W.th a company recruited in Hist
Taaasrsco lor LtnculoV service, be was making hi* way
to the Federal I nee, bu; was encountered by a bo It rf
Confederates, when a fight ensued. Twenty of Fry’s
gten were a-ilea, and forty inoiudibg himself, were Uiefl
Co*soli Dart *.—Wo hear a groat d.-el said la favtr
of ’Ailing up” the d. fl lent companies in the 0>of«-der
ate army. This is all very well. But, wouldn't r<me
lting be gain.- d to the sereiee by consolidating the wet k
er regiments. When the strength of a regiment is re
diced below S *) men, the surest way to reai«r it more
efficient is to courol.dale it by re-organixilion, with that
regiment from '.be same Site, which his ibo next larges
number of men.
Islasd So 10.—The fight on the M ssisrippi river, to
far, seems to have hsen between Rocker’« battery, wh'oh
Is on me sheet, near the p.l*nd,- and ft« etssy, » k >
have not yet been able l> reach the batteries op the
I-land with their shot and shell. If this is correct, and
one battery has been able to k.ep iff lbs enemy’s gun
bow's for mere tbau a wetk, it Is certainly '*atot.able o
hope that our fere -a can ready hold tb* position, at lta I
against the Tank***, If cot againet tbs world, as has b« n
Tax Hiutia.—Tbe law providing fo- tbe enrolment ol
tbe militia contained a cause declaring tf at all person
sobjeef to mili"ary duty, who failed to report foreunl
■went, should h> considered as drifted lor the war. A
Urge number of persona foiled to enrol themselves, kul
Velar* not heard ,T»« any steps have been taken to tn
force tbit pr.vVoo of tbe Uw. Will it b» done ?
Plain o» a Seats SssaTtB — |o tbe H'uee of P 0
gstes, Saturday night, a eommuuioati n »u rcc i.ed
from tbe Sorer: or aucoecoii.g tbe death of Hr. Uaai
VaT, Senator f>oiu tbe Westmoreland dirr'sM*. N«w
too paid a glowicg tribute to tbe goodness at-d worth cl
tbedierst-d. Mioy of hia auiitory wets iff ctcd is
Fauanx Courasrroas.—A wri er suggrs’e that girls
Should be iustr acted in the mysteries of ‘quods* and
•*so:1and thinks they wonld make exoeilent compo 1
tore. They could thus hand!) the ‘shooing miok’
vhil* the boys are baodlieg tbe “shootiDg iroe."
Nor Killbo.—(.'ep'aia J. P. Bu erd, from Bedford,
who was reported k lied ia the b ule near W unbelts-, i
oily woenrud. H* bus been breegbi in Staunton. Ws
have ne ki g urtber of tho sasaaiittrs amoog the Bid
ford Tstantoerm
fKimniM o* But MoaefAl*.—Ooe day laet weak,
Company f, of the ll«t Ragimeot V». Volnntoere, now
pert of the force stationed at Hunteneille, under the
command of tho galliot Majx A. 0. Jnnee, were out
foouiiog on Klk Moontaiu, fill into an ambush of a com
pear of the bogoe Std Te. Regiment, who fired upon
them, but oof bore gave a yell, took after theta, and ran
the acoundrale three m lea, wounding and killing several
and taking one orieouer. None ol our men were hnrt.
—LyncUwrg Ripui. ,
* John S. Goforth, E’q., baa been appoint'd Superin
tendent on the I T. A Va. R. Raid, to supply the place
of Dr. Lewie of Georgia, who Lai b:en appointed Coa
f derate Senator from hia State.
tom -
The Blind Negro Boy Pianist!*
The Wuwderef the WerU.
A L.VIsO MltiCLl
0TT*i Mill and Hear la B<llev«.ajl
Thea U lh« !aa. c aace j u m H have. Strange;! ihcul 1 aol n U*
.h« op o.lanltja
Mon.lay. Tuesday an 1 Wsdn'May Bwemlnga.
aa lio'c'cc •, fsr ladle* and Chl.dr*i.
lack s**a ng b* *111 p* fo m hb renartabl* oomp *1 ton,
■hit TH - B •• Tl K Of MARA8SAS.St
Tula Bf*."dng,March tl.
P.i*t rl h\ of th* 0.m Jy of
fcag by...Mb* toabfi Clyda
raigeul. .Mbs Mary Tan.ngtoa
To oorcludt with
Awtrraxr abb 'xarac oa Qnuui - rnc* v
XlehaoBd, Match .lth,lMd. \
r*. m. r
I Thaial o I g pclaaallia b pabH had far th# laformills*
af all ojacaraad :
" By rirtas oflh* pow*r v*atrd In n* by law »• drelaratha ioi
“psiMon af IS a p I U-** of ih* Writ of H u.u C'rpua,
,(m*, D* a Pr.* 1. at o’taaCa f dir.t* elatxof Amer
ce do p oel- n Ih t Mir.lal Law a hrrasy ex iniid orar the
nU a of Or « brl»r, Po ahortix. bath. All |htr*y, Monro*.
•• >‘arear, tuU’xh, Payeet*, Rloh Ittavlaa. d Iph. ami I d> p o
• clU a .he aotpeoaiou of a’l etv 1 juibdl tie a. (» th the aacrptlcn
• of 'bat otaM nc t'.* oon ti to take cogo ia-cs *f hs pr hate of
' wile, idea it t a 'oaort'anta e* ef .nceoed p.nont, h.qul
• l( .it io of g. ar 1 ii , t» 11 *r dicrca nd order* tor tl>* |>a tt
**t S' aedka • f r perty, li a air ard.rt to .e ra ng loid* .ad
"trtl;.«, to akieii rouat'btlo* a'd io or a: ti* piynsul of
“emoty do* ) a-d th • *utp-n I a of lha prttUcgs of tba wilt cf
• dab at C«p>uin tbe ooaatlc* afor.aall
. — i “in f.ith whereof > ban ha canto st.nad ny aawc and
.'lb V "ad my »a. <tb Rut da. af Ma oh, la tht year on*
j 1 “thciaaad r‘ght hundred aad «‘xt' two "
( lfood) “JdPPI .BOR DtVIS "
IL B Ig. G«a Far-a Heth, b rhvged with th i da« ex catlrn
af ib* fore*oiag i r efamM ou. b* wi I Sr t.ii h ra.blt.h aa af*
ad*ct nttirtb he, and will 'li cuh- fdlcw.cg erdsn:
A'i d *t UU u of apte-Uca. Iqroril* p a' Irr.y i> *M lt d, and
th* dbtlli*rl*< at I oit witn i lor* Thi lal of *jl t oru U|aoi*
af ary bat li alio ort hi ill *1, aad ta aiibhnaau for t a sal*
t; er.of aU te el mod
A'I A'I petao a Inhlagtsg tbs ab rcprahlMt'oc, wt laalfrr each
paol hment a* shall be ordered by ih : lent* n-eaf a Co irt Martial,
provided r* arBt*-c« <* ha-d l.bj form r* than or* nenh
• all b* t B'lrisd, t i h.'*e»tenc-of a Xrglmea al Oo art Martial,
aa d r act to by the filth art cl. a' W ar.
ar c. nuiand of the Secretary cf War :
(triad) 1 C V'PTX.
wh Sl-lw Ad|i A InaprciorGen.raL
Biaaaowa, Mach k»ih, ledt. )
Bo. TT. f
a a. •
XXIX Army r<*olkf#ta, pibhehed a d«r aatf erlty bom
th# War Dspartn-nt, .rruo* o . » *. l»y Ibr pu'llahcr, J W. Ear
dolph. Xlchnsrd. Tirgtma.aii 9a. price d ttrmine I upon by lb*
An" or tie* t>**-xof ihe Aray a e tbai lafo med t< euabl*
them 11 parch: »*, and arqaalct uehn re* with the nqalisxenb
•f iL< tarsi.s. ,
By command af the gaoa.ary ef War,_
,.'Q hf WITH (IS,
nhSl_lw Auilltit A'ljulaat General
UicaaoXD, Ta, March in, l.CL )
M* M. I
Tl. Recruit*. Wlih or without cBerrt In eharga, m-T*l a
caob aad • ther kI I*n, n w cr he eafter retain ,1 In til* c ty,
to' a y ear** *r.*t.»« .act Imn»diatel pro*e«d to Cl oi j W!-•
tier n«ar the Riaervol , ard rip tl to Col John 0. far «■, can
m nwdlf a |l UiU U At.
y By ordar af Brig. 8«a. i OHR H. WIRRR \
L B. Pioa. A A. General.
Ricaaoaa, March tt, l'fil)
► «. 1A | ,
XU i*ar » ■ f ah* -nee an * VrVugh*, from wha erer *ca ce ob
t*‘o d, i r« rcr A* ; in t otic r. ati I mra a • e i iron . u y. *i
.*p. on -or** ■*•» cc tiiea e of dtaihl It*, w U r*tora a o c* o
t • r !*«>e'Vl*r o- ma-d- l.b w h e-tt. e rel io "nc* that
iht irrp r am a'opt* aarea are wh c» depr r*x o r patri Ileal*
dirri of th* nlaxal a th-y har* -o w»l **'» d, I q' th* e try
pr,<* ■. «o e<rry id • a a f* a c ax'- I • of »'« »s-»l a d -w-aa •
new ilia r» iom o' )ha eobl' u fdenial whleh vm b-ri, >o mt<y
•iwrteeinevd *'n.r t e c miainsemrut of our ilrucgl-for infe
p. diooe Iheturoogh. of a 1 • * h«.#*cg goi for ih > war,
xh ch tb j evu1 i , tl I b* »Uitlt I * iw, ti-# crej®
et.ncr.p r ♦. %oa iU pMl no kr«enlT*
I U e>i 'i &1 uu wl !i')| r |a aw *o t*'’* c®U. 1boi> wh > h »*e
•r *nt litfi pr*it® I th? r det »i o to »h« * sou jy . OAanot l« In
dltfcrw.t or OxchWA din tuU fcou of htr grt^t I.:®* !
By ordure U.t Ptr* <!«oL
I 000FVB,
lw • AdJ. ted Im?. Gvactftl.
Uobs.~!i«« r» n>i te< no*®
do W.rMLg do
Cu H««l do i*
U A'n CrAtflrt
jahe II «*e .
pr i%i| All.
benth ®od th ogling Hai
B i M'l.f
F-'cbe. AC‘l Toblt Octltry
I Pr h-H llinUlfl fti * ■%' t i t
ntuim *o*v,
al»l Ni lwfl Mad li cet.
Tai fl-m o.* BAHBY s M 'MOCBI woe <U»otve<t, ou Ife l it
tax . by aaloal roaieot , dr. Tt o i Msocu-o havir* i»t«a
f ■ i -e io the army ' P.8 bae-v H'lin lb* ptyn* t f *11
-'•ola nee b llrlit; bat € tf.er oratrr lJ the Arx Is sl owed 10
•lro It* name of th# fl to In 1 qo datloa
P G. n GBT.
THOR J. I.01CC0B*.
B’chm a', 8 rchkl.l&Bl. •
P 8. BAG BY* Will eon 'one basl-rst it lh* eld elsa-f. asd wf 1
fir* his psno .a! altehtlso to ill to ulrftmeut . mtAI-lt*
Tm abooaI m'Ot'or of tho Cteelholdcri of the Bo-1 of the
OoKwonwesItfc, wills hell At their lantlBj; Robs', in the
c«y of trihkood. ou YteCneoeay,tlie»thd*y of April, I Ml, at 11
^mTll-eoM J X MORTOM, Ca.M-t.
(1 * ft R K -loot receded btirasee Hu 'Br i e Itiooce of Cof.
^ feo iteiyristroMhjtswiccIi rqtttl ts foer [aaoi • of
the boot codes ForitlJ by
ttM W PETER OVA CO . PrufftelA
r|YI'KKI«H «.YH'KIK« OBlCft .—Bool e tot of
X ihitchj ceTu.ktbTobie-o, us tobotd And fori Jo by
mfj 1 W. PfctCRHlN A 00,155 8.1.1 ol.
TOIL XT BO.BP.-Ti* *r All t variety ofTolV.ABd Fancy
ro»p«, for tile by
mvjl W PITgRBYN A CO , ntMQl.tb
Ext i cr «>p lmwoo j.- a >a,u m jut, ■<■;*•
-i and f.r tale by
mu w. prrtisaw i oo.,
. HtlTlCB- " *
Kkrocmd, 8a ch ♦» ISd*. I
T*VB Infer, t'. do It Jota'rT !»:» o»»o ft * »• r • *•«. h«n t of
this eoapeny. will bo paid to the h birr* thereof cpoi AplIC
on-1 a at th.tr oOteo, ea and alter Wodoeiday, he ki dey f
' mb IMt _BIC3A -P MOITOM Tr.
DV W W OOOOtM, 1 t*r.eli nt Pby Ic>a of Be'evus T'o*
pl'al kitLgtittitfid oMco li »hc Law Mul »llxj, r*c ill#
oc u l* b? r k’a.krr, ol r« h • profoja.on d Mrt'.cai to t • cHS
•n of lichmnad ad t» l l y.
1 take p.»a*ur« lo rtcoauoend'aj Dr. rojrfta to my fr tt di atd
pa r m
aihJ4—1 ••_W. W. fAU In M. D.
lltfr ■* —4t bbb Mm Barf, 4* storo aru fd»r tala by
wbf-4l_OH » T. W iaTHAb k OO.
UOFf and Iiarl«y Hall for aaU —Wp hart a t »> II
.ol of p l et il.pa, la b.l ■ for aalt. A*u Mar ry Mali, acll*
aw.# for bo «ri bh.
mb 5 __f. ITIIIH B C0._
WT C. IQ bbb of gipotlor Tfonb Carolina
3. Wb tty, (or »alo by O OftAfS,
mt A ■«». t Btohe not Mock
WIT 4% rallo-ABOflft RCft. a prr.o;eri'i|. e ti|Cll j BuD
yy vV1 Ilnur aid io wvk.to laxo eharg* of a p»w pUo*.
o« n- . I? ro, of IM a**#*, two ml rt If. t ulty. B I Hr* •* d
(e:dng to b# djar. kroldto paiUag la a »prtv e or, To a o»*u
wtuioaiUf.olory peferuA.o A Ml ko daU. Afplp
' WtorfH 0.
At t. B. Oook't, or ft* t , tabecrlbor,
B. a 1-0 XX Governor it.
— /
P.X I hot* o Raw MIX «d OrltMlI Attick.e I, wh'ch w*li bo
■oldeeear.te or ft* thor, oo rvaooablv trrmo-rll In oomplito
woo#* Boil *okl u r o power boosted oo Ibe York r'yir Rsll
ro«d. tbico alloo rrem Tqoitnli'e Btelloo, p HAvoyor e.»-ty.
■M-M ___
UTOU POM -MHT.-fW U • tr pan at ta. iai*o ssd
p Abew; ot'fo, at proem, oo.-nplod by lAo xiboorlbor. To o
■alttblo lso ant the nil lUl be modevmlo ^ ^ g(|]T1I
mkiS . _114 MtlA dtrrrt
FOR *YHT —The verv dto'r bl# »•« low oc opted by
wo, eoroor of Itlk oad Cary oUiOM.
I .TORMtttUm*
Ini irtMt.
Tb* “Wab Illitbtbatiom’*—at the MrtropolltiD
Hall, which had a run in New Orleaaa for a hundred
night*, art to ha ihd on the boards every evening, and
may wall be ovlled a wonder of eeienoe and mechanical
ointrivance. Those who are not familiar with the eoacery
a-.d arctitretare peculiar to Louisiana, may gi t an accu
rate ideaot them whilst looking at tba views of the first
aht, the artist, we are informed, having made bis eketch
et from actual ob-ervatior. A nong ih* most picluretque
are the view* of Lafayette f quaie, and the d< p.rtnre of
tve Wimhicgton Artillery from New Orleans, and the
moonlight and fivhiug party at Pise Pane lac. Mai ial
repreeentationa follow, including an illuminated ermp
and tba butle o( Manaaaas, concluding with an extraor
dinary mechanic tl representation, of a detachment of ar
tillery firirg and loading, and a wounded soldier and bis
■ tred. Tb. e<f “War IHoHtraiions" have the merit of be
lag entirely the work of Southern artiste, and their br au
ty acd ingenuity is bat soother proof that we need not
go from hems for gecuire works of art.
Bubo Ton.—Thir Inexp’ictbli individual gives three
more oft a concert* at th: Africtn Oiuroh, Monday,
T ’eadvy, and Wedr#»H»v i reni ga also a day entertain*
ment Wcdne day at 13 o’clock . T:.#ee are the laat op
par uui.iea (o btar Tom, as he returns South in a ft*
a >) a.
Fie*.—The alaim of fire last night, ebaut 9 o’clock,
wav eiuaed by the destruction of an old brick budding,
on the lot at the corner of Main and 7 th atroet, belong
-tig to Mr. Win. 0. Allen. •
AI the Wig*aa, Awe la comn'jr, on. the ISth lull., WILLIAM
BAIT 1TH, agvd St.
Is Ra'.lgh, N Cl, cn Mth lint, Oel. KOWAID TARBOROUGH,
a tie- a b let I n ai.
■ o.l. vuvil kniwn u the enternr *'nv ami aatt emanty rro
pr e o ot t teTa-b‘>r«rgh Ho an, an.1 he w.ll be gristly mlmo.l by
lua nun. rooa ae*,ualn'mnc\s and frlea a
Ob the Hit of March, at the ruldrac* ot his father, In Bod fori
coaDty, or coBiumptloi), Dr. JOHN A. SilR, aged it years.
Ob tb» it b ot March, ISO. at tborealdenea ot Wia L. Bawaan,
In tve city • I Lytc t.u a rt WaRttlCd, Infast bob of N. A and
Mr. .loaman ag-.d 1» day*.
* Cn t t iW.h loot, Mrr, I*.'IV8ITH WILL*, la tha H k year ef
berre*. at be eal’tjr* other *'*-l law, Walter D Blair
Tb. f I n I ai d a qu.lais c a ofl. e f m y. are ras.a. t'ully In
>1 an ta ait n I be fuviral, at St Jam. • Gkareb, tbla day, lb* Slat
ot -arch, a. Id otalmk
H wt 1 ba r cava tatloa to the fr'en’* of lha d parted, to boM
• ml b’l »v« h*i I • uuMovir ng f lth th ch aha cl * aha 1 Irw
ih- mer titan o tta ev«n nt of ha: d*ya, hu awcattd for h r •
I»1 ct In th .1, •ictfjl abode wbora the • li do m it infirmity or
•aCeTaDf. *
A*, a mati'g o'tlie clt.aera of Be'fo d c ;on y h»11 folia Coaife
Ilud a, i Ho tM'/.'l hM rch, lif-, Ool. Jova Uicnohavhaving
b -tu calle to the C’r.A.1 wnd a. D to*f »rd, Iiq , appoint e* l oore*
t try, Thomaa iaapbe I. Ktq., oVrred tha tj Raiag j* o mbit and
r»t ludo *:
«t h ?• to regr»\BToog lha ea’BTltlat af th a wlckfl
war. th • d*»th • f to kdj.ood tit ode aud a •» of rainy ga not
volan’.eera, who hava dl *d of wood Ja or dtaoaa* cootr Acted la tha
tenle-t o» th c unlrs. •
giottl Tra we regard the aervlraa of Ool. Goode, a« a ool
die- and a ei 'le ■, eml-.e Ur enlitl •«* th 1 gralliidr of bil da
tree u iy, aud ..ii uaniory wort y to ba charUhad amoagat tha
Dii l4*t<>l hrioa*. *
ba* • v d,Tti*t weteoder to tha family and f tend* of Col. ' ooda
at ac'l ai o t ioa«Cf t * rolu te;ra who hare *n In Ho note
c f cor eo it trr. o r alnce <-»l c »ndt le ot, and a*a ire It# 1 Ihat
the memory or ne g i am jmi win inspire n. w rreu i:li 10 tu<
u!*'e aid aveog i Item.
Knclffd, That Ih • pro*eeJingS of this ncellnw be sent tithe
psp n o* wlehm.'hd a • d Ly •« h aw f« r publication, and a copy
there f b** pr eented to the family of C>1 Good.*
re e-KlgeLti rorn t ay'ny uidreessd the weiti y li ru'.cgy o!
CoL I oode.^ndo t <• w. Itin'ecrs r Bs- f >d it e rveolutkos wtrs
unat laioavl*adcttM and thr meet n* tljourneJ.
JOHN UAS^SHAW, 0.airman.
P. D. Per an fe^etajy.
lobe a. Id at Auction, this day, at IS o*d ck, M—
s eJa I't'ci-a Is r ipectful.y aaMed t»u.eanlecf Mr. Joseph
b u nmeU'f real e t t*. L Ute place lo day, ol It* M , by I es»rs.
ft tees A Job .tor, 1rts»ee*.
r« r part . ulart see auc 'cn ! • i1
m 3 r U GJD-'IN A APPIRA0N. A gets.
(»^»FOa THFCOFM IL^lUoiton*
*r'Bat'd y oencll, far M#4 son **ld:
fAvio J. Ini. Ji»» H. Gtairr,
Gao K 0, id»r n> J»*m A. tcorr,
'laoaia IV. McCasca
mkS'^-tdv_A Of Hit*.
iryaclf a UoodidA'o for Bat lac loa to the title!
oi rr oi 'bctjb.
■ahtS-tc* JUUrB AJH0BI.1N.
Wr arc m;t,0*i*jd to mioou c • RlfHKUT F.
tJB SCOTT, E»n , aa a Candida o tar ihe Ju tKihIp In Iht
9th lnat let, matt verbal hy tha noth of tha Man. Jrha *>
MONO ItemcitfntT anroaoee oiiteif a eaadi
ala fir rt-tlecL'ca to the ifflea of BIG J COl'NaTASLE farU.li
. hM- tdr GEO A. FREEMAN
P LIDE-1 an a raod dalt for tha cdlletof Pap
lata oi hr CITY MOUT MATCH, • t -ho me-lay alechn. *rd
p e 'rr m *M'f to the entary of the c ty tha'. if il cied.tbo do lea oi
v e , rtl *e as tli to prom.nly and tBc'cn ly d'arharyed.
mh 9 tie_MHUROREINi
| RTSFE* TVDLLT anoruacc uiyt!lf a canJIdalt ter to il*c'lan
1 io I or IP-* cf 01 y B .r,' ant.
0:rr < r RICHMOND.—I reepecifjlly lOBooncr my
•eif a eaodi-'aio fjr tha Oapialtry of t a *t'IUT IVAtCH.
bfS - id •_flllf H. >1 E«S«WfS.
MaRLE COUNTY—At tho raqatat of matrons
rt'bUa, Li'U W o CAAkl n»TO.f, hss couseateJ I* eaarascr
hlmnlr a c nJuiate, 13 Bll t ic vac *nry lathe House of Del-gilts,
of Mrgtvo. ic t'awlojtd by the death of the la.e representative, l r.
8. I« AnJcrtoa
At tneoimnenc'fnen*. of the present war, Lieut. Oanlngton
w i pu s t op, with mac i distinct on in! tuersfl/o r su ts. the
trsno abls profeertoe ef Ltw.ta li b roa ty, bat no a oser d d ' tr
J ur ciU f .r her sm to eipel the foul In'Odd? of her s j I that
ue g'cspeJ hli arms and raised to tut 8;ld t> wlndlcate her
Hawley brea disable I by ctpo.’u** >u >c e m?% after a service
often nun h* hs has r tirnsd u h'q h-»0K. and n >w onlv con
seat i io beoomt a .sndrdsie. heoaos) l* • h ilh Use miok lsu*
paired t at he e-nn^se ve l » co Dt'j In the c<m> •
il l high l»y\! attalurnenli, ni*ed will n s fieri Infonnttl n
♦n r-ysM to si' iibject- pert »i.l y v? the InWetts of thv Com
•oonwealth, on 1 h s y eal s *1 f r no ca*s • In wh’ot we are em
i-arred a I u die t po at I > LI i s < u* prnp«* rep o«) I'tive, and
*Lo th« core us!on hat > ur lit-r tu In Ibe Goueral Assem
klwray ben e y ccnddcd io hli iru t.
We, re'orj a k the v in f .hi o-iaty va tarn out end rol
ly t>’hr s <pp«rf of one whs b a g*n:le«aa, seVla’and t> t let.
M-rch 1 , 1*64. MANY VtTAA*.
rri« tJ t to bshtlJ M.nJay, 84th March, 1:6i.
R.h!5 v.* __
Ie^prctfully annosnr • mjs I* a esa I la*e f r tie oflee of Cap
. ta »• f ih.* n * ht wai h, » tl-eisaliw^letl*AU,t,'8Ilh«Ta
• anew occasions! bv ih*d alhifCsp* A'chl aid • llt n'cn, acd
fcil>*cKU oa, ika; 1 lave, f < i .e Iru Im cr tier n j a**, en
doaeortu t*>eenr* yoor 'n«ere*t ai a wa^rhaau, tod *ls' at tie
•aval »u<l Cr*l • l -nlrnant of tbe n c.h and a u*| the death *t
ip K :i inaou. by *1 tu • f rank of Bpl Im lllJ tbl
altloa of 0«p a a to the ujese it Mire, a 4 w l (u thrr say. If re.l
cd f a*11 I t m’eajor it oU:harg*>, erb tin .tic fidelity, the da
lle* of the ofit o.
Vry reapertfclly,
mh ifr-d.t _>.E« d M. CA1T11.
*-a wsap^swsHiS
ON and after Friday, M:r*h 23 h, the Farae.|cr Tr»laa will no
an ollova
going war.
Me tl T oin learei Flc'ro ad daily at 7 a. in., tad arrleea to
Daantlla at ^13 p m.
At ark 11* It ruanre a With Un tcA.M oa the Stu b Ndt
Bal.roau fsr th. Gest. - *
* gOV^>G^\AT.
JKill ‘/Vata 1 rfiDanti * d|-ly i leapt Pcniaya.) at 9 b »*,
acd a»r *ra i 1 R c in n 1 at 7» i» m 0
A- u irket 1« it or.* o« i w.ih he ra us aa the loath f Ida Sail
re*U for N* fj k ar-d tterkhirg,
Tti: hi« tuy tr* n do** o< i go Oeyond B~rhel.tr, at whleh pelit
It tiUBtctf w. h the tralai oa fee tku’A c'tie Bat.road
ah IS _General Irk t A» enl.
Vital dim.. I y ab ut U'li'jf tiu f i IE ramul .. u
h b «D ram tad. I dieire to organ ta n.y U.ttnl f
b »Ih o lb.- rail an oayi Ntn
Tha a mmtid nb f ontpanle* th*t I hire »l-aa'y«HH*
i-t. i tl • i rpotlom-' In tar In--a H.iel aol luld them
ta a, intifac t - an o t'.t taudrn/u.a the.r cjmminda at aacb
a tin* a <d i-laca -a i a i .1111 *« ta.
I ut.A l<i wear* In. ntdkil !y an* good iwnpiny not now in
Ih* rorri a. •
,.n • p,rtoni drabne of Jo'n'ng tMa Refa'bn p*n Teport |o me
!- p. a,o, o t« toy of tut Captatna a eonfp;ilt« In my com
“&U n r Tutor Ba tin, of tbln city, and C.pt.ln T 0.
La i.,of rea l o, •rartaalrg r.ciuta lo comp eta tf{r rom
m-oSa I canaatil ih in - HU to flleica’ u gcn» up-m and
m an ti .t •«.-« a '.he f mar cob? t«ood or B* k a rrft, t-o
do ri r m btk. Tin III ar ot .he corqrr of Brmd .treat nnd
■raok Afanna.
m, i> io.i yRASOu j. nooaa.
¥ AM ai ho 'a d by tho Oa am-r to re-deetCBSN- t.li
l TIT.-,* I j »i coiop-.n; of Light Artlltry, and io met f
Ur th,-lulo aaih.yanma, fWT
T o a, ihn'ore, ar o In re to pronra lu'atltu'ea or
who a lib to h-oemeeut-ail ut a ai oald c l> at < nea, atiry Head
quart, ri Jth a.o A Ou gou'e olci, n.dar lit Whig Ualln ng.
A t 001(1 N,
nbid-tf_ Capt. I l^ljt »i tillery.
HAVINfl bam aa b-nlaad bytbiWar Capaitmant to rafaa,
acla: and meal ar lab aeretee, a aattalot of iKfaBTRY,
f p iba war. to b-c imp a.d of fcltttai'. not u >w In iba tirrlca,
I am dfdrona of tha -o o) arat'on and arilitar ca of athara
Thoaa w a log to join ai la .Mt p.lilita nod rtaklrg. «’D
al -art or- <ct la I' ta ally, or addraaa ai la v at lag. oorn r of
uelgti a-« * K ore ti.
■hlO-U_BOHR? 8. BOOT?, a
0. V. fononu. I Oo f
rlB Unbent naM |fl« mj4 kt BM aad nUiat. Mooto
SiTintI, March 29 A.—The Sarannah Rrpvb'itt*
of this morning hji, that on Sanrday laa', a Federal
gnu boat despatched to Near Smyrna, Florida, from St.
Angoatine, sent io a barge with 62 men to attack our
troops. Capt. Owrna with 32 hoixmeo opened fire ot
he bargea, killed 40 Federalist*, mortally wounded tw<
and toe k one ptinocer—nioe escaped. Tbs negro pile
who brought iu the barge wta captured and bang. Tb<
Yankees tent in a flag of iruoe aikrg to bory theii
daad. Perminion was granted on condition that they
would giro up all aloten ergroea. They agreed and dr
ilrerfd op aerer.
flTl'RI DA VS.
* al '-state, on th- Boatb Bide of Hruad, be
t weea 8tb a»d St.a litre Is. for safe at notion
Ptt e repi-st of .he owner, «e al:! aal at |.t bile auot on on the re
Ian 01, C NK'D-Y IJ Arrll. IBM. al 6)4 s'. I C'.p.a.tam ■
'lately rfier t*e a la o' he Bee Mau on. • n .Ui at ret. oitoy i
by W c. T mp In ' aq , ihe old B. o datre.t i o el p,cp rt
fr n tiny CO f-wi an the Nor h M'e of Vrnad I l-eet, inn I ,g berk
14) f. a', to a it foot p i» d *11, y.
It all1 If d'l red, hi, le't.d in a Ih ee lot* of JO f.e'f ent, »r S
lota ol 30 f.-t front, o a, 1! as a ahv'e.
•there li n wars#*, no aio,e vJu.M i i reperty on Br ad afreet,
’'iron -nah o- c cell, a* tee o -lien , f to# pate' air .
The porchaaer to be par the Uiet and insurance for 13(1.
mhSl—td< G 1)114 a aPPaRAQg, AacU.
TWO nONT V 4 I.t q Hb .< NT-'H e.M and O u . I
lines >*n abe »nuth Mite of Hro - 4, b.-tween
3.1 and 4ih Streets. f.ar stale at au, Hon —w.li be
add, at ace lua in the rremleea, on TUSfDAV, tte 3th of iprl
IHH, at *)% o'clock, p. M., ihoee tea Boat ria>, ally w-U ta l’
ant udairab y well arranged bra I e ant Ir n f ot t UnemeUe
'r cate 1 ra ah r>, one of wh ch la niw It tte o cnyaocy , f Vr
llnm eD Quarles and the other eg-enl|. la the ex» upaney o
M/a ri. Cre aeiw, QiarleiAOo Th-ten m-nt oesaiUi by *r
Q-mrlea la a Tire large oie. and aunt otl/ sda'r.blr a el adapt
el I* a D y Go d'a at we; b i* the nrper pari la among the matt
conrtnlen , a-d wei irnngel fo- the arcomea, diUon of a large
fan I <y, tn • o fo u d , n *io ,d gtr, eU
1heieu*ni .1, ncent y oocyte' by Iferara Crena'-aw,Q tails'
A Oo , la giteral'y cone ded ta bo United dry geo t’a a; or# In
>111 c ty.
Tiaaa -Cnethlid rath; laltrce atl and I yeart, fa- reg-tla' lr
, alo , nUr al p yab e hal'jetriy, are j <d by a tru t d ad, with
pm liege to the t ur h are, f> an Hp. le Ih) ere tit ta; manta
The tax a and Info-, a -e foe IfW to be paid by the i urrlmms
mb .1 id _>» '"iiw a AOTTBaow. Soe a
aide of Orare street he twin llel rider, and
taetary atreeta, fwr suli-at aoctiom.—mil „ „n »•
aiclloo o. the piein.ee, on F,ld>y, ihe l'th Apr I,Iff, at «)•
o’clock, e. M , ten beau tint o • n af rt, n, Car j n, lie'tel a>
a < re, e'eh having a f.< nt of ti l ty fnt, and a d pth of ana bun
dle I and fir y feet tv a twenty foot •Key.
Ihwel ta art we 1 ereloi'.d and hare (ie iha le Ireei It frost,
and are m,a beao’lfhl fir gm'ce reti enrei to he built. n.
Iran., -nne third rath, halt nc • at I , nt 9 yeira, (or aegoUsbl.
note* I teresl parstl; half y arly tecorrd by a tru I d.ed.
The taxte for 13*i to be pill »y l ir purrh -a> ra
nh81 QtDhlv A APP'RAGN. Anc'a
o.1 \4 IIIInn-.abiifB Turnpike, 1 2 lull, from
•ticbiuond, f«ar hail-- at tui Hon -41 the r que.t o
J io. e 11 klu on t utter, we wliaell at lublc Aictlan, on t’ e
d. th il h'fhl - l.nfrovtd and b aa*l u I til? f.rm, wbl« h has be n
•entd ltd mprored b * Lb as Mc'»icdfr. It lienecf .he gret
•it tline B the n.lgh* ik oi. la t r feclly f rill y. and . n a
g »o.l urcj I .e *aad vn ei Dads to K chmond. It adjoins t\# lands
of Ur Jn» Poe, Dr Ju K Wi:i mi and othera. Faa cnlt a
idaln House allh two now, an 1 a Kitchen wlta tvs rooms
P ssessl n c n be had lam dlatrly.
Tuva O f t Ir I ca h. out tU d at 12 ir oaths, and ant-thlrd st
24 tu nth», Lt.r st aid d from d jrof salt,
ah-i* _O »^PyN 4 A»PEUQ * Aacto.
\ Ai.LaY T E/T.—At the rejeett of the fxeru’or of t‘e l*t
Uctiaid O. Woiibira, deceased, we <h %’l a ill at | ubl‘c ut.no
tli* premise*, lo the erd rr a Ivrrti.e ». cn Friday, le 4 h April
1>62, rouiAcnc!n< at li o'clock, M , the foil vine ralaah e esl
a*tale, * Is: lit. a o vlth a sm 11 br CA t u m-* t the e r, cn the
nor h aids of P.ank a itr.et. opposite to Mr. D. AntelloU's g or •
•y S^jre. f or t'eg VO «j tunning b. ck 48 fee*. 2» a braui ul
lot on the rortb sloe M ss|J street, helveen loth ard 21st s rtrte
Lon. ng 44 f el. runrlrg b*cc l<0 ;e« t. a<*J l tog tbs lumber) aid
of Jam s a. (» lu'^Isq 84. a lo* U C aigs Plao 11 nrlco, c *o
tain rg abaat four acr s art h arms 1 vr'cA tsLt cent b reoc, or
tbe read Ua ll^g f.-»•» ' al er Ireet «• fa rfleld.sud r.ea thevoik
SI ps of t e Al g nlkOett alfia r ud
1 mm*— 0'#»ibt d c sh.bAa .c# s’ s*x and Ivtlft moctlj, '©
neso I tble loi r, Him' ad. el, •• cared b> a trust deed
The taxes of lbli to be paid by tr.e i u svaier
mitS _■ »'n«BON,Auct»
VA' CKLa FA TIC » Lfel> “C» IV4 H
1 Hill,99 tlsrrr and u I* as«I mil. a nit of K Ida*
mond. cintainlnc three It until ed and twenty*
Hreair.s,t»s Ibenililip rtonti • dec la liter. •
on, f iriah' MA Aaetioit.••At the request of ih«rlis V.
'*o tli, » a|, v • aha'I sell at pud e aicth n oa the rrew I is, on
*s*td*y, ii»e Mh Ap II, 1* x at 11 o'clock, a. r.,*be v.-lu»tw
farm lue-.t d a »»' re, ci ta o ne Bid ac>et, aJjila nr the lends
of Dr Wt'i oat A Ctrul.en, Dr. Jol n H. F.lend and Colonel el er
wm Ifdac The loprote <-rn i c ns st of a dvclUrgc nialtliw
flr« non*, a I th r, ©Jrn hm e t t »:co hens*, aad other out
buldu. t Ab>ot !Cc» a-res in high laod, veil a«t In clot§• D u
1 ihO iirres In pine aid oaV to d if oral al gr vih wh'ch * II
rVH.lt t said, i^scl d» eardspee >e ■ 3A* ■taoiaia. Hftav t
is in fhFd ah ntiity ov pounds, o vbip't ab -U Utt bush* Is «Inter
ats b vie qs»e el. i Le loe*t < u it a very n a'.thy me, and
t£e nelgl bfhoed oqexc*p*lorsb|e.
I -med atcly af «r tKe sale o the land, a 11 tbe pe**e-tl cffee*s
ni the state el i avid, cuntlsHog of com fodder, shocks, stow,
va,ors. ca t , mules, farts o <1 faind Implrmtula.
fesiriat n given aten r If r«.qut**d
Tt-m Fu th# tea e-tate ooe-th'rd 'ath.baanse at on# and
Vj y a**, or Ion i era i g inti rest. socurid oy a \ u«t
F rt.f p* soa 1«iT.'cts all suiiii* uo^er g.uu c Mb. over that ant-u t
Vur ui'Llhs cfbl t lor a; p uted ecd ne) n« oil ible paper
nth 2*O DIUN A AbPK^BDIt. Auctt.
BY KlHf, PUNK A 00.
li H aird, TOM Bid PILLOW CABkw. QUtl.2 8 MATBAAhBd,
it , Ac AT AU JTiON.—On Tu«s'ay, the Is1 *|' I , c'nu.ndi
•t »u u'« I ck.ee Will sril st cor v r hoi • \ a la tte s’oek of very
detiral le house furit Vilng goal's, being the eLlire stock cf A large
water.ng pla s,among v. U.n are;
l(u<ktbini Cl pel,
. Lnenlttst,
B 4 and 1 ^ Hlexchod f heetlogt,
b 4 BI*o« bed Li*«n Dau asks,
Fur. Hurt D mlty.
Al'eidal * U m i*# la »r'g'Lal orJsr,
Also, TJnen «rd eotdon Bh'• s,
L!o >i aid 4 oar n PiUtv Casts.
Bucks back love’ll
Al eniali tgu-lM,
Oalortd Bj r;i.U,
tfslr Ma'r us* s. 'a w^od eoidltian, mo?t of them
havl.'g b - m a* ll Ue used.
Also, fO Pairs kxt.a Be 1 Biaukets. In original erder,
0*00*1 rts
The ctteVHn < f ictsl and b .ardtng hocie kespors Is cal'rd t.
«L bi »vl I wllht-B*. m t or it- tr/a.
T«*r ■ ciftb to v«l Tcrj.
mb 81 _ K 1ST. PATH* A CO., Aue41
Dry gp.ciDi at ai ci,»o, .-oo iu«(f»*, i*
*p I'jpt 12 ftV'oi*. !mt*Jiu'iJj • It cur s<tie of bou*e fat
rufthing good', *e wl i ie’1 t > close I .vo!c<i, ft grcftt ur i»/ ot
Fsoff aid ftlnple Dry CocJj,
onptlc’ng m&ay tb.les an 1 drilrjblr goo'ft tided to the • 2Sfton
T»r •
inL 91 ^BNT,PA\.tBA 00., Auru
rlBEJCim *KMMT,J.tand for aale by
/ fr.R J P, BUIVL, cor. Ha'a and 10th it*.
Ill Rid Klt.-IO doaon, la Una, fry tale by
Jantl _•_D0?B A 00.. Diwfftots
“ • Kicmiowi), March iTth, Hflt.
Tt'KALED propoa.li w'll b. r»cil»cd at Ihta flee nn'll .'atorday,
O 9th of ■ prl1, or lha man.f»;;ura, frjm c'o J. to ba fnridabcd
by the Kortramant, o’
400 Hnapltat Tents,
10,000 Ml, tests,
tpedmea Tenia ean ba aeen at 'b’j it.'
1 D. Moocnt AND,
mb t<—0| Major ami (Juane.-B'a<*e'.
Military aatkktb.-a aunpie or hoary ore,
Military Jacket., at the Iron front (h Iblnf Aarehcnae ol
S»1.t»t»tK A W-LUkOV. 11* .nd lid Main a.f'9
, ,/v BALI A of an, a lo-Clara- Bay
t)UU do de Ttnn.hr do
M do do th of a a %
li'O b.-ieeef (Viewing obac.o
1.0 do a low °iid «a
Al d Ad ma-tlo- 0 nd'.a
IOCS poua.a f Mal a (alghil/> atn.yd)
And > go d aaa .r» aot of fun y froitriaa. .11 atom *n 1 f• r ails,
on tl.a noa. raaaonnble t r.nj. K. a. K. LrAB.dbY.
Vh-dra.le or Ert%’l,
aab20 Corner 7th on Hyoid .treeta,
£3 f*D 1 ! Aar D A ! 1-SO *«»• SoprrCr Oarhonile Rod a far
Saala y _T J*»T1_a Y nTfian* too
arlred aid for ail, by J. V. DUVAL, cm r ef M.'n aed
Hub ata. _ _l«*k
uilNK fl.lllt* ATI* TOBACCO; 0 anal a- Hanoi
” Oleara, fro n Mro O.i.aaa and Oka lut-.i; lh« Inaot Hindi
efOhewtif and Smoking Tut/icoo, (or aala, wbnlaaale and null
ny MIA US A SAAKS, DrofgJeu, 154 Main BkrcoV avoir abora
tlYe, for rakl-g Kaoti and fhtoa i-ft and d, nblr, nnd
w.ter-proor, for aala by J- f. BUYAU ocraaraf Main and 'O.b
HAVANA UlOARl.-SUVwsrynlei. foranleby
•ot txirn A <10 Drogglata,
TT-k'n «»*~OHVLJIMN f«dllO<» TaSILBT
4-UU SO 1a*—tn arnry rar.ety of airla-e.-na rrrr hciuU
fal, for gala by W. PaTEiBuS A 00,
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1r HO*, no.tctlor’a Hltlrrn, lull recaiacd by
• t i.u DOVB A 00., Wholaaa e Drugglaia
■tr^ta CISEAI’ IIUI KA*€K.-H.irriuj'i
j' (p rallot flit Proof Kat»i Iumi aaacb nore for lha
•eat than loan moot Pe!lola«. and lank tank, yearn. Boalnma bob
oacoot afford l j re slant them. We a food laaertmint In
oiora. KKuWT.SK* WAUOAD.
lafl 1M Main tteoaC
i)gA LPB. OOOD GLUK for tale by
aoh t wa, KtTTI.KK A CO,
LARD.—loon lb, O-olt 9el l f»«!ly Ur Cla k ga. aodjara.fnr
t.le on rtti.lranaal by IY I Pa»l*ttrfl, ISkatiait.__
1 Art LBS, COOPNNS’ I SIN <1 LAS* -for Jfica,
JLUU Blau Nange, An.,for *ala by
PrTISWCK A oa, DrufftrM,
Ml 99 4.In ol
j jot Oamar »( TtA and frond itoeetg.
nrrvuu oats.
a i “Dogwood ” la ihe Iowa or Sidney, on
■lie weeloi Ihe < llyt ai Aurilia.-Ws «tu i I cpor
be pr-«n.»r«, on I ufsday, the Is-. car of April, ISM, c m
n-netog at it o clock, M , the rateable sober .an farm. Kroon
»• *r«4»o d.” the I »te res'deneu of I .* art K h'nson deceased
oeatedon Heroic Btreel, la ildoej, ooc mile vest of the c to -
it H*• a: 1 ic lnlercce loa a f Harvte and Kob nsoa treats adjoi
ng I e lines of Meiara. Shields, Carter, Ford, and olftc.-a.aar
e 'D'alnj bv lecent tor *j 27 acre*
The .otl e property la located la a beautlfo’ rat giavt ef or!
gaal irovh, aad wil be laid ef !b‘o lota cr t quart* u aiiltib
slew*«f pare xaama.
T.-Ia property fcriul'dlng porpxet la aa deairabfta aa aay oov
a tbe oar set, and w# lov.t lue ait* a 1m of pertooa dr ill In j W
ir^are aeb it a.* pro) e ty or capliiH«ia o this tala.
T«aua—All rural < f $kk>0 ana u der, one fourth Oath; tb« ha
ane« at 6, la, aad 18 moo-ha over this amount, or.e fifth ctak
he ba ance at 6, It, 18 and 14 monjhr, for regoUable aetca will
interest added, aad seen red by a trrst deed.
The taxes far 1862 to be paid bv Ihe pe-enaaer.
Khi» Ida __J»* m. T4Yf> RA SON, Ancle.
U iLe D©« p Hun Turnpike. Henrico Bounty,
three mlU« from Hlclinaoiiu, at auction.-*'
i c requ r 1 John A. butche«on, K q . we will tell open the prt
al ee, a - J.«K*1)AY Apr! 2d, commeoe ng at IS o’elrck, M ,
the value le F*rm, loetted as above, and opy o Ue to tha late i •
itdrnce of Ambrose Uuchescn, dec’d. It contains out htoJrn
end eifhty- ight and a baif acres, one hendre 1 aad thirty c
W lacea;rd *nl Ua Mfi s -te qf col Iv.Uon. aad tleie
xkinder ta weed 1h >ra la a larg- ba*o atd two ice heates o
h- premls‘s,and three exce eat ice \ ood».
Tn- n Ighborhcad l.ooexc ptloaable aid la r-pldly lmi rovl t
n ag.Icalicre. •
The abjvs will be dlvtdsd Into 1 te atd far* a In awl*. A* e view*
of bidders—a plat of which can be seeo at the office of the aar
Jr aers
1 krmk—One-th'rd cash, tha remainder at 6 and It months, fa
3"tollable nous, with lots tat added, aad secured by a Iras
T1 s purchasers to pay ths taxes fvr 1862.
rah 19 -ids _JAfi. M. TAVLQt A SON, Aact's
county* on lie p U»in • urupikc, at i\ac
tion. -We ail sett upon the pi*tili"f(nn W< dn«»d*y, the 2d
Ja of Ap I', 1362, tm el*a *1 tf'er the laletfMr. Jo» a A
rtu'cf eton’s i roptrt *, tbe ?aluable f.rm In Wen lei evenly, ci
;he Deep ruj T.rn ik*, S\ a l«es f ora the e ty, and row la <be c
cap ncy of Ales. Kerr. heq , woo In'* u s to rem«v* to the city.
It coct 1 • 0 acre of htgnij Improved la d, run .rkably heal
I ,v, adj'nng Ue lands fcrmtrly owted ty L. D. Orars aw.
krchy Bl*lr, andotver*. •
T e Imp ov lae.ts con 1st ef a very comfortable 'rained dest
ine, wti five rot mi, kitchen, a large barn, anl the aiual oat
ttows s
- boat half of U e land ta aeeJed la o .ta aad clever.
Tiftvs—Ore-half cash, the balanee a* a r, twelve and «lg btcer
ru ABihs, for a goUable notes, imereti ad oi, and • xa «d by Itu»t
Taiei for 1862 te be pa*.d by tbe purchaser.
mh 81 - __JAB H. TAYLOR A SON, Audi
tlao Went hide of lib, at Its Is*Cere*ctlon
vvlili Myrd street at miction. -We w 1) s i*, upon tin
cut'st*, en BATURD. T, t e fttuf Ap U, commend g it 4\
i’do k F. 14.. two very duirabie UoMu.nta, loea ed is above
rev eccupl d, reap rt.rely by Mrs. Key elds anl lire
h ntnl.. at a ren* or $ 80 p r annum each. Ibis property Is ad
irrably located for bos'ness sta d*, t gether wl.h lectu red.
Jots f r 'am die Th; lo.s froo. tog th r 46 fctl t al lua back*
good depth.
Ts hi— a* th'rd oath, the falaca at s’* and twelve month',
'or neg • laM- .• te . M h nt res a fed* secu ed by a tr„it deed
The pur haserto pay he tavs* and lbacra ce for IMS.
mhfe—tda _JA>. M TiVbOHA Sjh , Accffi.
the n- w Central Road, In ftl*-nrlco coUBtf,
lylag rast of Rich mono * msniictlwm. -* tthe reqvrsi
b Jo* u • urry, hr., kjq .ws v U sell,o i ibepr mlaes, on M >* ) AY,
L*e ith dsy ef April, »'f, coamenelog rt II c'c otk, M , tht» d
lira *.e L*rin, ervea mlleifookl U\u3td ’• lie f« iu lunulns Mi
s;r<s /land rnd the l .rp.'orrmcnts cuoti li of a tie In g I ouae,
c.eared an 111 a »igh tiat* of t uiUatf a, • a wtl*h about (U i u»
a>a feats are Slide*. Thebalaresof ibe laid U In eood and
good t rater.
Adjda nr the farm tl a • .w n.1'1
I e arm wishing tftugagi* in ei tilng timber wl'J h;ve a good op
p rtuui y to d aof at there i. a good qua t ty i f i ak au 1 pin.lira*
her on the farm
Tha a->il U most admi abl/ adapted to th* grow Ji of e .r y ?rg
La lea a d fro't
Fits <i a wishing to purchase a mode aa*0 else (arm, that l as her
highly 1 proved by :ime, *c , would do will to *t end tit SaI , a
i l own* r laser. an>lnu to sell, hlih altb not peranllicg him t.
a'.fend l • the ml Ivatk u of two faro s.
The ter i a »III be madt very accommodating and mad? t noon on
Ih * day of sal*.
It it ay be bo. ght p.lvatsly tef.re the day of sale, If d sired,
mbit-Id* _J«« m TaVl. am s 8 h, Aucts.
recert pnrebiseisof tit nt.te for erlr owned by Charles I.
Rh «!'S, * aq , finding tf M t c >t tair s tusre I »* d than they aub to
cu tl a e we alii veil, bj r ques*,oiTu sd y tie 9th day «f ip II,
dcmire ictag all# c’elick. or*n tbegr*al wi.tha: portion l .rre
Sf(wltRlaWeld pifttBWfflM li i which lei betwe-*n ard rrn.ts
a *cn the river ro.d aod the Manchester turnpike, f u.llog the re
■Idecc 11 f Mr. A. 0 Fu I am acd o«h*re
The land to be sold «*. iup l/ci 16J -r-ee, embra lug the Fr#g
Level tract with t e t'w.illng the ton, m 1 rune d wa to the t« f
ga’« at th u, p r e .d of M« i h* s‘*r. •
V e wt ole r f ibis and 8 • bta tlful’y for ewlt vatiOD, s me of I
hai bee H»hl l opr r d some or It la irw t land a dl.e reman
dec Is t e .V: y set in w «da.
I s el-vat d tl u t on ard nearrese to Manehcs'er, as well u to
the very he r. of »1 homed rordets the p cp.rty highly va'ua
Me farjxttag? seats iu rites g r Im< and f> r genera. ajvlcul;urr
It b s be* u sub divideae o dim turnip «M :h may te s-e
at our c Sc , I to os raiglr g from two to eevecty acre*, th s »f
ordl- k to ali a > Of pe '.unity of (ratifying their lad mil ,ni as c
q ao»l y.
Ttaus-Oue th'r* c*ih, the remainder at six and tte'src O'lths,
or - e4t.ll .tie no*os, with Inter at sddsd, and s* cured by trust
P reha*on to pay the taxes for 1BA9.
n h 19 _JAB M TAYLOR A SON, Aucts.
fill null. Iuk Lola runilcaou. (o the . ll|
oI h It linionil, nt A ui (lost. •*« will set. upon the pre
iu *4, • n Totsday.ine Ih day cf April, commendn* a'. 4 o’clrk
pm, - be«ot. u Build ig L>is l;lrg rast of and o 11 guoos to
i a* c ly f ichmon t,on the roa I fr >m 11th strert t > t'.e Meibar s
»1 le Turnpike a. d fro* a y pc rtlon of wt Irh there Is a fine view
<>f th^l y h'jiale p csents a rare epp rtuolty fra irofitable
nvrstmei t, rs we I a» to pjrt'.ce ltd log 1 ts fir holding pur
l*e *o-s Retiring *o purchase are respec'.'edy *«ked to view the
p c per y before -he day cf sat-, • p al of v Uch tuay be se n a»
the • fll e f (ae auction .-ire. «l desire J t e p.iperty will be »o d
It squires cr • •
Tn*t—r n< be i ea*b, the balance at s'x aod It mruths, for ne
gotlabic nctei, with Interest add d, a d •-<** - t by »ru t U.id
rah 93 __JaH. Ai TAYLOR A PON, Au ts
1 laud, |ti tiio (h unt) rf ffrnrlr. , lylnc «>t*
« feilt kaiioniluy It Iver, tern mil. a hurih ul Hi li
inoiicl, on the At. F. un«t P tt« It., for anient
• n< 11•• as -The sjlslt.b r wl.l sell at pu le auction, on
\Y«*«ln< aJny, he If h day of * pr 1, l"t»l rpon the premise ,
>ra* cache »t f o'clock, n., that molt vslua e, f rtfle m <1
*-autOa fjiin’novn a Oakland, o nt In rg sbiut b u acres,
ylng«n Le U.l fcabouinp R w«r, ten ml ce n itb cf the o.fy of
Ichm nd.
Tiis f ra p (seita ina*j farl’ltfrs tlat make It eery deal* able —
I' le bounded on ts* west by the Blchmoca and Fredertf k.burp
a-Urr a l, on tie »*o th a d east byte# Gate ahom'ny Rl.*r, «n
the sun be Or land of B. Royal and otherr. The M t
- >*d nd Charlottes'Ho 1’iatk Road ram ibrotgb Ibe t act dl
rVlnc dr one i Iso n the Wood and
The e a , lb -ul -lo ami eluted, balance heavily wnod-d.
Ih'a e .lata la un 1 r a high itat of 1 rurovt wont n I rultlral'rn,
and hi been rtti Uy vail tea tired aid llate ; veil enr. a d In
B.o d.Ida »l b plan, feng*
Tic tatl lnii a a I .i;eandapov'ore The dwe 11 g'« ■ m, le'o
Ibeitcgn • lailo of n large ten |l* 1 hr B ana. eta !ra a d cut
o tveu »r-m all* u*v and n aoido-d r A v.il of eveel . n'
water a ire yard. fig.t r te never fel ir.g p ln:e on tb t plot e
bte'de. be nc wa'e e I bjf I'e Cb'ck homloy for a lo g ill t ncr—
Aitiol Ing tip. eitate IIer« •« la a good g !«• and aav uil'U
ih rear# at am TOn f nl' tree, of ear oua in a on the plier.
ll l.prcvevMal f r belighea thy, and the n Ighborbood lo eg.
It baa a to -r.out, and adjoining le n to 1 h'a a op.
To app-eelac Ihltei nte It laorly coeeaeaty to y ew It, at d
tk ee * bo may do lr< ti do an, are Irr ted ta via win the ire
ra ■ a My ion, real Ing . a the farm, v I Vika pleaau e n ahev
I git.
11 ffertbia riluatl citato >; no caher realm then me bailee*
c gagemm a lati a ilty, vhieh require my *1 o e line and all
tl n.
Ta«u.-eiu* font! t caeh, 'hi r mi'n,1cT nt 1.1 ar d I > aa a. ror
ne <, abl- n tee, I: irrem adied, ag,d ae- ur,’ I y t uat ee d
the laiee .nl iniaranee ter love a, b > pall be tt c p i-chaaW.
Theprarady can be trtated far p Irately befert the day of
*Kk'l«-td 0 JA1. M. TAYL01 BIOS, A acta
tint ovtla Male aif Slain, belwien Ural
aa ri .. me i,nndaiir Vm>uable Frtvaar
Kr-lden. e, at gtat* Waarl.a Peat a oaarg ol SI.In
and Ini treat*, at autllon.-We nl.l tel.. ciooi'e
me claeo no lauh UaV, he 1 at u.y or A; r f. commeoctrg at a,H
P. M , tbt ear* val-iable p lea 1 Beallenee, loea'ait • n the ott a
Ids t.f *.« n * reel tt'g.a lit end Pouabee atreet, u vlaih
oe.op.ncy ofB. lb e I Ban It erntilt 11 ta gt ritae, w.th
eca.it bathe oie, foland c It water, gaa and va or throaah
th* anti e u-il ne, tjgother all thee Hick JkiLbcn, coni **»
log f-cr r.otu-, at o, n Bi|.-k Ha If. fnrvtlga Bruae. Imcke
Hara-.rnl o.ktr lull.toga TltUh > U .dutiable a r.i g d
tor the a cott-mo-'atlon ef a laige all d family, and la in e cel
lent order. It I; lAjalod In a eery oea'rable nelahtorbo and
oonvenlo. 11> boa nte’. The lot fronU *i feet and ratcado bark
It* (a. tto a vide, payed they
A eatn - bin Bulling t.r.t all Itl g r a the revt, heelnr the litre
front ant depth. It la ued eel v.ih me cholc.et frail Trt.a,
(trppte, Bo,
W*ltrmedlitr'y a'ter the above, will hr ar'd the ia-ge Brl k
P odd-ace, I .rated at the h er ho -at li tea-cbm tf Mal'endfi
atree a a- J 'nl ig I e r,rlderee of Tr rod r'ek Aobe uon. taq . ar d
now 1 . be occupeecv of Mr gdwln bib e 1 It .oti alna about 0
r oai ikdh ikUicked A'ir|tBil;k K.uh^ti U#Utf.«Di *0
feet vnd rui* i-r.ck 14U tte* o C «• itr**!
Tvrms— Osfrth'rd c*»h; bilarc * at t and IS month* to* a#*
g:t;i8 * nctrt, In erett aud d «ad ••cared by a t a t
Turn d lniu aace lor lb«S u be |»4ld by tvetufr
m 9s td J SI TATLIti$ $ n. Aorta
ISLltl'U - to bn extra PhmUy Flcar.oe o.nelgneaeol,and f tr
f eatu by W. U. PL SABA Mi'll, IBth atreet. *
NCbaltOFMl NEOKOFRJ We alah to htte forty tie
gr„* , fo- the b,lance of 11 la year,to woik In Wythe coni, y,
and lor go.d laberera nl I pap at tale o' I -.'•• • t r yt»r. t oard at.d
tl tkea CAUiBHAW acfl, Agon e,
a-bkt lv l nioa head blur.
ff|3E L glt'nure haying made an appropriation to enr ble tha
X Inane* diy.r ai d Kacael.a Coapa y to keep corn lie navi
g.tlcn f tba Cantl, aid to Improve the alul e nrv g:t on of Jau n
an i Ja' kt ,n’e H v re from t uebana i to Coyln. to », a n nit-vr ol
I b r_- • are required f.rth ee prrpO at. P-rMne having.later
te h re for Uie ie idue f the year, or t'f a ab .erer p.rp a*, will
P'ea a adJrraa tko under. I;n«d, atthnrfica o' t e Ctnt- n .y,
Slchroid.Vfc Wtf MO P1RD 8 tl y
mltlS-aalw Cf Ibejaa. II a.- and Banavbn C «p «P
1AM tuthor led hy b; Goterror o' V.rg'nla ti ratae a Aafi
Compary ol light anl ley fa the s*a-. A.I thoae FV f
do t 01. of ,-olalng all , the mo.t ef cilia m» if <bj ea • fr
via * of 1 do *. ll a pplyaaoac.ta the aCca ef Jahn- ^^^M
aen A Ga'gte, Whig Btl at-ig
» aadeaba. e.oe hrtBt g r. e0IG<Mt
VUlenrholetllHlIu. _
dm aad be71, women aad ylrlo.
DICE1SB0M A HI1A, Aaeetonu.
lan.fi ■ Corner Proakl'e pad VaR Aft.
ririTRUt ‘lUR "p TEBI VAI.UA
He*l EalaU Id Ur «Ky rf Blelum-or
Traub lid, SAIN and ir a’u Mtcrto • at the r. ,
of drain Will* H. Mae* aa * At d e% JAnon. tiaeta.
i.el ueett d to t) em * y Mr J .ej.h, bt«r t . I, » »• I' •
pa,Sc auct.cn up a ike p m. e. I.» Ike aru-r adeo I
oad y, U.0 Mot Va ch, Ibdl, on u> a log al 14 .'alee ,
Ulowlng r.ry tollable ft r, al>, • •:
lit The lot oa tht oer.th . de of Pra t In beta aa '
4th itroeae, elan that tic la br ci dw Itta, ih r
a the «tc poery of Mr tnaa.l. f-< nttn. uu.it-*
rwooTog bar* elgh y feet to bo lootn-y . J.ui-o d Cr
II. Tle» vant lot odjolnln;, ftoctiag tor t; foot aa4
back a'rct, f.W. a »
4d.Tr t, with a I rro ft on el dwell a* the-coo, a
•» ed ly Mv. J E u hitlerk fjoadi g f*ity n ae lee . eui u
otB"y f« t and booadtd 00 the wi.l by be M ten'e Hail
4th. Tha' tiu'f b*i a lfol lo' oa the ocut ide.f Frail
0 era 4S h a d 44U it- eta, adj Iota, ih* ret ’er.ee 1.1 V
tain (r,n tag blrty tire* fee , rial lag raak hr
fifty feet t> a> alley ff era fret aid*.
Sth. 11a lirg* and dw’ribly *r'l loca'-d L' '<
aln »ud iith • rteU, fto-tlug ot • huocr .of
i, rth tide of Mala, and oat hi tidied an e
i#h it act, booni'c I oa tho north by at 0 l*>, — -
O ’- eco 'actcry of tho raid hrurnme I.
4th Th* u dltlfed ox h part f that tuIuxMo prop,
tl the trl el • tat 1 I obi. t.S the iritr of Ma h ta
rc udig .he brick tocene it ta the ue-f. It la pc.ill
the Cm* *f tale the rem lttlog Bye tilth* ef laid b a w
TM» ’roperty It >0 well known that a “orther A.no
dteuitd ann*e.a >ry. It • xdu.lrah’7 W* II a rang d fir .. al,
ir could aatlly be eaaeeried lota a hoepttal f r .he O- af 4* »lo
0 Te pm.nt, or f ir cth rpaepoei
Tiana-On# fan'h nth, hobo' nee nidi, twolet and elgktoon
mo tlo, lor negoUahle ocioe, lotertot added, tecnroJ by a trte*
do A
Th -Hiai and laouraaco lar 16*4 <a be paid ky tha pataka*-M.
mh tl _OODLU. A iPrU *0«, Anew
U Al P A0R>4 in IliltRIftO, OBR AND A HA P Ml M
the req-’eolef Mr. Ohailet 0. lioaa *ewll .all at aaetlaa, an
he pianitee, on vaaday III 4I>* March, 1141, alh<.'cla<k. p aa,
the farm o 1 which ha now laddee 01 e aaa a h*lt mllea ft' ■ III
a n I. 00 t ’• Mem ow B llge r od, adjulilog th t load* 1 f Vo ara.
Adolph I III, ft ». tl. Oainett h ft Delate »■ ndeli Oi film ai A
ath.n, e. n al'lnr, by re.ent tateoy. 9/X etna Iki dw.PI-1
tin been a th 0 It aittw.lre mootbo troraug ly rep-bod at A
painted, >nj e a'.oi « tlx ro ma bee dea kao.rn.at (Free a lag
00 r a b.oot ful cell ace re d, nee ) Thoklick.a 1 xal-rtly new
aad ka iob roomoelx a a foot .qaare T-Xbnia,it-bln,eo.n
t"uee,amck..hoa e. Ac . aie aew ai 4 la (ice lo. ra* dltlca Tla
10'd f r th- ra •' put I at been hlg ly meta - 4 f r the lent tig* »
ears,. al hi s b an kept 1 • a market fir4*a A hart 14 • ora
<n wooda. efor Ing a ami lei • p ly fir lha ueefth*>la<e la
'iiaat'd. 1 • prtliy a Mew • f 1 l:hm ad oa raa la I ai loan’
th r 11 Cl Iitk-M Ot-y. To ouy peroua • toning a ta.are.a ia
.Miner, t>o pi. ca , ret’Ole to many a. rat tag it to any ither tl
thin rlcI Ity.
If o.olro ', tl util be dleMed. lb# aanorwill 'aka pleaya'O In
ihiolag ‘.t ta any p* • n who may vleh to paickooe ho ora Ih# dap
of oa *
Tut.*—fnr-’j ird c th bolon't at or 0 aad tat y are, fo- a Ota
UaMe u' tee, lot* re t added a>cu e-l ky a t oil deed.
Th* laace for 1444 to lo paid ky tho tu-clat*
mhS9 GODdlN A AFPRRIOE, Anita.
O.N fal and highly imipror-d rarmtlng l»a am
tfien’low Hrld.c rood, one melln ft writ.-wee* af
Ht< It nut a.t, fora l« ml A M*UnM.~Wlli he a A •
auction on tbr p omloee, in If onlay tho ole. March, 144f, a iff
.’dote p. m„ 94 ac «e af lend, r eact y ewned by the lot* > Ik .0
A Moir a loeoied oa eb-t*-. T la I.ad I. beautifully • ta' ud, and
id iny etr, ft: u e, kut It odmlruu y udepttd lu ou.uik n ru I
let o.i cr m.iktt garden* It will k* dt l.il at* left of 11* tg
,cr ■ uc o -dine '0 . pint ta ke t,eo o’ 01 r - Me*. Oa aaa af ‘ka
iota th* e • a fir t rote ham cn ar t el Urge hay aha* and an •
All (ri ia jr tin mo i vhiii k* him:.
Tsaei—One-half ruli. bnlenoe et •"*. iwaiTO ud Hrhlo »
•o'tit a, f.r a I table ulet, later,al added, teeered by e Ira k
T e perehaaer te cay tun for l»*l.
nBII_'_BOdhll a amMOH.AondA
on tlao at rile Alai* of Blnr*’ all, between la*
■end Adanes eirrtle, at Aeillu.-daam eell tp, n
ne premie e, on Moods). the <T.« dip of Merab, esanciilcg at
t o’c'ook, p. r . the Telueb'e trirele reeldecce If c ltd oa the
toiih file of Mareliell, between let ■ ad Adam lUeets. It era.
I Jo. term la ge roe me, with claeele, f aa end water; le admirably
e.-rerged for the arc ’stand dea o' o largo deed fon'ly, e:d I la
■itrl tot order, having koeo hath win to the p tt two yen# It
> n iw oecup'ci by a goof trout. end la connaadlag a >se at A
The lot ffoott oo Marshall atreet (0 fiat ud rata oaek 160 lect fo
to a'ley.
Thtiajaa’ly regarded ee a tery dra'r. bio laoadtoa, b lag'oa
i let naighturbood, ud eoatlgwoua to tna boa lam portion of the
Taave—Oar.third cash, thebalaare at all ud tweWe maltha
for oegotlUle notes with Interest edeed, aid -tee el by a trw-t
The parol.eeef tu pay the tun eod lu.u’soce for 1FC1.
ah 8b _JAB M TsYsOd A MMf,
Eight framed tbnkbievtr, raui
Urook A venae, nnd four on tadtlrae
ween e- erslaaa Maker street*, at meet!
Wo will eell upon Ibi premia s. oi MONDaY, the 61ft
*a cb e mmeac-ng e'.4)g o dork, P.M., d rery ronfoitabl
e.l leneturti e.tn Ue wee; sldeof a reek are ue,be weaoli.
• igli aYte'e end ne* If edKIhlog the a ere of Mr A. Be
rh-y are edtptad f< r imell a ted fan! lee, ud are la goad
and err cow me'd nj fa r rests.
Immediately afte -lir abort el I be told four new testae
nd. b twees lurol end Aekrr stre.te, new wccwpledky
le an s.
The Me front Do feet ul ran back ITS feet eeck I’liil
Persons eairlngte secure mej um tiled teceaenta re
well to mused tf. s tele.
Tea ns—Cne thl d • aah; tha belaoe at 6 and tt rs-thi
goVeb e coin, with Int.ree; added, ud .ecer d be tru” dr
Y e parrhanr rr pulik Here te pay the tun ui lai.li
nUd-'.J JAP. M. YATOOI A tt K,
30 1 4 .• rrre, III It Hrb le’s » prlng Flrn,
.■■tie it erst or Hurtsanond, for e- le ad • nctiw
Air be end it aunt .o. »n U « pram era oa Wr&Ngll/Al
•od of nr rrl, at II o’eloc , M , the eeAt liitlu Coital* .urn .
ed Mtb .re now l<'lu tecuptn y of Mr. bill. UsdJ.l a
l«rd of Meaara .’no N nhlelda J *a. T. fntt. n, Jr., end a jo
the lend la eery erllle unt toitlooe of It branliiul.
the imAdl gw>”be |Uco are net ly new; are of eras/
e’erue or, an > lufflclru * lu gef. sally.
iuvh-Odo third cult, the beierce ut d ud lSvo'tte,
negntlnh’e nctea. ’nlerret added, and aecired by aunt dead.
Toe taxes for lsdl l<t\* paid b) the twrehaaero
nh*b—Id OOI’DIM A aPPIBEJM, Anti
W. stilus or 3 d street, between clay
I.ilitri sirens, d a ban tiro l building Lof
ilie aouila al.io of « |uy, between mb asnd
ulr.-eie, for e.lo nl aai lloi.—bill *i o d tt a>
n the prem aeo. on WKUNUDAV, «od Apr I 10*8, ui d* s
P M.. the following Tulu*bl« trnl .elate, » a
first—that 1 rye and e nrenl n’ly urru gad finned 4>
loet’en aa a < ye. now Is the oe u >* ncy o'. Ur Becktell
hxaefron rf db.* fe-1 si d n d p.hoflSU feel, ud le boo in
ire toon by e i ered ai ry Iht toeac It newly raw, ud’i.
rnpr t ngpe-t of the e.ly.
garonI ibe breurllvl lot on theroutb tile of Cloy r
ween 8th erd 10th et ert, tdro ning Mr bogsr V Vi ’
. ue, troo’l gd* fee', rseclrg btek lid few to r c ' ’•
wide. .
T aus: —Ore Ihl d Oaih: bnler.ee aid an4 1
gotlsl le no el. Interest edae , secured by a' ’.
The’exes ox lb*l to be ye'd by Ue pu cl,Areas,
mh'rt- td _nortn’N a P- e.tao
J od tdrlrk Dwelling, oa tke We at lu
between .Tini a » II sail Clay street* ■•
'lu, aim.—e 111 be an d at Aft oo, <ta the Soule.
H nluee Iny, U e *4 A|ril, lbb», at b o'clock P f
cow n ih* orot‘|Mbcj of W. C T apklni Kq. Th« oow*o •• U
ro ro*, f l t f,e > s , with wl r paMige hfough »hl • TW
li'Bif «• UnroRgM/ i«:al ed and ImpiTo* a few y ari »r»,
*»| »t *o th* acc.panoy of Dr Jno. G. *a>i, M* H la tow la *«*
cal Mil order.
jt a-rlrd c eh; baacc* at >n« two yoara *r
nrjrotiahl, t ol«e. Inter, it, ayabU ha fywar’y, Mierellj a law t
1 he tax • and laeuranco for 1992 fo be pa d * y »h« poroharar.
mh26-4d _G^D) N e iP I RSUH .Aim.
HU KKHOB Slt**T. aT / UCTIOH.-HI I he .old. ateert o,
on .hepreakei ou Itrcdin.'.f, *k< ind fn| of fpnl, 1MI,
t‘X a'.loei, r. «f . oil. • of 'Hoe I • .emereib'y • oJ ' a.lk
nnd admirable I c-.ei t «•»»«. oj h« cart l-oe •' Co orr r
elrect occupied 'bo . b br t». ■ fTtmU the o be by
to || W -ol ex n, "q ’be oar. hietr ta here thrice of eoo
rto e. A et-gle tU el I •» rner/rdby l e ooaer, laercer « pro.
rent > roc Iflrr; too l r In ■ cot cdec to k/ the pa.ctae.r o I#
be roM < bj 11 l- thl r.M of ike t-oaot
Th-tc ten-m -el. were bull! oe-ut i a yron igt, oo-'er 'he ho
ot nle-'dc.ce o Hr ■ eo-j fx. 1, a d . o tifr.t we •pored*,
moke lb> n i t e'frrl . >4 'Ti1' able le eeei y reape-l oe wo peow
tic a le T ftp lr. ce well and fere-ably I oowt (cod hit % am,
H .Ttrtor • ice , apta.Kel • (iorwiwr’i maailat) >k»th'-are
. tie a ikI ilrr lo . eewe’ laoecie ery They b* e % i lha
ueoa ace niTedx'lobl lor a Ire. c aerdaeUirg, aad Me he lathi
L- be In cxcellrnl order.
Tiem- Lr-fcor h eath. balaeec at I, ! ud It meatU, fer ••
goUablr DO'ce, Icltrttt addtd, icoi'ed ay a tacit dead.
The taxre aad lam. aoce for lStt.labapakd by Ike nantrtrwk
Mt TS-tde ^ QJDD1K 4 APPKUOH. laeb.
IH the m. u h of febroMy A rat kie4 aw hor- y from <be (rwe
to - of O or. to >>Ue a bait JVrn o ie»imen of Caralr>.
hce -o*ed rede take to do to anil HI* dm-, and I no* rt a»
lo re ... b t a.lon ef fnealr.. If lo-e be dona wl h.at abw.-i-e n
to. lilt o.muei fiom my pr-eent command.
P rieni ciutlrglo nu la el k me in l d ratrlol'e »Tort, a 4
tboee «lah ng ud heri.y la re rn t and rai.\<4’ panitl, wl/ d
d eee me el u t.[la •; er, wbit till.l better, rrp-ikla peuea .1
nra. . .
I eiperl tj have two c mpxn et »f lafm'.y iad mntid'Wf •
attache ' to my cox uiand.
kH Commit ee rex I t b« mo t red lalo la-rlra wn lete.m
me Ty te e«ra b or o h rel.a, aid I will piewwt ty •
fir. all f r t*;e pnaaitt at • lee Ta b o«|h • .woll Hdn o! Idea
etree , tbr e doo • a.ove TU., ir at my cempt y Marten-, Mew
P.lrurou d*. . „ ■ 0L .
m .»;—«• r.pt ro od g Cara ry Coaoaty, P. A. C 4
I uar TdHAND-Pan l*»d Oil.—'bed lbe_^
a) krg. Ini: laca'ard and f.r kxla by t UTH4 10 ■b‘1
LONUOH PI.RTHR.-l • ld»;« CMWf.14 »•%
lo e.tabj HQeHAOO. _d- M,T
Lor Ho I e otale'ng 80 feat fron*. and rmpr-fag bank kw a padak
on no lay* 6f<at In elith; the e*-d U being « lb«
• da of n 43 f id artet, tn wblen It fr nm Ik II. fun lag la
f at ood No. 1 , f onU g d f.dk d l ehr*, both rnnn1 « I a«k It
far-to an a ley 5 ftal wl"a Pa. Itfeoa'tK fmt.anl ra. <•
fr ale It faa1, it liw Mnak. ba baitaadl f bait Ml fcalW
ike it a»t laid afky ►. W urana aal lialewieteiJU .
the eboee prop r'y le Ire ud oe 0>e<ea R k, >aMaf »'•» Pe V
tent a y, k taia brio dwedlag a aaaa. W3l the preepert U
raet y I cret *a t kt.tken by a ipeedp li^ltfeitf ikeitidK
a w le pe ir.ie of ex erei a ole I mite
Thl< property rfere p e .'Ur ledeeeatra He pa rbaere' dee h(
Ucikep real a'. :a m« a i ai I a pra>M t b • el » ■“*
, *t!fc5r***'m-eesu.wmai-!n

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