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Daily Richmond Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1861-1862, April 21, 1862, Image 3

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Imchmohd whig.
Dll tOTMl >—>»
-l i lit.vniir, Ji'eidiy, Mr. 8 mu*
lie Joint Commit*** on Fug and Seal, *ub
a report, with r a iccompenyin* <l**>ga for a fl g
DJT 00 thusde-erOed : “A redfi II, charged «i h
i **'tier, having iadi* centra the device of a i an in
ry, oa an aura shield, the ra>a of the »tn corns
» I, ih* rcai ear of the State* coxpJMng the
ler*or.” Amsof th* bills p-ea-d by the Sena1*
l>o-e b."». apsicprUtirg |. 400 oOO for the cou
of a railroad b«l»eea Sew 0 l.ana acd Gdv*»
4 te provide fir the organ actio* of pan a a
.. D ir.og the coos d iraiion of the lest tuectioni d
■ B l-aett, cf Ky., rLcited a pe»l of apphua* Iron
d i.-s iu the gallery, by tome remark ha aobxl -
tcur of the nra*ur*. Ta* oc upant of the Chair
r) d.racied the S r .eant-at-Aiml to remove !t a
rly p-rsera tad Mr. Wi ;fall deviated ihit the
rracLghtto be pucielwd; bet, sev ral Senator*
**d f.r th r forgivaa**, as tais *aa the fi at rf
if the kind, which had been cocmrted, ill Mr
1 ucq ::esc.: f, l e matter was dropped Th* Seu
uvd to concur n a resolution inn the flow re
» (be readutico for adjournment on dirt u.»V,
.. Home of R•preventative*, Mr F.m'sr, of AL •
pretented a proteat agametthe ra.lrotd hill pasted
'»»* if3, eh’ca was entered in the journal.
Bitcler, of Virgin)*, ft-m the Junt Commit ee
,g a-d 5 il, pr. rented the report of the coamiu e
s,id ia o i of th* r*«oiu'ion adopting ’h* do ign
dt; »ubu>i;i«d, w** po*i(KMi*o—jta» S9 cays 21.
,c! V rgiuia, ivrrdusad rcsolu'iccs, which
,rr .«ly adopted, capresau g symp* ny in tie
isgio: at tbo death of Hou. John Tyler, at d
i"g “.ha; ha is cot now among us to cheer a: d
j by liis wiau a:d patriotic couca t* in oar great
■ for th-> Lbwty of onr oo't-.try ” A bill torn ate
. of G.crral Superintend#;* «f Anaorivi, rt
,uded by CcL Gorgas, was poa pti wd.
h Cin st ware in *. aiioa, Saturday eight, w th
, diurs. Ta«y will atljsurn to-Jay at Itio'ccck
.■il ibe th;fd Moed.y in Aagiuc
C,.i or Joe* M Borrs —Ta* Ksiaiaer, of Sit
..atrs that ‘ tb- C:u . o‘ K.qtiry, bofer* whom
* rr.au hu b'«u ucJercv. u an .asrwluat.oc rn
Ik . .i"d' o! ‘ ig'j have seat tu* r-curiol hi»
L , j to ■ Iwaf ! ot War, w: h the recommend riba
L .-j. ri e-1 cpon Uiiowafarm or aacb • hi*
L , nil >i1 Got mtvior, uoou hit parol*
L 1-. iciew.h co oar.* *pa '.hi member* of bi
v Titi< nv Oi1 ;ar'i :le of evil- not a
L ; n 8>' a,acJ ho w lull ha«e bjm a ndi iona!
L' . {• i bi’ :or htt otn decla-a too, which, cout-a
L ft mo.rr wtasofha cun-1, he !uivj o
L.i t; to is oob".—that “3 • tu a n u'tJ in thv tr -,r
L..« •; o — akhj tiles w » n-itber iba N irti lo
k. T-#c-urihr.H b.tac i*i had no rich'
I . m bn r.\'g\ ar co cl Jei-a e himself ucu ral. to'
k - - • »■. * J
I .ixijj: It; aud boro- th.-u* rv-nuenii ;o ■ lor fen
L W* think rha* i t-.n the Yauss« nation wit
I , v j ;d< u at ft ah a court iei.icn'.
I.ttv h*»r»»s»*o'» UaaparCBU — Toe tel'gtam in
I . . p per g viog an tdatai l awaaot of iho au a
I -»o:*M, e'C . cap ur*d at f bil'.b, wva ai ri ra
■ s a dapatcl to it r. l“, from Go. B au-gard,
I . ; - . - 17 >. Toe follow ug port or. w»a omi.tad
L] hd ,■ >pj M It 13 tb« R ehsocd p-eaa .
I t ■ i r .1 *■ pur • j! :b« ba !e till be to it in two
ft I i ate m ied f r a i et laigi cf pr-t
ft ., a ..ait at X w iUrid B si*
ft*:- i rt < dtapatrh, ro e.'ei iioai tie? Be.ure
ft t *hed bt the 1.0. U i a
Bv.t > < a ’ > — h«. a >b«r tcie--e ba'tie te -
re:-reed to ’..bn p a e. Wrick I can bo'd
i T:« v nr * to g >oJ ap ri t.
...,na troopi b.bated w II. I it nil! on
ft . a • or the w b m',, oj. tuii the to!
■ ; ?..a • ei .re •« aeral to hi a wife :
■ BatTet Ftaio. Ip 1! 7.
K r i. »e ti,* ga'ie-i a molt coTple'B
ti X Bata »a-.a: i>
ft .1 •*»!<£< -Si I J ri* rtpeil
^B . ,a Br .gf at* • 'aawt wf ie T-cna. a*
^B • • F-.-.-al gu.tu. a «e a-a j-i-tb J in
H .'3 g far IB3 ' a t'l • o t F-d rai e.u.e
^B: .ui to it- a:gr *-:v run, m- . i a«
■ S Oilv ».i. 'bt >' -!«••.i irtat be
ir » oU’ to t; » n 4' N na
■ ,i i I a ,ib ate aid :r ar*
- .la camber o».r out Luu
^ft d>: re.<.7 »» tao lotee-, ar
H ,o 7e--r.i *ia '.bains !»*u ■> paaieat
■ . a an 4.' ot tit Ouabihii'ai.
<i — T> II ' I Kb J^T'f -STi
^ft ■ • nai -t Ic'b ro a, tl.n . an .mi
^ftr. . . - 0 . ') ■) 3 • le au-J a 0.1" ■
^ft \ Ik r-.ci- » . r tha cur
^ft . w V irtfc I * • 1 o -t- a.ii
i. • i t t . » w *a a
^B . ’I 'I xi r.ip Uu'abjro' w*. 'a- d
^^B m i i •* » to.*’. l h- «oai J
» .:* •«»..' 3 i* r»‘f»c ;ulr d
| ^B ' i a ■ 101 o ' i a .fit rrc-p to i
^^B ' w i ’hit
• t —A 'r .m a. a*i •• of the
^^Bj i .V7 M oi i’jii.i a '.
■ • -•:p>- \l» YtlllC U(k1 «d
B aid thtt t i*r br >uc'v. •
B ri’. jo*— «>i«'.i.i< • »r* »e ic
* ^^B ■ • A . of ' h • J’-*- r’era ai 0
B *k.k’.«ai ’i , tt .t li- Y il« *f«*
* i .in ou a.k >ii t of th? d’fllc :ii»
^^B •« o*t '..ii ••*! road ‘ Th»
B i .1 nai- r *»••» dal. Wja4ii’
B 4 4 114 !ioivtt —To* A'Jana t m
B ■ k 4iii: ina N ,fi*ii.* *u.k*
B •--.4 nj d#*iarrd for pe-c;. that
B o ;j. «*r oiju'J o Ip avail in
- * k*p • in nd u * of nwf aid
^B - . k 1 i»t L actl .’i propci d itna.-ci
B i jttuiutioc a d Kealecky
■1 B jirlkdau troop* io qirtl lt»
H 'i a.a* trojpi did r.. u ia th* h i •*
__ B • ■ .t jj-rr, 4ad tlx k Uisg and acatd
^B d ' d of tha I d a* tana.
■I *'• A- <k.-T i* Adii’a Coi'alnacr, o(
.. ia - Mt all a. Ub itta i a aud
B * a-io-cc natal at G.b K c tall, till
ore 3 v.i, ij co a mad of ik
B . r.:a. t oo, i* uiara uu^ t.’t *
^B *• i !■>, xs i.ui t> b» Mid* v ai aarlr
B 1 . .. 11.1 • i; (l bi iu oaoiaiitlaa
B ,:‘fr a i li’O. J-.irf*- l'« fj Ci at
B >n » iir It chjl.’* fj oaa u> hi q ’ick’y
H . " 1 ’*r, K _ ra. UavrW'loO ’»r *r lev l'«
B ' > Tniunju'* fo-ca ia ration, d
1* B. ' J‘> .1 i; fr un X.a M tdrid ou; to
B T. r »*i p-aa-a’* lha ot-lr ran « by
* ^B e ’ ‘..*i4’a dial tin rircr 6/ 'ard,
ii* ^B ■,’'*’.i i i .no *id ,h*l! a it d >. F>r the
>4 I, w* •»- uni. T^a riaar ia nearly op to
B. vtd I* if*,a ria g tliwlp laJ.aai*
fl '*' dr**-.*#- hn< u. U ! tVnk\ tkera
fl iupw-Oj ljr it# • i»m« to maYa
,» B-ihJU,. .,,., b,l4b)4riJiri
B 1 "itt Tie Xa* O leans rioarnija,
i •«:, 4..'.uau c it id-a i if t tbit
^ B , tiralr e»*; nwj ha a ff rest pi >. a
J '--a ., ii..aAo>j P*it Ohrisii.a, Ai
i. A RaWalcaiL* Chiu —A eorreepondect at Henry
Caurlhreu wadi u* the fcllowfug: A #V.!d baa r**<-n:Jy
1 Wn n hero in Hanry onunty, V*, who hah three yr«l
grtat graudmoPiara new living, each of whom baa now
forty ed I child \'n, grand ehiid.ati aid great grand chil
dren Ia th* eervioe at th* 0 mfedrr ite States. This child
ia she *•» A ek-.U of the iama fami’g, who are all m: m
hora of tbe fi th g-s.ieration, who b»vj twp living greet
great g-*1,dm other* and the .Monad oM d of the iseu
nauu, with thr-* 1 ring gr*»< great g acdmeihert.
AGaooRx.Mria—F.triis, tha'week *t ia number
ef all th' ai-te.heod of th« South and th* most exposed
In coast lire*, is givirg a noble and tasnuraging tram,
pie. In a late private ‘e ’er from a attla n ef Florida >o
Oh* ediu r af th t Wilmington Jauras!, it ie ra ed:
•Oar gneri'U partial occupy nearly every hammock
•nd cro<» ro<d in c » , d have already struck ter
r r 10 the e etay f then b • d a'lack" u J ill their pickets.
P.orica, I 0 iik, an*! b4 able to take c«re of beraelf."
NcRT3*as Rkacticx —Fn m a d apa c i in the Krw
York Uera.d uf tae 8 h ia«tant, w» learn that the eiec
lira in Ounavetcit on it* 8 h ins’., mas ovtrwhilmii g
1 * C ion ar-d Republican—•» isurh so as to make th*
drttlla luimpor ant. “Mere than tao-l'iird*of the L
g elctor* i* luppoed to be Uuion R-pulicar. Mot or*
0 m ora ic Sinator ia known to be elee'ed. The whole
Cam R tu " cm S *v ti.ket it *uppo«ad to be tlectcd
by over five thousand m jo.ily.”
Laadx Fiat_T >e !a-<<.' plinu g mill, aitntfel on the
So tola at d fjtirscu g rallro J near th* low r end r f
1 .ili-gbro >k atreet. was almost entirely con sued by
fi-« y aeidey »'ter**o;t b iw-rn the hear* o! ore and
two o'clock. Tie eat b irhitt-B'. wai ov.ed b» Merara
Manat A Marks, b 'th o' whom i t nay ab**nt from Pa
ler bi’g in *he army. Up ration* w -re Hill o*r>ied o»,
hawse*., br a uuxb'r or hanv’a. a'd It was while tie
la ter were in one end ot tha hui.d.- g, ea'ing Vreir dlu
u r that tbe fi e broke out. T .e flijt.s caugnt among
aim-' »1'avi gawhei had boen thrown very near th
f auace, and auch wai ihw rapid! v wiih which they
spread, tha< it we* impotable to arreat their progrrya, or
#.-*u to »vi anything of Value from dcet’UO'ioa. A -ary
h'gh win! p'evail d at tho time, at d ia a very tbort
ti n.-, tn» w-olj bu |ting, iuaid* and out, wu envelop* d
i fi rr«r Tie fi e* rn woik>d nrbly >nl ctn.inuvlly.
aoti at laat ficce* ded in jubdumg tha Sr*. There weie
lime fi ;evu to twenty thooMid feet ot timber n t'-e
mil', el’ if which *t< deni roved. All the valuable too'!,
of wnich there wavaUrg* amortm* at, were lost. Ir.
adii ion to th-e\ tiie l«r-;e fjru.ee, aid ibe machinery.
wh’Ch rfl been ereo ed et » eery beery ixpetse, wria
pr >b»b y groelT d ■» g*-i Tie loe* cxonot oe U-ee Ihxi'
t :< or .wel«- te, u*:xfl so bn, Bit • cent of which, w«
n-.i re - if, ii by cot. r.diceurxcc*.—P.ttT'burp it
prut ly *. _
flor. *rd •* Jjv eon fcae eti’P'ndcd the Miycr,
»-<J i d. r a t-A C u -i ilttcn of Ntebtiil —«he t -
II^d to uk? the ceth ot e'. egieeoe—by I licg tb« r
p with ioyii eppoixtTee.
The ‘‘ Sr raid ” of t1« 8tb ieau.ni aaye the gri*g j.-y
o’ *t i«b t g oc City b’Te preferred to od’ctto 'O’ eguce’.
C'ifr ! * loe esmcthing that hiJ bceu pt l shed a
be 7V’I*»m.
!» f aohD, %»• .>L 14. S«l.
IV . ... te t |W,rO pxr went, te ’a i i
14 «• eL If 4 kllUI'fil *f '« in'rj to 0« *»«• *<1 «1
i ala* /»•! leA.-co.ro, «r FI out c Th • Bauali*
t u • a wo • o ti* 4Mb K g: utai o' Mr>a a ia
ft * Atm ud«4 11 Ocl J tali at bardioo. a au
l.‘ *o p ouod i» r«* lio at«’4u>%Uoa« f Q.a u9<or«fr«
• ♦ e- •
4M H« .• tie. ■*. fo » - W%'
Ol |,.« 4 o.jr fl.'f. •» »*r o’ F »n i u aud • k •‘•ro«M. for
h t-r tea or *d4r«o» a o, o a . 4t Blshtnond P O
|) r-H«»FIAL - Ai a. G*lt. > «ol?tor, ilot it a I t or for
I rnu n t o ro* C01 J aojall c«io -at j*. Uwro o * o o •
•. r r > i it tar Pu*. UB o _ap.i -1%
Jjf rum t, ■ I.NDf, A. , for oa c.
Coo .or*’# lUadt 1' wI lUa lotu
% do f® r O 1.0
V. t>a a s» aio, l*f t*» #4 aaJ oapca
N th t'ti ti I .tdAitrif : B«*aF|
AUb at 4 t r etui b U
E.H MiCXT A 00.
r|yB»e4 -ef * H. MeUsT ♦ C •, » oek ui Te.b.s*. R «
1 4-' m .t oo#o touel '« In i'b cwraor .f ri'i « d 11 an
• '« *o B
Lie hi ABTIUBB1 IIP hoi iff.
WK art aaih ~rit«4 »o raito a Oeayaay for Pl.lJ v. e
ar ti o jr for »b« W4r. aad wo aooo\l It car old
• do hud a*ocolaRof >a tut ooaatrr »a4 oioowbooo, to r^;
%11 oo In o t LIU * a a "> th'o por»oa« Pr «o-1 foelrla; HM
t.-> )oia r.«r Companv wi»l rop»rt to at Al»a*e la loboood aud a
Cot Chti P Lc , P'% it i Pirn u.o, tjocabo'f, or 1. Bo or j
w *ni> vn, P« > tr - IW. «at«r«l. who art aatfcoriaod vo robot vr
oal ti*r •’ t for bt C opnay.
Tb« L*gn* ata-o ua yo.to^daj p .*»^» #*'a ioa fart..Jd!a*
, %mmm rmimt • *- • o.'td*ral
iirv'ci, rvti» . voowng t* ♦ • IH lo • aa laa«* :.ato d-a*l Bow '*
ibo • •*»• ti c*-4k»e *H .t sirafc
C »-b..if o' a boat q« t wt- Uo fa a %bo1 %l O .reramoQt
*r i-a r.fly IKi'lvrt P'cat* p tld to *oo »o rat»e«r«i 1^45 tor
&r~ a d tr-*« at at arf or tichoood.
tf BA TKR a Tg*»ni
(list K4, i IflAKs,* A *up .-or l-l of D ontj ao 1 Ha
J *%na »^0%rr D ' *B oU>io aod for w o by w PirkftSOY A
C‘> Hravoi to. M n'* ••root
| ' v *■» * MULI B TkItVAMi' rll®‘
I i |»ortf w—Io Pur aiacoo l't wU« vf bf lm l*f Cba Uo !»»•
a r. Iwll «*r rf> t-l . vi • ho pr*o4 o 04 Tf’ bOaf.ih U Far
e! .) tin it ' b.'i> id a r,oi I * oral fo«r d y xt or*a Ur,
«*• t* w«ilo wt * til *d ** - ui ix, oa w* vU the d.coiOcd rorl
d-4. a bo tfaa* o b • 100'h. %
it -n*t.« sj»aai o' lumrA r*i;«t Worth o' Cha-*
4 <* h-A baa n a* f.t iltauna B'r r. ae-»«* a-lai
I f r«e- u' wr*’ 7 ST*4 c •* of • *.i -:h a d-* proj u cm t n ia
Uo* P 'in 10N1 r«o a o Gor t.o ,r ibj« th« b«tt q »b*
t, wo* d a no •. a «i b f h y l* odd l *«. 1h- tp *o 4 if il 0
% t* woo e f* at '< :a . >*d I* R 1 b «' U uo ud
I • • I Hi t •' .
ih r 'it -n. 't U to cpa'.rd ta or r, b t year t'l not tt
• a. uf^tP p ur • R auau «cl*nag . at taw n II ar- ja*4
4 I t . . • •
ibotwOi la i<oe| of lb* a *_lb rhond, la pVa o’ r*Bao*
K«a t 4*r.<**. r »a-, ar u t wo tioo 1 4 httllo* hr
m o* Ml CtvorU.
! • : t or . 4-.<d Uoioi fo* b phTtloitc, aa a r«!H ttsrt,
for « oo\<»o*.
Tv »p otem •’ to •• an to atnot'.ofj w«rtL#*boo #. o* bile.,
W ,» 1 n• rowo ,bo|4* n"a»o«*a dluitf oa \| f*an»* • u’.
\ • tia-f, *oaia ai g oj.*ar4* ■•f t* U efitjmo-*! -ia led t*> a
oy»‘-cfoj .for olis l*ay »o • Jr* gu d. \ui bat# .*ol u*.d.
aad Ibo o4a*l oSd*o 1 rvgiti1 btut^, 'ir«i a*abl«r,4e.
1 ia • u * ib- HMt bar, all ih* ho ti-d o H au I II ob
ra f 11 u *. s«h g n - !• tbo - 1* # >t l»e •tw«as*<l via la. al>
• . • .. . Ml M . I* f * 4 Ur- F o \rdtf f Ac.o iwt
'Lf th ra .J ** m*: Uui»* I • Itjr • f ft ft * *• ft«d b' *
i ( • 999- • *1 ft b i *-• doOftft. ft »n .z««l « t R • rood
**n\ to ‘ft p I .b«.*”14*o. »•• •*•-'-(« . ft* •!• iu.*H
o*,ft.4ftft • •rfOO^f tk* brft. tt»ro n ft'-d AEfto*.««ft 'ftkoo.
mi • «n r*l e •, u (**u aa ft©w. ft <4 ft Iftf ;* fta 1 v<ll 'ftlect-d fl
tr %ry, pt9’>9d 9. 4i >m-i pm- r% p?r7
t tro •• • Uo »*oa k •.*, to »ri ft-ft* Vftlt bit Iftf-ocft rf
b ♦K-ft t • % • »i >ek *»d bt-rti--* "s N' o >k
i„ma bi? n. b (ft §ft lb*» the wr-bft*
.re h- \ i» mat g'Tvftt.ft h ftMfif, u u:i.»ft'lj wlta ftl tho; Lt
lire 1« to ft* 4<ct *%
Tftftft* r • k-Ubt. OS IkW col lb - rftaiftln i«r io tw »td
-j- ©#,f ott Mrblfn k« •• ur d *y .o >4 p« •© ft
,* ly aoH4 4~4 .f l« oo tue rr*m • • f »r tk© RO*v
* ~* Ir. all KM And *©*.*».»»• A-ti» n-. *• adltrfi
»..vkl,irtlh«»*.M*44*A •• • «4 k> * *•' abl* a< aval.n
d «*» 4
• j vraU |»«r»*iaaaRA#f’Hk* <»•-r>al i*'p k.
tn» 1-.o air k* 'fca rsffrraA* * Orgla a cr •« fi-aig ia ki.ior,
4, , a .lita aid. darts* wka a .1 § of tia Lag » alar*.
U- la 4 wti a ©.»•** Ml «»* alaU g t# 1 4>**t II. kg S$
M. .,n.a*«. 4 -B$ A HIAO*.^
,11 giavki Atl *7 fc' rs'Ckaa. Mlaar, 4 V4.
rarThaakiT*'*’* la *rkp*-*4 aril Urdatadag, Ilia
Tllakaj f 4*7,11 fa*. a .U *•>* n ol fUr Hap
ap* a A____J * »•
Hv T**«' V4B1A O* » IBUINI A,— 4 '*<*•
I A AM TtOS 1-f raik a bailaa *♦** uratiadkplk*
kilauuaa h IAA..4 P.ICI, • »> »A* Aa gr. *IUi e-n>plrlcg
• I* a art* 10 i*k*l aa 1 *141* latu r<.U 11 'a Mip lit*, kaa aa
a 4. f no In# J ..1 oi Ur *• *1 7 «f *1 a-ram -a. It C"«
si l* ft tt u 4* »ftv (lift 44 l u§ft/»AOf*/ ro, I «! • bftifttoy » fer
a row »d *f bo * ftd d- lull- « r port ut w>o
t 1 4-roa* »b« t *id Rq t PH «e a ’ • ol'*r b m\X> »h • jb'l of till
c^oo’y, ftT < 1 do m > oo-« tl afi « • of ih i Ct ■’Rtt*
we* tb. o Aid I lory, ftft l roiftfl kft p*ft 1* (ft • t|J*. to tM
tf»«lr bto •« r»* n t> ortOaUO -u* 4rr«ft4 o* U.t tm 4 frit*, Ihftl
b • m iy oo t r jx g tl * • J Attic *.
0 r«b4*4*f «?hfta4 t floot^o', 4^4 ondtr tbo lcottr
J r it * o Iftf'm oftftwooith. it E ch «*o i. ’h t ’5 h 4 Ay
* _ * of A> U U *k lo4i. J HE LftTCtyEE,
By th» ttdO«*-R **•
Aao a* T Miaraia,
j*era art a' Ui C mwa* w-*aliV
K r« PrixaU a^a*’- O »a*ra *14. akaaliaa fiat la i ai'r.hl.h,
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COM a Apr *L AITIlfl1 BANK I
Kimiaaip. April 1IHP, la©, f
IN C't»‘ MCiri a* lalUit'J *o all fua a, Aal lar* J Ca 0A
a. racf Uapiaikla Ail Bani ara aaUBai to praaaot kkem lor
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1<W *.< h.raoa all f ikw aa lit I
a^ll-eUa 4 «■ i|a>Ti»y.»>*airn.
Riuia >o, Ap tl T, IAI f
fflfK r* ar\l At a Sip of ”1 gn* k*vl r, k. »a **♦
1 t a aal ka 1» k 4.p a' Mifib. 1»4». r a. ra4 >4 »» •
p . a >M ao4 a apt ,laa wNIA S**» baaa I kOIr*. IIP,
1 ini <ih«r a Map, aa a r rnop, la a*H ’» *"1 **'
’ a a* w IA Owi bla p p*r aha pr a alal la *•> •’
11 a ai»r* Aultar* Mctca t hirrbp rl.ai t • A* h tdnoflb*
ail a 111 tad k» t»< i up of K a a>o*. t* p *. ar ui •• *• *■
Ck aiarUa **f Ik* ilia kp wfa a lkip wUl kaTO.aa.a4 aka
p nkJa HU a' •*« • aradnlari
■p Onn © Iki Oooa II.
, g a «r wrtarnw fK-v>k~la<i
Milit >bv ©r«; < «at« * r rmiucbiT,
-HorOa- HI ala - oal oil aioa* of M L! AAV Ol IA
P')-T* (f<v Wk Am -■* pchrat a ) *a -fir ll.aia *1 coal a.
fn'Oiaa A *-•**!• ikia'iffrlk fin *»»l U aapplp taaa'l/a
.«k 4. aa. g~.il a. K. t VILLUVt|
fdl III a « lIV «*‘a »l
Kocrr OOfin »ABANIT*!l.-Ola »r .1 •»4"*..-rfa*l'M
a a 7 ^f kk.an I'M aad kaa »I*« •*» ** k*4
f.IUlOk A OvM. arag Bark. *■'“
a IT T 1 T_k MS.
▲ Saavavioa.—Y.aerd*y »u * very dull day. The
iky ni ceercaat, »t d at intervals a light d.-ipp'ag ol
rain descended. There was bo news, but lots ol inaore,
1 ■ .at ol abiok, as a. u.l, were adverse to ou- ctuse, ba
> i*g, seuble.s, the mimetic a of »« trai crwui »n aiy.
T le dullaei-* and moaatouy whici prevaied »u; n a
day were only-relieved by a alight sem-ation occaoiOacu
by tha disco vny that line p>rroi or parents had.
during the n:ght, written various di loyal abd a*urr I
oui intcriptio «*, wi.b ch It, upon the wills a d
f nets in various parts ol tt e City. Strange o
aiy, jhe po.ic , both m.lilny and civil, ailoaed these dii
gustiug exhibi ions cl isopoieat malice to irni-.m dariug
the day, a d of ccurae they were com unity sui rounded
by group) o'oil x ns acd eukiere, rea-lirg the intcrip
lions and deemn. g he poisibtiity t f ca'c mg li e p»rpv
tra or. Wh»re were the armed gutio? Wteie weie
tha n'gh; wutet ! Who hsa sold any chslk, lx:*ly ?—
Who r. c#,' it a the -an t writing * Mi .) a imlar quee
ti >na were atked, ai d a ver.-l ibuo.iea prevented, but wa
tear the midnight rcrihbl,rs w.il never be cat-eta d.
Wat lunrstRiTicss—This rplandid pxnorxta’c and
sa'mmx'x -.uteri .in mens, ia still oa exhibit! -a at Metro
po.itan H .11. Too auditor f ajoya a railway trip, Ia itn
• ginxtioogfrcm tha urea: li y of New U.'nais, to the
fi hi of Mona-fas, where he naa a a;ti» urc v,ew o! 'be
bnllunl bgnt which crevs the Yauketa iuto Winking
ton. Miny inci-ionio, by tha wayside, imuse and iu
lereit. We learn 'but Mr. Melkry will introduoe, to
night a b gutituliy pathetic wonder of mechanism,eu.lud
tha "Wcubdad Yoluntear.”
hTTBacmt KaTiaTtisaiar — Wa trust that our eiti*
oca will repair vn va.it to tha Afiicaa Church, to
ni;lt. The proyr-n ms of th- en'ersnvn ia in it»clf
i"ee it b e. and this, lombiaed with tan efj ct, ihtuH
aktrut every person t-ueeeptibl* of being moved by a
ooaccrd of (waul rounds. Bso the advertisement.
Wa sat req • tells Cil! attention tc t'e sale of T. •
plngton adver.'sed la sno her column. Ws arc 'mured
that this fi ie old aunvinn, vtiil iu excellent condition,
with onlv an ou by n.sestary to yenor the feooa aroua)
im beau ifol bwa and splendid grov , tnay be aadc rne
of the box hean'ifu! eau-.try feats in thin part of Yir
(tula; and the farm at ached will bs feu id not ot ly v all
ruited to the g owth if the crops uanal in that part af
the country, but valuable as a g'M) aod stock farm.
ap il Hid«. ^
i ■ ra.i'ra * \m l i ll'i.ut
HT aitlorty •' Ita Fe«-avary af Mar, 1 will rau« aad muttr
Into i«nU« a eotojanjr af 1 f*"t y for th* *ar, to *or-« a
twril »a of M»J r • art «*. hectta Bat a lea |5J Bounty, Cal
fvtreA ini thi m It mporeJ or..* fur.I had
ra th<aawbo a’rwlN'g to out it ’• I .a pratt :'l»a rf ibe*r
rr.ca h p» hatan aa • Ihvada I r oactry, I appeal WkB( forward
aa i J 4n me
1 tiva a'ioda’ad wltb na la lb a t air otic fating. Obarlta B
t|<>rf\a L-* af* n M. 1 aad K. d. Piaat, farm*;!/ of tba » ala
br 41 rd klcaioo^d L 1. t laaa
Call at tba Oanfedartta pvagaa laaraltinf Offlee, aoioar Mata
aad Paarl swccta.
M iB- f _T. Cl.tV MAPnPI
C1IEAI* mSCBAlCEHerri0f>
cr y Patent Fire Presf Bafea Imu« a&eh Bare fer Ike
c ft Jin*. laajraaca PoOcioa, and last an/ ycare. Haiinaee c<B
0«B3ft atari Is be wr.bect ttan. We mt# a good |N rtir.aot In
etna A w ALPOkb.
tarn t*B tf a^o Itroal
K:eaa aa, Va , A*»rl 24 l«cS )
8CK1BAL f BPBlt, t
Pa 15. 1
I F an -nS tbii <st' th? la etna? nr.4 e* acin i all of
ailrdut n»l • era .1 lo I p*al I lud Wo- f tl.ln :h*.ec:«r n a
u te iej « a i* b\ok t-»Ia u •* • ap a j ua j * i-h, -ac Bait at
•no* b tit raan er (a at a
Pro r n’al &► *ki- a 4sr a at.y pi* 'll * w *1 fa eon»t fared
Itr tf|k« va oF--e , t<d v l b aib) o. <1 to Mail aad men
a t hmrat • .yh-l*rn. J b a oo l 'ini';
ay order cf B t.aoinr Giunal Jao li IVn m
L. P. PA 31,
Ay L 17 lw _A A. wcoernl
RicweosD, Aprl 15, l*5d. f
jpsem ontsRi,i
3 K* 55 f
a a a
▼ITT. M Uarr Pa-*-a»' r fa-Mac ad r4 iffln^Pi
R i • Ri rne anslk Hid I ir »r N rata Ike :ec*fi prtr It
'-id aid j. a ah t ait • d cl a • fell, arm. &«re >h*n ftfty
re i pr p at d ar U. r illc. >>* l i,r an ui «i I k gi?«n
"I tSa • -. %r a»« rg t a tenure at <b • r .i •» b pa l to br
m hay, ab< i> p i Mill «u atfica* > f it a Mire fcnrcaa, or ike
r ai r bf p .da th* ii ;r a; *ii»r
All .r:*r«*ai*;a . r • d ra ta! ta £:tc ; r -a*Jer at U Irn'PpAf
a' aa ol hi t Alta all otb-r «.ur«ra .ait 8: r a.
a a • a
By co -p and of ha S'cre ary cf Fir,
tpli—lw Aialata: » Adjutant C*«p*mA
ipcfaoii, Ik, Apililh, 1.51 f
ra. 15. f
X Pa a • aahi 1 aad *», Haiertl Crdai Ha. 11, He d^nertrre
Dope Inowl «f Meerieo. mi at Ur* bat 1161 at net at Inal
o tkal pi at o-i ta •• id»ra rf , red aa n tla art U, o ar
... k-. ' • od •* * ‘ '|r*r f
4 • t«
!.#• fa ;i rj a • *ta M rt 1 La» A 1 •* •* cf ir ori In* *t
e«wf • n »*• ib Ta IF f p li^a prrae l*»-d pang r pa »I *
Ginrr I i.iai o ,1. au • wh*»a a>i a«hand to b< th b*.yar aad
. • 4 . uv» Ml ■ el • otay t ■ lift
M v t'al, a- d tba p « d eitnoe i IJ art*, b* ferfa ad o t r itf ra
r, W-O, f ate. »*ad 'n v'a »a - l < ra-r.p o'* <r • a p j.tab .ett
I y or Jar of Bi tg uao.Ju4.2f d W M»kA
i* 4 P5»*F,
ngll-lw A>a atf t A 1 n'art «<c"cra,■
UBiiHiUA.dTF'4-t nfcpTl.F lid .. ICO. i
kxdaoao, Ta., Ifarvb AS, 1: RA. f
kfifCIAL 0RT)I2f, [
Ho M. f
▼1 Re emits. " 1 S or wi'k'ut ^^'‘cre la rberra, ••-▼•l^e
reite aod ethr* - I lore n • ar be -afta - dcValp • i In tl.lt a ty,
fra y eaiaa w at v#r, oil lai dia^cl *f€nfc4. to C a "Ii
dar, t ar La';«» *rvol , %cd rrp ri ». Gal Joba G Par .»r, aan
BAD«uf at Utt a^AL *
By a dar Af Brig Hen J IKK H WIHEX’’.
U R fill, A. A. 0«aeral
B^SI-4w ^ _
r p > «ba C- aiavln tear* 'fthe PladamU Ra Ir ad Cenptny, fli:
1 W ..••r. r ttt a’UaJ «f • anrll’a
Will .-at* Wat Job W I'll «r *, Hai.g? D. foyi and II lam
3 « ar er. af I a • lb fa*: a 4y
P t. g.r or.Ju n F ra uUaxver aid A. J 3 xM a J, of Fori the
* It.an A L aXJohiJ lit 'i aa I Janei Xu a, of ft b •
J ii, H 11.da *y, Le l ■ Piet tad Xal h iw.iU, of € i f * d
o attjr
B d Brow-, Tb e D Jwbitm, *1 vi Hr .en aid kontf# d
Me ef wiiw h vu»»/
ihi* o'« a. J ity G at sa J B1 f W« «na rf AI too tee.
J.»‘n w Cat a a i.us, livjtf. Itlli.c Ti>i Be jia if Par
• i
w 4(1..-. i ».f d • I It 4 J* r *>« f! Ti' -mtl *
or V u, r Mr .y* on afl'r b [• leittjp
Bo .la *1. 1 Kl r l>. «f h. so .B .f •>li,ton.
r C J »»*■. Br , of ,bI abS-l, J »-Ath B Wo.Ill, oI tho tooa (I
* ill ob ltd kUi* I. Ta*lo , af PI. ob r/
To r :■ t'rd « tor l -• h ■ rSoi <f tht turd rj
pf . o«h n-"ld I I « #l-ot, t, i., IB *00 d»*,
ih.ta.b-a> April-** f r lh< | tir if • it w ./oi h th.
B'-.r o W r u rrfortl w ho kr ... . a >d raao r a . t *a ot VO,
P,«io t * . Ok I •
■ hit #•» o 00 -0 ta oa a.t >1 to th- <3mitt, to prat*, arts of
ttiv* k It* o -ia .too oaa l ar.kliortaa rrai.a.,d to a.load
all&Oktl foil
By tho or Jar of t » Iwrrttry of War
kith Hi* T. D MTkkP,
o l tnj nttrt ? A a. 4,
tVDtarlHa. SroimVro' aid Yolo; hpfptaplai! op. oi'
ortt. oo o O', to W r l».p ,rt* a it_to I 14
g«t«ADCOM mr ••il* «on,» Liotti *«•
MTJl'-lt MV.
Oil ttoro to 010 Wo l i lo- Iblk ooa. >\nr ftrthalUt. Tho
l»o.orlp toh 1:11 a i; o>oo hr p -o-d. »«'o.n| lot. tho tor
* .0 Tory Mill o 10! t}jaiod.r.oy. bTttro a tko of .l/Oto.o
ab . thirty 1 to, to ■ Ti- * rooj.lo.iaih too ct.oorip or to wh ora
to ok % i bo. o nlj. orm of tko to- Ink. tk a I beloo/
Alltbra. absprcf-to a ot ho I fit-r. lory oo tii.tr o#»tIoo
should t OT At .AOO i>o bo>i eyortautiy .0 y mill p-akably ho o
do T t no! .or
w, o.l-o, ot too M l oot P’0«ik> m utt t. lo eoaiplot* our cr
otno too oa I tolT tho ».d a boro o I oho o e ■tfurta.rito
• h'.uio bo, %-J akoro thoy atuit ko oooo, ollktr aulant ut;y or bjr
n, . aka Jo»ob oa to uorloo tana hot tko nfht ortfl’o-y It
thi ai >ol .(roroklo ot aU at tho tarn *ffO'l r* a-to af th# t*rrl o
Uime ot ooo: tk a. ak It u.o tko cr to fl*o. yta to tui t
ah-royao pi* to. o .d r.ll.ra yoa toirei f oa tto opytok.Irat of
ktoroil ojj ott o JokiiBook Cul»oa’o ottot, uadtj *yi * •■Ud.a|.
op 11-4 /___J us k.. LldT .10* .
© BTiLBV *««riTtt wmrio.
Tfl.odo- lou 4 ory oo’hor'ood to rolto o MOf- \ o
M M rb TAIXIO ofCoVtl.kY ortkeW.r
to bo eoat o - t.i wtolo or la p rt of tbo*o do *'n o*r
I oo ro o i Ik t if ‘ I tdo yoa i ot U.* <t at I o "-lock
Work. * a d r,.ho to ir.op" 0-to roor/an l.d nd OkU-rt ok
the k k la . f >1.:* ior m lit or Bototlik • i 1 .tmcbU .It f T . by
*im ..OI o all! b*-OJ.K0.1. B uo ISO, •« d • p» . a 'lot mail.—
Motto Cakl. JO HI bar. • ro.k.too Iroop, o
* Oo, h B02*»r SON o f.'tooi :im,"
4 k Baf t Vo. Coro ry. brail a 0. IL,
Or to Col. f. 1. Ooc.ao, Cory otroot, liu .tr.auJ, Vo
opl —«4a
THitt o V Pi C .IITtWikUO PimTHIII
I'M bp.- T't oriil boor r of Cftr ■ kl'.ro a I bo i aid
b< th* foTTruthto , ott lotlTT dolltrt yr mttij • r o * of tho
ko-oo ok*u d too karoo bo k Wad la oa fa ka a<J, be pal* far.
Booar ty a II ho fa- lo a "> >» h roaolto h« pta or bay a, h rset
an or.d.t, aa *«• dit oo hot th: Q n k-.- Mu a: ’h-lr h to # k
j ^praprlatod tk toolafapiba baa a |l\*a far U.o r parabola
*.4w«,.atTnrkV»aa.Tb. wis*:*.*,
op 1-clB. _ OUpt.lo f%A-l-«c t ■"-Oort
S.VIlC d T*» 0*ftHi»**-B«' *’*b«C*
TOM -ATINrtt BAN* A' a M 'tllf tf ho Jr ud of t irvo
bo t >b t r oy, the to t al a rorolot a k a il 4! pt*d.
B^-Of. T t trout rtt I Af or th* -I .• *<-y O ot. a l
- prorata' a oao O'l* a-I be pod an *.l toapl o *a
1 1 V to. a D p a t. HtJ.Ib o af c*r IP.m« a a* aUK-i* fa.-lht r Bo
pk* •• ‘ aoomaathaau ra UraBtU ^V‘.‘Aa'D4lniM
Mi PM ill, at Rott'lTO* PflOB — » ahito*
atoak at lOditerd prlaaa. moay art l.a at
| .p i tf No. It* Mato atra’-V
' r f l s u .t a f iuo._
Noaroia April 20th.—A large Federal force, eufpoev <i
to be S OOO strong, licdsd on the Paquetack rieer, n
Camden county, near Blixibeth City, N. C, yetterd*',
and were atueked ky tke Third Georgia B'glmeni, Co.
Wright, eod Cspt F<tneb»*’a militia company, at 1
c’dock, P. M. Oar imill fo cj foigh: with great biaee .
Tto F.d-ral lcai was heavy. Si* ConfadtraU-e war*
killed, itcludii g Oapt. McComaa, of Heuningsec’t bait -
ry (Wnc's Legior), and Licit. Wilson, of tie T ire
Qajrgii Regimen'. Sixteen were wsaLded, ml fif eet
Tot battle continued fire horn. Col. Wrigbt'e forces
retired from the h'id at mi li lghi, and fall btek to lb.
Ball W.y Him, on the Diimal Swamp Canal, a veiy
strong puauicn, aid baa bean reinforced. Oar woantsc
have trrind her*, and baan placed ia hospitals. M.it
of thtm were wounded sightly. Tae boCy of Cap ain
klc'Jam*! bas arrived bare.
Koar:ut, Apr.l 20 —There was eema heavy tatuen
ading yis.erday alteruocn at the Rip Rape, from wh'ci
thirty one aheils were thrown at Sewali'* Paint, withco
damage. g
Dixhargia of mu ketry, coatliu'cg for sevaral hems,
wo e hcaid Fsidiy and Saturday tights—supposed to be
soot) distance there Newport Newt.
Wiliiisotui, April 20.—Natking lurthcr has beer
heatd fiom fort Mtoon. I Is gsnerslly bslievrd the!
aommnn.oatien wiih the Fjrt bat bscn cut iff. The
b’oekod.ra captured a lahconcr off Capo Ftar La. Fii
day, trying to mtk) her way in. All quiet here.
i^lPMsaoNts lAMlalliil.
Thli Evening, April til.
Hr » a!|M ot
Bulwei’a pl*y of
01*.1. Me'aolle. W. Reeve!
Dear*..“* Afar* raruafwa
QTaw progrenaie. __
uutiv mu jIai.
win b. i mb is ia.
a values cai'Aca,
Obi .DeuSav Keening Nasi,
T It apian- U vtt- le a sett wl 1 be >o*J c'od *a «r e dim
Hub •* ' BopitrU ou *1 fcrs. Yataus.abo «U. li*d *u ori.ui*) an*
Which * hi bo fo lowed by
Many e't'ae iro I arcom label aid talcaad a ale ra !■ IN
Stale La a< k'a1> 'oluale* el <t«. iuu.«ac« ;e >mpart e<I t
ij Ik a tai I team iateiaat as cnlerptl*.
The vlaifrv ** a *f tie cm .art mimic t t in be darat mm >
a*«l of u.c eral a d of
rr 4 HUlaioi—Flf y t -^1
T e t a far ■* U *t a I >b* I •.«!• # *4 B< okstor 9, at d at the
U it a* , eo ear o 9lh aai br <ad stre ta.
['•ora op u at 1 •'•:•• •, P. M. Per j-u»an;e t# wasiatltt
• o\k k
hW i e. iaa I b'.l'a »|.1§-ft
0. ibDwiu.lAmt
( a*9m t royr'ekor of Aa!*®j of Maak, New Orica ae, la.)
Im Mauxuv . AWlag Maaa««r
Flril Strict of
War I! lnstraHone,
With lt« ThovtAL-di of L'/e-ihe Mo lag Alfwea
Hone*, Balierlea, ai.4 all the
Par-plorwflA of
la con»*ctto& ttitrek a! d«!‘a»hUjM of tie
uf Lit bvlith.
Viewa la Li talaaa a»4 Vlrgtaia aaJ the great
Cm KxbVrte-a 1VRIY VIC IT. and Mat! eea«a WTDN0DAT
•ad «A 1 L’uaT, at 11 o'o ock, a M.
Wf~'e*ta eaat* teror* f * 'thoot retra charge at tie Pea oflee
eftae ■» ! franf A IB. hi. » V M.
%W~* • ial*aMn Bn **-\ »' ' • en a' 4 aejranti ha’f ph»* -
leva epta a I e’cie.h. Ctr'Jt rim* «t 9. aplA—tf
TT ATiV«i bfin *4\1««! Vy toy Pnyalctaa a: i maae Meade lr>
1R e l • from ba iLrel imci UD of M/ hlilUl, I hell COP
cla *t ’• d • *•*, tharrfo » 1 «f r 1 y eo'i-e iUm cf G'O** iei,
Hi/.MklUf*. Ae.. o' ?e*y tow ;r«e«. %j itick •vBabuu* ot
JM b .'ec o* "la tr v » nd C.oeer Way
it d . •'•a»»er •lt»te Oa •
U" bo«e» of Adit.allae aad T I w Charlies
104 «'• 1 f Tr.b are
4 ' h le o* New Orl* ant h gar
1 d* fll e r* f cf t : t
Mo o* yk# , Uat«h:e, Tipper
AU«p t .Hi • r, MvaU d
ha: • (* Igbii* da» a?»o)
Vtr-va tof ‘h p 8k ff 1 1 CiH, Cora,
Aad aary other a t e • «•' . • imi. amM ir.
An < 1 uk« tk'e m n.d of *x r*«»i g we g at '.to 'e ac4 eiaerre
that k< to a* e a o««• »n 1 fiie*4» Nr the very .letral pat od
aga «rd y n a aet ry hare •« *0 led to no
f.J"~AU r u a lad h -a t“ m w I cenf*r a g ait fare* b,
va l*»g at itt atari ar c! •• «l‘»g t rir a • cat*, ai 1 an w thou.
a»:li arc , c y y)ia* mes hiv.ag gore n i»o a*wy
LO Fin ■ D* RMBr,
apll r Cwnt of»M.a a-ITcaUccL
4 i\g \ tilt * b it >T ri« t OBwlJON roiikh
HjU Hf he bnk 14 ihUty. f *r aa'e • y W PAT U >N A CG .
«> l* ^et _
1)1 rj , BBM f| BIRIA Art*
I > /..I V A 77 rV- 'h r jm 1 ft. my la « arr d u b t*
• •wUl-* rf r< ma. u he Uoo** rf MtLroecaia tfe *f ».•
0 * ra a tha C afe*orat* Siatee j »» « *• i t m .1. u f'roaaA.
PaTi't. I e n*n.N r «••'«< fr n 1 h a W a r «• e ap*>* do the o t •
®t P*t ne rg a.^4 t e a da i • t l» n # ddi , (V a e fl 11 c o a
tiro c*, lU rofo 0 I. J‘111 Into irrBtTffi r *»f the •* wt»’n
too th of Mrfto a do h. rot? r-qal’v Ibt bergi-al of lie eiiy a d
sLa g of Ibe c«« at oe «f **'t d, t • In d *.n r'ee'.i o a tie eevtral
iiIa< oo o' "i ( V' #t#' bid If a < 1 11 • i IJ all * ftrd ko*» to
0 . the *4:b do of Uepre-oot m »a b (• p !ly, for ft aecb.ro'
I • I h vote ov i/ o*ftlU
*. — i o*o M-dor «> hind o< Qeteraor. •"** cu for »*e real
|t,f v *• |*o Co neon a t«, ft K vine v J Ole Tift <•/ of * y U.
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Fnbtlahe* tad nfer* 'or *%’•—
lowto n’t Rlatory of V!r*»oU— A Eletpry of T'rfUlft, from ho
Siotory and »o ifemmt by to*«p*ftae to Uo preetat time,by
>*rt 4 Hath <*q , » v# e Bve. Tolraa ooo ooola'aa Uo
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«oaaMui Ue bn. ry of Lie Ool my aod o' Uo Btcto, from ITU l»
Iho Bvt %evi»l#u of Al%i .adrift,la 1047, ft Ml
T\o p/'*oft 'at b-#o Ufl«Mo Ua praiioa nf thi» work of wr how
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ft • Of Ta* CITY OF PrfTEJtoK Kfl \M.» T.tk OcUNTIRS O
JlstluDir, t K TftkFIELD 1*0*HATA*. AMELIA, N- TT%
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TvB *1 1 toon (*n ihe I4t*i lost.) War# to fl • (be vaeaao/ lame
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e |;» o* oiei .i pro'orri «e «*• •> h*r c u 1 ofc.»*e mail *
t* duly ;• BB«lt g* )V*.re| hi do y */f «ett r ll g and d
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m r-r V.' r.t.^OLfn1 F. an re
Arn llth, 11,1_ _ V T-tc:.
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r. y 4THO OR 1FI :;>1 iUkii. l.-ia r« |e.<
p » le a dp Ivtle I .fsta’lop * » 1*17 • t • o to y • it n.T»
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»utf i;et ;e fi'l tke *«*t i. * t«.o—d by <rt t
on • A »',yor ■ on ■ J R -*■•.» tr. 11 • . •
a.itt mr f 1 ow • t a n ia k. k • • • f U s at f‘ ».
rail 03 ao« ■ frit t a -it '.I1' • par , ** :i si* ■* h ! wv
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I..* ir# »t • r • s *f our r.x ! ? « . xl • e <•— « r 'ei <
lb* ROftT Si*n» O'*- 'fc u If XM\ r r u - • I*so le • c Id k
0 sera Is t tka •- $ ui . if It *»• uo I v
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i „?sd«-. Tul d p<ai t< - uf ■ • »’•« iV fir 1 r * o»*h» tr i*l I
i-n bli «1 Let us k* of 09** ssloi rr r. o* 4 oH • ' yt
•iv.l. #:»i rb’ send* f rtb o :oy r.f bo , g d.ag bc|iooss<
dir post, o haikt* fro finals c rs.
1 i s sr t e bcuor to bs year t ltd s I »•»**» t,
op1)~td« 04AKI.M P. OOLUIR.
oTiat voti BioF Tin; at
C NIORUWA* DIHT \C — a s p roe lot
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in i : ti >n uf ire Hoi A r*r A. fijs , oit h r**y plv.f*e m
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'•os o' K chord I by, >'H«
i-or* to «t I or, .'i.k nv, D i' pitch, ari Fvn or< Fxtrer
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‘k« **lo' f leo sf; o torero! portions of ik b 1st* ic , . kerit
p ro ut ■ a«|/ u 1 ot.dlU't '» 11- seal lu Con .rest .sods ?
ssa* by ihe r s r Jk\ .n J A « Moo. R'go A. P jar.
Rabp.ciMly, jsu f si. sva.
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on o r t Mr. llVlf R. AR' IE, os a CAli »«
fit r 4 uos of l)«l«cttoo, to fi I ths recons/ cresUd t j t- •
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W.1 K. Ill; fLEH A
KO 17 PEARL irrMoT,
HATE stMl on hi d I ■ Od r«u u#p y ti o'o* s' rrorr o't'f
us i»l'.r ou *4 in tb-lr i « f brs n «« for s-l« »l Air si
m\9 s sly of totod. L«m- tab#-, No. 19 frii] m -0
•plR-f WM f. . 1 TUBE A IOP.
ri MM. * t 3t B.» 9$ St l.t Ali. tf || -i , a r el I fs
r tiftoi .Inf * "iboll u«of ri3oee I'tt-t 1 >tt nbi.lt 1
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f.g-fcik Bo»oaoah, Cho. iSaio -, Itublis aad - e« Or ooo*.
p^rn »i p. RKirr,
aplE—<fiv Cklsf of Parrou of Ord. ond AiotoU.
IW VI to enlist ten good d.lv#-o for air bi'tlfj. To oip'**’
erred r*m 1 wl 1 g ▼- firty dol ors soch, In oddlUoa k» tie
(i rsro »nt Ho-*- p of |aV.
\ o iu* se i “ear to «■ r.:cs,Vat ^h«iss term o* on 'stue* t vl!l * a
p'fe rturl .fi Ui' » •nth, wit bs r<« 1 M upo * oprllestloc to U.<
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M%_ AlVnR 014. “ shots oh bant a T.r seper er ’
•f Mickioe OJ, soluble Jjr the di**t nc'l • ry >r s«lo tj
A. Y *TfKR*A
Oomet lfiik and Gorj luid.4
VlTftoffff for Ml* al A'/’l a. r
and btya, vcmm and rlrl*.
tbit C#ni«r Fraakha and Wall iu**.#.
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taJ MBiuec ^tre Voiu>l.l * r«v*ie
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if f. ur rioan«; al , a Hike *:a io la r «# .fan ka
(Mlr.tal oih.r atai'ol*** f.h. ' *»t .* 4ml eb.« a r*« g 1
#r tto» a cor«o'ft>.-ci a * » a i f<t.lti, a-»•* l« I* a* *«!•
Altrier Ittika ted In a vj fat* r.^ib o-b o and
.••Tt-’(Uj bu< .»«. T e lv 4, f.wBU 8J feet and calends bar*
& fe t io * wile, p./ad Urey
A I. VO.
Av-’u ;>.« t. IdUif.- ’M alf ii g co l>a *aat, hf vln Or tame
' « JepU. ilia veJ a«i wifb the aboU.it Iiull T.faa,
irr.pea, Ac.
££'~In.*>»llit» y after Orabovt, arill ba aid U* 'a'l* BH«k
e»l- sc:. I .* ■ at li ^ beta! !itf a elton • f Mai aad 1st
ira«*.» j ml >■. * a Jeoe* cf r»*od rek lab? taoa Baq ar.d
•a . toccc pa.e* of M- ffdwl* Dibit i li .aa.ainf abaci 10
>r i» tuck a teal «o a Ug« brick K uebaa lb* l If. ia* W
Minlmm t « ikr.'Oc . fi'at atr*«b
Ta i. — J-c b 1 e el balanc* at • anf IS Berths fa aa
al : ) t D.t v. In era.< a-.J d and •toured by a t a i deed
• iaera *i iaad a^ce .or 1848 o ba paid by the iard.»»»r
* M li J • 8. !U TAYLO ill «. Aacu.
uodtrtanad b«l g atKorla d Fy lb# ftoorvuuy of ^aF
i o*-** a remrary cf i Igitii fa Ly f-r ilu war. «td bayf^i
i<e*i alht’hares M Ii«i ana Mr. W. J. Pg Uefac, A. w.
Le.,taib* ant* pike. b«»# • j er*d a re-rot.rg A< « ft*
a •'*a f 10.* rr> el, between Ma n aad l ar.a atravt*. Iboae
l ria. In lb * coat toy w.ll receive ike a aal boonty, *cw
hl. -npary .11 f^rma part if l e bat a 1 a of ’.afaa'r# b« og
h«d by k O. BcoU, Jr. kaq., who caaj b« fcaad a! tba sane
ap 7 — 1 a__ t
iAM aa hcr-’a-a by U.t (••▼era* r at Vir.lata lo anllel ertq
p* n €• f in In* y; Ida, M t u» at • *d Id »a* Oeafedera « akT
we, n>r ander uarrb ng or»ie a to complete the HA* 1 f raant
Irgula V*to t.cra, i.oa n the 0 nfe-larate aaivira. bhe canal
iii'y o' |ju will ter I i tie m« a
fl • a J * Ling to rale* •• mpan ei, crbatlrg rev »ao*ca alr*adk
bM ta J but t t 'a atv icgiiuanl^ e«n coirepocd afvh the o-oar
gaad at Richmond, Ya.
nat mn,
an*—1m llaateaan <’< '• /I.
2tHT.J Cwtr pany la onw p'«p*r«d to raia’vf Praroeaia for the
1 Ura Ji ~x. hi Id. log and Hjpe ttricmre cf t etr ea'iie lt»ad,
.*ota M<« IWrii, oc tbe Huj. o T««m a. to Or* og*. °b » • aabiu«
ear, on* t anirvl and a*v. rtren mil*#.
Tb« r/ad p. ■ at- uufh th* priUrtea of C< loe» 1 a a r* Jo* of
aax.tr/parecilylaaUy and abnd^zly inrpMed a1ib pr* v a
oa, bei || j i a to the free a*«ak and gr*JBvyo«l g »foi
'text*; and a f* troni k.v*a au, th t coatlof tba Dal teUg I. ed
M*i.p a a l: Bank.
>ad ivt«u of T.x > and hd* c) «jq ng fe . u whole c cun try one
fIN mut pro uotlve icgtoi ■ on ’he ceatloiBl
Th'a Cetupruy ulll be p* pared *o cen raet with ere crree
'Mviiieale fer IS-e cuel uc»iu ef tb« whole or a per*, if tt.rtr
%d or to bl • rom or.# '• tv< thouiKad hegiott
P• vmi• j u wltl jc kid* ’a money, aid tuch propor'lerecf iteefc
« # cult fc* tech ilaie o. verb
r inpcrtaU a. pr vtatonc acd el t> tag (cr all Hegrcec kraef t
* ‘ I* w» r wll b« *urnle! e*\ if ricel'ad
T era w i: hr al« u.itv&l ton rr 4 a be If c» bio ) a-dt af Flea*
t # . and Ecbax.kmem, aud ab ut ttlrty tkeoiand .toe. I to* l ef
r 4. la .
Thar nlicf ear eetrzBan.'y >rquire the compl t ea of •' 1# real
t»e i'r* lr l p ti'tle .to-#, and il will be doLe. Ml In'. r«tWd
mien wl 1 keep to . to r a L
Geeimu. 1 a teat an', b* aidreeal it
A m. tfE'fTTT. Tr eldeot.
cr t f. L HaaloT, C lef It g ever,
B" Common etc #t, •• o I en«.
Cotaae! Gentry to be feuad a: the H|h tswu :d dctel M ' V4 t tbit
•oath__tpll *•
ftdlLirr BOAPB.-A cV:ce lotcf ToUetioawn Perfemee
L Pomade?, Tooth BcueLee, Ac., for eale by DOVE e GO.
aUNT A J AM Ed hav# removed fr?m the Ooruer cf Tlrffr.lt
and Cary Pireettuo d:cn abo##, to the r. we# reecnPy ##•
.apled by UcMra J hneoa, Trnrhea t A ' aughan.
Th#t hav# in etore for eaJ* a large and varied etoek ef *rer.ufae
r#d t.'baeeo of nearly nil grad we, to which *et.e »oi a^ditfcw. are
«lng made from ma n ftctarrri In thte Ha.- kud No t ttoi. Hna.
FV y *le • have o- hand a good etoce of Fleur ef al. g.auea. Alee,
**p4 A pi lee and P**r hr#, ^u’t«r. A<* . Ac Je7
> >L( K .11A MB.—Recced ihU day.AptL 6th. A) Ibi Blue
13 Maea, for .e.« by
ap 1 DOTK A OO.
VL11T, Pataih end Hal flodu, cn hand and tor «te
by il.• b A of. aplt
f 1H&W1 J i\ 1>ACC0 —T1 • ^n.et and m«tt fnwu'a fiad*i *f
L/ wt rv -c aod LtsokligTu' aeco for aaie ij W. PJI'Btt.t'W M
New Arrangement.
and a<t r h« i’i •* Ap-1. '•* P rk»t liU -JfTTlc j
" Ea v e wi I run *.» rc ■ a to Lex'ugten a« w,U
•4 Ly.tchbo g and Burba ar.
nil no# Burnt***
iT,Lai* »»»■.
. ljnckbu*x- - I.7A I To Bu#h i*a I B
i.M't *l!eh stu 1 mii a* aft T M Uo d«y, W#L ee 'ay aud
d*y r e. • chb g in 16 h »ur», in I Lea* glia »ad euee
an, a: 7 I* V., the M<*oad d».y •»
n inn ioit —■
Will •rr^moiry the thro*g# Beat a« fer a* ColimMe, to ave'4
irewdlug au t tc give #a<:< pa sca,« r a B«.th.
Ltavc T extogt n and Buchan o at 3 A M . VcrUav. We're#,
a in F.U. >, r#%ch Iyuckou g to IV hi re . ad I hai n 1 la
• h «.rc
Hrliw eee time of irr'.TAl rid Fare tetwiea Blchmond esd
) aebnu/g
itei mi. | viwc naa
•ave r.Uhmtnd, 3 p » Leave Lynetborg, p n.
• I - | A -1 *e at
'*4er P.tat, V)% a m. to Reov Ore k, 11)4 a ra. tit ,
nEli, •* 7b ; Tjo B v«r, k • IE
u * la Mg •* Mi ! » e . davlle, *'
ivCiitu, 7>* M ft) | fa tt.vlii V •' tf>
viu t e, n •• iwl •'•wit tm, I?** p m i4«
• I«. rdavtlle, Ip. v. 1.6' eacllt, V- " 11*,
'* lit r. itf •* [, *.»eri r, tyg *• 1B»
n» *r%*k, t.S " It'edt P*tal, » " 1 •
rilbirf, 4 a m. 176 | r. cLce. d, 4 am. 76
t. EDM *: B 4 C .
*.: 1 RDTIOK.
FlYIVfl Ei h • < d l y the War * cractmer* tn ta'ae,
• . ■ r , » at* u •( mr-Mrr.
r • . r ' c . i •/ • 'I *c«r. n )t u.v to it. . r.t«-1
i < ■ r. ; ou *> 4 :.M‘uvti «• «U.r<
r L.t It .*i-rl.klrg, *tl
r '. .it;, >r *c<l.-cte tv. Il «r tlo,, tMMT •(
I . . .1 :r. i
» < <f unaniro. fcoir.j*.
* IBB zot A VB>
I ( ' '■* n* *■ |> 4 5 * IWiI-j % <•<♦'■•>44* 4f IYY4KTFYtfc#
S - •» « i *• cl% \*iotU4r«, It bo uli4 l * f ?«
\ , n <* I ;tn 16 fh« 4i*«’ • 7 «f lk« 14 • C H
j f .r %r »•# r tr tUd oy H 0. F P» 4s *n U *h* X'rv
r r I « I’ « ► 9 bn »nt y y<( r 4»ki bi fTni »'• W4»*n#t
ir a F»1 c •.» I 4 3 4 1 Its .ad bail g *!•••» Ca^i.
» I- h»■ rl4*i'4of h F •* «k V4'fcl 01 ’l4JmB4t 4X<rcla*(
' 'aUlM'l D tfi»» cutftl-*• 40' b-q«w>i r* l
y* . « (H«r "« i I 10 •Dt'*r Ui'ji a r • I I applf *o h* 04
I* r* . r-J, • n il.h • r»«t • te do r 4lort if la Th* ••a*4 • «o»
• q ib- «'ll It )*ali l..t kc4 » b n bu*l< rad la o tc« Cat 1
j 5 *"?!■___ or. ptBDieoa.
l« la ti J NT ••Th«»«rp d«*:ri bid Itiri low oi wylid by
1 n», cer ir of iSth <o4 Cary itrtili.
Pm amt -a klroa Immediately.
mb 3d if _ SWOBtHAGABBlrTfS.
"T LIbbta of G'ne se tvhle for Prfr'e’t and OaMo-l
T"tl<n, far ana >i tdb'ADB A HAd Ca'd Href Bu ra tsd Vila
eraet. eor. above P. <>. _ !• *
Hb*M I * <i lt\I H( »Al b.
I A A Ppr>X Over*i4»%mdapUd vo the appreerhiof lawn, for
LUW tale by BaUlWl.N A NT1 CL'AMR,
*- mhll Ul A 111 Mata aireal.
Ed Qsi CarrcirtsLa "irtitr or Croat Aatuxui, I
■librnood, '4a *h 4th, .bid. |
HATING mral I' reailee lubeil'atei la tbt« battery, art rra
d-s'roaeof er.liitlnv 40 lola.il eat A'd reap I'abie yuolf
:#nUeawa to SI: owr rank!. Nona but sack la wlI aai.a lna
0. an daaat'p'lr.D will bt receierd.
Sebttttalet a 4 alrraly la 1 amp will report tbdirralvro a* ba
.adeir-ioa. cn-oerof Uth aad Clary btreali to medW’.ely, alhcr
rUa they will bj dibit el.h, aa art. rien, Acootdloa u> law.
STAPUTO «*crtjayi«i.D,
WH. «. TANNB*.
mhA—*/ OH*S It WB?G»M.
PKIKTKIAfN IXh.-Sait lad B .b lab. a qwe.ilm
to sal. parrhaears. maaifiaeturril aod for bale br
fait w »rr»««/nt a on.. ’«A *».*- -|
-•T»KLI«t« I SC "AMIS la twi Ijl.tariaabl
. . d ad rad e'ebly poetde, or aala.
ao’d- l _n - ON < n> -wrar B,t,
J) lit Hir’d PiIAeilM Ml’ITKl'.B II >iuta.<
ij In TI (loll am be h»dof ai proa.lo.it Dregtln Id taa at
r ZirUmond A si N’t. Hoar d a n will ba pbid far a!l rap
wply bot lei. at Mel ri. ttiwl Hiss a'd * W 1 oaraa,
I aralrta, 'll In : tri't. 0 data for Baler's Cll . is promptly I led
aa osoal, by iddiMala* B BAb > a, P**p*r. *
fr-’t___Bittern* Ta.
'II.SC ni.'ln AND Rv. AIM 01*1-III buAtte Jlsl*
11 alas ObAttpa (n STjes, 60 ba-bals Mamin's Vaiy nay t tr
oll do, 1 half pipes Old «,nms ay Biaady; in suai nid i ho
r •; Cd <•!>• lant Mlu*, for laiiby WM MalLACA Ai.M,
Horrir Pearl aid Oiry Atr. ti d.ll
tor Boll fll’ttlTR MAUN 'U* rad Ball u fiw
r pr-pand lod sold br U1A0B A BABBS, Ibsioisn
tins, 149 Mala rst, c irmr abort P. O. ioi«
4«r*so* iwihi hath km pbhibw.
II»«, far matlni Boots aid Sb..n soft aa I da.ibli. aad
r-Hr^roor, for tall by J. P. DC VAC, oorairif Mail aad ISM
• trinta. jal*
THI ’ >>10 llt’io hi snyapcl .IsfsM rooms 'xfn Pr id
aad Dtb trie s. for a baas .' anl wOJ bi i ebdy to ready*
oioat ffii of all kinds o 1 oast Mod ay,
• •Ici.nm nla tia (boo d ba ad I a bid >« Msa T. K, W
N •'. B is bad, mar a« r o Haatar a d (Vnspor dtrs oy*M
< f*b#N • ale i#la on to .7 *
1 r IPTA. Moal.tur’s DitteM, mat rnnir) by
I l»H Irt * b OV. w. I... , rxn..-taai
t 1 > kMN'i P r rt—. tatel I t an r.o.Uid oal C. I are of
! JL> b, »JalidW i Osi, Dir (Ula. ayl.

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