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Daily Richmond Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1861-1862, April 21, 1862, Image 4

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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. .? ON'D WHIG.
,lii utii) M Ulg m Kl« Uaaaew*—t*mf ikt'Car
lien. •
• .. jrta; tkrr.u»J for tna Dailt Wbio within the city,
v » 7 regt ..-A." at ft transient re.de s, end the diih
cu‘‘- >f aatiefacWMily supplying both c>4.--ea cf readcre,
* .larrrDg «rr*»ai hdap'e 1 on'y to cTce rabscr.p
iioas, have indued at to row rt tj the only 'euribie
mode of muDadis# a Urge city circulation, to wit that
of to fit Carrion, from Uia date, there
fore, no anbicriptioue for the Wis to ba left with.n the
c.'y stJ '-o UheiA at tkaa oflea, er.d aU peraose indebted
•or subscription to the present time, within the eity, are
r-' 'v.cd to call at the oSce and esttie their accounts.
Tre Ctrriers wiB, of couree, coirinne to deliver the poj
pet a the preeeut asbeenbera and receive pay for the
.rane at the rate of fifteen cents per week. The public
w. now understand that all reotru-lioo open the sale of
the MTs.ti'by Carriers within the eity is removed, and
it a. wl o war, it may buy*s from the Carriers or have
b -ft tor them at their reeiioacee or places of bum new*.
Sopitmior lark. 1**1.
--- ■ - 1 ————
t-^var^ 1U ft L.iUy «k' DtHAUT
WV.Je yr »« *4-A • ■ irrTtVT*.-I era’. j Atjlo lav M an«
» . '»■■- is-*s 1 ' a -aw-ais -f ire vArtovs bris.'fiM if
' •» "jttf .aa Qc*. aUctaie Buies, ace la abroad, la
Of H” i u‘n A- H .one, t*.«y r, ItuUon
« r 1 -v- 'fee, »5>anB tyoolis. dee., wb'ab l wtii
K - -• » »! fair yrljAi
< « ■ a —. j- e*9« j ouw<n Ba«» kite*
-. .. • : . - .aai '» ■
» j 5 • •; a»«*y fdart^tioa,ia the »«el aalaer.sal altka
tooii- .i ie » »ctr:r.
Patl'agsr ted «!<rSnil«r,
ttlita atrook, Hieiiwet v*.
iraiC u<ii- ^
’risk r I- e-0> a a'ew of m»Ata|yvsie .a
_ 1 • ‘N ■ 'V *-» -u» aa oar meet ef “ at
y.-.'M Wt s*»; : u
- bsiaa »; 1 - wet-faayd •'Mia**,
AW “ Oaasaur*
-as-a llaavbac '-rHaja As«t fbirttagB.
. X as:ra Plate A- l tvj-: }aea3u. (a.
• • p aud PtAid loBef'^for ierve
1 a a. as Tied, aft,
•*. L-i&lfU i. A 'Vipva Si -SUCA, 4
1 SC CAM k’.OC/ Cr-.cis,
*■ “ Ocn aide
te “ Ccis-rd r..T.f**'m,
** “ K o t.'jr. .-a AOdTeaed*,
I . A |» AsserAS-ar. .f 0.4*7 aai H 4 U«*na .«|na'vn>.
tr-aA lame, Lewaa. FUlu, early u j Cnbrci!
. - • a I fopi'Sr. -Ida, Q«aa rswtv, <*tl- w, au, A- .
all a: etiat »• au. aaa; tary tcaaj- U td« cash j ....art areh
Vfib- a r afw4t
K . 1 PVATt > .*«a,
,-t ^_ _ A].--.aord. ta.
II t V« fk J \ V tsT
RMimond, V ir^inia,
D S 3 » 1 k L C131 H l S S11* a ii k ■« a" J k IT S,
tj • .for -a. A'-f M»saltc» or. a-.J tr.i-.ktuA Tcbrcco
tans n-r».-4 r.e tec His wl*—«n
■ 0r-.% -.-A-4A r leyub'tr Va .acIau iyKtali". awl ffrcdrr
. »r< n«»a »U1 >•' 'Pf « 4 •! a lb t-w- .•■
\ vu I t!»i-«i' . II-I, K .»
• * ? lpmeitad tiar oui--al .ii «I UoaariAiil
l*. , -i «a«-« * ^ru r . tic i eui of a- i
,, 4», ju, .IvboaaQ tv -it vi' ’ ape.-, as 1 »1 D a- nu
■ ,, a a Ai4e'a rabjo i inarrOA'.r . A . ■ HA-Ar T .u..’' .-tv,a
i a1.1 aad i'e-.» C"4a ' ' U- uJ rciHlaf of rftrt
i.*- 4t . ep *vt, eiahona lack lo-..A e.-j; |M>.ia
V i ' I ?-« » W"» » thl* city a ! a ! >ru af U« >? V.r
r • 1cmv»<t !• «te villyiacrc Vila*.
,m - i .• .-a*-. u~iv*.*a1 BAtlafAciloa a* 'at aj t.,«
u b *en Ab.o t MCfrUii. Ilcanba cbiA*ua*i .'*lha
I, « « R.V • A3i •' J Alt. p. OCTAL. I*Tttk
^ . l*r «t - %r 1 Masafbc irar_
.r Lirv<U lillury Otp*: ! w*i«
r , *, -f.-,. • • c a 4 K *U1 , ►, lha W . t.rj
’i c *a.iei -. « .a.*|« a * l!oa« Mat. * a ta f
♦ cy. O.ecAi! Klacfc Caial %a* f*»*aaa !*rly Capa oae
4 4 . f, k.. < v'li.iaaikt *rabftt te*aa a* a a.'j c;t|
. 4 •-. • *•' AUaO!-.'»Al* icjireJ lo eft j Hia:i A lUvry
• . ‘ t . * ,vlir»c u *%—u *t Cap Bear K%raf.o
J Vj !*T .< -> . » K • *up. .t * <V c.. U»c «
i*awa »4ai» ? .r la* Wb -*nia \u 1 t. Alt vtU 6* nadai
. •' ■■ ■ - ---• - * > -
. I A> AiliBAl.b ,
o jv aRvos jstrkit.
44k ?o- i • Fa.; PtAi*, CA-T-cticp, Oil Cl©lha, M«
j3f3,.r i .Nyrrcaa aal B^Ta, W'^vIoa bcil*.
.* i\ * . .. W'Ji, 'f: *A.t u pnc*a —
• - yrC at*. * at, ttAia 3 4 ll*ttrb«aB naJ* ic or4«r a* abort oo
• r ?i^ar iigo; .:«ta Q*S ** comalry bj ••partcr wer*
*•2. "
. > a'£*i: r\u Hie * a/r »4
/?! 1 g . n •"« .4.rib ra aul ?.aOi a ?ut.* Sat
i * i y ' i* wraan'il. 7 *« **\iu w-.‘%i»-aju \
»• t - v4 - aupp j v -b-r w.t 3CTT5A, a 11 •'aangb^e
/ r.| ; *4 etwaalta 7 # »r a\iy f*a a a u.a1 ' - o* t>a«ic«ia, l t*a?
U« ••ny a* nv a. ag p p « .• of ?«■»: <7<ar Oaitcr w t.
-4 .ra M3A)| A a* 1 a • V pall up .3 vubatAr.-ar a! vh*»op
kfca av4U ii. v2t «r 4-i 1© n*r*«i a^ • .aif or u y '*
„t.;cu I « l.i'j^amaw ras- to 1 a:. <*oa»'*E:uoat->t
'saa ik-4.ay ng *.ba a^toi p 'ey, ana. u 1 ical *t
- «*o 1 • ’• ■ 'i.. r i. ■ , '-r a*.*s* #or -at be «ant na. 1
.« Ti2:;c. • 4.1 *\n a%*a it ta tba Ic -rrat o* bpt *Ba faracr
r-, 4« .t« * !--•'!'♦ r-i • >c *ny vt>*or *nac;-j
» Uil sj prtaAi yocl j in TAi! J3A.* pATticu ar At’au
v. , tit .< La :- >♦»* ya seal baratoforv
a- » 1 f.ct a> a/yrar> a ?r-c: i1**'i*i i a 1 * at#bo a «Bf%« ^
1 t A.4 . |
ti*i -f*„.i ^ c.aajcnl of aaiu'a**.: ^ •
*AllfB -S J0M8, AjesS
8rw - aeJ OtnslsAao MarehACk
k_; - A C -!i • ■•« *.<-*■•4 -wl, U
- - •'! HOI
rATiiln'J F MtiA V'B.
? «a *r-t:<n«1 \f ay a-.-O'-cd the AoeUoa bajiicA..
J. • - t " - 4A1 • • « . *i '•* “• Ivo^O 914 FTA-4U3
.%;a*» o :u.-.a4by Bt‘l * * . .<• )uT.
t . , •, i . ' p % I p'-'caic.j, A31 aoH-’ii AK.<
, %.a c %* xai i jt»ua «i*-»#ra j. Ha p.aU;ai M«
|. • ._• • f' . f %tr .z* . al i fl*Uara bircac *
. • • • *
r ' k ift ''-'■•iA Ha ** iaA*e >a~4l »1aAu<'^«
t, * . ?4. ,f •. .ai a pra, » ri io a Ari pa.aoj* ao
e - .* % 14 *- P-r wrTA3V!— h%Ttnr *t i • a**•)-*•
c -roKfe*.
» • ' atraal.
UCiniO*D 'rOTTEi: £S.
jMCT oy ^U»* 10J. Th*
v tkl* ‘-i tin? A SO iif3 3 T ii A E T t*,
<4.i fi^lvM>a VA.
il.. I!32 It! .i" ^
i a ^t*k x -i*.
. - *.-f. • . ^r- - •* -c* «r.* a? Tt-f^rra.
• ..a «jjaa, %. .v.baa %-a -.aa-Vslori. g
‘ .ft t 4* — 7 . If* r rs. ♦'-u’l •* .'Oarer
—“ » • ■ it •■" v.< ^> ,i»raS In Any » r-f lb?
I BS * -4 4S.51
,. h DAVItl F.1F<
\ Ji ’• n -4 -it nr art* l-*, *v»r v •
» hT'l »'• « •■' r *« *«* _ __* 3
» W **/.«. f- r , : .* *
* .4 a - P*Tl iVW - ,M t 1.:-^ .

< . - I1. *■' ' »'« !-r %'t, v 4r
t • •,*. tr fp *r-> • N • *J * . f' - . ^ -3*
*.4 »l \M ; MB* •* I) ! b VIM'LKl.
4 *> • V«T 4 I P MU «
Vl'li I* » #* \ ; *-2i UU2 )
*. i*. w. ‘ a . C . iij*
C rr- • • • : %-t-r % to*d «t*pply <*a hand
* - li*gt z Rapo*.
a vnr.r^iD,
’ S° M *ln r 'Ml
, .; v 33U \j«i • «, fc rra*ara!n* *-4
-/ !«» <' s.frp'-v- a Jan. for ta:a at
■»* . tr c'.m« 'A 4*1*1 a» r**t, curort a -rt
• . «-'i«
tB,Y 9 *.V in - a*.*. *- r Rciy r? *.-, ,•*»
• « HUNT * JAM!**.
rvrn*** V, aw4 Car* m
<y.^ a > « * 40 c *«, c«Mr h**^!*T.’wr
**’**J rnnftn'>,o>vn>nrt4cr
5, I3 l | Call** P1.:.•»•! fl'4**n, P> * Ck**—TO 0?« f
l.'-* 4? a.Mrta, ao* -••*▼, and *a •* >i 114 Hair Ri
W 4 1H% 4MITH
jv» V *t*1 O SUbiY. *v# »u** 14 fc ni.»
( • ■ .!,•■;• LyoO tt'i C?.J**n5 %—l «o *1n< r.*a ’ • *toti
• * • . «• §iLr-*i : 4«* /, • ’! wr* . *r« t*M->o c<*3
. '• ;t'l •» «1 * mk <1
%. r- 1 %!*.*«' ant*. H Pra- n *
« » %•■.- «|i ;r r LOTHINCJ — Mt *-><* of OH***!1* **?r Ml
, . ij*’ w «• uiilff'^l otw l *,*~*ny
. % 4 w . It . T*'**4lr W'.ns
, m - 4 k «|* 0**r C»at*. M*r an • Bo*’ Suj o i
- * 7^r:«:* of otl*r at?V*. na’taMe f .r tfct r*t*l»
n 4i ft'.s a n» mtv.i"'- of tr.f tnio. T.. ««
• ^ v * > cr ; lo ' 01 it 1.4 M ‘a wr^rf.
** TH
t i -T’>~ »n « re» v'' rr-jab-i Cutf^r, ;u*i r* oir J
• a « 7 «f». £N 4 kiL-lS, :o»3«r roarl ate C*'7
• •»« acS
1* • p 1 bn- aa i. uv —-^nd a n i . ja«% -cai»«»l
u.4*r 4UJiN a mT..LKR. «•'»■«■ P.*r, r.JU’j
‘ P:/I P >r'*’ ^-R * 44.1'j nraai, la * «r* and fnr »a.t l y
'ij“. If ^ % fflul W e- raar P*ar a fV? au*a*a c9
< OIL A tayerkr anlclt of CU»« vi1, f * »*!• b? ■* PI
P rtUON ft 00 or9
’ r ^PTr‘ Nil soft IX. last r*c«v*d .od Aar tala b/ W P«riER«*M
. ft OO r“f
Ob- V* ftk a-l; • ?lo. 1 * MIXY
W r+t -4 » VJKf 4k
lo flora 401 fv r •*'* »/ W. W W bOLTbRIDOl,
•* •
TT ftTft^A €«ft*ft Rft. “Jail r*c*:*4< by *47 of Oh aria*
"A bal O. ****4- aary flsa Savaaa 0*rara O CftAKX,
*15*_f fta-Kaooa IWl
4 f*r* -s T4ftM -*• <m maBi «apar» r <V.a>B Tara* ^oa
* ;* * •' kakalwa, ♦« ff-ra aad "•» ta»» at !•* p^raa by ftXNT.
»*r»» 4 OP _ ..II
'■*'* **'f rflo _i t*v ],r rxvl<«4 by
•'*'_ r»OTi *00
■ ' V ^ \TiHi r,'« t»M. > r by I » luOkl,
lb *.»<». ”»» 9*’.i
\\rt Incite ice ollenlios 9? the Partaln* Cc«i»ii*l*>
!a|U 1,** been trtwJ by men/ peacecal Pa ct'i, tai prnnooBOtd
bT u.«o to e • ve eery belt Implimaot *it tor prs-art-g
the; ef *.r ..-‘toe .-■»* r» . » <e*e "i* y cocerii.gthasaa t
e>u iMt I ■ with toe l> r»« delay l"» * J! lie ta gle Plowt,
W * , —a.. • L lee r cht f rl>< tats of Virginia. >nd ere note
a, :ateetVr ca or 11» eat slug »s..oa,4ad.aspe,tful ylacito
Inn ||.nl»Al.oa ml LlC.
6L01G1 WATT k
uHEAT UAKCAlSk 1.1 011 V UOODa
Bli BS, *0
^PrClAL a*Uee to the ell, aad ooantry ptopl* la want of any
n < ords. wo ild do well by calling al No. 4’ Ma o s're'L
B.ringars /large Hock of Prints, Lawns Ja-oeeiu, Organ
Jliw plain .... figured K.recee, b'.acS nnd oolored Silk*. Shawn
and . .. . jia.. kl.aeocil nnd b-own Shining and dhe- kng, Csssl
nieree anl it-stocky dear A rtrioed and domestic ft r men and
e-rean.j, LnJ.cs' Gaiters, Morocco, Kid and Calf-Skin Shore;
Mines' aad children's Shoe. # a ersry star and qnalily. Linen
and Cotton Qt-oje, for men o ,d hoys Ladlea' Slla and Lite Thrded
• .torse at 1* eeoit; kl.l'a al ST* to SO eta: Unen Boa«maatkh
coots, Irish Linen 13, nj* end 30 ceote; Parasols, plain
and striped, at 13 cent*; Swiss Cambric and Jaconet M film;
pink, bine aal white Tarletaa, at att-nishing low prlcee; theBanl.
Cambric woraed Baade aad Collars, at coat. All those good,
a bore,' aai a great many, too aamsrnas to mention, I oSer or
salt, with oat ehargtn* any more, ae they were konght beiore the
| bar! times had er mtrrcd, Be oareTal that you come tc the
I ,T ““a ""**■ JQKPH fiTBtrWB
Msibll'ril'd OF tO-r'AHTAEAhhll'.
IkRI Po-Pe.-tee-a.-Ji' il Carksoa, Anderson * C*.
. wa. dlsaolwen on Jaiy 1st by mataal aiONii J. 8- OUa*
am will sates -be ba.'nbss, thoagh eltker partnsr wtll tigs in Hqb'
ialLoa. Tt» t*#kf tad moeo*:\\» ?A1 %• bill ** Ura
cu-uo* ACa.. Pe 10* Mbit Kr«* 4 C1AKKKW,
J. V. APPe-wc*,
fi. Wuvnu-L.
ON bed aft M thj IbtS our lain wUl kt tor -C8‘».«T «»»» *
3 _
j \\ itx OX 3c Q1BBS*
KranTa- nr
j. k. GiHii-s .-am Poum
POl’tnorlTiS 00 rNTT, »A,
5, Mil's mars, a gu-rd on 'er oalenle granted to him find J ate el
VL'-or, 1at»d JsneS, iS8i,redssaed Jdly 1A1S6S. Patented
ongrut 10, !*®\ rehraary SI, 13w>. Also Unerased onder til other
Paten's, icrrr'rg the entire cnngtonctlon of the Machine; cones*
• aent'y there can be nolitigation is regard to the patent right,
‘ills res c rap.I rated and the meet perfect working Sewing Me
r*iic* or v la u*e.
itfoiB* a fit*. e*cn aad c'.ui!: Mtm, whloh U wetteoIeJ act w
t'p :z 1 -1 :tAtblm avea *11 Had* of lAbrlc*.
V,tooiS3to.’3. Brsry M cblee ^ >BtnB>
Bebia'f Did 3k,
gK(v4 Tflh Eld *. —is
Kh'H.10ND CIOTH1HG fliMyil'
TOi f .-Tp 1 abac ri< era lev* hEud e Ietjc j aad .
oc.:plste nea.rtc.enl of BOCTHPlN MAMr»ACTCKPt> BR
; DOOM—Oloibs.CaM'aere nnd Veet nge, of all grndrs, from
l-ehJl'.-w r colrd mill*: Crenshaw Mila. BI.-hmoDd.Va. Mile*
A 's MlUa, Code; er c-only, Va; K» ley. ford A Co.'s Milie,
r , rrlckshcrg, Va ,Tt,ojas A Aimes'Mills. Marlon, Pm'.f. coonly,
* c . Roca Island M !u, Charlotte, M- 0.; which we are prepared v
r .* a miascre at the shortest notice, and In the latest and m-res
a . rcredsty’tw—| .Js ir.al «U1 compare it erory respect w*lh
,tei S rt ern a annfa lorcd goods, and many of theCranihaw
s ode ecnal In quality to Preneh. rhsrc run t>e no longer nr an
. .... cues .k.*llre.lnri-4fiBl-if 8 HL'.tf. 1 a Pli.io.
; — «>» 09 bu . a Meet of fSLNOH AND K.KiLUU
! CLt r-; *>T CJUfflMfr.KS, not to be eurpaaoed by any r.eoie la
i ...y. A c hare the o«l a/ Oatacro, aad a coral of wo-kmot.
aoi to ‘'a io rotated by aflp hoaaa In Urn Union, with a dotanana*
ti u -ara'i'h rur atroct with BoaineroCiothlam—caltritlralael
• eih.rocdj were South, cat aad mileBouth, aid we trait lobe
wo-n Stair. ae we areielermlned to do ailla oar pew.;
" p«h '-ward MUaUMMta*. ^ oiUy
Olcthlart and Merchant Talioxt,
VJ# Oorntr of Main and l$th ttr«*ta
elf rl'RDE Gf’AXO.
rj*nr aadertlsaed cTor f >r ealo 100 toa* Day t-rde Gcaae, aad
A a:. - ft report cf up *' %-jtta cade by Profeaoor Llebt*.
fcr.'rt ,-r- nope of Saint aoal me, ape a uliyite, eu
found v contain:
YlcKUrf ban tzi iniolnbla tabota&ot, l ■
Pbotu iren atu A’.tr*. %,
ytotf'Jor.c add jG«.aifl5d with Uai and Vat1
“•*"> at*
Or on lie Me:'..*?, lLTf
U.-pi'-.e of i. idnclcUAmacala, M
Vawt ao Couture, _ *»-8,
T' « Pheerborlr Acid aj ..coted aloee, combined with Brae as!
r ircn . lj ,aal to Id, 1; a per eei.l of Bor • PhoepbaU o' Ume.
Sinned, G A. tUHlii, Ph Dr.
Wo tiav*. w.lh iho abort Goaao, $6 per c,at f the beet Prrar*.
aa C-aat \ aad beta, dee; . < of tatrouurlaK It amos, the Farm
c-t, Oder It for eaie, a imili lei* at led ptr> a.
wm.ursnt A 00.,
JeT _15<h Stro-t. poor Pare
WiNvow nL.t$.i
r| 60 bona IfreEsh Window filial
80 Uo Ara'erleta do
10 r-ri refia:d Saltpoin, la «to-9 and for aal* by
... W. 1PQB, MhaMW
HHOOnN, JlC.—"<> d a Bocaet* aad Broom*
100 do Match ee
160 do Bed Ccrdi aad Unoo, la (tore aad
a r tale be W. W WOOLD11 Dtit,
,t lAtb »t «»t
rU irK.-6il‘o Bitra Rlranaa roar, 800 bbia sap-rfar
I t1 Tear. v'r Safe'S • fau.ly floor, for eaie by HC.<T *
if- _o«*»
iiAMH ast* iwurr aasow boot
“■’a toc.iy ».aaiy
Cfc 1 o'ava
Coro a
Fear! Barley
Ocre Otar oh
A«ui' * a
Pcsplj** Y»a»t Pewter, at
If CADK A ?AKtr§ Six? Flora,
%nll r P O.
4*004 —ft*' bep Scj>. C«rb 4. a. ;ua*. racWTnd and for i.\>Ay
W Pm**" A OO.. UA Hair lire* _J'fSO
' f tiCUAING*.
l©hn.f bt • of M 0. Piracy Ran Herrl-f*. .VooJ • brand,
M ba»a. of N. C P4m.'y ( t-m Her-tsg* 'K'ood'v braad,
4 • bin. of V 0 F btn! y Cct Mtrrlng*. Wo(4'» yod,
*cr t of Family Fleur, !K.at -anae; b« *«rr jd,
1»' c*-*f«L* of aaportcr tirc-5, Gaa^->»ter ac ttoi'.k Tr*j,
B.r-- koa *f M. utai, 4w eh 04 Bran, lircaritnff and Sixli**
I of Tin Iky 4al Clovar Bay,
100 bain *f cau.
l,0ob’ Ciiy U ^«,
o.- -l:.* a*r trvjfcy, tis-d IrvJ; and OtaB:»ajr#
* .a«M z{ ina rrry -it qcai ty.
fer «g • ca U « unal ra&souablt t by
HOST. A. « TUPaf CT,
. * la ...... i
: rr^b.^CI1 A Ur* A «s MUCH Toai,t*Ta7. > *'
f h ▼ f * z •• %. an ?\ u^at..ata f«r Uc**rle», * r
i -T. by ^ m 'ND. ■ I VC 4? » •* .* A CO. _«*»<
^ 7i5wi r *:? < v»T fii*s#i.
.%£ N»> pet, henry Oot*<rr%4* Paeta
i5 R laturcT* i ka:», siifiVe for ArtiUary Coaa*
150 pea. !.*j ; Gr*.*r I *o«l
K0A « ^A!.ki:» A CO.,
•c|P Corn-* Ifi'ii via ! 14th. nr IVart Ptre-t.
1 fOAPF f» *:'.9»b, rr-n«h an 1 A*«r
I Iruo tnanufafr «, far talc by W. PK.K&SoN a 00, L/rvf
% f VNt P4CTTt*;:My V% M 9. BUT I. (. f '*sa> by
*rj CLftrtK ON A 0
f\ n % H V s ;,i». • •« v * . I t*
V..' hv . ! f r«v »• t V Fft'ARtOW A CO, Dmir’O*
,jA» true Han it Need]***; S raiclcg Iren*;
.’.tr • Mg. T »*, Sngla Or-aj.-M, hi-alntrf Farts;
r • - < Wh*v;t: A An md-r* 1* i« king Tev*S, for s* - »*y
Cl AIV a A 1 4 JO., Wo l'A Mai 1 st-*-1
I 4^ i> wnn k < umiMCi.
\|r! base na i «nJ a Urg* stock of Fall •*.4 W ettr Clothing,
c< n 'sU: g of Cat 1.1*1 Ouiisot Coats So* B vw Ovrr
* «. r » . AW. l larg* sto.-s of
lur and rc^;B»rn Black os Flu’-*
0 7 C ■ r r ’
1 >|,.» « *4 lid. -VU ( to dritd °*ael vt to sfc.re ad »o- »*l%
I C«tt wt u PLrs»4VTH.
II f • |t|i LI Hrit K aud r'. re l o *r s*Tc *>
|% VR.\ Ks RA*tRU D»ug •tort, 144 Mils tort, et>r. air *»
' P. <>. tintf
» . . . MI a- ...
* > Iroglass. f r BUne V«a.»* and tab '* j*l ;**, *»• sale bt v**
I Fg |M a*0 A (W/VM '.ft #trr*t daft
* a > I • V . M
5 I '.MtlttfW vrr»K,an*i 4 r* v fVrncv*^»
/ 11SGk » 2u b «~t gnmni fHagtr, for talt b*W FBIEkitON
\ ¥ % <50 , Dragg its » rg
9 00,1100 r*«T OF SBA*o\<D HiadT LLMUKR. to writs.
I C- dating efth* fnl! win -:
1 hy ’ l 'tj'he*. fr'm 14 tn OT fr*f <n Ivngth,
« “ - 14 ¥•* •*
11* ** - 14 *J “
W*l5h«*-b04r<llrgf* *n H U SO ***t !o Itrgth,
1 Ur J-O dalle 1 <w 4. 1* f eft la >i*t\
[ it. 1. B \r It and citia fu ring Flick, f«r lilt hy
4 17 »C -hi*. yrlr N. 0. MOL AH *■*—In «Wt and fo- by
aalO ••’•a#!.
AlTl^DOW OL\«S ft AD P TTT -4 lirgt «apply of Wlr l w
¥ OltM and Pa tv. d^w ct hal l aad for talk by W PIT* A
I 'OW 400,1*5 Vale tfr-tft. _M
Terr R CK!¥ 1:0 - * b! fa Rogar, lo bMa Cr««»v I !> -
gar, 10 ».bl% P'.w'trt' Mitar; 10 h^'s C Tv ltw hncvr; 10 hag*
vO-n; 0 bM* *f Cvd Pev.h l>»ndy; • bblt * i pit Rt v»Jy. 10
b« • •a »^rior 0..1 %ky, SO baif bWs Wo. 1 Pam iy Rot Htrrlnri;
10 h iNs. i Pau ly r * L; 10 tola s‘t. 1 !f. C. Cut Ilvrrinai; td
• %, A Umai Jut C'tt i.r«. fv-r »»;e as low m *hc n.'.rkvv will af
•« -d fv v,« cilia RdPtlHON JO ABC Ar«nt, Oo-orr of kia:a and
tlrt-w tt^T
1 ,*?' M r ft it TO. W#viv# »n su*r- 1 ^^“hfwrn
aiA'ta-. 1 a <>,. ol 'arlno« b. \ *s aid rjv» tUtlaa, w!*»cn we will
1 M ladtabtla i-rratnl H4nk rf FUiarUmla »««ts. »i n ! t
pHcoa uforUii n?t«t *>f any Bank la oar Btatt. HCS f A I ft VF4,
| n rrer Ta and «)-ry «tr«#*a_iclf
linuirftRlI ADVUIIVR PL4TKH, nd *dh».
I dv« Plaaltr C|-ih, for .a t it ilRlDC A B lKtlR f>rag Rur*
U4 Vila Birr ft, to*, ihrvt P O roll
UKit H I R. R.-Wvd’t Fi-!!y Rot Hrrrla,*, In tinr. ».Bd
fovtiuby FVLrRW A ¥!* Lit, ooFRtr lifth lad Cirp
r mV t
( L»» A Rk.'-IB' ba.b* tvr otMlu <<*» «V? fcy
•»’ »wf9«t •: t Ywrc«? * eg. 1
Richmond .Sc Petersburg R. R.
Ot; a3.j i n; Monday the TUn February, uie Waini over Uili
road will ran u iollow*:
. Ban. tiaii,
Leave Richmond a*. 4.4ft, a. m , daily, and Pctenbarg at 4:15 p. m.
fiuuit aid A<x<maui>Anoa tiaii
Leavw Richmond dai*y, eiccpt tandays. at b:4ft, a. m, and !•
p o , and Peteraoarg at 9:b , a m
Thi Mail frai ■ will ato^ only at Half Way BtALon, theater ana
Port Walthall Jascilen
gaT" Travel* • #tl bear In mind that they ar» roqa rod to Ibow
a paa« from tne Governor or tome other authorised pireon, before
tJia# wan leave the city by th.a u>ad *• H. olaL,
JJjll _ Geoeral mp*t_
OH and AFTKB Monday November lilh,
’t he Hall and fiiwcuger Tslai.
Will !eav« did.i- J..d for uoruouvulv, thari0.mj.tU1i and
eum-ton, dally n. 1:30 a «., connecting *iu. the orange aad Aid
•cd;ia Kallroad jimunge. uata at ijoio-oj..Uc loi Vi-...*.. and
u ererroute p 'lu a .d at Caarl.'.tuvllle tor LyacLourg.
v.w.tn ot.u.ten and Jack.ca'e aJver the null train will run
m-vitenj,len>lng Unuloa on I.eeuaya and j.iuraaye, and
JaciaonN o-vei on aioadayi, oedn.aoa.r as frldaya
B. nan a avvu • eiaec Line, lor Lex.irgt.n, eoaneote wlta
th. mall train and leaeeo . atoat a, on Monday*, Wedneesaya
and yrtdnye, and (ieai.ee ea Tiaaaeya, Thanjaya aad eater
*?arw«a. Muon and Ocaapany'a luge Una, frfr While Hlphe
Levtebar;, »e , aoaaeoae wita uda Train ea Tneedaya, Thnn
iiaya an« eaters »ye, _
f... >. ih: OvIgN f«v CerdoaaW!, and point* West
of (here Ie*<« »'*hr»o gainer. n on c '.taye, Toerdayaaed
heradaya* rod arriteo heia tee IVdel at d ..4i .,o: flendaya, wan
ettaa/t a.d trlaaya ... .__
a h.gn ar Way »:> |M wall Mr *evdsB»vt!!, and polhta «UV
teavee sally, leaden eHcep’-hd. k» **>. A- *■ , ,
D.,y B. u. WRITvCMB,
_Offatri’ BipfUtia4«t
ftsst Ut IUftaiHTH5J£KT'« OfVlUB,.
RjcsrnowPv^my diet, lo61.
M)C* to PmoM Modlpg Package* to fioldigr* Rt flaunt
ia>. St&Qttton, &c.t fitr.
r|\HK praetioe of •enoing laige paebagee by the Mall Tralni ••
X becoming bo bardejicme to J*e Train, be* dee cauaing delay,
al 1 uud It aeceasary to oaaik'S penoui to coufLid UienueiveB U
%r; imarl pacaagM, or they wui ntu Mo r;eb of their being left,
cilia, being • abject to eisfuei okarg*a.
ta9 General gu^ihaieadtat
it/.MLK AH TO - .
v 7 Jain* Blown, Run;* Jill I Vru%r,,m
tone lion-a*, uud UucU Wimrve**.— ■»«*«
0L'*n»ibPiC , bapt. J IL Freeman, Wih, uu aud aat-r V'.edLc-*
• %> more tig u <t, i80tK list,) leave lii* * i*r? at Ro.ketta regu
iwr., tVtf) i..iuu«j# W*Ji««s,d y aod u tLlogi, a'.
ul *ck |*r*el* l/t for the above placca, ta> at Reck Wharf ».)
uigit, a.d each a leruatv* , 1 ccod&jr, ChurBa-oy and ^at
mill at me maie hoar o , ...
d tc u :ft at all the teguiar UhTingf.
i ul.*uu? and freight a« ua.i.
_X 0. RiilPB
»• *"ir .tit::* O LIC ANOe-800 tona Ikmbraro Gnanc,
c.u in «:-.o imca, for aak* by
K .v| —-O’d Ore..»*a Aim, a reai.y choice article, in «torr
ai d for fare by bKLDkfN «• GlLtaki, curaer 1441a and Oar;
■tre-u. ecs
|/ iMBn HOUOiflSi OUAIAUtlld) ■I'j'iTwi #
X IkBfilgBBlUBgMlbl u:ni* «at!« amarv. For the abiaUua
jl infazls. L rev air tin w AniDL-tri. Ac., il M eroarlcr La ir> othwr
tot*, isRoa or eetmctb. For sa:o by
V. FkfEItGfl A 00., Draggists,
uhlf lPC Male ftlree1
nifl.rN,- MOO 'be lorry Comply daaa aB* “<>« Round B*
ki ond, lor tnle by
mjfU _WM. H. PL118ANTI.
■tor a large m rtmeal af locket tod Table Caller y. which
ee offer for sale cheap. OLaREaON A 00.,
*« »* - 111 - •
CHAINS. —He have la rte-i an>1 offe* fc* sale, W'Oi> pair*
trace Chains, all qualities; fcw br ght ox ai.d log do; '0 casks
proof cell to. baak, breas., t •ague auJ well do. P T MOORc A
rtei of Hardware, 141 k'% t toll
4IHMLB 1 HOLAUB8, a • :» I u;ar. fair to
o choice ,ialij; in Lji ccoice ic4*v4, 10 ibis cresned 80
tar, for talw by DU1L0P, MU1QP1K A GO. oell-lw
A L51Malastreet,earner above Posioc e,
b* ranger a and •’her? «ii! find a fine as»or*.Tuen; of Lunin's aad
ti it&atMa;4; Foetadee, Perfumery a_a Ocairetlqce. Also, a
assort rj«:ut of vie \ n\ port Id cur tee and Pi:•* m, Combs.
Ci;ar Etcher, au ! all u.o pupalar Patent MeJloljre a'
* | CPS, l.vi :, luO js, Adopt, Hope, for ta!e by
WLolesa c ax d Retail,
K'..# HAttSA .lastreeatvedeightieecaRed
Hag--a l. re. of h«B)g manufactured. CLAR&60N A 00.,
CLOYKS«*>tNI alia cIc v*e 'or aela Iy
KlCi • L'. • - a, la Uercca and bags, f.r «a e by
_ II k L % t •—I case BhaUlA, for »a<e by l>0 t k A \.0., - dole
. r l4.f l* am . • i!#'i
ttiiih < li : rt r..; < 1 ■ Era Crack ralapodel
1 by ea. ITBffQIT ^ 00, oeM
a LLaPifR.-W lag* AUspler, jatt to > end. ao l for ralt
JL y W Pk r t ■ gr, «
P' •* 1ALR.
Bank f t tiling vxcusn^b. ie miis Cf £f*o.
Confe.eratc Melr« and Virginia 8 atj Bond#.
Rtohmnad City Stock. ,
Gcli and Hirer.
JanlS R T7 MAURY A 00.
'no limm*.-18 CarboyaMorianlc a Ml. for tale by
1 A Y.trOKMA 00
HI t K a. \ 8TLSI He Quilt Iren- 1 Buc i Guia.lette
'*» »t- re and '. r Mia by
m%h ntLD^!’» A ▼Ifl.UMg
A PPI I*.—110 bsge L>r.ed A p >i In • e r* end for t le,
A * \1 -4 »*l r s'
II ■ BOkefia I tl#?***Suit leiJfamily Lard,laatereaad
lie. *4 * I
JMD * 1 VW HI t l»\ •** V.tl'P, for ea> a- H A HI
li < »AKi t*8 i-rog ftw>re 1 -0 vain Street, turner above p. O
..i t > flnr
rrt 'ee. and tome of the bed t r n . of * n king, cl C'n ig for
•ale JO^Ng-S TO'lftGM t aOt. Y,
M : p^%>
ft-osuJ la>k Y- r,*r . ff | hit qua tr, fe e.l* at Vr SDI’
I KtK>i? ' -u.v f. tMMal; • «-' akwef * jet|
^1 TI I’TT 1.1 b • ne esse diiu.t.ui, of scpTrior quality, on
i gmaws*. nuj for ial« by
• 1
1 •« * r. a I «
lee-ile# > an I for sal. ny
•nt. ? # KaNr. Ptivwa ro
C AF*1 * K wii(I lltik'N'N. Ill .ct Pv*1 s- I ^a avanee Peas,
. i gaol
C ’ - t- e •
I T >1 ^ ‘ ia »
a J*f«f md4 f»3'« i n . A;•**, th • me quality
oi uUa iy Coal# and Panto, which w- Art ■ ff nug low
Hal.* I * a W|t i.Mtf,

iJKi ran
'i.tfi' re, »t !»?• — •» oc a *i b* t o eiibaeribor. To a
<a table i4u«*ci tut ran'. *111 b • modi rat*
WM. ir\ pin ^T,
m . 1 Vl MUi I»lr*a
sl • ! s
* N Car4i R . k %r i How mi, Voir
4 11*31 I'rata Hpan. tfood few*, Pocke kn v w. Port P.ltt*, W*»
Vf»t k:.!v«j ar.d Porkt, R*» ira,SHae1*«x b m, lrcn8i»ooxt.
t>v«.r 8r : • Fh^vin* Brwthrt C an ile Ft; «• In eto • : ad for
•Ale bj Cl ARlfrO* a co . ho if# Vila t-e*t ».*a
R I, KM Ml KL5- II*.—A •upenor*r*i'*i- . da a a* i'.-i
3--w on ‘land, ac4 for aai« by W. priTfeON A 00., Drc«
(fdJ __ ''•k
W V&l, HALT.-l.uMbaacAi bait, fvraverjr
“ AT. VTOUi A CO.,
ta*c Cor. Ml vidCvv Ika.
n’4)P“ I
uac<.a*<n cot hCM A JAM Ed,
Cor V* and Core Btrerto
jLtS.IH *t. 1$ Sa»,« fain ‘ an * Mipe.fiue Poar, la aura and ‘or
V i&Kbr Wii LI aNfft._dm
Eatabli li run IRST.-im4mm rr »v
I rachea iq eana; a cirflfjirju ;t, for sale by
de*> DOVKAno.
1,* 45 SI \ L6. — 4 Pairbaok** A*i hathel Hopper Pm)?
I OMKI80N a i' i rfa IOC Man at.
IIVI \14D W!i«l KR O.t iv Id «‘rre a iur-r r 5*4
• 4^. 2yt and Winter Data. for feel. Thn«t wanting «. ttfwcrlor
•>*<<a«>.a4 w.m«. a*H>eur vr«»re a run .«*!•
1 ( T v O.—'ft ton* DeBr*;g P otphatl* beam, for aale r.y
rnM in. 0 4VFSPORT A<Vk
IMPS ICopt Mop* Hop* Uep*.-J
• app‘T offret* retired and for tale,
have alto for • *#. Old Paujardatr, and Old Clare*, (bandy.
0 R A • DAB* ■ T,
W r beak and Rat jl.
Mil On mar of Broa « a id Tth •tr#«4»
T^HTfllMl APPLR H A N O Y.—40 35 pert Tlr
▼ fltda app’e Biandy. for aale by
|k 1UF»?,T PiTKtltl H Rl C » • f\H iSe beet karwn
I) for Dy»; ep«1a, for tilt la aM qua..l'‘do* alMSAD/A BA*
KfVP Drc"i Flore, 1‘G Rain Street. cor. above p. o. JaR
CAIL at tcpmi*:'* MYtRT DIPOT. 109. Alain atraeS ftr
^’•atlToro and Flarne* rb'r a; f'r M*<r1*ia FMru an I Drawer* ;
for f of*l*»l and »dait*r*, dTercrt t'ylee; for f!#/l Head Coreri
, Ib.m.r'j' ftr WtteMlMnf Ultokub aid Tiliyot feh It
Cff'Vf? Tfia isin #—60 Ik. Wioe Thread. for tab.
3 fehO A 7 1TORFB A CO.
r1HIIK*,a—A very larre lo| ol qt. and ’-ml Cork* for ia> Hy
/ la 11 _povg » 7Vmrr4a«e
T>V40R1P.—lBbat* Dried Prachet, In Here and for aa o.
r"Trr^ : r| 4 N- ‘ \ p PirCR.-A inaall lot, I ‘HU
li] •> • I HffRfiiU laM
lAT'- VX» ORT.KA'W ■? r>-•«, for «• • Vy
' 1 * - nnt
I’* *>lcO, i ii-'It of f«5»f1cT Tnftw. bpW tl
%*■'. hr h)« (if V. VfTCiMOt * 00., !#t M^s rtrt«V
H^ttPUTKAl.inktRAnCB. i
Of T1IJ ti
OVPlCM-ntlB Hlrcot, 1M AnorfcM H#Ui.
fllmd Company takes.in addition to the ordinary fire and Ma
X rine riaka, PIKPITUAX iaearance on binding*. Under tala i
EoUcy one payment • •cores t&* property fOl ITE* again* lose
y *rf- i
O f. li — ftae*v
Wm. 1. MeeferlAad, Free't faraiirt' But.
Wellington Goddla, firm of Soddin A Append!.
I. W. MoOenot, firm of Dunlop, Moo cure A O',
e. A. DnrkiiUle. Brm of Wnrwiek k BerknUla.
Jm. a. Great, TcLacoo UaaafACtorer.
John L. Bncon, firm of Bncon k BAXierellle. ,
B. B. Unxnil, firm of HaxaU, Orenxanw A O'.
John Carrie, Jr. Ehlp Owner.
Wm. U. Warwick, firm of Wtrwlek A Bl UUK
Jnn Alfred Jonee Attorney At LAW,
0.0. Milett, Bonder.
W. W. Onmp, Attorney tt Law.
Jne Donlen. Arm *f Dunlop, tfenrare A Or. fell
l.ttl HE I UIH LUA A f HO.1t:
the riuMisu ufeIssubajick COMPANY,
IWCBB white pereou f r lift er for t term of yean, nnfi Mneu
fur one or on-re (aei exeeedln, four) /tore
Wrente Aonu'Ure end Kndeww.tlle on the moot eqnltAkle tenet
The Yenket eompAnlte kteu* meut known their Iteration to
eyeAleW the yohelee of onr follow eltueet woe mny he killed It
4a!eaot ei taeir komee, either bytikln* ep nrwr.er by ump*
fhleies wither by India* eld »od teufert te Southern lebtle,
,ttr; pNdei-t men, 'Mured by them, ctfM *1 oner to ttieei kit
policy And lurore er! -me
B?obi cohUlcinj the aeectttry Info rattles »rr fnniiktd et the
eSct of the Oeophlf,
*AMm J. FAIB1B0W, PrHidest.
Bull BH(WXU.IL n-.MmiJot' fitAaihtr.
J, p VoCaw, WL S . Ooateitluf rhytlelen.
hCWJt B. UiATS, Lognl Adeiter._lyfi
OUl'f Compnnyi New Bkllfiihfi,
Bo. I St Main rtroet, nich’d, Ya.
CAPITAL $300,0Q0.
riTHlfi old Ictiitutlon, (UhArtered by the LegUlalure of Ylr
X gioia, in 1 ali ) mnUnuee to luaure, II city and country,
agMioat 10*1 or uan.agt by Are, almost etery deacrinlloa of pro- j
pet y. Pea riaka on hidpt and Cargoes, and riaka on inland tranj
pert hUon, lakru to all parte i f the world, at reasonable rales of
TLe tcry ttberel ihare of pifil’ pair, cage which it haa to long
ece'ced, 04 crate! in telurn, a liberal and prompt aettiement oi
claim*, which It hw ever been it* p.ca»urt to obaenr*.
tanner*. Merohante and intiacne generally, my bu referred, U
.•antes alrea > tnaared in Vkle Company, In o*«r fifty counties In
ihe £Ut?.
Appn.’ation, by Idler or eth*nrtoe( to the President or ftecreca
y, will meet t.rumt»t attention.
Joe. Allen, J. ft. Wadawortb, Geo w. «mith.
L CowardlA, v*q. Beer*. P. Oulioc, M D.,
HI. L. ktA.1, Thomas oa..i»0O, B. L. WlnaloO,
A'a. ; aimer, 0. b.jfFcell, L H. &i<bcry,
\. K Parker, Jo*. Pamuel **. Lathiep
J as. A. Iuao, U. A. Claiborne.*
W. L OOWA&DIK, Preeidento
Wa. Vjjlj, Ja., Beer tary_ __
CAPITAL *000,000.
oatc» No. lit "lain 81., RtcbononS.
oAR.KE I Sill'll.* BCE 03 V.ii.it,Carso, tea freight.
.NLINi' INgCRANUB on Seeds Irtarported by n.ere, vent*, ct
i»nd oirriai*.
nit INgCRttfCE on Ucroki'jd ic i.r.o.-..!», Dueling lltuu,
R iruhejet, . d other Rulldl.ai'.n town or ooulw*.
■•OLiClEc luted a’ csrroa otoo, tart .me promptly paid.
Comcie tcoll ii rt dro*. el the o-.-.e or .brong. a'.y IXric.er
-HOh D fULU»T», Pret'l
J. E. bibiiiri. goo*:.__ml:
OAHl C ACriiBEEii’
ilHIN INSTITUTION will reoc.ve Dnodtee, on which u
, latere.', of ete per oval per unsm li paid on at. laanremaia
af on depviUe longer than ill menlht, and Ivt per teal wbei
eaalcln* a i. erier period.
Ornco— At the Hardware Rtera o' 0. J. R.arot A Oo., T1 Mala
itreel and at the lrn' ley Houe ot A. a. Mir or A Oo., corner af
Sain and % all Mr vole, G. WORTHAM, Field sol
D. BAKER. Jr.,Booreiarr*
0. J. WiTOH, Trtwtrw,
Ba. I. Henry, Wm. Taylef,
Jao. U. u - etc ef, Corneline Grew,
Ju. K. TalboM, fa Volt LoharRMBi
E.1 V realti, A. W.Oonant,
A J. Turpin, Ba. J, Chrlellaa,
Ohae Talbctl' W. 1. Iom,
Anion LobarJa, Iianlbn S.tarii, I
Bl;h»i.Jd. IMh Pepteabet, lSBk. Hit
Capital BloO.OUO !
A'o. 4S JMw etraot, twlac RE (Win BoUL
Th J Company Ii nc» prepared to rcoelei application! far IIU
AND Ml BIN 1 lMIUBAEOBoa faeorabioterraa.
Sab. Wortham, John H. Grltaaf,
John Bidere, Geo. R. Paleete,
Ian. M P.-iaa, Wm. B. TdploM,
A t. uaid, I. 0. Tardy,
Jao. Rtoaart 'Velbfti' Wm. Oarrlo,
Litter L “pi I can, | Jaa L Ore-thaw,
Polar 0. Wrxwlok, J Jonn 8. a.'llama,'
,'aj. d. Seal, h ark Downey,
Borate T. I Jmoad, Thoe. Jeau,
Joe. M. Talbot, Bdwln A. Hcttk,
QriSa B. Darer.peii, Bo. A. Paine,
Sen. W. Tinny, Bo. P. WUilama,
Jot. Bmrmel, Wm. P. Rag land,
Wp. Brent, Bis-r C. Oabe.1,
Be. H. Mtarty. Geo. w. Boyetar.
Pits. V WotT'ttw. Rtc'y maiG-tl
(life. Fire itiiri Tint inn luRUmnco,
Ltiehmond Firo AsHociatioa.
f See fix l06 Ualn (!faith»a*t corner of lltb atroctj
Rlcbracnd, Va.
0?J AR TERKi* yfra I1AR0II. 1»T.
•ISMIA old and riUtblr wth a:apl* Capital, and eon
1 I'O - nl fund rarrfntyj vested, oor'.lnooi to lnaur« Wa»m,
ft; «l!i' »nv«, ^i r- UnudlxoftverjduciiptloiL ouio*
Kuraiin.rc, a&J /--ally Wearing Apparel, Vriidi,
Cargo*** ••'■J I'r 'gSi!, wtthe !r»w *! carr*nl ratea. Lonr* f
wdiuaud an I pal - wHh r :i poulb’e deonatoh.
David Carrie, Eobt If. Bartot, c
Chu T. U arthna, f iafli J Bain«, c
Jo'a H. C %lt <rok John T JftabUu, t
John J. TTliKeft, ^ Tho* Suit.
A-'craafler G-irrtS, Goo. ■ ftwathm^.
Pi tor o. WarviRR*
DATID 001111. frmX
J. WaAii, Ti >a*’r.
E:vr. T d«*T J
W .siVLEis Ml
Y mt jr.meat of IIATP on l CAPM for tbe fprlngtradr Ii now
.li con;»lHe, cc.br>;i*log oil th: nrwrljlnt and col-1« o' Soft
EaU aiao, M Mil AodCaulmare IaU,and a great var!**ly
»f are rtji of C1«vp»( l.afhorn aa J straw MaU in great variety -
it > . a • r if-fi! tjictaual of gantlemea'a farolshltg goedt. Cm
arellaa.Va L.ng Caaca, lc.% Sou, ail or any of which will be told
oo m to-« a u a; any U.tr c.Ub.laf uenl'.n the city. I most .
“ttpactfally laTtU a cal. from paroLaic. a
N« 1 haila-d Howaa. *
AfeTBOBBBB C APIT A I*.. 9900,000 \
Tun z’l.AnihUh cAVirvbn mu,
mil Pl.^KTEL* SAVING* UASk, having r. i acpl# CaafeOtp- 1
JL ual At ! Chartered by th« Lugslatire of V>rgit.la, will roeolvs i
Dev^fttrr of V'.rc Dollira and apwar.ls, on which- latere*t .
wilt fce *aid at the rate ofoU per km«d per muoa If rematc.!Bf
•Is neats*, or five :-rr -trtUL-. per abaam If leee than els uoaUii. b
Inte-est payable N^KlI-.luilDa ly, If dee red.
Depceltee reat tfealr oflea, at the store of Motors Sake J
KRtahstoa, No. 00 Male Street.
J. J. tni*0!», President. J
A. A. ITpmmsooo Treaewre- wall-If \
W <K> L. «
>•* WOOL ©V rofSIW'tnRllT,
•)'* *1/ J at rt f r.d a-H f*-rsalefey I
»».h go KKnT pai** a c*>. I
HAVING resumed the Auction mid CovnmiHloR hoe- n
loose, we are prepared t-» receive eom gam eats of graora) b
mer*-haa«J.st, f*r s* e at amotion or privately, aad mate II eral *
'•ash advances vtethdl retain f r the present, oar large an*
mrn oodloua warehouse where goods eao he sa'ety stored an 1 fair- i
y rlhl ItcJ.
0 n rnmente will receive our proiopt attention
Jaal_ken i . pa**:r a nn <
Dno *1 rTlO**.— rr.e e * partnership of VAN LE Y, TAYIiOI A Z
CO , Is thfc dav d’esolved. b
Havlag po’dua«d t># latereet of 0. M Ptrassets, the inrviv
ng pnrln-r, JOHN N. V A i L'tV wlli her -.after contact the husl- ]
ar*i la h'» own earn* Alt person* lDd*-ht#-d to the old eoocsrn, |
will p.casc eall and net'.ie with lac uaJe.slgned
Richmond. Janoarv ls*,1tftt faat "
ATTEN riO,\% Rif LIT A R Y*
WF oY*rfo s 1 at-e*7 leepri es Wy Ml it«ry Tver-'‘oats, 1
hn»d thr b hou'. mb I rm eitlkeaj t uttons ; Gr* y I •
n at*y ( etu «ad Pan a; Grey rt lle-y Ja-•**« and Pan s, Rr%|
ft dia SuhVe* C «>th y the * a d f r RUc.es; Heavy W ■ lea and
Brawn je-ms lira v»rs ; rl<.od*«rchi fs ; usp« Me s ; *<*-.*, *c -
UL'tflVs W;L 1 AMR.
mhlk§ 1 * * 11 I rhi stregt ,
AND LARD, i,0M At. petea RM .try oa^ed %
B'vn and Lard, far sale on oon.-lgr-ment, - y
'•M _A Y. FTOKfg A 00.
11 *Eonde*t1*n*d L've cj hand sad «rs mana'acturlng Brass *
. Preset i•» er*. Cross 0*nn ns, Ao.fr *vHilary cap*, and -i
1 vlto the »t eotlto of the n-UiUry to tfes fxet A%o. trgtala Ftaff I
buttons, n ala Vlrg rla huttens aad 0on'#4era»t Iofa try and Ar
Hilary ba tons. U.dtrs prr.mp’ly sti. nded o
► Lk\l1IR HEY TN, Brand Oatten, f
®fe5___lit*, he ween Main aod Carv Me. *
4 G.ARKTE—Just received MO oases Claret of dilftreat r
a » *»»•■<• O OUtiT. v* t Pl»*t 1«|V I's nrf
K^VOIIN ' ©• J, - A small to* Joit to ban! and for sale 4
hyW ^1^0v API.. P-aywMs. jahi_ l
Tfb RIRV- R.—A let of Carhon Aeuionla inr4. to haal 1
»ed 'oreni-by nhv| * *n j;
TiitotV -«um ib.CHb~*.r*t*niiw>r *■«**, ?
wtu PW Mil, I.TfT *•« 4 or»., €
0.., 'J*V »s4 0»T -k
, TaroTa ahe5 on, Bleached U«Won, Frown Conoa.
^horo lrl^u” IramEk., ™lln|0. *1 B«.n« .upply
brid^TClt UT,Pl BP' TllOMAl ». NIO * 00.
if AMCfAOTi'»*«*tt »* *pn f"^*“"^V’tHTfrwi r
Tl gar., 40 , No 90-J Main Itroet, on. oqiMro •{»»• *** '«* f
■Uo.aatooB ban I tbo larg-l moo* ^“““'^d d Uly^Jd* i
. bacco lo be bond In Ibt Boalhrrn Ooaairy. aadaro d ijlyrecd 0
if *adlUon* to their »teck, which they offer it *aU- wholesale and r
iufflErtor fS" aad re.poe.ft.ily r„.«. aU J
lo oUl and examine lor tnonooeleo*. bolter, parotaanDg elote- »
her. Ord«» liomlho oountiji
tr present stock may be femad th. folio win* b r An ds^of »e^M^a w
wiste, Ac., la packages weighing from lita 190 Me., 4okk dark an ^
Prido of Virginia," “ Pair**4*.,,
Indora." “ *7^“’." 1
UhemaUon,n Cernetloa,
Lod«»dV ssstrzi
Colorado,” "
Apr, ot," J
Hlgblandor'o Bolaoo," “ Ornooko,
OonqolkUdor.” “ ***"• ,
gjjj Boolbcec Tobtooo Hoc*.
bOM BA L F.—lt.ftfto lb. prim* Leaf Urd ,
190 box*. Toliov OkSlloo
10 (co VUo * (
to hbdi a o. kg ar .
to bbU lyiap
40 bom Toll-I *4*p
9r re.vj Aardlno*
l*n bbl» r«ol!» la* Trlrt Potato*
r nbl< Cn.kcd tegu
Tt kbit Po**-r».ld»
IPO »»> Ry« WMoky, * yowl did
Tl tbli: »»« Cora wkloky
lo do Apn'o Tlrondy
110,000 bogar-. kooo **ry dec
*0' bokno let aobbarg MacnfaeNrad Tobacoa
to mm V M-or.’c dmoklag da
100 ktn Old Dosloio" !■ alia, a(_
)aii. j.iami, Torwora k erm, llFttrl*..
IVOOL H (TJf.atlVo 1 Halliard Hn»IO-J««li»
YV colcodlOO do* Wocl Hola, of carteoi gradoo, for lalooa a*
Otoraodacfag loma_JCHs THOHPdOW.
vmt uft, nrmcnKs. *o.
JOHN T. GRAY. 147 Main olrocv, Richmond, Va., hao U rtara,
and oVero for oalo, *1 mar... rataa, tor oan oaly, (bo JfnUo*
og good*
Indigo, etrietlT prime quality
Madder, good Ombre
Gam Onion
Pow.1. Aptnm
Ralph. Morphia
Mirecrt.U Ointment w
Chierofot a, apt*. Mitre
Adht-rite Flatter
Tartaric A.-Id, ^op. Oarb. e'oda
BJa*k Pepper. A!l/plcr, Ginger
Kutmtton, Mr.ee C ovee and vriotamoa
0A laJ Oil, 01. Lernen, pore
Oa*U> bc»p
Pcwd. thiUwA. b K J.
Breach >.uiterd, Cocoa
German Matohea, Ae., Ae.
Use, a variety of Patent or family medldnec.
notJOHN T. GRAY PraggK ;
JI NilUlAA.-1*00 lbs Cotton obe, aesor.ed
3 900 do Henp Twine do
^fr.a 100 do Pat Lin n Thread
10 do do do Mor-eco do
BO do English Bheep Fklns extra
j 90 do Oel'4 iJnlvf i kins
!S ♦'Ides p.»l. Enameled Leather, as’d colon
•00 at. Men’s fchoe Lasts
9^1 Womans end U lidrea do
GOO doe Alexander's tpool Got ton
\b“ p*i P'.n* assorted
lOC'j.r. trace Chains
94) lAg, fifth and Tongue Chains
100 Mill »itJ X ?ut rta? > 1
50 dr.-alar Faae, act'd 4 to 54 In,
10 ease* g'-ne ne Castile Soap
BOO 11, «t D and Ei.gl'.ih Per. Caps
In store and for sale by RH'H'W. WiLBON k HURT.
Br.crcssert to bmlUi. Rhodes a On.
jail U Pear iAireet
D1TRATR OP M AGNESI.! hat long been known as one of tho .
bi*v1 Purgatives In ate; bat In ths esaa! form of a Solution or
4qn1d Preparation t is tco brlky for the traveller We have aow
he earn* In aPOLID FORM one botiie being equivalent to U»ree
r four of the liquid prepartHn, and far preferable to Cpeom Balts. ‘
eldllu Powder* or thr usual Aperleuts and Oalhartlce. kvery
oed'.er or Traveller should have a bottle with him at U\}s season of
he year.
Tor tale at MEADK A BAKER'S Drug Store,
jfi IBB Main i.corner above P. 0.
^■n OVAL. _ ,
P. T. MOOUE 4 CO.,
Have rteovsd to 141 Halo street, the store recently occupied by
lexsrs Wm. P Perkins A Go., where they will be happy to toe
!,«ir frlonds and customers.
They have now on hand a largo aseertmeat of English and
merlcan HARDWARE, and art daily receiving farther additions
> thalr stock.
Every effort shall bo made to make prices and quality of goads
Ulitactory to all who may favor then with their patronage.
[IT AS awarded a Patent by the Patent Com
W nissKnsr at Washington, cn the 90th i
ay of August, i5<W, a:**! at the Into Pair of -^ I
\9 flrglnla HUte aod Central AgTfcaitaral \ *
ecIeGas, hold In RUhmond la October, was
warded the Premium for being the best one- 1 f 1
•rse Plow, ths be*t two-horse Plow, and the best threo-horso
r four-horse Plow, n exhibition, over all the meat popular maketf
f Plosrs In the Pute, and was awarded the Stiver Medal at ths
air of ths Meehanl***' I mutate o' the Flute, held at Rlehzr.oed
ttho same I tee. Th* fanner who dors bat Plowing makes a
ai orep; thrrofers, se td your orders and get lb* best to be ktd.
P. If. •TARKK,
Mo. M, doer* above St. Oharlc* Hotel.
aolk_Richmond, Ya.
RAM!, nri!«DH doour.
rnc O Jset Establlahoeat In Rlc nond, where may b» be taJ
the above articles, »n p*rJc* tion at the shortest nbtiee. i
Rclsc confident of giving entire satisfaction, the subscriber soli
Its, as f or**toror-, the nubile patronage. Having recently added
kblnet and csrpezlers' Tcrnlng t* Ms easiness, the pub lie caQ now .
a*- W.e'* or delay. Give me a cadi.
•<I1 -t '-sil Cr- StsC! VR MkV'Strret
join C. S11AFCR A CO„
14th rri’kar, richhohe, ta.
W»«ld mpacthLiy aiii tUaalioi U tk«b nr. Kjrigg at |
Fall and Winter Q-ood*. \
[HOWI. PIOH'I, t-LOWt —H.rlng parchutd »r !
[ M-*&« s. J. A'. Cirdwtil A Co., the patterns of sJl ths sites of
,!ch**s Iron Ho m i*l • . *t\. %r# u*w prepared to supply orders :
>r P owp and C'sst'ngB for fiat. \s well as f»rour own. Wiley's, Pal
ler't, l.Mn,flon, and oiher Plows. Terms catb.
<«lft_ _ «.tO WATT BOO.
ItHK VO», I % f 'bltVS h AlMAL, 1 voL, 1-«o., 879
i prlc ♦ • t<<
Comp l«d 'rom th- .>eat andlaleti author, t ei. for th? Y-ilunteera
Bd Militia • fthe *otjfe.1-*4 e >1 tr», by LUatear.n 0 lonel Wij
•o H *| kinhoi C ft lu'4, ft fl formerly aMlalarA Iaatrart r
r T bOtlce, VlrslnU Mflttarv Ini tiu e.
This r«laable book la ft liberal abri gem»nt of Rardee'aTartl.*a,
leiudieg the School of the Batial on and Ina’-njctloo for Mklrm
her*. , #
The H*itoreMep and 17e Minual of Arm* for the Maiket, be
Ht Introiioeed ^rora (iilhftn a M *nuftl.
A!ao. the forma f Parole f*r H -nei, In eetlon, Pro* Pa
id*-«, kfounMnjr, Jatloa of waarde, dullee of lapta'bt In
amp and lift rUteH, March jt, Caapi, Ac., Ac., together wl h Hoi "
ler*’H M ra aoJmwte rf c^ok ng kheo, an I a few insurant J
tn"<b*r » )*’gc tlcoa t i a Idiera A. if OR AlS. Pabltoher
fell 97 Hoii at e t, clc‘.mo d. Va.
FI.K<J SNTTbW uooil.-t. H. Palo* A 00. here
Li jaat r celfe-1 Cl Saul H ark and Ool ret rroand StollaShawla
atra fl e ) dich H-o h Lout «ai Spare Sbavie, (real«IndU.)
Ich Piftld PupiMaa, lU*h Inati PopUm- Itloh Dark tlLra, flamed
id p'alu. Velvet and S Ik Robe*, New ■iabrotd«ri»e, S.aok Bom
aibea, Black 4hawia, Ortlo&a, Dtapera, B*ftaket9, O.tomana, Ac., ]
e. All of vhlah will be void, oe far a^ poiolhU, at old ra et.
Un* «tS 1 F*Rf(V A CO
JLTOiiD t41Wood, Uiay,end f*.cy («ero.»n Pli e* ^
rf f >r aa e by |f*bt] W. Pt l IgMI o • t)., DmcgbU.
'o ' P .RAH oMf. 900u itxt M«ida iah, joet reeelve i by t
* Ifttd _ _ '*n> ■ A Oo . Dr.iaetato F
'Klimiz MIXnu.h-1 BO Ihe. Mlituro for te)..br 1
P-Te.ll, off A u ), 1*1 M.lB
UlKB 1‘KAl Hit SO bVe Dried Pe*. bn, for tale br (
f mMA_MfNTAJAM >, o.rf B rib
■RP’B.1 COPI*KK —100bege rabaCoffee, roeetvlDf oei for ,
J »a)e_[mh61_ KA0 «N A BSABAUVILU *
N onnaAbater* of Oar harlaf lo pa, ouh ter aatorlala aeod la
•a- botfnrw, va art compelled lo ad plod Uia eool ejitoai In j
i pini«cc'lon, and erdo-« ter Plane, Caailnai, bo , ranji b. te f
ainealrd vlth ihe.enn p.ln aa.aralSalr oar al'oa -
drfo cm witt o no /
l M-AIL IjvANTITT OP T1X BOIL f<r(Air bj
L mhH_ s WM. B..TLIR A 00._ R
| X BBLI. PCRI OtDKS vmtOAl la BMr< ui for aa'e, hr {
*) W. H. PI.IASAH1M -
JSPPRH_We tnro thli d»r rvel.eJ 18 bin Black P«n J
par oo ceu'fnmtcl, la :-.ora and for aale bp A. T. BTOKK? I
00. ^ ___Jad J
»*(")»• M Uopbndi Tlra'ii . Cur.J Batra'rrr.lr.J aaJ for a
) •ale f
aib >8 _ ^ _ BA00B A PAHKiRTILU e
lOPPIt.-Tlu oodanltnrd, ijrnu of Iba Ca'on OoaooU,
J dated 0 pnar Mlaa. of Toinaseoo, baft J j*l roerlfod a tap- j
j or para Info l i ./par, wkiob Ihej otor ter lale la Iota lo taM 1
irehaoeea. “
«a»l___ RAOOH t BAAKIRTIL), a
-111110*11 imnr.joel rteol'rl and ter aala ba _
J 1 P. DuTAt, rer. Ma'a and 10tt ate, 1
ff ITAH1),- «fl doeen.ln llna, teraalrbp j
11 )»fifr _DOT* A 00., Drwflito- 1
' >00 {
|b* Osrsw «f and Sr#*4 «mH, "
1LALROTT A BROTUIR, frcprltton
L art tolldltj PuRTabLI kTrm . ' .
xuutroB-JoE, .f all i:W| r CK , ’ 1 • h
ilubli fir Clreanr Si* mill, Ttr„... «
irp-.M, whltl lliy fatter Uticic.T,, , ' u. »
rrtorto up Rsgtaoloutil hcrr c- V ,‘t
Itlj will Alio farolcS .iTAHOKAgy ‘ »
■ lierM to *nj r#qnlrtd povsr. *
.1 Of Ttrloill!HI ‘r»HTM
ILU.AB4 IRONS for lilLLS’of aJUa-i, '^Alu,.
RAILROAD WORS of cvin i cc.-lpu t "*
TOBACCO PRRWRK. ILATTR.*!* 8 a:''-. . .
iiE-‘*»««r*ri Tobacco, .. ”■ n,
»K .;as*-s.'1ii-a Vt ,:r s - I ,>
W Al
Q-eo. Wntt it r0
nROROR watt hair'n ibiilsii i •
Jr Ifall pAtlttA, «0 Sic Clf arir, y ,
■trail «• ■«' •••u*'i'-.p:a.»k ..i. ,, . 1 •
in', ilrn of wtlak taUala Sue 'o to <*, '
Ip carc.isl »• .• »t ' ■
TtcS ml I rlftf llt'.fll inl>rl I r " > >
or HI 55 oir C‘Si: IC0t-O.--.lilt -.1
GT?J m.w,
;»I Qss Rraart Ri!c» PAfiun'.bi, . ,'^IR.
»*r tacri.wo »a< bur*, »
ax* anw xaxcrajc-oi •, n, ‘' A»0,
Of Richmond, Virginia
No. '1H *la!n
Tsoci MicMora of none Mi'tiaria;.,„
a «•*. *t
_CALL Ainr mx '-miir r,.
X -
Forwaidin^ and rr _
•«R9ir Hlb Bad Carj PirctU,
i. T. WO—,_P»»l mft , ,
»A)IIH, KLI«r> i*l> oo.,^
»RKKR 7th ANn*IMM7?.fr- P'.-gv. v.
mer<;ek & I Ll i r *
k II moirtdloiipflT. •« tie ehorteet ?;i..
QL *.»n <>t work In t! ,'re <)»«?«.-.j » , ., Vjj
atf-m/ «n« If." ..r.« My ".'nut. .. . ' ’ ■*
b4r«9»tcb«c?vf< • - - *rB
»r.,-lth-rtel,t:rg jr 'e> ,r*r.[, i
IK.! Vo glTe li A .-All.
Jf Or< Tt tr.'» If To»Mry Htlr. t'-f —
¥r jiuciut »1 .V.iot; r t> 1.1 r*
luN tiU.1 ll thi loLrtvV rite.
M—iy_ >
/»»nk Licti or.y
w Mart, lupwrivi
100 ca«n flue Claret Wlat
ft) basket* CL-ifipagin: V' :i
6 own fine French Brandy
>Mid«i a Urge la: of for? loparlcr o'-4 W:sm flfrbjj**
laeaUoD&ble aj to a*e and parity, harlot Y »»i * :,v
ll*o, London Porter, Boot eh Ale, Ir‘»h *c ! - t*k. y
amatra Can, Ac. Oar ftock of Vlry!.-!» Rt„ a f (
met of the oe*t brand*, a pan of whlcMe ti j - l
dl of which wa will lill.at a
hawra. JOHNSON, ^ . > •.
r\N on* owa r,ae.t*M, In oar large Clonk R ■ ~j. w vf.j
l F DAV, and continue till all U*e Gvod* a.-r 7.l,r. -v4m^
look aod tueioef* to the condition of tba tinea
Among L-.t Good* now rif-red, aro
Reaclfa! 8tlk Drsare* at flfl, fil, 910 u/M
Bouattfal «i* Robe* at flu tc |Jfl
Bar of % Robe* at Ao an 1 SI j
Bpleedld HamaxJ Droa*^ *t l I.
A great earlaty of
Daregea, Orenadlnaa, ChaRltt,
Popiini, Organdie*, Lawn*,
o ha »*ld wllhoot ragard t«. eo*. PA M L k PllCI A 10.
S. B.—T* <• n-w Good* o' thr ir*#r n r* • . ; • at
Harris* jockey-clcd smoking t *. m
•oaght after by smoker*. for 9av by
■14_ w PBTFKSON > 00 , M Va:»w
’Otlhi K1M1 SB W.
W* hae* on hant a euppiy of the at . w- treed
B* cheap ; and a* We hate a* l> r ewy ' *
laII at KEKm i PAMS P dwt
JrO C. r-r: '
1I I.V 15TIS, ltd.
11UO.T1.1S K. PRIOR * CO. SinlWH-n*
Few Gray OUtfc*
Qrey Gaaalnttrea
. kin# T'Wttrda
U na Liu*?;*
Plaid Oanelmere Ir V-.r vi, Shirt* ag. Pr l t*. Ac.. lr ‘*• *»i
l'»o,an htnd, alary- etrek '
Irt >» Ijnena, Lleeo Deck*, i
TnwclKhg, Cheeked Linen*
Oallcoca. Piearhe-I • !
B'earhrd Wieetli’f*. fir- Drill*
n OclorwdLivbi,Barayc -• IolhaiBrawdai
They Inter dtc lell their r< ck, h^ugl.' he' :* Ike *r
Id red**, bat crr r tar'- g'r.% ™ *h-.y k k*.
hev r-c*t p ece : .-J?a».i.e>« t-** 4. *.
J price.
_ T 5 * ‘I.
. ... ||VM> HIlLTIMi < II. Ill* 1*‘ v *
Cl rrc. J«llrrc.lTn)»,u'UopplT '1 »>rsi «1 ’' "
loth No. 6. toll; 1§Anpair Drat* V. i*r» ?* •
id, Tln’d. and Steel Ppor*. Alio, Walker* • '*
I P*rcn%Mon Oap*. RUODSS. WllJOM ^ ' rf
Irret. _ _
n AHIIKN, Tin till V ».'■’> '"J li ’
(Ira** Peal.Ar, Ac.. Pit'* Ear:/ Pm r*' ^
lut*rr aod Lima Hpan, Lettwce Pa:»'ry. P* #r. ; !>• '
nap. T'irat'i,. *fp* afa«, ( cfcra fru.m *'■ '**
9 Adam’. Litre F. rle Cor", Got S * '• * * * *
IrahhlD*, R ling an i WHoe*, I'r*c ^ «■ *’
*'.«• by
fr-lo G». 'r*'* ,
fil PS IiVS SiVlKT l¥put.
ft —
Ganun fl^rnel l)r»vi
Merino o-l u %nd drawa
K.e-eb F»an el Cr«r bhlrtg j
F«ne> 0> araaere tio
Linen Vel*u«n ard Reaetr I rvglM
I'.r.f Ri. if g he.'ftna, (»aur proo f
Flannal Gnoa-abir a and Ura ir*
Peek 'll*. Pea* la aad Comfor a
G ey an<4 Fat cy v e 1 Hclm*rU
Flo* WaW-Pr of BUnktta
OaR at ltd) Main rticf. for anyth ng In the a‘ T,'f_ f
rviwumoN.-rb* cof w * ’ ' *
\J *aplrc» thia da* bjwUmiUtlon. C*«■ '" •» 1
■e ihe natn* of tbe flrn, in liquidation. <’u •
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by DO VI i 00 . Wh-4eaaN Dmiy^a ----^
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