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noMuiv nesMiNfi, hay i*> iss*.
y»»u Nonvoixl—We learn from a member of the
il clifacud Grave, wfco arrived bar* last tvWlag, that th*
regiment, of whtoo this company forma a p»r*, left tha/
•It renobed Camp" at an eariy hour k'.ddvv morning,
aid rua/ohed Into Norfolk. The Uravs warn deUlbd for
guard doty hi the afty. Our informant and four others
w»jw detailed an a guard to the Meant*r Wil'Um gelded,
widen was to proceed to Ctanvy IJand to remove tbe
baenge aud amaunitiac from that (oit. The departure
of the boat ear delayed for ime time by the jtxrticu
/er-ry of tbe authorities, si. ee tlte treason of Tcbiae,
(sot Brers.) The eeceaaary orders were at UK issued,
and we gelfsw wait down the river on her mi'.ion. She
returncd to Norfolk about tea o’clock, bringing up •
frtd*b< o b._<age, store* and powder.
In to ■ m-antira*, n°ws had been received In Norfolk
tha: a I rye (urea of T take** hud leaded at One an View,
and were thea in n abort distance ot Norfolk Tois in
. te.igsro* produced great excitement, though the puhlu)
in id had been prepared for Its reception. A.) tbe rod
1- g stock of the railroad companies in Norfolk was at
te ied to too engines remaining there, u..»i g two or
mtrwttaisa. Our I a ferment and hie eimrades, finding that
their regiment bid lef\ and cot being able to a* attain
U- whereabouts, etuburksd on one of theip trains, and
were conveyed to Petersburg. Tha next \rain, which
was tha last toot left Norfolk, had aboard a Urg> i it li
ber of wemoo and chudren dteiog from the preaeade of
th~ t a ted Ts!>k««*.
Tw only additional Information we Have is that tbe
Ta .at- •# appeared before tbe “ latrehebad Camp,” and
w nt-tsod the destruction of the quarter., etc., at that
t>iiAt. This work whs succeed'd/ (scented bj the
r .teed Ar-ilL-ry who were detailed tor the purpose. It
t* (.arid tha* *ome of our m*u who were stationed at
th- baiter!*, below Norfolk, an the S' it tv tide of the
r v.r, w»rs not tppri. d of tbe advenes of th* enemy,
a id me* be takso prisoners.
Our informant ctatee that after the train ou which he
left Norfolk, bid proceeded about a mile he heard two
loud • xplovions, and saw vol tous of eiuoks aacctding
from tbe direction of tbe Jury Yard, lead n; him to
the belief that the bulld'ogs a: the Navy Yard had been
p.-nt, and the Ory Bock blown up.
A Noarn Cat-iuxa Av»r>u—The Cbarlvtte D-tro
crit has been informed by a sold er from Kinston, of
ra a*- a novel incident which occurred there rectmly.
A short t in* ago sumo recruits were brought into camp
f-> * compacv from Coilw-H eouaif, amwug whin was
a met rimed Bltylow, wbo was drafted in Caidwe l —
W wk hefote last B-tylow got a dLvbtrg*, and itnsKdi
W* y another soldier applied for a discharge, stating that
ha tor sh.) »*» (he law.'ul w fe ol Blaylo*. It appears
tbit when Bi.vlow wav drift, a hi* wife cut her hair iff
put on men’s clothing and went with him into easy and
Ktliski fur the war She drilled wi'h the cempvny a- d
wa-1 urtbg last, *h«q it beenstf rscesssry ’a make her
known u occur to 40os®p*’-.t her bcibacd borne —
Tis bay* w. * sorry to part wi-h a.o’t a good soldier,
b r Are are ucih’e to determine which thalered be-t,
Blurb-w cr tow Confcde-aer; but it was naauitaotuiy
voted that Mr*. B-ylow iw "some pumpkin*.”
Di»T:uJ —The DsutiJIj K -g inter c. n ra diets tho
ait'taso; whrab sosB'body has put f.r:S that .he G >«•
4roster.; has eeublts «d a depot of artcy sxrss a; tha:
‘,} iok li.tJs Tillage * It initavsa A*i the Yankee
who would Mature tbit ter U> pursuit of plunder wot.M
bathe most owcfummxie dupe* of thi* action. '‘They
tru'd fled co.hr g -'1 that rich heriug* of the fro •
bv^r, and nothing that tempt* even tbe shinies* ad
*«n.u.-er, stss At I «. s! a Mac bicou icg'.oe—4b«
g-a-aa nnna the dsor* of our w*.vhou-e3 and factories
jaeU !*t on aara r>» mure of the facdiietta ts-poftarca
at lit-, sills ana prang cotstuNenry a pot. Douthts
wo ohail hear and read ere long, that it U a grr.ud tmiai 1
do.-ot, situated oa a r>ror, on the eitoais of which at /. *
t <*•, the M*v-millH wears cf her re*l*s, in the rain • f
fort to S id witter deep enough to deposit her spawn.”
▲ Tnjrca k.ruut —Toe followirg has been sect
us f r publication
F H a C.r*ii»« —Tbe nedersigned, (exempt by »ge,
* or other oitn-e, from military duty,; hsr.br tender tl elr
serr'eso to tbu Governor o( Virginia, for tho d-rfeueeof tie
* jity of iLckoot d. as a ccmoa y of i'dautry, or as sharp
yre..tir*. to d feao tbs b«i.eth-a piloted to protec. *ls
oSstrnuUvO* designed to arrest the tie-c! of theetsrtn-'s
gcaboata, or as tao Governor may otii-rwU* direc tfct.r
t tui u! mt oi to cootinns a* lotg aa the advance cf
the rt -niy nr*tva.» Brhmood. Vast Siasxsa
Tea .*i wt tames w>il ba found at Bo IIS Man j
•••reel. I at nu lasted that those who wish to j'iu ■: a
corps will o:m* fore aid promptly.
Oca Ccxxisct.—W* rages', bo; trs not -n-prirci to
t .-a, tb.t certain pergoaa in thii ci y are damaging
C-.afod-tuH Treasury notes, tor the small nous ir-ued
by Ac corporation, for tbs purpose of ko-rdiog A*
la’ter u. ii As crisis is parsed. Tnu c jndu -t l* bat IitVc
better A an trsmow, anl should ba check-das far a*
xuUtn Tlu l\lw "-•<11 ITI.I lkl« .Ivraiun
and should ttits soots et-’ps to p'-vent t*:e evil. It !t»
;*n« th* amount of change notes in citcuLijn, and
inert :ye b.s a MudcO®/ ib d»te»! tb« clj»e- for whmn
(bey were imued. Th* dry Council, which meet* this
jrnoro, should dirre. the Chamberlain rot to i:Sie
any ti.diidua!, k* one day, more than frli of am si!
note*. _
bxat>.—Th* N’»®hville Dispatch anooccc ;e tfco death
of Ft ij une* 0 linen, who was wounded in a iktrmi'h
under the Ute Federal General Lauder. M- O 3ri*n *®a
s rit r* of i wlana, ana cam® to ft -w \trli ten re..fa
j'oe. Be poewsaed Sne literary latent.*, and ws* cn* of
ih* a»t popular eontr.b it >r* of th; Ftstern msgsynts
ac-‘ pspara_
VaiCiSU r>ta —Among the pr * eaptmad by the
F>d>r*l soldieis at Fort Dunelaou, wm a nils raid to be
werhfrl.OOt. lie . resell is inlaid with the free: golf,
i bei xiged to a hot*! keeper in fcnopci*. and wtu won
by hits at a none race.
1 f>j«h Um tT Bsisos Bang ras Fsit-no r— a- iho
i risk of producing a general mou’b-wstseieg or a ‘‘bsck
* Sriug after eras®,” among bibul.ci reader*, we Copy frem
»Oe ynstivV-ou jai*r*to», the fcloqtng extract iruui »
• iret raie ounce of th* utile* Gun-Heat F.ir, In that
city :
Pu~ehr«, we noticed, were contraband, ml likswke
aco-her compound—a *or. of beverage formerly plenti
tU at Fain—on the lop of which we dimly remtmb r to
have seen strawbeiriee d .atlng, their plea ant fragrance
m ring tweedy with the more pungent aroma of a vege
Uni; productv'n someebat of th; color of gij •«, tfc;
Viol* blended and amal^isuacd into a p-rl- ct laj«(
by thv a ,vor of a Lquid -aid to have been ir pitted from
France, where it ie put up hy *undry eminent e’e nut®,
am >rg other) by that ortcO ated mean!, M. Otard, tf
fi.rdeaux. The compound bad a pleasant gurglug
sound, produced by small and transparent lumps of ice,
cewdog a deficit ful cootnews, tUndid d f y a sscchstine
I jfudor. Dm Into the mou.h by m .derate auction
applied to a etraw, one end of which should be Grady
biu gently held between the Up*, while the other ie in
jtiUf Ini<> the glass *tw»l kuowu «a atumbier, in which
;b* mgrvdicnt* are usually mixed, we Lavo known p-c
ple to ewallow a coueil-rab:* quantity without sev
marked expreeaioca of r.paguance.
But tbis w»* long ago. Tbs eompoond i* said to b*r>
been a sialul compound, and mtriitl law hi* been de
dan d egalnet it, and there hrs been a blockade placed
jpod It, and the place* tha' used to know it, kanw it
bo morv. but not forever, fer th* natural man ii ruoog
asd toe oi l Adam that would oal the apple, still survive®
li hla descendant*, who, in times long away after tUe,
when we shall bare all passad iroas the stage—wl.en our
boom are dual, and our sword* are rue , and our souls
are with the sai ls, wo trust, will not only tacks, but
will take, mint julep*, not ooly by suckicg, but by s.p
ping, drinking, gulping and swallowing, (or man is weak
and Juleps are powerful
Bat too lack of juiepw and Boiam puac&oi doe* not
prevent the Fair from being a most delightful entertain
ineok That ia th* opinion of everybody who was there.
Jt olU be continued this svening, at reran o’clock.
(nrira 8SSSI0X)
SavraDaY, May 10, 1862. !
The Senate met at 18 o'clock. X.
nraarioa or Tit xxraa aaaaio*.
The following resoluthos'Muu the House of Dslsgaias
-wax read ri
Rraelved, by the li.ucral A —biy, That the interval
fccm adjournment to re-assemblingof a special eeaalsn
may rightfully be excluded from tbe cempwtatlOL of the
period to wbioh sech seel on le limited by tbeOonsJlu
uon, *
Mr. BOBSRKON moved to lay the revolution ud tho
tib'e. He peeseosed the objmtion the* the Constitution
r q tire i that a session of the Lfg’Skturc. aboulj ooutio
u > or ninety eeturrMitvs days, an I that any eeoeee shcu d
be 'Deluded as a par. of tho term. He desired time to
red ct upon the qu*s ion involved.
«r NKEiOJf argutd to .bow that the Constitution
only required, in ite spirit, that not more than ninety
data should be occupied ij It.illative busiuete, and that
it we., the province of tto I.-giilatare to aejouru ironi
t ea to tirnr, if it thought proper to do so, until the
tor® of ninety days w«» exhausted.
The motion to lay upon tie .able was rejected. The
resolution w.ts.theo agreed to—yeas 80, nays 5.
mi.tut i-snssTtl).
Mr. NEW M AN, front the Committee of Military Af
fairs, repotu d a bid to amend the act to authorise the
organ:*-t oo of ten or more companies of Rangers.
Mr. vjnEjhNDKRRY, I y leave, introduced a bill to au
thorise tbe farm ot ol a certain exupon.
Mr. IlRANNCN, by leave, introduced a bill Imposing
a tax for issuing trauefemd certificate! of translarred
stock of the Commonwealth.
KL-ttcwavna or a urntmt
Tne PRKslCH'i'T kid belore tbe Senate a communica
tion from tbe Hoveruor, trtnenmiir g the reeiguttgiu of
H. W. Thomas, Senator irooi tbe Fairfax Dmriei.
Ou motion of Mr. NKK'.ON, the documents were laid
npou the table, and ordered to bo printed.
racaxoirs is tbi fxtiarx.
Ou motion of Mr. PaTK, the resoi'uiou submitted by
him yesterday, providing for filling vacancies in tie
3 mi ate, ou timl! h day of May, wew taken up for cor.
suieratl u.
Mr. NEKTON ttlVred the following ae a eubetit tie,
which was accepted by Mr. Pars:
Whereas, tbe vacancies existing in the representation
of tho 34 h, 4.’. It and .'.0:h Senatorial Districts cannot,
by re’son ol Ue prescccu of the public easily, be fllitd
ti tbe maacer prescribed by the Coeetittrlon and taw* ,
a d whereas, by virtue of the eidipa' oe adopt* d by tbe
Oxtivution ot Virginia, on the 4'b day of DecetnUr,
1861, the Senate hat authority to elect tuembeis to fi !
u b vsetneies in its owu body during the present war,
aid the Senate dertut it a titt y in the present juncture
to > x rci e such antbortty ; therefore
Rtsolred, That the tteuato proceed to elect memb-re
to bil said v cancics
Mr. RottRKTSUN move to lay the resuiulioit upon
the table.
Mr NEESON, in a few remarks, earnestly advocated
the adopitou of the resolution, showing that the en>
crorchmer ta ot the euatny had brought a crisis upon tbu
Sta r, which mi,h: prevent tere.Iier tho .xeoeaiMing of
a quorum of the LrzieUluie, unices the Senate would
p oeved to fill tbe vacancies in its body.
13, nays IN
Mr Kt'BEIirSON opposed »be pt‘iige of the restnti
lion, oo tie ground thv, it coed cud with the Oaustitu
tiou of the Suite, and that the ordinance of the Conven
tion author*'nq the Legislature to fiil vaoancb* bul
nevtr be«n subm't ed to the people.
M . SKWLOX said that the Senate had recogo’ird
the vtl.di.y of other ord ntcc.« of toe Conveution con
d ext wish the prov notr ot the Oor.tutoiun which
hud never ti-en ti. .milted to the people.
Mr. LSBALL argc.d that the Convention cf Virgin’s
ei-tcsed absolute sovereign authority in punting m3
o d nances, an l any o her vie* would involve the ah
su d: y that two Legislative bodice were io version In
tai* oi y gt the same time.
T e tisoljucn was rejected by a Us vote—yeas 14,
njy« 14.
Too vote was recorded as lolbsa
l t>—Mo. sr s Aldensou, Brannon, Biuce, Cogfci!1,
b'n .ry, I,b 11, Johnson, Nash, Srcson, N’«w.‘oo, h’sa
man, P»’.e, Ptntiybsoiitr, Qn.-eenberrv, Spikier, Witten.
— IS
Mr ». Ar_i*lroug, Bill, B-acoh, Ctrraway,
Jr , Color, L.Jtinsnsi, of Bruse* Kd««rd, Knit, tin
i t, U.rl, Ir'gtn, Mtk ani-y, Rubcrtrou, Taouipioc,
Uiq .ha l. Whl.lb, W.ley—14
On rnotiou jt Hr. CAUKaVVAY, the vote was re
scinded and the reaolndou was laid upon the table.
uxvsDsatTB aiLATioaa.
Mr. COLL',Ell eff.-red ihe following preamble and
J >iot rvoolutiuc?, a inch lie overone day. Hr. OULL’tF.R
g .vc notice ibai he would ca.l ihim up on Houday, and
id' r u-me r.m.rks in Uvor of their adoption :
14 beet as, about a year ago, tie despot who a it Ms ar.d
-iroc ou-lv abuser lie pnw-ts of a once free and pruu
bit now b»oVrti Federal C- ion, culled for only seventy
five (too g-jif me:i to suppr. < it.' resistance oh red by
(Mi fUva.i. l ii .g States to his authority over them, and
the f.'presentaures of c part cf these States in Congress,
in Mi'il'gotnery, amhorigsd a loan of flfteiu millions to
0- tn ro'itked asrutliclent to raise anJ support an ..rmy
o’ fi..y lueuwt d btast, * hi oh already nuut .ere nearly »
ii: million of met: in the n -ld, to repel an invasion as
fiuoo and lonnkfabla as it cau bo by a foies already
uugtceutod to more tbao tfcree-q tarter* of a million ol
a -ii in arm.*, am constating In gnat part of foreign hire
g. at’d *heiv.-« th. aioior.ee oi tee woiij have bseu
o,<u.-d to cur CLtui f and cluneij to us, wi t’sl it id true
ha* we, who have been chilijk! :o our own tesourcoe,
alt .ad, an agrioultn-ol peopl*, went out of that
*.d- ral Cciou on the ido« Of pMcenUle see...lion, which
to .’tiiv e -htcoipiited, but constraint 4 an absence if
p tpra iota lor ear; and
War though .LUi unprepared in advance, aud in
tbs progt.M of the **r cut iff from supplies from
abroad, v • cave not bMn crushed us yet, and atiU intend
11 be Independent and f ee.
1 I A’-1-jJev.L lArrs/hre, by tit Otmrra! A'stnbly r.f
I try-mu, 1 ba: mr ttian.s Mid gratitude ate die
g via V' ifce Frculont of tbo Uunfederata d'a’rr. and
tn-vw uancuMten with bin in tbe egrcative authority
th -reof, for tbe devoted patriotism and Dctde energy
with w.iiok tb y have called iato requisition and aodviiy
tbo roeoercis of the ConteJ rate S etc*, and have kopt
the rocioteeltss enemy in check Nevertheless,
2d /.'■lu -rj, Tuat in the opinion of tbe General As
sembly i a expedient, and would l>? gracious and giati
flying to tbe gallan'ry of tbe rank and file of the ene
mv that nit re enterprise and dash ba throan into the
00 tdac of the war beu-v-rorlli.
„J Tuat tbe faith fulnfsa and fortitude of
th: Coafcdeislt- Keren ive and the gi-uerajship and pour
■ of the Cct-f d ra e army abtv.itj inspire our constito
pats with cooSdenee 'hat me anoieet rights and iloer
ties of thia great and iilustiious Ocuui jcwcaltb, and the
t |aa! Indepaodince and freedom cf the untetrifird Oun
t rales, all and in ail, will be sustained, vindicated,
and avenged.
4 A K-iolvtd, That tbe Speaker of th* f.06se and
1 {*• de ,i of uu J.aau of tbe General A-cembly of Y.r
gin.'a euamnnicatc (hi* piweed-cg to tbe President of
t in Uouiederat* 8 ste*.
ftiaUcCi vaLLAT natmoir.
Mi . BRT.’E. by leave, iutic Jujvd a bill to eothcrfce
t e rale of tbe Knauose Valley Railroad.
Ou inotiua of H-"- BASSE rr, the debate adjourned.
Tne He met at 12, M., ami was opened with prayrr
by Rtv Dr. Duncan.
R-solutions ironi the Senate were read and referred to
appropriate commit'* e».
aasa or orrtcus.
A Senare resolution was read iuslirioting tbe ssoators
a1 d member- Of tbs Qoute of Reprraentativia in tbe
tlonfeuornto Congreve from 'he State of Virginia to use
their ii U iscce to earn out the pledges made by tbs
8 ate to soch Virginians as were in tbe service of the
Tilled 8tatts a: lbs lime of th# secession, and who left
that terrier tor the service cf tbeir own State, to give
rbum a correlative rack in her army.
Mr RLl'K, of Htmpshire, moved to refer the resolu
tion to the Committee on M litary Affair* Disagreed to.
Mr. HTNTCIt moved its re'srerci to a special oim
m ttee. Agreed to—ayes 41, nays 32
TbeOHAIR anuouneed tbs com ulitre—Messrs. He I
ns Pamir, Docldir, As Das.* ns, of Bototovt, and
aisiosATtos or un count.
Tbe CHAIR laid before the Bouse a omtnun'c alien
from Mr. Ctatus F. Couna, of tbe city of Peters
burg, tendering bis reelfoatiou as a membsr of the
House of Delegate*.
A writ was issued to tba brrgsaot of aba cu> ot Pe
tersburg, author ling him to bold an aleo’ioa to ill aaid
Mr. BA8&CRVILL ofl red i resolution that !-*»=• b«
given to bring In a bill foi tbs sale of the Roanoke Ya
ey Railroad. Agreed to.
sanati or ret cniai.
Mr. RKRV Ei t fl*red a resolution tba'. leaf# be gl-en
to briog tu a bill Axing tbs vamp Relation cf tbo OUil .
| of tbe House of Drioga’es daring tbs extra stssloo of
tbo Gsosral Amembly. Agreed to. |
Oi molten ol Mr. MALLORY, the House took up tho
rcscfutloo* reported from Ibo specisl oemmittse, to
whom mu referred that portion of the Governor* mes
14(0 recommending the *mo!oynient by ibe government
of slaves in portion* of the S ate* occupied by the s:e*y.
Tne first resolution having been paa*ed, requesting the
Presiden< to employ the slaves—
Mr. Bl'RKS moved to lav the remaining two proposi
tions on the table.
Mr. RAUNDER3, of Prat kiio, moved a r.contldera
tion of (he vote by which the first resolution wm
pss-ed, in order to have the whole matter laid on tho
tab1?, which was •—e--d to.
Mr MALLORY eB red a substitute respecting ouly
tboai slaves who are in po.ticni of the Conraor.wealth
overrun by tho - tieury.
The whole matter was, on motion, laid uu the table.
Mr. R1VRS, from the Special Committee, reported a
bil! fix-tg the compersuion ol theODrkscf the Senate
end House of n.lagates during the extra eeseion of Hie
I. ‘gi.-lauire. Passaa.
srreLTxe or salt.
Mr. F0RBK3 ru.de a report Irom the Special Com
mittee favorable to autbori*leg the county courts to
purchase salt for the people.
A letter was read Itom the losaeca Oi the Prcatou sad
King Silt Works, sgretitig to furnish a rufticioct quan
tity of salt to allow twenty pounds to each Lmily (which
■ m couiidoicd ftdf^'utu to ibo cou»uQipuoo in
one year) at the pnoo of one dollar per bushel The
committee reported a resolution authorising the court*
to make payment for the salt in such manner as they
mty proioribo
A number of copies of the lettets and into lotions
were ordered to he printed for diftribution among the
member/, and one for the sheriff ol each ooontry.
ati.iTAXt cowwimu.
Mr. ANDKR80N, of Botetourt, ohairutxh of the Com
mi tee on Military Affaire, gave notieo that there Would
be a mretirg of the committee this (3atuid.y) tveniug.
at kslepist the o’clock. Me appealed to the member*
to attend. Hitherto all hia endeavors to get thorn to
gether bad failed. La’t evening, sUthounb he had ap
p -tied to them, only five out of twenty had been iu at
tet danoo. Thero was much and very important busineec
before them, and be did hepo enough would come to
make a quorum.
Mr. BASKERVlLLK. trout theSpec^l Committee, rc
porrod an original bill aut'.oeliing the aale of tho K ian
oka Valley railroad. Read tir-t and second lima.
Mr eorKINS • (fared a resolution "that the Commit
tee on Military All or* consider the proptie y ol forming
orgsL'xitions in the pt-verRl counties of the Common
wealth tor local defence—said organ . itiona to cons «t
of pereors now cx-uipt from duty under tit-i 'awe of the
Stull and ol the Oonfedcrau: S stes.” Agreed to.
Mr. B00T5N moved to take up the resolution fix'ng
the rime for the a'j-icrcir.eti: ci ihe General Assembly.
Mr. BASS tboug it 'ho House tad boiler got through
business b fere they thought of acjourolsg.
On motion of NKL80N. lbs House atjnurncd.
Pans Hrarevini*.—Persons oacapcd irom Huntsvl e
since its occupation by tho enemy Inform us that toe
merchants all o<0*ed their places of bcgitohi atier the
town pv-sed Into possession of ite enemy. Gau. Mitehel1,
*v. P..,<~n.l AiMnmmii!. r rr.irtnil tiu in to noon the fctnri s
or he would upon them himself, aud cirrit-i Ms tyro tint
(nr her by compelling them to rt-ovire the ehioplasttr*
of the Line tin Government in payment for all good*
which bis soldiers and officers might wish to purchase
This, ot oourco, is mere robbery, perpetrated in a new
a-d ingenious manner.
Tho ctt'ic- rs and soldiers are insolent and ovcr-bcariag,
and carry thing* wi lt a high hand. Horses end other
private proper y are pressed ir'0 service. It was re
ported in Huntsville tha; Judge George W. Lane wonld
b» appointed by Licccla Miliiarj Governor ef the S ate
cf Alabama. H j will have an agreeable and hainion ou*
time administering the functions of his (Sro orrr his
•rvrral hundred thousand rebelltous subjects Ha wi 1
have to kcip up a consid -raMe standing army for an in
definite number of rears, and have a post-mil and trus
ty bodyguard to watch over the safety of his vice regal
jTite Federal* have rccopied tbe u-w Hantevillc hold
as a hospital. It appear* 'hat they ti -at uttered Hints
nils ebon; dayb.\aa In the momV.g. Ttie two trains
trey c.-ptnrrd were from Memphis an I Chattanooga, the
o*e due at a A M , and tho other at 1: M The pri-on
tia taken mib these trains and in the town are cot 8. d
in th* railroad tjspof 1* would ie?nt that the cjpltt'e
of these tiaiua could hare readily bscn prevented, bad
oao had 'he p »se co of miud to give warning of the
danger ss they approached the rtcitity ot Huntsville—
V .Hit Kgitttr, t i ««*<.
We understand thit ever three 1 uodred loyal South
erners h*v been atreated a' Nashville, and conftaed >s
prisoners in the State Peni'en iiry, since the establ ah
uteal ther* o Andrew J thnsou’s noonstrous and ui.lt
c.usrd despoi*” _
A pienoei.i 'u bi? been ra id* that the Federal Con
gi, s<. 'cell place a rtaatp tax of f' op own rrcummer
d tii n for ilScd, and an additional tax of §10 on cvety
o* .didate who miy ft! - his paper* at auy ot th* Depait
hi nla Money making propositlan that.
Ul 'i T /JAMS,
Abut Lrrxtvrraa—Wc have iwtftved from Bee. A.
F. Dckir-on a li tis volume entitled “Bynnts for tie
Camp," second edition, re»t*ed ard oularged, and several
t.-io's i contain* cn- hundred and fif-y one of tbe
•'good oi-l hyari" wh'cb oos'of the soldier* have heard
from 'heir iufancr, such t-s ’Alas' and did my Sivior
bleed,'' *'Am I voldier of the cre*!," “Approach my
soul, 'ho mercy fett,” “Brethren, while we soj turn here,"
“F ght wo mast, but should not f.'sr,’* Ac
Th* present (dtinn m.h s thirty ifti lAovtand copies
of tbi* tic .Unit ;itU.» hymn Souk natch have hern pub
1 a ed. Krery soldier ought (o be p: e. eDted with a copy
of it
"What can 1 dotm by Rvv. T. V. Mosre, D. 0 , a tract
o' lour pager, is au a-im rsblj jtpodooilon. fifty th u
tit.ui conic* of tsij are belne issued. “Who wilt show
ii* any good * “ur.riauina In ltd Arinv. 'Improvident
Traveller,” and ‘ Whit Is I' lo bull 've?"are t ie title* of
ih -o her tracts Every perann contributing on* deV.ar
< if ci the publishing of I ;u)0 paged of theaa tricte, if
course giving one hundred dollars would a*cure (ha
publ.oa'iou ol UO.OOu pages,
Tnz Ntw Dioaawa.—An accurate «ablbit.aa of tbs
graad rav.al duello, which took place lo Mtmptnn Rmda,
U to conic t it to night, at Mctrrpolitnn Hall. Fortress
Monroe, (Yd P .int 0 >tnfori, S-nch'a Pilot, Newport
Nows, with the Virginia, On;. |t ties and Cumbeilaud on
ih« nr iter, cod the fight, wnich ensued, are sketched
trniu aeiu*l cbe-rvw nei. This new addition to the
“War IlIustlAtioss” tt:!1, no dou‘a% prove vastly at
trecove lo the amusement loving public. It baa been
carefully prep, red by the manager, whose brush and
itieohapical genius i« low to wall kuiwn.
Yu Rjcnuorn VaaifTieu —It is the tent ton of the
tntnrj-m.-n: of tM»p,;ul>' KuViahment tc appropri
AlC th» proceeds cf n. a: Tjo„1 •>■ n'g’rt for the benefi’ of
lie- ikk aoiiiOM. Ac mis p'act of wssrt i* nightly
iro»J d, wuco no c.her inIt- wm*n! than (he talents of
tha comp my is off -red, it u rc»eotiib!e to *uppo*r that
a t .r.dfomi- im w-il he raised for the Msff-Lfli defend
era of our soil. Hers is now a good reason for buyinir
a ticket—ton enjoy yourself, and at tbs tame li&iO Aid
the fund for the relief of the sick soldier.
Tul I.4TI “Sill."— We commi'Ud un error, inSit
nrday'a paper, in stating that the professid courier from
l»;bw bad ay interview with (foil Rich .rdson, the Ad
jutant General oi the Common wealth. The General
wa< absent when the fell tw en crci the office, did no>
make a note of the report, and was not mislead by tie
arrant falsehood In all other rerp'O'e, tho account we
published of the canard was ewutially correct.
Tai Blcio.—We inri s the particular attention of
our readers to the advertisemen', appealing to tho cili
a n*, for cootribu'.iooe for tho relief of the Richmond
Asm si. Miiti.su —Tne annutl -neotiug of the Yourg
Mt Christian Aascciation will beheld, Tussdav even
leg. See notice.
Tai Goars.—We learn, by a ptiva'e telegiapbic die
patch, ihat the KicbmoLd Grays snivel in Petersburg
last niftb*.
rS^Aklkl All RELTIM. el lHB
IB^B Y. 0. LI A - The in sat m«Ung of the Y. «n<
Mr:.'* Oh tut „ An c.auo-, far Ihr »laeUr.u of oBttra ini ihe
I mratatlon of t-r inaral Arp»l all t*a fcvtd aa Y. nS*Y eve
Uof, Ik.) Is h fnsf., si 8 o'clo'k. preci vly, id the Le*-tare Arum of
Ik* Mu*.1 rrnhjinl n Aka: h, i Ur. Kn.l'a> eoimref Stk aad
Ira kl a tliee-a
all t iv member aad the pnkl'i yvre-al j an* lavlud foartend
i • lha proceed.m• fill b.- 'n.| u:aat aad uteriitlaf. ma 8—0
The Richmond L*. I. Blnep»
A1IIVIO at Baaervr C 11 , on FrUav liat. kn-efooiod, wKh
oil Ika aci-raiary eiolkmi, aad It. want, after a fo-.| and
fiStaif ai-ibl.oa Slncww Potat. Ah ill that oldoompaor
•af.i» I will reeetva roalrlaa loai tar thair ral af. Tkdr altaa
den rrqa rn Unavd'ata au-ntloo. f*. IdifA
malt lya Mata 0r«*f.
Coauth, May V h, S, P. M , vis Mobile, 10-.h.—The
enemy r. fused ba’lle and H j J to their gunboats, pursued
by the Cor federate". Prisoners trs now being brought
in. Ha’leck sticks to gar boats. H P.
[official ]
CoRlsra, May 9.11, tu Mr oils, 10th.
To Otn. 8. C'ozprr :
We stuck;.! tbe enemy to-day acd drove him from
%le|>oeuiOD eevcral milts. G. T. Biaraxaaan.
[to iha assoc!»Ttn eaj=s ]
Moiiilk, May 10 —Tne Advertiser’s Cotiotb corres
pondent siys he bus just retu ned from tbe fiont. Tbe
er.emy were driven aorori fcrven Mile Creek, running
like sheep. It sppesrs that Gen. Pope's divi; ion of tbe
F.-deral army alone occupied Fnriuingtou. Gen. Hal
leck, with the main body, is still ou the liver. The
Confederate Its. was slight. Tbs Federal retreat was
S3 rapid that ws wr re unable to capture many prisoners.
GeoersU Prloe and Van Dorn lead the attack. We ctp
' tired the telegraph < Him at Farmington. Tbs Coufed
erates are r • u n'ng to Corinth.
it L reported that the Confederate tomes operating
down tho Tsnnefaoe have captured Urge numbers cf
prisoners and a large annjun^of property.
The lo.lowlng telegram was received by Got. hitcher,
Satur J;y night:
lorriciar. |
Ftai nto.i, Mir Kith.—The eoriuj'i loas at McDowell,
mas live hundred killed and wounded. In their (light
they burned ill of th.ir baggage and wagont, our torn,
pursuing closely. Part of our wounded hare artirrd
Vali.it DIiTKICT, Mty *.h, l
Via arirvTos, May lOth. )
T j <1.11 B. C'ooeaa, Adjutant General :
God blc^ed our arms wiib vict-oiy at McDowell, y< ■.
T. J. Jacksos,
M-*jar General.
f^Bltli; LAMnilRLDIBR^ AID
tusl«ljr hut* »J |M. fcfr-1 * C I'l’ollt** 11 fo to Camp
mrj tUj. Hi 19 o e <*•» Ail pin* ua hivtnv ft»o«l ati.t»b •
f y h« ikt •1 11* •- *'r »ird ll In Ihr Lect jrc hoa.ui of Dr. >ocr»«
CltG ch, b J*..'ry 111 a I time. La.I e< will be there to lecelvt fth«
tMoft fro * lln'^luoc
the boclet/ if, ikmu Ihe P«*turj of fV the Ctu rebel In C »• Cli v,
lot* uj * r*.Udjilon In th.ir rc^pectiM tharcbft, fn the fuc ii
: w.
jmn,o-2:_L. I*.SMITH, tm'j.
licnman, Ma; 9th, 1609. f
aPFctatorjinu, i
No. 161. f
XVU. All office-' and ml liera who are absent their re
baliftll'C* or tf .myan'.r], wi h:ut o;tbortt/, Are 1 ere'-j
Ofcdtr*1 to j Din them fn;tnw t . The Commanding 8tteralof'he
I'parlment of Henrico U riqui ed to ajr:eat all etch p«m>2J
fo tad in and about IK hoond, ar J to ?*nd then back to their ra
•p-Uve (oa. a'di Shield tl litr.-e t be -1 rtxtrJ'd the cam s
of tteoffic *i, an1 men in default, w U be publuhtd I i the p .per
at <1 -ie;terr.
Py command of the Beor-tary of War,
maUV-lw Am’. Adjt. G-n.
Office fcouth corner of Vatu and 11th Ptr©eta.
roa Salk.
Confederate Holes * per c»n* bonds
V'?k':r!a vt»t • Begi* t elenl Coa on boL<li
N ah Carulina ntatc a • r.d R per cent do
Ai o, Gold at m.ntx rate*.
uu!« 4 R. H If AH K t \ 00.
▼ \ araut l.-d, on Grareand Tlk Streete, f>r
wair. *t Uir r-qn-s of Dr. F H De*n-, we cflo* :cr *«e
a » r?*Houce, 1© ated at »bnvr, fronting abrtl T&
on the south • tc’ • o* ttnsre atreet, non ng J ack 11 feel t.* a.» ab
me west, r atm* a froi t of It i f«*t Thflo<*aii n sf t* ie prep-rty
for private i »Idenc* le ju»»‘y regarded a» amonpH th» mest de
•Ira* le in Jtkhmcnd.
Apply to
ma.n-lJ (fODDlN A A*PER«OH. »ret..
ATTRITION TXPknSdllf -Tb' Kapretsutan who took two
b ae* trunk* f ou» tl • iillf <u Ho ».e. »o be deliver el on
Mart it*: sir • t, betee**s 4lh aoJ b li, on the afte n ou «.f the 7t’,
and d to do a », »la r taro t ex UanelU tl / t' Ike Ail'. .g<> n
T e nuwbe ■ at d l Hi a a on the w. gon are k; to The tr nk*
rue let Dr. J W c t7, Bi h -.ond, V.. A a/ Infjtnntica
In teg «td t»ihea wii be thankful tc.elv-J by J. W d., at the
VfAtg main—■ i*
'jlHIOpiUl Pl-ek of the **si:.lnoit RaiiroidO tnpany,” hav
I l».< be* l all tikrii bf the at- hmnd and Can'l l; Rulrotd
Cr'noeuy sad others, It Is de :r -d nv them andlh : Govei jam* of
tl i Oott'vdtrate »tatet, that k •• s of cone rarti"c sboulu be
co T tovnevd ar d compute I ,• epeeolly at pj stole
Bexe d. lay te rg othe ah • n« re awry lor th« new Compan/to
he o*gso!t« t. iu t ir m-an I ne tc I t Ii heteby glren to all ptr
•nns ha/Irf n«'di’o h!*e. thit e a.doymen. may be obU'ccd hr
su«*h f*n !e . n the i ns of Iktitld ra'lro »d, aa aoou •• the Pled
u. j. t Eilltc-sd Co np»n/!• orgia x d, walrb le exp#* t *d to t e tc
about thirty or 'orty diy* frow t iis J me, a *1 aU f»wh persar.s
ait fc;u*rcd ’.o c*»m■runicale • *tcUly with the Free J- at o the
K ek oond a . t lUnv! I- t5,.ino«i v. or .w ». | XOK vt VlNIil e* d
Jo.in R Fv^oiOkol 'he Fl.uc *-r« who are autboilcrd to make pro
sli!-nal ag eemtnt lo the oxpHymtnt of ao*i hands fo-ta t
pi 0»e, UJ*M K HARVIR,
P.ealdcn' o*D K R
HMF*Wklir, Dl pvrh. Lynebbu g Fepabli -^n, Cenvl le at-l
ftr-e eb ro*, H C . papera wi I | ublUh for k" days, andiendac
•Ad-iJ k« t .U oflie. L K. i.,
ma «i -kOt Prral >•». B. and D R. R 0%
^ 75 keen i Wrapt In; Paper
M *et« iron All.* as I'd I 'i to 9tn.
10») the floe ha f tlea.hed » hotlhread
R-1* lbs • exp 1 * ne
i pb i, iiui i ruipe
»i k pi Cat ft •. s, « t*<*
2lA> w« sfrni Pho? L ■ M«'d
•1 • dcj ’ ; hi J»ey hef
1 • do W'fctirfr »Di H King B «*•
t Jpre fliilhs U:lic«»
1Nh» gro Pcr» we, ne»t*d
N u uni Mill S*w File*. Mit'J, 9 to lfl In.
tit J« i Hi ne K*»pr tail <1
H*0 «Ij Hen I Saw Fi'« i, a rat'd
1(0 do W u»* 'ef.4 on » r*se
m ti {h« Iron Wii e, it'd 1ft Audi*
l> diiftYodW i- alUtan
ltd P«( Htt|, M I'd
lO.AOlt lbs 11 %KPtcjl, mat'd. >» to t# y |ck
100Circular H«ws a r. d ft tn r* tnchea
'MOyrg Anchor oUng k>ih% n.t’d
S Olkj geo CmU <. do«|\ : a at., o and 'f*r aal • bv
R^rUi.4, ft I '>>- A HHlT,
uialu ■ If Pu filer* D t tuth, 1! o1ei A 0*.
OAfl NALFft of superior Glover Hey
*#\MJ ?*> do do Timothy do
td du do BLtafOa'i
104 hu*ca cf Ofctwloi Tobacco
100 do Tal ow Cardies
50 u> Adamantine Otndlee
If00 poanjs -f Nulls (slightly damv^eij
And a fo >d aeeort i rnt of family groceries, :n e*«r« tsd for site,
on the moot reasonable Urns*. B. A. R. DABNFY.
Wholesale or Retail.
mh20 Comer TUi an ' k.oad atreM •
Tub r»!HB».iitftiLrH ov vino<<nia,—
T • the^her (1o' th. 3Mly of. be t jrfl«l i.Or.-e lag: ft her?
m . a vaerncy hei jee- r jl In t e reprHttSUii la the H use of
P.-i g it s f o a the io iu y of h at rfi tie uccad n d by I .e re
al^'n l no.'ChanesT Jiiend; Tuv me therefore, la the nsa.9
». h CooBioau a..li to r<tj ll e »ou Deane an eect on to be
hill u emir said coa-»ty if OheeteHUtd, oo Thtri ay tbek'ddwy
cf Hay. I** 12 lira l>wl*gi«** to l» IIV wmey %for» aid.
Int simony whot* *f. w'.Urs- riogiW. ihifT-y, Bi rvkc r of the
Ho !•« i*f Oe egi'i «. tlt*e 1*4» *lty of rday, A u.% iHftf, and In the
fifth year of Iho Cumin 3&we*lth.
Hi 'OH W. hHCFFkV,
Ppcaktr of tbe Hoaes of i'el'jr*t >•.
By the Pprakor cf the H. of D.
Tf»t :
W. F. QoaanR, Ja.t Oletk of II. f f ft. t1
Tnn 1>» lil'nQ hai engage! e rooBi, coraer Broad
ar.,1 9ih *trr* a, f..r a llaiair, ant will ba roady to recaiva
Joint oca of Ul klmta oa next Mon lay.
all comm jatc.Moi ahoaid be add'eiao! to Mra. ▼. 1. W VIR.
NOS, Box 344, monag-r o' Bax.ur aad Oorreopond.iig (‘ccrrla'y
of tha 1*. l>. AuociaUon._tplO — If
IN rripora, to t'.e rill ol nuxf frt-n> from Jtlfrrait port'or.
n( t)> i vun.y, I lir-obr pr.irot mforl’o« « ran llJat. for t a
itfioa of .‘I, rilf of «al < e.u itj,at the eaaulng r.-rt, JO, u, br hold
on Thor. Joy thr 191.1 if Mty Inn t, isej.
Moil laa^auioliy,
Voor fallo* c tlrra,
suy i -td* JAMBJD HANKIN'I.
OFfiCB TA., r AND MAK NS If* OO.. i
B.mxom M.ySl, ISO. f
AIBGUL.1! O'l.ul rlortlio of VeTenteao Dlrrctor., for if.la
lmnliu I n .til be hrti ot »he0 mpan/'a office. No. lWt Mom
fcUort, on A.nJay, tbr 19th luk., ol 19 o'clock, M.
bob—tdwy wti.i,-a. ja. •,*<*
I WILL ir I rr'.TatrlF 'ey Plant t'Jr.n. cil'rd MUIaad, arotals
Int at on' too ha idrrJ oorft of Load, lying l| tbo roanly of
< harto.tr, oo aba Ola-k a F rry Road, tlx a.' oa from Boaaoko Dc
p A, Btrhm >l4 aad Danatilo BallmaL tbrra la up< a tha plaor a
•ramadwrillrg,oiot.1 ilog ala roon, will tie nrcraoa y oat
hotioea Ttir lora ho« hr -n iimrwhat abased by bat culture —
lhr wood Ian 11, aomres boi an ibaadaore of th - bil.dlag pica.
Poaarwelon alrra Irat Joooary next
Par a More aoewro r drsertpj.a apply to mo at Drako'a broach
P. O., Oaarlotto owobty, . a
apS-dko* T80KAB «. BDQLBU, JL
■ r THOM 14 W. I !**,<•<*.
[Ogee orratr cl IfJi atd Cary Mr fa )
FNrBlfure, lor sale m| Audio*.—aUl b*ao 4, oa
waONbi*DA» in >r.itug, M-y 14 h, re trim n:irg ai lb fVltck, a
there IdcDfOO'N. P no* i»r!, K g . t tfc h deoiled g Low keep*
lag) oa M4 *htr, l* vwn *^h i nd Vtj s'-nots, hi l»o old oo4
fei.onca f*Ju.Airt. coarstfng of ’h i dial variety of ihv tty b«U
qu % l»y
Aiao, oaoOotk'ng Bangs, gas A&iu*es, lc
null)—U,_TroftAi W KKfrEA. A vet*
py JAHX9 If T .TLOR A *05, AbiCiP.
of Laud, In lut roa«tl> of Menrifj, uli)«> j
b«l.w il»t* <*»ty of HUkmu*4. on I
thn ulilUnobarg AU:ge bond, and our It.uf l
hidrfioji the Vork Idver lfnl'rnud, logo larr,
wll .i the Mock of i. oro»», niub a, ftfgt,
Ar - I *i 1 tell oa the pie U:\ o'i lliL'ftS AY. li e ltth, u. ,
af Mar, IS4J, cm inaecfltg at ll oV o dr, A. M , Us J*im »,f »h.•
U'eJai W. tosid doacaa 4. cnrtafidav smut l'9Mrft'*fl.c.',
iUul:drnth« M l l amo>uig feta/e Load, t Id# mi;rt cl lam frr •;
fclrt.*cf r.«l and ah u on ft* foil e :n m e S\rk Hirer K\! ; a .1,
ajjo.n nr Mr lao iio uto M h.vs/e, a-., , WUlam^a A l#..,do
c *ae l, l>r a ncerson » nd others
Ab>ut IftO acrei are ceueJ.ni.« wth h hare bee* -eejoi.wh. at
and wja:«*r ogit,retn*‘.u^ef m«U vox)** L
Tl e Improfo CCD’s ~oo*!»r« of * I In/ w th fits roots*, bars,
staid**. tc*> i.nu»- and *h‘Muii out botnaa.
ic uiM.atcl/ ai.«* .he >als >.f tooUtisll be a Id the *t.*cb of
r.ui.c, hora«r, cows, ersps if c;/a. So ni *r Ac., 'arniog imp e
n»:.its. h »o.thold litr*.i.u>e Ac.
Tb«M» -ii 'o tlio real ruu oi .• third ca h, Ihs biUr.ro C. avl
It nw n hi rredli Or neg tUble sate*. tiAut* &.1JM, vou. 4 b>
a trust deed.
fot llitt per eh ill j property f.'.i \a4 cu i--*, s*a*i; > ret that
amount 4 mentha i r <llt Iu: nsfo'Utlf paptr, tatef*-t» !/ff.de rs
cd mth l-Urea* adJed.
H£0.D. PllA*A$Tf, tdmr.
ina. -Ml Ju Pgsa-t, .UeM
VFRV FINK UlhliMMi IN •* »1»NMnU
huMv" on III Ufa . aide of »»ai oliitll, lie
fnrroNtliaiid uib a'twiie, i .. nal« at .null m.
in. • l. st aw* Hu, »n rhr prerm.#/, oj ;U. PAY *f. n>>o i.
vh* l Ml »A M*f, H", at 4', o\ uit ►. a. Mia. xct/ faiCAUl*
Unen«uk touted as ak u«e, of id thr opci. .r-v of n P r .
ax4, aiq hii ajis’lyieg r3rd a oftcaia •» ei » ba.im- «.
Bcu'jiu At ujo..d, a .a .* k id onsjtli.t a mbQ.euitcr-p
tl«a ii deemed .noec^ ary
Po s^a.k>3 g.veo ia a ft* day*.
Iuce iu.-UcrJ *mb, the icraainde* at one •ndft«o yei*»
fc. ne/cll vlile on'et, bl'srnil pa - ah e h uf e rly, a.rarad b>
trq**. c'eeia.
Tfie tac s ao.1 ldilkii'« *o- l^J: t* I s |ft d hy '*)« purchi
Bk*'J-»t4 d oiilN c arPK .itoN, Aa< t i.
fllUO Hl.V iU:* At m.M Oy t »M AIILI
1 Timber t! L.. net in ( In £.:.i *ltl, i mllr.a iVnm
Uiiin heeler, f .. t" .. tpll ■ Mf *|k«|*M
Mall4 at autliopi - M. l he lodklacuitoii &u U. ptrtnl* f
tn of iKiiU4T,ili.' U i w j.x 112 o o.t/> k, ftl , abou tt«
* r*s id vaianbis laid in or** lal g:f wr i i.t u«k Ha her an J |4 .r.
jol/i re ‘he l4id o Im.ii iuo 111*, her and oturi Iheah.ie
o*k Injt.er oa the laud Is very ui.n« e
Tv k -One tli'rd caih, Yalaa. at 1 aod . jrft’ft, for bonds bur
lAtertsi.it ured by a t u t d .el
The ides for leiwi to bo p»id by the piurbc •«-.
Mr Hair rr mil U.ko pi. «tu.e ii ih.w ng l1 i\5d to ihi si i!.j.
posed t • pui^hnsa.
nay 7_00D"1X A APPKaBOW, Aurt-.
\r* UY v.iliPAHLiiUiiiCH TkN»::n«> t,on
the .Nonin side of irauhlliii brt%%v«*u 3«l
Hud lib for sale nt a uMiOtt.~al i r.eso • .
untie crvti.I.ci, a* nu ti..., < ir.>DAV, me h May, 18fS.
f,'. o ci..**, r. ft*.., :r. • very « xceliiti au4 admirably arc . loca 4
rn k ten troiturv to Ife oerqptu.y of tier, t' ir.ei Piab'^i
The house ha* aouut treive m .. i-« l -r. *f »o;ely ll. iihel, with ni .r
*»• m.u els. r » . %i4 *.tt»j» iLOjera im^ruftKnenu. sal.tide tor *
ti »ici*M i*#l.i * it hu iku a apltf tMCOBUntalio* Or r
v* t-, a-4 istpac «."* em u h Ur a 1 r«*e (a .1 y
7- ran maU'- auorii .t :h» sat.*.
tuald-lj_H 3tH)IN A APPtMO *. Aq»m
PrraAUal PfopiTtf Ml AU<li »l, *1 4 •lij.ll
.Aratlowb ^Mrm,wiie uUi a l»aii miles tastid
lu ' r UI Jotlau Dae.hi*, 4-tm I " all e*j os: tu me, a* |.ul Uc
. I >
V* fi d v ( tlav, ct,iuirrn 'n* ai u o*c or*, a. M , r t«>
Ur : ptraliable property, 01 ihei* ui cciiiLtiifc f the fohoai j
$ vnalrc and fco*rrr, 14 ha-d Of c«HV,ofibt >*cii *uitl, th — wk
cf . u a, rup «( m u, fodder, , ttrsJrg a1** tl** f t**rc»i <
1 > ton la Mrn> barrlasiao-l bar •• r. i I'tp luifTifjr «l h dou it

ntw ai*o In vCoJ inle., tofttfur *l«i ti« »-ui i*» i.«iH*«hold • »
k whea iu.ul.me, o • t '•II-nt t|ua ! y ao*l conabtlr* of tacu.o l

Prev'onato the »»!§•>< th • yeraonal aetata the f«r«n called “H: 1
Meadow,** nr.e an u halt ui I a e»s uf U.e city ot Elchuiosi*, oon -
talu^ abr.utVO - <•!)•« of u#h j Improved Ian 1. w:«h u io dee, In
TaaMi t >r\te peiW.iabal uA* e.f^r aur * of I Vo ana under, ra*j,
orr that au n 4 moiUia if edit, lor ay pitted, eudoncd, LFjoltalnr
paper, with ill steal adatd.
Mterlf lit arlco rr.un’y,
man— * a- d Adm*. JoJah P*hh«, dc.-m d
j^KUr«OMi VaHIhfl^li
Tlttt Kttutni, 'Ui IS.
l ,uttk wr*A of
Tbagr.tt pit; of
fr .w ia» orlr‘iniT«f.
Dimer .Hit* Ha*/ ftrlleirL'a
ETHf progTMMU*.___
L >', K y aMiURY’c
War Jllupttratiourt
To sigh; will be prod.it.', fo- tit £ • Lie.-,
?.ln! >4 by
fron uttclu tAk*o upon lie (pot by
c«r<- R-w- abmsteat.o. b..«.
Apaitct ot i.' ttui*
fatal battle,
iDUuddUBf cjrrtci uti'H of tbe r.utlt tntgti,lBciai.rg lb'
jAMkHrOWN, kt
ry Door, optn At *H> nBcnri a( SoVicek.
py Adinlulon Si ecoia; Rotrriil se»t* iR o!t ro*18
. _ 1 _■ 1 1
N ew RicnnubD tb«*tbe.-u8« »»8 r«
ihmen if the t»rtiuitb Prole**bn. ile-lrocaof enteric* n <
etfatetuen a f r th a ottacllahaei t which will orryenej •» in
ft at or Be pies be r, will rle*#.- t*ddre«a the undcrtlicned, atatln>
their pec. liar Uoe of boaineaa, lerma, Ac.
J. M. IIS • ITT.
ipV>-dlm Manager Elr im »nd VaeUdea.
jr»i CHEAP
Patent fire Proof Bafra u>nr.*e inch more for tr
seal lieu Ineurenoe Ft 'lent, and art mmaj ft in. nunurw u
jennet ef*rd to be wlUiorl the*. Wtbirtf pet ut^rtnotl
iltrt. UlttWUH A tVAUPM, .
nil W) Mala (Inti
I SO It KENT —The rery deei ruble »ior- wawr ncinjited b)
X UI. roraer of 19th and Car/ Mr ecu.
Poeaeeetos glrto Imm. dlet-ly.
NOTirB.-ThtII.itrt lifu-dl-y the Corj oce’cH. <jl Prt.hr
Ica-i.ury, will he redIIT-1 by ul »* i <■ tl itn f
eeat R. H. * A RV » C'».,
irel OMc* South e-.riwr c Mala jt.d i l.h h*- gala
V DIVIDEND t? ‘Ilf per rent ns Ibjfa + a' Hoik »f«ht 11>t
mtnl, fr..ler.r.it un an I PoMimaa Hall ...M Odo aor. w
drelared on ill 9to in.l, p.yehle to I e -1 .'bn ide a n tht'rl 1
yatrrnr. h matinee et the the odea of too uOiupeny on the A i
day ei May nett, tufa? I
upV.-'fw 0. W mo HTi VO. Tr. aenrrr.
‘ if riOS ERdMOND A PKIIEHh JEU a K Cll , I
' 1 a. May let, 1-dl. f
rii3S Boir.lt/ Direct-a hate o~:ir»* y die idled of fr tr p-t
X cent on the Cep i i.f.a r I'lll Orcrpu-rr, pi.atle oi an
af er the S.h ir>*., I- »l win eere Siarer.ldtrs enthelttlui
•ill dirldeed tj he In li.-awf ihn .nuaiy d| flered on tie lit o'
if; r tra&afer ho..hi wlUbt rlwai fro® the f4 in tte fcth Inst, ii. *
met-»* M_W YAaiJ^TOIf. Tr—i r.
Ia\KI> FOKftAKdK. ^ , . .
THI proprietor offen foe Mile, one tacoe*** 0T„tw*If*
dredtereeof fineCmc and Gua Laud, ta -veil ndtplrd
the production of Cora and Cotton, m any ’a the • f
MietliolppL Thla land la iltattad or the P-.Jthem boundary
ruaflocer Ooucty, on e beautiful Lake, tb.ut ®Uim fro® tot 1«
too Elrer, Into which It emptier, affo-dln- e flee Mwamtoel ten
ration Into 'he rlccr. Upon thia land la d.-ednley C' *c yeera 01
which it aoojepttblc of mehinc n fine cr-.p the Aral ye .r
Tartu oik third rath: the balance in two annual .nttalmtoie
ontd.tr ol ihe asrne will kt tehee la neyrojirepeeiy if deelred
Add.ran K. W. KAlDLS,
h.1 la dibit) Yaaoo Slier, cere if U. ihs» fir'?.
OeM-tl ai.».Mrv
f TUTT A JdhfR " hue rtnored from the Cerear of Virytnla
11 tod ?.:r Street l wo doort Abort, to the hot** «**' 11/ *
ccopie.1 by It.wsn, J->|,nton, Traeheart A Ven then.
l'tcy hen '-i rt-.w for eels e ler* > eod verltd wtooh wf ineftu.ec
tored tsbeei» of ueelly ell (redee,® whl.-bcont *nt eo-Moua ert
being made from nu u'leturon in ’hie 8Uic aoc Norto Lerol uf
They ela>. 'lev. o band e *ood ..oehof Flonrof *lUred«.
Dried Apple* end f cachet, bullet |Ar , Ac. i*.
LONDON P#SI»H.-s nil InnJr.n Tutor, in Pull
fo. lalc'.r Hfi-.BA OH _ ________»WT
Kioaaaao, Ve., April art, iMiJ.)
GEN1BAI. OEDiit’, (
Mo Id. { '
I. Para.reph II, Su-al ..eder No. Ilf, Nead luaiten De
putintil of Hc.rieo. VltrchOlit, l*oi,. Aeb&tUaae ar'.fof mai
imnn p-iett to be cher red IJr|U'c l-cf Ac., acid in 1.® maiheu
of thia city. It h. rt.y r«f oelc I.
By order ot Hrlyejlti General Joira if Wianm,
l. B. P. lOE,
tpso-lw A. A. Benoreb
TBBofllcaoftte Maniihe ter Oettoo eld fe.l Maouf netoriti
Oompiny, It rraoird to the North Eetloo-.er-f lAth end
Oery taietaa, up kelit. _ .
epK-e,H|WM. H. POtTBEB, dfo1
lieu <a Ito hi;,l: W. i
TBl Dtreotora of IhltOoapeny hnrt thlt dey dtetared e din
deed > I rwcwTT p-i cott, payeblt lotht Bocfcho dart on it J
eittr the IAiA latt, Halil which del# ihoireeofer Bool wdl be
"mal-Ad i. H. MONT| GOB, S> »fy.
AUfltfOa &UJ&
_ 10 NECRO^ iTAWriOS.
Wi r"f ""' “VSj&iM VOPNtt HHKW.
** WOE,D “i^IWW 4 MILL, AactlusMn,
}^><i Corner franklin mad Wmll Streetm.
bX anf>l)f|f ft AFP* X ON, / POli
COW/’fhaLB «K!(18 i(K(t Of
Lu.vJ, iu H. uri.o, -.nr .1. Hrr.« t«ru
nll.r.ilircriailri narih <i IlliUmoiJ - *• «*
U>i 1.1«*.. C-iii >1 i . , »,t-.li.u.l by ».'►
. .re i.»oou*..d oa the l*t n r ty. IM- ia «b r.M iIIU’M.IC,
cjnii j*<vr, m, vi tb«i! :# I .» pi'1 ir mw*'t ot on ihv i
.qlUJ.», I • IM»' ' -<■ IHC .l,n'il*k.t «,w
l»>r If trt »hr fnlttr «rMt »t r, 11. 4 c* of l»i.l wcirt
».»>o«v, r.«.tly la n* c«*. V. vf V, law Hi » P'bP.
mM, «ntw accuKi* ■ .««■ » •» bf, l« I«*
t«r, a aa.jcUl B .•■, U* »’■ o. !.-• ■ I.. Ycab*. Ja»,
^.r»u‘, Ja. 'i tirmrt, J.emh • r* >n * <1 o f m
The• MUalh '!!ctl lod^t . . ,
io..*o i, c a nil B6 mcr.m. mnu iv *•* ;«rt la • r g nml f*ow.h of
« ye I Inu an I omae. and 1i \U» m ni'ftt >u W* mi !l *UI
y « d a U m y mum l<oa hr v.'e of 'be w«**' mn i 11 b r u er«oO.
L l >u » r i. J. • Tv*, m r,# ec b m*U* be m«t1 i. tanft.,mc4
. a1 br.Jd r . ill toe let bob.** in I p n I On IbU 1 met Hi ere !•
iKffl4rUi|ttmn<t| (f r.o! I? te a of uu p» ce 1WI» *m
.j ,d> t*4cl of lard, mod it- vtiu: '.J IP**4 > «d»miM?ed by the
l*r A 11 r *‘ny ffOB the ami- of icr
Lut>a il, ron'*njh6 l4-|-.lX*"lo ee, of w i.di m*.**wt Ik m-vxm
ir- lu H-.odi.
t- L«t o. «. ccuti'nm X> 91MW, of vl 'kb mi-*l *•» on*o ore la
The fercrfft.iitf lania o'* p€-a Imriy v-lwmble by remmow if
lie ii| ir.n to l. u by Hr H»<>■ »K ftrnpi<«. Mid to helmet
ihml tr.e Uilf bn b.u>Ul mxan»|*i hjhaetm •mod t efiaund.
Imiu*: -Une-thi 4 Otsb ; ftdenr mt i mn < If t om«tu, f»*r o*
tollable r... e## lutocee* mi It •, ax* l ilt.e r l» m I lit AM toe pu.*
at oat su n iy lepaid and a chare mu.r o d **d by Hto f«»w»t, with .
rlbeivlo *i,y | i che*e- to pay. .0 »aah, the wt.de |crch**c
I .r uim for l«fil to bm p*M by Ute pwrehaeer.
m%s . I a W. HOODIN', C oeu.
\N lO< iy wmclnji wmf In m urn-liter violative of tbe uiijm of
civ* Hi 1 nmiloA* i.m* lawman! cur c'tiMry, wL4*% pr a^ioptm
o-» re.Unt: on irperiw i.itwbef¥$ be Lt^ dr* Imrt.t h*B purple to
re i*ee •<« t» fiil*Di! I tn Wr rtrugf.eto prr .erre arblrthtlht
el eooi.tatb italfmiloo. ( ur trmat U In tbe jU*Hc.*of our rmtae
mud the pio e :tioo cf c.ar Go 1 Mvecst dluNd b»e iprrmd *lo- in
cr r -h? 1. ml mad k tow «tu a’ thr bmarth-ttfiOee of our count y
tarn . l>u: 4 ^ i*le • •u cic** kI tecil udc mud f*l hfn Iv t'-lylbx
.0 their P menu llemven, r my bo e. «t d*.wn, bet cannot be dlt
o»bv..ft They in »y in «rj th* 1 ■>( the mmrtyr. whome Hvve Umve
■»ten , icr4n ed l*» th«l deleter. hnl • h«> rtcnvw *hla d ap nam low
. f Divltte Piuvi/.-ucu with haft ble *i.Sn.i*elon :»ud reverent felJt.
And o w ux holt' are m» do ^ .tog lutth to hmiUe, and iov
ux hem ta at b'.fne are filled with mnslona arl. itode for then eale
iy.lt • niM hit hirlnlr urople ehnn’d '.urn ‘tupiu Infly to
ine r \ cilmhty V •*••*■ mnd Pr-eech tfii mil powrtfttl preitott u.
To tnla »ni Uirretorc. I, Jtvro* w Da< im, P.emic* ut of L t u«*a»
Mmdblilil 1 r. il a <u i j b y u.y pr.»c uamt on, Im.tt
iov mil the p*'»,le unite, it tie.r »ere.j. mx.i of wore** p u
Krldmy. ir e .An <Jmy cf the j-r. »< I tao. th ot Mmg.tr h icbt ar*
plfitioa to \lml4htr O.d, that He will T..a<h:Bfe tJl ' Ir
on f.u bt I» o 1 rctn ry ; U.tl te w.li atreo* tte.i tod --v
•rotii; th.i Hr w liwmt.'hav r .nd p e . rve •
evil u.mrb.omt u 01 oar er.eralia; maa i t. 1 *
Od tl Oe, te* o»e ti ut the blaetlnf of pr
VI t >hel*er:iit rmre
Gi v«a *111 i«: ray hmod mr-l the aftml 01
Rlchn. . id, oti Uu 4*t diy c-f May, A. D., it
"■*y •*»_ _ 3
E:ctWoB.i, May J, Iwl )
No. tl. f
I. T!ic following pr-.-laaaUan 1, |>*U -tin I for th« lntor.ii.itoa
of mil coorerned.
By r rtoe of the power vested in ra- by lmw, to deoUrt tb# tns* t
pmneina of the pnwiit *.*e of the writ of hmh :*a ci pat, ,
I, Jeferioa L.»vla, fr eel uni cf the Cent d^rmte etmtet ef ttner
lorn, do proclaim ihmi MmrUml Lmw 1« her by extuLdrd oTcr tbe
« int ern of Lee. tttf*. Boebenmo, <dcHow« 1 mud vayooiloA, enier
i j .'.inmaas or ft 14**11* t •aoi. i iium^nrcy cvMi,
v.J I do proclaim toe *asr-*ntlv»n of a’i civil jar^dlctlm •
l v th the sicept 00 of that eeabsl-g (he uomtato take e« go * net
me probate of will*, the a ini lotratloa 01 ill ratafttf ot da*
ceased ycrs9os,the «,la .fl.-atlia of guardians,, to enter decrees
c ord i* for the pavilion *nJ sale of prep rty. to make orders
eoao *rtiir ( rcaoi end bridges, to aoei ctcniy levies, end to or*
ter the psymeut e< unty duo*,; and the icspenaoo of the wrU
f fcv easeorpss la • he c cm lev sforseald.
i —i la u ih shut of 1 have h.reupto signed my name
\ tfVAL. vmid set n.y ual th # uiir\i day of Msy, In the year one
i — 1t»' n»and right I .on dred and rr'.f-.so.
(clgn^l JdFltaOS DA VO.
!L Urif a.tkr G nrr.il Humph ray Marshall, Is chargsd wits* the
fXwaMcq of th* foregoing procltua l«n lie sni. fo bvUi
aul! t*i au rfiiiott mHilary police, U l r!l enforce th« fu.i*
.ag rrd«
ill dU Jl atloj cf splrltooes rqurrs 1* poallv''***- * •
■ne d.s.l.U.ic* a Hi n.rthwi.h be cfcerd. lh
•l ion of any dan, is also pr.MbUeu, and e
sal * .hereof nil ©•> mused.
in. AH persons !nf ingirp ihs abov* pr
punishment as shut be ir-ered by ths
lU', pu T Jed, u.a! no sent«re« t> hn*d
w«»oti» ehall be Inflicted by .he sen'
martial, u c'lr*e\ed by U < 07th artk.<. ...
by ocmmanU of the ftrc.'ilary of Wi. <
(Mraad) ». OOOPKB, t
urv.".—lw _Adjt. A Inspector General
ri at tr..ie^»iy»»d niter* ha sa*s privately, AoAELAVD,eoHe'n
A l ,rAftO A -roaf wore lees,*.'.- ».«*i'u ly ia we« of ih#
in**it he aliny rrirlcne «.r Yl-giala. TbelanoLln . go d fie if
oirwveia^ni.atnnxdtn ih*» uti wtbof C-ro, vshsat lob see asd
Oils, well * mb red end watered. T e ir rrveaetils roastst of a
tr.-r and -omaod oos Ve> m *4 Dwel !r f Lo.se, ronta.n*rg n'ne
rooms, Ikro, KjJiica, Ice fa.uve, Oarr'vjrc rouse. acd bU other
t,> -j. t'lAOiei, two tiegMT. sppUand o.,e «h (• rebard.
1 •-.(.fflee, * h pv, M .Its, ar -\*rj ooovcnlent rnd leo cbnr hre of
j Jtfrin .tea. ui n .tloas It Is s t iatc.1 y z miles tr m .be apt o
rutto* llrpot on the Hauth-Ud* h I'-rSd, sx mil's rom the
■ 4it/ scat, t »■ hie n m'lre rr .n tae city of Ljo h.urg, a d nine
. cs from the Jamct L»/«. Omari. Po ,-utou given et. ay time,
sly eJiret* t*owaa.aa Ooa<t Hi id
Key 1st, Hb, _ lmvA-tf|_JAkU« D. MOtBT.
,)i»i) \rwrs OF I.YCXLI.K- T L NO A IH
^OiJ Julnliur Niiik i.rsier ind frontloc oa
l»< .hanfh.stsr lu upi. « for sale -heasss
holU d u» *>U «t pit vale salt •<£ r ere# or esc* .leo* lend lo**aU4
is shove * g oj , ert • ' eLlch ts .o e Mgh la. Of cui Ivetloa,
,ud adinirsu y *»*l*p eJ to feiia » g pnrpos s
1L- i.-. >>*.n*nts atc a C'bit fre d d»e i »g lo a grovi
>f ore a lfu! trefS, »n I t^e ueua' out bum c*.«
A plit oi the laud ran he seen a. car tftu •
mxj i-U JA8. M T.TWt * 80!*, AoeU.
HAVINO be-.r, i v Iht W»r .|.»rtni«'t. r»lf»,
rni r' an-l inus«**r ln*o seta -»tt* !o of NFANTRY,
or toe wer, to !«• cjmp'sei of r*;lj'”et r* no! now In the service,
a« du>ircoa of the coopeie'loQ e-.-i o other*.
" ass wtl inf Id iollM ka Is psklokl und-rtaUrg, win
iksse s-*- ne Li this city, or addr** me la ar.tiag, corner of
.eL‘ anJ tui streets. ^ __
mh.jl -tf K01IKT 0. bCOTT, Jl.
BY actborliy of the Rwreiarv of sr, I will r* e sad mailer
into service a r npauy or lofaa* y for the wer, to forei a
ortten of M»J r Ko edfl.MM s hai't ! »a Bcnnty, Lol*
,r.ns sni h- moil improved arms far-Uned
To Iho*.- who air wUlug eel st 'o* toe protection of their
ere h* ppv honee and Invaded connLy, I appeal to come forward
.nd Join me 1
I I have asooda»ed with me L. tMs rstHo'Jo ealilng, Ofcarlev K.
rale ! ttlcainood I. I. Mo*a
Call at ih* Confederate b'*:** Recruiting OEce, corner Mala
tad Pearl enact*.
,0 ib-M T OUT «ADECX. _
Bom Coats* Mri.t tan lit* Artm.% i
Notth Carolina Bill? Bondi « and S per cent
Y1 c n a f» ate Boi<a, ll'ii •letfl and <'.ori~n
C hVneratestate* bond* lb and 100 trillion Load.
Bin'*, - i . . <1 • •'A cn .-oanuM on. ■»>
W’l. I«i I1ITK
(AM kill at my -Id f md.r.t ’.elutf d.bot up tUIr*, *her*
I contUu* to manutaf.ora mill’* y wirk to order, both ter cf
• era an 1 , |.anlna Ualug »■> 'be r- high l-lct* o» th*
| .*ierta’e for uo.f jriul-g eoiui.ritea, 1 do act keep any material
nhaod ,f..r<.opanlee) Sat when paltlJhaMthe tneierl.l I a lit
at Make and Trla th- use in order at abort node*, and at a
•nail aAraor- on tie charge, made p etlo.ie to toe war Coupe
lea denrUe ibtlrwar* made ap will find It to their Inlerak u>
B\ corf.—MSO lb: SeGk/lrld Ba-rn, H. Btt-ng, In (tore -id
forralo by k. H.PtRAItaAlfB, ISth #*?*•« >«l*
orficF opt u k i'AB uST o 'TaT i mjb baJir.’
rjfOLDRK? of the Hotea of this BaoJk, *.11 pi Matt them *o r*.
IJL derapion. *• the .18 e of J at. Taylo A ton Mll>..p<r,
e *ser Main and Ba tk Atrtft., bat» ft the h or. of t«. «. a
lr. a
Redemption frill be mad? at faet as the no*«« CA“ b* p
tod holden are slept.,i that tht.-o li to loos '*r e*
ne Confide racy.
ml '.!*_W. t
M AY 1, Bace val lodtay a
Co l Ul, f.r itlaby DOVA A CJ. .1
11II Fa mncll haying made an eiE'.ttou*. -, pe |ik*Mt a tor
I -i,t.'p.ltg y itnte.n Is the Oosfede a e I. ft: '-ou, the
ut itt R.hm.i.l, Oepiel-, of tom teniae *'• hereby re^oattid
o fu,tilth m «lih a lt*t of thtl-cuspoi'ea, .i i.g'.atli.y thete *Lo
,ra reildrsli of ue rl y and aU> eoae'llcte. if any.
may tl-lw Chairman of Uto 0 mm I tea on Arina.
Rtriwotn, r A, aprli *», I KS {
rHE anttnal meeting af the Mockbrllrra of'hti Company »'U
Uka |1 ace at their *0,-* In Ihl* elty. on - CX-DAY, the nth
>• May, at 11 o’clock, AM.
apt' id _ M. W YARR1B5T0N, Treae
RJ0*anw>. »a, May t, IMS. f
9 No. TV (
(I. By direction of General L»>, all offiere no* In Richmond,
oetiuglog to troop* l erring oo tha Ptn.na.la, *U1 taporl ue
liUHiy lor duty at there Heady a t re. ,
Bull! rn t,taming to dky wU report t« the Commandlnt Offl> r
A' OCtLW Wllid'f. », _ *
• By oriar of Brig. Gan. JOHN B W.NDUL
mny a—l*_ineurt Atiltet *i*r».
VIRGINIA i -At R*ia* ball la th# Clark a 1 C: ef K.
cult Coa-t oT Ike Cry o» BL amend. lit* bee' Mo.day I • Ape"
’MS,(t>e'n# the 2»tn day of the month)
Uectge Biya*, admfnletratoi of G*crgo Too
Moncoi. Bnblnaon,
Th, u’-Ject of thin eat M to reoorcr of th* Def n-1-n “even
rheuasd reran llw. *1 tad Twa-.l, 2*a On'la d mt *a
The stUehmtat lamed Is th t fi**a harl f b en aeir ad tie
oud, ike laid Pefandai.'. k regsfre 1 to »,.«■*. ■ h
after dn* pobltca 1 a hereof, tnl oo what It nea«akt.y to p otaeA
hi* latartk to thk anlL
A Copy—Taata
nj>-*4« JAMAd ILUTT, Cert.

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