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vi?no. im.
on the lookout for
-jid are1"receiving new and
r Arable '.'Goods
iped Batiste, at 12Jc a yd.
.shmere I'nibre's. 25c a yd;
^.rd wide Batiste at Sc a yd.
* ongee Drapery in great variety of
vies, at 15 and 17e a yd.
Ladic>" black drapery Nets from 25c
a yd up.
figured Mohairs, in light shades, at
ay a.
il wool ChaHies. 32 inches wide.
j *_ _ ?
uitings, 54 inches wide, 28c a
Ool si riped SuTf^f^W inches wide,
. ;iin check wool Suiting, 38 inches,
Y a yd.
ol Suiting, :;s inches wide, 20c
i Silks, at oT-ic, 50c, 75c aud
Striped Pongee Silks in all the latest
^s, at 50c: regular price, 75c.
o'and children's cambric and
'?'ngs. from 25c up.
? Metropolitan Fashion
just arri ied and will he
free of charge.
arri ied
of charge.
t Basaler aiil fflcBain
; [Klem avenue, s. w.,
Blue Serge Sack Suits at
iQ.oo, Former Price $1300
I -
Gray Serge Sack Suits at
^6.00, Former Price 7.50
Black Cheviot Sack and
'roclfi^fc.^ F-"^r Price
IMixed Cheviot Sack and
rock at $12.0*0, Former
rice i4?oo.
ranCy Worsted Frock at
^.oo, Fori ^ Price 18.00
|e have for.yoar^inspeo
[four or five dozen suits
iful patterns in frocks
lacks. Have bought them
r-kabiy low and you shall
[the the benefit in prices. |
is the time to secure j
108Commerce St.
Prices as Low as the
lie Bread Flour!
To any one who (tan furnish
the "slightest proof of the
slightest adulteration in the
Famous anil Popular
Try "WHITE BREAD1' and
you will
Usf?f(o Other.
Checkered Front Grocers
1^4 and 126
First Avenue, S- W.
The well-known Jefferson Street
Has opened a Barber Shop in Hotel
Room in basement. my20 lm.
French salines at 17c. per yard, reg?
ular price 25c.
Diap De Venice and side baud ging?
hams IGc'. per yard, sold elsewhese at
12\ and 15 cents.
Twenty-live different styles wool
challies just received, both figured and
side bands.
All silk ti.-h net. 4G iucl.es wide. 79e.
per yard.
New lot ladies' blouse waist8 from
50c. to $2 00 each.
Twenty dozen babies caps at 12jc
each, worth 20 ccuis.
Tine assortment of Swiss fluuncingsj
at all prices.
Guaranteed fast black ladies' hose 25
ceuIs per pair.
Large assortment of ladies' and
chiljdreus' parasols and umbrellas.
The liucst line of drtss goods in the
city at prices that defy competition.
Department* I
We are receiving daily all the new
desirable shapes in white and black I
straws. Flowers in abundance at|
[trices that will astonish you. Call!
early and secure geuuine bargains.
42 Salom avenue.
/5 - Ladies
Get one box red seal lye and one cake
j Hoe Cake soap for 12c.
Good for Ten Days.
The - Cash - Grocer,!
payments to suit borrower. People's Per-1
petual Loan anil Building Association, of ltoan
oke, Va. A. /.K?lner, president;M.C. Thomas,
vice president; W. F. Winch, secretary and I
11 (?usurer. Koum 1, Masonic Temple, Campbell j
street. Paid up shares, &i0 each. Installment
shares, <1 per month. Borrowers can at any
t ime secure a loan and fix their own limit of
tlie period forvepayment.
As a savings uank this institution offers spe?
cial inducements. Installment shares may be
subscribed for at any time. Interest is allowed
011 moneys placed with the association.
This association is doinir a successful busi?
ness, paying semi-annual divi lends, and is a
desirable investment for capital. apl-tf.
J. E. Mulcare& Co,
Manufacturers of
And dealers in all kinds of Cooking
and Heating Stoves. Plumbing, and
Gas and Steam fitting done. Tin
roofinira "~T.. Satisfaction guar
anteed. JNo. First avenue, Roan
oke, Va. ap5-tf
N.< SALE & CO.,
Agents for 1
The Bedford City Land and Im?
provement Co.
The Otter View Land Co.
The Longwood Park Co.
And the most desirable business and
residence property in the town.
Refer to the First National Bank,
Bedford City.lVa, apl.5-8m.
Saturday scenes aboutthe
stalls and streets.
Prelty CilrN nud Malronlr ilntnuk
Roanoho l.ndlc* arc Good Blouse
Wires?Wo Seed n Detter Uuildlncr.
The Accommodations ar? Very Poor.
Saturday ia the greatest of market?
ing days in Roanoke, as well as it is
everywhere else, and the scenes about
Salem avenue market yesterday wer??
unusually animated. At this season
the markets are at their very best.
The Ricinus watermelon has arrived,
all the berries are there in the greatest
profusion and at prices within the
reach of everybody, and vegetables
are much cheaper ih iu Roanoke dirt.
So the housewife is correspondingly
happy and has more than the u*???al
amount of piu money at lier di
The old market house is not the
most inviting place in the world when
deserted. The odors that hangabout
its dingy comers smack not 01 those
from Araby, but in the morning the
bright faces of Itoauoke's pretty girls
brighten the building up wont lei f ally,
tml a leisure hour may be spent there
.putt' profitably. A pretty girl never
looks so pretty as she does in the
morning, and even a plain girl, fm- the
time, becomes almost handsome in
her simple morning toilet. Here are
some notes picked up about the
Butter is golden like and to the
muh of green gras.-, daisy brands
come from daisy pastures. Prices are
tumbling because of the rush, and
the consumer, if ho be nut a producer,
Iglories in the downfall, if he is both,
I and his production scores a surplus
I over that which he sends to market,
he isn't on the hurrah side of the
Eggs are the kind we always get
about this time of the year. They
lare now viewed with some suspicion,
I'cause a warm sun and a- wan:: egg
lead to results that are not so
at t 111: nestle.
The hot spell of
knocked the bottom cl
fresh fish market
for fish after new
weather has
?ar out '.f the
IJeople care little
vegetables become
Here are some of the home-made
prices just as spun out to the scribe
on his round ; the res; wen- furnished
by "Mary Jane," who makes an oc :a
sional visit to that mart. The butch?
ers report the old scales of prices ia
force as yet. Their schedule never
knows a change?same in summer as
winter. Irish potatoes of last year's
crop are getting scarce ?*t twenty-live
cents per peck, and will soon give
way to the new ones, which arc mak?
ing their appearance at 35 and 10 cents
per peck. Cabbage is holding its own
at 10 to 15 cents per bead; peas you
can get for .*!0 rents; string beans, 60.
You can get a nice mess of lettuce for
3 cents; asparagus. 10 cents per bu nob;
radishes, 2 to 3; onions, ?; rhubarb,
5; beets, 10. Undertakers' delight?
cucumbers, 25 to 40 cents per dozen.
A few apples are to be found hanging
around from last, year's crop ar 80
cents per peck. Florida oranges are
out of the market and Messina ora nges
have taken their place at 40 to 70
cents per dozen. Cherries will be
scarce this year and are worth 10
cents a box ; bananas are to be seen
on every side at from 15 to 25 cents
per dozen; lemons-remain at the same
prices and lemonade still flourishes.
Hotter good, butter had, butter gar?
licky, butter grassy, any kind you
want, from 10 to l? "cents a pouial ;
smear case, 10 cents per quart;
and last but not least,summer eggs ar
12 to 11 cents per doxen.
Tin- Young People or che Catholic
Cnnr.ch Have Their Annual Outing.
A picnic without a shower would
hardly be a picnic at all, and yester?
day the young people of the Catholic
church who annually have an outing
in Carr's Woods, wore not disap?
it way a merry crowd and tbo oars of
the dummy road were crowded all day
with merry parties in light cool fab
rics on their way to (he grounds. It
is a delightful spot fur a picnic.
These woods with their cozy nooks
where lovers might -it on a fallen log
and quarrel only to make up again;
and the spring.of cool lvmp.d water
flowing boldly fio a a cleft in the
rocks. Then liiere were plenty of
swings and girls were tossed high into
the air among the tree tops by pres
piring swains in wilted collars. I5ut
it was a labor of love, and tho boys
didn't seem to mind it at all.
Then there was dacingon an Impro?
vised platform of pine hoards, to the
music of She Machine Works hand,
and jnutus the Lancers were being
formed a few rain drops came patter?
ing down, !.n:! every body sougLt
shelter of the tret-, while the mus Q
cians wrapped their instruments in
their gos omen, ami ?ol wet Lhem
selves. But the rain didn't last long,
and was rattier enjoyable, for every
fellow had a chance fora private chat
with bis best girl under the protec
tion of his umbrella Altogether it
was a. pleasanI occasion, and it will
l>" remembered for a long time.
The same <?( base ball betwci a the
L''.:;.-t Roauokes and the Teny Hill
clubs, resulted in a v ictory lor the
former by a score of Id to 11 Super?
intendent Carr presented the win?
ing club with a Spauldiug ball, and
the looser- with a tine bat.
''A ME.
roanoke defeats bedford
city 6 to 4.
TO ME?T jut.VK so.
', iml(?:?-;>ii .Makvn n ~:.tt-i. in (ho Field.
Some I*reily I'loys -A Mntnll Crowd
On Account of llnln -Hat l( ns Ell
thnsisfltlc. -
The Churches Today.
Preaching this morning at II o'clock,
and tonight at 8:15 at the Fourth ave
nue Christian church. Morning sub?
ject: '?Salvation?Its nature. &c."
Night : '?Testimony Knough."
Regular service at 11 a. in. at St.
John's Episcopal chureh, and a short
twilight service at seven in" the eve?
ning. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.
Come to the Young Men's Christian
Association today at 4 p. in. and hear
Mr. H. J. Taylor. His subject will be
taken from Isiah 40:26-31. Jiow to
become strong, and how Vf> keep
strong. All men are invited to at?
At the Second Street Luthern
church. Sunday school at 3 o'clock
p. in. Superintendent E. H. Eohn
will speak of the "Great Christian
Endeavor Convention," which heat
tended last week.
Ex-Mayor J. H. Duns tan and fam?
ily, have returned from an extended
trip to Tennessee and Alabama.
Divine service of St. Mark's Luth?
eran church will be held today at 11
a. m. in the school chapel. The Rev
ri.ksox.xi.s AM> briefs.
Rev. Mr. Wagner, of Trupp.?,
is visiting friends in this city.
Colonel James Tiraberlakc, of Al
beniarlc, is a guest of Mrs. William
Carr, on Lee street.
A bear weighing 188 pounds sva
kiled about twelve miles from Lyneh
burg by a man named Leftwich.
Mrs. S. B. Williams has left the city
fora weeks' vacation. She will return
in time t-< take up her music class.
The Vigilant Fire Company will
dys a ball at their hall oh July 4. It
promises to be a most eujoyabln af?
Mr. James A. Pugh left last night
for Boston to attend the annual meet?
ing of the National Editorial Associa?
Rev. J. A Huflard will address the
Ladies'Home and Foreign Missionary
Society of Blacksburg today, by
special request.
(>n Tuesday, at the residence of Mr.
Y. McD. Smith, at Vioton, there will
ben social Leathering in honor of the
birth-day ol his .-on.
Miss BcttieD. John, of Appomatox,
who ban been visiting her sister, Mrs.
W. II. Tr>mt, left for Lynchburg yes?
terday to attend the State Normal.
Mayor Evans bus returned from
Blacksburg, where be went to attend
the wedding of a relative to Editor
Sullivan, of the ttadford Democrat.
Nothing now remains of the old
offices ol the Pocahontas Coal Com?
pany, except a ?mall pile of debris.
The erection of the addition to the
N irlolk and Western building will be
eoinanenoed as soon a- the contract is
i warded
Wicmore, 3b.
Welch, rf.
Ppronl, If. "
Reefer, lb.
Sands, cf.
Brodle, 1., p.
Brodie, A , s. s
Kirbv, c.
Reilley, 3b;
sent tin
bedford city.
Booth. e. H.
Sanderson, 2b & cf.
Dame, p.
A'nsp'gb, W..2b, cf.
Aunspaugh, 1) , 3b.
Otey, lb.
< rarrett, rf.
Rosser, c.
Lee, If.
gave tin Bedford
razzle dazzle yesterday
i buck home defeated.
mi:. s::>?v rktvrxk.
Every tto?y 5s Talking Abonl
ginla siml 11 er l'rogres?.
V ice-President Eddy returned from
Marble Head Neck, Mu.?s., yesterday.
His somewhat sun-burnt face'shov iog
the effect of ten days stay on the rock
bonud coast of the Bay Stale. He
owns a very pretty cottage on* the
coast. It is situated sixty-live feet
above the sea, and is 30? feet dis?
tant from t':n> surf. From his piazzas
a magnificent view i- commanded of
the yachting club h< ase,s of Boston
and Lynn, and tlie light of eleven
light houses can be .-ecu from tue
windows at night. Up to the present
it Lias been so cool, as to make fire
accessary during the day.
"Everybody in Massachusetts is
talking about Virginia," said Mr.
Eddy, 'and there is no doubt that
there will be more visitors to the sec?
tion in the next few months than ever
An elegant assortment of chamber
and parlor suits have just been re?
ceived by E. H. Stewart & Co. jc'.'l-tf
Tlie Exchange Addition.
The Exchange Addition property
has just been put on the market, and
tl:>' lot- are going fast
The property is most desirably lo?
It is adjacent to the Lewis addition,
and lies north and nearer the centre
of the city than the Jeanette prop?
erty, four acres ol which have been
donated to the Presbvterian church
as a site for the $30,000 Female Semi?
nary, which is to be erected at an
early date.
The property is also adjacent to that
of t he well-known Roanoke Land and
Improvement Company.
The addition is to be called the Ex?
change Addition.
The land is level ami well drained,
and well adapted in every way for
beautiful residence lots.
Messrs. Cray & Boswell are sole
agents for the property.
Itishop Keane's Injurie* Kllghi.
Among the persons injured in the
Baltimore and Ohio wreck was Bishop
Keane. In reply to a telegram en?
quiring about the extent of his inju
at 9:30 a. in. Strangers will receive a
cordial welcome.
A Pare and Reliable Medicine.?A
compound fluid extract of roots,
leaves, barks and berries is Burdock's
Blood Bitters. They cure all diseases
of the blood, liver and kidneys.
"Heariy.thanks and best blessings
t) you all: am pot seriously hurt."
j. j. Keane.
Our $10 black cheviot suits can't be
bought elsewhere for less than $12.50.
How is that'.'?at Cohn's, of course.
Tue crowd attending the game was
snail, on account of tlie threatening
w 'a ther? and at one I inn
if tla- rain would break up tho gains
The features were the work of bot'
batteries and the fielding of Sander
son, who, though he looked like a
tanner, played like a professional.
Play was called about 4.20, with
the Bedford City team at the bat.
Boothe made a short hit. which was
thrown wild to first, be going to sec?
ond, reaching third on Sanderson's
scratch hit. Dame came (next and
knocked a long fly to Sproul, which
wa- fie!.led nicely. I). Aunspaugh
got to first on a scratcli bit and Boothe
scored. Wigmore, Welch and Brodic
crossed the home plate in this inning
for t he Roanoke'*.
In the second inning both .-ides were
retired in one, two. three order.
In the third, Bedford City got an?
other man across] tho plate, the
Roanokes being letired a- in the pre?
vious inning.
The visitors failed to score in the
fourth. Sands caught t lie ball with
his bat, and sent it over the ground as
if tired from the mouth of a. cannon.
It passed nil the fielders, and was only
stopped by striking the centre field
fence, Sands crossing the plate before
it could lie returned. A. Brodic and
Klrby were stopped at first, and Reil
ley fouled out.
Another run was tallied for the vis?
iting team in the fifth. Booth died
at first, Sanderson struck out. Dame
hit the ball for two bases, ami reached
home fin W Aunspaugh's hit to the
right field. D. Aunspaugh struck out.
Wigmore and Welch struck out,
Sproul was bit with a pitched ball,
and I. Brodie out on a long tly to
Sanderson. Roanoke, -1: Bedford
City, 3.
The game began to get very inter
?Sting iu the sixth, otey hit for a
iiis.-. wenl to -eeond on Garrett's out
it first, und crossed ti. ? plate on Ros
ser's hit. Lee and Boothe struck out,
retiriug the side. Sanderton did some
linefleldihg at this stage of the game,
capturing two very difficult balls
from the bats of Kcefcrand Kirbv, re
spectivelv. Sands struck out. Roan
oke, 4: Bedford <'ity, i.
Daring the remainder of the game
Bedford scored no more. Roanoke
scored twice in the seventh, thus win
ning tho ganie by a score of ? to 4.
A very pretty double pla y was made
in the eighth. Wigmore captured a
fly from Boothe's but, returned it in
time to Garrctt who ran too far off
Deinocraeic Stale 4'omtnll tee
Will Make a Hard Fight
Agniuwt Hrowne.
is understood that Secretary
Sheppard, uf the Democratic Slate
committee, will at once issue a cull
for that body to raectiu Richmond on
June 30. Tho committee, at its last
meeting, adjourned subject to the call
of tho secretary. Mr. J. Taylor Elly
son, who is regarded as the acting
chairman of the committee, has ju -x
had a conference with Mr. Suep
pard. and tho ca'.l to be issued is the
result of that consultaaion. The
members of the committee are united
in expressing the desire that the cam
paign shall fx* opened as soon as prac
ticable. This view is urged, among
others, by sonic in tho First Con?
gressional district. They say that it
is desirable that the committee shall
meet at as early a day as practicable,
in order that the district committees
may meet and assemble a convention
to nominate a representative. The
Democrats expect to make a determ?
ined fight in tho First district this
year, and hope to elect a successor to
Mr. Browne, the Republican repre?
sentative. Senator John S. Barbour
ha.- opposed opening tin- campaign in
Virginia until(lougress adjourns, lit
think-; that course will enable C:
it looked as I party to begin work with .a, fall know?
ledge of >he plans of the enemy. No
one in the Sta te has more weight or
influence with his party than Mr,
Barbour, and while the committee
will meet soon, that gentleman's sug?
gestion as to the policy of waifini: for
the Republicans to complete their
partisan legislation before beginning
active campaign work is almost cer?
tain to be adopted' As to the chair?
manship of the committee, it Senator
Harbour will consent to accept again,
he can get it without an opposing
voice. Mr. Basil B. Gordon, the pres
ent chairman of the committee, is in
the Adirondack mountains.
Zulus vs. Hei.ssiies.
Reported for the TIMES.
< >n Monday afternoon a game of
bail will be "attempted!' at Hiverside
Park, provided it does not rain and
the police do not interfere between
t lie young men in the offices of the
auditor and general freight agent of
the Norfolk and Western railroad.
This game is the outcome of a van
detta of long standii
played with a biitet"e?s exceeding
that shown in the last fight of Kilrain
and Sullivan, and nine rminds will be
fought to a finish. They are all heavy
hitters, as will be seen by the follow?
ing : In a game of practice they broke
two bats and lost one ball,which now
reposes on the toboggan slide roof of
Horton's mule motor repository.
It is hoped a lar^o audience will
greefrthe beys in their endeavor to
broaden their chests and lengthen
their strides. No admission will be
Killed by Lightning
Sarah Haimshell, a colored woman,
who with two younger brothers
.started to walk from Wytheville to
Cripple Creek oh Tuesday, stopped
under a tree when on the mountain
to avoid a passing shower. While
there they were struck by lightning.
Tlie oman was instantly killed and
the two boys were fatally injured.
The bodies of tho three were taken
back to Wytheville Tuesday after?
a I'liilanthronie Movement.
.lames T. tiott, Carml, 111., Says
He paid thirty-one dollars doctor's
bill for his wife in one year, and one
bottle of Bradlield's Female Regula?
tor did her more good than all the
medicine she had taken before. H.
Dale, druggist, Carmi, 111. Write
Bradlield Regulator Co.. Atlanta Ga.,
for particulars*. Sold by Budwell.
Christian & Barbee.
The exchange property is the only
desirable inside property that is be?
ing sold on time and without the as?
sumption of paper. The deed comes
directly from the company, and the
payments are made one-third in cash,
balance in one and two years. Call
early as choice lots are being sold rap?
idly. Gray & lioswell. junlO tf
Geyer, the Campbell street Tailo.r
carries a large and select stock of
goods in his line. my20 tf
A movement for establishing our
hospital upon a philanthropic basis
deserves a general commendation.
The present elTort has tho potency
and promise of success. With tho
TIMES, I believe the present public
spirited movement "will undoubtedly
be successful.",
More than two years uqo, some of
us met and considered the hospital
claim. A committe was appointed
and here the .matter ended. Within
the past year the questii n was brought
before the city fa! hers and discussed
at some length in the papers, but the
proposal for raising the money by
taxation was rejected by a popular
vote. Not having discussed the
municipal plan, though requested
to do so, 1 beg leave to express now
my profound appreciation of the gen?
eral aspects of the hospital claim, and
to add my unsolicited commendation
of the present movement. It is con?
fessedly philanthropic, and is .-vi
dently free fn>n\ certain object ionable
features fatal to the municipal plan.
There i- ho occasion to present tb?
needs and inestimable benefits of a
city hospital, for none appreciate
these points better than tin.- large
hearted and liberal minded citizens
who will provide ih.- financial sup?
port for ilii.- benevolent enterprise.
No flatteringapp -I to tender sympa?
thies of the general public is de?
manded. The benefit of a firat
?i, well-ordered city hospital*is
understood by the public, and tin
funds for it- substantial endowment
ire in the hands of those who appre
mite the importance of the work. We
may conclude that the enterprise is
now an assured fact. The money
raised already is a guarantee of finan
i il and moral sup-port.
As a. people, however, we should ap?
preciate and encourage the philan?
thropic spirit which characterizes the
present movement. The fund will be
ecured, the hospital will be built and
the. sick and wounded will have all
that professional skdl and personal
ministry can render, and it simply n -
mains for us to sink our person;.1
and selfish preferences beneath
the higher claims ol a public
II beisPirite?'. Pjittanthrjpio movement
1 ttie establishment of a city hospital
upon a purely philanthropic bar's
will bind our citizens of every condi?
tion together in a common service,
and no boue cf contention will be left
for either municipal or denomina?
tional factions The liberal subscri?
bers who feel enough interest to pro
vide the means, will consider care?
fully and wisely the practical details
of organization and adaptation, and
current contributions will meet emer?
While at Vale College I noticed
with especial interest the generous
rivalry of the New Haven churches
in raising their annual contributions
on ''Hospital Day." The church I
attended took the lead with an
average of nearly two thousand
dollars. The TIMES is right in sug?
gesting that tlie ladies and churches'
can come to the rescue if anything is
lacking, and there can be no lack
when the philanthropic spirit pre?
vails. There will he no delicate mu?
nicipal or denominational issues. The
present hospital movement is a golden
opportunity for binding till of our
people together more closely in cue
grand, good work.
May the present movement meet
with abundant success. J. E. B.
The Estey stands at. the head of all
the different makes of organs^^lt, is
unrivalled for beauty of ^"""man
ship, sweetness of tone am durabil?
ity. If you are thinking of purcha?
ing an organ besure you get the Es
tey, take no other.
Tin-: Hobbie Mu^ic Co.,
Lynchburg, Va. General South?
ern Agents.
For colds, croup, asthma, bronchi
tisand sore throat use Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil, and get the best.
For fire insurance call at the office j
of the Roanoke Tust, ~oan andS^fe]
1 Deposit Co. dec28-tf
Authorized Capita!
The Bedford City Land Company offers the best investment on the Norfolk and Western Railroad. It is a golden opportunity L
After June 3rd a limited number of lots will be offered for sale. This company has three thousand building and business lots in the western part ol
Bedford City. Incomparably the best property and the most beautiful sites. The town s growing west. Tho new depot site is on these lands, lne
Randolph Macon College Academy is there and a new first-class hotel will be erected asoon as the architect has finished tho drawings. A early ?,UW
population now. Fifteen plug tobacco concerns. The largest and most successful woolen mills Ih the State except Charlottesville. T wenty-flve manti
factories now and seven new manufacturing enterprises tfiaderwav. The Bedford and James River Railroad is to b'e built in ths near future. I?
For those wh,c w?Dt a safe investment the stock and land of t'he Bedford City Land Company present's the greatest inducements. The present selling
alue of thfrfSi^gft^vorth more money that? the total amotint of stock the company offers for gale._J^erMjattic^^rs
apl 5 3m
CE -
Tli?:<?l!v?ir Hill Referred Art?r An Ex"
elllnarDebate? >ln Alnlmiiin ;;.;.;!<,
the Dentil?Race* and tlnli Tester
day?Von Mnlikc- Very III.
Von Moiske Ih 113,
By United Press.
Paris, June 2!.?The Siecle pub
Hshed a dispatch from its Berlin cor
respondent which announces the Beri
ous illness of Field Marshal Count
Von Moltke.
Tlie Sliver Kill Referred.
By United Press. ?
Washington, June 21.?The fight
in the llou.^e in reference to the r il
vcr bill continued nil day. Finally,
after a long and bitter partisan de?
bate Speaker Reed referred the Sil er
bill to a committee on coinage weights
and the measures were approved i a
vote of 14 to 117. Eight renubiicaus
voted with democrats and 11 demo- ?
crats with republicans.
An Alabama Tragedy.
By United Press.
Mobile,Ala.. Juue2i.?A special
to the News from Guntersville, Ala.,
says that Colonel J. T. Sheffield, elerk
in the office of Superintendent of Ed?
ucation, shot and instantly killed
Major Buck May. a prominent citizen
of Guntersville, yesterday. The*ra
gedygrew out of some domestics trou?
Killed by a 4 yelenc,
By United Press.
Dixon, III, June 21.?A terrible
cyclone pasted through Lee eouu.y
yesterday evening, southward, taking
the same track as twelve years a^o,
which wiped a town in L<'e county.
After a heavy storm of twenty-four
hours, heavy clouds was noticed In
the Southwest, which developed into
a terrible cyclone, and passed through
Soutine, taking over one-half of the
town. ChurclieFjStores and dwellings
in its path are reported entirely de?
molished. Ten persons reported to
have been injured, four fatally. All
wires are down and fuli particulars
cannot be obtained.
Paw Paw, 111., w;is also struck by a
cyclone yesterday afternoon and sev?
enteen people were killed and town
d"stro\ i <!.
Klaiiir Object*;
By United Press.
Washington, .June 21.?It instated
here tonight, by authority, that Sec?
retary Blaine, when before t 11*-* Senate
cDinmittee on appropriations last
Thursday, decidedly objected to the
McKinley tariff bill.
Mr. Blain objected to the sugar and
wool provisions. He took the ground
that to pass these provisions for polit?
ical effect they would not have one
single election.
It would operate against the exten?
sion of our trade in South America
for years to come and prevent us from
extending our commerce to fifty mil?
lion people in that section.
KcsuIIn i I' MiiecpstMMMi* liny Rae? v.
By United Press.
New York, June 21.?Fh\?l race,
mile?Beck, tirsr; lima, second :
Rhono. third. Time, 1.20 3-3
Second race, turf stakes, 5 furlongs
?Sallie McClelland, first: Ambulauc ?.
second ; Reckon, third. Time. 1.02 :j ?>.
Third race, tidal stakes, 1 mile
Burlington, first; Chesapeake, sec?
ond; Banquet, third. Time, L43.
Fourth race, Ray Ridge Handicap,
H miles?rCassius, firsl ; Tin Tray.,
second; Bun Coyne, third. Tim".
- Fifth race, 1 8-16 miles?Eon"; lir.*-; ;
Taragon, second ; Major Domo, third.
Tiniel 2.05 3-5.
Sixth sace, 1J miles on the turf
Philosophy, first: Briaji Boon, second.
Dead heat between Cast Steel and
Folson for second place. Time. 2.11 1 ?">.
. Busvliitll Ganiea of Ytaterday.
By United Press.
national league.
At Cincinnati?Cincinnati. :! Bos?
ton, 1.
j At Cleveland?Cleveland, 7; Brool -
i lyn, 5.
At Chicago?Chicago, 7: New Vorl.,
At Philadelphia?Wet grounds.
players1 league/
At Pittsburg?Pittsburg, 7; Phila
delpbia, !
At Olevt-land?Cleveland, ;j: Bon
ton, 9.
At Chicago? Chicago.O; Brooklyn, t
At Buffalo?Rain.
At Rochester?Rochester, 9; Brook?
lyn. 4.
At Columbus?Columbus, 10; St.
Louis, 4.
At Toledo?Toledo, :i; Lonigyillo, &
At Philadelphia?Wet grounds.
At Worcester?Worcester, .3; New
Haven, 10.
At Baltimore?Baltimore. 4: New?
ark, 2.
At Hartford?Rain.
At Washington?Wet grounds
The regular monthly meetings of t he
Home Loan and Building Asso?
ciation for the payment of dues, will
be held in the office of Gray ?rBoswell
on Jefferson street, irntil further
notice. First meeting., to be held
Wednesday evening, 25tli instant, a
8 o'clock. je22, 84, 25.
Go to Geyer's to get your soring
j and summer suits. my20 tf.
i Having secured the services of ?n'
[ experienced and expert tmper hangw
iand draper and carpet layer wo are
* now prepared to do all work^ "

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