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VOL. VI?NO, 181.
wM km
Are always on the lookout for
And are receiving uew and
Desirable v Goods
Satin striped Batiste, at 12$e a yd,
French cashmere Umbre's. 25c a yd:
usual price, S7jc.
Yard w ide Batiste at Sc a yd.
Pongee Drapery in great variety of
styles, at 15 and 17c a yd.
Ladies' black drapery Nets from 25c
a yd up.
Figured Mohairs, in light shades, at
33e aya.
All wool Challies. 32 inches wide.
42c a yd.
' Woel suitings, 54 inches wide, 28c a
Wool striped Suiting, 30 inches wide,
Pin-check wool Suiting, 38 inches,
at 15c a yd.
All wool Suiting, 38 inches wide, 20c
a yd.
China Silks, at 3?:c 50c, 75c and
a yd.
Striped Pongee Silks in all the latest
hades, at 5 0c; regular price, 75c.
Ladies' and children's cambric and
Swiss Flouncings, from 25c up.
BuTterick's Metropolitan Fashion
Sheet has just arrived and will be
given away free of charge.
Siijilsr. Hassler and McBain
Insurance and
uildiugs, Bridges,
Mills, Crops,
Live Stock,
Merchandise, Wood, Lumber.
Dwelliugs, Furniture,
Farms, Town Lots,
Stores, Mineral ana
Cg-143 SALEM AVE. P. 0. Box 80
For this quarter and
for month of May are now due
and payable lOOMPANY'S office.
Gas bi*is, if paid before the 10th J
instant, a discount of 12i per cent,
NO DISCOUNT on bills paid after |
the 10th instant.
Failure to receive a bill does not en?
title consumer to the discount.
Lime for Fertilizing and Disinfect-1
ing, also Gas Tar for sale.
Applications for extensions, im?
provements, taps, purchases TJid alll
other matters relating to Gas or|
Water should be made to
J. C. Rawn,
Np- 1 Third Avenue, Southwest
\^L310 Bullitt Building.
^iladelphia, June 18th 1890.
Tnt ...lectors of the company have
this day declared a semi-annual divi?
dend of four (4) per cent, on the cap?
ital stock of this company, as paid in,
payable in cash on July 1st proximo,
to the stockholders of record as of
June 23. The transfer books of the
company will close on the 23d instant,
and reopen on the 1st dav of July.
J. E. Mulcare & Co,
*? Manufacturers of
And dealers in ah kinds of Cooking
and Heating Stoves. Plumbing, and
Gas and Steam fitting done. Tin
roofing a specialty. Satisfaction guar
anteed. No. 115 First avenue, Roan
oke, Va. ap5-tf
All parties indebted to Dr. Pedigo,
are requested to come forward and
pay their bills or give some good rea?
son why they cannot pay, or I will
have to take some other steps to col?
lect the same. Respectfully,
Office with W. T. Watkins, Consta?
ble, je 22 to jy
The well-known Jefferson Street
Has opened a Barber Shop in Hotel
Jtoom in basement. my2? im
108Gommerce St.
Prices as Low as the
lite Bread Flour!
To any one who can furnish
the slightest proof of the
slightest adulteration in the
Famous and Popular\
you will
Use No Other.
Checkered Front Grocers
124 and 126
First Avenue, S. W,
Real ^Estate Agenjfcs,
They are associated with J W Hicks,
Attomey-at-Law, -who furnishes* ab?
stracts of title. apl7-83)
For 30 Days.
Consisting of Foreign and
Domestic DRY GOODS,
Ginghams, Satine >, Challies,
Bleached and Ui.bleached
Cottons and Sheetings, etc.
Will be offered at
30 DAYS.
Our Remnant Coun?
ter is now ready,
where you can
at any Price
42 Salem avenue.
Blonnfs Slamonfl Front
Use Btount's
Favorite Flour,
payments to suit borrower. People's Per?
petual Loan and Building Association, of Hoan
okc, Va. A. Z. Kolner. president; M. C. rhomas.
vice president; W. F. Winch, secretary and
treasurer. Room 1, Masonic Temple, Campbell
street. Paid up shares, $50 each. Installment
shares, $1 per month. Borrowers can at any
timo secure a loan and fix their own Umit of
the period for repayment.
As a savings oank this institution offers spe?
cial inducements. Installment shares may no
subscribed for at any time. Interest Is allowed
on moneys placed with the association.
This association Is doing a successful busi?
ness, paying semi-annual dlvllends, and Is a
desirable investment for capital. apl-tf.
N. SALE & CO.,
Agents for
The Bedford,City Land and Im?
provement Co.
The Otter View Land Co.
The Longwood Park Co.
And the most desirable business and
residence property in the town.
Refer to the First National Bank,
Bedford City, Va. apl.5-3ru.
City Engineer's Office, {
Roakoke, Va., June 8, 1890. i
Sealed bids for laying sewer pipe
will be received at this office until 12
oclock July 7, 1890. ; Specifications
can be seen at this office.
*e7 30d City Engineer.
*ThoNlate Ncedn Credit"?Mr, George
TV. Coo, oT Ilia AdvUory Hoard on
the Annie AnbJ?ct?Cooper Not in l?.
Committee to Meet on Jnlj 131b.
Captain Hugh N. Garden, of the
Virginia bondholders' committee, in
au interview published in a Now York
paper, says: "No plan has yet been
formulated stating the figures on
which a settlement should be reached,
[ for the reason that the committee de?
sires to have the conservative opinion
and advice of those who have studied
the question from the Virginia stand?
point, the creditors' standpoint, and
the disinterested standpoint, before
we formulate any scheme for submis?
sion to the advisory board. We hope
that when our plan is finally submit?
ted to the State, tho Virginia people
will feel that it represents a consen?
sus of opinions, based on ttie highest
considerations of sound finance and
public policy, and that thus the State
will have to accept the plan. 1 be?
lieve that Virginia will gladly accept
"There is an excellent prospect that,
the creditors will join in this plan ot
adjustment with practical unanimity.
The bondholders' committee an?
nounced their proposal at the first of
this week, and although creditors
were not asked to deposit the bonds
before July, large amounts of the Vir?
ginia obligations have already been
deposited both in London and at each
of the American depositaries. We an?
ticipate no opposition whatever to
the proposed plan of adjustment.
"The State needs credit at this mo?
ment in an especial degree. Virginia
is just starting on a tide of prosperity
after many years of commercial and
industrial stagnation. The mineral
and manufacturing opportunities of
the State are just being appreciated.
Almost every town has its improve?
ment company, with prospects of fur?
naces, factories, new buildings, etc.
The development of the iron and coal
deposits within the last year has been
phenomenal. There is, therefore,
every reason to urge the State and
the people of Virginia to lend assis?
tance to the present attempt to settle
the Virginia debt in a way that will
restore the credit of the State."
Mr. George S. Coe, of the advisory
board, also said on the same subject:
"This movement for the settlement ot
the Virginia debt is an effort to bring
public opinion to bear apon the State
in such a way as to induce the legis?
lature to accept an equitable plan,
devised by men of known ability and
fairness after tliey shall have consid
eredalltbe conflicting interests. Both
in London ami New York the belief is
general that the committee will sue
ceed in formulating a plan which will
be accepted alike by rhe State and
bondholders, thus terminating the
long and costly strugg'e between the
Mr. James P. Cooper, the financial
agent of the foreign bondholders'
committee, has gone to London to at
tend the meeting of the committee to
be held there on July l?. Mr. Cooper
is considered here a functns officio.
The committee have had no dealings
with him, but only with the prin?
cipals for whom he has acted as agent.
More than a majority of the bonds
have already been deposited, and all
the necessary consents to the carry?
ing out of the committee's plans ob?
tained. As they 6ay on the track,
"He is not in it."
Itcantlful llciilillnjr Lot? 50x1.10 For
$1.50 per Week, For loo WcckH.
Dummy Hue from Roanoke will pass
near this property and a connection
will be made with it,tbus giving part?
ies living hero quick transit.
Land well watered and drained;and
many villa sites will lie included in
the drawings, some containing two
towu lots of 100x300 fet t. Chalybeato
water on premises or easy of .access.
For romantic surroundings, lovely
scenery and accessibility this prop?
erty is unsurpassed. The telephone
line from Lake Spring to Roanoke
Red Sulphur Sittings passes through
this property.
A laboring man will find hero fino
range for horse, cow and pig, and his
thrifty wile an excellent place for
raising fowls.
The wealthy man will find here
villa sites unsurpassed in Virginia for
beauty of location.
The sportsman will lind deer in a
short hunt. The writer started
j one on the premises, and the moun?
tains are a short distance away.
To the dwellers in hot, dusty,
crowded cities, the delightfully cool,
pure atmosphere will be refreshing
ami invigorating. A dty man who
will build him a cabin iiere am' rusti?
cate two weeks in sun tner, will add
ten years to his life. The cabin can be
built for $150, ami we guarantee ten?
ants at $00 per annum net, if you de?
sire it.
We guarantee CO per cent, profit on
these lots, when paid for, or take theru
oil' your hands.
No malaria here ; no doctors needed.
Your wives and children will be
healthy ami rosy and vour doctor
As only a limited number of these
lots will he sold at this low price,
those wishing to purchase had better
lo so at once. Apply to 11. Garland
Rrown, Salem, Va.; Mahood, Stone Si
Co., Lynchburg, Va.;OscarD. Derri
Co., Roanoke, Va.; J. C. Parkinson,
2011 E. Marshall street, Richmond,
Va.; Wm. Mahone. jr.. Lynehbtirg,
Va.: Pat. McCall, Lynchburg, Va.: J.
B. Plmris A Co.. Martinsville. Va
be inserted in the several daily news?
papers In tho city.
After transacting some other busi?
ness of minor note, the council
New Committee*?The Mayor'* Report
An Elnborafe One-Receipt* ol the
City Government From January to
Jnnc Amount to ?20.v5i.Oti.
The North Salem Land Company.?
President, J. R. C. Brown, sr.; vice
president, 11. B. McLaughlin; seen
tary and treasurer. W. E. Brown: gen?
eral manager, U.a. Brown; attornev,
W. W. Ballard. Directors?J. F. Mi
Sorley, Mat, Byrne. Chas. Scott,
Lynehbtirg,Va.; W. Lee Brand, Salem.
Va.: A. S. Asberry, Roanoke, Va.
Ii. ft 0. laxd COMPACT OF SALEM. va.
President. H. Garland Brown, Sa
lem; vice-president, Hon. John R.
Johnson. Christiansburg; secretary
and treasurer, W. K. Rrown. Salem":
attorney. Hush L\ Lerr, Roanoke.
Directors?Hon. L. C. Arthur. Bed?
ford City: W. P. Francis,.Marion. Va.:
Hubert Watts. Lynehbtirg; George
Gravatt, Roanoke; J.D. Carr, Roan?
oke: M. A. Lovett, Roanoke; J. B.
Levy, president Citizens' bank. Roan?
Not tor> hot for B. & 0. and North
Salem Lor Clubs, but parties were
going all day looking at and buying
their lots. The cheapest and most
desirable in the world this hot
weather. Vesterdaj's pales our largest.
At this rate, won't have many left
Stockholders' Notice.?Stockhold?
ers of the .North Salem Laud Com?
pany of Salem will call at the ofilce of
Oscar D.Derr & Co.. between the
horns of fijd if) p. ro? MoikIp v. :iOth!
June.and presenttheir shareso: stock, j
The members of the new Council
met in the Council hall yesterday at
noon to elect a president.
Mr. Trout was elected temporary
chairman, and he announced that the
nomination of a president was in
Mr. Scott nominated Mr. J. R. Han
Mr. Woodward nominated Mr.
Buckner, and the vott- stood o to 0 in
favor of Mr. Hanthoru?, who, after a
brief address stating the appreciation
he felt in Icing elected CO tie position
am! promising to preside over their
deliberations iu as tail and importial
a manner as possible, took the chair.
He then stated that there was no
more business before the council thi
and a motion to adjourn until boe'look
p. m., was carried.
thk 8 o'clock -session.
When the roll was called every
councilman answered to his name
The retiring councilman were Messrs
Evans, mayor, and W. K. Andrews
Their successors, Messrs. W. P. Hufr
and J. K. Skinker, were on hand,and
did not seem as strangers in the hall
so far as any backwardness to regis
terakickor volunteer a suggestion
was concerned when their convictions
The mayor's report was quite an
elaborate one, filled with sound rei
ommendations, and was acted upon
in sections. In the matter of assess
ments he urged that great diligence
should be exercised in their collection,
and that this is particularly impor?
tant while real estate is changin
hands so rapidly, to insure clear titles
to property. Referred to city solici
His suggestion that two extra
policemen be appointed to look after
the S0? or 900 untaxed dogs in the city,
and to ai tend to any other police
duties which may come under obser
vation, was argued from various
standpoints, and eventually referred
to the police commissioners. That
more adequate arrangements for im?
pounding livo stock be provided was
referred to the public property com?
His sucrgestion that cellars on Salem
avenue and other flat localities, which
become filled with water every time
it rained, be filled at expense of the
owners, was objected to by Mr. Wood?
ward, who argued that this was in a
large degree clue to inadequate drain?
age, and parties should not be sub?
mitted to t he expense of digging and
filling up cellars under these circum?
stances. Thematter was referred to
sewer committee with instructions
thai eojnm'ttce HC?gest a^ remedy
Just at this t ime the hotels of Roan?
oke are taxed to their utmost capac?
ity. Instead of one p-?ge being used j
it takes two, and sometimes three big)
pages of the regist-T to chronicle the1
arrivals, and from all account1- the va-'
rions bostelries must be coining!
money. The Continental, the new
hotel, is getting its fair share of pat- j
robage, and its proprietor is now in
Baltimore laying in supplies. He will
return to this city this morning.
Mr. W. B. O'Brien, tho Jolly con?
tractor of this city, has returned from
a visit to Baltimore, and says he was
ylad to get back again. He is stop?
ping at the Continental.
Messrs. E. L. Gerst and Dan S. Les
berger, two ui.teriuisiug young busi?
ness men of Danville, arj registered
at the Hotel Roanoke.
Mr. Charles Orm.sby lias returned
to the city fro" : a % sir to bis old home '
in Norfolk While away Mr. Urru.iby '
entered the swimming match which is
held annually s.t Ocean View and won
it. He is now . he champion swimmer
of the State and he wears over his!
heart a beautiful gold medal,inscribed!
with bis name, to prove it. Mr. I
Ormsby will in future make Roanoke j
his home aud will open bis salojn on
Campbell street at an early date. 11
is stopping at the Felix.
They are here looking for a place to
put their tobacco-maue sheckles in
Southwest Virginia dirt. This is not
the first visit to Roanoke that these
young gentlemen have made. They
have confidence in the future of the
section ot which th:9 is the hub, and
have backed their judgment by in?
vesting. Messrs. Gerst and Lesber
ger have a cottage about four nnlus
from Wytheville,and with their famf
lies will spend the summer there.
when paid upnon assessable stock will!estimate of the cost.
Ennmeratoro' Work Finished.
The work of the enumerators for
Roanoke has been completed, and in
due time the result will be summed uj
and promptly announced. The count
will be no easy job, and will consume
considerable time. When asked by a
Times reporter yesterday what "he
thought the result would" be, Mr. J
E. Tennyson, one of the enumerator
said : "Really I wouldn't like to esti?
mate, in fact couldn't with any de
gree of authenticity. Of this much,
however, I feel assurtd, and that is
that the population of the city ac?
cording to the count won't amount to
near aB much as the people antici?
The Grand Jury.
The following named persons have
been chosen to serve on the grand
jury of the Hustings Court, which
convenes in this city on Monday next :
diaries G. Eddy, J. B. Featherstone,
Waller P. Huff, C. C. Shockey. G. W.
Priddy, S. F. Patterson. J. Archer
Wilson, John B. Ferguson, S. S. Sha
fer, E. S. McNamee, E. Irvine Terry
and N. Chapman.
If you want the mott durable piano
on the market, buy the Kranich and
Bach. It has been established twen?
ty-seven years, during which time it
has made a reputation that places it
on top.
Thk Hoijbie Music Co.,
Lynchburg, Va, General South?
ern Agents. Send for catalogue.
A Pure and Reliable Medicine.?A
compound fluid extract of roots,
leaves, barks and berries is Burdock's
Blood Bitters. They cure all diseases
of the blood, liver and kidneys.
The Rev. William Stout, Wairton,
Ont., states : "After being ineffectu?
ally treated by seventeen different
doctors for Scrofula and blood disease
I was cured by Burdock Blood Bit?
ters" Write him for proof.
tied then for the number of
sha res subscribed to.
Subscript fons will also be taken to
the Lot Clubs to be organized by the
North Salem hand Company.
All stock subscribed to and not paid
for will be sold at public auction, in
the name of the parties defaulting.
Mahood, Stone a- Co.,
Lynchbarg, Va.
Ose ah D. Dkrr & Co..
Roanoke, Va.
BrowSj a' Co..
Salem, Va.
EL W. Lkh,
Clinton Ave.
Baltimore, Md.
Washington, D. C
Reuben Fixnell,
with Neal & Paris,
Roanoke, Va.
!!. G.
.1 Iii?- Syndicate.
It is understood that well-known
citizens of Richmond Norfolk, Pet?
ersburg and Alexandria are members
of the syndicate whi h has recently
purchased 033,000 acres of land in the
border counties of Virginia and West
Virginia. A meeting of the members
of this syndicate was held in the city
of Richmond yesterday for the pur?
pose of organization and the discus?
sion of future plans of operation.
This is one of the heaviest purchases
of hind ever known in the two States.
A Petersburg gentleman interested in
the purchase says that it promises
magnificent possibilities if not-indeed
probabilities. He said that he would
not now fake 100 per cent, advance on
his interest in the svn Jicate.
All persons having property for sale
should list at once with Oscar D. Derr
& Co., No. 10 First avenue S. W.,
Roanoke, Va. je28 tf
A New Kchoel BnildZnc for Vinton.
The trustees of the Vinton school
yesterday sold the school property for
a handsome price, and purchased a
suitable lot of the Vinton Land Com?
pany on which they will at once erect
a more convenient building. There
is unusual activity at present iu Vin?
ton real estate.
A Fine Home Killed.
Mr. C. L. Hambrick, residing near
the city, lost a fine horse yesterday
by its falling down a steep embank?
ment and breaking its neck. He val?
ued Iiis horse at $230.
Having secured the services of an
experienced and expert paper hanger
and draper and carpet layer we are
now prepared to do all work in this
line in a proper and satisfactory man?
ner. E. H. Stewart os Co. je21-tf.
Mattresses of all kinds made to order
by E. H. Stewart & Co. je21-tf.
The commissioner of revenue re?
ported the receipts of the city govern?
ment from January to.) une amounted
to $20,?54.ij'i.
Overseer of the poor reported ten
persons admitted, and four dis?
charged from the almshouse during
the last month
On a motion the bill of expenses in
curred by opening a ditch near the
gas house, was referred to the gas
A gentleman in the audience whose
name was not announced, reminded
the council of tho fact that the city
ordinance made no distinctiou in the
matter of license between rental ami
real estate agencies, w hieb, conflicted
with the State law. The State law
requires a license of $30 for rental and
$50 for real estate agents. The city
laws then making no distinction, and
are consequently unconstitutional.
Referred to ordinance committee.
The following new committees wen
then appointed by the president:
Financf?Trout, Sheehan, and
Streets?MeConnell. Skinker ant
Sewers?Shechan, Skinker and Mc
Health?Scott, McCounell and Hull
Fire and Water?Graves, Wood want
and McCahan.
Public property?Buckner, Graves
and Huff.
Ordinance?Woodward, McCahan
and Scott.
Lights?Ruggles, Buckner and
Special on Bridges?McCounell,
Shehan and Skinker.
Messrs. Thomas W. Miller and J.
Allen Watts were placed in nomina?
tion for City Solicitor, and Mr. Miller
was elected by a vote of 3 to 7.
Wm. H- Dunlap was re-elected city
Mr. George Bennett was elected by
acclamation cierk of the counsel.
J. A. Davis was retained as clerk of
the market.
D. R. Miller was elected police com?
missioner of the Third ward.
Board of Health?Third ward, Dr.
Luck; Second ward, Dr. Fry; Third
ward, Dr. Hodson.
City Physician?Dr. R. H. Buckner.
School Trustees?First ward, G. L.
Stephens; Second ward, Charles A.
Pillsbury; Third ward, G. W. Ram?
HOverseers of the poor?First ward,
T. O. Hanes; Second ward, W. P.
Camp; Third ward, W. E. Thomas.
There being some probable changes
as to the duties of the sanitary ins?
pector, the matter of filling that of
I'lie Engineer of the En*? Ilound I'u*
*en?er Seriously Injured.
About 0 o'clock yesterday morning,
the east bound train on the Norfolk
ind Western, collided with a freight
train near Big Spring station, and the
engineer, Mr. D. Williams, of this
city, was severely injured.
The engineer in rounding the curve
aw, in the dim light of the early
morning, a freight ahead of him. It
seemed to be moving in the same di
eetion, but afterwards it transpired
that it was not in motion.
The passenger train was for?
tunately going at a slow rate of
peed. Mr. Williams with great pre?
sence of mind reversed his engine and
then jumped to the ground, rolling
down an embankment. He suffered
compound fracture ot both the
bones of his right leg. Drs. Gale and
Koiuer, of this city, rhe railroad phy?
sicians, attended him and he was
made comfortable .it the Big Spring
Engine 20(5 which, was drawing rhe
issenger train was badly damaged,
two of the slabs of granite with which
the rear car ot die freight was loaded
>eing embedded in the front; part.
The passengers were asleep and the
awakening wa* rather rude.
Trains were delayed both ways for
a couple of bears.
Mnyor's Court
Harriet Stewart was fined *2 and
costs for distrrbing the quiet and
good order of : he city by gambling in
a juiblio hall, and was committed to
jail in default of payment.
Oliver Steproe was fined $10 for
carrying concealed weapons, and pis?
tol confiscated.
Sallie Findlay, disturbing the quiet
and good order of the city, was
fined $3.
M. G. Webb was fined $2.60 and
costs for fighting i:i the streets
Louis Findlay was tried on the
charge of selling goods on Sunday,
but was dismissed.
Mayor KHrnoii la Chairman.
At a meeting'in Richmond yester?
day the Virginia Democratic execu?
tive comraitt. e selected Major J.
Taylor Ellyson, of that city, chair?
man of the State dXf-< utive commit?
tee, to succeed Hon. Basil B. Gordou,
who resigned account of ill-health.
Mr. Ellyson is an able Political or?
ganizer and will bring to the dis?
charge of his new duties a clear judg?
ment and great industry. He has
been a member of the executive com?
mittee for several years.
Exciting Runaway.
A runaway has not occurred for
several days, but yesterday a horse
attached to a wagon got frightened
near Crozer furnaces and ran to
Tinker creek. The wagon was badly
broken up, but the driver and horse
were not injured.
As there seems to be an impression
that we have pledged ourselves to
build an Opera House on the lots on
Jefferson street, in which we hold a
controlling intend, we desire to state
that we have never directly or indi?
rectly agreed to build said Opera
House, having merely expressed our
intention of doing everything consis?
tent with our interests to promote the
enterprise. We would further state
that we were offered stock of the
Opera House Company upon condi?
tions that we would agree to build
said Opera House, and we declined
to purchase on any such basis. We
are, however, ready to entertain any
any propositions looking to the build?
ing of an Opera House, and shall be
clad to co-operate with the citizens of
Roanoke in securing this much needed
fice i^as postponed until the next j addition to our city,
meeting of the council. Respectfully,
Advertisements for bids to erect i Roajtokk Construction and Im-I
overhead bridges were instructed to 1 provemknt Company.
Bedford City
Authorized Capital
The Bedford Citv Land Company offers the best investment on the Norfolk and* Western Railroad. It is a golden opportunity
After June 3rd alimited number of lots will be offered for sale. This company has three thousand buRding and businets lots in the western part oi
Bedford City. Incomparably the best property and the most beautiful sites. The town s growing west. Ths new depot site is on these lands, lhe
ftandolnh Macon College Academy is there and a new first-class hotel wiU be erected aBoon as the architect has finished the drawings. JN early ?,yt/u
DODulation now Fifteen plug tobacco concerns. The largest and most sxtcoessfol woolen mhUs^ the State except OharIotte|vllIe, Twenty-five manu?
factories now and seven new manufacturing enterprises \ThderWBy. The Bedford and James River Railroad is to be built in the near fnture. . ?
For those who want a safe investment the stock anfl lratl of the Bedford City Land Company presents the greatest inducements. The present ailing
sftlue of the nrobefty is worth more money th?n the total amount of std?k the company offers for sale, For particulars address
The RJalr Ednratlouul Bill Recom?
niended-Thn Nenato Piu? n Bill to
ill mit Idado as n Mtnto?E;trt!i<|nit!ic>
in California?Other I)l*pnlclic*.
By United Press.
Indianapolis, Julyi.?The capita!
city of the Hoosier State, and home
of the President of the Republic, did
honor today to the memory of her
favorite fou whose notable career as
statesman was cut short just as his
life's work had been rewarded with
the second highest office in tbo gift of
the America.! people. CoDspiciJo;.*
as Thos A. Heudrji !<s had
in his life time hi the ??ou..
of one political pa-cy there '.van
no politics in the . event h?c?y.
The statue was unveiled by Lira Ih ix
d ricks, and an oration delivered bj
Senator Turpie. Governor Iii :, oi
New York, was present and [uade an
address also. He received :i great
ovation, and his entire trip has been
one continued ovation.
In the Nenate and IIorno.
By United Press.
Washington, July i.?Mr O'Don
nell, of Michigan, chairman of the
House committee on education, today
submitted to the Hoodc a report
recommending the passage of the bill
introduced in the House by M>.
Cheathatn, of North Carolina, to aid
in the establishment and teroporarj
support of common schools., W-tt*':
known as the Blair educational bill.
The reduction in the public d '
during June, as shown by the
monthly statement, is sent from the
Treasury Department today, w?
$30,683,726. Unding of the fiscal yAir,
which was closed yosterday. it wa:
$S8,-172,448. The total debt today, at
the beginning of the new fiscal year,
is $988,175,172.
The Senate passed a bill to admit
Idaho as a State.
The House discussed the election
bill all day.
Marshal Killed by Negroes.
By United Press.
Birmingham, Ala . July t.?Joe
Keith, a town marshal of Childers
burg, Ala , was killed by unknown
negroes Saturday. Keith arrested a
negro for vagrancy and carried him to
\ police station, when the uegro broke
and ran. Keith pursued when the
negro turned on him, and drawing a
pistol shot Keith three times. The
negro escaped.
o'Conwer's i'nmily roi> :..:??<:.
By United Prei-s.
Dublin, June 1.?The wife and
four young children of Mr. Jrfmes
Q'Conner, of the editorial staff of thv
United Ireland, were fatally poisoned
at Sea Point, near this city, by eating
?tewed muscles.
Earthquake In California.
By United Press.
Santo Ros y, Cal., July 1.?Th< re
was a slight shock of earthquake felt
here yesterday.
All Dead.
By United Press.
DlTNBAH, Pa., July 1.?At 4 o'clock
this morning, the opening into the
Farm Hill mine was completed, and
all of the miners found dead.
8cmi-O?ic?i;lly Denied.
By United Press.
Berlin, July 1.?The statement
published in the evening papersyes
terday to the effect that the con; i
nent powers, led by Germany, would
unite in the creation of mutual re?
pressive tariffs against American im
ports, is today semi-ofiicially denied.
KoMitliM of .Sliee|tshead Bay RacCM.
By United Press.
Sheepshead Bay, June I .?First
race, 'i mile?Phoenix, firsr ? Glory,
second. Ban Cloche and Druidess r:m
dead heat for third place. Time,
1:10 2-5.
Second race, H miles?Belie of N;.u
tura, first; Miss Belle, second; Wat-,
terson, third. Time, 1:55 4-5
Third race, H miles, selling?Gay
Gray, first: Sorrento, second: Barris?
ter, third. Time, 1:56,1-5.
Fourth race, 1 miles?Eon, first;
Wilfred, second ; Castaway, third.
Time, 2:04 2-5.
Fifth race, 3 mile, selling?Lord
Harry, first; Evangaline, second/;
Matagorda, third. Time. 1:12 l-o.
Sixth race, grass stakes. 1) mii<;s.
selling?Admiral, first; Little Jim,
second: Barrister, third. Time.
2:09 1-5.
Baseball Canie* of Yesterday.
By United Press.
american association.
At Toledo?Toledo, l; Athletic, 0.
At Columbns?Columbus, 3; Syra?
cuse, 1.
At Louisville?Louisville, 3: Brook?
lyn, 2.
At St. Louis?St. Louis, 8; Roches?
ter, ?.
national league.
At Pittsburg?Pittsburg, 16; New
York, 2.
At Cincinnati?Cincinnati, O. Brook?
lyn, 0._
Painful Sprain.
Miss Alice Haywood slipped and fell
down a flight of steps at her home In
Northwest Roanoke, and sustained a
fracture of her left arm just above the
For burns, scalds, .bruises and all
pain and Boreness of the flesh, the
grand household remedy is Dr.
Thomas* Eclectric OiL Be sure you
get the genuine. %

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