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VOL. VI?NO'. 11>5.
nim fining iron
\\\\ ? _UU k \ j
Uli El I MUD Oil)
or 30 Davs.
Consisting of Foreign
I "*rtVto??d suiting, closing price. 7c
Outing cloths in beautiful patterns,
at Sand 10c a yard.
Flannelettes in new aud styli*.)
patterns at lSic a yard.
Dress ginghams, ~>. ^ and 10ca yard. ' ?-?>.
A few pieces of Scotch ginghams oi
~0c, worth 25c a y rd jj^ gg^ q 3; qj^
Still a ev.- challi s at 4c and G*ca ~. . ? .
J'ard. Ginghams, Ratines, Challies,
Also a tew more pieces of cheeked j B!e ached and Unbleached
mohair at 25c a yard. r^.?.?., i c-i
Cottons and Sheetings, etc.
Mohairs in all sh ides .it 25, 371 an.'! _
50cayard. |
1 Whit'vg.i ds in <i 1 t' e newest ma
terials nd ;.t lrwr.-t pies.
j A special bargain in pure Turke^i
? red table co ers. if-;, 7.?c and 8 10 t>7;e 1
Table ' n? '.is, towels aud n-'pkius v.
l endlos variety, and at prices tha
defy competition.
Another, case of white bed'quilts a I
*leach I Our ILemiumt Cotin
anil j ute z.. Re, novyi
S??? ^ is ready,
1 here you can
bottom prices.
Large stosk of bleached aud un-j
bleached cottons aid sheetings in all j
Childrens white lace hats ami cap*
froin 15c up.
Fans, Fans, Fans. Fans, from 2c up
at any Price
Wal mit, Ash or Ebony
ry pair of Lace Curtains
ght to the value I of $2.00
pair or upwards
mm i ?ACBA|g^R0S
134 SALEM AVENUE, s. W.| 42 Salem aveiiue.
-PAY - CAm
To auv one who en furnish I _
r??- iiifsIliioiilM
Famous and Popular!
\ m
WHITE BREAD Use Blount's
Favorite Flour,
you will
Use No Other.
j will lend money on long time and easy
PHyments. Shares may be taken at
! any time. Applv to
Secretary and treasurer.
Room 1, Masonic Temple. apl tf.
Checkered Front Grocers
124 and 126
First Avenue, S. W.
Real Estate Agents,
k hi t: Close kmi
i will offer my entire stock of
prime cost to discontinue
F. G. MAY,
142, First avenue, S. W
at cost. At cost
jy 18 2w.
The well-known Jefferson Street
They are associated withtkllicks,! Has opened a Barber Shop in Hotel
ttornoy,at:Lwh o furri\;^ab-| n._.^??e'
s?racts of title.
Boom in basement.
mv20 lin
Just at this season of the year, anil
in fact every- season, the hotels of
Roanoke are crowded with guests.
Many of them stop over here a few
days en route to the various moun?
tain resorts of the Southwest. They
have heard of Roanoke, and all of
them have a curiosity to see this
wonderful city which has sprang ap
here so suddenly at the gateway of
I the great mineral country of the
* *
Miss Hertha Von Hillern and Mi;s
Emma Howard Wright are both noi
unknown to the world of literature, i
They have contributed to almost
every field of literature, and their
sketches have, charmed an army of,
magazine readers. For the past few j
weeks they have been living at beau- J
tiful Luray, and c'oing their work i
surrounded[ by the grand scenery of
the historic Shenandoah Valley, and |
doubtless their writings for a long
time will be tinged with the ronianc i
that seems to hovor about the
crooked, silvery river and the cloud
crowned mountain-.. The two ladies
are inseparable com. mions, and wi I
make a t our of theS< ithwest country
together, Then the will j;o to tUo
* *
Mr. John Snyder, f Baltimore, i;
stopping at Marsha I's Cafe. Mr.
Snyder is a slimly bo .t young fellow,
without a mustache, ?ml he is one of
the fastest short-disi ince runners of
his size in the country He is also a
judge of blooded hore -s, and has rode
in many a race when the livers came I
up the stretch neck and neck.
Colonel Abe Fulkerson is known
throughout the Southwest as one o.c
the shrewdest politicians and bps;
stump speakers to be found lien
abouts. He is stepping at the Hotel
Roanoke, and comes from Bristol x>>
attend to some important railroad
business. Colonel I V.'kerson is a tall,
soldierly gentleman with a clos<
cropped white beard. He has a large
number 'of friends here, and they
are always glad to fee! the warm cor
dial grasp of his hand.
Lieutenant-Governor J. Hose
Tyler's familiar fi^ti.--- was seen abou.
the corridors of the Hotel Roanokt
last night. He is a frequent visitor
to this city, where he has interests
No man is doing more in his wa\
towards the upbuilding of Southwest
Virginia today than is Governor
Tyler, and he is the master-spirit of .
large number of enterprises in this
section. The office of Lieutenant
Governor doesn't take up a great
deal of ones time, but then th<- salarj
is not large. Then- is more honoi
than money in the position.
Mr. Fred E. Foster*, of Roanoke
Va., is at the Metropolitan, says tlx
Hotel t-iossiper of the Wasbiugton
Post. He is a tali, well built. Monde,
and athletic A I: rht umstacht
adorns his florid an i striking f !,-e.
He is a former Washington boy, whe
is now manager of one of th- in?r ex?
tensive hotel systems in America
The Norfolk and Western Railroad
Company, fully alive to the growtl
and demands of the valley of Virginia,
has erected a string of commodious
hotels up and down the country now
being rapidly developed by an inpour
ing of capital without precedent in
America. These hotels are all of the
Oueen Anne style of architecture,
and under Mr. Foster's management
have arrived at tin excellence ol
cuisine and managerut nt equal to thf
best metropolitan establishment".
The principal one is *he Hotel Roa?
noke at Roanoke. To!>his isadded the
Rad ford Inn at Rudt-rd. the Maple
Shade at Pulaski and the Bluefield
House at Bluefield. Besides these.
Mr- Foster runs a 1 -tel up in New
Jersey. The famous !Xr Riley. who
kept a hotel, is utteiL thrown in the
shade by his achievements.
Bt:?FOKI> it! I'S.
What the People or Hie EnterpriJtlng
Little City arc Doluc.
A party consisting of Mrs. R. B.
Claytor and daughter. Mr. R. D.
Buford and daughter, and Mrs. S. M.
Boiling left here on Saturday for
Long Branch.
Engineer B. C. Mosby, of the firm
of contractors building the new reser?
voir, report that t:,e work will
probably be completed within the
next four weeks.
The Bedfords had intended going
to Roanoke Saturday, md had an en
gagement to that efe t, but the Ro
anokes cancelled the ugagement on
account of another w th the PhodbuE
club of Hampton, Va., who play four
games in Roanoke this week.
Mrs. T. 1). Berry, aud family and
Mrs. S, M. Bollling and family arc
visiting the Yellow Sulphur springs
in Montgomery county.
The work of wiring for incandes?
cent lights is progressfig rapidly,and
soon it is hoped the dangerous kero
sene lamp will entireiv disappear from
Bedford City, *
The work of gr.<ui?ie streets is being
pushed quite energcically by the
(ireenwood Company, and this beau?
tiful property will soon be put on the
market from present indications.
It Hrt* Ad.jonrucd. .mil Sow the
Loungers Can Haven Vuentlon
Mr. Bennett Nelson Bell qualified
as an attorney at law.
Burrell Ross, who was sentenced to
twelve months' imprisonment in the
penitentiary for felony on Thursday,
came into court this" morning ami
withdrew the thirty days' stay of exe?
cution that had been granted the day
he was sentenced, and he will be
taken to the penitentiary in a few
J. B. Traynham qualified as ad?
ministrator of J. J. Kelley, who was
killed at the Commerce street crossing
by a train of cars of the Shenandoah
Valley railroad in Juii9. On motion
of the administrator, 0. M. Tomer.
C. W. Thomas, G. L. ?ennett, T. R.
Tillett and W. M. Dunlap were ap?
pointed appraisers of i he property of
the deceased. It is expected that a
suit will be brought against the com?
pany for damages.
In the chancery cas" orT. F. lami
son vs. M. D. Berg and win.-and J. Fi
St. John, a decree was rendered,
among other things, referring the
case to Everett Perkins to take an
Court adjourned until first Monday
in September. .
OflTfor Fanny-lie
Mr. J. W. Neal, o? the real estate
firm of J. W. Neal & Co., left yester?
day, in company with two experts
of this city for Farmville, near which
place a large deposit of a superior
quality of green building stone has
recently been disclosed. If their In
, vestigation proves to be of the right
quality and in sufficient quanities.
steps will be taken to develop it and
place it on the market.
It V/i a n Very Exciting Game nud Was
Well Atlcuactl?Keefer .linken a
Double ?M;?jr Unassisted?Tue <>iii?c
in Detail.
Ycsteray afternoon was as lino for
ball playing as the crankiest baseball
crank could desire and about 000
spectators wore present to see the
Roanokes get defeated by the
Phoebus club in the last of the series.
To Third Baseman Feck was due tin
loss of the game,he making fourgros^
errors that gave awa three rnns and
the game. It is i i<? Alex Brodio
had four marks . .ains: him in
the error column, I itt not one of
them gave a run am. were of the ex?
cusable order, espeek lyas the play e
had just broken a fin er. Beck ma>
do in the outfield, bu at t hird und a
the bat be is a decide I failure.
No runs were scored by either side
in the first and second innings and
in the third also Roanoke was shu.
out. For the othei side Rampei
-truck out, Reach hi: safely to ri^ht
vent to second on a passed ball am.
third on Rosenthal's ':it to A. Brodie
and home on Hayden's life at first
Clark struck oul and P. Fuller flev
oul toKirby Phoebus I. RoanokeO
Fourth?\V. Fuller struck out
Shelton knocked a two-bagger anc
wear to third on L'-aeh's sacrifice
Hamper out at first. For Roanoki
Sproul knocked i lie.-: itiful two-bag
Ker, Ford Qew out. and on Alex
Brodie's sacrifice Sproul advanced t<
third. Do!in hit to center, bringing,
in Sproul. Dolin stole second anci
third, bat Kirby was out at first.
Fifth-?Beach struck out. Rosen
thai hit safely, but wad forced out at
.?ecoml by Bayden, woo stole second
went to third on Brodie'a sacrifice ol
(.'lark's hit, ami home on Keek's wile
throw to the plate. For our boy*
Qnarles struck out, Keefer got a
base on hall.-, went to second on Wig
more's hit, third and home on Ham?
per's fumble of Beck's infield hit
\Vigmore going to second and to third
<>n Hay den's wild throw, being ad?
vancing to second. Sproul got a lif
;u first, and cha.-cd Beck and Sproul
lioui" on Rosenthal- W?d throw to
third. For-.'struck out. A. Rrodie
knocked a two-bagger to left, bul
Dolin (lew (Mit to Beach. Roanoke,
?*>; Phoebus,
Sixth?-W*. Fuller made a safe hit.
stole second Inse and went home on
Leach's hit. Shelton struck out.
Leach tried to steal home and wa^
thrown out. Hamper struck out.
For Roanoke DO runs were scored.
fn the seventh and eighth neithei
side tallied, though good work was
done by hot :i
Ninth?Leach struck out. Hainpet
got to first on Beck's error, went to
second before the ball was recovered
and came home on Beach's two bauy
^'?r. Reach came home on Rosen
that's hit to left. Bo: y ehased.hiiu
self home on ilavd-n's infield bit.
Hayden tried to steal lecondand was
thrown out. Clark sti n-k out. Roan?
oke failed to score. Phoebus &,?Roan?
oke 3. The score:
t. III. P.O. a. i;
Wigmore, 2b. I 3 l :? !
Beck. 3b. 1 o ?? I
Sproul. I. f. I o o 0
Ford, r. f. ?) 0 (I n (,
Brodie. A., ss. ;> 1 1 0 i
I. Brodie. ss. 0 ? n o i>
Dolin. c.f. o I ii 0 (?
Kirbv. 11?. il "I G I 1
Quartes, p. 0 l l 3 C
Keefer, c. I 0 15 ? j
Totlllr?. ?'? ?*? 2T 10 10 I
prior.: urs.
re. In. P.O. a.
Hamper, ss. I u 3 t
Beacn,2b. - :i ? ?*>
RoscnUud.il). 1 2 8 0
Harden, c. 1 1 10 :i
Clark. If.. ') " l ii
P. Kuller, c. f. '> 0 l I)
w. Fuller, 8b. ... 1 1 0 0
Stielten; r. f. > 1 1 0 <!
Leacti, p. -i 0 0 1 1
Totals. I 8 27 10
sconG nr i.v :.\g*.
1 2 " -l "i 6 7 8 0
Phoebus.00iull00 3-o
ttoanokc.0 0 t 1 i 0 t> 0 0? L
Earned runs?Hoanoke, 1 Phoebus, L
Two-base bits^-Sproul, A. llrodic. Beach,
Bacrlflce hits?Sproul, A, Brolio. W. Fuller,
Stiilcn bases?Ford, Dolin i2;, ?ucacb. Haydcu,
Clark (3), w. Fuller (2), LcbcIi.
Jlases on bulls?By Quartos. 1.
Struck out?Bv Quartes. 13; by Loach. 9.
Double play- Keefer, unassisted.
Passed balls?Koofer, 2.
Wild pitehts? Leach.
Time of game- 1:45.
Umpires?Welch and Ore *by.
-? _ ?
?:>??!?: of it.
The I'c?i?lc o! RooUj' mint l'enli<lcnl
Tbat toe It. AS. H it t onic l licrc.
The engineers, undt. Chief Onder
dunk, had located the road to the
h?ad of Town Creek, a point ueat
the foot of Co<ks F-:iob, at Key-',
which it was thought would be the
line of road. It was found, however,
that when {hat point was reached
they were at an al titude of 109 feet
and that they had a v-. ry heavy grade
alltheway from Martinsville. Con?
sidering this fact, together with
the very heavy grade they had
to contend with they were ob?
liged to make an elbow of at
least two miles by this route by
Keys, and the further fact that a
quantity of heavy troweling had to
be done on the route. The engineers,
in casting about for a cheaper ana
better roiite, had the ^ood fortuno to
discover it. This rou'e lies between
the Bitch and Che?*nut mountains
and will throw the direct line of road
by way of Rocky Mou nt on an easy
grade and will, Major Onderdunk
6ays, save the compai'Kthousands of
dollars in cost of cerTsmtci ion ovei
the route by way of K^ys' and in ad?
dition will shorten the route four
miles. 4
This almost insure the road to
Rocky Mount.?Franklin Times.
Proetricvt lilinbnll Here.
Mr. F. J. Kimball, president of the
Norfolk and Western railroad, arrived
in the city yesterday in his special
car from Norfolk, accompanied by
Mr. Joseph H. Sands, and is stopping
at, Hotel Roanoke.
Funeral of Miss tVillfams.
The funeral of Mist Alice Virginia
Williame, the 18-year-old daughter o;
Mrs. Joseph Williams, took place yes?
terday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Arm Crnsbetl.
Yancey Cardwell, a brakeman on
the Norfolk and Western railroad,
had an arm badly crushed at Concord
station yesterday while coupling cars.
A Well liuonn < if\/ en and Ellu rum
IIy Receive a Severe Shaking Vn.
Yesterday evening while Mr. A. W.
Donnelly, wife und several members
i of his family were being driven out
! by Mr. Wingfield, the real estate
j agent* to look at some property, the
I horse became untnarageahl? and ran
? off on Fourth avenue, n. e. By some
j means the reins cum. apart, and only
one was left with which to manage
the animal. He wns pulled to oue
side, causing the front w heel to col
I lidp with a locust tree, tlm winv: the
occupants to the ground. Mr. Don
I nelly was thrown to the ground and
I considerably hurt, though not ser?
iously. He was taken to his house,
j and Drs. Jones and Vogel summoned,
j He received several severe cuts about
j the face, and w. * coudderabi;
bruised. Mrs. Donnelly was eliehtly
bruised, and severely shaken up, and
with these exceptions a!! escaped
uuhurt. The horse, with the shafts,
went considerably further ami wan
finally capl ured.
it is remarkable that something
mor< Stirious had no; ... curred, as the
buggj contain* d sevt ral children.
Tin: cnrncHi s today.
Who ?? ?!! Preaeli, au? Whnf Snbjecf?
tiny* tlfi".t !? -lee led.
There wlil be servif 'S at St. John'..
Episcopal church tod.ty ;.r 7 p. in.
Rev. i). F- Flippo wiil preach in the
Baptist church today at II a. in
und 8 p. m. Morning subject. '"Tin
Effect of a (ireiit, Sermon." Night.
"Third Sermon on &unyan's Pilgrims
gueene-memoria i. church.
The Rev. C. H. Buchanan wih
preach today at II a. mi. at the oner'
Douse, and at S.15 at Greene-Memorial
The V. M. C. A. meeting will b,
c mdncled today, at 4:30 p. m.. bj
Kev. W. M. Fitzwater, of Berryviile,
Va. Subject, "Is your house in
order V"
Preaching at the Fourth Avenue
Christian church today at 11 o'clock
(?>>' tile p istor, Rev. Chos. S. Long,
a:..l tonight at 8:15 by Rev. Lomax
Rev. J. A. Huffard will preach in
the Methodist chnrch at Vinton this
morning at IIa. in.
\ .' " m
An Important Correction.
For a week or more past report
has been in circulation to the cirect
that Mr. 1). W. FHckAvir had resigned
his position as general superintendent
oi tin- Shenandoah \ alley railroad.
This is not a fact. Ou the contrary,
Mr. Flickwir is still the incumbent
of thatoflice, rn consequence of the
great increase in the business of the
road, it became necessary to separate
the management into two divisions,
tlw Qrst section l?t im* from Racers
twn to Milnes. and the second from
Milnes to Roanoke. By this action
flu- following change- were made:
Mr. J.W. Cook, the former train?
master of the road, was made train
master of the firs* division; Mr. T. S.
Bransford, formely auditor of the
road, was made trainmaster of the
second division; Mr. Walter Maedow
?!!. formerely chief clerk to Joseph
\V. Coxe, auditor of toe Norfolk and
Western railroad, was nnuh- acting
audit- >r
Thesffchanges are officially giveu,
and will, wtf trust, correct any c-rro
neons impressions te.-t h ive existed.
mirth with Music.
Woodson and Aller, the two big
minstrels, are coming to Roanoke
they "-ill make their l.rst appearance
Tuesday night, presantin an enter?
tainment that will eclipse any sum
uier performance ever given in this
city. Harry Woodson is simply im
mense as a vocalist, commedian and
dancer, and his singing of such songs
as "Goin' back to Dixie." l,My Old
Kentucky Home,' "Days when I was
Young." and other plantation melo?
dies has won him a world wide repu?
tation. Rhodie Alien is the chain
pion banjo player and t he music he
entices from bis various instruments,
biglittie and gtvatsh' ped. Captivate
and astonish all bis hearers. Wood
son a.hi Allen are both finished per
formers, and our jw >ple who stay
,??>?..'?', will mis-} >i trei they :>ele!om
have the chance to ei joy. Prices 25.
u5 and 50 cents.
Hotel Uo:ui;>ji? Arrlvnln.
F. J. Kimball. Philadelphia; G. H.
Drebaven, Linearer, Pa.; A. B.
Smith, Lancaster, Pa..; W. H. West,
Pittsburg; L. L. Broden, Philadel?
phia; Samuel B. Mooinaw, Clover
dale;Z. Maury. New Orleans; H. B.
Boovee, Newberne, V...; FredC.Dun'
lap, Philadelphia; W C. Keckeier,
Cincinnati: A. Fnlkerson, Bristol: S.
V. Fulkerson, Bristol;-George B. Cas?
sel, Radiord: J. H?ge Cyler, Pulaski;
B. C.Washington. Cbj rieston, W Va.;
R. R. Chew Charf?st< a, W Va ; A. C.
Mitey. 7-orfo k: -f J'.. Ruffin. city;
W. A. crles?row, Jr , Fincastle; Win. H.
Crawford, Philadelphia; Wm. JoliitTe
and wiie, Buchanan; A. G. Cassel,
The Railroad Completed.
The Lynchlturir and Durham rail
read have completed their tracks into
Durham, N. 0., 113 miles, and trains
will soon be running regularly to
that point. The success of what
Lynchburgers call their homo road
has been phenominal?out of eighty
million pounds of freight hauled,
over five thousand car loads, and
fifty thousand passengers, there has
never been a pound ot freight lost or
elamfigod, or a passenger injured.?
Lynch burg Advance.
A Happy Sunday Nehool.
A chi'dren's service will be held to
| nicht in the Second Lutheran church.
> The program will corsist of singing
j and recitations by the Sunday school
pun?s. ?h?rt, acldresbt-a will bo made
by Rev. S. E. BushooH, E. K. Kohn
'and Mr. A. H. Kobn, who is a fine
i Sunday school worker. The church
has been beautifully decorated for
the occasion with flowers and ever?
He Cnt Off* III* Toe
Willie Gray, a lad of about twelve
years old, who resides with his par?
ents near Vinton, had the misfortune
yesterday mosning to cut off the big
toe of his left foot while cutting some
j wood, Our informant 6aid that Wil?
lie's injury is slight, but that he can
{ not be convinced that wood-chopping
i is a pleasant or healthful exercise.
! Money saved is money made, and it
' is known to all who are posted on
! prices, real value and standing ol
i each instrument, that from $50.00 to
j 875.00 on a piano and $25.00 to $40.00
? on an organ can be saved by pur
i chasing of the Hobbie Music Co.,
?Lynchburg, Va. Write for cata
| logues.
'. 20, 1S90.
The Kails will bo Here Tomorrow.
l*<iy Day lu Roanoke and Its EU'ccf.-t.
A t'(iiirn?rt<>rlstic Sketch at llic lit -
pet?Kicklue Ahoii. C'orueti?.
A Tim ES man took a drive, ye;
terday over ji part of the route of tha
dummy line to Salem with Mr. George
0. Houston, the contractor who is do?
ing the work.
In the last two wet ksgreat progress
has been made, and us soon as th s
rails arrive the work, will be pushed
forward with greatei vigor than ever.
The delay in the arrival <>r the iroji
from Johnstown litis ;>ut the COntrai -
tor to a good deal ol trouble. Fora
distance of two miles from Melros^
Driving Park the ties .are laid, and
for a mile the road is ballasted solidly
with rock. The road has been graded
some distance bey.aid the poiai
where the ties have been placed. Tin
rails are expected her:: tomorrow, and
the work of laying them will be com
menced at once. Carpenters are no>
busy preparing the heavy timbers fo ?
the bridges, and it will not belong
before the people o! Roanoke am
Salem will be able 10 call on each:
q}her any number of times they wish.
The scene of this little farce was ;u
the Union Denot, ate! the period yes?
terday evening just before No. I;
arrived. Officer W ire, tin; depo- j
policeman, was moving in three d:t
ferent directions at once to kee;
loafers of! the platform, and Join
Pack, the ticket aircnc. was so bus}
selling tickets .and answering ques
tions that the perspiration stood out
on bis forehead in great beads.
Presently there entered the recep?
tion room ;i six-foot colored woman
wearing a colored dress and colored
spectacles, and asked in the language
peculiar to a colored person:
"Say, Mr. Ticket Agent, what if
the fare to Salem?'*
"Twenty cents, second-class, am!
twenty-live first class. 1
"Well, den, what d<> it cost to go hi
de niggers car?*1
"Twenty cents.''
"How come datv Sarah Brown, dai
lives on Peach and Honey, sed she
didn't pay but ten cents when sin
went to Salem day "fo" yi-terday."
"Can't help what Sarah Brown
said> The fare is twenty cents."
"Dat's mighty precurious."
"1 guess 1 know more about thai
than you or Sarah Brown either.
The fare is twenty cents, and has
been that all the time."
"Uli, yas, boss, 1 know yer does
Lordy, yas. Dat ain't de fusl
dal gal dim tole me, and when sb<
tole me dat tin, 1 took and sed tc
myself, 'now, dat's a'nuther one. an'
I jisr cum down here to see if 1
wusn't right in my conculashun.
Dat's all, boss, dat's all. Good'
eben in.""
The Washington correspondent ol
the Alexandria Gazette, writes to his
paper as follows: "Congressman Ed?
munds, of the Lyn^hburg district,
generally known as the ??farmer." if
in a peck of trouble today. He i.
short of stature, bt:. wide of girth,
and has great trouble in baying ;.:
the shops ready mane drawers?tlu
only leg covering he wears in his pri?
vate room during the warm weather
that will lit him. Last week lie sent
out to his rural home an order to an
old seamstress there, who has hereto?
fore made his drawer.-, and who lias
pattern thereof, tor a supply. This
morning he was delighted at the re
ceipt of a bundle containing the de?
sired Jarticles; but when 1 e
opened it Ids jo*- was immed
lately turned to sorrow, for the old
woman referred to had made the u
out of the stamped n ninants of cot?
ton bolts; so that wl 'u put on,
they tilted tightly, h; looked like t
tattoed man, mills igles, Indians,
anchors, fruit and gir j appearing ah
over the lower parto) ins body.1'
The streets yesterdt1 v presented an
unusually animated eppearance, due,
in pan to the usual :;alf holiday on
Saturday at the Roanoke machine|
works and in part to the number ol
country people in the city shopping
and laying iu domestic necessaries
The streets were thronged with people
all day. and the prettv women turned
out in full force to examine and in
vast in the latest ago:ies in the mil?
linery bazaars, and w. nt far toward
making Roanokes very unprepossess
ing thoroughfares pretty and attract
lye- to the masculine eye. It seemed
that all the wagons in the city wert
forced into requisition, and the baby
carriages also, and the rattle of wheels
over the macadam made one thick
about a metropolis like New York oi
Chicago. All the merchants seemed
to be doing a good bu; iness. andjndg
ing by appearances, yesterday was it
regular gala day iu trade circles.
Now and again a wail comes to this
offlce from some sufferer who has
been robbed of his rest by the cornet
fiend. There is no doubt but thai
there is justice in the claim of the
sufferer, and he should have relief.
Here is the latest:
Editor Times,
Lear Sir:?Would you kindly grant
space in your valuabie paper for tht
Is tnere no redress for nuisances in
Roanoke? Are we poor mortals to br
tortured to death without a chance
to be saved? Wontth? proper author?
ities look after the individual who is
continually blowing on some interna1
instrument from mor-dng until night
and sometimes all n?ght, disturbing
the peace and quiet of Salem avenue
near the market.
"The individual referred to is located i
near an undertakers, and I am in?
clined to think it a scheme to increase
the business of that establishment.
If there waB any music in the instru?
ment it would be different, but he
sends forth such blood curdling
sounds that a person would gladlj
leave town to escape them.
One of the Sufferers.
Donbl<-?Trnckin;; the Bond.
One hundred and fifty hands are ai
work laving the double track of the
Norfolk and Western railroad fron,
this city towards Salem. All thf
grading between these two places har.
been completed,.and two miles of th*
track from Salem laid. The work of
grading for the double track is pro?
gressing very rapidly.
Aud ii Lone ?od Fxritine Purnuit
Whn the Natural Sequence.
E. Booker, a professional colored
snatch thief, who recently broughi
hint-self from Lynch borg to Roanoke
bo^in yesterday to ply his vocation
and got into Trouble. He went to the
city market yesterday morning a bout
10 o'clock, and took twenty chickens
and started oh" with them. Officer
Creasy saw him, however, when he
started off with them- Booker rea died
Railroad avenue and ran to Wilnieth's
saloon, and turning down an-Hley,
came on throughl'oteet's bar toSalem
avenue. The officer was hot after
him. Deputy Constable Scott in the
meantime joined the officer in the
chase, and when Booker saw that he
was about to be overtaken, stopped
and tried to bluff somebody by pull?
ing a revolver. Sir. Scott then drew
a revolver aud tired into the crowd,
which h*d the effect of frightening
Booker so that he threw his shooting
iron to one side and started off again.
He was quickly captured and taken
to jail and will be given a trial 10
Booker, it seems, h::s half a dozen
aliases, th? last of which is William
Phipsey, and is want, d in Lynchburg
<>u charges, which, i is alleged, will
put him in the pcnpn-utiary.
VulttuK In Kftcblncry.
A number of workmen were en
gaged yesterday uxplucing machinery
at the bolt and spike works of the
Midway Jron Company. The machin?
ery i:' of a very large and heavy pal
tern, and is difficult to handle.
The Baltimore andOlilo l.aiiil Com?
pany, <>: S tinn.
Offer 1,300 building lots for $150
each. Weekly payments of $1.50.
The Baltimore ami Ohio Land Com?
pany, of Salem, Va., owning 2*27 acres
of land within half a mile of Saiem,
Va., admirably located for building
lots, have determined to offer 1.300
lots for sale at $150 each, including
corner lots, in the following manner: I
Lot clubs of lOO in--.nbers eac h willl
I"- formed. Each a ember thereof!
payir* $1.50 per week or .fG per
mc.' until $150 is paid. Each mem- j
her t draw for a lot at the regular;
weekij. drawing, and one lor will bet
drawn every week until 100 lots are
drawn. The two members drawing
I he last two lots will get two lots each |
instead of one.
The one drawing a lot can at any
time pay up on his lot and get a deed
to it, as the company own their land
in fee simple; or he can pay one-third
cash, balance in one and two ye irs.
and the company will allow such pur?
chaser 10 per cent, discount given on
his purchase.
A purchaser building, within six]
months, a house costing not less than
$500, on his lot, will have a reduction
of 20 per cent, on hi.- purchase, mak?
ing his lot cost si 12.5 )
Several clubs will be organized in
this city, so that a member can join
one or more clubs, and draw in each
club weekly by the payment of one
dollar and ($1.50) fifty cents in eacli
club. No interest i- charged on these
pa yments whatever.
The laud has been surveyed, laid
out in streets and the iots numbered.
The laid lies partially in the rear of
the Roanoke College, and half a mile
from the center of the town. Water
mains run through the laud, tide
walks are also coniemplated, and
pleasant homes, close to business,
could be erected at .-mall cost, either
as a home for the owner or to rent
out, as house:; are in great demand in
A- a safe investment this is beyond
precedent, ami enabl s one of small
means to secure property constantly
on the increase in value.
Remember, one lot is drawn by
someone each week. Then you can
pay up on your lot tfter you have
drawn, by paying one-third cash,
balance in cue and two years, or as a
whole, at an}' time you may elect
within 18 months from the time you
joined the club, and secure the re?
ductions named above. {0
Every member must/ -iv his weekly
dues before he will be allowed to par?
ticipate in any drawing. If absent,
some one wili draw for him, provided
Ins ?lues are paid.
Do not be misled by any misrepre?
sentations made about this land, but
go to Salem and see it for yourself':
call on Mr. H. G. Brown, president of
the company, who will show you over
the property.
The size of these lots are mostly 50x
150, some few are 50x15 >). The lotsaie
well situated, and our plan of dispos?
ing of them renders P easy for the
men of small means to secure a home,
or make a paying invistment, by the
expenditure of $1.50 p< r week. Saiem
is a healthy, busy place, growing rap?
idly and presents more ad vantagefffoi
investment than any new town in the
Every working man, be bis means
large or smah, can go into this enter?
prise and secure a lot that will con?
tinue to increase in value.
All who w ish to secure lots in the
Baltimore k Ohio Land Company
should call on Messr.-. Oscar 1). Derr
& Co.,the authorized agents for Roan?
oke.City, who will fully explain the
manner of conducting t he sale, and
con be found at their office from a.
m. to 10 p. m.
There is no investment on which
one can realize so handsomely and at
so small a cost as to become a mem?
ber of the Baltimore & Ohio Lot
Clubs, unless it is to be a stockholder
in the Baltimore & Ohio Land Com?
pany. We cheerfully recommend
these lots to the public.
Oscar D. Derb & Co.,
No. 10 First avenue, S. W., Roanoke,
II. F. Meetze,
With H. G. Brown, box 2G9, Salem
AGENTS baltimore & ohio and
NORTH sale.-tf lot cluus.
F. L. Carter,
With Dupey & Taliaferro, Roanoke,
Maiiood. Stoke & Co..
Lyochburg. Va
J. 13. PabkehoON & Co..
Richmond; Va.
W. E. Summers & Co.,
Washington, D. C.
Foard, Downing, Hardaway
Roanoke, Va.
G. W. Kernahan,
Roanoke, Va.
Smith & Parnell,
Norfolk, Va.
J. B. Pharis & Co.,
Martmsville, Va.
Price & Mitchell,
Bristol. Tenn.
Reuben Finnell,
With Neal <x Pans,Roanoke, Va.
Brndficlrt'N Fcmnte Regulator
Should be used by the young wo?
man, she who suffers from any disor?
der peculiar to her sex, and at change
of life is a powerful tonic: benefits all
who use It. Write the Bradfleld Reg.
Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars.
Sold by Bud well, Christian & Barbee.
Secretary |WJndom iMnex aCAll w,r
Fournndt'oiiriiud a Half J'crtV.-t
Bonds?In the llonic nnd Kennt??
Nine Men to Hang,
By United Press.
Bikmingiiam, Ala., July ID.?Tha
Age-Herald's special from Tuscumbfa,
Ala., gives additional accounts ut u.e
bloody tragedy which took place \. -
terday. The terrible affair rro.-a
from some old family feud, originat?
ing in an iimlt: to a lady. John V,'.
Goodwin and Peter Chal'en Pe- IP
armed, came to Tusc'imbia v - ? .//
morning and m?-t Ju^tre S-Jbu &.
Steele in Abernatj ??; Carried d
store. Judge Steele was arm**bt t
his son. John A. Steele, Jr., can a
in soon iafler and in an in?
stant he and Goodwin dr.? ?r
their pistols and opened fire. Stee! >
fell dead, shot through the head. At
that moment Tom Steele, auotht r
sou of John, appeared with a eh? t
gun and opened fire, Goodwin a:. I
Challen replying wirh pistols. Th i
tiring continued until all the cat -
ridges were exhausted, when it wi s
found that Goodwin was mortal'/
wounded in the shoulder, Tom Sttcl ?
shot in the leg. and Tracy Abernthy,
one of tho proprietors of the store,
was left with a shattered arm. rl ?
was trying to stop the fight. All of
the parties are highly connected
_ B_ ?
I'rum Washington.
By United Prc^s.
WASHINGTON, July IS.?Secretary
Windom this aftei noon issued a call
for 4 and 4i per cent, on bonds of pro
posal to be received at the depart?
ment at noon on Thursday, July 21.
The call is put out for the purpose
of supplpiogin part the requirements
of the sinking funds for the curreni
fiscal year.
Among the items in the general du
ficieocy bill reported to the House
today is one to paj Tohn S. Mosby
$ll,783;to sat isfy the recent judgment
of the court of claims in his favor.
The Senate today resumed con?
sideration of the sundry civil appro?
priation bill.
A number of committee amend
ments of minor importance were
agreed to. and as amended the bill
w^s passed. The tariff bill was then
taken up as unfinished business, and
Mr. Aldrich gave notice that he
would call it up at 2 o'clock on Mon?
day. The Senate then adjourned.
The discussion of the original pack?
age bill took up the entire time of to?
day's session in the House.
\iiir .Veil to Hau?:.
Ur L'riitcU Press.
Paris, Texas, July 19 ?Nie* men
were sentenced to de.rh in the ftdera'
court of rhis place yesterday by Judge
Vincent, who has been on the bench
scarcely six weeks. Charles Reed, a
negro, was sentenced to be h^jgeu
October 10. Motions for a new triai
and in arrest of judgment in the Cros.1
murder trial were all overrruled and
sentence of death passed on J. Law?
rence, J. B. Chamberlain, A. J. <""ook.
Cyrus Trease. John Jackson and C.
E. Cook. The date of their execution
was set for December 19, 1890. J ii
Ballard, R. E. Boyt, convicted of th<
the murder of J.T. '^ox, wfii sen
fenced to be banged on the same dat'
BnKO n?U Games c.?' Yesterday.
By United Press.
national LEAGUE.
At New York?First game?New
York, 13: Cleveland, 4. Secoud game
New York, 7; Cleveland -3.
At Boston? Boston, (5; Cincinnati, 2.
At Philadelphia?Philadelphia, 4,
Chicago, 0.
At Brooklyn?Pittsburg, 3; Brook
lyn, 8.
At Boston?Boston. >1; Chicago, 7.
At Philadelphia?Philadelphia. 8;
Buffalo, 1.
At New York?New York, 18; Pitts
burg. 7.
At Brooklyn?Brooklyn, 14; Cleve
land, 19.
american association.
At Philadelphia?Athletic, 8; St
Louis. 0.
At Rochester?Rochester, 7; Colum
bus, 1.
At Syracause?Syracuse, 3; Toledo
13. f
Natural Bridge Mold.
The famous Natural Bridge,
prooerty, originally owned iy
Thomas Jefferstm, aud lately owne
by Colofcvjl jjffflP- Parsons auu hi
politicaPjdMPsona! friend, if on
Tames G-fflHgpf Secretary of State,
has beenlWro a party of Lynn anrl
Boston iRisB.) and Virginia hc~.' ->
meu, who will spend ??00,000 improv?
ing the place and making it tbe Sara?
toga of the South.
Messrs. Francis W. Breed, of Lynn;
Mass., member at large of the World's.
Fair committee; J. li. Lerson,
Boston; .Joseph Davis, Lynn, Mass.
well kit in the New England
States; LT: oiehK of Norfolk, and
Miles M. M\ a, or Glasgow, are the
purchasers. This is not a land im
pro'vement or*'. any with stock to
sell, but itsV%ect is to make th?
Natural Brldt ;he most elegant,
sort south of\?ape May, Saw
Niagara, or Asb?ry Park.
Qnlte a Balldln* Boom.
Vinton is enjoying quite a build
boom. New street are being opeue^
up, and a Times man counted not
Hess than half a dozen foundations for
the dummy yesterday. Besides this
a number of new and handsome frame
residences have ?ust been completed,
and a number of others are coatenj

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