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VOL. VX -NO, 190.
ill sfli
For 30 Days.
' ? m^ititie?. ci**ioc price. V? i
in beautiful patterns
/I" in new and stylith
at JSica yard.
ginghams, 5. 8 and lOca yard.
pieces of Scotch ginghams at
tlx J5c i yard
ew cballiesat 4e and 6?caj
Consisting of Foreign and
? Ginghams, Satines, Challie.s,
few more pieces oi checked! Bleached and Unbleached
j Cottons and Sheetings, etc.
ii ali shade^ at 25,37.; and
iroous.nr.il the newest ina
Id at lowest prices;
.1 bargain in pure Turkey
:overs, S-1, 75c and 8 10 87* i
tens, towels and napkins i i
riety, and at prices that
white bed quilts at
30 DAYS.
Our Remnant Conn
?I I, t^**^ underwear and I ^.,v.. ? ,?
Liii*?*? ^ ^?&&J wns now ready,
hosiery in great assorimentr*JViia ... ?
bottom prices.
Large stock of bleached and un?
bleached cot tons and sheetings in all
Childreus white lace hats and caps
from 15c up.
Fans. Fans, Fans, Fans, from 2c up.
^ere you can
t any Price
1SSLERI i4CBAllfflBj0| m
.vValnat, Ash or Ebony
I pair of Lace Curtains
it to the value of $2.00
air or upwards.
134 SALEM AVENUE, S. W., |
42 Salem avenue.
ire M flu!
To anv one who can furnish
the s?ght ist proof of the
slightest adulteration in the
Famous and Popular
Try "WHITE BREAD1' and
you will
Use Blount's
Favorite Flour,
will lend money on long time and easy
payments. Shares may be taken at j
anytime. Apply to
Secretary and treasurer.
{ Room 1, Masonic Temple. apl tf.
Checkered Front Grocers
124 and 126
First Avenue, S. W.
Real Estate Agents, The well-known Jefferson Street
qraha.m, va. ! BARBER,
. They are associated with J W Hick*, {Has opened a Barber Shop in Hotel
A&torn?y;-?t:Lw h o f?rhl?hes f b-1
Hl Esst ts Ilm Susis?;.
I will offer ray entire stock of
F. G. M4T,
142, First avenue, JB. W
jy 18 2w.
stracts oftitle.
Room in basement. m?2D im
The portly form ??" General Fitz
hugh Lee was a ct, icuous figure n
the corridors of hV e Hotel Roanoke
last night. He canie ip from Glasgow
on the afternoon tit. n, and is lookii g
[ just as well as when i. madehisfamo is
horseback ride through Virginia n
the campaign again it .lohn S. Wi&i.
General Lee eschew, politics dow. Pe
has settled down to bo a practic.il
man and all of his nergies are d s
votod to the buildii ( up of South we it
Virginia in general and Glasgow in
particular. He speaks enthusiasti.*
ally of the prospects of his town ard
the Pittsburg rot d and thinks that
it is bound to be a success.
Messrs. Louis H. Blair and Willia.n
J. Branch, two well known capital?
ists of Richmond, ar?- stopping at the
Hotel Roanoke. Born of these gen?
tlemen are well and personally known
in this city, and have been int.
mately associated with its marvelous
progress. Mr. Blair made a greitj
deal of money as a merchant in Rich?
mond, and years ajro he invested son; e
of his xa mey in Kc noke dirt, an 3 j
perh! ps ne looks cl it as the best ii
vestment he ever u *d*. It is no v I
worth many times in. re than what he
paid for it. Mr. Br i ch is also one < f
Richmond's solid la iness men, an.l|
has large interests h> re.
It is not often that one meets
base ball player with side whiskers, j
but Dunlap of the New Yorks has, j
and he paespd Sunday in Roanoke.
Ever heard of Dunlap? If you are i\
base ball crank of course you have,
but if you can't lay claim to that tith
you haven't. Dunlap is known to the
base ball loving public as the ''Kin r
of Second Basemen,'' and he deserves
the title for there is no one in any
league who can guard the bag so we 1 j
as he. His side wbiskers are blac ;|
and he is-on his way South on busi?
A lithe youDg fellow, with a black
moustache curled upward at the end;-,
arrived in the city So oday and with
a quick nervous movement wrote hh
name on the register of Hotel Roan?
oke. His name is Herbert J. Brown
and for half a dozen years he has been
the hotel gossiper of the Washington
Post. Mr. Brown has probably me;
as many public men as any man in
the country. He is a bright clever
writer, and his years of experience in I
the newspaper business has given him |
an insight in public affairs possessed
by but few. He is delighted with
Roanoke, and 6ays there is more vim
and push in it than in any place o*
its size be has ever visited. He will]
write some entertaining letters from)
Vice-President U. L. Boyce, of the
Bhenandoah Valley railroad, passei
through the city yesterday en route
to Christiansburg.
The rails and ties are being distrib?
uted for the double traek from Roa?
noke, west. The work is progressing!
favorably. Messrs. Cod wise & Allen'
are the contractors,
Shifting engines No s 1-14 and 148 j
were put to work on the Norfolk and j
Western yards yesterday. The\
were made North, and are doing the |
work satisfactorily.
Shifter No. 133, of foe Norfolk anc
Western yard,?has /ast come out o :
the machine works, a ol is looking a;,
bright as a new pin, having beer,
thoroughly repaired .nd lepainted.
The machine shop - t the WestEnc
roundhouse is neiiri-ig completion
The machinery has ail arrived and h
being put in position. Everything
will be ready for op. ration by th*
first of next week pro-ably. ?
A freight wreck <. rcurred on the
Norfolk and Westen railroad Sun?
day morning tu-b< Shawsville
Several cars of the train were derailed
and badly 6mas?ed. The wreck de
tained the morning trains till noon.
A small army of laborers are al
work in the WeBt End on the new
yard of the Norfolk and Western Rail
road Company. Captain J. F. Terrj
has charge of the work and it is being
pushed rapidly. The ties are beinf.
distributed and the rails are also
being laid. The new yard is badly
needed, aB the present facilities art
entirely inadequate to accommodate
the great rush of freight of the Tires'
ent week.
The Staunton Vi-idicator, in c
recent reference to the Norfolk and
Western railroad, says it is "known
as-Mahone's road." There certainly
never was a greater misnomer, and it
it is now known to anyone as such
the party is, in this day of progress,
to be pitied for his lack of better
knowledge. Mahone did have con
trol at one time of a railroad)
in Virginia, but that .railroad
was wrecked and ruined anc!
run into the ground several years |
ago. The Norfolk and Western
which has won for itBelf a name at
one of the most progressive and use?
ful throughfares, which'has contrib?
uted so much to the development oi
the splendid country which it trav?
erses from "Bristol to the Sea," and
which is stretching out its brlarian
arms westward beyond the Ohio was
built upon the ruins of the road that
was once?years ago?known as Ma
hone's road. Mahono:R road, like Ma
hone's political party, is a thing of
the past?it has go^e "where the]
woodbine twineth and the wharg-'
doodle mourneth for her young. ?|
Montgomery MesseDg^r.
And lie Told Any Number of Fnnnj
A rather seedy looking individual I
of medium size amused a number of I
people at the depot Sunday morn?
ing by telling nobody in particular a
number of peculiar things. He spoke
gravely as if telling nothing but stub?
born facts, and his fluency of speech
and many gestures centered a great i
deal of interest. He was very par?
ticular to emphatic* ily express the
fact that he was a Democrat. He
said he was from Peaj-isburg, Gilee
county, and then reiterated that he
was aDemocrat.
Again informing his hearers that he j
was a Democrat, he said in onej
breath that he weighed T-oo pounds,
had been to the unveiiiu^ in Rich?
mond, marched in Stewart's cavalry,
shod horses, and didn't care a
darn who knew it. He was
in Roanoke to buy tin enough
to roof the , mountains in
Giles to protect their mineral wealth.
He was a painter and a preacher, and
preached two funerals the day before.
He had painted a sh"w scene so na?
tural that you had to put on an over?
coat to look at it. It had been rented !
to the county to keep the weather
cool. He had painted a man's house
on the western prairies years ago air
color, and the man hasn't been able |
to find it yet.
The conductor yelled "all aboard,"
and the train pulled out with this
ntejfe?ting lion on it.
What the Editor ??; rlic frMnennt:*:
Ilvi-alil Think* ol It?Ho Become*
RemlnlMCMt?An? Haiyn Look Out
for \<>xt 'Mim1.
We reprint this morning an edi?
torial from the Tim as of some days
ago, and also a coiimieut frum the
pen of the accomplished editor of the
Piocastle Herald.
To a certain extent the article is
reminiscent, but, in the light of
events, it. will be fou^.d mighty inter?
esting reading. Fo? this reason we
J print it.
The city of Roam :e is in need < f
money, and it ir< wa.t. od badly.
This is the lime for its public
spirited citizens to >-ep forward an I
olb*r help. First t,t all bond? for
$200.000 have to be i.-.*ued on accounc
of the Roanoke and .Southern roat'.
Then the overhead bridges across th i
railroad will have to be built, anil
next will come the expenses of thj
city government.
To meet all this money is required,
ind there is no money in the city
treasury. The last session of th >
Legislature dealt a blow to Roanok a
that will not soon be forgotten. Th i
representative from this district, i3
alone to blamo. He was sent to Rich?
mond to watcb over the interests of
Roanokc, and he fnihd to do so.
Men representingo!hergrowingcit
io.s protested and bad their district,
excepted. Mr. Woors should hava
known that the increase in Roanc-k-:
real estate woidd be very great, am
h? should have explained the matter
It would havH bepti a very easy taRl
to have had this city excepted, outi*
was not done and we <vill have to suf
fer the consequences. But we believ
there are enough pubiic-spirited busi?
ness men iu this city to furnish th*
money to carry on our improvements
?Roanoke TIMES.
Aside from the merits of the casi
which the TIMES seeks in the forego
ingto make out agai?,;<t our ^steeme.
representative in the Bouse of Dele
gates, of whfch merii- we know uoth
ing, or, at most, very lit*le, on
neighbor makes s< ne statement
which are startling!}" frank and whicl*
cannot fail to be very interesting to
coustituents of Mr. Wood: in thi
coutity. It will be re s-dily recalled h\
those who are familiar at all with tlu>
political histor* of thin dis-tri'-t durin;
the last few years that the del*
gation from Craig to the convention
which nominated -lr. Wood.-. di<
uot favor the nomination of t'na
gentleman. This wa* not because o.
any personal or other objection to Mr
Woods, but because it recoguizec
others as having cI urns upon tin
party which it could not. well affotr
?o ignore. They wert willing to give
Roanoke the Senator but considered
that a gentleman in this eouuty ban
claims upon the par v for the posi
tion in the House of Delegates
What these claims w; re, it i.-. ne? dies.
to state her". Most of our reader)
are familiar with th circumstance!
to which we allude.
To come to the point and m: ke ^
long story short, lit :ioi\e had the
numbers in the conv? ation ami prac
tically dictated then? minat'cns. Site
had her heart set c i Woods, and
nominated him. It gives us pleasure
to acknowledge iha both of tin
men nominated at that convention
were and still a,^ good men
We recognized this fact cordially
at the time, submitted gracefully to
the will of the raajoi ity of the con?
vention and gave the the candidates
a cordial support. They were elected
and we have had no reason to com?
plain of them; but c n the contrary
have been entirely satisfied. * It sur?
prises us beyond meat .ire to read this
censure of Mr. Woods in tbe editorial
columns of one of his home papers.
It startles us eomewtat to be told
that Mr. Woods "was sent to
Richmond to watch over the in?
terests of Roanoke and he failed I
to do so." Are we to construe this
as an explanation oi the vigorous
effort made by the Roanoke dele
gation in beha1! of Mr. Woods in the
convention which nominated him?
Was he to be the representative
exclusively of Roano'ie? If so, it it
not surprising that h" has failed to
give satisfaction, seeing that he has
been faithful to the interest of his
constituents in other parts of the dis?
trict. If it was impossible for an
honest representative to give satis
faction in this district at a time
when there was less rivalry between
great corportions operating iu the
same district-and in the immediate
vicinity of each other than there is
likelw to be hereafter, how will it be
possible for any man who may chance
to represent the same .-onstitueney in
future to satisfy the oaims of all the
varied and opposing interests of the
district? We have presented here a
situation which it is t'me for the peo
pie of Craig to look squarely in the
face as well as those o. Roanoke. We
must make up our mb-ds to give and
take, otherwise old p&vty lines will be
smashed into smithereens in Rva
noke and Craig.?Fincastle Herald.
Police Court.
The following cases were disposed
of by Mayor Evans yesterday morn?
John Francis, disturbing the quiet
and good order of the city, fined $5.
Lewis Findley, same offense, lined
Weiden Davis, using obscene lan?
guage and carrying concealed
weapons, case continued till this
John Patilla and John Bowden,
entering an open b -x car, fined $1
Charles Fuller, disturbing the quiet
and good order of the ?ity, case dis?
Hannah Kidd,drunk and disorderly,
ordered todenve the city.
Robert McNaMee, drunk and down,
fined $2.
Ella Shelton, disturbing the quiet
and good order of the city, fined $7.50.
Boyd Obenshain, playing ball on
the street, fined $2.
Armistead Otey,distnrbingthe quiet
and good order of the city, fined $3.
Money saved is momy made, and it i
is known to all who are posted on
prices, real value and standing oi
each instrument, that from $50.00 tr
$75.00 on a piano and $25.00 to $40.00
on an organ can be saved by pur?
chasing of the Robbie Music Co.,
ijnehburg, Va. Write for cata?
John HnrrlH MtaW? Stove Sins*-.
A very serious curting scrape tor k
place in frout cf Th<-Star samon on
Railroad avenue lest night about
ti.Jj?.? o'clock. A white man named
John HArris claiming to be from
Danville, stabbed a colored nmn
named Steve Muse in the right side
with an uMy-louki: g pocket knif;.
The wound is about m ineh long and
sever-d deep, and the doctors think
that ills -/nances fm ccovery are very
It i? alleged that Harris was drunk
Hud made s"-\er;<i attempts to cut
parties in Wilmeth'ts barroom befoie
Muse was slabbed. The man had a
<V>w -words with Muse in the barroon-,
and then both went out to the street.
They had been out only a fe\v
moments wh?n Muse came back
into the saloon and said
he was cut to the heart.
He was taken to the room over the |
snloon and T?r. Fiery summoned. Dr.
Stone was also called in and they did
all that could be dor. > to relieve the
suffering man, but at this time he is
very low. and will j robably not live
till morning.
It is e'uarged th*.t ??? fter Hnrris had
stabbed Muse, he ? arted baek into
the e&ioou end tii?<? o cut Mr. WiJ
ineth in the face. The centlema i
jumped back, barely escaping, and
struck hint on tue head wita
a be.-r bottle, inflicting a painful
wound. Harris hen took to
his b-.-elp, but procec ^ed only a 6hor:
distance when he ra:' into the arms of
policeman James Vest and Flagg.
He was taken to jail, and will doubt?
less have to answer to the charge of
Interesting Item? About the Ro?iiok<>
Widgins pays he has been in con
start practice all th?* season, and be
in in good condition. The former
weak spot is now thr- strong one.
The diamond need., scraping badly,
end it should be dorn, too, before the
Alert series is begun. It would be a
good idea to have those weeds back
of third base cut down.
It is also safe to say that Ford, Dolin
and Sproul, in the ouaield. arc play?
ing their positions ahmst faultlessly.
Their positions could not be strength?
ened by any local material.
Now that Rosey and Widgins h&.-e
been encaged, it will enable tho bat?
teries to have an off day. This Is as
it should be for the men cannot do
themselves justice when playing out
of position.
W. h". Wid gins, of Richmond, who
caught for RoaiioV'* last season, ar
rived in the city yesterday morning
in respoi se i<> a telegram fiom the
monger ?l ihe R'-.-aokes auH will
cover third bag for the rose of the
Mi. Charles Ormoby officiated as
umpirs in r.h?* last th.ee games with
rbe Phoebus club His decisions gav
general sati^fa-'tion ;uid when the>
were given hie voice could be heard
in the most remote corner of the
The Alerts of Washington, that
played Roanoke several close gamei
last season, will arrive herein the
morning and play a series of four
games- This is a tine club, and good
g?mes will result. Let all who love
the national 6port turn out and fll!
the coffer! of the homo club.
The receipts for ths last grnue with
tho Phoebus club ; mount to $115.
and was a little more than enough to
pay all [?enses of Tlie series The
pnbii ? should turn out better, as the
nome eiu? h putting ip a line article
of bail and should, meet wit!: every
enconrfl geroonl
Bd Rcseuthal. tiic mugger, did nor
return homo with tli? Phcabus club,
ot Hampton, but has nignerf
with our tioys a.id will take
tdiarge of the corner opposite
Widgins. II" says that Steve Wig
more won't have to eover so much
territory now as he will break off all
the base hits that come w ithin twenty
feet of first bag.
Alex. Brodie is laid up with a bad
finger and will hardly be able to play
in tomorrew'p g??me, tnough ho may
attempt it. By the way, Alex, is
playing a great game now. Some?
times be makes a wild throw, but his
ill-round good playing makes up for
Lhe>e ;nfrrqu-n*t, -rrc-s He is the
bf-t short stop Ro?: oke ever had.
and eomplstely ov.rrir-.is Hayeb.
It was rumored on tho street yes?
terday that Ail-round Playr Beck
wah to be given h.i release. This
was somewhat of a surprise to his
many friends, as Beek might make a
player if lie had some one to train
him The baseball life of a man is
uncertain aud no v. that the new third
baseman has been secured, ic doe6
look as if Beck will have to take hU<
place on the retired li-st alongside of
\Vel*>h, Figgatt, Gardner and others.
Ronnokr Is In Gren* Need of ? Fire
Alarm Syitom.
The Timks some time ago called at?
tention to the fact thai; Roanoke is
sadly in need of a fire alarm system.
The need of one is becoming more
and more apparent e* ery day. In a
city of 20.000 inhabitants it is impos?
sible to locate a fire it1 any thing like
a reasonable length of "time. The
other day some one crime into the en
tine Louse ar.d ?-'t?d there was a tire in
Bii'-k How. The fire - ompanies went
over into z.n?r Lloanr>l'e wiien the fire
was in that low of tenement* in the
Edgewood addition. There are two
brick rows, and just such mistakes as
these are being made every time a
fire occurs. So it will be readily Been
that we must have a fire alarm sys?
Messrs. Engleby & Bro. were at
work yesterday putting up wires to
place on exhibition th" Gaynor fire
alarm system, of Loninville, Ky. A
bos, No. 23, will be placed on First
avenue, just in front of Engleby'e store
and aiter all connect ;ons are made a
thorough test v*il< be made of tho
system, in this couaection it may
not be out of place to say that the
tower bell will probably be struck a
number of times during the day while
the apparatus is being adjusted, but
in case of fire the usual alarm will be
turned In.
There are several other other sys?
tems that have been mentioned, in
addition to the Gaynor. A test should
be made and some one decided upon,
for the need of it is apparent.
His Last Beat.
An unknown colored man jumped
from an extra eastbound freight train
early yesterday morning, ju6t this
side of Salem, and fell back under the
wheels, which passed over him, com?
pletely eevering the head and both
legs from the body. The remains
were taken back to Salem by the
trainmen and interred there. The
man was about, 95 years of age and
wae beating fri? way last It was not
known why he left the train.
Y 2-J, 1*90.
! The Wax-Meadow Train Wrecker a .?
j rented hy DclcctlT W. G. Balrtw i i.
I Monroe Jones, the .Ivgro MnMlere?.
! I? in Jail at Brnnmell.
j _
Poeahontfls is in a fever of excite?
ment and a dispatch from there says
that a battle took place in the stree*s
on Sunday.
A large party of men rode into the
place in the afternoon from McDoweh,
W. Va.. They were armed with guis
and revolvers and immediately bega 1
firing prbniiscuou sly. Merchant s
closed their st?ren, j .oplo sought re?
fuge in tlieir hoim-. and the to'v 1
sergeant collected ? posse and at?
tempted to arrest th ? gang.
The invaders resis ed and fired int >
the posse slightly ? >unding several
of them. The batri was sharp an 1
decisive. The po" ? charged th s
mob, captured two of them and drov i
the others out of town. The precious
pair were landed in jail, and in th ?
meantimo the remainder of the me.i
escaped over the Staie line.
All sorts of rumors were current
about the streets. One was to th j
effect that the party would retur 1
and attempt to rese'te their friends,
and for a time the most intense excite?
ment prevailed. Scouts brought th-V
information that the men were found
in a mountain pass r oar the town an I
intended to form and rescue their
The mayor informed the military
that they must be ready at an ;
moment to resist an\ such attempt,
and pickets were stationed just out?
side the limits of rhe town. Th >
guard about the jail was also rein?
The information from Pocahonta t
does not say whether or not any of
the mob were injured or not. A-;
last accounts all was quiet, but it is
not known at what time an attack
may be made.
Tiic Max 31en<low Train Wrecker.
Special to The Times.
Wvthkvillk, Va.. July 21.?Tin?
morning Detective W (4. Baldwin, o |
the Norfolk and Western Railroad I
arrested a negro :: med Andersoi
Alii?on at this place, and charged hin.'
with wrecking Train No. 8, a- j
Max Meadcws c:i the nign:.
of July Oth. A?ison was ar
rested near Bramw.dl and brought
here. The evidence against him i;
very strong. Anotla r man has beet
suspected by the citizens of Pulaski
and an armed posse looked for bin
for some time after the "wreck occur
red, but fortunately, perhaps, hf
could not be found.
Tbc Bramtvoll Jlnr'lcrcr ( mi-hi.
Spccia1 to The Times.
BRa.MWELL, W. Va. July 21?Mom i
roe Jones, the negro who murderec
Moody Dews at this \-ace on Friday
as was reported in the Tl.MKS, was
arrested the next da} by Detective.'
Haldwin and Cam;ell as he wa:
going west on No. 10. He is in jail tit
Bramwell charged wi i murder. Thi
girl who was with tl s dead man wili
give evidence against his murderer.
Director's K.'etiinc.
A meeting of the directors
of the Iron Belt Building A
Loan Association was held here yes?
terday and much business of import- j
ance was transacted. General Fitz
bugh Lee, of Glasgow, came in on
the afternoon train o>'er the Shenan
doah Valley road to attend. The,
association has been verv successful
since its organization and is now in a
very healthy conditio.:. This is well
worthy of the businef ? ability of its
projectors. The association now-has
branch offices in the principal cities of
Virginia, while furtlr c brandies are
being established in North Carolina.
South Carolina, West Virginia, Mary
land, Georgia and other States. The
next meeting will be held at the
Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs in
the latter part of August.
Hotel Roauoke Arrivals.
A G West and wife. I edartown, Ga;
S P Mitchell, Wilmington, Del; J Irbv
Hart, Abingdon, Va; A D Stultz,
Martinsville; J L Lewis, Pittsburg; A
Beard, Cambridge. Ouio; T Wilson.
Philadelphia; C L Adams, Baltimore:
E Brook Gatting. Philadelphia; Louis
H Blair, Richmond; B F Smith.
Cleveland: R E Bridgham, Albany:
Mrs E C Pechin. Miss Pechiu,
Miss Daisy Pechin, Cleveland; J
Bpertown Brown, Morristown:
W V Clipton, Raleigh; C G Cassel.
Pittsbnrg; W J Branch, Richmond:
J F Slaughter, Lynchburg; Fitz
hugh Lee, Glasgow, Va; E S Car
dosa, Richmond; D J Bachmau.
Pulaski, Va; J Ki->g McLanahan.
Pa; 0 W Ryan, Baltimore; W H
MoqoW, Boydton; ? D Davis, Ever?
green, Va.
Death of Sir. A. JL. Nntnhln.
Mr. Andrew L. Sutphin, of Lynch
burg, died at his residence on Pierce
street yesterday morning, at 3:30
o'clock, in the 65th year of his age.
Mr. Sutphin had been ill for some time,
and within the past week his death
had been expected at any hour. Ht
was a native of Missis-ippf .but had re?
sided many years in Lynchburg. He
was thrice married, and reared a
large family. The fuueral will tak(
oiace from his late re, ;dence. No. 100*.
Pierce street, this afternoon at I
Fan nt the Opera i: jusc Tonight.
Wocdson & Allen, the Two Big Min?
strels, gave an entertainment here
last night that was appreciated by
every one. Mr. Woodson in his act,
going back to Dixie, was a great suc?
cess. Mr. Allen In his banjo solos,
was a hit. He is a fine success.
Woodson and Allen are both perfect
gentlemen, and we hope they will not
slight Harrisburg when they make
this tour again. They are always
Death of Jnrfffe James E. Stewart. .
I Lcrat, Va., July 19.?Hon. James
E.' Stewart, ex-judge of Page county
j court died here yesterday, in the 76th
year of his age. Judge Stewart was
& member of the Virginia constitu?
tional convention in 1850. He repre?
sented Berkeley county in the Legis?
lature for several terms before the
war, and was judge of the county
court of Page county for twelve years*
Whiit m Record.
The record of the first session of
the first Congress under the presen*
administration will bo not only a
wasted surplus, but increased toxes
on the necessaries o*. life and yiuO,
000,000 of debt saddled upon the peo?
ple who were promi i td reduced t-ues
Wait till the peoplf get a whack at;
it.?Philadelphia Times.
Too Lute.
Watermelons are coming in by the
car load just now, cut, as the censtu
has already been taken, the doubling
up of the population will do no good.
?New Orleans Picayune.
An Old Wernau In Politics.
Speaker Reed is described by Henry
Watterson as "a kind of jocose, fat
and greasy Catherine de Medici,
modernized and discruised as a man.''
?Atlanta Constitution.
a Republic*!! View.
If the real sentiment of the conser?
vative element of the Republican
party?the element through which
alone the Republican party has a pos?
sibility of growth ai d respectability
in the South?was known, it would
be found almost unanimously against
tho Lodge bill.?Vail sy Virginian.
Great Mini.*. Etc.
The latest Washington society sen?
sation is a study in black and White.
?Petersburg Index-/ ppeal.
It Js said that it does not require the
talent of a logician to convince certain
society people in Washington that
White is sometime black.?Danville
[ The Railimore and Ohio Land Com?
pany, of Salem,
Otter 1,300 building lots for $150
each. Weekly payments of $1.50.
The Baltimore and Ohio Land Com?
pany, of Salem, Va., owning 227 eeres
of laud within half a mile of Sa'em,
Va., admirably located for building
lots, have determined to offer :,3U0
lots for sale at $1.10 each, including
corner lots, in the following raanuer:
Lot clubs of 100 members each will
be formed. Each member thereof
paying $1.50 per week or $G per
month until $150 is paid. Each mem?
ber will draw for a lot at the regular
weekly drawing, and one lot will be
drawn every week until 100 lots are
drawn. The two members drawing
the last two lots will get two lots each
instead of one.
The one drawing a lot can at any
time pay up on his lot and get a deed i
to it. as the company own their land !
in fee simple; or In; con pay one-third j
cash, balance in one and two years, i
and the company m\\ allow such pur- \
chaser 10 per ceut. discount given on;
his purchase.
A purchaser building, within six
months, a house e<istiag not less than
$500, on his lot, will I ave a reduction
of 25 per cent, on his purchase, mak?
ing bis lot cost $112.50.
Several clubs will be organized in
this city, so that a member can join
one or more clubs, and draw in each
club weekly by the payment of one
dollar and ($1.50) fifty cents in each
club. No interest is charged on these
payments whatever.
The land has beer, surveyed, laid
out in streets and the lots numbered.
The laid lies partially in the rear of
the Rounoke College and half a mile
from the center o'i the town. Water
mains run through ;he land, side?
walks are also cou emplated, and
pleasant homes, close to business,
could be erected at small cost, either
as a home for the owner or to rent
out, as houses are in < reat demand in
As a safe investment this is beyond
precedent, and enables one of small
means to secure pfoj erty constantly
on the increase in value.
Remember, one lo.; is drawn by
some one each week. Then you can
pay up on your lot after you have
drawn, by paying one-third cash,
balance in one and two years, or as a
whole, at any time you may elect
within IS months from the time you
joined the club, and secure the re?
ductions named abo\e.
Every member must pay his weekly
dues before he will bo allowed to par?
ticipate in anv drawng. If absent,
?ome one will draw for him, provided
his dues are paid.
Do not be misled by any misrepre
I sentatious made abou> this land, out
goto Salem and see it lor yourself:
call on Mr. H. G. Bro .' n, president of
the company, who will show you over
the property.
The size of these lots are mostly 50x
150, some few are 50xl3G. The lots are
well situated, and our plan of dispos?
ing of them renders h/ easy for the
men of small means to secure a home,
or make a paying investment, by the
expenditure of $1.50 per week. Salem
is a healthy, busy pliice, growing rap?
idly and presents more advantages for
investment than any new town in the
Every working man, be his means
large or small, can gc into this enter?
prise and secure a lot that will con?
tinue to increase in value.
All who wish to secure lots in the
Baltimore & Ohio Land Company
should call on Messrs. Oscar D.Xerr
& Co.,the authorized agents forRoar
oke City, who will fully explain the
manner of conducting the sale, and
can be found at their office from 8 a.
m. to 10 p. m.
There is no Investment on which
one can realize so handsomely and at
so small a cost as to become a mem?
ber of the Baltimore ~& Ohio Lot .
Clubs, unless it is to be a stockholder
in the Baltimore & Ohio Land Com?
pany. We cheerfully recommend
these lots to the public.
Oscar D Derr & Co.,
No. 10 First avenue, S. W., Roanoke,
H F. Meetze,
With H. G. Brown, box 269, Salem j
agents baltimore & ohio and j
north salem lot clubs.
F L. Carter, :
With Dupey & Talial>;rro, Roancke,
Mahood, Stone & Co.,
Lynchbure. Va.
j. B. parkenson & Co
Richmond, Va.
W. E. Summers & Co.,
Washington, D. C.
Foard, Downing-, Hardaway
Roanoke, Va.
G. W. Kernahan,
Roanoke, Va.
Smith & Parnell,
Norfolk, Va.
J. B. Phakis & Co.,
Mnrtmsville, Va.
Price & Mitchell,
Bristol, Ten n.
Reuben Finnell,
With Ncal & Paris,Roanoke, Va. j
Marshall's Cafe?The popuiar re?
sort,, furnishes a first-class dinner
daily from 1 to 3 for 50 cents. ap5-tf
mmm mm PRGisai
Uniform Grades for Grain?A Boj<'.
VrKrd on theXortti by the Atlas ?
Con?tUulion?Bnt<eball Game? ?f
By Unltod Press.
London, July 21.?The Guatara^
minister to Paris has received a ?'+
patch from Iiis government deuyirff
the stat^ "** published in the mot i
ing pape* { - effect that host:
ties haveN^_ " ' between ?
Salvador an (JGn%>*^ n. Accor?l:
to his adviees war has not been
elared. norhas San SalvadorV f*tiii
been crossed. He pays that U .
fighting hfio taken place, ir ?
in the interior of S dvador n ? ???
rival factions.
Honse and Senate Proceed!a?&
By United Press.
Washington, .luly 21.?In
House today, after the regi?ai ruut'.
of business, adopted resolution*
respect to the memory of represei
tive Gay, of Louisiaua. It
The Senate at 2 p. m., took up 1]
tariff bid, and listened to a speechf
Senator Voorhees in opposite
the House bill, and at 4
Uniform Grade* for Grn
By United Press.
Washington, July 21.?Ma ?>oa
stock today introduced a biBn tb^
House authorizing the secrftiry if
agriculture to establish ??*cni
grades for all kinds of grain wagb
handled, transferred, or shippBiron
one State or Territory of the
States to any other State or Te
or from any placo in the Sfffited
States to any foreign country (which
shall be known as "American grades,'
the secretary to publish ((he same bt
bis reports and special bulletins.
A Derelict Sighted;
Bv United Press.
Baltimore, Md.. July 21.4-TJ?
steamship William ^rane arri ? td tOi
day from Savannah The captain re.
ports pHSsingon Saturday morning,]
in latitude 33.10, longitude 7S.39, th ;
wreck of a three-masted schoonc ?
twelve miles south-east of Cape Hat
False Uetnrns the Canse.
By United PrcS6.
Baltimore, Md., .Inly 21.?W. K.
Whiting, a census enumerator, w.-u
arrested todny charged with makin;-:
false returns.
A Koycoti t'rgcd.
Er United Press.
Atlanta,Ga., July 21.?The Con?
stitution urges a boycott on the ncrf b ?
em industries if the federal e\*c\
tion bill becomes a law.
Base Ball Games oi Yesterday-,
By United Press.
national league.
At Cleveland?Cleveland, 5;
ton. 12.
At Philadelphia?Philadelphia!
Pittsburg, 7.
At Chicago ? Chicago, 7;
York, 2.
At Cincinnati?Brooklyn, 11;
cinnati, 20.
atlantic LKAGUE.
At Worcester?Baltimore. 3;
cester, 1.
At Now Haven?New Have.
Washington, 6.
At Jersey City?No game. 31
City disbanded.
At Hartford?Hartford, 2;
mington, 1.
At Philadelphia?Athletic,
Louis, 8.
At Syracuse?Syracuse, 6; T<i
At Rochester?Rochester, 10; Ci
bus, G.
At Louisville?Brooklyn, 4: Louis^
ville, 11.
At Pittsburg?Pittsburg, 14; Phil
delphia, 5.
At Cleveland?Cleveland, 4; Broolij
lyn, 5.
At Buffalo?Buffalo, 5; New York. ?j
At Chicago?Chicago, 4; Boston, 2]
They Wanted Watermelon.
Two negro boys were arrested ye*-]
terday morning by Officer Trout for
trying to steal watermelons from Mr.
W. H. Hudson. The gentleman had
a carload of melons on the'Norfoifc
and Western side track on Railroad
avenue yesterday morning, when the
two candidates for the penitentiary
came around and began to help
themselves. Mr. Hudson threw theft;
both out of the car, but they wer?,
"watermelon huDgryr' and this rebuf,
only ina.le them the more anxiou* it
obtain the fruit, so tbey again made
for the car this time having rocks in
their bauds. Mr. Hudson at onci
summoned an officer and had <4a
negroes locked up, and they w?jl
to answer to Mayor Evans for /
Beware of Frauds.?Be sure yOU|
the genuine Dr. Thomas' Eeleci..,
Oil. It cures colds, croup asthama
deafness and rheumatism.
And So They Bo.
Conductor Coleman, of the i
line, says that 2,500 persons rod<i
tween Roanoke and Vinton Sands
by far the largest number of *
that has ever been collected -
line in one day. An old cole'
who was riding on the dt
first time, remarked to the
as he gave him his" tiai
boss, you makes most as:
big keert."
Go to Geyet's to
and summersujl*,

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