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J?OJi renovating the
entire system, eliminating
all Poisons from the Blood,
whether of scrofulous or
malarial origin, this prep?
aration has no equal. . .
"For eighteen months I had an
eating sore on my tongue. I was
treated by best loeal physicians,
but obtained no relief; the sore
gradually grew worse. I finally
took S. S. S., and was entirety
cured after using a few bottles."
C. It. McLcmore,
Henderson, Tex.
TREATISE on Blood and Skin
Diseases mailed free.
Tub Swim SPECIFIC Co..
Atlanta, Ga.
j frcm turaora aad sorce.
liy employer rc::rc
I raended mo tc try tao
'A.B.C. Alterative."
^m^^mmmnsT^iS I did to, lad Bttfl tc:a
e-.'.irolyrc:torel. 1 belicvo it to to au a'csoluto Ele:3
iurlficr. Qratltade prora;*- this twUnodal,
AL"E?.T JJDESA?, ?i:ixor.i, Va.
nun \mi>
j^Fcr Lung Truublcs.
for years I have isca
] a cufTcrcr frera luag
trsnU?. Ea-lnghcari
_J of A. B. C. TcnLc Ie:a
cluicitouyit. It proved very beneficial; my eoue& a-a
lcflrac; myatpc'.itci! ecoj;I am eaiaitE flesh 6 atrensta
Sr.. C. E. HABTHA1T, Bichraond, Va.
A. B. C. Teile & Ezpectcrsat
cocplotely cured ac of Eemar
?hago frora tao lusgn followed ty ahaeiitE cough.
JOE? J0EH20S7, Blearatnd, Va.
TreaHsr on Blood, and Skin Disrates.free. Addrtm
LER is the most won*
' dcrful medicine, is be?
cause it. lias never
failed in any ins)anco,
no matter what the
disease, from Leprosy
i lo the simplest disease
known to the human
' system.
The scientific men
of to-day claim and
prove, that every disease is
Caused by Microbes,
Rain's Microbe Killer
Exterminates the microbes and drives 1
them out of the system, and when that
is done you cannot have an ache or pain.
No matter, what the disease, whether a
simple ease of malaria fever or a combi?
nation of diseases, we cure them all at
the same time, as we treat till diseases
Asthma. Consumption. Catarrh, Bron?
chitis, Rheumatism, Kidney ami Liver
Disease, Chills and Lever. Female
Troubles, in all its forms, and in fact,
every disease known to the human sys?
beware of Fraudulent Imitations.
See that, our Trade Mark (same as
above) appears on each jug.
Druggists. Sole agents- 'or. JelTr?vonn
and First, avo. s. w. junl7-ly
Rio a, Mk.n.,
Gouts: I now
write to let you
know that, I have
been using your
Burdock Blood
Bitters, and also
to tell you what
hey have done for mo. I have been
roubled with dyspepsia for years. I
commenced the use of your Burdock
Blood Bitters and they have brought
rue out all right. The use of three
bottles conferred the great benefit, I
for which I feel profoundly grateful.
I will never be without it.
an!4 d ly WM. H DELKER.
Dyeing, Cleaning, Repairing.
You will save money by bringing
your dirty clothes to be cleaned or
dyed and repaired to me. Charges
moderate. Work lirst-class.
IE. "Walsal^,
Corner Campbell and Henry streets,
Roanokc, Va. tf
TheCitizens Bank of Roanoke
Roanoke. Virginia.
Salem Avenue, between J of Ter son and
Henry Streets.
.1. I!. LEW, President, late cashier
Commercial Rank, Roanoke, Va.
II. M. Dickinson,
Accounts of bunks, bankers, corpor
ations. merchants. and individuals
solicited. Our facilities for doing a
general banking business are equal t>>
any banking house in Virginia. Col?
lections a specialty and prompt remit?
tances made. Interest allowed on tin/e I
deosits. mplS-tf. J
Mr. B's Excited. Ideas About Spon?
taneous Combustion.
OON after supper
tho other even?
ing, Mr. Bow
ser slipped up?
stairs, and as
his action
looked very
mysterious to
nio 1 followed
him. I found
him overhaul?
ing tho clothes
"Mrs. Bow?
ser,*' ho began
by way of ex?
planation, "do you know that wo havo
had a closo eall?a. dozen close calls?
from being burned alive in our beds?''
"Lands, no! What do you mean?"
"I mean that thoro.hasn't keen an
hour in tlir twenty-four since we moved
into this house that it was not liable to
take lire. In other words, we hav*e been
Slumbering on the edge of a volcano.*'
"Why. Mr. Bowser!'*
"Nothing lint llie hand of IVovidonco
has prevented a great disaster,*' ho cou?
tinned, as lie dumped the last of the
clothes out. of the hamper.
"Hut what has that hamper to do with
"Everything. Mrs. Bowser, did you
over hear of spontaneous combustion?*'
"Of course."1
"Well, there hasn't, been a day that
all tho elements necessary to spontane?
ous combustion haven't keen present in
this hamper. Also, in various other
places in this house. I .shudder over out
narrow escape.1'
"You?you haven't gone and got an?
other llro-escapo, have you?"'
"There you go! Always ready lo throw
up something! I suppose you'll call this
a notion of mine?''
"What has spontaneous combustion
got to do with our clothes hampor?"
"Every thing. Here are the elements
right here to start a fire. Hero are cot?
ton, v '1 ami silk crowded together in
a temperature of at least ninety de?
grees. Nothing could be moro favor?
"I don't believe it!"
"What! What!" shouted Mr. Bowser
holding up a pillow-slip in one hand and
one of baby's stockings in tho other.
"You don't believe in spontaneous com?
"Under certain conditions, yes, but
those conditions can not be found here.
Some one has been working on your
"Oh! They have! On my imagina?
tion!" ho softly whispered. "When
every scientist and scientific publication
believes in spontaneous combustion?
when it is practically demonstrated
every day in ' the year, when
it is a fact is as well known as that
a horse has teeth, you stand there ani
tell nio that I havo been played o"!
Mrs. Bowser, will you have tho kind ne$s
to go down-stairs?*'
I went down, and he took every arthle
from tho hamper and spread them out
on tho floor. Then he went through
every clothes-closet and bureau drawer,
iind it was fully two hours before he
came down and heaved a great sigh of
relief, and Paid:
"There! "Wo shall not be burned alive
?not, to-night!**
"There was no danger,"' 1 replied.
"There wasn't, eh! Mrs. Bowser, I ?
His emotion overcame him, and I got
opportunity to say:
"Why don't other people's bouses burn
up through spontaneous combustion?"
No answer.
"I haven't seen any thing in the papers
about a clothes-hamper explosion."
Mr. bowser gritted his teeth.
"If it has got to that pass that tho
sheets off the spare bed can't come in
contact with the baby's stockings with?
out, striking lire, we'd better fill the cel?
lar with tin boxes."
Mr. Bowser kicked at the eat, but
missed her by about two feet.
"But there'll bo a fire, of course You
havo overlooked an old vest somewhere,
and it will get down off its hook and
walk over to one of your old shoes and
arrange for a bonfire. I shan't sleep a
wink to-night."
Mr. Bowser circled around the room
three times with great dignity, and then
went off to bed. When he was out of
the way I went out and had a talk with
tho cook. The result was that we
brought an iron kettle into the front
ball, got out. somo cotton-batting, and ;*s
I went upstairs, she whispered to me: .
"1 understand, ma'am. In exactly
half an hour I'm to touch it oil."'
Mr. Bowser was in bed, and though I
spoke about the cool wave, baby's cold
and othor things, be bad nothing to say.
I wasn't hurt, however. I got into bed
and waited. It wasn't over ten minutes
until the odor of burning cotton was
plain enough in the room, and I sat up
and gave Mr. Bowser a dig and asked:
"Don't you smell smoke?"
"Smoke!" he shotted, after a sniff or
two. "I smell fire'.''
"Perhaps the cook lighted tho gas
with paper."
"Perhaps the confounded house is
afire! (he jumps out of bed) of eourso it
isl (ho poos to tho door) she's all ablazo
down-stairs! Fire! Firo!"
"Tho baby!" I shouted us ho danced
around, but ho was Rone, currying his
pantaloons and ono shoo under his arm.
llo ran down tho hall, shouting J'firo!"
at tho top of his voice, camo back and
grabbed his necktio and shouted again,
and tho next I heard of him ho was in
front of tho house yelling like an Indian,
llalf a dozon men wcro going by, on
their wny homo from some sort of con?
vention, and they rushed into tho bouse
and soon located tho firo. I heard Mr.
Rowsor telling thgm that ho had long
expected it, and that ho had tho most
careless wifo in tho world, and that he
hadn't slept sound for threo months, and
then there was a pause. They had
found the kettle with the smoking cot?
I didn't hear Mr. Bowser laughing
with tho rest. Perhaps ho tried to, and it
was a failure. It took all the rest of tho
beer in tho case to get the men otft, and
they also ato up all tho cheeso and
crackers, but when they had gono Mr.
Bowser camo upstairs. Ho struck every
step with tho tread of a Roman Emperor.
Baby and I were in bed and apparently
sound asleep. He came in, walked twico
around the room with his hands under
bis coat-tails, and then loomed up over
the bed and said:
"Mrs. Bowser, I have come to kiss my
child good-bye before I go."
I didn't say any thing.
"Mrs. Bowser, I shall take the child
with ine!"
I didn>'t answer.
"Mrs. Bowser!"
At that moment the cook come down
the hall and asked who was there.
"It's 1," answered Mr. Bowser.
"And what are you doing'.'"
"Thon you'd bettet no in bed and let
tho poor missus and baby and me get a
few winks of sleep! Such a bouse!
Such carryings on! Such spon?
taneous combustuous kick-up-n-fusta
bus! I give you notice, sir, that I quit
me place before the dishes aro washed
in the morning!"
She went oil to bed. and Mr. Bowser
made two more circles of the room,
kicked the footstool under the bed and
then crept into his accustomed place
and was snoring away in the usual man?
ner in less than fifteen minutes.?De?
troit Free Press.
Farmer Haighcedo (warningly)?
There be a hornets* nest in that tree,
young ladies!
Miss Metropole (just arrived from New
York)?Oh, wo won't disturb it; wc both
love birds.?Puck.
Purchaser?You don't call this a re?
frigerator? Why there is no place to
hold the victuals!
Dealer?It is not iutonded for that
madam. You see this glass gives you a
full view of tho ice, and the refrigerator
is intended to go in tho parlor among
the costly bric-a-brac.?The Jury.
Itetting on ? Sure Tiling.
Reggie?Cholly's matched his pair of
donkeys against Bcrtio's cobs and Ted?
dy's bronchos.
Tho Major?Cholly goin' to drive the
Reggie?Of cou'se.
The Major?Then I back the donkeys.
Reggie?But I don't see why, don't
The Major?Because three of a kind
beats two pairs.?Lifo.
Why Miss Lo Grande decided not to
bathe. ? Life.
Woman's Wuy.
She Isn't that the woman who wor?
ried tho lifo out of her husband and
killed him by inches?
He?Yes, and now she goes and sobs
on bis grave till you can hear her over
the fence?Life.
' Vor DunL . Sleep In po.ir-o.
iinvK. .Sur? mjsrit<i<M>Mtt<o>voi -
death. tTontalus BT vK eili-cn-.aUv.
HO iwi.Mii Bt Ma
Sold by Budwell, Christian & Rnrbee,
and all druggists. jylO-tf
CUM >rtSZki^ nlnrrhBrmeil
aw I mWf^^ Inmautly reltovea
Discovered ar ,IU<1 s,,t.?lllv cures
by an Kin- B ^cafurli. Whv do
Inenl l'by- ~?*- ??.sutler? OkWl la
ecinu. mi Infiiulbla cure.
Sold by Budwell, Christian & Barbeo,
and all druggists. jylO-tf
S. P. Tyi.ru, Receiver.
Schedule in elTcct .June 2. 1800.
A kim vk at ItOAXOKE.
5:00 p. ut. Daily?Memphis Express,
from H?gers town and the
North. Through Pullman
sleeping cars from New
York and Philadelphia to
Chattanooga and Memphis
via llarrisburg, 1 lagers
town and Boanoke.
40 a. in. Daily?New Orleans Ex?
press from New York. Phil?
adelphia and Baltimore,
making connection through
to the South. Carries
through Pullman palace
? bniTct sleeping car from
Philadelphia to New Or?
leans, without change, via
llarrisburg, H?gers town,
Koanoke. Cleveland, Calora
and L. ? n. II. U.
,V.4."> a. m. Dally?Baltimore Express
from all points south for
Washington, Baltimore,
llarrisburg, Philadelphia
and New York. Carries
Pullman palace buffet
sleeping ear from Boanoke
to Philadelphia without
change, via I lagers town
and llarrisburg.
*:20 p. in. Daily- New York and Phil?
adelphia Express, from
Memphis, Chattanooga and
all points south, l-'or Phil?
adelphia and New York.
Carries Pullman palace
h?lfet sleeping ears through
to Philadelphia and New
York via Koanoke. H?gers
town and llarrisburg.
Ticket agents will furnish all infor?
mation and through schedules upon ap?
plication to
tl O. P. & T. Agent. Boanoke. Va.
1> ROAD.
Schedule in effect Sept. 3rd, 1800.
l():o.-, a. m. Dally: arrive Bristol 4:011
p. m. Stops at all stations,
connecting at Bad ford with
trains on Now River Branch:
arriving at Pocahontas at
3:35 p. in.
5:4.1 p. in. Daily, arrives Badford 7:20
p. m.. connecting with New
River Branch at 7:35 p. in.,
for Bluelleld and Pocahon?
tas: arrives Pocahontas l():."i."i
p.m. Arrives Bristol 11:20
p. in., connecting with E.
T. V. ,t D. B. B. for all
points south and west. 11 as
Pullman Palace Sleeper,
Roanoko to Memphis, with?
out change.
7:.*i;"> a. ni. Daily, arrive Badford 0:15
a. m., connecting with New
River Branch.leaving Bad?
ford 12:10 p. in. Arrives
Bristol 12:40 p. in., connects
with E. T. V. & ti. B. R.
for all points south and
west: has Pullman Palace
Sleeper from Boanoke to
N e w Orlen n s w 11 h o u t
5:25 a. in. Daily: for Lynchburg, Pe?
tersburg, Richmond, (via
Petersburg and B. P. B.
1.'..) Norfolk and interme?
diate points: Connects at
Lynchburg with Y. M. II.
B. for W ashington and tho
East, leaving Lynchburg
7:40 a. ni. daily. Arrives
Norfolk -.'.DO p. in., connect?
ing with steumcr lines to
Baltimore and New York.
10:10 a. in. Daily: arrives Lynchburg
11:5!) a. in., coiiie cling with
V. M. 1!. II. for all points
north, arriving Washing?
ton :05 p. m.: arrives Pe?
tersburg 4:20 p. m.: arrives
Richmond, via B. ? P. I!.
It., 5:05 p. m.: arrives Nor?
folk 7.00 p. in.
3:45 p. in. Daily: for Lynchburg and
Intermediate stations; ar?
rives Lynchburg 5:40 p. in.
1 7:20 p. in. Daily: for Lynchburg and
intermediate stations: ar?
rives Lynchburg 0:20 p. in.
Cripple Creek Extension ? Leaves
Pulaski 8:15 a. m. Daily, except Sun?
day, and 3:00 p. in. Daily, arrive 1 van
hoe 0:45 a. m.. and 4:30 p. in.
Clinch Valley Extension (in operation
Aug. :t. to St. Paul. SI miles) -Leave
Minefield 8:10 a. in., daily: arrive St.
Paul 12:55 p. m.
All inquiries as to rates, routes, etc.,
: promptly answered.
flen'l Pass, and Ticket Agent.
. ("HAS. <;. EDDY, vice-president,
ian I (Scnoral Offices, Boanoke.
Improved and unimproved properly in
all pal tsof tin- eil \ .
Exchange Building and Investment Co.
Parties wishing lo purchase Real Es?
tate desirably locatl d and on easy terms
can be accommodated by calling on us.
Office N >. no Jefferson street.
Gray & Eoswell.
First Great
(During the Fair) at 1 o'clock p. m.j
Of good size ami vveU located, will l>o sold at. prices within the roaoh of
everybody. They adjoin tho heautiful Asylum grounds, tho fairgrounds and
the park, and are being connected with the city by
TllO Norfolk and Western also passes through the property. The lands
of the company are traversed by many streams, rurnlshlng an nbundanco of
water for all purposes, engineers say, for a city of too.ooo Inhabitants.
.Manufacturers will hot havo to depond upon an artificial supply of water;
Quarries of splendid building stone are now being operated on the property to
supply stone for various building enterprises. Among the new Industrial
enterprises established by the company ttvp
Automatic Engine aM
$100,000 paid-up capital, the only establishment of its kind in the South;
an extensive furniture factory, paid-up capital $150,OuY> (the buildings for
these plants, constructed of brich and stone, are now in course of erection),
tho principal one of the machine works being three storiet* and 350x150 in
si/.e. and that of the furniture company (Ivo stories and :Kt>xS;> fee;; the
Washington Zinc Works, the buildings of which are substantially const ructed
and cover an acre of ground: a brick works of DO,000 to 40,000 davjy capacity,
now in operation; a magnificent \
Reing erected; many comfortable residence buildings for operatives afi?"i
being built, and other extensive Improvements are in course of construction.
Miles of streets have been graded, bridges built, and sewers constructed. The
weekly pay-roll of the company, for its hundreds of employes, will be very
large, and will, of itself, be a good basis for profitable business in
all its branches. .
West Lynchburg Contains Over 900 Acres,
Located adjacent to the prosperous city of Lynchburg, with 25,000 inhabi?
tants, ami in the direction of its natural growth. Lynchburg is at tho inter?
section of the three great, trunk railways of the South, with lines radiating in
several dlHoront directions, and reaching the sources of cheap iron, coal,
coke, lumber, wool and other raw materials. The city has ample banking
facilities through seven prosperous banks, ami has a larger list of established
industries of various kinds than any other city in Virginia, with one excep?
tion, including u mammoth new cotton factory that competes successfully
with tho New England factories. Its future Is assured. Investors can find
\ui better place in the South to place their money to good advantage, or with
:t\urer guaranty of quick and profitable returns than iu
V * 0 l=" ?W? ? T\ M CX B ? D R =fc ? ? D*^
Romomher the place and date of sale - Lair (!rounds. October S, ft and 10
J. C. FEATHERSTONE, Manager of Safes.
Terms?One-fourth cash, balance Infi, 13 and is months, on mortgage',
t3F*fc'lrst and third deferred payments payable in paid-up stock of tho
company at875 per share.
General Manager.
w. w. flannigan;
All persons attending the West. Lynch burg lot sale, and purchasing a lot,
will have their car fare both ways refunded by us. Maps and prices can bo
obtained at our office, 0 First street, 08CAP D. DKRR & CO., Roanoke, Va.,
Special Agents. scpt30 7t
Duffey &j Greene,
Preparatory to removing in their new and elegant store rooms on Jolferson
street next to the Times building. Oo and see them; they
will treat you right.
Thorough Instruction in all departments. Primary, intermediate and
senior in English. .Mathematics and languages. Advantages also in music,
drawing, painting and elocution. Address for catalogue,
jylOwed&sun-tf Mb?. PATTY L. UILMER.

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