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Kot All tho Popular Idoas About
Lariats Aro Correct.
Who re In Cl fjnrrtto Pictures and Wild \Ta?t
; Shows Fall to Giro n Thoroughly Acou
rr.lv IUci? of Lire on the llungre?
Tbe Cowboy's High Heels.
Tho modern management of cattle
decs not oiler so extensive a field for tho
nso of tho lariat as tho old system, says
tho Kansas City Star. Up to within five
or six years, to ho a good roper was over
a question in making one's estimato of
a good cowhoy, and tho boys woro very
dexterous. Now, months may go with?
out a ropo being taken from the saddle,
and thoro aro peoplo in tho business
who could not ropo their own horses.
A lariat is usually of half-inch manilla
ropo and is about sixty feet long. At
one end tho ropo is bent backward and
spliced into itself, making an cyolet for
the ropo to run in and form tho loop.
This cyolet is called tho hundoo, and as
tho loop is grasped for throwing this
Aus^oo is two foot forward of the hand
ana by its weight assists in spreading
the loop as tho roper whirls and throws
The cowboy bred on the plains throws
a big loop?twenty feet of ropo in it?
but the boys from Southern Texas, who
had their novitiate among trees and
brush, use a much smaller loop. In
throwing nothing but tho loop is
bandied with tho right hand, tho re?
serve ropo being coiled loose in tho left
While 00 feet is tho usual limit of
a lariat, I havo witnessed an exhi?
bition of roping wherein a slim boy
of twenty tied his ropo to a steer at a
distance of 104 feet. Tho rope is now
mostly confined to the branding pens
and the horso corrals. In the latter ono
might as well be no roper as not, bc
causo tho horses have such a fear of be?
ing choked and thrown that any of
them will stop still as a statuo in the
midst of the maddest charge the moment
a rope falls across his back. The bronco
regards himself as a prey and a spoil to
man the moment he feels a ropo and
lenders himself captive, rcscuo or no
toscuo. Tho roping in tho branding
pen does not call for a high grade of
skill, as tho infant bovine, who is the
object of tho meeting, is generally
standing, sad and downcast, immediate?
ly between your pony's front legs. Tho
"go" has all been run out of his little
legs and tho gayoty driven from his
youthful heart long beforo ho was
crowded with his woo-begono com?
panions Into the circlo of torture.
It is frequently necessary to run a
road-brand on a herd of grown cattle
which aro intended to take tho trail for
long distances. This road-brand assists
in their recovery in tho event of a
stampede, and even after a year or two.
It is now put on while running tho
cattle through a chute, but in tho times
Twhich ante-dated chutes it was among a
cowpunoher's most exhaustive and cx
' asperating duties. Think of roping,
"tying downtand brancjinxy every member
of hereof 4,??8 head of wild and full
^toLji cattle on a fenceless plain! It
was like facing 4,000 rounds of catch
as-catch-can wrestling with an expert.
In roping big cattle a great percent?
age of success is dependent on your
pony. Ho must understand his part of
the business. A common accident to
careless cowboys and green ponies is to
bavo tho saddlo turned by a side pull.
This means that you aro pro tem. a
scoff and jeer to other cowpunchors, to
say nothing of having your ?o0 saddle
torn to flinders by your agonized pony.
Outsido of Wild AVest shows thero 13
scarcely any of this headlong throwing
, of heavy cattle which has common illus?
tration in cigarette pictures. Making a
?weak and grass-fed pony which weighs
less than 000 pounds swap ends with a
1,'-00-pound steer is not lawn tennis,
and a cowhoy knows a better way. When
his lariat is safe about the victim's horns
bo, by a steady pressure, brings him
to a sullen standstill; then, with the
Tope loose on the ground, bo rides
clear around tho steer and incloses all
bis feet. This done he spurs oir like a
thunderbolt and the steer is tripped on
his sale. The moment he is down the
pony faces around so as to make the
ropo pull straight overhis shouldersand
permit him to watch the steer. Tho boy
has to have his pony at this point and it
is tho pony's duty to keep the steer from
regaining his feet. This ho does by
backing and by keeping a steady strain
on tho rope, thus holding tho steer's
bead along tho ground. While thus
posed tho boy ties his helpless legs,
casts off his lariat and the trick is
It is matter of laughter in tho East?
tho high, sharp heel of a cowboy's boot.
It is a popular fallacy that ho affects
this heel in a gust of pride and to assist
in producing that jaunty waddle which
naturalists discover in the movements
of a cowboy when on tho ground. This
is not so. His sharp heels are as much
a part of his outfit as his legglns or his
**Colt." Many of his combats with his
tumultuous wards come off on foot and
if he did not possess these heels to dig
into the ground in resistance he might
as well havo on roller skates, as a steer
would drag him all over tho landscape.
It may have escaped tho touring eye,
but this man of cows carries a pair of
heavy gloves all summer tied at the can
tie of bis Baddlo. They aro not present
as a result of fad or whim, nor to go to
dinner in; they are used in tho afore?
said combats to prevent tho lariat blis?
tering his sensitive palms.
A Husband a Menth.
Sarah Gregg, of Matherton, Ga.,had a
husband in prison. Sho thought that
was as good as a divorce and after a
lengthy wooing took to her bosom
Jesse Guernsey as husband. JJut when
She sat down and quietly thought over
tho matter tho ^complexity of her
wedded relations became apparent. Sho
then went to tho circuit judge, had tho
Guernsey husband declared illegal, so
cured a dlvorco from tho Greeg hus?
band, bought a license and was remar?
ried to Je >se all in tho same day. Thus
she has had threo husbands in as many
months, and Mr. Quornscy two brides
And honeymoons
The best place in the
South for
Correspondence concerning Roanoke solicited
by Jas. S. Simmons' Real Estate Company. Sole
agents for
Central Park Land Co.
it Ai
nveyance Co.
Also agents for the largest list of business and
residence properties, improved and unimproved,
throughout the city under one management.
We have a corps of salesmen and clerks that
will always be found ready to show our customers
every attention possible.
Parties desiring information in the matter of
investments, great or small, will do well to call on
or write to
Geo. C. McCahan
and Treas.
Jas. S. Simmons. Pres.
In order to get ready for
Teffersorr Street.
ID- DES- BvLxxell, Proprietor,
Nos, 5 to 9 Norfolk avenue, opposite Union
passenger depot, Roanoke, Virginia.
New Building, lew and Elegant Furniture,
First-class sample rooms for com?
mercial travelers.
Our Repairing Department
Is in charge <>f the very finest workmen that can he had, ami we guarantee to do
work which cannot bo duplicated in the city. Send your watches to
3=3- X=T-CLfT~, ZLvdZarre^er.
Geyer's Tailoring Parlors.
Cur stock having been destroyed by fire, we have just
received an entire new line of goods which we should be
glad to have our patrons and the people of Roanoke,
generally, call and examine. Xo trouble to show goods.
Roanoke, Va.
)E 11
Pulaski City, Va.
Bluefielci, VV. Va.
above.houses offer superior accommodations to the travel?
ling public. Sample rooms for commercial men.
Pied 33. Foster, i^arra^er.
Irrrporters arrcl T7\7"rrolesale
Hi. 3 Jellersoi Street, Gale Blocl.
Have in store and for sale 50 barrels Chester Whiskey, our own distillation,
50barrels celebrated Glenwood whiskey of which wq are sole proprietors, also
Lawson's choice old Velvet and Wilson, and other brands of whiskey too nu?
merous to mention. Imported and domestic brandies, gins, wines, etc.. all of
the celebrated brands in wood and glass. 50 cases Mnmm's champagne just
received. Can furnish anything in our line at ioivc:,i figmvs.
Special attention paid to orders from Dry districts. Come and
see us. fcr-tf,

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