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Mr. Bowser's Harrowing Experi?
ence with Various Patents.
DON'T know just
exactly how
many inventions
art; brought out
weekly in this
country, but I do
know that Mr.
11 o w s c r would
b u y each and
every o n o of
them if he had
tho opportunity.
When wo lirstset
up housekeeping
ho had churns,
w ash i n g m a
chlnea, cultivat?
ors, hoot - jacks,
a p p 1 o - p a rors,
w ag on - j acks,
spring-locks, gato-latches, and so on to
tho extent of a wagon load, and ho has
added to tho collection ever Binco when
ho could do so without my knowledge.
Ono day about a year ago an express
wagon unloaded a model of a patent gate
at the barn, and soon thereafter Mr.
Bowser oamo homo in an oxcitcd and en?
thusiastic state of mind, and said to mo:
"Don't scream, or faint away, or fall
over any thing or broak an arm, but bo;
:alm and collected."
"Mr. Bowser, what do you mean?"
"Ho calm?be calm. Mrs. Bowser, wo,
are worth a million dollars."
"Worth what!"
"Keep cool. Don't let tho good news
nnhingoyour mind. Yes wo aro worth
a cool million, and perhaps two or
"Has some ono left you a legacy?"
"No; 1 havo mado it with my own wit
and foresight. Money can bo loft to a
fool, but it takes a sharp man to mako
money for himself. Come out to tho
1 followed him out, and when ho had.
placed tho model in tho alley and!
arranged certain parts to his satisfac-'
tion, he said:
"This is the Climax farm gate, covered!
by three different patents. I havo,
bought the right to tho State of Michi-'
(fan for ?500. You see tho idea? This,
rope leading out on either side of tho
. post is to bo pulled by any one wishing
to pass through. See? Farmer doesn't
have to get down off his load of hay,
just gives a yank?gato opens?drives
through?gato shuts?gooso hangs
"Thero's no but about it, Mrs. Bow?
ser. Let's figure a bit. We'll say thoro
are 50.000 farmers in tho Stato. Each
ono wants live of theso gates, making
250,000 gates in all. Each gato can bo put
In for 88 and the prollt is S5. This gives
mo SI,250,000. We'll allow 550,000 for
bad debts and wo havo a cool 81,200,000
to put in our pockets. Isn't that a good
margin on S500?"
"Do you know that the farmers will
buy this gate?''
"Iluy it! Why, they are crying for it
all over tho State! I expect, to bo at
least a thousand orders behind, tho best
I can do."
"Well, I hope it will he a success,
"There you go! Always ready to
throw cold water on any of my enter?
prises! If I brought you a solid chunk
of gold you'd do your best to mako out
that it was nothing but a brick!"
-An hour later a couple of sturdy old
farmers came tip at Mr. Bowser's Invita?
tion to see the patent, and I sneaked
out to ono side to hear what they might
say. Mr. Bowser exhibited the gat<>,
wont over his llgures, and then asked
what they thought of it.
"What's it for?" thoy asked.
"Why, to save a farmer from getting
down off a load of hay or off his wagon.":
"Urn! Yes!"
"Isn't it a good thing?"
"But it must be. Can't you see the con
j vonieneo at a glance! Tho farmer
; doesn't havo to get down."
"No. I see he don't, and he's a durned
I idiot! He'd bettor git down a thousand
I times than to pay ?8 for that gate!
j What's he there for but to git down!
lie's got lots of timo to git down and
I climb up again."
In about ten minutes they knocked
the underpinning away and let Mr.
Dowser down with a dull thud. Ho
didn't lot go altogether, however, until
after he had taken tho model to the
hay-market and secured further opin?
ions. Ono of the last farmers to ex?
amine it turned to Mr. llowser with:
"If ye want to catch the farmer, in?
vent sunthin' that will fodder the stock
i and feed the hogs aforo daylight on a
winter's morning. Might mako tho
1 same invention bring wheat up to S3 a
! bushel, do his plowln', run the cider
mill and pay off the mortgage on his
It wasn't long before Mr. llowser in?
vested in a patent farm-fence. Tho
model spowed three boards and two
! lines of wire to a section, and ho
bought six county rights at about S100
each. He came borne on a trot, brimful
of enthusiasm, and as ho took mo out
to seo the model ho explained:
"A farmer can get along without a
patent gate, hut ho can't do without tho
fences. He can't wriggle out of this, no?
how. He's got to have it, and he's got to
come to mo for it."
"The agent wanted $:>,000 at first for
tho counties, but he soon discovered
that I knew a thing or two. I shall bc
] gin to-morrow to turn tho barn into a
j factory. I shall supply this country
I from here."
"Has any farmer seen it?" I asked.
"Not yet; but three or four of then:
will bo up pretty soon, and I havo no
doubt that every ono will order a mile
of it."
Three solid looking agriculturists put
in an appearanco after awhile. They
gave tho model a careful looking over,
and then one of them took out a pencil,
j and said:
"It's a mighty purty fence, and it will
' stand, but let's figger a little on tho
! cost."
Tho result of tho figuring proved that
] it would take about the value of an av
! erage. farm to fenco it with that sort of
' fence, and tho model is upstairs in tho
j barn to-day.
Among Mr. Bowser's investments was
a patent gate spring. Ho brought tho
! samplo home under his arm? having
, bought tho Stato right to manufacture
; and sell, and ho was hardly in tho houso
before he said:
I "Mrs. llowser, will you havo thekind
'. ncss to make some figures for mo? Put
down 1,488,200. Now multiply that by
00. The totals is cents: you will divide
by 100 to get it into dollars."
"It's over ?550,000," I replied.
'?Exactly, but call itanevenSSOO.OOO."
"What for?"
"To represent the sum I shall make
within the next year on this patent gato
spring. I Gguro that there aro 1,128,200
gates In this State which need springs.
This spring can bo sold for SI, and tho
profit is sixty cents. Just liko rolling
off a log. Mrs. llowser, we've struck it!"
"I?I hope so."
"I know it! I feel it in my bones! In
a year from now we'll bo ablotowalk
on diamonds!"
Three days later Mr. Bowser had dis?
covered that out. of the 1,428,200 gates in
Michigan only the owners of about 100,
000 thought it necessary to put on
springs, and that a two-shilling spring
worked just as well as his dollar one.
He came home sick and laid abed all tho
afternoon, and toward night, when I
asked him for S2 to get some notions, ho
roared out:
"Two dollars! Two dollars! You
want two dollars!''
"I never saw such a woman to want
money, nor to spend it so extravagant?
ly! Mrs. llowser, you let 'em rob you
l right and left! You don't seem to have
; any idea of values. You have got to
make a change, or I'll do all the buying
I myself. They know better than to try
any trickery on me, and don't you for?
get it:"?Detroit l'reo Press.
I Waiter (excitedly)?Our rostaurantls
' on fire!
Customer?Come, then, hurry up, and
perhaps at last we may bo nblo to got
something hot.?Tho Jury.
of tO-Im
For Bargains in Real Estate,
Fine residence and business property, in any part of Roanoke,
call on or address
Roanoke, Va. Office Stewart Building, Third avenue, opposite city postoffice.
The East Tennessee
Virginia & Georgia
South, Southwest & West.
Tho finest Pullman Vestibule sleep?
ing ear service in the South?Pullman
Sleepers without change. Roanoke to
Knoxville, Chattanooga, Rome, Annis
ton, Selina, Montgomery, Mobilo and
I New Orleans.
Direct connection made at Home and
Chattanooga with through sleepers for
For any further information, address
Trav. Pass. Agt., Dristol, Tenn.
Ass. Gon'l Pass. Agt.
jy25tf Gen. Pass. Agt. Knoxville,Tenn.
"Nox 'em all out" on childrens' suits,
" sizes 5 to 14."
Ten per cent, discount off marked prices, one week only, commencing
All our goods are marked in plain figures; you can see the reductions yourself.
Remember our stock of shoes, hats, furnishing goods and clothing is complete.
Wythcville Development Company.
Sale will begin September 30, at 1
The gents furnishers of Roanoke, 112 Commerce street.
The county seat of Wythe county,
which was awarded the diploma with
?500 premium at the Virginia Exposi?
tion* at Richmond, in 1sss, in Minerals
and Woods. Population 4,000. Altitude
2,300 feet.
Wythe County has two blast and lif
.tccn charcoal iron furnaces, and sev?
eral zinc and lead furnc.es. Wythcville
offers free the bo3t sites and greatest
inducements to manufacturing indus?
tries of any city in the South. Tho
Wythcville Development Company's
reserve fund for new industries alone
amounts to ?180,000. Wythcville is the
centre of tho richest mineral region in
the South. Wythcville exempts all
manufacturing Industrie'-, ironi munic?
ipal taxation for ten years. Wythc?
ville has beautiful and well-paved
streets 150, to and '.?7 feet in width. Two
electric light plants and three water
systems. Wythcville has the best pub?
lic schools and tho handsomest school i
building in Virginia; has three female
colleges and two male academies. <)w-'
ing to its mineral waters, free to visit- j
ors, which are highly curative for many
diseases, and its great altitude, it has
grown into a great and fashionable I
health resort.
The Wythcville Development Com- |
pany will place on the market. Septem?
ber 30, 500 residence and business
lots of its property in the new West
End Extension, lying between the
Wythevillo Cotton Mills and the ".lack
son Park Hotel," on both of which work
has just begun. This property to be of?
fered for sale for the first time. Septem?
ber 30, is the most beautiful proporty in
Wythevillo, and will be priced at very
reasonable figures in order to encour?
age investments. Investments in
Wythcville real estate within the last
ninety days have bourne from 100 to ."?00
per cent, to investors.
The Norfolk and Western railroad,
running from Norfolk to the West and
Northwost, will have on sale at stations
on line and agencies in New England
special excursion round-trip tickets to
Wythevillo, good until October 31.
I'or further particulars, apply to W. I
L. YOST, president of the Wythevillo
Development Company, Wythcville, Va j
The well-known JofTorson street
H3 _^a_ IR IB IE IR
Has opened
Room in basement. my3-tf
Youman's hats, known to all, at Cohn's; Stetsons' soft and stiff, at Cohn's; Silverman's
stiff and silk, at Cohn's; Melville soft and stiff, at Cohn's, and others too numerous
to mention.
Double-breasted sack suits at Cohn's; double-breasted frock suits at Cohn's; single
breasted cutawa}- sacks at Cohn's; single-breasted cutaway frocks at Cohn's; Prince
Alberts and full-dress at Cohn's; short and stout suits for short men at Cohn's; extra
length suits for long men at Cohn's; extra large suits at Cohn's.
Separate pants all sizes and fabrics. Our fall underwear is now on sale. We carry
the American Hosiery Company underwear, besides many other makes. Our neckwear,
hose, handkerchiefs, suspenders, etc., are far ahead of all, as usual. Our tailoring depart?
ment is on a boom. Don't wait too long to place your order. Save your time and money
by visiting our mammoth clothing establishment. You can find anything you want, any
price you want, and will certainly have 110 farther to go.
The Salem avenue clothier, tailor and furnisher, No. 44 Salem
avenue, Roanoke, Va. E. M. Dawson, Manager.
Harbor Shop
in Hotel
Gas Notice.
Gas bills for month of September are
now due and payable at the company's
office. Discounts allowed on bills paid
on or before October 10.
octotOlO .1. C. RAWN, Manager.
Thorough instruction in all departments. Primary, interim liattf ind
Senior in English. Mathematics and languages. Advantages ; audio,
drawing, painting and elocution. Address for ootaloguo,
jylOwedcisun-t MRS. PATTY L. G

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