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A Physicians Advice.
I suffered, for years
from general debility.
Tried other remedies,
and got no relief.
My Physician prescribed S. S. S.
I increased in Ucsh;
My appetite improved;
I gained strength;
Was made young again;
It is the best medicino I know of.
Mahai.kv Tukpkn, Oakland City, Ind
Send for our book on blood and
Skin Oiseascs.
Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
C/tcni ic.al Co.f
?J Illehinontlj Ta, t
i TTavlna for a long time suffered \
t. from tho effect* of a horrible blood
trouble, a tn! ?/'. <?)? resorting to medical j,
j skill cii'' other remedies without lutna- (;
S fit, I Irin! ".f. J!. </. Alterative." J ,'
S /ion: bctit* entirely restored, and it f
j affords mo pi en sum to attest its vir- (
f tites. ft Isevidently uvery great toutc i
a im! alterative/ and I reeonivteud any t
suffering from blooit trouble,to try H. f
.7. IIi: IHK Ii,
JOir. W. Vary St., Richmond, Va. t
Treatise on lilood and Skin Diseases j
by mail free. Address (I
L B. 0. CiraGAL 63,- \
17 S. 12th ST., RICHMOND, VA. \
i rcccwc Daim w _
^MiLU ^' S^abor
like success.
LER is the most won?
derful medicine, is be?
cause it has never
tailed in any instance,
no matter what the
lisease, from Leprosy
to thesimplcstdisease
cnown to the, human
The scientific men
of to-day claim and
prove that every disoaso is
Caused by Microbes,
Rate's Herts Killer
Exterminates the Microbes and drives
thom out of tho system, and when that
is done 3-011 oannot have an ache or pain.
No matter what the disease", whether a
simple, case of malaria fever or a combi?
nation of diseases, we euro them all at
tho same, time, as wo treat all diseases
Asthma, Consumption, < -.ta.1. V, Bron?
chitis Rheumatism, Kidney vl Elver
Disoat i. Chills and Fever, Female.
Troubles, In all its forms, and in feet,
every disease k-.'ewn to tho huijan . s
Bowaro of Fran inlont Imitationt
See that ? ur Trade Mark (si mo as
above) appca.*a on laoh jug.
Druggists, Sole agonh?. 'or. .lefTerHon
and First avo. s. w. junl7-ly
RlOA, Mi. n.,
Gents: I now
write to let you
know that I have
been nsing your
Burdock Blood
Bitters, and also
to tell you what
hey hnv?-ilone for me. I have been
roobled with dyspepsia for years. 1
commenced the une of your Burdock
Blood Bitters and they have brought
me out nil right. The use ot three
bottles conferred the great benefit,
for which I feel profoundly grateful.
I will never b? without it.
anUillv WM H DELKER,
Roanoke City, Va.
Interesting; Items from a Recent loan of
That I'roffreaalT* Journal.
Notice.?If tho party who threw the
brick at us last Tuesday night as we
stood on tho corner of Apacho avenue
and Green streot will call at our offlco
ho will hear of something to his ad?
vantage. Wo can make him realize in
about tivo minutes that mon of his talont
oro wasting their time in this country.
Ho can also make his ohoico of 105
eligible sitos in our privato burymg
ground froo of charge. Como early and
avoid tho rush.
No BOOM.?For two straight yoars the
Kickor has persistently opposed the idea
of a boom to attract altontion to our
town. Wo have watched this boom busi?
ness in scoros of other placos, and in
overy Instance it has resulted disas?
trously. Our courso has aroused tho iro
of certain speculators, but wo shall con
! tinuo it just tho same. Wo'vo not 200
acres of cactus pasture which wo sBould
liko to dispose of tosomo Ohio farmer
who wants to hotter bis condition and
who could bo worked up to part with
83,000 in cash, but wo haven't tho cheok.
Wo own half a milo of side bill, which
won't ovon grow rattlesnakes, but we
havon't tho gall to boom it for a poach
orchard. A million years honco wo may
have six railroads here, but wo can't
force ourselves to whoop-la! hurrah!
over tho prospect. We own about four
toon billion dollars' worth of wild-cat
mining stock, every mine boing in tho
clouds, and but for our honosty we'd
j rocoed to boom and unload. Wo are at
tho head of a company to turn tho Pa?
cific Ocean into the deserts of tho West
?president of an artesian wall company
?secretary of tho Great Strawberry
Growers' Association, etc., etc., but wo
were born honest and we can*) look a
tondor-foot in the eye and lie to him.
No, gentlemon, this town is what it
is and no more. It isn't going to bo a
second Chicago. It has no Niagara
Falls. There isn't even good lisliing
within thirty miles of us. Wo simply
have tho great Arizona Kicker, 14b sa?
loons, sixtoon gambling houses, flvo
stores and a population of S,SU0 souls,
most of which will tako ''the other road"
when the judgment day arrives. That's
all, and those who don't want to como
ivm stay away.
PrusonaIm?Mrs. Judgo Etubro, who
has been absent at Tucson for tho past
two weeks, roturnod last night, and, as
usual, found the judgo so drunk that ho
wouldn't toll bor from a Digger Indian.
Sho didn't go away for hor general
health, but to got ovor a black oyo in
flictod by tho judge in ono of his sober
Calls koii Sympathy.?Major Mc
Ivnight, our popular and offlciont city
.derk, mot with a sad accident last Sun?
day. Whilo trying to enjoy a drunk, a
hammock, a smoke and a snoor.o at tho
same time, be sot himself on lire and
was so badly burned that ho will not bo
uut of hishud for two wcoks. The major
has many friends who will sympathize
with him in bis misfortunes.
IKTHE WitON'G.? "Handsome Charlie,"
tho genial and enterprising proprietor
of "Tho Black Swan" saloon, has called
at this office and convinced us that wo
wore wrong in stating that ho had
killed sevon men and was a dangorous
character. His list includes only four
mon, all laid away in self-defense, and
so far from being dangerous ho says
I that ho has rofused to put up fly-screens
I this summer out of general pity for tho
poor flies. Ho a so has pictures of threo
ditTorent angols on tho walls of his bod
Wo cheerfully mako the correction,
not because the gentleman subscribed
for live copies of tho Kicker to be sent
to his friends and gave us a ?:i0 "ad,"
which will bo found elsowhore, but be
:auso wo wish to do ail men justico.
Fair Wai:nino.? Hen Stays, tho eat?
ing-house man, has made public threats
to wring our noso on the streets. Tho
trouble dates back to a year ago, when
Hen tried to pass somo cactus soup on us
I for mock turtle.
Hon may attempt to wring our nasal
j organ. Ho may oven figure that he can
succeod. Wo give him fair warning,
however, that he'll have to bo prepared
to dodgo six bullets, and ii he doesn't
happen to bo quick enough it won't
mako us fool very had.?Detroit Free
Press. _
How lit. Clianped Hin Clothes.
A prisonor recently escaped from
Blackwell's Island, Now York. Tho
officers soon disovered tho fact and
started in pursuit. The floeing man was
in danger of arrost at any moment by
civilians, as his prison garb proclaimed
him a convict. He, thorofore, proceeded
to got rid of his striped suit. Ho darted
through ono house and got a coat,
through another and stole a pair of
pants, through another and secured a
flannel shirt and hat. All thoso he suc?
ceeded in putting on in tho street as ho
ran, at tho same time discarding his
prison clothes. Ho made his escapo
good.?N. Y. Tribune.
Nothin? Important.
"Wasn't there a postal-card in my box
on Monday?"
"Yos," said the postmistress. "But
we have our regular clearing out and
washing up hero on Tuesday, and as a
good houso-koeper I can't permit old
letters and things to accumulate."
"But, my dear madam-"
"O, don't get mad. now. There wasn't
anything of importance on that postal.
Your brother wanted you to go to tho
opera with him last night, that's all."?
Harper's Bazar.
To Catch Them on the Fly.
Amateur- I want ono of thoso instan?
taneous cameras.
Dealer?Yos, sir. Are you going to
photograph birds on tho wing?
Amateur?O, no. I'm going to tako
views :it the seaside.
Dealer?Hul do you need an instane
dus camera for that?
Amateur?Certainly. The peoplo are
io fast.?Munsey'a Weekly.
. l ii.dii.tiii .
"Ho shouldn't say shoulder arms t<>
those cavalry-mon."
"U by not?'
"They hav - nothlaff but swords. Ho
SetfintUtn Everywhere Are HeRinulng to
Study It* FhsDoim>an>
Mosmorism alias hypnotism, tbo latost
scientific sensation of the hour, was a
few years since donouncod by tbo scienr
tiflo world in unmeasured terms. No ex?
pressions of scornful contoinpt were
strong enough to charactorizo thoso
fearless torch-buarors of advanced
thought, who, af tor patiently, oarnostly
and exhaustively investigating tho al?
leged powors of Mo8mor, proved boyond
tho possibility of a doubt tho genuino
noss of tho mesmeric or hypnotic influ?
They woro charlatans, impostors or
mentally unsound in tho eyes, not only
of tho medical profession, but tbo scien?
tific world, with somo fow nota lo ex?
ceptions. The moro charitably disposed
among tho groat conservative socictios
of scientific thinkers were content to re?
gard thoso who bolioved in such "ab?
surdities" a3 mermorism as "unduly
crodulous;" liable to be "duped;" and,
therefore, not "safo" or "critical invest?
Camillo Flammarion, tho illustrious
Fronch astronomer, in his rocont ro
markablo novel "Uranio," tolls us that
fifteen yoars ago ho communicated to
sovoral physicians thomagnotic phonom
ona observed by himself in tho courso
of many experiments. Ono and all de?
nied most positively and absolutely tho
possibility of the facts related, but on
meeting one of these same physicians at
tho Institute in Paris recently, ho
called his attention to his denial of tho
phenomena. "Oh!" replied tho physi?
cian, not without shrewdness, "then it
was magnetism, now it is hypnotism,
and it is we whoftndy it; that is a very
dilTcront thing." The astronomer wise?
ly adds by way of impressing the moral:
"Lot us deny nothing positively; let us
study: let us examine; the explanation
will come lator.''
A true scientist will tako cognizance
of the smallest fad, and though the
light that Moats before may appear a
mere will-o'-tho-wisp, he will follow it
until he demonstrates by careful, im?
partial, and exhaustive investigation
whether it rests on the bud-rock of
; truth or not, romembering that tho
; prejudices oT hoary thought and early
training may blind him to sensible ap?
preciation of tho true .significance of tho
problem that confronts him. It is not
moro than live yoars since a paper road
on "Hypnotism" in tho modical socioty
of a leading American city wasexeludod
from tho report of tho society's meeting,
on tho ground that tho subject was un
sciontific and absurd.
Less than a yoar ago tolopatby was as
much an outcast in tho scientific world
as mesmerism was aftor tho colobrated
Hailoy commission pronouncod it a
"fraud." Yot to-day telepathy, or
thought transference, is as well ostab
lishod a scientific fact as hypnotism.
From present indications wo aro en?
tering a now field of sciontillcdiscovory,
or to bo moro oxplicit, tho great body of
scientific thinkers aro expressing a will?
ingness to recognize phenomena other
than material, and to treat with a
measuro of respect tho views and dis?
coveries made by tho patient heralds of
psychic truths which bavo long been tab
booed as little worthy tho attention of
tbo materialistic scientific investigator,
. whoso eyes have boen accustomed to
rost on tho earth, its rocks, plants and
animals, as tho myths of bygone days.
Tho ago of electrical invention has been
so marvelous that men bavo ceased to
wonder at tho inventivo ingenuity of
i man. Tho ago of physchological dis
j eovery upon which we aro nowontorlng,
j if It be unrestricted and receive tho
careful and unbiased attention of our
bust brains, will, wo believe, unfold a
world of truth, eclipsing in its startling
character as well as in its great utility
J the greatest discoveries since tho man
i child BCience was born, truths which
] will give to life a deeper significance, :i
j richer meaning, a nobler impulse, a
grander ideal.?Arona.
Mr. Gladstone MuUch Some Eminently
Sotioini? Kfinnrk*.
In tho course of a briof address at a
school for girls, "'hero Mrs. Gladstone
I distributed tho priios, Mr. tiladstono
"That future of socioty is of enormous
I importance to tin; world. I think it is
I not uninteresting to recall, if I may bo
j allowed to do it, a little anecdote, when
I some words woro used to mo more than
1 fifty years ago by an eminent physician
} of that dato -Dr. Farr, who lived in
Charterhouse so uare. 1 went thereon
i account of some alTection of the eye, but
ho entered into general conversation
about tho political prospects of tno
country, and he said to mo these words,
which, I think, were full of sense, rierht
i fooling and wisdom; *You may depend
upon il, Mr. Gladstone, it is not tho
Whigs who will save tho country, nor
tho Tories who will save the country: it
is tho mothers of England who will savo
tho country.'
"I think that should be toevery young
wifo tho most cheering, tho most con?
soling, and tho most stimulating lesson
that could bo learned. The value and
< the importance of this thought are such
that no now addition we can possibly
j make lo woman's vocation can ever
j stand for a momont in comparison with
i their vital bearing upon tho formation
of .iharacter in every ono of us. And
j what is tho formation of character but
! that for which God sent us into tho
I world? It is tho sum and substance,
I the beginning and tho ending of tno
w hole mat I er, and it is tho formation of
character which is the pride and glory
I of women as teacher, but infinitely more
? as mother, lo contribute."
VVIiltt Could i- llnvf Mrmit?
"Ethel," said a fend mothor to her
J daughter, as the fair young girl sat
down at a lato breakfast in her morning
I gown, "did George leavo any package
j for mo last ovenlng?"
I Eth -1 blushed and said: fnlteringly:
"Why, no, mamma! What made vou
"O, nothing: only I heard him say
at ti.o do >r ;n ho sai l good-bye: "Now,
h to 1? one moro for your mother, and
1 didn't Know but what it was that
pattern for la\:e>odgl ig that his mother
Tbe ?allant Nnvnl Hero's SjrmpAttvjr fcr
t lie Common Sailors.
Tho gallant Decatur was a sailor to
tho heart's core, anu lovod to toll anec?
dotes of tho common sailors, one of
which follows: In ono of tho actions he
foro Tripoll, whllo fighting hand to j
hand with tho captain of a gun-boat.
Docatur camo near being cut down by a
Turk, who attaekod him from behind. I
A seaman, named Rouben James, who
was alroady wounded in both hands,
seeing tho risk of his commandor,
rushed in and received tho blow of tho
uplifted saber on his own head. Fortu?
nately tho honest fellow survived to re?
ceive his reward. Somo time aftorward,
whon ho had recovered from his wounds,
I Docatur sont for him on deck, expressed
his gratitudo for his self-devotion, In
prosenco of tho crew, and told him to
ask for somo roward. Tho honest tar
I pullod up his waistband and rollod his
quid, butseomod utterly at a loss what
rocomponso to claim. His messmates
gathered around him, nudging him with
thoir olbows and whispering in his ear:
"Ho has all tho world in string and
can got what ho ploasos;" "tho old man
can deny him nothing,"' etc. Ono ad?
vised this thing, another, that; 'double
pay," "double allowance," "a boat?
swain's berth," "a pockot full of money
and a full swing on shore," etc. Jack
elbowed thorn all aside and would have
none of their counsel. After mature do
liberation, ho announced the roward to
which ho aspired; it was?to be oxcused
from rolling up tho hammock-cloths!
Tho whimsical request was, of course,
gran tod; and from that time forward
whenever tho sailors were piped to st >W
away their hammocks, Jack was to bo
soen loitering around and looking on
with the most gentleman like leisure.
The devoted fellow always continued
in tho samo ship with Decatur. "1
could always know the state of my bile
by Jack," said tho commodore. "If I
was in good humor, and wore a pleasant
aspect, Jack would bo sure to heave in
sight, to receive a friendly nod; and if 1
was out of humor, and work, as I some?
times did, a foul-weather physiognomy.
Jack kopt aloof and skulked among the
other sailors." It is proper to add that
Reuben James received a more solid ro?
ward for bis gallant devotion than tho
privilego abovo mentioned, a pension
having been granted him by tho Govern?
Or another occasion Decatur had re?
ceived at Now York tho freedom of tho
city as a testimonial of respect and
gratitude. On tho following day ho
overheard this colloquy botwoon two of
his sailors:
"Jack," said ono, "what is tho mean?
ing of this 'freedom of tho city,' which
thoy'vo been giving to tho old man?"
"Why, don't you know? Why, it's
tho right to frolic about the streets as
much as ho pleases, kick up a row,
knock down the men, and kiss tho wo?
" That's something worth fighting fori"
romarkod tho othor.?N. Y. Lodger.
?Ich Who Feel Tliclr PaellleneM in tho
World of Practical AIYitlra.
Ono can not holp believing that there
is a Variety of this gentry who are solf
ihadecranks? cranks because they want
to be. They Book somo social dispro
j portion whereupon they can posture
I with effect The pleasures of conform?
ity are humdrum; nonconformity is
piquant and startling. Such a man is
not a crank from abundance of virtuo,
as he would havo you believe, but
rather because ho feels his feebloness
in tho world of practical affairs and is
soured thereby. If he pose as an ad?
vance philanthropist, wo suspect that
' his lovo of mankind has some sido
j glances at. personal profit. I facts bo
against, him, ho does not hesitate to in
j vent them, and visits with arrogant
abuse those who would expos.- bis falsl
; tlos. He la[especially angry with those
' halting disciplos who accept his scheme
I as something ultimately possible and
i thon humbly inquire what they are to
j do provisionally as a practical approxi
I mntion to tho distant good. If lie ho
a rhetorician, ho has no soruplo in ad?
ministering the electric shock of para
I dox, and seeks the levity of assent that
may be caught by the sudden spring of
a false analogy. No doubt t his reckless
shooter occasionally hits tho mark.
Hope describes tho talking bird who bo
rates the passers-by with epithets which
well-conducted periodicals have ceased
to print. Hut tho poet confesses that,
though sometimes struck with too ex?
treme felicity of these characterizations,
bo had never been ablo to extend his
i admiration to the speaker whoso ontiro
' stock in trade consisted of this very
limitod and abusive vocabulary. ?J. I*.
Qulncy, in Atlantic.
, Many a t'Ullrt's Health In Smoked Atruy
Huf rr It Is Horn.
Tho tobacco habit produces physical
conditions of a marked variety, particu?
larly as relates to the heart. Mon use
? t baCCO all,their lives without groat ap
I parent il am acre to themselves sometimes,
! but their sons will havo dooldod mani?
festations of tho tobacco heart if they
try to smoke, and their daughters aro
nervous and hysterical. Statistics of
the examiners of volunteers for the army
show that one-third of all tho applicants
who are rejected are ruled out because
of having a tobacco heart. Many of
tuem are to all appearancos strong and
robust yet sufforing from this constitu?
tional defect which makes them liable
tosuccuufh to any unusual strain.
Everybody knows that thero is a
growin number of young men and wo?
men who aro good for no-hing physi?
cally. M . i.v men and women of sixty
anil seventy are more hearty and vigor?
ous than their Ciliidron. It is getting
to heal mos fashion tblo to be an inva?
lid. Tho c.hool childron aro pale and
puny. T (1 are Other causes, but to?
bacco um. be hold rospoitsihlo for a
1. ?o shar this. The constitution of
many a child i- smoked aw iy In*fore it
inborn, and th n amis and thousands
re Miffi ? various ways because
* fat [??; ? h re hquatulored their
iji > uvi'pi ?>. ' A i t \ ii ; he use
1mm31mjii-H-11 ? -i i???lim? ml llli ill li j'
I or Eil <i
*Tn -a. suro
OMUL Onntamt
HO I'" n
-uld bj tfudWt 11,
and all druggist*.
Christian A linrbee,
tin ii i .1 , .c ?.uie.
a nil all ii
Wyth?vllle Dev. lopm< iii C mpuny.
Sale will b. gin rfep'tnmUnt ? ?
SAltATOUA OK Till; sol ni."
The county scat of Wythc county,
which was awarded the diph niti with
500 prenillini at the Virginia Exposi
lion at Richmond, in 1888, iu Minerals
and Woods. Population 4,000. Altitudi
2,300 feet.
Wythe County has two blast and tlf
teen charcoal iron [urnacos, and sev?
eral zinc and lead Cur noes. Wytheville
offers free the best sites and greatest
inducements to manufacturing indus?
tries of any city in the South. The
Wytheville Dovclopim nt Company's
reserve fund for how industries alone
amounts to 8180,000. WytUevill is the
centre of the richest mineral region in
the South. Wytheville exempts all
manufacturing industries from munic?
ipal taxation for teu yours. Wytlio
i villo has bountiful and w< ll-paved
streets 00, 70 and 1?7 f. et in width. Two
electric light plants and three water
I systems. VVytjliOvillc has the 1? 'St pub
j lie schools and tin h mil lohn -i school
' bui'ding in Virginia: has three female
I colleges and two male ncm iniili s. ow
j ing to its mineral wu ors, In .? to visit
J ors, which arc highly curative tor many
I diseases,'und its great ultltudo, it. lias
grown into a groat and fashionable
health r ort.
The Wythoviik' Development Conj^
pany will plaui on th mark< H ptcui
ber ,'io. .".co ri sidi no and business
lots of its property in the new West
End Extension, lying botweoh the
j Wytheville Cotton Mills aud the ??.lack
son Park Hot? 1.'* en both ol which work
has just begun. This prep, rty to lie of?
fered for sale for the first time, Septem?
ber .'in. is the most beautiful property in
Wytheville. and will be prioi il at very
reasonable figures in order to encour?
age Investments. Investments in
Wytheville .real estati within the last
ninety days have bourne from Kit) to IT>00
percent, to investors.
Th.' Norfolk and Western railroad,
running from Norfolk to the West and
Northwest, will have on sale at stations
on line and agencies in New England
special excursion round-trip tickets to
Wytheville, good until October .11.
For further particulars, apply to W.
Ii. YOST, president of the VVytbevillc
Development Company, Wytheville, Va.
,sod2 l-3m
The East Tennessee
Virginia & Georgia
South, Southwest & Vilest.
The linest, Pullman Vestibule sleep?
ing car service in the South?Pullman
Sleepers without change, Roanoke to
Knoxville, Chattanooga, Rome, Annis
ton, Sol Inn, Montgomery, Mobile and
Neu Orleans.
Direct connection made at Home and
Chattanooga with through sleepers for
Ko. any further Informal! >n. address
Trav. Pass. Agl llrlstol. Tonn.
Ass. Oen'l I'ass. Agt.
JyS.ltf (?on. I'ass. Apt. Knoxvillo.Tenn.
A. L. Goki.ky, President.
S. P. GoRliKV, Vice Pr sident.
?I. S. Simmons, Sec'y. and Troas.
Brick and Tile Worts,
.Manufacturers of first-class 'trick of
all kinds, Including No. 1 Press llric.t,
Draining Tile, Ac. Works on West
Campbell street, Roanoke, Va. Box
013. aprl-Om
V* ii HTPTftfVM W. I,. Iinuman Nhoee are
'ii.ttU.iiuW warranted, nntl ovcry pair
'a' 'i Iiis imiiin nml price rttnrnprd oil botloui.
I'lue C'nir nml I.need Waterproof drain.
TUo excelTBhce ami wcnrtiia iirnlltlesof this shoe
.'unnot Ik> iH-iirr Hhowii than by the strong ?udonio
mert? of Its ttuuisauds of coiihinut wearers,
i c>c..oo I i; inline lliiii?l-?c\vrd. nn elegant and
i5 sIvI.hU dross Slim, ?lilch .'ommcn.l? Itncir.
Syj.oo llund-jiowod Well. A line cult shoo
*+ ii nr. I ii.\Hi-. I for stvle ami iluralillltv.
aQ.no Onodyrnr Welt Is tliu standard drts*
O sin.,., at a ivor.ul.ir price.
S0.50 Pollceinnn'e Shoe M cspcclnlly adapted
O fur ntllroail men. farmer*, etc
All made lu I'.mitrcss, Hullen und I.ae?.
$3 & $2 SHOES LADtEs,
.iav been most favornblv received Mnco. Introduced
?ml tin- recent Imptovomenta moke tlic-m ?uperlor
,o any shoos sold nl these price*.
Ask your Dealer. nr..l If 110 cannot supply you rrv..\
alreot to factory enclosing advertised price, or a
pott il for order blank*.
W. I.. O0CUI.A8, Ilrockton, Mnas.
j. F. WINGFi ? ),
Fire, life and accid
suranee, aud real estat.
has moved his office to
Where lie will be pit >;?
see his customers. M. \.
L. Pitzer is with this firm, and
would be glad to see his irieilds.
silverware store
Offers to tho public thoffroatosi i : r.kiaa
ill watohi'8, clocks and jewel. \ .1 all
li tcriptions; also a tine line o! rn*
tripli -plated silverware on tb .i-.t..'.i
mcnt plan at prices lower than ? a be
bought else win re for cash, .veil i*
solicited from all.
H. H: CAM P,
Proprli tor, N Jefferson street. Open,
evenings, nuvis-lm
mineral land.
I I offer for salo 201 acres of Coal andt
I Iron Land, situated In the Catawba \jI
ley of Virginia, eleven miles from Koam
oi;e. Tho outlook for great devt lop
uients on tbis property is splendid. The
ore is a vein of soft brown hematite 38
feet wide and assaying 50 per cent, tno
tallic iron. And the ooal prospects are
line?two shafts having been sunk, one*
"(i and the other 25 feet, through solid
coal slate. Tho property also contain*
a mineral spring, which the analysis oC
Lehmann & Mager proved to possess ro
markable curative powers for all kidnoy
troubles, especially for diabetes. Tht*
enormous quantity of ooal and ore that
will be required tot tho large number of
furnaces and other industrial plants is.
course of construct.on in Southwest Vir?
ginia will greatly increase the already
large demand for these minerals, and
consequently enhance the valuo of suob.
property. Two railroads have been sur
voyed near the property, ono of which
the Roanoko and Craig railroad, and the
other, tho Virginia Western railroad,
will afford valuable connections. Fuller
information can be had by addressing:
II, ROSEN HEIM, 113 W. Baltimore St.,
Baltimore, Md. nov8-3m
By virtue of a deed of trust executed
o mo by II. \V. BoUcvherg, Juno 10,
100, and recorded In th3 Clerk's office
A: ho Hustings Court, at Roauoke city,
Sej ember 22, ls'.il), to secure to W. S.
tloeeh the payment of a certain s-tm
He rein mentioned upon tho property
thereby conveyed, said Bottenberg bo
ing in default in one of said payments
and T. L. Handy & Sons, who assumed1
the payment of the same, being also in
default and having been requested by
the bonelioiary so to do, 1 will offer for
sale, in front of the premises, at publiu
auction, at noon, oh SATURDAY, tho
27th day of DECEMBER, 1S00, the fol?
lowing described proporty: Beginning
at a point on tho north side of Elm
street (Eighth avenue) 101 feet west of
Henry street, thence with Elm stroot.,
south, ss degrees west, -to.'.j foot to u
point; thence north, 30 degrees west.
149 feet to an alloy; thence north, 8(1
degrees east, Hi,1., feet to a point; thenos
south, 30 degrees east, 140 feet to tho
beginning. This is an unparalled op?
portunity to st euro a nice residence,,
pleasantly situated and with all con?
veniences and improvements. Termai.
Cash sufficient to pay costs of salo and'
execution of trust, with amount then
due?say, Si,200. Assumption of f dlow
ing payments: Four notes of 5390.25
each, due respectively In one, two, three
and four yeas, from June U), 1890, with
interest, and about $1,800, duo m
monthly payments, at $40, to Home
Building and Loan Association. Bal?
ance, if any, to bo paid 01 terms an?
nounced at sale.
II. A. VA1DEN, trustee.
Roanoko, Va., November 25, 1890.
TheCitizens Bankof Raanoke
Roanoko, Virginia,
Salem Avenue, letween Jeffersoi. &n<TH
Henry Streets.
J. Ii Ervy, Presidont, l?Vo ca bios
Commercial Bunk Retinol-: \ Va
H M. DlCKlSSO.t,
Accounts of banks, bankers, corpor?
ations, merchants and iudlvidu&hv
solicited. Our fact itios for doing a.
general banking business are equal to
any banking house in Virginia. Col?
lections a specialty and prompt remit?
tances made. Interest allowed on time*
leposits. ml8-tf.
A First-Class Investment
We offer the best security in the city
md pay semi-annual dividends. As a,
savings bank this Institution offers
spi cial inducements. Haid up share*
??ach. Installment shares 3! pe.^
month. Shares may l*> subsorit>ed fac
it any time. For further Information,
iddress The People's Perpetual Loan
and Beilding Association.

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