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Publisnera and Proprlotora.
flilr-l avenue and First street, southwest.
Tun Timks will bodollvorcd Iti Unnnnkc. Sn
ein. mid vinton every moruing by carriers tor
Cents per mouth.
TERMS, nY MAIL, (Postage Prepaid.)
DoJ!y, ono month , < > i i f $
" three mouths - ? ; , , 1.50
" . fclx uiont*** ."*.''., 5l.n0
oiio year."-00
A'l papers sent out of the city must bo paid
for Invariably in advance
TnK Wkhki.v Times, containing the news of
the week hi a more condensed form, ono year,
$1.00 lu advance.
Advertising rates mado known on applica?
tion. _
Ttoms of news, communications, etc., should
*<? addressed to tho Editor of Tiik '1 imks.
Remittances, by express, roonor-onlor, rcp
lKtcred letter, cheque, or draft, should be ad?
dressed and made payable to
Roanoko. Virginia.
Enternd ntjjjio Poatomcc at Hoanokc as sec?
ond-class mailer.
Tin- TIMES controls the fran?
chises of both the Assocm tod
Press and the United Press,
and is the only paper in the
city publishing regular tele?
graphic dispatches.
Till" TIMES can bo lound regularly on
?ado at the following places:
Romuk:e--Gecrge Gravatt, Jr.; M. I..
S Tilth's, Dallis & Dennis', Hotel Ronnoko.
Salern-Allred S. Burclette & Co.'s.^
Pulaski-Maple Shade Inn.
Bluelleld-Bluefleld Inn.
Pocahontas-Pocahontaa Inn.
Bristol, Tenu.-W. A. Ward, Front
WaaLungton-WiUards". The Metropoli?
K. )AN >RB, VA., DEC5MB ]R l. IS00.
All subscribers who fall to receive thoir
papers regularly every morning will con?
fer n favor by notifying Immediately tho
buslncnc ufllocuf THE TIMES.
TIIIJ TIMES will not be responsible for
any bills contracted by employes unless
orders arc Riven for the same by the
general manager.
Senator Turpie's speech, printed in the
telegraph news columns of Tun TIMES
this morning, is a powerful and eloquent
argument against the Force bill.
The Senator realir.es and expresses,
with considerable force, tbo natural
causes which lead to the supremacy of
the white race without regard to sec?
tional lim s.
The defiant sarcasm he hurls at tho
President for recommending tbo pass?
age of the bill carries with it the sting
of truth, and his interpretation of tho
purposes of tho bill are faithful to tho
The picture drawn in the peroral ion
will not he a picture, bat a reality, as
bo predicts, should tho force bill be
oo_ie a law.
On the 17th or this month tho
"Southern Inter-Stato 1 rumigrationCon?
vention," is announced to m -et in the
city of Ashovillo, N. C. Roanoko will
bo represented.
A body of this oharnctor cm accom?
plish much good for the South,in an
immigration point of vi iw, but It re?
quires a nio 3 ty of discrimination and
judgment, indisputable olommits f
generalship, much persist' nt eifert, and
a good d ial of m m ly. \Y i have every
ono of these ingredients in tho South.
Wo hop.; they will In-amply represented
at tho meeting at Ashovillo.
Let all who participate in the Asho?
villo mooting resolve to endorse only
business methods that are visibly prac?
tical, and to put in charge of tho duties
to bo performed men who are thor?
oughly competent. Unless these two
points are homo in mind, there is a
danger that thoir meeting will produce
no results.
The suggestion of Rev. C. H. Buch?
anan to establish a public library,
printed in yestorday's Times, should
reooivo tho sorious consideration of
every citizen of Roanoko who is inter?
ested in tho intellectual development of
the youth of tho city.
Tho dar is past when the possession
of a diploma was a sufficient guarautoo
of a man's education.
This is an ago of books, and to reach
the highest intellectual development
the studont must not lay aside books as
noon as ho makes hisgradu itingspei eh.
The public spirited oitizons of Roan?
oko can establish no institution that
Would be a greater boon to the young
men of the city thau a well-filled pub?
lic library.
It would mako ucltolari? of many who
otherwise would gothrotjgb lifo with in
teller., i dimmed by n lnuk of informa?
Knowledge i* tho basis of o.ir civiliza?
tion a.id any institution that aids in
tho diffusion of I enow I edge among tho
BiJhHtM is a public b.?neflt.
A pubic- Horary would noi only aid In
tho diffusion of knowledge but would
exert a. roflning and elevating influcnco
on many young men who otherwise
would be exposod to tho degrading in?
fluences of evil places.
The passage of tho copyright bill in
the House yesterday will bo a source of
pleasure to author, publisher, and
printer. It creates a property in brains
which has never existed in this country
before, thus stimulating tho creativo
genius of those authors who have sought
other fields of employment for want of
a piPS^VJQ market for tho children of
their fancy.
Nor will it cause any diminution in
Cm output of cheap and standard litera?
ture, as has boon predicted by the op?
ponents of the bill, sinco tho older writ?
ers yearly find a new crop of readers to
onjoy their productions; while tho mak?
ing of many hooks will, by tho law of
competition, result in tho issuing of
cheap editions of tho newor works pro?
tected by tho copyright law.
We have been pirates on tbo sea of
literature long enough, and tho final
passage of this bill, which scorns now
to bo assured, will be hailed with joyby
bohemian or student, novol-devourer
and wisdom-seeker, alike.
Throe Candidate:* Working Hard for the
Lvxcitnvita. L)?c. 3.?[Special]?As
the time for the expiration of the term
of Postmaster Jennings approaches tho
fight for tho suceeslon In the < filca
grows warm. The applicants for the
place are Dr. J. Ii. Wallhell. Mr. J. M.
McLaughlin and Mr. J. W. Swnim.
Dr. \\ althall is relying largely en
anti-Mahono Republican inline; c v\
havimr ardently opposed the little boas
in his candidacy fi>r the Gubernatorial
chair and done good work in effecting
his defeat.
It is understood that he is supported
by such prominent Republicans as ex
Congressman lirady, ex-tJovetnor Cam?
eron, ox-Senator Lewis, lion. John S.
Wise, (Jen. V. 1). I!roner, C. A. lioer
mans, Col. W. C. Pondleton and others.
It is also claimed that the doctor has
the signatures to his petition of 1,700
Republicans in this city, which must
embrace nearly the entire party, white
and black, in Lyr.chburg. A petition in
bis behalf for the signatures of citizens
generally without distinction of politics
is also in circulation and is securing a
number of names. The doctor also
banks somewhat on the fact of having
previously held tho oflico in clr,y
ami nndoivQ ncc^pUble postmaster.
Mr. McLaughlin being n strong Ma
bono man, aas to look look for his
political influcnco to that wing of tho
party, which is now in a woeful minor?
ity, and seems to be in little favor at
Washington. Collector McCaul is ono
of his supporters; but it is understood
I that Mr. McLaughlin will rely to a con?
siderable extent on business inlluences
which he hopes to bring to bear, being
rtcognized in the community as a good
i business m;in and on easy terms with
I many prominent firms.
Mr. Swaiui is conducting a quiet can?
vass and will not press his claims in any
unseemly manner. Ho will hftVC the
goid wishes of many citizens because of
his quiet and gentb manly conduct and
In cause he has never made himself an
''offensive partisan." contenting himself
I generally with simply casting a Repub
; liOan vote. Mr. Swnim is a Northern
I man, but din ing his residence in Lynoh
| burg of some years has by his ciic?ni
i sp. c! ion and propriety of deportment
i won tho respi ct and esteem of not a few
I of our citizens, llo is a member of the
Methodist Protestant Chinch, while Dr.
j Wallhull is a Presbyterian and Mr. Mc?
Laughlin a Catholic. Therefore on the
! booro of denomination tho doctor will
i In: nearest the appointing power, if
i there be any advantage in that.
<'ol<l Weather Kccord Smashed,
j Ampkiisand, Sauanac lakk, N. V.,
. Dec. 3.?At the signal service station
lu re yesterday morning the theomomo
tur registered H degrees below zero, and
reports from otlu r stotions of Adiron
dauks rt e. ird a much lower temperature.
This is tho coldest weather ever experi
i no n in the Adirondacks at this season
ol the year.
I Cambridge *:ity Democrat.
Ijoston, Dee, 3.?, Special]?At the
j Cambridge city election yesterday Hon.
A. I). Alger, Democrat, and the citizens'
candidate for mayor, was ellctod by -I'JIJ
j plurality. The vote for alderman was
very close and a recount may change
I the result. No license adopted by 5-lii
; majority.
Sharp Shook ?f Kartliquake in Mexico.
City ok Mkxico, Dec. 3.?An earth
quake was felt hero ye.Uorday evening
Tho vibrations lasted several minutes,
causing the terrified inhabitants to rush
j from their dwellings into tho streets.
I The shock was the most severe ono fell
j h< ro for several years.
Drowned in Take TohoptikuliRa.
Jack80.WH.lk. Pia., Dec. 3. ?Four
1 members of a party of settlers from New
j Haven, Conn., were drowned by tho cap
! sizing of a sailboat on Lake Tohopokal
I iga, near Kissimmo, Saturday. They
j were Mrs. 10. B. Turner, George Her
'burt, Mr. Case, and Frank I. Greene.
j Iletn-ern Tour Mem Armed With Knlrce.
I Fou r Smith, Ark.. Dec. 3.?Four men,
two on a side, met on tbo highway yes?
terday and fi ujht with knives. ?ne ol
the men. named Gillura, wa. out
! seriously across the neck, and he will
, die. Two others, Hammond and hia
j son, are badly cut.
Rcqnoathed S-joo.ooo to Cornell.
! Ithaca, N. V., I) c. 3.?It was publicly
I announced here yesterday that the late
I D. It. Fnyorwcatbor, the millionaire
j leather meiohant of New York city, left
by Iiis will tbo sum of $200,000 to Cornel I
! i nlvorsily.
The lri-.li l ain! Illll.
London, D o 3.?(Special)?In the
> House o( Commons to-day tbo Irish land
bill paus? A .t.. .v oond r< nding by a Vuu
of 20? to Pavm il and his folio We is
I vol. -.1 with '?. ?? , ?. ?i.
KpUtle Ttirowln; ConsMor&b'.a Idcbt
on Otctaboma AR'.ilri.
^>4^^ n Pi5i0 County?
^\5r!7,_? Mo., is in rc
?P*Nl ooipt of tbo fol?
lowing letter
from his broth?
er, Horn, now in
Oklahoma, Wo
reproduce the
epistlo ber.auso
it throws an in?
teresting lish1;
on tho social
movotnents o f
tho n o w and
growing Terri?
City, Oct. 4,
Drau Jack
leg: 1 tako my
pen in hand
agin to Inform you that thero is a
heap of privation hero. You hain't git
no whisky for love nor money.
The fruit crop is poor, but tho bury
business is lively.
That thero wooden b?g of flank Tar
sons' has got him into trouble agin.
Th'other Jay a fire- broke out in tho lim?
ber bctwoon tho hours of two o'clock
and Jerkwater creek, and Hank sas
shayeddown to help put it out. Som'crs
or ruthor tho wooden leg ought C:e and
was fatally burnt. Also, Hank w.;*. too.
dim-Tom Purdy lost his wifo last j
week. His neighbor on tho next claim |
east was a Texas man. Von sen, Jim
Tom was allors braggin' what a mighty
peart woman his wifo was, and this
"went on till tho Texas man got tired of
waiti r for Mrs. Purdy to becomo a Wid?
der in tho natural order of events, and
shot Jim-Tom. Keats all how little pa?
tience some people has trot.
During a soorot session of the grand
jury, ylstorday, Hud Thorn was kotchod
with six a:os up his sleevo. His oxouso
that the mustard plaster on his back
drawed 'em up thero wouldn't go down.
Funeral this afternoon. Tho way of
the transgressor is hard.
Thero was considerable sport at tho
shivaroe Saturday night. You seo, nfter
the hoys strung up Hi Springer for
som'pin or ruthor, iko Cuddyhunk pes?
tered around tho widdor considerable
He stirred her soft soap and shot some
feller who came foolin' round, and so
proceeded till tho widdcr bogan to
smell a rat, so to speak. Seein' sho
loved him. Iko tried to crawfish out of
it, which harrowed the lady's feelings
till sho pintodly 'lowed ho'd marry her j
or stand a suit for breach of promise, lie
done jt.
Wall, of course, the boys aimed at do?
ing tho square thing by tho happy
couple. So, long toward midnight, jW0|
three dozen of us sasshayei ovor with
cow-bells, tin kettles, bull rattles,
?lcigh bells, a buzz-aaw on a polo, and so
forth. At 11:10 wo opened up with thoso
various instruments, and unreserved
yells. At 11:12 tho bride opened up
with a sc.attcr-gun loaded with nails and.
sech, and tho groom eomo out with an?
other. A 11.12a right lively footrace
opened up and continued clear down to
tho creek. A tourist from tho East,
who went along to patticipato in tho
merrymakin', hain't been seen sinco.
Sympatblztn' people in various' com?
munities aro sending aid hero. IVisht
you'd send me somo. Send it in gallon
jugs in a box, ahout four of 'em, and
marl: it "hardware."
My lovo to all tbo folks. No moro at
present, from your lovln' brother,
lions W. McCoud.
P. 8. That there leg of Hank Parsons'
I is tho samo one that got fast in tho
! bridge one Christmas evn. and kept
! Hank there till morning with tho tlmr
momoter down bolow Cairo.?Tom P.
1 Morgan, in Munsey's Weekly.
Dornest o Economy.
Daughter?Pa, you remember yon told
me to save all the pieces of string from
store packages and wind them into a
Economical Pa?Yes, ray dear, did
Daughter?Every bit, and it makes
the cutest little ball you ever saw Now
I'm going to knit a handly little hag to
put it in Hive me. a dollar and fifty
cents for zephyr, please. ?N. Y. Weekly.
a Strinz? Co.nci.l-no ?.
Mrs. Wood It McAllister?Dear, isn't
it lovely? 1 seo hero by a little articlo
I that the Vanderbilt children arc sent to
bed regularly every evening before,
eight o'clock, and arc made to rise bo
fore seven. Isn't it cute?
Mrs. IIabbur-Dasher?Yes?soliko my
own little darlings! ?Light
Itnoz-Iv'i? Hn Al lermao.
Rrown Smith? That's a big diamond
Hoo/.ely sports.
Robinson Jones?Yes; it's ono of
thoso phosphorescent diamonds which
absorb light.
R. S. ?Ah, I supposo it has ahsorbed
tho light of his intellect.?Jewelers'
Woman In Ilm iifii.
Rrown?You were a nice time getting
that book
Mrs. Rrown ?Iliad to ride across town.
Rrown?How was that?
Mrs. Rrown?I heard of a place whero
I could get It two cents cheaper. ?Har?
per's Bazar.
,1 Klo? Q.ilet City.
First Drummer?The new clock in the
public building in Philadelphia will run
a wholo year withoutst>ppin?
Second Drummor?You don't mean
run, you mean go. Nothing runs in
Philadelphia.? Jewelers Circular.
Ii II * In In \ liana itoel.
Spig?ot t -Bernhardt says tho part of
Cleopatra tits her to perfection.
Sogay- Oh. that's too thin.
Spigtrott?Not at all Nothing can bo
too thin io lit Hernhardt. ?The Jury
s!i K i ?v it in
Farmer Oatcak - I'm goln' inter town
I this mornin*. M'rla, .-itii a load of rye
Mafia?And I suj ?>.-,? y ?u || come
I bome\ again with a loa-', of rye, tuo.?
1 LightX
1J0 Comrurroo street.
Our Opening is Over.
Wo are now ready with complete lines
of new dres6 goods in every deportment.
Dress Goods is our Specialty,
We have tho handsomest collection of
novelties, plaids. Stripes and plain ma?
terials of every sort ever opened in
Our assortment is equal to those of
largo cities. Our prices aro correct, and
you can do better shopping with us than
you can in tho city.
Tie sure to see bur line of silks and
black and colored dress goods.
Ladies' cloaks, Misses' cloaks and
children's cloaks of every sort, now
ready. Tho garments shown by us
represent the latest conceits of the
mode, and every garment is made in a
thorough and most stylish manner.
You will tind our priei 8 correct.
Of all sorts from lowest grades to best |
qualities. Ladies' heavy, .Jersey ribbed I
vests at iTi cents. Mens' good heavy j
merino shirts at ~'< cents. Children's
vests from 15 cents u;>.
We have all grades in white, natural
wool, scarlet, etc., for ladies,gentlemen
and children.
Bargains in blankets comforts and
Heironimus & Bnd.
Heal estate agents, first floor Times
Persons listing property with us can
bo certain that it will have careful at?
tention. Correspondence solicited.
Sale of stock of International Cigar?
ette Machino CoinDany.
The following list of subscribers to
tho capital stock of the International
Cigarrctte Maobino Company having
failed to pay assessments duo by them,
to wit:
Names. 6 c R
y, v. <
W.O.Kenney. trus 4, 5. ?, io 300.00
w. P. (taker. .v rts 700.00
T. W. Spindle_5, 0, 40 800.00
N. T. Nininger... <i SO 500.00
A. T. Maupin.6 ;"? 50.00
W. I*. Moomuw... <"> 30 300.00
Ii. L. (Iroider. 20 200.00
John Sheridan_0 10 100.00
M.T.C.Jordan... 4,5,0, 10 300.00
It. Prince.G ]?> 100.00
M. il.Claytor.4, r., o, :. 150.00
,Ino. McQuado_ 0 10 100.00
j E. S. Dinklc. ? jo 100.00
! W. O. Kenney_4, 5, ft, 10 300.00
j Notice is hereby given that said stock
i will be sold at. the front door of the
'; Hustings' Court house of the oity of
j Koanoke. under Sections 1127, 1128 and
; 1120 of the Code of Virginia, at public
auction, on Saturday. December 115, at
12 o'clock M. By order of tho Board
of Di? clors.
it. ii. wooimuM,
President I n't. Cigarette Machine Co
] KENN A COCKE. nov?-lm
Tho annual meetihp, of Ihn Norfolk
and Western Railroad > ompany, held
May 7th 1800, having adjourned to meet
at the call of tie- chairman of tie- meet?
ing or the president of tin- company, an
adjourned meeting then of is hereby
called, and a ill be held on the fifteenth
day of Die-tuber. I800.nl 10 a. m., at
tho ofh'oe of tin company, in the sity of
Koanoke, Va., for the purpose of n ceiv
a report of the president relating to
action taken by tho company under
authority given :>'? tin annual mooting
in securing control ol the Shenandoah
Valley railroad and transact any other
business that insiv ?perly come before
tho meeting ' WILLIAM LAMB,
F. J. KIM ?A 1 i . Chairman.
President Norb .' Western Kail
road Company. n'M ?> do,13,14
AM' 1 ? A ! BltS IN A 1,1. KINHS OK
ml and itting, Itooting,
Sp 1 ? in ? .nd Jobbing.
i ?
It Sub.vv.nn* KOANOKE, VA
And everybody that buys groceries.
You want to save your monoy by buying whore the
And tho stock largo and varied to select from.
Pure and fresh, can be had by calling.
Jefferson street. Groceryman. tf
s at
The model jewelry bazaar is teeming with all that is
beautiful aud attractive.
Elegaut silverware, beautiful clocks, unique pottery, vases,
bromes, latest novelties. More holiday presents than
ever before at Fickens'. Come at once and see the
prettiest goods in town.
A XT" 1 T3^
From tho lloanoke Vineyard (Washington Heights), at No. ?! Jefferson street.
vT . IB _^a_ Ij I S S .
T. Francis Barrett & Co.
Wo hav'4 a very fmo quality of crushed coke. This is now being vorv
much us ^j for domestic purposes instead of anthracite coal, and gives great,
satisfaction. Office 28 Salem Avonuo uj stairs. Semd orders ahead of time if
y? <t need the supply, so as to be ?uro to have it at the time needed.
28 Salem avenue upstairs.
T. Francis Barrett & Co,
Lumber, Laths and Shingles.
Builders, give us a call before placing your orders.
Office 2S Salem avenue upstairs,
rand Closing
59 Salem Ave., Corner Henry St.
Having decided to discontinue our boot and shoe de?
partment, we will commence to close out our entire stock
of ladies' misses' and children's shoes and men's and boys'
boots and shoes at above mentioned place
^rnr cost! ^.zn 0030:1
Every pair of shoes and boots is marked out in plain
figures the cost price of them, and same will be sold for
cash and cash only, which is a reduction of from 35 to 55
per cent, on the dollar.
This is 110 catch or humbug, but a bona fide and de?
termined closing out sale. Everybody is cordially in?
vited to call and select while the stock is all new and
fresh. Remember this sale will only be for a short time,
and we advise everybody in need of shoes or boots to come
at once and lay in their supplies One price to every?
body, which is cut price, and marked in plain figures.
For Cash and Cash Only.
Respectfully yours,
Boston Boot and Shoe House,
59 Salem Ave., Comer Henry St.

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