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A Famous Knntuolcr Highway Familiar
to All NtudouU of lllstorv.
The road I traveled was that groat
highway hetwoon Kontucky and tbo
South which at various times within a
hundred years has boon known as tho
Wilderness Road, or tho Cumberland
Road, or the National Turnpiko, or tho
"Kalntuok Hog Road," as it was called
by tho mountaineers. It is impossible
to come upon this road without pausing,
or lo wrlto of it without a tribute, it
led from Baltimore ovor tho mountains
of Virginia through tho great wilderness
by Cumberland dap. All roads below
Philadelphia convorgo at this gap, just
as tho buffalo and Indian trails had
earlier converged, and just as many
railroads aro converging now. Tho im?
provement of this road becamo in timo j
tho pot schotno of tho Stato govern- !
monts of Virginia and Kentucky. Be- i
fore tho war millions of hoad ol stock? I
.horaos, ho?s, cattle, mules?woro driven I
Over it to the Southern markets; and I
thousands of vehicles, with familios and !
servants and trunks, have somehow |
passed over it; coining northward over j
it into Kentucky, or going southward on I
pleasure excursions. During the war
vast commissary stores passed back and
forth, following the movement of ar?
mlos. Uutdospite all this?despite all
that has boon dono to civilize it sinco
Boono traced its course in lT'.M), this
honored historic thoroughfare remains
to-day as it was in the beginning, with >
all its sloughs and sands, its mud and
holos, and jutting lodgos of rock and
loose bowlders, and twists and turns,
and general total depravity.
Is it not surprising that when tho !
original Kontuckians woro settled on
tho blue-grass plateau they sternly sot
about the making of goods roads, and
to this doy remain the best road-builders
in America. One such road was enough, j
They aro said to have been notorious ;
ior profanity, those who came into Kon?
tucky from this side. Naturally. Many
wore infidels?thoro are roads that make
a man lose faith. It is known that tho
more pious companies of them, as thoy
traveled -along, would now and then ?
give up in despair, sit down, raise a 1
hymn, and have prayers before they
could go further. Perhaps one of tho I
provocations to homicide among the |
mountain people should ho reckoned j
this road. I have seen two of the mild- '
est of men, after riding over it for a
few hours, lose their temper and begin
to tight?fight any thing?light their
horses, fight the Hies, tight tho cob- ?
webs on their noses.?.lames La no Al?
len, in ilarpor's Magazlno.
Tho Kmnloymeiit or Ilm New Motnl Would
Incroano the Hneotl <>r Stoainera.
In talking with some ocean steamship I
officers yesterday about tho length of i
voyages between hero and Liverpool,
apropos of the racing which has been
going on during the last two years, they
all agreed that timo would not bo short- |
oncd until one or both of two things i
shall be accomplished?the lessening of I
the weight of tho ships and the decreas?
ing of the amount of fuel consumed. '
Tho second is partially included in the
first of course.
"How can thoy bo accomplished?" I
"Weil, the use of aluminum will
lassen the dead weight of the ships. ;
Matty exports in metal are experiment- ,
ing. and It will not be long before alu?
minum will be manufactured as cheaply
as Steel, of such quality that it can bo '
...used for the construction of ships. !
There is plenty of aluminum; but the
problem is its separation from tho
dross. 1 believe that before the lapse
of llvo years aluminum will bo manu?
factured of such quality that the samo
strength and endurance can bo got as
from steel, with half the weight. A
vossol of tho size of tbo City of Paris,
or Teutonic, or Normannia, will then
not weigh as much by many thousand
tons as any one of thoin now doos, so
that engines of tho samo horse power !
will drivo thorn through tho water
faster."?N. V. Star.
A Female Driver Moots a Man Who Hail
Never (Iom> Through College.
Wagon loaded with building stone
going up Cass avenue on tho right hand j
side. Two womon in a phaoton com?
ing down Cass avonuo on tho loft hand
side. Horses moot betid to hoad and
Lady driver?Say!
Wagon driver? Well?
"W-what do you moan?"
"What do you mean?"
"Why don't you turn out?"
"Why don't you?"
"I t isn't my placo to."
"And it isn't mine."
"Yes, It is; you aro on tho wrong
"Dog your pardon. The law says keep
to tho right.''
"Hut I'm to the right."
"No, ma'am; you aro to tho loft."
"Mrs. Smith, which is my right hand?'*
she asked of hor companion.
"Why, this one."
"Thon I'm wrong!"
"Well, 1 don't carol He ought to
know that I don't know how to drivo,
and am almost Bcart to death, and that
l'vo run into throo grocery wagons al?
ready this morning. You cluck nnd I'll
null and we'll turn out, but that man ia
no gentleman. I dcr.'t boliovo lie evon
wont through college."?Dotrolt Erco
A Heal Tragedy.
"What's the mat tor?'' asked the stage
manager, who noticed that something
was going wrong during tho grave-dig?
ging scene in 'Hamlet.'
"It's the first grave-digger," whis?
pered Horatio. "Ho says that unless
tho manager sends him back tho price
of a square meal, he's going to eat tho
oa f of bread they're using for Yorick's
skull."?The Jury.
?The net gain of the Lutheran
church, in this country in IS30 in her
communicant memborahlp w?.s OS,0-10.
Sho now has 7,011 churchoi, 4,OPJ min?
isters, and 1,030,C4b communicant inem?
A Native Reformer'* Able Attacks on the
Land'? Great Kvil.
The namo of Bebramjl Malabar! de
servos to bo known and rospoctod in
England as that of a native Indian who
is doing good work in social reforma?
tion. Ho is ono of the abl?st and at the
ifamo timo moat temporato assailants of
tho groatost social ourso of India?In?
fant marriage. In a pamphlet which ho
has published ho invites English women
to realize if thoy can tho meaning of
such expressions as "Infant marriage,"
"baby wife," "girl mother," "virgin
widow," As wo explained tho other
day, if a "wifo" bocomos a "widow,"
oven wbilo sbo is still an infant, a
widow she must remain all her days.
Tho most i]ll-fated of theso child
wives aro, of course, those who hecomo
wives not merely in law, but in fact, at
ages varying from Ion totwelvo. "Girls
of twelvo and thirteen," writes Mr.
Malabar!, "have to bear the burdens of
wifehood and motherhood," and ho adds
that "not a row of those martyrs suc?
cumb to tbo shock of tho first child?
birth." This horrible, this hideous
practice of child-marriage explains
most, if not all. of the poverty and tho
misery?tho physical and moral deg?
radation?to bo soon in hundreds of
thousands of native Indian families.
One of tho worst, forms of girl-inarrlago
is known as "marrying tbo girls to the
gods, which practically means slavery
of body and soul to priests, great num?
bers of whom live upon tbo immorali?
ty of their girl-wives. This dreadful
custom of child-marriage is ono which
tho Legislature that had tbo courage to
abolish suttee has been afraid to med?
dle with. 11 was universal. To uproot
it would have soemed liko' uprooting
nativn society.
Hut the custom Is doomed, neverthe?
less. And its extinction will come
about in a way not tbo least flattering
to tho rulo of tho English. The con?
demnation of child tnarringo is coming
from tho people themselves. Its dis
appoaranco will not bo the work of a
day, but when it does come it will be a
splendid tribute to the benign civilizing
Influence of England in tbo East. Mr.
Malabari's own country men, t ho Parsoos
of Bombay, have for years been labor?
ing in tho good cause with a
zeal and intelligence which it would
bo dilllcult to overpraise. Wc bavo
already describe,! how tho native
barbers of Bombay have pronounced
against the cruel custom. Tbo edu?
cated and intelligent natives of Madras
an: petitioning for fixing tho minimum
ago of girl marriages at fourteen years.
Mr. Malabari's own proposals as to limit
of age, right to romarry.etc, aredotailod
in the pamphlet to which wo bad re- j
forrcd. .Nor should it. bo forgotten that |
BOino of tho native chiefs uro not only !
theoretically ill favor of reform, but I
have introduced it of their own freo
will and without any recommendation
from tho supreme government. Tho
intervention of thosuproiuo government
has been chiefly confined to collecting '
evldonco on the quostion throughout
tho length and breadth of India and to
the distribution of papers to thn local
administrations.?London News.
Call Like to lie Petted Even If They Act
a I.it tie Shy.
We sec a cat come stealthily rubbing
up against, a chair log. the bead in?
clined coquottishly ovor ono shoulder, j
regarding us with a furtively, coaxing :
smile. With a flirt liko that, whether I
maid or matron, there is no occasion for |
ceremony. Von snatch her up on your I
knee; she pretends tobe offended and to I
struggle to escape. But she curls her?
self up with a sensuous purr when you |
begin tickling the fur that lies just be- |
bind tho ear, and thenceforth it is
plain sailing. It is very dif- i
foront with a corpulent and I
sturdy Tom, who, though ho may
bavo luxuriated in coinfortablo
quartors all bis life, has, nevertheless,
bad bis sad experiences and seen some?
thing of tbo worst side of human j
nature. Mischievous boys have heaved
half bricks tit him, ill-bred and un?
sympathetic servants have resented his
patrician manners, expeling hlni with
ignominy from tbo lower regions and
sometimes punching his bead. Even
bis master, who is tbo reverse of a puss
omaniac, may novor bavo appreciated
him according to bis merits. No won?
der that a cat of that stamp should bo
slightly misanthropic and suspicious. ,
Naturally bo mistrusts a stranger's ad- ]
vancos, but, nevertheless, there is some?
thing in your voice which sends a cjuiv- !
or through bis ears and makes him
visibly relax the rigidity of bis
tail. You and ho might pass for j
a couple of Free Masons mooting in '
a foreign country and exchanging tho
first of the mystical signs. The chances
aro ho may sidlo up toward you wbon
you show an unmistakable desire to con?
verse; but possibly ho may stani oil his
dignity, boing a self-respecting animal,
and force you to dive after him undor
tbo tables, llo has no thought of elud?
ing you, or he would bavo made, a bolt
of it to somo im practicable vantage
ground long bofore; and, onco in your
bands, he resigns himsolf voluptu?
ously to caressing, sheathing the formi?
dable claws that might strike torror
into a bull-dog. It may bo said that
there is nothing surprising in a potted j
and decently-educated cat hohaving ?
civilly to any stranger under bis own |
roof, though civility is ono thing and j
familiarity at first aight is another.? j
Saturday Beview.
? "Ih'idgc/j^'a-vkod my wife, sonic '
days after her advent, '"do you know i
bow to stono chorrios?" The cook ro- i
luctantly confessed herself a "metag- j
gnostic,'' which, according to tho new t
cWnagO of tho Brooklyn Ethical Asso?
ciation, signifies ono who has chcount- j
o red something boyond her know lodge. 1
"It is very simple," said my wife.
"Press the cherry so, and out comes tbo
stone." My wifo thoughtlessly put
the cherry into her mouth and left the
kitchen. When Bridget's work was In?
spected a dish of stones was all that re?
mained of tbo luscious fruit, our treas?
ure having faithfully followed the ex?
ample set her and Industriously eaten
all tho cherries.
For Bargains in Real Estate,
Fine residence and business property, in any part of Roanoke,
call on or address
Roanoke, Va. Office Stewart Building, Third avenue, opposite city postoffice.
Wc have a very line quality of crushed coke. This is now heing very
much used for domestic purposes instead of anthracite coal, and gives great
satisfaction. Ofiico 28 Salem Avenue upstairs. Send orders ahead of time if
yen need the supply, so as to he sure to have it at the time needed.
28 Salem avenue upstairs.
Formerly with X. it W. R. R.
Formerly with X. & \Y. R. R.
Real Estate and Insurance Agents, 13 Jeffer?
son street, Roanoke, Va.
Lock box 266.
Correspondence solicited.
Vice President.
Sec'y Ok Tr.,
Lumber, Laths and Shingles.
Builders, give us a call before plating your orders.
Office 2S Salem avenue upstairs,
Old Dominion Investment Co.
Makesand Negotiates First-Class Investments.
E HAVE made a reduction of 10 per
cent, on all winter suits and over?
coats for the holidays. Mens', youths' and
boys' suits. Overcoats in meltons, kersey,
chinchilla, cheviot and satin lined.
Neckwear and underwear department
Distinctly tie Richest Mining Town in Soiwest Virginia.
The largest mines, the l iehest lands, the finest timber surrounds Ivanhoo.
The Xo. 1 furnace of the Xew Kiver Mineral Company now in successful
Old Established Clothiers, Jefferson Street, Wright Block, j Large Foundry, Machine Shops
Roanoke Trust, Loan and Safe Deposit Co. aiui stove Works
Statement, October 31,1 890.
Loans and discounts..
Heal ?'State.
Cash on hand and in banks
Expenses and taxes.
.$325,007 :tl
. 223,20a 00
. 13,500 00
000 00
. 115,50.1 53
2,887 02
8080,1113 HI
Capital.$250,000 00
Undivided profus and gross
earnings. 127.OS.", 15
Deposits on certificate. ',15,084 73 j
Deposits on check. 107,450 02
Kills payable. 5,058 33 |
Rediscounts. 34,735 23
$080,11)3 -10
P. L. TERRY, Pres. S. \Y. JAM (SON, Sec y.
Directors: iL S. Trout, Edw. Xininger. s. VY. Jamison, P. L.Terry,
J. A. Jamison.
Roanoke, Va.
Pulaski City, Va.
Under construction. Free sites and liberal inducements to manufacturers.
Immense limestone and iron and zinc mines are being worked or developed
within the town. Important industries secured, and negotiations pending
for others.
A railroad junction in the heart of the greatest
iron region in the United States. The only
town on this great Southern connec?
tion of the Norfolk and Western
IThe world famous limonite and mountain ores of the Cripple Creek Val
ley and the celebrated Gossan and magnetic ores of Carroll county are within
minimum haul of lvanhoe. In direct communication with the Pocahontas
I coal and coke fields. Heing 2,000 feet above the sea the climate is unsur
i passed by the celebrated mountain resorts of the world. Vast tracts of Virgin
forests close to hand that can he tloated down to Ivanhoo.
Bluefield, W. Va.
The above houses offer superior accommodations to the travel-1
-ling public. Sample rooms for commercial men.
Pied 3=3. Foster, H^cirLSLgrer..
Drewers and Rottlors of Pure Lager Reer.
Export E-39I a, Specietlt:
Telephone, No. 104, Roanoke, Vjrginia.
Magnificent hotel, stores and dwellings under
contract. The cheapest and best lots
in the South.
vanhoe Land and Improvement Co.
era JO

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