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The Organizations of Roanoke
for Pleasure and Improvement.
Short and Interesting Sketches of the
MubIcuI, Social mni Literary Societies
or the City?What Thoy lire?"Who Coin
pone Them?llounoko Society us Llvo
l v an Its ltuslncHN.
Roanoke is a humming, hustling city.
A great stream of humanity is con?
stantly rushing along its principal
thorough tares in counter currents.
Everybody is on business bent in the
varied and manifold avocations of liTe.
Hut the incessant business tension can?
not bo forever kept up.
Thero must bo sonio .relaxation, and
there aro to be found in Roanoke many
social and intellectual organizations,
whose aims and purposes aro to Ollgago
in short hours of pleasuro and profit,
which does not at all detract from the
business qualifications of their members,
but only enables them to work all the
better when returning to their routine
Ono of the most profitable of all Un?
social clubs of'tbo city is the Roanoke
Musical Society, which is only of recent
growth, the organization having been
perfected last September.
Tho officers of t he society tire: Paul
Ooornor, A. ('. M., musical director; ?).
C. Cook, president, and Daniel Hitler,
secretary and treasurer.
The society's hall is on the south?
east corner of Salem avenue and Henry
At present, the organization has a
men's chorus, but, possibly in a few
months it will haVOestablished a mixed
The. instrumental section will stari
in January next with six instruments.
Including all the instruments needed to
render a good class of chamber music,
except a cornet. A cornet, player would
he a great and welcome accusation to
the musical society.
The. total membership of these follow?
ers of Molpomine is twenty,seven.
Captain Charles Lyle is president of
tho Roanoko Dancing club, and 11. s.
Roberts is vice-president. The exec?
utive committee contistsof .1. 11.1 tarl.
Lee H. Simmons and It. H. (Ireider.
Roanoke has had a dancing club for
about six years, and tho present, organi?
sation is the lineal sncci ssor to tho Hr. t
one established. It has on its roll
thirty members.
The Rorer Hark Literary Society is
an institution which also has added the
customary pleasure features, such as
dancing and whist parties.
The officers are B. Hond, prosldcnt:
Mrs. Charles Irwin, v ice-president, and
"Mrs. E. Hond. secretary and treasurer.
The oxcciltlve committee consists of
Harry Warner, Hugh i'ry and Mr. Har?
lot t.
The St. Andrews Society has probably
the largest membership of any of Un?
social organizations in Roanoke. The
members now on its roll reach up as
high as 185. The organization is com?
posed largcy of the young people of the
Catholic Church and is now about three
(years old. While it is largely a liter?
ary organization, it also has added be?
nevolent and charitable features. It
gives entertainments once every month,
the proceeds of which aro devoted to
charitable purposes.
The officers of the St. Andrews Society
are.I. H. lirlan, president; John McDor
I mott, vice-president; John Carr, secre?
tary and A. Sau tor, treasurer. The
board of managers consists of R. M,
Casey, Councilman John Shoehan and
A. Sauter.
Tho Clover Club is one of the loading
literary societies of Roanoke. It was
organized about, a year ago as the
Shakespeare Club, but, desiring to
widen its held of literary study and not
confine itself to one author, it was de?
cided that a change of name was also
necessary, and consequently it is now
called the Clover Club.
Tho meetings of the society are held
every Monday night at the residence of
Mrs.Stone, on Church street. The club
has now twenty members, all being of
tho most literary, intellectual and ac?
complished pooplo of Roanoke. More
interest is manifested by the members
than over before, and the club is doing
hotter work than at any time, in its
The officers of tho club aro C. E.
Crave president. and Miss M. F.
Stonr j&crotary.
A- /her society, whoso purpose, is
ilia y to furnish enjoyment to those
who engage in tho "maizes of tho
i dance," is the Junior German Club.
Tho president is Warren Well ford;
tho vice-president, Hubert Elliott; the
treasurer, Fred (1. Dennett; and tfie sec?
retary, Austin No'al. Tho executive
committee consists of tho officers of the
club with It. Ij, Wright, Austin Wood
son, C. A. Carpenter lind lohn Trout.
The membership of tho club consists
of about thirty-live of the lending socie?
ty young men of the city Its germans
arc given at Rorer Park Hotel.
Tho New Discovery.
You have hoard your friends anil
neighbors talking about it. You may
yoursolf bo one of the many who know
from personal experience just bow good
a thing it is. If you have ever tried it,
you aro one of its staunch friends, be
? cause the wonderful thing about it is,
that when once given a trial, Dr. King's
New Discovery ever after holds a place
in tho house. If you have never used
it and should be a til ic ted with a cough,
cold or any throat, lung or chest trou?
ble,,secure a bottle at. onco and give it
a fair trial. It is guaranteed every time
or money refunded. Trial bottles free
at Rudwell, Christian it Harbee's drug
A I.uily in Texas Writes:
[ My case is of long standing, has
^baffled many physicians; have tried
every remedy 1 could hear of. but Hrad
?flold's Female Regulator is all that re
MLevod mo. Write The Brad field Rcgu
Btor Co.. Atlanta, da., for further par
^Kiilars. Sold by all druggists.
MB A. It. c. Remedies r? bet ter indorsed
Pfhnn any on t he market. They merit.
? your attention.
Bthe TIMES Is the leading paper of tho
Mineral belt of tho two Virginias. 11* you
Hw>t to keep posted on the dovelopmen
^^Blis section you cunnoVjitlnrfi. t,> !?>??
J" TT S T 33 "ST ? UHI IST ? __J I
Wo have inaugurated a "Just by Chance" Bale yesterday. A sale of
juvenile suits, a sale that will provo decidedly to all interested in the
economical purohaso of mens', youths' and children's clothing.
c CTTJ3T - IB"^ - CHIAnsrC-B.3
We have made an untimely purchase of several hundred beautiful and
stylish suits for num. We desire to impress the people of Roanoke and sur?
roundings generally with the truth that suits of prcoisoly th(> same grade,
finish and material are now being sold everywhere for $13.50, 814, SI 4.50 and
$15. Wo will let them go during this week for ?10.
We shiill place on sale 200 diagonal or "Whitncy"-ovcrconts that formerly
sold for SI 1 and 813. Wo will let them go during this sale for 80.00. We also
place on salo 150 men's Melton cassimero or kersey overcoats in light and
dark colors, all sizes, for $10, worth ?14 and 815.
if _a_ nsr t s .
Gentlemen, if you need a pair of pants, if you have any idea of purchasing
a pair of pants, if you wear pants?and most likely you do?then you'll bo
wonderfully interested in our marvelous sale of elegant pants for S->.7.'>.
$4, $4.50 AND $5.
$4, $4.50 AND $5.
It is only natural to suppose that we do not make this extraordinary sacri?
fice of values here advertised without some <jood and sufficient reason! Here
it is Wo want to put our house prominently before the people as being the
best house in the city for men and hoys to patronize for clothes and hats and
shoes and haberdashery. Wo feel sure wo can win your good will and your
constant patronage w hen you come to know our square dealing and open
banded method of doing business. We feel cortain that we can accomplish
our desire if we can once bring you into our store, and show you the kind or
clothes we sell, the lew prices we ask and the beautiful assortment displayed
In our enormous stork: therefore, we have decided to devote a week's time
and a good deal of money in our effort to make your acquaintance, and have
you know us, our goods and our prices.
Our sale began yesterday and will terminate December 13.
9 Salem Avenue (Kirk Building), Roanoke, Va.
03 j
101 !
00 J
*Nrcw York, Dec. 11.?ISpecial|?Ex?
change quiet and steady at. [email protected]
Money easy at 3 to last loan at 3.
Sub-treasury balances?gold, 8144,871,
000: currency. 83,732,000. Government
bonds dull and steady?4s, 122; 4}tfs, 103.
state bonds entirely neglected.
Ala. C A 2-:is..
do. Cl. If 5s. .
(la. 7s uiortg'o.
N. C. ?ls.
do..48 .
s. c. con dir...
Tenn. ?'>s.
Tenn. r>s.
Tonn. sett...
Vir. 08.
Vir. consuls. .
Ch. .t N. W..
do prefcr'd.
Did. & Luck .
B. Tenn.. new
Lake Shore ..
L. & N.
Mom. ?sChar.
Mol?. & i ?hio.
N. dkC.
, 20
IN. O. Pa.,1st..
N.Y. Cen.
X. & W. prof..
IN. I'ac.
N. l>ao. prof..
Pno. Mail ....
R. & W. P.T'l
Uock Island..
M. I'aul.
|St. Paul prcf. Hi
Pacific.. 13
00 ft!
38 H
I An Extraordinary Hostert Cereal und Its
iVcuUir I'ropcrtlcs.
While the Stanley expedition was
i crossing a portion of the southern ox
| tromity of the Sahara Desert, they wero
I made acquainted with the peculiar prop?
erties of a plant known only to that
region, called by the Arabs culll kola, or
the laughing plant. Prof. Salchi, at?
tached to the expedition, was fortunato
enough to secure several tine speci?
mens of this peculiar plant, which he is I
Tn.Conl & Ir'n 28?
Union Pacific. 45 J
j N. .1. Ceil. '.??">'
, Mo. Pacific.. v :.s:
West. Union . 7.V
, Cot. oil T. C. 153
Brunswick ... 17
"Mob. & 0. 58
Silver Cor- 105
We will wait on you promptly if you
want yourself or baggage carried to any
point in the city. Magic City Tkaxs
I'Kit Co.. 11~ .lelfeison St. novl3-tf
The Stenographic Bureau, room 7,
Masonic Temple, will send an expert
stenographer and type writer to any of?
fice. Call up telephone 150. nov5-lm
? all up telephone 150 and have a sten?
ographer sent to your Olli CO to do your
correspondence or any other work you
may wish done. The Stenographic and
Typo Writing Iturenu, room 7, Masonic i
pkoouc1-: am) mkkciia*h>ise.
CiucAGO, Dee. II. -|Special 1?Flour
steady, unchanged; No. 3 spring wheat.
00 Jf; No. 3 spring wheat, [email protected]; No. :.'
red, '.H l.i"(,.il;;4: No. " corn, 52V. No. 3
oats. 17;-_.<"'?? ""??'? Mess pork. [email protected]
s.;t7',: lard, :>.7o; short rib?, (loose)
5.00(^5.05; short clear, [email protected];
whiskey. 1.14.
Nkw Youk, lice. 11.?[Special"!?
Southern Hour steady, quiet. Whcjat
nominally higher; No. L' red, 1.03 ft;
elevator; 1.0554 afloat; options opened
weak and declined V" ' recovered on
steady money affairs and closed strong.
:,,c/ ftj above yesterday's: No. !-' red.
Dec, I03J5; Jan., ioi\: Feb., 105J<J;
Ma v. lo;.%.
Corn dull, lower. No. 2. Of: ungraded
mixed, 05?i.o.">'.,: options closed weak,
dull; Jan., ?2May 01 Jf. Oats fairly
active, weaker. Options dull, weak:
Dec. and Jan., 50}tf; May, 51ft;. Hops,
quiet, easy. Coffee, options closed bare
at. present rmltivntin
praut leal ex porimchts.
The production oC, laughter by arti-!
flclal means, it is thought, can bo re?
duced to a science now that the discov- i
cry of a plant, the properties of which j
aro a direct incentive to laughter, has J
been made. Any amount of each inn a
tion can he produced by simply in?
creasing or diminishing t he laugh-pro
ducing dose.
There was a time when the somnolent
i effects produced by the poppy wore not
I generally known, but tins soporlio prop- j
. erties of this plant are now beyond
' cavil and in a short time it is OXDCCtod
that Prof. Salchi will have a crop of
j the laugh-producing plants largo enough
for practical experiments. The now ;
almost unknown plant, will soon become
! a staple article of commerce
. principal cereal cultivated in many a )
vaStgardon will be the laughter-produc
ing plant As opium is certain to pro-*
i duce sleep so can the laughing plant bo !
. at all times rolled upon to produco
laugh tor in all animated creatures,*!
'. from the micro-organisms of the oscil- '
latoriie up to the genus homo.
This strange plant grows in the arid
deserts of Arabia and on tho vast sea of |
the white sand known as tho Desert
of Sahara, in Africa. Tho plant, is of
moderate si/.o with bright, yellow
flowers and soft, velvety seed pods,
each of which contains two or throe
seeds resembling small black boans.
Tho natives of tho district whoro this
Is THERE anything
wish to buy or sell ?
Do you want rooms ?
Do you want board ?
Do you want employment ?
Have you stock for sale. ?
Have you rooms for rent ?
Do you want boarders ?
If you want anything
have anything to dispose of
to any part of the cits. Call up tole- put Uli advertisement ill THE
phone 150 or send tho work to the Stell- * , ^
ographic and Typewriting Bureau, room I llMES. It Will cost only OUC
7. Masonic Temple. nov5-lm . , .,, ,
Hughes & Camp carry the largest Cellt Pef WOrd> and Will billig
stock of carriages, buggies, harness, sad-* what voll want. '
dies, horse-furnishing goods, and horse
boots in the city, Ropalring done on
short notice. Telephon* No. 141, 153
Salem avenue, 152 Terry avenue.
Roafloke Opera Honse.
Assisted by
best local talent,
give a
to 1 Temple
will furnish you one. nov?-lm
typo writers sent
Mattresses of all kinds math
by E. II. Stewart &Co.
ly steady; unchanged to 10 down; dull; j sl 0 ^ ' Q d t h
ljec., 17.350317.30; May. 15.06? 15.15. J ' ne
Spot no quiet, steady. . ,. , .
Spot no q
Sugar, raw, quiet, steady: fair refin?
ing, 4.f,i: re?ned, steady, quiet. Mo?
lasses, foreign, nominal; New Orleans,
quiet, steady. Rice, quiet, steady. Pe?
troleum, steady, quiet; refined, all
ports, 7.2.r>. Cotton-seed oil, steady;
crude, off grade, [email protected]
Rosin steady, quiet: common to good
[email protected] Turpentine dull, weak.
Wool quiet, easy. Provisions quiet,
steady. Lard opened weak, closing
strong: Western steam. 0.15 asked;
?Ian., 0.20; Feb., 0.:t7; May, C.70 bid.
freights unchanged.
makes his wifo
unsavory manu
?Mr. Ilenrix Ibsen
iopy all his prosy and
scripts for him.
?Ilaron Rothschild is an ardent phi
latolist, and devotes much timo and
money to collecting and arranging
?Tho largest library in tho world is
that founded by Louis XIV. in Paris;
thoro aro 1,400,000 volumes, 175,000
manuscripts, :!00,000 maps and charts,
and i50.000 coins and medals.
?A friend of Mr. Charles Dudley
Warner recently asked tho author to
write his autograph in a copy of My
Summer in a (larden. Mr. Warnor com?
plied, adding this "sentiment:" "if
you follow the precepts of this treatiso
on morals, you may be a gardener, but
you may go to Heaven."
?Tho original manuscript of Hums' j
great battle song, "Scots wha hae," was
picked up recently for a small sum by ,
John S. Kennedy, of New York, while |
ho was abroad, llo offered it to tho
city of Edinburg for tho prico he had <
paid, and it was gladly accepted, with ,
a vote of thanks from tho Town Coun- !
?-The Emp?r?r of China sleeps on a \
bed of carved wood magnificently in?
laid with gold and ivory. It is said
concerning tho Chincso court that tho
strictest observance of otiquetto ex?
tends oven to tho parents of tho mon?
arch, who, on visiting their son, dare
not omit tobend the knee, whilst tho
younger brother of his Celestial Majesty
is subject to observances no less rigid.
? Kaiser Wllhelm's Land in New
Guinea is quite prosperous. The soil
and climate in Stophansport and Hatz
feldthavon aro very favorable for tho
cultivation of tobacco. Last year there
was quite a large quantity of the finest
cotton exported from Kaiser Wllhelm's
Land, and many shiploads of corn were
sent to Australia. The cultivation of
cotfee, too, is progressing very satisfac?
?The Gorman Bmporor models his
handwriting as closely as posslblo after
that of Iiis grandfather, and has caused
the Bmpress to have her photograph
taken for public display and sale, in tho
style of dress and attitude identified
with Queen Louisa of Prussia, lie has
scarcely been able, however, to make
thn RmnNtti1 ^?o?^l.i? i?
to order!
Bvans & Chalmers have the largest :
stock of oils, varnishes and Longman;
and Martinez paint ever brought to Ko- j
Stoves! stoves', stoves! cheaper
and tho ' than ever at M. II. Jennings & Co., Sa?
lem avenue, near Market 1 louse.
Buy your cooking stoves from M. II.
Jennings &, Co., near Market House, Sa?
lem avenue. f
Road plows, road scrapers, and all
kinds of railroad and mineral supplies
at Bvans it Chalmers.
Extraordinary bargains in boots and
shoes at 50 Salem avenue corner Henry.
Refrigerators and ice chests of vari?
ous makes and sizes at B. 11. Stewart
& Co. je_M-tf
Bvans & Chalmers have just received
a car load each of sash weights,
powder, old hickory wagons, cider niilis,
sash, doors and blinds.
A largo and beautiful stock of carpets
and rugs in newest styles can be found
at B. H. Stewart & Co's. jeJl-tf
Bvans & Chalmers have just received
a large stock of guns, rifles and sporting
goods. Call and examine their stock.
The largest stock of lace curtains in
thooltyandat bottom prices at B. II.
Stewart & Co.'s. jetM-tf
A beautiful stock of English Amer?
ican, and French plain and decorated
china tea, dinner and toiletsets at B. 11.
Stewart & Co.'s jo21-tf
Wanted.-?Apply at. B. II. Stewart
& Co.'s from Monday, December 8th to
I Saturday, December 0th, (one week ,
i only), for odd pieces of parlor furniture
1 that will be sold at greatly reduced '
Utopia In Louisiana. I prlcos. Wo will continue our carpet
About fivo hundred persons in Iowa remnant salo next week. dec0-7t
have decided to form a "Bellamy col- j An elegant assortment, of chamber
ony" and settlo in Louisiana. Tho and P??*lor suits have just been received
"basic principles" of the enterprise aro ; bv E< Stowart Co. je2i-tf
thus stated: "Man alone Is nothing but The Magic City Transfer Company
a savage; ho can support existence and 1 will give you good service. Leave orders
that is all. It is only in and through
Situations W ante d a n d
"founds" inserted free of
-Square piano
Apply at Timi'
i good
or book-keeping in four months by
studying one hour every evening. It will
only cost you 81.00 per week. Address
II. V. s.. Timks ?illeo. decl3-0t
OST -A lap robe, solid blade on one
side, white and black on the Other,
with two pictures of dog. A suitable
reward is offered forits return to GRAY
& UOSWKLL. Ill Jefferson street.
AY, ASK V. W. CRAIG ? CO., No.
10 1st ave. s. w., to show you that
bargain on Commonwealth ave. to-day;
82,000 in it for you. decl2-2t
HOW IS TH IS. BLM St. (or 8th ave.)
lots for 81,150 each, 50x130. You
Dramatic Recital
and Grand Conceit
The Roanoke Machine Works Band
Will perform several selections. Some
of the host local talent, including Pro?
fessors Gourner, Loary and .Mr. Kitler,
will participate in the programme, and
Mr. C. B. Craves will render several
dramatic pieces, including n burlesque,
specially written for tho occasion,
The Fail Maid of Ballyhack.
Admission 7."io (reserved), 5?C and :25h.
Tickets oh sah? at Johnson & Johnson'*
drug store. Doors open 7::i(), to c.oui
mrnee at 8:15 \>. m. for further par?
ticulars see programme. deo9-4t.
Roanoke Opera House.
can buy them from K.
No. 10 1st ave. 8. \v.
dec 12-21
palpable powder "oy a process of in ace r a
tion between two stones. A small dost?
of this powder has similar effects to
that arising from tho inhalation of
laughing gas. It causos the most sober I
person to dance, shout and laugh with |
boisterous excitement of a madman, I
and to rush about cutting tho most '
ridiculous capers for about, an hour. At I
the expiration of this timo exhaus?
tion sets in, and tho excited person
falls asleep, to wako after an hour or
more with a more or less vivid recol?
lection of having been in tho seventh
heaven of enjoyment. ?P hiladelplua
TANTKl) ? Hoard and rooms in
good locality by gentleman and
wife. Address L. N. C, care Tim ks
ollice. dectl-2t
/ 1 EN ERA L AGENTS sidling the pat
V I cnt adjustable shoe are making
from 83,000 to 85,000 por year. Canvas
sor., 84 to87 per day. Exclusive terri?
tory given. Address with 2-C0nl stamp,
SIIOB STOKE, II West 14th St.. New
York City. dee10-4wood
furnished front
I Third avonuo
dee. I l-:tt
room, with fire, 341
s. w.
turo Friday, December 12th, at 10
a. m. G. .1. WORTH INGTON, 15 Third
avenue n. w. dee.l l--Jt
society that ho can obtain wealth and j
culture. Wealth is tho product of man's I
i labor expended on tho earth, which is I
! God's crift to tho race. No man should i
! bo allowed to monopolize tho National
i resources and levy a tribute on hisfel- !
lowmen for tho opportunity to labor,
j Every man is entitled to just so much
liberty as will allow equal liberty to j
every other man. Bach man should ro- ;
' coive tho full product of his labor, ex
| copt an amount sufficient to discharge
his debt to society." Bach stockholder
pays i?500'into the common fund, which,
reverts to himself if ho resigns or is ox
poled from the colony, or to his heirs if ;
bodies. Bight, hours is to form a labor j
day, and wages aro to be 30 cents an j
hour. No difference, it appears, will bo
made In tho wages of skilled and un- j
skilled labor, effective or non-offecttvo
work. A board of trustees will manage
Uio business. Enterprises of thU
Utopian character are occasionally uso
ful as object lessons.?Chicago Tribune.
CeiisuK-TiikiiiK In Germany.
Thoy havo a dilferent way of taking
tho census in Germany than the one in
vogue in tho United States. They take
the census every livo years thoro, and
cover the whole empire in one day; but
only questions in reference to domicile,
name, sok, age and social position aro
asked. Soveral days before December
1 tho enumerator goes around in Iiis
district and finds out how many per?
sons live in each houso. Por oach per?
son he leaves a card containing Abb
questions, and on each card is wr/tton
tho number of the house ami district.
A duplicate of each card so filled Jut is
kept In the central station. On l/eccm
bor 1 the enumerator goes arOltfld and
COlloCtS Cue cards, the boadl of the
families, agontS or owners bolna under
penalty to till out the cards. Jr havo
them tilled out, and to return them.
Ify the duplicate a check is kept, so
that tho enumerators can not skip a
house. In that way tho exact number
Jefferson St. novl3-tf
Arrentcd for Stealing i'lothcs.
The police took into custody last nif.
white man named Iturnott llurkly, '
alias Wright, upon a warrant charging
him with the larceny of clothing valued
at {25 from 10. S. Rensch, on December
0. llo will bo given a hearing before
'Squire Ilowcrton this afternoon.
The hospital list is omitted for a short
time. Those who wish to subscribe
still may do so and their names will be
appended to the new list, soo? to ap?
pear in t hese columns.
Try Berlin's Auction House; you will
And everything as represented and one
price to all. nov 18-1 in
C.\ uk, the sign writer, guarantees
prompt delivery and first-class work.
Arbuckle's coffee at 25 cents per
pound at JUount s Diamond Front, 152
""'em avchtio.
CA Kit, the sign writer, cannot make
first-class signs at half price. In fact
be don't have to do it. nov.'0-tf
Rlount, cash grocer, 1.12 Salem avenue.
Diamond front, is the place to go for
fresh, staple and fancy groceries at low?
est prices.
A full corps of gentleinanly and a
commodating salesmen will spare t
i pains to show the fine holiday goods
Smith's mammoth Tom pi 0 of Pancy]
Call and be convinced. dccQtoS.'
T ANTED.? Two experienced hard?
ware salesmen with established
trade on C. & O. It. R. and N. & W. It.
R. by a lialtiinoro wholosalo jobbing
house. Address, with references,
"HARDWARE," care National Adver?
tising Iturcau, lialtiinoro, Md.
dec 10-01
v 1 position in millinery or dress?
maker's establishment.
TRIMMER,Timks Ofllcc
Address 11 AT
Christmas presents call at D.
SOLOMON'S, 10S Salem avenue.
Two nights only, by request,
Monday & Tuesday, Dec. 15,66,
The pronounced hit of the
The Irish and German come?
Herbert and Joe
The finest comedy ever writtenr
Overflowing with songsr
dances, solos, medleys, musi?
cal acts, the popular Nugget
Seats on sale at Johnson &
j Pot chapped hands, fuce and lit3 try
goods in the jowelry lino just ro
ooived at I). L. SOLOMON S.
I70R RENT.?A line residence In tho
West Knd. Apply to J. P. \\ ING
FIELD, 111 Commerce street. dec0-iw
I^OR SALE The best dry goods, no?
tion, clothing, shoo and hat business
in the city, also doing the largest busi?
ness on Salem avenue. The sale includes
lenSO of store for three or live years.
Address MANAGER, box 198, Roanoke,
Va, tlccC.-IW
?Oll SALB?A stock of dry merchan
Cnro for croup.?Use Dr. Thomal
Eclectrio Oil according to directions,
is the best remedy for all sudden attac
of colds, pain and inflamation, and
The well-known Jofforaon
.1"Z) Jtri IB
Hag ..pel,. .1 a K.-irhe.
I disc at tho best stand in Roanoke
store room cheap, a real bargain. Good I
reasons given for selling. Address "E." t
this oillCC. dec.'i-lw j
formerly of Baltimore, if you have
houses tt> build. His otlioo is 117 Salem |
avenue, and his shop is on Earnest ave- j
nue, hetween Sixth and Seventh streets
s. w. Plans andspecUleatl?ns furnished
Lily of the Valley Lotion.,
It is not sticky; better than glyoeriao.
It has been tried, and is a sucs08.
Price J5 cents. Prepared only by fclia
v/tdo-awake druggists,
Fox & Christian.
J. E. Mulcare & Co..
Manufacturers of
AN I'KD -Tolot buslnoss and pro?
fessional men know that they can
uccurfl the s?rvico ol an oxperf steno?
grapher and typewriter by calling m*
leleploilO 150 or calling ;,t Stenographic
orTypj \V;liihg lliirdnu,rooui 7,Masonic
Templs. l'.\rtirs dosirlng to dictate
Corresf.or.doi 61 or bnvB i.<" Is, contracts,
etc., copiod 1 fo thus onal id to do so
?1th 1 '? loss of timo.
There is no need to buy a Baltimore,
Philadelphia or New York paper to Unil
the neu _^__^^cObtmy^?jj?^^yj^
An?\ deah '"s in all kinds of cooking
and heatinf stovos. Plumbing and g.wi
and stoatnlltting done. Tin ?xH>ling -k
Specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. No.
115 First avenco, itoanoke, Va. novi-tf
PAINTER, imitator of every known
wood; antique oak a specialty. My
graining ol oak. maple and other wood*
can ' he seen throughout tho Ponoo dn>
Leon 11

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