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r.KlSTOL. in thooo?n
iii has resulted
Bristol, Tonn., Doc.. Approach to
<\,l. YV. B. Payne, an *t iniproved the
citizen of this city, to
will ho buried this ai
Salem, Dec. 18.- tSboolal]- Sews
was received to-day that, Col. Henry A. 1 payne W1VS :v native of ? v.
Kdmondson died at his hb^ne at Falling j represented bTuvianna com iv]l() uro
'i reasury
legislature at one time,
nondentof the RichmondD? n
Lynchburg -News at the t*
n order to
T. W. M. Draper, chief ( bank cur
neral manager of thpjf.im jn jholr
wishes in the
Water, Montgomery county, Vs., at 11
p. m. tho l?tii instant. Colonel Bdr
bionsoh bad reached his 77th year, no
is another hbblo old Hornau who 1ms
goinod tho ranks on the other shore.
Virginia and the whole country sailer
loss when such men as be pass away, j u, Tennessee railro
Colonel Kdmondson was a member or Ho says that work '
ih^Sngress of the United States for lu-istol end or the -vform as they arc
fourteen yea >. He was the last mem-1 ln0 subsurlptUrforco bill,
bcr of tho Thirty-fourth Congross, ex- i Col. B. fcw loading points in
eept RobertC. Winthrop, of M?3sachu- corps pfrof ? which Lho country
setts, who was Speaker of that Congress. ne "
Many arc the loving anecdotes told of | -marly a unit r< gatdlessof party lines.
Colonel Bdmondson by his old friend Tboy are: First, free coinage of silver;
und admirers. 1 will give pne^u^,.
told l y two prominent Salem
to-day. Dr> - o>n C. lb or'
rTrnl'ina v i o- ? er croons, otc, should
< aronna^ ;?^Vrof Tnn*riii*s.
anottior - i, Express,'monoy-ordor, rojr
Bntrtt ' for, C' . r draft, should be BU
? russott and made iMyutuoto
Uoauoko, Virginia.
Bnterwl at the I'ostoflico at Hoanokc aa sco
>nd-clusa matter.
The TlMES controls the frau
fchi^es of both the Associated
JVess and the. United Press,
|\nd is the only paper in the
iity publishing regular tele?
graphic dispatches.
TU13 TIMES can ba found regularly on
ale at tho following places:
Bcanoke?George Gravatt, Jr.; M. L.
Imttli'S, DulUs Ss Dennis", Hotels Roan
(teo, Continental nnd Ponce Do Leon,
j Salem?Alfred s. Burdotto & Co.'3.
Pubiski?Maple Shade Inn.
Eluotleld?Bluctleld Inn.
Pocuhontas?Pocahontns Inn.
second, lho substitution of full legal
tendor treasury notes for retiring na?
tional lvink notes; third, a reform of
thonu.i. i banking law that will ro
liovo it of it ; outgrown and objectiona
blo features.
It is most certain that the noto-issu
i ig power of National bank'! is unpopu?
lar, and has injured an otherwise
valuable system in popular estimation.
It .is likewise certain that the best
opinions of financial reform are leaning
toward the nationalization of money,
and the issuing of but a single form of
full legal tender paper money, which
shall bo based upon the good faith and
credit of tbc nat ion, and be backed by a
sufficient quantity of precious inotal to
insure its maintenance at an inter?
national standnhl of value.
Tho present issues of greenbacks,
gold and silver certificates, ami national
bank notes can be consolidated into tho
ideal issue only by gradual stops. Tho
first step may easily bo taken by rotir- i
..... ?. .
ing the national bank' notes and substi?
tuting the proposed full legal tendor |
Norfolk and Western and Shonando?h i Treasury note. The greenback, which
Valley trains.
Bristol, Tenn.- W
A. Ward, Front
a: rest.
Waahlngtou?Wlllards', Tho Metropoli?
still lacks the full legal tender quality,
may also be given the increased power.
Tho $100,000,000 In gold, which Secre?
tary .lohn Sherman extravagantly pur- i
chased with 1 per cent, bonds to redeem j
AH subscribers who fail tu receive tlioir
I>:tj>ers regularly every morning will con?
fer u favor !?>? notifying Immediately the
business otticoofTUE TIMES.
Till? TIMES will not l>c reaponsiblc for
svu.V hills contracted l>y employe* unless
ordora are given for the Mime, by the
K~< ni r:,l manager.
j greenbacks, has lain idle in tho Trea- j
I sury for thirteen years, and proves that
i a much smaller reserve would be ample
i protection.
The coin certificates would offer no
j great difficulty in refunding. When
1 this is accomplished there will bo no ,
! material opposition to keening the cur
' roncy supply sufficient for tho demands
\ of business.
municipal itr.rottM.
Uotore the present combination of
I -snow. slu^..'^*^|ijuj1^d^water disappears
pHe^'rt.e streets the citizen's'of Roanokc
I w.ll have been convinced of the absolute
and immediate necessity of paved
Streets and a sewer system. Tho con?
viction, however, is merely a matter of
Intensity ns they have all been con?
vinced for several years ?
At present there is an extensive
i diversity of opinion, not as to the
' necessity for improvements, but ns to
J how the cost shall be met and borne, as |
[ t-fi bow tho work shall be done and tho
terms of the contracts, if it be doter
| mined to have the Improvements made
I by contract.
Citizens of Roanoko who have come
here from cities blessed with more per?
fect Ahai tors and municipal regulations
?afl?^goncrally united in the same ?opin- j
ion that until the city's charter is radi- j
i callv amended and tho legislative,;
judicial, and executive departments j
cleat iy separated, municipal work of i
hiH?yrch'arar.ter can bo but bunglingly.l
performed at i 'si.
Begin at the head. The mayor, a
1 gentleman who should from his position
' be tho principal citizen of the city, is '
forced by bis position into daily contact \
with the worst < lernt nts of our popula- '
tion. No one can question but what a
police court, with a magistrate, either
.appointed or eh ctod for a long t irm of !
years, should have jurisdiction over all
potty offenses. Dlvorc d from the police
cocrt, the mayor, as clearly roprbsohta- '
tive as any council, should have tho
unrestrained oowerof appointment and j
removal of his iminodiato subordinates. :
|Stionablo if he sho ild be given J
jjowor over the acts of the j
if his functions should at
other than executive and
luncil should bo a legislative \
[oly, and as such its powers
strictly limited. It .should
have no.power which could be construed
into granting perpetual privileges. It
has not now, but that fact needs clearer
I'ublio improvements could, with
these changos, bo authorized by the
Council, and carried out by the mayor.
It might be well to have a board of
public works, but if so, tho mayor
should appoint tho board and be held
responsible for its proper performanc i
.^>f tho duties entrusted to it. Still bet?
ter would be an enlargement of the
administrative duties of tho engineer's
offico, which should exercise the strict?
est supervision over all public improve?
ments wbothor lot by contract or not.
The power of voting on tho issuing of
bonds might, with safety and justice,
be oxtendod from freeholders to all
legal citizens, certainly to all house?
holders, for bonds aro eventually paid
J>y tares, wd n'> c'.tiz'n. how ver
It woui.ii hardly be fair to Roanokc ,
or Roanoko builders to bold that the i
accidents of the recent storm were due I
to faulty architecture. The fall was j
unparallod in tins section and would be
considered extraordinary in any section '
of tho country. In fact, such a storm
would be followed by the caving of roofs
in any city in the United States. With |
hardly an exception the damagod build- \
ings have bad huge expanses of roofs
which wore destitute of central sup?
ports for obvious reasons.
Skvex hundred and fifty thousand I
tons of snow fell within tho corporate
limits of Roanoko during the recent
storm?a weight twijje as great as the
entire production of pig iron in tho
State this year?and yet tho ordin- j
ary citix.when hit in tho neck with !
three ounces of it compressed into a j
bard, round, gobular, and opaquo ball, 1
will put his immortal soul in j< opardy
for throe minute-.
It is ahout time Democratic papers I
stopped rehashing the old story that
Governor Hill's supporters knifed Cleve?
land and traded him off in Hie election
Of 1888. Inside politicians of both
parties know .this to be false, and Mr. I
Cleveland'.; nearest friends ; re well
aware that had Cleveland been running
alotlO be would have lost New York Wy
over 30,000, Hill gave tho Presidential
ticket it strength did not posses: .
Ii is-sAin that the reason only a two
days' supply of water was in the reser?
voir when the roof of tho pump-house
caved in Wednesday morning was thai '
the bottom of the rosorvoir is weak and
liable lo repeat its previous perform- |
shoes and drop out. If this is so, it !
ought to be strengthened at once.
Ik EniTOK Dana is elected to the
Senate from New York be ought to ap?
point bis ollice cat private secretary.
But if the cat over gets loose among
the '"leaves to print," sho (he or it*)
won't leave a loaf.
A WKinn story comes from Washing?
ton thai Harrison will not run for a sec?
ond term unless the force bill Is passed.
This seems to be tho Democratic oppor?
The Philadelphia Inquiror leads off
with illustrated editorials. It is not
the only paper whose editorials need
Ik this snow hasn't broken tho back
bone of winter, winter must have up
some still roof timbers.
Sitting Bull hasatlas't taken a re
! cumbont position which will last until
j tho great born blows.
* v
S. A. Kran, of Chicago, doing a bank
! ing business under tho name of S. A.
I Lean S:. Co., made an assignment yes
I terday. Assets and liabilities not
Are you prepared for it? If not, then, of
course, you'll want to be.
1 1 O Commerce Street,
Arc now offering the greatest variety of articles, suit?
able for Christinas gifts that are useful as well as orna?
mental, in Roanokc. A special attraction among their
many exhibits is a pretty line of
They embrace a great variety of very unique produc?
tions of this very unique people, and are just the thing
for novel Christmas gifts. Call and look them over.
Then the}- are showing a most complete assortment of
the following goods to he found this side of the large
cities. Their prices are the very lowest in the city.
Handkerchiefs in every phase of style, quality and color;
stamped linens in toilet sets, bouffet covers, pillow shams,
doylies, lunch cloths; handsome linen in table sets, towels,
napkins in unusual variety; kid, cashmere and fur-top
gloves and mits of all kinds; our assortment is simply
complete; umbrellas for ladies or gentlemen; new styles
for Christmas gifts now open; muffs and fur capes of all
kinds; neckwear, collars and cuffs, suspenders, etc., for
gentlemen; silk mufflers in a variety of styles; pocket
books, purses and shopping bags in all the new and
popular shapes; hair brushes, combs, toilet waters, per?
fumes, soaps in glycerine, palm, etc., in great variety.
We offer this week 120 ladies' flannel undershirts at
$1.10 per piece, regular value $1.50; 25 pieces 36-inch
all-wool cloth dress goods at 25c, worth 37':c.
Cloaks and Robe Dresses
At 20 per cent, reduction to close them out. Call and
look through our stock.
Ho for Christmas !
Wo have a large and choice stock of imported wines, brandies, gins,
rums. Scotch and Irish whiskies, selected especially fur the holidays; also all
the leading brands of rye and bourbon whiskies, pure country apple brandy
and North Carolina corn whisky, all of which we guarantee to be absolutely
pure, and at prices which defy competition. Price list furnished on application.
Jos. Law son & Co
Importers and Wholesale Liquor Dealers,
3 Jefferson street, Roanoke, Virginia.
vSole proprietors of the celebrated Glenwood pure rye whisky.
( liarlcston, W. V?.. a Town With Rood
0)>|iori unities.
Cn.vm.KSTo.v, W. Va., Dec. is. ? |Spe?
cial |?A stranger dropping into Charles?
ton, especially one used to the rapid
development and push in Southwest
Virginia, naturally asks the question.
"Are all asleep?"
You find heron town of some S,000
people enjoying great and superior ad?
vantages of water navigation and cheap
tjoal, with no manufactories worth
speaking of, presenting unusual ship?
ping advantages. They 'nave a number
i>f wholesale houses in every branch of
the trade, but they lack harmony of in?
terest and push among the people, i nd
tlio old town, full of solid health and 1
cultured and refined society, has g< ne
iiuiotly to sleep on the banks of the j
lovely Kanawha.
Recently a company of New Yorkers
have dropped down among' them and
aro building n suspension bridge con- '
nccting the town with the Chesapeake j
and Ohio railroad. I learn that but
one of her citizens holds any stock inj
the enterprise.
The Iron licit Building and Loan As?
sociation, of Roanoko, are getting a]
hold here, and that solid and consorva- '
live institution hopes to inspire new life I
into tho town. Many here express j
great surprise at tho marvelous growth
and development id Roanoke, and ask, \
"How has it been done'.'" There is
but one answer?the push of her peoolo
and the liberal policy pursued in offer?
ing Inducements to new enterprises.
Your correspondent met two parties
hero looking up locations, ono for a
steam er
Nininger, Bandy & Co.,!
Real estate agents, first boor Times
I luildincr,
Persons listing property with us can
be certain that it will have careful at?
tention. Correspondence solicited.
Wm P. Uakkii. W.m. II. M auk ley.
Real Estate Agents,
"%av"ft remcvea to 1C>0 Salem avenue,
s. w.. Roanoke, Virginia.
City ^ropto-ty, farms and mineral lands
sold. Correspondence solicited.
On account of the damage te tho |
pumps which supply tho city with j
water, by the falling in of the roof of
the pump bouse, consumers of waterare
earnestly requested to use the least pos?
sible amount of water until the dam?
age can be repaired. At the present the
city can only be supplied by gravity,
acker bakorvT'and"the ot her"for ! an? unless this request is complied with
the supply of water will be inadequate
for actual wants. J, C. RAW N,
J. I). McNAJIEE. TOM. i1ayslip.
n laundry. Loth were put in corres?
pondence w ith a prominent real estate
11 rm of Roanoke, and doubtless the
Magic City will secure them.
There are many rich and prosperous
business men here, and the town i> full
of cultured and refined society and it
well deserves its reputation. /With its i HOUSE, SIGN AND FRESCO PAINTERS,
nav"JItioanS gkainers and paper hangers.
facilities, it has certainly a bright I Shops, Radford, Va. Ricblands, Va.,
future, and with push and energy and a Buona Vista, Va. Headquarters, Roa
liberal policy is destined tobe a great' noke, Va. Leek Itox 'j, Roanokc, Va.
And everybody that buys groceries.
You want to savo your money by buying; whoro the
And tho otock largo und varied to Bolect from. ?
Puro und frosh, can bo had by calling.
Jefferson street. Groceryman. %t
Christmas at Pickens'.
The model jewelry bazaar is teeming with all that is
beautiful and attractive.
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry,
Elegant silverware, beautiful clocks, unique pottery, vases,
bronzes, latest novelties. More holiday presents than
ever before at Pickens'. Come at once and see the
prettiest goods ill town.
^?365? Dil BET**
From the llonnoko Vineyard (Washington Heights), at
No. t JelTersOn street.
Is still going on, and we advise everybody in need of
To call at once and select, as th
a short tim
is sale will only last
Ill endless varieties, from the finest qualities, espec?
ially to close out at greatly replaced prices.
Come, Everybody, and be Convinced.
?oston Boot and
59 Salem Ave., Corner\Henry St
Our Repairing Department
Is in charge of tho very finost workmen that can bo had, and we guaranteed I?
work which cannot be duplicated in the city. Sond your watches to
3l4Hiph Street, Buchanan, Virginia
Correspondence solicited and promptly answered.

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