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Call on
Tlia Pioneer Ayoni,
Roan ok 9 Real Estate.
VOL. IX.?NO. 82.
Tvro hundred shares of Lako Spring
land Company, stook for ?* per share.
The land of' this company is entirely
9?id for; ovor two-thirds of tho lots re
siain unsold, and tho stock worth &> per
?hare on tho books of tho company.
Rooms 3 a?id 4, Exchange Building.
Wo oan sell lots in the. heart of
tfie town at 25 to 10 per cent,
ltwor than any other lota near
them can bo bought for.
Buchanan. Va.
Ofllae eorner Washington and Wator
VYo desiro to call ihn attention of the
citizens of Roanoko and Southwest Vir?
ginia to oar extensive stock of superb
?laues of tho following makes. We
?Mention separately tho celebrated
** Ntorett," one of tho best: also tho
Weber, Stock and a number of others of
4ue make. Wo sell them on easy terms
and guarantoo all of them to give en tiro
satisfaction. All you havo to do is to
?all. kco thorn and be convinced. Organs,
all of tho host makes, constantly on
band. M. L. SMITH.
One of tho most desirable and ac?
ceptable Christmas presents for ambi?
tious young men and ladies is one of
the latest improved ''Yost Writing Ma?
chines." Call and see our special sup?
LEGE. doo23-lt
largest consignment of singing
?anarics ovor brought to Norfolk t>t. one
time. Every bird is guaranteed a singer.
As a special inducement to out of town
buyers 1 will make the. following
Christmas offer: One guaranteed male
aingnr, one fine brass cage, one spring
kook and chain, one box seed, one box
silver gravel; all complete for $5, pro?
vided you will cut out this advertise?
ment and send with order. Write for
prices of gold fish and aquariums. W.
1. WICKERMAN, 05 and 07 Granby si,..
Hoi-folk, Va. dco'-!l-3t
Iio LiaASE?COAL YARD?Tho coal
business interfering with the de?
livery of lumber, wo will lease tho priv?
ilege to anyresponsiplo party. CLARE
Si READ, ollico 310 Roanoko street.
'Phono 70. deeSltojanl
On and after this dato ami until fur?
ther notioo tho water will be shut oif
between tho hours of 11 p. in. and 0 a.
m., in order to storo a supply in tno
reservoir for use in case of lire. J. C.
RAWN, Manager. deo'-il-lt
Is toady to onter into negotiations with
parties wishing to establish
. * AT
General Manager Roanoko Dovolop
snont Company, Roanoke, Va. dce.5-lm
Kounoke W'hh ItejM'CBCIlted.
The Southern Interstate Immigration
Convention, in session at Asboville, N.
C, bad a livci$ discussion as to the
next meeting place of the convention,
for which overy Stato bad a place, and
Homo of them two or three. Tbc Vir?
ginians were very anxious for Rich?
mond, Norfolk or Roanoke. Kentucky
wanted Louisville, Tennessee wanted
Nashville, and so on, but the matter
was final 1 y loft to tho determination of
the oxoctivo committee and tho general
mauager.who will decide in favor of the
place ottering the greatest advantages.
r.ost iiih Christmas ninnor.
William Oivons. an elderly negro,
essayed to carry home some groceries
and a quart of moonshine yeeterday.
Unfortunately be tried to carry his
liquor on the inside with the result of
spilling himself and bis groceries'all
over the street, lie was unable to gi t,
up after falling, and Officer Merriman
had to lug him to the station-house.
His groceries wore scattered about the
flftyeefc and rendered worthless by con
,jiMt with tho mud and snow.
A Genuine Kicker.
Scorgo Parker, a yellow boy of about
, undertook to demolish the building
at the southwest corner of Jefferson
street and Salem avonuo. He started
in by kiokir.g down the door of Gregory
Si Thomas' real estate office, but bad
got no farther when Officer Tin. Icy ap?
peared and carried him to tho station
house. If bo exercises his kicking 1
propensities there Mayor Evans will
have to hold court ibis morning in the
open air.
Boa our Christmas Chimes advertise?
ment on tho third pago. It'u a thing of
Prospects for ChriQtmas Dinners
not Promising.
Rut TV,? Wngout Cnmo In YcHturday ami
Thej Wem not Heuvily Lo.idotl? Krcry
thlng Sourco anil Price* Very High?
The iioi. is not Pepondniit on the Local
Mnrhct ? I'repuritttoiib at Ormsby'H
The condition of affairs at the city
market is not at all comforting for the
thrifty housewif i or the ono compelled
by Htraiteued circumstances to see to
tho outgoing of every penny.
The condition of llio roads in the sur?
rounding country, whence? come most of
tho supplies to this market, is bad to an
extreme, and it is questionable if they
will bo pasnable. between now and
But few wagons were at the market
yesterday and tin- prices of the goods
they brought wer? higher than usual.
A noticeable feature was the absence
of fresh pork. The butchers have not
killed for a day or two and rolied this
morning upon a country supply to sus?
tain the demand, but tho country peo?
ple who did come in brought no pork, as
they did not care to weight their wagons
with anything but vegetables.
Prices ruled as follows:
Poultry, etc.?Turkeys, live. 81 and
82 each; dressed. 15 cents per pound;
chickens. [email protected]!i cents each: rabbits, 15
cents each; quail, 20 cents each; squii*
rels, 10 coats each. Mutter, 3.r>@30
cents per pound: eggs, 30 cents per
dozen. The supply of these articles is
hardly equal to tho demand, and it will
be seen that tho prices range higher
than usual.
Of vegetables there is a scant supply
and active demand, which has resulted
in puttlug prices up a notch, with a
further increase dependent upon the re?
ceipts of the day via the country roads.
Sweet potatoes are. rat d at 30 cents
per peck : Irish potatoes tho same;
onions, 50 cents per peck; celery. 5
cents per stalk, cauliflower, 15 cents
per head, with a small supply of a very
line quality quoted at 25 UQIltS a bead.
There are practically no cabbages on
the market, and what few remain on
hand bring large prices, 'lho same may
ho saiil of other greenstuff. Beans
and peas, however, are plentiful and J
bring about the usual price.
Fruit is exceedingly scarce. But lit?
tle, ebon:-) in apples remains upon the
market an hour after opening, as they
arc bought up by storekeepers at what?
ever price they may bo held at. Some
fairly good ones were to be obtained
yesterday at 50 cents per peck.
Other -.irticb s were held at the fol?
lowing higher prices than usual: ('ran- j
berries, 20 cents per quart; oranges, 40!
to oo cents per dosen; gmpos, 20 cents
per pound; bananas, 30 cents a dozen
for an inferior quality.
Some supplies are now being received
by rail and the opinion is expressed by
many merchants that the present dearth
of produce will result in a new method
of handling that necessity. Its ship?
ment by rail will be largely increased
and commission houses will be estab?
lished to handle country produce, sell?
ing both for people ?who bring it to town
in wagons and those who ship it by rail.
This would result in an even supoly
throughout the year and at prices con?
trolled less by inclement weather than
by the usual law of supply and demand.
While this condition ot affairs is not
reassuring to the lover ot material
creature comforts, they need not despair,
as the hotels and leading rcstuarants
have provided an abundance of good
things. Ordinarily the bonds and rcs?
tuarants depend largely upon the local
market for their supplies, but in times
like, these, when everyone looks for
somo added luxuries to their bill of
faro, these caterers to the general pub?
lic vie with each other in their holiday
In accordance with the time-honored
custom, the various hotels have set
about preparing a feast for guest and
sojourner which will satisfy at once the
most critical and the most epicurean.
The noblo fowl which disputes tiic
eagle its title of bird of freedom ? the
great American turkey?holds the place
of honor as Iba piece de resistence of
tho Christmas spread, and about him
will bo grouped, but not subordinated,
the wild ducks and otbor fowls.
The finest outside display ever seen
in Roanoko is to be witnessed at
Ormsby'fl Gufe. Here, hung about the.
rail, may bo seen wild turkeys, wild
swans, wild geese, and wild ducks < f
various kinds. Within may be seen the
other components of an epicure's ideal
repast. Mr. Orrnsby's fame as a caterer
has spread far and wide down the val?
ley, and in response to a general do?
main! ho has provided a scries of bills
of faro for tho holidays which will
leavo nothing to he desired. The
domesticated turkey will b'> entirely
ignored by tho chef of chefs, Lewis, the
oloagenous, who is a master of arts in
tho most practical and important of
The range of variety is so extensive
as to bewilder one. It embraces the
wild turkey, which assumes the place
of its generally preferred tame cousin)
and Cbesapeako's famous wild ducks,
canvas-back, red-head and blno peter,
will contest the honors with him. To
this baso will be piled high pyramids of
the most famous delicacies. Terrapin,
which George 11. Bulter was wont to
say was a dream of bliss, will be give n
a prominent place. A Brunswick stew
of wilel swan or rabbit may be. had on
call; the squirrel will be ufTered up to
Christmas appetites. The sea will pay
tribute* in bass, smelt and trout, and
spiced be>ef, roast beef and lamb roast
and English plum pudding will help to
make tho partaker regret, the limited
range of his appetite. And to it all
rare wino will add the zest ungiven of
Orrnsby's placi> has taken on a general
holiday air. Workmen are- busily en?
gaged treating lho walls and ceiling of
his enlarged billiard and pool room to a I
coating of plastico; tho rooms will he
embellished with tho rarest chonille
portoires; tho bar festooned with Christ- [
mas greens and nosses, and every pleas- j
ing effect sought to be attained. S. A. j
Rico, a local billiard and pool export, j
will bo placed in charge of what will be i
tho llnost equipped billiard and pool
room in Virginia. In tho ideal
restaurant wet goods will bo dis?
pensed by genial Tommy Cummings and
smiling Hilly Stokes, who aro adepts in
their art.
Other restaurants aro providing richly
for the week, and tho Roanokers who
seen, the dinner of tho year will find it
at band, ami the sojourner in our midst
will not regret Dein onico, Fennelly, of
Philadelphia; Rennert, of Rallin.ore;
Harvey, of Washington; Sales, of Nor?
folk, No other city will bo in it with
us this Christmastidc.
A Menevolent Orifitnizntioii of l'rofe?
Klonul Mi ix to Iio Orcunl'/.ed.
Arrangements aro now perfecting for
the organization of a lodge in this city
of tho Renovolent l'rotcctivo Order of
Flks, and its promotors look to its in
. titution about the middle of January.
This organization is mainly made up of
professional men, and id one of tho
strongest and most charitable scorct
orders in the country.
Originally starting as a society of
actors who looked after sick and needy
brethren, it spread llrst to newspaper
men and then to the other professions,
until now it embraces all classes into a
homogeneous whole, whoso main object
is charity, combined with which in a
socoal feature delightful in the oxtremo.
Fach year, on a stated day in Decem?
ber, is held a lodge of sorrow for the
departed dead of their number for the
current year, and through them public?
ity of the beneficent aims of the Flks
have been extensively disseminated.
Rut the charity of this noble organi?
zation is not confined to its membership.
From great calamity to isolated cases
of distress is the range of their efforts
to ameliorate suffering and want.
individual members are taught that
it is a duty to relievo distvss to the ex?
tent of their means at all limes. A no?
ticeable feature of this might have beeil
witnessed last wrok, when ono of the
few 13Iks in this city sent to the mayor
for distribution among the poor of this
city i: supply.
To a beautiful ritual is added an
entertaining social feature at each
meeting, and as some of the brightest
men, sonic of tho most entertaining
singers and elocutionists, both profes?
sional and amateur, aro members of the
order; the meetings aro fraught with
interest and attended by a greater per?
centage of membership than most secret
orders. At almost every session mem?
bers of theatrical trbufAjs uro present to
help entertain their brethren.
When tho new lodge is instituted it
will bo made the occasion of a half-rate
excursion from various railroad points,
and large delegations will be present
from Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk,
Portsmouth anil Richmond lodges, and
it will ovoko general attention.
Brother Charles S. Thompson, who is
localed at Salem aver.no and Nelson
street, will receive applications for
charter membership, and a mooting
will bo hold Now Year's week to ar?
range the preliminaries of organization.
Those who dosiro o::tra copies of THE
TIMES of to-morrow morning aro re?
quested to order thern nt tho business
office of THE TIMES to-day.
The Head Fireman Was t'ndor n I!ox Car
In the liivcr.
The remains of Fireman C H. At
wood; who was killed ia tho wreck
above Buchanan last Friday, when the
north-bound freight was precipitated
into Cue, James river, was found Sun?
day afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Tho body was found under a box car,
instead of under tho engine as was at
lirst supposed. Tho remains were not
mangled beyond recognition, and were
shipped to his homo at Shonaudoab for
Tho wrecked engine and broken cars
have all been removed from the rsver.
Don't Leave Va for Good, \Siiuiro.
'Squire S. W. Howorton will lo.ive
Wednesday morning for Durham, N. C,
to spend the holidays with bis married
daughters, who aro located in that city.
He intimated yesterday to a TtMKS re?
porter that be might conclude to sp:md
Iiis declining years in that city, in
which event Roanoke will lose a valu?
able, citizen, an able and impartial
magistrate and an nprigbliman who
has performod a good part in the up?
building of the city.
A Dramatic Society to bo OrKn.nl/cJ.
Mr. Chas. E. Craves, who has made
such a success as a recitationist, is
organizing a dramatic club here to 1?;
composed entirely of local talent. Mr.
Craves is meeting with much encourage?
ment in his undertaking and would like
to correspond with ladies and gentlemen I
who are interested in matters pertain?
ing to the drama.
A Cos Pipe Itepalred.
A gas pipe on Campbell street just
above the Roanoko strei t crossing,
I which has hern out of fix for several
i days, as tho olfactories of passers-by
cau testify, was repaired yesterday,
I The e scaping gas at ono time became
ignited by friction from the pick of a
I workman.
Street Cur* to Ilun To-day.
Tho Street Railway Company ex?
pected to have street cars in motion yes?
terday morning,;but owing to the still
I heavy lay of snow along their line of
track, it was Impossible to do so. Tho
company hones to have them moving
j this morning. The Vlnton and Salem
dummies are running onhcbedulo time.
The Times* Prize Essay Contest
to be Decided To-day*
A Public Meeting ut~tiic Opern House
nt Three o'clock?Mayor Uvant to l're
Nido and Dr. I'llppo to Address tho
Tonil? nuil Deliver tho Prizes?Muuv
Prominent Itounokers to Occupy Stats
ou the Sl:igc^_
Turc T;m,,.-. hasJrfjjpP worked in the
interest of the publio schools of Roan?
oko. and November 15, to stimulate and I
encourage English composition by the j
pupils, The Times announced its inten?
tion to Offer prizes for essay writing by
tho pupils ofthe schools.
Six prizes of S5 each were offered, one
for the best essay in each of tho highest
grades in the First and Third waid
Rev. Dr. O. P. Fllppo, Col. John E.
Penn, and Mrs. T. J. Tea ford kindly
consented to decide upon tho merits of
tho work of the pupils.
Monday, December 1, was appointed
as the day for the work to be done, and
by this time considerable interest bad
boon excited among tho scholars. With
tho oo-operation of Superintendent
Dorr and the teachers of tho schools,
tho contest was at once a success in
point of numbers, several hundred
essays being turned over to The Times
as the result of tho day's work.
"Roanoko," and tho "Advantages ot
Roanokc,*' were tho subjects given and
the essays were all impromptu, the work
being done under tho supervision of tho
respective teachers.
The children have been patiently
waiting for tho announcement of the
result, and this afternoon their anxiety
will be relieved.
The co.nUiitteo of judges, after much
faithful work, havo at last reached a
decision. 0f course, there will bo many
disappointed, but merit has won.
At .1 o'elock tho children of the |
schools will assemble at. the Opera
House, when the result will bo made
known and tho prizes delivered.
The meeting will bo open and the
general public is invited. Mayoi Evans
will preside and Rev. Dr. O. F Flippo
will address the children and award the
Tho school board, the superintendent
and teachers, tho committee of judges
and the ministers of tho city will
occupy seats on tho stage. Tho BObool
ohildrc n and their parents will bo
given reserved seats.
The names ot the winners will not bo
known until Dr. Fllppo makes bis ad?
dress n't lho Opbtji House this afternoon.
Then be SvlU open the envelope bearing
the number of the most deserving essay
of the lowest grade of tho Third Ward
school, and. breaking tho seal, he will
read the name of the winner, continuing
to go through the lucky envelopes until
ail arc announced.
The winners will then advance t-> the
Stage together and receive tho glittor
inggold iron: the hands of Dr. Flippo.
A full account of tho meeting, with
the names of the winners and those who
receive honorable mention, with their
essays, and the addresses delivered on
the occasion, will bo published in to?
morrow morning's Timks.
The Ulli Authorising if. Construction
Washington, Dec. 22.?[Special]?
In the Senate to-day tho bill to esta?
blish tho record and pension ofiico of
tho War Department was passed and
the conference report on the Sioux re?
servation bill was adopted.
Reports were agreed to and bills to
authorize the construction of public
buildings at Norfolk. \'a.; Sioux City,
Iowa; Kansas City, Mo.; Taunton,
Mass.: Stockton. Cab; Newburg, N. V.,
and Pawtuokot, R.I., was greed upon in
the conference. Tho bills are left as
they cumo from tho House, which
struck out the clauses making tho ap?
propriations. The House amendment
to the Senate amendment to the urgent
deficiency bill (striking out tbo appro?
priation for the pay of clerks of Sena?
tors) was uon-concurred in.
The discussion of election bill was
then resumed, Mr. Iliggins taking tho
floor, Cray and Voorhees replying.
ots.oo? Church Burned.
New York, Dec. 23.?[Sp2Clal]?St.
Bernard's Roman Catholic church,
on Fourteenth stroet, between Eighth
and Ninth avenues, was completely
gutted by tire early this morning and
also tbo interior completely burned out.
Tho roof v. as burned otf and it. took the
firemen two hours to gain control of the
(lames. The Uro is supposed to have
started in the engine room. Tbo loss,
57a,000; insured for $00,000.
UenncKHy'fl Murderers on Trial.
Nkw out.i:\.\s, Dec. 22.?(Special]?
Nineteen Italians, accused in the llen
nessy case, pleaded not guilty in the
criminal court to day and tiled the plea
in bar on tbo grounds, first, that the
grand jury could not have found an
indictment in the shoi t time in which
it did; second, that the allotment of the
case was improperly made. Judge
liakcr overruled both motions.
New llraneltoi In the Schools.
An important meeting of the teachers
in the First ward school was held yes tor
day afternoon, which Superintendent
Dorr attended. It was decided to in
troduco physiology and drawing in the
schools next year. The fcohools will
closo today r.t noon until the first Mon?
day In January, '01.
Itnsz-Saw Got* In Its work.
Bristol, Tenn., Dec. 2:.-? [Special] ?
A Mr. Leonard, an 1 tu ploy 0 at Buffln's
planing mills, had bis hand cut u!I this
evening with a buz.: saw while ho was
at work.
S3, 1890. PI
Scully, the Parnelite Candidate,
Enters a Formal Protest.
Kii.uknnv, Dec. 22.?[Special]?Tim?
othy Harrington's manifesto, as it is
called here, declaring that the citizens
of tho United States and Irish in Amer?
ica would never submit to the deposi?
tion of Parnell, was found to be one of
the prominent features of the last
stages of the electoral campaign in this
section of tho country, undoubtedly
having considerable effect on both sides
and possibly benuMtiug the adherents
of Parnell.
Polling opened briskly this morning,
everybody looking forward to a most
exciting day.
The presence of the military and a
largo force of police scattered through?
out North Kilkenny seem to be a guar?
antee against any serious breach of the
peace. Parnell and bis candidate. Vin?
cent Scully, arrived upou the scene at
an early hour. The town is occupied by
a body of police and a company of fifty
soldiers. Timothy llealy has just
started for Castle Comer, which place,
in his opinion, will bo the keystone of
the light.
A strong and enthusiastic contingent
of tho supporters of both sides have ar?
rived at Castle Comer, which point
others besides llealy apparently regard
as the key of the country. The feeling
of a majority of voters, so far as can bo
judged by outward appearances this
morning, scorns to be antl-Parnell.
A rumor which caused considerable ex
citomcnt circulated during tho morning.
It was to the effect that a large number
of persons bad been conlled in a coal
pit in order to prevent their voting.
>Yild threats wore made by both sides
and it was announced that the miners
would be rescued at any cost, investi?
gation, however, showed nothing more
alarming than a campaign lie, and
howls of derision woro exchanged be?
tween the opposing parties when it be?
came known. The miners referred to
would later in the day march in a body
to tho polls.
As tho rule, loading members of both
Parnellltes and MoCarlhyites meet and
treat each other in a courteous manner.
Cut the same cannot bo said of the
rankan1 fllo. The latter may bo said
to bo boiling up to tho point where they
like nothing better than a rattling free
As morning advanced this harmonious
state of affairs was somewhat clouded
by an altercation which look place be?
tween Harrington and a number of
priests. This wordy warfare was occa?
sioned by what Harrington termed tho
priests interference with the voters.
I lot words were exchanged or. this sub?
ject and in spilo of Harrington's pro?
tests, the priests continued their work,
Influencing tho voters who wcro thought
to bo leaning toward Parnell.
Tho priest ) later on marched to the
polls amid cheers and countor-cheors at
tho bead of a body of voters. The action
of the priests caused many of tho Pur
nollites to indulge In considerable talk
of petitioning against the validity of
tho election in North Kilkenny should
Scully be defeated.
Advices from .Johnstown state that
Hennessey's supporters, beaded by a
number of enthusiastic priests, marched
through tho streets, causing a scene of
wild oxoltement. The procession was |
cheered by llennessy's friends and f
greeted with groans by bi-j enemies.
It was with filCiculty that the police
prevented a serious collision, .taunting I
cars from all parts were driven Into the j
town loaded with Hennessey men. hut
in spito of this Parnellltes claim a ma?
jority at Johnstown.
Tho election excitement existing in
this town was increased when it became
that Scully, tho Paruelllte candidate,
bad entered a formal protest before tho
returning officer against the- laxity of
regulations In regard to tho admittance
of strangers to the polling .stations, llo
and bis friends asserted that tho pres?
ence was apparent in tho polling places
of many priests who were known to ho
tho supporters of llonnessy. This, they
claimed, Is irregular and contrary to Cue
Voting in this section proceeded j
slowly and there was not so much ex- I
citement as oxpeoted'about tho polls.
London, Hoc. 22.?|Special]?A cir?
cular just Issued informs the l'.ritish
branches of tho Irish National League
that tho services <-.i most of the officials
connected with such branches will not
be nooded in tho future; owing to the
present financial position of the league,
j Mr. Timothy Harrington says that
I priestly coercion was rampant througb
I out North Kilkenny to-day, and that
[ ParncilltOS have good grounds to peti?
tion against the validity of llCDCSSy'S
I election should the latter be shown to
| have defeated Scully. The polling h is
j passed off quietly. There was ho dis
turbanco here and no disorder worthy of
mention Is reported at any of tho other
j towns in tho district. Redmond and
O'Kelly have left this town On their
way to Paris, where they expect to
meet O' Urion.
Oum.lX, Dec. 22.?[Special]?-At the
convention of league dologates at Rast
i Galway to-day it was resolved to sup?
port Parnell.
I Thero Is no need to duv a Baltimore,
Phllodeluhla or New York paper to find
tho new.s. Cy subscribing for THE TIMES
you can h:ivo tt served to you every
morning at your breakfast table twelve
liours In advance of tho Northern papers.
Not Allowed to Attend the Fanera).
Contimit?, Ind., Dec. 2-'.? [Special]?
Rov. James Car. pbcll was yesterday
found guilty of criminal malpractice,
and whoso infant child, a boy 7 months
Old. died while ho was on trial, was
yesterday rofflsod the privilege of at
I tending tho funeral. The judge of the
circuit court made entry allowing the
defendant ibis privilege, but tho sheriff
refused to carry out th?S wishes of the
Court. Dr. Campbell offered to go in
bains, bound band und foot.
fa * ; Advertise your Cbral -
: mas goods In THB TIMES?
l) : if you want purchasers. :
Thomas G. Massie Attacked by
Desperate Thugs.
Three Hundred Dollars the Booty They
Sought?The Hon sy I'uid II 1m After
Vanhing Hours l>y Two Negro Ite*
tnarttnt Keeper?, Who arc Arrested
About 7:30 o'clock last night Thomas
G. Massie, of the real estate flrm of
Chlpman, Massio St. Co., lOOSalamavo
nuo, while proceeding on his way homo
along Campbell street, was assaulted
and knocked down within a few stops of
Hon. 11. S. Trout's residonco.
His assailants approached him from ba?
ll in.1 and dealt him two savago blows,
apparently with a slung-shot. Tho>
first blow was over the right oyo, tho>
other in the back of the boad at tho
base of the skull.
Both blows resulted in n fraotu t? of
the skull, but did not indent it, conse?
quently not alfectingtbo brain.
Mr. Massie, although over 00 years of
ago, grapph d with ono of tbo ruffians
and cried lustilj for help. Luckily for
him help was at hand. Mrs. B. Laooy
llojre was seated at her parlor window,
jus^ opposite, aud indistinctly saw the
When she hoard tbo outcry Rho ran
to the front door and added iier voice to
Mr. Massie's appeal for help.
Her endeavors succeeded in driving
the attacking parties away, and frlcrtdly
hands holpcd the aged gentloman int?
her house, where? ho was carod for pend?
ing tbo arrival of Dr. Stone, who had
been hastily summoned.
The doctor, after an oraminatlon,
pronounced the wound as most serious,
but not. necessarily fatal.
Mr. Massie had upon his person sonio
$300 and when Sergeant.I ones, who was
attracted to the sconu by the outcry,
arrived at Mrs. (logo's ho institutod an
inquiry, which dovo'oped the fact that
this money had been paid to Mr. Mas
si.* by two negro restaurant kcopors?
John Redd, whoso place of business is
on Bail road avenue, between Joffer.mn
and Henry streets ("Hull's Half Aero."
in police parlance), and Itufus 11. Will?
iamson, who keeps at the northwest cor?
ner ?>f Salem avenue and Nolson slroot.
Mr. Massie told Sergeant-. Jones that
these two men wore the only parsons
who know that ho bad this money in his
possession, and that it was paid him
after banking hours.
Acting upon this and e her Informa?
tion hastily gathered, Sorgoah.obtained
a warrant tor the arrest of the parties,
and Officers .Haley and Bov.-cr wonv
afti r them. About 0:i0 tirny brought
Kedd to the station bouse, yvhero the*,
la;i *r bad an accurate account of his
every movement since paying Mr. Mas?
sie the money.
Williamson was brought in about 11
o'clock by Hie same ofllcors. His story
tallied remarkably with Bodd'a in every
detail, both, of them strenuously deny?
ing t heir guilt.
Mr. Massie told n TuiRS reporter last
night that ho did not got a look at tho
parties, and sooould not identify theut.
CAUGHT in ins i>i:n.
James Martin, n Negro Bnucrado. t'au-jht
ut Host) Crcoshaw's,
?lames Martin, a negro desperado,
wr.s arrostod about the 1st instant, uoon
a warrant charging him with thn lar?
ceny of six guns from the hardware
store of ilvaus ?t Chalmers. On the
way to the statlon-houso Martin resisted
the otliccr and succeeded in getting
away utter assaulting Mabry.
Last nigh'. Mabry and I'ote Bowor
learned that Martin was at the house of
one llosa Crenshaw, who keeps a bouse
of ill-fame Oh Bunker Hill, frequented
by such characters, and went after him.
After BOiun parley they wore admitted,
into the bouse and a diligent search dis?
closed the man beneath a bed covered
up with female attire.
When drugged on' he made dosporatfl
resistente, but was conquered with
Bower s club. Martin was caraicd to
the Siatloh-hdusc, where ho was put iu
chains to wait examination.
Those who desire oxtru copies or THR
TIMES of to-morrow inornlnar nro re?
questor to order them tvt the b'-isiuooa
otllco or THE TIMES to-day.
Trallle Paralysed Throughout the District
Around Glasgow.
(ll.AHOOW, TJoe. 82.?(Spooiall?Th?
railway strikers have so far succeeded
In paralysing tho trallle throughout tbo>
district. Very few trains arc running.
Pickets of tho strikers uro stationed at
many points trying to induce tbo fow '
engine drivers remaining at work to
join tho strikers. In several instances
tho persuasions of the piokota bavo
been .strong enough to win over addi
tions to tho number of men already out
on a striko.
Lanarkshire strikers are conducting
their operations with much vigor. Thoir
pickets are doing good work. All tho
mlnoral and most of tho passenger
i traffic has alroapy been, stopped, and
t hero does not seem to bo any prospect
ol an early settlement of the matters iu
! dispute._
Clearing House Certificates.
N;:\v Youu, Die?[Special]?Tho*
clearing house certificates amounting'
to i> 130,000 wore issued to-lay anJtfJO,
OCO In certificate wore cancelled.
The total now outstanding is $15,155,
000. Steamer LaBurgcogno which
arrived liore to-day, brought 5211,000 in
b'roncb gold. Sp*o? brought e*;i ono
gold. Total gold imports since Decomber
17th, $5,158,330.
The Weather To-Day.
Forecast for Virginia: l air Tuesday
1 and Wednesday, southwcstoily winds*
stationary temperature.

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