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pftKfMakSngr Toys for the Lonp
Wintor E von in ?ja.
[flory Ono P?n Makti Them If n? r^r.^~";
?!m> InHlraetioiM Olren in This Atilol*
?Muteiii-? ?ml Old Cards Turned
tu Good AeiounL
Marionettes, says a sanguine inventor,
oansihave an inherent lifo of thoirown.
The olown, the- Columbine and all tho
figures representing animals will now
(Oaper about on their own hook.
I "Worn-out visiting cards, matoh-stlok*,
jtfooso are very simple materials with
TvbJah people who aro fond of a little
Wionsenso now and then can fashion all ,
ftho figures represented by these designs, ?
?whlob can at. any time bo sot in motion i
Oiko mechanical toys.
Take, for instance, a clown. First
?draw and paint the figuro on the back I
jof a card?the body and head first, then 1
'the two logs and arms; carefully out out
}theso Ovo pieces, placo tho body on a ;
.table and above it the legs and arms in
a position ol rest.
Now these limbs most bo joined, and
this is how it is to bo done. Take, for
instance, an arm, mark with a pencil at
,the Ghoulder end of tho arm the exact
epot forming tlioaxis of rotation; piorco
a holo with a pin at this point and put
it through the shoulder in the body,
llend a match stiel: at tho Renter as
much as possible without breaking and
drop a littlo melted sealing wax, join?
ing tho two ligaments to tho arm ami
ihody respectively, making tho part
(forming tho joint bo in contact With tho
[pin. Do the sarao for tho othor limbs,
jromovo the four pins and tho figure is
'complete. Now we have to give it life,
j All that has to be dono for tbis is to
(place the sido of the figuro on which
laro tho matches in a plato containing a
(thin layer, bo to say, of water. Thobont
.fibers of wood which have not boon
(broken will swell by moans of tho niois
Ituro absorbed and will try to regain
[their rectilineal position. The figure I
jrwill thon make a series of abrupt, move
SDents, which aro very amusing. Tho j
ega and arms will raovo apart :us thoar !
do which aro movod by a string. Bo
caraful to use only large, common
matob-Stioks. Tho Swedish ones aro
imprognati d with paraQlno and would
not move as required.
At last wo have found a use for homo
made matches.
Each one can perfect tho mode of fash?
ioning these figures as ho likes best.
lA ballet girl who can lift her foot to her
Iforebeud, a rooster which can move its
jlegs about aro pretty easy to make. A
iborno with Iwolve different joints is a
"bit too difile.uIt, for an amateur. For tho
[horse each leg is composed of three dif?
ferent pori ions.
Instead of placing tho figuro on a
plate we can put a dropoT water on each
joint with the finger or with a paint
ibrush, and tho offeot will be tho same.
Tho winter ovenings are coming which
eauso young and old to assemble around
the family table. Tho lime seems favor?
able, says tho Now York Herald, to
?recommend to our readers theso now
dancing marionottos.
A Lover's Ab* I mot inn.
That, (.bo groom of one of last week's
tfeddinga was so doc ply enamored of hin
fair bride as to foreshadow the future
happiness of tho couple is, perhaps,
augured by a littlo incident, which, ac?
cording to the Now York Times, ho
does not mind telling himself, (t was
in tho oarly days of their acquaintance,
and ho was about mailing his first no to
to her. Although the missivo was a
comparatively unimportant one, relating
to some intended courtesy, its writing
had been mingled with much absorbing
thought of wliab futnro notes to her
might breathe, and he walked down tho
Street to mail it, pulling some very
pleasant pictures from Iiis meerschaum.
At the box, still absorbed, bo dropped,
as ho thought, the letter into tho recept?
acle and retraced his stops to his apart?
ments. As the door was reached bo
?found tho noto still in his hand. What,
then, had he put into the box? Ills pipe,
of course, and there he found it a few
minutes later, bowl out, the long atom
<lecp among Undo Sam's mail.
NeunrhadiiexKar's Iloor-Stnp.
In tbo Egyptian and Assyrian gallery
of the litiiish .Museum, and in close
contiguity to the llitito monument and
tho bronze gates of Khalraanozor, thord
Is an object of tnoro than ordinary in?
terest?a bronze door-step from the great
temple of IvSaggil at ?orsippa, a sub?
urb or division of llabylon. The door?
step has not only tho namoof Nebuchad
hcunr inscribed upon it, but also men?
tions bis health, or restoration to health.
From thhi it is presumed to have boon a
votive offering.
M trainers That Ara Now He ng: ltul:t fcr
Uno In Darkest Africa.
Think of building In a Glasgow ship
yard a steamer which must lie- taken to
pieces again befoio 5,000 Africans can
carry her over r>no miles of wild African
,o o u n t r y and
?,f float-her on the
'inland sea of
Victoria Nyanzal
The New York
[World's Glasgow
_/jcorresp o n d o n t
saw this vessel
on the stocks,
and obtained a
rough sketch of
UNION JACK AND SON her. She is tho
first of a Urltish fleet which Messrs. A.
& J. Inglis have contracted to build for
tho British East Africa Company's serv?
ice 'lhis necessity for building tho
vessel so as to allow of taking her to
pieces again for overland porterage,
makes her progress very slow. After
she is launched and littcd, all the work
which is now handled with so much care
must bo uudono. Before thisship reach?
es her destination she must bo carried
through miles and miles of African for?
ests and jungles between tho coast- and
tho big lake. It is estimated that 5,000
darkies will he required for this work,
with at least 2,000 more as relay stalT to
replace tho sick, the runaways and the
Tho now vessel is commissioned by
the Imperial British Mast Africa Com
pany, of which Sir William Mackinnon
is president. Tho company will float
its own flag, issue its own postage
stamps and coin its own currency.
Tho first steamer of tho fleet is about
120 tons, builders' measurement. Sho
is stoutly built of steel plates bolted
with steel bolts on steel frames. Tho
bolts will be of course only riveted In
their proper Indes when the Steamer ar?
rives on the shores of the lake. Each
plate, like every other part of the
steamer, is limited in size to a load
which a negro could cany conveniently
on his head, and it is calculated that
with thoir loads, and - in their places,
tho negro caravan will, when marching
In Bio, extend over three miles. The
steamer, with its plating, is put togeth?
er with bolts and nuts to bo removed
when tho parts are taken to pieces and
packed aboard tho railway cars which
will carry tho steamer In piecemeal to
tho docks at London, whom it will bo
shipped on hoard tho London and Zan?
zibar direct steamer.
Though constructed for purposes of
peace this vessel will bo armed for
rough fltrhting if it is necessary. She
will carry an armament of t>\o .Maxim
machine guns, besides small arms and a
boso specially fitted to throw boiling
water from tho boiler among warlike
natives. The iron plating of tho ves?
sel is, of courso. proof against rifle or
musket balls. On each bow will ho lit
ted up an iron rillo and conning lower.
Tho engines will drive her at a speed of
ton knots, and with handsome and easy
lines fore-and-aft tho steamer .should bo
easily driven. Her length over all i>. SO
feet, with 10 feet beam. Tanned canvas
sails will be sent with the steamer.
Linking Urlilemaltl* Together with Chain*
,.f Flowers.
rOnoof tho prettiest novelties at En?
glish bridals, according to the Ladies'
Homo Journal, is that of linking the
bridemaids together with chains of
flowers attached to floral handcuffs.
Usually there are six maids besides
tho maid of honor. They walk two by
two, thoso on the right side of the aisle
having the chains depending from their
left wrists, tho maids on the left sido
having their right wrists connected.
Tho chains ara long enough to curve
gracofully from wrist to wrist. Tho
\ M j(
? ,11, if 11 1 I I '
wwm Si a
ID i Vi'iO S OHA i \S.
nttsldo hand of each maid Is free to
hold her bouquet, posy or basket of
blossoms, and, linking tho wrists that
aro on tho inside going up the aisle,
brings the maids in tho right, order ns
they form quarter circles, o:io on each
side, at tho chancel.
After the ceremony, In tho twinkling
of an oyo tho maid nearest tho bride on
each side slips olf her handcuff, passes
it to the second maid, takes tho arm of
"her" usher and falls Into line. Maid
number two follows suit, and tho two
who arc ! .. ttol ?avothu church car ry tin
tlbaini and loop^j on their aisongagcd
Prosidont Harrison's Grandson and
/P A N
They Things Lively in nnd Around
(.ho W'liito Ilmno-The Chief Maj;U>
ftruto iu> a Waiter ut a 1'u.rty
of In fun 13.
Tho White House has so seldom been.
In recent years ut least, tho secno of
young child-life, that tho presence of
President Harrison's grandchildren
there has brought them into nnotoriety
of which, fortunately for them, they
can net l>e fully aware. They form a
very largo part
of the domestic
establish mo n t,
nnd thoir com?
fort and happi?
ness aro ever up
a permost in tho
? I minds of grand
v ; pa and grandma.
?? ;Y "'. Hit Not all nor any
ir^V-.' '*thing that has
k WW1* bo"n 11:1,1
\\ ? . > \ ill written rcspeot
itAKY i.ouoK m'hkb. \n,r the Presi?
dent's devotion I .>"llnby" McKce has in?
terrupted, form in;,taut, their close com?
panionship. And "Haby" MoKee, says
the Ladies' Home Journal, loyally re?
pays his distinguished grandsire for his
devotion. No <'iie has such inlluenco
over the little fellow as grandpa, nnd
to one else docs he go in his little dis?
tresses ami lied readier solace. Mary
Lodge McKee, who is Uonjnmin Harri?
son's junior by a year ami a half, is
more retiring in disposition than her
better known brother, but as slicgrovrs
in years her winsomo graces will make
hern formidable rival for first placo in
the annals of the paragrupher.
The lie.'..ies at the White House doubt?
less enjoy lifo with a vim that other
less fortunate ones do not experience.
They have nil the sweets and none of
the bitter of public life. They sec only
its joys and glitter, und these are very
attractive. They are pelted by visitors
win'la they are occasionally permitted
to : v. nud the frequent performances of
the Marino band on (he grounds nud in
the Executive mansion fill them with
During last winter, the MclCecs had
their cousin Marthcun, Mr. Russell Har?
rison's beautiful flaxen-haired daugh?
ter, for a play?
mate, and sbo
will be w f t h
them again dur?
ing the present
season. M e. r
t h e n a is be?
tween tie n j a
; in i n Han i .ut
picture as they mMO
played or rode ukxjamim nAimisoN
about together. m'ickk ("baby ii'icee.'*)
Relief in the virtues of fresh air is car?
dinal among the occupants of the White
House, so that it was an inclement day
indeed which did not see the carriage
loaded with the little ones and the.ir '
nurses for on airing.
Shortly before the departure of Mar- I
thena Harrison for her far Western
home, Benjamin Harrison McKcc's i
birthday was celebrated with consider?
able ste.te. A dinner was served at j
which ho was host, and his sister.and
cousin guests. And w
acted ius wuitor on the
a personage than tho distinguished \
Chief Magistrate of the Nation. And it j
is said thai a happier, merrier parly j
n il!. :m assembled undor any conditions
than that om\ That will be something
for those little folks to tell their grand?
children, how they wore served by the
President of the United States himself,
and that no one enjoyed it more than he.
The President's grandson regards bis
ancestor as bis own personal property,
and enforces his claim-, under conditions
that are sometimes somewhat embar?
rassing. On one occasion the President,
while standing on the deck of the Des?
patch, began uddrcssing a crowd of peo?
ple in the navy yard, at Washington.
,lnst as he began, "Raby McKcc," think?
ing he was being neglected, set up a
howl, which be wouldRtill nowhere savo
in grandpa's arms; so, holding the
child close to bis breast, he concluded
his remarks.
Unlqno Musical Instrument Invented Oy a
Chicago Man.
Dr. Alva Owens, of Chicago, recently
constructed tho somewhat unique mil- I
sical instrument shown in the lllustrn- !
tion. Tho apparatus, which might be
described es n set of chimes to bo rung
by electricity, was designed tor adver?
tising purposes. The instrument, it is
intended, will be carried through the
ctreetsonan electric tricycle and will
be played on tho trip after the mnnncr
of un ordinary piano. The details and
operation of the device are so simple as
.?.- i
.ho do you think !
party'.' No less ;
m site
ni.rcrrnic chimes.
to require but littlo explanation: At?
tached to each of t he t hirty hells llUUg
ou the rack above the koy-board is nn
electro-magnet. The keys make the
circuit fri in a battery in tho base to
the clectiM-magncbi at the bolls.
tlotrr tho Finny Ilemitlo.1 Are ISred nod
Colorori In the Orient.
AU tho gold (lsh In this country, says
tho Washington Star, originally caino
from Japan and China, whore tho
business of breeding them has
boon carried on for no ono knows
how many hundreds of years. You will
bo surprised to loam, perhaps, that their
hrilliant colors are obtained altogether
by artifice. Naturo unassisted never
produced a gold fish?that ij to say, the
paint was lacking. The creature at tho
beginning Is of a somber, yellowish
bronze hue. Take a pair, breed from
them, and onco in awhile will occur a
freak that will exhibit more or less
color. Mate two Buch freaks and you
will obtain progeny with more decided
tints. Out of this last generation tako
a pair that show the most color, proceed?
ing cautiously in this way, and, eventu?
ally, with Bllflloiont care cud patience,
you will produce a golden fish.
This is preeisely the way in which
tho ingenious Orientals produced gold
fish. Now and then a while freak would
be found, which was simply an albino,
and this they crossed with a golden, so
as to make a brindled white and gold,
snch as ono very commonly sees.
Funnily enough, by tho way. this B??rt
of carp, in tho process of turning to
golden, becomes black first.. Hut the
breeders of tho Fast have accomplished
nil sorts * * things with gold t!sh beyond
this. They have caused them to
develop ' astonishingly exaggerated
lins, and tails twice as big as their bod
lea. Most remarkable of nil, they havo
obtained strains of gold fish,specimens
of which are now on view in aquaria at
tho com ml .?-.ion's building, with two
separate tails, each of lingo r.i::o, and
two pairs of anal fins. Anatomically
speaking, this is precisely us if a man
or any other mammal were to bo so bred
as to bo provided with four logs and
four arms, and persons export in biolog?
ical science are touch Interested in dis?
cussing tho question whether an olght
lcgged beast Is hot a possibility oft
future development. What might not
man achieve, if ho wero a quadruped
and had two pairs of arms besides?
Such an extra equipment of limbs
would bo in his way presumably/, if one
is to judge from observation of the gold
fish referred to. They are rendered very
beautiful by their great spread of deli?
cately shaded lias, but tlicysocm to llud
them cumbersome and have to Icoop con?
tinually wriggling along to prevent
their great tails from weighing them
down at tho rear end and causing thotn
to assume a perpendicular attitude.
One of thb freaks in the commission's
aquaria is white, with Uns of an ex?
quisite light yellow, and Its body is so
transparent that you can see its red
blood sind tho very food insido its
Paulla Career nf Mr. Irliy, General Wade
Hampton's Successor.
The fact that he will replace in the
United States Senate so conspicuous n
figure as VYtide Hampton bus attracted
general attention to .lohn 1.aureus
Manning Irby, of South Carolin;!. A
canvass of the vote in the Legislature
showed that
t ? m
nfty-nino Con?
federate fi o 1 -
dicrs voted for
Irby und one of
them \v ;i s n
member of the
Hampton L e -
gion, and so his
elect i< >n can not
be said to be a
revolt against
the "ex-rebel"
e 1 e in c n t .
Colonel Irby is
in his thirty
caunrn. j. Em m. iraw. Beventn v c n r.
His father was Colonel ,1 times H. Irby
n distinguished lawyer und politician
as well as tt large and success nil planter.
After n course at 1'riueeton College he
attended the University of Virginia.
He Btudicd law under Associate .lus
tiee Melver, of South Carolina, and
practiced his profession several years
at Laurcns, abandoning the law to
engage in agriculture. Hois now rated
as one of the most prosperous and pro?
gressive farmers in the St:i.1e. II ? lives
on his model plantation, which is gov?
erned and controlled under his personal
Colonel Irhvhns been :i member of
the State Legislature since 1880, at
which time he entered actively into
politics, arousing the people from their
lethargy to united action for the restor?
ation of the State. He bus always been
prominent in the farmers' m< >vcmcnt,nnd
was Governor Tillman's closest friend
und advisor during the remarkable cam?
paign just ended in his SP to. \\ hen n
new si;:te Democratic Executive Com?
mute was elected by the State conven?
tion nil eyes were turned toward
Colonel Irby, and he was unanimously
chosen its chairman.
Colonel Irby is a man of .splendid
phyciquc and is as brave :is he is strong;
He bus n striking countenance, which
combines frankness with determina?
tion. He is n manly, handsome man
and is tho picture of perfect health.
The Average Doath-Rnto.
In England, the average number of
deaths each year is 1 out of each -1" in?
habitants; in France, 1 out of euch SO,
und in the United Stales, 1 out of each
81. In this country, the ratio In the
Northwestern Slates is * 1 in each ISO;
in the Middle States, 1 in each 83; in
t he Southern States, 1 in 70; In the Gall
States, l in each Ctl.
; f or Do?l B4K Rlcrp In i><uw<>.
rcuva. Sur? nlr'ak lolmnihe wor'<
d>ntta. Contains ff V\ ettivi i:?lt>-.
.Nu iinixou a v\
3old by Budwell, Christian ?fe Barboo,
and all druggists. jylO-tf
nfrtrrti Str,???<l
Ins it lly r?lll>Vl**
Mini o is tl.lv > un-?
ratirrli Why tin
you ?titlcr* i fowl I?
un liif.illitile cure.
Sold by Budwell, Christian & Barboo,
and all druggists, jy HJ-tf
Advances in the race ot progress.
Called the Saratoga of the South. In?
dustries nearing completion and con
tcoiplated. Its churches and schools.
The scenery surrounding magnificent.
Wythovlllo's boom is attracting the
attention of the country.
Wy the county is noted lor its blur
grass and lino herds and rich agricult?
ural area. It embodies the mountain
scenery and climate sind line mineral
waters of Ashevlllc, N. C with iron
and coal vastly superior to Birmingham,
in the midst of an agricultural soil uni?
versally superior to either. Located
upon the Norfolk and VVi .tern railroad)
half way between Boanoke and Bristol,
the former of which is situated upon
the eastern border and the latter the
western border of the great upland
mineral basin known as Southwest Vir?
ginia. The proposed Virginia and Ken?
tucky railroad, on which work will bo
gin soon, crosses the Norfolk and West
rni at. this point. The l'arkersburg.
Little Kanawhn and Virginia railway |
has also decided to build the proposed
connecting link between the Black Dia?
mond system and the Cape Fear and
Yadkin Valley via Wythevillo, making
Wytbevlllo a competing railway contre.
These lines will bring the Gossan ores
of Carroll, the mountain ores of Bland
and the limonito ores of Cripple Creek
' and New Kivor and the coal Heids of
1 VVythe, Bland and the Flat Top to
j gether at Wythevillo, making it the
I great iron and trade centre of Southwest
I Virginia.
I New factories and industries tire bo
| lag located every week, among which
i aro two hotels costing 800,000 each,
; Sieel Bange and Stove Faotory 8125,000,
i while applications for sitis are con
i stunt ly coming in. The Wythevillo
j Manufacturing Company, organized with J
a dozen hands a few months ago. engag- !
! ing in the building business, has In?
creased Its force to ? 7;"i hands, with
twelve months' work abend engaged,
and will now increase their fere.- to 150
hands. Si reels are being graded overy
: whore, rail sidings for factories, while
every movement goes to Indicate that
the place will be the growing industrial
town of 1801. The Wytbevlllo Develop
; ment Company, the pioneer mover in
the good work, owing 7TS acres of land,
j had its first sale of lots from its choice
property, beginning September .'111111,.
when all the lots offered were soon
taken up. and to meet a growing demand
1 for purchasers 300 more lots will bo of?
fered December 17th and isth, intrin
' sidy considered as valuable perhaps as
\ that of any company being offered in
Virginia, yet at prices extremely reason
; able, which it is earnestly hoped wil.
encourage actual settlers rather than
' lot speculation.
On and after Sunday. November 30,
ls'.io, the Sab in extension of the Boa
I noko Street Baihvay will be open for
1 passenger traffic.
Until further notice regular trips will
1 bo made from Boanoke (corner Sbenan
' doah avenue and Com in e reo street) to
Salem (corner Fourth street and Boa
, noko Boulevard) by the following ttched
J 7 a. in. j :.' p. in. I 8 a. in. | 3:00 p. in.
j I) a. m. 4 p. in, 10 a. m. | 5:00 p. in.
IIa. in. I ''. p. m. | 1'.' a. in. | 0:45 p. in.
' The regular rates ol the company are
the amounts charged by the conductors.
' Tickets jan bo purchased at reduced
rates by applying at the oflice of the
I company, the drug stores of Charles
J I,vie A. Co., iludwoTlj Christian Sz Bar
In e, Boanoke, Va., and W. T. Younger,
j Salem. Va. ? .1. F. ( URISTlAN,
nov30-tf General Manager.
Delays are oxpcnsive. Now is the
time to prepare" for the spring advar.ee.
A hoitSO with eleven rooms on the
southeast corner of Flui and Henry
streets for 31,700.
Seventy-live feet on the Boulevard for
805 per front foot; corner lot.
Fifty feet on the Uppor Boulevard for
Two hundred and twenty feet on
Franklin road for $40 per front foot.
Twenty-live feet on Commerce street
for $7,300.
One hundred feet on Nelson street for
850 per front foot.
Houses for sale and rent in all parts
of the city. We represent some of the
best lire insurance' companies and the
Mutual Life of New York.
Real Estate nnd Insurance Agents. 111
Commerce street. jantl-tf
WM V. BAKEU. WM. II. MAltltl.KY.
Real Estate Agents,
".iv/i remtvea to 100 Salem avenue,
. s. w., Roanoke, Virginia.
City prororty, ft. 11s and mineral lands
sold. Correspondence solicited.
Too OCf.calty.
"What's the matte r with your c'.iol
anyhow'.' They weie awfully (kit lh*
"Some organic trouble, I thick, 'IT
organist was rattled." - M?H y
Residence, No. 30 Seventh are. a. yr.f
Roanoko, Va.
Office, 28 Salem avenue.
Oftloo hours: 0 to 11 a. m., 2 to ? aad
7 to ? p. m.
Oflloo first floor Moomaw Building, Xe.
112 S. JolTerson street, Roanoko, Y?.
jan l-0ta.
II. s I.AMttLK, I j. V. I.am11lk, 1
Roanoko, Va. | 275 Pearl St. N. Y,
Architects and Civil Engineers.
P. <). Box 503. Uoaooko, Vs.
SUltlFFIN, Wo. A. OLASOOW, Jit.,
_ ? RodfordCity, Va. Itoanoko, Va.
GRIFFIN & t;i;AS(!()\V,
Attorneys-at-law, room 8, Moomaw
building, Jefferson st., Roanoko, Va.
PraCtiv) in courts of Roanoke city and
county and adjoining counties.
Room 5,over Commercial National Bank,
Courts: All the courts of lloanoke
City and County.
oct2G-tf Telephone vi?.
Room 12, Moomaw Building,
Prompt attention to work in any part
of the State. Correspondence solicted.
n. w. it \Nsmsoron. | SAM. 0. wii.i.iams.
Room N\>. 11.-Moomaw Building,
Jell'orson Street. Roanoko, Va.
Will practice in the Hustings Court of
the city of Roanoko, Court of Appeals
of Virginia and United States distriot
courts. innr25-tf
S. cool).
Roanoke, Va.
Room No. 14, New Kirk Bulling, op?
posite Kenny's tea store. oct4-lyr
No. 1 Thomas Building "Court-House
yard. sopt2-3ra
l lo Joiforson streut.
First floor to rear of Gray Boswcll.
<-. 1!. moomaw, I JNO. w. woods,
Botctourt county. I Roanoko couuty.
tiD.MAW ,t WooDS,
Will practice in the courts of Roanoko
city and county and counties adjoining
W ill attoiid the courts of Roanoko and
Botctourt regularly, Roanoke, Va'.
Olllco: Salem avenue, opposite Stewart's
furniture store. tf
Ofllco: No. It) Kirk Huilding, over John?
son and Johnson's Drug Store
11. LEWIS (i. PED1GO.
Consultation and office practice.
Oflloo hours.'.) to 11 a. ra.
12 to 1 p m.
2:30 tod p. m.
Evening hours, Saturday
only.7 to II p. n,
Terms strictly cash.
Office 2nd floor front,Postofllce building.
Courts: Roanoke nnd adjoining ooun
ties. Ollioo, Moomaw Building, Jeffer?
son streets. Rooms 3 and 4. ianldtf
M. Am. Soc. C. 10. & Engr'a Club of
Engineer, Contractor & Builder,
Commercial Bank Building, Roa?
noke, Va.
Roanoke, Va.
Ofllco: Corner Salem avenue and Com
merco streets, over Wert/.'.? grocery.
DR. ROBERTSON, 118 N. Liberty
street, Baltimore, Md., the oldest
reliable Specialist (regular gra luato)
in Baltimore, with 2.1 years' oxporienoo
in hospital and special practice, guar?
antees a euro (without mercury or
caustic) in till acuto and chronic dis
eases of tho urinary organs, Nervous
and Organic Weakness, Strictures, etc.
Urethral diseases recently contracted
positively cured in four to six days.
Consultation confidential. Write or
call. Medie.ir.es sent to any address.
Special treatment to Ladies. Board
and nursing if desired.
mmmnm, t -Q
THE TIMES is tho lending paper of U_
mineral bolt of tho two Vu-^inms. Ifyc-f*
want, to keep posted on tho duvelopmer
of this aectiou you cannot allord to t*? ?
wtti out it.

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