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Publishers and Proprietor*.
TERMS, BY MAIL. (Postage Prepaid.)
Pally, one month.* ?50
? three months ... ?
? six months jj-w
? one year -.?-w
All papers sent ontot th city must be paid ;tor
^variably In sdvence.
The Timks is delivered in Roanoke, Saicm and
Vlnton every morning by carriers for 60 cents per
Tns Wekkly Times, containing tue news of
toe-week In a more condensed form, one year,
fcl.OO In advance.
Advertising rates made known on application.
items of newa, communications, etc., should bo
addressed to tho Editor of TnE Tuns.
Remrttances, by express, money-order, rcgls
tered letter, check, or draft, should be addressed
and made'payable to Roanoke Times Publishing
Entered at the postofflce at Roanoke as eecond
lftes matter.
THE! times can De touno regularly on
ale at the fbUowlng placets:
Roanoke, Va.?Hotels Roanoke and
Ponce de Laon, M. L>. Bmlth, W. Frank
Csrr, Terry Building-, Elks' News stand,
?84 Salem Avenue, R. Goldstein, Jefferson
Bristol, Tonu. Humner and Sullivan.
Pocahontas, Va.?PocahontaB Inn.
Radford, Va.?Radlord News Depot.
East Radford, Vs.?Radford News
Balem, Va.?P. A. Iiove'ock,
WythevUle, Va.?B. H. Bailey.
Norfolk and Western trains.
Bowell'a American Newspaper Direc?
tory (or 1891 pots the circulation of TUB
?OANOKB TIMKS above that of any
tilber paper In South-west Virginia, and at
score than that of all the other papers of
JRssnoke combined.
As had been anticipated Admiral
Mello's revolutionary tactics against
President Peixto at Rio de Janeiro were
but a mask to cover his real purpose
cf replacing an emperor over the
Brazilian people. In this he has not
the sympathy of tho United States.
It seems from the lateBt report from
Hawaii that all iB quiet and peaceful,
where it had been foared war and riot
might have occurred within the time of
departure of the last two steamers
bringing the news from that place. It
would seem also that the criticism of
the instructions, which it was alleged
President Cleveland and Secretary
Gresham had given to Minister Willis,
were too premature. Thus far the action
of the minister has been directly contrary
to what the newspaper reporter had
anticipated it wouldbo, and they cannot
but feel chagrined over their false proph?
ecy of what those instructions were. As
thus far the relations are all amicable
it is generally believed that no disturb?
ance will follow. President Cleveland
has again vindicated himslf.
Those who were among the fortunate
to visit the World's Fair during Its
reign of glory will bo pleased to learn
that a movement is on foot in Chicago,
engineered by C. W. Caryl, of Phila?
delphia, for maintaining the buildings
i n their present location and condition,
with a view to the inauguration of an?
other exposition next year.
The idea is to leave tho buildings in?
tact and open them to the public again
in May or June, with such exhibits as
can be retained for that purposo and
such others as may bo secured in the
meantime. Director of Works Burnham
estimates that it would cost about
SI,500,000 to care for tho property,
S3.5000,000 to run the Fair for another
sis months and ?1,000,000 to close it, or
a total outlay of 555,000,000. lie counts
on receipts from visitors of $15,000,000
and a clear profit of 810,000,000.
Tho Illinois State commissioners are
unanimously in favor of tho scheme,
and the executive committee of the
board of directors of the fair have
adopted a resolution asking that the
buildings bo allowed to stand for an
indefinite period. But thus far the
South park commissioners appear to be
6tubbornly opposed to the project, and
are insisting upon immediate reposses?
sion of tho park in order that tho work
of its improvement may be proceeded
with, and this, of course, would necessi?
tate the early destruction or removal of
the great structures by which it is now
The question is Btill in abeyance, with
the chances apparently against any re
openlngof tbe fair. Itseeras like vandal?
ism to demolish the buildings, not only
because of their architectural beauty,
but because of tho memorable associa?
tions with which they are identified,
but unless some pressing popular de?
mand should arise for their preservation
they are likely to go, though some of
them may be reconstructed in other
portions of the city. It is doubtful if
the great expectations entertained by
Mr. Burnham of another exposition
next summer would bo realized unless
Means can be devised for exhibiting a
good deal moro than tho more shell of
the fair.
Traded His Win. for Cattle.
Eufaula, I.T., Nov. 18.- Inareplevin
suit here yesterday between halfbreeds
over a number of cattle tho defendant
alleged that he had traded his wifo for
tho cattle. Tho plaintiff proved that ho
had been forced to mako the trade. The
court held that it was against public
policy to allow a man to trade his wife
for cattle, and awarded tbe plain tiff tbe
The Boy Und Only a Mild Attack and la
Mow Convaleicont.
Pulaski, Nov. 18.?All rumors re?
ported by papers in adjaoent towns
about tho smallpox are largely exag?
gerated, as there is but one case here,
and that is in a mild form. Tho boy
who has had the smallpox hore is now
convalescent and is able to cut and oarry
his own wood. Tdero is no danger
whatever now.
The council held a moetiug a few days
ago and passed an ordinance that all
citizens residing in this place should bo
allowed a limited time tobe vaccinated,
and if they had not compiled within
that time a fine of 81 to S5 would be
imposed upon such persons according to
the number of days af ton the expired
Dr. W. H. Bramblitt is ill.
Frank Harrison left Monday last on
route to tho'valley of Virginia and also
New England, where he will remain till
Christmas. He is attending to import?
ant business.
R. W. Owens, who has been salesman
for S. B. Steger for two years past, left
this woekfor his home at Bellevue, Va.
The county jail at Newbern is being
built by Wydai, McCollough & Co., of
Radford, Va. There will be no danger
of prisoners making their esoapo by
undermining it whon completed, as,
after removing tho dirt for tho founda?
tion, there was discovered a level bed of
limestone rock, making it impossible
for anyone to dig his way out.
J. C. Wysor, of Newbern, was in the
city Monday on business.
C. L. Creger has removed to his newly
repaired store, and has a handsome
little stand on Railroad avenue.
The doctors gave orders to the au?
thorities of tho public school to con?
tinue the Bchool last Monday, as there
was no danger.
Tho Y. M. C. A. is holding a series of
prayer meetings, which began Monday
night and will close to night.
J?d Ratcliff, who has had typhoid
fever, died at his homo yesterday.
Not a Case of Smallpox?Rnndolplt-Alucon
Academy WlnB at Football.
Bedford City, Nov. is ?Mayor
Saunders is my authority for stating
that you wore misinformed in regard to
smallpox being in Bedford City. A tramp
was in town one day this week who was
suffering with another disease, but he
was here only a fow hours.
The common council did not sustain
tho charges of lncompetcncy made
against City Engineer P. M. Caboll and
investigated by them at the meeting on
Thursday night.
The Agricultural and Mechanical
College football team of Biacksburg
played a match game with Randolph
Maoon Acadomy this afternoon, result?
ing in a score of 38 to 0 in favor of Ran
dolph-Macon Academy. The Blacks
burg boys outweighed the homo team
considerably. With the exception of
two or three long runs, the touchdowns
were made by short line plays. Tho
features of the game wore, en Academy
Bide, an eighty yard run by Ragland on
a feint wedge, and center work by
Huott, Ramsey and Brown. Blacks
burg interference was very effective.
Best of feeling prevailed. Their best
plays were made by Friend and Martin.
The men lined up as follows:
II. Thomas.Lett end. Porcher
Orlffln ....'..Left tackle.Wayland
Ramsey.Left guard.Stall
Ilaott.Center.Say r re
Brown .Might guard.Patrick
lieu .1 our-.Right tucklc.Kertoot
Allen.Right end.Dachield
Nettles.-.Quarter back. Robinson
II. Hunt.Left half back.Harvey
Ragland.Right half back.Friend
Dolly.Full back.Mnrttu
> ;oo,ooo Blaze In Kanins City.
Kansas City, Mo.. Nov. 18.?Firedes
troyed the four-story'brick building of
the Western Warehouse and Storage
Company at, Eleventh aud Santa Fe
Btroets to night. Loss about $200,000
worth of property and the serious, if not
fatal, injury of threo firomon?Matt
Clarkin, John Burke and Walter Her.
Bunk Failure at Knmvllle,
Knoxville, Tenn., Nov. is.?The
Knoxville Hanking Company mado an
assignment to-day. Liabilities. $135,000;
assets, s225,000. Cause inability to
make collection s
Columbia Averaged Nearly S3 Knot*.
boston, Nov. 18.?The cruiser
Columbia on ? her official trip to day
averaged 22 81 knots an hour on a four
hour's run under forced draught.
Sad and Gloomy
Weak and Dyspeptic
Hood's Sarsapavtlla Gave BtroagU?
and Perfectly Cured.
J>r. J. If. White
Birmingham, Alabama.
"I havo not words enough to express my
thanks for the great benefits received from a
fow bottles of Hood's Sarsapartlla, I was
weak, and it made me strong; I was a dyspep?
tic, and It cured me; I was sad and gloomy, and
it made me cheerful and hopeful. And last,
though not least, It made me an ardent and
Hood's x Cures
working democrat. All who have taken Hood's
Barsaparilla with my advice, ruport good re?
sult*. I gladly recommend It to all sufferers'
J. R, WniTB, M. D., Birmingham, Ala.
N. B. If you decide to take Hood's Bar?
saparilla do not bo Induced to buy any other
Instead. Insist upon hood'S.
Hood's Pills are the best family cathartic,
get/la and effective. Try a box as cents. '
Hard Times
Soft Prices,
Heap some of our coats on Jack Frost's head.
UNDERWEAR in Sanitary, Lamb's Wool, Camel's
Hair, Maco and Balbriggan.
GLOVES in kid, dogskin, English chevrette,
Scotch knit and cashmere. Ear muffs, pulse
warmers, natural wool sox and mits. They're
bound to keep the weather out and solid com?
fort in.
s9. Hatters and Gents' Furnishers.
None of tUe Bank of England. Dlreotors
Involved In the Scandal.
London, Nov. 18.?The Economist
says in an article concerning rumors of
irregularities in the Hank ot England:
"The reaignation of Mr. May, chief
cashier, was brought about owing to the
character of certain transactions in
securities with ono or more trust com?
panies which bo sano?onod. In regard
to tboso transactions, we understand
that something graver than more
fault of judgmont was conneotod.
Mr. May, it would appear, not only ex?
ceeded his authority, but also acted in
a manner which he must have known
was contrary to the .emulations by
which the bank is governed. For that
offonso he suffered.
"It would now be ungenerous to dwell
upon the matter, and after all the ques?
tion is whether the bank knowingly lent
support to the companies whoso
financial methods proved to be
of such a very dubious nature.
That iB the gravamen of the imper?
fectly formulated charges which one
hears. It is satisfactory, therefore,
to be able to say that as far as we can
ascertain, such rumors are unfounded.
As regards the responsibility of tbe di?
rectors, we believe that no greater re?
sponsibility attaches to the individual
than to the .vbolo board. Therefore wo
may lav aside the rumors of Impending
Tho Succeaaur to Judge Bond.
Washington, Nov. 18. ? President
Cleveland has Indicated as his his de?
sire that no delegations visit blm in
the interest of any of the candidates for
United States circuit court judge to
succeed the late Judge Hond, of Haiti
more. Ho prefers that all applications
and recommendations bo forwarded to
him. He will not take up for considera?
tion tbe filling of the vacancy until tho
reassembling of Congress in Decomber.
Hefore an appointment is made the
President will liberally canvass tho
views of the Senators and Representa?
tives from tho several States compris?
ing the circuit.
More Bicycle Records Ilroken.
Nasiivii.i.k, Tonn., Nov. 18.?Two
bicycle records were brokon at West
Sldo Park to-day. M. F. Hornberger,
of Buffalo, N. Y., in a flying start, half
mile dash, made a record of 54 seconds,
beating Johnson's record by one second.
J. R. Bliss, of Chicago, wich a standing
start in a half mile dash, made a rocord
of 50 3 5. The best previous record was
by Johnson, being 59 2 5. Tho third of
a mile was made in 38 1-5, which is also
a new record. The track was soft and
the wind strong.
More Trouble In the Ryan Company.
Atlanta, Ga , Nov. 18.?The Ryan
Company, dry goods dealers, went into
a rccoivorsbip to night with liabilities
of $180,009 and assets amounting to
$310,000. E. H. Thornton, of Atlanta,
was appointed receiver by Judge Lump
kin and he gave a 850,000 bond. The
Ryan Company is tho successor of tho
Steve Ryan Company, which failed in
1S01 for S3,000,000. Fraud was charged
by some creditors, and Stevo Ryan was
sent, to jail and kept thoro for thirteen
Colonel H?ge at I.on Angeles, Oul.
Washington, Nov. 18.?Tho frionds
of Col. J. Hampton H?ge, who was ap?
pointed as consul at Amoy, China, and
who was summoned at San Francisco to
return to Washington to answer charges
preferred against him, are much dis?
appointed at his failure to comply more
promptly with Secretary Gresham's
order for his return. It is stated that
Colonel Iloge is as Los Angeles, Cali?
fornia. _'
Laldlaw'a Damage Suit Against Sage.
New York, Nov. 18.?The general
term of tho supremo court has reversed
the decision of tho lower court dis
missing tho action brought bv William
R. Laidlaw to recover $50,000 damages
from Russell Sago for injuries received
by Laidlaw duriner tho dynamite ex?
plosion In Sago's office. A now trial is
Rc-enforclng the Melllla Garrison.
Madrid. Nov. 18.?A Proas corres?
pondent at Melilla telegraphs that
1,500 more troops arrived there last
evening from Maiaga, and that to day
General Maciaa, commander-in-chief at
Melilla, would review all tho 13,000 of
the garrison. There was no fighting
yostorday. _
A Woman In the Case.
Foi.kston, Ga , Nov. 18.?August
German was found dead in tho woods
near this place this afternoon about 1
o'clock. An inquest was held, and the
jury found that ho was murdered by E.
F. Long, who shot him in the head and
Ht.-:nboct him to the heart. A woman is
implicated. The murderer escaped.
1.1st of Injured Increasing.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 18.?It was
learned to day that an unknown young
woman was burned to death ? with
Thomas Driver in the wreck on tho
East Alabama railroad near I.afayeote
yesterday morninc. The list of injurod,
at first reported at 10, has reached 35.
Will Not be Permitted to Knter tho
Havana, Nov. 18.?It is said that tho
steamer Ravensdalo, which is about to
arrlvo hero from Newport News, will
not be permitted to enter tho harbor
because she has a largo quantity of
dynamite on board.
Bx-Secretary Itunk Slightly Better.
ViRoyuA, WiB;, Nov. 18.?General
Rusk rested well to-day, and his gen?
eral condition 1b thought tobe Improved
over yesterday.
Roanoke - - - - - Va.
Capital and Profits $434,633,15
General Banking and Brokerage,
Interest paid on Deposits. Accounts
solicited. Special attontlon paid to
Collections. We have the finest
Steel, Burglar-Proof Vaults
in tho Stato.
P. Li. Terry, Pres.
H. S. Trout, Vice-Pros.
0. W. Jamison, Soc'y and Treas.
H. M. Darnalx, Ass't Sec'y and Treas.
Choice stock of both staple
and fancy Groceries and
canned goods of every de?
Yon will find all of our
Groceries fresh and pure. We
guarantee satisfaction and
should you find anything com?
ing from our store to be not
exactly what we represent it,
let us know and we will ar?
range matters to your entire
I satisfaction.
it chin of Interest From all lOver the Old
Dominion State.
In the United States circuit court of
Richmond, the jury in the caso of \V. F.
Lordly against the. Richmond and Dan
villo Railroad Company agreed that the
plaintiff was ontitlud to damage", hut
could not agree as to the amount, and
wcro discharged. Lordly sued for S10,
000 damages for injury to person by
falling through ono of the defendant
company's bridges.
Thirty rooms havo been engaged at
tho Hygeia Hotel, Fort Monroe, for tho
Faulkner-Whiting wedding during the
first week in January. A government
boat will likely take a large party of
prominent Washingtonlans, friends of
Senator Faulkner, down at that time.
At tho New York horse show yester?
day tho hor603 of Ilonry Fairfax, of
Loudoun county, took several prizes.
Georgo Lyons, while hunting a fow
days ago near Woodford's in Caroline
county, 9hot a wild turkoy which had
two heads, three eyes and two tongues.
It was quite a curiosity.?Exchange.
This story Implied that the hunter saw
Mr. Kilkenny Is the name of an eminently
Seaceable citizen in Centralin, Mo., and he
oesn't own any cats.
Jacob H. Simms, who was born in slavery
and came north at the end of the war, is
foremost among the colored lawyers of New
York city.
Ben Dixon, a Center Creek (Mo.) miner,
bas experienced three great falls during his
life. The distances, it is claimed, were 200
feet, 145 feet and 60 feet.
The Rev. Ishnm Mills, a Massachusetts
ax-clergyman, has applied for n patent for
welting shoes. He hasn't entirely relin
gnished the care of soles.
Thomas Perry, 78 years old, tho janitor
Of the Presbyterian church at New Rich?
mond, Ind., is a descendant of Joseph
Brandy, the once famous Iroquois chief.
M. de Lucy, the French nnturalist, baa
shown, at least to his own satisfaction,
that if man ever flies ho will have to use
wings twice the size of the ordinary door.
Samuel and Simms Gammel of Hickory
Flats, Simpson county, Ky., are probably
the largest twin brothers In the United
States. Their combined weight. is 542
Senator Jones of Nevada is so thoroughly
the master of the subject of finance that he
does not need to read up on tho authorities.
He is an authority himself and has a turn
for original investigation.
Becomes a Thing of the Past
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